SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint

SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

Develop your creativity through the unique interactive approach of AR drawing, photo editing, and gamification. We have merged AR and AI together to speed up your learning experience and make it more entertaining.

SKETCHAR is for creators and those who have always wanted to create something but never been able to.

Here are the unique features that can only be found on the SKETCHAR app:

1. AUGMENTED REALITY for drawing
Through your smartphone camera, you can see an AR sketch on the surface in front of you. Just take a pencil and follow the virtual lines on the paper step-by-step. This function is also employed by professional artists to scale sketches onto surfaces like walls.

Turn your photos into illustrations with just one tap. Now your smartphone can do the same things that professional artists do when making their art.

3. AR MASKS for Snapchat
Create your own AR mask in a minute using a unique feature. Share it directly to Snapchat.

Train your creativity and other useful skills with an interactive approach in awesome mini-games.

5. COURSES with drawing lessons
Choose your favorite among a variety of step-by-step lessons. You can start with a beginner set or delve deeper into a specific topic to improve your artistic skills, for example, in creating portraits or anime. Learn to draw animals, cartoons, anime, graffiti, and lots of other cool stuff.

6. DRAWING TOOL with a step-by-step guide
If you don't have a paper sheet to try out our main feature, you can practice with the help of a drawing tool. The great thing is that the app provides you with the right tool at every stage when you need it (a pencil, marker, or brush).

7. PLATFORM for sharing
Share your achievements with your friends. A time-lapse video of each of your creative processes is automatically saved in your app profile.
- Find a well-lit environment. Every AR technology requires a sufficiently bright room.
- Remember to use a clipboard, etc., otherwise, your piece of paper will move as you sketch.
- Don't shake your smartphone.
In-app purchases: SketchAR offers three paid auto-renewable subscription options that give you unlimited access to the app's premium content and features.
1 Month Subscription – $14.99 / Month
1 Year Subscription with 3-Day Trial – $69.99 / Year
1 Year Special Offer Subscription – $44.99 / Year
Prices may vary across countries.
Prices are equal to the value that Apple's App Store Matrix determines as the equivalent of the subscription price in USD.

We are always interested in your opinion, so please email us at

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SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- MORE brushes! - Improved AI - Bugfix

SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint Comments & Reviews

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- Love this app! But one thing :/

So I am a really good artist and I’m kinda young too but I thought I needed practice so I decided I would download a app to maybe give me a little more help with some things. And I came across this app! So I downloaded it and found a cool looking lesson so I clicked on it and clicked on AR. I don’t know if you had to buy AR.? But I tried to click on paper and it didn’t work. So I clicked on it like 3 or 4 more times, still nothing. So I tried to click the back arrow, it didn’t work. So I had to exit out the app.. I love this app so much but I would love it even more if I could do AR.. So please!! Fix this glitch! Or just tell me if you have to buy pro to click paper.😂 So please help me out here please ❤️❤️

- Needs Work

This is a really cool idea and I love the idea of being able to upload your own photos and trace them. For me this helped with getting command of the tablet pen because I’m used to Wacom tablets which have more traction under the pen rather than gliding straight across, which made the pen harder for me to handle. I used this to help me gain confidence in drawing circles and lines evenly with this glossy surface. For that it served its purpose alright. But the problem is that, at least as a left handed user, the way the drawing page is set up is frustrating. For instance, I was constantly bumping the back button and would exit the thing I was drawing partway through and not be able to finish it. Also, any time I drew in a horizontal line, the opacity for the tracing paper would increase or decrease when I was trying to make the line. This would constantly pop up no matter what angle I had it at. It was very hard to press in such a way it would not trigger this pop up. This should not be something that can be triggered by the pen at all, only the button on the right side. This was just really frustrating honestly. I did manage to complete a sketch and it was nice. But I just feel like the placement and triggering for things needs to be reconsidered.

- It needs lots of work.

Use this app because I love drawing, but it has a whole lot of issues. Number one where am I supposed to put the Phone, I understand this app is mostly for adults but, I a 12 year old can’t draw with one hand. Number two I can’t draw with my window open, the lights have too be on for the Image to show correctly. Three is I am a kid, I don’t have enough money too pay for Subscription, and All the free stuff is just cartoons and hard detailed stuff. I find that there’s no Medium level free stuff. I understand that You tried hard on this but it’s not that good. Fourth is that it takes a few minutes for it to detect the paper, and I have pretty ok lighting. I’ve tried to draw even on my wall but it doesn’t work because I cannot Hold the paper, I hate that fact. I’ve grown up drawing always holding the paper with one hand so this bugs me a bunch. I got this app yesterday and All these problems and I’ve seen more problems than these, I would be happy if you explained how to use the app more. I haven’t drawn one thing yet because of the angles and my messy one hand drawings. I understand apps like this take quite a long time to perfect but Your app is kinda on the correct level, just going the wrong way. Anyways! thank you for reading this review!

- Ads during drawing time should be taken out

I have this issue every time i use this app. I draw something (mainly anime from my camera roll) and right in the middle of drawing, and ad pops up. After i click no to the ad, guess what happens. It kicks me out and i lost all progress from drawing. I try to do it again and line up the lines, which almost never works properly its always distorted somehow, and it all just happens again. I only get about 2-3 minutes IF THAT of drawing time before i have to restart the whole process. My lighting is perfect, i have a clamp to hold my phone so its positioned right every time, i have lines to hold the page as to not twist the image too much, but this constant ad wall is what’s killing me. If you are going to put ads, put them BEFORE or AFTER the artist is drawing. Its like taking a painters canvas mid piece and asking them if they wanna buy something, and when they shoo you you place the canvas on the ground and leave, making them have to pick it up, reposition it and line themselves back up with their focal point. Other than that the app is great, just slightly unusable for free users.

