Wonder 7 Minute Workout App

Wonder 7 Minute Workout App [Medical] App Description & Overview

The "7 Minute Workout" is a research-powered workout program that has become a global phenomenon. Burn fat and accelerate your results with Wonder's daily 7 minute home workout challenges: Full Body, Cardio, Upper Body, Lower Body and more... all included in the one-time price.

"I love it. I never worked out before and the difference in the first 6 weeks following the Wonder programme to me has been life-changing! I've now used it for 6 months and still love it.' - Lucilla

The "7 Minute Workout" is super simple and very effective and based on published research in sports science journal ACSM, and then popularized by the NYT.

12 selected exercises that last 30 seconds, with a short 10 second rest in between. This high-intensity training with little rest results in higher daily metabolism and is the equivalent of working out for over an hour - for only slightly longer than 7 minutes, all made clear with video, audio and text demonstrated by a certified personal trainer.

- Great design
- Stunning Value - The Original 7 Minute Workout AND additional proven routines included in the price - with many more to come as part of our free regular updates. We don't offer subscription or free trials. Just great value for money (see our reviews!).
- Designed for different abilities/fitness levels
- Track your activity and progress
- Clear exercise videos and descriptions by certified personal trainer Abby Knight. She'll encourage you all the way!
- Little time needed to workout
- Simple workouts
- No additional equipment required
- Regularly Updated
- You can play your own music from iTunes!

When you install Wonder, not only do we provide the original "7 Minute Workout" but also additional 7 minute workout routines (for both men and women) within the price.

These routines are designed to ACCELERATE YOUR RESULTS by specifically focusing on different body areas rather than single full body workout that means you need to rest every other day. Wonder allows you to workout 5-7 days per week if you wish.

It is designed to help boost your production of the key hormone HGH (which declines from the age of 20) which is important for your metabolism and muscle growth among other things, improving your ability to burn fat and helping tone up.

With our routines developed by a sports scientist, you can now achieve even better results. Target your:
- Core
- Legs
- Buttocks
- Upper Body
- Abs
- Cardio

- Anyone starting their fitness journey
- Anyone who needs quick, effective workouts to do at home
- Anyone who travels
- Those with a medium level fitness who want a HIIT training boost

Yes - if you control your calorie intake so you maintain a calorie deficit. Using Wonder as recommended will increase muscle mass and you will tone up and gain definition (and no you won't bulk up!).

Yes. Just multiply up the routines.


We have a community support group on Facebook so you can help each other, workout together, and keep each other motivated.


We are app professionals and a team expertise in Exercise Physiology, and Personal Training, and understand how to get you results.

We want you to get results so that you'll share Wonder with others and leave great reviews!

** You already know that any results with 7mwc are always the outcome of hard work, personal discipline, a calorie controlled diet and lifestyle choices. Wonder gives you an exercise path and strategies to succeed. Lucilla's results aren't even remotely typical - she worked hard and limited her calories.

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Wonder 7 Minute Workout App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We've made small bug fixes and improvements with a view to releasing additional workout routines in a coming release.

Wonder 7 Minute Workout App Comments & Reviews

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- Great set of exercises. Sometimes poor form on videos.

Overall I like this app. Good collection of exercises that quickly gets your heart rate up on days when I can't get out for a jog. The only criticism I have is that the person demonstrating often is flexed at the hips for certain exercises i.e. superman when they should be held straight.

- looks good

(When first install, App stuck on "Loading your routines", nothing happens. Tried several restarts, resprings etc. Following day did another full app reinstall and now it's loading and working fine. Videos download very quickly.) Videos are clear and easy to follow. No simple 3 count to start exercises, or end rest periods, instead app says "get ready" for the last seconds of rest before says "okay, go", announces "you're half way through", "and stop", "and rest", etc, along with other encouragement during exercises. Very first exercise Jumping Jacks has no start or "go", just a "get ready" 10 sec before start so you need to watch the screen to begin. Lets you rate how hard you worked out at end of session. Note: Excellent support from Devs. Found VERY quick surprise response received to my initial review, they were having server overload issues at that time hence the loading issue. Of course all working perfect now. Thanks Devs!

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- I like this

By far the best one for training daily , I have increased my workout to 21 minutes everyday and I have never been so fit and energetic in my life

- Need more videos

Though I like the exercise and fitness tips, the workout videos must have exercises and with more variety at the beginning. Just my honest opinion.

- Simple

This app is wonderful, it has helped me gain good muscle mass in just 4 weeks. You should try this app to keep fit and healthy

- Decent

Very well designed app with lot of workout videos. I train 15 minutes everyday and the results have been good so far. It's basically HIIT training using bodyweights that you can do at home. If you're moderately fit you'll enjoy this.

