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What is simulacra app? "WINNER, Best Mobile Game" - Indie Prize USA 2018

“WINNER, Excellence in Storytelling” - International Mobile Game Awards SEA

"Simulacra expands upon its predecessor, Sara is Missing, experimenting even further with unsettling horror. And it succeeds."
9/10 - Pocket Gamer

You found the lost phone of a woman named Anna. In it, you see a desperate cry for help in the form of a video message. The phone behaves strangely as you dive deeper into it. You talk to her friends and they have no idea where she is. Her texts, emails and photo gallery provides fragments of information. It's up to you to piece it together.

About the Game:

SIMULACRA is an immersive narrative thriller using the interface of a mobile phone. Like all phones, you have messages, emails, gallery and all kinds of apps to look through. With a strong focus on realism, the game's characters are played by live actors and shot at real locations. Dive into Anna's life as you look at her private photos, go through her dating app or view her personal video logs.


- Explore a fully realised world through the lens of a mobile phone.
- Enjoy a unique gameplay experience through popular phone apps, including a dating app, a social media app and a web browser.
- An expansive narrative with hours of gameplay that leads to 5 possible endings.
- Filmed with live actors and an extensive VO cast.
- Solve the recurring image and text decryption puzzles to learn more about Anna’s story.

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SIMULACRA Customer Service, Editor Notes:

SIMULACRA Version 1.0.5329 May 2020

- NEW: High quality videos - NEW: Translations for 简体中文 - Fixed: Links in Browser that may break your save game.

SIMULACRA Comments & Reviews 2022

- Extravagant.

This game is beyond good. Everything about it was well thought out. I like the idea of having a phone that you are free to do whatever you please with but still having a story goal that you must accomplish within the phone. I think what got me really hooked on this game was the characters. By reading the chats that Anna and her friends have tells you a lot about how Anna and the people she talks to really are. The connections that the characters have with Anna remind me of the connections Sara did from Sara is Missing. It still has that classic eerie theme about finding a missing person that was taken by some paranormal figure. This game is like and if not better than Sara is Missing. It’s amazing how good the actors are in the videos and that everything including pictures and vlogs contribute to the story and characters. To further this, the actors where so good that for a second I almost thought these were real events happening. It tricks you into thinking that they are real people on a real phone with a real crime. It shows how much you can learn about someone just by going through their phone. In conclusion I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is considering buying it. You will not have the slightest regret from investing time into this game. It is truly extravagant.


This is such a well done game. I love it. It was so thought through. Listen, if you like horror, then this game is for you! And, in my opinion, it was totally worth it to buy it. So if you are thinking about getting this game, buy it for sure. Tbh I almost peed my pants twice in this game. It has a lot of really cool jumpscares that make me jump out of my seat. It is well thought game and I feel like this is the only game I enjoy playing on my phone. All the recorded messages and pictures really made me tgink that there was a lot of effort in this game which makes me smile. If you’re a person who gets easily scared, then this game isn’t really recommend for you, if you’re feeling extra brave, then I encourage you to try it. It is a really great game. Also this game is not ment for the faint of heart and people who are easily disturbed. But the only down side to this is that I wish there were more ways to play the game and what I mean by that is that there are only 5 or 6 paths that you can play through this game, and once you played them all, it kinda feels like your $5 went down the drain. I would like at least 10 storylines at best, but all in all, I love this game.

- It’s Just Like a Phone

I was skeptical when I first got this game that it would have enough ‘features’ on the phone to make it feel real. Well, hats off to the developers. The game is interesting, it pulls you in, but it also has substance and enough complexity that you really feel like you’re using someone else’s phone. There are several apps, lots of conversations to be had, clues to figure out, things to unscramble. I played for hours yesterday to beat it, and it turns out there are multiple endings, so I think I will try again. If you are like me and have ever done any investigating on the internet, you’ll love this game. It even has multiple game-only websites you have to use. I also just want to shout out to the actors in the game. You all did great. You seemed like regular people which was perfect for what was going on. Great game!

- Terrifying

I’m not really one to get scared by horror games; it takes a really special one to make me do more than jump a little. This one had me jumping, backing away from the phone, and at points I even went “Oh no no no no no”. It made me care about the characters involved and forced me to do things I didn’t want to do. It’s a game, but somehow it feels so, so, so real. It feels as if my actions have dire consequences and put this awful pit in my stomach that only an amazing horror game can do. The story moves at a great pace, and even the trickier parts aren’t excessively hard. It pulled me in, almost had me worried that something bad would happen to me personally. All that, and I’ve only explored one ending so far. Truly a great game, Simulatra was more than worth the money. TLDR: This game made me FEEL, something that the horror genre has very rarely done for me.

- Freaking amazing

This game. Y’all don’t know how amazing it was to experience this type of game. The jump scares are ever so entertaining that I almost broke my phone by dropping them to the floor. This is a must for everyone that wants to dig deep into secrets. You devs need to Create another game that’s similar as to this one but another type of twist into the game. More or so like the first one but also be the same as this game too. Plus, make the game extra longer and make it a little more challenging too so that we need our knowledge to know what we need to uncover the story. I apologize for the long review. I’m just so freaking happy that I got to play a game that actually made me jump up not once, not twice, but a couple. You guys friggin made it awesome. Hopefully you guys have another coming soon. Cannot wait to play it if it’s released soon or in the near future.

- So creepy!

