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Vez’nan the powerful almighty wizard has returned! Embark on an epic journey as you gather his army and fulfill his devious plans... muahaha. Get ready to show the Kingdom who the real boss is! Fight your way as you conquer the new and the good old realms. Face empires of mighty enemies and clash against supreme bosses in this classic tower defense full of humor and epicness!


- 18 new towers, each with unique abilities and special powers.
- Choose your arsenal of towers and make devastating combinations to stop your enemies!
- 25 challenging stages across 5 lands ripe for the taking!
- 13 powerful heroes who will follow your command without hesitation.
- 60+ deadly enemies that will put all of your wit and tactical skills to the test.
- Rush the Kingdom as you bring down 6 mighty Kings in the most legendary of boss fights!
- New powers and reinforcements to vanquish your foes.
- 10+ trinkets and artifacts for that extra edge in battle.
- 30 upgrades to train your army to their best form.
- 60+ Achievements, hidden secrets and fun stuff for you to play and discover!
- No Wi-Fi at your Dark Tower? No worries, just play offline!

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Kingdom Rush Vengeance App Description & Overview

The applications Kingdom Rush Vengeance was published in the category Games on 2018-11-22 and was developed by Ironhide S.A.. This application file size is 762.64 MB. Kingdom Rush Vengeance current version is 1.9.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

NEW UPDATE! Help Vez'nan break a cursed bargain he made with ancestral and malignant entities. Linirea's fate is in your hands, join the fight now!

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Kingdom Rush Vengeance Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Adil3tr   2 star

Easily the worst KR. Remember how you could earn stars based on how you did, and get extra stars from playing stages again in hardcore? That’s all gone. Instead completing a stage, even if it’s on easy and with one heart left, gets you 3 points for upgrades. The towers feel less inspired, it’s the shortest game, the writing isn’t as good, the levels are less interesting. This feels like it was made by a different team or they just didn’t want to make it. Pick this up on sale after you’ve played all the other kingdom rush games because all this did was make me want to play the others.

InfamousSK   5 star

Fav tower defense games. Tower defense games made by iron hide are THE BEST!!!

R.Plaza   5 star

Awesome!. Great game as always! You guys should add an enciclopedia like in the other games.

Valdamord   5 star

Super fun game.. I

Michael_kennedy245   4 star

Great game. Súper cool game little things to complain about

taddymonster   1 star

Depressing. I love(d) kingdom rush. I have played every game in this series and each game just gets worse and worse with the pay to win bs and unlockables. This one is just the nail in the coffin for me. To unlock everything (towers and heroes) you would need to spend around $60! For a mobile game?? That’s insane. I seriously regret the money I spent on the one Hero I bought, but at the time I bought him I still loved this franchise and wanted to support the developers but now I wish I looked past my nostalgia. Don’t waste your time or money. It’s not worth it. I really wish I could just pay for the game out right and have everything at the start, but of course you can’t because all mobile games care about are hooking those whales and to hell with everyone else that would actually enjoy the game. Goodbye Kingdom Rush. I’m going to miss you. I hope enjoy your new life as a whaling company.

Mezicus   5 star

Pay is the way!. One of the best games on the App Store. It is a paid game but more than worth the money. I have played and purchased every game in the series and I have always felt like I got a great deal.

Kbronie   4 star

Areas on the map with no levels. Pretty great tower defense and my first of the kingdom rush series, but there seem to be large areas of the map without paths and I am confused as to if I am waiting for something to unlock these or am I supposed to beat levels in a different way to get there? Seems there is little explanation for someone new to the series as well as if I did in fact finish the whole game it was rather short with limited tower options VS something like bloons and the ending was not epic but just another level... which leads me to think I’m missing something

Kingdom_Rush4Life   5 star

This Game is by far the best ever!. I have been a huge fan of the Kingdom Rush series of games science I was like four. I remember when the original one came out. I have bought, played, and loved all of the versions, and I highly recommend them. To me, when I saw this game, the price of buying it was a no-brainer. I new that 3 bucks is totally worth all of the fun, and versatility I would get from this game. To be quite frank, I would buy this one, (it is probably one of the best one’s) and then I would check out all of the other kingdom rushes. They are sooooo great! Anyway, back to vengeance. This one is cool because you get to play as the villain, (Vez’Nan) And I love the fact that you can choose which towers you use, and all of the different enemies and stages. Also, to someone like me that has played all of the games, (including iron marines, which I highly recommend) I start to recognize some of the hero’s and stuff. It just reminds me of all of the time I have played these games. Overall, if you are on the fence about purchasing this game, just do it. It is so worth it and you will not be disappointed!

Afoolserrand   1 star

Great game, too many microtransactions. Kingdom rush has always been a great game. In the past you only would have the option to butt heroes, which wasn't necessary. Now they lock up towers as well. It's the age of microtransactions. Greed has won over Ironhide.

EAiatheworst   1 star

Money grab. The Kingdom Rush series has gone from a great tower defence to a frustrating game built around draining your wallet of every last dime. I hope the devs can sleep at night knowing that money was more important than fun.

andyljohnson   5 star

All good. All of the kingdom rush games are great

Emzeedotes   5 star

Buy them all. Great games. Tons of fun and a scalable challenge. I have purchased and enjoyed every game they make.

no8583627   1 star

No.. Half the content is locked behind paywall. Micro transactions galore.

Seth FFL   5 star

This is the greatest mobile series of ALL Time!!!!!. I have played since the very first game came out and I was obsessed! I beat the campaign and was highly satisfied. The mini campaigns kept me busy and helped develop more story and the aftermath. But after that it was over. I could play on harder difficulty but it was still the same story. And it didn’t look like there would be a sequel but of course Kingdom Rush Frontiers came out and I jumped for joy! And yet again it was amazing and fun! The new leveling system for your hero to make him more powerful, the extra additions like pirate huts added a special touch to each level, and the hilarious comics. Each level kept me hooked and happy. But I haven’t even gotten to the other two! Origins gave me such nostalgia and happiness that I was literally shaking as I payed the feeble price of money to acquire a game so worth it! Learning more about the elves and veznans and red Crystal and getting to see my favorite hero Alleria Swiftwind! The art style always blows me away and I find myself laughing at the pop culture references. But this is a review about Vengeance so I’ll cut to the chase. Vengeance brought nostalgia like no other characters from all the games coming together into one game. Absolutely Brilliant!!!!! This game brought so much joy and I was counting the days until it’s release! When it came out I beat the campaign in 2 days and was amazed. Getting the giant demon across into the exit of Denis’s castle just gave me that feeling of being the bad guy! Of course the sadness that overtook me was seeing alleria get captured and it just broke my heart. Now the only set back was that to use my most hated character I have to pay for them. And I know you had in app purchases for heroes but that’s different! These are the towers which I crave to use. But since I’m not allowed to buy in app purchases it really hurts to just stare at the awesome description and look in envy at the people who do use them. But other than that this hilarious game is definitely a winner which is well deserved of being bought. Sincerely, Lucas Rudegeair

Alekzae   2 star

Too many micro transactions. It could be a good game, if it were not for much of the content being locked behind micro transactions. Offer a full game at a fair price, not this predatory garbage.

