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This app will help you to come up with chords, to practice your instrument and to get to know the circle of fifths, even without knowledge of music theory!


Stuck for new ideas? You're not sure which chords will sound good together? This app will help you!

▶ Chords of a key are highlighted, they will sound great together, just combine them.
▶ Learn how chords are played on the piano or guitar!
▶ Export songs as MIDI file and use it in Ableton, Garage Band or any other DAW.
▶ Thirds? Fifths? Mixolydian??? Don't panic! You don't need to know or learn any music theory!


Practice and learn songs, chords, scales and get easy access to music theory!

▶ Compose songs or practice chord progressions. Check out the chord relations within the circle of 5ths.
▶ Check out how chords are played on your instrument with the expandable piano or guitar fretboard.
▶ Check out chords of popular songs, analyze and practice them.
▶ Practice scales in different keys and clefs. Basic scales are included — Unlock more than 80 scales if you are hungry for more!
▶ Playback scales and train your ear.
▶ Display the traditional circle of fifths with parallel minor chords.


▶ Display and playback 4-note chords in the circle of fifths. Have fun with modal interchange or customized chords! Check out chord statistics related to the currently active key.
▶ Use the app to teach your students the circle of 5ths and let them practice chord progressions and scales.


▶ Composing
Easily pick chords out of the circle of fifths. Create custom chords, change time signature (4/4, 3/4, 6/8, 7/8, 5/8), change the tempo (40-320bpm) and adjust the flexible song structure.
Once you've composed a song, you can quickly change the key to find the right one for you.

▶ A continuously growing list of popular songs
Check out what popular songs look like in the circle of fifths. Practice and analyze them, see directly which chords are off key.

▶ Piano & Guitar fretboard
Check out how chords and scales are played on the piano or guitar. Check out melodies or practice scales on the go with the interactive keyboard.

▶ Share & collaborate
Share song links with your friends, your teacher or band colleagues. Receivers can open and work on them in their Ultimate Circle Of Fifths app.

▶ MIDI export
Export songs as MIDI file and work with them in Ableton, Garage Band or any other digital audio workstation.

▶ Save songs
Save your favorite compositions on your device! Work on them later, share or export them as MIDI.

▶ Traditional circle of fifths
As the Ultimate Circle Of Fifths highlights the key in the "Songwriting" mode. You can also display the traditional circle of fifths with the parallel minor chords in the "Scales" mode of the app.

▶ Learn scales in any key.

Available modes/scales:

▻ Ionian (Natural major)
▻ Aeolian (Natural minor)
▻ As well as Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, and Locrian.

▻ more than 80 scales with the optional "Scales Pack" Add-on.

Different clefs:
▻ G clef
▻ F clef
▻ C clef

▶ Display Chords, roman numerals, and colors of your song

▶ Different playback sounds:

▻ Grand Piano
▻ Acoustic Guitar
▻ E-Piano
▻ Synth Pad

Practice, compose with our without a click. Adjust volume levels individually.

▶ App settings:

▻ Transposed playback for Bb or Eb instruments.
▻ Four color themes, including a color blind theme.
▻ Display minor chords in small letters.
▻ Display 4-note-chords.
▻ Display german note names (B will be H).

▶ Infos

▻ Chord symbols and chord structures are explained.

▶ No registration (account) needed!

Please have a look at the apps privacy policy before you download it.

Ultimate Circle Of Fifths App Description & Overview

The applications Ultimate Circle Of Fifths was published in the category Music on 2017-12-17 and was developed by Christian Hengst. The file size is 76.78 MB. The current version is 2.1.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

This version contains a big update with a lot of new features and great design improvements.
The design was optimized for better readability and better usage. Bigger font sizes and more contrast all over the app as well as some new design patterns which will make composing and practicing much easier and more efficient.


New in 2.1.1:

▶ FINALLY! Two chords per bar! You can now split a bar and assign two individual chords with individual lengths. Either long press on a selected bar or tap on the "expand" icon next to the arrow navigation in the footer when you're in composition mode.

