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"Incredible App - My sister shared this app with me a few weeks ago and it is truly incredible. The music that plays when you read the verses, the scrolling like flipping a page, and everything about it just makes my time with God feel very intimate when I am reading daily verses and able to go through some of the devotionals. Really grateful to have had this app shared with me, especially during everything going on right now, it couldn’t have been better timing. We have also shared it with our Dad who loves the app as well. I have used apps in the past such as the Bible app that is very well known and found that some of the devotionals included someone’s biased opinion instead of focusing on what God is saying to us in the Bible. This app and the Jesus Calling App are the only apps for Devotionals and Daily verses that I consistently use because I love them so much and deeply appreciate that they stick to what the Bible says and not someone’s own interpretation of it. Whoever designed this app did an incredible job! Thank you so much!"

Receive God's word daily through beautiful Holy Bible stories, verses, and music. Receive personal, relevant verses for inspiration and sharing with loved ones. Each day a new verse is sent to your device - it's like receiving a message from a dear friend who loves you and wants you to be happy. Join the #Bible movement, share the Word, and fill social media with grace.

You may use this app for free, but if you would be delighted to support our mission of delivering thousands of moments of grace, love, and wisdom each day, there are patronage subscriptions available.

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This update features more personalized verses, more music than ever, and liked/favorited messages are now available under "Favorites" in the menu. Deep gratitude to all of our Patrons and thanks for all the five star reviews!

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- Never change the verse by verse flipping each page.

Honestly I was raised Christian. I just never really read bible. I had a very hard time comprehending, and overwhelmed with all the versus on each page. I absolutely love the flipping of pages and each page gives a verse as you go. It helps me focus and pause on it, which also helps me to read it over and over if need be until I can grasp and comprehend it much better. The Lord has touch my heart, the Holy Spirit gave me the desire to read His holy word, which led me to also pray more. I’m at peace and happy that I can now read the Bible everyday even a couple times a day. Thank you developer and you guys that created this wonderful app. It’s a BLESSING, and so are all who created and supported this app. I love that there aren’t any interruptions from those bothersome ads, Which other bible apps allows. That irritated me immensely and just stopped me from reading. Resulting deletion. I love your app I just hope when you “improve” you do not change the way we can read the Bible. Thank you and may God continue to bless you. Thank you also for making this bible free. I am sure the Lord will provide many patrons that will choose the option to pay. Many of us are not financially stable and if I was I would “help”. I really do hope you continue the exceptional work. I believe Jesus is very pleased with you and He will bless you all. 😀

- Great App!

I have been a practicing Christian and Catholic all of my life for 72years. I, like ALL of us have sinned at one time or another, some very serious sins and some not so serious, but sins none the less. I have found over the years that studying the Bible can be overwhelming, particularly trying to read and study it each day. I find that using this app facilitated reading a small part of the Bible each day and has virtually eliminated the feeling of being overwhelmed by the massiveness and the, sometimes, complexity of the writings.I look forward each and every day to receiving the word of God using this method. It makes what should be easy, reading the Bible on a regular basis, even easier. The message delivered through the app each day, not only enriches my life, but makes the rigors of my day easier to handle. To the developer, I pray for your continued success in reaching those folks who want to read the Bible frequently but have difficulty allocating the time from their hectic schedules to do so. Using this app is an EFFECTIVE way to accomplish that goal by investing just moments a day. J.J. Vazquez, MPA Ellenton, Florida

- Incredible App

My sister shared this app with me a few weeks ago and it is truly incredible. The music that plays when you read the verses, the scrolling like flipping a page, and everything about it just makes my time with God feel very intimate when I am reading daily verses and able to go through some of the devotionals. Really grateful to have had this app shared with me, especially during everything going on right now, it couldn’t have been better timing. We have also shared it with our Dad who loves the app as well. I have used apps in the past such as the Bible app that is very well known and found that some of the devotionals included someone’s biased opinion instead of focusing on what God is saying to us in the Bible. This app and the Jesus Calling App are the only apps for Devotionals and Daily verses that I consistently use because I love them so much and deeply appreciate that they stick to what the Bible says and not someone’s own interpretation of it. Whoever designed this app did an incredible job! Thank you so much!

- Daily inspiration for loving our awesome God

The Daily Bible App is definitely a must have add on to any smart phone user who follows our Lord and Savior and enjoys an easy way to upload in a picture format inspirational quotes given from the Holy Bible that adds to our lives love and encourages us to be closer to god, and therefore lifts up our spirit as we celebrate his Glory. I’m very thankful that the time has been taken to create this application which makes each and every day a little bit better learning more and more just how much god loves us and wants what’s best for us. That’s why we have the book. It tells us how to go through this life in a way we can enjoy it and cherish it. That’s why he asks us to do the things he does; because in the end, it’s the only way to be truly happy. Having these Bible versus given to us so easily is a great way to increase your faith and guides us to a better way of living, causing us to feel fulfilled and rejoiceful. Thank you again, and God Bless. 😇

- Fantastic resource to walk in the spirit

I have downloaded multiple bible apps on my phone but this one stands out !!! I absolutely love the daily reminder feature that gives you a bible verse. I set mine for 4pm because that’s when my day typically slows down work wise. I derive meaning from each day’s verse and they are so random that sometimes verses I haven’t heard or gone back to in years pop up on my phone and I am left feeling emotional, inspired, and motivated to keep on striving to walk in the spirit. Yesterday I got the verse “ Come to me all you who labor and are heavy burdened and I will give you rest”. This struck me deeply because it perfectly related to this transitional period in my life. Don’t think. Just get it. It has other features too and an online community of believers to share your joy with. I need to do more research because I mostly utilize the daily verses and passages but it’s definitely a must have for people who are starting their faith journey or striving to maintain it.

- My Experience

I am a senior in high school right now. And times are pretty tough right now. My whole senior year has been very difficult for me mentally and emotionally. I took everything for granted. I found this app because I wanted to get more in touch with my religion. I am a Catholic. Praying every night and using this app has given me a sort of spiritual awakening. I feel more motivated than ever. I have had this app for a week and it has been the best week of my senior year. It helps me to connect with God. I’m finding myself not dwelling on past issues with people, etc. I am also finding myself have more acceptance and forgiveness for others that have done me wrong. I am so thankful I found this app because it really has helped me connect with God. I believe in Him and I have faith as well. Before this, I was lost. Thank you to the developers. This whole review may sound dramatic, but this is how I feel and I now realize that God does have a plan for me.

- Misleading translation

I just started using this bible app yesterday and I first wanna say that I think it’s a great app and I really appreciate you guys. There was just one thing I noticed in John 3:17 that really caught my attention. The King James Version which would be the most accurate translation from the Greek in the New Testament says this, “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.” I couldn’t help but notice that your version says that Jesus did not come to judge the world instead of condemn. Jesus actually did judge the world along with his disciples. He said the whole world hates me because I testify of it that its work are evil. I’m fully aware that there are many different translations (some less reliable than others) but I would advise using a different version at least for this verse. It almost gives the impression that judging, even if it’s righteous judgement, is wrong.

