NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball [Games] App Description & Overview

Stay in the game with NBA 2K Mobile and experience authentic NBA 2K action on your phone or tablet. Season 2 offers deep card customization, more on the court options, MyPLAYER, and a newly updated 2020 roster.

Requires an Internet connection and iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, Mini 4, iPod 7th gen or newer.

Experience console quality graphics and lifelike NBA 2K action while on the go. Collect your favorite NBA players, build your dream team, and then step onto the court in 5v5 matchups or real-time PVP. Use Drills to train up your players, compete in Seasons to earn rewards and new crafting materials, compete in limited time events for exclusive cards, and rise up the leaderboards on your way to become a legend.

NBA 2K Mobile is the newest game from the NBA 2K franchise.

Features include:

• 400+ cards of your favorite NBA players and All-Stars

• Console quality graphics and authentic on the court action

• Build your ultimate dream team of players past and present

• Join a Crew with your MyPLAYER or create your own Crew

• Daily bonuses from the Checklist and logging in

• Real-time PVP

• Customize your MyPLAYER by appearance, equipment, and more

• Challenge rival Crews to 3-on-3 games on blacktop

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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- New features in Crews include Leader Board, Daily Challenge and Gifting - 2020 All-Star jerseys, fresh shoes and new items added to MyPLAYER - Three-Point Shootout among special All-Star Drills - Handedness and more animations added to MyPLAYER - Bug fixes including Head to Head boosts

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Comments & Reviews

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- I don’t understand

Why in the world can u stop a game and just get back to the beginning of that half. It’s dumb if u are losing and u want to try to win still you just start the half over. Also I agree with some of the other reviews about getting good players, it’s extremely hard to get good ones!!! The officials are also really stupid they call everything a hand check. Over all this game has great graphics and controls but not exactly what I like.

- network issue

It said network while I was playing a game and I couldn’t do anything and wasted my event point

- Great game


- Worst game ever

I’m keeping it short it’s bad just bad when you start it not fair it so pay to win so many glitches and just boring it is a mobile game but It’s missing a lot of things to make it fun these no timeouts not Much cards and even if you get a new card like Ruby LeBron it about the same a any other LeBron card the pay to win is so bad it’s hard to get coins at first as a beginner and the cheapest thing 100 coins and you just get a Energy refill or ring your luck at a ruby Is low even a gold the network is bad it can just stop working in the middle of a game it’s just so poorly made

- Good but glitches.

I love the game and everything about it.But there is a lot of glitches and you have to pay for almost everything.I do recommend this app to everything.

- Bad

The game is pay to win first off... Coins are hard to get and you need 100 to get anything , and usually you get TERRIBLE stuff from them. The events are stupid, I win most games and still barley have any points. Points are obviously easy to get when you bought the pack, again, pay to win. Also, I get so annoyed when your playing a game against a team that has a higher power than you because you have to for the event, but they literally make your team worst. You can shoot an open 3 where in a equal game you would splash it, but in the harder games, you miss every open shot. It does not make any sense, and this game is overall stupid and needs a lot of work.

- Great but can be better

The game was fine at first then it was lagging and it kicked me out the game buy the actual game

- Trash game


- Make the quarters and half’s longer!!!

Good game but why is their only two half’s. And why are the quarters so short.

- Internet

The game is saying that I don’t have Internet but I’m at my house

- Need trading system

Good but I need trading system

- Trash


- Game is trash

In this game there’s so much bugs and you can’t even pass to who you wanna pass. I don’t recommend you to play it’s just a ripoff of nba 2k 12 and all those other games. I don’t recommend you to play it’s so hard and dumb to play. It just wastes your time and when you start there’s a michal Jordan saying (oh hi there it’s me michal Jordan and I’ll be helping you out and all those stuff)Please don’t play it.If you do then it’ll get into your head and then when it does that then if you lose the finals then you’ll get mad and it won’t be good.

- Good game but...

The game is very good but there are some problems. First of all it gets a bit laggy but that’s ok but I decided to write a review because I was losing by 2 point and in the last second I shot a shot from the others side of the court and it went in it and it didn’t count. Also sometimes during training/drills you will do a 2v2 or 3v3 and sometime you will make shots and the shot counter doesn’t count it b7t overall GREAT for a free mobile nba2k game

- I want to play with friends

This game would be a complete 5 stars all the time if I could play online with my friends against other people in crews

- Amazing

Just great

- Unable to start up

This game has refused to play on my phone and I just downloaded it. Looks like a waste of mb

- For all iPhones

Can y’all make it for all iPhones can play??

- Fun and stupid

At first it was pretty fun building your team but when I got to season 8 it wouldn’t let me play a single game by kicking me out and it would count the energy as if I played the game it was so stupid

- I like 2k

The game was so good I had a great time playing it.

- NBA peeps

This game is so fun I could not stop playing it Thank you for the time to play this game

- Love this game

I love your game it reminds me of koby brant your game is so fun

- Disappointed

Honestly this game isn’t that bad, but I wouldn’t waste my time downloading it. I understand that games like this are meant to be rigged in a way so it keeps you playing I guess and they want you to spend money, but a lot of the time it gets out of hand lol. Like if you play/watch/know basketball, it doesn’t even make sense. And if you do save up enough “currency” to purchase things from the store they’ll make sure that you won’t want to buy anything again, like what’s the point, there’s no “reward” aspect to it, no motive to even continue playing and ranking up. And also the game will just randomly crash and totally disregard what you were doing.

- This game is the best

It’s so great you can Mitch match your character

- Basketball

I love this game

- Great & Addicting game game but...

So I’ve had NBA mobile for a 2-3 months but when I start a match the game crashes in start of the match. I have gone to the nba 2k mobile page on google play and searched up how to fix crashing , but none of the methods work. The only method that works every time is restarting your device, and trust me, that gets super annoying. The game crashes every time I start a new season. For example, I finish season 8 and then after a few games season a season 9 game would crash and I would have to restart my device. Hope you can get this fixed but other than that THE GAME IS AWESOME.

- Covid19

Perfect for wasting time in quarantine

- Great game, but It disqualifies me automatically

Once, I was playing H2H, and so in the middle of the game, and then it automatically DISQUALIFIES me for some reason. I wasn't even GONE. It just said "Disqualified, -16 fans". Like I mean there were only 2 seconds left, and then it automatically says "disqualified". After that I went back into the game, and the pack I got from my other H2H game was GONE. I hope you can fix it, but overall it is a great game.👍

- Regular

Can you guys just make it like the normal 2k and it’s features? 😭

- 2K

Make NBA 2K 20 free

- Coin problem

Good game.. but it’s to hard to get coins, plus you don’t get a lot of coins from quests.. so I think you should win like 400 coins per win on seasons. I also think you should change the looks of players and the fans. And you should add more cards to collect. Please listen to this message

- To 2K Producers

It’s been a good game and I can’t wait for y’all to make new games

- The greatest game ever

I am having so much fun but I am not getting any luck and I’m 2,700 power and I’m losing to 1,700 power teams. How is that even possible? Also, when the bar is green I’m getting blocked a ton.

