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This Young Living Essential Oils Reference Guide is the best reference guide in the Young Living essential oil space. It has all of the best information vetted from top sources, real oil users, doctors, physicians, and medical professionals!

- Extensive usage guide with hundreds of common conditions and their recommended oils each with their own detailed instructions on how to apply.

- Convenient smart search that allows you to search any issue or oil by name.

- All the latest oils offered by Young Living, we update our app constantly so you always have fresh information.

- Young Living Essential Oils Reference Guide also contains application instructions, including information about auricular internal body points, vita flex feet and hand charts, digestive tract, autonomic nervous system, and the nose and olfactory system.

- If you're not using Young Living products, this app is also for you! A lot of the information in this app is applicable to other brands of Essential Oils as well!

- Complete catalog of Young Living single oils!
- Complete catalog of Young Living blended oils!

This App is the go-to reference guide for personal and professional essential oil use. If you love essential oils than you will love this app!

If you’re enjoying our app we would love to hear from you in the review section!

Please note: This app contains general information but is not medical advice and should not be treated as such. Please consult with your doctor before starting any medical treatments.

Essential Oils - Young Living App Description & Overview

The applications Essential Oils - Young Living was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-06-22 and was developed by BitToast. The file size is 39.15 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Updated with new oils
- Added new recipes
- Enhanced usage guide and blended oils sections
- Bug fixes

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Essential Oils - Young Living Reviews


Young living app review  Jess060912  1 star

Every time I try to see what oils I could use for ADD, the app crashes. I only downloaded the app so I could maybe get some help for my sons ADD and it keeps crashing! 😫


Not impressed  ChrisDom42  1 star

Not as easy to use as other apps and nothing extra about it. I would prefer to get my money back and delete the app


Too many glitches  SajMay  3 star

I purchased the app and I like it. It’s a pleasant interface and resourceful information. I wish the recipes would have full text and not just partial. Most of the recipes are not usable since the steps are not finished.


Missing recipe pages  cs654  3 star

Many of the recipes are missing any page after the first. It’s disappointing not to have the entire recipe. Otherwise it provides a handy reference

Frances Lewis

doTERRA Oils App  Frances Lewis  1 star

This app does not provide what I thought it would


Horrible!  BeautifulBrady  1 star

App keeps closing every time I try to see the oils under any condition! A complete waste of my $7!


Kicks me out  Sammygrl04  1 star

Every time I try to see the oils it’s recommending the app just shuts down. What a waste of $6.99.


Search any issue - not really  LPY97  2 star

The reason I got this app was to search by issue. So far all the issues I search for are not in here. You also have to search in single oil or blend they are not together. There is no guide or reference or setting. Wasted $7.


App issues  nativemama83  4 star

This app was awesome until I tried to click on something to read about which oils to use for different ailments and it keeps crashing every time. How do I get this fixed or my money back?


Thought it would be easier to use  Soonerfan01  4 star

It’s okay... I thought it would provide more blends and diffuse options. Not worth the 6.99


Great App  Kiri2toes  4 star

Great app, easy to use Get rid of all that new age clap trap and then it will be perfect


Good, but could do more  Magogo61  3 star

I would love to be able to add recipes and other essential oils not listed here. Then it would to 5*


Keeps shutting down  rockyskinner  1 star

This app keeps shutting down on me while using it. How can I fix this. Starting to wish I didn’t spend the $$’s on it 😔


😡  LEOBEANNO  1 star

Seriously annoyed there is nothing in this app it’s empty how can I get a refund? First few reviews are great but scroll down for the truth. Very angry 😠

Gem 123455

Total waste of money  Gem 123455  1 star

App is totally empty how do I get my money back


Waste of money. No contents  TonnaBudge  1 star

I have attempted to download the app twice and as others have said it won't open any content. Everything is blank. Would like my money back.


It’s empty!!!!  TeamF*  1 star

Bought the app today and when I opened it!?!!! It’s empty!!! Scammer


Doesn't load  JazMars  1 star

Doesn't load properly most of the time, not linking to data.


DOES NOT WORK!  Jessaroo_77  1 star

Wish I had read the reviews before buying. Complete waste of money as the app has no content.

Robert S. Coombs

Does not work  Robert S. Coombs  1 star

Does not work! Someone needs to update it! I want my money back

Nancy J. Springer

Highly recommend  Nancy J. Springer  5 star

Great Young living essential oils reference guide with full of information on essential oils and blends for holistic healing. It was a great buy, chock full of information for natural healing. I would highly recommend this app to anyone wishing to use the holistic approach towards healing with essential oils.


Does not work!  Lp4hire  1 star

When I originally installed the app there was no data downloaded. Later there was data but only part of the data was available. This app needs to be removed until it is repaired.


Love the app .. but doesn't always work!  JKHKMKHK  2 star

I would of given it 5 stars, but all doesn't always work. right not it just spins when trying to look up a oil. help! please fix!


Macgaulyver  Macgaulyver  1 star

Worked wonderfully for the first week, and now it won't load. I'm connected to the internet as suggested by the developers, and still it just acts like it loading, and then nothing. Great potential ending in disappointment.


Major fail  ChickenWing  1 star

App was great until it stopped working. Information no longer loads, just the oils that I saved as mine. What a waste. Deleted and downloaded again, still a dud.


Help  chousey  1 star

I downloaded this app. Used it for a few days and now O can not get it to open at all


Dissatisfaction  ShannVic  1 star

I recently downloaded the app after reading decent reviews. It was to my disappointment that nothing in the app pulls up or works correctly. I even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and things still didn’t register. My phone is up to date with the current software, so it wasn’t an issue on my end. A complete waste of my time and money.


Not a happy camper...  maboyer  1 star

Got this app a few days ago and was only able to access it that day... since then it shows to be refreshing but won’t actually open the single oil or blending oils... there’s no place to request help... contact anyone or anything. I feel like I just wasted $6.99. I hope I’m wrong and there’s just a glitch. I most definitely will leave a good review if/when it actually works. 😏


Essential oils reference guide for young living  Birdwiz55  1 star

The is nothing on each section I choose except lines and a search section on top. I would like a refund as this is not working at all.


No panaway  leisurelyles  3 star

Love the app very complete but wheres Panaway??

Essential Oils - Young Living Comments

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