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Ariana Grande has released her very own emoji keyboard, and it’s iconic. ARIMOJI gives you exclusive access to Ariana emojis, stickers, and GIFs for every m00d. The keyboard includes an iMessage extension so you can easily use ARIMOJIs as stickers. Greedy for more? New ARIMOJIs are added all the time. Get texting, and send that hood love / good love to everyone you know.

ARIMOJI by Ariana Grande App Description & Overview

The applications ARIMOJI by Ariana Grande was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-10-17 and was developed by Bkstg Inc.. The file size is 8.83 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

The ARIMOJI keyboard has a new look! Now you’ll have your most used ARIMOJIs right at your fingertips in the MY FAVES tab and a NEW section to highlight the latest designs. So keep an eye out for brand new ARIMOJIs.

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ARIMOJI by Ariana Grande Reviews


I looove arimoji🤠  Andrew9807  5 star

I love Ariana so much and Arimoji is really fun and I love using it, but i hope they add some new emojis🖤


IT IS ARIANA!  GoodReview👍🏻  5 star

Ofc I like it! IT IS HER! My dream come true! I love it 1000/5!

Your Fellow Arinator

I love this app!!!  Your Fellow Arinator  5 star

This app is amazing and I am a huge and proud fan of Ariana Grande!!! It has live arimojis,still ones,GIF!!! It doesn’t stick everywhere u want it to like it shows it the picture it just sends like a message just Incase u were wondering!! Over all I love this app and there are so many emotions and if u love Ariana this is the app for u!!! I don’t regret buying this app and if ur thinking about getting it.... BUY IT U WONT REGRET IT!!! 🥰🥰🌙


I LOVE  jerms2258  5 star

There so cute I’m in love lol

Somebody 😸

⚠️Great app BUT⚠️  Somebody 😸  1 star

It's really cool app, i'm so in love with every single arimoji, but i would like to have these symbols " ♡☾" in keyboard with letters and not as arimoji (picture- when you send it on wa or viber) . Please make it happen, it would be so useful, special and most important of all- 1.99$ worth it. AND normal keyboard is superslow and glitchy. *UPDATE!!!*

qween of roses

Love it but...(^◇^)  qween of roses  4 star

I am such an Arianator and was so happy when this app but I wish there were more emojis and updates and also have it more organized or at least make a recents section because we are paying $1.99 for this app and it is the only quality app on the App Store. Thanks for reading and hope you make some of my and others suggestions for this app!! 💖😝😍😄


I’m obsessed  sadielane123  5 star

I think this app is amazing I can express all my feelings I’m so obsessed!! I’ve been an a fan of Ariana grande for a while. Her music is just amazing I would love to meet Ariana one day 😻💋♥️


I use it everyday  yikessierra  5 star

If your a ari fan get this bc it has all of your everyday moods it so perfect


So cute, so sassy, Love!!  Elise808  5 star

So cute, so sassy, Love it! Wish there were moving gif versions too!💕

Scarlett in San Antonio

Love it!!!  Scarlett in San Antonio  5 star

Personally love this app, and love Ariana more. This brings a special add on to your keyboard. That makes it pop

hayley cooper

ARIMOJI is the best  hayley cooper  5 star

ARIMOJI is such a great app and should totally buy it it’s worth your money

Clarinda Grima

Love it 💕  Clarinda Grima  5 star

I’m such a big Arinator and I love this app so much it’s such a cute app and all my friends think they emojis are cute Recommend to definitely get ❤️❤️

ariana grande puglove fan

Amazing!!❤️👏  ariana grande puglove fan  5 star

I got the app yesterday and it is super I recommend it to everyone!! 💖👍

ariana grande fan💜

amazing!! 💜  ariana grande fan💜  5 star

theres so many different options!!! i love ariana grande so much and this app was just amazing for me! i highly recommend this app! i wish there were more!! this app is worth the payment it is the best!


plcnetlvst on instagram  squishyfries  5 star

honestly, i’m just getting this app near 2019, but the stickers are literally the cutest so whatever


Please god  allilarkham1  5 star

Give us a Thank U, Next update ASAP 🙏🏻


I LOVE IT😍  milly_the_unicorn  5 star

This app is so worth it. There are no glitches or anything. And it also looks so cute when you use it in your messages. Keep it up because I love it!