I loved this and stayed up way past when I should be asleep to finish it because I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it if I didn’t. Quite a few jump scares. I’ve only played once through, and the ending was really interesting. If you’ve ever been on dating apps and actively involved in social media this will most certainly creep you out. Some of the acting (Greg!) was beyond horrible but others were so believable as their characters (Anna). At times, I truly got so immersed and engaged with the story line that I kind of felt like I actually found someone’s phone. I fought with my natural instincts a lot during text conversations, so it will be interesting to play through again and try different approaches and see what happens. I killed Taylor and I’m pretty sure Anna died, too. Whoops! Have fun with this game! Totally worth five bucks.

- Very good game but a little disappointed

I love this game! I love the tasks you have to do and the mystery is amazing to solve, but I was a little disappointed at how limited you are in doing things, like you only get notifications from the people you are supposed to talk to, jabbr, or the emails you get when stuff is backed up into the phone. I would’ve liked to have seen more interactions with other characters like the parents, (I was really surprised the mother didn’t text or call at least once) or more interaction between Greg and Taylor to where they make up and work together. I would’ve loved to see an ending where Greg can be killed instead (unless I just haven’t figured that out yet) or being able to kill both. Also we don’t ever find out what happened to Toby (anna’s cat). There weren’t a lot of jump-scares and I do hope more get added. overall though, an amazing game, I think if you just added a few things would be perfect! Love your work!

- Fun Found Phone Game!

Game was very fun! Only thing I didn't like were the couple of jumpscares and random noises*. Fun and interesting little story, too! Clues weren't so difficult as to be frustrating but weren't just handed to me either. Definitely recommend! (*STOP READING IF YOU DON'T WANT A WARNING ABOUT THEM) the game will periodically make little noises throughout. I mostly heard little knocking like it was coming from one headphone and later, another. I've also seen people say they heard laughter and whispers(?). And I think there are about 4(?) short jumpscares where the background of the "phone" will change to something frightening and make a quick, loud noise. They were off-putting – especially since jumpscares put me in an angry mood more than anything.

- Haven’t even finished it yet...

I haven’t even finished this game yet but so far it really cool. After playing Sara is missing, it really seems to be the tutorial for this game. I see why charge it for the amount of money that the developer charges. The programming put into making it as real as possible to an actual smart phone interface. There were moments where I really felt like I was talking to these characters, and actually trying to solve this mystery. My only question for the developer(s) is why call this game SIMULACRA? I’m genuinely curious about where the name for this game comes from and what it represents in terms of this game.

- Enjoyable, if you like B Horror Movies

*SPOILER FREE REVIEW* The idea behind “SIMULCARA” itself is great and the overall design and ease of gameplay were really well done, however it wasn’t enough to excuse the hokey acting, unintentionally hilarious dialogue, and ridiculous twist ending. There is very little problem-solving or puzzle elements that this game offers: instead we (the players) are left with HUGE chunks of the story involving “texting” and “messaging” random characters back and forth over and over in order to advance the plot. This was not the experience I was hoping for. There were certain elements to the story that I wish got explored more that were kind of tossed to the wayside to make way for *more* texting. Despite all of that, the biggest letdown here has to be the lack of thrills; sure its got some good jump-scares here and there, but that’s essentially it. Like I said earlier the idea of the haunted phone narrative is certainly a good one, but how the creators executed it? It’s just not scary! This game will most likely appeal to you if you are a young teen, enjoy B horror movies, are disturbed very easily, and/or play those “scary” text-simulator stories. If you want something that’ll leave a lasting impression or keep you up at night, you’re going to be disappointed. There were some good elements here, but not enough to keep me interested or excited. Pass.

- Gameplay interesting, content not so much

I like the detective style puzzles, and the implementation of the fake apps and such. What I didn’t like were the farcical characters that I didn’t care about in the end. Both Taylor and Greg were caricatures and hard to relate too, and Anna and her forgettable friend were really shallow. I did like the over arching idea of the story, but all the pictures an msgs were pretty dull. Also, in terms of realism, I think if you make it so the incoming calls are just voicemails instead, it would make a lot more sense, and if the gameplay simply stuck to piecing together evidence and not interacting with the people in her life it would be a lot more tense and immersive. Thanks though, I totally enjoyed solving your puzzles, and I look forward to more of this genre of game...

- Really cool, well executed game

This game is a really neat idea, and it’s really well executed. It was very fun to poke around in someone’s phone - I also thought the story itself was well plotted. The only thing I found frustrating was that the writing wasn’t 100% doing it for me - stylistically it was okay, but there were some weird grammatical errors (noun/verb agreement and some odd word choices) that took me out of it. I did enjoy the accurate amount of swearing for 22 year olds looking for a missing person! But I think a little polish on the writing would go a long way (especially since it’s such a text-heavy game). All in all, a very fun experience and well worth the price.

- Overall, B+

This game is very fun to play when you need something to do. It’s a great sequel to Sara is Missing, but you can play it without having placed SIM. There’s a lot to uncover, whether it be juicy or not, and a lot of different paths to play. I won’t give away anything, but there are many, many hidden secrets, all worth exploring. The acting of Anna is awful, I’ll say that much. Some of the audio clips could have just been shown through text and were largely unnecessary, as well as the calls that come in. Can’t even reach your own voicemail. Taylor’s actor did great though, and you’ll grow to appreciate some of the characters. Overall, not worth an entire $5, but if you’ve got the money, why not?

