Mirror for Samsung TV

Mirror for Samsung TV download

Application to mirror the screen of your iPhone or iPad to any Samsung Smart TV. No wires and no additional hardware needed! You can mirror any app on your iPhone or iPad to your Samsung TV.

To mirror video as well as audio, please make sure that you start mirroring when you are in the app (Photos, YouTube, Facebook etc.) that you want to mirror to your TV.

This works on any Samsung Smart TV from the 2012 models onward. Which model year do you have? You can see that by looking at the middle letter in your model type (on the back of your Samsung TV).

E = 2012
F = 2013
H = 2014
J = 2015
K = 2016
M = 2017
N = 2018
R = 2019
Q = QLED (also supported)

For instance:

UE55_E_S8000 = 2012.
UE78_H_U8500L = 2014.

In using the app, there will be a couple of seconds of latency (usually between 1 and 3). So this mirroring is not suitable for gaming.

However, it is very suitable for watching movies, giving presentations, watching photos, and much more!

How the app works:

1. Make sure that your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same local network as your Samsung TV. Don't use multiple VLANs or subnets.

2. Launch the Mirror for Samsung TV app. It will start looking for your Samsung TV(s) on your local network. When a TV is found, please select it. When you use this app for the first time, depending on your model Samsung TV, the TV might ask you to "allow" the connection. In that case, take your TV Remote Control and press OK to allow the connection from your TV to your iPhone or iPad.

3. Turn on notifications for this app. We will not spam you, but we will use this to let you know if your TV is working correctly or not. So please, please allow it, otherwise when things don't work as they should, you are left in the dark.

4. Click on Start Mirroring to start mirroring on the TV that is currently selected. After that, you can just go to any other app on your iPhone or iPad and the mirroring just continues to run.

5. To stop mirroring, there are two options. (1) click on the red top bar that you will see on your iPhone or iPad. (2) Go to the Mirror for Samsung TV app and click on Stop Mirroring.

Limitations and known issues:
Some apps don't allow screen mirroring. For instance Netflix: when you start screen mirroring when running the Netflix app on your iPhone or iPad, the TV screen will turn black. This is a choice that Netflix made, there is nothing that we can do about that.

If you have questions or would like to provide feedback, please send us an e-mail or chat with us on our Facebook page.

What our users are saying:

"Amazing" - 5 STARS - by Pmanswah
At first I thought it was going to trash then saw the reviews and thought they were bots.I bought the app and used it and it worked perfectly perfect sound and audio this app is a match made in heaven for me.

"It Works!" - 5 STARS - by cutters60
At first had trouble setting it up, but after following the video guide to set it up, “Bingo” it works a treat. Also their support is brilliant, they responded in less than an hour of the query I emailed to them.

"Wonderful app!" - 5 STARS - by Alice Pheng
I was having problem connect my IPhone to my Samsung TV and so impress of the support team . They provide effective solution and I got it done in front mins. Try this very good app! Hope you like it too.

When you like the app, please don't forget to give it a positive rating! Thanks in advance from the AirBeamTV development team!

Please give us feedback by mailing to [email protected]

Mirror for Samsung TV App Description & Overview

The applications Mirror for Samsung TV was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-10-10 and was developed by AirBeamTV BV. This application file size is 177.53 MB. Mirror for Samsung TV current version is 3.3.8 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

- Fixes an issue with Dark Mode

Mirror for Samsung TV App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Mirror for Samsung TV Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Reignydaze   1 star

Sort of works, but not really.... Lots of lag, and can’t screen games or any video apps, but I can see my home screen. Not worth $5, but it is what it is.

whogivesasquat   1 star

Don’t waste your time or money. Doesn’t work for more than a few seconds. Not worth the money.

maitai617   1 star

DO NOT PURCHASE!!!! WASTE OF MONEY!. It doesn’t work! At all! I tried absolutely everything and the image still doesn’t show up on the tv. I have reached the developer and asked for money back and all I got in response was the same answer everyone else has gotten to their different problems. Seems all they’re doing is copying and pasting their response. I doubt they’re even looking into returning people’s money or even fixing the actual problems with the app. Don’t give these scammers your money. Go buy a delicious cup of coffee instead. My original request is below. I just purchased this app today and it won’t work. The sound works just fine on my Samsung tv but there is no image on the screen. I have tried everything. I am using the latest IOS version on my iPhone and the phone is very close to the tv so I don’t understand what the problem is. I would like my money back please. Thank you!

