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Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

myFitnessSync - Apple Health to Fitbit uploads your Apple Health data from the Apple Health app and stores it in your Fitbit account. After syncing your data you can view your fitness data on the Fitbit mobile app or

myFitnessSync - Apple Health to Fitbit syncs up to 5 fields. You can customize the app to only sync the fields you want
- Steps
- Weight
- Body Fat Percentage
- Sleep Analysis
- Water

* Unfortunately, Fitbit doesn't allow third-party apps or devices to compete in step challenges or share steps with community members (friends). BUT you can still share your Fitbit dashboard with Fitbit friends and other friends and family using the share option on your dashboard. More information can be found here -
* Fitbit will overwrite the last 30 days of step, weight, and BMI data in your Fitbit account when using this app for the first time
* Before using the app please read the instructions and watch the videos on how to use the app at
* After watching the videos if you are still having trouble with the app contact support.

Syncing your Apple Health app everyday with myFitnessSync - Health to Fitbit for iPhone allows you to use the Fitbit app and dashboard to view your fitness data. Select from multiple data sources like your iPhone, Apple Watch, Withings scale/Health Mate, running and walking apps, and other devices that sync with your iPhone and Apple Health.

* 5/5 "I like using the Fitbit app to view all my fitness data like steps and weight, but I track my steps with my iPhone and Apple Watch. Syncs all my steps and weight data from Apple Health to my Fitbit account"

* 5/5 "I work for a large company that partners with WebMD and other resources to help encourage us to stay healthy. I’ve been searching for an app that would let me do exactly what this does."

* Auto-sync may take a few days to work, as iOS controls this process based on user behavior. For privacy reasons, iOS will not run an auto-sync if your phone is locked - this can cause auto-sync delays.
* Fitbit doesn't not merge existing steps in your account with steps from our app. If you have step data in your Fitbit account in the last 30 days it will overwritten with the step data in Apple Health.
* Your Apple Watch does not stay up-to-the-minute in sync with Apple Health on your phone. This can cause your step count on your Fitbit dashboard to be slightly out of sync with your Apple Watch. If you need your Fitbit dashboard to be exactly in sync with your Apple Watch please launch the Apple Activity app on your phone before syncing with our app. Launching the Activity app forces your Apple Watch to sync with your phone. Launching the Activity app before syncing with our app is not required because by the end of the day your Apple Watch will be in sync with Apple Health and all of your steps will be reported to your Fitbit account.

We want hear from you!! If encounter any issues or would like to request a new feature please email or click the "App Support" button in the App Store.

Data is synced using 3 easy steps. After your first sync you can use One Click Sync.

1. In the myFitnessSync - Health to Fitbit app, sign into using your account credentials.
2. Pick the fitness fields (Steps, Weight, Bodyfat) you want to sync with your Fitbit account.
3. Click the "Sync Now" button to start syncing your Apple Health data with your Fitbit account

DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with the mentioned companies in any way. We only developed and tested our App using their SDKs. Apple, Inc is registered trademark or trademark of Apple, Inc and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries.

Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

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Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Two new fields were added in this release. In addition to the current fields Steps, Weight, Body Fat Percentage you now sync - Skips issues with sleep syncing - More logging - Sleep Analysis - Water - Fixed version 1.7.3 date issue - Fixed Dark Mode issues - Fixed time zone issues - Minor bug fixes

Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit Comments & Reviews

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- Does what it’s suppose to do!

I switched to an Apple Watch after my latest Fitbit died. I’ve used Fitbit for so long, I was sad to think I wouldn’t be able to use the app. This app allows you to still sync your steps into the Fitbit app without using a Fitbit watch. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because sometimes to get a true reading, you have to reload the Fitbit app (not log out, but swipe it up out of your recently used apps in the iPhone). Overall, I’m happy I can still see my steps in the Fitbit app and compete against my friends for Fitbit challenges. Worth the $5.99.

- Easy and works well

This app is really easy to use. My steps sync automatically from my Apple Watch to my Fitbit app every day like clockwork. It took maybe 5 minutes to set it up and I haven’t had to touch it since. I like my Apple Watch a lot better than my Fitbit, but I like the Fitbit app a lot more than the Apple health app for everyday use. I just find it a lot easier to use. I had a Fitbit versa for a long time but the Apple Watch has other awesome features that make it more useful in my life. My years of data are in my Fitbit app too, so it’s nice to keep using using the Fitbit app and have access to all my historical Fitbit data plus my new Apple health data. There are so many exercise apps these days, I’ve found keeping my data in one place keeps me a little bit more sane. The health to Fitbit sync app can’t sync your data to fitbits challenges with friends and family, which is kind of a bummer. I read on a fitbit support page that Fitbit restricts access to third party apps for challenges so I guess theres not much they can do about it. With that one issue aside, the app works great and does exactly what it says it does.

- So happy!

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to sync my data from Apple Health to Fitbit until I found this app. That's exactly what it does. I bought an Apple Watch when I switched over to iPhone because everybody loves Apple and it made sense to use one platform for all of my different devices. The thing is, I have years worth of data in Fitbit. I'm also not a huge fan of Apple Health, I just like the Fitbit layout better and I'm more used to it. This app is perfect for people like me. Every day, it automatically transfers my data from my Apple Wach to the Fitbit app. I can keep using the Apple Watch I got and see how I'm progressing compared to my years of data on fitbit. This app company also has an app that transfers your Fitbit history to Apple but i got this one because i'd rather keep using Fitbit then switch to Apple Health. I might get that app if I ever decide to mainly use Apple Health, but for now this app is perfect. I use it every day so it's been a great value for the price. I am definitely satisfied with this app, I recommend it to anyone who wants to sync from Apple to Fitbit.

- Syncs to Fitbit

I lost my fitbit on a cruise :( so now i'm using my husbands old apple watch. I am obviously depressed about losing my fitbit, but i was especially sad that if i switched to apple watch i wouldn't have all my fitbit data. I also think apple health is not as good as the fitbit dashboard which i'm more used to. I feel like a genius for discovering this app haha. It syncs my apple watch steps into fitbit so even though i lost my fitbit, i haven't really lost it. If you know what i mean. I just wear the apple watch and all my steps and weight go straight into fitbit, so i can keep using the dashboard that i like and see my weight in comparison to the past few years were i was tracking it with fitbit. The app only does 30 days of history but that was fine with me because i started using it right when we got back from the cruise. The app doesn't alwasy sync automatically but most of the time it does, and if it doesn't and you want your steps you can just go into the app and hit sync now, it takes about 5 seconds.