- Be better

Realistic original team all star game

- Glitch

I was suppose to get an onyx as a daily log in reward but instead it said that I claimed an onyx but I never did and this is the second time something like this has happened to me.

- Just fun

It’s really and I like the game the thing is when you lose in the finals you don’t get a seasonal reward

- I love this game

I love nba 2k mobile I play nba 2k mobile everyday and the graphics and the quality are great just overall it is a good game everybody keeps dissing on it and complaining but it’s supposed to be a competitive game i just want to say that you guys are doing a good job and keep up the good work

- It is better than the others ones but far


- Bs

This game has crashed 4 times in the past 5 minutes wasting my event point doublers... such bs that they don’t give them back to you 1 Star for the bs

- About 2k mobile

I love the game

- Nice game man let’s get it bye . Thank s

Thanks dope game

- A basketball themed gambling app

Don’t bother spending money on this app. Finally got the best MJ (new year’s edition), only to realize he will miss open layups and dunks unless your team power is > 30% higher than the opponent’s. Totally aimed at putting the player in frustrating situations so that they’ll gamble on new cards. Then, that gets you one season with a great team, then the app moves the opponent bar up so the team power advantage is erased by the following season.

- NBA2k mobile

They need to take the keys off. They also need to give players a specific overall

- How is this even remotely fair?

I understand video games aren’t always meant to be fair, but come on. I would take average to above average players (including a gold rated Anthony Davis) up for a WIDE OPEN layup and they totally miss. Almost every single time. Doesn’t matter if I get near perfect timing on my shot, if I’m barely too quick I miss. If I’m barely too late I still miss. That should be a 90% or higher success rated shot. And the computer defense is the strongest defense I’ve ever seen, to the point that I can’t even hope to get a decent shot off with some of my best players. And even when I time my shots perfectly with high rated players, there’s a 50/50 chance it even goes in. Plus the game controls are so slow. The players move as if they are in slow motion. I feel as though I have almost no control. The graphics are great, but if the producers put as much time into the actual gameplay versus how it looks this game has a lot of potential.

- This game is trash

The weight lifting drill is almost impossible and what the hell is a orange light? This game is trash because when you get a full bar it turns orange and you will most likely miss it

- Awesome Game and graphics

I love this game so much because of the features and the other basketball games can’t compete against this game. I would always play this game on my IPad and have so much fun playing. (And sometimes mad😅.) I’m still working on my progress so far and I’m doing really well. But, I wanted to see who was my best shooters, dunkers, and half court shooters. So I have an idea if they can ever post this. Can you guys make custom matches where you just click custom match, then your on your own court and you can some bots on the match with difficulties or you can just play by yourself. That’s why I wanted to do this. So, please 2K, respond with a yes by creating your own custom match! It would be so cool! Thanks and see ya!

- Love it

I love it good graphics but reason I gave you 4 stars is because I wish there was more time but over all pretty awesome

- NBA 2K Mobile

Very good basketball game

- Trash

For me it took a hole day to update the game in the loading screan

- It’s decent

This game is decent but when it goes gold it doesn’t go in and it doesn’t

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- Not good

You have to make the game available on any type of device cause ppl wanna play and ngl you guys are pulling them back for the experience of your game

- Gifting

The game would be a lot better if people could gift cards in crew

- Okay

It’s good but the graphics are not

- Weird rules

How can my own team do goaltending if I took a shot

- Amazing !!!!

This game is fun when you start all the way to high level this game is awesome.

- Please fix

Almost every time I play H2H is doesn’t connect and says out of sync and overall pretty laggy but offline on season mode it is pretty good



- Craft able players

Can you make ruby Stephen curry craft able please or kawhi Leonard. Please I want to play with curry my favourite player

- It’s ok

To be honest it’s not the worst basketball game on the App Store, but it still needs improvement. Shots are really hard to hit especially from three and they the way they made it pay to win doesn’t appeal to everybody. I’ve also noticed at least for me. This game drains my battery a lot faster then others. But overall it’s a meh game.

- It’s rigged

Why is it that every time I play a game it never lets me win

- Out of bounds

When we shoot sometimes, it mentions out of bounds . I think we all have this problem and that should be fixed Thank you ☺️

- Really bad graphics

The graphics are bad ‘a pay to win do not recommend

- Hey

I love the game but I need some coins to buy stuff because I don’t have any coins 💰💵


This games graphics are amazing and it’s a really fun game to play I enjoy it so you should as well

- Garbage

I downloaded the game, and then when I went on, it told me to click on the season banner, so I did, then after I clicked on it, the game didn’t let me do anything else

- Awesome and bad

My team is good but when i shoot with a 14000 steph curry it misses

- C’ant wait to try it!!

I’m just downloading now seen my friends play. They think it is automatically awesome game just like all basketball video games!!

- Soooo many problems

First, whenever I’m defending, sometimes my players leave the team mates wide open. This is not because of screens. Second, when I’m passing the ball, there is an extremely high percentage of it being stolen. Third, why can the cpu make in every shot but my team can’t? Even when I yellow light the shot. I have good a good team of ruby’s, and they tend to miss many shots. Please read devs, the game will be so much more fun if you fix these things up.

- Great

This game is fantastic just amazing download it now.

- Store sucks😠

The game is fun to play BUT: How the store is designed is ridiculous. Spending money on a so called “pack” to get a player but you end up entering a stupid lottery with a chance of 1:8 or 1:10 win is outrageous. Example: St patrick pack have 3 worthy players and 9 other low skill players. You need to spend 3000 coins( cost more than 20$) just for a 1:4 chance of getting a worthy player.

- Looks

I love this game it’s very fun but... I am kinda disappointed in how all the players look they don’t look nothing like the actual players so I’m asking would you please be able to fix them.

- Dang it

Why doesn’t this game work on my iPad. They should just let every game type console so they can play. Please fix that!!!!!!!

- One of the best games I’ve ever played ⛹🏿‍♀️


- Problem

It’s always lags and you can’t play seasons it’s really annoying

- Good but could be better

This game would be good with an auction because getting good cards I really hard without using money. This game should also boost percent of shooting. Make cards more diverse. Packs should be cheaper.

- Juadar

Sometimes when you shoot it somehow misses even if I get its perfect on the shooting accuracy guide. Fouls are given out way to much. And whenever you get an and-1 you get 2 shots

- Draft picks

Stop resetting the board after a worthless standard key comes up. They are not valuable at all

- This game is really bad sometimes

Instead of using skill and strategies. When the opposing team becomes higher in pwr it gets too hard. Nba 2k doesnt make the bots harder but make your players worse. For a example, Mike conley could shout open 2’s easily but when i got to higher seasons he couldn’t even shoot a open 2 and wide open threes. Also the store is overpriced and anyone who purchases from it is honestly just wasting money. 2k mob also makes it so crossovers are impossible and that screens are useless. The bots constantly stick to your player making it extremely hard to drive.

