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Build, discover, craft and survive.

Build your settlement in a snowy encampment and manage workers and resource to survive monster attacks during nights. Slowly you will gain access to advanced buildings and crafting options, discover and trade with new civilizations and discover the secrets of the ancients.


> Build your own settlement and manage the in-depth simulation
> Survive dangerous monsters and harsh weather
> Beautiful snowy landscape with minimalist aesthetics
> Discover something new with every passing day
> Game Center leaderboards and achievements

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands App Description & Overview

The applications The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands was published in the category Games on 2018-03-07 and was developed by Xigma Games. The file size is 287.89 MB. The current version is 1.0.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Optimised for older devices
Improved performance
Improved loading time.

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The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands Reviews


Great game.  Smuglymicweed  5 star

Really good game. Just needs more stuff todo. Hope there is an update soon.


Excelent game  DigitalBlack  4 star

I love games that evolve, this is definitely one of them. Very linear but captivating and rewarding. The two biggest flaws are that I wish I had more detail into traits of the workers so I could find efficiencies. The other is...I want the game to keep going! It ended far too soon.


Fun, but cost doesn't portray the game fully.  chil3nopulento  3 star

I feel this game is pretty enjoyable. You can progress steadily making the right choices, but at a certain point it's just getting more recources and not dying. You're not discovering anything new. And it's pretty early on in my opinion. I have not completed the entire game, but from what I've seen so far I believe that it shouldn't cost as much as it does. I hope there will be many updates to come. My favorite part of this game is the atmosphere and finding out what villager should do what and even it all out to create a steady flow of recourses with minimal casualties as well. Speaking of casualties, I believe there shouldn't be such a strong flow of monsters. Your village can't grow in population because your villagers keep dying by constant monsters that get larger in number and strength. You also lose the equipment that your guards have upon death, which then you have to use MORE resources AND give up certain jobs for villagers that'd be helpful and then just send them to their deaths instead. I do think it's a good game, not great. But it'd be better if the cost was lowered.

Sssssssssssssssuper person

No real replay ability  Sssssssssssssssuper person  4 star

I really liked this game for the first 2-3 hours, then when I tried replaying it. It just got boring.

Halo's Legend

5 star game easy  Halo's Legend  5 star

Original game with great art style and game play. I would love to see more content for this game!


One of my favorite iOS games.  SleepingRabbit  5 star

Hands down my favorite IOS game of the year. At its core it’s a resource management game with a lot in common with “the dark room”. If you enjoyed that game you will love this one.


Good but could be better  Diem00001  4 star

The number and icon for material is too small and the font color (white) blends in with the background, making it almost impossible to read. Please update to fix this problem. Thank you.


Great game, very short  JxCor10  4 star

For $4 the game is kind of a rip-off. I finished this game within 2 days of getting it and beating the final boss was easy. I loved the style and the thought put into the game, however it was very fast and it felt at times it was getting a little repetitive. Every night I would be attacked by those weird dungeon dog creature things and I would have to restart the day. Then I would fortify my defenses, a lot, and then only one wolf would come. I think the story should be a bit longer and add some crafting things to do with meteor shards and gems, and whatnot. All in all it was a good game that I recommend you get, it was very addictive(I can say because I beat it in 2 days) and challenging at times.


Great game! Please add more to do after the end game  Desilou2002  5 star

I thought the game was great, bought it about a month (around when it was released) or so ago and beat it within a few hours, I really enjoyed the time that I spent upgrading the village and (spoiler) fighting the big boss at the end. But after that, I thought there would be more, maybe another land to go to our a possibility to expand my village even more. By there wasn’t, I've waited this long to leave a review hoping their would be more added. However, there hasn’t been since the last time I beat it, I got bored and upgraded the titan to 30 armor and weapon levels thinking it would be fun. Naturally it was, but after that I got very bored with it. Maybe add more things to do? Examples like traveling to new lands instead of just trading with them, add secret loot or maps leading to treasure or something into the caves instead of just simple loot that I could easily get from my villagers. All and all, a 10/10 game, I would love to see the developers do more with this! I’m sure many other people feel the same way I do.


Great game but somewhat short  CoffeeAJoeJoe  5 star

Great game once you get the hang of it. I only wish they’d add more for you to do after beating it.


I loved it but only a slight problem  TomBomb900  4 star

I loved the game these types of games are my favourite building up your little tribe. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Only one major problem. It’s just not long enough the game finishes way to quickly. I’d love for an upgrade system where you can upgrade buildings and you can have higher ranked people for certain jobs through an individual xp system. But overall I enjoyed it slightly disappointed due to how much I paid for it and how short it is but keep making lots of big updates and you’ll have an amazing game

Sir Wolfiepegs

Too short to pay  Sir Wolfiepegs  2 star

This game is way too short to charge for it! Has left me feeling a bit ripped off tbh. Great concept but shouldn’t be able to finish it within a week. If this was bought from eb games instead of App Store I would have a refund.


Potentially great game ruined by bugs  *Ahria*  2 star

Really good graphics, audio & atmosphere but unforgivably buggy in regards to the recording of resources. When i defeat a huge spider at night & then skin it, obviously my Skin count should increase by 1, but it doesn't, which means there's no point playing.


Good, but that’s it?  Daisydukedude  3 star

It is a beautiful game and quite addictive but it just ends. Like I was expecting to build a kingdom, like it said but it’s no more than a village. I hope if there is an update we can continue to expand to a kingdom or something, cause it ended so abruptly I didn’t feel like I achieved much or felt for filled


Great game just one thing to add  Brado905  5 star

It’s so good and I would recommend it to anyone but I just thought of a cool update where you can change up your guy please add it thx so much.