- Synced my Apple Watch!

The app worked. I’m not sure why people are saying the app doesn’t work. After allowing the app access to my Apple Health data and selecting my Apple Watch as a source the app sync my exact Apple Watch steps to Fitbit every day. The syncs real fast and only thing I do once in a while to make sure everything is ready to sync is launch the Activity app on my phone. That forces your phone to sync with your Apple Watch and gives you the number of steps that are on the watch. I also sync my weight using Withings scale. The scale sync with the health mate app which syncs with Apple Health and all I have to do is select health mate as my weight source and my weight data get sent to Fitbit the same time my steps do. I can now use the Fitbit dashboard on phone and on the web to view my Apple Watch steps. I don't have to use the Apple Health app and the Fitbit app to view my daily steps and my goals. Makes my life a lot easier. I wish I knew about the app sooner. Highly recommend.

- Apple Watch to Fitbit

I like using the Fitbit app to view all my fitness data like steps and weight, but I track my steps with my iPhone and Apple Watch. I saw a couple reviews that mention that app didn’t work for them, but the app has worked flawless for me everyday. Like many of the other reviews that were very positive the app work just as advertised. Syncs all my steps and weight data from Apple Health to my Fitbit account. This app allows me to use them and still view my daily and weekly activity and goals in the Fitbit app. I also can share my activity with friends and family to keep us all motivated. Which is super important! I have multiple ways to record my weight data which gets saved to Apple Health. Using this app I can sync my weight data from the Health app to the Fitbit app. I recently bought an Fitbit Aria scale and the app has worked very well syncing the data to Apple Health. Looking forward to more from this app.

- UPDATE-now not working at all!!! OLD TITLE —->Uploading not consistent

This app worked sporadically until about 2 months ago. Now, it does not work at all. Reached out to support and they gave me a couple of things to try to get it working but then basically said “oh well sorry you can’t use our app”. I would not have an issue with this if it were FREE, but I paid money for this! Until you see the most recent reviews improving, DON’T waste your money! If you look at all the most recent reviews, you will see I am not alone- and no reply or updates from the developer re: this!!! Nice racket they got going on!!! OLD review - This app is certainly worth downloading if you are trying to use an Apple Watch to track on Fitbit app. The only problem is that it doesn’t upload data to Fitbit consistently. At least half the time I have to force it to upload. I contacted the developer and let them know this was the case. I was given a few steps to try to improve it but none of them worked. The other my fitness sync seems to do a lot better at uploading.

- Does NOT sync steps properly w/Fitbit

I was super excited when I discover this app. I recently switched to an Apple Watch and miss the fun of the Fitbit community. After downloading and paying for this app, it seemed to work at first. Then, shortly after I discovered it did not accurately sync my steps from my Apple health app. I contacted the app developer, Bickster and worked with them through email to figure out why the steps are not syncing properly. Through providing them screenshots and following their suggestions, we never got it to work and they never figured out why it does not work either. So, I contact Fitbit to find out if they have an answer. The problem was solved within the same day. Since this app is 3rd party, and NOT approved by Fitbit, when syncing, the steps were added as a manual entry. Fitbit does not track these entries. When I notified Bickster of my findings, I asked for a refund. A week had past and no response yet. Which lead me to give them this one star review.

- Counterintuitive and would not recommend purchase

I purchased both this myFitnessSync Health to Fitbit and the original myFitnessSync apps, paying nearly $10 for the pair. I was firstly enthusiastic about this purchase because it does assist with conjoining all health information to the Apple Health app. However, the supposed automatic communication has yet to function, despite tweaking permissions. By my experience, syncing only occurs manually by pressing the “Sync Now” button. In addition, because I had not manually synced my information through the Fitbit to phone prior to going to bed, when I synced in the morning, it only registered my movements when my phone was on my person. As a result, over 8,000 steps and 78 active minutes, water etc. recorded by my Fitbit are missing on both my Apple Health app and Fitbit app. I tried syncing with the other myFitnessSync app as well to remedy the error, and it did nothing.

- I was skeptical....BUT...

I recently got an Apple Watch after having had two Fitbits. I was getting ready to take the watch back & get another Fitbit because I wasn’t able to sync the watch to the Fitbit App and that meant no more participating in challenges etc... I googled how I could try to do it, and read about this app. open this app and hit Sync & THEN open the Fitbit app it works PERFECTLY!!! You just have to go into the Fitbit app once, and act like you’re setting up a new device and choose “Fitbit Mobile Track”. Then it will sync with the phone & the watch via this app. Best $3.99 I ever spent!! Can’t say enough thanks for making this app available!!!!!!

- Completely pointless & waste of $$$ rip off

USELESS!!!!! This app does nothing! I simply wanted to see my steps added up for the week since my family all has Fitbit (I recently got an Apple Watch) and it’s completely inaccurate! It will sync (sometimes)- I typically get 9-11k steps a day (on my Apple Watch) yet my weekly total is less than 30k. I’m not trying to do the competitions or anything (that definitely doesn’t work anyways) but at the very least tally up the count for one week. What is the point then? Apparently that is counted as “competition” for Fitbit- so it blocks you on the weekly total. Not to mention it gives me “active minutes” at midnight and says I “worked out” 7 days a week. Totally worthless. I’d like my money back thanks. And you can have your app back. Yes I contacted support and no it was not helpful nor did it solve any of the issues.

- Worthless

I have an Apple Watch so I purchased this app so I could transfer my steps from my watch to the health app and then to the Fitbit app to track my steps to compete with my friend since none of them have apple watches but they all have fitbits instead and after following all the steps in your guideline I still cannot sync them together. Purchased this thinking it would work but what a waste of money. Doesn’t count any of my steps unless I have my phone on me and even then it glitches and states that I haven’t walked at all. It won’t count my steps in the challenge section which makes no sense to me but whatever. Currently at 8k but the app states I’m only at 3k since it won’t transfer any data from my health app to the Fitbit app. Seems like you guys have some bugs to fix. I’ve reset everything countless times and still nothing.

