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Likee - Let You Shine [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Likee is a free original short video maker and sharing platform worldwide with excellent live streams. Likee brings short videos, video effects and live stream into one easy-to-use application. With the powerful personalized feed and video effects, you can easily find viral videos, capture flawless videos, watch and go live stream. It’s time to express yourself, show your talents in live broadcasts, explore and connect with the content you love on Likee.

We have over 100 million users all around the world. More and more people choose Likee for fun, self-expression and friends making. Download and join Likee to discover a bigger world!

Why Likee?

A Popular Special Effects Short Video Maker and Editor
Various video effects, face filters and editing tools on Likee to help you make cool videos with little efforts.

- SuperMix: enhance videos with cool special effects like Face Morph, Astral Travel, Face Cut and MV and more! A photo is all you need to make professional and fantastic videos.
- Stickers & Music Magic: Customize your videos with various funny stickers, greetings, quotes, colorful hairs and cute emoji.
- Beauty Camera &Video Filter: Change video backgrounds with video filters. Unlock bunch of video effects like sketch, glitch, vintage, montage and much more! Try different makeups styles in seconds with beauty camera!

A Global Live Stream and Friends Making Community
Millions of talented bloggers, vloggers and video creators like you have already joined Likee! Follow the creators you like, let's chat and make friends.

• Go Live, Receive Gifts and Gain Fans
Go Live on Likee to express yourself to the world. Live stream your life and engage with your audience. Show your talents, boost your fan base and receive gifts. You might just be Likee's next Internet Sensation!

• Watch Live Stream Anytime and Anywhere
Discover countless talented hosts from around the world. Watch Live stream, chat with hosts, and support your favorite hosts by sending gifts. Special features such as LIVE PK, fan club and tournament of Likee Live await you!

Viral Videos and Creative Contents all around the World
Choose from a great variety of videos, including music, dance, makeup, drawing, DIY, news, movies and everything in between! Powered by the personalized feed based on what you watch, like and share, Likee will offer more of those you like and less of those you don’t.
On Likee, you can quickly grow your knowledge, get life hacks, laugh with other Likers and keep up with the trend!

All Likers are real, creative and full of passion just like you. Watch and edit editors & go live in likee. Now Join Likee community and explore more than you like.

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Instagram : likee_official_global
facebook : @likeeappofficial

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Likee - Let You Shine Comments & Reviews

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- Likee is an amazing app

Likee is an amazing app. It often has a lot of interesting activity topics, on which I can often find a lot of interesting content, but also a lot of meaningful videos, which benefit me a lot. I‘ve had this app for a while now and I am still not tired of it.I love posting videos to see how much likes I get and I like giving likes to good videos that inspire me. Likee has really changed my life in a good way. I can't help checking likee from time to time. It brought me much fun and entertainment when I feel down or bored. I can find different kinds of videos and posters there. I probably will be using it for a very long time. I have met a guy who loves slime just as I do on Likee. He commented on one of my videos about my slime and we are very good friends now. We share about our slimes and how do we mix them to create new color and texture, which also give me more ideas for my video creating. I really hope I can make more friends with my videos on Likee. Recently I find out that if I post videos with hot topics, I may get more likes! I also take part in some hot tests and challenges. It brings me amazing guys who are interested in the same tests! I think it's not only a short video community, but also a very good social platform as well!

- Awesome...but

This app is awesome. Your new designs are nice and are really useful. And I know that you guys do your very best on making this app successful for the people who enjoy it. I just have one little problem though. From your app Like, you had levels that when you reached them, you can have special privileges. One that I found out that stood up to me was the one where if you reached level 25, you can remove the watermark on your videos. So I have been trying so hard to earn my way up to level 25 by making videos and giving out gifts on other people’s live-streams. When I was close on reaching level 25 which I am on level 23, you guys came up with the brand new update Likee. I first thought, “Oh cool! I can’t wait to see what new stuff they had added.” But when I went to go check on the level and special privileges section, I saw that the remove watermark special privilege was gone 😔. I’m not forcing you guys to do anything. But I just want to let you guys know that I worked so hard to get to level 25 and I would really appreciate it if you were to bring it back so my work wouldn’t have to go to waste. But either than that. Marvelous job, and keep making new discoveries and ideas to show the world. Thank you for your time.


I love this app you can show your real personality and and I love it because you can so many things with your friends and what’s not to like about it I had in every single device I have so as you can tell I love it the only thing I don’t really like is that it can make your account private and that is ok but I don’t like it I have had one private account so you should follow it even know you can see the vids it is YES QUEEN and it has just the basic Likee heart and my old account is public and it is emily boss and you should follow it also it is the one with the flowers and the flower pot so if you are reading this you should follow them plz I am not very popular at all so you should follow them it would make my day and I love to show how much I appreciate the followers I have but I only have a few and I am not popular so plz follow them😊😊but yes I love the app and all of the funny vids on there well the creator did a good job and if you are reading this review don’t listen to the other rude comments because people are just very mean 😢 but if you are nice you can share it on this app and people will laugh 😆 with you and that is a good thing so that is how muck I love ❤️ this app keep it up and good work 😁❤️😊😍

- I like the app but...

I really like this app. It’s fun, child friendly, and a great alternative for apps like tiktok,etc. I don’t like the fact that you have to pay for the diamonds. I understand that the app has to get money to keep updating, but there should be an alternative because there’s mainly younger children on there(whose parents would say no if they asked for diamonds) so maybe watching an ad can get you 5 diamonds or something like that. Also there’s creeps on the app, too. This is another issue that needs to be fixed soon. There’s also people who don’t post their own videos. That’s probably the worst part. I could be looking at one account one day but I will see that there’s 30 others. So I don’t know if I’m even following someone from the app. It makes me feel so sad that there are people who put out great content but a fake account gets more likes or views than them. Likee is an amazing app, but there’s sooo much to fix. Here’s an update to my review. If you go live, and you have haters for whatever reason they will REPORT you and they will stop you from going live. It’s really annoying because I can no longer go live. That’s unfortunate because I really had fun going live. I don’t know what I did wrong because Likee won’t tell me! I even emailed them and I got no response. So please watch out for that.

- Likee brings me a lot of fun

Likee is one of my favorite apps. Here are my reasons: 1. It brings me so much fun. There are a lot of fantastic vids to see and share. 2. You get to learn trendy songs and new dances. There are many kinds of stickers, all of which are very beautiful. New stickers and activities will be added in time for different festivals. The special effects are also very good. 3. You can have friends on there and follow people they are following, catching up what's new. you can like their vids and you can get likes too. 4. You can duet with videos you think are funny and interesting. I've noticed that Likee is actually recommending good videos from normal users besides their crowned creators. Actually I didn't have many followers before, but one day I took a funny video of me and my brother and we were fighting on that video. The video suddenly get over 10 thousand likes and I got more than 1 thousand new followers and I was in the top 10 list that day. This encauraged me to create more funny vids. because of this, I learn to cut videos and make soecial effect scenes, which makes me master more technical skills. I just love Likee and have recommend it to my besties and families.

- Likee is great! But...

Here’s the thing. Likee is obviously a reference to liking a video right? Well I can’t do that!!! This is very device doesn’t show to like a vid but anyways besides that the app is actually very very very awesome! The filters not only make the app’s ability to shoot a video better but it makes the app more enjoyable!!! I love that you can put content from roblox videos to comedy videos to just about everything! There is a thing for everyone on this app!!! I love it so much and I think it deserves way more attention than it has right now because of the app filters and the content. But there is another thing that I love about this app...the login. Many apps have difficult login and sign ups. But this app changed that! All they needed where your account and your number and that’s it. All you have to fill out! Most of other apps need different things because “it helps with the experience of the app” but it is mostly a waste of time with other social apps and this app changed it all! Thank you so much for all the work put into this app! And for reading this long and boring review about how much I like the likee app! 😅😅😅 thanks and bye!!

- This app is good

I really love this app. I like the page design of likee very much, the module partition of different functions is obvious, which is very easy for a novice to get started. I like to use it to record my life and share it with others. When I first joined I was kind of nervous, and not sure if I'm gonna just use it once then leave it somewhere on my phone. But it is super interesting has suprisingly made me feel so confident. I feel the community is very supportive for all the users. It will not only recommend funny videos for me, but support me when I receive hating comments. When there are comments from haters, other users will come and help. I guess Likee also take care of such comments after people reporting them(cuz sometimes I saw hating comments removed). And people there like to send nice words. I remembered that one time there was a has a hating comment under my post, many people sent private messages to me and told me not to care about that. After a while, that hating comment was removed. How warm they are!! I love watching all of the creative and talented people on Likee and I can see the joy and happiness it brings to everyone.