Reviewing4you   2 star

Micro transactions. Super awesome fun game ruined by micro transactions DO NOT MAKE US BUY TOWERS. Everything else I can understand.

Caaam45   5 star

Amazing Updates!. Love the Kingdom Rush games, especially the updates and support they get post-release. This last Halloween 2019 update is awesome! Looking forward to more levels in the future!

Brute Sentiment   5 star

Fun Tower Defense. This game has a good variety of games with cartoony action and characters. The storyline, but the game makes up for it. Also, the studio that makes it is consistent and makes good games, so it’s not going to die like some games that are left unsupported.

cf 540   5 star

A success.. A lot of griping about paying for towers. I beat the game w out paying for anything. And I loved it. At that point in time I was how many hours in? What’s an hour of your time worth? If you don’t want to buy a tower then don’t, but if you want to spice it up and feel as though your well spent time is worth a few extra dollars to a great game company.... then do it. I’ll gladly pay money to a company when I have been entertained for hrs on end. What’s more, the more I spend then the hopefully the more games they make. And that works out for me.

Acbeet   5 star

Good so far. Gameplay is good but I miss the enemies list, I just find what you guys write funny. Also some of the heroes seem a little overpowered, not a major problem but I just don’t like win buttons. Reminds me too much of pay to win mechanics.

pumkin fan   5 star

Jack o’lantern. This is my favorite game ever but the premium stuff I haven’t bought yet but jack o’lantern I think you should unlock it for free after beating the Halloween extra stuff personally.

jimmy214009   5 star

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssppppppppppppppp!. O M G you made a fricking update thanks sooooooo much ok bye! Gasp

ELM1000   5 star

Great game. This game is great and runs smoothly and is always entertaining. One thing I need to say is that we should get another part to this game. This would consist of controlling the invading armies more than just tower defense. Just an idea though. Great game keep up the good work.

FreakyK   3 star

The Spike. I destroyed the previous KR games and cherished them beyond belief. This game is released and I grind it, but in a similar fashion as Origins it was so dang easy to beat the campaign. Then there’s the upgrade tree. Its by far the worst one in the series. Not being able to upgrade every individual tower is fine, but you can’t give us an upgrade system that doesn’t even require you to play the bonus levels or replay levels on harder difficulties and is still easy to max out. And the real kicker: those post-game levels. These aren’t fun or fair at all. They are by far the worst 3 sections of any KR game ever. They all have enemies with insane health, damage, and self-sufficient stat buffs. What the hell is fair about an enemy with tons of health, low armor, super high damage, and has the power to turn into a ghost with insane physical armor and can ignore troops and that can reform into the original monster with all its health regained? And these things are a COMMON enemy. And please, give us the encyclopedia again. If you come back to this game to replay some levels you’ll probably forget what half the enemies do because their effects aren’t very noticeable. Remember the shamans in KR 2? You see an aura on an enemy and you know he’s buffed by the shaman with the same corresponding color. You see an enemy in this game with an effect and it can mean anything. The post levels are just lazy and are 80% artificial difficulty. I know you need to profit but you’ve already locked towers from us, you don’t need to have us pay to even stand a chance on these new levels.

AlexMom86   5 star

???. I like it a lot, but I saw someone have a Halloween update hero review. Why do I not see it? Edit: I see it now. This game is perfect.

mbkguitar   5 star

PERFECTION!!. Ironhide has done it again with Vengeance! I’ve played the Kingdom Rush series to its entirety and this game just adds to that! Another incredible game to an incredible series. Best tower defense series on the App Store

saint718   5 star

👌👌. This game is challenging at 1st ,gotta grind alil bit but honestly i play this while I’m on the train ,break and usually when I’m waiting on something or someone , worth the buy in my opinion.

Shantytowntrash   5 star

Never gets old. The replay value is awesome, the updates on kingdom rush + vengeance still excite me These guys make great fun, addictive games

H4rdW1r3d   5 star

Best tower defense strategy for iOS. Seriously, this is my favorite tower defense strategy game on the phone. I’ve kept it without deleting for over a year, and I keep coming back to it. I really like that it’s not a money-sink like other games.. Yes, there are in app purchases, but you really don’t need them. You may want to buy some of the heros, but even if you get all of them it’s less than you’d pay on other random-reward-for-your-money games. The game play is fun, and it does a good job easing you into greater complexity. Easy to play, difficult to master. Don’t hesitate to snatch up this one, and have fun!

Advertorial    5 star

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MartinIsNotTheBestButHesOk   1 star

Really?. You pay for the game, and you still need to pay. 40$+ if you want all towers and hero’s. You shouldn’t be putting your own money on this game if you need to pay more.

Cut-the-rope lover 365   2 star

Lost its charm. Waited months for a new update, but the new levels and the final boss are so boring. There’s nothing memorable about them, just enemies with either magic or physical resist, some move fast some move slow, and meat shield bosses that simply slowly move toward the exit. In contrast, I still vividly remember levels and tower abilities from previous KR games, including tower that becomes a giant robot, tower with super sniper range, new path that suddenly appears, a boss that heads straight for the exit instead of following the winding pass, boss dragon, boss King Kong, a volcano that spills lava if you fail to prevent enemies from sacrificing a girl. Even the Easter eggs are more interesting in the old games, including Indiana Jones cameo, alien spaceship, and a memory mini game that rewards gold.... Please be more creative on game design rather than IAP.

Christian6909   5 star

Amazing yet again!!!. Great game, very cool to have tower choices!!

happyscrapper84   3 star

NOTICE MEEEE🤞🙏🎥☹️😳🎥😒😳 ninja money thing🤑💍. Okay now that I have your attention I would like to say GUYS AND GALS You have a greeeeat game just great except for one thing you guys always make another game and for once I would love if you stuck to this one added more kingdoms to conquer made more towers made another mode were you can become the do-gooders and take everything back like maybe you get a new do-Gooder tower ever kingdom you take back like for the northerners could have a barracks type thing bc they strong warriors or whatever just pleaaaase add on to this game and stop making more cash grab games also you could have events were you could earn guys or towers you would normally have to pay to get like complete these three levels with the event tower and two others of your choosing and you get to keep it. HONESTLY I THINK EVERYONE WOULD LOVE THIS APP MORE IF YOU DID THIS SO PLEASE GO DO IT 😃 🙏

JamRod86   4 star

Great game but extra too pricey. Games are great from this company. Some of best tower defence out there. I don’t like the price points for additional heroes and towers though.