- Pretty good app but needs work.

I downloaded this app because I am a terrible drawer and I was looking for a way to learn. The app works surprisingly well, but has a few issues. The tracking is very finicky. If you do not hold the phone perfectly still and have near perfect the imagine will jitter all over the page. When using the cross feature, if your shadow touches one of the markers it will also make the image warp all over the page. That means you have to draw at odd angles in order to avoid this. I understand that is an issue with my lighting and not the app, but it shouldn’t happen with such a small amount of shadow. The app is still pretty neat, but is not even close to being worth nearly thirty dollars. Subscriptions don’t interest me, because I would much rather own something and pay for it in full. If the price was lowered to ten dollars for the lifetime ownership that would make up for its drawbacks, but I feel that a 28 dollar app should work flawlessly almost all the time.

- Creative

I love the creativity. Some feedback about it though is the practicality of such a set up. I’m sure the developers are working on it. I have a small gimbal so that I could have my hands free to draw easily, but the distance from the camera to the paper is far so there is obstruction to actually freely draw since I have to look through my iPhone has the viewfinder. Another issue I kept running into is that as soon as I place my hand within the frame to start drawing the focus of the guides are distorted because the camera needs to fully see the frame of the paper. Again the developers probably see the drawback and there are more updates to come from Apple for ARkit to for better detection. Overall I love the idea of this app and I hope that it develops even more! As of right now the simplest way is to literally just draw the outlines of an image yourself. P.s. I also love how the drawing process is step by step so that is very intuitive!

- Great for Quarantine

I found this app last night when I was searching for something to teach me how to draw better. I am thrilled this exists and can’t believe I’ve been on my iPad Pro for five years and never found an app like this. What can I say; it’s like having an art class, except you’re in quarantine. Totally worth the 20 bucks. If you really wanna learn how to draw it’s worth the 20 bucks. If you already know what you’re doing and you understand basic shapes, then it’s not worth the 20 bucks because you can already do that. I am very happy and can’t wait to sit down and draw again today. Now that doesn’t mean this is just for beginners. This app can do a lot more than what I just said and you should probably go read other peoples reviews but for my purposes this is pretty awesome.

- Great app, moneys in the way.

So I downloaded it. Even after reading all the reviews... and I should have listened to them. The dev response person/bot says that animals are free, but they are locked for pro. Even though they say it’s is, it is not. Molang doesn’t exist... nor does grinch. You only get one free lesson. This now brings the question. Why not just charge 5.99$ for the app? No. You must pay 5$ monthly. Great concept! great design! But money has gotten in the way. I still give it a 3 star even after being this disappointed, I mean it promise a few free drawings. But I ended up with only one. So again good job on the app, just money and a bit of greed has gotten in the way sadly. I do hope they respond to this to clear this up. Because they basically lied about what is free and not. Unless you are willing to pay 5$ monthly, I will not recommend this app.

- Seems like a great idea but not dependable

As an artist, I’ve been experimenting with this on and off for a few weeks and it’s a great idea IF you can get some random anchor to be permanently in your drawing. Drawing on anything larger than an A4 is out of the question, as you can’t draw your image b/c you’re too far away for proportion, (fully extended arm and pencil still doesn’t reach) then you get closer to touch your paper and it’s lost anchors and looses everything you just calibrated (as it’s white paper with no anchors). I’ll stick with my projector. It has one purpose, and that is for large scale tracing for murals and that’s it. If you are actually using this to “learn to draw” you probably won’t ever improve. Drawing from scratch builds your skill and the necessarily parts of your brain and hand-trust to draw, this will just keep you in tracer category. Great for kids or using it see mistakes in your drawing.

- Great idea. Needs to be a lot better.

The concept of this app is great and it has a lot of great features. However, it is too easy to just trace and not learn to draw. My biggest issue is that if I spend time coloring and shading but can’t finish in one session, when I come back the colors are super splotchy and all of the coloring/shading has to be redone. I’ve also noticed that they AR feature requires you to be a distance from paper that is not feasible for you to see the screen of your phone and draw at the same time. Lastly, the advertisements for you to pay for a subscription are very in-your-face, too often repeated, and very obnoxious. But if you want to practice “tracing” in a learn-to-draw tutorial and can finish in one session, it is good practice. I don’t think I’ll be paying for the full version anytime soon.

- This is very interesting but...

I’m really trying to like this so I can buy it but I have a few concerns as soon as I tried to use it. I’m on an iPhone XS Max and for some reason I have to hold the phone far away from the paper, and then I’m really reaching for the paper to’s ridiculous that I’m forced into a strange position to be reaching for the paper to draw. When I am drawing my hand interferes with the tracking and it’s tells me it’s lost the paper, this is hard to avoid too. I’m looking forward to see what comes of this app it really is incredible... just need to figure out this distance from the page.

- Game changer

One word... GENIUS. My biggest word of advice is don’t give up, Keep playing around with the app- I was frustrated at first but after a few drawings using the AR technology I was completely sold. It’s something I’ve been trying to do with tracing paper and a computer screen for years. Your brain will need some time since it’s not very natural drawing something you’re not technically looking directly at. Its great for novice artists like myself who need a good start to the pictures they want to recreate on their own. The other features such as lessons are neat as well but after the trial I bought it just for the AR!!