- An Absolutely Excellent APP!

It’s nice often you find an APP that is what it appears to be on the surface. But this one is outstanding! I am very pleased with the way I am offered a daily Scripture Verse to review and add a comment or not, and then share it with different venues. I have so far used Facebook. Everybody uses Facebook and there’s so much folks put on Facebook that you would think you couldn’t post anything else that folks would stop and read. That’s what I think anyway. But to my surprise, I have been covered up with replies to this APP with several asking where did I get it? But most of all, I am very pleased with the replies responding with questions or comments such as “I was just thinking of this verse yesterday and it helped me so very much!”. And those who comment as “I’ve not heard that verse before. It touches me in my heart and I needed it to get through the day. Thank you so much”. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves and enjoys the Holy Scriptures for themselves and others. Oh yes. What I was saying about Facebook. Sharing this APP is like a breath of fresh air. With all that is going on in today’s “political correctness, climate change world”, the words this APP delivers from the Word of God helps keep one’s mind off all the foolishness and lies of our Enemy, Satan. Try it. BTW I am using the FREE Version and it is working wonderfully! Thanks for reading folks! Wesley K

- This app is very anointed by God.

I’m a person that likes to read my Bible every day before I start off my day to begin with. I like to pray and I also like to spend time in the Scriptures. The reason I’m giving this app a five star it’s well worth it. I feel it’s very anointed by God. The reason I say all this is on top of reading my scriptures in the morning I need to have the Bible with me at all times. I find this is a devotional that I can pick up during the day from my phone and read it knowing that it’s anointed by God. I also like the fact that I saw something on this app and the developers did respond back to me. I am also a minister and I do a lot of out reach. I like how God uses this app to speak to me. I’m asking the developers if they come up new apps please keep me informed. The reason I do say that is I would be interested in getting an even maybe purchasing some of their stuff that’s all good.

- Bible supplement

This is an amazing app if you use it for what it is intended which is to encourage people to read the Bible more. It does this through daily notifications at a certain time of your choice and pictorial renderings of each verse to help it stick in your mind accompanied by focusing music which you can turn off. It is not a replacement for self study though as it does not contain the whole bible, only inspirational verses which can be good introduction to God but to get to know Him deeper, we must hear his admonitions as well. My only complaint is there is an automatic notification on Sundays of a reading which I wish I could change to Saturday as that is my personal day of worship or add an additional reminder for that day. But I appreciate the true desire of this developer in that they obviously want bring those in their influence closer to God, a goal we share. Thank you for the great work.

- There in time of need

I have the app on my phone. I should read it every day but I don’t. I keep the app on my first screen so I see it. When I need help, I open it and read some quotes. God’s words are so powerful and comforting. When you think things have gone bad and you feel scared or troubled, it’s comforting to know that you are not alone and you are protected, no matter what. To know that, to know you aren’t fighting by yourself, to know that what you feel is okay and accepted by Him; that’s the reassurance I need to look up and push on. The app’s calm pictures help slow the moment and slow the brain so I can be calm and read the quote. I could do without the music mainly because I like to use it at work and my boss will know I’m on my phone when he hears the music. So I just turn the volume down. That way no one knows if I’m reading a text or not.

- A very good app!

As being a busy person I tend to think busy and never really have time to calm my mind and thank our great creator for his powerful work on this beautiful planet, so this app helped me study the Bible and pray to God about the wonderful things he said and did through Jesus. In this app you can share the verses and also ‘like’ them by clicking a little heart at the bottom screen so you can go to a separate page and see all your favorite verses. The verses are from the Old Testament and the New Testament so they are really random. If you are looking for an easy way to study the Bible and learn more about God this app offers that and more it also is children friendly and can help your kids learn about the Bible! This is a great app thank you for the producers they did a great job!

- The Creek

Any time is right to get closer to the Lord not just in these times. Your gentle music with the real scenes causes me to slow way, way down and “let go”. At age 74, and around the world twice, meaning to all of the things put on our plates becomes more vivid. Out in public there is little music like what you provide-only noise. You even slow my blood pressure which for a very independent woman at this age is quite surprising. Your app reminds me of an old saying having been in the woods at time up in the mountains. It goes like this, “If it weren’t for the rocks in its path, the stream would have no song”. If you stand next to the rushing creek trying to get down to the ocean, the sound of the water slamming into this unexpected rocks is stunning and more than beautiful. Grandma Diane.

- Very helpful

I had not been close with the lord for a while. I am only fifteen and a large part of my life is social media. I started struggling with some things and I decided to pray for help. The next day he showed himself to me through tik tok. I began to learn but I knew I needed more. I found this app and it has been super helpful for me. I am beginning to build my relationship with god and I’m so grateful. I am also curious as to where I can find those verses that I have liked. I’d like to go back and look at those and remind myself but I don’t know how if there is a way to do that, if there isn’t is there a way to save the verses that I can connect with and like?

- Absolutely amazing

Thanks for everything. This is just what a person needs! Motivation, calm and happiness when you know that you have someone who cares for you. I’m a muslim and i enjoy reading Quran and Bible this are miracles coming from our God because he cares about us. This books not only inspire us but they give us self-confidence because you know that there is someone that is always there for you and always is with you , even if you are the loneliest person on earth there is God, and we need nothing when we have God. This app is a very beautiful piece of work and i love it. Keep it up people!. May God bless all and forgive our sins. Mohammad Farhang Sedaghat.

- Verse by verse

I love this app... Simply put; sinking deeply into meditation with its worshipful music, to its verse-by-verse version of the Bible this app is a blessing. Even though I believe in reading a REAL, HANDHELD Bible, many times I get distracted by other verses and jump around; the verse-by-verse method allows you to see one verse at a time and simply swipe right when you’ve fully grasped what you’re reading. The only problem is that this is the premium version I’m talking about. I selected “No patronage” (which I’m very grateful for due to these trying times of faith) to access the premium but it’s only for 30 days. I’m loving it so far, but will be very sad when my 30 days are up❤️😞


I love #Bible because it’s a great app that gives verses each day which really encourages me in these hard times! It has all kinds of verses for each bible story and the verses are very inspiring!! Once I saw this app I downloaded it right away and it turned out to be the best bible app!! You get to choose the time to get notifications for your verse of the day, isn’t that cool?! You can also change the time if you want. It’s really good and I encourage everyone to download this app. Once you download it you will love how it’s background music is calm and how great the verses are!! I am so happy that I have found this app!! I LOVE it!!🙏❤️

- Pros: versions, sharing etc

The reason I got this app was my desire for a daily verse app that I could choose KJV. This app allows you to choose from multiple versions. It’s fully functional on a free level. It sends you notifs with the verse at whatever time of day you choose; and when you open the app, you can see the verse beautifully displayed on a clear but aesthetically pleasing background. It also has great sharing ability. 10/10 would recommend the app. It’s great and I’m so grateful for the designers and creators who put this app out here for everyone to use. Thank you so much!

