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This app will help you to come up with chords, to practice your instrument and to get to know the circle of fifths, even without knowledge of music theory!


Stuck for new ideas? You're not sure which chords will sound good together? This app will help you!

▶ Chords of a key are highlighted, they will sound great together, just combine them.
▶ Learn how chords are played on the piano or guitar!
▶ Export songs as MIDI file and use it in Ableton, Garage Band or any other DAW.
▶ Thirds? Fifths? Mixolydian??? Don't panic! You don't need to know or learn any music theory, play around with the app and you'll find out what will sound good together!


Practice songs, chords, scales and get easy access to music theory!

▶ Compose songs or practice chord progressions. Check out the chord relations within the circle of 5ths.
▶ Check out how chords are played on your instrument with the expandable piano or guitar fretboard.
▶ Check out chords of popular songs, analyze and practice them.
▶ Practice scales in different keys and clefs. Basic scales are included — Unlock more than 80 additional scales if you are hungry for more!
▶ Playback scales and train your ear.
▶ Display the traditional circle of fifths with parallel minor chords.


▶ Display and playback 4-note chords in the circle of fifths. Have fun with modal interchange or customized chords! Check out chord statistics related to the currently active key.
▶ Use the app to teach your students the circle of 5ths and let them practice chord progressions and scales.


▶ Composing
Easily pick chords out of the circle of fifths. Create custom chords which are out of the key, change time signature (4/4, 3/4, 6/8, 7/8, 5/8), change the tempo (40-320bpm) and adjust the flexible song structure.
Once you've composed a song, you can quickly change the key to find the right one for you.

▶ A continuously growing list of popular songs
Check out what popular songs look like in the circle of fifths. Practice and analyze them, see directly which chords are off key.

▶ Piano & Guitar fretboard
Check out how chords and scales are played on the piano or guitar. Check out melodies or practice scales on the go with the interactive keyboard.

▶ Share & collaborate
Share song links with your friends, your teacher or band colleagues. Receivers (iOS only) can open and work on them in their Ultimate Circle Of Fifths app.

▶ MIDI export
Export songs as MIDI file and work with them in Ableton, Garage Band or any other digital audio workstation.

▶ Save songs
Save your favorite compositions on your device! Work on them later, share or export them as MIDI.

▶ Traditional circle of fifths
As the Ultimate Circle Of Fifths highlights the key in the "Songwriting" mode. You can also display the traditional circle of fifths with the parallel minor chords in the "Scale" mode of the app.

▶ Scales and modes
Practice scales of different modes in any key.

Available modes:
▻ Ionian (major)
▻ Aeolian (minor)
▻ Dorian
▻ Phrygian
▻ Lydian
▻ Mixolydian
▻ Locrian
▻ more than 80 additional scales with the optional "Scales Pack"

Practice in different clefs:
▻ G clef
▻ F clef
▻ C clef

▶ Chords and roman numerals
You can display chords, roman numerals or both.

▶ Different playback sounds:

▻ Grand Piano
▻ Acoustic Guitar
▻ E-Piano
▻ Synth Pad

Practice, compose with our without a click. Adjust volume levels individually.

▶ App settings:

▻ Transpose playback for Bb or Eb instruments.
▻ Four color themes, including a color blind theme.
▻ Display minor chords in small letters.
▻ Display 4-note-chords.
▻ Display german note names (B will be H).

▶ Infos

▻ Chord symbols and chord structures are explained.

▶ No registration (account) needed!

Please have a look at the apps privacy policy before you download it.

Ultimate Circle Of Fifths App Description & Overview

The applications Ultimate Circle Of Fifths was published in the category Music on 2017-12-17 and was developed by Christian Hengst. The file size is 76.30 MB. The current version is 2.0.3 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

In this update:

▻ Fixed an issue where the "maj7" chord was displayed incorrectly on the guitar fretboard.
▻ Fixed a bug where "13" chords were not displayed on the guitar fretboard.
▻ Performance and usability improvements.

The app is updated regularly. I look forward to your feedback: [email protected]!
Have fun practicing and composing!

