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Speech Blubs is a voice-controlled speech therapy app designed to help your child learn new sounds and words, and to practice speaking in a stimulating, educational environment.

Our 1500+ activities have been used over 1,000,000 times to trigger sound and word production in toddlers, late talkers (speech delay), children with Apraxia of Speech, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

- Uses scientifically proven video modeling for effective speech development
- Over 1500+ exercises, activities, funny hats, videos, mini games, and more!
- Brand new, exciting content released every week!
- 25 fun sections – Early Sounds, When I Grow Up, Get into Shapes, Living Colors, Yummy Time, This Is My Body, Mouth Gym, Animal Kingdom, Ride Your Wheels, Sing Along, Guess the Word, Guess the Sound, NUMB3R5, and many more!
- Voice-activated functionality provides a fun, interactive learning experience
- Experience special effects like funny hats and masks in real time using facial detection
- Collect stickers and fill your sticker book as your child progresses
- Unlock funny & educational content designed to trigger conversation
- Try Speech Blubs activities for FREE!

Speech Blubs uses video modeling to create an immersive learning environment, allowing children to observe their peers on video as they learn. When children watch their peers in real time, their MIRROR NEURONS fire up. This is scientifically proven to be highly effective in speech development, as confirmed by the University of California, Los Angeles study published by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

We provide you with a nearly endless supply of content for your children to enjoy, including over 1500 activities, exercises, funny hats and masks, effects, videos, mini-games, and more! We’re always working hard to add exciting new content each and every week!

The Speech Blubs experience starts with a 7-day free trial. You get a free personalized report with tips & tricks, plus unlimited access to all the activities to test out our app. Your subscription automatically renews unless the auto-renew feature is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication.

Read our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy here: https://speechblubs.com/legal

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Speech Blubs: Language Therapy Comments & Reviews

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- Great app (child lock)

My 1.5 year old has been using this app daily. The repetition method works amazing for him as he is an only child so at least it gives somewhat of a substitute of learning from an older sibling. Application contains a child lock to prevent them from pushing the power/home buttons as well as exiting the app. THE ONLY DOWNSIDE IS THE PARENT OVERRIDE IS A SIMPLE MATH QUESTION WITH THREE CHOICES, because of this my son has a one out of three chance of getting the answer correct, in which recently he has been able to 9/10 of the time. Just needs a better child lock method. Overall, I would recommend.

- On Point!!

We’ve had our daughter evaluated by a speech therapist, and she’s currently in speech therapy once a week. I stumbled across this app, and thought “there’s no way”. So I downloaded it. AND I paid for the $10/month subscription, because $10 isn’t much when you’re talking about your children’s development and speech progress, especially if they are falling behind. I decided to test the app, and my daughter. Because I already knew where she was struggling, and while I can’t say that my daughter learned 5 new words in 5 minutes, I can say that this app is VERY promising. I learned that my daughter has way more comprehensive skills than I knew within 17 minutes of using the app. Also, the “evaluation” questions (if answered HONESTLY) were spot on for my daughter. Other than the comprehensive part, but that was because I didn’t know. This is a great learning tool. It’s not a teacher, and doesn’t replace ACTUAL real life learning, but it does help. Also, I NEVER write reviews for Apps. But I couldn’t wait to write this one.

- Not worth the money

If this app was less expensive, I’d consider keeping it, but at $10/mo and so many weird issues, I don’t think it’s worth it. I did some research and there are a lot of vague/gray area comments on this app being recommended by therapists but many speech pathologists have spoken out against these claims as this app was not created by or with one. Some of the kids pronunciation is off and the sound is quiet and uneven on several of the recordings compared to the others. Additionally, the fact that they use a computer generated voice for the the videos that give you facts is lazy. The section on feelings lazily uses emojis instead of kids faces for some and aren’t the most accurate. I think this app could use some more fine tuning from a technical stand point as well as implementation of having real backing from legitimate therapists. I realize most of these complaints I listed aren’t a huge deal but for an app you’re spending $10 per month for, I expected more. Apparently they had a prior app that was similar and was $6.99/flat fee. I might have done that.

- Beware - Seems ok but too expensive for a family

The drills are excellent and my twins love it but I can't see spending $300 for this app in order for all 3 of my kids to take advantage of the content. UPDATED After working with tech support to determine if app sharing is enabled across devices, I was advised that yes, I could purchase a lifetime subscription that would cover all of our devices. After purchasing the initial download, I attempted to restore the purchases on another device, which did not work. I thought that maybe I had to buy it again in order to get it to register that I already owned it, but it charged me instead. So, I now have two lifetime subscriptions for a terrific app that I will only need for 2-3 years. The fact that I had to email app support 10 times and be told to go to apple for my refund only to be declined by apple is frustrating and shameful. The app really does an amazing job at engaging kids and keeping their attention but it's not worth $100 per device. If they were to fix this situation, I'd update my review with 5 stars.

- Great App but Major Glich

The content of the app would get 5 stars but the glitch brings it down to two. My son, who was diagnosed with a speech delay, has been using this app for several months and loves it. I see him saying things that he heard on the app later in the day. The app itself is engaging for kids and has a nice variety of topics. Here’s where the problem is...if I don’t 100% monitor my son the entire time that he’s on the app...he’ll exit the app and play with other things on my phone or call people in my address book. I found the child lock option and thought that was a wonderful idea...well not so much. The child lock is supposed to prevent the child from exiting the app. Multiple times my phone froze while in child lock mode. And when I say froze...I mean I could not do anything. 8 hours later it would unlock on its own. Super frustrating and not to mention unsafe! What if I needed to use my phone for an emergency? I contacted Speech Blubs on almost every occasion that this happened and there has been no resolution.

- The app locked up my phone and took over

I decided to download this app for my daughter and after the trial period I subscribed as a paying customer. It was good until one day everything went south! The app locked up my phone, the little boy kept repeating the word and then he stopped. My new iPhone xR was stuck on the app, there was no way to answer calls, no way to call out, no way to reset my phone. The app had taken my phone hostage and I had to wait 1 day before the app drained my battery to get control of my phone again. Not having access to my phone is also a safety issue especially because the app hijacked my phone. This app is a big no until they correct their programming issues! Reply to change review: NO IT FULLY HIJACKED MY PHONE, NO KEY WOULD RESPOND. I HAVE USED CHILD LOCK IN THE PAST AND ITS GREAT HOWEVER THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. NOTHING WOULD WORK WITHIN THE APP AT ALL AND I WAS LOCKED IN THE APP. IF THE APP WAS WORKING AND DIDN’T HIJACK MY PHONE THEN I COULD OF EXITED OUT. NOT THE CASE. TRY LISTENING INSTEAD OF RESPONDING. 1 STAR FOR HIJACKING MY PHONE and 0 STARS FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT!

- Not worth the cost

Yes, canceling is tricky but that happens pretty much with every app that has a subscription. So that’s not a big deal even though I’m pretty sure I canceled before the week is up but I’ll get over $10. My son enjoyed it very much. However it kept giving us the same words over and over. You would think for the price it would have so many more words! There are so many animals out there, why would we have to keep doing the same 6 over and over (even the same one back to back zzzzzz)? I also disliked the “informational” videos after he choose the correct words. They are more appropriate for older kids, maybe 4 or 5. I don’t want my son to see a bird wearing a conductor hat or a horse trying on high heels. He needs to learn basic stuff before he gets confused by imaginative things. I would not recommend for children under 4.

- Parents with non speech delay kids - STOP

This app should be intended for kids that are already diagnosed with something. Or for kids just to practice speech. The whole diagnosing thing in the beginning -saying what your kids has to me is silly, it should just say what the app will help them work on from the diagnosis, not breakdown your kids disability lol All the parents freaking out in the reviews thinking this app said their kid is behind makes me laugh, your pediatrician should be the one letting you know if there was anything wrong. But I do think it’s great practice. My son has a speech delay and really dislikes being told to repeat himself or practice sounds he tries to avoid it being the visual learner that he is, and this app helps give all the visuals while helping him practice.

- My son hates this app

Took a chance on this app because of the good reviews . Really wish I hadn’t . I had to “subscribe for the year to get the free week trail “ Tried everyday with my son who is 2&1/2 to play these games to learn to talk. He was bored with in seconds . Was very annoyed with the kids on the screen . The only thing he liked was the popping of the balloons. Very upset I didn’t cancel in time . I cancelled the same day the trial was up. And now I’m 60 bucks down and have a useless app in my phone thanks for nothing. Maybe add different. Kids in the app. Not so close to their faces too. Show common foods that children eat . And not just making faces . Waste of money. Also I keep having to reload every video when I just installed the app.

