Mirror for Samsung TV

Mirror for Samsung TV [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Application to mirror the screen of your iPhone or iPad to any Samsung Smart TV. No wires and no additional hardware needed! You can mirror any app on your iPhone or iPad to your Samsung TV.

To mirror video as well as audio, please make sure that you start mirroring when you are in the app (Photos, YouTube, Facebook etc.) that you want to mirror to your TV.

This works on any Samsung Smart TV from the 2012 models onward. Which model year do you have? You can see that by looking at the middle letter in your model type (on the back of your Samsung TV).

E = 2012
F = 2013
H = 2014
J = 2015
K = 2016
M = 2017
N = 2018
R = 2019
T = 2020
Q = QLED (also supported)

For instance:

UE55_E_S8000 = 2012.
UE78_H_U8500L = 2014.

In using the app, there will be a couple of seconds of latency (usually between 1 and 3). So this mirroring is not suitable for gaming.

However, it is very suitable for watching movies, giving presentations, watching photos, and much more!

How the app works:

1. Make sure that your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same local network as your Samsung TV. Don't use multiple VLANs or subnets.

2. Launch the Mirror for Samsung TV app. It will start looking for your Samsung TV(s) on your local network. When a TV is found, please select it. When you use this app for the first time, depending on your model Samsung TV, the TV might ask you to "allow" the connection. In that case, take your TV Remote Control and press OK to allow the connection from your TV to your iPhone or iPad.

3. Turn on notifications for this app. We will not spam you, but we will use this to let you know if your TV is working correctly or not. So please, please allow it, otherwise when things don't work as they should, you are left in the dark.

4. Click on Start Mirroring to start mirroring on the TV that is currently selected. After that, you can just go to any other app on your iPhone or iPad and the mirroring just continues to run.

5. To stop mirroring, there are two options. (1) click on the red top bar that you will see on your iPhone or iPad. (2) Go to the Mirror for Samsung TV app and click on Stop Mirroring.

Limitations and known issues:


Some apps block Screen Mirroring. This means that application developers can choose themselves if they want to block Screen Mirroring. For instance, Netflix, Disney and AppleTV+ have decided to block this.

There is a simple test that you can do to see if the app that you want to mirror has blocked Screen Mirroring:

Open that particular app and slide up Control Center on your iPhone/iPad. Then, click on Screen Recording and start recording the screen to your Camera Roll. Watch the app that you want to mirror and at some point stop the screen recording. Then go to your Photos app and watch the video that was recorded. If the recorded video shows the app you want to mirror, it works fine. If the video is empty, then the app you want to mirror does not allow Screen Mirroring.

About Screen Recording and Privacy

Even though there are notifications about Screen Recording, we don't record your screen into files and we don't send any content to a server. We only temporarily store data in memory, before it is streamed to TV. Upon streaming, the content is removed from memory.

If you have questions or would like to provide feedback, please send us an e-mail or chat with us on our Facebook page.

What our users are saying:

"Amazing" - 5 STARS - by Pmanswah
At first I thought it was going to trash then saw the reviews and thought they were bots.I bought the app and used it and it worked perfectly perfect sound and audio this app is a match made in heaven for me.

"It Works!" - 5 STARS - by cutters60
At first had trouble setting it up, but after following the video guide to set it up, “Bingo” it works a treat. Also their support is brilliant, they responded in less than an hour of the query I emailed to them.

Please give us feedback by mailing to support@airbeam.tv

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Mirror for Samsung TV Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Better interaction with the Allow or Deny Connection popup on TV.

Mirror for Samsung TV Comments & Reviews

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- Only works if you are not using it for streaming apps.

Purchased this to use with my NFL Sunday ticket app because I’ve use that app from my Samsung phone before but never with an Apple product. Even though I can screen mirror from my Samsung phone to my Samsung smart TV, I cannot screen mirror from my Apple iPad to my Samsung smart TV. The warning I get has something to do with screen recording, so I’m assuming this app uses some kind of recording First before sending the signal to the TV instead of direct Mirroring. Samsung and Apple need to stop fighting and make their apps work together without going through a hassle. I will never use this app unless tech-support contacts me and tells me how to make it work with my NFL Sunday ticket. Could I please have a refund?

- Don’t know why so many 1 stars

It’s crazy bc this is the only app that does exactly what it says it does. Yea sure it’s 5 bucks but so f k n what it’s a one time payment. Seriously you gotta be pretty dumb not to read how it works in their FAQ section and give out 1 stars not knowing why it’s not working. They have 7-8 diff apps depending on what device your mirroring to. I wanted to mirror to Samsung tv should work for all models 2012-present. It’s so simple. Connect the tv itself to internet. Then connect your phone to internet aka turn on the Weefee and connect it to a diff source of internet, so not your phone plan internet 4G or whatever. Then open the mirror app your tv should pop up. Press on it and wal ahhhh beee ch eeez. Just remember make sure your phone and tv are both connected to the same source of internet, so if you have a router (you know that little box that give internet) connect both the tv and iPhone to the router WiFi. If you’re doing it from a mobile hotspot make sure it’s not the one on ur phone, and that you're using a different phones hotspot with connection; then connect ur iphone and tv to that hotspot connection. Two devices one same weefee connection. That’s it. Other than that interface design on app could be improved, and it’s really cheap 5 bucks done, don’t complain you probably spend more money on stupid dumb games like candy crush haha

- It works, don’t trust the bad reviews!

Okay so I was understandably skeptical of the app because of the rather low ratings. It had many one star reviews saying the app just didn’t work. But over quarantine I’ve been having to take online classes and was pretty desperate because I had to get a class in before my cardio training. So, with no other choice but to try it out, I forked the 5 dollars over. I can tell you one hundred percent, it WAS WORTH IT. It only buffered once throughout my entire training (which is about 45 minutes) and even that buffer was very short. I didn’t even need to contact support, even though other reviews say their technical support is quite fast if you have any issues. So yes, I’m here to tell you to get the app if you have a phone that just refuses to connect to your Samsung TV. It works, it’s quick, and it’s a one time payment! Most other apps I checked out had better reviews, but had a 12 dollar monthly fee and no free trial. Yeah, no thanks. Just take the risk, pay the 5 bucks, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I normally don’t even leave reviews for apps, but this was too good. And as for the devs of this you are GENIUSES. I spent half an hour searching for a way to connect and this app was my saving grace. God bless you guys, I’d kiss you if I could! Goodluck to any future buyers, and thanks to the devs.

- Worked From The Start

Let me start by stating that I don’t understand why this app has low ratings. I tried at least 5 apps that had trial version with severe limitations before reaching this solution. I literally spent days trying to get them to work with with my Samsung TV and PC. None of them worked, not even partially. I finally found this solution. I was put off because there was no trial version for Samsung, but they did have a trial version for the PC that worked out the gate. I took a chance since this was only $5 and went ahead and purchased. I have to say , I’m glad I did. It worked with no configurations and immediately picked up my SamsungTV that I purchased 7 years ago. The only thing that gives me pause for this software is the 2-3 second lag, hence the 4 stars. I’m on the latest iPad Pro, running over a Fios gigabit wireless network, so I would think with the performance of my hardware and speed of my network that this would be less of a issue. Anyway, worth what I paid for sure.

- It works and customer support is amazing!

After doing a tremendous amount of research for mirroring with my Samsung TV and my iPhone X, I chose this app. I was able to get it to Mirror quite quickly. I reached out to the customer support through messenger and I could not believe how quickly I had a reply! I was having a challenge using one particular website and trying to get it to Mirror with appropriate sound through the television. The mirror part worked just fine however I could not understand why the volume would only come out of my phone. Apparently it has to do with certain websites blocking the ability to mirror and the customer service person was excellent about helping me with this and to verify it through a couple of simple steps. This app is well worth it if you wish to mirror things from your phone. Note: some websites may only allow sound thru your device. Support was outstanding.