- My Football Life.

So, everyday I have this app send me a bible quote at about 2 PM. This usually being an hour before my practice starts. I pray everyday for God to make me the best football player in the world. I know, it’s a pretty original dream for a 13 year old athlete. I’m the smallest on the team, and I haven’t been making much progress so far. I keep on getting the Bible quote “You do not no what I am doing now, but you will know later.” I hope this is true, because all I want, and I mean all I want, from the deepest of my heart, want to prove those kids that I’m not gonna be a nobody. I can only hope and pray.

- My Favorite Bible Verse App

I use this app daily. It is well designed and the music is a nice touch. Love the daily push notification. There is only one thing I would change, and I’m not sure if this is an limitation of the app or of iOS. When I click the “Share” button and try to share the verse to Facebook, it only gives me the option to share it to my personal profile. What I want to do is share the daily verse to my church music group’s Facebook page (which I manage)... so I end up having to do a screenshot and sharing it manually. If the ability to share the verse to a Facebook page could be added, this would be a 5-star app.

- just heavenly...

what a beautiful, peaceful, soul touching app. it is by far my favourite. i signed up for the push notifications on my phone, which, i am always reluctant to do, but i have zero regrets. i truly look forward to the verse sent to me. i was just sent one this morning and i should have taken a screen shot of it and now i dont know how to get it back. i wish i could figure that out. it was so crazy relevant to me today. i believe it was joshua 1:6. thank you developers for creating something so soothing. many many blessings upon all of you and yours. to God go the glory. namaste.

- Easy to take in

The pictures and the font are beautiful, and the fact that there is only one verse per page, with different backgrounds, help you to take a second and truly understand what you’re taking in. The music is very peaceful, and instead of feeling like it’s a bit of an obligation, you find yourself actually looking forward to reading the next passage. The scheduled daily verses are also a great reminder to stop and take a breath, or break, from what you’re doing, and throw all your trust and faith onto the lord to lead you on your path.


To Whom created this App. Sprinkles Of Jesus was the best App. I have come across on Bible Verses and since my life has changed even more, I want to thank whoever for giving me a jump start on feeling better!! Dr. Craig Green, I appreciate the advice on the Bible verses that I read everyday now, you & your wife have definitely blessed me in ways that I pray that God blesses you & your wife in life!! Thank you for the advice about your wife reading these scriptures, I pray for a blessing in your life the way you have just blessed mine!!! A friend in need, Sharon Nichols

- i dislike this app

I respect that someone or more wanted to create a app for Christians or other religionists to seek quotes dedicated to whom they worship and believe in. But when they go against God by sinning and having payment put into the app is when you cross a line. God does not like money and how people these days use it so why put it into an app? I understand you need to get paid for bills and whatever but housing and all that isn’t the main issue. It’s believing in the right thing and doing good and knowing the difference between good and wrong because the end is near. No hate towards anyone. I do t hate anyone disputes their choices, that’s God to decide where they go when their soul has been removed from the earth. Just please before making an app dedicated for God; remember not to sin. Thank you, god bless.❤️🙏🏻

- Really speaks to me!

I feel like God as given me the verses at the right place and right time. I was struggling with one of my friends who was talking about things I don’t believe in (like “how many times have you died” and stuff she knows bothers me on a religious perspective ) but the next morning God gave me this verse, “Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Speak well of those who curse you.” Luke 6:27-28. I wasn’t mad at my friend anymore and wanted teach here about Christ and how there is one name who is greater. Thank you Lord! Thank you people at #bible! I will update you on how it goes!

- Very misleading Rip off

I downloaded this app to try to help me through these tough times love the idea of the app But soon as I downloaded and opened it It said something about a 29 dollar subscription fee which I think is a rip off I immediately deleted the app without going any further and will be constantly checking my bank account to see if I have been charged I didn’t fill anything out on the app but since I downloaded through iTunes I don’t know if I can get charged through that If I do receive a charge I will be in contact immediately and asking for a refund!! I wanted to use the app to bring joy and faith to my day in these hard times and I feel other people feel the same way and to use that and the Bible to make money is just wrong

- Super thankful

This app is great. I love it's simplicity and wouldn’t you know it, I can’t stop thumbing through the Scriptures, they’re speaking perfectly into my life right now. What an awesome testimony that they allow users to choose the pricing, to me that says a lot. One thing I’ve learned by owning my business for years is that the way somebody deals with money says a lot about one’s character. The only suggestion I would have is that it would be great if you could journal a little bit with each scripture in the app.

- Uses demonic music

Do not use, very tricky, very deceiving. I have to humble myself and say I was deceived but praise God HE showed me. I didn’t detect it myself. The music they have playing is “ Christopher Lloyd Clarke” and it’s royalty free hypnosis music. “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭11:14‬ ‭KJV‬‬. Be sober and be vigilant. I don’t want anyone else to be tricked. HYPNOSIS MUSIC. Not of God. Please be careful, Jesus spoke of if at all possible even the elect would be deceived. (When speaking of false Christ’s) if an app can trick you...... be very careful. PRAY! This is a wake up CALL!!!!! DO NOT USE! “Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭10:21‬ ‭KJV‬‬ Trust God. Ask him for discernment. Follow acts 2:38, and be holy for he is holy, grace and peace to you.

- Wonderful

This App is wonderful. I’ve been struggling with loss lately and I don’t always take the time to read my bible. That being said this app has the verses that I need right now and is a great start for me to get back into reading the Scripture. The layout is amazing and the pictures and music that play in the background our soothing. The text is also bigger if you are someone who prefer larger print. It’s worth the download, especially if your needing a reminder or a gateway back into the written word.

- Best app I have

This is a great app to have; I have it set to send me a verse at bedtime and can refer to it several times a day. The background pictures are nice and the font can be changed. It allows you to forward to people and is a great way to stay in touch with the Bible without bringing the actual book. I feel having this reference easily accessible has drawn me closer to my Lord God. You can make a verse your wall paper so if you use your phone a lot- well you are getting a good word at the same time!

- Help

This is a great gift to have it helps you Guide you in the confirmations right on time usually anything is right on time when you’re in line and plugged into the spirit I just feel that is a great tool to have because you do need tools..........Especially in this world where Hope is at an all time low and so much mental strain on everyone it seems as if the battle is all mental but I’m not going to go any further this is a great tool to have to help and teach and strengthen your faith so many different ways

- Thankful

I can’t say enough how much I enjoy this app! Just having little reminders through the day of God’s love letter to us sometimes just what is needed to keep going and stay in faith!Especially being isolated from so many friends and family, life can get challenging and a bit lonely.I truly recommend having this app!He is real and he is present. Being able to get reminders of that wherever we go is awesome!So to whoever created this app, many blessings to you and your families!