- Okay...

This app is great for posting videos and all but, the pervert situation is going on real badly. These perverts are taking over likee and talking sexually to young girls, I get spammed by pedos liking my videos and looking through my videos being a stalker... it’s uncomfortable and I would always read their profiles and it would say “girls dm me for a good time” and it makes me so upset of how so many underaged girls really send inappropriate pictures to these pedos! They also catfish and send you inappropriate links, likee you really need to stop this! Blocking won’t help! It just disabled them commenting/chatting and that’s not enough! Pedos could still look through your videos! I also heard about this “jiggle” challenge created by a pedo. And there’s millions of underaged kids doing it and it makes me sick that there parents aren’t managing their phones! Pedos can safe your videos even if you disable the “other save videos” button. That could lead to perverts saving the video then sending it to other pedos and it’s going to spread but.. LIKEE GET RID OF THESE PEVERTS RIGHT NOW! THEAE PERVERTS ARE RAIDING LIKEE!

- Best app ever

I love this app it is so cool I love it it so fun my daughter Siad that Disney people where one it how cool is that I got too it is so funny it is way better than tiki toc I love it t so much it changed my daughter life and mine. I love this app just make you daughter or sun is not watching inappropriate stuff crazy people right but over all this is the best app on my phone out of my whole life and my daughter life too my family loves it so should you it is so cool and fun but you might want to go on it a lot so limited your time you don’t have to but I do that for my daughter but this is why you should give it a 5 star it is so cool and fun we love it so should you you will love it bunches please please give it 5 star I love it and I am 37 and it will get u bunch of likes and if you love tic toc you will like this app way better trust me people say they hate it because they’re crazy and they like tic toc better but that is not true I kindly like tic toc but this is way better trust me it is so cool and you will have fun but you have to give it 5 stars Ashely barffealed.

- Fksjfjsjcjsjxj

I loveeee the app!!! It’s so fun and you can make so many creative videos!! But this is what I hate, bots (I hate them mostly because half of my likes and comments are bots and it’s SO annoying), toxic ness (mostly I see someone do a video and all the comments are “ewwww” “fattyyy” and I get SO mad at that like DUDE and I especially hate how you can get banned from going live for NO reason one time I went live and I was playing roblox then I got banned for NO READOn >:0 Here’s what you should add!! A green screen (i know that you can do that in 4D magic but it takes awhile to do it and it should be like a filter and I can choose the picture BEFORE taking the video but that may be copyright to the clock app sooo yeah-) , a group chat (you can make a group chat in the message area and be able to chat will all of your friends without using Snapchat or discord! I love that idea especially!) THATS all I have to say and I LOVE the app so Much!! Happy 3 year anniversary LIKEE!!! -Dino


This app is great!! All start with the great things. 1. This app has basically ALL THE TRENDS FROM TIK TOK. 2. So many amazing creators, I met so many online besties. Now that ‘not so great’ things about likee....1. Bullies, some people are racists and make fun of people’s videos and body weight. Based off my experience, I got “cyber bullied” a lot because of my videos and my skin color. 2. Inappropriate men, there’s lots of inappropriate men on the app. Known as “child predators” so be careful on what u post!!! 3. Underview, won’t post videos, won’t let you say some things on captions of videos, won’t let you say “Tik Tok”. Sometimes it will put * in the caption or *****. I don’t know why it does, but it doesn’t always do that. And it also won’t let you say “Tik Tok” so on likee call it the clock app or the ⏰⏰ app.4. You have to be 16+ to go live, some people make a 2nd acc to go live on the app because it kicks you out if you are underage. If you are underage, you can go live with a parent the first time. And then if it kicked you out they mostly means your banned. That covers everything!! Hopefully you enjoy your likee experience and this helped!!

- I don’t know

This app is overall good but it has a lot of problems first of all they have made thousands of bots making it seem like they are real humans I know that because the put real human pictures and they all have one job make people think they are humans and make them like LIKEE more by saying nice things in their comments plz don’t scam us like this and on more you can’t search for any song I mean people come from different religion and cultures and they want different kind of songs like Farsi songs so plz fix that and one more thing happens to me all the time I posted a lyrics of a song that was very innocent it was a song the name of the song was “driver license” it didn’t even have one photo in it. It was just the lyrics of the song with a black background and they took my video down and send me a message saying the video was inappropriate so I deleted it and put another video that was two best friends doing hand shake and then hug each other TWO Girls and the took it down so plz stop being so sensitive it really makes users frustrated and it’s really annoying and one more thing it doesn’t let you block people so please fix that and other then that it’s a good app with lots of great filters.

- Terrible app

It’s terrible if I can give it 0 review I will love that my cousin downloaded it bruh she posted some vids the next day she got weird like bruh grown men followed her and old people she tried to block the but then more creeps followed her agian agian agian and agian bruh she always comes to my house to sleep with me bc she had no siblings she always had terrible dreams and I have 6 siblings so that is why she come here we sleeps in the same room but bruh she is scared as heck bruh she is so scared and the creeps comments (hey baby girl can I have your number)bruh there word as heck it’s a terrible app my cousin is shaking rn like bruh I feel so bad for her this is a terrible app it’s terrible she had shaking a lot like bruhhhhhhhhhh I hate it tik tok is much safer she downloaded it I follow her but it’s a privet acc on likee u can even make a privet acc I just hate it😡😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄she is gonna erase it after this I just hate it to many creeps they repost her vids on her acc like ugh🙄🙄🙄hate this app 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄hate it so much like bruhhhhhhhh I hate it =_=(-_-) hate it and I hate who ever made this app 🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡💀💀she is shaking rn and she asked me one time you wait for her to go to the bathroom outside the door💀💀 like bruhhhhhhhh u have gave creeps to her world hate the app🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡

- Um...Ok?

At first, it seemed like a good at just like Tik tok at the time. But, as I had it for only like, 10 days, I noticed something. My thing was glitching out. When I tried to shoot a video, it would make some sort of glitch meaning, it would turn my screen black and white, upside down or just the simple glitching in pink. I have had this happen to another phone so I did not want this to happen on this brand new phone because of some app. Why this scares me so much, instead of it being just a regular bug in the app is because it had been spreading to my phone outside the app. It constantly shuts down my phone with the “your phone is dead” meaning thing with like the black screen and loading symbol. IF YOU HAPPEN TO GET ANY GLITCH OF ANY SORT DELETE THE APP!!! It may glitch a bit more after but now since I deleted it, no glitches what so ever. I hope this is read because this is a big threat to money problems because of ONE APP.

- It’s a awesome app!! 💗

So I have been doing Likee for about two weeks now I would say, and it’s great!! Even though I’m only nine I still think that this is great! The fact that you can make a private account just in case is great because or else my parents would make me delete this app. I think that their is some things that could improve like the recording when I record I tap on the recording button and it just flashes and does not start recording and then all the progress I had made before on the video gets deleted. And example was one where you throw a sweatshirt on the ground and get teleported into it, well when it does that It just makes me lay on the ground the whole video so I think that’s something that needs to be improved. But otherwise this is a awesome app and you get to see how other people look or just have some entertainment!! That’s why this is five stars!! 💕💗🌷

- Good but has ALOT of bugs…

This app is so Good! But to much bugs. Every time step 1 uploads once I’m done with a video it stops at 90% and always says it failed and I’m keep on doing it but it still dose it. The next bug is that it freezes a lot and when I’m watching one of my videos it just freezes. And when I watch someone live and I turn off my iPad the person that was talking in the live stream is still talking! Please fix these bugs! And now for the good things! :D. I really like how you can add stickers and stuff on your face! And I love how many videos you can do!!!!!! SO MUCH! Now here are some other things you can do. Can you add auto tune to switch your voice? Yes I know in slow you talk slow and in fast you talk fast but I want more Voices! And could you add stop motion?! When you take a picture move the thing and take another picture?! That would be EPIC! But yeah that’s all I wanted to say bye! :D

- I like the app but not the best. 🙂

This app is great! 😩I like how you can show your creative side of you on here, make friends, and have fun. But I have 2 issues with the app. I would like to start off on, Bots.🤖 The Bots are so much trouble for me. Most of my views, likes, and comments are from Bots. It makes me sad 😞 knowing that Bots are on my page instead of real life people instead. 🥺It makes it hard for me to post without getting annoyed by a fake fan. Also some people using Likee don’t know about them and think they are “Fans.” 😀Please fix this on Likee. I have one more problem with Likee. It’s the glitches. These glitches only happen when I’m recording. 🙂For example I press the record button BUT the camera doesn’t start rolling. Then it takes to long to let me edit.🥲 When that happens I always have to check if I have to update the app, and check my internet. It isn’t fun like that. 😒But overall it is a fun and kinda easy app to use, and I hope the team will be able to make it better! Love and Kisses! 🍕✨🍕

- About Likee

Hey likee users I love this app so much it’s even better than tictok you guys have changed my life a lot when I new tictok was getting taken down I was like sad and this ad came on and I watched itAnd I was like this is just like TickTock and I got on there and made my first videos like this is some like good like I love it but now I am are used to be like a TikTok fan but now I’m like a Likee fan but it’s the best thing I get it you could ever done to meThere’s a Likee app I’m on Likee right now isn’t it crazy like he’s even better than a TikTok but TickTock like it won’t let me get into it like when I click it it will show up you need to sign it like you’re pressing the heart and you you’re not signed in if you do that to me and I can’t get out of it so I have to do like you and like he’s like the best that thank you guys so much I love you and have a good day or night by❤️❤️💜

- I really like the app but...

