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Most relaxing spinner is here!

You have 5 swipes to set the best spin you can with your finger. Wait for it to stop and sweep the sweet rewards! Upgrade the fidget spinner, compete with your friends and beat the records!

Each spin brings you closer to unlocking a new fidget spinner. Can you unlock them all?

Fidget Spinner App Description & Overview

The applications Fidget Spinner was published in the category Games on 2017-05-16 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 105.25 MB. The current version is 1.3.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

◉ Lava challenge! Jump either left or right onto the circles. Better do it fast, run from lava!
◉ Bounce challenge! Bounce into the walls to score, avoid the incoming objects to keep on spinning!
◉ Spikes challenge: jump from side to side and collect the coins. Remember to avoid the spikes!
◉ LEGENDARIES! Complete the challenges to get unique legendary spinners and stickers with various gameplay bonuses.

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Fidget Spinner Reviews


Stress relieving game!  Mer_Girl  4 star

I love this game! Super entertaining! The only thing I would like is a free spin mode. Other than that, love it!

Bobfelix o9

Great time killer.  Bobfelix o9  4 star

It's great and simple to play. What does the upgraded multiplier do though?

Natural Soundz

Awesome game  Natural Soundz  5 star

Really like this


Really?  2scoolzforzschoolz  3 star

Bra fidgets what's gonna happen to this when fidgets get old but for now it's fun to play.


Seasoned player’s review  ChristRedeemedMommy  4 star

I like to play this is my spare time, and do enjoy it. I’ve played this for several months on and off, but I finally decided to grind and play it every spare moment to try to get the high score. The global high score right now is 1,000,000,000 I believe, and I just beat that this afternoon with mine. But yet, it’s not showing up. It’s like the leader board isn’t updating or something. I don’t understand it, or maybe it’s a glitch or whatever. It’s still saying I’m #1000 instead of #1. Overall, this is a fine game. I certainly played it for a while! Doesn’t force you to watch ads, and is pretty simple and straightforward gameplay. I’ve had it lag pretty often, crash a few times, but a quick restart of the app typically fixed it. I would recommend this to a friend


LAME  EleKrisAli  1 star


the expert of cheese

Gets boring  the expert of cheese  4 star

It gets lame after you reach a certain level and your just sitting there for 5 minutes just swipe then wait and wait then swipe ITS LAME need fast forward button

Micro GEEK 93

This. Is. The. Best. One problem, though....  Micro GEEK 93  4 star

This is such a cool game I love it I enjoy playing it every day! The only problem is that it CRASHES every time I exit out of an ad. They have too much! Aside from that, AWESOME GAME!!! Get it! Get it! It's free! Yay!


I love it  Turbo4g63  5 star

I like fidget spinner and games so this it perfect for me I love please make more games like this one thanks 😁😁😁

Di Di 😜

OK  Di Di 😜  4 star

OK. But real fidget spiners better


David Hauck Dhauck95 3 star

@AstroKomrade: A fidget spinner in space! How long does it spin? I'm not sure, but it’s a great way to experiment with Newton’s laws of…


Cool Things LuvCoolThings 3 star

Multi-Tool Fidget Spinner. $21.99 @ . #toys #games #CoolThings


fabio ewerIark 3 star

@AstroKomrade: A fidget spinner in space! How long does it spin? I'm not sure, but it’s a great way to experiment with Newton’s laws of…


Great game  andrewOMG  5 star

When I got this game I thought it would be boring but now I am on lvl 16 and I am having more fun then ever

Anonymous Autism

Cure to Autism  Anonymous Autism  5 star

DUH DUH! Fidgët spiner cure my autosm! WAMBOOOoooooOooooooOOOOOOO!!!..!


LOVE IT  😂🤣🤣  5 star

Me and my dad challenge each other and it helped us bond thank you 😊


Fidget spinner  Ccv62  5 star

It is cool and I am on level 7

Bri and Lil

More spins  Bri and Lil  4 star

You should give more spins when people get to higher scores it's not fair that people don't get more spins if they don't get more spins then people are unable to get higher scores give us more spins please -More Spins


Fidget spinner  ByronPowell  5 star

The spins are not enough


Amazing  Aalkam  5 star

Favorite game of all time ❤️❤️❤️


ALSO-NO  Nothankya  1 star

Now time for my negative review. Of course, people talk about glitches, updating, and the mini-levels. (Challanges-whatever) Anyway, I think it's the fact that the game in itself is practically pointless, and even impossible at one point. I mean, I could play it for hours, don't get me wrong it's just, well, this is your 'con'. Meaning in Latin, 'against'. In which, my last review was your 'pro' which is 'for' in the same language. My questions; what are the points for even trying the challenges? Sure you can get a lot, but still! The chances are, what? You: 10 The Game: 90 And a popularly supported argument/question: Can you fix the glitches? It's really messing up my phone right now, which isn't good, considering a lot of things. Also, my boyfriend, Malcolm, has been complaining a hell a lot about this game. So, and I'm not going to be polite, FIX THE GAMES GODDAMN PROBLEMS BEFORE I FIND AND FIX YOU. Please?


Five stars  bountyhunter109  5 star



Almost  Nemneb  4 star

This is a fun game, but gets kinda dull after a while. The challenges are fun, but are incredibly difficult & are too hard to overcome. When you die in a challenge you have a painful 5 second wait before you can try again.

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