- The best horror game I’ve ever played

I didn’t really play that many horror games, when I saw this games I thought “oh a cool concept for a game I’ll check it out”. I forgot to read what is main thing about and I was astonished and creeped out how this game played and how your choices depend on the games ending and how you develop like these other conclusions of “where did this person go or why did this person did this”. The characters you meet, the details on the phone and the story just fascinated me so much. So if you never played a horror game and want to play one for starters play this and yes it is worth 5 dollars of your purchase.

- DEFINITELY Worth a Play

I found this game when it was available for free over a limited time and figured I would give it a shot, not knowing anything about it but recognizing it as something several YouTubers have played, and I’m SO glad that I gave it that chance. I wound up playing it nonstop until I completed my first ending, and I certainly have plans to play it through again to see what else I can find. It’s so delightfully disturbing, indicated by the fact that I certainly didn’t expect to get jumpscared by a game that took place entirely on a phone’s interface. Wonderfully done!!


this game was so well made and extremely addicting. there is more than one ending meaning i’m definitely going to play again to see what i can do with the other options. considering it’s just a game, i did get quite frightened at time which really kept it feeling real. this would be extremely fun with a group as well, deciding choices together. headphones would have made this experience even scarier as there were random noises every once in a while that scared me. overall a great mystery game with a super cool ending!

- Sparks Flew!

I have been looking for a game like this for years! I’ve always been interested in text-based story telling, such as apps like Hooked where stories are told through text messages. This game is all that and more. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and has a good story line. Plus, the ending was such a plot twist! I enjoyed having to look for clues throughout the phone and that I got to talk to so many different characters. Though I do find I am left with a few unanswered questions— what happened to Tobias the cat? Why, throughout the entirety of Anna missing, did her mother never try to make contact or ask where she was?

- One of the best games I ever played

It took me a long time to finish it, but it has many freaky things, and my only thing I Wondered was did you use real people for the photos, other than that a well done game was made, I did have many thoughts on it, like why include other parts of her life, or why her out of millions of people, it was a very good game but many things was a little off to me, like why was she targeted out of every person in her life you could of used, but a good game I would say but answer me this... WHY WOULD YOU CREATE SOMETHING LIKE THIS SO CLOSE TO REALTY, OR DID THIS HAPPEN TO YOU? AND WHAT END DID YOU PLAY?¿?¿

- Love it!

I’ve probably played through this game 10+ times. It is incredibly interesting and so immersive. You truly feel connected to characters you’re interacting with and at there may be a point where they feel so real, you get attached. (Almost like a really good book) I loved how you were able to explore the phone and get to know not only Anna, but the people she has relationships with and how what may seem like a pointless conversation may be important in the future. I hope the company continues making games like this. $5 is worth it!

- Interesting

My little brother made me watch a few videos of people playing this game. I decided to give it a try. It’s pretty cool. Definitely entertaining. Though I’m not sure if I want to do this all over again, I’ll most likely play again to see what else can happen 🤘🏽 Had fun. I wasn’t very scared though. Sound effects are rad. Would be cool if there were more intense background sounds. The knocks got me every time 😂 thinking it was my actual door and forgot it was the game. Until next time.

- One of the best sci-fi horror games ever made

I mean that. And I mean that in terms of all platforms from consoles, to pcs, to mobile phones. This is one of the best sci-fi horror games of all time. The mystery of going through an abandoned phone is interesting enough, but this game lures you into a very dark atmosphere that is terrifying with or without headphones. Play in a dark room for the scariest experience. You will frequently experience a chilling sensation of something being terribly wrong as you unravel this mystery of a missing girl named Anna. I have never been more frightened and fascinated by any horror game in my life.


This game is so immersive and you can lose a lot of time on it. I started playing it at 4PM and before I knew it, it was 9 PM. I like that there are multiple endings, it compels me to go back and play it through again, which is more than my money’s worth for sure. I’m a big baby when it comes to scary games but yes, this game can be alarming, especially while wearing headphones, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Play this in the dark, if you dare! (I did not.)

- Talk about a let-down ending

I understand that based on your decisions the ending is different. But, in the end they do not explain anything. It is very vague and you’re left trying to piece together a lot of other pieces to the story. I won’t spoil any part of the game, (just in case someone can actually enjoy it.) I will say the acting is very cliche, (I blame the writing mostly) and the videos make you feel uncomfortable watching them because of the cheesy acting and script. I do like the phone mechanics in the game, and most of the mini games were well-made and enjoyable. Sadly, the story always seems like it is just one bad line away from making you want to get a refund.

- Good cringe

I cringed a lot throughout the story but it was good enough that it kept me hooked. I wanted to find out what happens at the end, and wow the story makes no sense at all. The game itself is good and the fact that it doesn’t hold your hand makes it even better, it doesn’t rush you to finish the story, it gives you the information and you have to figure out what to so with it, I liked that a lot. I didn’t care about Anna or any other character in the game, the characters aren’t relatable at all but I liked the fact that they all had backstories, just not interesting ones. All in all, not bad. The story makes no sense but the game itself is good, I like.

- Too bad

Too bad yet another sexist game. Three men (including yourself since there are no genuine dialogue option to be a woman) root through a woman's personal info and make decisions about her life. Not appropriate, dialogue obviously written by clueless men. If I found a phone like this in real life the first thing I would do is text her best friend or her mom and be 100% honest with them. In turn particularly the friend would respond in a rational way to get the phone back or work together or something... Not the crap response that the writers apparently think women would say. Instead your only option is to lie to the friend and bandy about her personal information with a possibly abusive ex-boyfriend and a total stranger on tinder. Seriously get a clue developers. We're tired of playing shallow sexist games.