- Bible- Verse of the day! AMAZING

Hey everyone! My daughter was given CCD homework on virtual and the teacher wanted her to download Bible apps and see which ones helped her pray and learn better. I wanted to say this app DEFINITELY clicked with her because she loves to read and well you can read the Bible and it’s so easy to turn pages and everything! She’s always had a hard time with reading the Bible. So I got her the premium and now she reads it everyday for at least and hour! Thank you so much for making this app 100% LOVE IT!!!

- Definitely recommend this app!

I LOVE THIS APP! It helps me so much. It gets me in a happy mood everyday. Sometimes I will read it to my family and it brightens there day when I do. It makes me feel like I’m getting closer to God. This app always makes me feel safe and full of joy because I have him in my life. I definitely recommend this app because all you do is have to click on the app and gives you a verse. Also, if you forget to click on the app it will give you a reminder.

- My creator my back bone Jesus 🤗

Happy New Year 2019!! Everyone🤗😁😝 I'd like everyone to know that this app is sweet and perfect like our Father Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord for he has given us the intelligence and savynes to bring forth these apps that are soul food and it's exactly how I feel likey soul was red. I truly needed the encouragement, and like always.. Jesus comes through I'm the most unexpected time, now I know why I downloaded this app a few months back for this particular moment. God bless us all and God bless the genarations to come. Amen!

- It’s great!.......but........

I love this daily bible app! I just wish there were more versions (there are four) because all the English ones and harder to understand the verses. I have my app on KJV (king James version) and sometimes verses aren’t in that version, it’s not a big deal or anything but it gets annoying sometimes. I would love to give this app a five star review but for those two reasons I’m not. If you read this please consider updating the app with more versions. Have a great day! 👋

- Love

I love this so much I just turned 13, and it’s probably not normal for 13 year old girl to like this kind of stuff but I set it to give me one at 7:00 every morning so that I have something that can get me in a better mood before school and it may not seem like it because I’m not a morning person but this does help me have a better day and when I get anxiety attacks or mental breakdowns I like to look at these to lighten me up and put me back on my feet

- Notification feature is faulty

I love this app and love that I can share the daily messages with my friends. I like the notification feature, but it doesn’t seem to work properly. I set for 6AM and 6PM. I will see the banner come across at these times, but then when I click on the app the Bible passage is different from the one on the banner. Often it will display the message from the previous day or the previous notification. This would be tolerable except that I pay a yearly subscription fee. If this worked properly, I would give it 5 stars.

- A touch of mindfulness

The presence of God is there when we least expect it. We tear each other a part because we are so busy focusing on what we want to be, but not what we should be. If you want to be something, then do it. Stop chasing another persons path and focus on your own. Live your life like God would want you to live. Through grace, through love, and through happiness. This app will teach you to take time. To take time to listen and to not run away.

- Here is why this app is great!!

This app is very good! It allows me to see three daily devotions that I can see it anytime of the day!! It’s sends me notifications when I have new devotions and they come every day. I have very much enjoyed this app, it has helped me connect more with God and relax in the morning when I read them. If I want to read more devotions I can go back to the previous devotions that I have had. This app is amazing!!! Who ever is reading this should try it!!

- Worth the money

I have no problem with the subscription- It’s a beautiful app that justifies the cost because you cannot put a price on God’s word, and also there’s no extra ‘filler’ in the app, meaning that it delivers on exactly what it claims: Clean, well made style and daily verse. No nonsense or any hidden ‘extras’ to just fill the app. I applaud it for the design. I have tried other daily devotional apps and they do not compare. The backgrounds on this app are great too. Well done.

- Amazing

I love this because it’s thoughtful and useful when you need it. I know I’m just a child but I got this app thinking that it would be a great thing to do, and it honestly was. I am now using this app not only good to clear your mind - but to be mindful of your words and what you say a piece of the Christ does the same thing that you are doing. Get this app because it helps, it plays some calming music if you need to be any more calm, Thank meh later.

- #Bible 💕💕💕💕

This is amazing ! I love it and I experience Jesus stories and the teachings that He has taught us to do now and for His disciples. I love it when I read His word because conviction comes in my life and gets my own self together. I encourage people to get this app because it helps you to release and get your personal relationship with Jesus in alignment with God. Let Jesus come into your heart fully because once He comes back, time is up. Be Encouraged and Be Blessed!

- I love this app so much!

Ever since I got this app it has made me so much calmer,it is the best app in the world I definitely recommend it has beautiful images and very inspirational Bible verses this is a very very good app I love it so much I also like how it has times for you to set alarms for when it gives you a Bible verse a really inspirational Bible verse for the time that you’re stressed thank you to the people have made this because I will give this 100 stars if I could.

- Image quotes

Our beloved Savior wants you all to know that he cries with love for how you are healing, transforming, and saving the minds and lives of his beloved children. And I cannot express how much your image coats with the music are healing me. I have a form of multiple sclerosis that is terminal. And because of your app. I will survive. Thank you. Thank you for saving my life. With great love to you all. I ask that our beloved Savior bless you, love on you always and keep you in his arms. In Jesus name. ✨🕊💖✝️🍃

- Great for people new to Christianity

Back when I was more than lukewarm even, I first got this app. I never write reviews but Having a quote everyday from the Word of God through my transformation has been so inspirational and I always receive a quote I need to hear. Great app and I recommend it to anyone on the fence ab downloading it, praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ in all his glory💗 p.s : if u click the three dots u will see what bible version to change it to, I recommend KJV!

- ✝️would give it a 6/5 if I could

This bible app is one that I actually want to read! 12/10 would recommend >>I’m one of those people who struggle opening a bible because to me it looks far to daunting 😅 I wanted a verse of the day app so I could spend more time with Christ than I already did (which was only the occasional prayer). I got this app set it up (took less than 20 seconds) and started reading 30+ verses a sitting! The backgrounds are stunning and the subtle music is great for meditation on the word. DOWNLOAD THIS 😂⭐️

- #Bible

I would just like to say that I love this app because it teaches me and others of the work of God and reminds me of his presence in our lives. I have and will continue to read and speak the word of Jesus just as this app has done to me. Another thing that I ask is this company should create more apps like this one so others can join the Christian Religion. Thank you for opening a entire new world to me and others in this world! God bless your company!

- Wow

I absolutely love this app. What a wonderful, kind reminder to keep God in my life daily and to think about him more. Truthfully, the only thing I would change about this app is to make these sayings available hourly instead of just daily. Thank you thank U thank you it’s a valuable valuable tool as well as a comfort. It must be an amazing thing to do such a kind thing for so many people and in the process do gods work as well. Good for you!

- Everyone should have this app!