- Awesome app!

Today I just got this app and after I drew one of my own drawings the subscription thing kept popping up whenever I went to draw my own image. I myself don’t want to pay for own image or any of that I just want to draw my own images that I want to. And all of those other people who use it are probably not wanting to spend a lot of money on this app. I’m only 14 and I use drawing apps like this one and it helps me to draw better than ever so if you could work on lowering the money to whatever is possible ( I know y’all need to make money and things) Btw I like this app!!

- Good idea, bad product

I found this and thought it would be great to help learn more about drawing and sketching. Upon opening the app, and realized only a select few things were available for free. After finding something I liked, I attempted to draw it using the AR. The example picture would only be visible when the phone was three feet from the paper. How can you comfortably hold your device that far from the paper and still be able to draw? It was very frustrating for me to try to hold the phone and draw, so I did not get far into the drawing, but the result still wasn’t pretty. I love the idea of the app, I really do, but it needs a lot of work to be down on it before it is really useful.

- Love it needs a bit of work but 5 stars 4 it

Sooooo the ar isn’t the best ever and I know people are like well it’s sketch AR and they have a good Reason but honestly the other components of this app are great I don’t have the pro and I still use this app all the time.I’m just saying The reason why I enjoy this app and would recommend it (in fact I have) and I think that having fun on this app is all that really matters at the end of the day I hope this doesn’t offend anyone have a great day. Thx for taking time to read this sorry for the many misspellings

- A little mad

So the app itself is pretty good but I find it annoying and confusing as to why I can’t view my sketches that I’ve already done. After completing a lesson, the sketch made from that completely disappears.. there’s no way to see it again. Even if I go back to that same lesson, I have to start a new one all over again. Overall decent drawing app but if you love to view your work afterwards, then maybe try a different one.

- I love drawing And coloring different things on this app all types of ways

This app is very useful two people who want to draw in different waysI love this app no matter what people say about it I can do anything I want on this app and this can help me draw and sketch better so I can count on this app and whatever people say that it’s a bad rumor about it just look at this review and you’ll see that this app is not bad it is very good and very helpful to people who want to draw better and sketch betterJust know That you can count on this app

- Having to pay has to go

I see you have to pay for some drawing lessons but it’s all the good ones I can’t learn to draw if I have to pay I might as well use the money on another more useful app your prices are way too high and too many things are labeled pro I would like to use this app without having to pay for items unless it’s limited addition or something of other I will not waste my money on something that’s not even cheap and has almost all the lessons under the subscription I cannot afford this especially during school and focusing on choosing a college I would not be able to pay once I do so please reconsider the amount of lessons that aren’t free

- I like it but I have a problem

I don’t have the money to do a subscription, and a few weeks ago when I started too use the app. And draw, the pop up for asking if u wanted too do a subscription came up. And I would click no and it would kick me out of the drawing session. And I got really annoyed. Cause this app is helping me draw bodies in good proportions. But now that that keeps happening I stopped using it. If there’s a way to fix it I would love that

- Needs work.

The concept for this app is great. I would love to see some of the glitches ironed out. The fact that this only works with 2 paper sizes, in a very brightly lit room, is the first issue. Constantly arranging the phone, pulled very far back, to capture the page begins to wear on you. I do love how you can capture a wall or floor, to draw/paint murals. But the image sometimes shifts, which defeats the purpose. I want to love this app, and can see great use for it. The tutorials are wonderful. Especially if you’re a beginner. I foresee this app becoming better, more stable. So I’m going to stick with it.

- I Hate this app

Y’all this app is sooooo bad I was trying to draw a Zootopia picture for my little sibling and it would not stop asking me to pay to unlock the other things it can do well I did not spend my money on a crappy app and it would not let my off the screen,I had to turn my phone off to get the app off my screen but the worst part is I spent 20min trying to find a app to draw with and I found this but it would not let me use the QR scanner for like 2 seconds!!!!! :( I wish this app would work and I hope y’all read this and understand my point of why NOT TO GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!! “-“ BTW I gave this app a one star bc that’s the lowest I could go😑

- Not what I was hoping for

I love the idea, but I found it very difficult to focus on my screen while trying to sketch on anything larger than a standard piece of paper. I specifically wanted to use this app for photos but found even if I turn the contrast up, it did not pick up the lines well. I tried a second photo to see if it worked better but had to purchase a subscription to do so. I purchased one month to continue “trying out the app”. I have since decided this app does not suit my needs but cannot find a way to cancel my subscription and have not received a response after contacting the company.

- I Love it 😊

I absolutely love this this app I went from a kids coloring book to making my own because of this app! It is so great the only downside to the app is that when you are drawing on paper it takes a while for it to focus on the paper which makes it hard to draw. One of my favorite qualities of the game is the time laps! I strongly suggest you get this app it has changed my life !!!!

- Won’t even allow you to test it out

It takes a little while to pull the photo I want to use from my iPhone 11. It eventually loads the photo and just as I rotate it and size it how I want then the ad for the pro version pops up. As soon as the ad pops up the image disappears and it takes me back to the selection screen asking if I want to take a lesson or create something. I tried three times but every time I position and size an image to my paper the ad pops up and I can’t even test it out. I can’t even test it for five minutes. No way I’m starting a subscription after that experience.