- Just use the built in iPad screen sharing

$5 bill lit on fire. 20 min is all I cared to invest in this and it is already uninstalled. Yes I read all the guides and FAQ’s beforehand. Sounded like a winner of an app so I went for it. Believe the bad reviews, and don’t believe the “don’t believe the bad reviews” reviews. I for one in this bad review am being 100% honest, not vengeful or ranting. Some apps don’t cut it and you lose money, lesson learned, this is one of those apps Me: New 2020 iPad Pro 12.9” 1TB to a 2019 model Samsung Q80 Series TV. Worked for 30 Seconds. Says install up on your TV...Great! Not so much. App installed on TV Worked even less. Resolution is OK for the seconds it worked for me, but certainly not crisp like a wired connection. Apple Built in screen sharing app (which unfortuanatly I did not realize was in the new iPad before this purchase) streams to my TV clearly and even goes full screen for 16:9 content automatically. I’m a Rocky Ultra 4K user, and didn’t want to plop down $180 for an Apple TV just to screen mirror on occasion. Turns out it that isn’t necessary for my iPad & TV anyway.

- Perfect for my needs

I live on a rural property with security gates with video intercom access control, and I have numerous security cameras scattered across my property. I view and control these different devices with iphones/ipads through NVMS and iDMSS + apps and I have been searching for an efficient way to be able to easily view these devices on the various Samsung TVs in my house and out buildings. I have wasted a lot of time and some fair amount of cash to come up with a solution with very little success. I recently decided to spend around a thousand dollars on a media server that could help me solve this issue, but thanks to your app, I have now only spent 5 bucks(!!) to solve my issue! Your app works fantastically with the two apps for my security cameras and gate video intercoms!!!! Thank you very much!!

- It’s works fine

Bought the app because I wasn’t going to spend an ignorant amount of money for the Apple TV and it’s a hassle to hookup my iPhone with the cable. There is a lag in the video and audio, but you have to remember that you are sending a signal so don’t try to watch your phone and the TV at the same time. You will get annoyed. Not all apps are compatible so check first. As far as issues or problems. I did have an issues when I used it the second time, BUT I sent over an email and they were very prompt with replying. They gave me a couple of things to look for in the TV settings and something to try if that didn’t work. Took about 5 minutes and it was up and running again. Personally I think it’s worth the money!!

- Works great

I bought a Peloton bike and I needed a better way to view the classes that were on the floor. I did not want to buy a roku or Apple TV so I did some research and came across this app. The most important thing is to make sure your tv and phone are on the same, fastest network. At first, I was not getting the app to work. I emailed the support staff and was surprised with the quick responses. I eventually was able to get the tv and phone on my faster network and it works great. Since I am connected by wifi, there is a couple secs of delay. If you are able to get your tv in the same room as your router that works a lot better and faster. I could not so I was able to get both on my wifi extender network. Works great. Wonderful customer service.

- Works well & support team is amazing!

I have been trying to search for cheap options to stream certain apps on my TV that I can’t download from my TV App Store. I came across this app and saw that it was only $5 so thought I’d give it a try. So glad I did because it saved me so much time, energy and money! The support team responds within minutes (even when I sent an email at 1am!), which is unheard of! They’re super helpful and their tips helped me finally be able to stream my phone to the TV! Something I’ve been trying to accomplish through other avenues, but was unsuccessful. There is a slight delay when streaming videos, but it gets the job done for $5! You can’t beat that.


It doesn’t work! At all! I tried absolutely everything and the image still doesn’t show up on the tv. I have reached the developer and asked for money back and all I got in response was the same answer everyone else has gotten to their different problems. Seems all they’re doing is copying and pasting their response. I doubt they’re even looking into returning people’s money or even fixing the actual problems with the app. Don’t give these scammers your money. Go buy a delicious cup of coffee instead. My original request is below. I just purchased this app today and it won’t work. The sound works just fine on my Samsung tv but there is no image on the screen. I have tried everything. I am using the latest IOS version on my iPhone and the phone is very close to the tv so I don’t understand what the problem is. I would like my money back please. Thank you!

- It works

I use this app with my iPhone 11 pro and a 6900 series Samsung smart TV. This app does work. There is a delay of a couple seconds, so it works great for video streaming or picture slideshows, but might not be what you want to use with apps that are super interactive. The video quality is pretty good, although not perfect. Audio will play from your phone and the tv separately, so you need to down the volume on your phone and then turn up the volume of your tv. I wasn’t able to connect the app to my TV at first, but I used the Facebook messenger customer support. I was skeptical, but they were very responsive and helpful. Walked me through a couple troubleshooting things and I had it working within a few minutes.

- Kinda works sometimes

I purchased the app a couple of weeks ago and it worked well the first couple of times I used it to stream shows from my phone to my tv. Since then, it seems like the delays are significantly longer and the sound is even more delayed than the picture. I frequently get the “buffering” symbol on my tv screen while the app is still streaming fine on my phone, which is very frustrating. I’ve tried resetting my router, contacting Samsung support, and also checked with my internet provider to try and resolve the issues without luck. Also, I can’t find a way to mute the sound coming from my phone, so I have to turn my phone volume one notch above mute and the tv volume waaaay up to hear it. I was so happy that it worked well at first but now it’s just annoying to try to use it.

- AirBeamTv good apps!

Happy user but gave 4 stars instead 5 because of a little issue which was perfectly fixed with AirBeam tech support. As iPhone/iPad/Safari user I had to find solution to watch a video on my Samsung smart tv with the sound ON (using safari you’ll have a video but no sound available, to use another device for a sound - delay problem, sound doesn’t match with video) The solution was the Dolphin Web Browser, free, which is working just fine! Now I’m watching my favorite movies on a big screen without any cords:) Just make sure your devices on the same network and close enough to each other:) The tech support is great, patient and very responsive! Thank you, AirBeamTv guys for a great apps!

- Won’t play Apple TV shows from my phone

So I got this app purely to watch Apple TV on my tv since I can’t download the app. I read an article that said this app would do it. I quickly found it wouldn’t. When I tried to watch an Apple TV show I got a message saying “Connected Device is not licensed to play protected material” The app works but not for Apple TV. I think I am going to get a refund on this app because it is not at all what I want apparently. Maybe you can somehow fix it but I think I’m just going to get a refund.

- Exactly what I needed

This is exactly what I needed to connect my Samsung TV and my iPhone. Yes, there is a bit of a delay as the other reviews stated. Maybe 5 seconds max, but it didn’t matter for what I’m using it for. The quality is not as clear as my phone, but it’s well worth $5 to get the mirroring, and paying so little, this is what I would expect. For videos, volume must be turned off on the phone due to the delay. I had some trouble connecting and finding my TV, but I got an immediate, thorough, helpful response from the tech team via Facebook messenger. Tech team made sure all my questions were answered, problems solved, and I am confident moving forward, I will as well.

- Good yet not so good

Reasoning for the 2 star is only for the fact that this app has a minimum 1-2 second lag versus the screen actions on my device. (i.e. iPhone). The screen graphics are also a bit less than my device. Not much so I won’t degrade that part. The lag in the play back is detrimental. Along with the fact that after connecting. A short time after it will drop the connection without warning. It’s not bad for the money. Though it definitely does not live up to its advertising. I’m sure I’ll get a customer service reply as so did many who left bad reviews on this. And I’m sure they will try to accommodate any discord I have with it. Unless they fix the playback lag and amp this thing up. The only thing they can do along with Apple is give me my money back.