- Misleading Language - DOES NOT SYNC STEPS

Since the developers of this app seem to love using general terminology to describe what this app does, allow me. THIS APP DOES NOT SYNC STEPS. The giveaway that I should have paid attention to is that last screenshot in the app’s description - you’ll notice it does not show steps because Fitbit won’t allow them to sync it. They claim that Fitbit will not allow steps to count towards goals or challenges, but what they really mean is that it doesn’t track, import or sync steps at all. Only distance, weight (which I can’t even get to sync), and body fat % (allegedly). What it does do is take the weight and distance walked/ran each day and add it as an exercise in your Fitbit account. If you’re trying to find a way to get your Apple Watch or HealthKit steps data onto a compatible platform that is supported by your employer’s health program this app will NOT do that. 5 star reviews claiming it does are either lying or a developer for that app itself. Not saying this app doesn’t work. I guess it does in some way. I just feel like the description says in multiple places that it syncs steps and it doesn’t. Sure isn’t worth $5 for just throwing distances into your Fitbit account.

- As advertised!!

Works to copy step counts from Apple Health to Fitbit app. I sort of think that all of these apps that call what they do “syncing” are really just copying. To me true syncing would involve a solution that could address all situations: steps wearing Apple Watch only; steps carrying iPhone only; steps wearing Fitbit only; steps wearing both Apple Watch and Fitbit. Syncing would compare all step counts and their time stamps to avoid duplicating steps or missing steps. At the end of a sync all device and app step counts would be accurate and identical. Does any app do this now?

- Ify at best

I have used this app to sync my health information from my Apple Watch to my Fitbit app for about a week now and have noticed that it does not transfer information correctly. Every day for the past week it has recorded my “burned” calories as 2,844. Every. Single. Day... if I go to my health app on my phone for the past week every day varies from 4,000 to over 5,000 total calories burned. If you use the Fitbit app to log water and food this will at least give you a base to go off of for calorie deficit. Just know the burned calories is not that accurate. Can the developers fix this to read total calories or burned calories more correctly?

- Sync FitBit to Mobile Device

I could not see the steps dashboard in the Fitbit app after I deleted my old Fitbit. I needed to link the Fitbit app to my mobile device. STEPS are now showing in the Fitbit app, but it’s not pulling in the exact steps immediately after syncing. However, I checked the last two days of steps, the total daily steps exported to Fitbit does matches my Apple Watch. I am happy with this. Hope this information helps someone.

- Does not sync with with Apple watch 5

It used to sync really well with Apple watch 3 series, but since I decided to upgrade to Apple watch 5 it does not sync, it does not even show on the field list. So, I've been syncing the steps using my iPhone 11 pro, but it does not sync well it shows less steps on fitbit app than what it says on health app. I like this app I hope apple watch 5 is fixed for proper functionality. Update : it seems that the app sees my apple watch 5 as Apple watch 3. So, it is working now.

- Severely over calculates calories burned

I got this because Fitbit pushes calories burned info to an app that tracks food calories logged minus Fitbit active calories to show my net calorie gain or loss. My Fitbit watch got destroyed. I replaced it with an Apple Watch. This app syncs my steps, but now Fitbit pushes 800 active calories burned. Normally I have to walk 15,000 steps To burn 500 active calories. Now I’m getting 2,700 calories burned no matter how much I walk or don’t walk. This completely defeats the purpose for me. I contacted customer support. They asked for a screen shot. I sent it and haven’t heard from them since. I was waiting to see if they could fix the problem before leaving a review, but no solution and no refund. Waisted my money and time! I would like a refund, please.

- Just Ok

The app is alright. It technically imports my steps but it doesn’t count all of the ones from my Apple Watch. It also counts as exercise each day when it imports them so I always meet my 5 day goal according to Fitbit now. I was sad to leave the Fitbit app because of the nice layout and I’ve been using it for years. I wish I knew how crappy this was going to work before I got my Apple Watch. When I read it could work, I was excited to still get to use the Fitbit app because of myFitnessSync. I wish I didn’t waste the $6 but now I also wish I went with the Fitbit smart watches instead.

- Overwrites data

Unfortunately during the initial synch process several weeks of Fitbit data is overwritten. It remains to be seen if going forward if this app allows Fitbit and Apple to coexist successfully. (After using further) it seems the sync function overwrites Fitbit data with the data from the Apple Watch rather than merging in an additive fashion. The steps I accumulated for the day on my Fitbit from a run were overwritten by the step total from the Apple Watch. Overall the sync tool doesn’t seem to serve to the need to allow me to log steps using both devices and aggregate them in the Fitbit app.

- Waste of Money

This is app was too good to be true. I manually have to sync, but the thing is nothing syncs over. I’ll get a badge notification saying I went past my step goal but when I enter the app no steps are recorded. Also it says I’ve burned exactly 2,844 calories everyday since I’ve bought the app. And the only widget on the Fitbit app is the calories counter - which is inaccurate. My suggestion: stick to either or operating system. If you switch to the iWatch stick with the activity monitor there. If you’re a Fitbit user stick with the Fitbit app - which is honestly way more user friendly and every fitness data is captured into one app. Where as with the Apple Watch you need like 5 different apps for no reason.


The app does allow me To accumulate steps on the Fitbit app however those same steps do not transfer to challenges. The steps on the challenges is using my mobile device ( MOBILE TRACK).So the numbers are not the same from the dashboard and the challenges. I do not carry my phone everywhere I go so the challenges number is way lower than my dashboard numbers. Maybe their is something in the settings I can change the get my Apple watch 4 steps to show up on the Fitbit challenges. If so please help. If not please do an update. Without being able to participate in the challenge is on Fitbit most people will not use the Fitbit at all because that’s what helps push people to know levels.

- Syncs, but not accurate

Bought the app because I miss the competitiveness with friends from Fitbit. I had no issues syncing and that seemed seamless. The only disappointing issue was that my 7 day average on my friends part of the app was no where near my actual 7 day average which in turn makes any “competitiveness” pointless. Maybe the developers can help me out, if that were to sync correctly. This would be five stars in my opinion. If I would have know this beforehand I would have never have bought the app. Hope this helps future buyers. Developers, help me out please so I can change this to highly effective/recommended.

- Actually works!!

After purchasing sync Solver twice, it just wouldn’t work for me and I was very hesitant to purchase this one but figured I’ve already spent money, might as well try this one as well. And I was amazed when it actually worked!!! You do have to sync it every time you want your steps to register on the Fitbit app but I just do it every night before bed. And I’m so happy to see them on the Fitbit app that it doesn’t even bother me.

- Off by 3 to 4000 steps

The day I bought this app, it synced my apple health to my fit bit. Because I had not been carrying my phone, the count on my apple health were about 3000 steps less. This app synced everything including my watch to be 3000 steps less. Fine. Today, it’s not syncing properly either. Though the app for my fit bit, and the watch itself are synced properly, the steps on my apple health are now 4000 less. I’m using this because it supposed to get me an incentive in my health insurance (which uses the information from Apple health). So it’s more important to me then simply being anal about the count. I don’t run around throwing money away on apps. This was a waste of my money.