Ipod237   5 star

Series. Enjoy this game lot. Would like updates for previous games as I have them as well ☺️

{~DarkCrusade~}   3 star

A New Twist w/ Some Flaws. If you want to read an honest review before planning on purchasing this game, take your time to read this: For starters, KR: Vengeance is the fourth instalment of the KR Series, this time playing as Vez’nan’s general in his quest to conquer all the kingdoms after awoken from his long slumber. There are a good variety of new and unique towers (unlocked while playing) to choose from, each equipped with special abilities and ready to take on the do-gooders. There are also (for the first time in the KR Series), premium towers to choose from as well. There are three heroes (unlocked while playing) to choose from: one melee, and two ranged, each with their own special abilities. The rest of the heroes are premium. PROS: Besides the brand new twist or theme of this game, it’s still KR to the core. The huge roster of towers offer a larger variety of ways to set up a solid defence given enough time and practice. In the previous KR games, you can only equip yourself with four different towers, but now you can have five different towers to use at once. This means you can use two of the same type of tower, despite both of them being different from each other, offering more variety to your strategy. Enemies are also plentiful in variety, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. The boss fights were great and unique in their own way, particularly the final boss fight. The landscape, visuals, and effects in the game are nice and interactive, giving a comical vibe. It’s still fun and goofy when playing casual, while providing a decent challenge for strategists. The story illustrated through comics was pretty good and funny at times. Lastly, there are a lot of Easter eggs and references of other games or movies to discover, just like in the previous KR games. Try to find them all! CONS: First and foremost, the price of this game. To be honest and for what it’s worth, it’s not that much of a bargain if you’re paying $6.99 CDN for a game and you still have to pay even more (approximately $60+ CDN) to fully unlock the game (all premium towers and heroes). This too goes for all of the KR games and Iron Marines. Everyone would prefer paying a lower price, given the amount of premium content this game (and the other games) has to offer. That way, the pricing is more fair and it makes the games more tolerable to play. Second, for those who want to practice with their strategy more, Endless mode is not available in this game. It’s one of the features that I really missed while playing this game. I’m forced to play the previous KR games to play Endless mode instead. Hopefully it’ll be added back in an update soon. Third, if you want to read some information about your towers and the enemies or bosses you’ve encountered, the Encyclopedia has seemingly disappeared into the void. I’ve looked everywhere but it’s nowhere to be found. Hopefully it’ll be added back in an update soon as well. Lastly, the start wave button (formerly on the bottom-right corner of the screen when playing KR 1 and 2), is not present (same goes when playing KR 3). I missed being able to instantly start a wave with one tap instead of two. Overall in my opinion, it’s not a bad game if you know how to properly plan your strategy with the towers and heroes (non-premium that is) you have at your disposal, as it’s easy to complete this game without using any IAPs. You only purchase premium content if you desperately want to have an edge, or have a ton of money to spare. Nothing else. For those who are not strategists and are looking for a nice fairly-priced casual game however, you will find this game (and the rest of the KR games, not to mention Iron Marines) a bit difficult to tolerate because of the price for the base game and premium content. With that in mind, it’s a fair argument for you to look for another game similar to this instead, even for dedicated KR fans. But if you really want to play this game, don’t use any IAPs as you don’t need premium towers and heroes to beat the game, and practice or get familiar with your strategy. Do both, and you’ll be fine playing this game. You have Vez’nan’s support on that. Maybe.

ticococat   4 star

Pas d’encyclopédie. Cool comme jeu mais pas d’encyclopédie

Poopertonhillmenton   5 star

Played all their games, this one is the best. This game continues to have that great kingdom rush you need. Great customer service! Love it. Play it. Having the ability to choose which towers you use adds a lot of strategy as you can find towers that work well together.

DTMMM   5 star

Vengeance. Excellent as usual.

Redstone Jak   3 star

Good for the price. The game is pretty fun at first and it still is but it has some problems. It needs more free heroes because three is kind of a weak number and only two of them are good. It also needs more content because you can beat the game in no time. My solution to this is to bring us back to the free levels back in the first game and have us play as the factions in those levels in a horde mode or something else and also we need horde mode back. Oh and also we all want the book back that was in the other 3 games that tell us what the enemy's are like and their weaknesses.

Tazerface145   2 star

Taking a step back.. Kingdom Rush has been my most beloved series ever. The art style, the strategy, the heroes, the towers, everything felt so satisfying to play. That being said, I remember hearing vengeance coming out and I was so excited to play it. It came out, bought it right away, then immediately i saw half off all characters and it really rubbed me off the wrong way but it was normal, every game had a paywall behind the characters. However, what was worse was there was 5 towers locked behind a paywall. I mean i’m paying 5.49 for it and i had to pay for towers/heroes. On computer, 50% origins is $9 and you get all the heroes. This game, more than $75 approx just to get everything is flat out ridiculous. The story seems unsatisfying and short. The cool towers are locked behind a paywall and i’m just sad about how kingdom rush has become. It’s not pay2win, i know that, but this game just rubbed me off the wrong way unfortunately. I just have to take this game into consideration next time.

Beaks of Wrath   5 star

Great!. I love the Rush series, and this is a great new chapter. Thanks Iron Hide team!

Doxxsoxx   4 star

Every game better. Every Kingdom Rush game adds new features and polish. Fun and quirky. Don’t mind paying for little extras, would love if it could all be bundled into one purchase. Can’t wait for the next game.

Hdhfowodkxbchdjwor   2 star

Not what I expected.... Having played all 3 games, and Iron Marines to almost perfection, I figured the games are worth their price. While most people are criticizing the game for overpriced towers and heroes, the series has always been this way. My low rating is largely how the game is presented and how it effectively is completely different than the last games. To start, let me begin by very briefly going over the previous KR games. The first game is my favourite because, personally, I feel the game is the best balanced. Each tower has a specific role, and maps and enemies are designed in a very difficult, but exploitable fashion. 5⭐️ The second game was also great; maps, enemies and towers all felt unique compared to the first game. Unlike its predecessor, Frontiers, in my opinion, didn’t have the balance in the towers, but rather had very unique abilities, and niche uses. Nonetheless, it is largely the same of the first, and there are few issues. 5⭐️ In the third game, I felt towers were even more niche than the previous, but the same applied to the enemies. The game as a whole just felt different than Frontiers and the original, but being the third in the series, it was handled very well in delivering a unique experience. My one actual criticism is how the barracks are the best and most versatile in any game, in my opinion, and allows for very barrack heavy strategies. The issue for me is barracks have always been a stalling tool for choke points but in this game, they perform well enough as the primary defence. Overall, Origins is still a great experience. 4⭐️ And now for Vengeance. People have talked about the lack of content and lack of difficulty which is obviously a huge thing, but for me the biggest issue is the gameplay itself. Maps are designed in a way where you can win with 1 or 2 tower types (with some barracks) so the actual gameplay is bland. Few maps have any choke points to capitalize off of, so maps are largely dependent on chipping down the enemies. Furthermore, because towers don't have specialized final upgrades, each towers application is evident from the start. Thus, a lot of the strategy that makes or breaks tower defence games is mainly irrelevant during actual gameplay. Strategizing is done during tower selection, outside of gameplay, so it makes the game even more bland. Not to mention you don’t have access to about a quarter of all the towers, some of which are the best and most interesting ones. The game still is decent, but no where near the level of the previous 3 thanks to easy gameplay, bland maps, barely any strategy required, and pay walls.

