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Most relaxing spinner is here!

You have 5 swipes to set the best spin you can with your finger. Wait for it to stop and sweep the sweet rewards! Upgrade the fidget spinner, compete with your friends and beat the records!

Each spin brings you closer to unlocking a new fidget spinner. Can you unlock them all?

Fidget Spinner App Description & Overview

The applications Fidget Spinner was published in the category Games on 2017-05-16 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 105.25 MB. The current version is 1.3.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

◉ Lava challenge! Jump either left or right onto the circles. Better do it fast, run from lava!
◉ Bounce challenge! Bounce into the walls to score, avoid the incoming objects to keep on spinning!
◉ Spikes challenge: jump from side to side and collect the coins. Remember to avoid the spikes!
◉ LEGENDARIES! Complete the challenges to get unique legendary spinners and stickers with various gameplay bonuses.

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Fidget Spinner Reviews

McCall N. Murphree

U can get a real one but this is way better.  McCall N. Murphree  4 star

U can get a real 1 but this is way better then a real 1

Ed Jone

This ruined me  Ed Jone  5 star

The day I downloaded this I couldn’t stop. I had to keep spinning. My wife left me and took the kids. I lost my job. I live in a runner down apartment. The police are knocking on the door as I type this. I had to keep spinning. 5 stars.


Waste of time  Beardown1985  3 star

I have to give these guys props for two simple, but rare, reasons: the ads don’t ruin the game and it was free. Beyond that, this game is strictly good for killing time. Nothing for someone who likes to think or enjoys a challenge.


Please Fix!!  Angmar7  2 star

I’ve had this game for over 6 months now. A few months ago I started having problems with the rewards that I receive every 4 hours. Every time I open one now it's been giving me the same stickers that I already have. Please fix this soon.

واللهانا انعجبت

الصليبخات  واللهانا انعجبت  1 star

والله انا اعجبتني


Hate it  Scarlettnova  1 star

Noooooooooo worst game ever!!!!!!!!!!


LITTTY!  Ccisbc  5 star


Tron 461

Wonder  Tron 461  4 star

Hi I was wondering why I have a difference fidget spinner then my sister. please answer back . thank you anonymously


I like this game  Lisab2015  5 star

It’s a awesome game

me is cool 252525

Great but crashes  me is cool 252525  3 star

Great game, but sometimes when an ad pops up the app crashes and I don’t get the coins I’m supposed to get! :(


Why?  Janezbozz  2 star

Just why?


Number of spins....  Cactus🌵🌵🌵  1 star

SOME TIMES IT ONLY GIVES ME 4 spins instead of 5 and with my last 2 spins it USES THEM BOTH IN ONE. PICK IP YOUR ACT PEOPLE. GEEEEEEEZ 🤦‍♂️🙄🙄

JBomb Charbel

I loved it  JBomb Charbel  5 star

Get pranked it was horrible


Ads Ruin It.  SourLemons92  1 star

Once again, another app where obtrusive ads ruin what could've been a decent app. Don't put ads where you know people's fingers will be. I'm sick of your app opening 10 million tabs in Safari!! 0/10 would delete again.


Pls fix  Jahaajagejaabruh  1 star

Why does it keep saying I have 5 spins left then when I do one spin it goes down to 2

Finn Anthony

Better than emoji movie  Finn Anthony  5 star

I cant believe how many of the kids at my school bully me for playing this game, but no matter how many times my father beats me I will never stop playing this game. I have experienced anything better than this, thank the lord.


Too wasteful  strictreviever  3 star

When you put a finger on the I pad one of your spins are gone which I think is but is a good game


Hhhh  dfbtckghfcfjhtjycmgtfhgcj  5 star

Good app for my friends sister who has ADHD


The thing I don't like about this game  Ernqi  5 star

It's because everytime I play the lava mini the lava gets even faster faster than my hand and I nearly won the 200 prize


Best game  Tantan43  5 star



It's like  SempaiBear  5 star

Cancer 👉👌

Haiaognebakxicnenw a

Everyday we stray further from god  Haiaognebakxicnenw a  1 star

I'm not sure what state of mind you have to be in to enjoy this, maybe you were starved of any kind of entertainment for years, and this is the first app you got in the phone you just bought, but this is quite the new "uninspired low" for Ketchapp. Do you know what a fidget spinner is? Have you played Cookie Clickers? Do you want a game that makes you say, "Everyday we stray further from god." before you even download it?

daniel goldring

Addicting but  daniel goldring  5 star

Very addictive but there should be a way to by coins but all of all best game

Trishallicious Elizabeth

Keeps resetting  Trishallicious Elizabeth  1 star

It's a good game but keeps resetting progress so you have to keep starting the whole game over.


Good  Sam21680  5 star

Very addictive when you just want to pass the time


Yes yes  ghostriderdead  5 star

This is the coolest app ever


I love this game  ManneAKAdewott  5 star

This game is super cool it's so fun but there's one thing I want to say, can u make the challenges easier because they are super hard. Other than that this game is so cool!!!


Very good, but  HL2Guy  4 star

This is a fun game, but I am tired of getting free packs every 2 hours. I already have all of the packs. I also agree that the mini games are a bit too difficult after beating 2 of the checkpoints on each one.


TERRIBLE GAME DO NOT BUY  Blakout74  5 star

i spent my life's worth of pennies on this piece of Cjsnciemvonadonsnxjja it's a great game love to spin dab on the haters fam lit 👌👌👍✌️✌️✌️🅱️🅱️😤😤😂😂


Can't get enough!  Handstands9136  5 star

This game is awesome.

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