- Did not work for me

Purchased this app and deeply regret that I did. I’m in a company sponsored program and we have quarterly challenges. After I synced my data it changed all of my history and greatly reduced my step totals per day. So now I’m working with Fitbit to resolve; but I don’t think I will get any resolution. Therefore I’m trying to surmise if I can realistically makeup steps and get back on target. For our challenge this quarter I had only 63k steps to make goal: now I have 192k steps to make goal in 14 days. I’ve emailed Bickster for assistance. If you know a way I can remove what you app did with my step history that would perfect- I don’t want my money back I want it fixed!

- On Troubleshooting sync from Health to Fitbit

It’s working!! What worked: I was able to change the setting to “Jo’s Apple Watch” rather than “myFitnessSync” under fields which wasn’t allowed before. (I would get an error message saying that it was ‘already selected’). In order to change, I had to turn off the option to use “myFitnessSync” and then was allowed to select “Jo’s Apple Watch” and run the synch again. Everything updated through this morning. Im sure this is user error. I followed instructions so unsure where I missed it. ********* Earlier: No steps recorded in Fitbit app. Option to choose Apple Watch not allowed selection saying ‘already selected’. Resulting sync takes about 1 second with no data showing steps or anything else in Fitbit app.

- Had this app for years

I’ve had this app for a couple of years now, and I love it! It usually syncs really well, until now. I don’t know if it needs a new update with ios14 being newly out, but ever since yesterday, I can’t get it to sync. My Apple Watch said I walked 5k steps yesterday, but no matter how many times I try to sync, Fitbit kept saying I only walked 345. I even tried restarting my phone, deleting and reinstalling apps... Nothing has worked. I hope there is a fix for this soon, this app was amazing and I loved it.

- Semi-functional

While this app is better than any of the other ones that purportedly sync Apple Health to fit bit, it still has its problems. I’m on my phone constantly, and despite that the auto sync feature doesn’t ever seem to actually work. Additionally, I seem to lose a couple hundred steps every day – if I sync in the morning for example, the previous day will show 500 fewer steps than I actually took. Not sure why this is losing steps, Nor why subsequent syncs don’t update previous days activity.

- Wrong app for my needs

Hi, I just received an Apple Watch and love it. I used to be a Fitbit user but after two of them dying within six months time I decided to try something new. I loved the Fitbit community and didn’t want to give up my friends, and honestly I shouldn’t have to!! I was excited to find an app that would sync my Apple Watch data to my Fitbit. But, what I’m not happy about is that there are two apps that do two different things and I ended up purchasing wrong app because I’m basically a newbie!! I purchased the Fitbit to health app for $4.99 but I needed the Apple health to Fitbit. So, I had to spend $2 more to get the one I really need. I’m sure I’m not the only person this has happened to! I contacted company to see if they could exchange for me. Honestly, it should be one app to do either of those things, but I guess they make more money that way!! Happy this might work in conjunction with mobile track but not happy about the confusing way apps are sold.

- Heart rate needs to be added

I had a Fitbit Charge 2 for 2 1/2 years. I loved the desktop app of Fitbit especially the heart rate section. It allowed me to clearly see on a weekly basis how I was doing on sprints. I gave this app 5 stars because it does what it says it's going to do; count my steps. In that 2 1/2 years, I racked up 2,983 steps and earned the Sherpa Badge. I wanted to keep my step count going and this is allowing me to do so.

- Does not sync to challenges

The steps will sync on your FitBit dashboard, but for challenges and goal days, it will only count the exercises tracked directly in FitBit in real time. Manual entries will not count in challenges or goal day either. So if you want to download this for the challenges and goal day, save your money because as of June 25, 2020, it doesn’t track them 😔 If the developer can fix this, would be 5 stars. For me personally, I downloaded so I could have the motivation from the challenges again, but I should have read all the reviews. What a bummer!

- Paid version stopped syncing properly

Updated 1 star review The only way anyone can reach them for help is a really difficult to use contact form that refreshes and crashes frequently and loses everything I typed in and screenshots I attached. Downgraded to one star because the restriction on contacting them (not providing a straightforward email address for support) is clearly designed to prevent people from actually reaching them to get help. Original 2 star review The last two months, it only syncs about a quarter to a third of my steps. No longer functioning properly. Worked great for a year before that.

- Does want it says, but not what I wanted.

I did some research before purchasing my Apple Watch because I wanted to make sure data could be transferred to Fitbit. Well, my steps transferred, however they don’t register in the Goal Day, Workweek Hustle, Weekend Warrior, etc. No more competition to encourage movement for me. 😔 Update: I previously had not entered Mobile Track. Make sure you do this and it works great!!

- Steps only synced as mileage

I am not happy with this app. I paid nearly $6 and do not get what was advertised. It is not syncing my step count-only the amount of miles it adds up to. It is syncing my calories burned and that is what shows up in my Fitbit dashboard that I can share. This has nothing to do with the challenges, but the basic information dashboard where my steps should be if they accurately synced. I do not recommend anyone to get this app unless they want to be disappointed. There is little ability to change any settings once they are set and very little helpful troubleshooting.

- Must Remove device and set up Fitbit Mobile Track

Couldn’t get the app to sync. You must remove your Fitbit device from the Fitbit App and add a new device..Fitbit Mobile Track. Hit sync and it works. Don’t know why the developers don’t give instructions on how to set up the app. Now I can continue my challenges with friends on Fitbit but not need to wear not a Fitbit and Apple Watch👍


It hasn’t worked since I downloaded, never saw steps on the dashboard of Fitbit at all. Messaged them, and the only fix was delete and re-download. Ummm no thanks, 5.99 doesn’t seem like a lot to waste, but when it’s multiplied by all they suckered in, they just made a killing out of an app that doesn’t even work. Beware of SCAMS we all still fall for them.

- Disappointing

Very disappointing. I loved the other app that updates apple health from fit bit because I get reward points through my drug store. However. When an app turns around and subtracts steps from my fit bit, that’s just unacceptable. When I first installed the app this morning, my fit bit had 378 steps, after syncing this evening, the app change my fit bit steps from over 5000 steps back to 378. I followed the instructions found on the support webpage for setting up the app so I know it wasn’t a user configuration error. This app goes in the crapper and I’ll try to get my money back.

