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Vez’nan the powerful almighty wizard has returned! Embark on an epic journey as you gather his army and fulfill his devious plans... muahaha. Get ready to show the Kingdom who the real boss is! Fight your way as you conquer the new and the good old realms. Face empires of mighty enemies and clash against supreme bosses in this classic tower defense full of humor and epicness!


- 16 new towers, each with unique abilities and special powers.
- Choose your arsenal of towers and make devastating combinations to stop your enemies!
- 16 challenging stages across three lands ripe for the taking!
- 9 powerful heroes who will follow your command without hesitation.
- Over 35 deadly enemies that will put all of your wit and tactical skills to the test.
- Rush the Kingdom as you bring down 3 mighty Kings in the most legendary of boss fights!
- New powers and reinforcements to vanquish your foes.
- 10+ trinkets and artifacts for that extra edge in battle.
- 30 upgrades to train your army to their best form.
- 50+ Achievements, hidden secrets and fun stuff for you to play and discover!
- No Wi-Fi at your Dark Tower? No worries, just play offline!

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Kingdom Rush Vengeance App Description & Overview

The applications Kingdom Rush Vengeance was published in the category Games on 2018-11-22 and was developed by Ironhide S.A.. The file size is 592.40 MB. The current version is 1.5.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Kingdom Rush Vengeance Reviews


Ironhide sold their souls to the dollar.  StrongDaddy  3 star

Another amazing game by Ironhide, no doubt there. My problem, and the reason for the 3 star rating, is the added in app purchases. I thought I bought the game, not a limited version of the game. Where is the one time price for the ENTIRE game? Why must I have my intelligence insulted with a game that has an upfront price AND micro transactions? This is where greed and big business gaming has gotten us, a $4.99 game with add-ons that are 3X the purchase price. I thought maybe Ironhide had learned their lesson and grown up some but I was wrong. I believe they could mature some and not insult their customers, but I do not believe they will. You sold your souls to the dollar, Ironhide. I hope it was worth it.


Uruguay noma!  fedelokura  5 star

Bien gurises

Mr Yozhik

Too much monetization  Mr Yozhik  2 star

Interesting twist, but greed has crippled the game.


Great series!  Joseusaf  5 star

I’ve been playing these games since the first on pc and I’ve been hooked since!!! I have all 3 in my phone. If you like strategic tower defense games, this is 100% the game for you.


Worth it!!  GiftofRevan  5 star

This game has story, a great sense of humor, all the fun you need. Another great installment in the series.


Big fan, but...  exploringfox  4 star

I love these games. Like I look forward to them all year. I’ve got a couple items that bother me though: 1) Almost every map is split track, meaning you can’t really focus on creating an ultimate mob killer run. I miss the green valley single tracks. 2) I miss the specialization with towers. In previous versions when you would get to level 4 towers you had to choose between two specialized towers, like your archer tower could become a Elven Flet or a Sniper tower with unique upgrades and perks, now there is only one path per tower. 3) The cost for new towers and hero’s is way too steep. I want to pay for the game and get the whole thing. One of the heroes is $7. I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t also feel compelled to buy the paid towers. Maybe make a Felix version of the game for $20? 4) I hate playing the bad guys—I know that’s very subjective but it’s true! Thanks for another great game Iron Hide!


Huge fan of the others. Major disappointment here.  Janichola  1 star

I’ve been following all of the kingdom rush games from the beginning. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the others. Unsure what went wrong here. The cartoons, graphics, voices, and visuals are all as awesome as always. However, a lot has changed. Complaints: 1. You now need to pay for certain towers. This makes you feel like you’re really missing out on a part of the game if you don’t buy all of them. Additionally, there are achievements that you can’t attain without having purchased certain towers. I’ve always gladly paid for stuff in the store so we can avoid this kind of nonsense. 2. On the towers: while you have way more options, they aren’t nearly as fun as in previous versions of this game. The special abilities aren’t as diverse. In versions past you could mix and match totally different towers to compliment one another. Not so in this game. They’re all just kind of mixed and mashed. Confused is the word. Keep it simple: equal parts archers, soldiers, mage, and bombs. 3. The maps are nowhere near as fun. It’s awesome when you can set up a really good defense in a choke point or funnel. There are none of these types of maps really in this game. The tower building sites are all just spread out randomly throughout each map. I guess the idea is to make it more challenging? It’s just less fun. 4. Stars and upgrade points are different. In the past you could earn a maximum of 5 stars per map to spend on upgrades. Now it’s 3. It makes the other two challenges kind of pointless. On upgrades: there are fewer and they’re nowhere near as interesting or diverse in what they offer as in the past 3 versions. In conclusion, The overall gameplay just isn’t what I’ve come to expect fromKingdom Rush. The tricks and surprises that happen on different maps are lame, as are the bosses. Example: I actually suffered through this game until the final mission. Took some real time preparing the final map. 8 waves in and the freaking thing changes completely into a new map and you’re supposed to do a new setup. So basically as soon as I was getting my towers leveled up and dialed in - WHAM - new map. Ironhide: that’s not cool or fun. It’s freaking annoying. I uninstalled the game right then and there. This game seems to be hastily thrown together compared to the others. I’ve no clue who they used to beta test this but I’m assuming it wasn’t people who were devotees of the first three KR games. This feels like the one album that your favorite pop band or star decided to try and go “dark” or “artistic” on. I can imagine the pitch meeting: “Let’s have them play as Veznaz and really mix things up.” Keep it real. All of your other games rock. Get back to it next time. TL;DR: WOFTAM. Waste Of Freaking Time And Money. Go play the others. They’re way better.