Bazookabombadil   5 star

More maps pls. They aren’t as interesting as the first kingdom rush, 5 stars non the less. More maps pls and I promise I’ll buy your over priced heros

00110101001bender010101   5 star

Awesome game! NOT PAY TO WIN. Anyone saying this is a “pay-to-win” probably just sucks at strategy!! Please trust me that it’s doable if you think through the levels layout and the enemies weaknesses! If you are really that bad then go YouTube some walk throughs. REALLY FUN VERSION OF KINGDOM RUSH!! Thank you, armour games.

fricnas   2 star

great game but.. make sure you never uninstall it after buying something since theres no restore purhase option so anything you bought will be kapputt

drukq   3 star

Not a lot of value. I’ve been a huge fan of this franchise since Kingdom Rush (1). Unfortunately, with the tone of the games shifting more to Iron Marines, we’re really seeing the limitations of this studio’s renditions of tower defence games. There is very little replayability with this game, and it relies heavily on “expansions” and content hidden behind IAPs which only highlights what’s lacking in the game. I wish towers and heroes could interact more with each other to create more dynamic strategies.

Shadows R Good   4 star

Mr.. Good game. Fairly easy though so more levels would be nice. Got through quickly.

Charlosaxobeast   3 star

Tured of the payments. The game is really fun and i suggest it! But even if it’s worth it, we have to admit that it’s costly. And not only its costly but in the game to get other champion or towers you still have to pay and its a lot of money id like it if everything could be unlockable because I already paid for the game

Humble Buck   1 star

Used to love these. But it’s a pay to win now. Even if you liked the other ones I would skip this one.

dickmoo   1 star

Gg. I lost my purchase... gg

Nicolas benny   5 star

vengeance. Super game, really strategic

Luc cluc duc   5 star

Top 5 Games Ever Played. You read it right; top 5 games, including console games as well. The Kingdom Rush franchise is by far the best series of games i have ever played on mobile. From the story to the design of the enemies and maps are some of the greatest distinctive looks in a simple game for 6.99$. The first game had me hooked for a long time as I had beaten it three times and I didn't know if this new one would be as good as the rest before however, the ideas are outstanding. The types of enemies and towers. Ironhide Studios will never disappoint as they are always adding new features that make each game much more interesting. I love similarities of Lotr, GOT and Skyrim mashed up into one TD game. Thanks for another great game Ironhide and good luck on future projects.

the gaming cactus   5 star

IT IS AMASING!!!!!!. IT IS AMASING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fan #18374637485847375837   1 star

Honestly?. The kingdom rush games have been my favorite mobile games for a while. There are many different towers to choose from, and it has a good variety of fun. The problem, though, is that Vengance has put a huge paywall around 5 towers, and not only is this annoying, they cost WAY too much. Furthermore, the towers are probably some of the best. Otherwise, the game is fun. But honestly? I am very upset that ironhide has become one of those “pay to win” games. Rather, i am DISAPPOINTED. I am not using the word lightly. I am genuinely disappointed with Ironhide. One of my favorite game franchises has been reduced to this... pathetic excuse for a tower defense game. Extremely easy, lacks much difficulty, very short, and a huge majority of heroes and towers are locked behind a paywall. Will you guys at Ironhide bring any FREE heroes or towers? If so, i may change my review, but if you keep adding more paid content, the game will get stale. Those updates will be for a certain amount of people, leaving others with nothing. Do not copy paste your excuse “the game is completable without the towers”. Just answer me please.

very angery player   1 star

Good but expensive. The game is fun but I already paid for the app so I would like it if I didn’t have to pay for half the towers and 90% of the heros.

zDrow   4 star

Great game - needs ability to resume from last wave. The game has great production values and depth. The main issue I have with it is that some levels are very long and if you stop playing for a few hours in the middle of a level the game will at times close down and restart from the initial wave again. To take the experience from good to great it would need the ability to resume the level from the last completed wave.

Big wrath   4 star

Best rush .. Sucks to pay for it but you can see the work that went into the game so I didn't mind , has more of what you want for a rush game well done !

Advertorial    5 star

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VinceZff   5 star

Great.. Thanks for your games.

ekekemejejeme   5 star

Amazing you are great. I have been a big fan for the Ironhide games for a long time and I just want to say you guys and girls are doing and amazing job and that new Halloween update you all made for kingdom rush vengeance it was a blast playing it thank you

ZombieEaters   3 star

Grindy. 1st Kingdom Rush game where I feel like I’m being driven to In-app purchases after paying a premium to get the most out of my play through. Pretty bland levels and finishes also. Had some fun but disappointing.

#EJB9#   5 star

It’s just good, like the others.. The only downside is that there is no enemy encyclopedia.

Pablo crome   4 star

Needs more level ???. Why so few levels :////

Big Dog Bowser   5 star

Another Kingdom Rush beauty !!. I’ve played them all and really enjoying this one as well. There are so many good points to be made about the Kingdom Rush games but what tops the list is the value, hours and hours of enjoyable gameplay for such a small outlay. Yes it has in-app purchases but you do not need to buy anything to get through the game and have a great time in the process with more than enough variety. Just fantastic work again Ironhide !!

Emmeh83   5 star

Pwetty!. Just like the first, but with some quality of life tweaks and a prettier look 😌🤩

Seiger of Darkness   4 star

Really good. I’ve played this since I was about 5 and I’ve loved ironhide ever since. These are some of my favourite games and i love them. They could let you make your own level though.

vddyhvdri   2 star

Ehhh.... Look... If you want to spend money on the game just to unlock more characters or stuff like that, then this is a good game for you. But to me im a once i spend money to play the game, i dont pay for in app purchases.

kai guy 25   4 star

Please fix this. Hi ironhide first off all I want to say I love the games but if you keep adding new heroes can people who purchased the all heroes pack before the update please get the new heroes as I purchased the all heroes and all towers pack back before the aquatic update and now I don’t have anything from after that update Thanks-

sjdieudhj   5 star

Favourite game!. Waiting for unlimited mode!

KanchaM   3 star

Great! But oh no.... Yet another 10/10 for gameplay / graphics / entertainment. However their transaction list has now extended to towers. In a tower defence game if you’re going to ask me to buy the towers to play the game with AFTER the initial price tag, nah thanks. What’s next, pay to unlock the next level. Don’t fall to the micro transactions.