- Freezing

The app is ok, the app is not syncing correctly between. The apps too many different numbers. My watch say 14,099 steps , the heart app is 13,006 steps , activity in Fitbit say11,975 after everything sync Fitbit records my steps at 2,441. How is that syncing correctly. I cannot compete with others where are the rest of the steps going?, My stats for Apple and Fitbit are way off

- Doesn’t sync properly

With this being a paid app my expectations are that this app will work way better than it has...I bought this thinking that it would be accurate and I wouldn’t have any problems but that is not the case. It only syncs one device it seems either my Apple Watch or my iPhone, well I need both to sync to get an accurate count which I don’t understand if it’s suppose to pull data from my health app. This app is not worth $6 this app should be free with all the problems I’m having.

- I was skeptical but worked!

I recently got an Apple Watch bc my Fitbit kept having issues. It was on sale figured why not. Missing the Fitbit app bc of my friends on there I was searching for something like this. Read the reviews not sure why people are having issues because it works for me. Awesome! Much appreciated!

- Depite all the bad reviews this app actually works

I had my doubts between syncsolver and this app. I suggest reading the faqs section of both apps before purchasing to make sure the apps do what you want them to. I chose myFitnessSync because i wanted to sync my steps from my apple watch. I worked perfectly. Two thumbs up!

- Works as advertised

This app syncs steps from my Apple Watch to my Fitbit app. I used to have a Fitbit and liked the weekly step averages and challenges. I’m sad that I can’t compete in the challenges but that’s Fitbit’s fault, not this apps. There is a disclaimer letting you know that before you buy so I’m not sure why there are so many negative reviews

- It works but.....

So I was very excited to see that the app worked!!! But unfortunately when I tried to join the Fitbit challenges, my steps from my Apple Watch weren’t counted. Only my steps from my actual phone when I carry it on me where counted. If this issue could be fixed I would recommend and give this app 10stars if I could. But this really defeats the whole purpose of me buying this app. Please fix this this.

- It works better than others I’ve tried

I tried sync solver and it had issues and wouldn’t accurately import my health data into the Fitbit app. I have an Apple Watch and the rest of my family has fitbits, so this app has helped me to keep us all motived even though we use different devices!

- It works!

At first this didn’t work. I reached out to customer service and they were very helpful. So with a little guidance from them, this app is syncing perfectly. This doesn’t allow you to participate in competitions in the Fitbit app unless you do the trail competition with friends! Just figured that out! So I love this app works great

- Wasted money

Only purchased the app in order to participate in Fitbit challenges using my Apple Watch. Turns you can’t do it. Looked at the FAQs: it is the first question and their answer is defensive. I’m obviously not the first or last person to make this mistake. “Unfortunately, Fitbit doesn't not allow third-party apps or devices to compete in step challenges or share steps with community members (friends). This information is posted at the beginning of the app description.” That’s what I get for not reading the fine print. Wasted money. Oh well.

- Doesn't sync FROM Fitbit TO Health

I have no idea what to rate it really because I don't know if it works. My fault for not reading in more detail. I thought it was bidirectional, in that you had a choice which way to sync. It is stupid to try to track steps on applehealth because you don't carry iphone w/ you everywhere. Only reason I got fitbit. SO - Now I can't move my health data automatically from my FITBIT TO apple health. Only reason I want to do that is for health insurance bonuses - but oh well.

- Limitations not explained thoroughly

I only bought this app so i could continue being “friends” with my fitbit community members since I recently got an Apple watch. Well what a waste of money - the steps aren’t populated in this area. only in the dashboard. The description of app says it doesn’t allow you to compete in Fitbit challenges, but I don’t consider this a challenge. in fact it’s on a totally separate page as the challenges. I feel they left out critical information. i wouldn’t have bought it if its limitations were explained more thoroughly.

- What’s the point?

I recently got the iWatch3. Love it. But missed playing with my Fitbit friends. I purchased this app after reading everyone say how great it was to stay connected to their Fitbit friends. Along with the knowledge that I could not compete in challenges. Ok I can see my friends. (I still could even without this app) The big thing is..they can’t see you. Step totals with friends do not show up. I thought I installed wrong and contacted App support. Very prompt response saying unfortunately Fitbit does not allow third party apps/ devices to compete in challenges or participate in the friends community Friends community is key. What’s the point of even having the app? All my info and friends are still there. I can see them. They can’t see my steps. I hope this helps someone else before the purchase if that’s their purpose of getting the app.

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- Happy apple 🍎

Happy to get all my steps

- Doesn’t work

Wish I had read the reviews before paying $9.99. Syncing Health and Apple Watch data to the FitBit app does NOT work. I have tried all troubleshooting - including factory resetting my Apple Watch. FitBit app will still only count steps I take while carrying my phone with me - no matter what settings I have turned on or how many times I synch through this app. Very disappointed.

- Fit bit challenges

I only really wanted to keep fit bit running for the challenges I have and this doesn’t sync to challenges

- Poorly described

Wasn’t clear that in their world “sync” is one way. Sync is two way folks... doesn’t sync from Fitbit to Apple health. Not sure I want to spend another $7 for another app.

- Not what I expected

Still can’t see step in the Fitbit app only calories - this is the only reason I bought it very disappointed

- Unless app

The only reason I got this was to use it to compete in FitBit Challenges which it doesn’t work. I would like a refund

- Way to costly

Cost to much

- Previous steps gone

Every time I sync today’s step, it will delete the previous day’s step count.

- Natalieee

After buying this I still can’t see my steps on the Fitbit app only calories very upset

- Doesn’t work

Only syncs registered exercise from Apple Watch. No steps. Disappointed.

- I want my money back

This didn’t work at all. I want my money back.

- Buyer be warned doesn’t work!

Doesn’t work!

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- Ok

Takes a while to setup on iOS if you have a iwatch. Doesn’t auto synch

- Excellent Customer Setvice

I had an issue with the lady update. I could not update my Fitbit from Healthmate/Apple Health. Contacted Support and within 24 Hours there was a new update available that solved the issue c and a personal response to my contact. Excellent customer service in today’s environment.

- Can’t do challenges

By the app description I wrongly assumed you could do challenges with FitBit friends.

- I would like a refund

I just downloaded the app and it is nothing like I thought it would be. It is not useful to me and I would like a refund.