- Please

Can you make it on all iPad cause I can’t play it but I have please nba live mobile now is horrible and I cry every day just to have it please

- Too many bugs/lags and very poor with their packs/pulls

When playing the game specially head 2 head, you get way too many bugs/lags that are extremely annoying such as getting kicked out of the game in the middle of it despite spending so much time trying to win and they don’t seem to be able to fix any of the issues. They are also doing a very poor job in providing cards/players when pulling drafts or opening packs. Unless you are spending money from your pocket, you will just be getting bunch of low ranked cards which is again very annoying as I play other games and they provide me with their best available cards as you spend time playing their game. Besides these, it’s a fun game to play if you have patience to put up with the bugs. I hope they can fix these issues soon.

- It does not work

My iPad I tried but it does not to this game FIX NOW

- Honestly, maybe the worst basketball game made.

This game had promising hopes, the graphics seemed decent, and the roster was large. However this game just looks nice... That's it... The controls are horrendous as most of the time, the AI players are clueless and just stand still, the defence button does absolutely nothing, the rewards you get are equivalent to a good job sticker you get in the 2nd grade. The head to head aspect is so amazingly broken, flawed and overall useless that it amazes me how it even made it past an alpha let alone a beta test. The MyPlayer aspect is dull, I could more excitement watching paint dry. Overall, this is not a great game (if you can even call it a game) and I would highly reccomend you steer clear of spending any money on this game...

- Fix the currency and card pack ratio

You guys need to fix the currency cause you get wayy to Little for how much the packs are worth and the ratio of actually getting cards from them are garbage

- Hi

Great game

- Read please

Can you make this game work with a controller

- Good!

This game is amazing but mostly I am looking for more mode . Another thing is I hope this game could add more player with the PWR that they deserve to have :( .

- This game is glitched

Hello MyNBA2K20 was the opportunity that we can do a couple more days before you can work together for the weekend so that way is to do a good thing you could just take care 😆 Lol

- Fix the drills

Put at least a B to win in drills cause sometimes it can be frustrating.

- Was a good game until now

there was a recent update maybe a few days ago and at first I thought nothing of it just kinda went with it and then it started.. I went to the domination event to get a stadium but then I crashed right when I got in. at first I thought “welp I got robbed of 1 energy but it’s alright I’ll just try again” then I waited to get back in and then it happened again. At this point I was kinda salty because now 2/3 energy was used up and I didn’t even play I was now thinking “alright if this happens again it’s just actually broken” and you wouldn’t believe what happened. All and all just please release another update that fixes this like seriously the game is so good but it’s actually unplayable

- Basketball

it fun because it will teach you how to play basketball

- Good. But

Make the crew thing like a my career

- Needs Some Work PLEASE READ!

The game is good but there’s a lot of things that I want in this game that live mobile has. The things that could take this game to a whole new level would be better graphics, a selling system like in nba 2k20 and live mobile where we can auction those characters and another thing would be to add fouls, we already have reach in fouls but the next step would be fouls on shots.

- Great game


- Does not work because of RAM storage whatever that is!


- Very good game

Very good game and everything basically is good.

- Network

Little bit of leg get dropped out once in a while that’s why I give it a 4/5


I lost my roblox account so i started to play this game, and honestly i’m happy I did :) TRY THIS GAME YOU WONT REGRET IT!!

- Keeps logging me out

So I was at season 3 second game I’m abt to win 11 to 4 and there was 2 seconds left then I got logged out then I had log back in with more energy and then the second time same same score pls fix this lost all my energy cause of this

- Frustrating me with the freaking Lag!!!!!

Every single time I play a dang match it always lags and the whole damn thing cancels. Pls fix your lag it’s super frustrating 😡😡😡

- This is the best game I have ever had or played

You should totally get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Hate comment

This game is so annoying I raged and deleted it

- Rigged game

Seriously tho why is this game so hard to steal the ball, everytime i press steal it will always be a reach in foul. Also everytime with an open lane one can not even do a layup, instead they will always lose control of the ball. And the 3 pointers are almost impossible to hit one. Why does my opponent always do post moves, while i can’t. They are guaranteed to make those turnaround jumpers, and they will always sink those shot. This game is so rigged at getting players, even if you buy packs you are guaranteed to get the lamest card in the pack.



- Decent Game

In this game it is almost impossible to get a good team without spending money like cmon. For people who don’t want to spend money on a game you should look for another game.

- I need coins

This game is fun but they need to make a new feature about making coins such my park and when you’re on crews it’s annoying how when level up and only make 5 my points 😩 please do something better 2k

- Amazing game

This game is so much fun, if you are a basketball fan you will love this game. In this game you pick a team and then you win cards and the cards are players then you creat an awesome team that doesn’t lose. The controls to play are very easy to good for young kid. 👍👍👍

- Best nba

It has great graphics and I love the game

- Good but room for improvements

This game is very gun and rewarding but there are way too many crashes for me. When I’m in the middle of a game and I’m absolutely slaying, it crashes on me and then when I restart, I loose. Also gameplay is very glitchy. When I’m open on the wing and i got curry shooting, it gets all glitchy and i miss and Stephy boy would usually hit them daily.

- Game

It’s the best game you can see the real NBL players ☺️

- Happy

It’s so fun I’m enjoying it thank you.

- It is the best game

It is the best game on earth

- Good game but also rigged

I like this game a lot, the graphics are good but there is one annoying af problem. For some reason my game crashes at the worst times! I was playing a limited time game mode and I had the upper-hand, then all of a sudden my game crashes and I lost my energy I was grinding to get a special card but now it seems impossible because it keeps lagging out and I have barely any energy for the event and the event is gone in 24 hours. Please fix this bug and please give more energy on events

- Great game

Great game but lose the energy

- Really

Hate it, whenever I try to play I get kicked out

- NBA mobile 2k

This is a great game and if very entertaining with learning players and you never now what is going to happen.

- Nice

Who thought it was a good idea to tap 28 times in 2 seconds. This is for the Bench press; and one of you drunk too much if you thought this was a good idea

- Rigged


- Good game but...

This is a game I really enjoy, however this game crashes a lot. Currently I can’t even look at my team without the game crashing.

- The worst game ever

How are you meant to get the other cards like all star when you just start playing? And there is so much bugs like in domination none of my shooters can shoot and there vs a power 216 team but in seosons I was vs a power 800 team and a won and my power was just 600 and something. I got a green and it misses what the fxck

- NBA2K mobile

It’s really good about how much stuff you can do on it.

- Longer season minutes

Increase the season game lengths. They are currently 2 min halfs, they’d be more fun if they were longer

- Best game ever

The game is so good it’s my favorite game

- Bad game

I downloaded it on my iPad which it said was acceptable. But when I went to open it and play it. It loaded and then it said that I couldn’t play it because apparently I had the wrong device. I hated this and I think it should tell you this before you spend all your data on the game and you can’t even play it.

- Worse of the game

Too many bugs. And the game is not fair.


This game is the goat

- The best of the best

The game is as good as the players on the court i just love it I am speechless

- So rigged and bad

I don’t like this game it is so bad when I shoot it just never gets and when I verse the other team gets it in all the time 0 star🖕🏻🖕🏻👿👿

- I haven’t never played it but it’s good as in a ad way

It’s a really good game if u want a bad game

- Paid for a $14.99 sharp shooters special, didn’t work

We paid for a $14.99 sharp shooters special, it didn’t work so bought again. Still didn’t work. I have now paid for this twice but it doesn’t activate in the app. Won’t be buying again.