- Eh

It’s a great idea and I get it’s a good class. I’m a 14 year old girl who is trying to draw but I have shaky hand so every two seconds tracking on the paper is lost. And I can’t even trace because when I try once to put my pencil down it gets lost. I don’t know about you but I can’t hold the end of a pencil. I think if it didn’t need to see the paper and just let you trace without any interruption problems. If I had an iPad and a stylist it would work great I’m sure. But just a little buggy on a phone

- Artist are being robbed

This app makes me sick to my stomach. Who ever really drew the pictures on the app is being robbed. Your not really drawing, your tracing. Which means if you sell this is art you make with the app you can go to jail! As an artist, this makes we want to throw up. You should never trace art. You should find your own art style and if you want you could use references. I hate the idea of this app and could I also put in that there is literally nothing you can do for free on this app? There’s on about two free things you can do and the rest is for money.

- Good Concept

This app is a great app but my problem is that it glitches whether I move or not. The first thing you do is to put the crosses on the paper but it glitches every time I put my hand on the paper to draw it. When I finally finish that step, I go to drawing the picture. The paper is fully in the camera and no matter what I do, it says the paper isn’t fully in the camera and so then I have to restart. It constantly freaks out on me and it’s very frustrating.

- No Help at ALL 👎👎👎

In the app store this looks great but when you actually get it it’s horrible. it’s not precise and all the cool drawing have to pay for. i can’t use the AR because it needs the whole paper so i have to stand up on a chair to get it right!!!! honestly i think i’m gonna delete it unless someone makes a change!!!!! 😡😠😡😠!!!!!! i just can’t believe this. i already don’t like this app and i just got it. today!! so if you are about to get this read this !!!!! unless you have really long arms to reach down onto the paper while standing on a chair. soooooooo aaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!! 😤😤😤

- So much to like, so much to dislike

I have tried to use this app to draw on a chalkboard (18x24 inches) which appears best when paper is selected but I would need a giants arms to draw it because the app loses registration when you get close. Coupled with the irritating insistence you pay before you try (ok I paid) and the irritating pigeon which u can’t turn off and the obvious lack of fit and finish - this is a great idea waiting for someone else to make it useful - graffiti paint ...

- beginner lessons sketchAR

i just downloaded this game because it looked like a good drawing lessons app. when i went the beginner lessons it showed me a flower.... well i tapped it & it said draw a big circle so i did and the when it said draw petals it said put the petals in the circle when it got to the end it didn’t have the circle. so that made me mad and i didn’t draw the circle the second time because it didn’t. so pls fix that and that’s all. have a good day.

- Phone placement makes no sense.

You’re expected to hold the phone super close to your face with one hand, since it needs to see the whole paper, not just where I’m drawing. Idk if it allows you to rotate the paper, but I didn’t try due to it being hard enough to hold the position. Being unable to rotate the paper is a problem, since that’s just part of drawing in general. No instructions on how one might try to hold this and draw at the same time. Maybe you’re supposed to buy a tripod of some kind first. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Too physically uncomfortable to be worth it.

- I want to draw da kitties😭😭😭

I want to the cats and I know I can’t spend money on a game and so next update could you plz make it so u can just watch an ad to draw it or it’s completely free so could u plz consider this because I really like cats and my friend won’t give me drawing lessons because she is hanging out with her best friend and I want to be good and the only free thing is the beginner and that is so annoying and I just want to draw the cats so plz consider this update to where it’s all free

- Wow

I downloaded this app because of the YouTuber jazza and I didn’t have nearly as much trouble as him with the tracking but, I am under 16 I don’t have a job so the fact that I don’t have the richest parents that buy me everything means that I couldn’t use this app to do all the cool things everyone else can it would be a higher and shorter rating if there was more unlocked like the anime characters celebrities even the cats are locked it’s ridiculous

- Good concept, bad app

I downloaded this app a couple of days ago and thought it would be amazing since I can’t draw very well, but when I try to use it, 90% of the drawings available a subscription required. Also if you don’t have a steady hand then this is going to be a nightmare. I even tried with a friend holding it and it was still way too hard to draw something so simple. I rated it 3 stars because the idea is very good, but that's it

- I like the concept, but....

I once saw a really good video for this app, great and all, but I was going to get started, and the app crashed on me every time I tried to get started. If you could please look into this problem for me, I’d really appreciate it. I really want to get better at art, and I want to get better, but I am unable. Please fix the problem. Thank you

- Best lessons

These lessons are so good I love how well the teach you I’m having such a good time especially in this pandemic you guys are doing so good I’ve been on sketchar for a little over a year and have faced only a couple of problems like 2-3 anyway it’s amazing the developers are so sweet to even if it’s very hateful they stay positive I love it thank you for this app :)

- Seems promising, but also super buggy

I’m not a great artist when it comes to drawing so an app like this is very appealing to me. I’m using it on an iPad Pro 11” with Apple Pencil and OFTEN when I try to draw or erase, the panel for the tracing outline opacity pops up. I made sure that part of my hand wasn’t pressing the icon for that menu when resting on the iPad. Even if I hold the Apple Pencil with my hand completely off the surface of the iPad, that menu still pops open constantly. The app is unusable in this state, but I’m sure I would love it if they fixed the issue. Fingers crossed.

- It’s meh

I love the idea of it but in practice it just doesn’t work. On a standard piece of paper, I have to hold it extremely far away and if I did even use a tripod, I’d still be too far away from the way the app behaves. Beyond this, I can have the full sheet of paper in the screen and it’ll say it’s not even in a well lit area. It will however pick up my kitchen table but as soon as I move the paper into the frame, it doesn’t work. It has promise, but it really needs fixed so it’s usable.