- Can’t get it to work

I’ve downloaded yet nothing 🤔 I have steps showing on my Apple Watch but nothing shows up in my Fitbit steps Followed the video, have the settings all open to share/sync nothing 😞 Guess I wasted $$ for something that doesn’t work ~MsSheThang®~

- This was a big mistake

Didn’t sync.Tried troubleshooting.Wish I didn’t waste my time and money on this

- Waste of money

I was told I would be able to use this app to link with my Fitbit account do that I could play with my friends on Fitbit, this not the case. Waste of money!

- Ok but disappointed

What is backfetching ? Please include steps on how I can do this. I was really hopeful this app would be the fix of having an Apple Watch but really missing the Fitbit. I wanted to mesh the 2 together. For the most part it has worked well which makes me extremely happy. The only down fall is that I have to go in and manually sync from the myfitness sync app to the Fitbit...I was hoping this would happen on it’s own.

- sync issues

Sorry but your app doesn’t work well.

- What does this do?????

I bought this to sync Apple Health with fit bit.... it does NOTHING or I can’t figure it out and the info is not helping

- I am so upset I bought this app

I wish I never paid 9$ something for this app. You have to sync manually and it is never accurate. Also for some reason the challenges on Fitbit are not accurate either. I want my money back.

- Does not work

I was really hoping this app would work as I love my Apple Watch but I also love the Fitbit app.

- App does not work

This app does not work. It will not sync, it keeps showing errors. This is a pricy app and does not do what it says it will. I purchased another app by the same company and had to purchase this one because I was looking to sync my health app on my iPhone to my Fitbit. I am very disappointed. I have sent a message to support but I have not received a response.

- App gives me an error every time

Have tried to contact customer support with no response.

- Didn’t work would love my money back

This app is not working, only gives me partial steps

- No good

Does not sync have tried everything and nothing gets transferred

- Doesn’t work for me

Hoping to use an Apple Watch and Fitbit in one app. This app overwrites The Fitbit data with Apple health data. Not what I wanted but would be okay but the data transferred to Fitbit app seems random. 30 days of data not one match! Feels like a scam. Surprised 3.8 stars. Should have read reviews. Scam

- App stopped working

This app will not load the fitbit website for the original logon.... looked everywhere online for support and could not find anything. Really hope it is fixed soon...

- Updates

The only thing I don’t like is that it does not update automatically. I always forget to do it.

- Did not work at all

Fitbit and apple activity does not match

- Fitbit sync

This app sucks. Does not show my steps on my Fitbit app

- It works

The app works to update steps into Fitbit dash board not the greatest but will work until someone lets Fitbit or Apple sync to each other.

- Missing feature

The update says we can sync using 3D touch, i don’t see anywhere in the app where we could use the feature... Am i missing something?

- Workweek Hustle

Will update the Dashboard but does not work with a workweek hustle challenge which is the reason I paid for :(

- Doesn’t sync accurately

It doesn’t sync accurately until after midnight. Don’t waist your money.

- Not good

Got the other app thinking that it would sync both ways. Downloaded this to try and sync data from a day where I forgot to wear the Fitbit. Didn’t read the description fully so Ive wiped all data from the Fitbit app and replaced it with the data collected by the health app. Even though I previously synced my Fitbit data to health with your other app, it only synced steps collected by health directly and not with Fitbit.

- Doesn’t sync steps

The app does not work.

- Not syncing all data

Bought this app in hopes of rejoining the Fitbit Community Challenges... but not all the data from my Apple Watch/Apple Health is transferring through the syncing process. Disappointed.

- It worked

Only used once but I am happy so far

- Not allowing Log in

After paying for an app, and it immediately not even allowing me to use it...can I please get a refund? How useless and wasteful was that purchase.

- Doesnt work

Error message every time you use it. Need to log and log again. Dont recommend

- Worst app ever

This is terrible. Following step to sync but keep getting the same error message. Don’t waste your money on this.

- Not too happy

It doesn’t sync very well and it is really disappointing that it still cannot total your weekly stats. I still wanted to be able to have friendly challenges with friends and family. Save your money

- Not worth it

Definitely NOT worth the money! It only syncs your steps to your dashboard, it can't even calculate your weekly steps in your 7 day steps. nor can you participate in challenges! Not happy with product considering how much it is!

- lmao

erased all my data tysm great app!!!!!!!!!

- Excellent

Works well in syncing steps from Apple Watch info to Fitbit Dashboard. Info shows up in Fitbit app if you have a tracker linked to Fitbit account

- Perfect

Worked exactly as it should, first attempt-no trouble!

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- This app does work

I am so happy to be able to track through fit bit. I like their layout and features better than Apple Watch layout. But the only issue I’m having is it won’t log all my steps. I have 19,000 but it only shows a little over 10,000? So I don’t know, I just started using it so maybe I’ll figure it out.

- Does NOT Sync to FitBit App

I paid $5.99 for the app to simply sync the correct amount of steps from my Apple Watch to the FitBit app. I’ve read and executed all the articles that are meant to help troubleshoot this issue and none worked. I changed the name of my Apple Watch and it didn’t change in the app so I still couldn’t see it to switch the field. When trying to switch the field, it would never let me, stating “Already Selected.” It would not let me unselect one field and choose a replacement. Waste of money!!!

- Fitbit Sync

First I wear my Fitbit on my ankle because if my arm with my Apple Watch on it does not move it does not calculate steps so today I did 6.5 miles on the treadmill and Fitbit caught it because my feet was moving but I put my hands on the bar for heartbeat and my watch only calculated 3.5 miles they synced and I only see 3.5 miles

- Worse than before

Newest update has my steps and synching all wrong. Previous update although didn’t update as frequent was much more accurate. If you can, do not allow to update, it will short change you about have the steps.

- Steps, not Challenges.

I bought this app because I thought it would put my steps from my Apple Watch into the Fitbit app, it did. However, Fitbit doesn’t allow third party apps to sync to challenges. So I still need both devices if I want to participate in challenges. The app does get me a step closer but Fitbit slammed the door on challenges.

- Doesn’t sync completely

I purchased this app for $6.99 because I like being in Fitbit challenges with my friends. So I need my Apple Watch series 4 to sync with Fitbit app. Major problems with the app: 1) it doesn’t auto sync with Fitbit, but steps will manually sync 2) the steps sync to show on Fitbit dashboard but doesn’t sync with Fitbit challenges. Major bummer!!! That was my whole reason for buying it. Please fix! Thank you.

- Works great

Works exactly as advertised- syncs Apple Health data to my Fitbit account. I set up Apple Watch 3 as the device for counting steps. This app syncs the step count to my Fitbit account. The step count appears in my Fitbit app and online dashboard. It is super easy to set up and takes only a few seconds to sync the data.