- Not for us

Maybe I am not using it right, but I don’t think this is for us at least. My son is in speech therapy with an articulation disorder. I was hoping this app could be used to reinforce the sounds he is working on. Like if we worked on F sounds this week, between sessions, I could use this to work on F sounds and reinforce what he was learning. But it doesn’t give me any option to work on a particular sound or anything. So I’m not sure how to use it to help us. My son is five and he’s just working on specific sounds “F, G, Sh, S, and a few more I’m probably forgetting. The app also acted like he was making the correct sounds when he wasn’t. When he was repeating square, he was totally missing the S sound. Which is a sound we are working on. Yet it kept acting like he was getting it right. I also wasn’t sure if he was just supposed to sit and listen and then repeat. Or if he was supposed to speak along with the kids.

- Does it work

So far so good, today was the first day of actually using it, and we probably spent about 20 minutes, my son is for, and I found it hard to have him use it himself, it did help using “Guided Access” on on the iPhone, if you don’t know what it is you can Google it, it lets you lock out your phone so the child can’t go outside of the app. I could see how this will really help, I has reminders and stuff to remind you to do it each day, it recommends 20 minutes a day with my child, to me that probably is two or three sessions of 5, 7 or 10 minutes. I see it going well, the material is great, and I’m sure he will improve way faster than if I was to just find things or free apps

- False advertisement

I’ve come across 5 different advertisements pertaining to “Speech Blubs” explaining how it will be free, or no cost to you. It’s the biggest lie they’re telling. I honestly hope parents read the reviews before actually attempting to download this app, thinking its free, only to find out you have to pay for a membership to even use the app. They’re falsely advertising that it’s free to use when in reality they demand money to use the app. It’s such a let down and disappointment. I’ve called the false advertisements on Facebook to the point where they’ve turned off the comments so that others don’t find out until they’ve downloaded it. Why turn of the comments if your ad is indeed costing these people money, while your stating it’s free. They’re pulling people in by stating it’s free when it’s the complete opposite. I’m sure I’m not the only one they’re trying to silence on social media.

- I *never* review apps, this is my first review!

I promised I would write one after a week of using it, so here we are! My son is about 21 months old. He hasn’t spoken a word with purpose until about one week ago when we downloaded this app! He started speech therapy a few weeks back, but was still not attempting words. Once I downloaded this sucker, he started *trying*. He now says “mama” and “dada”, which is HUGE for him! I still can’t believe it. I call this the Lord’s work through this app and therapy, not kidding. He loves watching the kids and the videos with fun facts! He also thinks the filters are hilarious. I am just so ecstatic I can hear my child finally call me mama! 😭 Thank you, Speech Blubs!

- Ehh this app is a hit or miss

Tried this app because my toddler isn’t fully talking yet so was curious if this may help. Well in my opinion I feel bad for the children making the mini video clips because it’s obvious they aren’t exactly happy or excited but nervous and on pressure . The video clips are literally 1-3 sec clips rewinded over and over again for a minute. Not worth the money but this is just my opinion. Did the quick analysis in the beginning and boooy are they wrong. They suggested that it may be a possible hearing problem and like any parent was overwhelmed and concerned. I called out my kid a few times and he responded instantly, so relieved that the app was wrong and realized how much of a joke this is. Most kids are very smart and everything comes in time, dont waste time or money on this app just love your kids as is and just do more activities together...literally ALL a child needs :)

- Horrible update design

My son is 2 and a half and LOVED (past tense)this app. I kid you not he was talking and mimicking sounds in MINUTES. He loved the ease of access and it’s child user friendly interface. That all changed with this new update. Now he has to do what the update makes him do and he’s not interested. Also, wayyyy too many adult buttons on their practice page. He keeps clicking and getting frustrated when it takes him from the game. The first thing it forces him to practice are words, but he’s more successful with the sounds right now. We were working our way up to that. Overall, I’m so disappointed with the update that I am being forced to withdraw my subscription. Glad I didn’t sign up for the year yet. Such a bummer because he WAS being so successful with it. Why did they have to mess it all up?!

- Not compatible with older iPad

I absolutely loved this app until it stopped working on my son's iPad. He's almost 3 and for the longest time he wouldn't talk. He would grunt or scream and it became very frustrating. I came across this app on instagram. He was using it for about 2 months. He enjoyed copying the kids and sounds. He started using the words he was learning, being able to identify them as well. Honestly, it was a huge relief hearing him speak. He has an older model iPad and no longer updates but unfortunately I can't afford a new or used one. I have downloaded it to my iPhone but the screen is small and he seems to lose interest compared to the tablet. The subscription price wasn't bad either. Had to cancel due to my son no longer using app.

- Great app, WORST customer support

While the app is great and an aid in helping our 2 year old speak more words, we ran into an issue that required us to contact support. The most unhelpful advice was given to us and when we reached out again, we were advised by a different person to follow the same steps that we stated did not work the first time around. Basically, after purchasing a year subscription and successfully signing into our account for 3-4 months on both our iPhone and Kindle, we can no longer access the app from multiple devices. Only the device that originally downloaded the app and purchased the subscription can access the account now. Each time I sign into our account from a different iPhone and kindle, we are asked to purchase another subscription.

- Good app

I’ve been using Speech Blubs with my son for about 6 months - he has just turned two. When we first started using it, he was 1.5 years old and didn’t say any words, so obviously the app wasn’t helping him say new words, but he liked the app so we kept using it. He finally started speaking over the summer and now I’m finding that the app is useful for speech. He frequently repeats words from the app and it’s helping him learn shapes and colors too. He stays engaged with Speech Blubs for long periods of time and asks for it daily (he calls it “peeyo”). I got it for free by winning a giveaway, but I think it would be worth the subscription fee.

- So far so good

Really enjoy this app and it is getting my 5 yr old to sit down with me. We had him in speech therapy for delayed speech and at home I just can't get him to sit down with me to practice talking. But this can get him to sit with me for 30 mins at a time. The only con his that sometimes he is more interested in what is going on with the silly things on the screen. I saw someone complain about the 9.99 a month but honestly if this gives results it's way more affordable than 300 a week for 1 hr of therapy. This I can practice multiple times a day every day where therapy is 2- 30 min sessions which is simply unaffordable to the average parent.

- So far this app is great!

My 3 yr old who says only a few words has been enjoying using this app so far. It keeps his attention every time he practices on it. The first day he used it he said the word he practiced on here a few hours later. I was shocked. I like the different steps it has , and how it has the kids saying words slowly , then little games in between to keep kids interested. I think it helps. Also, I absolutely LOVE the 7-day free trial to let your child try it first. We have been using it for two days. If our 7-day free trial continues as promised, I am definitely leaning towards purchasing it to have annually :-)

- Well meaning, too expensive

I get this app is designed to help kids struggling with speech. I get that it’s a “small price to pay” to help your child. But let’s be real, it’s still an app. It’s ok, and it’s a monthly subscription. It’s way too expensive for what it is. This is not the iPhone of apps so why charge people as such. I am only using it because I got the “50% discount”. Which is actually a fair price that should be the regular price. I have talked to multiple parents, special education teachers and speech therapists about this app and they agree, it’s too expensive and have sought other products. Speech Blubs, Would you rather have a handful of people pay your expensive full price? Or would you rather lower the price attract more customers and make more money in the long run and HELP MORE KIDS?

- Negative role models

Okay, I love that kids model the sounds, words, rhymes, etc. But there are disturbing images and sometimes sounds that are scary for some children. There are also examples of things I don't want my children learning. Furthermore, the images are sometimes unrelated to what the narrator is describing, and the app is sometimes unpredictable. Sometimes there's a pattern (child demonstrates, narrator educates, picture op, child demonstrates again, etc.) but sometimes half of the routine is missing, which means there's not equal opportunity for children to practice each sound. Some sounds/words/etc. have a lot more put in to them then others, which is disappointing. The take away is I love the concept of the app, and I do use it since I got charged $30 for it, but I use it selectively.

- Amazing 😁😄😄😄😄😄

I so love this app 😁😁😁😁 I have a five year old son that’s currently taking speech therapy right now and due to the coronavirus right now. He like all of us in the US are quarantined in our homes. So finding this app while scrolling through instagram. I found this and just in 5 minutes of using the app my son is reacting the sounds. Which is a great 👍🏾 thing because that means he enjoys it. I love the colors, pictures and I love the fact they have kids making the sounds. Definitely if your child has speech issues I think this is the next best thing while we ride this storm. I highly recommend this app.