- L

I cant even play seasons because it crashes after 5 seconds of pressing

- Yeet

I had been injoying this game but you have to make a offer 7 day log in for a Lenegery Stephen cury plsss

- I didn’t get my pack

I just brought the Steph curry starter pack and I didn’t get anything

- Make on iPad Air

This game looks very good but it would make the game much better if you guys make it on the iPad Air Please do

- Rigged

You upgrade your players, still can’t even make layups! Game is rigged to make you spend money. Save your pennies even after spending still best players can’t even make shots. RIGGED!

- Bug Report

I no joke love this game but lately there has been a bug and has been crashing out in every game mode i try which can get pretty annoying as it crashes right in the middle of the game 💜💛

- Trash

Totally rubbish!! Grinding is not enough unless you have spend to get what you want. Not a good investment, don’t waste your time here.

- Worse game I ever played

The developer inserted all sort of pop up advertisement in the game and hope you to click it accidentally to make a purchase that you don’t want to. There is no cancel button in the purchase so you are force to buy it if you click it accidentally. When you report it, they will blame it’s your own fault and wouldn’t improve even you report multiple times. I had been a victim at least 3 times, I reported twice and now I am going to give up this game as the developer doesn’t want to be honest to their customer and don’t react to customer’s feedback. Good luck to you making fortunes from this dirty tricks from our players.

- Hi I’m chase and this is my review

I just started basketball and it teched me lots of stuff and the game has lots of free rewords and also special offers Hilly recommend this amazing game and it is fine for all ages

- I love this game but People are not understanding

People call this game a pay to win game but this game requires time as well, im doing fine since the beginning and right now i have +1,000 power, its called ‘PATIENCE’ smh

- Not real at All

2k what is this you design a beast ps4 game but can’t be bothered for mobile. Do u know how to play basketball it is paid in quarters not halves how stupid are youse not knowing that and where’s the commentary waste of 1 gB

- Love it

It’s so entertaining

- Upgrades

Let everybody play head to head

- Good but needs some work

It has a good gameplay but 0000000k graphics and it works with a PlayStation controller

- Best game

Best game I’ve ever played keep up the hard work👍🏿

- I love your game

This game is so fun I play it everyday you need to make a second one

- Very nice

very fun

- Fun

Fun but one problem is gold 3 points never go in


This is one of the best games I have ever played


I’m playing this game for KOBE he was a big inspiration to me and my mum and my dad

- Lag

This game is good and all but it would crash frequently and lag during games. Can we please get this fixed

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- Kwame


- Trash

Two words trashy game. It lags so much and when my opponent it “connecting” the game continues and I’m not able to block or do anything while list they are winning. Also we should be able to change our character’s height even if we have already established it before. There should also be a training session where you are able to practice your moves and ball handling skill set.

- I’m so confused

So I was watching some videos on your guys game and I saw they had more than 1 mentors so I checked on mine and I only had 1 and I been playing this game for a while and still have the same one but overall this game is great.

- This game is rigged

When you play season, the players make ridicules contested shots. On top of that when you get a reward it is always something bad. And the worst part about it is they want to make you buy coins because the gameplay is soooo hard and frustrating and they lowered the amount is coins you can get by half. And that is the one of the few ways you can get coins for free. Hope the game gets a lot of upgrades, because it needs it!

- Game doesn’t work

I can’t play the game because it says I need RAM but it’s on the App Store and it says that it works for this phone so what the heck so I’m never playing this game again and I’m going back to NBA Live Mobile 20.

- Love the game

I absolutely love the game so creative

- So Good

The graphics were so good and they gave a free player. I do suggest that they patch the glitches in the game but by any other, I love it


It is hard to control the plays and miss good shot

- Game needs to be reworked heavily, terrible game

This game is terrible once you start to really get into the gameplay, The power of a card can make AI or another player nearly impossible to beat. When doing head-2-head matchups, the MT power isn’t even of fair all of the time. For example, the other player’s team can attempt to steal without getting a foul call. Plays are impossible to complete when MT matchups are unfair when doing head-2-head. There’s a great amount of stress with this game. Although it is a good idea for a game, there’s too many tweaks to the game which makes it not enjoyable. Large doubt that some of these reviews are actually taken in consideration. I went 23-4 in a head-2-head and ended up losing because the matchup was so unfair. All-Star 2020 Damian Lillard bricked every shot he attempted. Completely unbalanced and unfair to play. This is for sure one of the more difficult and poorly designed games I’ve ever played. Another instance was when I was in a head-2-head match, Ruby Kyle Lowry was left open for 3 because MT AI wouldn’t guard him even though I was holding down the defense button. My Damian Lillard was bricking every shot he attempted, he couldn’t make a 3 to save his life. This game wants you to pay in order to win. This game is unfair, the AI is overpowered, and the only way of bypassing this is paying real money for player cards, in my opinion. ***Developers, fix your network connections with the game. It made me and most likely others to lose energy/event energy, progress for domination/fantasy finals/etc., and other opportunities as well as slower gameplay or lag.*** ***Network connections are really bad*** ***AI mechanics are bad*** ***If you are playing head-2-head, and your opponent happens to leave the game, you might as well leave too because there is no way you are beating the AI*** ***This game is highly unfair*** THIS GAME IS UNBELIEVABLY BAD!!!

- 2D basketball

The best game ever

- Disappointed

First of all why did y’all make the game so pay to win that u can’t even earn coins on a regular basis and second of all there’s no foul call unless it’s a reach in when I clearly see my players getting fouled everyte time I go up and last of all can you decrease the price of the coins please or just give challenges that can give u coins because it ridiculous it looks like u just wanted to make some more money and just threw this game out there and it’s impossible to draw a shooting foul when my point guard is getting hacked by a center and why is that it doesn’t even matter if they’re in the perimeter they still somehow contest you and miss the easiest layup in the world ok I just finished playing a game with a team lower than mine and there were 2 seconds left and the cpu chucked the ball with me there I jumped to block it and they swisher a half court shot HOOOOOWWWW!!!!

