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Shop: package & order tracker Version 2.54.002 May 2022

Have a better experience every time you Shop. Turn on automatic updates to get every upgrade instantly. New in this version: - Bug fixes and performance improvements..

Shop: package & order tracker Version 2.46.028 February 2022

Have a better experience every time you Shop. Turn on automatic updates to get every upgrade instantly..

Shop: package & order tracker Version 2.40.117 December 2021

Have a better experience every time you Shop. Turn on automatic updates to get every upgrade instantly. New in this version: - We fixed an issue that was causing the app to crash..

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- An excellent and natural user experience

This app has positively wonderful UX / UI. Those responsible for it deserve to be commended and they should feel very proud. So, to the folks behind this: thank you. And please continue to design and build intuitive and delightful user experiences. To any director overseeing the development of this product: I imagine development takes longer, given such evident care. Know that the impact is real and that people do notice that care. Do continue to allow for timelines and schedules that have most likely been longer than other such apps given the attention to detail here. You are doing something right here. Thank you. The upshot is that this app is a joy to use. The experience itself is so intuitive that the UI / UX fades into the background. I find that I stop thinking about it as I’m not hitting the typical snags or head-scratchers that many such apps have. I find that I’m not being annoyed by its performance or distracted by its transitions. It feels natural. And I know that creating a natural experience takes enormous care and attention. Now, as for the behavior itself: it pulls and tracks all of my many packages and notifies me when events against those packages are generated. And, as I’ve described, it does this very well. I trust this app and I trust that its information is up-to-date and correct. Again: I trust this app! And you, reader, should too.

- Fantastic delivery tracking app!

This is one of the very rare times that I’m willing to write a review, but it’s because I’m very impressed by the simplicity of Arrive that I just need to share my thoughts with anyone who haven’t used the service before. (Sorry if it’s a little lengthy) I do a lot of online shopping and Arrive has helped me save a lot of time as well as taking the stress of constantly monitoring deliveries statuses from different carriers away. I have an account with pretty much all of US’s major logistics carriers(FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Royal Mail + some international delivery services) so I can always be updated of my shipments, and honestly it’s a hassle and it can get hectic. But ever since I started using Arrive(which was suggested to me by an ad), all the purchases I’ve made and their current status are all organized into one easy to use app! As long as you have a gmail account that you use to make your purchases, Arrive will automatically sync the information into your account. And if you have a lot of completed deliveries piled up in your “main folder”, they have an archive that you can store them in for future reviews. And if you don’t use gmail, you can always add your own tracking information and you’ll be notified when your items are delivered, it’s very simple and easy to use so I highly recommend everyone to try it out!

- Great, only a little room for improvement...

I’ve come to love this app. I can track lots of packages for free (unlike with the Parcel app), I haven’t seen any ads yet (again, unlike the Parcel app), and the design is very nice to look at. I like the shades of blue. The map aspect of tracking works better here than in other apps. I had issues with another app not plotting points on the map in China. This one does a better job and depending on which carrier you choose (e.g. you could track via USPS or China Post EMS for some packages), it may show you either Chinese or English text. A few suggestions for improvement are: make deliveries editable so you can change the carrier if you make a mistake (right now, I think you’d have to create another listing instead), improve the updates (refreshing the statuses doesn’t always do anything, I’ve had packages arrive but not show that even after refreshing), please add the SpeedPAK carrier (I’ve had several packages sent through this carrier when ordering from eBay), and make a view mode where there are no maps, so that you just see package locations (you’d see more at once that way). Overall, I’m very happy. I’m also grateful for being able to track so many packages without seeing ads (which are a pain and do show on other free apps). Thank you and keep up the great work! 😊

- Retrospec is a real class act!!

I am so pleased with this company!! My daughter told me she wanted a longboard for her birthday. A friend of her had a Retrospec board and referred my daughter. The site is beautiful and instantly makes you want to be that active, cool person that owns everything on the site. I will be honest, a lot of the items were out of stock , but allowed you to be emailed when they were available. I put myself on a list for the longboards and was emailed a few days later letting me know they restocked. I jumped to the site and was able to purchase the long board. I wasn’t able to get the helmet to go with it, however. I again placed myself on the list for availability and was able to order it the next day. On my long board order I immediately received confirmation and a potential delivery date. On the helmet order I didn’t. I waited a few days , the emailed a general inquiry asking about a tentative delivery date. To my pleasant surprise they actually called me to let me know that the item was in stock and on its way!!! It’s sad that I’m shocked, but businesses just don’t do that anymore. I am beyond happy with this small, but customer oriented company. The quality of their items is outstanding and they really seem to care about their customers. A customer for life!!!!

- Awesome App

If you do any online shopping, whether it’s a little or a lot, nothing is more frustrating having to scroll through and find each email, write down each tracking number, and then individually enter each one. With ‘Arrive’ all you do is sign up with your gmail account that you use for all your online shopping, and it automatically updates and adds each order to the app. Only thing I hope the app adds with some more time, is the ability to use any email provider you prefer. I know a lot of people that would then be able to download and use this app as well, if it accepted all/any email provider. Other than that, I cannot imagine not having this app on my phone. Now I don’t have to write the tracking down, and go into the coordinating shipper app. They all auto sync right to the app because of the email address I use. It’s so easy and super organized! I definitely recommend downloading this app even if you don’t do a lot of online shopping. It just gives you one less thing to worry about. Oh and the best part is that it attaches the order/receipt to it, so if there was a problem that occurred, you would be able to get all the information right within ‘Arrive’. I think this app is going to be especially helpful during the holiday season.

- Tracking status still frozen

This is hands down the best looking and most user friendly tracking app out there, but it doesn’t work properly. It automatically read the shipment information from my gmail account and added the tracking information with the correct tracking number that I confirmed in the details tab, but the tracking status does not update. It’s stuck on waiting for details from fedex... I see other users are enjoying it seamlessly so this must be a bug. When the developers fix this bug I will change my review to 5 stars. I will continue to use this app to see if it is fixed. Funny thing is I only found out about this app while purchasing Mochi ice cream from Mochidoki’s website. After my purchase was complete, the status page showed a link to this app that would track package and progress of my frozen ice cream. What a coincidence that it doesn’t even work with the website it was advertised on. Edit: Even after the latest update it still doesn’t function properly. My packages status is frozen, I have a package that’s has already been delivered since yesterday saying out for delivery and another that’s out for delivery saying it’s at a sorting facility out of state. Come on developers fix this bugs please!

- Great in theory, poor execution

This app is such a great idea— in theory. A platform where I can track all of my deliveries from different carriers in one place? Sign me up! Well... unfortunately the execution is less than perfect. I’ve been using the app for about 9 months now and have identified two main complaints: 1) The tracking updates are ironically never up-to-date. Every single time I am tracking a package, I always have to visit the actual carrier tracking website to find out where my package is... Shop usually doesn’t update for several hours! Very unreliable and frustrating, especially when you’re waiting for an important delivery & it ends up sitting outside because you had no idea it already arrived. Not cool! 2) Despite linking my email, the app can never seem to figure out how to pull the tracking information from my order confirmation emails. I always have to input manually. Less annoying than the tracking issue, but still disappointing. Other apps I use have mastered this, so I would encourage the Shop developers to fix this. Overall, 3 stars from me. I want so badly for this app to work, especially now, since we are all stuck at home ordering deliveries more frequently. Unfortunately it’s just not there and doesn’t do a good job of what it advertises. Might as well copy and paste the tracking numbers into Notes and do it myself...

- Slow and/or out of date updates make this app almost useless

The concept is great and fits into the current environment I which shopping and purchase are Happening online. Who would like to track their purchase from order inception to good delivered? This is where I have found Shop to be lacking. The order appears in the account linked to you quickly but There is little useful information beyond what you would get in an email confirmation from the store. From there I’ve found the app to be somewhat pointless. Most recent example would be an order placed weeks ago. Once the order showed shipped it just spent days on the location map in the state from which it was sent. I repeatedly checked on status but it appeared as no movement. I checked this morning and it moved from one city in the originating state to another city in that state. Early this afternoon it just showed up in the mail. I then got a notice hours later after delivery from the app indicating that it was out for delivery. Then later in the day, hours after it delivered got another notice that it was just delivered. Can’t really say that I see the purpose or the benefit of the app. The USPS service app gave far better updates and provided greater accuracy. Other orders showing up in Shop have the same issue so can’t say that I’m terribly enthusiastic about it. It doesn’t do any harm so that’s good, I guess my point doesn’t do much at all.

- “What A Month”

After a month of waiting on this package to make it’s way overseas, it was exciting to watch every stop it made, once it reach the states. It could use more details, such as a direct address so those of us who like to check everything don’t have to google search the streets to see the location for ourselves. Also, twice, the current location bullets were not in the correct location on the map. The first time wasn’t so bad, since the location was only across the street. The second time was when the delivery was complete. The marker was well over a mile away from my address, even though it was delivered correct. I wasn’t home all day, so I made the appropriate calls and was fighting agitation all day at work wondering if my order made it to my place or not. Each misread location wasted my time in efforts to get to the bottom of it, so I hope that your accuracy with markers becomes a priority, if for nothing more than perfect customer service and our peace of mind. Unfortunately for me, in the end, what I had ordered wasn’t what was sent. So my first experience with your tracker involved fraud, which has nothing to do with you at the end of the day. So again, the app is great. It just needs a bit of tweaking. Thank you!

- Great App For Free!