Best app everrrrrr  solocherry55  5 star

Best frickin app ever I recommend I have been a fan of ariana forever and I have had this app for a while now and I love it sm

keisha roy

amazing!! ☁️  keisha roy  5 star

this app literally has the cutest icons to use for messaging!! i’m so in love with it and really happy you can download the images! i always use it when texting people! would recommend if you love ariana grande!!


Amazing  Arianators💕👌  5 star

So so so so so so cute!!!! I die every time oml. The Arimojis are adorable and so cute and hq.


In love  gennidolan  5 star

I’m literally in love! Just everything already about her makes it 10 times better and when u get this I feel like u have a better idea of what she is like. Love u ARIMOJI


I love it  jensjsnssha  5 star

Pretty app


SKINNTyyy  djnance  5 star

been a fan since her Victorious days and i LOVE her and this app does her justice!


LOVE HER!  Nicolettahere😝😝😝😝  5 star

I loved ariana since I was three years old and I always will. She's my life. My heart. My soul. I love you so much Ariana I wnat describe it.💗


SO CUTE!!  Ndnsjaksbzks  5 star

Ariana had out did herself once again!! I’m obsessed with these emojis😛❤️ Love her forever


I love this sooooooo much!!!!  beffcakes  5 star

I love this because I am obsessed with Ariana!!! Thx for making this!! I use it like everyday and I can’t stop using it!!! I’m obsessed with it and Ariana!!!!!thx again❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

yasss kwen

I love  yasss kwen  5 star

This aplicaciones beautiful simple i love it


ARIMOJI ❤️  briiiiiidaddy  5 star

I love them she is so gorgeous 😍🖤


Love it  Mill-kah-lee  5 star

These are so cute 😍 im obesssed. I hope they add more soon 👌


Obsessed!!!  C-h-u-c-k-y!  5 star

I’ve been an Arianator since 2010 so I was 10 years old. I love her music, her makeup, her perfumes, her beauty, and this app!!! I recently had trouble with it for a while back when I went to a concert and deleted my apps for more storage (including arimoji). And when I downloaded it again the arimoji keyboard wouldn’t work at all when I would text people but now I figured it out how to fix that in settings. If any of y’all are having the same problem, go to keyboards and push the allow full access button and it’ll work again. I just had that button off the whole time and I didn’t know :P. And yeah I love Ariana so much she’s an angelic goddess and the app is SO much fun!!! ❤️

ciara 👼🏻

AriMoji.  ciara 👼🏻  4 star

this app is amazing!! it’s well worth the money and if your a true arinator you’d get it!! it has a wide variety of gifs aswell. I’m not a bot, I just wanted to give my honest opinion after the “rate this app” popped up. 🖇👼🏻


Great but...  Fionnnnolllllaa  4 star

Amazing app but it should be able to be used on snapchat or instagram 💞


Great and clever game  •åriånå4łifė•  5 star

I really recommend this game it’s so cool bc u can use the cute pics of ari as wallpapers and as emojis!!! Like if u got it!

Appstoreuser (:

Arimoji  Appstoreuser (:  5 star

Love this app ! The money worth it :) But I wish I could use it for Snapchat,Instagram and Facebook but it’s cool and I love it!!!

ig analyzer fan

ARIMOJI  ig analyzer fan  5 star

I wish you could use it on snap or insta but other than that it’s the best I love it x


Love  MaebhRyan  4 star

I love it so much but I wish it could be used on Snapchat or Instagram or WhatsApp so that o can get my full money’s worth out of it. Thank you!


sooo cute  ciana0606  5 star

im writing this on the keyboard rn like so cute but wish you could have it as like an actual emoji <3

Ari ☁︎

Love it so much  Ari ☁︎  5 star

I love it so much they are all so cute and I love the animated and real gifs I love Ari sm ❤️

mark o sullivan

Arimoji review  mark o sullivan  5 star



In love  Moonlghtqueenviainsta  5 star

I absolutely adore this app and ariana

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