Poptart102"   1 star

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! SCAM!!!. I paid for this app and it never worked. Contacted support who reacted rather quickly. He then asked for all kinds of information. None of his suggestions worked at all. He then informs me on how to get a refund with a link on what to say and not to say to get apple to refund my money. And the very worst part of all is ever since I gave him my IP address, my internet has failed to work properly. Do Not Download this app

jjupitr   5 star

Thank you!. Works perfectly for streaming my fitness app. 😊👍

Unicornchild   1 star

Junk. I purchased, opened, selected my tv and nothing. Reloading just gives me a question mark. No help or other info.

mishi2x   1 star

Does not work with Disney+. Got this so I can watch Disney+ on my TV and it doesn’t work. Both screens are blacked out. Only audio works.

ScsiGuy1   2 star

It works, kind of. It works but video is delayed by several seconds, and audio is out of sync with the video. Annoying.

es5446754   1 star

Doesn’t work with Disney+. Screen is black and all you can hear is audio. Would like my money back. That was the only reason I purchased this. Should have read the recent reviews.

Mrspaugh   1 star

Doesn’t work. Doesn’t work with Apple or Disney+. Complete waste of money.

bucsfan1900   1 star

Doesn’t work with everything. I paid for this and it will work for everything except the reason I got it. The Disney plus . I can hear it but it won’t show up on my TV.

DestroyerX10R   2 star

Can I get my money back. I just accidentally bought this app just right now please give me my money back please I thought it was free I didn’t look at the price and I bought it please

Baby ace88888888   1 star

Does not work. I tired watching something on my tv threw my phone and it was pitch black all you can hear is then talking:(

dpsmea   1 star

Doesn’t work w Disney plus. Audio only goes to phone. Video doesn’t show up.

Scott16532   4 star

Easy to use but not for Disney plus. Response was fast from the support team at 11:30pm no less. I tried three or four other programs but none would connect to my 2013 model Samsung tv. This program connected easily. YouTube mirror streamed easily, games, photos, but Disney plus blocked it just showing a black screen as of 11-15-19.

brown454877   1 star

Trash. This is trash... literally I hate I spent my money on this worthless trash

jacobo galvan   3 star

App works but slow. i got this app to watch movies but its so slow and my phone isn't the same as the screen sound was also off by a couple seconds but didn't fit with the movie

ratman1313   1 star

Don’t waste your $. Would mirror but as soon as I tried playing a movie both iPad or iPhone’s would go blank same for my TV. Very disappointed. Save your 5 bucks.

Jessbeavers09   3 star

Didn’t work for what I needed. I bought the new Disney plus app and wanted to use this to watch movies from my iPhone to our Samsung Tv. It works up until it’s time to play a movie the goes black. You get the sound from the movie but no picture. I was hoping this was going to work for me but it didn’t.

Xxxxxxxkwiwndocjsnen   1 star

Black screen. Just downloaded, looks like fix is not working. Black screen only, it says playing and I hear talking but nothing on screen. 😹

Pacman239   1 star

App not working. Just download this app and it’s not showing anything on my Samsung tv. The screen is just pitch black when I’m trying to watch movies or show.

Bigtittiebop   2 star

Works until movie plays. The app works perfectly fine up until I press play. The move plays but is stuck on a loading screen. I purchased this app specifically to mirror Disney + app from my phone.

jb233367   2 star

Doesn’t work with Disney +. That’s it. Plain and simple. Waste of $5.

mmkas   5 star

5. I give 5 start really good program but sametimes i have bugged Connet tv

Lstep58   1 star

Horrible app if live streaming. You are not to mirror anything that is LIVE

RBlank   1 star

This app is trash.. Downloaded this to cast amazon prime and other apps but it only plays audio video freezes and never plays. Zero stars but they made rate at least one star.

