#Bible: Verse of the Day

#Bible: Verse of the Day [Reference] App Description & Overview

Receive God's word daily through beautiful Holy Bible stories, verses, and music. Receive personal, relevant verses for inspiration and sharing with loved ones. Each day a new verse is sent to your device - it's like receiving a message from a dear friend who loves you and wants you to be happy. Join the #Bible movement, share the Word, and fill social media with grace.

You may use this app in perpetuity for free, but if you would be delighted to support our mission of delivering thousands of moments of grace, love, and wisdom each day, there are patronage subscriptions available.

Terms of service: http://www.mindblownapp.com/terms
Privacy policy: http://www.mindblownapp.com/privacy

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#Bible: Verse of the Day Customer Service, Editor Notes:

"Do not be afraid, for I am with you." Verses that surround us in God's love will be repeated more often during these challenging times. If you are a serving a frontline/critical job (healthcare, transportation, groceries, etc), unemployed, or facing financial difficulty, please select "No Patronage" when asked and enjoy #Bible 100% for free.

#Bible: Verse of the Day Comments & Reviews

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- Calming and helpful

Only Takes a second to read but the words carry you through the day especially if they resound with a circumstance in your life. Remember, we are never alone. I lost my husband suddenly, unexpectedly, a few weeks at age 65. These daily readings remind me I do not walk through this valley of grief alone.

- love it

The bible is awesome. Love the music too. So relaxing. I love listening and reading this in the morning and at night. LOVE IT

- Subscription fee

I love this app and I use it everyday! Thank you to the creator.

- Love

Great reminders to help through hard times

- Inspired

Thank you for a brief inspirational message every morning. Godbless and more power!

- The king of kings... our father who lives in heaven

Very fulfilling. Gods words are needed in every ones daily life.. some deny his word. Pray for them.

- It could be better

I thought if I’d pay for it , it would have more options but it doesn’t make a difference at all!


the messages are enlightening and uplifting, the background pictures gorgeous and the music so soothing.I love going in every day and flipping through the page after page of inspiration.

- Awesome app

A true taste of his presence, I love this app

- Good app

This bible app is good for the go, or ever so often to be reminded of your higher purpose.

- They charged me even I cancel it before it expires


- I love this

It’s a great reminder of Gods love and to remember to study daily.

- Wonderful App

This is a beautiful app that is calming and makes me feel relaxed and put at ease.

- Awesome

It helps me to get closer to God and knowing that he is with me.

- Amazing


- Great app

Beautiful photography

- Daily Devotional

Really good

- My Forever Book

Love this book the Best guidance of my life😘☺️❤️🙏🏼

- Be close to God to know him better and to understand his words

The more you are close to him the better you will know more about him

- Grateful

Thanks for helping me start and end my day right

- Really good and worth the download

This app is really good, especially when you feel like you need to be lifted when you’re down. I really enjoy using this app to look at verses in the bible that I can use to reflect on and use in my everyday life. Before I start my day I get a notification from the app and read one verse, which really puts me in a great mood. Although there’s a subscription fee, the app is still good using the free version. Make sure you download this app!

- Love

I love this app so much

- A great encouragement

Great graphics and very encouraging!

- Good

Nice notifications!

- Bible app

It’s amazing whenever you are feeling sad or down you can go there and read a verse from the Bible

- Love this app!

Everyday these scriptures are what I look forward to, and when I need an extra verse I can swipe and there’s another one! This app has helped me through the tough times and has made sure that even when it’s hard to believe, GOD STILL IS THERE!!!

- Lied about being a free trial

I got charged on day 1 even though it said it was a 7 day trial then payment. What a scam

- Best app ever

You guys are the best app I ever had for a Bible verse my sister my sisters friend in me have all the same app you love it hope you like this review it is the best app ever I ever had.😄🦄

- my daily motivation

awesome app

- Too much Repetition

Same verses get repeated time and again. Bible is full of so many verses and this only repeats the 5 verses in and out.