I like the app a lot of people are super nice but there’s been some problems on Likee there are some videos that get taken down for no reason and and some that are under reviewing for no reason. It gets complicated with all the users who use Likee and some don’t get crowned. Some popular creaters looses there crowns for no reason. Everyone on the app isn’t going on Likee every Thursday because of this. Then anytime I click the not interested button it keeps saying that they will have a few more videos when I meant I don’t want to see that video again I don’t want to see it. People also get banned from their account for no reason. Then people get banned from going live. Can you fix this this has been a problem since the beginning. I seen the bad reviews you guys need to fix this or people are going to delete this app. You guys are loosing a lot of users. Please reply to this I know you guys want to make money but someday you guys are gonna loose people cause if this. You probably not gonna believe me but it probably be true. PLEASE REPY!

- It’s ok not perfect

When I found this app I downloaded it for my kid because it so much better than TikTok I loved it it was awesome then my kid wanted a account so I was fine with it helped her set the account up right she was so exited about her account two weeks later she asked to go live we were not busy so I said yes we went to her trampoline and sat down to go live about 5-10 minutes later it just stoped and said something about reported we assumed we would be banned for a week or two then go live again but no after many months a found a way to send Likee a letter this happened on like a Saturday it takes 3 work day to get a yes or no so Wednesday we checked back not unbanned I sent another one 3 work days latter still not unbanned I really did not want to make this but apparently this may be the only flipping way such a disappointment I then let my kid get TikTok again so sorry about this please I’m ban us though I was with her and we made sure we followed the rules I was with her on the other side of the camera thanks one day we will go live sorry but other than that the app is so awesome thanks again bye

- Need better age groups.

1. I downloaded the app to make sure it would be as kid appropriate for my child as possible cause all her friends have this app and I clicked that my age was 17 and under just to see what kind of content my 9 year old daughter would see and be interacting with and I was very disappointed to see some of the things my daughter could watch 17 years olds do in there videos and even found a like 7 different way older guys leaving semi inappropriate comments to the kids that were about my daughters age and when I view there profile ALL the videos they liked were of way long children in bikinis and stuff....I know it’s very hard to monitor things like this from happening but I just think there has to be a better way. 2. They need to get rid of the password change every 7 days under the parental control. I know I’m not lazy enough to not do it every 7 days but a lot of parents are and that will just help these sick way older people finding young girls and boys videos and do god knows what while watching them....

- This is what I am angry at

This thing is so awesome besides that I didn’t even ask if they put my profile on private so nobody can see my videos and it’s really really sad and really mad about that and I’m gonna try to change it I have even deleted the app and try doing it again and it still did the same thing I don’t understand how these people are on here in their accounts are not private place Plus I love them but they take way too long two to process my videos to put them on my page like anybody’s going to see them and nobody’s going to see them if nobody’s want to see them you can speed up a little bit at least so I can see them that’s really irritating I’d rather give you one star but I’m being really nice today plus I don’t my mom won’t let me do that OK so I gave you four stars instead of five it would be five instead of four but I will need you to work on it thank you awesome I love you💓💓💓💓

- likee is a amazing app

likee is very good and i would recommened getting it you can get alot of views in a litteraly 5 seconds and im not even lying when i posted my first video it was for trolling and i thought not alot of people would see it like on tik tok but i got 16 views and soon 21 in 10 seconds i was in shock i didnt think it would get that many views so quick and i got 2 likes people on this app are very active in my opinion and i thought this app would be like tik tok but worse but its actualy very very better than tik tok this app is probly the best if your trying to get famous or popular and if your having issues with the app like its slow or something its not the apps fault bc im using a tablet i just got and the app is working fine and smoothly so i would recommend using a new device for it but you dont have to it would just be better if you dont like things being slow and crashing every second but the app os very great i love it honestly i thought it was just about dancing because of the ad but when i actualy installed it i was amazed at how good it is the topics are very interesting and the video editing thing is very easy to use because it show where you last were on the screen then you can move yourself to line up to it overall i recommend this app to all ages!

- This App Is Fun & All But

This App is a fun and inspirational way for people to express themselves through videos with music. But lately all ive been seeing is little girls getting inappropriate. I feel like a music app company there should be something that prevents this. Because no matter where we go there will always be pervs that creep on little girls. I am 20 years old and i had an old perv in my inbox thinking i was 12. So heres a SUGGESTION if the like company ever sees this: maybe for anyone who is under the age of 16 or even under the age that this app was designed for should have their videos reviewed by like before its allowed to be posted. Because recently ive seen little girls filming in the bathtub (reported) little girls undressing (reported) multiple things. I know this should be a thing for their parents to do something about but clearly thats not happening. I love this app but all of this nonsense everyday is disgusting and needs to be handled appropriatly.

- Was Amazing.. but now?

I hate tic tok- I loved likee cause it was different! Now that it’s changing it’s becoming more like Tic Tok! I don’t like that. I don’t like The comment section anymore when I’m role playing with my friends I liked the old comment section. It was way better! Likee pls fix this! People may as well just get Tic Toc then likee cause it’s changed so much. If it goes back then I’ll give it a better review most definitely!Also I want to go live so I can interact with my fans but it won’t let me cause of something I did- Also there are so many bots It was just annoying when I figured out they weren’t real! I want to see actual people comment on my videos and not fake comments... (this parts added) Also, There are a lot of haters on this app and they say a lot of mean things! You should automatically ban them! It would be really helpful! They say “kys” (kill yourself) and a lot of other mean things and people have been quiting likee cause of it

- I absolutely love this app

I am so many videos I like looking at them and making new and new things this thing is great for kids it’s very fun when I first got it I started making videos and I just got more creative of the more creative I have 31 videos I have had a Likee for a long long long time it took me aWhile to make all those videos it’s in inches might take a while please try this app Likee is a part of my life now I have thousands and thousands of videos I can’t get over how fun this app is❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 when I first downloaded it I did not really know what to do but if you explore a little you can make lots and lots and lots and lots of videos😁😘 it even has songs you can add to videos it often has very interesting things just letting you know guys if you’re a little ask your parents first because I am 15 and I know what to do

- It's app is fine but...

This app is great but it has some problems. My videos will get taken down for no reason, many accounts are getting deleted for no reason, pervs, and hate comments. There are so many girls that are wearing bikinis and those videos don't get taken down. When i'm in cosplay, my videos get taken down 24/7. It would be great if you could change your policy to be more like TikTok. I have to make back up accounts due to y'all banning my main account. I'm honestly sick of the inconvenience i've had on this app. I get about 5-10 hate comments a day. Reports don't work. I report videos of girls being sexual and they DO NOT get taken down. And the watermark policy is quite dumb. Not trying to be rude or anything but when there's a watermark, it's pretty obvious that the video is ours from another app. So many people are telling others to die or quit the app. Also please delete the bots. They are quite annoying. Thank you for your time.