- Worst mobile game

This game makes me mad because every time the bar is green I miss. And all the time I miss when the bar is full . This game is the worst mobile game I have ever played every single shot I shot in two halves I missed and the bar was full to and I had really good trained players and my pwr was 525 and the other teams power was 427. You could be 1637 and the other team could be 378 and they could still beet you

- Joshua .J

Hey 2k can you guys try to put iPhone 6plus to be able to play the game because some of us would really love to play but got an iPhone 6plus

- Fun

This game is fun I like the way they made it

- Trash

Literally you can have a 20 ping and the other player can have 300 and it makes you lag worse than the other player and they get easy wins because of it and it’s too pay to win . And how do u expect a mobile gamer to have enough time to play 50 + seasons just to get a sapphire player mobile games are made for on the road not sit in my room for 40 hours a day just so I can have a single blue player

- Not bad

Sometimes they just make impossible to win you wide open layups and shots

- Awesome💯💯👏🏽👏🏽🤘🏾✌️🤞🏼

Best game that I have gotten in a long time it is so fun to play when I don’t have anything to thing is it’s so hard to be able to get to other seasons but it’s amazing I love it 😻 and it’s one of my favorite games that I have gotten.another thing that makes me a little mad is when I go to shoot a basket and it misses but I mean I’m not gonna make all of them.But it’s awesome and keep making games like these because they are really fun a game that I want is like a hockey game but from the person who made this game,that would be fun.Awesome and suggest you people that look at this buy the freakin game.❤️❤️👏🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🏀🏀🏀❤️❤️💯💯🤘🏾🤘🏾✊🏽🤞🏼🖐🏼

- Thing I do not like about this game/Things I think they could improve for next season

First of all when I first played this game it kept kicking me out before I got into a seasons game and also when I would be in the beginning of the second half of the game,I did not like that at all.Another thing is the crews mode gameplay.It was advertised to be a real PVP where you could play against real people, but your not.Your just playing against the CPU that are dressed to look like players in other crews, and what is the point of the upgrading tab where you can select a build after playing hours to just get to lvl 10, and what about the shot accuracy.When the CPU takes a shot and makes it then i take the exact shot from the same place and miss, also the shot accuracy like the CPU makes all their shot while I’m literally shouting like Ben Simmons 3P%.Another thing is when I take layups it says “Out of Bounds” when you could clearly see that its not.Next I want to talk about the my team and store part of the game.The prices to buy coins are way to high and You literally have to pay like $30.00 just to get an card that is over amethyst.Lastly I’ll talk about the crafting.What is the point just to get cards and about 1 month ago there was a section where yo have to get 30 all-star jersey collectibles just for 1 all-star jersey like you got to be kidding.

- Trash

It would always make me miss all my shot

- It’s the best!

I love it

- Just a bad game

First of all it needs better graphics Second why the team you play on can’t get fouled Third thing they need to be able purchase more items for better players Fourth thing the game is fxking pay to win Last thing the multiplayer needs to better connection

- Fun but greedy

The game is very fun but it is almost impossible to get good players without spending real money. They game makes it to where you keep getting awful players and expect you to be able to play against extremely good A.I. If only there was an auction house. Utterly disgusting.

- Reach in fouls for no reason!

Each time I have the ball it says it is a reach in foul but I didn’t do anything!

- Like the game but freezes

I really do enjoy the game but it freezes after I completed my first season. I cannot play anything else, it tells me to play the second season and just freezes. It’s annoying and frustrating...

- NBA 2k

I love playing this game but , whenever the other team fouls they never say it was a foul , and I get random out of bounds , and sometime the game cheats .

- Improvements

Great game, just would like live 3v3 game mode, and more events for your regular team

- Exactly like NBA 2k20

This game is the best game I have ever played that’s why I give a 5 stars I don’t know why people give this a 2 star or 3 this game is good but pls developers add this to the game I want you guys to put a dunk contest or when you go to dunk practice and the last dunk please make certain types of players to break the rim that would be amazing thank you

- Fun one problem

No energy please you got to stop playing and wait

- Glitches

To much glitches like when i go into the game it kicks me out fix the stupid game

- About the game

the game is great but they need to add customize jumpshot customize the size of your buttons and add my Park that will be cool.

- I don’t like it that much

When you receive a call it messes your game up and starts you over I was winning 21-0 and I got a call and it started me over. Also it’s hard to get money and to get your teammates upgraded

- Awesome

This game is amazing keep up the good work

- Ideas

How come we can’t wear stuff like leg accessories like knee pads and leg sleeves and once we bye a arm sleeve or wrist band how come we can’t wear 2 of them, And another thing about the myplayer why can’t we can’t just use our player why do we have to use all 3 and lastly why is there no animations we can select, I know it’s a lot but it would be great if we could at least pick our jumpshot or we can pick a nba player and use their animations. But, besides that I love the game it’s awesome.

- doesnt let me redeem code

the worst basketball game it doesnt even let me redeem codes

- Clhdhdhdhdh

The gold shots should always make

- Uhhh

Not fair 2 games is all you can lose then you get seasons RESET!!!!😡One of the players are too tall my team is short

- Help pleae

To craft a player do you have to have all 3 of the items because I’m supposed. To get. Jayson Tatum and I supposed to have 15 Golden rings and I have 16 but it won’t let me craft him

- Cmon bro

Defense is trash, some network issues, it lags in season games, making me miss a lot of shot when the release is near perfect. Please fix......

- Add 1v1 on crews mode

Please add 1v1 mode on crews because i want like 3v3 and 2v2 and 1v1 it make the even better I mean your game is already great but just please just add 1v1 mode on crews. Thanks

- Bring back commentary

Overall this game is really fun with many chances for high level cards. The season mode should be easier to grind on by only having like 2 or 3 seasons of gold tier prizes and then emerald and then blue. One of my main complaints is that I’ve been playing since the beginning of the release and it had a commentary feature which made playing season mode much more enjoyable. Please bring it backkk. Other than that please make it easier to win coins and make packs cheaper bc you can afford it if you pay and even when you do you get a doo doo card like Thaddeus young 😂. Anyways please keep updating this game and bring back commentary


Network errors happen way to often for things that are offline. Also, I spend too much money on trash cards that I don’t need. Basically ripping you off. Sometimes the network doesn’t even work in games! They have a lot of stuff to fix, but for now, the game is trash.

- It says it works on this ipad

I checked if my ipad worked for this game and it said it does. When i downlaoded the game it wouldn’t work😠😡😡😡😡😡

- game


- Game has no support team 😡

I barely took this game off my phone because when I get on to play all it does is crash they got no customer service so you can contact them and also I had a good team before it started crashing it was a good thing I didn’t waste a single penny cause all it does is crash now when I try playing any event any season mode it just started crashing after 10 days of having this game it’s a good game overall just the fact that they won’t fix this cause they don’t care about what the people what they probably a low company either way next update I’m hoping this game works on my phone I currently have a iPhone 11 and it don’t work just crashes

- Logs me off

Every time I try to play the game I start a game then it just logs me off. I just got a brand new phone and every other game works but this one.

- 👎👎👎👎

This game is horrible there is a bunch of network problems and the other team doesn’t miss a shot so you end up losing every time Really bad game I would not get it

- Kicking out

It always kicks me out the game when I am on the home screen

- Fun

Love it


First off, the animations are really bad and are never in your favor. I used to play this game and get so aggravated because I would constantly get the same animations time and time again. I click the steal button once and it’s a instant reach in foul and the players that I use have really good defense ratings. And don’t even get me started on the passing. I know for a fact that the game knows that I don’t want to throw a full court pass and throw it straight out of bounds. I also hate the shooting. How is it that I have a wide open jump shot and always get golds? In my opinion take out the gold release. It is so completely useless, I could shoot 10 golds and make 2 of them. Secondly, the game is pay to win. I don’t want to have to pay $14.99 to have a small chance of getting the player that I really want. And if I end up buying it, I’ll get the worst item! Or if I save up a few weeks to get a really good pack, I’ll get the absolute worst card and all of that time would’ve been wasted because it’s not like your giving us a million ways to get coins. You do the daily checklist and that’s about it unless there is some secret way that I haven’t heard of. Lastly is the season mode. I play season games the most out of everything on the app (LTE, H2H, and Crew) and it is a really good mode, the best in my opinion. One thing that I don’t like is that 2 fouls is a free throw but I don’t recall ever shooting a free throw. Crew is useless, I don’t think anyone really enjoys playing it. And if I have bad internet then H2H isn’t a option. The LTE’s are extremely difficult and it’s really hard to get a better team if you crank the CPU’s up to 11 every time. It takes way to long and I’ve really given up on it. And finally, give better redeems codes. If someone has an all Amethyst team, why would they ever want to use a Sapphire Carmelo Anthony. You should drop the codes every two or three weeks that are based upon power. So if you have a high powered team you get a high powered card and if you have a lower powered team you would get a card that’ll boost your team up.