- Awesome

Great help for my devotion.

- Where’s the Christmas Verse

While the passages are as sound advice as ever been given they are nonetheless very random and not geared towards the occasion. Take for instance the Christmas devotion.

- Very Nice App

Everybody needs a little encouragement from time to time.

- Beautiful and Inspirational App

I enjoy it every single day.

- The best app in the world!!


- Alec

It good to reading

- Passages

I enjoy the reminders of the bible verses and their application on a daily basis if applicable! Thank you!

- Joyful

Uplifting and beautiful input to your day as a Christian 💕

- Nice to wake up to

Gets the day started right and your mind focused on the lord

- Don’t be fooled

Don’t get fooled. 1 week free, then they deduct 25.95 for an annual cost, and all they have to do is send you one random scripture daily, with absolutely nothing else. Don’t even know who these people are. Avoid at all costs, I got duped and missed the email from apple about the charge. This is a money making app and the person who developed it is laughing all the way to the bank!

- Not sure of the value of this app. Maybe I’ll figure it out sometime.

I see one verse shared daily. Is that all there is? What am I missing?

- Amazing

I love this app so much! The music is calming and i love the verses!

- Mind blowing 🤩✨

Here I am, writing a review! I never usually write reviews but this app is truely amazing!! You will not regret getting it the lord is so amazing and so are these versus each day you get a amazing remind at whatever time you want you can set it and whatever is ur most challenging time of the day the app will send u notifications and one day me and my friend were having a fight and she wrote me a text and I saw it in my notification bar as I was looking for my daily verse and I felt like god was telling me forgive her we were fighting at the time and she wrote a sorry text and if I never god that verse I would t be friends with her by this day and I’m so thankful In the lord and I’m so thankful that this app exists you will love it, I sure know I do!! ❤️

- God Bless

God bless the people of the world. Every single person no one excluded. A beautiful app with captivating features and great messages. I’m inspired by the word of God. 5 stars and many thanks 🥰🙏🏽

- Wonderful

As an app developer myself and expert in UIX I can say that this app is one of the most beautiful and meaningful apps you can ever purchase. I needed some calm in my busy lifestyle and I find this app gives me beautiful reminders of our Lords grace and love.

- My everything Amen In Jesus name praise god


- beautiful amazing app

really good app, good for relaxing and the music is so nice, plenty of bible stories, verses and quotes ❤️🙏🏽

- Daily Bible Verses

Awesome spiritual lift!

- Thank you

This app is so beautiful and I love using it!

- Love the app

Waking up each morning to read over the bible verse is refreshing in your spirit and soul.

- Great app

I love this app it is really great for devotional’ sans overall making your day better when you feel down

- Humanity is sick

Brilliant app🙏 I’m not much of a church person but what I’m seeing in the world today is sad and sometimes you need apps like this to bring hope and guidance.even if it’s just words, it can help a little.

- Bible app response

I love receiving bible verse each day , such an inspiration ! Thankyou

- Awesome app

I love waking up every morning refreshed & reading beautiful bible verses this is absolutely fantastic. 👏🏼👏🏼☝🏼 Thank you whoever created this awesome app Love it.

- Very good

It’s so amazing because they have good words teach me

- Praise the Lord

Very encouraged

- Uplifting Bible App

I’m enjoying sharing God’s beautiful promises and the relaxing music being played. Definitely 5 stars 👍🏻

- Love it

Apart from awesome daily scripture it has Great backgrounds and great sound. This is a great app

- Inspiring

I love reading the daily verse..... always inspiring! ❤️

- Love it

This app is my go to for my daily dose of spiritual growth, comfort, and wisdom. Thanks so much.

