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HQ is the live trivia game show with cash prizes. Every day at 9pm EDT. Weekdays at 3pm EDT.

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The applications HQ - Live Trivia Game Show was published in the category Games on 2017-08-26 and was developed by Intermedia Labs. The file size is 88.47 MB. The current version is 1.2.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and improvements.

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Trivial moments  Cmedbdis  2 star

This game is centered on fleeting moments during the day which may or may not be apparent for whatever reason. Difficult to sign on, difficult to find notifications. Unsatisfactory presentation


Notifications not working  Kvnbyr  1 star

I’ve had the app for a few days but I haven’t been able to even try it out. I know when the start times are but I’m busy and miss them. The app doesn’t send me notifications. All app notification settings are turned to on.


It freezes too much  Blololololololil  2 star

The first game I played was awesome! Giving it only 2 stars because it allows too many people in the game and it freezes up. Can’t even play because it’s frozen and you miss the question. Would love to continue playing, but doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to.

Disappointed In Lex

Notifications don’t work  Disappointed In Lex  1 star

Do not get notifications for games.


Crap  Mom3seabass  1 star

I was booted even though I answered correctly.

Asure Monkey23

Good but needs changes  Asure Monkey23  4 star

First off this app is great. It is a great way to earn money for free and basically doing nothing. At this point this app is very popular and almost a million people play at every game time (3pm and 9pm est). This gets to be too many people for the measly prize of $2000 split among winners. Usually about 40-100 people win every time and this equals out to about $10-$40 if you win. There needs to be like 3 live games at every game time because no one wants to keep playing every day just to win $20 you know? Well keep up the good work just increase the prize or find a way to let fewer people win. Thanks


Really fun time!  plantrelated  5 star

It’s a really fun little 15 minutes out of my day (30 if you play both games)! Scott is very charismatic and, even if I don’t always get too far, I always enjoy myself. And the cash prize is certainly a plus, too. Haha


Fun game with tech issues  Appking1515  3 star

The lag is so bad on this game that I’ll get eliminated on first question because the lag is so bad once the game starts. Have played a few times and had fun but once it seems to get over 700k people lag starts big time. Frustrating when that happens, fun with it doesn’t. Now if the lag would be les often it’d be great


Ground floor awesomeness!  Bethheindell  5 star

I play this everyday at lunch with co-workers and then right before dinner with my family. (West coast) Yes. It’s laggy. Yes. The hosts are annoying. First off, there’s at times nearly 1 million people jamming their servers. Of course it’s going to lag. As they get bigger, this will get better I’d imagine. As far as the hosts go, they’re irritating. That’s their schtick. A silly thing to complain about. I’ll keep playing. And hopefully one day I’ll get Q 12!!!!


Great escape!!!  Apex_Scourge  5 star

Get your mind on 19min per day. Helps with anticipation or, in some cases, group solidarity. On top of that it’s free with real cash payout. They had me at “quiz around and get some money” - love it... - JEDI96

Len poo

Needs to have international content  Len poo  3 star

Heaps of fun, but so frustrating when they do very specific questions relating to the US only. There are a million questions that can be asked they would allow international players more of a chance.

Brthrenyyhrwtummuth tunnht

Ok.  Brthrenyyhrwtummuth tunnht  2 star

The next game was at 4am in the morning. Should be different games for each place otherwise I Won’t use the game because I will never stay up that late


Could be made better with a few more adjustments  Dellychoice08  3 star

There was suppose to be a game at 1pm but I went to go on just before it was suppose to be on and it had been changed to say 7am tomorrow so they need to stick with what they first put on


Lag central  Zeno007  1 star

Mmm, huge video delays, questions not showing up... great idea but needs some gl...gl...glitchessss fixed before you get me back.


I’m never going to win but it’s fun  Kai_____2003  5 star



Good idea, but......  Efd0  2 star

Overall an interesting App but often lags badly so you miss the full question and due to time differences it’s mostly on at 4 am in the morning! They need events timed for ‘other’ parts of the world than US.


Always changing  MrLoweeeee  1 star

Times always change and can’t get into a game.

Don't want to be a hater.

America is not the centre of the universe  Don't want to be a hater.  2 star

Why not make the questions more general and worldly based rather than focussing so much on American trivia. Unless you’re an American knowledge buff it’s basically impossible to win if playing internationally.


Lag Lag Lag  xoxoqwerty  1 star

Continual glitches and lags. Questions are also very biased towards US citizens. Need to turn comments section off - only adds to the unreliable streaming issues. I think someone else will do this type of app better in the future.


Lagging time  DwengerFamily  1 star

It constantly lags, most time I don’t even get to answer the question because it lags and the question does not come up and then I am eliminated due to no fault of my own which is extremely unfair. This needs to be fixed.


Unable to register  JediMaster197914  1 star

Application won't send text to verify, unable to use application.


Verification  shemeesh  1 star

Never got a text message when signing up.


HQ is the game for you  iStrategize  5 star

It’s pretty cool I guess


Wouldn’t stop lagging  Squishy_squish  1 star

I downloaded this game bc I had heard good things about it. Before the game began it was lagging. When it finally started it was lagging and glitching so badly that I closed it and deleted the game. This was during the introduction which I could fully understand bc of the glitching. I hope you fix it so people can actually play the game.


I’d like to give this app 0 stars  Holbee72  1 star

The game freezes and lags so much . I was half way through and could hear the question but it did not appear on the screen to answer . Many people in the chat were saying the same . It could be fun but the frustration of all the lag and freezing ruins it . Do not load this game unless you love to be frustrated.


Won’t send the verification code  bridgeypoo18  1 star

It would be nice if the app worked


Poor app performance, needs more server support  apers13  2 star

Super fun game but the app is overloaded and runs terribly. Nothing but choppiness and glitches, lucky to complete a whole game. Hopefully they’ll make some improvements to the performance


Cool idea but horrible execution  Andrew111112233444  1 star

I have tried to play four times. The app has glitched or crashed every time. Select correct answer, and the next question doesn't come up. Great cool game but they gotta fix it. Update 10+ days later--- no change....

Jdndnd Jerome's

What happened?  Jdndnd Jerome's  1 star

I was a huge fan of this game in the beginning stages. I even had a lot of my friends join. I could understand some of the games issues ( lagging, technical difficulties and etc) But you guys cheated me out of a few extra lives they just disappeared 🤷🏽‍♀️ and now that you’ve made it accessible for android users it just lags even worse than before. I’ll answer a question CORRECTLY but somehow still get eliminated. It’s not even worth the hassle at this point !


Pay to play, no service  FuhQman  1 star

This game wants you to pay to play. They link to all your info and then offer no way to deactivate the account. You can email them but they will not respond.

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