- Erased ALL my active minutes

After most recently syncing both directions with the apps from this developer not only were all of my active minutes deleted from this calendar year, but now Fitbit is showing me exercising for 7 hours of walking every single day since then. My wife had the same problem a couple weeks ago and we weren’t sure what the problem was (Fitbit couldn’t fix it), but I now I’ve had the same thing happen to me after syncing with these apps.

- It works

So I recently got an Apple Watch and I was really excited when I saw this app. Oh my friends had Fitbit‘s and I wanted to compete step challenges and this does so it’s really good. It Sinks the correct amount of steps and I’ve tried another app it was thousand off. So overall I really like this app.

- Bah humbug to Fitbit

The app works great but if you are using it to still compete with your friends on the Fitbit challenges it won’t work. Fitbit only allows steps off your phone to work with the challenge so the thousands of steps your I watch tracks do not count towards the challenges.

- Not effective

This app imputes your steps as an “activity” so when I log into Fitbit it thinks I had a workout.”, when I may have not. It’s not worth the $5.99 to sync the steps into Fitbit, as It does. Fitbit dashboard is a lot more detailed then Apple Health and I wanted to sync with Fitbit so I have all my info on there in a more detailed format. But I guess i wasted my money. Don’t buy app if you enjoy using your Fitbit app!

- Does what it says

This app syncs the step data from your iPhone or Apple Watch to Fitbit. It just works. The only improvement I would suggest is an auto-sync. I would pay extra for that. Currently, you have to launch the app and manually sync.

- Doesn’t sync challenges

I switched from FitBit to Apple Watch & didn’t want to wear both so I was excited to find an app that sync my steps & exercises to Fitbit BUT the data doesn’t carry-over to the challenges or adventures. I don’t understand why but only steps I take while having my phone count toward my weekly total, solo adventures or group challenges. If it did this my rating would be 5stars but otherwise this dies to really serve a purpose

- Doesn’t work with step challenges

After paying for the app, I realized that the data imported from sync solver doesn’t show up in the step challenges. This is disappointing, that is the reason that I paid for the app. Wish I would have done more reading before I purchased the app. I think this info needs to be more prominently advertised.

- It works!

I just got my Apple Watch and I was so frustrated it wasn’t syncing with my Fitbit app. After trying a bunch of free options which didn’t work i was reluctant to spend the money, but I did and I’m so glad I did! Here’s to kicking but with my goals!

- It works but has 1 HUGE ISSUE!

Ok yeah it syncs a Apple Watch to the Fitbit app but while you can see your steps it won’t sync your steps to challenges with family & friends. For that reason it’s a waste of money to me. I don’t need Fitbit to just keep track of my steps my Apple Watch does that fine. I didn’t need to spend $4.99 for that. This app DOES let you sync your Apple Watchsteps and weight to the Fitbit app. But if your doing this to stay in Fitbit challenges DONT because it doesn’t work that way!!

- Doesn’t sync automatically

Pretty pointless and I’m upset I paid for this because I feel like I wasted my money. They advertise that it syncs automatically, so it probably is supposed to, but it actually doesn’t. I have had the app for months now, left it even running in the background and every time I’ve opened the app, it always says the last sync was when I last manually did the sync myself. It has never synced automatically

- Loved the idea of this, but...

Loved the idea of this, but it didn’t work. I get up everyday at 4:45 and do the treadmill for an hour, and get at least 5000 steps, at 10:30 this morning I synced the app to my fit bit and it took away 5800 steps, I had 9200 steps and when I synced it said I only had 3100 steps... what a waste of money! I had to chat with Fitbit to get my steps back, and it showed a manual add of steps to my account at 12:05am. I changed my password on Fitbit, this seems a little sketchy

- Don’t plan on it for challenges

If you’re looking to add for the calorie counter, etc it’s great. However I wanted to do the challenges and those are completely inaccurate and frustrating. Wanted to keep challenging my friends and it inputs thousands of less steps than I did making challenges impossible to win and no fun.

- Works as advertised, will benefit from expanded options.

Currently only steps, calories, and distance will sync. If the developer can expand that functionality to include steps and other stuff that would be great!

- Bah humbug to Fitbit

The app works great but if you are using it to still compete with your friends on the Fitbit challenges it won’t work. Fitbit only allows steps off your phone to work with the challenge so the thousands of steps your I watch tracks do not count towards the challenges.

- Challenges do not sync

The app is good except that it doesn't sync up with challenges. For me this is a real disappointment because I'm motivated when I challenge someone or when they send a daily or work week challenge to me.

- Not working

I’ve changed the name to my watch and it’s not showing it in your app. It’s not syncing. I’ve tried so many times it’s fuss-trading at this point I’ve wasted my money because it’s doesn’t work

- Not a necessary app.

I’ll admit that I didn’t read all of the fine print and was disappointed to learn that the steps recorded by my Apple Watch would not count toward challenges. That was my fault. I’m giving this app 1 star, because I don’t see a need for it. I just wasted my money on something that the Fitbit does for me. The mobile tracker in the Fitbit app pulls in the step data from the health app. That’s all this app did for me as well. My advice...don’t waste your $$$.

- Buyer beware!!!!

All your steps that you take on the fitbit will be replaced w/ your health app steps so if you don't always have your phone in your hand you will loose all your steps. I just lost all my steps for today. And on this past saturday I went to a theme park and did 23k steps and guess what? After downloading this app today it took all my steps away!!! If I could give this app 0 stars I would. I am so disappointed and frustrated. What a waste of money

- Works great!

I left my Fitbit charger at home and have been unable to charge my device. App now syncs my Apple Health data to my Fitbit. Prevents my Fitbit friends from thinking I feel off the planet between now and the time that I get reunited with my charger.

- Doesn’t work scam!!!

I believe it may have worked once but now Fitbit makes you use your phone (which is free)... it says to turn on mobile device then go into setting of your phone and do not allow it to use the steps for your phone or it will override the app... when you turn off the step counting the app removes the mobile device... when you add it back it uses your phone again

- Only works for past month

This is the jankiest app I’ve ever paid for. Props for the developer to finding a niche for easy cash, since I don’t think there are any other alternatives out there... but this could be WAY better. Main functional issue is that it will only sync the past month of data, which is a major bummer. I have over a year of data that I’d like to move to Fitbit, but it may not be possible.