- Casting iPhone Photos to Smart Samsung TV

I purchased this App only to cast photos from my iPhone to our approximately 2-year old smart Samsung TV, to share viewing with family and friends. Setup was relatively easy but I had to get technical support to figure out I had to manually change the input source on the television from my cable provider “Spectrum” to “TV Plus” for the App to work properly. Once I did that, everything seems to work as I had intended. There is a very brief delay casting from phone to TV but it’s acceptable. I like the feature that automatically switches the TV display from portrait to landscape as I rotate my phone 90 degrees. So far, very happy with this App.

- Don’t buy if trying to stream iTunes videos

Bought this app yesterday and was pretty satisfied with set up and even the lag (just a few seconds). It wasn’t until I tried playing my movies and tv shows off my iTunes that I encountered an issue. I got the following message: Cannot Play Movie. The connected display is not authorized to play protected movies. When I followed up with their support team, they responded with the following: Apple has HDCP DRM protection for playing iTunes movies. This means that they also block screen mirroring when watching movies from iTunes. I suggested they add this info to their app description as it is currently not mentioned that iTunes isn’t supported. It’s very misleading and i never would’ve bought it had I known this ahead of time.

- Horrible Lag, Completely Unusable

Connected my iPad to the TV, using iOS12.3.1, both on the same Wifi router, so peer to peer on the internal home network so internet connection should be irrelevant. only devices being used. Changing screens on my iPad when first connected was a horribly slow indication of what was to come. Spent $5 on this solely to play Fibbage, to broadcast it on the larger screen for everyone to see the instructions better, which has hardly any graphics animation, but even the sound was soooo lagging behind the iPad (about 5 sec behind). Since the game has a timer to enter answers from our mobile devices, the game was completely unusable broadcasting on the TV! Wasted $5 and uninstalling this now. Did it mirror, yes. Was it easy to use, yes. Was it useable, absolutely not because of the horrible lag.

- Works perfectly for 2015 Samsung Curve!

I was hesitant to purchase but the developer’s thorough product description and every helpful tip reassured me this would be a well developed app. And it sure is! In less than two minutes, I had this app mirroring my iphone 11 Zoom meeting app onto the TV while using the Airbeam tv app on the Samsung Curve tv. I’ve never zoomed or mirrored before this first attempt. This is after always reading on the net that the 2015 tv model is not capable of screen mirroring from an iphone. I am so relieved. Thank you for this app finally and especially during Covid.

- Not for what most people want

This app had so much potential but unfortunately for the majority of people needing a good mirror for their TV, this app will not work for what you need it to. I would say that this developer really needs to offer a short trial period before making everyone pay for it. You might give people time to actually like the app and figure out exactly what it works with and doesn’t app and TV model wise. The way it’s advertised is as it it will work with and for everything and your average customer base is not going to do the deep amount of research it takes to find out these things. If you get this app and find out like I did that it doesn’t work, contacting the customer support is a pointless step, they don’t actually help they just send you links to Apple, so just go to Apple via webpage to get your refund and hopefully they will refund you. I’m waiting on my refund now (which can take 5-7 business days) and if it doesn’t work then we all now know how this developer makes money. Anyway, if you can’t get your apps to work with Apple on everything then maybe it’s time to throw in the towel or do better. Will update soon.

- Iphone to Samsung Smart TV bridge...

Great app to restore functionality to your “Iphone screen mirroring/smart view” with the heretofore incompatibility between IPhones and Samsung Smart TVs. The AirBeam team worked tirelessly and tenaciously to help me figure out why the app wasn’t working at first! Turned out my phone was not connected to the same 5G network as my TV, which is covered in the troubleshooting section in the app! All is well that ends well! I now have to figure out how to get the videos to play full screen...overall I give this app and the AirBeam team ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❣️

- It Works!

I wanted to watch some training videos on our Samsung smart TV via an app on my phone and I was getting frustrated trying to figure out how to do it. I tried a free app by a different developer and it didn’t work. Fortunately, I discovered Mirror Samsung TV and decided to spend the five bucks and give it a try. Within just a few minutes of downloading the app, I was watching the video on the TV streaming from my iPhone. It’s easy to use and works great. I don’t write many reviews but I want to give kudos to the app developer.

- Wasn’t working with IPhone

My tv for whatever reason wasn’t syncing with my iPhone. I worked with a representative online and they walked me through some troubleshooting to help resolve the issue. They were very patient and walked me through diagnosing the issues I was having and successfully got to the root of the issue and it’s now resolved. This was an awesome experience especially being during Covid 19 on a Sunday afternoon. I’m very happy and satisfied with the level of support that was given today. Thanks a million!!

- Works great with fast and easy installation with this app

Works great with fast and easy installation of this app to iphone, ipad and imac. The ipad leaves a border on your tv. Iphone is full screen, yet when you get a call or txt that comes on your tv. The imac is best for me since it’s full screen on the tv and the tv controls handle sound on/off, so i can use my iphone, ipad and it does not disturb what I have running on my computer that is showing on my tv. I like this app and its cheap at a one time $4.99!

- Great App

After a thorough research on which mirroring app is the best, I found this app. Unlike other apps, this offers great value for money. Because it works well. Initially I had a technical problem with connecting my iPhone to my Samsung TV. Hence, I sent a message thru FB messenger provided in the app and they reply immediately. They guided me, until a solution was made. Great job to the developer and it’s support team! There is just approximately 5-6 seconds lag with the iPhone and TV. Nonetheless, it really works and I’m happy with it!

- Great app and fast, helpful support

Although I bought my TV two years ago, it was apparently manufactured five years ago and sat in a warehouse somewhere. The Mirror Samsung app didn’t work smoothly at first, but when I contacted the support team via Facebook, they immediately listed several suggestions and I was up and running in about 20 minutes. My older television need an additional app which was available for no extra cost. Now I am a delighted customer!

- Love this!

So simple-I didn’t have to go into settings on my TV. The app found my TV and all I had to do was select it. Super user-friendly. So much better than trying to work out looking at my cellphone or laptop- felt like I was there live, as that class normally is. Just what I needed right about now to keep fit and break up the cabin fever. I was delighted to find that when I turned my phone horizontally, the app followed and filled up my big screen TV. Well worth $4.99

- Great technology

Seamless and instant connection to your smart tv. By just connecting both smart tv and your phone on same WiFi network you’re able to screen mirror your videos and photos and music on to the big screen. Realized a little lapse of about 10 seconds between my phone’s screen and the television. The phone is a little ahead. Guess I have to install the app as well on the tv for elimination of that lapse. It works on an iPhone to a Samsung TV.

- Excellent Apps

In the first time when i was finding a screen mirroring app i hesitated by seeing all the bad review people left after buying the app.. But yes, Trust me guys i have tested their app and I guarantee you guys that it is 100% Well worth it.. I am using their Apps and i am very satisfied with them.. further they have a very gentle Customer support which helped me with all my problems and yes again i will surely recommend everyone to buy this apps It is 100% Well worth Everybody : )

- Doesn’t work well with normal web browsers

I wanted to use the app to play videos from safari and chrome from my iPhone to my Samsung tv. I kept getting notifications that it wouldn’t work with those web browsers and was told to downloand puffin and some browser called uc to no avail. That’s too many steps for me and whenever you are told to use another product when you purchase a product it’s a bad sign for me. Responsive support team though. In a time where it seems like every single app based company has a million apps but no one to answer the phone numbers they don’t have or reply back in chat support, that is a nice touch. Good service, useless product.