- Scam

I did the free trial to see if this would help my son learn to expand his vocabulary. It was very apparent very quickly this was not helpful to him. I canceled the free trial and thought that was that only to find they charged me $60 for a whole year!!! This is a total scam. I would have been willing to try this again in the future but the way they handled this is totally sketchy and bad business 10/10 do not recommend. Hide your wallet and go somewhere else. Update. Still no response from scammers. They took my money and ran. Will not answer my emails. Anyone know how to report an app to Apple? Update: tried another email address and they didn’t even try to help. They just blew me off and refused to offer any solution. Seriously considering pursing legal action. You can not offer a free trial and then charge someone when they cancel before that trial period is even over. This is a scammy business with no customer service. Please for the love of everything so not give them a cent. Update: after several very delayed responses from their “customer service” saying they could not locate my account I brought my case straight to Apple. I highly recommend if you have been scammed by them in bringing this to their attention as well.

- Great for homework

We are already in speech therapy and try to do more practice at home, but this app is great that you can go down each activity and complete it. My daughter doesn't repeat yet, but she loves the filters and really pays attention to the kids making the sounds. I can't get her to pay attention to any other apps so focus on speech blurbs is great! 🙌🏻 I wish I knew about the app sooner so we could have been doing more speech lesson type things at home. I had a problem with my subscription and the support team was wonderful and fixed the issue. I'd definitely recommend this app to anyone needing speech help.

- My niece loves it

My niece having a hard time talking on her own. This app had me interested when it gave a very in depth analysis on my niece based on very specific questions asked about her! If you can’t afford the full price, the app has coupons available to significantly lower the price. The prompts are great, love all the facts. The kids mouthing the words helps a lot and the microphone listening gets her to talk. She likes every single prompt and loves when she plays enough to pop balloons. The only thing I notice is sometimes it glitches on every page on one category and I have to hit retry. Also, on the ones with blank boxes, it gets confused and gives us duplicates a lot. My three year old niece obviously does not even notice having to hit one extra button or doing the same sounds multiple times. Also the volumes vary a little with some sound effects so sometimes we’re turning up and down the volume. It’s a great app and I’m happy I found it and my niece enjoys using it.

- Concerned Speech Language Pathologist

It seems like the developers worked hard on this app, but I am an SLP and this app doesn't seem to follow any therapy practices that I have seen, used, or studied. The reward system is great and the app would help with imitation, but I'm unsure how this would truly help with a language delay, articulation delay, phonological process errors, etc. The first words do not follow researched based core vocabulary that is functional, there are no way to choose specific sounds for error remediation, and so on. I see reviews where parents are saying that this is cheaper than therapy, but I would use this app on your own with caution. I would consult a licensed SLP first, which the app does say to do. I wouldn't say the practices are harmful, but I'm not sure how helpful they are, especially for the price.

- Weird/inappropriate/scary content for age range

I wanted to like this app, but I find it hard to believe that the creators have experience with kids in this age range. For starters, at one point it started discussing how the Titanic sank and showed a little cartoon of it sinking underwater. Ahh yes, people freezing and drowning to death—perfect for a toddler! Another time it showed a plate of pizza being offered, then switched it quickly to a plate of vegetables to show what makes someone angry. I really don’t want my toddler to think that anger is an appropriate reaction if I give him healthy food. Honorable mention: the freaky little ghost floating in front of the haunted house to show the word “scared.” There’s just a bunch of weird lessons between the pronunciation sections. If you download the app, be sure to monitor while your child uses it, so you can skip past the inappropriate sections.

- Not with it

Scary content that made my 21 month old cry; extremely glitchy and constantly having to “reload” or delete the app and download again. After using it for a while my 21 month old still has 0 words, and his hearing, pragmatics and everything except verbal speech itself was right on course. His doctor says he is just behind and is not worried so I thought that this would help give him a boost. It did nothing. Plus, it doesn’t help that half the time a scary picture, sound or animation comes up and he doesn’t want to engage and cries. I hate this app and wish I could get my money back. 7 days as a trial is not enough to really see if this is worth your time, and it’s extremely difficult to cancel. And customer service doesn’t respond to emails, so don’t bother. 0 out of 5 if it was possible.

- It’s ok

I do like this app but there are some things that need to be fixed. There seems to be a few times when the picture or video extend past my screen so we don’t see the complete image. There also seems to be a lot of repeat little facts at the end of talking. The pictures you can take in between talking do not fit my kids faces, they are always too small, and their pretty shaky if there is any movement. And it seems like they rushed through recording the kids, if they messed up they put it in there anyway. But over all it’s a cool concept and I hope to see results soon. My 2.5 year old hasn’t had much improvement yet but is pretty responsive to this way of learning.

- Inappropriate content

I have been using the app with my 3 year old who had been evaluated by my a speech therapist and showed delays in speech. The evaluation was pretty much on point with what they said. I wasn’t able to get him to engage with the program much. He loved the activities, videos and games. But I could never get him to repeat sounds or try to do anything other than watch the videos. Today there was a video that had to do with ghosts. This content is not appropriate and is not needed to teach sounds. My child is having nightmares and is afraid of the dark now because of this one video. Due to the fact he wasn’t engaging and the content of the video I have canceled my subscription and deleted the app.

- Surprisingly helpful!

We used a couple of weeks and my 23 month old started right away started saying words! It must be helpful to hear another child saying it. She probably tunes out adults or who knows. Maybe it’s the tone also. Either way, she started saying “bike” “up” “more” “egg” and other stuff. Some worlds she probably should’ve been saying by now. Others words that are new to her possibly. And she started swim lessons and the first time the instructor told he to kick and float she repeated it back! I’m blown away! Give this a try, at least one month. You’ll be so happy you did.

- Love this app! Apraxia and speech delay

My son has a little bit of apraxia and speech delay from ear problems as a baby. He was getting a little bored with some of our other daily practices so we gave the app a try. He loves it and asks to work on the app everyday. Added bonus — within the first week, he has already started to gain on one of his problem sounds he has been struggling with to get. He now comes up to us out of the blue so proud of his new sounds and excited to share what he learned. We are so thankful for the app! We also were glad to try the trial run to make sure he was interested in it.

- I wanted to love it

My son is about 18months, and myself as well as his pediatrician are worried about his limited communication. When I say this, I mean not even babbling. He knows about 4 signs and that’s it as far as communication. I had such high hopes that he would begin babbling, maybe even saying a word or two. I’ll start with what I love. I love that there is so much repetition. I love the categories. I love the language progression. I love that it shows real children talking. My son is scared to death of how it goes from real soft sound or spoken words and to very loud sound with my phone staying at the same volume. My poor babe literally screams in terror from the train, and it’s devastating. He’s literally afraid when I open the app, and covers his ears and begins crying. I have tried other words too and he literally seems scared of the app going from the kids to real-life sounds. Again, I really wanted to love this app because it seems perfect. I have tried it for a few months, but must just not be in the cards. Hoping to start up speech therapy for my babe soon.

- Gets annoying here’s why

I can tell my child isn’t pronouncing “farmer” correctly. It’s not turning gold or anything and then it’s off to the next part. Ummm I have no way to replay it unless I go through all the previous sections to get back to that part. It’s soo frustrating to me! Other than that the app seems nice, I think... I mean there’s really not much that’s unlocked to try. I wanted to get a year membership or lifetime. But since I can’t try out enough stuff, I’m not sure I want to spend even 15 to see if we like it enough 😔 I feel a whole section dedicated to what they need to work on should be free to see if we want to continue with it. Bc a lot of the stuff is too easy for him. I just don’t know how I feel about it.

- Help my son so much

My son has trouble talking in Learning have a spectrum this I’ve seen this app on Instagram And figure give it a try take him to speech therapy and what this might help and it did he know does itsy-bitsy spider he can count to 10 singing song and copying the other kids it has a lot I’ve seen more improvement with this then my therapy so I said that I would definitely leave a review once I seen the results so if you have a kid that is struggling to definitely try it’s only $10 you could try it once and you’ll see good results it is a godsent

- Misleading! And incorrect!

This app isn’t upfront about the cost until after you’ve gone through their million questions. Then they tried to tell me there are 5 serious cognitive delays after asking me yes/no questions about his speech!! It is not appropriate for a freaking app to try and tell me my child has a delay from simple questions without an evaluation. There is nothing wrong with my son he has been evaluated by actual doctors and professionals. He has a small speech delay that he is starting therapy for so I thought maybe this app would be helpful to use at home in between therapy sessions. Can you imagine the panic I would’ve had because of this app had I not already been to his doctor recently?!? Completely unprofessional and careless!!! This app needs to be shut down!

- My 2 y/o daughter decided for me..

I really wasn't planning on purchasing the app especially when I saw it's a monthly fee. However I tried the free sample with my two-year-old daughter with a speech delay and after seeing how she kept imitating the fish sounds and doing the tongue movement exercises on her own after only ONE TIME of playing with the application, I was convinced... this app makes it so much fun for them to work on functional speech goals it's really the most effective, funnest and simplest thing you can do for your children to promote speech production. Great job app developers!!

