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**Launch Sale 50% off! Plotagraph+ is a one of a kind image animation app that brings photos to life. Tell your story in a fun and unique way with animated images that can now be shared on most of your favorite social media platforms as a looping video or Animated PNG. This new and innovative app gives you the tools to easily animate any image in minutes.

How to Create a Plotagraph

• Tap the "+" icon to select a photo or tap the Camera icon to take a new photo
• Create an animation track by tapping and dragging in the direction you would like the animation to move
• Select the "Mask" tool to mask the area of the image you don’t want to animate
• Adjust your animation speed by tapping and dragging the speed bar
• Now share your Plotagraph! Simply save to your camera roll as a Video, Gif or Animated PNG with our easy custom presets


• Animation Tool
• Selection Tool
• Instant Playback
• Mask
• Eraser
• Crop Presets
• Anchor Points
• Pinch Zoom
• Social Sharing Presets
• Save to Camera Roll
• Gif Exports
• MP4 Exports
• Animated PNG exports
• Apple Pencil Pressure Sensitivity
• Real Time Animation Speed Control

Our intuitive interface allows for easy navigation among our animation tools, bringing your images to life in a few simple taps.

Key Benefits

• It's easy, it's fun and fast
• Increase Engagement on social media
• Bring your favorite photos to life
• All you need is an iPad and Plotagraph+
• Share seamlessly across social media and iMessages

Export Sizes

• GIF, aPNG - 600px
• MP4 - up to 1200px
• MP4 for camera roll - up to 1920px for most devices
• MP4 for camera roll - up to 1200px for iPhone 5S and iPad Air

System Requirements

iPHONE: iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
iPAD 64Bit and Higher: iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, All iPad Pro Models

Plotagraph+ Photo Animator App Description & Overview

The applications Plotagraph+ Photo Animator was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-07-12 and was developed by PLOTAGRAPH, Inc.. The file size is 94.87 MB. The current version is 1.4 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Improved compatibility with iOS 11 and iPhone X
- Drag & Drop support
- Hold undo/redo button to undo/redo all changes in current session
- Full HD resolution enabled for all MP4 export presets
- Speed optimization and bug fixes

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Plotagraph+ Photo Animator Reviews


Great, creative app  modern_goat  5 star

I am really blown away by this app. Downloaded it today and have been revisiting some of my collages now and adding great animated effects to them. This has taken my collage work to a new level, truly. I have yet to run into any problems. The app runs smoothly and is pretty fast too. I am on an iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 11.2 - everything exports smoothly and is super easy to share on any platform I’ve tried. I look forward to seeing how this app grows. GREAT JOB👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


Awesome!  Flinstone  5 star

Incredible, one of the most creative photo apps I have ever seen. Bring still photos to a new viewing level. Very short learning curve with endless creative ability. Your only problem will be your lack of creativity. Note to developer could you increase the ability to slow the animation a little more.


Can't download  hooman_ir2  4 star

I've bought the app but can't download it on itunes.


Thank you! Great to be able revisit the UNESCO Site!  Reader18  5 star

Your app allowed me to reanimate pictures from a UNESCO site we visited several years ago. It was a very cold, windy day so we didn’t really get to spend much time. Just enough to take a picture or two. I was really upset when I realized I had left my video camera back on the ship but not willing to trek back (in the artic temps) to get it. The app has fixed that problem!! Thank you!! Great Idea Fun to use!!

Vine Time

Great Application  Vine Time  5 star

This has been super fun to bring my art pieces to life. It does exactly what I need it to do. It took me a couple hours for the learning curve then I was making professional quality animated projects. I love it!


🙏🏽  Mimshahi  5 star



The Real Deal!  Stevearcher  5 star

I bought this, as I do all new apps claiming novel function, expecting little... because most disappoint. But this one is terrific! You have to watch the tutorial videos and spend a few minutes preparing a suitable photo. But, then, it works!! This developer has married a nearly automatic masking tool with intuitive animation cues and anchor points. Really impressed!

Dr Phil Dirt

Incredibly flexible and fun!!  Dr Phil Dirt  5 star

I am a graphic designer and was instantly wowed by the ease of the interface! Easy and very fun! Im getting much better results in just a weeks’ use!! Love it! Come on Pro version!!!