Hamlet Javier   1 star

Waste of money. Doesn’t really work for video streaming. Delay. Audio fine. Video freezes.

fuckyounick am   1 star

Doesn’t work for appple tv. Which is only reason I wanted to buy. Wish you could return apps! Oh well...

PapaSrb   1 star

Terrible. Don’t waste your money!!!!!!!!!!!

Sexy clasher.........   1 star

Waste of $5. Doesn’t work...don’t waste your time or money.

Advertorial    5 star

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mh lubcjf LoL g   1 star


darby 1986   2 star

Does not work with Disney +. It works ok with around a 30 second delay but does not work with Disney+ so in my case it was a waste of money

anthons1   5 star

So far so good. Most consistent mirroring app I have tried including Samsung smart app.

lorajeon   1 star

Don’t buy. Did not work AT ALL

Lesoldier   3 star

IT LAGS. I gave 3 cause it doesn't react at same time .. it lags

hvatcde   5 star

Like it,. The app is good. I had problems at the beginning but the support team are awesome and quick. My problem was easily fixed with their help.

rdangel7   1 star

Doesn’t work don’t buy it!. I purchased it because the model of my tv matches their list of supported units, but didn’t work at all, complete waste of money... total rip-off, now I’m out money that I will never get back.

tastem   1 star

Doesn’t work.. I have a brand new iPhone 11 Pro, I have a 4K Samsung smart TV that I bought in 2015. This app works on my Mac but it won’t work on my iphone. I’ve tried everything, changing wifi, turning phone and tv both completely off and resetting, even tried resetting the router. Nothing works, spent over an hour trying. Wasted $7. Don’t buy.

Zeeeeeeee1000   4 star

Good. Good but there is a lag.

974278732   1 star

Very laggy. Just use AirPlay

tuyhijn   1 star

Insatisfaite. L’app ne fonctionne pas bien j’ai écrit deux fois à l’équipe responsable et j’ai eu aucun retour j’aimerais ravoir mon argent. Ne dépenser pas pour cela.

Jet set 333   3 star

Mirrors broad cast. This app works. I had no problem getting it to broadcast Britbox movies to my Samsung tv. The only problems I encountered was the delay of the ipad screen and the tv which resulted in the sound track echo. Since the only way to control the sound volume was by the ipad. The ipad could not be muted so I had to put earphones in the jack and turn the volume on high so I could hear the soundtrack

Vadik Bach   4 star

Works OK for photos and videos. I bought this app primarily to share photos & videos from phone to TV. Based on all the negative reviews I was convinced it wasn’t going to work but was pleasantly surprised to discover otherwise. App is super easy to use and works OK. My only complaints are around the 5 sec latency and the degraded colours tho these may have more to do with the interface/protocol than the app itself.

DonVesga   1 star

Doesnt work. It does not even work . I would like my money back!!!

Trip countdown   5 star

Amazing!. The app is great, so user friendly! 5 Star all the way!

Thejesh lovely muah   1 star

Horrible. I got this app today and when I try to mirror my iPhone.... it keep stoping the mirroring and asking me tonstope screen recording..... Complete waste of Money

KimPClarke   4 star

This works very well.. I’ve used the Samsung version a few times and it works very well.

chcoboooo   2 star

Everything works except one. Connects well and easily and the lag is manageable but video visuals doesn’t get mirrored; the picture just gets stalled. Everything else works fine but primary objective of many people who download this app is probably to watch video, so I cannot give any more stars than 2.

Cmb887   5 star

Works great. I use this app to mirror UFC Fight pass onto my tv. There is a couple of seconds delay from what’s on your phone to what’s on the tv, but other than that it works amazing. Definitely worth it 👍

Presto user 10000000   1 star

Not able to stream video. I was not able to mirror video from DAZN app... it just mirrored the sound... disappointed ... $7 to the garbage

faschifoalcazzo   1 star

This app sucks!. It never worked from day 1

Rasta shaun   1 star

Scam does not fricken work. Dosnt work at all just lists all the technical problems that I may have to fix myself

RoshanBadri   1 star

Doesn’t work with a U6950 Samsung smart TV. Doesn’t work even with the same network.