- Autism speech help

My daughter has autism and is non verbal. She LOVES this app. Seeing kids up close talking and making word sounds has greatly increased her desire to use words. After the first day she was already making sounds trying to mimic the kids on the screen. We have had it for a few months now and it is still her favorite app. We are still in the early stages of our speech journey with her, but not only does she use some words, she is now very interested in words and speech. I was worried about the price at first, but it was worth it!

- Wonderful app

I started using the app in March. My son was 20 months old. His vocabulary increased and he is now saying full sentences. There are short videos that explain the sound and word they are learning. There are also Fun games in between to keep their attention. As a former teacher I recommend only ten minutes a day or twice a day. I downloaded trial at first. By the end of the week his vocabulary increased so much I purchased for the year. I also recommended to many of my friends and family who are loving the app as well.

- Customer service is horrible

I paid for a year subscription, app is used on 2 phones but will not allow me to log in to the tablet (child’s tablet) it keeps saying wrong password but yet I changed the password and it still says the same thing. I have contacted customer service email multiple times and have not gotten any response, it has been a few weeks now. Also when my child does use the app on 1 of the 2 phones when you put the child lock on if it is not in use for about a minute the entire phone freezes not even Apple reset my phone. I did not want to leave a horrible review as I stated in the email but I am not getting a response so here it is!!

- Racist

I went to download this app and thought it would be great to start for my almost 1 yr old. I open the very first animal word and they have a black child (who is very adorable) say the word monkey. Of course I didn’t know what to make of it, I let it sit on my mind for a couple of days and ultimately decided that if I don’t say anything, I am part of the problem. I didn’t even pay to unlock the rest of the words because I’m offended. As a mother of 3 mixed children I cannot support people/apps that are full of ignorance. This gets no rating. And I hope none of you support this app until they change some things. I will not teach my child to relate words to specific people and the color of their skin. Shame on these people for having the balls to allow this.

- I saw improvement with the first word!!

I'm always skeptical about buying apps, but I took a shot with this one and I'm glad I did. Our 3 year old has difficult with pronouncing words and lacks attention. However, the very first word he was able to articulate with the help of this app, he went from saying "stuve" to "stove" through the mimicking process with ease and enjoyment! Thank you so much, I look forward to his continued process..........Oh, and it's hard to take the phone away from him to take a break, all he wants to do is play this 'game'.

- Not for kids with moderate delay. Little diversity.

My daughter has a moderate speech delay. I find this app geared toward kiddos with a very severe delay. Also, as feedback to the creators, there is VERY limited diversity. The students featured include 2 students of color and their videos populate very seldomly. However, if you kiddo has a very severe delay, and speaks fewer than 50 words, then this may be useful to you. Moreover, the videos and features and fun, and my daughter enjoyed them. It’s just that we went though all the features very quickly and exhausted our options in only one week. I maintain that it would be nice to increase the diversity of students featured, but the app seems structured well and good for kiddos with a severe delay.

- Great for an only child!

I was a little skeptical about how well this would work for my 25 month old son. He understands a lot and interacts well with others but I noticed he lacked confidence in speaking more than about 5 key words. He thrives and learns so much when he’s around older kids but since he’s an only child he has limited exposure. I love that this app has kids saying the words instead of adults my son responded immediately! I hope this helps him be less frustrated when he wants to communicate desires.

- Terrible and expensive!

This app was a complete waste of my time and money. It’s not user friendly and my 15 month old wasn’t at all interested, which defeats the purpose. There is no rhyme or reason to the lessons, nor are the lessons truly educational. We don’t care about taking pictures with funny faces...Snapchat has that covered. Not to mention, I tried to cancel my yearly subscription and was given the option to stay connected for a lesser price. Don’t do it! You’ll be charged twice with no refund options. So now, I’m out of over $90 for a useless app. What a waste! Update: After contacting Apple directly, I was refunded my money. I still DO NOT recommend this app. The developer contacted me, claiming that my review was “not true”. Spare yourself the headache...DON’T BUY!

- Give thus app a few tries

My son did not like this app at first after a few tries he loves it. His speech has improved a lot in a few months. He copies the kids on the app and copies and repeats what we say all the time now. I think this app is worth the price he uses it every day. Gas to take them to speech therapy in a week would be more than the cost of this and to us anything that will help our kids is worth 10 o4 20 or 1000. ;) Thank you so much for this app. I love that he is speaking more and learning more and its fun.

- Charged before trial ended

I tried to cancel the subscription on day 6 before I was charged, but I was charged on Day 6 of the 7 day trial for the months subscription. Now I have an app that is unusable. This app does not attract the attention of my daughter, who is almost 3 and nonverbal. The videos note her progress when there is none. The app should include a parental review section. I am not happy that I was charged early for the subscription. Update: I have been asked what I mean by a parental review section. It would have been nice to see a progress bar or graph for a parent to refer to when looking at the child’s accomplishments. The main problem with my experience with Speech Blubs was being charged for the service before the free trial was up and basically told “oh well.”

- Use to Compliment Speech Therapy

My son is currently in speech therapy and has been for just over 7 months now. It has been tough to get him to imitate sounds. The therapist started using an app very recently (not this one) where he responded and began to imitate sounds.I then did some research on some other apps to help supplement his therapy and found this app. While we have used only one part of the app, my son immediately responded. Through the use of videos and pictures and SnapChat like filters, my son enjoys sitting down with me to do this (I’ve used other app that could not keep his attention long enough). Best of all, he’s the one to benefit from it. This app is not free. You must subscribe to it, but you do have a seven day trial in which you get to cancel if it does not work out for you...and it may not...there is no one thing that will work for everyone. This app fits my son’s needs.

- Too expensive

This is not a free app!! They have you create a profile and answer a bunch of questions about your child and after you go through the whole process it brings you to a page that says you have to pay to use the app. This would be fine, if it was mentioned first hand so that people don’t waste the time creating a profile and everything. It’s also $9.99 a MONTH and that’s with the discount. While that may not be a lot to some people, it is for others. I think there should be a free section that has a limited amount of exercises for a child to use - and then if it works people can go on to buy a subscription. A 7 day free trial isn’t really enough time to see if the app works for a child.

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- Looks fantastic!

Looks like such an amazing app!! I got it for my brother whose hasn’t been able to learn English yet and is still in the process of being diagnosed with ASD, but I don’t have the money to pay for it since I’m only young and still looking for my first job. When I do get money though I will definitely invest in this app!! It looks very engaging and I know he would love it a lot

- Some disturbing content - parental advisory

My son has been using this app for a couple months now. We have found the content to be decent for his age as he is 21 months however as he gets older I’m seeing there isn’t that much variety for him to learn from. Also and very importantly, as I sit with him during his practice I’ve noticed some rather disturbing content with dinosaurs exploding off the planet and screaming, chickens flying off their egg and crashing and burning and a cat that after the 9th time jumping in the water doesn’t come back as well as the haunted looking house and ghost under the emotions category for fear... I very much do not think this content is acceptable for young impressionable children. I make sure to always skip past these activities when we play as they upset him. This content needs to very much be reviewed!! Especially with the price tag that is charged for this app! How do such videos get okayed to be presented to such young children??

- Always the same content

My daughter gets pretty bored working the exercises with the same content over and over again. To practice one letter sound she’ll get the same word every time as if there are no more examples to practice the sound with. I sent an email asking about this and just got a response saying that they update content every few months but that they can’t guarantee a date sorry for the inconvenience. The quality of the app is really good but for the price I wasn’t expecting this.

- Looks amazing for my daughter

This looks like exactly what my 5 year old daughter needs to help her speech. She has been diagnosed with global learning delay but after paying for her speech therapists I cannot afford to pay for this as well. I wish it could be subsidised or cheaper for us struggling parents please . But seems amazing and very interactive for my girl so we will enjoy the free trial thanks xx

- Amazing 10/10

I cannot recommend this app enough. It has made a huge improvement to my daughters speech and she has learnt a bunch of new words. I am so glad I downloaded this!! My daughter is 19 months old and is saying more words than I thought possible and can count to 10 and knows colours. I’m so impressed by this app.

- Amazing

It sounds like a really good option for my almost 2.5 year old but I think i will have to wait until my husband is back to work once this covid is over. Currently its hard to waste any money we have even of it may help my son. Hopefully one day i can use it


When I got this app I thought great, it has a child lock. My child can’t go off and click on other apps on my phone. The child lock disables the use of your home button and lock button (on iPhone) Whilst using the app it froze. No matter what I did, what I pressed, tried to force restart my phone and nothing worked. Therefore I was left with an inoperable phone (the child lock turns itself off after 8hrs) luckily my battery died after 2hrs. As soon as I got back on my phone i deleted the app.

- Enjoyable

We really enjoy this app. But notice that we are not able to turn the microphone back on for the audio option. We still use the program though. We would like to see more words introduced. Like daily activities. Well done.