I was a dedicated Slice user for years, but switched to Arrive when the former introduced a pay scale. Arrive isn’t quite as visually appealing, but it’s also not an app that you will spend a lot of time looking at. Once you’ve authorized the appropriate email accounts, it does a very good job of scouting messages for tracking numbers and adding them automatically. (If it misses a few, they’re typically linked via a shipping notification email and the tracking number isn’t explicitly listed. Can only expect so much.) I like that I can rename my shipments to a more descriptive/meaningful title. Notifications are timely, which allows me to keep an eye out for deliveries and not worry someone may grab it before I get the chance. On rare occasion, the app will show a delivery as late and I will have to manually mark it as delivered; I don’t think it’s due to running low power mode as I almost always do this (i.e. I receive notifications in this mode, also). It is uncommon enough to not be personally bothersome. If I were to suggest any change, it would be helpful to directly link to the official carrier tracking page after clicking on the tracking number from shipment detail info. Nonetheless, a really useful app (free or not), and a steal for free.

- Problems...

So during my experience with Arrive I had no problems up to now, I mean they’re small problems but they’re annoying. I went to rate the app on the App Store and unfortunately it kept saying “You cannot leave a review when you don’t own or have not purchased this app” which made no sense, sense I did own the app... so I decided to remove and install the app again ( and if you see this review, it means reinstalling the app once getting that error message works ) unfortunately my items that were on my tracking history were not there once logging back into my account... but that didn’t bug me too much sense I got an email from the shop I bought from and they sent a button that takes you back to the arrive app so you can track it... But others might lose/ accidentally delete an email or a pinned link to get the tracking information... so it’s hard to get that information back once you re- login... but I have some good experiences with the app... I personally like the quick notifications telling you what’s happening to your package... the confetti that shows up once your package is shipped and the no crashes... some tracking apps ( ones I’ve used ) usually crashed or lag but this one doesn’t.

- Really Good App!

This app is amazing, instead of having to constantly click on multiple pages to get to see your tracking, this app shows it right away. It’s way easier if you use the same email with your orders as the one you use to use the app, it’ll automatically show your orders. It has a nice feature (if the company provides it) it shows a map & has a dot where your package is & shows a pretty good prediction of when your package will arrive! Has a lil nice notification of updates. Only thing is tho not many companies don’t provide much detail so the app doesn’t always show the map or the package details so it just says what company it’s coming from & is it’s shipped or still being processed & the order tracking number but not a picture/name of your purchase & details of exactly where your package is or a map of it. So it’s not the app’s fault but rather how much effort your provider puts in their details. I 10/10 recommended this app! PS: To everyone saying the app isn’t good due to not having a map/details of it or because your package never came in, it’s not the app’s fault like I said. It all depends on wether or not the company you ordered from puts details within the package order & updates them as they go.

- Doesn’t sell info & no in app purchases

I was shocked when I opened the app and saw it was actually pretty well made considering it doesn’t have in app purchases. No limits on amount of orders you can track and it automatically pulls from your email. No ads either. Read the privacy policy since I was skeptical about how they’re making their money with a completely free app and it states they don’t sell info for marketing purposes. I’m no lawyer but this was also in the policy: “...we may share with third party service providers data and Personal Information we collect from you or from emails that are sent to or from email accounts that you provide to us for the purpose of supporting our efforts to provide you with the App.” What is meant by support is rather vague but at least with the California law your info isn’t sold. You can also request your personal information to be deleted, but they do keep anonymized data from you. So if you’re 100% protective of your data this might not be the app for you. If you just want a nicely designed app that doesn’t barrage you with advertisements and pay for in-app features, this is totally the app id go for.

- Somewhat Helpful - for merchants w/o tracking updates

This is a nice app for merchants that don’t provide their own delivery updates. However, I’ve found that merchants that DO provide delivery updates, they are always more accurate than this app. Notification of delivery from the Arrive app will come anywhere from 10-30 minutes after the actual delivery has taken place. I love this app for telling me around when my mail has been delivered, especially when I’m not at home. As far as tracking you can track your packages with the carriers generally just as easily...I don’t know which tracking number goes with which I have to look back and forth at the different merchant sites anyway, when using this app. Sometimes there’s a corresponding picture of the product, which is great! But not always. More information would be useful, such as, the merchant’s name, product name, even if the picture isn’t available. What I find strange is when I first downloaded the app it WAS quicker than the merchant’s I don’t know what happened...more users loading the system? So I guess it depends on what you are using it for. It works for my purposes and I would recommend it if you don’t need to know immediately when something is delivered.

- I like what I’m seeing!!

You know this app isn’t perfect yet but it’s very close. I must say I’m really enjoying it and I’m a happy customer for sure. Pros: I like that I’m notified when packages are in transit and I like that I can control when I’m notified. I also like that I can click on the tracking info/shipment and there is a way to bring me to the main webpage I purchased my product from. I like that it gives me an estimated time of arrival in the beginning of the shipment process and updates as the shipment is in transit. My favorite feature is the GPS map for sure, this is convenient in estimating visually when you will receive the package for the day. Cons: not all of the product names show up with the listed shipment. So if you are like me and your waiting for several packages to arrive, you may have to click on the shipment and visit the site to view which tracking number aligns with which product. I’m assuming the vendor has something to do with that, but it would be cool if all listed shipments had pictures of the items purchased. Lastly, the status updates are not always correct at the time you view the shipment. This isn’t a huge deal for me, but it would be great if this weren’t the case of course. Overall great app with some room for improvement!

- Hands down the best app!!!

Not only are you seeing your packages in real time, but the app also helps promote black owned businesses, and also making the online shopping experience far much quicker, more reliable that you aren’t getting ripped off your money and easy to understand and maneuver through the app!! I was hesitant at first but the second I downloaded it told me all the packages I had ordered and when they were arriving, showing my exactly where they were in real time and continue to keep me updated as possible with all my packages. Then just when I thought it couldn’t get better, it should me other stores that I might like had shown black owned businesses that you can shop from, and helps separate all the things you can buy into categories and I think it is a beautiful way to help online businesses grow and be introduced to people outside of the local business area. I found myself buying coffee from Chicago today! Never heard of them until right after I went to check on my package and how easy the process was is incredible!!!

- Good, BUT needs more user control

I signed in with my google account and so far it has worked how it is supposed to, super easy to have all the tracking numbers in one place! And it updates automatically, adding shipments before I even realise they’ve shipped. My only complaint is I would like to have more control over the content (for example, delete shipments that are “pending” but I’ve actually received the product months ago— seems like others have had this problem too). Hoping the creator will update this in time and give some more customisation options (so far the only thing in the app settings is whether you want “confetti” upon delivery— adorable, but I’d rather have more control over how my shipments are displayed). I’d recommend the app overall and I’m looking forward to future updates. *edit* updated my app literally 5 minutes after posting this review, and I was able to archive the shipments I was having trouble deleting so they are no longer on the home page :) Changed from 4 to 5 stars as that was my main problem

- Karon. w

I ordered a Father’s Day Bracelet in May a month before Father’s Day. The bracelet was to be engraved with 3 names. I kept waiting for an email letting me know when my order was being shipped. When I finally received the email it was a notification that they needed the names in order to get my order to me. I replied with my ordinal order showing that the names had been typed in the provided spaces. But I still sent the names and let them know that I was very disappointed that I wasn’t going to have the bracelet by Father’s Day. So, I still wait for another week to only be sent another email requesting the names. The subject line was written as such...Need Names!!!...really? The email warned me that if I didn’t send names that they would ship the order without the names. I once again replied with the names but this time warned them that I would be calling my bank to request my money back because this was ridiculous. The next day I received an email that my order was shipped. I tracked my order for weeks. I’m finally received my order on July 25, 2020. The bracelet doesn’t have any names engraved on it. Just a blank bracelet. I was so furious. I will be contacting my bank early Monday to get my money back! The bracelet looks cheaply made and I don’t like it at all. Will never purchase anything from this company again!

- Good but not as good as its competition...

This is a great app, don’t get me wrong I think it works very well, but it’s just not as good as AfterShip in my opinion. The main reason I say this is it doesn’t give ETA’s on your packages. There isn’t really a excuse for why it isn’t. If you track something through UPS or Fedex they usually have ETA’s posted for you to see when it will arrive. It’s just not as helpful. Plus the interface seems kinda clunky and slow, where as AfterShip is very fast and already has everything loaded and updated when you open the app, and since both of the apps are real time (and they both are) there isn’t any real way to tell who’s shopping is more accurate. I have tested both very extensively, and they both match up. I just feel like AfterShip is a bit faster. Regardless both apps helped me a lot with my personal business. As a streetwear and designer reseller, I want to know where everything is at all times and when it will be arriving to me or to a customer, and this app was able to get that done for me.

- Tracking Updates are Non-Existent and Inaccurate

I downloaded this app for the holidays so I have a place I can check and see when I can expect all of my packages to be delivered except it hasn’t been working... I don’t know if it is a problem with the carrier or the actual app but I ordered a gift way back in the beginning of November and while I’ll admit the company was extremely slow in getting it out, once it shipped it said it was in the same location for over a week. I reached out to the company who I ordered the gift from to ask if there had been some kind of glitch and didn’t ever get a response from them. Yesterday, exactly a month later I received my package. As of right now, I’m waiting on another package and having the same issue. Again, I’m not sure whether it is this particular app or the carrier (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc), it may even have something to do with the influx of orders due to the holiday, but it kind of defeats the whole purpose of having this app and being able to track your packages. I will say however that I love the fact that you are able to see all of your purchases and (supposedly) be able to track them in one place.