shurix11   1 star

Does not find my Samsung Q7. I’d like a refund because this app is a waste of money

billyboot176   1 star

Didn’t work. Waste of money. Downloaded the App to stream from phone to smart tv. Never worked. Kept saying incompatible despite my tv falling under the correct year and model to run with the app. Was not compatible at all. Never worked once. Would like a refund.

lash4013   2 star

Cuts out. I am running 5g. 10 ft from wifi. Keeps cutting out while playing itunes tv show

K4Kaos   1 star

Want my money back. This app is horribly laggy and doesn’t work very well. Cuts out most of the time. I bought the app with an iTunes gift card and I want to know if i can get a refund

woeiei   1 star

Did not work. Waste of time & energy. This should be simple to use.

blablablanalbalabla   1 star

This app is useless. If you enjoy watching it with a delay on sound then this is for you! It’s like watching a King Kong movie from the 70’s. Contacted admin... they refused to refund. GARBAGE

ashik123456   1 star

Doesn’t work! Rip-off. The app doesn’t work with iOS. Should get refund!

Advertorial    5 star

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pushpinder04   1 star

Waste of money. It is useless application, please everyone don’t buy it.

Mixwhatdisco   1 star

Absolute waste of money. Never left a review in my life but felt I needed to on this one. Purchased to specifically stream NBA League Pass from my phone onto Samsung tv. Can’t even load video, only sound comes through. Extremely disappointed and feel like I’ve just wasted money as I will not use it for any other reason. App will be deleted. Honestly feels like I’ve just been robbed. Do not purchase if wanting to mirror sports from your phone apps.

Insgreat   5 star

Great app and service. No trouble with connection and setting up with Samsung TV. It is just unfortunate that I can’t mirror the video I want from the app TVB Anywhere because TVB has blocked mirroring. Response and support from Mirror SAmsung TV developer was almost immediate.

Rodman9191   1 star

Can’t mirror my nba game time, will only mirror sound....wasted $8. I can’t mirror my NBA game time games.....will only mirror sound....what gives??

emiauciello____   5 star

AMAZING. Best app ever works so easy a good use pricy but worth it

kimnbffgvdd   1 star

Doesn’t work. App doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money.

akn30   1 star

Don’t. Don’t waste your money please

jaydiggily   2 star

Description misleading. The description says it can mirror any app to your tv. I installed it and Netflix does not work. I came back and read more of the description to find Netflix doesn’t work. Therefore it does not mirror any app. Therefore the description is misleading.

keeks33   5 star

Kiki c. Great quality

yjLsfekagskqbscvs   5 star

Great app, worth spending!!. I have tried many mirroring application even paid for them but non of them could provide better services! Some have long time lapse and some just don’t work! However this application actually works great with a minimal time gap! I Can watch video(with sound) in tv through uc browser! Hope u guys will fix the problem of video with sound in other browsers as well! Customer service is great and very fast in responding! Not much hassle to use this app as it provides step by step guidelines! Great apps love it

col1235   1 star

Worst app ever. Extremely poor quality can’t believe I paid money for it.. Worst app ever. Extremely poor quality can’t believe I paid money for it.

Shalendrashika1979   1 star

Does not work. I downloaded the app and it will not work. What a waste of money. I would appreciate money back.

Hshcbfh   1 star

Frustrating. Tried everything I can think of and the app keeps dropping out. Very unstable to the point that it’s too frustrating to use. The Samsung TV is new my app is updated so basically it’s a dud as far as I can see. Dave from Australia

Fast_Farmer   1 star

No sound on Samsung. They tell you to use dolphin browser to fix sound issue. That doesn’t work either This app doesn’t work! Don’t buy!!!

kaysie pickle   5 star

Kaysie. Great!

Carsonbruh   5 star

Best App!!. Definitely the best app I’ve come across so far, well worth the $$, As for the customer support crew, they responded quicker then I anticipated and helped me through it easily!!

mojo84   1 star

Totally useless. Don’t waste your money, simply does not work. It would not mirror a single thing to my Samsung TV.