- Easy set-up

After a lot of research we decided to purchase this app to connect an IPad Air 2 to a Samsung Smart TV. Installation was very easy and within a few minutes we were up and running mirroring content from the IPad screen to the TV. The lag time is a number of seconds, picture quality and sound on the TV was very good. The sound setting on the IPad work independent from the one on the TV so we just used the one on the TV.

- Works well

Just download this app today. Had some trouble getting my Samsung TV to ‘allow’ the broadcast from my iPhone. I contacted Support and the replied surprisingly fast. Ended up that I just needed to reboot my router and tv (with power cord out), and power cycle my iPhone. After that it works like a charm. The slight delay from iPhone to tv is no problem at all for me. It’s less than 2 seconds. Useful app that I will find lots of applicants for.

- Lag and delay

I feel like I just wasted my money on this application. To be honest, it was easy and smooth to set up and find the TV, but when it started broadcasting, there was like 5 or 6 seconds delay on the TV. Also, it was pausing and taking some time to buffer what I already did on my phone to display it on the TV. If I wanted to display anything on the TV, I’d need to wait for some time to buffer it and load it up. Especially, if I wanted to play a video, I’d need to lower the volume on my phone and wait for some time so I can actually see it and hear it from the TV, and the what is displayed will still pause to buffer and load. How do I get a refund?

- Great concept but it malfunctions often

It works! It mirrors my iphone screen onto my samsung tv. The issue is that it will stop working constantly and I have to reconnect it constantly. I was doing a 30 min workout and had to reconnect it 4-5 times. It’s just inconvenient. I can only imagine if I were watching a movie or something, it would just be very annoying to have to stop, disconnect and then reconnect it every few minutes. If that part could be fixed, it would be the perfect app.

- Pretty good! But could be better

Been scouring the App Store for a mirroring app. I basically wanted to go through a photo album manually. Definitely download the corresponding “receiving” app on your Samsung TV. This helped greatly with mirroring —lag was only by 1-2 seconds this way. Could be better with sustained connection. After about 5 mins it starts to lag considerably and I have to restart the broadcast. But compared to other apps...this one does its job, albeit not perfectly. It’s something!

- Horrible

I got this app to screen mirror dc universe. I looked through the review good and bad. My phone and tv are on the same network. All connections are strong. I even tested screen recording in the app and it worked. So when I tried to stream the app all I got was horrible audio. Have been trying to get this to work for awhile. I even screen recorded a whole Doom Patrol Episode before starting the screen mirroring app. Again via my photos/videos before starting the app I was able to watch and hear the episode I recorded just fine. I started the mirror app and again nothing. It was a waste of money and I want it back!

- Much better than the other mirroring apps i tried

This app is so easy to install and use. I tried some other similar apps and was thinking about buying another Tvthat would make mirroring easier. I emailed and got a little help from tech. Support and realized the problem was my mistake. Im gald I sent that email. The app works very well now. I would and have recommended to a friend.

- When it works, it is great; sometimes it is impossible...

Last night, we wanted to use our iPads and iPhones to put images on the television. I pulled out the app, set it all up, and it did NOT function. It actually said that it was mirroring, but it was not. I don’t know whether it is my Wi-Fi or the app that is the problem. Technically, I am supposed to be able to do it without an app on my Samsung, but it will not work at all. I am disappointed. I have used it in the past, but you have to keep at it for a long time to get it to work. Last night we just didn’t have the stamina.

- Total scam!

Surprisingly, it work for about five minutes before freezing on my tv. So I restarted the app and now it refuses to mirror at all. The countdown starts and then once it finishes, the option to start returns and I get a notification saying the app I’m using doesn’t allow mirroring. However, the only app I had open was this app. You mirroring app doesn’t allow mirroring?! So I’ve reinstalled both the phone app and tv app. Restarted WiFi, turn phone and tv on/off. Nothing. It’s apparently broken now after five minutes of use. But hey, that means it’s only $1 minute for use!

- iPhone to Samsung Tv

Love the app -no issues at all. Using Puffin search engine with it to stream content from web. If you have any issues ,use wired tv WiFi connection over wireless . Better quality . App is super handy and my life saver while traveling a lot all over the world . Ty guys ❤️ love y all and y speedy help . Users pls keep y devices up to date with software updates

- Best app I’ve ever bought!

I was a bit skeptical at but still gave it a shot. As soon as I got the app, it wouldn’t connect to my tv. After a few attempts, I decided to reach out to the support team and within 2 mins, I received a response! I was instructed on what to do & was an easy fix! I’ve been on it ever since!! It’s flawless! Thank you for this app!! 5 stars all day!

- Outstanding customer support

I had an issue connecting my iPhone to our TV. I was amazed at how quickly they responded with a solution to the problem. I overlooked that my TV and phone were connected to a guest network. They graciously pointed out my mistake after they read my response to a series of questions they emailed to me to help diagnose my problem.

- Customer Support very helpful and quick

Just downloaded the app and could not connect it. I contacted support and they were very responsive, asked some questions and from those they fixed my issue and now connected. Very Helpful. The app is working successfully from my iPad Pro to the Samsung TV. Looking forward to using it. Thank you Support!!!!

- Amazing

This app works really well, I would rather pay $4.99 then pay more for an apple tv this app works amazingly you can mirror everything I would highly recommend it. Also if you have any problems with the app you can message the support team and they will kindly help you they are really nice and answers fast.

- Doesn’t work properly with my iPhone Xr and Samsung TV

I had a hope with this app after seeing some of the positive reviews and tried to be positive about it. I followed all the instructions and installed the pairing app on my Samsung Smart TV too, but the result was the same: a delayed video and audio that takes forever to mirror on the TV and the streaming gets interrupted frequently. My wifi connection is strong and reliable, not sure what’s the problem but what I’m sure is that I waisted my $5 on this app. You should do a 24 hours trial or something, I feel ripped off now.

- Amazing!

This app has been amazing during this isolation! My daughters take dance classes and they are having to do zoom/Facebook live for classes. This app lets us stream to the tv so they have a bigger picture with more space. We were skeptical about spending money on this app, but are thrilled with the results. Well worth the money.

- Does the trick!! Easy to broadcast.

I needed this app so I could broadcast workout videos my gym post on their IGTV account to my Samsung TV. Much needed for at home workouts in these crazy times. Very straightforward, app found my TV and broadcasting in minutes. There is a slight delay so I just lower my iPhone volume when I’m broadcasting workout videos. Not a big deal.

- Samsung 8000 model

I never leave reviews but I was wanting to give back! I have a Samsung smart tv it’s an 8000 model few years old and I tried all apps and this shockingly works I was amazed totally ez to navigate and best thing about it no BS ads or interruptions. It does exactly what you are doing on ur phone and works with all apps. Thanks app owner for getting it right!

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- Mostly works

I’ve been using this app for a few weeks now. Once I get the connection working it does provide good beaming from my iPhone but it usually takes some considerable fiddling with both my phone and my TV to actually get the connection. App support has been very sympathetic to my issues with suggested fixes but the inconsistency of establishing the connection each time I use the app has continued to be frustrating. It does eventually get there but I tend to set aside 10-15 minutes of switching my phone and TV off and on in various sequences before it finally connects properly. Despite all that I will continue to use it.

- Dissappointing

I've been trying to get a decent mirroing app for some tiem - this one read well, other than some of the rating - I should've listened. It's very flakey - works sometime,s than not other times. Drops out often.

- Great app, worth spending!!