Another Fun Game  Cranndogg  5 star

Great game, just like the other Kingdom Rush games were.


Another micro-transaction fest.  TheKDogDude  1 star

I spent $5. Why do I have to spend $30 to unlock 1/3 of the game... and the cool stuff?


MVG in Tower Defense  Mattd42  5 star

Been a Iran of the series for years and bought all of them. Best one released by far. Low the new towers and hero’s. IMO better than Balloons TD


Great game, stop locking content behind paywalls!  IBetThisOneIsntTakenIzzit  4 star

I've been a fan of Ironhide since kingdom rush. They have earned a good reputation due to they're quality level designs and consistently stylised art (as well as humour and plenty of Easter eggs). I bough this one (despite it being the most expensive one yet) as soon as I noticed it was on the App Store due to the goodwill built by previous titles. I knew what I was in for, and they delivered on all the necessities; cheesy lines, fun gameplay, new towers etc. I enjoyed this title more than Frontiers and Origins, as it felt like a direct sequel to the first Kingdom Rush, and it brought a load of nostalgia (with returning characters, musical cues, world map and assets). Despite this, Ironhide shouldn't have locked towers behind paywalls. It felt greedy, and now two aspects of our beloved game (heroes and towers) have had sections removed and become microtransactions (or macrotransactions if you are silly enough to buy them all). Also, Ironhide, please add bonus levels as they are some of my favourite parts of the other instalments. The game is to short at the moment. In the end, I would still recommend this to Kingdom Rush fans, it lost a star for the steep price of entry and then the bevy of expensive microtransactions in the game.

Rippppp offffffff

It’s alright but...,....,  Rippppp offffffff  2 star

Really pales in quality compared to origins and the other games.

Big Dog Bowser

Another Kingdom Rush beauty !!  Big Dog Bowser  5 star

I’ve played them all and really enjoying this one as well. There are so many good points to be made about the Kingdom Rush games but what tops the list is the value, hours and hours of enjoyable gameplay for such a small outlay. Yes it has in-app purchases but you do not need to buy anything to get through the game and have a great time in the process with more than enough variety. Just fantastic work again Ironhide !!

Game chess hay

Pls add encyclopedia  Game chess hay  3 star

Plz add encyclopedia. A lot of us miss it. Pls Ironhind. Please.


A bit of a backward step for Ironhide  sylvain_181  4 star

By far the least challenging of the entire KR saga. This results in the game not only feeling too short, but makes getting all the achievements a bit of a chore. On top of that, the in-game catch-phrases are not up to the standard I’ve come to expect from Ironhide. All that said, this is a solid game, and I really like the way they’ve split up tower-specialties into their own towers.

Mad axe, flub flub, madam

Hectic excellence  Mad axe, flub flub, madam  5 star

All the Kingdom Rush games are great, this one does not disappoint. A consistently awesome series - one of the best :)


Too ez  nemostilll  4 star

This game become to easy!


Still amazing  DNAtrife  5 star

No matter how many times I play the Kingdom Rush games prior to this one I still love them. It’s exactly the same with Kingdom Rush Vengeance. I love how they changed the layout of the game and changed the story (POV) and increased the complexity and reward of the game. The graphics have improved once again; the game looks amazing. Vengeance isn’t extremely challenging but some levels push your fortifications to the limits. However, if you need to change the difficulty it is easy to do so. Great for new or continuing Kingdom Rush players. Can’t wait for the sequel!


