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Hamilton Today
Get the latest news about Hamilton and access to exclusive video content, slideshows, and more.

Enter the official Hamilton lotteries for New York, Chicago, London, and tour locations.

Drop some knowledge with our daily trivia game.

Record and share videos of yourself
 singing along to Hamilton songs.

Take and share photos using our exclusive #HamCam with show-themed overlays. Unlock special location-based stickers are theaters and other Hamilton venues.

Share fun show-related stickers with your friends and family, either in the app or through the included Messages app.

Purchase items from the official Hamilton store.

Hamilton - The Official App App Description & Overview

The applications Hamilton - The Official App was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-08-11 and was developed by Hamilton Uptown LLC. The file size is 77.95 MB. The current version is 2.4.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Graffiti Pack 2 in iMessage App
- Bug fixes and library updates

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Hamilton - The Official App Reviews

Because of Mr. Terupt

Is this app a scam?  Because of Mr. Terupt  5 star

I LOVE this app. I use it everyday for my chance to win Hamilton. Well, one day I won and I was so worried to put in my credit card number, so I didn’t purchase the tickets. I need to know: is this app legit?


I won the Lottery!  flmark  5 star

I have the app now for about 3 weeks and I have read it daily from front to back along with entering the lottery for tickets in Fort Lauderdale. All I got were sorrys until today!! So now I get to see the play and enjoy all the live action and music. Thank you!!!


Has anyone ever won the ticket lottery?  HeyNeenz  2 star

The rest of the stuff is fine I guess but the ticket lottery seems to be a bust. I’ve never heard of anyone winning though the app. Too bad.


LOVE IT! I have one suggestion  Please🙏🏻  5 star

This app is AMAZING! I am a do or die Hamilton fan (yes I did it) and this app is perfect. One thing.... WHERE IS JOHN LAURENS, PHILIP, LAF, JEFFERSON etc? I love them all and just want some stickers :) thanks!


THIS APP IS AMAZING BUT...  Sammydubbs  4 star

I want to write a formal complaint to the lack of Aaron Burr emojis and quotes! Without Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton would not be a name seen in history books (yes I made a reference. Get over it.). One emoji says “Burr you disgust me” (which I find mildly offensive seeing as I pride myself in my character traits aligning with Burr’s but since it is a song lyric, I’ll let it slide) but there is no “imma trust fund, baby you can trust me”. I find this line very important as I am always prying information out of friends convincing them to trust me and this being an emoji would only strengthen my argument. Now back to the ONE emoji of Aaron Burr’s actual face. Shame. Shame on all of you. Burr immediately regretted the killing of his friend and unfortunately knew he would inevitably go down as the villain in Hamilton’s history (another reference. Deal with it.) but THIS??? Having only ONE emoji is an unusual and cruel way of punishment. WHICH IS ILLEGAL!!! So if you could please revise your choice of emojis, that would be greatly appreciated 😊.


The Karaoke??  caitcair  4 star

I like this app a lot but I CAN NOT STAND the karaoke!! I got this app because I wanted the karaoke and the quizzes and the lottery, but the karaoke disappointed me greatly. I was thinking that it was going to have all the songs that were full length and have all of the songs but it doesn’t. It has like 6 songs and only 30 seconds of them. Also, what can you do with the stars and lightning? And could there possibly be more trivia? Over all, the stickers mostly make up for it. The stickers are amazing!!! But... what about other characters? Are more coming? Please think about adding all the Hamilton songs and more trivia. If you are looking at this to see whether to get it, you should. This makes this app sound so bad but it’s actually really good! And, if you don’t like it, it’s completely free (unless you win... then it’s $10 for the ticket) Thanks for reading this and I hope you can make the changes!


GREAT  smashmouthdannydevito  5 star

Amazing app, and show. I still can’t get tickets though.