- Amazing

Just want I needed to see when I felt lost and pain and sorrow

- _timely good medicine by the word_

Relevance timeliness and correction__ is good word used/spoken/read, at a/the good/right time_

- Love it

Excellent I’m A Christian and love this app

- It has helped me so much

This app gives me reminders of Gods love for me through scripture sent straight to my phone multiple times a day. I struggle to remember His grace in the business of day to day life and this gives me solid biblical truths throughout my day. Also the verses are all so beautiful and make wonderful wallpapers for my phone. It also makes it so much easier to share the gospel with friends. I love it SO much!!

- My review

It is a good app

- Bad

Couldn’t read the verses sometimes because images sometimes are the same colour with the bible verses which is hard to see.

- #Bible

This is an absolutely amazing app. Waking up to the word of God is truly magnificent ❤️

- #bible

This app is really good for me. I have been doubting my faith towards Jesus lately and this has helped a little bit. It’s amazing how the word of God can bring you up. 100 percent would recommend this app 💯😍☺️

- Blessed

Verses comes just in time with situation I go through- My God Is Able

- Bible Wisdom for Life’s Daily Journey

A fabulous app to support your daily spiritual walk, with words of Wisdom, quickened by the Holy Spirit to strengthen you over the day.

- Word of God that breathes life into our soul.

A strong resource from our Source(God). THANK YOU!!!

- Love it!

Beautiful backgrounds and gold verses. I screenshot them and put them as my wallpaper. Lowkey miss getting three a day as it made me appreciate them and go on the app every day

- Amazing

Best part of my day is reading these verses.

- A must have

Great for daily encouragement

- Hiding The Word of God in my heart ❤️

This is my favourite bible app that allows me to read a scripture each day to hide in my heart each day.

- Reminder

Wonderful to remind me to be thankful each day!

- heaven_is_real

This app is very good, each day a new verse is sent and the background photo is always lovely, I really enjoy having it, and look forward to the new ones.

- Refund

This app promised a 7 day trial and now there is NO WHERE to unsubscribe and get my money back. Please respond or I will take this mattter further

- Uplifting

This gives me a boost daily

- It won’t let me unsubscribe

I’ve tried to unsubscribe from the trial period and am unable to in my settings.

- Great devotional every day

I find this app very helpful. Everyday i got notification for my daily devotinal. Very nurturing to my soul. Cheers.

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- Thank You!

Awesome! Thank you so much! Knowing and reminding us of what is most important: Jesus, His Presence, Eternity with Him and His Will in our lives. Blessings & Sincerely: Marlene & David Hutchings, Our Family, Friends ...

- Inspire your life daily

These Holy scriptures the Holly word of God empower my life daily and bring miracles to happen around me. I share them with everyone ... it gives hope and brings healings and brings miracles to happen. It is in the Holy word of God that brings healing, restoration, miracles, direction, forgiveness, ways where there is no way but in the Holy bible that holds the word of God .. his holy word will make a way. I love you and praise the name of Jesus. Blessed Mother pray with us

- Great app but.....

I am giving it 4 stars because I think that you should be able to get whatever time without the membership. I also think that you should be able to see the ones you stared.

- Love this App!

It knows is exactly when to notify me a good Bible verse to make it through the day. Especially on those days I’m not quite feeling like myself.

- Awesome job

God is great! Thanks for this app


A joy to get beautiful and encouraging Scriptures with lovely backgrounds and instrumental music. Love it!

- Good app!

Makes me smile each day.Feel blessed. And makes me want to do more than be “verse of the day” Christian only.

- ❤️😍❤️

I love this app so much😍 everyday it helps me and brings me so much peace I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone ❤️

- Great


- It’s very helpful

It helps you Get closer to god.

- Thank You Jesus 🙏🏾💚

I really wanted to connect more with God and this honestly helps a lot. Everyday waking up to a verse really helps me. God bless 💚

- Spiritual Worship

Everyday I read the passage from the word of God. I then share it with family and friends. God bless us all. Jim Maxwell

- Love

I love y’all verses they always help me every day and the sorting music thanks for making this

- I love it

It’s a great app, I just wish it was totally free

- Love It!

