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Toot! is a client for the Mastodon social network. It is beautiful, and full of character and whimsy.

What makes Toot! special?
- It is delightful. It is full of beautiful design, animation, amusing details and hidden treasures.
- It is fast and robust. It caches data locally to let you read without waiting for slow loading, and it remembers your reading position.
- It lets you be as many people as you like. You can easily switch between accounts with a flick of your finger. It even lets you read timelines on instances you are not logged in to!
- It has the cutest icon.

What makes Mastodon special?
- It is a social network by humans, rather than algorithms and corporate interests.
- It is a social network for humans, rather than advertisers and data collectors.
- It is a social network that is humane, rather than preying on your insecurities and worst instincts.

Why does Toot! cost money?
- Toot! shows you no ads, and it collects none of your information, nor does it track any of your habits. It does not try to trick you into doing anything you do not want.
- That means it gets no money through such shady tricks, and relies on you to support its development.

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Toot! App Description & Overview

The applications Toot! was published in the category Social Networking on 2018-10-23 and was developed by Dag Agren. The file size is 38.65 MB. The current version is 1.7.3 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

* Workaround for Pleroma changes.

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Initially confusing  CoolKidAllen  4 star

But as you discover features its actually really awesome!

Garrett mickley

Keeps getting better.  Garrett mickley  5 star

The dev listens to the users and has been improving the app regularly since day one. I’ve spent quite a few dollars on different Mastodon apps, as well as tried the free ones, and this is still my go-to.


Excellent Mastodon client  ArkaySF  4 star

Quickly loads, great handling of content, settings, etc. Notifications come through reliably, unlike my experience with other Mastodon client apps. If you don’t like the “cutesy” features like the elephant sound alerts, you can thankfully switch them off or to another more conventional sound. The darker-colored themes are especially helpful for browsing at night. Only wish it would handle image previews for animated GIFs, without it resulting in opening a tab/window to view the “video”.(Looping GIF animations doesn’t seem to be supported with this implementation.)


Great app with a major flaw.  vesperina  3 star

Pros: Probably the best Mastodon app I’ve ever used. Cons: I’ve spent a week trying everything to get notifications to work, and I’m still not getting them. Unfortunately, the bad outweighs the good with this one, which is a shame.


Lovely app.  Tomaganuk96  5 star

This makes browsing Mastodon more pleasant. It has a quick and easy way to switch accounts, but I wish they had the option to change it from being on the right to being on the left. And for swipe gestures to boost or favorite. And inline replies. Other than that, it’s a lovely app. Very pleasant to look at, and a breath of fresh air in Mastodon clients. Quick edit: I wish there was a more convenient way to raise up issues, like a github/bucket to add requests or report on bugs.


Amazing app  Hadix  4 star

Would give 5 stars but you cant play gifs without them playing as a video. Wish they could just be opened and played like images


Best mastodon app, but not perfect  tekniklr  4 star

The good: * handles CWs and image descriptions very intuitively * remembers your place in the timeline so you can scroll chronologically without missing anything, if you choose * optional trans flag app icon 🏳️‍🌈💜 The bad: * duplicate notifications in the newest version * the compose toot button brings up a submenu for no discernable reason- asking if you want to compose a text toot, access your camera roll, or activate the camera; despite there being camera roll and camera links from the text toot screen. the submenu just gets in the way and adds an extra step.


What happened!?  ogdenjaydub  2 star

Having issues loading gifs and videos after latest update!? Will give more stars once fixed. It’s was a great app!

Former Apple Employee Chad

So good!  Former Apple Employee Chad  5 star

Best Mastodon app I’ve used so far! Thanks!


Really nice app  JojoTheFox  4 star

Really enjoying Mastodon on this app more so than any other I’ve used. One thing I know I’d like to see from it though is the incorporation of custom emojis that certain instances have as separate keyboards or something










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