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What is comic strip - comic maker app? Just Launched Limited run from $4.99 to free!
Make each day worthy of a comic panel.
Turn your moments into amazing authentic comic panels in seconds!

Create stunning Comic Book Panels easily, for those memories that you just can't wait to share.

Comic Strip uses a pretty unique combination if filters to bring an amazing authentic book look to your images, it fits almost every scene and it gives you great control over the look of the images and all the rest.

Comic Strip allows you to bulk select images and it then auto filters, auto arranges for speedy results, after that you get to do the fun part, add filters, stickers, text bubbles, titles, play with fonts and colors and share it with people close to you.

Comic Strip supports various layouts and arranges photos on your behalf although you can choose to disable the initial filtering, change the ordering of the images or manually add in each image.

Summary of some of the features:
• Bulk Image Selecting
• Different Panel Layouts
• Auto Filtering
• Border Adjustment
• Manual Filtering
• Various Comic Book Filters
• Filter Merging
• Special Comic Book Filters For Outstanding Results
• Textures
• Stickers
• Text Bubbles
• Titles
• Various Comic Book Style Fonts And More
• Carefully Curated Comic Book Colors
• Easy Sharing Options

We have tried to make reaching out to us extremely easy, you can use email or the quick bug reporting option in the app to help us better the app. Or the support link in the App Store or email us directly at

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Comic Strip - Comic Maker Version 1.019 April 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon..

Comic Strip - Comic Maker Comments & Reviews 2022

- Best game

I just got this app and it’s already been amazing! It’s so easy to figure out how to do everything and I’ve already made two comics with in one day, it’s great for children that are inspired by D.C or Marvelle. If you want to be like Stan Lee then I suggest you try this it will give you a lot of practice.

- Such potential

This app creates a beautiful comic effect, but I can’t get it to work properly. I’ve tried this app several times. I thought since I got a new phone, maybe it would work now. NOPE. The problem is that I add photos but they come in oversized (I can only see a small crop of the image in the frame), and when I resize it, the image gets pushed to the left. So I only get part of the image in the frame and the rest is blank space. I try and try to move the image to the center but it’s stuck. I’m writing this review in hope the developer will fix this issue because I really want to use this app!! I don’t even know how the rest of the app works because I can’t even get an image in the frame properly to do anything else with it. Please fix this!!

- Revised Review

Developer has obviously worked on this app since my first review and deserves credit for the improvements. Compared to other apps that you have to pay for, this app is well worth a download. With a couple more tweaks to the UI and perhaps a few more editing options, this would be a first class app well worth a purchase. It is beyond me that there are OTHER DEVELOPERS attempting to sell apps in the App Store WITHOUT providing ANY trials or even presentations of what their cash cow actually does. Then contrast those like Ronan Stark who put out their app free of charge and get flamed for imperfections. Hopefully the developer of Comic Strip will continue the work on this app, providing a great product in a category so woefully under populated and needed. I’d buy it.... Thanks for the app!

- Um.. what?

I am a little disappointed with this. I’ve read reviews saying that this app is easy to work with, so I used it. However, whenever I try making a comic strip, there’s this weird effect that takes place. I understand that sometimes that effect is useful to use, and it adds more of a realistic feeling in a comic. However, I can’t seem to get rid of it. If there could be a setting to change the filter that it puts on automatically, then this app would be great.

- Found some bugs

I might have found some bugs with the app that you guys should fix. The first one is when you try to share it and text message it to someone and you change your mind and wanna press cancel on iMessage when sharing your comic book it doesn’t work. The cancel button for iMessage doesn’t work. When you share it. Please fix that. For iMessage.

- User friendly

The user interface is inadequate; it doesn’t offer much capability or functionality. The effects are low grade. I wanted to like this app but it’s purpose is unclear for making comic book storyboards.

- Really cool concept

This really is an amazing concept. But there are quite a few bugs such as cancel buttons not working when you share. However, you should give the option of creating multiple panels like an actual comic book and not just one page and make it printable to standard size printing paper.

- Needs more work

The app could be good if it worked out the bugs. No way to adjust the cartoon graphic in the beginning if it make the pictures look to dark. Cancel button doesn’t work. Concept good but overall performance needs much more work. I will give two stars because the idea is good, but it is pretty much worthless till they fix all the bugs.

- Image size

I didn’t like that you can’t centre the image,to resize the image start on the up left corner,should be on the center because this cut some part of the picture ,but overall I love

- Love this app!