Amazing scriptures that seem to appear at the perfect time! God love prevails!

- Enjoyable

I am really enjoying this new app. A friend shared this with me and it is very comforting.

- Amazing

This bible quotes make my day they are amazing.

- Great bible app

Works amazing

- Great app

I love the app, the stories the music options, I just think they should update it more often.

- Amazing

I love it

- Love this 🥰

Really this is so great and you have to get it guys I read this sometime.

- Bible app

I absolutely love this app!!! It is perfect and is very helpful!

- Bible app

Beautiful app. Would be very much better for those who are visually impaired to be able to hear the verses. Please consider adding this feature. Thank you Mmr

- Verses

Helps my soul

- My favorite

This is my favorite app. I especially like the pictures and gentle music playing in the background as I read God’s word.

- Love it

Great app. It’s really uplifting ‼️

- Love it!!!

It is very inspiring and I love seeing these bible verses and I just love them 10-10!!!

- Love this app

I appreciate the everyday scripture. It helps keep my eyes on the Lord

- Great

It’s the best thing that happened to me I always needed that little motivation in my life or the Bible to be broke down to me so yes this is a great app for you.💞🥰

- I love this app

I love this app it really help me get threw the day I lost just my baby she was 2months she passed from sids this app really up lift me 💕 cause I really just be out my mind I really do miss my baby 🙏🏼

- GREAT! but repeats quotes...

This app is great with Jesus!!!! I love it and it’s great to connect but... after a month I realized that the quotes keeps repeating and I see that over the months I see the same quotes for about 3-4 times. However besides that I love it! <3

- " Life is a Journey "

Lost & Found


This app as so many different bible verses it’s so awesome I write them done all the time!!

- The inspirational Bible

So SOOOO peaceful when I ho on my early morning walk . This, combined with the early morning sounds of nature.... beautifully enriches my soul!

- Love it

I’m actually in love with this app. It’s inspirational and helps me build my relationships with God. Also, it’s great for meditation 🤗🤗

- Beautiful, inspiring, motivating 💕

I really love this app, very grateful 🙏😊

- Amazing

I love it soo much❤️. It has help a lot!✨


this app is truly amazing...helped me through a rough time when i felt like i needed some scripture to help me through the things i was going through. i really just love this app, as well as the relaxing music in the back that helps me overall relax and relieve my anxiety knowing God is with me! if there was an option for more then 5 stars i would rate it 10000000+ ! love this

- Thankful

This is the best app ever. It keeps me going help me get through my day. I’m very thankful to have found it 🤍

- l

love it

- #bible

I really love this app it’s helping me learn more about our king

- Daily Bible App

This app really connects me to god more every single day. If I’m felling sad I open the app and I feel much better💕 this is why I recommend this app and SPREAD THE WORD!!!! We want everyone to know that god is real and he will love us forever❤️

- Best notifications all day

This is my favorite app on my phone. I love receiving Bible verses throughout the day. It helps me stay in His Word. It also has the most beautiful images... that you can download with the Bible verses! Such a beautiful app 🙏🏻

- O M G

this app has so far been very great for giving me passages that i feel God is delivering to me. it’s truly amazing how wonderful this app is and it’s so easy to use and it isn’t complicated at all.


I love #Bible because it’s a great app that gives verses each day which really encourages me in these hard times! It has all kinds of verses for each bible story and the verses are very inspiring!! Once I saw this app I downloaded it right away and it turned out to be the best bible app!! You get to choose the time to get notifications for your verse of the day, isn’t that cool?! You can also change the time if you want. It’s really good and I encourage everyone to download this app. Once you download it you will love how it’s background music is calm and how great the verses are!! I am so happy that I have found this app!! I LOVE it!!🙏❤️

- I love this app

This app is really good for the morning verse and just lets you know that God is with you and it’s good for bible study

- A2

This app is great, I enjoy the daily Bible verses. Very helpful and remindful of the true powers of God. Enjoy!