New in 2.1.0:

▶ Introducing a third, new "app mode" especially for scales.
▶ Undo and redo feature for changes on chords in the song.
▶ Arrow navigation when composing. When you tap in a bar to compose you will now remain in composition mode until you tap "Done". Skip to the next/previous bar with the arrows at the bottom of the screen. This will make composing much faster and more efficient!
▶ On/Off for repeating the whole song when playing it back.
▶ On/Off for auto-scrolling the song when playing it back.
▶ Highlight chords of your song with the appropriate color. You'll find this under the settings icon at the beginning of your song.
▶ Double tap on a chord (in a bar or the wheel) to edit it.
▶ Change the playback direction of the scale. Play the scale up, down or up and down.


▶ All song and scale related settings and actions are now located in an expandable bar at the bottom of the screen.
▶ Global actions and content like creating a new song, popular and saved songs, as well as the app settings and info are now located in a sidebar menu.
▶ Bigger font sizes, icons, and more contrast.
▶ New iPad landscape layout.


▶ Exported MIDI files do now have the correct note length when using a different time signature than 4/4.
▶ Performance optimization.

This update was tested a lot. If you still find some bugs, please report them to [email protected] Thank you!

Have fun with this new app version!

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Ultimate Circle Of Fifths Reviews

paul dock

Great teacher  paul dock  5 star

It’s a great teacher of scales


Perfect App for Songwriters and musicians  1hduvks  5 star

Incredibly useful and well designed both functionally and aesthetically. The best song writing tool for musicians I have come across so far


Great App  Cee176  5 star

For someone who doesn’t know how to play major and minor chords or place them in orders that will sound good together such as myself 😂😂😂😂 I love this app, it taking my production to another level


Great..but not yet perfect!  mhootie  4 star

Love this app! It’s super helpful for beginners. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it does not have a zoom feature. I have bad eyes and it can be very hard to see the scales when I’m any distance away from the screen. If they add this feature I will update my review to 5 stars :)


Great app for creating songs! Worth the 3 dollars  TJOMUSIC  5 star

I learned about the circle of fifths recently, but I didn’t realize how useful of a tool it is to create songs! At first, I tried to learn about it and experiment with it on my own, but it takes a good bit of music theory to understand and to apply the concepts. I looked for something similar to this app on line, but this app is pretty much perfect for what I was looking for. This app allows you to choose chords in real time, switch them, and structure complete songs with labels and set the number of playback loops for each part. On top of that, you can choose 4 instruments. When you choose a new chord, it will tell you if the chord is in key. There are multiple scales to choose from, and you can easily switch the key which changes all of your chords but keeps the progressions the same. You can save and export all of them and you can load examples of real songs within the app. Honestly, there are many features to list, ranging from functionality to design elements like colors. This app is very robust and clean. Nothing is gimmicky or extra, and I feel that it is a very powerful song writing tool. Honestly, I feel that the developer deserves every bit of revenue generated by this app. There are no ads or annoying in-app purchases that I can see. If you write songs, want to try writing them, or have ever been stuck wondering what kind of chord progression to create to match the verse, please give this app a try. It is beautiful. Note for the developer: Thank you for creating this app. It is pretty much perfect and I hope that it stays exactly like this. Great work!


Good idea and pretty interface but...  Ailikou  3 star

This looks like a good idea and definitely the kind of tool I need, but I am currently having 2 issues with the app as I use it through a Bluetooth amp to jam on the tracks. - the playback volume cannot be changed while using the app. I have to switch to another app (My MP3 player) to increase or decrease the volume and go back to that guy. - I can’t switch to another app while playing back the chords. It causes the playback to immediately stop.


Great app, missing some important features, though  bee__thousand  3 star

The app offers a variety of features that are super useful for composing a tune, however there are some features that are either hard to find or navigate through, the biggest one for me being that you can’t change the length of chords, only the general time signature. This really limits your options when you’re getting creative.


Great app  Giovanni_RatedR  5 star

Great app super useful I have been looking for something like this for a very long time finally found something that’s useful. I have a request and for the Ableton link which would help immensely thx


Circle of fifths app is really good.  Cainro  5 star

The best money I’ve ever spent on an app. It’s intuitive and easy. It’s crazy good and worth every cent. Buy it.