Ruuubies   5 star

Best DLC so far!. Thank you ironhide for the new DLC. I found myself being over welded with the countless on slaughter of enemies and having to be far more tactical in my gameplay than other levels. All I need to say is I’m looking forward to the next DLC and keep doing what your doing.

skliu926   5 star

Great Game. Kingdom rush games were always great, I loved the first gen and Frontiers the most while the wasn’t a big fan of the Origin. This is much better than the origin version. The developers are, in my opinion, still one of the most ethical in terms of how they price transactions; because you are not blocked behind a paywall like most other games are in the App Store. Keep up the great work!!

Mickal50   5 star

The update with king Polyx is what is needed more of!!!. The general campaign was lacking the diversity of new interesting enemies that I was easily able to counter with the general blocker, mage, and splash. With the small update including the new subsection of King Polyx and his aqua army, I was having to adjust my tactics and was having to think of new ways to counter these new enemies that were difficult to defend against, thus creating a more engaging and immersive experience that brought a smile across my face, as I had to refresh on many occasions, and attempt to defend against the onslaught that smashed my defences on previous attempts. Keep it up Ironhide!

Jesus666   5 star

Best TD production company. I just wish there were more games. Perfection

Snowman5564   5 star

Loving it!. Absolutely loving this game. Have finished every level on 3 stars, including anurian levels today. Can not wait for future Addons for this game

UnknownReviewer8127   5 star

Keeps getting better and better.. Absolutely great game, ever since the first kingdom rush game I have deep love for this game. Always keeps me engaged and wanting for more and more I get. Great job keep up the awesome work.

MJules63   5 star

Well worth it. The effort and polish that has gone into this game is phenomenal. Never disappointed by this developer 😊👌 I’m ever one to really by in app purchases but for anyone that does I can see many of them being worthwhile. More enjoyment from this than most AAA titles I’ve played recently on console. Keep it up!!

iy1018   4 star

Too expensive. I am a student and I like the game, but the in game purchase is too expensive

Koonara wines   5 star

As good or better than the others!. Devotees of Ironsides won’t be disappointed. Similar set up to make it comfortable for old users, but new set up. Great great game....

Voltie   5 star

Disappointing. Such little content for the money it costs

IBetThisOneIsntTakenIzzit   4 star

Great game, stop locking content behind paywalls!. I've been a fan of Ironhide since kingdom rush. They have earned a good reputation due to they're quality level designs and consistently stylised art (as well as humour and plenty of Easter eggs). I bough this one (despite it being the most expensive one yet) as soon as I noticed it was on the App Store due to the goodwill built by previous titles. I knew what I was in for, and they delivered on all the necessities; cheesy lines, fun gameplay, new towers etc. I enjoyed this title more than Frontiers and Origins, as it felt like a direct sequel to the first Kingdom Rush, and it brought a load of nostalgia (with returning characters, musical cues, world map and assets). Despite this, Ironhide shouldn't have locked towers behind paywalls. It felt greedy, and now two aspects of our beloved game (heroes and towers) have had sections removed and become microtransactions (or macrotransactions if you are silly enough to buy them all). Also, Ironhide, please add bonus levels as they are some of my favourite parts of the other instalments. The game is to short at the moment. In the end, I would still recommend this to Kingdom Rush fans, it lost a star for the steep price of entry and then the bevy of expensive microtransactions in the game.

Rippppp offffffff   2 star

It’s alright but...,....,. Really pales in quality compared to origins and the other games.

Game chess hay   3 star

Pls add encyclopedia. Plz add encyclopedia. A lot of us miss it. Pls Ironhind. Please.

sylvain_181   4 star

A bit of a backward step for Ironhide. By far the least challenging of the entire KR saga. This results in the game not only feeling too short, but makes getting all the achievements a bit of a chore. On top of that, the in-game catch-phrases are not up to the standard I’ve come to expect from Ironhide. All that said, this is a solid game, and I really like the way they’ve split up tower-specialties into their own towers.

Mad axe, flub flub, madam   5 star

Hectic excellence. All the Kingdom Rush games are great, this one does not disappoint. A consistently awesome series - one of the best :)

nemostilll   4 star

Too ez. This game become to easy!

DNAtrife   5 star

Still amazing. No matter how many times I play the Kingdom Rush games prior to this one I still love them. It’s exactly the same with Kingdom Rush Vengeance. I love how they changed the layout of the game and changed the story (POV) and increased the complexity and reward of the game. The graphics have improved once again; the game looks amazing. Vengeance isn’t extremely challenging but some levels push your fortifications to the limits. However, if you need to change the difficulty it is easy to do so. Great for new or continuing Kingdom Rush players. Can’t wait for the sequel!

iDanielx   5 star

Great game. As usual, the franchise impresses

omid9995   1 star

Disappointing. I am completely disappointed, no balance of costs and hit points, very very awful:((((

Garret Luke   5 star

Loved this Game!. I don’t play a lot of games on my phone. I have played every one of the Kingdom Rush series games. Iron hide, PLEASE please please, make another kingdom rush game

Onedayitwillmake   5 star

A classic rebirn. A classic reborn

TheVegaFamily   5 star

Just Like Old Times. This whole saga is just amazing, I recently downloaded it after seeing it in an ad and I thought eh whatever, but when I started playing it not only did the upgrade options, cool heroes,concepts, cameos ugh. This game is pact full of memories. The heroes from kingdom rush are now bosses, and the bosses are now heroes... not only that but the people you have to fight are all troops from kingdom rush, frontiers, and even origins. And absolutely love the bone hart cameo, he’s my favorite hero. I’m aware I’m fanboying a little but still. If any of you are OG’s this game will leave a smile on your face on EACH level, and it’s not even bosses nor troops... THE CAMEOS. I don’t wanna spoil any of the GOOD stuff but all the cameos are practically listed in the achievements log. The whole point of this is to say. THIS... GAME, SAGE, FRANCHISE... RULES!!!!!!!!!!

AmazinglyScherzo   1 star

This game should be advertised as $36 - because that’s what it is. I do not understand why there are games which have a base price then TWO sets of in app purchases that come to roughly $30+ for you to enjoy the full game. The worst part is that predatory games like this will usually let you earn the heroes/towers through in game currency, but nope, not this one. It’s an okay game but I don’t see why there’s a $5 price tag on it. Edit: If the developer’s idea of how the game is “meant to be played” is to lock 12 out of 15 characters and 6 out of 13 towers behind more money - then you thoroughly deserve 1 star because the game is simply not fun anymore.

Have to buy twice to use on iPad/iPhone. Does not make sense.. why do the other ironhide apps show as me not owning them in iPhone but I have them on iPad. It’s the Same thing for a developer, you just select export to iPhone or iPad..

Miles_Partridge   1 star

Lure you. Increase difficulty. The preceding games in this series were reasonably difficult. This new addition servers to force you into purchasing assistance to pass add-on levels.