- Amazing never knew I needed it until I downloaded

I love this app I didn’t know I needed it so bad . I used to open all my tracking info on the web and being a student I order so much stuff. I don’t know how they do it but they even have past shipping information and it updates automatically so I literally just had to download it and all my tracking info was right in front of me . Mind you I had like 5 shipments and didn’t have to input any information it automatically did it. That’s the BEST PART. Also I was waiting for Nike to post a tracking number so I can enter it on the app but as soon as they confirmed my shipment it was automatically put into the arrive app so there is little effort you need to put into this app. Another cool thing is they show you the map and the locations of your package when scanned in a facility. This is the app you always dream about and never knew you needed it until you have it . Definitely give stars great app ❤️❤️❤️‼️‼️‼️‼️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 and I never leave reviews but you guys deserve this one good job .

- Absolutely could not live without this app!

With a new baby on the way - it’s been hard to keep track of all the different packages and stuff we have been gifted and ordered. Also every company and seller uses different carriers so with this all were able to put in every tracking number from FED EX, UPS & USPS! It makes my life so much easier! I know when it’s supposed to be delivered and when it has been delivered if I’m not home when it is so I can alert someone at home or a neighbor to get it before someone else does. You never know nowadays with so much theft with packages. I can see this making my life during the holidays so much easier as well. I try to stay away from the holiday rush as much as possible so this will also help me keep track of all of my packages throughout the busy holidays, keep them safe and out of thieves hands! Great idea to create this app Arrive! My life is sooo much easier now because of this simple solution of putting all the tracking numbers from all carriers in one place!! 5 stars!

- Rare Review for a Rare Product

This app deserves me taking the time to write this review. The amount of time this app has given me to focus on other stuff that matters is almost impossible to calculate. As an impulse buyer, or a last minute shopper, I want to relax while my package just shows up when I expect it to. I no longer have to remember, “when did I order that thing?” Or what site did I order it from so I can search my inbox with 1272 unread messages for the one with tracking number. To only then have to search the tracking number, tap the link, and hope I have some vague estimate for where it is in the delivery process. Not only does the app just automatically add tracking numbers to main screen with a feed of deliveries, it shows you a high level progress map to know where exactly your package is. It’s accuracy in letting my know when a package is gonna arrive by lets me use my day for what I want - without fearing I’m gonna miss a delivery or wonder if it’ll be home when I get there. I’m ranting now, but this is the ONE app every one needs whether they order a little bit, constantly buying stuff they don’t need, or they just need to make sure all their Christmas packages are on track with enough of a heads up to let you know if you need to come up with a plan B. This product as a whole is a case study in truly delivering a product that does one thing really flawlessly and delivers on its value promise every step of the way.

- Bs!!!! The old bait and switch!!!! Scam!!!

Order this great wooden Halloween advent Calendar. Normally like $60 on sale 1/2 price. GreT. Had to have it! Looked just my x mad one I have had for over 20 yrs. from Lillian Vernon Waited all this time. Showed up today in a flat 12”x12”x1” thick. How the F does a wooden advent calendar fit in that and feels like a bath mat. Opened it up and it was a kindagarden art project at best!!!! Velvet 2 ft 3ft long. After I unfolded my so called wooden advent calendar. That had doors that open and little wooden drawes. Just like my Xmas one. This had I think. Didn’t look at it. Looked like Halloween ur outs w/ a template. Stacked on top of each other. Looked like with a glue gun. Not sure if the little pockets got the day’s. Is sewn or glued. W/ a little cut out u move each day. To the next. No wood. Not doors. No drawers and what’s suppose to be a table or counter item. Hangs on a f n wall or door. I got beans from them a pair of USED shir laces. Not even new ones. Not ordered & now this BS! Bait & switched. Why can’t any one b honest any more. I will NEVER order anything from China. Ever again. They rip u off any time they can. Gave us this virus and now this b s too. Keep it. My kids did a better job with their art projects. Then this crap I received Don’t buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- HUGE PRIVACY BREACH: ARRIVE WANTS FULL access to your email account!

So the problem with this App is the insane level of privacy violations. When you download the app and are trying to sign up it asks for FULL ACCESS TO YOUR ENTIRE GMAIL ACCOUNT. That means that it has access to everything you’ve ever sent to anyone and if you get emails from your bank it also now has full access to your banking information. And if you don’t have gmail account at all, or try manually enter your gmail instead of directly signing into gmail like they want you to it will barely work and rarely send you your delivery notifications. So essentially Arrive will refuse to work properly until you let them access all your personal information/as well as if you don’t possess a gmail account at all (which is ridiculous because how many people use yahoo/hotmail etc.). That’s why it’s free with no commercials, because it straight up makes far more money from scanning all your emails and private information & then selling it to various companies than it would by making you pay a set fee to track all you deliveries. Never trust an app that requires full access to your entire email account just to function properly.

- Love it!

I really like the aesthetics & being able to keep all my information organized in one place so I can keep track of my deliveries (I’ve had issues with packages getting lost, going on accidental detours across the US, & even had a USPS employee try to steal a valuable package & try to throw off the system by placing my tracking on another package that wound up in a different state 😳). Being able to keep track & have a place where I can show proof of unusual activity, & see it all on a map makes me feel much better about knowing when something is arriving or wrong. **Also, for people who gave low scores because they couldn’t copy/paste a tracking number... write it down first then enter it manually, or on a smart phone you can toggle between screens easily & just type 4-5 numbers at a time if it’s a long number... problem solving, guys 👍🏼 Not Arrive’s fault if you don’t feel like putting in a minuscule level of effort to type a number.

- Convenient, but not very reliable

My experience using shop app has been very on and off. Sometimes, it gives me correct tracking information and lets me know my package’s exact location, but other times it’s not accurate at all. Take now for example, I ordered clothing from a website that allowed shop tracking. I quickly checked to see the location update on where it was a few days later and shop told me that my package was already delivered. I went to check if it was and there was nothing. 2 days later, I receive it. This has happened to me SEVERAL times while using this app. It’s not reliable a lot of times for tracking however I do like the whole concept of the app. A lot of stores accept using shop tracking service, but it defeats the whole purpose of using it if the information Shop App is telling you, is wrong. This app has so much potential to be amazing! But it is not at this point yet, they have many improvements to make with it. There should also be a contact button for you to either email or call the provider if your package was never delivered when claimed to be.

- Very Useful App❣️

I love this “Shop” App as it’s my Most used! I write Reviews for #influenster Receiving &/or purchasing MANY Products from Various CO’s. I find out on ‘Shop’ before I even get a Tracking # from Companies. I used to Screen shot or I’d Save to My Email all these Tracking #’s which Definitely can get Very Confusing & Frustrating. I’ve seen on SMedia Customers Angry & posting Crazy Mad Comments saying CO’s take Money but don’t Send Products. On ‘ Certain’ CO’s I Know to Be Great @ sending out Products~I’ve Literally gone Posted to Customers “Download THIS “Shop” App & Literally WATCH Every Single Town Products ordered went through!” I’ve LEARNED so much about USPS, DHL & Fed Ex practices & One Might Find it’s NOT your Mail Man/Lady after all taking those Pkgs but items SIT @ HUBS..What do you think when pkgs sit there for Weeks/month? Meanwhile a Co is getting a Bad Rap for Not sending Pkgs they actually Have! This is GREATEST App!! *my Review is my Own & No Products/Free has been offered for my Opinion*

- Unexpected Benefit! Wish I could give this 10 STARS!

SHOP just saved me a lot of trouble and hassle. I had mistakenly ordered from a scam website and paid through an online payment service. Shortly after I ordered the products (within minutes) the “seller” put in fake tracking information. SHOP alerted me that the items I had literally just ordered had been delivered... get this... two hours BEFORE I placed the order. By having shop alert me to this “delivery” I was able to login to the payment site and stop the scammer who, at that moment, was trying to have funds purchase a gift card. SHOP saved the day! THANK YOU! NOTE: there are several negative reviews about SHOP, but if you notice they typically deal with problems with the SELLER that are taken out on the developer. And yes... shipments during COVID and especially those from China may take an inordinate amount of time. Again, not the fault of the APP or developers.

- LOVE the app!

UPDATE: My friends! Thank you for listening! The experience of adding a tracking number and selecting a carrier is MUCH better and working exactly like I had imagined! THANK YOU! I love that the app keeps all my orders in one place. Now I don’t have to go to my email and search for each order from different companies. I also love that the confetti works for me now. Just a simple touch of fun added to deliveries! I do have 1 suggestion though. After I’ve copied the tracking number from the carrier on packages I have to manually put in, it brings up a list of carrier options. Which is great. The issue is once I select whatever carrier it is (which is always the first option provided because it’s smart like that), the list should go away. Otherwise, I have to scroll through a long list of carrier options (99% I’ve never heard of) to get to the Add Package button. I shouldn’t have to do that if the carrier is already selected.

- I can finally close all of the tabs!

I downloaded this app because I ordered something, and this was the only way I can track my package. I was a little irritated because I didn’t want to download an app just to track one package, but I am so happy I did. I had three other orders that I was waiting on, and every time I wanted to track it I had to dig through my emails, find the correct email, and click the link to open the webpage that may or may not work. I had to do this so many times, and the process was honestly frustrating (and I hated having all of those tabs open on my browser). Once I downloaded Arrive, I was able to view all of my packages in one place, with notifications that alert me when anything changes immediately. I really appreciate this app since it makes the waiting process so seamless. I have definitely been using it with all of my purchases, and I will continue to do so.