Life gets so busy sometimes and we find ourselves pushing devotions and time with the Bible further and further away. This is perfect for those moments when you realize you’ve been spending more time on your phone than you’ve been spending with God. You can’t pick this app up and flip through a lot of short and important verses in the little free time you may have!

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- Mind blowing 🤩✨

Here I am, writing a review! I never usually write reviews but this app is truely amazing!! You will not regret getting it the lord is so amazing and so are these versus each day you get a amazing remind at whatever time you want you can set it and whatever is ur most challenging time of the day the app will send u notifications and one day me and my friend were having a fight and she wrote me a text and I saw it in my notification bar as I was looking for my daily verse and I felt like god was telling me forgive her we were fighting at the time and she wrote a sorry text and if I never god that verse I would t be friends with her by this day and I’m so thankful In the lord and I’m so thankful that this app exists you will love it, I sure know I do!! ❤️

- It has helped me so much

This app gives me reminders of Gods love for me through scripture sent straight to my phone multiple times a day. I struggle to remember His grace in the business of day to day life and this gives me solid biblical truths throughout my day. Also the verses are all so beautiful and make wonderful wallpapers for my phone. It also makes it so much easier to share the gospel with friends. I love it SO much!!

- I love this bible so much 🥺🤍✨

I am truly so happy that this app exists! I have already learnt so much about our Lord and reading this was really fun since there was music in the background and you can also go read what you want to read as well! ☺️✝️. I truly recommend this app if you want to know more about Jesus 🥺✨🙌🏻.

- Wonderful

As an app developer myself and expert in UIX I can say that this app is one of the most beautiful and meaningful apps you can ever purchase. I needed some calm in my busy lifestyle and I find this app gives me beautiful reminders of our Lords grace and love.

- #bible

This app is really good for me. I have been doubting my faith towards Jesus lately and this has helped a little bit. It’s amazing how the word of God can bring you up. 100 percent would recommend this app 💯😍☺️

- #Bible

I think it’s good but the only thing I don’t like is that you have to pay for most of the things, but apart from that I love the #Bible app. I love learning new stories and bible verses! I love having the app and having bible verses coming onto my screen at the time I put it at.

- heaven_is_real

This app is very good, each day a new verse is sent and the background photo is always lovely, I really enjoy having it, and look forward to the new ones.

- Love it!

Beautiful backgrounds and gold verses. I screenshot them and put them as my wallpaper. Lowkey miss getting three a day as it made me appreciate them and go on the app every day

- Great app

I love this app it is really great for devotional’ sans overall making your day better when you feel down

- God Bless

God bless the people of the world. Every single person no one excluded. A beautiful app with captivating features and great messages. I’m inspired by the word of God. 5 stars and many thanks 🥰🙏🏽

- Hiding The Word of God in my heart ❤️

This is my favourite bible app that allows me to read a scripture each day to hide in my heart each day.

- Love the app

Waking up each morning to read over the bible verse is refreshing in your spirit and soul.

- Great devotional every day

I find this app very helpful. Everyday i got notification for my daily devotinal. Very nurturing to my soul. Cheers.

- Uplifting Bible App

I’m enjoying sharing God’s beautiful promises and the relaxing music being played. Definitely 5 stars 👍🏻

- Awesome app

I love waking up every morning refreshed & reading beautiful bible verses this is absolutely fantastic. 👏🏼👏🏼☝🏼 Thank you whoever created this awesome app Love it.

- Bad

Couldn’t read the verses sometimes because images sometimes are the same colour with the bible verses which is hard to see.

- Blessed

Verses comes just in time with situation I go through- My God Is Able

- Bible Wisdom for Life’s Daily Journey

A fabulous app to support your daily spiritual walk, with words of Wisdom, quickened by the Holy Spirit to strengthen you over the day.

- Reminder

Wonderful to remind me to be thankful each day!

- Thank you

This app is so beautiful and I love using it!

- Amazing

Just want I needed to see when I felt lost and pain and sorrow

- Very good

It’s so amazing because they have good words teach me

- Love it

Apart from awesome daily scripture it has Great backgrounds and great sound. This is a great app

- Word of God that breathes life into our soul.

A strong resource from our Source(God). THANK YOU!!!

- Love it

This app is my go to for my daily dose of spiritual growth, comfort, and wisdom. Thanks so much.

- Uplifting

This gives me a boost daily

- A must have

Great for daily encouragement

- Amazing

Best part of my day is reading these verses.

- #Bible

This is an absolutely amazing app. Waking up to the word of God is truly magnificent ❤️

- _timely good medicine by the word_

Relevance timeliness and correction__ is good word used/spoken/read, at a/the good/right time_

- Inspiring

I love reading the daily verse..... always inspiring! ❤️

- It won’t let me unsubscribe

I’ve tried to unsubscribe from the trial period and am unable to in my settings.

- My everything Amen In Jesus name praise god


- Bible app response

I love receiving bible verse each day , such an inspiration ! Thankyou

- Refund

This app promised a 7 day trial and now there is NO WHERE to unsubscribe and get my money back. Please respond or I will take this mattter further

- Love it

Excellent I’m A Christian and love this app

- My review

It is a good app

- beautiful amazing app

really good app, good for relaxing and the music is so nice, plenty of bible stories, verses and quotes ❤️🙏🏽

- Hey

Thank you for this😊

- Praise the Lord

Very encouraged

- Daily Bible Verses

Awesome spiritual lift!

- Humanity is sick

Brilliant app🙏 I’m not much of a church person but what I’m seeing in the world today is sad and sometimes you need apps like this to bring hope and guidance.even if it’s just words, it can help a little.

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- Love

I love this app. It can be used without WiFi and I know it is always important to worship God. Highly recommend this app!💜

- Total commitment

Like the daily verses , need to be able to read the chapter & have access to the whole bible/ bible versions

- I love it!

Beautiful! 🌸

- Positive

Puts a smile in my heart and soul💕❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽God is amazing God Bless anyone who reads this.

- The best

I think this app just completely changes my morning.I like to write the quotes down and read them in class.Thank you🤝

- The best Bible app

This is by far my favourite Bible app. The music and the pictures add a little something extra. Great job! Thank you.

- Terrible app

This is a shame! You cant charge for anything associated with the Bible! Guys that created this app are doing it just for money, taking advantage of the honest Christians of any denomination, Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant. Shame on you!

- Just a thought

This would be a better app if it was made audible.

- Scripture & music

I love sitting and scrolling through the verses along with the soft background music. It’s very uplifting, starts my day off in a positive way

- Grateful

Thanks for helping me start and end my day right!

- Only big love

This app will reconnect anyone with Jesus. Thanks for this amazing app.

- Love this

Sometimes what pops out of my screen is not the same verse when I click from my notif screen to open it on app. But other than that, I still love this

- Best bible app ever!

I love this app so much! It offers such inspiring verses!

- Music

I love the site and although the music is nice I find it a little bit “funeral-ly” .