- Dear creative like you please read this

I do love likee and I love all my fans I also like going live but a couple of months ago it’s banned me from going live from I think something called minor but I’m not sure what that’s about AnyWho my likee he hasn’t been working I’ve updated it reinstalled it and done everything I could it’s not really working so could you really tell me what I should do to fix this because I’m not sure what I should do it like I said reinstall it and I’ve tried everything I could other than these problems I’m having right now what is a great app honestly it’s a better kids at the tick-tock tick-tock is more for older kids so like he is more of a platform for younger kids. Anyways what is very entertaining and I find it quite relaxing when I don’t have anything to do when I’m bored I know where I could go which is likee

- It’s OK I guess

Something I don’t like about Likee well I take pictures of my characters from Gacha life And I remember I had I TikTok but my mom said no tik tok is bad for kids so I found likee and I download it and I. Found out I TikTok and likee it’s the same thing but TikTok and likee tik tok had a filter of a background and you get to pick any background and people used to put gotcha life pictures and pause the video and another picture and then they do it all over again and then when they posted it it looks like there are moving so I. That likee had the same thing So I look and look for the filter but I didn’t find it so I was so mad 😡 I LOOK again AND I DID NOT find THE filter! So now I’m still mad but it’s still have the same thing Of tik tok I really want the background filter so please likee put a background filter . 🙏🏻 🥺❤️

- No😳

For parents it may seem safe for their kids but it really isn’t. There are pedophiles and also sick people who make fake accounts. I highly recommend your child to not get this app. It is not safe. U can’t even make your account private. And also every single time you make a video it gets deleted for no reason it’s always against the guidelines. I feel like the likeee community need to do a better job and take action. There are sooo many old men on here that comment very inappropriate things to young girls. Whatever u do they can see. If your child wants to have an app that u believe is safer I highly recommend tik tok. Yes Ik parents u may believe that no tik tok is not a safe app bc they tried banning it. Yes that was true in the past but tik tok has done a better job with things. If u don’t want other people seeing your child online u can simply make the account private. Everything is safe there is nothing inappropriate. They have very high expectations. Ik kids these these like to dance, draw, and game and like to film things but just please be aware of what they r doing:)

- Worst app ever

I used to say Likee could have some tweaks and it could be great again but I can’t say that anymore. This app is getting out of control. The drama in the app is not because of the people but the app itself. There’s to much nudity and inappropriate content. There are movements everywhere about it. And when the person gets taken down there is always a new person. It’s on loop. Hating is another bad problem. People are telling others to die and it’s not ok. Racism and sexism is everywhere. People’s videos are taken down for no reason too. I get being politically, physically, or mentally rude is one thing but taking down a video for a certain type of music is annoying and unreasonable. And last but not least, parental controls. I get you understand that parents want their kids to be safe but COME ON!! You can’t like,comment, or CHANGE THE SETTING!! Me nor my mom was even notified about the change! The kids still need to have some type of freedom. They can’t be locked up like an animal at the zoo. If I could, I could give this app 0 stars.

- Copy of TikTok (but worse)

This app is a knock off version of TikTok. The only thing they have that TikTok doesn’t have is levels. But those are just bragging rights. But the real reason I don’t like Likee is because they act like they didn’t copy anything. Also Likee just isn’t as good as TikTok. TikTok has a clean easy to use platform that is combination of other social media’s while still keeping it new. You really only have to have been on any social media and you already know what to expect and how to get around. Likee is overly complicated and has useless feature that only one or two people use. And their help and feedback section is small and limited to a few searches. And lastly the cropping problem. On TikTok you get a video that is fit for the iPhone. The video is filmed the way it’s seen. Likee on the other hand crops a video to fit your device. That might seem okay but it cuts out important things making the videos hard to watch. Thank you for reading this and please think twice before downloading this app. Please just get TikTok.


OK so what are you trying to make a video I want to do a filter it immediately changes the sound no matter what filter I do it changes the sound so I am deleting this app and do not download it if you see that it is a horrible app there’s two-year-olds on there that curse I meant five-year-olds that act like one year old in this app is so stupid I hate this app and now I am deleting it just cause that when I try to do a video of me talking and I want to do a filter changes the sound and I am very mad about that so that’s why you should not download it I am warning you this app glitches a lot no matter what device you’re on and it’s a very stupid app I would rather have you go to tik toc but I can’t since I am such a young person being 10 years old the app is so stupid because when I go to make a video you just decide oh much change the sound ha ha and I want to use the dog filled her but then it goes like oof like Roblox so if you download this app in a rage because of that I warned you and I do not recommend this app

- Horrible app!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

I’ve had this app since 2018 and I used to love it. This year I got to a point where I had 2.37k followers and I had a video with 13k likes!! I was so excited! Then, out of no where, likee deleted my account and banned me from the app! I emailed them and they responded (8 days later!) saying only, “you violated the guidelines” and they refused to tell my what I did to “violate the guidelines.” I emailed them again asking for clarification and it’s been 2 months since I emailed them and no reply! Well still having my account, I noticed certain glitches like they would say I had 43 notifications when I really didn’t have any, they would post my private videos as public, there were so many ads and they would randomly delete my videos for no reason what so ever. Also, tons of inappropriate content gets posted and likee doesn’t even take it down! I would rate this app 16+ due to all the gross stuff the app lets people put up. I would say that if you’re planning on getting this app, don’t. It’s not worth it. 😒

- I love likee but

So I love likee but when I was doing a live with my little cousin it said I was banned I don’t know what I did I think it was because she was small we tried not to show are faces bit it still didn’t work I also have another account so when I was logging in logged in with face book but when I got another Device I couldn’t log In so I made another account and then I didA challenge with my cousin and she told me to delete it and I put it back and I couldn’t remember my password so I made another account and I could be able to do lives but then one day he just band me like I said we were doing “me and my cousin” and then it banned me so I deleted itt and put it back and I need a phone number and my older brother has my phone so I can’t log into my account.

- It’s awesome I love it so much but...

It’s so awesome it’s nice I love editing making the videos it’s so cool me as a child loves it! I tell my friends and family get it’s awesome but me and my family and friends have the same problem... we have weird inappropriate boys commenting on my videos “Check your DM”! I look it’s inappropriate discussing unexpected unnecessary!🤮 Pictures of inappropriate privacy private’s! Inappropriate and unnecessary gross challenges of unnecessary places🤮 Which if your a parent make sure u put messages and commenting OFF if your child is young or younger than promise me you don’t want to see anything like that! And there’s creepy GROWN PEOPLE DMING me asking me for my number it’s creepy! But there’s a way to solve it so I did!😁👍🏻 It’s an amazing game after you get all of that taken care of it’s so much fun😂😁

- Awsome but..

So here’s the thing I love this app! But there is a few inappropriate things like kids are being like. Likee should watch out for those things. People from Tik tok Ik are bringing stuff here which is nice but some people are faking accounts and if it doesn’t say fake in their bio then they shouldn’t be able to post it gets people’s hope up. I feel like there shouldn’t be so much curse words in these songs just so many little ones use this app and their is way too much cursing and there should be like something where you are allowed to show things that are inappropriate. There is some encouraging videos which I personally love because I’m quit insecure and I feel like there should be more of that and likee should give crowns back. That all :) bye thank you for your time.

- Roblox banned me :/ so I was playing roblox and I got banned for no reason

🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎💦☃️🌤 So when I was in Roblox I know it’s supposed to be about Likee but I got banned from it for no reason! >:[and then I tried to download It again boom it did not work oh shoot I tried downloading the app one more time it did not work so I decided to play a different app like it is really fun🌈PLAY IT NOWWWW!!! Well in Roblox my character did have roebucks ☄️💥🌎800 but now it’s gone and I sound like you so I started doing videos and I got a lot of fans my name is AudreyAnd I got a lot of fan I told u that but like he is amazing🌈🌈☀️☀️ you should play it download now and parking is amazing so 🌤 it’s the queen 👑 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ download it right now right now right now! Have a good day of spring my sis thinks that lol 😂 BYE a thanks for reading this. REVIEW🍭!!!!!!!!

- Problems I am having

So I love likee but I’ve been having some problems like it doesn’t give me the option to not make my account private and I can’t like videos and I can’t go on lives and my friends can’t see all of my videos and I can’t see there and I can’t send messages or make moments so if you can help please do. And I discovered today that my account is under “ parental controls” I never set that up and I can’t disable it because there is apparently a password that I never set up so I kept trying to put one in but it wasn’t working at all so now I’m wondering who set a password up and who has the password cause I’m old enough for the app but my thing apparently has parental controls but yet there like 5 and 9 year olds on there that are no where near the age limit but there accounts are NOT private I need to know what’s going on and if you have the password GIVE ME IT!!!!!! Please

- 😜🥳🤩😎

Likee is fun and good for kids and a WHOLE lot better then tiktok. It is more for little kids so if your not going to let your kid have tiktok then u should let it have Likee! It’s a great app and can do so many things! There’s so many different features and cool things that you can do! But there is one problem, there is bots on there and there not mean at all it’s just annoying when they comment on your videos because it’s like “I want real people to comment not bots!” But again there not rude or mean or any of that just annoying to me. And also when you comment there’s a word limit which I can understand but at the same time it’s annoying. But it generally is a AMAZING app! I would totally recommend for you to use it!