AussieGirl88   1 star

Don’t waste your money. After following all the instructions in the app, it wouldn’t work on my Samsung, so I tried all the troubleshooting instructions, including changes to my wifi modem. Still no luck. Don’t waste your money by downloading this - it doesn’t seem like much money, but when you’re on one income, it’s a total waste.

Noboady   1 star

Free apps are better. Unfortunately big waste of money... streams with no audio ... audio lag makes watching anything a waste of time ... do not buy

Carolrothwell   5 star

Great Product. We have no trouble with this product at all. So easy to use. Takes seconds to open Mirror Imaging and the streaming that we want to view on the TV. We use it for our grandkids soccer games that the club stream through Facebook. LOVE THIS product.

amanda82j   5 star

Great app but not trick to mirror streaming. As above. The app does tell you in their detail but just wanted to highlight it for others. Aside from that, super easy to use!

victory2faith   1 star

Didn’t do what it says it would. Could not get it to be work - not worth paying for

ndvrsjy   1 star

Not working. Bought the app, for it not to work properly. Big delay between phone and tv, no sound through Tv only phone, cannot watch like this

Grichael55   1 star

No sound. Doesn’t support sound from safari and wants me to download another browser. Why don’t they simply fix the issue with safari

Obstacle4   1 star

Limited use. Good for showing photos on the tv screen... and that’s about it. Not a chromecast equivalent for Samsung, not even close. Problems include: - Lag... try 30 seconds - Can’t be connected to tv network and 4G at same time - Can’t use many apps (Netflix, Stan, hayu, etc.)

Pmouse69   5 star

Works well and great support. I downloaded to mirror an exercise app from my iPhone. I had some difficulty in keeping the connection in place and sent off the diagnostics as suggested. My query was answered almost immediately and fixed the problem which was operator error, as I was trying to mirror from the tv as well as the phone, when it just needs to be set to tv. There’s a delay between the phone and the tv, but muting the phone gets around that problem. It’s been working really well.

JackAlmon   1 star

Unusable. This app is too slow to be of any use

travis buckley   5 star

Easy to use. ThiS app just works

moz18   1 star

Doesn’t work with AFL live. Shame about that

gjfhlkssgdkldsh523795293   1 star

Did not work. Did not work

cnrober   1 star

Does not work. App will not find my 2017 Samsung TV, they are both connected to the same WiFi, I’ve disconnected and reconnected both of them, still not found. Wish I could have my money back.

CO_whatevs   1 star

Worked Once.... TV works fine on WiFi for Netflix, etc. Obviously phone works fine on WiFi . No, I won’t reboot my wifi nodes every time your app doesn’t work!

RefinedChaos   1 star

Won’t work for video. The connection is so slow and some type of replay after “recording everything on your screen” so it won’t work for video play. Plus I’d rather not record everything I play.

VM8a   2 star

Almost worked but it didn’t.. Tried watching hbo go on while using this app but it only played the audio and the video didn’t go through.

Thisgirl1234   2 star

Kinda works sometimes. I purchased the app a couple of weeks ago and it worked well the first couple of times I used it to stream shows from my phone to my tv. Since then, it seems like the delays are significantly longer and the sound is even more delayed than the picture. I frequently get the “buffering” symbol on my tv screen while the app is still streaming fine on my phone, which is very frustrating. I’ve tried resetting my router, contacting Samsung support, and also checked with my internet provider to try and resolve the issues without luck. Also, I can’t find a way to mute the sound coming from my phone, so I have to turn my phone volume one notch above mute and the tv volume waaaay up to hear it. I was so happy that it worked well at first but now it’s just annoying to try to use it.

Nikita!   1 star

Garbage. Waste of money. Deleted it 3 mins after download. Works if you want your phone presented on your tv with a lagging pixelated image followed by a 1 - 2 second sound delay from tv and phone which also cannot be silenced.

Stay oh   2 star

Stops working after about 20 mins. Always. It stops working and won’t find my tv anymore after about 20mins. My tv is still online but app just won’t find it anymore and refresh does nothing.