- Good

This bible so far is really good. It sets a time for you to read and it goes through the book step by step

- Best app!!

I am literally obsessed with this app so whoever made it shout out to you!!!!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️ I give this app 100 out of 10!!!

- Astounding!

The best Bible app I have used!

- Awesome

This app makes me feel happy everyday when they sent you a little bible verse it’s so cool

- best app

Amazing app recommend it

- Disappointing

I was disappointed with this app. I am not renewing.

- Review

This app is so amazing. I’ve been looking for a app like this for the longest time couldn’t find anything. This is such a great app with amazing verses I can wake up to and see on my notifications. Every morning I wake up to a new verse it keeps on getting better! 💕

- The king of kings... our father who lives in heaven

Very fulfilling. Gods words are needed in every ones daily life.. some deny his word. Pray for them. The bible is about each of us ... our nature, behaviour . Our father made each of us and knows us best. Reaching out for help daily is always satisfying. Being thankful for the blessings bestowed upon us is humbling.

- Love this bible


- One of the best bible apps I’ve ever had

This app is really great for relaxing yourself with the word of God. It has tons of bible story’s to choose from and daily motivational bible quotes. It has relaxing music in the background and it really adds to how awesome it is. I struggle with anxiety and reading my bible but this apps helps calm me down no matter what. The only thing I don’t understand is why there’s an option to pay money annually, the app is great already. But if I had the extra money you can bet I would be paying.

- Love it

Love it

- Love

God is the Greatest

- This review

I enjoy this app very much and find it very helpful. But I find it an awful thing that along with all the information to gives it asks for money. Everything about this app should be free. When it comes to God, nothing should be expected to be payed for.

- Calming and helpful

Only Takes a second to read but the words carry you through the day especially if they resound with a circumstance in your life. Remember, we are never alone. I lost my husband suddenly, unexpectedly, a few weeks at age 65. These daily readings remind me I do not walk through this valley of grief alone.

- love it

The bible is awesome. Love the music too. So relaxing. I love listening and reading this in the morning and at night. LOVE IT

- Subscription fee

I love this app and I use it everyday! Thank you to the creator.

- Love

Great reminders to help through hard times

- Inspired

Thank you for a brief inspirational message every morning. Godbless and more power!


the messages are enlightening and uplifting, the background pictures gorgeous and the music so soothing.I love going in every day and flipping through the page after page of inspiration.

- It could be better

I thought if I’d pay for it , it would have more options but it doesn’t make a difference at all!

- Awesome app

A true taste of his presence, I love this app

- Good app

This bible app is good for the go, or ever so often to be reminded of your higher purpose.

- They charged me even I cancel it before it expires


- I love this

It’s a great reminder of Gods love and to remember to study daily.

- Wonderful App

This is a beautiful app that is calming and makes me feel relaxed and put at ease.

- Awesome

It helps me to get closer to God and knowing that he is with me.

- Amazing


- Great app

Beautiful photography

- Daily Devotional

Really good

- My Forever Book

Love this book the Best guidance of my life😘☺️❤️🙏🏼

- Be close to God to know him better and to understand his words

The more you are close to him the better you will know more about him

- A great encouragement

Great graphics and very encouraging!

- Really good and worth the download

This app is really good, especially when you feel like you need to be lifted when you’re down. I really enjoy using this app to look at verses in the bible that I can use to reflect on and use in my everyday life. Before I start my day I get a notification from the app and read one verse, which really puts me in a great mood. Although there’s a subscription fee, the app is still good using the free version. Make sure you download this app!

- Good

Nice notifications!

- Bible app

It’s amazing whenever you are feeling sad or down you can go there and read a verse from the Bible

- Love this app!

Everyday these scriptures are what I look forward to, and when I need an extra verse I can swipe and there’s another one! This app has helped me through the tough times and has made sure that even when it’s hard to believe, GOD STILL IS THERE!!!

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- Daily Motivation

This Bible app is great! You can set the time of day you want to get your daily Bible quote. Set it for the hardest part of your day so you get the motivation from the Lord that you need to push past the negative issues. The word of God is at your fingertips any time you need it. Pic the Bible version you want and enjoy. Save your favorite quotes to the favorites file and look back on them anytime. Thank you for a great app! God bless

- My favorite motivation if the day

I'm convinced God uses technology to tell me what I need to hear. Every day the verse seems to be just what I needed. I'm sure many feel this way. You'll find our it was just what someone else needed to read too when you click the easy share button. Beautiful full screen graphics are a beautiful back drop to the Word. Thank you. This is a real blessing in my life.

- The greatest app!

This helped me so much . I’ve been sinning throughout life and these quotes are showing me the right path of Jehovahs ways. Our god father lives and care for us and only want us to love him with all the love we have. I one day hope I could be that person. Like my grandmother, one of my many inspirations. So I shall work my hardest to be the child of god I was made to be.❤️❤️ I feel like it working already !!

- Anxiety!

I’ve been battling with anxiety here lately & these daily pick me ups really help! I trust in the Lord & just know that he hasn’t brought me this far to leave me. I will be okay. ♥️ He’s the God who walked on water, he’s the God who made the Heaven & the Earth, so if he can do all do that & so much more he can take away my anxiety! Trusting in him day by day, never giving up. Please if you’re reading this just pray for me. • Thank you. 🙏

- Inspire your life daily

These Holy scriptures the Holly word of God empower my life daily and bring miracles to happen around me. I share them with everyone ... it gives hope and brings healings and brings miracles to happen. It is in the Holy word of God that brings healing, restoration, miracles, direction, forgiveness, ways where there is no way but in the Holy bible that holds the word of God .. his holy word will make a way. I love you and praise the name of Jesus. Blessed Mother pray with us

- The Best Bible Verse/Quote app

I have downloaded many apps such as this one over these past couple of years trying to connect with God, trying to gain wisdom, and learn his scripture. The new update with the music is so peaceful. They can send you notifications daily if you allow and I find that to be so mysteriously on point while I’m going about my day. Truly, you will not be disappointed.

- Seriously recommend!!

I’ve only had this app for a little bit but it’s so amazing. It totally lifts my spirits in a Godly way, I’m 13 and from my experience a lot of teenage girls need confidence boosting. And also just the knowledge that they can trust God. I’m certain God works through this app bc verses I really need to read pop up a lot. If ur a teen girl I seriously recommend. Even if ur not, get it anyway. It’s amazing!!

- Daily Conversations with God

The only thing I would like to request is the ability to view scriptures that we have faved. Other than that, this is such a wonderful app! Since downloading it, I’ve been actively reading my Bible more. It’s like everything I’m currently going through, the app has a new scripture for me to read, and they’re always at the right moment.