- You can do better

I’ve had likee for a year now and noticed some stuff Number 1 lots of fake profiles I’ve seen a lot of fake profiles and people pretending to be something else when that’s not the case people pretend to be famous folks and it’s really disturbing Number 2 lots of inappropriate content they’re is really inappropriate videos and little kids have access to them little kids are on this app and and starts learning the bad trends pulling their shirts up to look like crop tops and start twerking number 3 creeps I e experienced messages from other creeps saying I want you and all that stuff these creeps should be banned from the app completely because I always get notifications from them even when I delete them or block them this app seriously needs fixing. I have thought about deleting likee but since I’ve been on it for so long I’ll give it another chance this app should be changed to 18 and older

- It’s okayish

There are so many fake accounts of famous Tiktokkers like Charlie damelio, rrubee, and more. There are bots who like your videos, which I guess is ok for some people, but I think it’s lying and cheating. Like, it says I have 158 when I probably only have about 50 at most. Some of the most popular creators are inappropriate and some don’t even deserve to be close most popular because all they do is react to random videos. And it puts random videos that aren’t sexual under review, but lots of sexual videos still get posted. Not to mention all the random pedophiles that send me messages whenever I post a video doing a dance or even just showing my face. They tell me I’m pretty then ask for inappropriate videos. Likee is okay for video editing, but it’s not great. I don’t know how it is for others, but if I add too many effects the video gets super laggy and the effects get offbeat. I’m sure there are some good qualities too, but if you are looking for a video editing and sharing platform, I reccomend Tik tok.

- Good app

I really like the app but I have one thing there are a TON of bots commenting and liking my vids and it is also a ton of notifications because of it. Other than that I would totally tell someone to download it! Also Recently a few of my videos have been taken down for copyright purposes I don’t mind this but the thing that annoys me is that it doesn’t tell me what videos get taken down so I have to scroll through my entire profile to try and find and change the music or delete it Also it asked me for my location I said no but later I looked a my profile and it said my location is there a way I can disable this completely it didn’t say my full location like my house right thing but it’s in my country idk if this is something other people have had but you NEED to make this stop it is making me feel a bit uncomfortable

- Lots of Fake Profiles

I want to say I like this app but there are a lot of fake profiles that comment both on the live and actual videos posted. This is disappointing. I thought at first real people were commenting on my lives but when I noticed the same canned responses on my second live, I figured it out. When you click on these profiles they have a mad amount of followers, close to 600k or more and have followed close a million other people. They also have zero content. Idk if this was done by the creator so people feel validated and continue posting, but these are not genuine interactions. Some examples are “Woww.” “I like your voice” “this is my favorite so far” “do you have an Instagram?” These responses are worded the exact same way on each live and sometimes on videos as well. Lives can get banned for absolutely no reason also. I’d say to stick with Tik Tok. At least the interactions are real.

- Eh

Ok, So clearly.. The makers/producers aren’t checking this app..... Why aren’t they?!?!?!?!?!?! THEIR IS INAPPROPRIATE VIDEOS!!!! Don’t you know, their is Little kids out their.. watching these.. if you want my advice... Don’t get this app.. And also, Their are SOO Many inappropriate Audios’.... if you are under 12.. I STILL think you shouldn’t download this app... I tried.. IM SCARED..... People are stocking,Doing inappropriate things, And and making people do things They shouldn’t...... Like Gacha.. it used to be a FUN COMMUNITY.. Now.. Thanks to LIKEE little 5,8,6 year olds, Are doing inappropriate “trends”... But, if you do get this app, and stumble upon something that’s disturbing or uncomfortable.. PLEASE tell an adult... Also, people are stealing things like art from other people and claiming “they” put their hard work in it when somebody else did... thanks for reading

- Likee is an awesome app! 🤩🤩

I never write reviews but...OMG I am on this app like every day... I love all the filters and music so much! I really wanted something like tic tok... but not tic tok! And I found this! I was so happy when I found it and started to get followers! One thing that I am a little worried about is the private account... My freind had a private account and it said it was but it was not... and she had to delete it 😢 I also am a little concerned about the age... there are like 5 year olds on it and I feel like that is VERY young for this app. I have a suggestion to maybe fix that... I think that you should make two different categories 12+ and 4-10 and each would have age appropriate videos on it! Thank you for your time!

- You need to know this

Over all Likee is a cool and fun creative app. The problem is some of the content creators. This app is like TikTok in many ways which can be good but also bad. I got this app on my iPad and phone then I needed to delete it from my iPad because some of the videos were not child appropriate. Some creators do things that young kids should not be seeing like inappropriate dances or videos doing... uh... not the most child friendly vids. Bots UGH the boys annoy the heck outta me. You have fake boys making posts on videos saying things like “can someone please tell me what this song it called” and “LOL..” these things annoy many people. Some creators are great and make funny and kid friendly vids like pranks and comedy. Then there are people on this app that ruin the vibe by making not good vids. Please take this into consideration if you are a kid because Likee needs to make some changes. You can also go on live most of the lives are nice but sometimes people are doing it just for likes and don’t care about you. I personally don’t have an account so I can’t comment on a video but there are quite a bit of things I would say on some vids. At the beginning of the time you have it you get a bunch of videos then you get people that Likee thinks you would like. Please take this into consideration. But over all a good app.

- Some stalkers

So I’ve had this app for a while and I really like it I love how I can make new friends and post videos to share my emotions but this one guy followed me and he kept asking me to love him and said that he would take me and he was like 30! I’m only 10! So obviously I was scared I blocked him and I was scared so i posted what he said to me and he kept finding a way to annoy me and this happened more then once it happened one other time too and it also happened on my old phone I just hate the stalkers and people bully others and I hate it. I have a friend with this problem too well she had this problem. A guy asked her to send nudes!? And she didn’t like it then he sent her his body naked!!! I’m just asking if you could prevent this from happening again thank you.

- Great but...

Likee is a great app don’t get me wrong but I don’t like that if you delete the app then re download it your previous DMs chats are gone. I’m someone that chats with my online friends quite a bit and I don’t want to give out my phone number and stuff so please fix the DMs it’s kinda annoying. The system for taking down vids is also broken. I do cosplay and at least half my vids are taken down. It’s honestly kinda sad that a girl that’s in a bikini her vid can stay up but me in a full uniform for my cosplay can’t. It doesn’t make sense. Fix these things and I’ll be happy to change my star review another update I also don’t like that there isn’t a way to have a private account I don’t like anyone being able to see my stuff so add a way to do that and I’ll love the app

- If you’re underage don’t bother downloading

When Likee was Like it was great, but when they became Likee, it all went down hill. Now they put an update and it’s the worse. If you’re underage you can no longer get a crown,there are TONS of limits, too. Tons of people have lost their accounts and crowns because they’re underage. I’m 12 and because of this update any videos I posted ended up becoming private so only I could see them. But I also couldn’t edit my profile or check my notifications. There is a following page where you see the videos of people you follow, just like Tik Tok. But since I’m underage I can’t see it anymore. I also can’t comment or like videos. I deleted Likee because of this and it breaks my heart because I have so many memories on Likee and I just hit 501 followers and now none of them can see anything I post. The only accounts that haven’t been affected by this are contract Likers and adults.

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- What

This games really good. But some of the powers are very clunky and just don’t work, and portals for 4D magic have a little bit of glitchy spaces. Apart from those minor bugs, this game is really good for video editing. But your customer response doesn’t make sense. In an app review there is a person saying she can’t use email or phone to contact you, so can you change that for younger users. But the response says something along the lines of: we’re sorry you didn’t enjoy like! If you have any issues or reviews please send and email or call us!. Seriously do you even look at these or is it an automatic response

-  I love this app??       