I have tried many mirroring application even paid for them but non of them could provide better services! Some have long time lapse and some just don’t work! However this application actually works great with a minimal time gap! I Can watch video(with sound) in tv through uc browser! Hope u guys will fix the problem of video with sound in other browsers as well! Customer service is great and very fast in responding! Not much hassle to use this app as it provides step by step guidelines! Great apps love it

- Works well and great support

I downloaded to mirror an exercise app from my iPhone. I had some difficulty in keeping the connection in place and sent off the diagnostics as suggested. My query was answered almost immediately and fixed the problem which was operator error, as I was trying to mirror from the tv as well as the phone, when it just needs to be set to tv. There’s a delay between the phone and the tv, but muting the phone gets around that problem. It’s been working really well.

- Works great - fantastic support

Had this for a while, and I think it works great. Sure it’s not as good as AirPlay, but nothing is ever going to be. It mirrors my screen and audio well (a few seconds of buffering/adjusting at the start) then happy days. Mainly use it for streaming F1TV. Had an issue with it recently where my phone wasn’t picking up my TV, but was able to trouble shoot with the developers, and now everything’s back to hunky dory.

- Wonderful Little App

I was a bit worried before buying this app, as I had tried a few before without much success. This one though is absolutely marvellous and allows me to cast output from my Mac, iPad and iPhone on my Samsung TV with no problems at all. Would not hesitate to highly recommend this app.

- iPhone to Samsung TV Q7

I tried a few screen mirroring apps to connect my IPhone to my smart TV without going via my laptop. I’ve found this App the easiest to use. The support staff is excellent and helped me to resolve straight away on a Sunday a small connection issue. Highly recommend

- Great Product

We have no trouble with this product at all. So easy to use. Takes seconds to open Mirror Imaging and the streaming that we want to view on the TV. We use it for our grandkids soccer games that the club stream through Facebook. LOVE THIS product.

- Happy with app

Been using the app a couple weeks and does what it’s supposed to. Easy mirror from my iPhone to Samsung TV. Only a slight delay; but you get used to it. Easy to just wifi in and display photos, etc on a large screen display.

- This app does not work in all situations.

This app only works of both the phone and the TV are connected to the same wifi address so if your TV is hard wired using Ethernet rather than wifi, it won’t work. I downloaded so that I could mirror my phone while travelling around the world. Most hotels hardwire there TVs in using Ethernet so yeah doesn’t work. Also there’s no mention of this until you pay and download the app. Can’t see any refund options either.

- Absolute waste of money

Never left a review in my life but felt I needed to on this one. Purchased to specifically stream NBA League Pass from my phone onto Samsung tv. Can’t even load video, only sound comes through. Extremely disappointed and feel like I’ve just wasted money as I will not use it for any other reason. App will be deleted. Honestly feels like I’ve just been robbed. Do not purchase if wanting to mirror sports from your phone apps.

- Great app and service

No trouble with connection and setting up with Samsung TV. It is just unfortunate that I can’t mirror the video I want from the app TVB Anywhere because TVB has blocked mirroring. Response and support from Mirror SAmsung TV developer was almost immediate.

- Do not buy app if you want to stream from phone

This app works through screen recording from device and broadcast to tv. This is not true streaming and does not work well with apps such as Disney + or anything else. This does not have anything to do with DRM. It has to do with the way the app works. Screen record and transmit to tv. I puked like my money back as I believe your 5 star ratings a fraud.

- Works perfectly

Bought this app to stream Khan Academy videos from my iPhone to my tv & it works perfectly. Slight lag as noted, but easily solved by muting iPhone sound. Very straightforward setup also.

- Not worth it

I spent money on this app thinking it would work, however, it didn’t connect to my tv at all, didn’t pick up any connection and all tvs in my house are Samsung. I requested a refund through Apple only to be told my request isn’t eligible. So I gave away $8 for literally nothing and can’t even get that money back. App is useless, don’t recommend it.

- This app is super delayed

Just in case anyone doesn’t realise, you can’t mirror most streaming things like Disney+, but it’s a bit of a search through info to find this information out in the app. Also there is a decent delay when mirroring other apps from the iPad. I wish I could get a refund, I’m really not pleased with this app. I immediately regretted the decision to buy it.

- Best App!!

Definitely the best app I’ve come across so far, well worth the $$, As for the customer support crew, they responded quicker then I anticipated and helped me through it easily!!

- Great app but not trick to mirror streaming

As above. The app does tell you in their detail but just wanted to highlight it for others. Aside from that, super easy to use!

- Don’t waste your money

After following all the instructions in the app, it wouldn’t work on my Samsung, so I tried all the troubleshooting instructions, including changes to my wifi modem. Still no luck. Don’t waste your money by downloading this - it doesn’t seem like much money, but when you’re on one income, it’s a total waste.

- Useless

I wasted $7.99 on an app that does not work! I tried everything but my TV did not show. Yes, it’s connected to the same network, Yes, I have good connection! I tried everything but it just wouldn’t work and for this I am giving one start because I have wasted my time and my money on this piece of garbage!

- Total waste of money

I have used this app with my samsung tv a few times. it is way bellow what you would expect to have. It would worth if it worked but for me it has been a total waste of money.

- Sound no picture

I can get sound but no picture, I sent an error log but got no response.

- Excellent

Love having a Samsung TV. Love having this Samsung mirror app. Enjoy watching so much content from my iPhone and iPad on the tv.

- Great app

Edited: played around with settings and finally got it to play the music from my phone :)

- Can’t play Apple TV

I bought this app to specifically play Apple TV from phone mirrored to TV and it doesn’t work. After more research, it’s started in their FAQS that some services like Apple TV block mirroring. The app didn’t work for my purpose but their customer service is excellent.

- Samsung tv casting

Takes a little time to load but works pretty well when on ,slight delay. Thanks

- Not good :(

Very slow, video does not show, it’s a black screen, audio only. Plus, why does it say everything will recorded, are you really recording my broadcasts to my tv, you do t have the right or that, this is against any privacy agreement .

- Frustrating

Tried everything I can think of and the app keeps dropping out. Very unstable to the point that it’s too frustrating to use. The Samsung TV is new my app is updated so basically it’s a dud as far as I can see. Dave from Australia

- Great job

Resolution locked due to the content but was able to put it to the tv. Awesome job

- Not what I needed

I downloaded the app and didn’t realise you need wifi for this app to work. I was looking for something that didn’t need wifi as we don’t currently have wifi at the moment. Could I please get a refund

- Super buggy, doesn’t work

Using this with a brand new iPhone and brand spanking new Samsung tv. It’s SUPER buggy, half the time it doesn’t work and when it does work it’s really choppy and has issues with lag. Save your money

- Very slow

There is a 5 second lag between the iPad screen and the TV. TV is connect with cable and iPad on Wifi. Tried it on 2 different iPads result is the same. Won't recommend to anyone.

- COVID virtual training enabled

It’s been so helpful to keep training for stretching and yoga virtually

- So easy to use.......

Sensational program

- Worked well until I updated my iOS on iPad now it crashes every time :(

Worked well until iOS updated on iPad now it causes iPad to restart every time it’s opened :(

- Easy to use

ThiS app just works

- Not working

Bought the app, for it not to work properly. Big delay between phone and tv, no sound through Tv only phone, cannot watch like this

- Delay

Three second delay disappointing since it is easy to use 😔

- No sound

Doesn’t support sound from safari and wants me to download another browser. Why don’t they simply fix the issue with safari

- Audio lag

Completely rubbish. Tried streaming from safari and the lag on the audio is terrible.

- Doesn’t work

Expensive app that doesn’t work. Downloaded the app on my brand new Samsung tv and that’s all I see...nothing mirrors at all. Request a refund as this is expense useless rubbish

- Worst app ever. Extremely poor quality can’t believe I paid money for it.

Worst app ever. Extremely poor quality can’t believe I paid money for it.

- No sound on Samsung

They tell you to use dolphin browser to fix sound issue. That doesn’t work either This app doesn’t work! Don’t buy!!!