Darkfang92   4 star

Works. It’s has a delay, which is understandable, and customer support is very helpful

Bebe12016   1 star

Waste. I paid for this so I expected it to work. It does not. It force closes. It’s really slow and the movies/videos will not play. They’ll be playing on my phone but not even loaded on the screen. I want my money back.

JimmyJones99   1 star

Does not work.. Bought this without reading the reviews. My bad. I have a Samsung Q series TV. I followed all the directions. My tv is on the same network etc. it just does not work. It won’t show my tv in the list. Didn’t see the list of tv’s it supports until after I bought the app.

Delusions are grand   5 star

Works great!. I really love this app. Gets the job done

oiuytgbnjh   5 star

No problems. Has worked well since I downloaded. I read a few complaints about lag between device and tv. Big deal, turn your I-pad volume off or mute.

brady151515   2 star

No audio. Audio doesn’t work even go to the dolphin web browser like it said to use for audios and still doesn’t work. It’s the only web browser you can use for audio that is says. Waste of 5$ already deleted the app

2lms3d   1 star

0 STARS. Don’t deserve the money and I can’t get a refund “0 STARS”

Count Bubba1   1 star

IOS 13.1 and No Audio. Just downloaded app, it won’t run audio even though I have IOS 13. After reading so many negative reviews, I have ZERO interest in troubleshooting and just want my money back.

B1GDOG1991   5 star

iPhone 11. This app works perfect and I am very happy with it

Saphirej26   1 star

Boo. Downloaded app doesn’t work at all with my iPhone/ tv wasted 5 bucks 🙁

Dell's Belle   1 star

Doesn’t work. I downloaded this app to be able to watch shows or movies from my phone and it has not worked once and I have tried it on multiple apps. How can I get a refund?

Chfdsj   1 star

what. what an awful app. please just take the app away and give me my money back jesus christ.

appisterriblestayaway   1 star

Don’t buy this app!!!. I got this App in an attempt to watch the nfl. After three hours with customer support The App still did not work. They told me too bad.

ihwowta7   2 star

Frustrating!. Takes more time to mess with reconnecting the app and waiting for it to load than the workout. Extremely frustrating!

celesteher920   1 star

It’s terrible.. I don’t have WiFi so it just doesn’t work I just want my money back it should at least have gave me a free trial.improve that problem because I have unlimited data on my phone so I don’t understand why it didn’t let me connect.i was just wanted to see a movie but I can’t connect to my tv.I have Downloaded two of your apps already and both did not work.

ccore13   1 star

Seems like a scam. My tv won’t even show up on the list. I’ve tried every trouble shooting option. Please refund my account. I bought this only a couple min ago.

APPComputer2019   1 star

mirror with no sound. Stupid app. allows you to mirror to TV but does have audio when using Apple IOS or Chrome. It forces you to load another browser. This is ridiculous.

Jude 3isa   1 star

I want a REFUND I hate it. It’s late and keeps showing loading symbol and I got tired of waiting not good for iPhone iOS and not good for iPadOS I DONT recommend

miniu66   5 star

Minou66. Awesome

Jaredl0216   1 star

I’m broke. I do not have WiFi at my house, and I really want to mirror my ipad, so I bought this app thinking you don’t need WiFi, but you do, can I please get a refund?

DAm123123   5 star

Helpful. Very good app for mirroring &easy to use , fantastic 👌🏼

Hjkinney   1 star

Stopped working after two weeks!. Not happy!

Music Hen   5 star

Easy to use!. I’d tried multiple ways of showing my vision impaired mother pictures from my devices... this one works! Simple steps get you set up and ready to display anything from your phone on the big Samsung screen. This app is so appreciated by my family.

litllekittycat123   1 star

Can I get my money refund. It is not really work. My is 58H model, it is doesn’t connected

Rjlthcuh   1 star

Waste of money. If I would have known how poor this app was I would have saved myself the $7.

Tarminyatur   1 star

Limited use, not worth the price. Audio issues with safari (which are documented, fair enough), audio playing on device and TV, lag between device and TV. Premium price should provide premium features which is not the case here. If you are looking to AirPlay on your Samsung TV, this is not your solution.

terototo   1 star

Don’t buy!. La pire application. Arnaque! It’s a scam, don’t buy!

kikoanis   1 star

Useless and waste of money. Do not even try to purchase. It is a piece of garbage and does not work the way you want. So lower your expectations and connect using cables.