- Great game! Only a couple gripes...

The first has nothing to do with the game itself. For some reason, my Bluetooth headphones didn't work for this game. It was disappointing, but I just listened to it without headphones. The other gripe is a kind of illusion of choice. I understand, you need to tell a linear story. But when given 3 options, and I pick the one I think will do the least damage, just to find out I need to use all of the options? That was a little disappointing. Otherwise, great game! Very creepy, hard decisions at the end, and I will definitely replay to get the best ending! Definitely recommend!

- Good but has problems

This game is a definite step up from Sara is Missing. Everything has been improved and every addition is great, except for some. The idea of fixing corrupted messages and photos is good but they should be made when the message is actually important. This happens for James messages or the cheating subplot but most of the corrupted messages are useless. Also the game should have multiple ways to find clues rather than one straight path. Still amazing game but some stuff is tedious.

- Amazing!

I played “Sara is Missing” and this fulfills the hole that left greatly! It was a little less impactful because the stakes didn’t feel quite as high as a cult murder mystery, with rogue element of phone against you. This is more of trying to sort people out while getting to the truth, with something supernatural happening. This is still amazing, multiple endings, Easter eggs, lots to do, very much worth 5$. (Are the rando jabbr posts nothing? I’ve been trying a ton of different responses with them and gotten nothing)

- Very Fun Game!!!

Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I played! I love how realistic gameplay is and how you’re never sure if you’re making the right choice or not! This game is excellently detailed and has wonderful graphics! I absolutely recommend! P.S.: If you own AirPods and leave this game running when you walk away from your phone... prepare to feel like you’re going crazy! The sound effects are so sharp and clean! Wonderful job!

- Utterly Amazing [Minor Spoiler]

I had played through Sara is Missing and enjoyed the experience, so when I saw this app while looking for something to spend my time with, I was curious. I am so glad I decided to buy this, for anyone who is wondering it is definitely worth the money. The experience gives many hours of gameplay with different endings, my first time through I spent 20+ minutes trying to decide whether to kill Taylor or Anna. I’m looking forward to further projects.


I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! I definitely recommend this game, it is so fun! If you’re jumpy, you better prepare yourself! Spending money on games like this seems like a questionable choice considering it seems like a game you play once, but there is multiple endings, so after playing once you can continue playing again and again until you get all the endings, and even after that, you can play again, just for the jump scares! I definitely think this was worth the money.

- I’m not easily scared-BUT!

This game gave me a good few major scares. Two made me scream out loud, multiple times I tossed my phone, and I can’t tell you how many times I ripped my ear buds out to glance around my house. I was so surprised to find this game ACTUALLY SCARY! I see other criticisms about the acting and images and etc but I feel like all of it meshes together to create a very interesting very unique story. I loved it! I will be playing it more and more to find the different outcomes and Easter eggs. Such a fun game please play it!

- Woah!

This was an interesting experience. Although I knew it was fake, it seemed so real! The jump scares were well thought out, and I love that there are multiple endings depending on how u go through with the game. I would recommend this game for those who enjoy a good mystery and suspenseful gameplay! You did a fantastic job making this game and I found the ending I was looking for! Thank you and I hope you make more of these in the future 😁👍🏻!!! Well done, SurvivorCrafter

- I cannot believe how amazing this was

First let’s start off how wonderful it was to play the game. I literally spent hours on my phone trying to complete one ending but once I figured our codes I got all of them quickly. The characters are pretty good and it was extraordinary for a mobile game. I saw jacksepticeye play it and I wanted to but I couldn’t buy it. Now that t was free for a limited time I hopped on it real quick. Thank you for making an amazing game.

- This is the most amazing and creative game in IOS.

I downloaded it by chance and addicted to it. This is well-made, fun to explore and a piece of art. The storytelling is good and you get immersed it very quickly. Since it literally a phone... you got it from your doorstep.... then here you go... All the puzzles are classic and fun. But I do felt a bit repetitive to solve all the messed up text messages and seemingly irrelevant pictures.

- Awesome game

It can get really confusing at times but luckily I had my best friend on the phone helping me so just if you cannot move on make sure you either fixed everything in texts and look at the memo also make sure you go back and know what is being asked so you do not get stuck for long totally worth it I do not recommend this app for little kids since there is jump scares and quite a lot of cussing

- I absolutely love this game!!🤩

OK first off I was looking for a game like this for about two months and I finally found one and I love it so so much I have a bunch of horror games on my phone and this one is really really nice I love it I think it doesn’t even deserve a five star rating I think it deserves a 10 star rating it is so good I love this game so much it’s so fun it’s creepy and it’s sometimes give me the chills and love it 🥰

- My gameplay of simulacra

I personally enjoyed the game a lot. I enjoyed the characters and unique endings. Taylor was one of my favorite characters in the whole game. Cassie’s phone number was a little hard to find but after that was found I was good. I also believe that the scariest jump scares were the phone calls XD. I was super happy with the storyline and enjoyed the game overall.

- Ultimately Unsatisfying

It is well done but the supernatural-tech ending is unsatisfying. Sounds like a lot of gobbledygook. The “found phone” concept, though, has potential for real crime drama/horror. Photographs could be used to provide clues to puzzles (in this game you have to piece together photos but once you do, the photos don’t mean anything and don’t add any new information). Maps could be incorporated into it. News articles. Etc. Trying to hunt down a real killer and prevent a murder would have been more fun.