- Disappointed

This app is good overall, but the thing that bothers me is the pop ups to get pro, I was trying to draw my grandmas dog that passed away for her when this pop up would not let me draw one line without The Screen closing , I am fine with the pop up, it’s the fact that when I press x it closes and goes back to the main screen on the app, also, EVERYTHING costs money, another one of those pay to win games, I am sorry for the creators of this app, it could be better but it’s all about money.

- Great app but I can’t control.

I just downloaded this game last night and it was great I started doing art right now but then I couldn’t control it because I had to hold two things at once the pencil/marker and a pencil. I give it a four-star because I can’t control holding the camera and drawing at the same time so that’s why I’ll give it a four star.

- Something sad :(

So I realllllllllllly love this game! And I’m a young under the age of ten child lol and I spent an HOUR working on a picture.... can you guess what happened? It didn’t save and I got really sad because it was my best drawing on this yet so yeah I’m kinda sad but otherwise!....This app is amazing so I recommend it if your an artist of any age

- I loooove thisssss

You guys need to get this app. It teaches you so much on how to draw like anime and different animals and all kinds of things. That’s the reason I love this app because I wanted to learn how to draw anime for myself and people. So if you want to learn how to draw anime I suggest you get this app. Thank me later✋🏼☝🏼😎

- Can’t even go back to finish a drawing

I thought this app was amazing at first until I wanted to go back to fix some of my drawings and there was no way to go back to them. It only gave me an option to share them, which was absurd and ridiculous. It’s like I’m forced to give up my work once I’m done with them and if I want to see it again, I have to draw them again. I’ve contacted you guys about this problem and it still hasn’t been fixed. I paid the one year subscription fee and I’m mad disappointed.

- Needs to fix bugs.

This app is really cool for me to use in my free time but I don’t like that the app will close by itself when I’m coloring a picture. And when it does close I loose all of my progress and have to start over again and again. I also wish that there were more tools to use to color. And I’ve tried to save my progress so I can color later but I can’t find a save button.

- Someday this will be great

Someone over there decided to release this product way before it was ready. It works like it’s half finished. The developers know all the issues very well and are probably embarrassed that it was released prematurely. The business team got their way and the product went public, and now look at the reviews. That’ll teach you. It should be free for everything until it actually works as advertised. Disappointing, cool idea.

- Good concept needs work

When I read the reviews for this app I didn’t think that it would be this hard to work with. If even the slightest shadow fell on the page it would lose the paper. The video that was provided was VERY different from the actual app. Would you get an app that is “supposedly” there to help but it makes it harder to draw? I hope that this app improves because it was a very good idea.


I try to use the ar version to draw my dog, so I uploaded the photo of my dog y’know and scan the paper and the line sketch shows up so I start to draw but then as soon as I start drawing the pro thing comes up and then when I exit the pro thing the line sketch is gone so I erase where I started and tried again but it kept happening so I couldn’t draw my dog at all! I was so excited till I realized that the ar scan was a pro feature so I got really upset and I do not want pro bc it costs money!! I’m poor not rich!!!!

- Great app

This app has been amazing. It has worked wonderfully and I love it. A couple problems though. The undo button leaves a bit of stuff behind and sometimes completely ruins a small section of my drawings. The other problem is that I think someone hacked into my account and now I can’t login and I lost all my progress because I’m no longer logged in. Please help. I have some drawings that are really important to me on there!

- It’s a very good concept but keeps losing tracking!

The concept of this app is perfect and I love it, but when your in the middle of your drawing an add pops up and then it will lose tracking and you will have to start all over again! It’s very annoying and adds pop up about every 15 seconds, so you can’t really Finnish your drawing unless you buy the pro version.

- Needs a lot of work

I downloaded this app to help me draw, but I can rarely ever do that on this app. When I start drawing it either puts the image at an angle so I have to redo everything all over again, or it will stop me midway and tell me to buy the premium edition when I press the X or slide down the image is gone. I have yet to complete a singular drawing without something ruining it. I am no longer going to use the app, i would return if it gets fixed, or the paid versions don’t pop up mid drawing.

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- Good but forced to pay 😔

They got everything right but one thing. Every time the Premium ads come up when I’m drawing in at I lose the pic that is supposed to guide me so if this is a glitch plz fix it

- I like it but I also don’t!😞

I would have to give this a five for the amazing tutorials but it has dropped down to a 3 because when I do an artwork then accidentally press done it saves it then I can’t get back onto it because I have to have pro and not all kids have the money for that. I also can do any competitions as well because I don’t have pro! Big problems and ruins all the fun!!! I would probably give it a 5 if it didn’t do those things and if the owner wants to make money then put features on it like choosing the challenges and stuff like that pls! To conclude u need to pls pls fix this ASAP then I will give it a 5! Thank you! Don’t disappoint me. 😞

- Why are there adds

It’s amazing but one thing is terrible whenever I try to draw something in the “upload image” a pReMiUm add pops up and I have to start over also why do you need the whole paper of you only want a small amount of it. Everything’s great but that can you please stop that pReMiUm add from popping up because that’s what will make me and a lot of other people stop using this app thanks.

- Good concept but it tested my patience

I started with a simple penguin. Followed the first step to capture the whole paper. When im about to draw a circle, and obviously my hand and pencil is on the paper, the AR just lost track of the circle shape. It distorts, turned small, going left and right, and there’s no way my pencil and hand follow the lines. Cmon! This is actually the whole concept of the app right? The app just ended my interest. Sorry guys but have to fix it first before going to subscriptions stuff. Too much to ask from your customers...