- What rubbish

Bought as a way to cast the 12 months of Apple TV given with a recent purchase. Both are rubbish - have deleted the app and returned the Apple TV subscription as it's unusable.

- Kept crashing

Just bought it and it kept crashing. Gave up, waste of money!!!

- Free apps are better

Unfortunately big waste of money... streams with no audio ... audio lag makes watching anything a waste of time ... do not buy

- actually worked

i had tried a bunch of apps and was skeptical about this one, but actually worked! yay!

- Best ever

It’s great! Really nice work I love it, really recommend!

- can not watch Apple TV ..

I paid for this app with the view I could watch Apple TV via my iPhone or iPad, but no I cannot. Apple TV will not allow the mirroring. How do I get my money back ..?

- Refund please

Accidentally bought this one, needed the app for an LG. Bought the right one but that one didn’t work, I hope I can get both refunded.

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- Warning —Will not mirror Apple TV !

works okay otherwise, but It says cannot show “protected” content so it appears Apple is stopping it.

- Does not work with Disney +

It works ok with around a 30 second delay but does not work with Disney+ so in my case it was a waste of money

- Doesn’t work don’t buy it!

I purchased it because the model of my tv matches their list of supported units, but didn’t work at all, complete waste of money... total rip-off, now I’m out money that I will never get back.

- Works great

I use this app to mirror UFC Fight pass onto my tv. There is a couple of seconds delay from what’s on your phone to what’s on the tv, but other than that it works amazing. Definitely worth it 👍

- Not able to stream video

I was not able to mirror video from DAZN app... it just mirrored the sound... disappointed ... $7 to the garbage

- Super!

Aucun problème avec l’app, facile à utiliser, rapide !

- Do not waste your money

This app is crap. Huge delay & you need a different app to get sound.

- Don’t waste your money

Absolutely terrible. Complete rip off. Don’t waste your time or money.

- Does not work

Not worth the $6.00, did not work at all

- Just what I needed

This app works perfectly for streaming online workout apps from my iPhone to my Samsung TV! I’m not very technical, b the support team was very responsive and super speedy at helping me work it out! Sure, there’s a bit of a delay. But it’s perfect for my needs and saved me having to buy Apple TV or a Firestick! Thank You!

- Do not buy

Do not buy this App. I bought it to watch Apple TV on my samsun TV but the movie are secured for you not to share screen. Zero star well deserved.

- Can’t use

The mouth and the words don’t match while watching tv

- Excellent App

Love casting my phone processes up on my 55’ TV! Game changer for streaming and gaming. 👍👍 (that’s 2 thumbs up!)

- App is trash

Let’s you screen mirror, yes, but there’s a HUGE lag which makes it pointless to use. You’re better off spending the extra money for an Apple TV (or another option) Huge disappointment.


This app is horrible. It does not work. Complete waste of money.

- loooove my Mirror app!

I just love being able to mirror my ipad so I can watch my Tubi and Britbox on my TV!

- Dan

Pretty good app. Had some mirroring issues that customer service solved right away by advising I restart my phone.

- It works, that’s all I need

Installed it, found my TV right away. Thank you!


After having issues with finding my TV on the app...I emailed for support and received trouble shooting solutions within 24 hours - great customer service...although many of the solutions offered I had already tried and finally got my mirroring to work...the feedback on these options will assist with any future issues..thank you...great app!

- Update

Just updated this app and now the picture is half blurry and when my phone is upright there’s no picture at all, this app is not working properly now!!! It’s totally useless!

- Works great!

It was a little tricky to get working, but tech support helped 100% and now it works excellent!

- There ur 5 stars

I have 5 stars now stop with the notifications💀😓

- Won’t work for Apple TV, Disney Plus, or cineplex apps

Save your money!!! Will not screen mirror with any good apps! Absolute Crap

- Beaucoup de promesses, peu de résultats

J’ai acheté cette app pour l’utiliser exclusivement avec mon iPad. Malheureusement, la taille du miroir de l’écran de mon iPad sur la télé ne remplit pas l’écran de la télé, i.e. l’écran de mon iPad est reflété en laissant des espaces noirs de par et d’autre de l’écran de la télé. Donc, sur la télé, mon écran iPad a la forme d’un carré au lieu de couvrir l’écran rectangulaire de la télé. Je m’en suis plaint au Support, pensant qu’il y avait quelque chose à faire. Voici ce qu’on m’a répondu : "Your iPad has another aspect ratio compared to your TV. Your TV is 16:9 and your iPad is 4:3. This means that when the image would be projected full screen, either the top or the sides of the iPad screen would not be shown on TV. They would be cut off. Therefore we are showing the maximum of the iPad on TV, without distorting the image or cutting parts of it. » Y a rien à faire donc, too bad. Arrangez-vous avec ça... À bon entendeur, salut ! :-(

- Works perfectly

I saw a lot of negative reviews but wanted to give it a try anyway and form my own opinion. It works great on my TV, when you flip your phone sideways it gives you full screen, and mirrors very well and clear. Super happy with this purchase.

- Awesome service

Tech help assisted me every step of the way. The only app that mirrors on my Samsung smart tv and I tried five!

- Mirroring

Excellent!!! It solves all the strain on my eyes and I love watching the videos I have downloaded onto my phone. Love it

- Doesn’t work

I want my 7 dollars back, my tv is not showing on the app even though I’ve tried everything, I want a refund

- Do not buy

It’s so laggy when I try to show clips of a video. Waste of my money.

- Works great. Easy to use!

Even for someone who is not techie

- Too much time delay.

Seem like a nice app. and willing to give it a shot with a FaceTime with friends, but the time lapse is too much unfortunately. Will have to ask Apple for a refund.

- Recommended it to a friend

I purchased the app and installed it on my IPad. I had some difficulties getting it going on my tv but customer service was very responsive and helpful. It’s working great now and I recommended it to a friend.

- Great app

Works well with Samsung tv. Can play Instagram videos through TV for better sound and picture!

- Waste of money

TV is supposed to be supported. Never was able to connect to TV.

- Mirroring Samsung

Works good for me. Just love having my iphone displaying on my TV. Just got my sister in law to buy it and put it on her iPhone too.

- i want my money back

This app is working but its not responsive, 30 sec delay and you can’t full screen on the tv. i will uninstall the app just refund my money.

- It’s sloppy

A lot of lag. Almost better to watch off of your phone.

- Pretty good don’t buy thought

I overall like it but can have millisecond delays but that’s no big deal the bad part is has some bad graphics but it is pretty good. It cost ten bucks but I can mirror to my tv for free off of Apple TV on you can just use the pull up tab and select your tv.

- Problem with iOS 12 iPad

Had problem with audio while using Safari and asked for support. Technical team was extremely fast in responding and solved my problem by suggesting that either I update to iOS 13 (actually not available for my iPad yet) or download the app UC Browser.

- Happy!

Finally, I can stream stuff fr Mac to my Samsung! Great customer service too!

- Works as Described

Works great! There is a bit of a delay, but ultimately works for most main functions. However, please note that it is not compatible with Disney+ or ABC access. But will stream workout apps like Beach body on demand. Apparently, some apps are just not compatible.

- Does not work

It doesn’t work with Disney+ until I eead reviews. Can I get a refund? I won’t be able to use it. Waste of money

- Horrible HORRIBLE App

Here we are STUCK at home, relying on technology to navigate through difficult times and Apps that do none of the things they “promise” to do, are being sold to consumers who put their trust in App sellers. This App would not open ANYTHING that required streaming. Waste of time, money, time, energy! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! If I could have, it would get zero stars.

