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HQ is the live trivia game show with cash prizes. Every day at 9pm EDT. Weekdays at 3pm EDT.

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The applications HQ - Live Trivia Game Show was published in the category Games on 2017-08-26 and was developed by Intermedia Labs. The file size is 128.82 MB. The current version is 1.3.10 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Improvements to our "Nearby" feature and stability fixes for our shows.

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HQ  klemmja  5 star

Best trivia game ever. I have had so much fun playing it and competing against my sisters. They always win.It is fun to sit around the couch and play HQ. Thank you creators for making this and team Scott

Trump is prez

#MAGA  Trump is prez  1 star

Keep you bulls*** political comments out of the game. Loved the game before you had to politicize it. Deleted!


Great idea, horrible execution  SethO79  1 star

This is a great idea for a trivia game however there are three major issues: 1. The host, Scott must get paid by the word because he will ramble on about nonsense for 10 min or so before every game. Added to this he likes to inject leftist politics into his rants, there seriously needs to be one place free from that crap. 2. Lag, constant disconnects regardless of WiFi. 3. Incorrect information. Greenland is not a Nation! It is an autonomous territory of Denmark.


Fact, fiction and fun  Smokinhotdutch  5 star

Scott is the best!!

My name is simple

Great when it works  My name is simple  3 star

I love this! It’s fun! I love that it’s not an all day trivia game, it’s only available twice a day (keeps me from wasting hours on it!) But the video feed never plays through and I often glitch out. My whole family plays this game and we all have the same problem. AND we are on Verizon. One of the best in service providers and we still glitch out. I think the chat feed is unnecessary and quite annoying. But this app is entertaining! And an awesome idea!


Fun concept  kizzie12  5 star

Really fun idea. Scott is hilarious. Challenging! I look forward to quiz times!


HQ trivia  pennypotpie1  5 star

It is a really fun game!

Stephen Harrison 7

It’s cool  Stephen Harrison 7  5 star

It’s cool


Hq  wanghole  5 star

I love this game! So fun and enjoyable with the family!


Cvvgguhggtvgjfidgggggcxdfhfhhfrfxbvjghjhjmvcvvgh  Marandaranda  5 star

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Glitchy  emat90  1 star

Too glitchy, can’t sign in as it says I already have an account when I don’t not enough time to answer and doesn’t register answers.


Game glitches out  Dr.Jay-Dawg  1 star

I’m posting this because I can’t find anywhere else to make contact. Just played the game 2nd June, 11am AEST (June 1st Friday night US TIME), but question 1 glitched out. No question box came up

Blah zoo

Amazing!  Blah zoo  5 star

Such a great fun way to make some money! I was sceptical until I actually won $300! Give it a try and use code ljm123 for an extra chance to win


Glitches  Matt870975  1 star

Sometimes you can’t select an answer with plenty of time left, so you get kicked out and it’s not fair.


Too many glitches - US based questions  Spamoz  2 star

You are going to lose your presenter if you don’t get your glitches sorted. Imagine how embarrassing it is having to spend a quiz round apologising to everyone about being wrongly booted off. Not much fun for the participants but a nightmare for the presenter. Can’t see many people wanting to advertise on a platform that annoys people daily either... :(


Poor reception  franjal67  1 star

Why is the connection so poor? Can’t seem to get by one week when all 22 questions get asked without some sort of hiccup


Shane carter  mash28  1 star

I answered correctly and I was eliminated not very happy


Full of glitches  Indiejh92  1 star

Constantly get eliminated even though I picked the right answer. From the comments a lot of other people do too.


Right answers selected but still eliminated  theperksofbeingjimmy  2 star

Constantly wrongly eliminated for no reason but the right answers were selected. Please fix this bug.


incorrect answer  Blaz034  1 star

the game contains incorrect answers, might wanna fact check questions


Glitches most of the time!  SICKIDGLITCHES  1 star

This used to be fun but now it glitches most of the time! Getting ELIMINATED when you have the correct answer to the questions and answers not even showing up on the game! It’s VERY frustrating. DONE with this app!


Stop talking so much!  Barbidoll999  3 star

Okay so this game is fun. It's a great idea and my husband and I enjoy playing it. However, the amount of time that the host spends talking is just too much. It actually ruins it and makes me not even want to play anymore.