- Amazing

So I downloaded this on a whim, not expecting much but I feel it’s really helped my toddler progress! She went from barely saying any words to quickly learning new ones and recognizing objects/animals. Definitely worth the money I paid :)

- Great app, could be improved

Really engaging for my daughter but she loses interest in the really long videos. Would be good if these could be skipped.

- iTunes Store issue

Every time I try to download the full version to let my daughter access more words and sounds it won’t let me. It keeps stating it is having problems connecting to the iTunes Store? Why is that?

- Not great

I bought this in hopes that my son would have games to play to help him along with speech therapy. Unfortunately you can make any sound in order for the app to register as correct so you still need to sit there and correct/help your child the whole time. I may as well do the paper activities given to me by the speech pathologist. My son is also 6 and finds it boring. This game is more suited to a 3-4 yo in my opinion.

- Every Child Develops learning differently

I think the expectations on this app are quite high giving warning signs is a bit harsh considering not every child is expected to know everything at 10 months, plus it makes you pay right after you have filled out details and put in your email address not a cheap app either! I think I will pass on this app

- Doesn’t grow with you. Bad pronunciation

This app is good at first, but very limited in vocabulary range. It doesn’t follow an educational sequence. Just limited thematic word lists. The children on there pronounce words badly and unclearly. They must have an auto responder in their feedback because they don’t actually respond to you. Wish I had cancelled my subscription before the free trial was up, but was a day late. As en educator of 20 years I say don’t waste your time.

- Horrible

It’s so bad I can’t even express it. It keeps repeating same thing one word. I wasted 20 plus on something I won’t even login to. Honestly I read the reviews and I just can’t believe what I read compared to what I experienced. I didn’t like it in the first 3 minutes I tried it with my child. So I don’t get paid to lie but this was personally the worst app for me. Good luck. I would of gave it o if the star had -.

- Free for 7 days only

I refuse to sign up for only 7 days free, that’s not enough time to determine if my child benefits from this app, and based on other people’s reviews, I don’t like the high possibility of being charged for something that may not work for my child, or charged despite not wanting to continue the app and the trouble some people have had getting refunds etc.. No thanks.

- Not to continue

Do not want to use this app , how do I stop it , it is just been a minutes I installed this app , I did not realise that I have to pay . Thanks

- Doesn’t work

Hi, I just purchased the app today and it won’t even open kicks me out straight away and keeps saying check internet connection when I have full bars off WiFi even on Mobile data it will not load can’t believe I paid for an app I simply can not get the use out off not good enough it’s a disgrace and I’m not happy at all.

- No option to cancel subscription

The app rolled over from a trial period to automatically enroll for the high value one year subscription. There is no cancel option in the subscription page. No response back from the developer despite numerous emails. Even without these issues, I would not pay for this app as it is not very good.

- Great app!

Way way way to expensive, sorry only use it once a month so not worth what you are asking.

- Great results

My son learnt 3 words by only playing 5 minutes what a great app the option that he can see himself it’s really good as the props Motivate him very entertaining

- Great app

This app helped my child who had delays be more confident making sound. Recommended it to very one including our speech pathologist.

- Was immediately charged upon signing up

Looks like I fell victim to the supposed “50% off promo” for the annual subscription with a 7 day free trial. My card was immediately charged upon signing up. No choice now but to leave the app on my device for a full year without being able to try it out.

- Awesome for learning

My kids are enjoying it so much. It is so kid friendly that they can understand what to do.

- Fun and user friendly

My 2 year old loves the songs and photos

- Great for toddlers

My 16 month old son loves it. He is making lots of progress with his sounds ready for speech now. Before he would mostly grunt

- Charged for Renewal without notice

I noticed a $91 charge to my iTunes without prior notice. I was told I get 7 days free trial unless I renew the app I will be charged. I was never advised of the charges, usually the app requests renewal before any payment is made. I have deleted my subscription and the app and I have requested a refund & was denied.

- Cancel my subscription

How do I cancel my monthly and yearly subscription to the Speech Blubs app? Is there a certain time frame I need to cancel within? I tried to ‘chat’ to someone in support but they were not human and kept saying “go to iTunes and cancel it.” I can’t cancel. It isn’t giving me that option.

- Leo’s

The app is so great for my 1.5 yr they include visuals singing sounds everything to keep him interested!

- Not entirely impressed

The children used to teach the users how to say words properly and songs properly don’t know how to pronounce them or sing them themselves.. would have been a great idea otherwise.

- Good

You need to remove the scary images I don’t think it is nice for a 2yo to watch :)

- Great

I have used it sometimes and it is great in helping out.

- Quality app

This is a high quality app for speech development.

- A very helpful app

A great app - it’s been so helpful for my 2 yr old daughter. She loves it! Thank you!

- Great

My daughter is almost five and is currently seeing a speech therapist. This app is perfect for practicing sounds at home.

- Awesome

My son loves this app and it’s so awesome that I have told all my friends about it

- Not great

Not a great app to be honest, pretty disappointed... its slow when opening new stations, is cool that it incorporates other children but would be better if it also showed the picture of what the kids is referring to or naming etc.

- Useless and annoying app

App is too slow and simple. I got charged before my free trial finished. When i asked for a refund , they told me to contact with Apple. Also That was an automatic response email. Bad customer service.

- My 2 year old loves it

So far so good

- Speech delay

With Mummy’s help to adjust to an Australian accent, this app is really good, we are having fun (and it’s helping)

- Great App

We would never be able to afford the full version

- My two year old

Loves this so far! A+

- False advertisement for price of game

This is free to download but to play any games you have to sign up which is $24 a month waste of my time

- Apurva Sarthak

This is a great app. I loved the customisations. My toddler really enjoys it and is learning new things. It’s a ‘fun and learn’ game! Love it.

- Crashing app

It keeps crashing whenever I open. I even cancelled before the date of subscription but it already took my money.

- Read fine print.

Don’t sign up!! It’s not a monthly subscription that you cancel anytime like stated. They take the whole yearly amount out. Don’t get caught

- Impressive

Love it, my sons speech is improving and memory

- Awesome app. Kids LOOOVE it.

Highly recommend this app.

- Charged me $100 for a free trial! SCAM APP

I started the free trial and decided it wasn’t for my daughter so I cancelled within hours but was still charged $99 and I need to wait 30 days to get a refund! SCAM!

- Cancel membership

How do I cancel this memberships. This app makes it hard to Cancel membership! Very frustrating

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- Beware

Beware that you’ll be charged a full year subscription immediately following the “free trial” which turns out not to be free at all. You won’t be prompted or notified except to get a receipt of payment for almost $100. I had to email Apple directly to get a refund. I feel sorry for people who wouldn’t know to do that and end up being stuck with this payment. Feels like a scam and imo bad business, especially during these times when people are short on cash!

- Unsure

The jury is still out on this one for us. First of all, there are no instructions, so I’m not sure how some of the things work. There are some confusing bits. My 3 1/2 year-old son liked it at first, but it is very repetitive and he got bored quickly. He absolutely LOVES the parts where he can take a silly picture of himself.... that part is done really well! However, the “reward” game is only fun the first couple of times, then it’s just boring - it’s just a balloon or star pop, nothing else (and the balloons/stars keep coming after the game ends so he can’t pop the last few, which frustrates the heck out of him!). Also, some of the kids’ pronunciations are not that great in my mind. Either they don’t enunciate, they’re too quiet, or they stress the sounds strangely. Many of the words are well done, but quite a few are not so great - you can tell what the quality of the pronunciation will be as soon as you see which kid is talking... they need to find some new kids! For a speech-therapy app, I find it strange that they haven’t spent more time getting the models to model the words in the best way possible for viewing and hearing the sound.

- Scam

You can’t even try it without paying $20 or a yearly subscription. It says free trial but you must pay for the annual subscription in order to get the “free trial”... scam!

- Scam

Useless scam app. I need to pay as much as a million dollars an ep tv production channel?? Dream on losers

- It does its job

You run out of material soon

- Refuse refunds

After the free trial they send offers for discounts or additional free days. I tried to activate the extra days and they charged the full year. When I tried to dispute it they claimed they don’t offer extra free days and conveniently couldn’t find my email/account information to refund me. So unprofessional and absolutely no integrity!

- Éducative

Mon garçon l’aime beaucoup

- Garbage

I paid 80$ and it never worked properly for me - buggy, crashed.

- Superbe application

C’est une super application mais par contre le prix est vraiment trop élevé! Je l’ai utilisé quelques semaines seulement. Une chance, ma fille a fait des gros progrès.

- Speech

It really helped my child to be actively speaking

- Disappointed

Sad I can’t even use This app without paying, not everyone has the money or some people can’t add there card to there apple account, very disappointed

- Interesting

I love speech blubs because my son cooperate and he likes the sounds and he learns a lot from it

- #1NanaLorna

Excellent. My grandson loves it

- Aly

We’re enjoying the app!