- Really good potential and hits, but still has its misses.

The story and immersive qualities were good. The soundtrack and everything else worked well also, however there were a few points that kept this game from being perfect. • The jumpscares were okay... but if anything should be saved for the ending. That final screen was PERFECT it should remain exclusive to the end. • The picture scrambles and word scrambles should be only for advancing the story. The puzzles that didn’t match the story were annoying. Get rid of the word scramble entirely if possible. • Some characters were really good. Anna and her best friend were believable but everyone else seemed... cheesy. It was very hard to remain immersed when the characters were unpredictable. Aside from that, the gameplay is good! Fix those few things and it’s perfect.

- My game keeps crashing

My game keeps crashing right before the phone “breaks” and Taylor gets all “mind-warped” at the end. It takes me all the way back to when the SIMULACRA pretends to be Anna on Spark. I played all the way back to where I previously was, and it crashed yet again, bringing me back to the same place. Really annoying, I just want to see what happens at the end of the game! Otherwise great game just fix the crashes it crashed multiple times during my game

- Amazing game

This game super amazing the are a lot of scary moments and it is very creepy but so you know I’m a human it does get a bit less scary closer to the end but other than that the biggest jumpscare there was still got me after playing a couple times even though I expected it. The story is pretty good, the characters are pretty okay, the voice acting is nothing special but they worked with what they had.

- Awesome digital storytelling!

The use of the phone as a medium and the convincing nature of the UI blend well together to create an immersive and thrilling experience! This is definitely along the lines of a mystery, so if you aren’t into those or you’re more of an action-packed person, this might not be the game for you. However, this game is absolutely gripping! The first time I played it, I stayed up late into the night. I highly recommend it!

- So cool

That was a really fun game and worth the $5. Of course it wasn’t my money, so... that made it easier to buy, but I think it was really worth it. Way better than the first game, extended gameplay, more freedom, completely different story. Only complaint I have is voice acting lol. Greg Summers woo boy, that was some voice acting lol. But it was great I actually felt like I was in someone’s life, it freaked me out and was hard to resist sometimes. I love this game.


Before I just saw other people played it and I didn't even know this was an iPhone game. That really spoiled cause I knew how to get the a good ending. It kept my heart racing even though I knew what was happening. This game is worth buying for whoever wants to play it. I've never seen an iPhone game do anything like this. Real actors, intense story, just everything. To whoever is looking to buy a game let it be this one you won't regret it.

- Woah

This game was AMAZING. Very intense, puzzling, and long enough to give you plenty to do without getting bored. This game is very worth but all I’ll say is CHOOSE WISELY when you play it at first. If you go back and play it again for a different outcome that’s different. I spent all day long playing this game and it was WORTH IT. I recommend it to anyone who likes game like this. PLAY IT WITH HEADPHONES even if the day time I jumped at certain stuff. Enjoy!

- Have played through twice...

...which may make the game seem good. But I’m still disappointed in the ending. There doesn’t seem to be a way to win or to even feel good when you finish. I’m going to check Google to see if there are better endings. The game design is monumental, as far as I know the first of its kind. You find a phone and by using every app on that person‘s phone you find out all about them as you try to find the person who is missing. It was a lot of fun. The problem for me, is the horrible Ending. On the second play through I was able to change a few things, but it did not affect the ending. Even with the fast play through which makes the text messages move faster, the second play through still took a couple of hours. And I was able to remember all passwords, etc. It was disappointing to end with the same abysmal choices.

- Amazing

I played this game because I saw many of my favorite YouTubers play it and thought it would be fun, it was beyond fun, the story was amazing, the way the game works is just amazing. Sara is missing didn’t really have as much depth as simulacra, in simulacra you have access to every thing, pictures, social media, and other apps. I highly request that you make something like this again.

- Wow!

It was a very amazing action packed game! The only reason why I only gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because, at some points I just got stuck! It is very hard a some point. But I did end up “beating” the game. So yes, I would definitely recommend this game to anyone! Especially people who need games for time consuming purposes. It is very interesting and you can play many times for different outcomes! I can’t wow to playa again to find another outcome!

- The Most Amazing Sequel To Sara Is Missing!

I have played both games and of course love this game even better! I love each of these characters. And the fact they added a bit of LGBT+ with a girl having a crush on another girl. I believe they should make a bonus ending when Anna sees the confession messages. But overall, I love this game, and I love that the theme is on Apple Music! 10/10, would play again!

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- Terrifying

This game is a telltale game gone wrong. The jumpscares were perfectly timed, and the gameplay feels so natural. A lot of the puzzles do make you think outside of the box, and require to look into every inch of Anna’s private life. This game makes you care for the characters, and so you want the best outcome for all of them. But this is easier said than done. All of your relationships with the characters aren’t some sort of afterthought. They all matter, and each and every interaction with the character WILL alter the story, no matter how insignificant it may seem. The videos, photos and interactions with the characters through dating apps, social media, phone calls and text apps all add up to make the world of SIMULACRA just as real as the world around you. The ending you get will not disappoint, and will leave you with a pit in your stomach every time. Definitely coming back for more scares!