- It’s so fun

It’s so fun

- Fun game

Fun game but needs more game modes

- 2k mobile

It would be better if you put a auction house in

- Not a good game

It is not an enjoyable game. The controls are laggy and the gameplay is not fun. It is impossible to make shots with even the best players. The game is stacked against you in every aspect of the game. It’s a pay to win game and it’s just a tragedy.

- Dumb

Have u ever heard of a steal whenever I steal ITS A AUTOMATIC REACH FOUL like its broken fix ur game read ur reviews like ur bad

- Decent game

Decent game, you either play a lot, like a lot or pay lots. Their vertical jump is just a waste of time, it’s impossible and stupid, fix ur darn vertical jump drill 2k

- Pay to win

This game is so trash. You get like no money when you play and it is literally impossible to get good without using money. Also you miss 99.9% of your shots.

- Good but need better graphics

This is pretty gun but need better graphics.

- Nba2k

Hi guys you guys are doing the best keep up the great work!!!!!!

- Trash Servers

I don’t know how, but the developers of this game somehow made the servers on mobile even worse than on console... Fix your damn servers

- Basketball game

It’s so fun. A great learning experience, it definitely helps with trying to aim for that back board. Wish it was an offline game too.

- Lag

This game lags so much and it is so annoying. Fix this now

- Awesome game

It is a awesome game

- Can I use a ps4 controller?

Can I

- Don’t get 2K20 mobile


- Good game

Very good game three pointers are easy to hit and not glitch

- I like it

At good game

- The best game ever

I love your game sow much to me because i love basket ball sow much sow thanks.

- Please fix it

It just crashes every time I try to play anything


Don’t play this the game is glitchy and is pay to win

- Fun but needs a few things

The game is very fun, there are a few things I wish the designers could add for next update. I wish there was a playground mode sort of were you can just shoot or dunk or dribble and have fun by yourself. And the 2nd as well as the last thing is I wish there was a mycareer I love the idea of the mycrew but it’s not exactly an adventure.

- Doesn’t load and crashes

Tried loading into the start of game but crashes

- Pay to win plus raging

Bro golden wide open miss 80% of the time plus your passes from half to free throw line is absolutely off and I highly doubt real nba cant pass

- 😡

Not to be rude, but this is trash I couldn’t even get in the game


I can no longer redeem codes.

- 我操你死妈了个臭逼,老逼登,臭骚逼,


- Great game

Very good game, no glitches, good graphics, good gameplay! Highly recommended!👍🏻

- Great

This game is grate


ME MAD >:(

- Not working

I’ve been playing the game for a couple months, I recently did the update on the 26 of February and now the game won’t open, I also missed my login rewards because of this

- Why can’t you play it on 6s That’s just Bs

This game needs to improve on compatibility

- Very fun tho

I respect this game

- Just garbage

Frame drops out of nowhere, pay to win, missing wide open shots, can’t make layups, glitchy asf

- This game

It is awesome game but I wish you could make your own team with your favourite players

- Trash

This game is just so trash it’s impossible to get scores every time I’m shooting the whistle blow when I let go and the ball goes into the net and I’m like what’s up with that

- NBA 2k mobile

It is a learning game i is so fun so make another I love who made it and bye bye I love your games guys good job!!👍😉😁

- Good

Really good game

- Fun game, but lacks a lot of fundamental learning curves.

I had a lot of fun playing this game at first, the gameplay was pretty good and overall I liked the way you unlocked characters and items. However.. after grinding for a few days trying to get my overall power level higher (as the game deems necessary) I attempted to do more drills and they became so infuriatingly difficult so fast I couldn’t even beat more than 2. Regardless of your teams power level, the drills will be hell. Wouldn’t be as much of a big deal if the rewards weren’t card packs and the difficulty mysteriously skyrockets. I can wipe the floor with teams in the season games even with a low power level, I step into a situational drill?! There’s no chance. You play against a team THOUSANDS of power levels ahead of you, AND you’re starting at a severe deficit?! Why are they called drills then?! My Anthony David can bank almost every corner 3.. play a drill and he air balls 3-5 times per attempt. There’s no learning curve and it makes it an incredible up hill battle for new players, so be warned.

- The my crews are trash

The rest of the game is ok other then getting coins is hard, the my crews are trash. The CPU’s have no brain. The other team needs a basket and the CPU leaves the guy open for a 3. This is only one problem. Another is when we’re going back court the CPU goes out of bounds for no damn reason leaving the opponent for a open 3.

- Save your money!!

I bought 2 packs after seeing there’s a chance of getting Kawhi Leonard and got the worst available card in both packs wasting 500 of my coins

- Good game. Change Head2Head.

Head2Head is absolutely atrocious at the moment. Majority of the opponents I face are lagging and I know it’s not me because I always check my ping before playing. Apparently others don’t which results in constant freezes during the game that would say “Waiting for opponent”, then they would suddenly reconnect and 2 seconds later it says it again. After they reconnect, they take an open shot because my screen doesn’t allow me to press any buttons which means I can’t defend. They’re abusing this and it is very frustrating. Either remove this “Waiting for opponent” thing or fix it so the player trying to reconnect can’t press any buttons either.

- Abdo

This game it is way to hard to get a blue player I have been playing for 2 months and I still don’t have a blue player and packs for 2500 coins gave me a gold player

- Best game ever

I like it😁

- Good game overall but still need improvement

I just downloaded it yesterday, so far, the game is great with high quality graphic and a gameplay that close to real game unlike the nba live. But the problem is that I play on an 11 pro max which is the best device in the market now but I getting lag so frequently. You developers really need to work on that.

- The Worst Game Ever

Every single time you play the game, the team that you play for will get a call that benefits the computer. It is so challenging to get coins. This is the worst game I ever seen in my life! Don’t get it!

- Good content, TRASH gameplay

Great game been playing for a while but the gameplay kills my soul I feel like ripping my eyes out of my skull and throwing my phone out my window fix gameplay 😤uh. Great content tho.

- If you don’t have 2000 dollars don’t play this game!!!

The more money you spend on this game the more you get!!! If you don’t have any money you gonna get destroyed by players who spend money on this game!!! It’s not funny !!!!!!!


This game is super retarding,this game lags,and this game is lying about the rating!Also when you SHOOT,it says OUT OF BOUNDS.And when I’m defending,it says REACH IN FOULS.Please fix this so I will rate it five stars.AND NOBODY SHOULD SAY ITS A GOOD GAME,ITS A TERRIBLE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- .