- So cool

This game is so awesome! i love everything about it but i only have one complaint, when ever i go leaning how to draw, say i am drawing a whale, and every time i try to scroll down it won’t work but apart from that i am happy that there are no ads or anything so that’s good.

- Disappointed

I was very eager to try this app and was interested by the idea, however, i was very upset when i couldn’t even get passed the tutorial because the game would crash and take very long to register what i had drawn on my screen and on the odd occasion it picked up my drawings they would be choppy, inaccurate and missing bits. In the end i lost patience with the app and didn’t even get to take part in the experience of ar drawing.

- 🤦‍♀️

This app is so hard to work with! When I draw with the AR it keeps moving making it impossible to use. You could have used the camera feature and then just slapped a drawing on there so that it DOESN'T MOVE. Please fix this, and when you do, I will download it again.

- Why???

I think this app could be great BUT there’s one problem: why do you have to show the WHOLE piece of paper to draw something? I’ve been finding this very annoying- I can’t draw anything without having to bring my iPad far away, and then I can’t really draw. I don’t really care about the size- so could you please add an option to remove tracking?

- Amazing but...

This app has a good concept and can be very amazing BUT the app is very laggy, it kicks me out sometimes and picks up circles. Just needs more work but love it so far!

- Sounds great in theory, but lacking in reality.

This is exactly what I was looking for, but once purchased it has not lived up to my expectations. If the app was upgraded with a simple ‘lock’ function it would make all the difference. Once I have my image in place I can’t lock it in, so then when I move the phone it loses the tracking, which makes the app essentially useless. Plus you throw in the fact that it is a subscription based rather expensive app. Super frustrating. Just tried to go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab in the settings and it doesn’t work. I’d like a refund please.

- Unable to trial app without payment :-(

What kind of app launches and asks for money, before you can even see if you like it? This one. And no way am I paying up front without a free trial. Or at least being able to preview the app, see if it is right for me. It might be a wonderful app. But seriously - hitting on users for money up front is a no go. And a poor way of introducing people to your app. What if I paid, and the app was not for me? Could I get a refund? Many apps require “register before viewing” (which I also don’t like) - but very few ask you to “pay before viewing.”

- Useless

I found this app useless. It’s stuck in landscape mode and you have to try to hold your phone in one hand and draw with the other hand. And I would have even tried that if it was at least portrait oriented. So a complete waste of time and money for me. Highly disappointing.

- Real Good but

The app would kick me out mid drawing something, and still needs improving on. The app needs a save button. In all really good!

- Amazing bbbbbuuutttttt not at the same time

It really good app but you need money to most art the creator of this app make more free art work like dogs and self Portrait

- Hi

This app is good But it won’t let me draw in AR which is really annoying I guess I wish that the app was more accessible to people that have iPads

- Good but some bugs

Can’t not get into my progress without my last drawing popping up and not letting me exit the drawing

- Crashes during “Personalising”

Tried it three times in a row. Same result. Selecting right handed, beginner, portraits and figures, allow notifications. On iPad Pro 9.7 running 14.3. Would love to be able to rate it higher but wow, no. Also, the pro level is crazy expensive...

- It’s just Trash..

I mean this app it’s not doing anything for me all I’m doing is tracing something like what am I meant to do like fix it also it keeps glitching and that circle thingy pops up on my screen mostly like

- Bugs

I was almost finishing my drawing, and your app kick me out and all of the hard work just gone. Please fix it.

- Picks up other circles in artwork

Amazing idea and works well most of the time. When drawing artwork with circles in it (eyes, wheels, nostrils etc) however, it picks these up and makes further drawing impossible. Frustrating to get half way through a portrait when the app picks up the circle eyes and repositions the sample image incorrectly.

- Hmmm

Looks like a great app. Kept on encouraging me to go pro (which is very annoying as I couldn’t try it properly) so I finally did. Tried to go pro, can’t even get the login to work properly. Is very frustrating.

- ok I Guess

it helps me draw with the steps but the camera doesn't even work witch is The whole point of the app

- It’s not a bad app

When I got this app I want on the paper but it did not wanted to work I try to go off and back on but I couldn’t work. I give it one star it is cool.

- What?

I don’t know why people are complaining about it picking up circles.. it won’t even pick up the piece of paper to start the drawing! Cool concept but doesn’t work yet

- Doesn’t work.

It didn’t register my page unfortunately.

- Why

I don’t understand why my finished work is nothing it’s just a coulple of lines WHY! This game would be awesome

- Fantastic

Excellent teaching

- Crashes on iPhone 11 while in ar

Crashes on iPhone 11 while in ar

- Does not work

I can’t do ar

- Amazing concept

Plsssss fix bugs. Always looks for circles and then crashes :(

- Good idea, bad product

The overall idea of this app is amazing, however it takes forever for the camera to pick up the crosses and when it does the sample image is always shaky and causes me to stuff up. A lot of touching up for the developers to make this into a good app.

- The best

Absolutely amazing. Helped me with cage outlines and proportions, then let me fill in the rest. Made me discover a new style for myself and restored my love of art.

- Good idea, just doesn’t work

Does pick up paper, crosses and can’t place image correctly in the one place continuously. Can’t even use their own images. Wouldn’t recommend until unproven :(

- Awesome

Love the idea of the app. It's going to save me so much time in rescaling my Art.