- Not working

Haven't been able to get past "loading your routines". I have uninstalled and reinstalled.

- How long does it take to load the routines?

I just downloaded this app and so far it has been think about loading my routines for the last half hour. I have deleted the app and re-download it but it’s still think about loading my routines. I have even turn off my device and tuned it back on and still nothing. Help please

- Terrible app

Video routines will not load

- Surprisingly Effective Workout!

I thought this had to be too good to be true. But this app does a great job educating you on how to do each of the exercises. And if you follow the simple workout schedule, you will see results! The greatest thing about it is it only takes 7 minutes per day! I love it!

- Overload, Adapt, Repeat. and Recover

I have been looking for a workout app that is serious about self health and fitness, user friendly, visually tracks progress and is fun to use. Well, this is without a doubt the BEST result driven workout app in the AppStore. Everyone has 7 minutes in a day to devote to this program. They are clear and up front about how they will get you into the best shape of your life through Core Strengthening, Upper Body and Cardio exercises. It’s clear you will have to push yourself to the max during the 7 minute workout but results will become more noticeable as time progresses and your workouts progress. Eventually you will graduate into the Supercharged workouts to see even better results and to keep you in shape long term. Wonder 7 takes all the guess work out of which exercise routine needed to be done because each day you will perform approximately 10-12 different exercises each day. Another nice feature is each exercise has a video showing it done correctly. If you are looking for a no nonsense, result driven workout app, this is it.

- Loving this app and losing weight!

This is the best workout app I’ve tried. The instructions are clear and simple, the lazy reminders are genius, the workouts are helping me get in shape and lose weight. I already notice a difference in the way I look and feel!!

- Amazing fitness app

Love this new fitness app! Keeps me motivated to stay in shape!

- Deceptively simple and easy.

You can do anything for 7 minutes, even get in shape. App is easy to use with easy to follow exercises that pack a punch. I love that it reminds me to use it...and that I can't procrastinate because it only takes 7 minutes. I've tried other apps like this but find this one the easiest to follow the exercises.

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- Getting fitter

Wow, such a cool app to keep fit. 14 minutes in the morning before work and I'm done. Perfect.

- Looks positive so far

I've tried a number of different fitness apps and found it easy to drift away from them. This one seems different, and sends you on a journey with it, so I hoping the journey is a fit me!

- Satisfying

The workouts are satsifying but I just couldn't get into it. There are other apps with the 7 Minute Workout which are free. They don't offer as much though without in app purchases. This is a good app, and if you need something that works, you'll definitely feel this, just not for me.

- Feeling Motivated

Super simple but very effective. Levelling up the flame which represents your metabolism rate is proving a motivator, I hate it every time it dies down. Disclaimer: I was involved in the beta testing!

- Love the flame!

The flame is an awesome idea! Trying to keep mine growing is proving very satisfying - I was involved in the beta testing for the lasted version which has lots of new workouts. Exciting things to come!

- Burn calories faster

Best way to burn those calories for good. I'm staying healthy and positive with a proper daily diet, and hopefully dry January!

- Helpful

This app is well-suited for my daily exercise (I don't have much time) but please add more weight loss tips and suggestions.

- Really good

Life has been much better staying healthy and positive with this app, I'm getting fitter everyday.

- Wow

Would highly recommend to people looking to loose weight faster.

- Lost extra pounds

Overall a great app to workout but I'm unfit... I'd like some more encouragement from the trainer, although the videos are good. I hate press ups and can't do them properly!

- Time based workouts

I was a bit surprised by this app to be honest. Short duration workouts are surprisingly effective, and the results have been good for me. I've joined the facebook community group.


Great app. This app is basically a HIIT training app based around the science behind the 7 Minute Workout. I've done a lot of this in the past with circuit training at the gym, but this app is better because you don't have to wait between exercises, simply take the 10 second break. I'd recommend 14 minutes per day though to really feel anything if you're remotely fit.

- Can be better

A good value workout app that I have laid my hands on here but I wish i could pick and choose my exercises more - I haven't unlocked much yet so maybe that will come.

- Fun and easy

Thanks to this app, my mood has changed already after just a few sessions.

- Lost weight

It has been a wonderful journey with this app and life has been much healthier. I picked it up for free so very pleased, but would have paid.

- Great workouts

Super app loaded with best features like goal tracker and easy- to-do workouts.

- Simple but effective.

Simple yet effective app for daily workouts. Top job Duncan and the team.

- Wonderful

The workouts are crazy and I messaged the devs with suggestions. I get good energy boost afterwards, but they do make you work hard in those 7 Minutes.

- Intense

Shows you recommended workouts to focus on areas like cardio, arms, legs and core, making you push harder in those areas. Definitely effective!

