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Tired of call center calls? Do you want to know who's calling you before you answer the phone? Identify all call center, advertising, health insurance broker, robo- and survey calls. Block individual numbers or all at once. This saves you time for more important things in life.

From now on, use BLOC as data management for numbers of this category. Thus, you spare your personal contact list from call center entries and those you wish to block.

BLOC is supplied with thousands of numbers of these categories. This is far more than competitors currently offer.

Benefit from regular updates containing new entries, which will automatically be identified and blocked optionally.

You don't need Internet access nor to register to use BLOC. Your personal data is encrypted and you remain anonymous.

Have fun with BLOC!

Identify & Block Caller ID - BLOC App Description & Overview

The applications Identify & Block Caller ID - BLOC was published in the category Reference on 2017-04-20 and was developed by Gabriel Hohener. The file size is 6.62 MB. The current version is 1.1.0 and works well on 10.2 and high ios versions.

- Bugfixes

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Marina Edison

Scam!!!  Marina Edison  1 star

Empty App!!!!!!!! I want my money back!!!!


Marketing Robot robot_marketing 3 star

Experts Identify 6 Emerging Influencer #Marketing Trends


cpt. kp piratekp 3 star

@r0h1n: "Spontaneous" lynchings are passé. We're now discussing mobile apps to connect mobs, identify targets & plan attacks …


Beverley Rowe grammy5657 3 star

@donnydooley Do they have cameras on ther dump? Should be easy to identify & charge the idiot!

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