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MetaChat is a text-only viewer for all Virtual Worlds based on the OpenSimulator software for 3D worlds.


There is no 3D view, this is a text-only viewer.

This is no mobileSL/OpenSim it is a Viewer for mobile devices but it has the same system requirements than any other viewer.

Add accounts from different worlds with different start locations.,
See your friendlist, read messages or write
Chat with groups, see group infos or write group notices
Chat in open world
Move around a mini-map, teleport to landmarks
See your inventory/worn, preview textures or pictures, send items
Attach/Wear/Detach/TakeOff Clothes
Enter/leave groups
Add friends/invite/pay/remove

You need to create accounts for each world you want to enter before MetaChat can use them.

Informations and passwords are only stored local on your device and send to the servers. We do not read, store, manage or use any of these informations.

MetaChat App Description & Overview

The applications MetaChat was published in the category Social Networking on 2017-08-15 and was developed by Thomas Dietzer. The file size is 22.75 MB. The current version is 1.2.9104 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

- improved "server disconnect" detection

- loading friendlist set waittime from 60 seconds to 100 for slower connections
- use cached textures to increase loading speed of friends and profiles

- waittime for UUID set from 10 to 30 seconds for slower connections

- double check the UUID for receiver
- added extendedIMformat description
- timing for typing start/stop adjusted
- problem with delete IMs solved

- increased loading speed of group-profile
- CRITICAL PROBLEM: count of unread IMs calculated wrong while in GroupsView, resolved

- use cached textures to increase loading speed of friends and profiles

- limiting the password to 16 chacters (SL servers do not accept more)
- check password for spaces (not allowed)

full list of changes
found a bug want a feature use in-app mail or blog

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MetaChat Reviews


Crashes  jbwncster  4 star

Can’t log in now it crashes every time


Constant crashing  AnK0105  2 star

First of all, I have to send a huge thank you to the app developer. IOS users are severely lacking any secondlife apps. I wish I could give this more stars but the app isn’t very functional. Every time I go to send a message I crash, making the app pretty useless. Hopefully this will get fixed soon!


Getting better!!  AVMLV  4 star

This app has improved quite a bit. Can now change apps without getting logged off. Still freezes sometimes and it takes multiple log ins to see all of my online friends. I recommend this app now. It’s much better.

Game frozen

App crashing  Game frozen  1 star

Every time I go to send a message to some the app crashes. What is the point of having a app too send message if you can’t use it. For 3 days now every time I logg into the app and try to send a message it crashes. They need to fix this problem before it happens to everyone and they lose all their business


Crashes immediately  BhaktaJoey  2 star

I can log in for less than 30 seconds.


Unstable  MadeeSven  1 star

Crashes too much, it’s annoying and not worth the money


Very unhappy  DixieJenkins  1 star

Since the update, my app continues to freeze up and will not allow me to use. It is soooo not worth paying for. It should be free! This is ridiculous. Still continues to log me out everytime when I change screens on my phone. It could run in the background but it won’t.


Decent  Lovrspellf  3 star

It’s decent, however keeps crashing. And logs me out when it goes dormant or I open another app. Would like to see that change. But other wise it’s ok with letting me stay connected to friends as I don’t have a laptop at this time


Still Not Improved.  AustinWadeS  2 star

It seems the creator just ignores the issues everyone has trouble with or doesn’t know how to fix them himself so doesn’t bother and it’s really annoying. For example you still can’t actively switch apps still which has been a issue forever since this app was made. You must remain on the app with it pulled up or it logs you out of sl if you go to check or do something else on a other app. Also accepting friend requests or sending friend requests doesn’t register. When you log onto your pc, you’ll see they never got a friend request and you accepting theirs did not work. Also the app sometimes force closes and especially when you go to answer or send a IM. Not all your friends show up online and I myself can’t get the loud ding noise to turn off when someone IMs me and I even have it checked in settings to not play a noise when receiving IMs. Lately I have trouble even signing into one of my accounts. I don’t understand the creator. You are the only one on iPhone with a SL app and instead of trying to fix the issues you don’t. Whenever a other SL app releases this app will become obsolete unless it starts getting fixed. What’s with the bug fixes and stuff? Doesn’t help. Fix the main issues. It’s almost as if the creator has a perfect app and just somehow fixed his own small issues which gets sent to everyone else lol but we got the crappy app. Lol. I’m going to rate this app 2 stars instead of 1 because at Least it’s somewhat functional. I understand it’s hard creating and developing such apps and coding and all but come on these problems have been here forever now. I’ll update my review and give a better rating if and only if there is some big changes and fixes.


Simple Fix?  YragTrebor  2 star

Let it run in the background and it’d be perfect. I like the simplicity but it is useless if it continually logs you out by simply switching windows or locking phone.


IM system busted  RemyTheRed  3 star

I can open IMs using the start new IM button but when I try to open one already on the list or leave for another window in the app (like local chat) and then go back, the app crashes without warning.

Trying Tiger

I just love MetaChat!  Trying Tiger  4 star

I have been waiting years for a wonderful app like this. Its main use is for chatting with your friends or sending Instant Messages. It isn’t a 3-D viewer, and it doesn’t pretend to be, but it shows your friends, and whether they are online or not. The Map view is good especially when using an iPad where the people on the map are named. Unfortunately on the iPhone there is not enough room for the names to show, and that’s the only reason why I didn’t give it five stars. In all other respects it is fantastic. Such a pleasure to be able to see who’s on Second Life and chat with them, while sitting on the bus, or walking around the park. Well worth the cost, and the developer gets back to you really quickly if you have a problem! A great app, and a must have for those in Second Life or on other grids.


Amazing  Asgbyj  5 star

The best app I’ve used by far. However, there are a few bugs I still enjoy it when I’m not home and away.. In chat there’s a icon that looks like an open book. It doesn’t seem to load or do anything it just disappears. Sometimes during another login it gets stuck at loading friends. These are a few would add more but I forget but I’d suggest adding a feature for nearby objects, and a search for map, users and so on instead of just the normal user search. Didn’t really get the starting a new I’m feature but it’s ok. Either way it’s a great app.

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