- Keep pushing

Good app. The workouts are simple without needing any kinds of equipment, do it anywhere like at home or the gym, which is great as sometimes I don't have time to go to the gym.

- No stress

Very cool app, gives you proper direction to workout hard as well as enjoy them without much stress.

- Simple

Great way to start my day with high intensity workouts. Can't imagine a day without this app, too good!

- Reminders

The reminders are superb. Gets me motivated and mentally more alert during the day. Especially as I'm not that fit so I've found the easy routine works for me. You unlock things pretty quickly though so, I'll move on to the next 'level' shortly, but it does make you feel your progress which is great.

- The best

Thank you so much for this app. I feel more confident and healthy already.

- Thank you

This app is seriously good, ticking off each workout helps me in executing my goals. It's all done in simple next workout at a time steps rather than focusing on losing weight in a given number of weeks. In fact the app is much more focused on getting fit which means weight loss is a side effect. My quads are in constant ache mode at the moment

- Fitter and better

I lost some weight with Wonder, and I'm certainly having to push hard when I double up the 7 Minute routines now. I can't even start to say how brilliant this app is. Best one, totaly love it.

- Lovely app

This is great, the benefits you can get from this app are endless. My workout sessions have been superb.

- Loving this

This 7-minute workout has been the best workout for me yet. I'm enjoying the videos and useful tips for faster result.

- Motivating

Helps me stay focussed and gives me enough motivation to workout like a champ everyday - I like the fact I can plan my workouts in advance.

- Tracker

Very simple to use and follow the workouts. Keep track of your goals with great results.

- Reliable

Loving this app, the workouts are so good and organized. Super easy to do!

- Focused

I focused on certain areas of my body (I hate my arms!) and this workout helped me exactly to tone up. Long challenge ahead though!

- Results are good

The app looks cool and the workout video structure give you proper routine to follow. I've seen some results but not had the app for long. I like the voice encouragement although it could be more, and that the programme is set out for a week so you get a couple of days off. You can adjust it if you want. I also tried the Original 7MW full body included in the app. That's pretty intense, and if you haven't done much exercise you'll be pretty stiff the next day or so. I've started doubling up to 14 minutes per day, so hopefully will see some more rapid results!

- Well done

One of the best workout apps on app store, the workouts are challenge you even if you're relatively fit. I don't have much time in my day normally so this is perfect for me. Good job!

- Calories

I've given this app 5 stars. Everything is well explained and there are some good explanations of the science behind the app. I can feel the difference, but need to control my calories if I'm going to lose any weight. My mood is better already!

- It's ok...

There are lots of tips to get results faster. Workouts could have included a starting position in the 10 second countdowns so you know in what position to begin each workout.

- Videos

The videos are well-made, it follows a 30-second session with 10-second rest intervals. Very helpful.

- Good app

It's easy to adapt to the workout, I do it everyday and I make sure to rest properly on the days it tells you to rest - although you can choose your own.

- Awesome

I can see how I'm going to tone up with this app, the videos are simple to follow and my metabolism is better, I'm feeling hungry quite a lot!

- Cool

Great workout sessions of 14 minutes everyday, ample rest time. It works be doign 12 exercises at 30 seconds intervals and 10 seconds rest in between, which you're supposed to perform and near your maximum intensity. If you're relatively fit 7 Minutes per day won't be enough though, so double up as soon as you can.

- Amazing

Wow, the workouts are so good. It's surely tough to begin with but the difference in my body has been massive. There are some areas for improvement, but overall it is good value.

- Great results

Workout intensively for 5 days and take complete rest for 2 days, you will feel the results right away. Great app!

- Wow

Been using this for a little bit and I can already feel the difference, I like the workouts which keep me high on energy with proper rest :)

- Easy

It just takes 7 minutes of intense workouts everyday, keep track of your progress and you can get results faster by using the supercharged workout routine.

- Perfect

This a great app, keeps me fit and I already feel healthier. I'm looking forward to the coming weeks.

- Easy to use and helps you with targets

I find this really clear and easy to use - can fit in a quick workout in almost any quintet period in the day. No special equipment needed is a bonus.

- Love the simplicity

Fantastic fitness app. Not patronizing or any annoyingly over enthusiastic celebs. Ideal for after run work out.

- So quick!

I ve been trying this and done two workouts in a row. Felt quite pushed and like I d done something! Had a shower and done in 30 mins. Great!

- Brilliant for busy mums (and dads!)

Time is not something parents of young children have but this app fits into the day really easily and enables me to keep fit and strong and be energised

- Excellent

Really easy to use, just what I needed.

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Wonder 7 Minute Workout App iphone images
Wonder 7 Minute Workout App iphone images
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