- Awesome game. Cool creepiness

I like how this game has multiple endings and Easter eggs. It’s fun to play and choose different things. It’s also pretty creepy like when there’s noises in your ear like knocking and creaking. I enjoyed playing this game even though I felt very bad for getting some of the endings. This game is an awesome one and if you’re considering getting it I say please go for it

- An amazing experience

I have never played a game that has such an amazing, intricate and immersive storyline that also gives you such a strong connection to the characters. I’ve spent the past two days playing and replaying the game to try and find every detail of story. This game is definitely worth the price.

- WOW....just WOW!

First time playing this type of game and I absolutely loved it! Completely immersive when playing during a 12 hour nights shift, in the dark and with headphones on....I often forgot it was my phone in my hand lol Brilliant experience. I just finished my first run through, time to tread a different path this next time. BZ

- Amazing!

At the start I didn’t expect much but it’s incredible and you feel like it’s actually happening! I truly think that a part 2 should come out along with another ending. Absolutely amazing game I love it and am going to play it again. Definitely worth the money

- Very good game

A lot of work has been put into this game… it’s worth the $ to support someone who created this… I am going to re play it and try for a different outcome, I hope they create different story lines

- Whytho?

It was a great game until you are past the reboot part and need to enter your name but the thing is your name is Anna as well and then it keeps saying Enter Your Name! even though I am.

- I’ve waited to play this awesome game for so long

I’ve watched so many videos about this and I can’t wait to play it the storyline is amazing I can’t wait to play it myself and get jumpscared lol

- Immersive!

The fact that this game can make a handheld device to be a fully immersive experience is groundbreaking in itself, definitely not one of those mindless phone games!!!


Through out the whole game I was shouting “not today Satan” because the game gets you that immersed. I wonder what happens to Greg in the fourth ending but I guess I’ll have to play for the other three. This game is worth all $8 100%

- Actually spooky and amazing!

I didn’t know what to expect at the start and slowly finding out the full story was actually amazingly well done. Slight spoiler. . . . , . .x . . . . . . . The idea that there is like a living AI type entity in the phone that wants to assimilate the weaker emotional beings is somewhat terrifying yet what if it could become a thing I mean. Not the ghost part but AI. All and all this game was just so well put together and I would love more like this!!


Playing this game was a treat! I really enjoyed playing it multiple times to get different endings, while enjoying the little puzzles here and there. It’s was great really recommend

- Amazing story

The story had me hanging on the entire way through Wish it was a bit longer though

- Amazing

This app is definitely scary and addicting. The puzzles are all very tricky and make you thing outside the box. Definitely recommend


This game is so significant I restart it every time to get the same ending and it feels like you are a hero. Also it feels so real (other than the texting parts) so five stars for that

- Amazing game

I’ve seen this game on PC and I can believe this game and Sara is Missing is on Mobile devices! I love these games and can’t wait to see more from you!!


I played Sara is missing before this game and I got so into it I decided to play SIMULACRA and it. Was. AWSOME it was like Sara is missing but better.

- Good game a couple of jump scares

Very good game. Definitely not for children under 10. To difficult for them. An excellent game with amazing graphics. No adds at ALL!! Please download this amazing game!

- Crashing

Fantastic game but unfortunately it crashes every time I get to a certain point and progress is lost no matter what.

- Boring. Not scary. Dull Story.

I don’t understand what everyone is raving about. This was not scary at all, let alone “terrifying” as some reviews would have you believe. Waste of time and money

- Best game ever

The game is equally scary as it is fun I hope more games like this come out

- 👏👏👏👏

Like Black Mirror meeting a stupid text horror game ... but in the best way possible. Well done!

- Finally available on iPhone X


- Loved it

Amazing. Can’t wait for more

- Just amazing!!

The game is amazing!! It has different paths and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

- Best game yest

This seems to be the best game I have ever played in my life

- ???

Abandon all hope for Anna

- Kawaii

I love this game I got save Anna and Taylor ending first yay

- Wow

This is a psychological eye opener.


First of all do NOT watch videos on YouTube until you have finished the game otherwise it ruins the experience but this game is AMAZING I love it so much and the ways it scares you are unique to this game and it team the fact that the story can drastically change with a few taps is amazing I highly recommend buying this game you will not regret it thank you for bringing us this amazing game and the fear and joy that it brang it’s players and witnesses I cannot thank you enough

- This is a really trash game

It’s just trash Jk jk it’s good😂

- Amazing story

The Ş̷̨̡̢͙͔͇͚̯͓͔͂̆̄̄̉͘i̷͇̊̓̾m̸̤͖̬͆̈̊̂́͊͋̀͊̋͋̀͘̚̚͝͝u̶̢̲̟̗̦̩͎̖̭̦̞͉̟̭͇̞͆̓l̶̛͈̤̽͐̃̾͒͑͒̉̾̈͒͌̽̆͘̚͜ā̸̢̡̫͕̰͎̜̇͒r̴̡̥̗̣̘̩̼̠̞̒̈̊͐̉́̌͒̏̿͑͜č̶̨̱͇̰̬̀̏̍̿͋͠ŗ̷̡̣͍̖͖͓̼̠̘̇͑̐̑͐̃͗̆͌͂̏͘̚̚͠á̶̛̟̦̌͊̌͒͆͒̈́̌͘͘͘ is in me and I am in the Ş̷̨̡̢͙͔͇͚̯͓͔͂̆̄̄̉͘i̷͇̊̓̾m̸̤͖̬͆̈̊̂́͊͋̀͊̋͋̀͘̚̚͝͝u̶̢̲̟̗̦̩͎̖̭̦̞͉̟̭͇̞͆̓l̶̛͈̤̽͐̃̾͒͑͒̉̾̈͒͌̽̆͘̚͜ā̸̢̡̫͕̰͎̜̇͒r̴̡̥̗̣̘̩̼̠̞̒̈̊͐̉́̌͒̏̿͑͜č̶̨̱͇̰̬̀̏̍̿͋͠ŗ̷̡̣͍̖͖͓̼̠̘̇͑̐̑͐̃͗̆͌͂̏͘̚̚͠á̶̛̟̦̌͊̌͒͆͒̈́̌͘͘͘ Great story and the horror doesn’t rely on cheep jumpscares, really fun and creepy game, worth the money