- Only tried to test for free trial

And now I’m stuck showing on subscription in App Store account can’t download any other thing unless I updated my payment detail because of this stupid app

- Bad marketing

Please change your ads. Having a picture of a non-verbal child who’s crying/sad on the swings beside a picture of a verbal child that’s happy and surrounding by friends is horrible marketing and I know it offends plenty of other parents whose kids have special needs or a non-verbal child. Change your ads and do better. You claim to help non-verbal kids but are representing them very poorly. Shame on you!

- Waste

This app is so stupid it’s a free download but then you can’t even use it unless you pay... waste of my time

- It works!!!

After out two year old was still not talking, we did speech Blubs for a year and we now have a VERY chatty 3 year old. 💖

- Great App

My son is using this App and is progressing great with his speech! 5 Stars

- Videos not starting from beginning.

Every time I click next, if it’s a video segment, it seems to begin a few seconds in already. Can’t seem to fix it.

- Always asks for a review

So far we like that app. But it’s expensive. Monthly rate should be cheaper. Annoyingly the app *always* asks for reviews. No way to dismiss it permanently.

- Blubs

No bugs

- Rip off app

Rip off. Seems like it’s free until you put all your info in and then it makes you buy a subscription

- Daughters review


- Not worth the money

We’ve tried this app a ton but my child isn’t interested. It also has weird commentary about animals ( too many poop and fart references) also refers to cows as milk machines which is inhumane and gross. Zero improvement in my child’s speech. Save your money.

- I just want to unsubsrib and it’s so complecated to donit from my IPhone settings as they mentioned!

How to unsubsribe from this application?

- My son loves this app

This app holds my sons attention like no other

- Doesn't work on iPad

It's a pretty good app, kids enjoy it. But it only works on my iPhone. It instantly crashes on an iPad which doesn't work for us. Until they fix that, I'll be cancelling my subscription

- My son loves this!

Great game so far!

- Very misleading

Very misleading

- Good app

Good app

- Not bad

Nice and easy to use, very interactive if my kid uses the app I should see an improvement it’s a little expensive monthly but if you get the year package after the 7 day trial it averages out to be about $7 a month which is not bad as long as my kid uses it. Just started and my kid was really into it but over the next 7 days I will see if he gets bored before I finalize purchase

- Great

Great speech app for kids. My boys love it! And I’ve noticed a big change in their speech! Lots of improvements and they think it’s a “game”.

- helped my almost 4 year

she didn’t have any interest or focus in learning new words. or even trying to talk until we got this app.

- Scum



Turns out not a free at all !!!

- Refund

Plz refund my money scammers

- Incorrect advice

Upon completing the quiz on my child, the app told me that I needed to visit a speech pathologist. My child is developing along very well, and this app told me she had “potential issues”. As if I’m going to pay these developers monthly to feed me terrible advice.

- Awful

I just got billed $79.99 for this app when it said it would be $6.66 a month .. I didn’t want to purchase cause I wanted to try out for my son first .. I wasn’t aware of any of this ! And now I’m screwed for my kids and I don’t have that extra money in our world full of problems right now ! Someone please help!

- Miracle

Within days I could hear a huge improvement in my 21 month olds speech. I was going to call a speech therapist but with COVID19 that wasn’t happening. She’s talking, babbling and using 2 word sentences. This was not happening much before.

- Its ok so far

Daughter wont do much but its a start for parents who arent sure where to start with kids speech

- Charge right away

my kid enjoy the app.. but i'm too much disappointed that they charge me immediately. about 88.99 it is a full year fee immediately. but they advertised it was just 6 dollars a month which i expected. but suddenly they charge me whole year. last day of my trial is trial is april 3. but they charge me immediately on april 3. which is not good. be honest with your business. or else no one will be using your app.

- Total Lie - no free trial

It takes your money right after you sign up for 7 day free trial. I feel so stupid that I didn’t check the reviews here before downloading this app. This app is taking advantage from Parents who have kids with speech problem. I canceled it right away but still they took my money.

- Lies - No Free Trial - Charged Immediately

There is NO free trial. You will be charged the full year's price. The bottom line is that you will be charged right away for this App. The developer cannot issue a refund. They have set the rates up so you are charged weekly EVEN if you cancel. This is unethical and should be made clear on purchase. I'm certain the developers will reply to this review. The developer should be transparent in the beginning. Do not blame Apple.

- Grear

A little expensive

- Jeneane88


- Amer31


- Charged after canceling

So I gave this a go for 1 week as it was advertised free for one week. Daughter won’t sit long enough to even watch it so cancelled my subscription. HOWEVER was charged $91 after the 1st week even AFTER I cancelled! Then I had to go back in and cancel subscription again because of the “payment”. We won’t be using this and I can’t afford to pay $91 for something that I’m not even going to use. I will not recommend this app for anyone.

- Double charged for the year.

I was charged twice for this game. 84$ the first time and 80$ the second time when I was told that it would only be a one time payment for the whole year and I’ve been having a hard time getting ahold of anyone in regards to a refund. 🤬

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- Son doesn’t like it

My son got uncomfortable with the kids faces. He shied away from them and seemed a little intimidated or something. He refused to make any noise and would move away from where the recordings could “see” him. Oh well... Seemed like it was a good app though. One critique would be that the descriptions of the animals after the animal sounds were completed were pretty hilariously bad. We didn’t go through much of it to give any better thoughts than that.

- Ugh not free

Oh well my daughter (autistic with speech delay and chromosomal condition) gets speech therapy FREE through school, 3 times a week. I can’t afford the price of this app (I’m unemployed and on Medicaid) and I thought this might help her at home when she’s NOT in school. She would’ve loved it but sorry, no can do. I wish it was FREE. I love how the developer responded to someone and said speech can cost a hell of a lot more than this game. Just FYI, shh, if you have Medicaid (at least in NEW YORK STATE) your child is ELIGIBLE for FREE speech therapy. Some parents don’t have the luxury to be shelling out this much a month when they have other disabled kiddos, rent and bills to pay, the dog stuff. 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Stole my money

I downloaded this app because of the reviews and decided to give it a shot to help my child. I signed up for the free trial, and when it asked how I would want to pay I chose monthly. Not even before the free trial was suppose to end, I was billed $70 for the annual subscription. I never signed up for the annual subscription, and did authorize the payment. I’ve emailed the customer service multiple times with absolutely no response back. It’s been crickets. I would have been ok with the charge of $4.99 for the first month because we used this app, but I‘be had issues ever since the free trial ended. Now I’m out $70 during this pandemic when me and my husband have already been laid off. The owners should be ashamed of theirselves.

- Didn’t need, but great App!!!

Looked into the app to see what was offered and I can tell you, it has potential to help with speech issues in young children. If it wasn’t for being enrolled with a speech therapist for our son already I totally would have given this a longer shot. Glad to know of this now though, if I have more children in the future and have need of this I will def. return! Great app, and great support for it. Spoke to the dev’s and they were very kind in helping out with the app.

- Best app for speech help

My son is almost two and in less than 24 hours I can say that he loves this app. He mimicked the kids in the videos and tried to repeat the words properly. My favorite part is that based on his age and milestones they do an assessment to notice where he needs the help most. It also has daily reminders so you don’t forget to help your kid in his development and you can also make multiple users in case you have more than one kid that can benefit from this app.

- No hesitation from child

With apps like this, my son is usually resistant to participate to say the least. So I was hesitant but signed up for the free trial anyway since it seemed more interactive than others. So glad I did. He thinks it’s hilarious! Doesn’t even realize he getting a form of speech therapy exercise out of it. Of course this does not replace his ongoing weekly sessions with his speech therapist but WOW! Any additional resource I can give my son that he find FUN like this that benefits him at the same time is completely worth it ;-)

- Warning as an SLP

For parents interested in purchasing a subscription for this app, first please have your child formally evaluated by a professional speech-language pathologist if you have any concerns about your child’s hearing, understanding of language, and/or their speech. This app’s quizzes are not going to accurately evaluate and diagnose your child (as the disclaimer says if you saw it at the bottom). Understanding the root of your child’s difficulties is what drives proper therapy. If the free trial works for you and you would like to try it, great. Just know that nothing beats professional help and there are plenty of amazing FREE apps out there.

- Don't believe the hype

They made me do an evaluation for my daughter and yet non of the activities were appropriate for her. Plus they don't say what animal it is for my daughter to know what sound the kids in the video are making. To her its just random kids making funny noises. There's no bees or cows or any images of the actual animal, just random kids making the noise repeatedly. Also the part where its supposed to record your child speaking, it just records the kid in the video so it thinks my daughter is talking when she isn't... Definitely not worth $14 a month and when i cancelled they said "oh wait but we have a plan for $1.99 a month!" Well it wasn't one of the options in the subscription page.