- You all are the greatest!!

This is what I call excellent customer service!! I wish I could give them a 10 my transaction for the ACV weight loss supplement wouldn’t go through at first I knew I had money on each card I tried so I called the customer service number provided and I was instantly speechless because it was actually Ms. Marsala’s voice!! Sorry if I spelled her name wrong but she was so sweet she immediately said she would check with her team to see what was going on and asked me to text her number the error message I was receiving she continued to keep in touch and even stayed available until I made my purchase to make sure I was able to. I confirmed I was able to make the purchase I even got 2 bottles after getting such a quick response and such good customer service!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I will be ordering again and will give an update after my ACV pills start to work! ☺️

- Downhill Since App Changed to Shopify

As mentioned in many other reviews, this app really went downhill after Arrive changed to Shopify. Not only does Shopify want access to your email (invasive!), it doesn’t even read your emails correctly! What’s the point of invading my privacy like that and NOT get shipping information right??? For example, my package arrived today and the tracking number reflected as such. But Shopify insisted that my package would arrive 4 days later. Where is Shopify getting this information??? Further, the map updates are all wonky. The map says my package was “delivered” but the map shows that it was delivered in “Oakland, California.” I don’t even live in Oakland! Please fix your maps! It’s incredibly irritating when map updates are not accurate. Overall I resent the fact that this app forces users to give it access to their email but more than that, the app doesn’t even read your emails correctly!!! If you’re gonna invade my privacy, the LEAST you can do is provide me accurate information based on the data you’re farming off of me.

- Extremely Helpful

I typically never leave reviews on Apps, but I had to for this one! I love ordering things online, and especially with COVID-19 and being quarantined to my house, I’ve turned even more to ordering things on the internet. I’m really impatient for things to arrive, and having no idea where my package is most of the time makes it even harder to wait! Most of the time, the estimated delivery day that websites gives is off either by a few days or ENTIRELY off. I first heard about this app when I decided to order from a Korean beauty store called TONYMOLY. I decided to download it, but I’ve now been using it for everything! It’s super easy to use, all you need is a tracking number and the package carrier and that’s it! Now I can get a picture of how quickly or slowly my package will come and can keep track of it through this app! I love it, definitely worth the download if you like shopping online.

- Great tracking app

I originally was skeptical about letting one app track all of my packages. I was originally using USPS, and UPS, and other tracking carrier services. I finally decided to give Arrive a change and honestly I have not been disappointed. As soon as I receive an email with a tracking number, it auto-sorts it into an Arrive group, and pulls the tracking number with some information for you to easily see on the app. It also lets you manually add one if you need to, and gives you the choice of seeing the original email within the app to see exactly what it is that your tracking. You can also rename the tracked item, and it also has great notifications. Let’s you know when an item is out for delivery, or delivered, and more. Overall I am highly impressed with the ease of this application and it’s functional, and highly recommend it if your not already using it.

- Inaccurate

Updates are late or don’t happen at all. I can look at status on carrier website and have more updates than this app. Even refreshing the app or the package the updates don’t come through for hours. You can’t edit a carrier either so packages that go from ups to USPS require you to delete the package and re add it under the new carrier. Edit: tried to give this app another chance and still not change. To add my list, there’s no estimated arrival date! What is the point of knowing my package is in my state if I don’t know when it will be delivered? Often times packages get held up due to smart post so I can never assume that just because it’s local that it will be delivered in a timely fashion. What’s the point of the app if I have to copy and paste the shipping into the carrier website for an estimated delivery date? The UI is cluttered. It often missing tracking info from emails. Gives less details than similar apps. For example when I plug in a new tracking number into this app before it’s shipped other apps will tell me where the shipping label was created. This app? Nothing, just says it’s waiting for data.

- The best app I never knew I needed

Title describes it all basically, I’m guilty of constantly shopping online and everyday multiple times a day I check my email to see my shipping statuses. When I started seeing the option to stay updated with arrive after checkout on online stores I decided to download it and it’s been a go to every day since. Basically you log in with your email you like to make orders with on the app and it will filter out all your emails and will only show your online orders that have tracking information. it will show you a updated tracking status with a transit map status as well, it shows what’s happening with your order as it’s updated without going to your email and searching every time. Very convenient if you're the type who likes to know exactly when your packages are shipped and updated. Thank you (maybe add a more colorful theme to the menus$

- The best shipping tracker ever!

I had always been bothered by manual finding out my delivery information, especially during the holidays. It was time consuming and stressful. Trying to look up UPS or USPS tracking information. Writing down long numbers, entering them into websites daily just to find out where my deliveries were. This application is a life/time! Super simple to set up and packed with information. After I put in the tracking number for my very first package it was done. Now if any company sends out a delivery, it auto populates with all the new information. It even includes a animated map that shows the travel route my package is being delivered through. Up to the minute tracking of each stop and location helps me understand all my delivery info. If your looking for a one stop shop to track a single or multiple package deliveries then your gunna love it. Hard to believe this a free app!! Thrasher

- Easy and Helpful.

I opened the app. I logged in my email. I was shookth at how all my shipments I had just ordered was listed with arrivals and updates. I haven’t needed to input or lookup any more information ever since. It automatically detected packages that I order.(Most of the time, naming them for me so I know what is what.) It can send notifications for all your packages and update you on each step it takes. It’s pretty interesting looking at all the routes your packages take.(not important but cool) It has extra stuff like telling you the means of transportation, or contacting the seller so if you see something alarming instantly go to where you need to go. It sends you to a email or website from the app. The only recommendation is that if you’re lazy like me the old delivered packages stay and build up. I wish there was a way select multiple packages to archived/delete/show as delivered all at once.

- ⭐️Very CONVENIENT!⭐️

I am so glad I found this app! You literally connect your email(s) account(s) to it and it pulls info from there (shipment notification, emails) and puts all the information in one spot for you! It saves you from having to search for the email that has all the information, from things you ordered, etc. ⭐️ I only give 4 stars because I wish it would allow other email providers other than just gmail. I have Gmail email addresses AND yahoo. I also use Microsoft email from time to time. So that’s my BIGGEST problem with this app. Which isn’t huge, but it would be 1000% convenient if you would allow Yahoo(and other email) email accounts to be added so I/everyone could track through those email accounts as well! ALSO!! Every now and then, it’s a little behind on the updates from USPS, UPS or FEDEX. I have all of those apps and sometimes I’ll get a new shipping notification from one of the above, before Arrive gives me the notification. Or sometimes USPS (for example) will give me a new update on my shipment, long before Arrive ever reports any changes. IF this happens, Arrive will eventually update and give me the notification of a change, but it just kind of drags on the notifications/updates from time to time. That’s not a huge deal, but I thought y’all might want to know in case it were something you would like to fix! Thank you for this app!!

- Where has this been all my life?

A costuming website I used for a piece of my halloween costume this year suggested I use this app to track my package, and I figured I’d give it a shot...but OH BABY wow. Its tracks anything and everything I order through my e-mail, so tracking any package I order from anywhere has become EFFORTLESS. With buggy sites that seemed to practically not even register the tracking numbers they’re supposed to be provide you info through (looking at you UPS) this is mind blowing to me. Where has this app been all of my life, why haven’t I heard of it before, and why did I find out about it through such an obscure niche site? Thank you whoever created this app for making my life lightyears easier, I wish I had this app a month earlier when there was a miscommunication about my street address for an important time sensitive package, would have saved me a lot of headache.

- Good but could be better

This app the concept is great but it needs improvement. It is powered by Shopify however when it retrieves emails of ordered shipped through Shopify it does not pull up the tracking number because Shopify doesn’t put tracking numbers in their email and you can no manually through arrive app go to the email and copy and paste the tracking number. Because of this I now have a bunch of orders “waiting shipping” information that I have already received because I cannot delete the tracking request manually and since it’s still “pending” shipping info the app assumes that it still needs to be a listed item for tracking. Also it is has a huge lag in updating current tracking info on packages even when manually forced to update which is frustrating. I can have 5 packages delivered at the same time and it can take 1-6 or 7 hours for the app to update each packages delivery. Overall I enjoy the concept but it does have some bugs to work out

- Great Product!

Awesome app, awesome job on development! I also wanted to commend the people who pit time and effort into this app, it’s awesome it automatically added tracking numbers from your email and you get sent push notifications on incoming mail and deliveries (packages with a tracking number assigned to it), it’s really cool. And I also wanted to say that to whoever is reading this God has a plan for your life and Jesus loves you so much. I’m not talking about religion, religion isn’t appealing Christ-likeness is. I want to let you know that God thinks highly of who He made you to be and He thinks highly of you as His son and daughter. No matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been or what you’ve been through. There comes a point in our life where we look at life around us and realize something is missing. It’s Christ He is the missing piece. Jesus loves you so much and He died to give you a new life!

- Excellent Tracking tool!!

Finally a way to track all my packages in one app. The great thing is as long as you link the app with the email address that your tracking information was sent to, the app automatically detects it and makes it even easier to add that to your track package page. No more having to switch back and forth between email track package links especially if you have multiple items coming. Brilliant app and works great. The only con I found so far is that sometimes you have to choose the delivery carrier out of a suggested list. If the app knows which carrier it might be by making the suggestion in the first place, I feel like it wouldn’t be too hard to let it finish making the choice for you. Even if they don’t fix that, the app works great and that little con isn’t a deal breaker. Just some creative feedback.