Pancake lol masta   3 star

Good game, but the amount of heroes you can't access without purchasing them is very disappointing. Bruh

Cperriester   3 star

Good Game, Rushed Job. Kingdom rush vengeance is a fun game and of itself. However, it feels like the game was rushed through production. For example: there are no endless wave levels like in previous games to test your skill, there are no split trees of towers/defenses for you to choose from like in other games, only one expansion, and fewer levels than previous games in the series. The hero choices are varied, but not as much as before. There is no explanation for why Veznan turned on everyone from the last game, and the cliff hanger ending was lackluster. I have enjoyed all of iron hide’s games, but this one felt like it was the weakest. The graphics were better, and it is obvious the developers were trying for something a little different, but they dropped the ball. Origins and Frontiers are still their best, and they should try to continue from that point. Not turn a game over to us that feels like the rough draft of a college term paper for a book WE have not even read.

EnsignRo   5 star

Love this series. Just realized that I never left a review for Vengeance. I’ve played all of the Kingdom Rush series, and this one was a really great addition. I keep checking for more levels, because I always miss these between launches. It’s a bit harder than the earlier games, so I’d recommend new players try any of the first 3 to get acquainted (and also to get the full humor of playing as Vez’nan’s troops). One thing I’d request is to bring back the additional stars for iron and heroic modes, but it’s not a huge deal.

Brennsbuns   4 star

Need more levels. This tower defense game is one of the best ones yet but it lacks the amount of levels in the other titles before this one. Other wise it’s definitely worth the purchase

Rusty Flack   2 star

It's great but the micro-transactions are getting ridiculous. Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is a fantastic addition to the series and brings a lot of fresh ideas to the kingdom Rush formula. The visual quality of KR: Vengeance is especially improved; the game looks great. However, the game was somewhat lacking in content at launch, and still is now to a certain degree. Additionally, this game has less free heroes than previous entries, with most heroes being premium and more expensive than previous games. If that wasn't enough, Ironhide has begun locking towers behind a paywall as well. Almost 1/3 of the towers available in the game must be purchased; some of which will cost up to $7. All of this in a PAID game! Since release Ironhide has pumped out even more premium heroes and towers and relatively few new levels and other free content. It's really disappointing to see such a great franchise become so money hungry.

Cole Magnus   5 star

Best one yet. If you love Kingdom Rush as I have since it was just a free flash game online, then buy it! It’s just more of that great formula with the best art it’s had to date along with some tweaks and expansions on the game that I welcome.

yeeeeet92   1 star

App has no sound even after re-installing. Paid 5 bucks to download app. Played it once and it worked fine. Then when I opened it again no sound. No I do not have the sound on mute in the settings. I re downloaded and still no sound. REFUND

Wilson5879   4 star

Updated review-. After completing the game, I would say this is just as satisfying as the last few kingdom rush games. I originally gave this a two star review for being a cash grab but I did enjoy it and did not have to purchase any extras in app. I would love if you pay for the app and get all the customizations in options but I’m not willing to pay 20+ dollars for all of the extras. Love the game though so I’ll score it a 4/5.

stickmengames 777   4 star

Great game but some problems. The game is great the towers and levels are amazing the only problems are there are not enough levels and there should be an endless mode overall just an amazing game

yvulhing   5 star

Good. Just it’s a good game

nđjẹn   5 star

Free heroes. The producers should let players choose 1 free heroe when finish the game

Thatguy5529   4 star

Stuck. Anybody else beat the northerner’s village, but the game not end and you get stuck, cause the game won’t end so you can’t advance farther.

Happy Creature 1   4 star

Great Game. This and all the other Kingdom Rush games are probably some of the best games on mobile. I love how you can play around with your towers now so you don’t have to use the same four for every game. The only reason why I rated it 4 stars is because, like all the other Kingdom Rush games (and Iron Marines), you have to pay to unlock a lot of the heroes (and towers). I don’t really expect to pay for stuff in a game I already paid to get (except the original Kingdom Rush which is free now). It would be nice if you could buy them with gems or unlock them somehow. There’s only three free heroes in this game. I understand it’s how they make money, but the game isn’t free anyway so just installing it should give you full access to the stuff in-game. Also, please bring back the encyclopedia.

MagicalCashew   5 star

Another Great One!. I’ve played all four Kingdom Rush games. First two were awesome! 3rd was “meh”. This one is back to their roots. Tons of replay. Great intricate towers (missing in third). Really fun that you are now the bad guys and get to see all your favorite units coming back as enemies. Best towers defense games out:)

Zaruthustran   3 star

Crash bugs. Great game, but the crash bugs (current generation iPad Pro with fully updated operating system) mar the experience.

Keeeeeeeno   4 star

Amazing but one problem. I have played every kingdom rush game and this one is fantastic my only issue is that if someone else has played and is connected to your account that your progress is automatically synced with their progress

Midnight2124   5 star

Amazing Game, One Suggestion. I have always loved the Kingdom Rush games, and Vengeance is no exception. Being able to play as the villain was an amazing change that really upped the excitement. One thing I would love to see in a future update is an endless level, just like you can see in some of the previous Kingdom Rush games. Other than that I would just like to commend the IronHide Games team on another job well done!

Puja9   5 star

Worked well. Initially I was unhappy but feel the gameplay improved. Another solid sequel delivered.

Good6427   5 star

Excellent game. Im a huge fan of the previous games and what they have been able to do for this game adds so much appeal. Customizing tower selection, a more comprehensive store, more hero choices, and some new game mechanics. I like that they add a few levels every couple months the past 4 months. I would love to see that continue. I do think purchasing all the heros and towers is kinda expensive for a mobile game, even with the special discount I see around the shop from time to time. I ended up buying both the towers and hero package for a total of I think $20. I think its a bit high, $15 would be more appropriate. I am happy I can support the developers though, however if this had been made by EA I would have passed at that price. One thing that the previous games had that this one doesnt is the unlimited wave level. That would be a great feature to add later on if possible.

3d skillet   5 star

Ironside studios. Nuff said , love all there games

tmidd1   4 star

All most my favorite tower defense. I just love this game so much so very much like its fun challenging and addictive but something a wish u added were at less two new hero that don’t cost money just pls it would make the game the best.thank u for ur time. Ps love how u can get other towers

Lumpbrother   3 star

Perfectly enjoyable. But not to the standard.. If this was a game in a vacuum I would probably rate it a star higher. But it’s not. Rather in a lineage that imo is the best tower defense series ever put to mobile. So it’s fun in that sense and worth the buy. But it breaks no new ground, and the level maps are often very similar such that you can basically run with the same set-up again and again. The towers don’t really build a good synergy with one another. Though I say this as one who refused to buy the purchasable ones. As a particular pet peeve, the area effect towers stink, and don’t have particularly useful upgrades, which makes the cost of establishing them too much. Ended up just not using them. In short, spend the money, have some fun, but don’t expect this to introduce much that you haven’t already done before.

