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Record it!: Screen Recorder allows you to record your favorite games and apps for tutorials, games walk-through, video demos and training videos on your iPhone and iPad. After recording your screen, you can add video reactions with audio commentary to further enhance your recording!

• One tap to start recording your entire screen (requires iOS 12)
• For iOS 11, we provide easy to follow video tutorials to get you setup fast
• Record everything: games, video tutorials, apps

• Add FaceCam Reactions to your recordings
• Add reactions to your favorite YouTube videos!
• Personalize your reaction by setting the reaction shape, position and size
• Camera Roll videos are supported

• Record audio only commentary for your videos

• Trim your video
• Video filters
• Adjustable playback speed
• Change canvas and background color
• Rotate

• Organize your recordings in one simple application with easy access

• Share directly to YouTube for easy and fast exporting
• Save directly to camera roll
• Share and export your recordings to other apps, via email or AirDrop. You can also export your recording to your computer via WiFi or any other app for more specialized video editing.

Video reactions is a perfect way to add personality to your video recordings. You can add video reaction to your recordings so your audience can watch you while you play your favorite game, or when simply recording an app demonstration (Perfect to show your friends how to complete a task, or how to achieve that perfect score in a game).

The combinations are endless, just download and try for yourself.


Video share are limited to three minutes videos. For longer videos sharing, please upgrade to our Pro version (In App Purchase)

Record it! :: Screen Recorder App Description & Overview

The applications Record it! :: Screen Recorder was published in the category Utilities on 2017-06-12 and was developed by DIGISET LLC. The file size is 25.90 MB. The current version is 4.3.2 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

+ Fixed orientation issues when recording a reaction

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Record it! :: Screen Recorder Reviews

wow wow❤️💞😝

This is so cool  wow wow❤️💞😝  5 star

Yeah it’s only for Apple phones but it’s still awesome and amazing you could record your face while recording video or use this for YouTube all of the time


Doesn’t record right  DallasAngel10  1 star

I don’t even know why I spent money on this


Points  xygvhfgmkyebj  1 star

I give 0


👌  dhfkifhejgijr  5 star


ujkejljw gtore)oeahgaerlh

Hate but love  ujkejljw gtore)oeahgaerlh  5 star

I can’t believe this is real it’s broken now I can’t use it anymore


Purchased pro version  Okokoklklj  3 star

But don’t know if it went threw they took my money but where is the pro version at on my screen. Give me my money back or show me where the pro version at


Not for those that want to record audio  Villashsoc  1 star

I do not recommend this. I have all of the current iOS updates for my iPhone 6s. Yet, Screen recording doesn't record any FaceTime audio. Not sure if this is an issue with my iPhone model, but it seems like a software problem. Anyways, this app will not record FaceTime audio, either. If you’re lucky, it will save your recording. It saved three out of the EIGHT screen recordings I tried to make through this app. The audio recorded was me through the microphone, and it cut off as soon as FaceTime began to make a call. Complete silence during FaceTime screen recordings.


This is the worst ever  Djeranwuli  1 star

I came here because when I screen recorded in my camera roll it would glitch and stuff. This is even worse. Not only can you not cut out clips but you can’t take it back to your camera roll to do so unless it’s under 10 minutes and you don’t want to pay. Worst ever.


Cámara  jorgenasvis  1 star

No puedo puedo encontrar la cámara en donde esta

Not a 100% hater

Would rate 0 star!  Not a 100% hater  1 star

This app is so bad! I pressed record and it never recorded! It’s stupid! Don’t download!


Going forward, everything seems ...  @sydneysidesteve  5 star

Have been needing screen recording softwares for my iPad for a while, but put it off because I did not want to deal with the pop-up garbage from the App Store which comes with free-ware in the Apple ecosystem. Happy to report that this app allowed the use of the tool without blocking said use with an implementation of pay-per-view-pop-up advertising. Everything going forward looks, well, -rosey- from here on out! Thank you devs.

Mr Pikachu YT

Oh yeah yeah  Mr Pikachu YT  1 star

Why are you reading my review oh yeah yeah


Very cool  Shadowx66  5 star

Helped me a lot to record vids for my YouTube channel Paradox Inferno


Glitching but helpful  PurpleGamer9  4 star

This is an extremely helpful app because i am a very small YouTuber needed to record games somehow (meh channel is IssyLetsPlay lol) Anyway this app is helpful but is beginning to annoy me as it’s starting to glitch and not saving my recording or messing up the audio. There’s no way to fix that so I have to record again it’s making me late for posting because I have to edit on top of that. I neee this to be fixed or I may lower my rating.