Great game  iDanielx  5 star

As usual, the franchise impresses

Sonic 500

Great game  Sonic 500  5 star

The squeal was absolutely awesome Need a content update The ability to have unlimited rounds Other then that great game Highly recommend it The game also needs an unlimited round modes Great job guys Looking forward to future kingdom rush games


Worst in the series  Petrickj  1 star

I got this on sale and glad I didn’t pay full price. If you like the earlier KR games it’s less of the same. Definitely the worst in the series. Very few levels. Super easy. Even more pay for content (you can pay for towers too now, yeah). No real bosses. Bland levels. Also, I thought being the bad guys would be exciting, but both the towers and heroes felt like pure cosmetic changes from the earlier KR games.


All time fav  sajego  5 star

These have been my favorite games since the first one came out.


Another Great Game  BossGam3ratq  5 star

They’ve done it again! Another great game by ironhide. I’ve played every single one of their games, and they never seem to disappoint. I love how they have used a colored map in this one, and some more changes, such as no more tower upgrade paths but instead you can choose different towers. I don’t like that change much, but maybe because I’m not used to that. The only complaint that I have is that there are no extra missions once you have finished the campaign, unlike the other games. The upgrade tree should have a few more upgrades, but everything else is fine. They probably don’t have extra missions because of how new this game is, but hopefully they will be added in the near future. Nonetheless, great game, and if you like it, you will enjoy their other games as well. Keep it up, Ironhide!


Great TD  Brimar27  5 star

If your fan of TD games this one is a must


What a ruuuuuuuush  reidaawggggg  5 star

I’ve played all the kingdom rush games and they are incredible. Each one has some unique qualities that make them all worth your time. This one makes some fun changes and includes more towers than ever. There are a lot of heroes as well, and it looks like there are slots in the game for the creator to add them overtime which will be cool. Usually they also continue to add new stages after the release and I can’t wait to see those. I hope that this game creator branches out and makes other really creative games!!


Worst KR not just because of horrible IAP  TR232323  1 star

I’ve played the entire series and this is by far the worst. Skip it if you have not played the rest of the series. Issues: Killing humans, lots of humans with a red blood stain on the ground for each one. Everything is too small. Almost impossible to see what’s going on the rest of the series is much easier on the eyes. Flipping the script does not work as the villians never had towers. For a villian game a space marine style game would have worked better actually using the villians you know and love from the earlier games. No support for multiple games or option not to use the cloud saves on startup. To start a new game on a new ipad I had to load my old game, disable cloud saves, then delete my progress. However unbeknownst to me that reset the cloud save disable option. Really sloppy and miss multiple games on same ipad. Sloppy and Another example of why this is worst of the series. Fonally the IAP: All towers not included. Unacceptable for a $5 game. With all the In app purchases ($1 to $99!) and ads to watch (for gems) this game should be free.


Amazing  Royaltboston  5 star

This game is amazing i purchased all of ironhides previous iPo and this is presently the best game. The downfall of it is the immense variety. Customization is at an all time high but it can be overwhelming at times (which towers to use with specific enemies) but this just helps the replay value. If you can’t afford the towers i would recommend not purchasing the game until you can it seems like a commercial ploy at first but the ability to play KR exactly the way you want to play it is more than worth it.


Another amazing game! But it’s missing one thing.  Vaolniel  5 star

I’d like to start of saying I’v played every Kingdom Rush game to date and I loved all of them. In fact I 100% complete every single one. The one thing I looked forward to in all of these games was the bonus levels after you beat the campaign. These were always super challenging and great fun after you’ve beat all the campaigns iron challenges and such. But they seem to have left them out of this game and that was super disappointing to me. While playing through I would look at spots on the map and say, “That’ll be an extra level for sure” but unfortunately there were none. Please I would love to see the extra levels you guys come up with, especially with all these new towers you have added. (which I love by the way) Overall still a great game, and highly recommend playing if you love tower defense games.


Not as good  OKLAListener  3 star

I’ve bought every Kingdom Rush and this is th first one that is almost unplayable. The micro-transactions make this 100% a pay-to-win game. Which is unfortunate because these games have always been my favorite.


Too Easy  Marrrrrcoolllllllllo  3 star

Most missions are won with just arrow towers. Previous Kingdom Rush games were great, this one is just ok.


Great game, too commercialised  phoneyone  2 star

Great fourth game in the series, but has too many "pay to upgrade" parts. Don't like that towers are not paid upgrades.


Never stop working on Kingdom Rush  Dasjenige123  5 star

Thanks for finally bringing out a new one. I love kingdom rush but unfortunately couldn’t enjoy iron marines that much. I literally flipped out when I saw this new one and it is awesome again! Keep up the good work, can’t wait for updates and further games!

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