Amazing game keep it up  frankstergodzilla  5 star

This game is so much fun and has so much to do in it and highly recommend playing it but I’ve been unlucky and werewolf’s keep attacking and just wipe out my dudes even though they have steel armour and a spear and they’re gaurds so the werewolf’s are my biggest problem so far but still an amazing game.


Charming and addictive but falls short  sinee89  3 star

This game is really beautiful but just doesn’t quite make it to being a really good game. It’s somehow calming with just enough death and challenge to keep you a little on edge so it doesn’t become boring. The gameplay escalates nicely, adding more things to do and craft as you start to get comfortable but the UI doesn’t grow with the gameplay. The buttons start overwhelming the screen very quickly making it difficult to actually see what’s going on and do what you want to do. The combat is average but is simple and goes with the vibe so I’m not mad at it. The greatest shortfall however is that just as you start to get a rhythm going the game just ends. There’s a stupidly easy boss fight and then you’re just done. It feels like the game wasn’t finished. You end abruptly without any sense of accomplishment or closure. Overall only slightly regret spending the money. With some more effort it could be a really good game.


It’s no Kingdom  Disco_Box  3 star

It’s a simple game that tries to best Kingdom. Save your money and get Kingdom instead.

Len Jing

3star  Len Jing  3 star

Villagers cannot rest manually , when I wanna guard the town during the night they are almost all in very tired and exhausted state. Also switching multi equipments is a PITA.


Simple, yet masterful  ozcybergod  5 star

This little gem is incredible. From the very basics of the games mechanics, it works. The graphics are brilliant, the goals achievable and best yet, it doesn't have ads or continual pop ups demanding your dollar. The game is relaxing, almost to the point of forgetting just how long you have been playing. You have choices which will have a major bearing on whether you get through to the next night. I discovered about 8 days in the ability to equip your people. Then the game really opens up, especially when it comes to the nightly slaughter. Don't worry, it isn't overly graphic. If you are after a good, honest no ad no pay to play game, that you could experiment with and genuinely replay able, then yes spend the money and buy this game.


It’s iight  BandNerd225  3 star

It’s a pretty straight forward game. I love the atmosphere (the graphics, music, and mood) of it and the “build your own village” concept. It’s fun. That’s my favorite qualities in a video game and it hit the nail on the head. It falls flat because I paid for this game and beat it on my second or third attempt, in maybe a few hours. This mostly because the story is not as grand as it should for a paid game.


It’s okay...  alej15pr  3 star

If it had been longer and included more crafting, buildings, and story I would’ve rated it 5 stars, but since I beat it the same day I got it I can’t rate this higher than 3 stars. I consider my money wasted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Stop Complaining  Tham77x  5 star

This game is all around pretty solid. The reviewers saying their villagers die too fast and the game gets boring. Can’t understand what a survival game is meant to be. At times it’s hard and repetitive but the point is to push through all that to complete the game and feel a greater sense of satisfaction. However, there are some bugs that could be fixed fairly easily through updates. One of these bugs is that sometimes “Exhausted villagers went to sleep” scrolls across the screen the entire night and I have to wait until morning to get useful information about my scouts.


Short  lionsnaps  4 star

I loved this game but after building everything there was no point of getting resources. Then after killing the final boss their was nothing else to do. It was about 3 hours of gameplay.

sumo moon

Yeah man.  sumo moon  4 star

I really enjoyed your game. I kinda wish there were other elements involved. Such as more government of the city and interaction with the world. I beat the game. Maybe make it a little longer too? Awesome though. Really fun.


Great Game - Hoping for An Expansion  Vergs  5 star

Beautiful graphics, sound effects, and music. It ended up being shorter than I expected and there’s little replay value once you get to the end. I hope you all expand the game. True to this genre, a “restart” in a different land with some resources in the bank to reward you for completing the main quest would go a long way towards enhancing replay.

How to make this game better  4 star

You need to make this game multiplayer and also fix the attacking game system then it would be cool it would make the game have more thing to bye


A good start  PennImmunoPhDRunner  4 star

This game starts well and maintains itself through the first ~75% quite well. I would have liked to see more development though. The endgame feels entirely slapped on in order to get the app out the door just when a higher order of gameplay feels like a more organic development. Pros: Cons: Simplicity. Too short Beautiful design. Disjointed endgame Natural development. Rushed ending If it were free - or even $1.99, I would be very happy, but the extra buck or two purchased no additional enjoyment. I’d love to see this game patched for a longer gameplay.

Anointed One

Too short  Anointed One  3 star

Games to short but has potential if it was longer


Question?  Madisoncalliefornia  5 star

So after I release the titan and defeat the dragon thing, is that really the end of the game? Is there nothing else to build?


Interesting app  AyatollahRockandRolla  5 star

It’s basically A Dark Room with graphics, but it’s good, and a great example of not cluttering an app with tutorials and instructions

Daemon (Cro)

Poor interface prevents the game from being actually enjoyed  Daemon (Cro)  2 star

This is an awesome game, but severely hindered by poor interface controls. So much so that the game becomes unplayable. At the start of the game the options what you as a player can do are simple, and simple interface allows you to handle the tasks. However, just an hour or two into the game the complexity of the game becomes too much for the simplistic interface to handle. At one point you have a time limited thing to do — when a Scout returns home you have a little bit of time to organise a raid party. But to convert multiple workers into warriors requires about 20 taps per worker (select worker, change job, find that worker in the new job role, replace all the gear on that worker one by one...). The game simply lacks the interface to execute ideas and objectives you as a player need to do.


Short game  labjac  1 star

Why do they let you pay for a game that will keep you busy for one day?

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