- Thank you :)

Thanks for responding and helping guys. I wanna say thanks for keeping it free and making it OPTIONAL to give money, it helps a lot. I cannot give a lot but if I can small amounts randomly I'm willing to! Also don't remove bible verses, it is an uplifting app which is amazing! But people asking for the removal of verses trying to fit their agenda are running from things. The Bible is there to speak to people, whether they're ready to be convicted or not. Great job, keep it up!

- It’s cool but...

I can only give this app 3 stars. I like the reminder I get in the AM when I first wake up, and the ability to set alarms for notifications. But if a Verse is longer then the banner message (in IOS) and you try to click it to open in so to read the full verse, it disappears, and another random verse comes up. I like to screenshot motivation sometimes for my platforms, so when verses connect with me I like to save them, but if it refreshes each time, it makes this impossible

- Send to your grandchildren

I have 5 grandchildren who have parents who don’t go to church or teach their children about God. When they got phones I started texting them this daily message. Now the 2 oldest attend Young Life. One plays his guitar at the meetings. One teaches bible study at grade school. I have much hope for the younger 3. Their faith is strong. This web site helped them find God. Thank you!

- I look forward to this every night!

I just love going to bed every night thinking about the few scriptures that were chosen for the day and the story of the day on this app. I absolutely love the calming sound that plays when using this app. Extremely user friendly and I recommend this app to anyone interested in the Bible and making their faith stronger.

- Really a changing experience 👍🏾

This is a very good bible app and Iam a 13 year old girl and want to change my ways of things so I have turned for my own sake to do good things for others and myself. U hope others will enjoy this app as much as I do I may read a chapter in the evening and one before bed , this is very good. Have a nice day and enjoy 😊 this app that is nice and heart warming to me ❤️

- The Bible

The only Holy book on the planet. The true word of God that works through the Holy Spirit to touch millions of people in every corner of this world to change their life and show the power and promises of God and his faithfulness to those who believe in him and trust him. Through this app many are saved every day as it brings the joy and hope in the life of those who believe in him. Thanks to people like you.

- I wish I could give 6 stars!

No I’m not a bot/paid person I’m real and honestly if you’re someone like me looking for positivity and guidance when everything around you is crazy then this is the APP FOR YOU! 🙏 Pretty sure they use a modern translation for the verses and it’s nice and easy to understand. App works perfectly for being free even better !!! 10/10 for me.

- a little frustrating, but i liked it

This app was so amazing when I first got it. Me and my friend would send one to each other every morning to give each other daily inspiration. But, after about 2 months of using it, the app started to give me unlimited verses. I like that I got three a day and sometimes six. It restarted me from the beginning and now I have unlimited verses which also means it stopped giving me daily verses every morning. I used to really love it though.

- Most inviting spiritual and soothing app!

As soon as I opened the app for the very first time, a sense of peace came over me. The music chosen as you read through your daily scripture just puts you in a spiritual state of mind connecting with God on a personal level. I love how the scripture is laid out in such an organized fashion, simple, but elegant. Thank you creators for reaching out to help people like me become closer to Him👆.

- Daily Inspiration and Devotional

Great app for helping keep faith on the mind throughout the day and gaining Biblical inspirational insights. My only complaint is that some of the text is not readable on some of the slides because the text color is too similar to the wallpaper/background for that particular slide. Otherwise, I love the calming backgrounds and great Bible quotes and short stories. Fix the non-readable slides and my rating goes up to five stars! Highly recommended app!

- Truly amazing app

At first I only talked and prayed or even read my bible was when i needed help but then I got this app and realized that I should do it every day and I did and now I can remember some good verses because my proof was that I was waking up at 9:30 and didn’t want to go to work but then I got a verse explaining that I should get up and try that is my proof thank you to how ever made this app

- Excellent

I’ve been an christian my whole life. I’ve also been trying to find a bible app that has good bible verses. I can’t tell you how many apps I’ve downloaded and shortly after deleted. Another thing I love about this app is that you can set times for when you want it to send you a verse. For me i set it in the morning. Anyways I highly recommended this app!

- DailyBible

This app has helped me in so many ways. When I’m getting down in life there will be a verse sent that hits so close to home. It opens my eyes to the love of god and helps me remember that no matter what, I always have gods love. I totally recommend this for anybody, even if your not super close with god. It’s still nice to get those reminders every day that no matter what, gods always there.

- Good app but...

I have enjoyed this app. It’s nice to have the encouragement each day. My only question is why is God’s name never capitalized? I don’t understand that. Please fix this! Thank you for your quick response! I saw that it is done in a lowercase font, I so appreciate that fact that you are working on changing that! That certainly changes my review! Thank you so much!!!


Although I did not subscribe to pay monthly, I love how this app works even for free! If you don’t subscribe, you’re still able to download the verses but you’d have to wait hours before receiving or being able to download more verses! The wait is worth it! The images are very clear; whether you download, share, or screenshot! You can even read bible stories! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS APP!

- Thank you

I downloaded this app right before my school went electronic and set the notification for 3:10 which was when school ended. I would look at the verse it said for that day and apply it to my day and it really helped with everything that was going on. Thank you so much for creating this app, I love it so much.

- God’s Word

I’ve tried a few bible apps. This one delivers messages that feel like comfort straight from God when I need it. I love this app. I am grateful for growing in His Word with its help. I like flipping the pages per verse. It allows my mind time to digest and pause before moving on to the next verse. I LOVE the first two verses that comfort immediately before delving into the reading for the day.

- Love this App

Beautiful way to share the WORD of GOD to make a difference. God can use an App source to Bless, Heal, Save, Deliver & Set free when we share the Word! God uses the gifts of his annointed in this App to put the Right Word@ the Right time that can Change Everything! That can Confirm the Word as we walk our Journey together for assurance the Living Word is Active through the children of God! Thank You Bible App🙏🏼📖🗣💟🔥

- Thoughts

I think it’s really supportive, and I like how you set a time in the day that it will give you the notification, like I set my time for when I’m done with work being a (firefighter) and all, I really love the support that the verses can give!! After a rough forest fire all I need is to go in this app and get the support that I near!! (Highly recommend)!!

- This app is very helpful

I have been going through some tough time lately with my parents hating divorced last year and my school work And I know I only got this app today but I already know it is very helpful. I have been needing some help from the Bible and this is the perfect solution. I would recommend this app to anyone and everyone.

- Amazing

This app is incredible! It sends me daily verses of Gods word and advice. It plays a cooling music if you turn up your volume and begin to read. This is a great way to open up your mind and heart to God. I go to bed almost every night saying a small prayer because I know I want to go to sleep with the word of God in my head! I love this app and everything with it 🙏🏼❤️❤️

- Really Good for reading the Bible on the Go!

Really Good for reading the Bible on the go! Whenever I feel like reading the Bible on the go I go to this app. Sometimes when I don’t know what book to read, I go to this app and when I find an interesting verse I’ll look up the context and start reading! My only complaint is that the “Share” button takes to long to pop up. But other than that, I really like this app!

- This app is great, but....

