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Fender Play® is the complete learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele. Play your first song in minutes with easy, fun, bite-sized lessons, featuring your favorite songs.
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Learn with Easy Lessons for Beginners
o Play songs and riffs in minutes
o Structured learning paths guide beginner players through the step-by-step basics - from chords to strumming to scales

Play on-the-go with Lessons for Guitar, Bass and Ukulele
o Try out new sounds and genres with lessons for both acoustic and electric instruments
o Strumming techniques and skills are broken down into short, manageable lessons by difficulty level
o Learn a skill, then play a song using those techniques

Perfect for Beginners
o Lessons focus on the essentials like how to read tabs and play riffs in different genres
o Simplified songs for beginning players
o New content added weekly to our video library - songs, chords, techniques, theory and exercises

Practice Your Favorite Songs
o 100s of popular song lessons in a variety of genres, including rock, pop, country folk and blues
o Play songs from your favorite artists, including:
- Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People
- All of Me by John Legend
- Renegades by X Ambassadors
- Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers

High-Quality Video Lessons
o Videos feature multiple angles and close-up shots to show finger placement
o Contextual chord diagrams, tablature and extensive glossary library are included in videos for quick reference

Track Your Journey
o You choose your instrument and favorite genre
o We provide a clear, structured path and show how far you've come
o Learn at your own pace and practice whenever you want

Learn to Play from the Best Instructors
o Engaging instructors with tips and tricks for simple, step-by-step learning
o Practice bass with backing tracks to develop your technique
o Get Fender Play now and start playing!

Try out Fender Play FREE for 14 days with a Monthly or Annual plan. Annual plan also includes 10% off Fender products in the U.S. and U.K.

Payment will be charged to your iTunes account once your free 14-day trial is complete. Your subscription renews automatically within 24 hours of the end of each period and you can cancel at any time. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited if your subscription is cancelled before the end of the free trial period. Your subscription includes access to Fender Play apps for iPhone, iPad and on the web. Manage your subscription right from your App Store account (Settings > [your name] iTunes & App Store)
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Guitar Lessons | Fender Play App Description & Overview

The applications Guitar Lessons | Fender Play was published in the category Music on 2017-06-28 and was developed by Fender Digital. The file size is 73.34 MB. The current version is 2.6 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

You asked, we listened! Full screen tablature is now available.

• See more tab content on your screen (great for smaller device screens)
• Less scrolling makes it easier to play along

Try it out. Just tap the expand button on any lesson tab.

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Guitar Lessons | Fender Play Reviews


Money money money  unhappywhymoney  1 star

The free trial is only for 14 days before they will start to charge you 9.99$ a month. From the start page it doesn’t not look like it cost money so I this was shady.


painful  CindyLooOfTwo  2 star

too slow, too basic...very thorough but I don't the patience


So glad I found this app!  toledo1989  5 star

I’m a beginner on guitar and have learned so much through this app!


Unreal  LilPalmtreee  5 star

I’ve never written a review for an app before but wow, I’m not musically inclined at all but this actually taught me in a super easy way. Bless up Fender


Their Privacy Statement and Terms of use are scary.  Jt_1_2_3  1 star

Anytime an app asks for as much information as these guys did I always read the terms. Holy crap. By their agreement they have the right to look at ALL of your web activity among countless other issues. Ummmmm. No. I will just find a different app that isn’t trying to see what color underwear I buy online thank you.


The best of the apps  dysgegwgege  5 star

It’s so good training and practicing with every single class of Fender!


2 days in and I’m blown away!  Blandrew94  5 star

I’ve tried a couple apps now and two days into the 2 week free trial, I already feel like I have a pretty good understanding of reading chords and tabs and my playing has gotten so much better in just two days. Can’t imagine what two weeks will do. I’m almost definitely going to pay for the full version past the trial!


Neck angle  johnno1500  4 star

Really enjoying Fender Play so far (about 50% into first part). I was having problems with getting my fingers into position for fretting as all the instructors seem to have the neck “flat”. However, I saw elsewhere that it’s more comfortable to angle the neck with the head higher up and easier to get the correct position for the hand. I found this to be a great tip and works for me much, much easier!!! As an absolute beginner, lots of fun so far with Fender Play. (I’m 60yo; never played any instrument before...)


Get unusable quickly  Mark12345.1  2 star

The cord charts are ok initially, but even a few songs in, it becomes impossible to use. They don’t fit on the screen so you have to stop playing, pause the video, scroll the chart, then resume, often multiple times per song. Totally frustrating. On the computer, there’s a full screen mode, but it still doesn’t show everything and you can’t see the video. If you try to print, it gets chopped off too. Don’t sign up for the annual plan. Go month to month so you can quit. I feel ripped off.