What An Amazing App! Buy it 😉😛😘😜😍  Asaintfort  5 star

What an amazing app lol 😂😂😉👌. When I first. Opened it, I thought it was gonna be hard to use. It was easy and the samples help very much. I used to use a program that does the same thing but this is over the top. Keep on making it better so you continue to get more customers. Don’t give up on it to start a new version. Everyone should buy this. It’s amazing 😍😘😂😛😜🤪


Endless creativity bringing photos to life!  akguide  5 star

Apple’s Pencil + iPad Pro = Creative bliss for any photographer looking to bring a little motion to their photography. As a professional photographer, I can say this has really stimulated my audience and their engagement with my pictures. Feature requests to the Developers: Projects can be synced to the iCloud so hard work can be shared across devices. Ability to add sound effects! Would be great if they could team up with stock sound archives some free some for purchase. Would love the ability to add wind, birds, running water to scenes. Great app, look forward to seeing it grow! Scott Slone @scottslone everywhere else.


Has potential  derrickkmcdonald  3 star

Absolutely amazing app and will probably get better as i lear more and more how to use it. Unfortunately tho on my iPhone X i had the app crash on me a few times on a few different photos


Nice App  cluc83  4 star

Very nice, easy to use and exports to many different formats. Looking forward to new functionalities! E.g. some filters, adding in multiple pictures, etc. It will also be great to make large size GIF images.


Wow! Thank you!  4ussiestyle  5 star

Thank you so much! Got this app for free from Apple Store! I can’t wist to try this app.


Great app that needs slower options  Revons.  4 star

Enjoy using this app however It really needs slower animation options. Even at the slowest speed, the animation is just too fast and barely usable.


Misleading Promotion  LilRusski  1 star

Advertising 50% OFF BUT CHARGED THE FULL PRICE.... Can't say much about the app as I haven't had enough time to play with it.. But the concept is great!

G Gunawan

Where's the 50% discount?  G Gunawan  2 star

App is fun. But rather dissapointing with the promotion. Downloaded the app on 17Aug17 due to 50% discount and could see instant notification of pre authorised charge of less than $4 from my Amex. But been billed $7.99 today. Yep only $4, not much, but it's the principle. Cheers guys.


Love it  Littemissbossy  5 star

easy to use and it's brilliant thanks for the changes to gif export I asked for


"Caution" ! very addictive !  Utubewayarmy  5 star

Pretty cool app. Making your photos come alive 10/10 👍👍👍


Great app, but cant delete old projects  Marekiv  3 star

Hopefully will be fixed with next update


No way to delete  chips1946  1 star

Like what it does but can't figure out how to delete a test one I did.


FABULOUS  Malloware  5 star

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Hella great !!!! —why can't I up load my plotagraph to Twitter ?

Sunny jimb

Amazing  Sunny jimb  5 star

Go through 3-4 charge cycles daily on my phone playing with this. 😁


So Excited!!!  Patters111  5 star

I LOVE this app!! I'm not a techy and it's so easy to use! It makes my art really stand out and come to life 😍

Cmndo brndo

Must have!  Cmndo brndo  5 star

This app is just cool. If you have trouble with creating an animation, watch their tutorial videos because they help a lot. Don't expect to be a master of it right away, it'll take some time to get good at it. You honestly can't beat what it can do for $5.


Crashes non stop  Bo*  1 star

Update: after 3 emails from customer support asking the same thing- what device/ os/ gb available- to which I've responded 3 times iPad 4 mini latest ios 60g available - Haven't heard back .( except another email asking the exact same things) And when I do it'll probably be the same exact junk as all the other emails worded exactly the same. Will be disputing charge with Apple. Heads up people. I cannot endorse this app, and have given them 2 weeks and 3 replies. Do not buy!!!!!! Running on iPad 4 with 60g of memory open. Crash after crash after crash. Pretty much rendering this app useless. If it some how can be fixed it's 5 star all the way.


No me funcionó en el iPhone como yo pensaba porque no me guarda la imagen como GIF  Herchin  1 star

No funciona bien

lauren with an L

Easy to learn for some one behind the times ;)  lauren with an L  5 star

As someone new to editing photos and creating animated pictures I found it easy and fun to use. The tools took me a couple tries to understand but I prevailed! High quality, fun, and fast animation :) I will be more aware of the pictures I take so I can amplify them with this app!


Unable to download latest update  app_interest  2 star

Error says url cannot find url ^0

Ryan was taken

Neat app, but limited options to save/export  Ryan was taken  3 star

Pros: really cool effects, quick to learn and pick up Cons: max file size is 1920px wide as a video, but animated GIF and PNG are way smaller, only 600px. This could be an amazing tool for website builders and content producers if it could export higher resolution animated images. In the 4K world, 1920px is the bare minimum. Also, there's no touch up tool to remove objects For example, I have a picture of a boat anchored on the beach. The water is animated, but the rope to the anchor is in the animation and it breaks the effect. Best way to resolve would be to photoshop the rope out with a content aware feature.


Very cool app but constantly crashes  SilVerFir3  3 star

This is a very cool app, but every time I go to export it crashes and erases everything that I had just done. I really hope they fix the bugs, because it is pretty awesome.

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