  I know, kids shouldn’t be on this app but, there are a lot of people who lose their best friends just because their accounts are getting deleted because they are too young. There are also a lot of kids who’s heart belongs to Likee, and a lot of kids who have dreams of becoming popular, you guys are ruining that chance of achieving that dream. You wouldn’t believe it, but someone at my school who loved Likee got her account deleted, she almost died in a car crash and lost her dad and her sister, and when she found Likee, she forgot about all the bad things and it helped her when she saw funny Likee’s and she had about 5k fans, when she found out her account was deleted and she couldn’t make videos, she got back on her depressed side. Please stop all this and let kids be happy, it would make me happy too. Bye‌   ‌  

-  An awesome app    ‌  

    I am very invested in my followers and the content I produce on Likee to keep them laughing and engaged. I’ve always been a loyal supporter of the app. Recently I’ve been ban from live streaming for NO REASON AT ALL. I’ve emailed you, dmed you on Instagram, updated the app and many more things and I still continue to be bam from my only source of income at the moment. I am a student and those extra little donation funds go towards my education. I am highly disappointed from the lack of communication on the creators end and am comptemplating leaving the app altogether because of this, many of my audience threatening to do the same. I hope Likee reads through this and gets back to me. I still await a response from over two weeks ago :/‌     

- It’s ok

I use this app everyday but it is really bad if you are in China like me and have a Chinese SIM card you can’t watch videos out of the Country you can’t search up music you can’t change your profile picture or anything in your account and on the popular page there is video of people killing pigs and them my videos get taken down for showing my belly button or having a shortish skirt also there is a draft limited of 50 so a person like me that has a lot of drafts can’t keep them all and has to delete them which is very annoying!! You also can’t say or write the word TikTok or Charlotte or banana or therapist and I have a friend named Charlotte and when I write her name it get put in tags please fix this ASAP!!!! I do use the app everyday!!!!! Update I just logged out of my account and it won’t let me get back in I’m very angry and annoying because I have a lot of stuff on there!!!!! Fix it right now!!!!

- Meh

Sorry but this app is really, kinds freaking me out right now. When I’m bored i like to go on the popular page, but i tell u what i see? Little girls literally shaking their bottoms then Old man Sending Hearts such as “😘😘😍😍” Of course thats annoying me. And yes I’ve experienced it too. This man sended hearts on my video. That challenge is called Jiggle challenge which was made by old people to catch children's attention. When you go on the sound There’s literally millions of it. People are trying to stop this challenge but it won”t work! It’s only you Likee to stop this. And if it’s not fixed then have fun having kids from likee be inappropriate. Also I couldn't go live because i wasn't 16. But theres 11 year olds going live. Wow. I do go on this app a lot but the nudity has gone to far. -disappointed user

- Bots and creeps

This app is full of bots and really creepy people. The bots are normally the creeps tho. I think Likee has created these bots that write things in the comments. Sometimes they just say like “ wow amazing video” but other times they’ll say “ I miss you, I wanna get back with you, come home” I feel rlly bad for the people that get these comments. I don’t get them cause I’m to scared to post anything. Also I think verification. Ik there’s always gonna be fake accounts but likee will let them get verified even thought they aren’t the real thing. Then they get these ticks and some people think they are real. Then little kids will think they’re the real person even tho they’re not so like if they respond to a comments they think that they are real and then someone tells them they’re not. Like they have no clue. Don’t suggest this app I never use it!

-  Thanks love you like app  ‍‍  

   This is a great app and I absolutely love Likee. The thing I dislike about it is that there is a TON of inappropriate content. My mom made me delete the app a few months ago because of it. I think that you guys should make a monitor for this. I honestly want to delete my account because I’ve seen stuff I didn’t want to see on there. Also, my sister deleted my old account that has taken me at least 2 years to “grow”. I wish there was a way to get the account back. I just got a new account, but it is going to take a while to get to where I was on my old account.  ​     

- Likee

I think Likee is ok it is bad Quality because all the videos that you make sometimes glitch really bad but the apps really good and I’ve tried to find music like just to do sounds weird but I can’t find any music because it doesn’t show you where it is this app is okay I wouldn’t recommend trying it though but I would get it though

- Great app

Hey guys would it be possible to add a voice change part in that would be totally cool as also please please please more different eye effects too I’m loving this app so much I had to change me review haha I love all the different effects you have makes making videos so much fun I hope to see more effects added later on to would be fantastic I love the fact I can use my own songs off my iPhone as well that part is amazing as TikTok doesn’t have that option thank you so much for making this app and great work

-  this app is outstanding   ​ ‌‌

  So this morning I went to check Likee but when I went in the app it told me to put my information like it does when you first get the app. At this point I’m very confused so I wrote a report. I go on my profile and I lost my fans,likes, and the people who I was following. I get soo confused I exited out of the app and I just sit on my bed trying to figure out what to do and what happened. I didn’t know what to do so I just wrote this review. Please fix my account. Thank you for reading this review.  ‌   

-  awesome..........‍      

   This app is so exhilarating it’s awsum, I mean you literally just get stuck on here for hours and have no idea where the time went. Rather you a video TIKKER OR A VIDEO TOKKER meaning watcher . You have fun either way. You see all walks of life here. AND YOU meet all walks of life here . Thats what this is all about pulling people together not tearing them apart. DOESNT MATTER WHERE UR FROM, WHAT COLOR YOU ARE, WHAT LANGUAGE YOU SPEAK OR DONT , HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE OR DONT, HERE it doesn’t matter no one cares. What matters is show the world your personality. There’s SOMTHING for every one. So welcome and let’s get Likee CRAZY    ‍   

- ‌Tik tok but not  ‍    

  ‍ Before the new update, I loved Likee and everyday I would go on the app and look at creators content. But now, everything is different. For me I can’t add a comment on videos, my videos are now gone and are deleted. And Likee the company has send me the links to my videos, but the problem is I can’t or don’t know how to make it show up my videos or access it. So please I would love to maybe bring back the stuff that was before the new update if possible?  ‍ ‍  

- It’s great but...................☠️

I love this app I use it all the time ( and I mean ALL THE TIME ) but today I went on and clicked on a video, not to realise it was a “ ELMO KNOWS WERE YOU LIVE!” Video and those videos are about kids watching elmos world at the end Elmo says “bye kids remember I know we’re you live” end then the following day the house owners herd knocks on the door in the middle of the night and things moving😱😱😱😱😱😱 I think I might have nightmares!!! If you could do anything that would be great but If you can’t, you can’t.

-   my life love like app  ‍ ‍ ‍

    I love Likee but I just got a new update. I can’t see anyone I followed, I can’t make Likees with sounds I can’t see my old Likees (any of my Likees) and I can do anything on Likee but view videos.... I can’t even comment... if you could fix this in any way shape or form that would be nice. Either way I will still love Likee because of the creative, inspirational, funny and talented Likee artists!! I hope you see this. If you do please respond and fix this problem please!  ​ ‍ 

- Uhhhhhhhhhh

To much creepy stuff on here ! Definitely don’t recommend until your 18! It is just really weird ! Ur just scrolling down the video page where you get to explore and I saw a girl hagging on the door and she tried to take her clothing off !! DISCUSTING ! But I’m not gonna be on the app any time soon ! Do u mind adding a new feature where inoperative behaviour gets banned bcz it doesn’t seem to ! Pls stay safe on this app as hackers hack and old men try to get ur location and stuff ! Anyways have a wonderful day ! Maybe change the rating of age to 18+ or 15+ !!!! My friend has the app and Also deleted it !! The ads are CREEPY !!!! 😡 there is not many pros but u can use the filters I guess ... NOT HATE PLS 😨

- my favorite app like app ‍‍   ​

This isn’t a huge problem, but I think the option to use your own songs from iTunes or play music like Likee had should come back. That was one of the things I liked from Likee. Next the for you page is wack, I’ve seen ppl literally just standing there (not with a lot of likes btw) getting on there. Some of the content is also inappropriate. That’s basically all I have to say ty for your time.  ​​  

- Great app

I love this app so much me and all my friends have it. Plus you can chat to your friends and make videos and you even have this really cool space where you can choose your filters it’s technically just like TikTok but way better :D. But I have a little problem.....every time I go on it I can’t post like comment and text for some reason it happened to one of my friends to (it say parental something) :(

-  very good   ‌‌ 

‍  ‌It’s a pretty great app but some things I would change about it// like how it acts on androids and how you can’t go live until you hit 1k and how they delete your videos... like I get it if it’s inappropriate but some of them are harmless videos that just get deleted but other than that it’s really fun to create videos and share them to the world but if you got a iPhone fully suggest you to get it     ‍ 

-  Good app but why can’t I go live      

    I love this app but I don’t enjoy the new update about being older than 13 to do anything like I can’t search, follow new ppl, make videos for ppl to see, I can’t even have my own profile picture I think that you should make it that u can’t be led than 12 years to do nothing the app is kind of boring now that I can’t do anything my birthday next month​      ‍