How can you connect with a friend online to play


If I could rate 0 stars out of 5 I would. Very disappointed with this game. I’m sorry but it’s just not like real 2k. There are calls that shouldn’t be called during games, there are lag spikes and 95% of gold shots are missed which doesn’t make sense. You just need to pay to win which completely erases the fun out of it. I’m very upset with this game do not download!

- NBA mobile is a 5 star game

NBA mobile is the best game ever.I play it all day everyday one time I played for 12 hours straight rate this game 5 star it deserves it!!!

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- Doesn’t load for an IPhone Se

Even though the se is the same as a 6s just smaller it won’t load up so don’t bother downloading it if you have an iPhone se

- Poo

Poop poopoopoopoop

- ahh

an amazing game don’t get me wrong but way too many crashes and recently i have to delete the game and re download to play which is very frustrating

- Sick


- This game is so fun to play on

I love this game

- Vertical jump drill

I literally got 100 on each bar and still only got a grade B??

- It is good

There are glitches with my three pointer counting as two points

- This game ban me as Chubo

I hate to say this but the chat has hackers , never go on this game ever and it’s ******** annnoying Yyyhhcjcjcjjcjfjfmf Hunt Lebron James down Ali too

- Best Game Ever

This game is the best. It lets you customise your character and play against different teams. You can combine players to make the best team. You can choose your favourite team and slam dunk when no ones in the way. This game is super cool

- Connection

When I go on it dosen t have any internet connection

- Poor support!

My game stopped working saying their was a connection issue. I tried everything else and then it said they were having an issue on their end and to comeback later? It have been like this now for 24 hrs and it is almost impossible to find someone to complain to.

- Can’t get into a season game

The game is very good but annoys you by just sending me back to my home screen so I am unable to play the game although I like the game and can’t get into a game.I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else or is this just me or if my phone is just old it is a iPhone 7

- Terrible and definitely worth an improvement

The graphics are fine but every time I buy something from the store as soon as I spend my money I don’t actually get what I bought

- Ggu


- Brilliant game

Five stars brilliant game

- SO MUCH ROOM FOR sort it out!!!

The game’s great, the graphics 10/10 ....but can someone please explain to me why all of a sudden you go from hitting 3 pointers for fun, and then it’s like your players are playing the game of basketball for the first time??? It’s ridiculous, and so EFFIN ANNOYING!!!!! Can someone also explain to me why it’s almost impossible to win a game the further you get, even though you upgrade your players, and strengthen your team??? #MAJORFLAWINYOURGAME SORT IT OUT PEOPLE.....cos I would’ve rated your game with 5 stars


It’s probably my favourite game ever

- Brilliant


- B

I am not being allowed onto this app and although I have great WiFi, that apparently is the problem.

- Great

It’s amazing all the real life game play and the game modes

- Brilliant game

I hit the best trick shot and it was to good to not keep in a memory. Any one who doesn’t know weather to get it or not you should

- Trust me

This game is so unfair your can’t score and it don’t make Denver trust me don’t play

- Best game ever

If you like to have a go with the best ever players and create imposible teams with hundreds possibilities and setting this is the game..Short plays, amazing passes and shoots, all time players. Has it all! Thanks guys! P.S. Great team behind the game, if any issues you can contact then and they actually reply and help! Download and be patient! You can end up playing with MJ,KD,LJ,DLillard and Kemp together ! I just love it!

- Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


- 2K

Whenever I go into any game I get kicked off the app


It’s very fun and enjoyable to play

- Scripted matches

If you play a team better than yours suddenly your players can’t hit uncontested green releases

- Trash

Worst game ever

- Download plz

I saw my friend play this and when I watched I had to download a t so I did it but is the best game I’ve ever played

- Good graphic but bad experience



It’s fun but graphics aren’t on the game could be improved but it’s free so you should get it.

- Could be better

The game is good but it is so hard to change players on defence. I like this game it has good graphics for a noble game and is all around fun it is just that it takes a solid 5 seconds to change player when I am on defence

- Amazing game

Graphics are amazing and always new cards and challenges

- 1v1

Need to play with friends

- Great

Great fun game


Nearly the same as the normal game

- Good but not good

When you are playing with players who have better players I mean much better your team forgot how to shoot, normally making these shots open from the 3 point line, but when your opponent have better team game start to lagg and you can’t shoot even open shots, they need to do something about it, it’s 0.00001% that uou will beat better team, its funny when other player now that he have better team and he is shooting almost from center and my one cant make open layup.. game it’s good but not interesting when he have 2x better players then yours.

- Greatest

It’s great

- Needs improvement!

after a week of play the game crashes before a new game or event. Its a pity because i like it

- My rating

I am rating this game a 5 star not only just because the graphics and gameplay is so amazing but it also allows you to get the exact players you need to help your team to become better and win season games. I also love that you do daily logins because it shows that if people are playing the game they could get rewards for it. Keep up with the good work 🥳👍👍

- Can’t believe this!

I can’t believe it! This is my dad’s old Iphone 6 as a temporary phone cuz my 8 got water on it, I looked and it says Compatible with this device , I downloaded it and as soon as I turned it in it said sorry not compatible with this device 😭😭😭😭 I’m very sad because I had got my hopes up for this game!

- Dav$d

I love this game

- Ellie

It a really fun game

- Best game ever

You get skins you get to play the game and it has a auto Play

- Too good

This is underrated lol

- Awesome!!!

I think one of the best game in This time!!!

- Good game but very scripted

The gameplay is good, but omg it’s so painfully scripted. Shots literally bounce out the net even when you have a perfect shot it’s crazy scripted and frustrating when the game just doesn’t let you win in season and drills. Crazy.

- Not compatible with iPhone 6

On the AppStore it’s says compatible with iPhone iPad over iOS 11. But it’s says ,not compatible with devices less then 2gb ram’ once you go on the app. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- I is amazing

Ever is amazing

- Sexy

This game is gorgeous

- Good but not great

Is very good, graphics, gameplay and cards but i would change the coin system and would change the rewards we get to coins as that is basically the way we buy packs. Please make a daily reward system which gives us players ex:5 coins per day. Thats all

- WORST NBA related game in HISTORY!!

THIS GAME CHEATS!!!! Do yourself a favour and NEVER download it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The power rating is a joke. Idk why I bother to upgrade my players, I lose constantly to teams with 1 quarter my strength, even on auto play, so it’s not a user fault. Even if I’m outplaying the opponent it forces me to miss wide open shots and the opponent can hit almost any ‘miracle’ shot it’s wants. So VERY frustrating. Upgrading doesn’t boost stats or do anything at all as best I can tell, except increase a useless number that it uses to put you against stronger teams that surprise, surprise, you can’t beat. It’s pathetic. I totally and utterly DO NOT recommend downloading this pile of a game. I know I’ll be deleting it right after I write this. It’s just a joke.