Delete App  YB_2  1 star

I’ve been trying to delete this app for months and no one from their support team will assist. I don’t want to simply delete the app from my phone as my personal information is link. I’ve reached via the support email, Twitter and anything I can think of to have my account deleted from the back end and all my personal information deleted/unlinked. If you have any concerns over your personal information do not download, because they won’t help you purge your information.

Narnicorn Duffy

It’s ok  Narnicorn Duffy  3 star

I don’t mind the tough questions, but there are a few annoying things. The game takes almost 10 minutes to start, depending on the host. The hosts are pretty annoying as well as the loading music. But I guess it’s ok.


Always fun  Madison_05  5 star

Every night everyone in my family turns it on and we see who can get the farthest it is really fun to see who gets our first because then they help someone else


?  pFrancisK  1 star

Won the game last night, didn’t get any money


HQ  pamcann  4 star

Love the show! ❤️❤️


I like it,it’s fun but hard!!  John1748402  5 star

I like the game but it’s really hard to win which is good cause then at least if you win there’s less people that win which means more money for me, but the game is really fun.The only thing is if you win money how do u get it sent to u.but idk it’s a good game!!!!


Life bug/glitch  KevieM  1 star

I’ve attempted to reach out and had no luck. There is a glitch in using extra lives in the game that needs to be fixed!


Wow!  Bbonmars09  5 star

I finally got Q8 right. Tough questions. But, a lot of fun!!!


Unusable  OrangeBlossom*  2 star

I love the idea, but... the app is getting unusable. Horrible lags for the last couple of weeks, and today the questions didn’t even appear for me! And I’m playing on WiFi. Maybe look into scalability before you encourage more people to join?

irish 143466

Unprofessional  irish 143466  1 star

They expect me to play at 2 in the morning?!!! I feel I’m missing out in this way I have to work in the morning And I sent a question to them a few days ago and still no feedback And on the last game the app feeezed and I miss out on the game


Horrible  😤🤬🖕🏻  1 star

When I’m on the app when the stream is on the app keeps freezing and it won’t let me answer sometimes


Impossible  zoldhdhduud  1 star

Can not win


I’m addicted to hq  DEANMEARES  5 star

Hi my name is Dean and I’m an addict, I’ve been playing HQ for 2 months and I wouldn’t miss it for the world! This live quiz show is so fun and it’s something I wait for each day! Who doesn’t wanna win £550?

Dj ray stinger pee pee 999444

Annoyance  Dj ray stinger pee pee 999444  1 star

Promised a quiz at 9:00p.m, waited for 15 minutes and no show till next day at 3:00p.m......Very disappointed. Terrible app. DON’T buy. Scumbags.


Waste of time!  M__cool  1 star

Won't work for me, despite numerous re-installation and logging in and out. I messaged HQTriva on instagram but got no response. Don't waste your time! (Would get zero stars of that was an option)

Diavolo 😈

Glitches  Diavolo 😈  1 star

I’m trying to make an account but it just says it’s an error accrued please try again later but then doesn’t work


Absolutely horrible  Cross-Cian  1 star

The comments section is more important than the game.... continuous lag while the comments don’t stop. They are a waste of space and effort since they go so fast no one can see them. Got kicked out without doing anything, WiFi was perfect.

Local issue

Crashes and lags  Local issue  2 star

Great App and concept until you play. Even with great WIFI it’s lags and crashes. If the App can’t support streaming other ways should be used.


NO GAMES WHEN STATED  Glaze123  1 star

Often you’ll get a notification of an upcoming game, which is subsequently cancelled with no reason. So irritating.


It freezes  karlien91  2 star

It is a good game but sometimes it freezes in the middle of the game and then when it comes back if your time is already over so that is the bad thing

Que The Afrikan

Unbearable Lag  Que The Afrikan  1 star

The game is awesome and great when it works 10% of the time, and the remaining 90% you literally have 2 seconds to answer a question because that’s when it appears and that’s if you’re lucky, most of the time you just get kicked out of the app entirely.

robyn roo

Lag issues  robyn roo  1 star

Terrible lag!! Game won’t load! Really annoying!!


Unacceptable comments  RPM SA  1 star

The game itself is 5 stars, unfortunately the highly offensive comments that participants make and seem to be allowed to make, go against the “chilled vibes” that participants are supposed to be maintaining.


Number invalid  itsfiifi  1 star

I’m having issues signing in. I keep getting a number invalid response when I input my phone number or people from my country can no longer play?

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