Saintlycricket   1 star

Doesn’t work for apple movies. Bought this so I could stream my purchased apple movies to my tv, unfortunately it looks like apple has protected all those videos (not only Netflix like the ad states) so they won’t work via this app. You pretty much need to get an Apple TV to watch those movies. App is a little sluggish for home made camera videos but seems to work once it’s going.

Comsucorp   1 star

Useless!!! Don’t waste your money. Useless!!! Don’t waste your money. How I can get refund??

Suterdeltoro   1 star

Does not work. Crashes every few minutes when streaming video.

jimmy geo   2 star

Pretty useless. I don’t know if it’s just what mirroring is supposed to be like or if it’s a problem with the app or with my hardware but this is not worth it. Extremely laggy, like ten seconds delay, super low resolution image on the tv. Totally useless to me.

kelded   1 star

Brutal. Horrible app. Do not buy worst $7 I have ever spent.

Tatiana H   1 star

No sound and video is mirroring with huge delays. Very slow mirroring....is there a way to improve? No sound is coming from TV as well. It stays on my IPad

mlzatnza   1 star

Trash. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS AND SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!! you charge $7 for an app that cant even mirror audio? Delete this app and refund us our money if you’re not willing to improve based on the feedback.

Picto player   5 star

Amazing app!. We don’t have cable but we stream a lot of TV shows and live sporting events. This app has allowed us to do that seamlessly. The customer service is excellent. At one point we couldn’t get the sound to go through the TV from our iPhone. We just followed the link on the app to talk to someone via Facebook messenger and they responded in seconds. We easily downloaded a new browser and it worked instantly. Highly recommend!!

chrispdownunder   1 star

Doesn’t work. I bought the whole pack and have still not been able to connect to any TV Would love a refund if this doesn’t work and is a scam. I just want to be able to mirror properly and watch things live from my phone to TV with sound. I have not even been able to get the image on screen

Didierbene   1 star

Not a good app. Yes , this app is not good at all . Doesn’t synchronize properly or just for a few seconds

Jo21_555   1 star

Mirror from iPhone to Samsung tv. Complete junk. Do Not waste your money. Most unfriendly user app I have ever used. Complete rip off

Mia_Carey_12   1 star

?. I cannot get mine to connect to my TV

jacq1721   1 star

Terrible. App is terrible. No videos play. Normal screen works then as soon as you play a video black screen.

IncisiveOne   1 star

Garbage. I'm in IT so this is not my problem. iPhone X to a 6300 series Samsung TV. Very laggy and choppy. I don't mind the delay but I don't want little snapshots every couple of seconds. Lots of RAM for buffering, lots of disk space for buffering, restarted the phone even. Network is an oc2 with nobody on it except me because this is my business. Too much bulkiness in the packet headers increasing data movement that makes this a poor implementation. I wish I could have a refund.

Mewmewcatmewow   2 star

No sound. Wanted to watch live sports. No sound.

todd aki   1 star

Ne fonctionne pas. Demande d’ouvrir l’application enregistrement, ce qui est fait mais rien ne fonctionne. Je demande un remboursement ce qui semble difficile.

Mv2909   1 star

Doesn’t want to play movies. Whenever I watch a Netflix movie it drops the network connection. If not watching a movie it stays connected.

Pangret   1 star

Doesn’t work. Don’t buy. Streaming doesn’t work

uugdiuiygdguyidyiugd   1 star

Always disconnects very unstable. Can I get a refund please

lard101010101   1 star

Terrible. Terrible. Do not buy.

ricard7777   1 star

Does not work. Tried to use it with the TSN app. It said video not supported. Never got it to work. Would like my money back please!

young1!   1 star

Very confusing/ no sound. I couldn’t figure this out. I was eventually able to mirror the picture, but never got any sound. I saw the previous feedback, but that didn’t help me get the sound working on my tv.