- Doesn’t work

Can not mirror home made music videos. App stops and starts and is completely useless

- Simply not working

I downloaded the app to watch Disney+ through my iPhone on Samsung tv. The screen remains dark. I want a refund since I bought the app through Applestore. Assen

- Bogus

Can’t use with ANY appS to watch shows on the big screen. Should be stated that this will NOT work with many streaming apps, and not have to find that info out in the FAQ section specifically which ones when already purchased. Is only useful when viewing personal photos, videos, etc. Useless for what I purchased it for.

- It works!

Works perfectly in my home. I’m not tech savvy and it worked immediately for me.

- Does not work

I tried reading all the reviews and still thought I could get it to work. Now it just saying loading... and the screen does not change. Of course it also says mirroring was stopped because the app I was using was blocking it, but I was simply just trying to look at my own videos. If those are even blocked what’s the point of this app. Waste of time..

- Gaspillage

Un beau 6.99$ au poubelle ..! Aucune fluidité dans le programme et il « enregistre » ce que tu fais ..!🤷‍♂️


Do not purchase this I did about 10 minutes ago and it is a major waste of my money wish I hadn’t done so!!!!

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- It stops working

I’ve been using this app for about 2 months now. It was working great until now that it does not connect with my iphone X anymore. When I press “start broadcasting” it gives me an error message that says “this app does not allow mirroring”. I was not even on an app yet. I only mirror mostly photos from my phone and now it does not even work. Is there a fix for this?

- Pretty good

I was frustrated at first because I was having connection issues but then I downloaded the app on both my iPhone AND my Samsung tv and it’s working great. Way less lag, no connection issues so far.. I did contact support when I was having connection issues and they responded immediately which is pretty impressive for these kinds of things.

- Useless

Useless and without a shame. It is unfortunately starting to happen to me more and more: false descriptions and promises. Apple is not supposed to be the cop of the system: whatever the purpose, responsibility should be on the developer/seller side. Nonetheless I believe Apple should check that the application actually delivers what they promise. My past couple of purchases through Apple store have been a desastre: even trying to pick the best ranked applications (based on Apple selling ranking, supposedly), I keep spending a lot of money for no results. Dear Apple, what are you doing with all the crazy profits you make? Could you please start by trying to protect your loyal customers and aficionados??? Please? Honestly, if you guys continue treating us this way, I think we should all consider switching to google. Thank you (maybe!) for giving some attention to customers. Best regards.

- works great although it has a few second lag.

Used this app to do a presentation for family as a good test. It worked great on both of my samsung televisions. The only challenge was the delayed timing of action on my ipad versus the tv. Surprisingly, it was better from my iphone than from my ipad. All in all it worked great.

- Amazing Customer Service!

The instant messenger app customer service was amazing! They were so patient and kind with resetting the app due to me getting new internet. Their response time was wonderful and they were always supportive and positive which led to the issue on my end being corrected! Thank you for your patience and support!

- WASTE OF $$$

I tried to be optimistic and assume a lot of the negative reviews were people that just might be able to figure things out. But just like many reviews . Worked the first time, although everything was on a delay. But then when I tried to stream,..., forget about it! Just a broken spotty stream. Yup , kinda feel like everyone else. Did not get my money’s worth..... I’ll keep it for a few weeks, but if no improvement, I’ll delete it so I don’t waste space on my phone.... good luck, you’ll probably need it if you download this app.

- Samsung Mirror App is amazing!!

I love this app!! It has made things so convenient to watch from my phone!! There’s a little lag time, but if you mute your phone and don’t look at your phone you don’t even notice. Definitely worth the $4.99, for sure!! I recommend this app to anyone who has a Samsung smart tv and and IPhone.

- Works great and no set up time

After downloading, I thought I would have to do a complicating pairing and set up, but all I had to do was turn on the tv and then push “start mirroring” Love this app for broadcasting my workout videos that take forever to log into if I use the internet on my Samsung Smart TV to stream.

- Works great!

I was able to connect to my Samsung tv very quickly! I was not able to figure out how to get rid of double sound from my iPad and tv and the delay of it. I messaged the developer and they answered within 10 minutes. Turning the volume down on iPad will solve the problem!

- Works! Only one problem

This is a great mirroring app and worth the money. It works with my iPhone. My only issue is the delay between when you press on a phone and when the action happens on the tv. So when I make a presentation, I have to wait a few seconds for the tv to switch slides after I press the switch slides button on my phone.

- Wow awesome customer service

I contacted them today thinking I was gonna aim for a refund. After a quick run through of trouble shooting to figure out how to get the app to work I ended up keeping it. Anyone complaining about it not working needs to talk to the support via Facebook messenger. It works by the way.

- Easy to set up! Worth the $5

This app was super easy to use. I found my Samsung tv easily and got the hang of the mirroring super fast. Slight lag, but by turning the volume down on the phone and up on the sound bar.. you can’t tell there is a lag. Not mad about the purchase at all. Worth it!

- Doesn’t work with certain content

The app is simple to use and works fine for many things. However, I only bought this to mirror video broadcasts from the MLB At Bat app. The Airbeam app requires screen recording to mirror, which is restricted by the MLB app and other apps with DRM restrictions. The developer pointed out this is noted in the fine print of the Airbeam description, which I missed before spending the $5.

- Easy to use!

I’d tried multiple ways of showing my vision impaired mother pictures from my devices... this one works! Simple steps get you set up and ready to display anything from your phone on the big Samsung screen. This app is so appreciated by my family.

- So happy to have this app

It has saved me from the expense of an Apple TV and turned my tablet into big-screen TV. The only glitches so far that it won’t go totally full screen but close enough to it, and has been some occasional buffering — but I think that is my service provider’s issue rather than the app.

- Great app

Before this app I was looking everywhere for a way to connect my iPhone to my Samsung tv. I was kinda scared to buy this app because I was not sure it would work but am glad I purchased it because it works great and I am able to screen mirror on my tv. Try it out !!

- Horrible

Have the k series opened app tv showed up on list but wouldn’t connect.. so I talked to support looks like it happens to everyone... once we started talking I was prompted to restart my WiFi my phone and tv which I did. Went back to app and my tv no longer shows up on list. Their support then printed me to repeat the step which is absurd. To humor the rep I did and is still not showing up on list. Told rep same issue and I kid you not this guy says try it again it will more the likely fox your issue. Pathetic

- Worked with a little help!

I was getting a little concerned with this app after it didn’t work for a little bit even after checking the connection a few times, but I contacted their support team and they were very kind and helpful! I found that it worked best for me when I unplugged my router for a few seconds.

- Works sometimes

With having apple devices, iPhone/iPad I found it hard to stay connected. I followed all the directions and updated my iOS, connected to the same WiFi and everything but would still get disconnected from the mirroring on multiple occasions. Sometimes it worked but mostly not. Just not a worthy app. It was more frustrating than helpful. Not worth it even if it is $5 or so.

- Great, but...

Compared to some other apps that do the same thing, this works very well. There’s just one thing stopping this from being a 5 star: at random intervals, the connection cuts out due to “(null)”. This could be the app or my own internet connection, and I was wondering which it would be. Hope this is answered soon.

- Easy to use

I wanted to stream from my iPad to my Samsung TV and found this app. I initially had a little difficulty getting it working, but their tech support was very responsive and they walked me through the process. It’s simple to use and I’m enjoying the streaming function.


I never leave reviews... BUT Y’ALL! I have tried EVERYTHING and this was the easiest thing I have EVER used and I had it set up in less than 20 seconds. I was hesitant at first because some comments said they were having issues, but I will recommend this to you and everyone I know! SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!

- It works

After contacting customer support, they helped me figure out why my phone and tv wasn’t connecting and after resolving that things worked out for the beat. Now I get to watch my favorite show on tv through my phone

- Happy with app!