- Trying to force me to use Gmail address

Guess what, folks? This sounds like a great idea, however... when I went to create an app I signed up using my Hotmail account as I primarily shop using that. Then I wanted to add my Yahoo account because that is the other email that is attached to PayPal, which I use on occasion. Why do I use these two emails, because they each receive about 200+ emails that are nothing but junk every day. They have been basically ruined for me as any sort of personal account. I have a Gmail address, but I have kept it STRICTLY for personal correspondence, just to keep the proliferating junk mail from appearing. So far I have had it a year and not one piece of junk mail, Only email from friends and family to whom I have given the address. Now this App is trying to force that email address onto this account, by making me log into Google to add another email and then it is automatically trying to pull in that gmail account. Not having it. Won’t be using this app. I might have given it two stars, but there is no way for me to converse with the developers.

- The most essential app for online shopping

This app is very good with tracking and delivery, it can search through your email to look for a tracking number for something you bought when you can’t find it, it shows you real time locations of where your package is at and it gives you the websites of what you purchased so you can look through and shop more if you’d like. This app is really nice because I’ve ordered a shirt off of a website and it took 3 months to get to my house and it tracked my package no matter what, this app is genius and highly underrated for what it’s worth. For anyone who frequently or regularly buys things online, it’s always a comfort knowing when and where your package is going to arrive, and best believe you’ll feel comfortable and satisfied using Shop to guide your purchases to your doorstep. 10/10

- Very intuitive

They need to make some integration between the app and perhaps purchases. Maybe by email or by desktop extension so you don’t have to go and input data manually. So far I am using this for about a week and it’s a good app that gives you visual updates in one place rather than having to go and track your packages in several different apps, websites, shippers, etc. Would highly recommend this app. Looking forward to discovery more features as I use it more often. Cool feature is you can just copy a tracking number and once you keep into the homepage of the app, a pop-up will show that it detects new tracking information. Simply, hit the pop-up and it will track the carrier for you. The only thing I have a problem with is know what to title the item being tracked. I have so many different merchandise that I lose track of what is being shipped per each tracking number. So it is a little difficult unless the merchant you purchase from has Arrive integrated with their site, then it will show you the actual items being shipped. Hope this review helps! I believe it is free. I haven’t been charged and haven’t come across any features as a user that requires an upgraded version or something like that. Go and download the app. You will be happy.

- Arrive Was So Much Better!

I downloaded the Arrive app in early December to track my Christmas packages. It was amazing! All of my package shipping info in one place! They Arrive app would “grab” the shipping information from my email for most of my packages. If it didn’t grab the info, I could go into the app and it would search my emails for shipping info. When I looked at the Arrive app I could see the sender and the arrival date. It was seriously so user friendly and easy to use. The Arrive app just updated to Shop and it’s so disappointing! There are multiple notifications for the same package and the notifications don’t show the sender of package. Since the sender can’t be seen on the main screen I need to go into the package notification, find the tracking number and then find the sender from the shipping website. This is no easier or convenient than searching from my email. With the Arrive app, when a package arrived I could swipe left to archive the notification. This is no longer an option with Shop. So disappointed with the “update”. I will be deleting the shop app.

- Concept could have been cool, but...

The concept is cool that I can find LOCAL and other SmallBiz shops that have a Shopify platform site, but everything is based on delivery addresses. Why? Also the stores aren’t really listed... it’s just a link to the stores site... why not? Why not allow me to pick a location to find local shops and shop it? Also being locked into a payment method is kind of lame. How many of these things can all these companies have? Just get onboard with Google/Apple Pay already. The idea has so much potential to help small businesses on the Shopify platform, but it feels too much like a walled garden and a money grab. The concept of following your local stores and other non-local business stores would have been awesome. The social media approach to following and then having their own page is cool... giving some ideas here! Maybe if the platform would help these small business grow into the higher tier subscriptions, then you wouldn’t have to worry about the payment income. Just saying!

- I buy slime

I'm an adult who loves slime. Now hear me out, I'm constantly buying and I hated not being able to know when they're coming. I occasionally got the messages saying they're coming but they were always a bit late or early. That's when I found out about Arrive, and it has changed me life. The apple layout is sleek, easy and so understandable to use. This is my go to to check any updates. I have it synced to my gmail and Outlook and it looks for my purchases without me having to type every single tracking ID in unlike the USPS app. As Soo as I make a purchase I select on the site "check on Arrive" and it pops up and will updates me when it is out for delivery and when it has been delivered. Let's say USPS didn't deliver it that same day, it will still let me know that the package has been delayed. I am in love with this app. I am so glad it exists.

TransferWise 💸

Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!

- One of my favourite apps

This is my first time reviewing and the Shop app is one of my absolute favourites! Once I automated my Google account as instructed, I now use this app on a regular basis. Being able to automatically pick up tracking numbers and detecting the courier for an active order is a big plus! The most recent updates have also done this app justice, because it used to keep logging me out previously and that was a huge headache itself. One of my very first orders with the Shop app was stuck in China for over a month due to high demands in the middle of lockdown. However, the app was able to frequently update me on it’s status when I was getting increasingly worried about it. Being able to pinch and zoom in and out on the live map helped me give an idea where my orders are located, especially if it one of them took a long time to arrive. My biggest and only pet peeve about the Shop app currently is that it has the tendency to pick up double the tracking numbers for the same order. For instance, it picked up a tracking number from a local store that I recently ordered from and then a few days later, it picked up a second tracking number from the local courier on the same order as the store I originally bought it from. I wish this could be fixed as it really confuses me to tell the difference between the tracking numbers for the same order. Other than that, I absolutely love this app and highly recommended it for those who do a lot of online shopping!

- Sergio Tacchini shop app tracking

Pretty outstanding I was meant to receive it for days after valentines and instead I’ve received it to days before Valentine’s Day which I’m very impressed and I really appreciate because I wanted it for Valentine’s Day keep up the good work the last time I looked at it it was in Honolulu and Louisville that was early hours dis morning the next thing I know is I hear knock knock knock at the door and I see someone standing there is a courier standing at my door with a large box and you said I was a bit baffled I thought maybe I’ve got two orders coming and I didn’t know that I paid for two because I wasn’t expecting it today so I’m stoked and over the moon thanks for keeping your end of the bargain earlier than what you said... Skie aka Skylineah...

- Great app but could rotate view better

This app does a great job putting all your purchases in one place. Sometimes it doubles up (getting the purchase and the delivery/tracking emails and entering them as separate transactions) but that’s forgivable. What really bugs me is the inability to use the screen rotated to 180 degrees; still portrait, just with the home button (2018 iPad Pro) at the top. If I have the charging cable attached or I’m charging my Apple Pencil, this app makes it so these items are sticking out towards me. Given that I use the iPad mostly sitting up in bed with my morning coffee, that’s a completely unnecessary annoyance. Happy to work in portrait mode - just give me two options.

- My loaves and fishes.

Thank you for the opportunity to share merchandise and COME AND SEE. It is such a lovely way to just help pay it forward. You get blessed and me too. I get to share what you are doing. I had Occassion to speak to a consultant re my internet provision. This young man Davis. Fixed my computer problem and this gave me an opportunity to share about the new series two of The Chosen. He told me he saw it in his country of Phillipines as a friend said to him come and see. He thanked me for sharing this information about The Chosen. He had introduced it to his own mum two years back and was excited to hear The Chosen had this continuity of a multi season. But this next comment brought tears to my heart. I was about to say goodbye and end the phone call. Davis said. You have helped me more than I help you Karen. Thank you. I love making connections and this was a really a moving conversation with this young man. I love the difference Jesus makes in our lives. God Please continue to Bless this TV show. And The Chosen team. More power to you team.

- Haven’t received my item yet not sure why

Placed an order for an oil slick (rainbow) coloured compact jet lighter around half way through December 2020 and still haven’t received it I’m not sure where the company or the place that sends out the orders is located and if it is being delayed as a non-essential item since it’s just a lighter and had to pay around $27-$28 AUD for it which I am gonna give to my sister who collects lights as a Christmas present or now a late Christmas present, honestly I just wanna know if it’s in transit or in a warehouse somewhere since the app just tells me that the order has been placed with no other info, seen the add on Instagram and thought that it would be a cool Christmas present, but can’t really put blame on the company for delayed shipping with Corrona and everything, apps pretty cool though

- The best customer service ever

Besides having a fantastic range of products and some really great specials they’re the best for customer service I’ve come across in a long time. Nothing is too much of a hassle for them, they’re more than happy to help out with all my stupid questions when vaping was all so new to me and free post to Australia over $50 is fantastic! Plus I just got another $10 off my order for their dripcoin rewards system. I have tried other vape stores but now I just shop with them as I’ve found they are the best in every way, (especially in the kindness department)

- Useless

I had to download this app for a particular order and since then it has given information regarding subsequent orders. It is not timely in the information it provides, even with updates that say that an order is due on a date past. Today, a Sunday , it has sent me a a message to tell me that a delivery will arrive today. I would not recommend it and really wish that businesses such as Australia Post would either ditch this or request that the app platform investigates its functions.

- What happened?