- Love ❤️ this app

I have really enjoyed this app . It has kept my faith hi when my head was down and other times life is so good it couldn’t be better or our head hi yet are pride is down .😄 thank you most of all for bringing me closer to god and now I get to go through life with faith and be happy and content and so much more .

- Peaceful

Just an amazing way to start the day with verses that calm & inspire. God’s word is always full of hope & peace. The music is so relaxing & lovely. Best app on my phone!!

- Love it

It is such a beautiful App. It sings the Bible verse’ to you and is so nice sounding it makes me feel sleepy!! You can change the background for a different verse. No adds. Though if you want to change the music it costs money.

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- Praia God!

My motivation📝

- Super good nourishment for me daily

This is a selection of well fitting bible verses daily. It nourishes next and just can’t do without it.

- Subscription required

Can’t even do the trial properly. App after installing asks for subscription to be set up. Edit: thank you dev team

- Mrs


- The combined music and precious word of god calms my soul

It’s a wonderful app. Calms the troubled breast and mind in this very troubled world . The music calms and the scripture verses are the bread of Life . Just wonderful the combination . God Bless you all

- Very calm

I like it cause there is calm music and lets me relax while I read it so yeah Thanks for this app

- Thannkyou❤️🙏

I love this❤️

- Comforting 🙏

The verses are beautiful ❤️

- Jesus comes

I like this app as I can share it

- Mrs Chanda

Lovely app, well done and God bless

- Brings peace

I love reading the verses, they bring me peace in times of need. The daily verse that pops up is inspiring. I’d like to know what the heart is for as I click it thinking it will save that verse, but it is not saved anywhere. This definitely needs improving and the app should show saved verses.

- Truly beautiful

Whether it is to start your day, a thought before bedtime, or just to dip into during the day, this app provides a beautiful, relaxing and atmospheric way to bring Bible readings into your day. A lovely way to remember Gods word is always there for you , to guide, to inspire, to uplift.

- Bible

Hi I love this app...Love the quotes ✝️✝️ amazing app!!!!!!

- Exceptional support and guidance

This app is providing me with daily bread guidance to Jesus am truly grateful Thank you to the maker of the app Thank you father for speaking through the maker of this app Truly blessed Amen

- Very good

Encouraging me to read the Bible.

- A Beautiful App

I love the images and the calm music. I recommend this app to help you Remember to take a moment in your day to read the The Word Morning of God. You can set reminders!

- Excellent

This is just the app I was looking for. The verses are short and easy to focus on. The music is a lovely extra. I think this app is one of the best I have downloaded. My only suggestions.... It would be nice to have the verse appear in the notification area on the iPad. Also with the option to remove the ‘share’ button. Thank you developers for an excellent app

- Words ofAppreciation

I’m blessed and fully refreshed daily with the Daily Bread from the passages by Enibokun

- No devotion

I expected better

- How to raise downloads by 10 times?

service, daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype and Whatsapp: +8615282351612 、Facebook:ASO880 . Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now!

- Outstanding

I love this app, it’s amazing and is a great way to get the word of God in your everyday life! Thank you🙏🏼

- Beautiful

A beautiful app with daily quotes from the bible to give you that extra motivation.

- I really love it

God’s word every day.... what could be better

- Amazing app

This app always knows when to deliver the right message at the right time and really helps with my spiritual journey!!!

- Writing a line

I can’t do anything but look through them and it is boring so help me plz plz thx

- A masterpiece

Beautiful , relaxing music . Great for light meditation and reading the Bible . Thx so much for this app . A great little snack for the spirit .

- Refreshing

Every morning I wake an God no’s exactly what’s on my mine sends right verse for that time blows my mine how he does it great download an enjoy what the Lord God has to say God Bless brothers an sisters ❤️

- Incredible

I have looked for a lot of apps that will give a daily bible verse. But non of them compare to this one. Amazing work!!

- What amazing verses!