I don’t ever pay for apps but I wanted an app to mirror my iPhone to my Samsung tv to do workouts. I am very happy with this app. Some of the others I looked into were much more expensive, I’m glad I picked this one. There is a few seconds of a delay, nothing that bothers me.

- iPhone and iPad to your Samsung TV!

Great little App! It does take a little work to get it up and running but well worth the effort. The support team are very helpful and patient, they are very quick with their responses in FB Messenger. Don’t give up on getting this app going. Just follow the support teams directions and you’ll be fine.

- Enjoying this App

Because we are staying home a lot these days, contact has been through live chats and programs. They worked well on our iPads but we wanted to watch together so I downloaded this app. It allows us to watch together on the big screen. It’s easy to use too. When it stopped working a few days ago, I reached out to their support. They worked with me to trouble shoot and it finally solved the problem. Thanks to the support team and for providing an app that allows me to “mirror” my iPad with a Samsung Smart TV with ease. BJ


Literally wasted my money. Not worth the $5 it doesn’t even work. My delay was 10 plus seconds and it kept disconnecting. I just bought it today to watch a movie and completely wasted my money. My WiFi connection was strong for on my TV and iPhone. Not to mention the fact that the sound plays on you iphone and the delayed TV ... very problematic. I’m doing my best to get a refund ASAP . I ignored the reviews alittle bit before buying ... trust the reviews they’re absolutely right.

- Finally worked !

Finally I could find an application that actually works! I LOVE YOU GUYS! My laptop has been broken since last week and because of Corona Virus I can’t fix it I was tired of watching movies on my phone thank you so much for your great app!

- Awesome app!

I tried so many ways to show photos on my TV. Found this just in time to show my family our roots in Austria from a recent trip! Easy to use and impressive for those viewing photos from your iPad! So very happy to have found this.

- Amazing

This app makes typing notes on your computer fantastic. You start broadcasting the info you want to learn from your phone to your tv and now you have a large screen to copy notes into your computer! It’s the best!

- Does what it’s supposed to

The lag is totally tolerable, and the support system is very helpful and efficient. If the tv isn’t producing sound, they’ll help you until it does. Sometimes it’s just the browser that’s messed up. Great app! Love how it works even with old models.

- Mirroring

Love this. Now we can watch our church services on a big tv instead of on our small screen on our phone. And I can watch videos my grandchildren are doing during this time where we need to stay in

- Pretty cool

Very easy to hook up... couple clicks that's all. Some delay but once you are going it is fine mostly. For five bucks very happy. Told Mom will hook up daughter now to watch All the volleyball games off you tube. Wouldn't watch if picture was bad or pixelated. Easy comfortable watch.

- Sound and Apple Music

I just downloaded the app and it seemed to be working fine. I tried playing Apple Music and the sound came through the TV audio fine at first. Now it is gone, I tried restarting everything the tv, the apps, the phone and nothing is working. Why won’t my apple sounds come through anymore?

- Wonderful app.

The app works great from my iPhone. The only issue I have is that I have to turn the volume up on my Samsung TV to a level of 75 or higher to be able to watch at a comfortable level. Normal volume is about 25. Not sure why otherwise it would have been a 5 star rating.

- Needed a little help and got it fast!

Downloaded app and couldn’t get it to work at first. Sent request for help, and I got an email within minutes. Quick fix got it working. It works with sound too! Exactly what I was looking for!

- Best to download

Great app but needs better support for switching iPhone from landscape to portrait and viceversa when waching a video. Final review, would be better if it had faster synchronization or fast streaming, it stays behind one or two seconds.

- Customer service was fantastic

I downloaded the app I had some trouble getting my tv to pair. I contacted customer support and within minutes someone responded. He walked me through the process and was mirrored to my tv in no time. Thank you very much

- Tech help

I was having trouble using the app. It had worked 3 days ago, than would not load on the TV when I tried it today. Tech support made an immediate response and walked me through a process to restore the app.

- Does not work with Apple TV subscription

Just got a new iPhone and signed up for the year free AppleTV subscription that comes with new iPhones. Downloaded this app for that purpose, connected after a bit of a hassle (had to go to connections on my Samsung tv to get the app to find my tv), and then was not able to mirror the AppleTV TV shows via this app. Disappointing because I did not realize this before purchasing.

- Works well, question answered in 5 minutes

I bought this today. It installed very quickly and it works well within the limitations you can read about in other reviews. After installing it I couldn’t figure out how to share across family since we rarely do that, I submitted a question and then about five minutes later the answer came back. Wow that was fast! Today the family has been enjoying mirrorinf photos and movies from our iPhones to our Samsung TV. I’m very glad I bought this.

- Love the app

We’ve been using the app so my wife and I can study together. We put the scriptures on the TV screen and read. We watch the videos that accompany the scriptures from our gospel library. We are in our mid-70s and appreciate technology! Love the app!!

- Slow! Slow! Slow!

Bought app for $4.99. Set up was relatively easy. Connected IPhone 8 to 2016 Samsung Smart TV. No issues if instructions are carefully followed. However, the mirroring is painfully slow. If I broadcast photos from my Camera Roll, the lag between two photos is 15 to 20 seconds. I’ve rebooted router and implemented all of the developer’s troubleshooting suggestions to no avail. Will ask Apple for a refund.

- Super easy!

I was using this for help and I downloaded probably five apps to do this and none worked. I found this one after googling it and reading a review and it works PERFECT. Super easy to set up and to use. I’m kind of dumb technology wise and this was easy!

- Contacted support with great results

I had a small setting on my TV that wasn’t allowing my iPhone to screen share. I contacted support through FB Messenger and they fixed my issue in under five minutes. Great support, great app. Works great for homeschooling!

- Slow response time

This app has about a 5 second lag before anything done on the iPad shows on the TV. Access point is in the same room and TV is about 4 feet from where I’m using the iPad. Miracast on Windows laptop is almost instantaneously reflected on TV. We were hoping to offer the option of using either but the slow response time is unacceptable so I guess the iPad is out.

- Works as listed

The app serves it’s purpose. Worked well with my tv and was easy to connect. Well worth the purchase if you don’t want to pay a lot of money for an Apple TV. My only complaint is that the picture on your phone looks a tad better than that if you tv.

- It’s crap

This app costs $5 and works half as well as free options. A 30 second delay, then the app just freezes every few second on a brand new iPhone less than 24 hours old. If you requir “tech support” to make an app work, it’s not worth the money. This is a money grab. Go with one of the free options and don’t waste your time. Edit: the support team obviously didn’t read my review when they replied. Just gots to show how bs this app is.

- It’s not terrible!

It’s pretty solid. I do have some flashing here and there and when I change videos, but usually a simple restart fixes the problem for a while. I’d say it’s a pretty decent app overall.

- Works great so far

I was initially having issues seeing my tv on the list so I contacted support and they responded super fast and helped me resolve the problem. Definitely worth the price even just for the customer service.

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Mirror for Samsung TV 3.4.4 Screenshots & Images

Mirror for Samsung TV iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Mirror for Samsung TV iphone images
Mirror for Samsung TV iphone images
Mirror for Samsung TV iphone images
Mirror for Samsung TV iphone images
Mirror for Samsung TV iphone images

Mirror for Samsung TV (Version 3.4.4) Install & Download

The applications Mirror for Samsung TV was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-10-10 and was developed by AirBeamTV BV [Developer ID: 1107644798]. This application file size is 135.83 MB. Mirror for Samsung TV - Photo & Video app posted on 2020-09-24 current version is 3.4.4 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: tv.airbeam.mirrorforsamsungtvios

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