Great App  Ameowni  5 star

I get to make Roblox videos,Gacha videos and other videos


Good but...  jacoblewers  3 star

After 20 minutes of recording is I go into the app to see that I did not press the record button but I did I’m deleting it and getting another app for this.


Has potential  HelenaBubbleSqueak  2 star

App needs fixing, Can’t record Picture AND sound. Easy to use but pointless if the sound and picture isn’t perfect. I’ll re-rate when it’s fixed


Doesn’t work at all  Jodre7  1 star

Doesn’t work at all on my iPhone XR


Very good but I have a suggestion for an update  hdmdfkf  4 star

Please make it possible to record the FaceTime at the same time as you record a video


Where’s all the sound??  Mochatucker  3 star

I Don’t know if I did something wrong BUT I CANT HEAR NO SOUND😡🤬😡🤬


Amazing !!!  cupcakelove9510  4 star

I loved this app it’s very useful. I like to play ROBLOX and make videos off them and this is perfect for that! Please download


I kinda like it  DarkFall_YT  3 star

So I got go record it worked fine then I switched to this the only problem I have is that I can play like roblox of Minecraft or geometry dash cause the camera is upside down I edit my videos and it gets annoying when that happens cause I wasted storage and now I have to record again this is bad if you want to play like Minecraft or geometry dash and upload it to YouTube just fix it and I will use this

Raheel B

Excellent ❤️👍🏼  Raheel B  5 star

It’s user friendly app , am Loving it ❤️👍🏼

oofer gang yuh?

When I play games it does not record  oofer gang yuh?  3 star

Okay so for example I’m playing roblox I try to screen record it for a tik tok it does not record and I followed all the rules to how to screen record btw user: emerald_jake48 roblox tik tok is emerald_sadness but any ways please help me so I can rate this better than 3 stars


Great but  Real_Sprite  5 star

every time I put in a link to screen record it doesn’t work fix your app

Blue Star_YT

Sound...  Blue Star_YT  1 star

There is no sound in the YT vids sry....


Laggy and broken  Scarcehere  2 star

The app doesn’t change which way it is recording. If you start with your phone horizontal and change it, the app still records horizontally. Also it makes my videos lag


Nice  Moe⚜️  5 star

It’s good g

improve ur gameee

pls read, this app scammed me  improve ur gameee  1 star

Ok, ok so your wondering how it scammed me? Well I bought the pro recorder because it’s only about three dollars right? Well I record then try to save it and it says “buy pro to record for over 10 minutes” I thought it didn’t load or something so I bought pro again and record another video, I try to download it. Guess what it says, “BUY PRO TO RECORD FOR OVER 10 MINUTES!” LIKE WTH DUDE I BOUGHT PRO! It full on scammed my money so please give me my money back or FIX THIS 😡


I can’t use the tap to record button!  AvaBlehDaOne  1 star

It just doesn’t let me tap it it won’t record my screen I’m mad I’m using an iPhone 6 in the year 2019 nothing works!!!!!


Didn’t Record Screen  TheXboxBrother  1 star



This app is so good  allistar77  5 star


Clash Jack007 Yt

Annoyed  Clash Jack007 Yt  2 star

I loved the app then found out you had to pay for a video 10 minutes or longer put me off

Evan the awesome grimes gamer

Awful Trash  Evan the awesome grimes gamer  2 star

This is the same as the normal screen recorder (crap) It won’t record any volume!


Recommended  googoogajoo  5 star

I love it soooooo much it’s amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙃


Add a new thing  imachiken  2 star

So I really wanted one with a pause button so if you could add a pause button it would be helpful thanks

Mr.richerd dick

Great  Mr.richerd dick  1 star

This app is great for recording but if you want to share the video you put time and effort into to bad. If you click the share button it says that you have to pay 5 Euro and the you can share


Does not work  CGFWS  1 star

Downloaded, and would not work (neither the ‘how-to’, or ‘Record’ function.

cheeryrose ah

Keeps playin up  cheeryrose ah  3 star

It’s good and it’s handy and I like this app but it keeps playin up I choose to record with app it saves in photos I turn on mic it doesn’t work I turn off mic it does work please fix this


Actually SHITE  Nnnnmmmmmmnmmmmm  1 star

It lags me out every time and I got in once omg don’t even bother

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