- Pretty simple and easy app

Not too sure about the other reviews but it worked perfectly for me. I had no problems, not glitches, just perfect syncing with the comfort of ease. Great app!!

- Doesn’t work.

I can’t get it to sync my steps, and it won’t allow me to be friends with anyone. I went it and verified my email address, but it keeps telling me to verify my email. When I try and resend the verification email to my email address it tells me that that email address has already been verified. Totally useless to me. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone trying to sync activity from Apple Watch.

- Hackish

The app uses a very roundabout way to enter steps data into fitbit by using a 24 hour walk activity. If you go tp check on the the details of the activity on the fitbit website, it generates an error. Their customer support will deny responsibility for the way it enters in error prone data. So while it gets steps in, it creates a different problem with daily calories not being able to be calculated properly. Avoid this scam.

- Great

Works like a charm. Just watch the tutorial video and read the instructors. Can’t go wrong. Unfortunately can’t join into challenges but hey, it’s as much as we can do for now. Thanks to the developers!!

- Great responsiveness from developers

Initially had a problem syncing data using this app. Reached out to developers and they immediately reviewed the issue and found a solution for me.

- Syncs to groups but no use in challenges!

Syncing works without issues, but the total counts are only displayed in groups you join and do not transfer to challenges (daily showdown, workweek challenge, etc). Challenges only take data from the Fitbit or the steps actually picked up by your phone (MobileTrack). In this regard useless for me because the challenges were my reason to join... and a waste of 5.99$.

- Waste of money

Purchased this app thinking I’d be able to just use my iwatch and have the app convert/ transfer info to Fitbit app. There’s no sleep function/ tracking apparently which was the main thing I wanted. It also takes a long time for the steps to be shown because the app only updates when it wants to. Save your money and time and don’t bother with this app. Upset I wasted $5.99 on this.

- Just paid 5.99

I have no idea how this works. Every device I ever had is listed so I have to choose from 10 different “iPhone’s” and “Apple watches”. The help says, you can’t sync more than one thing and you have to already have a fit bit or use mobile track. Seems pretty proprietary and there is no equal transfer between the two. Here’s my $5.99= apple, pleas buy fit bit. It is superior.

- Works good!

I know people said it doesn’t work but it works fine. You have to click sync on the app and make sure you have Apple Watch clicked as syncable. But it works good —— very happy!

- Constant Errors...

I’ve been trying to use this thing for a few months now and I get sync error 8 out of 10 times. Reached out to support and she tell me I need to delete my sleep data on my Fitbit account and try again. I’ve been an everyday Fitbit user for the last 4-5 years and don’t want to take the risk for this app not to work again. Support is responsive but very Weak and vague responses.

- Like a champ!

Steps from Apple Watch to the Fitbit app without a hitch. Have to manually synchronize every evening but it works as advertised. Now I can compete in my corporate challenge with my Apple Watch instead of a lousy Fitbit.

- Great app

I just transition from a Fitbit to an Apple Watch, I could track my steps into my work fitness program, but I could not track my sleep this app solved a big headache kudos

- It works...but I should have read more carefully.

The only reason I purchased this app was to capture step data for Fitbit challenges from my Apple Watch. While the description does warn users this is not available, in my opinion it is buried in the content further into the description. I missed it, my fault. Oh well. $6.00 lesson learned. Otherwise it works as advertised. Just not much use to me.

- Unable to track steps in challenges on Fitbit

This app was a waste of money for me, because I only purchased it so I could still participate in challenges with my family and friends on Fitbit. This app will sync your steps from your Apple Watch, but they will record them in the actual challenges. If you are getting it to participate in challenges then this will not work for you.

- Disappointed

I thought I would be able to sync my steps to compete with my Fitbit friends. This app and Fitbit do not allow it. This is disappointing. I have bought three cubits and love their products, but I received an apple watch for Christmas. What's the big deal Fitbit... I already spent tons of $$ on your products. Maybe you can loosen up a bit and if some one had your product make an exception!

- Doesn’t sync to FitBit Challenges

I should have read the fine print. Although the app syncs to FitBit to show steps, it doesn’t sync Apple Watch to FitBit Challenges. The app description does include this detail but only down low, after stating it syncs steps. I don’t know why anyone would want the steps to appear in the FitBit app if it weren’t for the challenges. I can see my steps on my watch for free. I wasted $5.99.

- Does not work.

I followed the directions to the letter. I closed and re-launched the Fitbit app. (I even deleted and re-started again with both apps). I checked my online Fitbit profile instead since it said the Fitbit app doesn’t always display the synced info. My Apple Health info does NOT appear anywhere. Waste of money. Not sure where they’re getting all these fake positive reviews- clearly this is a scam.

- Zero Stars

This app does NOT work for me. I have tried to contact the developer. In fairness, they got back to me once with a suggestion to get my steps synced BUT the app still did not work after watching their help video & extra suggestions. (Maybe it’s my aging phone but it does not work.). I then requested a refund and have yet to hear back.... I am hoping that they will get back to me & refund my money.

- It not accurate

Bought this app. It isn’t accurate. I join challenges with friends on Fitbit and I’m always off more 1k steps or so. Even though I clear my apps and do it as in the video. Paying 6-7$ you would think it be accurate

- Only worked once.

I bought this app and went through all of the steps to get synced. It worked great the first day! All my steps synced all day long until I took it off and went to bed. The next day it refuses to sync my steps no matter how many times I try to sync. It says it’s synced for that day but the Fitbit app doesn’t show any steps.

- Synced to Fitbit from iOS health

I had a bunch of manually entered weight and iOS health step days in my iPhone. When I got my Fitbit this synced that days from my iOS Apple health to my Fitbit account. Excellent!

- Don’t waste $4.99...

I’ve never left a review on an app in my 7+ years of having an iPhone, but this one is worth it. I feel duped that I spent $4.99 on this - it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. After logging in to FitBit and selecting the fields to sync, it doesn’t actually work. Come to find out FitBit recently changed their API to disallow 3rd party step trackers (e.g. Apple Watch). So if you’re buying for that reason: don’t!

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Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit 1.7.8 Screenshots & Images

Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit iphone images
Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit iphone images
Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit iphone images
Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit Health & Fitness application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit Health & Fitness application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit Health & Fitness application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit (Version 1.7.8) Install & Download

The applications Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-05-30 and was developed by Bickster LLC [Developer ID: 599177362]. This application file size is 7.25 MB. Sync For Apple Health > Fitbit - Health & Fitness posted on 2020-09-02 current version is 1.7.8 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bickster.myFitnessSyncHealthToFitbit

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