- Great but doesn't save

Its's a really good app. It has lots of brushes, drawings, and one of the AR animals isn't premium. But there is one big problem. It does not save progress. I made an account and worked for hours on end to draw some things. I had to do a software update so i offloaded it. I couldn't re-downloaded it (since my ipad is bad) so i thought "well i have an account, it will save" so i deleted it. I re-downloaded it immediately after and logged in to my account. None of my progress was saved. Even though i have an account. I had about 50 drawings, none of which was saved If you want people to like the app, you have to fix it. I wanted premium and would have gotten it, but now there is no point.

- Doesn’t work

The whole idea is great but it A: doesn’t work with lined paper B: will often not identify the circles that I’ve drawn C: When I go to draw something it can’t identify the circles

- Can't get it to work :(

Seems like such a cool idea, but it just won't work. Seems to detect the dots, but no images are being overlayed.

- Update it plz

Dudes come on I just updated the app and I still can't keep the image still

- Rubbish

Worth zero stars really. Would not work no matter what I tried. Pity because it's an excellent idea.

- Needs work

Need to be able to get in closer for detail.

- Nope

Just nope. Won't work. Won't hold still for more than 2 seconds



- Fun

Super good

- Uncomfortable to use Tutorial required

I think what’s needed is tutorial on how to set up holding the camera relative to your piece of paper. Maybe some stills or better yet a video (YouTube?) of somebody setting up before drawing. To draw on an A4 piece of paper I have to hold the camera quite close to my face to fit the whole piece on the screen. It’s not easy to comfortably draw in this position.

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- Hello

Looks like an awesome app but I cannot draw it crashes out of app whenever I try to draw

- Waw

You wanna learn how to draw faces or objects? Nope! You are literally just gonna learn how to draw a penguin with a heart in its hand. If you want to draw something else, you have to pay. Well, i’ll be honest here, the price for the pro version is pretty cheap. I will not give it a try tough because I don’t really have 7$ CAN to spend right now because I thought I could draw a bit more things before having to pay... 😕

- Pretty cool and bug free

Unlike many of the reviews which seemed to have issues, my experience was seamless and I thought the paper detection and position tracking features worked really well. Your hand tends to get tired, so you really need to set up some kind of rig to keep your phone in place. I made one (somewhat) quickly out of two wire hangers that supported my phone at an angle. This app would be really cool with AR glasses like Magic Leap.

- Not working

This app doesn’t work it tells me to show the whole page and I am and it still doesn’t work I was hoping to be able to use the app but unfortunately it doesn’t work at all!!!!!

- I love this app it’s the best!!!

If u wanna get great at drawing ??Whell then get this!!

- Whack

Not practical

- Why i hate it

it keeps asking if u wanna get pro then ruins the hole fing its a waist a time

- why WHY! ?

I want to draw but every time I tap the draw button it drops me to iOS Home Screen ... at least I could save (most) of my drawings and I really enjoyed the lessons while I could ... so PLEASE fix it!

- Doesn’t work consistently

This app was great the very first time I used it. But all subsequent attempts to us it have failed. About 10 seconds into drawing, the AR overlay is interrupted with an advertisement. When I dismiss the advertisement the overlay disappears again and I have to restart the entire process. I can never get past the first 10 seconds of usage. I would not pay money for this as it is un usable after the first successful attempt.

- Trial is a frustrating joke

They keep interrupting you every 3 seconds to buy buy buy buy buy. And then it is impossible to delete!

- Good hit problems

Love the app. Have used it a lot but recently I haven’t been able to load the app to use. I have deleted it twice and redownload it to see if it works.

- Hi

I love this but I got a Apple Pencil and when ever I draw it kicks me out can u pls fix it

- Horrible.

Anytime you try to draw it try’s to find the paper. If you put your hand on it to draw, it’s diagonal. There is also an add that pops up every 30 seconds. Do not buy.

- Great App but very Ineffective

If you want to try drawing something of your own and use the “Create” feature, without having a premium account you’re bombarded with these continuous pop-ups that disrupt your drawing. Moreover, if you exit this pop up your whole drawing is lost and it takes you back to the main page. The pop-up was enough for people who don’t have premium!

- pretty garbage

it keeps crashing. haven’t gotten to use it.

- It’s the worst

you have to pay to do an artwork unless it’s a progress thing and you have to hold your iPad up the hole time >:(

- Nice

So far it’s really helping

- Issues

This app is great but for some reason it wont scan the paper and Ive been using a sketchbook and the image keeps on vanishing and it also freezes when i can the function from paper to floor

- A bit glitchy but otherwise good

I’m saying it’s only a bit glitchy because when using the sketch AR it says it keeps loosing track sometimes. Although I’ve found using the AR is a lot easier to use in the morning because it’s mainly later in the day it keeps loosing track. Other than that it’s a good app.

- I can’t even use the app

After I chose right handed the app says I have to choose 3 categories but the app is stuck on that page and I cannot press the arrow. I’ve tried restarting the app like 10 times

- Not practical

Asks me to show whole the paper but nothing happens and all the time scans for whole paper👎🏻

- Hard to use, doesn't deliver

I spent several hours trying to figure out how to use the app for what I wanted, with no success. There's no intro/orientation, and the how-to videos (once you find them in the "settings" section are basically useless and don't even cover all the app features). This app promises a LOT and doesn't deliver in a way you can use. Of all the annoying things, main problem with the app is that when tracing from one of your own images, the image doesn't lock into place once you've done resizing it (this may happen with in-app images too, I don't know). I don't mean that it doesn't lock to the paper, eith AR, though that'd be nice. It doesn't even lock in the phone screen - the image/overlay sort of pulses and moves around even when you're not touching the phone or paper. From googling it, apparently it's supposed to set in place if you tap the screen but that didn't work for me. Infuriating. Don't waste your money- there are several other apps I've found that do what this one promises (easy-to-use AR tracing of your own photos) for WAY less $.