It is such an amazing app to start the day and just to read the verses I am an 11 year old and this app jut makes me feel closer to God and to Jesus. It is so good.

- Great


- Wonderful religious sounds this app is just great

This app is just great if you need time to rest your mind find inner calm and feel gods love surrounds you thank you to the developers

- R

Fantastic the verses relate to me everyday

- Bible verses

What a delightful app! Beautiful photos and inspirational truths!

- Great app

Great to wake up to this every morning , night all day if needs be 👌

- God communicates in all ways

I read a quote every night, i belive that god communicates with me through these words of amazing wisdom. This app is uplifting and enlightening. Love and light to you all x

- Mrs K

I have enjoyed and felt the depth of messages. Also sharing with family and friends is easy. Thank you.

- Peaceful app

Wonderful app, creates a peaceful atmosphere.

- Lovely app

Downloaded this app for research purposes, I’m not even religious-have to say though, when I receive these quotes during a busy, overwhelming day, I just can’t help but smile :)

- At my own speed

This app is user friendly. Thus, this app offers me a peaceful space in which I may be still and think upon the bible verse further. I appreciate this very much.

- Love

I thank God each day He is my best friend x

- Just a gentle nudge

Every day I get a little nudge to remind me there is a scripture for me to “snack on”. I know it’s not a meal and even though I know I need a full scale meal so how I manage to limp along with this. So thank you.

- For this app

I really like this app because I am a Christian and I have a bible of the old and New Testament but I never read it but this is a good way for me to read bits of it.

- Wonderful

Gods grace is free to all

- Encouraging and faithful app!

Love this app. Verse pops in faithfully and always v encouraging.

- Thanks

I’m thanking God that I wake up every morning and then read the moment with god blessed me amen

- God bless this app🌴

It is so great

- Great app!

Gives me an encouragement everyday!

- Pure awesomeness

Waking up to scripture each day is the most amazing thing. It’s sets the tone for the rest of my day, allowing start my day always in prayer and thank fullness.

- Helpful

Every morning I am awake at 4:00am and maintain a busy day at work and home. The daily devotional helps me to take breaks during my day. I take time to meditate and pray through the message you send. It has often been the scripture I have been reading in my Bible, the night before I receive the new message. Every blessing.

- Good app but..,

It would be good to be able to save your favourite verses so you can view them on the app (yes, you can share them and save to your phone but better if you could do this on the app itself)

Amen! Verse of the Day. #blessings #jesus #holyspirit #grace #mercy #joy #wisdom #pray #peace #praise #prayer…

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. I… …

Verse Of The Day! #VerseOfTheDay #BibleVerses #Visiocareministries #Jesuscitymission #BibleStudy #RevJeromeEbua…

Verse of the Day: June 3, 2020 Datapuwa't hanapin muna ninyo ang kaniyang kaharian, at ang kaniyang katuwiran; at…

@Alkitabku: Verse of the day: Revelation 21:2-4. #votd #bible

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020. Verse of the day: John 15:7 #verseoftheday #Bible #Bibleverse #votd #TheWord #Jesus…

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. What do we do? #Prayer #spirit #temptation…

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#Bible: Verse of the Day 4.2 Screenshots & Images

#Bible: Verse of the Day iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

#Bible: Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible: Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible: Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible: Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible: Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible: Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible: Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible: Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible: Verse of the Day iphone images
#Bible: Verse of the Day ipad images
#Bible: Verse of the Day ipad images
#Bible: Verse of the Day ipad images
#Bible: Verse of the Day ipad images
#Bible: Verse of the Day Reference application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
#Bible: Verse of the Day Reference application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

#Bible: Verse of the Day (Version 4.2) Install & Download

The applications #Bible: Verse of the Day was published in the category Reference on 2017-10-21 and was developed by Mind Blown Apps, LLC [Developer ID: 464387653]. This application file size is 15.5 MB. #Bible: Verse of the Day - Reference posted on 2020-04-20 current version is 4.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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