Big daddy's🤗😘😏   5 star

Very good. It’s a great game

Toddles24   5 star

Fun. Really fun. Worth the money to me

Doug Lawrie   5 star

Just one thing.... My only complaint with this game is that there isn’t an enemy encyclopedia, so when I finally make a plan for a level I completely forget what the enemies are vulnerable to. Other than that it’s great!

Almighty_Jado   3 star

Lack of Replayability. Pretty much boils down to the title. I’m sure the devs are working on endless modes and other new missions, but honestly it just feels like this game is lacking the same uniqueness and soul that the previous titles have had. Additionally, the changes to Star acquisition mean that there’s no reason to return to previous levels in order to become stronger. I’m hoping that with further additions to the game, it will feel more filled out and fun to play over again.

Amudstud   3 star

Too many towers are behind a paywall. It kills me to rate a kingdom rush game anything less than 5 stars, but it’s a frustrating experience that so many towers are locked behind a paywall. The strategy is what makes the game fun, and so many of the strategic options are unavailable with the current setup. I always feel like I’m only getting half the experience while I’m playing the game. I liked the old model where the only payable items were heroes, I thought that was very fair.

omc58   1 star

disappointed. the game is Still very high quality. But the first you need to pay for the game and on top you need to pay to unlock addition content. I know it can be completed without paying if you do that it frees you only getting half of the game that you pay for. The price for those content is also ridiculous 4 bucks for a tower 6 bucks for a hero. Sadly this will the last game that I purchase from this developer

Really good But!. So yeah new update really happy but one question why the f is it so hard even on casual like I’m really good I’ve got all for whit all the stars but the new map is insanely hard and I’m on casual like i usually play in normal or hard but I can’t even win in easy is it normal?

Trooper90   5 star

Great game forget the haters. The game was enjoyable and is nowhere near pay to win as the other peeps be saying, I beat the game on veteran with only the non purchasable towers x heroes. Besides the game isn’t done yet more levels heroes and who knows what else will available in the short coming future always loved the kingdom rush series and I definitely don’t mind paying 5-10$ for a new tower or hero I mean come on it’s nothing if you have a job although I guess most of these peeps are just super cheap or to young either way great game 10/10 forget the haters and try it out for yourself

Irkual9999   5 star

Too short. The game awesome like all KingdomRush series But WAY to short for the price! Need more level or this is the last time i bought a game from you.

Merc's Music   3 star

Not bad, but could have been better. A little too easy for my personal taste, though I understand a lot of people probably complained about it being too hard in the previous versions. The story was OK. Took a long time for this to come out so I had really high expectations. Game falls slightly short of them. Graphics are good. Gameplay is a little stale, not too hard this time to figure out how to win. In fact if you just spam the melee+range combo tower you can win virtually all the levels. Voice acting was not as memorable as first three. IMO, try and work on: - making gameplay more interesting - making harder difficulties actually hard - more uniqueness to the levels (they’re way too similar to each other this time around) - more epicness during final level I appreciate the effort though and it was fun playing KR again after all these years :)

Circledan   2 star

这次有点失望了. 等了这么长时间还没出无限关,普通关只有15个,而且都没有什么挑战。倒是出了不少花样来赚钱。铁拳这次确实令人失望了。。。

cradimska   3 star

Amazing game but!. Amazing game on all technical levels. Superb graphics, easy to learn and awesome achievements and easter eggs! BUT! Too much in app purchases and too short! 16 levels. I finished the game in a day! 3 months later, no new content. Very disappointed.

OCEANBOY_82   5 star

Can you guys update a little bit more stages for us!. Already done all the stages and missions, pls update a little bit more stages for us!

Avariel tyris   3 star

Short but sweet... hold on. The game is great but a little short for the moment. We can clearly see that updates are comming to expand it. The game balances all very well. Lots of fun dialects, lots and lots of easter eggs and achievements that makes it great to figure out what you missed out on Love this game

Griffex   4 star

30 000 dégâts?. Très bon jeu, bien que, comme plusieurs avis le mentionnent, il n’y a pas une tonne de contenu. C’est pourquoi j’essaie d’accomplir tous les succès. À ce sujet, suis-je le seul à remarquer que le succès où les corbeaux doivent infliger des dégats nécessite 30000 dégâts? Pourtant, sa description indique 3000.

Dapipinan   1 star

If only I could give zero star! Read on.... The developer became greedy and turned this series from classics into pay to win crap. This is the worst of all kingdom rush games. Do not buy! They deliberately made it to encourage you to spend money on gems and upgrades. I’ve played 3 older kingdom rush games. This one is the worst and marks the end of this developer. Mark my word: they are done.

Bdirect78   2 star

Short. Didn’t take me long to beat everything, I thought this was going to be your biggest game yet? You need to add more levels!

GreeleyJupiter   4 star

Where’s the other half?. The game was great, a real change from previous games that I embraced quite well. I finished every level of the game and challenges. Today a sale of the towers happens, and I have no more levels to buy them for use on. I hope we get more levels to come close to the length of the older games.

James_!19   5 star

Great but short. So much better then iron (that was a huge waste of money). My only complaint and the reason I can’t give it 5 stars is game is very short. Only 10 levels would have been nice. Love your games bought them all. Just this one felt a little cheap with it being so short.

Graysdir   2 star

No multiple saves!?. I am surprised there is no way to have multiple save games! Once you beat the (very short) game there is no way to play from the beginning without wiping out your existing save game. Pricey microtransactions, short game, no multiple saves. I expected more from such a great developer. Will not be buying more of their games; I can see the direction they are going and I won’t support it.

Cody_1995   2 star

Needs more content.. Loved the kingdom rush series but this is the biggest of let downs yet. After 2 days of playing it’s beat with no new game modes to play after, like the least they could have added were infinite rounds with new maps made for the game mode. Also very similar towers to the old games but with new skins. Smh. Also spent 10 dollars on the dragon hero to beat the final boss not knowing there was f### all to do afterwards.

Mdbok   2 star

Pay pay pay to play. All kingdom rush games are worth paying the small app price. However, with each game there’s less and less new original content, and a HUGE cost for any additional features! Kingdom rush - unique & fun with very few bonus costs 5/5 stars Iron marines - unique gameplay & fun but not worth $6 a hero 3/5 Vengeance - twist on the same, balancing issues, extra $$$$$ for towers that could have been given after completing challenges 2/5

Pall great   2 star

Too bad. Huge fan of the series - owned and played every game extensively. This one is by far the worst iteration. Lots of potential; there are some neat towers but the game falls short. Not a lot of levels, the tower system limits your options for each stage and there’s something odd about the strength of the towers. There’s no range and they don’t seem to make an impact like in previous games. Really, really disappointing.