- Disappointed

Although my child liked the app and was starting to interact with it and looked forward to the little in between games I had to cancel my subscription. When signing up it gave me a monthly payment option but after the 7 day trail I was charged for a year! Yes my child’s learning is important and worth it but when expecting to pay a certain amount a month to be unexpectedly charged a full year is not cool. In the event that this is a misunderstanding on my part then I feel the app needs to be more clear about the payment options.

- 18 month loves this app

Our son is 21 months now but we started him on this app at 18 months because he wasn’t talking at all yet. At first he just watched and listened and then he slowly he started doing a few of the early sounds. Now he’s playing the guessing games and feelings games. We’ve started our 3 year old with it too and my 1 year old is starting to show interest in it when they’re playing. Our family loves this app. Thank you!

- Tricks and not child friendly

The app itself has many child friendly games and aspects to it but they can also click on things they shouldn’t be able to, like setting reminders and the camera. Don’t be fooled by their free trial! They do not let you cancel in the time given. I tried to cancel about ten minutes after downloading and was told there was no customer care available but they would get back to me shortly. No one ever got back to me and I was charged a whole month. I tried to cancel again today and the process was easy and I didn’t even need to talk to a customer care representative. What a trick!

- Incredible app!

My son was diagnosed with autism a few months ago... he was non verbal at the time of his diagnosis, but with the help of early interventions and apps like this, he is now speaking and learning new words every day! I know this app is a huge part of his verbal growth because he pronounces things like the kids in the app (like "truck... truuuuuuuuck, truck!"), and it always makes me laugh ❤️. Thank you for making such an easy to use, fun, helpful app! This mama is endlessly grateful to hear her sons voice 🙏🏼❤️.

- So far so good!

I initially downloaded ABC Mouse for my 3 year old son. He has a speech delay and I thought it could help. Signed up for it, $10/month, and it ran sooo slow. I saw an advertisement/post on FB about ABC Mouse and the first 10 comments were from parents that had similar issues. Someone suggested Speech Blubs. He enjoys it and I haven’t ran into any issues. I also really like the evaluation. It gave me a good idea of where he should start first and what he needs work on.

- Not user friendly

I signed up for three free trial, thinking I could see if my 2 year old liked it. The very first one he tried he was supposed to mimic a monkey sound, fine, but the little boy doing the sound never once said “monkey” for my son to know that’s what sound it was. He just popped up and started making strange noises and my son was not at all impressed. I decided it was a bit too much for his age and since he’s progressing fine I decided to cancel it before I forgot about the trial and they charged me. But within the app THERE IS NO WAY TO EASILY CANCEL this. You are at the mercy of them responding to an email. I for one despise when companies try to trick you and keep you locked into something.

- Family sharing doesn’t cover paid subscription

Sad to see that my spouse and I cannot share the paid subscription between our iPads under Family Sharing. Purchased the monthly subscription for our toddler on one of our Apple IDs that is part of Family Sharing. But because the purchased subscription is an “in-app” purchase, it’s not able to be unlocked on the other Apple ID iPad. My toddler isn’t interested in the semantics of Family Sharing, so this seems greedy to ask parents to pay twice for the same child’s use of a subscription on the different parents (Apple ID) devices.

- Wonderful App

Saw this as an advertisement on Pinterest and decided to download it for my sister , she is 29 and has disabilities that hinder her from learning on the level she should be on ., this app is special ed friendly and is doing a terrific job at teaching her how to sound out her words, pronounce them properly and be able to distinguish them by image! So glad I downloaded, I will be purchasing once the trial is over, it is completely worth it!

- Disappointed, very glitchy.

I was first really excited to get this for my daughter. She liked playing with it and seeing the kids make sounds and words. It held her attention and she did try and copy a few of them. But we had trouble, some of the games seemed unfinished, the sound effects would be cut out. The screen would go blank. Or it would just be mute. I’d have to restart my iPad for fix. This kept happening more often so ended my subscription. I did this through the app, but was very annoyed to find they charged me twice after, and had to re cancel through the App Store, settings.

- 3.5 stars for the computerized voices

It’s a great app! I love the content for the most part. My daughter loves using it. The only reason I give 3.5 stars is because there are certain times a computer voice talks and it is very obvious. I find that very strange to use a computerized voice when doing speech with children. It’s not used all the time and predominantly a lady is speaking and she does great. I’m not sure if they are trying to rush and push out content and decided the best way was to use computer voices but if that continues I would probably cancel my membership.

- Great app

I saw this app on Instagram and purchased it bc my daughter is 2 y/o and isn’t talking. She loves the kids on the app and will watch until I take it away from her (which I do set time limits 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day). My daughter still isn’t talking but she has definitely improved with making sounds. Several of my daughters therapists have heard of this App and loved it as well. I’m hopeful she’ll start talking more soon!

- Parents beware of the free week trial

My 2 year-old daughter had an attention span of about 5 minutes for this app so I cancelled at the 1 week trial (day 6). Make sure you “fully unsubscribe” otherwise they still charge you the annual subscription. So frustrating! I wish they had a disclaimer that said, “you need to fully unsubscribe to avoid renewal” or something like that. Down $60 now, so I guess I’ll make the best of it. Update: the app reached out to me and asked me to send an email to them asking for a refund, which I did. However, their mailbox is not receiving messages, so sort of pointless.


I was a couple days in my trial, I tried reentering the app to feel it out alittle more only to find out I couldn’t get back into the app. It actually kept harassing me about buying the subscription for $30 a year which if very hard for me to understand because how am I suppose to buy a subscription for an app that I’ve not even got the chance to really deep dive and no if I like it or not! And I can’t enter again to figure it out! That’s crazy!!! I think it’s just insane how the app harassed me about purchasing but I couldn’t even use the remainder of my trial to figure out if I liked it or not! WOW. Guess I’ll go to real speech therapy instead.

- Weird content

The videos that pop up after the child says the words are just strange/inappropriate. Seriously, who came up with these?! They don’t even make sense. For the sound “bzzzzz” it showed a bee and a bear sitting at a bar with liquor-filled shelves ordering a glass of honey. The videos had the opportunity to be an excellent additional learning tool within the app but they seem to have missed the mark. I feel like the creators of the app had a few too many to drink when creating those videos.

- Inappropriate content

I downloaded this app in hopes to teach my child. Once I answered all their questions about the level my child is on and DOB, they wanted me to advance to the next step. I closed the app without going to the next step for learning. I checked my email that night, to find a welcome email had been sent to me with a photo of a naked little boy bending over to a man 😳 says “when trying to work from home, relatable?” They may have meant that as a funny haha but I do not see it like that in ANY way. The app has been deleted off my phone and I sent them an email wanting answers on this. Will update once I’ve received a reply.

- Make a lot of changes

I have a almost 2 year old daughter and almost 3 year old son. My son has this app on his learning tablet and he was interested in it for about 2 weeks when we first downloaded it. Since then he hasn’t used it nor wanted to be on it because he just wasn’t interested in it. This app seems like it’s great, but the cost is a little too high and the things that are up there need to be altered in a way where the child doesn’t lose interest. I don’t think I’m gonna try the app for my daughter because I don’t wanna continue wasting money just to find out she wont be interested in it either.

- My baby can talk !

At the first download of this app, my 2.5 year old child was saying less than 10 words . It is now day two and she’s repeating numbers and words from the speech app and I’m in AWE!!! She wasn’t very confident speaking words and now she’s saying more than 15 words and it’s only been two days . The kids might not seem like they’re paying attention fully but they hear ! Love this app so far

- Just starting

So we just dl this app to give it a try. Our LO has bilateral hearing loss and has speech once a week. I got this to help as a secondary to what we’re doing daily with speech. I have found a small issue right off the bat. In the music/nursery rhymes section, the music is very loud compared to the kids singing. It drowns them out almost completely. For kiddos like ours, it becomes even more muffled, so maybe look into that? I will update review after the week.

- Awesome!

My son has Autism Spectrum Disorder and this app has been fantastic in several ways! First of all, his vocabulary has grown, second is that it’s a way for him to stim (do something on repeat because it’s soothing), and third is that the videos are very calming to him so he will choose specific cards when he’s feeling overwhelmed, and lastly it’s just a way for him to have fun and learn at the same time. Thank you guys, great job!

- Awesome!

I downloaded this app for my 2 (almost 3) year old. I was concerned because I felt she was delayed in her speech so I figured why not give this app a try. We’ve been using the app for a week now and have been spending 15-20mins on it in the morning and again in the evening and it has helped her tremendously. My husband and I are impressed with how much she has grown in just a few days.