This app used to be great, it would have all current information on my packages, even the orders I placed through other sites but now I have to check other tracking apps to get the latest information on my packages & most of the time I have to “mark as delivered” even before the app has updated the package as sent? I am sooo disappointed with what was the fastest & up to the minute tracking on this app that I only use it to mark my packages as delivered since it just isn’t doing what it used to do at the beginning of it’s launch. I loved the fact that you could actually see in real time where my packages were in the world map & couldn’t get that on any other app but that has become null & void since it doesn’t keep up to date information now. Please fix this app!

- Missing features

Hi there, This is meant to make things more convenient and it is a good start. However... reason why I use it is to keep track of the little bits and pieces I buy and only receive half the time. This means I am looking to fix orders that always go wrong. 1. You have a contact button but it only creates a new email. There is no order number or anything that goes into the new email which makes it hard to type the issue. 2. The text on your order screen is not copyable - which means I can’t copy and paste the order number. 3. You track Gmail accounts which is great but unfortunately I don’t use gmail. So why don’t you make an email address that we can forward our emails to. You then identify the email address and process it accordingly to that users account (like “TripIt” does for intineraries) If you added this - I would be using your app daily instead of once every 2-4 weeks - and would be more likely to use you as a checkout method when given the option over PayPal. (And will modify this to 5 stars)

- Typical made in China rip off

Saw the add on Pinrest with the video showing a big machine swinging a 4 year old girl n been unloaded from a truck by 3 Chinese person and thought the deal was really good especially after getting 40% off the asking price so I decided to buy ($76US=$106 Au) it for my can imagine my big deception when I received a small toy in a shoe box size at a scale of 1:24 when it was advertised as a 1:8 scale!!! Went on eBay and saw the same one for $43 AU so got ripped off $60!!! The one they falsely advertised was for sell on eBay for $1120Au...typical Chinese fake advertising!!! Don t buy ,don t recommend it...and also you cannot contact the seller thru any means even thru PayPal!!! Buy Australian or American or European but don t buy anything “made in China” or you ll get what you paid for!!! Rubbish!!!

- Shop app always alert

Every delivery that I am expecting is logged into this amazing app, I know how good it is when something is very slow to arrive, as there is a trail of information on every delivery, even ones you may have forgotten about as they are so slow, but shop app doesn't forget. Originally I thought it was probably a gimmick but I soon changed my mind after first few deliveries became visible right on my phone.

- It’s OK

It’s handy, and it seems accurate much of the time. My first issue with it is that it is not always easy to match the right delivery with the right tracking item (not enough info in the Shop listing). The second is that I don’t like that it often marks items as delivered when they haven’t actually arrived yet. I would like the option to confirm that the delivery has occurred before the app marks it as delivered. Thirdly I haven’t seen a satisfactory handling of orders that come in separate deliveries. So overall, handy most of the time but not really “there” yet in terms of being a truly great app.

- Excellent app, but...

I love this app, because it means I don’t have to go through all my emails to get to the tracking link. It’s basically a one stop for all my orders I’ve placed. The only downside though is that this only works properly with Gmail addresses, otherwise you have to enter each number manually. Also, this app isn’t optimised for iPad, and it would be great to have an iPad optimised version of this app, so that I don’t have to manually zoom in every time. Maybe we will get it someday!

- Eshopkits

I swear guys this the most beautiful app you can trust and buy from I love it look the items might take 1-2 weeks to arrive but it’s all worth it at the end I have bought about 15 items from them and all arrived in perfect condition it’s a very beautiful app cheap and also things you can’t find around in any other shops and I recommend everyone to trust this app it’s not a joke not like other apps I promise thank you eshopkits

- I only just realised that this app existed. So far so good!

I loaded up the app so I could track my deliveries and then realised I had heaps of purchases which I could have tracked previously. It’s always nice to have notifications of where your deliveries are. I like it so far and think I’ll definitely be keeping it. It has so much information on your deliveries including an itemised menu of what is coming, not just the sellers information. I like it!

- Coconut Bowls, Utensils Cups and Straws

I recommend any or ALL of these items if you care about our planet and our world. The bowls are great for breakfasts, snacks or just eating yoghurt or ice cream. The cups are ooh sooo lovely to drink from. I have made a great set for the car and travels. Also I have renewed my picnic set, with all this wonderful and sustainable items. Comments we receive are both complimentary and encouraging for the environment. Go well CB’s you are amazing.

- This app needs a search section

So I only downloaded this app so I can track my order. So I started exploring the app and wanted to see if they had a certain thing I was after, but there is no way of searching for it and it’s very annoying, you only get to look at recommended items. Plus the fact that the app really wants to look though your emails I am glad they don’t enforce that and give you an option to Sign In with Apple instead.

- App opened my phone to scammers

since I installed this app and bought through it I have had scammer text messages daily. The first 2 specifically were phishing using the fact that I had a delivery coming. This company needs to check their backend safety. My phone number is now wrecked w trash coming in constantly. I have since deleted my phone number from the app (which it will text you delivery info on - not worth it) and I recommend not using the app. The store didn’t even say they would look into my complaint. It was all run by bot with no care. Poor. Something has gone wrong. Watch out. It could happen to you too…

- No security, no support for consumer

Following a complaint of theft/fraud, without delivery of goods paid for, I engaged the app’s “support” to no avail and two poor responses. Risk Support Advisor did not answer questions posed, did not investigate, did not escalate despite direct requests. Referred me to my payment method institution. Referred to Privacy Policy as protection for seller. Reference made to Shop / Shopify as ‘The Shopping Centre’ and when asked what would warrant a serious matter or breach of policy to investigate further, ignored the question. Using the analogy of a Shopping Centre, if a crime has occurred the Centre support investigations with security, CCTV footage and wanting to create a safe environment for shoppers. With that in mind, Shop/Shopify cannot guarantee the same in a digital platform, offer no insurance or recourse. Ignored when asked what would constitute a serious breach of their policies (ie. Theft, Fraud, Breach of Contract, Data Security). Did not take matter seriously. DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM. DISAPPOINTING. NO SECURITY. NO ‘SUPPORT’.

- Extremely well done

Very clean design and works really well. It has features that are also really good. When an item is in transit you can track it and get the precise location of where it is. There are also features that allow you to shop from the app and you can get recommendations on what to buy next! Extremely helpful app.

- Scam

Buyers be were, they don’t seem vet the companies they are letting use this service and no way to communicate this with them. It’s a terrible portal and waste of time. I dealing with this company telling they are out of stock when there website tells its in stock and they inform me they are refunding me. This is the reason they haven’t sent out my items on time. They tried to call me but won’t send and email until I emailed them asking “what’s going on with my order” only to receive more phone calls with no voices messages. I thinking they are scamming me and they are using this tracking service to do it.

- Best Meat

Most probably the best quality Wagyu in Australia and definitely in Western Australia. There is Wagyu and then there is Futari Wagyu. You may think you have eaten Wagyu before but I’ll bet you it’s probably not to this level. The live stock are cared for expertly and once processed the meat is handled, packaged and delivered in a professional manner. The team at Futari know their stuff and their product is an entirely respectful continuation of the traditional Wagyu breed. おめでとう ( Omedetō )

- Amazing service

Whilst l had to wait some weeks to receive my delivery during this Covid-19 disaster, when it did arrive, the driver was such a nice guy with a very happy attitude and who couldn’t have been kinder. After unloading the 2 boxes onto the verandah he insisted on carrying them into the house for me which l really appreciated given they were quite heavy. Thank you for your wonderful service! 👏👏👏

- Amazing tracking and purchase app

If you want a trustworthy shipment tracking app, this is the one! It works fast and even has little animations for when a delivery arrives haha. It also automatically adds any shipments purchased through their payment system and makes the shipment carbon neutral, how awesome! Overall amazing app, would highly recommend.

- Overall good app - recommend

This app is definitely helpful to track multiple orders and packages; especially if you order the item you are buying through the ‘shop’ payment method on some websites… There have been times where the app hasn’t tracked certain packages, although overall it has really helped and streamlined my online shopping addiction!

- Stupid people

Surprising to see how many idiots that are giving this app a 1 star review even though their problem is to do with the place they actually bought their item. Shop literally doesn’t have anything to do with what comes! This app is simply just an app to help you track your items and that’s it. Smh

- Well-worth having..

Have used SHOP on two occasions to track items I have purchased, online. SHOP has allowed me to see my order in real time and has also provided me with details that have assured me my order is progressing within a reasonable time frame. Do yourself a favour, and use SHOP for all of your online, retail transactions.

- Does not work as advertised

After downloading the app and providing it with all necessary permissions, the Shop (Arrive) app did not automatically scan through and identify tracking numbers from my emails. I had to manually input the data which detracted significantly from the supposed convenience the app is meant to provide.

- Such a useful app!

I love having all of my expected deliveries (and returns) all in one place. It’s save so much time logging into different sites or searching for emails. So convenient that you can head straight to shop front and re-order products again through past purchases.

- Alright I guess, but two issues

1. Not always up to date, I had a package come about 20 minutes before the app said it came 2. My current order says in the app that it’s being processed late at night instead of now, (mid day). The package I ordered is being shipped from my local area and in the same time zone, even the courier’s website is in the right Timezone but for some stupid reason it says it’s processed at 10pm instead of 12pm (lunch).

- Latency with notifications

I don’t understand what the use case is for this app if the notifications are not triggered in a timely manner. For example, every time I’m expecting a package Aust Post (or other shipping carrier) will notify me of the stage of shipment and subsequently when it’s successfully delivered immediately soon after. Yet with Shop, there is a always a delay of 30 min - 1 hour from the event. It appears on the surface that this app is merely unnecessary middleware. Can this be improved with subsequent iterations?