FadetoWhite   5 star

Is the wicked sisters tower bugged?. They seem to do VERY little damage for a tower you pay for

Fuhdf   4 star

Pretty short compared to the other games. Really lacking in content as of right now (though I’m hoping for more to come) but beside that it was a pretty fun game. Side note, it was incredibly fun to crank the difficulty and play through the game with nothing but harassers

SpenFin   5 star

Decent predecessor. Good game, to early to tell if it’s a great game

MatveyBC   5 star

Great game, well done!. Games from these developers are getting better and better, cannot wait until I play next one.

jayjayqc   3 star

Really good but.... Im a big fan of KR since the very beginning, I never pay for games, but I always did for this game. So far the game is really good, graphics are good, they came back with the good old way to play... I just bought every towers and heroes, and I hope that if theres new hero or towers, that we would not have to buy them. The game is not very long, and have no endless mode. You cant make a new game from the start, after you finish the game and keep the first one like we use to. I still think its one of the best series ever, but they have to think about it, and make the game great again ;)

sethurus   5 star

Not as challenging as the others.. I’ve started playing at the veteran level to see if it would be challenging and I’m blowing through the game so it’s not that hard but maybe the other games have prepared me for this level of difficulty.

mpieters   5 star

Hooked all over again. You have done it again! So addictive and fun.

bathroom suit   5 star

Good but waiting for more. This kingdom rush was easier than the others but it was just as good. The different towers were a good addition and the hero’s main powers were more than just a aoe attack

Brenjay2011   5 star

Brilliant!. Have been a big fan of the series and happy to say that this entry still has the same fun and challenging formula. I think the addition of more customisation is a great addition and offers more ways to play. The only criticism is the cost of the hero’s. I hope there are special sale seasons in the future. Please keep the updates and sequels coming, there is no better TD game out there.

Neil7440   5 star

Fabulous. Amazing game, this formula never gets boring especially with Ironhide’s new mix of towers! Love it!

Top of the top critic   2 star

Same old kingdom rush but less content. The load-out system basically is a cash grab for you to buy new towers. You get 3 hero and rest of them 4 still cost the same price as the game (5$ is the cheapest and 11$ for most of hero’s and towers) Lesser levels, and stars just don’t matter no more. I brought this game because I thought they will allow more heros to be used or all the towers choices will be free (because the game cost more than the other ones) but no~~ same old scam, Also why PC version gets everything for free and mobile need to spend a truck load of money ?

GfuelForLife   5 star

I love it. With it’s many Easter eggs, cringey lines and astonishing art, Kingdom Rush is finally back with a fine addition to the series borrowing a lot from KR Origins. The new diversity with towers is great and the map is gorgeous, can’t wait to ruin it all as I take over everyone and everything. I think so can probably say that this is the best game in the series and for me making it my favourite tower defence game of all time. Whilst being one of the most changed games in the series, having a few more hero’s to choose from would be awesome (payed for or not) and additional levels would really add to the game. Great graphics, great mechanics, great game I love it.

Imbec   5 star

Attention Ironhide. Ironhide if you are listening, I’ve already beaten the game and I must say, holy hell you guys know how to make an addictive, fun, and all round incredible game. The graphics, the animation, the sounds are on point with the increasing quality of the kingdom rush series. I’ve been a huge fan of kingdom rush since it originally came out, but this time you’ve gone and made another wonderful game, and I hope that you read this so that I can tell you to keep up the unbelievable work. Good on you.

lucas341852123   2 star

It’s fine.. It’s the same game again with different towers and heroes except most are locked behind a paywall. I would’ve rated higher but the in app purchases are just too much.

Colin L. Holmes   5 star

Simply addictive. A worthy successor!

Nbcstukmvdtikkj   5 star

Kingdom Defense. By far best one created! Very well thought out game

Georgeking225   5 star

Excellent game. Kingdom rush games are all excellent games.

Orange cat 7   5 star

YAY!!!. Been waiting for long but is was worth it! :D

Tango2AR   5 star

Great fun. Very entertaining.

TheGarrulousGentleman   5 star

Options, options.. There should be a choice for veteran players to disable the tutorial overlay at the start of the game. In the same vein the hardest difficulty should either be available from the get go or not revealed until the campaign’s end. The Roman numeral numbering of towers, present in other tower defends games from the Armor Games era, also breaks the immersion created by the ultra detailed maps and is a curious movement backwards. I bought both Beresad and the Goblin Zeppelin at release and I must say I feel like I am having more fun with them than without, which is a step down from the micro transactions in the previous games, which were not required to have an excellent time. The ‘Ironhide’ quality of the art persists, the overworld is beautiful and there are noticeable improvements to tower projectile animations. They are more fluid and detailed which is a huge quality of life improvement considering most of the game consists of watching your towers. A proper joy across the series has been watching the development team up their game, to speak so. In Vengeance it is rather more subtle than previous incarnations, with the major leaps forward coming in ui design, expansion of the options menu, gameplay system implementation that nears bloat but is rendered more, far more, than bearable by quality of presentation and at last, long last, English. Seeing Ironhide finally provide English text descriptions and dialogue that are something more than passable is a joy. It’s still stiff but one final game might get us there, provided the advanced mtx base they have created here doesn’t become their future focus and ruin the franchise. Having come with them all the way from Kingdom Rush on flash at Armor Games, Ironhide are one of the few devs I have and would again support through micro transactions, for now at least, and in my opinion they remain criminally underrated. Their passion is undeniable and now their talent is as well. However, as recent industry giants have taught us “No king rules forever”. If there is to be a beginning to an end, we have reached it.

Merden   5 star

Best one yet!. Huge fan of the series. I was a little disappointed with the previous game (space themed RTS) but this game is a return to form. It’s massive (11 towers compared to the standard 8). Heaps of unlockables and easily the biggest game in the series. I’ve seen some criticism of the in-game purchases. They’re absolutely optional and not required. I played through and didn’t pay a cent. This is huge game and sure to please fans of the series.

Grabthattube   5 star

This is good. Absolutely the greatest game I have ever laid my eyes upon. I would make love to this if it were real, please Ironhide, make this a reality. This game is just so good. I would pay $9 AUD, I’ll have you know, for this masterclass in mobile gaming. You have truly created something special. Kind regards, Vez’nan

KingdomRushIsGreat   5 star

Best IOS game. I have always loved the Kingdom Rush saga very much. I think all the games are fantastic! This newest one certainly doesn't disappoint! I would certainly recommend to all!!

What nickname? Oh, ok.   2 star

Expensive. Expensive for something riddled with micro transactions. Expensive 'micro' transactions to boot.

Brobi128   5 star

This game is the best !!. You’ve done it again!!! This game is an absolute killer!!!

Rosaritacisneros   5 star

Kingdom rush is finally back!. I’ve been a huge fan of the series and have played the previous three games on both IOS and PC, it’s my favourite tower defence series 😃 love the new towers and maps in this game so far, its the small animations and details that make this series so fun!

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