ftisi1988   1 star

Missing information - not impressed. I’m just disappointed I did my homework read reviews , blog write ups ,YouTube videos and finally decided to download this ap. It should be clear in one of those places you require the same wifi connection to use . Very frustrated and huge waste of money don’t bother .

pokjtdwe   1 star

Pathetic. This app is useless. I would appreciate if i can get my money back. Screen cast stops in between. Recoder hangs as well. Does not respond to tap. Total scam

philbrown17   1 star

Doesn’t work. Useless app doesn’t work

Babdy   3 star

Apps ok but does have limits. Yes an awesome app for mirroring iPhone screen but that’s as far as it goes. I will probably only get my moneys worth casting music apps such as Spotify to my home entertainment system. It is better than the Audiocast I have been using. If Netflix/ video apps could mirror would be awesome and would probably pay more for it

Leeeeee987654321   1 star

Do not buy this app. This app has only worked a handful of times. Support tells me to unplug everything and restart everything. So I have to do that every time I want to use it? Really? -1 stars.

SegMac762   1 star

No WiFi. No mirror!. The app description failed to tell you that you needed a wifi environment to make this work until after it had been purchased. I’ve just bought this for nothing! Edited post developer comment: Even when my iphone was connected to the same network as the Samsung TV the App failed to work as described. Still disappointed. And after spending an hour trying to get it to connect I gave up.

renie.1989   1 star

Don’t waste your money. This app does not work

wantedtowatchashow   1 star

Doesn’t do anything TV can already do. Wanted this for getting itunes off phone onto TV - doesn’t work. Does work for Youtube, but TV can do that all by itself. Not worth $7.99

Flanger danger   4 star

Neknonrev. App does work but as manufacturers of the app say it doesn’t work for all apps. This is not their fault some apps like Netflix do not allow it. Excellent app support any day any time.

Keefymonster   1 star

Don’t waste your money. Doesn’t work on my Samsung tv. I’ve spent an hour trying to get to any page I can request a refund. Save yourself the hassle! Oh, and the only way you can leave a message is to rate the app. ZERO STARS

Anhfgjvhh   3 star

Good !. This is an honest oppinionIt is good but wish there was not a delay of 2-3 seconds after actioning on the phone and then the delay on the TV. Sort of ruin the whole customer experience. Wish something could be done for this, then would increase the star rating even more

Othello's88   1 star

Scam. Scam

Gogogaaadget69   1 star

Waste of money!. Does not work! It plays the demo video on my TV but won’t do anything else. The screen record button just records to my camera roll. It does not stream to my TV. Waste of my money! >:(

Tech Dude   1 star

Don't waste your money. This isn't what it's portrayed to be. It doesn't mirror. It merely records then replays the image or video with considerable delay and continually crashes. Absolutely useless.

pet3r   5 star

Brilliant support!. I am 74 and not an expert in computer technology. I had some difficulty in setting up this app. The support team were very patient and finally solved all my problems. I strongly recommend them to all who want to connect an iPhone to Samsung Smart TV. Peter Coombe, Qld, Australia

AndreaLouise92   1 star

Useless. This app was a waste of money and didn’t work for the app I needed it for. Would like a refund.

Z-MAn1006   1 star

Waste of money. Totally useless, waste of time & money. More worried about the 45mins I’ve lost - will they compensate me for ripping off consumers?

Lockyd   2 star

Goes ok, but it’s 2018. Hi, app seems to work, but let’s get with the times, my tv is a 2018 model and iPhone X.... these days with the tech coming out, there should be absolute no delay with this sort of application... think outside the box dev’s

Noman Chowdhury babu   1 star

Didn’t work on netflix. Doesn’t workout my needs.. sorry to asking you my refund please..

Zxkuqyb70   4 star

usefullnes depends on ur need. app suffers from remote hardware issue at TV end (ie: not app developers fault). nothing wrong with the app per se, just depends on what you want to use mirroring for. hence my review excessively harsh their response also excellent, thx team (:

Blck Scrn   1 star

Does not work with a lot of apps. Most apps dont allow to mirror content on tv and screen just goes black. Not useful for me. Can I get a refund?

Silingginiling   1 star

Doesnt work. Doesnt work.

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