- I can’t progress

If you’re broke like me free mobile adaptations of games are fun to play. This game is no exception the mechanics are smooth and it’s all around pretty fun. But when I went to play it i got a notification saying go to the season banner. Since I couldn’t press anything else I clicked the banner I got sent to a screen. The screen had 3 or 4 season buttons to press but only one was unlocked. I pressed the start button for it but it didn’t do anything I kept pressing for 10 minutes. At this point I couldn’t press the escape button either so I was stuck their. I refreshed the app multiple times until I gave up. I am writing this review to ask for help and seek answers to help me play the game again.

- Controller support

Add Xbox and ps4 controller already.

- NBA 2k 20

It is quite good You get good players and it is fun. Bit boring at start though

- Redeem

There used to be a redeem button but it is now gone?!

- Yeet

I hit those shots super clean

- Needs better graphics

This game is very good but all it needs to be better is better graphics

- NBA 2k is cool

Best game ever

- Good game but...

Reach-In Fouls are too easy to get. Needs to be fixed. And open three’s with any player. Even if it’s your Center, should still be able to shoot open 3’s.

- Yeet


- To 2k

This game made me trust the cearater

- Beginner

This game is extremely hard to start without give the game money. Drills are almost impossible with sliver and bronze players. Drills should be adjusted to team rating like every thing else in the games.

- Ok

Should make compatible with iPhone 6 by reducing the amount of ram storage to 1gb

- Its okay

The games itself is good but you can’t even make a good defence because every time you try a steal you get a freaking reach in foul.

- Awesome app for my iPhone

All good!!!!!!!!

- Money Taken Please Respond

Twice now I payed for coins and both times my money has been taken and I haven’t got any coins. I enjoy playing this game but I really want my money back, and the game fixed. The way the game works is fun. But it’s RIGGED. It feels like the only way to get any onyx cards is to spend at least $100. It doesn’t matter which player you are, you still will miss wide open shots. Ridiculous. Graphics are good though.

- Bomb as game

Loving this game

- Good


- Awesome

Easy game to play to pass the time on the bus.

- NBAkobefan24

It’s needs better guys like kobe

- Nba2k

I love it because all of you have to know about Kobe and Gigi that’s why I love it rip Kobe and Gigi

- Good game

What a game

- Bugs

I was playing the game and one of the opponents hands went through one of my players body and got the ball The game calls a faul when it is not a faul Like when I hit the ball and I’m in my half of the court it calls a reatch in faul

- Yea


- TRADING AND SELLING CARDS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trading and selling cards is good because there would be more money going around, you could help your friends get better it would help your team get better You should also should earn a little bit of money for each game you win. If you add these features in I will give you a 5 Star review

- .

Good game just crashes a lot and freezes however I really like the 2k my crew \ parks

- Good

It is good

- Hi

It’s a fun game to play and I really enjoy playing it

- Best game ever


- Fix

Looking through these reviews an most are about how rigged this game is an they date back so long with nothing done! My team is 4000 an I can’t sim vs team max 2800 iv been playing for two years with long ins everyday but that’s going to stop!

- This game is kinda rubbish


- Bring back the old

Bring back the h2h with the teams sorry it was very short

- Good game all up

I have a lot of fun with this game, the one issue is THE REFS DONT CALL SHOOTING FOULS. They sometimes call personals, but through a year I have been playing, I have not shot a single free throw. If you’re going for a layup and they jump on top of you and pretty much tackle you to the ground, it will result in a missed shot and a ridiculously long time for you to get back up and adjust on defence. PLEASE fix this

- Game needs a miracle

Terrible game. Devs need to rethink this approach because as of now this is a mess. Terrible defensive rotations to the point where you check the ball and myplayer but one player has no defender because the other AI is taking a walk in the middle of the game. If any NBA player were to genuinely play this game they would be disgusted.

- It needs to stop kicking me out!

It’s a good Game but it keeps kicking me out and it took my good team away 1,161 power name GALAXYDUDE plz if you can give my team back and make it stop kicking me out!

- Best game in the word

It has amazaing graphics it is so cool . Amazing that you can make your team kind of like and All star game but the coins could be cheeped and more hire power like 10132

- Fixes/Suggestions

Hi, So I recently got addicted to this amazing game, really entertaining and fun. But the downside is how the fouls are executed. Please make it so when the ball gets out of bounds, it isn’t instantly out of bounds, but it will count as an out when the ball hits the ground. Make it so players can quickly throw the ball in before it bounces on the ground please. Another thing is the 3 pointer. Most of the time the 3 pointers are accurate, but some aren’t. One time I was standing at the 3 pointer line, I shot, and made it in, but I only got 2 points. Please make the shoot a bit more accurate. I don’t know lots about basketball, as it is only a recent hobby from watching all the cool montages/trick-shots, but those are the things I just want to point out.

- Nba2k

I love it my crew and everything it helps me in real life when I ball🏀 #balls life⛹🏼🏆🥇

- Fix the out of bounds glitch when it hits the rim

I’ve have played many season and head to head games where the ball has hit the rim and the game says out of bounds which leads me to lose

- It need's multiplayer!

Great game but it's 2020 and it still doesn't have multiplayer, I want to be able to vs my friends so to me the game is useless

- Name change

I would like the developers to respond to this. If possible how do I request a name change?

- ‘Internet problem’

Every time i enter the game I can’t enter due to a ‘connection problem’. My wifi is fine. This problem has lasted for less than 24 hours but I demand it gets fixed!

- This is good

Good game boys

- Awesome Basketball Game

Really good keep it up

- Ok game, but not the best

This game is a really fun game to play when your bored. Period. This game will instantly put you in a bad mood when you realise it’s a rigged game and it’s pay to win. Just to get a pack of cards where the the odds that you’re going to get and onyx rarity card are 1 out of 10,000. Your more likely to get sat on by Lizzo than pull an onyx. Just to open a pack to get a emerald, it will cost you $17 unless you play hours (and I’m talking around 3 to 4) just to get one gold (not very good). Domination and other game modes like this are completely rigged, CPU players will make the most contested jumpshots and layups and real players won’t even make a wide open, perfectly released 2 pointer with stephen curry (one of the best jump shooters ever). In conclusion if your looking to play a non competitive game and have a good time play this, but if you want to play a competitive game don’t even bother downloading this app because it is RIGGED!

- Best game ever

Let me start this off with it’s the best game ever. It’s a amazing game you can have crews/street ball you can play season games Also limited game mode. I don’t know how you make good games like this keep it up thanks

- Game

Mad game

- Awesome

Sososososososo awesome 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

- This game

Is booty cheeks

I've decided to play NBA 2K Mobile Basketball because NBA 2K20 is trash. go fuck wit the vid

Download NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Apk + Mod + Data Android #NBA2K #NBA #Mobile #Basketball

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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball 2.21.468978 Screenshots & Images

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball iphone images
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball iphone images
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball iphone images
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball iphone images
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball iphone images
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball ipad images
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball ipad images
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball ipad images
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball ipad images
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball ipad images
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball (Version 2.21.468978) Install & Download

The applications NBA 2K Mobile Basketball was published in the category Games on 2018-11-19 and was developed by 2K [Developer ID: 324563547]. This application file size is 1.17 GB. NBA 2K Mobile Basketball - Games posted on 2020-02-07 current version is 2.21.468978 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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