- Fantastic!

Possibly the most useful app I have on my phone, really this is an awesome app, track all your parcels, integrated in shopify, what more could you ask for oh maybe the fact that it also supports the environment if you pay with shop pay! Seriously well done with this one

- I’m kinda confused and disappointed at this point

My parcel is in 50 places at once, the app stated it was in a truck and being driven to me, yet the map says it’s delayed and stuck in a different part of the country, and it said the package would arrive today yet it wasn’t in sight, utterly just disappointed 😔😢

- Great app but doesn’t have enough carriers listed

I enjoy using this app as it provides me with tracking info without having to sift through all my emails. Downside is that it doesn’t have some carriers such as eShopWorld, which is a pretty large global company. This means I can’t track all my parcels via the app :(

- Very slow

Great to keep track of deliveries but it’s not even close to real time. I get updates around 8-12 hours later than just visiting the courier or postal services website. I’ve had things updated as being ‘package sent’ by the time it was delivered in the first place. I’ve always had to manually mark the package is delivered. I only for the app to track a package from a store linked to it however now it’s been delivered the app itself is fairly useless.

- Pilates stick kit

Unreliable company who does not look after their clients but more than willing to take the money. I do not recommend anyone to purchase online using this company. Believe me, I placed my order since 14 February 2020 and it is now May. Poor poor poor service. Do not purchase anything from PinkLives.

- Amazing service

I love this service, so easy to just click the shop button on a website, it remembers your details and you don’t have to add them in for each website and then all your orders from all different websites can be tracked in the app. Great product!

- Get logged out everytime I leave the app

Everytime I exit the app, I got back to it and I have been logged out. No option to log back in, when I go “sign in with email” I have to verify my account every single time if I want to check the app. Was working fine until the last update. Now anytime I leave the app, I’m logged out. Pointless even having it at the moment as o have to keep logging in all the time. This needs to be fixed otherwise I’m deleting the app and won’t be using arrive for anything

- Shop

Useless as the Shop app wants to make you shop the way that suits the app. I don’t use my google email or Apple log on to shop. First order placed with cheese company was easily added and link to Shop was sent . My second order with a florist cannot be added. This app is a waste of time.

- Great. Peace of mind. Verification needs fixing in app.

Great app to have peace of mind and organisation of when roughly to collect items from town in the post office as we don't get deliveries here. One issue is I cannot put the verification number in as it doesn't allow my keyboard to come up!? Not my iphone, it's the app.

- Does the job

Probably the best app for tracking orders. It takes less than a minute to set up and is very easy to use. I used it to track packages across multiple things like eBay and online shopping websites. Overall great app and definitely recommend.

- Great experience from start to finish

I usually have nothing but complaints when it comes to delivery and post, but this experience with FedEx and this tracker app was professional from start to end - the app was clear and timely in its notifications; I would even say it was fun!

- Tracking numbers

It shows you tracking numbers but it doesn’t tell you who’s it from half the time, it’s really hard to keep track of what’s what. You have to go look at your emails and find the tracking number to know where something is. Also you have to mark it as delivered yourself instead of it knowing that’s it’s been picked up like Australia post.

- So convenient

This app makes tracking your orders so convenient, I no longer have to search through my emails to find the tracking information for individual orders. It’s so handy to just be able to find all your orders in one click 💗

- Good but not always accurate

While this is a decent app, the tracking of packages is not always accurate or reflecting where the package currently is. This happens quite a bit with a number of postal agencies world wide. Whether this is from the app itself or from those other agencies I can’t say, but it’s certainly the one thing that’s preventing me from giving it a higher star rating.

- Doesn’t handle multiple accounts

You only seem able to add one shop account at a time. I have multiple accounts, and shop doesn't let you combine them, or track more than one. I get constant notifications that something has shipped but then I go to open the app and it’s like sorry you can’t track stuff under another address - an address I can’t add to my account because it’s ready used by other accounts, which I can’t add because it can only do one at a time!!!!!!!!

- Does not keep in sync with delivery status

I had a delivery from Sydney where it was tracked by Arrive and Australia Post. Unfortunately Arrive was not synced with the delivery status and I was notified the the delivery was completed from Australia Post long before Arrive could tell me. Maybe Arrive, you need to arrange better monitoring of the tracking of your items as i don’t think your clients are getting their money’s worth here. I’ll stick to Australia Post... sorry Arrive

- 'SEARCH' still nonfunctional after all these versions

Version 2.44.0: As per all previous versions, and as helpfully reported in all previous reviews, there is STILL no 'SEARCH' function, despite there being a tab labelled 'SEARCH'. This app should not exist. Either finally make it useful and valuable to shoppers, or delete it. And, again, please fix the inexplicably inaccurate tracking map problem with strange spelling errors somehow introduced into location names (leading to customer-shocking geolocation errors in transit route), despite the online order tracking page and the postal service's tracking page both having the correct spelling and location. Also, the complete HTML product description is not retrieved from merchant's product pages. For example, tables are ignored and skipped.

- Totally useless

Was strongly encouraged to use this app when it was still called Arrive to track an order I placed online. 5 days after placing the order the status in the app still said ‘order placed awaiting dispatch’ - the wording may have slightly varied but the meaning is 100% correct. My order got delivered 2hrs later, which I personally received, and about an hour after that I got a notification from the app that the order had been delivered. I fed back to the company I purchased from how utterly useless the app was & how badly it reflected in them. I’ll cut the developer a break - the app is only as good as the information it contains, therefore it is totally reliant on the courier or source company to update it. In my case neither bothered rendering the app useless. A total waste of my time downloading and setting up.

- Not working for me.

Two local items added automatically when I downloaded app. I don’t have a gmail account .. why do you assume everyone in the world does? After several days I manually entered five items from eBay tracking information. A sixth one wouldn’t load as eBay’s Global Shipping Program is not recognised. All say ‘waiting for details’. Details appear on eBay tracking but not here. This was supposed to amalgamate all my tracking into one app. It does not provide this service.

Payoneer 💰

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- pretty neat stuff

love this for the hip and happenin’ drops! really hoping one day they do a sick deal with WB to get some ltd edition HP merch, that would be magical

- Privacy risk and poor user interface without a gmail account

If you do NOT want privacy and enjoy letting these guys read the contents of your private emails, this is the app for you! Very rarely do I see an app that wants access to scan the personal contents of your email account (this app wants your gmail account, and all the other email accounts your gmail account is linked to, they really don’t want another email address, and will keep nagging you for gmail until you give it). Don’t have a gmail account? Expect limited functionality. My advice: READ what personal information this app wants access to, and remember that data breaches in private corporations happen every day. Don’t believe them when they say they “protect” your data ... hackers have no such self-imposed restrictions. Also, the app is very poor at making your order accessible (unless it’s on gmail) for updates, so despite all the inflated ratings here, I urge you to examine this app critically and not to belief the hype. Deleting! ***UPDATE: Given the answer of the Developer, I am even MORE convinced this app is BAD NEWS. The Developer just acknowledged limited functionality without a gmail account, and told me we should accept their “assurances” that our private emails will not be read because they’re “filtered”, and they only read emails with certain keywords linking them to shipping details? Really? So we should make ALL the contents of our emails available to you guys, and trust you won’t read them because you PROMISE you won’t? And what about your disgruntled employees and anonymous hackers who tap into this vast amount of data ... will you promise they’ll be honourable too? If anyone reading this doesn’t remember the Equifax hack, where millions of personal credit files were hacked, or the numerous hacks on other shopping sites, dating sites, etc., and you trust these guys to protect your privacy, then you really DO need to have your head examined. They may be well-intentioned, but they are simply INCAPABLE of making these kinds of guarantees. I am also not sure that the federal and provincial privacy commissioners would be on board with the amount to data this developer requests access to, in order to use an allegedly TINY portion of that data for tracking packages. I will refer this issue to them. And lastly, I STILL do not believe many of these inflated, glowing ratings on this app are genuine. I can’t prove it, but I just have a hunch these ratings are padded. The critical ratings are very specific and detailed, whereas the glowing ratings are nebulous “I love it!”’ or “Best app ever!” types of comments. Colour me VERY sceptical.

- Perfect app!

They are with you every step of the way with notifications. Very convenient if you want to monitor your delivery service.

- Good Start

This app has a lot of potential. It has a pleasant UI and works quite well. The bad: It would be nice to have a way to uncheck deliveries as I have hit the big button marked delivered by accident and there is no way to revert this that I know of. Also some deliveries do not show up even though I’ve received a notification saying they have been shipped.

- Don’t want to use my Google account...

Opened up the app, and it asks me to log in with Google. I don’t use my Google account and don’t want to connect it to the app, but I don’t see a way of bypassing that...

- Needs a few things...

Great app, except for: 1. Needs native iPad Support and macOS support (M1). 2. Once you decline syncing with your email accounts (such as: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook), it keeps bugging you every few days to sync your email accounts. This is very annoying. 3. Needs some user-first privacy focused features.

- Works fine, but the latest update...

I’ve been using Arrive for the better part of a year and it’s been pretty great. However, the UI was recently redesigned - not for the better, I’m afraid. The main screen lists the deliveries but doesn’t have any update or location information; in order to see any of that you need to drill down on each one. Otherwise, all you see is “waiting for details” or “on its way”, which pretty much tells me nothing. It’s also very bulky considering how little information is actually displayed - a “compact” version would be better IMO. I also wish there was a way to get more status update notifications, rather than just the delivery notification. At the very least an “out for delivery” notification would be nice, just so I know to keep a lookout for the truck.