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Ultimate Circle Of Fifths Reviews


Very useful, but battery issues  NoFearDJB  5 star

Really intuitive app that I enjoy using! However it seems this app really taxes my phone as it gets hot almost immediately and dims the screen on my device. Perhaps some process can be disabled while the screen is static?

Mike Von Rock

Fantastic.  Mike Von Rock  5 star

I Feel This is the best app you could ever have as a songwriter ,on the go or just sitting there . Love the new features. Feel as if I should pay more . You have made a must have App . Hope you min award !!

Shik Shot

The best app that helps musicians  Shik Shot  5 star

So I just got this app. And I can’t get enough of it!!!! It is a powerhouse!!! Extremely helpful for me as a songwriter. I hear some chords in my head, I use the app to remember them and then it develops in the entire songs. Love it so so much!


Wrong chords!  /JT/  2 star

(For guitar)I just purchased this app and within the first 5 min I noticed that your second variation for the major 7th chords include the dominant 7 not the major 7. Fix that as you will confuse a lot of people. Also, if I may make a suggestion...include more than 2 variations of the selected chord. The right chords that is.


Best musical app ever!  Neenuz  5 star

This app is flawless and will take your musicality to new heights!


like a musician’s sketchbook in your pocket  Guzzy75728  4 star

great app! recommend it to anyone, particularly those going through a bit of writer’s block who don’t really have all their music theory put together (like me, lol) only issues i have are spoiled ones. i wish there were ways to have chords play when i want them to. for example, if i’m writing in 4/4, i may want: chord I, chord II/III, chord IV, chord V here i would have my third chord progression come in on the second chord’s third and fourth beat, and there’s no way (that i know of) to do that... if it’s 4/4 then i only can use 4 chords. no more, no less. speaking of less, what if i want my third chord to hold out in place of a fourth chord? if i want to replicate that, i have to just repeat the chord in the fourth spot and it’s just not the same i feel like if there was a way to implement these improvements, it would make this app so much more dynamic and a true songwriters companion. no hate tho, i really like this app and would still recommend it!

That Guy124

This app got WAAAAAAAY better  That Guy124  4 star

I downloaded this app a while back and used it maybe 3 times and haven’t used it since. I’m supposed to be writing a paper right now so naturally I’m going through every single app on my phone to procrastinate. I’m not sure when these guys updated this app but MAN I’m actually excited to use it for what it’s for. The navigation is improved and the quick tips are crazy helpful (so far). Not sure how much I spent on this but it couldn’t have been anything crazy. If you’re looking for an app that will give you a bit of inspiration chord-wise, this app is great.


Great developer who cares about feedback  calvinbrodice  5 star

I posted a negative review of v1 and made a comment about colorblind accessibility. The developer took this feedback and in v2 released this feature. This is a gem of an app backed by a first class developer. Great work!

Mike Fox 🤟

App is great!  Mike Fox 🤟  4 star

I love using this app, but one glaring issue is that the app doesn't distinguish chords like Cmaj7 and C7! Hopefully this gets fixed soon! Other than that, the app is super helpful for song writing, testing chords, looking at scales on the go, and much more!


Love it, but it needs keyboard support!  ZEUS9296  4 star

I love the app but I cant seriously until there is keyboard support, It doesn’t need to be complex (while that would welcomed) all that is really needed is that you could use the keyboard to play cords.


Whoever made this deserves a noble prize!!  d1spo5ab13  5 star

Excellent tool for learning chords, scales and a handy song builder!! I’ve discovered my inspiration all over again learning basic chord progressions that fit and jamming scales over the top!


School price deal?  sandfod  4 star

Hi just wondering if you would do a deal for schools purchasing this for their students?


I can’t get back to my song  isy217  5 star

I was making a song and then I went to popular songs and clicked on one and now I can’t get back to my song. But the app is really good


Awesome, but..  B.HillOneHundred  4 star

Hey Christian, love this app and have been using it for a while now. However, I really enjoyed using the experimental modes (e.g incorporating the harmonic minor into my progressions). I can’t seem to find where to activate experimental modes. Is this still a feature in the new update? Cheers!

