Finger Spinner

Most relaxing spinner is here!

You have 5 swipes to set the best spin you can. Wait for it to stop and sweep the sweet rewards! Upgrade the fidget spinner, compete with your friends and beat the records!

Each spin brings you closer to unlocking a new fidget spinner. Can you unlock them all?

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The applications Finger Spinner was published in the category Games on 2017-05-16 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 60.39 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Fidget Spinner is The Foundation Of My Faith  Saysaymichelle  5 star

I was born during my father's perusing during his service in 'nam. I was born to a native woman who was taken captive by the American forces. I never knew my father as he shortly left me and my mother abandoned. After the war, my mother became a raging alcoholic, leaving me to fend for myself in south side New York. I was living day to day, every cent going to feed my mother's alcohol dependency which soon led to her death. Abandoned and alone I soon turned to the nearby Catholic Church for safety and guidance. My first few years were filled with peace and enlightenment, but soon my testimony began to falter. I started to question my church's teachings and I was starting to distance myself from the church. Then one night I was alone and starving in my apartment, the power off due to my unpaid bills. I was alone and scared. But I suddenly heard a voice beckoning me to open my phone's App Store. While perusing through the various apps I found the answers I was looking for...I found the fidget spinner. I instantly learned the fullness of our lord's plan for all of us, it was fidget spinners. I returned to church preaching my newfound revelation, fidget spinners were our reason and purpose for living and that a life without fidget spinners is not a life at all. I now know the reason for my birth and my mother's death, it was to preach the eternal truth of fidget spinners, the truth of the world.


NICE!  Cjb32  4 star

Finally a fidget spinner game that isn't idiotic only thing I would say you need to add is more spinners and upgrades and ways to make the fidget spinner better maybe even game modes and be able to get certain parts out of like daily chests or use coins on them that help out your fidget spinner.


Trash  Zac_TheBeast  1 star

It gave me aids.

Merry Christmas to all

trash  Merry Christmas to all  1 star

but I still play it for some reason


This Game Rocks  Ewa1213  5 star

I bought this game for my grandson for Christmas. He loves it. I can't get him off of it. That's a problem. He is now suicidal and wants to kill himself. I caught him trying to hang himself and now he's in therapy. I wanted him to die. Oh well, it worked.

Acoustic Reviews

Fidget Spinner App Review  Acoustic Reviews  5 star

I reviewed the app “Spinner”. This app is made by Ketchapp who is a big app making company responsible for big apps like Crossy Road, 2048, Stick Hero, and many many more. This app is based on a stress and anxiety relief “Fidget Spinner” toy that you can buy for about $5 on average. Ketchapp really tries to catch on to any new trend and make a game out of it asap like the water bottle flip era, they have a bottle flip game. So this app really makes me feel whole with myself and I can feel it working with my soul and relieving me of my heavy burden of all this stress and anxiety. I would highly recommend this app to anyone with this problem. 11/10

Loo world

9/11 would dir again  Loo world  5 star

Best game ever cured aids and hunger all around the world


Fix it  Hhhtyh  1 star

Add more things to the game,


Shameful  Batman#lol  1 star

This should not be a thing


Could be better. More options. Would be better  Envyusskits  4 star




The Finger Spinner iOS game is about free-to-play monetization, not fidget spinning


itzel okitzzl 3 star

@ReelBearMedia: @carlyincontro @joshuadun Finger Spinner by Ketchapp


Erti EmilioJNB 3 star

Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube ( - SPIDERMAN and ELSA play FIDGET SPINNER and sing FINGER FAMILY SONG


Noice  Jjjjjjjoshsheh  5 star


Roll Tide Roll?!?!

Good  Roll Tide Roll?!?!  5 star



Yikes  dcborne  4 star

this app is more cancerous than smoking but the problem is it's even more addictive... pls help


Autism  Rambo_Potato  5 star

Hi, my name is Tom... I suffer from type 84 diabetes as well as a major loss of chromosomes at birth. My life has been sad, but with this game, I see joy. My cancer has been getting higher though and it seems my chromosomes are in the negatives... But I still love to waste my poor and sad life on this amazing game. -Autistic Tom

Stop picking ARGENTINA

Bad  Stop picking ARGENTINA  1 star

Worst game I've ever played


🖕  roastmaster64  1 star



Autism needed  notanautist  1 star

in order to enjoy this game you must be on the autistic spectrum.

Davis Rae

Cure for my autism  Davis Rae  1 star

But I like my autism


Really good game😀  WHENgamestogreat  5 star

So once I was wondering around the App Store I found this game I said why not I'm gonna get this game so once I was in it IT WAS SUPPER FUN I PLAYED IT FOR 2 HOURS NOt LYING I SAiD THIs Is MY FAv GAME


Just Wow.  kengchen  4 star

Wow. Just Wow. For once, a Kettchapp game actually

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