Worthless  2BZ2CU  1 star

Downloaded this app because I wanted to buy tickets. Number 68,536 in line and that was even though I registered early! The following day, I received notification from “virtual hold” that I missed my 30 minutes deadline to buy tickets (I drive for a living so how was I supposed to get on the app during that shift?) which put me 56,312 in line! Don’t you think people should be allowed to make a simple purchase during their own free time???? I was planning on treating my family and friends to the show and willing to pay over $1k for the tickets. NOT ANY MORE. TOTALLY BURNED BY THE EXPERIENCE OF THIS APP. Which, in turn, has left a distinct distaste for the show. I WILL NOT CARE IF I NEVER SEE THIS SHOW. LOTS OF ADVERTISING included.


What’s the point- only wealthy get tickets  youhavetoberichtogo  5 star

$10 rickets is never going to happen. I haven’t Heard of anyone winning The lottery from Anyone in my city. Unless you buy tickets for the astronomical price you’re not going to get into the show. If you can spend $400 per ticket no problem you’ll get in. But for 99% of America too bad, just wait for the tv musical. Save your time unless your rich.


How could I possibly know??  aaronchuck  2 star

You require that a trivia game is played. How could I possibly answer questions about a play I have never seen? Is it required I have some special knowledge about the play, before I am allowed to see it without having to spend a small fortune? Do I need to research this play like I’m writing a paper in college? Cmon!


Love love love  CHELSEA200001  5 star

Love this app , great and interactive , super fun ! My love for Hamilton will only grow

friend of Amrica

Glitch  friend of Amrica  4 star

When I go in to the trivia section the first question says it’s out of time but I just got the question

Lia! 🌠

Loving it!!  Lia! 🌠  5 star

Seriously the best app Some things that would be a COOL addition. - a feature that will automatically enter you for the lottery so you don’t have to enter the app every time - and please add some more stickers and filters!! Love the whole app and Hamilton in general!!!

Penny Joy

Never Seen It  Penny Joy  1 star

Never seen Hamilton so I can not answer trivia questions. Odds of winning is slim so the app is useless. I get the reminders to enter the lottery so all I do is open, enter, close app. I wonder if the purpose of the app is to inject spyware 🤔


Better  lilims673782  4 star

So after the feedback I received and after updating my info and being more active on the app (the trivia helped), I found notifications working better and I actually received one letting me know that I won the lottery. I liked having that notification as well as the email.


An App for Ham Fans Everywhere!!! BLESS THE CREATORS OF THIS APP!!  Phoenix3735  5 star

I seriously love this app. It’s has stickers for iMessage, trivia games, tickets, lotteries, etc.!! You can even submit your own art to be a sticker! While I really enjoy this app, I believe this app could have more features over time, but I simply love this app and I cannot wait to see Hamilton soon!

sameer keshavan

Unable to open the app  sameer keshavan  1 star

App opens and closes on its own before getting anywhere. iPhone 7, version 11.2.1


HamilApp the app for us all  @NonStop  5 star

As a fan of history and Pop culture Hamilton is a one of a kind musical it brings in all of your favorite things! I had the privilege to see the show but still had a yearning for more, when I heard about the Hamilton app I was all over it. Some of the best parts of the app are the News HamCam and Lotteries. Hamilton is an amazing app for everyone not just Hamilton fans. Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius and he has Beaufort out three things that we never imagined would make a Broadway stage hip hop history culture. This is a spectacular app and I would recommend downloading it.


Horrible! Use the web page  Don2047  1 star

Gets stuck on “Wait for it” which is very ironic and frustrating.

Lily intinarelli

Super cool but...wallpapers?.  Lily intinarelli  5 star

This app is totally awesome!, I use this this app for the stickers. But I really want there to be wallpapers in the next updates or pictures because it would be completely awesome if you guys had pictures of fan-art or pictures of the cast for iPad and iPhone


So Great For Fans  CowPoop12  5 star

I am obsessed with Hamilton, and I was so glad when I found out they had an app. It does not just have show information, but it has a Hamilton lottery, scavenger hunts, merchandise, and so much more! Hamilton features fan art, and other things. I have no complaints about the app. Once you use this app you will be, satisfied.

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