-  good app. download it.   ‍‍  

  This app is amazing nothing costs money and you can make funny music videos and you have a lot of fun you can use effects that don’t cost money after all this is my favorite app ever I’m so glad that I found this app you have so many memories on that app if you were cringey or not ok so this app is my favorite out of every app there so I recommend you to get this app ‌    ‌‌ 

-   your Aap is Awesume      

‍  I absolutely love Likee! It’s so much fun to make videos, but I’m also a bit annoyed. I had an account, but somehow its gone now. I never deleted the app or tried to make a new account. Can you please fix this, if possible? I really want to continue making videos, but I’m not making another account unless I have to. Thanks for taking the time to read this. ‌  ‌  

-  awesome...thank you like ‌    

  ‍ I HATE how when you go to your drafts on Likee wich btw they should be called private’s anyways I HATE how you can’t just scroll through them like u can with any other Likee like you have to look at the Likee and the go back and click on the other but it would be much easier if you could just scroll through them please Likee fix this I hate it      

-  this video is amazing i just like this app      

   Every since there was the update of Likee. There were accounts getting “banned” My cousins account got banned for whatever reason. She said she couldn’t make any Likees, Comment, Post, nor did she have a for you page. I thought it was normal for changes but I don’t like how account have been getting banned. ‍     

- Please look at this

This app is extremely bad my two younger sisters have it and they are getting comments from older men and woman on there videos and they are getting comments such as:I like it, do more, stunning with these emojis ❤️😍🤤😘 which I hate to see that happen to anyone if your child or anyone you know has this app please check everything like if they post videos check comments and messages one thing I also hate it that on there account it says what area they live in and phone number so please stay safe I do not recommend this app!

-   I love this apps like ‌   ​ 

    Hello Likee, This is a huge problem. Likee has been deleting accounts that are under the age of 14 or don’t look 14 I have a friend named Kamryn who is 14 but shes very small and hasn’t hit puberty yet and Likee deleted her account she is very sad because She has 4K on her account this is also a huge issue for other Likeeers please Likee can you fix this problem please  ‍     

- ‍Bombless  ‌    

 ​ This app is my favourite app, I couldn’t ask for better! You can chat to your friends in the comments and make humorous videos for everyone to see and laugh at! Just one thing that I would like to change... Could you make the videos upload faster? It would make likee improve WAY more! Thank you, Kiki      

- Important announcement for the developer

This is my fav social media so far and I think it’s better than tik tok so I am five this 5 rate for this year thank you so much for developing this media app and love the edit styles and login is nice and easy and sweet! I am so happy I got this app and there’s no problem it’s Just WONDERFUL so I decided I’ll keep this app forever Thank u Talya

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The game is about to load on my iPod and most the reviews have a point like with the option for using email but the one that thinks you’re copy Cat is pretty dumb if you ask me because you have different effects on this app anyway I hope this app is good for editing videos for YouTube...thanks for making this app⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- This is a pretty nice app

Sooo I’ve recently got banned from tiktok, and I found this, this is a total copy of tiktok which is great because it reminds me of tiktok and it feels like tiktok, this app makes me feel better😊 Oh also I feel like a lot of the comments are full of bots, because sometimes the comments don’t stick to the topic.

- ‌this is a amazing app   ‌   

 ‍You can maybe try to have some new face filters and different ar, and have some tutorials for some of the videos and how to make it the same a little bit and have different types of chat emojis and some more updates and more help tutorial and please more face filters‍‌ ‍  


At first I LOVED this app sooooooooooo much I was so addicted made so many videos because it has so many filters! But as soon as I got on the app I was texted by someone and they sent me a photo of themselves with no clothes on, and this app is great but I don’t think it’s ok that random people can send something like that and I’m 11 and I’m scared 😂 but seriously the app shouldn’t allow that! Apart from that little incident it has great filters

-  Very nice app    ‍  

   So I have had a lot of issues. 12 year olds have been banned. Four of my friends had their accounts deleted (and they aren’t 12). There is also some Likee’s that don’t get out on the “For You” page. Likee has been very unfair at times, I think we can all agree on that. Thanks.‌      ‍

-  Nice lovely  ​   

  ‌I like Likee because it gives you a good look at what social networking is. On the for you page there are some inappropriate things and people flag them but nothing happens to the video. The affects are really good but song choice there are a lot of cuss words and not good songs for people this age to hear.‍‍     

- Sorry.. but..

This app is incredibly dangerous. I am aware of the age requirement, but there are unsupervised children on this app who’s locations are being shared unknowingly. There has also been a huge amount of content theft, people on this app have been taking videos (mostly of cosplay) off Tiktok and re-uploading them as their own without permission. It’s affecting many people in the Cosplay community and other people in general. Thought I would let you know about these problems, thanks for reading this through!

- I love this app

LIKE doesn’t suit its name it should be called LOVE because I absolutely love it you can make your videos private if you don’t want people to see you or public and share them with the world I would definitely recommend getting this app it is so cool I always use it

-   i like is like so funtastic       

​   Likee deleted my account and my friends I loved Likee so I am trying to log in again and it won’t work I just want to have my fans and my account again I can’t bc of my age omg please I just want my account again Likee help! Likee I have tried everything   ‍    

-  nice and perfect app ‌   ‌‍

   ​Likee is a really fun app and you get to meet new and amazing people and you get to be vary creative and u get to see really funny people and u get to make fun and hilarious videos and if anyone is being mean to you on this app you can’t just report them so this app will be safe  ​   ‌

-  ‌I love this app??   ​‌ 

  ‍This app is just so amazing. Even if your a kid, still go ahead and use it. Because I’m a kid and I use the app. But I suggest if you use it when your 10 and older. But anyways, if Likee wasn’t a real thing, I would literally be crying right now This app is my life. I love this app‌  ‌ ‍‌

-   Not safe !   ​   

  I don’t like getting notifications when I go into the app saying we are going to delete all the videos you made before I was the correct age all the memory’s on the app from way before it was likee made me cry to think of   ‍  ‌​


This app is amazing and I love how we can text people with out having to use a phone number like tiktok I have grown a lot more than I ever have on tiktok because normally I have to wait like a few days for tik tok cause I live in a country that dosent really use that app tik tok so I really love this game 5 stars

-   this app is a great‍ ​​   

 ​ I really like Likee I’ve been on it for over a year it’s been one of my favorite things to do my moms grounded me 100 times from it so keep it up I really like it just kidding you’ll make it to where no more sounds that have bad words‍ ‌ ​  

- ​ This app is really cool! If someone deletes it, it won't be a big deal.     ‌

​ Best thing that happened to me, walked in from school have a nod to my dad and he knew it was time, time for me to fled the nest drop out of school and become the next Jake Paul on my mission for being the biggest likee star in town.       

- Meh

The app is okay. It just has a few things I (personally) don’t like or want included. I mostly want a feature where you can save it to your photos or something so we can use it on other apps. I also hope that you could record it horizontally and the effects go the same way instead of still vertically.

-   excellent app on this topic    ‌  

    Ok this is gonna be short but when I looked at my friends update her shakes were really bad and did not look like how they were before, I don’t wanna update it if it is like that. If you could fix that I would love it    ‍​‍

-  This app is very well  ‌ ‍ 

​ I like Likee but I can’t search I can’t use the song and I all I see are dumb videos that don’t help me use any and I can’t post a video from upload you better fix this or I will sue 500million$ fix it now ‍    

- Age policy on whom can open an account on Likee!

Honestly, I am also worried about seeing a lot off kids on Likee platform! I reckon the should be a policy about age restriction on children under 15years at least, please try to review this when possible. Thanks

- Dangerous App

This app is filled with people targeting young children. Do not install. You can not delete your account either without handing over personal information making you even more vulnerable Your response is lame. The fact that accounts cannot be deleted without ‘proof of identity’ is proof that this app is designed to endanger its users. Hopefully you will be shut down before someone gets hurt. I’ll just keep telling everyone to stay way.

-   Excellent Apps ‌‌ ‌ 

    Likee is the only purpose of life. I would appreciate if you can take all the f boys accounts down bc they just stare at the camera and think they r cute. Also tell the Likee thots to stop fishing for compliments. Also pls make my dream come true and make me famous. Edit:DELETE ELMO’S ACCOUNTThanksDelaney  ​ ‍ 

- It’s ok. But I need...

Is ok. I’ve read all the reviews and there all really good. So it seems like a good app but I can’t change anything on my profile and I can’t upload a public video. Because it said parental controls are on. But when I look it up to change it, nothing comes up. Please help cause I really want to use it.