I have always been looking for a comic strip app that wasn’t complicated at all:) this has everything I could imagine on it! If you like creating story’s this is the app for you:)

- Doesn’t Work with Photos on iPad

I don’t understand how this app has good reviews. The images I select can’t be edited or resized to be used. It’s a mess and has a fraction of the functionality of other similar apps I’ve used in the past. Right now, it’s basically unusable for me. The long tap function is not working at all and I wouldn’t know about the rest because I can’t get past that step.

- Buggy

I like the functionality but they need to fix some bugs. I find myself having to redo each project because the app just goes off, and another problem is when rotating photos sometimes the photo won’t move properly.

- Overall pretty good

I say the app was good exept for the fact you can only make one strip of a comic at a time, I think you should be able to make full comics but if this isn’t added, it’s fine with me! (Maybe you could share the comics too :P)

- I can understand why it’s Free:

In principle it can be cool; however, I suggest you look at the App “Unfold” as a glimpse of how the photos can be dragged into place vs your forcing a crop... Secondly, your Text Box is weird and does not type in the talking bubbles, it writes in separate boxes which don’t resize into the text bubbles... Perhaps offer a partnership for shared tech or something... That way your app can be better and theirs can have a toggle to comic if the user chooses.

- Amazing app

Really helpful using it for my homework and it’s been amazing the only thing it needs would be if they could have a layout with more boxes

- Overall good

This is a good app but it’s just that I can’t make a whole book! And I want too but I cant’t so can they approve this part so that it is way cooler, and for the backgrounds it covers the whole strip not just one particular box I want covered, and what if you want to draw your pictures!? Can’t you do that too!? So please fix those things.


Amazing app i just turned some of my best memories from these couple of months into loveable comic pages. I just got it its a bit of a learning curve

- Like it but it’s just so frustrating

I like how everything is in the app, the only problem is when I try to add the next picture it exits out of the app. I don’t know if this is my phone or the app but can someone please fix it. Overall really love the app🤪

- Crashes

I was in the middle of editing and it crashed. I wish there was a back button to somehow undo my last edit. Overall, fun app. 4 stars for now

- It’s alright, could easily be better.

It’s a decent app for what it does. Major downfalls include the image unable to be centered or resized correctly. Very strange alignment process. Also it crashes on me consistently and I’ve lost everything too many times.

- Add center

Make it so your able to center you pictures. Overall its fun.

- This app is causing problems.

Every time I finish my strip, it kicks me out of the app, no matter how fast I do it. Sometimes it kicks me before I finish. I worked hard for my comic, and all my work goes down the drain when it kicks me out and doesn’t save. I’m sorry, but this isn’t something I’d recommend to people who ACTUALLY WANT TO GET A COMIC DONE.

- Why

I thought you could make a comic strip not just add photos

- Draw it

Can you please update where you can have a choice to draw the comics because that would good for me

- Bugs!

The app keeps closing while I’m working on something. Really annoying when I’m bout to finish a page and then the app closes and I lose everything. Try to fix it please, Other than that the app is good.


Honestly, whenever i rotate my picture, everything is fine. BUT, when i try to zoom out to put my picture perfect in the frame, the whole square goes WHITE. Now im sorry if you cant understand me, because there is no other way i can explain this. I give the app 1 STAR.

- Super Comic Fun

App is great and fun to use Very adaptable and easy Bright and colorful selections To add to the fun you want to make! Thanks! 😊

- Not good

I like the app cause the idea but it continues to just close and I have to start the joke thing kev ruts happen to be 6 times in a row

- Freezes & can’t remove pics to edit

Please help. I’d like to try creating a comic book but it seems to have a mind of its own. Also, stuck on send page.

- Bad App

Thing won’t allow me to adjust my photos. The layout was completely different from what I choose. My photos were incredibly to large and this app didn’t let my make them smaller. Don’t waste your storage on this.

- What a waste

I downloaded this app so I could make my spouse a comic strip of our relationship. It will not let me access any of my photos even though under my settings for this app it says “allow all photos”. Such a waste of my time.

- Frustrating

The forced cropping often errors out on me with a white she when I try to resize images or rotate them. I like the effects and options, but it’s a pain to use.

- Good for a quick funny...

The interface is pretty clunky, no undo button and I’d pay a couple bucks to remove the watermark. Good app for free though.

- Terrible app no thought in design at all

The controls are terrible, the forced overlay is gross. The way it resizes images dose not work and cuts off images. This took me from having a fun idea to ending my night in anger and frustration. Do not use.

- Love it

I love it but it does crash sometimes

- Really works

Really works and impresses your friends and family.