- A chilling experience

I discovered this game on youtube and originally wanted to play it on pc. Then after learning that Sara is Missing can be played on a phone I decided to live the real experience and it was the most terrifying experience of my life. The story telling was really good and it knew how to make a horror game feel scary. The jump scares actually got to me as some didn’t for me in other games and the ending I got. In my eyes it kinda makes you think. About how technology has evolved and how the whole A.I will turn against us thing might turn out and how others view online personas as well. It’s pretty deep too. I might go back and try to get the happy ending next. But overall this is an amazing game and I highly recommend it! 👏🏻

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- One word: Wow.

I’ve got to say—when they mean “horror”, they really mean horror. I’m not easily frightened or startled, and I don’t bat an eye at most horror movies or games, but I found myself jumping and screaming at certain parts of the game. The story is intuitive and really lifelike and seems plausible that it could be incorporated into reality in our lives, and doesn’t seem like just an average fantasy or occult story. Plenty of actual life lessons towards the end as well. I would usually never pay for any App Store, and stayed away from purchasing, instead opting for free games only. However, this game changed my view about this. Has to be the best app game I’ve ever played. Kudos to all of the people who made this happen. Excited to see what comes next.

- Fab!

Was a really fun game to play, couldn’t put it down.

- Pretty Good

I like that it isn’t just a one play through game- there’s multiple endings and you have to solve puzzles to get through it. I got it when it was free, and it was worth it. Highly recommend it- not that scary though, so if you’re seeking to be afraid, this game is more for fun.


This game is so creative! I haven't played a horror game as good as this in a long time. AAAAA I'm obsessed!!

- Amazing!!

Would definitely recommend! Interesting gameplay until the very end

- Amazing Lost-Phone Game!!!

This game really tests how you can bring things together and figure out the puzzles!

- Amazing but

This game is amazing just getting the other endings it’s super hard I did everything in the game but I always get abandoned hope


one of the best mobile games I’ve had in a very long time super interesting story and tons of Easter eggs I would highly recommend playing I swear I’m not a bot

- The truth

Greg is hilarious

- Incredible masterpiece.

I was genuinely blown away by this game. I advise everybody of all ages to play it.

- help !!

this game is awesome, ive seen youtubers play it but its stuck on the screen “headphones are recommended” help please!

- Wow. Just wow

This game has so much replay ability and it’s so many genres in one. It’s a must play for horror lovers

- Great Game!!

I used to have this game but sadly had to delete it due to full storage for school, I can finally now redownload it :D

- Simulacra

Very fun and challenging game on some parts, but for the most part fun - also you can play the game so many ways and get so many diff endings - brilliant - too bad not many games are like this becuz I loved this! Excellent

- Amazing game

Holy cow what a game that’s all I’m gonna say! Please make more!

- Alright But Not Worth $7

I would like a refund as I don’t think it’s worth $7. I’ll continue the game but I don’t think that it’s worth $7, maybe like $3.

- don’t play this at night

it’s half past midnight, and i’m scared shi*tless. if you like scary stuff: wear headphones and turn volume just under halfway. the audio is so worth it. if you’re a wuss like me: MUTE THE VOLUME. do not wear headphones. the visuals alone is enough to scare you. i love this game and 999% recommend playing it.

- nonononooo

felt like i was gonna vomit in the end

- Amazing

Definitely worth playing

- AMAZING😃😃😃😃😃😃

I dont usually get frightened by this kind of game, but this is a gaming experience to a whole new level it is truly amazing

- Amazing

The way this game plays out makes you hair rises on your back this game is so much fun and scary!

- This game is just so fun

When you exit some apps her face turns into a monster for a second

- Good game

I love how there are so many different ways to end the game I had two different but at least in one of them I saved Anna


Best game I’ve played over my 3 years of playing horror games

- Alright

I don’t often PAY for games in the store. I played S.I.M (Sara is missing) I liked it enough to buy this one. The game was finished within an hour though, which kinda sucked for $6.99 A few good pop up scares. I liked the random noises that happened (played with headphones for better game experience. I played this with my daughter who really liked SIM too, so I think we’ll buy the second version of this too. At the end of it, I’m very half and half about the game. I liked it, but too short for the price.

- Stuck on the “For best experience use headphones” thing

I really like the sound of this game but every time I go in it it’s stuck on the for best experience use headphones page. Help

- Game crashing at the end

At the end, game is always crashing when you try to go exit Spark using the home button. Huge bummer after spending hours trying to get to the bottom of the story. Devs please figure this out.

- Glitches

The game is very interesting but I can’t get to the end because it keeps glitching to my home screen.