- So far so good

Easy for my toddler to use and understand. Just downloaded and have only been using app for 10 minutes but we both like the games so far. Only complaint is that when the pic appears for the animal that he just showed it distracts him and he presses it again. I think it should be the other way, it should gray out when he completes one of the animals so that he can move on to the next one.

- Not worth the download

The reason I downloaded this app was because the ad on Instagram was great, but then we got it and I was highly disappointed. The questions at the beginning were great, but why when there really is no personalization for my child? And the parts where she was to talk went to fast and didn’t break down the letter sounds, it was just a bunch of kids yelling words. Did the orange bar mean she was doing it correctly? The app was very repetitive telling the same tidbits of info over and over. Please don’t waste your time with this app.

- Do not download

The worst app I have even seen. Not at all what was promising on promotional video. When I tried to install the app, it subscribed me immediately on whole year subscription. I didn’t find it useful for my child who is 22 months and can say few words in our native language. This app offered only option for kid to repeat or say something, and if not nothing else can’t be visible on the screen! When you leave the app, they are chasing you with notifications to come back and finish lesson! I wanted to unsubscribe, but even that wasn’t easy! Finally, I managed somehow to escape from this unuseful app! Stay away!

- Not for us

I’m not sure how well this app works in terms of actually gaging if the child is getting better because the meter on the bottom was moving even though my daughter wasn’t saying anything. We didn’t have any background noise going so that wouldn’t have anything to do with it. It seemed like the meter (voice control) was picking up on the child on the video. Because of this it goes through and says my child finished it when she didn’t even attempt to say anything.

- Love this app!!

I love this app. Tonight was honestly the first time we tried it out. I put a timer for 10 min. And...HE LOVED IT!!! I would definitely recommend this to someone that has a child with a speech issue. My son has been taking 2 months off for the summer from both school speech and home speech for the last couple of years and I like that it's only 10 mins a few times a week. 👍👍

- Amazing

My daughter is three she was diagnosed with childhood a proxy of speech this app has helped her feel more confident with her words and she really love to play with the app. I was struggling with how to help my daughter and her disability we found this app and this is such an amazing tool for her and for me. I recommend this app to anyone who is struggling with any kind of speech disorder. It is a fun and educational app for kids and amazing Tool for parents

- Impossible to cancel!

I deleted my account a couple months ago and yesterday I saw that they are still taking money out of my account. I assumed it was user error and so went back to login and delete again. I can’t log back in. I used my correct email and password, it told me it was wrong. So I went to “forgot password” and when I type in my email it just keeps saying “oops! Try again later!” I have done this about 50 times. This is ridiculous! I have tried to select “support” and it keeps saying it’s not available.

- Wasn’t for us

Personally the app did not seem like something for me and my son, that’s okay no harm no foul. We tried it and it just wasn’t a fit, though I’m sure it could work wonders with a speech therapist who is trained. I had some hiccups with the app automatically enrolling me in a yearly subscription when the free trial ended, and the app developers not being able to help directly. They eventually got me routed to Apple and I received a refund, so again no harm no foul.

- Charged my account after I canceled!!

I was incredibly disappointed in this app. We downloaded for our daughter, did the free trial for a day but we could not afford $65 at this time. Everyone in the country is facing hard times right now. I canceled my subscription, with days to spare and I was still charged $65. I know I completed the cancellation process bc I showed my husband when I completed it. I filed a complaint with Apple but they said it was up to the developers of the app if I was going to get a refund. I know it may not seem like much money to some people but thankfully I had money in savings to cover my bills.

- Perfect besides the glitch

This app is perfect and wonderful for my one year old! The only problem I have had is in child lock mode. Twice now in lock mode the app has frozen and my phone has become inaccessible. I can’t do anything, not even turn off my phone to restart it. I just have to let my phone die and then recharge it. Big bummer. Hoping they do an update soon that will prevent this.

- Helps my child’s speech delay

My 3 year old has a speech delay. She is in speech therapy but it is slow... we needed something extra and flash cards was not the answer! I found this app and paid the money and to my surprise she is articulating words I’ve never heard her use until this app! It has a great mix between learning, play and pictures! This app is worth every penny for us!

- Nice for the first 30 seconds. Too buggy.

Tried this app with a two year old. Did the monkey sounds exercise and it was cute, although the weird computer voice telling us monkey facts was a little weird and boring for a toddler. Decided to try the bee exercise next. Just sat there on a loading screen for several minutes and never loaded. Lost the toddlers attention already. Tried the train one, same thing. Tried shutting down and reopening the app. Still not working. So it was nice for 30 seconds but now it doesn’t work, and I’m unsubscribing and uninstalling because it’s not worth the hassle.

- Will not be paying for this

We’ve been using the app for a few days now and my (almost) 2 year old enjoys it for the most part. He loves the little game of popping the balloons or stars. He does mimic the kids and tries to say most of the words. However, the videos played after the words have many errors and it is frustrating. If you aren’t going to at least comb through and make sure everything is perfect, you shouldn’t expect anyone to pay for the app. We will use it until our trial runs out.

- Something is wrong

Been waiting for months for an update that fixes the repetitive lists in the categories. For example, in the shapes category there are multiple circles and crosses but no rectangles or triangles. The categories used to have a variety of objects to choose from and practice, but now they only have three options listed multiple times. This is the case in several categories. There used to be more options, but now it’s just the same three over and over..I don’t understand why the options are so limited now. Please fix this issue.

- Helped my 2 year old within a week

I did the week free trial and my 2 year old picked up new sounds almost immediately. I was shocked! So we bought the full year and it’s definitely helping! The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because sometimes the sound is labeled as one sound and then there’s a different sound played. For example the hen is labeled as “cluck” but the sound is played as “bawk”.

- Not great

It took forever to get to actually try the app because when it opens an advertising video for the app keeps playing. I had to exit several times simply to get to the one free exercise to try. Then it kept prompting me to purchase to unlock more exercises so I decided to purchase one month, it said at $4.99, so I could tinker with it a bit more. After purchas was complete, no other exercises were unlocked, no agents were available to chat and from what I can tell even though it says an all ages “free” trial...that is not the case at all. Very disappointed in the blatant false advertising!

- App support

I had a problem with the subscription, and decided to message on fb. I’m glad I decided to do that because they were one of the nicest app support I’ve come in contact with and helped me 100 percent with my problem. The app is great it was just a little pricey for me monthly. But if I had it to throw down I most definitely would! Thank you so much for your help!

- Non verbal Son

I was skeptical about purchasing the app, because I felt like it would have been to much for my son. When I said this was the best decision I made, he is two years and he works the app better than I can. And keep in mind he wasn’t speaking at all, now he mimic the sounds and loves to take pictures. Don’t change anything about this app, I absolutely LOVE IT!!!’

- Wonderful!

We have only been using this app for maybe a week or so and my son loves it. It has helped him so much, it’s his favorite time of the day, tonight he saw a frog which is one of the animals we have been working on. He said it clear as day, two weeks ago he wouldn’t have said anything besides doot. Definitely worth getting for your child

- It’s great, started helping immediately!

My son is 2 1/2 and started speech therapy 2 months ago for not speaking at all. Everything was checked ok ears, tongue etc. his speech therapist is leaning toward apraxia and I found this app last week. He loves it and actually is mimicking the mouth movements and starting to try and make the sounds! He really enjoys watching these kids and I’m so glad I found this app.

- Wow

I was so disappointed that our insurance wouldn’t cover the referral to see a speech pathologist, as I was searching online this app popped up I gave it a try, my son only has a 5 word vocabulary at 2.5 years old and in 5 minutes he was able to say Car, and bus and make a monkey noise. I’m so impressed and it captured his attention, our biggest issue was his attention span.

- Hello I’m a happy mommy

This speech Blubs has helped my son so much, we have been using for about 2 months and not so often now over the summer but when I do remember I have my son play the game for only 5-10 min and I can hear his vocabulary improve, he’s not afraid to just blurt his words out, and he is speaking more fluently lol all the above I love speech blubs. We will continue to use the app 😊

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Speech Blubs: Language Therapy 7.4.2 Screenshots & Images

Speech Blubs: Language Therapy iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Speech Blubs: Language Therapy iphone images
Speech Blubs: Language Therapy iphone images
Speech Blubs: Language Therapy iphone images
Speech Blubs: Language Therapy iphone images
Speech Blubs: Language Therapy iphone images

Speech Blubs: Language Therapy (Version 7.4.2) Install & Download

The applications Speech Blubs: Language Therapy was published in the category Education on 2017-06-07 and was developed by Blub Blub Inc. [Developer ID: 1233091328]. This application file size is 244.75 MB. Speech Blubs: Language Therapy - Education app posted on 2020-11-05 current version is 7.4.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: org.blubblub.app.speechblubs

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