- Amazing app

It’s great trust me! So many dif options to chose from!

- I need to know if it’s good

Can I print out stuff?

- Fun!

Just started using this app & it looks like fun

- Nice maker

Hey I like it thank plz make more features

- Real feedback 🤷‍♂️

Small problems. And you can't make more than one page of a comic. So it's just comic strips🤷‍♂️

- Love this app, but...

It would be a five if they had more options for speech bubbles

- Wow, Bam!

Fun app. Has some limitations. Unable to see bottom of page when adding text. Can’t layer photos. But pretty cool

- Great but always crashes

please look into this

- Awesome

I spent all my time on this awesome app and I don’t regret

- Nice but not the best

Does not give complete control over your work

- This is a great app...if you would fix this glitch!!1!1!1!1!1!!!11!

This app would be great if you PlEaSe PrEtTy PlEaSe FiX ThIs aPp!!!!1!1!1!1!!11! This app like I said... PlEaSe PrEtTy PlEaSe FiX ThIs aPp!!!!1!1!1!1!!11!

- Amazing

All I have to say is, 10/10

- Annoying

Every time I turn my device it thinks I’m sideways. And when I think that it finally figures it out it turns again.

- Stinks

Glad I didn’t pay for this. Images can’t be adjusted. When I try to move the box goes white. Images never appear in correct orientation.

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- Great app good for people who want a hobby

Awesome just what I needed thanks for making the app. Cheers. 👍👍👍👍👍

- 👍Awesome

I very liked the style👍👍👍👍😁

- Cannot add more than one photo.

Cannot add photos other than the initial one. Cannot go back to create new comic - the dialogue box stops you and no matter what you reply, keeps you in the current comic.

- App taking too long to load

This app takes so long to load at the loading app screen after I’ve tapped it

- Too heavy

We just want free application that is simple and can create quick pick with a bubble. This one is too complicated

- Shittest app!

Randomly closes down. Text is hard to position. Very un intuitive. Has great potential, but is basically unusable.

- Love it

I love this app so much!!!!!!!

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- Crashes frequently

The app is pretty easy to use after a few minutes, but its a real shame that it crashes so much. I hope the issue can be fixed soon !

- What i think would make it better

Hello, I just wanted to make a suggestion to maybe add a 3d affect like in the intro of the app so it would make it look cooler. Also you could add an option to continue the comic strip if needed. These were my ideas.

- Crashhh

This app keeps crashing..aweful

- So bad

Everything in the app is bad

- Horrible

App is a scam I do not suggest this for any college people the graphics are really bad

- Pretty bad

Applies a filter that can't be turned off. Can't center photos in panels properly. Don't bother with this one.

- Photos Not Fitting into Frame

Once you select the photo into the frame you can zoom in or out but cannot center how you would like the photo. I tried to insert a landscape photo into a landscape shaped frame to fit the frame fully. Instead when I zoom out in trying to capture image it pushes part of the image to the far left. Can’t figure out how to resolve this. The FAQ and instructions in the app bring you to a missing page. :(

- “Comic Distortion Creator”

I drew a whole comic strip just to get tricked into thinking this actually worked. The video looked amazing with beautiful images and stickers, though the actual thing was garbage compared to the video. I took the pictures of my comic strip, pressed the “next” button, and what I got was the piece horribly zoomed in with a trashy filter that made the whole comic distorted and weird. And I tried my very best to make it work, but it wouldn’t. This app is lucky I gave it 1 star because this game deserved 0 due to its poor work. I feel really bad hating on this app so much, but to be honest, this app makes paint drying seem like a thriller. MS paint fan fiction has a 5 star rating compared to this, and MS paint is, I dunno, 40 years old? Do I recommend you look at the game? Not at all. But if the app works for you, then go ahead and play it. But be honest. Is this game actually a real comic maker? To me, absolutely not. Don’t waste you’re time.

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Comic Strip - Comic Maker 1.0 Screenshots & Images

Comic Strip - Comic Maker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Comic Strip - Comic Maker iphone images
Comic Strip - Comic Maker iphone images
Comic Strip - Comic Maker iphone images
Comic Strip - Comic Maker iphone images
Comic Strip - Comic Maker iphone images
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The applications Comic Strip - Comic Maker was published in the category Lifestyle on 2017-04-19 and was developed by Ronan Stark [Developer ID: 968657679]. This application file size is 57.58 MB. Comic Strip - Comic Maker - Lifestyle app posted on 2017-04-19 current version is 1.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.unicornapps.comicStrip