Lucho SM

Excellent app ! A must have if you love music theory  Lucho SM  5 star

A must have if you love music theory


Great app!  PJC108  5 star

Very intuitive and logically laid out.


Good  darksh1nes1991  5 star

Any chance of allowing custom note editing for each chord? So you can make custom sus chords, clusters, etc?

Way s

Really nice app.  Way s  4 star

Well done on the app. It’s a pleasure to use. Is there a way to pick which inversion of the chord to voice out? That would be incredible and very useful.


Excellent Music Tool but has some slight issues  Steve7326  4 star

The app is well thought out and useful but I can hear random static noises when playing chords and there is a bit of lag. Overall it’s not too big of an issue and the app does exactly what it claims to do. Had these issues not appeared, this would’ve been a 5/5.


Song writing ease  Timbertonka  5 star

Makes learning your progressions so much faster, Easy to use when my guitar isn’t near and I want some backing for lyric creation. 3/3 👍🏽’s from me

Drummer 24

Great tool to develop melody  Drummer 24  4 star

Great app😀 Only wish I could somehow sing a melody above the recorded progression but also have that record in the app simultaneously. It could be a great foundation for melodic development and ultimately lyrics!! It would also be great if you could get more rows of progressions too. I realize that you can repeat the rows of progressions, but even two more rows and you would have the ability to fully compose a song with a bridge/intro/outro. Now it’s kind of just verse chorus. Now that would be 5 star! Nonetheless fantastic app for the sake of theory! Thanks for all the hard work!!


Thank you  NinjaJibaro  5 star

Thank you so much


Keys sounding crackle like  Forestmbrown  3 star

This app was amazing until the recent update I’m assuming? Now when a note is played it plays along with a crackle sound as if the speaker on my phone were to be going out. However this is not the case. Music plays through my phone speakers just fine. This app is the only issue.


Awesome app!  shayne008  5 star

Really enjoy this app plus all the different modes. One small suggestion is to make a way to rename the midi files.


666th Review  cherryglazerr  5 star

Only leaving a review to make the number of reviews 666. Great app though


Fun and super helpful for writing songs!  wckreation  4 star

Great little app, very helpful for composing and actually hearing chord progressions back for those who don't have relative and perfect pitch. The only thing is that I would love for more customizations of the chords, namely inversions (even in combination with four note chords) and different rhythms that aren't 4/4. Right now, the root of the chord is always on the bottom. Inversions add a different color to the chord and are very widely used in songs and compositions. Some chords in the context of a certain progression just aren't the same sound without inversions. As for rhythms, it would be helpful for more control over how many bars a progression is and how many beats are in a bar. Right now, it's always 4 beats to a bar. Either 4 or 8 bars. I don't think adding different time signatures would be incredibly difficult nor adding custom length of bars any amount between (2-8). Also, adding chord changes within a bar would be awesome. That would add more complexity, sure, but the app for have so much value for making fully realized chord progressions for a song or composition. Other than those things, a solid app with lots of potential for improvement. I'm sure the inversions and rhythms features can be included in a future update.

Bank of America_Knoxville

One of the best music iOS apps ever made  Bank of America_Knoxville  5 star

Title says it all. Absolutely stunning development and layout of a crucial aspect of music theory. Brilliant.

Dr. Swice

deece  Dr. Swice  3 star

needs the following: ability to save progressions so they can be worked on later more progressions and proper names of them


No sound  Somepersonwhowastedmoney  1 star

Paid for the app, I cannot make the sound work at all. Somewhat needed for this kind of app

Damon Pauk

Good job!  Damon Pauk  5 star

Incredible app everything I have always looked for I understand chords I understand scales but I can get into the melodies I want this app allowed me to take my idea and put it forward into my music with little hassle quick easy and fun. I would add the if you guys could turn this into a plug-in for DAWs like Ableton or fl studio so then we can use directly in the program. Don’t get me wrong though that midi feature is flawless. I just want to use it in my DAW directly that would be cool. Thanks for this app makes a huge difference in my life.










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