- Cash Grab

Wanna draw a German shepherd NOPE YOU PAY FOR IT this app sucks

- bfnfnf

It’s fun and all but I spend about five minutes trying to capture the page but it still doesn’t work!!

- I mean

This app is not bad no not at all but it seems unfair to pay 66 dollar to be able to draw more than the 3/4 of the stuff of the app like i wanted to draw people not a square or a kawaii pinguin i learned that years ago

- Black screen

When I tried doing the camera option it just had a black screen so I deleted the app

- Ugh

I thought this would be amazing, but in reality it’s not. You have to pay to do something actually cool. And the camera doesn’t even work

- Help

Hello, I am using an IPod touch (6) The app works perfectly until I select the Draw With AR button, then the whole app freezes! I can still use the app but I cannot use the AR feature, please help me! Thank you, SketchAR user P.S: If you know how to help say it as a reply to this review please.

- Ar

You can’t even learn to draw you learn to waste your time fixing the ar Edit: Okay now that you’ve seen my response it’s because I showed the whole piece of paper and it didn’t register it as paper it was the only white thing thé can could see the art is so bad

- Disappointed

I thought I was going to get a good free app, instead I got an app you have you pay for, all you learn how to draw is a penguin with a heart, it was very glitchy, do not recommend if your not an absolutely beginner artist

- The app is nice but..

I just don’t feel it was the most helpful in teaching me how to draw like, faces, hands, feet, (etc) And I’m not very happy that I have to pay for more pictures, but other than that it’s a nice app and I don’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon

- Good app

This app has been great for helping me learn to draw and showing step by step how to get to a beautifully sketched final product. The only thing is the image projected on the screen can be shaky and it has crashed repeatedly while drawing.

- Bug

When I click on (show in AR) the app bug and stop working.

- I like this app😃

This app is free but if you want all the drawings you have to pay every month.But there is a free trial for a can draw different people and it is vary fun!😃

- Problème...

10/10 pour le concept, mais il faut vraiment retravailler ces points au plus vite... Point à retravaillés: - On doit tenir parfaitement notre cellulaire (et ça à une main) autrement le dessin part à chaque 2 secondes. - À cause du point précédent, on est obligé de dessiner à une seule main...ce qui n’est vraiment pas pratique. - Vos pubs de premiums apparaisses littéralement à chaque 30 secondes. - Ont ne voit pas toutes les marques de crayons

- Good


- Good game

I am Korean so I came to app to draw BTS character ! Good app !

- Lagging

Tried to use the AR function and it just didn’t let me use it and when I try to draw it lags and kicks me out

- Horrible App

Huge disappointment. Please save yourself the money. I just wasted 6.49. Now wasting my time going to settings to subscriptions to be sure I cancel any further purchases. I wish that I could have promoted a great product to fellow artists. I will once I find one; this IS NOT it. To creators - please don’t delete my comment unless willing to remedy the failures of this app. I’ll simply keep posting my review until I’m refunded or I receive adequate support. It doesn’t trace my iPhone pics!

- Je vous met 0 étoile

Quand je dessine l’image de mon dessin bouge. J’ai une publicité en plein milieux de mon dessin. L’image au quelle je choisi quand je veut dessiner ne peut même pas être complète 🤬

- Bad

Every thing requires pro version

- The AR option won’t work.

When I get the option draw with AR and try to press Paper it will not let me press it.

- Décevant 😑😕😡

Sa coûte de l’argent pis j’en ai pas en plus sa coûte trop chère ! J’aimerais que sa soie gratuite 😑😒

- Can’t even draw!

I can’t even draw on my piece of paper using the outline! I can’t put my hand on the paper bc it’ll just say “page lost”. It’s really annoying.


All you can draw is a penguin and U can’t even do that because it’s to stupid to even be abele to find my paper. THIS APP SUCKS DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT 🙏🏼🤮💀🤮

- Well

This app was frustrating because I could only draw off a pic without buying anything

- Not good

This app is not good at all the picture doesn’t stay on the paper I honestly don’t like it

- Easy things to fix

I truly believe this app should have a way to save projects and work on them later. Or a way to re edit a finished work. A way to take it from the gallery back to the projects file. I have multiple times accidentally pressed the back button which forced me to stop the drawing in total. At the very least have two buttons for confirmation. That’s it really, I just want to be able to re edit my work and not accidentally “finish” my art pieces. On that note, don’t have two buttons on the same page that force you to leave ur product, as I was drawing I always end up pressing the small back button on the bottom left corner. It’s rather annoying. Other then that it’s a great app, even it’s free version have many options for you to have a taste of what it holds.

- Not so good

The AR feature can barely detect the paper, it’s really hard to draw so overall not so good.

- A.R sucks

When I put my hand down to draw what they want, it just goes away

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SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint 7.3.7 Screenshots & Images

SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint iphone images
SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint iphone images
SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint iphone images
SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint iphone images
SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint iphone images
SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint iphone images
SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint iphone images
SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint iphone images

SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint (Version 7.3.7) Install & Download

The applications SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2017-04-17 and was developed by SketchAR [Developer ID: 1221482821]. This application file size is 144.88 MB. SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint - Graphics & Design app posted on 2021-05-10 current version is 7.3.7 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: tech.sketchar.ios

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