This app is so cool I send every verse to my friends they’ve not always been thankful but I love it!!!when you forget a day it takes toy back to the beginning!! For exp. I got grounded from my phone and I couldn’t read my verses!! So when I got my phone back it took me to the beginning! But otherwise this app has taught me lots of verses!

- Thank you!

Only best offensive weapon I have... The Word of God. Thank you for taking the time to create this app. Life isn’t picture perfect like social media makes it out to be. And sometimes our phones are a source of stress. But this adds the balance and joy we all need. The break that we tend to forget. And the hope we always have in Jesus!

- Just begun using Bible app.

I just begun using the app and for me personally, it has been wonderful! The Bible quotes are marvelous and inspiring. Reading them is pleasurable and heartwarming and strengthens my faith in God Almighty. I highly recommended getting this app to all. From True believers to those questioning their faith even deniers will find their answers within these pages. God Bless and Keep you.

- It’s Wonderful!

I really enjoy waking up to a new verse everyday and I also like that I can swipe back and forth when wanting to search for a verse that fits the moment. I love that I am able to shared a verse with others. I truly appropriate the beautiful pictures and music on the background, it’s perfect while I reflect on the verses. Thank you.

- Amazing!

The app has very relaxing music, along with beautiful photos behind the verses! I also love the notification with the daily verse and that I can set the time to when I want it. The one thing I recommend is have more Bible translations to choose from, but other then that it’s great! Thank you for creating this app.

- Not worth a $20 subscription

In my humble opinion, this app is nothing but a scam. Sure, it’s nice encouragement each day, but certainty nothing worth paying a $20 subscription for. I could pick up a bible for free and read a surplus of verses. There is literally nothing else a person can use this app for - 1 verse per day (no more, no less) & and option to choose the time of day the notification is sent to you. That is it. I tried to delete the app before my trial ran up, but it is not an easy feat. I feel as though the maker / owner of this app has stolen $20 right out of my wallet.

- God’s Word

I absolutely love receiving God’s word everyday. It uplifts me, encourages me, renews hope, and yes, corrects me when I’m wrong. In all things i ame learning to give thanks because i know God has my best interest in his hands and will work all things out for my good. I thanks you for this daily scripture and beautiful music and pray God will continue to bless your ministry. Thanks so much !

- Thankful

Great way for me to start my day an a lot of times thru the day I open it up an read it again out load when things make me sad because life can be complicated an have no control over things that are hurtful an god always give us positive thoughts . Thank you my dearest friend Vicky S for telling me about this site .

- Absolutely love!!

This is a great way to stay in connect with our Savior, Jesus Christ. I have a reminder set for 10 every night to end my day by reflecting on the words of the Bible. I totally recommend this for people who may not understand how to read the bible or would like to get daily bible versus as a start or part of your journey with God!! Have a blessed day!!<33

- The Bible

HalleluYAH!!! I’ve been truly inspired and strengthened by the Holy Scriptures and the beautiful creation tapestry for a background!! Thank all of you for creating a wonderful, strengthening atmosphere in our lives! Especially in a time of anxiety and fear! I have loved sharing the precious Scriptures with my family and friends! May our awesome Almighty God bless and prosper you all greatly!!! Sincerely, Elizabeth

- I love it!

I usually read this at night times before I go to bed and the music and verses calm me down. I often have trouble sleeping but I have seemed to be sleeping better the past week that I’ve had it. I also really like that it has options of what to read about and you get to pick the Bible version.

- This is amazing

I wake up every morning and get a verse. This app really helps you think about your life I fell like such a better person after I got this app. This app is one of the best apps I have on my phone, I take about 5min to think about it and how I'm going to make my day better I recommend this app to everyone it's such a good app.

- This app is amazing

This app is absolutely awesome, I love that you can read any verse at any time and there are readings for each day, it’s makes me happy to read these and I also enjoy how you can set I timer, I set mine for after school and it really helps me calm down after a stressful day! Thank you app developers well done 🤩

- Let Jesus start your day!

As I wake, I excitedly look to my phone to read, “today’s bible verse!” This has been a centering and calming daily habit, for me. I appreciate putting my thoughts toward our Lord first thing, and reflecting on the daily verse. I feel closer to God than ever. Thank you for this wonderful tool, to help me focus my day, from the start, around the love and support of Jesus. Regards, Steve H

- Praise HIM

Wonderful app and excellent choices of scripture reading with matches to the music. I read this app EVERY morning before day break with m coffee. The music is a blessing to my heart and helps calm my soul as I pray and contemplate the day and thank my Heavenly Father for His blessings, sovereignty, grandeur and answered prayer. I love this app. I would be so discouraged without it. Thank you to the app creators. ❤️

- #bible is the best

This app helps me learn more things about god and Jesus, this game even asked us for what do you want your notifications time be or asked if I wanted notifications I’m sure everyone who downloads this app will start to feel more happy I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this app I’m sure when you download it you will start to get happy! PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS APP ( if you want to)

- Man this is a great app

Unlike any other apps they make you pay money for the verses or make you wait 24hr for 3 more verses per day. I mean ion have time or money for that id rather google everything i want to know about the bible. But this app, ITS COMPLETELY FREE and YOU COULD JUST READ AS MUCH AS YOU WANTED, man i cant say how much i love this app, but im thankful for whoever created and have this idea :)

- Awesome app!

This app is super awesome! With always being on the move we sometimes forget to do the most important thing of the day which is feed our spirits with the word of God, this is a very convenient reminder to get a scripture that can change your whole day by hearing a word that can encourage your situation right on time! GOD IS ALWAYS ON TIME AND HIS WORD NEVER COMES BACK VOID!

- The Word of God Still has Power!

It comes right in the nick of time I don’t know what made me pick 10am for my most needed time when I was asked to pick a time But God knows! It’s a quick simple fix that’s needed everyday around this time of especially during the week when I’m working. What a breath of fresh air THANK YOU JESUS!

- I really love this!

I am amazed that this has no adds, and you can even set a time you receive a notification for a verse each day! I surely don't always look at it, but it's great to have. It just makes you pause and question yourself, and have a moment to think about the Lord!

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‘May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.’ Numbers 6:24-26 NLT

Efundolamu Oshinowo

“ ‘ “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” ’ Numbers 6:24-26 NIV

Clovene Wilkerson

The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. Numbers 6:24-26 KJV

#Bible - Verse of the Day 5.2.2 Screenshots & Images

#Bible - Verse of the Day iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

#Bible - Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible - Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible - Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible - Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible - Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible - Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible - Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible - Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible - Verse of the Day iphone images

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The applications #Bible - Verse of the Day was published in the category Reference on 2017-10-21 and was developed by Mind Blown Apps, LLC [Developer ID: 464387653]. This application file size is 11.68 MB. #Bible - Verse of the Day - Reference app posted on 2020-10-22 current version is 5.2.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.mindblownapp.daily-bible

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