Bass lessons  bassshah  5 star

Great for beginners! Highly recommend. Definitely worth the money and the time you guys are spending on


Subscription issue  sudjenfodld  1 star

You should remind your customers a day before starting their subscription. It’s not a free trial, it’s a lure. You forget to unsubscribe in the trial period and there goes $14. A refund would be nice...

Kit Kat 2.0

No good  Kit Kat 2.0  1 star

Got the app knowing their would be in app purchases. Singed up and then takes me to a subscription page of 100 something I thought that was ridiculous so I deleted it straight away.

Th1rsty Bear

Fortnite stinks🤮  Th1rsty Bear  5 star

Easy to use app for beginners and pros best app ever


Really helpful!!  nope46382  5 star

I am a beginner, playing the acoustic guitar and I found that “Fender Play” really helped me learn and gather knowledge that would be forgotten if I wasn’t taught slowly and consistently. Fender play is suitable for all abilities and has really helped me!


Good app but could do with a few tweaks  aztil  5 star

I love this app. The lessons are well explained. I love reading along with the music or tablature it I would love it if you could add the feature to shrink the video so you can see more of the written music so you don’t have to quickly scroll down while playing. Or even better than this make the music scroll by its self as we play along. Another nice add on would be to make the music change colour as you play it so beginners don’t get lost on where they are up to.

Mount Gambier Rules

Excellent. The app is great and easy to navigate.  Mount Gambier Rules  5 star

Easy to stay motivated and feel like I am making progress because of the variety of lessons, instructors, riffs and songs. Excellent and easy to navigate through and professionally presented.


No advanced bass :(  OggyDoesMusic  3 star

As a bass player of a couple of years I looked into this looking for some more intermediate and advanced stuff but I was unfortunately disappointed with how basic even the high levels of the bass section were. I’m sure fender have put in more effort into the guitar section as that is the bigger market so I can’t say much for that however if you are coming into this as a bass player who has even a decent idea of what you’re doing I can’t say you’ll get much out of this unless it receives some higher levels.


Shuts down  garbot123  1 star

Tried to look up “girls just wanna have fun” keeps shutting down.


Content size  austiine  5 star

Loving the short videos, there are straight to the point, makes it easy to learn and practice one thing really well.


Only just started  TTSKitten  5 star

Been a day and I’m getting a lot better wen I started I didn’t even know how to play the guitar


So much fun  Sugaree728  5 star

It’s fun and easy!


Great Instruction Videos  ChefLinde  5 star

I tried learning guitar when I was 19yrs. My electric guitar got stolen and I never got back into it. I picked up an Acoustic Guitar Jan. 2018....I practiced hard for a year and then bought a fender bullet squier. I saw the app downloaded it and have not looked back! Electric guitar has awesome sound and easier to play on hands. Plus the app lets you see your progression and helps understand music styles! Thanks Fender I am hooked on your guitar/music drug!


Amazing app  [email protected]  5 star

I love it! I bought an electric guitar 2 days ago and I’ve been trying to play a guitar since I was 6 Y/O, I went to 2 different schools but it was too hard or too difficult for me therefore I never learned but with this up in matter of few minutes I learned more than ever! TKU U!


Rich  Face6969  5 star

Great training aid, never picked up a guitar in my life and already have learned a lot.


Poor Customer Service.  Chrismills79  1 star

My father - who is retired on a fixed income - purchased 3 guitars at a total cost of $1700. Each came with a free month of Fender Play. Their response was one month free only. We are talking about $20. The customer service was awful and basically said oh well. Won’t use this product ever again.

Kai Dab.

Pretty legit  Kai Dab.  5 star

Just started learning guitar a few days ago. I’ve been practicing after work for about 2-3 hours each night. For the first couple days I used YouTube, which don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of great tutorials on YouTube. But what’s cool about this learning platform is there is no guess work involved. You chose whatever instrument you’re learning on and even what style you’re interested in. (I personally selected the blues) but it takes you from the ground up. It’s introduced me to simple but effective drills I can practice to gain more dexterity and strength in my hands, the basics of strumming and I am now learning chords. A lot easier to learn on in my opinion and quicker also. Would recommend this to anyone who is just picking up a guitar 100% worth every penny.


Trash  officialyelp  1 star

Why you chargin you get paid bucks for people just using the app


Review  hdhdjfbdjdnjdndn  2 star

Won’t let you go in without buying a subscription! 🤬


Needs landscape mode on iPad  Astra020  3 star

It’s a decent app if you’re hoping to learn basics and get into playing songs rather quickly. It is annoying that in iPad it doesn’t work in landscape mode however. An Apple TV app would be amazing!!!!


This app is a scam  jintuna277  1 star

They promise free learning for gutiar but slam you with a fee when making a account


Brilliant  LRF1111  5 star

So easy and straightforward. Well organized in bite size lessons. Addictive once you get started!!!


Unauthorised charge during free trial free trial.. beware!  Bingobongoboombastic  1 star

Do not subscribe to free trial as you will be charged

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