- ‍this app is very cool and is really good than tik tok.     ‌

  This app is awesome wanna know how? Read moreSo this app is AMAZING 😉 but I wish people without 1,000 fans could go live because I only have 392 fans and I am really jealous that the people with 1,000 fans can… Hope you enjoyed 🐶       

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- Amazing!

This is so cool! JOJO Siwa sent me. Can you please add snap chat filters?! Thank you!

- How do I see myself on the leaderboard

How do I see myself on the leaderboard because I have more likes than others on the leaderboard and it has been 2 days thx and otherwise great app thx so much love you all btw I was so happy I got tenth on the board in Canada

- My videos stolen?

Hello, my name is ken. Known as thetrahycosplayer on tiktok. Im giving this a bad review due to the fact this app has stolen my tiktok videos. As a large tiktoker i feel upset that others claim to be me when they are clearly not. Fix this issue please.

- Likee is basically tiktok

This is a copy of tiktok

- People ruined it

It’s not likee but 2 people sent me nudes so I don’t recommend it I only had it for 10 minutes. I reported one of them but not the other person I deleted it cuz I panicked so ya

- Get it

Omg this is the best app in the world it’s so much fun me and my friends love making videos on it


most comments are bots everyone is a bot this app is filled with bots it should be called botee not likee. Therefore it gets a 1 star from me. BOTS THEY'RE EVERYWHERE TO MANY BOTS WAY TO MANY BOTS WHAT IF IM SECRETLY A BOT!

- Sexist app

This tik tok ripoff is a Sexist app, So there’s half naked people all over the app jumping around and etc and whenever I post a vid that I took of my girlfriend in a swimsuit it’s inappropriate yeah ok so I guess they body shame certain woman on here and allow others deleted the stupid app and enjoy a lawsuit soon I thought it’s 2020 and you aren’t supposed to body shame people!! Oh ps back don’t think you got the point of what I was saying or do you need bribe money to put up vids on your page can use it seems weird that users with no vids too have half a million followers oh and if you want 5 stars fix your app algorithms so I can post my vids like a normal app

- Stealing content

If I could rate this one star I would. I am a cosplayer on tiktok and my videos are being STOLEN from there and put onto this app. Disgusting. So many other creators’ content is being used for others’ gain. Get rid of this app.

- I’ll be uninstalling this from my kids device

There are little parental controls and most of her followers and comments are middle eastern bots or pedophiles. There should be a way to approve followers, or make profile private. To block or remove people is cumbersome and I’m sure that’s intentional.

- Stolen vids

OK so there’s this person a.k.a. a bot is it stolen my videos and I’m very sad because it was my favourite one and people get clout for that one video but not on my account and it’s getting really annoying and by the way I do not know the user but I start on the page and so I deleted the app but I’m very sorry it’s getting overwhelming now

- Dear likee

This app is not for kids there are old man saying there like 13 and asking little girls for nudes

- Literally the worst

It’s literally tiktok. The whole shooting area IS TIKTOK. damn be originalllll!!! Or at least give credits. Y’all just JEALOUS bc u can’t find anything original. Sucks lmao

- An app filled with child predators

this app is filled with a bunch of filthy pedophiles. A bunch of old men are commenting on MINORS BODIES. Not only that, the app lags so much and take away all my phone battery quickly. This app getting removed would make my year honestly

- Community

Stupid and toxic community

- On bannit pour rien

Je me suis fais bannir car Likee a sois disant évaluer que j’étais mineur alors que j’ai 20 ans😡😡😡😡

- I don’t even know

Well I’m 19 the app thinks I’m under age right when I got on they kicked me off saying I wasn’t old enuf lol

- it’s boring

the whole app is literally pedophiles and children doing inappropriate dances.

- Tiktok

This app just copied Tiktok and it is as old trends and stuff like that🤮don’t waste your time on Likee and go download Tiktok right now! Promise you’ll feel better with Tiktok!❤️

- Idk 'bout it.

It wanted me to follow random people when I just started and random vids showed up. It should have a thing where they ask you what you want to see, like on Pinterest.

- Welp

I am so sad I made a account and I was going to make a video and my account got deleted some how but when I was going to go on it it said it was cleaning and then I updated it and my account was gone everything gone please help I started a couple days ago and already had like 10 followers 😭😭

- I can't delete my account

I can't even delete my account cuz I have beans left like wth and how am I gonna spend it? And it's really dangerous. If you see this please let me delete my account!!! Ahhh i hate this app so much

- I don’t recommended....

I do not recommend because there’s persons that’s are horrible in the app and it’s litterly the worst and the people that comment on videos are different persons but they all say the same thing it’s like there robots also people are evil they tell you inappropriate things and kids shouldn’t have this app

- Amazing

I think it is the best I’m almost at 400 fans and people say Strangers can text you but that’s a lye❤️❤️❤️

- Annoyed

So uh my account 💜🦊Jax🦊💜 got parental controls when no one turned them on! May you please fix it for me 🥺 I am 12 yrs old

- Stolen Content

Rating 1 star because this app is filled with stolen content, including my own. I have a cosplay account and my videos are posted without credit or permission on multiple accounts on this app. This is disgusting.

- 🤮🤮

It's the Walmart version of TikTok

- ?

Hi- so a lot of weird people are on the app

- Can someone explain ...?

How do you even grow on this app? There is no goal and most videos that go viral aren’t good at all. Whats the concept? What is more likely to get boosted? We need clarity if you want your app to grow because it seems to be completely different than Tiktok

- 🤢🤮

This is the dollar store version of TikTok

- This is not a a hate but...

It’s like tickoc but “Grayson”got me into likee I like the app. Please send me a message on this.(ps I’m just a kid)

- Great

Great app

- Remove bots

Hi nice app but i feel like half everyone in the app arent real people all bots i see my comments bots my likes bots and it got annoying so I deleted it to fix ur app pls stop with these bots id rather have no one comment on my videos than these bots saying "wow i love this video🤩" or "awsome😍" if someone is gonna say that on my video i would like it to be a real person not a bot thank you

- Copy

Just a copy of TikTok seems like it.


Hi, I am one of ur big fans of LIKEE.

- Um-

Okay this app could be fun at times but other than that it’s trash! People are getting banned for no reason and it doesn’t even let us type In the word Tiktok WHEN ITS COPYING OFF OF IT!! Yeah ok I’m done with this app

- Hi

Fix the followers

- Eh

The new update is kinda weird

- Looking for the best developer

| no matter are you alone or belong to company>, then contact me,: aso880$,]Paid for developer, if you are a expert on development apps☭,⑤ we are ready to pay you for customize app②. Contact me at:① Whatsapp & Skype&Telegram&Wechat::∞+8615282351612 Or Facebook

- A,Ejo y “Ñ


- Why

Why did they took off some of the magic touch and magic

- Wow

This app is amazing

- I Love Likee!

I'm loving this app!! It is Wonderful!

- Likee is okay

Over all a good app. But I don’t like how my account is private and I don’t know how to change it. Good content on the app. The app can use a little bit of work with the private account thing. I kind of feel like your copying Tik Tok

- The best app you will ever have

Only one thing I had a favourite filter end it wasn’t letting my favourite it but either than that it’s good like really good. I recommend this if you don’t want to have Tic tok

- It’s a copie

Why DOeS LikEE cOpIED TIkTOk I DO nOt GeT It yoUt I*****

- Likee sucks

Can you please fix this one of drafts has been deleted even though I did it delete it so if you could fix this I would be happy thank you and I work so hard to do it and it gets deleted i’m a little annoyed because I’m having so much problems with this app.

- Le l’engage

Salut moi ses Zoé je suis français et je suis un peu la seule à parler français rejoins moi mais sinon Likee j’aime bien ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜



- Hacked account

When I use Likee someone follows a bunch of people that I didint follow please add protection.

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Likee - Let You Shine 3.67.1 Screenshots & Images

Likee - Let You Shine iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Likee - Let You Shine iphone images
Likee - Let You Shine iphone images
Likee - Let You Shine iphone images
Likee - Let You Shine iphone images
Likee - Let You Shine iphone images
Likee - Let You Shine iphone images
Likee - Let You Shine iphone images
Likee - Let You Shine iphone images

Likee - Let You Shine (Version 3.67.1) Install & Download

The applications Likee - Let You Shine was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-08-08 and was developed by BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. [Developer ID: 940017134]. This application file size is 298.43 MB. Likee - Let You Shine - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-06-22 current version is 3.67.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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