Best keeps getting better.  PAPANOJ  5 star

This is my go-to app when I just want to develop melodies and progressions, which I do a lot more often than sit to compose on my phone with something like Gadget. Adding features like out-of-mode chords really takes it to new places, although I'd like to see a graphical indicator that an out-of-mode chord still comes from a parallel mode. The export modes are first rate although usually I just run the progressions into my stand-alone sampler and start playing. I could never go back to Android as there is no app this useful to me as a song writer.


Whoever made this deserves a noble prize!!  d1spo5ab13  5 star

Excellent tool for learning chords, scales and a handy song builder!! I’ve discovered my inspiration all over again learning basic chord progressions that fit and jamming scales over the top!


School price deal?  sandfod  4 star

Hi just wondering if you would do a deal for schools purchasing this for their students?


I can’t get back to my song  isy217  5 star

I was making a song and then I went to popular songs and clicked on one and now I can’t get back to my song. But the app is really good


Awesome, but..  B.HillOneHundred  4 star

Hey Christian, love this app and have been using it for a while now. However, I really enjoyed using the experimental modes (e.g incorporating the harmonic minor into my progressions). I can’t seem to find where to activate experimental modes. Is this still a feature in the new update? Cheers!

Lucho SM

Excellent app ! A must have if you love music theory  Lucho SM  5 star

A must have if you love music theory


Great app!  PJC108  5 star

Very intuitive and logically laid out.


Good  darksh1nes1991  5 star

Any chance of allowing custom note editing for each chord? So you can make custom sus chords, clusters, etc?

Way s

Really nice app.  Way s  4 star

Well done on the app. It’s a pleasure to use. Is there a way to pick which inversion of the chord to voice out? That would be incredible and very useful.


Excellent Music Tool but has some slight issues  Steve7326  4 star

The app is well thought out and useful but I can hear random static noises when playing chords and there is a bit of lag. Overall it’s not too big of an issue and the app does exactly what it claims to do. Had these issues not appeared, this would’ve been a 5/5.


Song writing ease  Timbertonka  5 star

Makes learning your progressions so much faster, Easy to use when my guitar isn’t near and I want some backing for lyric creation. 3/3 👍🏽’s from me


So nice! 🎉🎼  JnthnMyrs  5 star

This is such a fantastic reference tool for songwriting and composing. It’s so handy for quickly testing out chord progressions that I might not have thought to try. It encourages experimentation, increases knowledge of music theory, and is a delight to use! I would love to see additional chords that aren’t in the chosen key, such as a seventh chord or changing a major chord to a minor chord. Keep it up! This is wonderful! Musically, Jonathan Polyphony


Sweet App!  Beringer5  5 star

This app is really great for exploring different modes and/or chord changes. The export midi function is pretty handy as well. Enjoy!


Great app but need modal interchange!  arod5963  4 star

Love the app but needs modal interchange

Ryan Cass

Worth the money  Ryan Cass  5 star

3 bucks to learn scales and chords? Absolutely. Learning the keyboard rn, buddy showed me this app, and I’m stoked

Steveo McSteverton

Very nice  Steveo McSteverton  4 star

Great app. I’m a guitar player and would love the option to get the guitar chords I’m loving this app. Thanks great job guys. 🤟


WOW!!!  NI GUY  5 star

I rarely leave reviews, but anyways this is exactly what I needed, from minor, major, 7th, 9th chords etc. To a virtual keyboard inside. This app has it all. Thank you for this app, My music theory is getting better now.

Grammy Goals

Not as efficient as intuitive type composition  Grammy Goals  5 star

I am what music theologians would call an “intuitive type” composer. If I am either sleep deprived or preoccupied, this app compensates quite well for the shortage in attention span / our of touch with my senses...


A go-to app!  Mapa729  5 star

I never leave reviews but use this app almost daily. This is an amazing tool for songwriting and deconstructing songs for practice. Changing modes is a breeze and it’s great for learning scales. Love the thoughtful features that allow midi as well- huge time saver and really well designed. Kudos!


Please make one for guitar  wizman228  4 star

Good app but I misread when it said for all instruments I assumed this meant guitar. While the theory and progressions apply to all instruments the app is specifically for keyboards. Would be great (for me) if this was modified for guitar with chords and scales with diagrams. But well done and easy on the eyes. Not too much theory just enough

Lent roller

Wow  Lent roller  5 star

I don’t write reviews










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