- One thing

I just wish it would notify you more often and if it actually told you the contents of the package

- Hum not sure

Keep crashing and only use google e-mail

- Never received an order that was marked as shipped

Never received an order that was marked as shipped. This was pre COVID-19. Then I contacted the vendor who told me the order hadn’t been shipped. Then he disappeared. I still don’t have the product. This is a completely useless, pointless app.

- Not useful

FedEx tracking shows me all the details from the last week. Arrive shows my order but says it hasn’t received any tracking info. Useless and is being deleted.

- Trash

App is trash, says my package is in transit for 3 weeks but hasn’t moved. Says it’s somewhere in California. I messaged the supplier and they said it’s in Canada. App doesn’t help one bit

- Unable to track my package.

I’m disappointed that it’s been over two months since I ordered my product. This app tells me I should be able to track my order. However, no matter how hard I’ve tried to figure it out it doesn’t track my order so I have no idea where my order is. Even if it took a year at least I would know where my package was.

- Disappointing

The app never told me no updates didn’t tell me it was already delivered it still says it’s in transit, I had to market as the Delivered then did a little confetti like it was the one that announced it been delivered I was the one that had to tell the app

- App was much better when it was “Arrive”

I’ve had numerous problems since the app change over , hardly gives any details for tracking info anymore , no visual update for map area (where you pkg is located), notifications only occur when it’s been delivered now, no ETA’s on items , basically your only benefit to this is you have your tracking number handy , so you can go back to Amazon to check the status on your pkg, seems redundant to me.... Wouldn’t download this app anymore , back when it was “arrive” , it was amazing ! I’m never one to trash software in reviews , but when you had gold before and are now given lead, that doesn’t jive with me. If any developers are reading this, please restore the format that was there before, it was fantastic ! Thx

- Getting worse and worse

This app used to be good before it was bought out. Now it feels like one big advert and shopping tracking app. Many packages I order come from out of country and then change couriers but now apparently I can't update or change the courier to Canada post. Shipping updates barely refresh and I find myself linking into the courier site more and more. Some purchases don't register as being the same item and when trying to update or delete them they just show sales or invoice information not the actual shipping/ tracking info. I gave 2 stars because I am using it to centralize incoming items but as a tracking app I'm Less and less impressed to the point I might just delete it.

- Not accurate

I purchased clothing from a store back in March. It’s now October snd they still haven’t arrived. The app says they were delivered, but fails to provide an order from the supplier. The supplier email attached to the app doesn’t even let me email them to ask questions. I have yet to see what this app has even done. My second purchase from a supplier has been pending for 2 weeks.

- Company’s can scam you

Hopesea scammed me and Shop couldn’t help me. No tracking was provided and when I complained they told me to contact the seller, when I wanted a refund after 2 months waited for my item I bought to be tracked let alone shop up I was told to contact the company I bought it from. The company I bought it from generates emails that say to be patient and wait. Refusing to refund me because my item is on route. But without a tracking number that’s actually legitimate then that can’t be proven.

- No idea

It would be nice to know what some of my packages are. You have a tracking number with no details on anything.. how are we suppose to know what it is?

- Where’s the tracking?

I see the order. Where’s the package now?

- I Hate Your New App

I do not like this new app. It is not user friendly, I can’t find anything anymore. My tracking number is gone. I can’t find the link I used to go to to see the status of my shipments. It’s complete trash. Please go ba k to the original app. If I could rate this app with a -1000 I would Piece. of. Garbage.

- Updates and notifications

Since the move from Arive to Shop updated tracking information has been slower or not at all compared to the official delivery service app notifications. Also, I no longer receive push notifications even though all notifications are turned on. Please fix.

- Total lack of accuracy

See title

- Why!?

Why did you have to take a perfectly great tracking app and add a bunch of bloat onto it? Arrive did not get better it got bloated.

- Disappointing update

Let me start by saying before the change from Arrive to Shop I would have certainly rated this higher. Unfortunately the change has removed some of the basic, and most important imo, features. Things like being able to swipe to mark delivered or archive a delivery, auto detecting when I have a tracking number copied to enter, etc. are pretty basic for an app of this type and was surprised to find they no longer worked for me. I am hopeful the developers will consider putting these features back but in the mean time I’m actually exploring other apps. On the plus side I like the interface/UI and the wide variety of shipping providers available to track. Oh and the new carbon offsetting feature sounds great! Unfortunately removing functionality still means the positives can’t outweigh the negatives for me.

- Shameful

They are associated with a company calling themselves which is a FAKE company!

- Never delivered

This product does not exist....the company is a fraud ...stay away.

- Change the name back!!

The name Arrive was great! The new name sucks. I don’t want an app named “shop” on my phone. Lame!!

- Your app stinks

Zero functionality

- Loved Arrive. Hate Shop.

Hate the new design. I don’t need a shopping app. I just want a good tracking app

- New Update Sucks

This new update is really bad. Changed the entire look of the app. The entire app is now not functioning properly. Orders that were delivered are saying in transit. They no longer have proper images or anything. I am not a fan of this merger or whatever they just did. No longer a fan of this app. Going to move onto a better app.

- This new version isn’t better

I’m very disappointed in this new Shop. Archiving an order is now hidden deep in the app, which is NOT convenient. It was better when you could just slide it. Also, could you show the date it was ordered? That would be very useful.

- Was way more intuitive when it was called Arrive.

Really don’t like the new version

- Loved it, but now I’m confused

I loved the app, efficient, tracking my orders perfectly (and boy I order a lot on Shopify-backed websites!). But now it’s “Shop”?! The previous branding was nicer, made more sense and was good at one thing: tracking deliveries. Whoever decided to rebrand made a mistake, but we’ll see where it goes in the future.

- It was fine until it became a brand

I just wanted a tracking app! It was great. The app grabbed tracking numbers from my email and it was lovely. Simple. Exactly what I signed up for. But now it’s a shopping app with a payment system? What? No. How did we go from tracking packages to this? No thanks. Deleted the app. You’ve overstretched and it’s not a good look.

- Don’t make me download your app!

I can’t stand that you cannot just input your tracking number online to track your package like FedEx, UPS, etc. I shouldn’t have to be forced to use your app to find the tracking the belongs to me! If you give both options my rating would change drastically.

- No.

Nope. Don't like you. Took an app I found useful and ruined it.

- So good

Amazing app synchronizes all my shipments into one easy to use step. Love it!

- The worst

This has been the most useless app I’ve ever had the misfortune if being forced to use to track a flower order. I still don’t know the status, had to email the florist and text the intended surprise recipient to find out the delivery status. Completely useless app. I’d give it zero stars if I could .

- This app doesn’t do anything

For an app called shop. You can’t find anything

- Latest update killed a great app

I loved “arrived” and used it all the time. The new name/update has killed everything good about it. I can’t even tell what’s in the package that’s being tracked anymore, nor can it link me to the email it’s pulling tracking info from. So I just search my emails again. For example, it can tell you something from amazon has shipped, but not what it is. Something the old app could - it used to even link you to the order. Not anymore.

- Love this app

Best tracking app ever!

- Was once great

This app was great when it was just Arrive. They changed the name and added a bunch of useless features (I mean, we don’t need another social media let alone one for only shops). What’s next? Instagram-like stories on this app? Stick to package tracking pls

- Love it

Honestly just a vibe of an app. Nothing beats it for e-commerce🚀🚀

- Fantastic app !

Already shared it with my family , we love the detail and live updates

- Great

Love the app👍👍👍👏👏👏

- Best in Class

It’s a winner App so far.

- Tracking

It should be easier to watch where the pack is between the shipping and the arrival with the location map on the app. Thanks for the delivry! 🙂

- Glitchy currently.

As of right now, it’s glitchy. I’ve never had issues until this month. None of my orders in my email that is connected show up, I’ll add manually and they still don’t show up. Order that have do show up, don’t show tracking information it just says “waiting for detail” for weeks on end despite having information…. I’ve connected the app, I’ve done what they said. At this point, I believe it’s an internal issue with the app not the user.

- Nncesthetics

great tracking system

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UK Top 10 Free Apps - Number 4: Shop: package & order tracker -

laura 🌸🌟

@hayley_lb_ts it links to your email so when you get shipping info emailed to you, it auto adds it!

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UK Top 10 Free Apps - Number 3: Shop: package & order tracker -

Mobile Appz

UK Top 10 Free Apps - Number 9: Shop: package & order tracker -

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"Shop: package & order tracker" is on Top of iTunesUK Free Apps Chart! Description and more -


@TheJasonX Thank you for your purchase, you can track your orders through our app.


The best

Bomerville 💙💙💙

@Silke_78 Oooooooh.... that’s interesting.. I purchased my via

Shop: package & order tracker 2.54.0 Screenshots & Images

Shop: package & order tracker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Shop: package & order tracker iphone images
Shop: package & order tracker iphone images
Shop: package & order tracker iphone images
Shop: package & order tracker iphone images

Shop: package & order tracker (Version 2.54.0) Install & Download

The applications Shop: package & order tracker was published in the category Shopping on 2017-11-16 and was developed by Shopify Inc. [Developer ID: 371294475]. This application file size is 85.46 MB. Shop: package & order tracker - Shopping app posted on 2022-05-02 current version is 2.54.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.jadedlabs.arrive