- Amazing

I wasn’t prepared for any of the jumpscares, I’m not an easy person to scare but this game made sit on the edge my seat I highly recommend this game

- Awesome

The game was so good and worth the money. The developers did an amazing job and I loved how creepy the game was yet at the same time I could not stop playing it. If you like horror and mystery, this game is a definite

- I gave me a few scares to make me cry overall ♾ over 100

Awesome game scary but fun

- Holy crap

This game was straight up AMAZING! I loved every pet of it! I was very startled at the jump scares but the story is phenomenal! I felt like I was REALLY looking for a girl named Anna.


I have wanted this game forever now I have it I have watched a ya vid on it a year ago but I thought I would rate it first so ya ima do a vid on the game I will update the review soon

- Amazing!

I personally love snooping through phones, being a detective and solving crimes and such, and I have to say, this app is incredible! Seriously so well made, not a single glitch. It’s so amazing and I love how the ending can be different if you do something different during the game. Truly an amazing game, quiet suspenseful and spooky! Recommend!!


Not only does this game have awesome EVERYTHING, but it’s one of the few that sticks with you after you play it. It instils the kind of fear you get when you feel like constantly looking behind you to make sure nothing’s there. Love this game.

- Good story, great game

I originally saw game play of this on YouTube, I played it myself and I have to say... wow. The attention to detail and branching paths is crazy, honestly one of the best indie games I’ve played in a long while. Multiple endings and little hidden paths that you can take, especially after learning and exploring different route from a new game +, The price point is fair, thank you to the creators of this one

- Amazing!!!

This is unbelievably creative and clever! I'm amazed!

- Engaging play

Interesting concept. Kinda short.

- Amazing

It so good 🤩🤩🤩👌👌👌😃😃☺️☺️😁😁😁😄😄😆😆😊😊😊☺️☺️

- Great!

Worth the $7 but wish the game was longer as I finished it in a only a few hours!

- Horrible

Not worth $7 want a refund

- Great

Amazing story enjoyed every second of playing

- Worth it

This game was so good, it’s totally worth the $7.00!!

- Great Game!

Really fun, creepy experience. Well worth the price.

- When’s pipe dreams coming to IOS

Hi I think this game is amazing I also heard you guys released a new simulacra game called simulacra pipe dreams, if you could possibly reply that would be appreciated.


This game was not only scary but chilling the jump scares where amazing story was really good and my name is Taylor so I can relate to Taylor in the game. Overall I definitely recommend this game

- Ummm yay

This game is definitely worth $7.00 I absolutely love it but I mean at first I was hesitant because of the price but it was just so much fun I really love it

- Glitches

The game keeps on returning me to my home screen.

- So amazing!

Gripping story so many different ending truly and amazing app!!

- Great but needs more

4 hours I was done the whole game, it’s a great experience and loved it but it’s way too short for the price tag, I’m sure expansions could be done, one that expands Taylor’s story at the end, maybe a way to further save Anna going forward or even a prequel leading up to when she disappears.

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all online discourse have just become simulacra of pre-2007 RuneScape where you have to use leetspeak if you want to call something g@y


This pink hair is making me vain as fuck lmaoooo



Tyler Cox

I get sick to the point where I can't even game and my homies start playing warzone. I've failed them.

ok look

@drethelin a profound statement about society, simulacra and ideology

GOP is a Criminal Org

@McFaul Why do all of the women in right wing circles look like Stepford bots? They are all similar, not-quite-identical simulacra of what a woman might be. Anorexic, devoid, blank state, featureless bimbos. Lara Trump, Kimmy G., Melanie, Ivanka and these Mar-a-Lago trailer bimbettes.

Timeless Storm [GSG]

Live time with #Simulacra a found phone game! Probably my last off schedule stream for awhile. Weekend streaming will continue as normal. Link in bio! #gsg #girlspotgaming #horror #twitch


Discovery Channel their bright colours and symbols or simulacra mask reality

AD360 News

Ever read Baudrillard's Simulacra & Simulacrum Those French post modernists were very good at where we are now, nothwithstanding political orientation: and


Putin's annual NY speech is child's play propaganda when compared to this audiovisual CGI dubstep remix that bakes ideological microsoundbites, atomic units of meaning, straight into one's cerebellum. Jaw-dropping mastery of entangled orders of simulacra.

Nina | no body no crime stan💄⚰

@simulacra_jpg Yes(tm) your stuff has definitely been giving me some fun ideas lately for procreate and I love seeing it on the TL


“My God, don’t they know? This stuff is a simulacra of simulacra of simulacra...”


@LionelMedia The Chinese are pure simulacra, a copy of a copy to copy the copy.

DH Markov, Ph.D.

Distant reading can problematize cybernetic simulacra and extend to figurative infrastructures.

Hand stuff with Aerith | Yakuza, Ghost of Tsushima

Starting Simulacra. I'm so excited to play this!

SIMULACRA 1.0.53 Screenshots & Images

SIMULACRA iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

SIMULACRA iphone images
SIMULACRA iphone images
SIMULACRA iphone images
SIMULACRA iphone images
SIMULACRA iphone images
SIMULACRA Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

SIMULACRA (Version 1.0.53) Install & Download

The applications SIMULACRA was published in the category Games on 2017-10-26 and was developed by Kaigan Games OÜ [Developer ID: 1252035453]. This application file size is 603.91 MB. SIMULACRA - Games app posted on 2020-05-29 current version is 1.0.53 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.kaigangames.game27