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Ariana Grande has released her very own emoji keyboard, and it’s iconic. ARIMOJI gives you exclusive access to Ariana emojis, stickers, and GIFs for every m00d. The keyboard includes an iMessage extension so you can easily use ARIMOJIs as stickers. Greedy for more? New ARIMOJIs are added all the time. Get texting, and send that hood love / good love to everyone you know.

ARIMOJI by Ariana Grande App Description & Overview

The applications ARIMOJI by Ariana Grande was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-10-17 and was developed by Bkstg Inc.. The file size is 8.83 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

The ARIMOJI keyboard has a new look! Now you’ll have your most used ARIMOJIs right at your fingertips in the MY FAVES tab and a NEW section to highlight the latest designs. So keep an eye out for brand new ARIMOJIs.

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ARIMOJI by Ariana Grande Reviews


Love it!  MochaKnee  4 star

I love these emojis, just wish they would add some more often so I give it 4 stars.

#ava love

🖤🖤🖤  #ava love  5 star

Best app ever I love this app because I am a huge fan of Ariana!!! It is also definitely worth the price! And I think all Ariana fans NEED to get this app!


OMG ITS AMAZING  Brae_Cat  5 star

I've been an Ariananatior for as long as I can remember I'm 9 yrs old and this is awesome

Lawhen 🙂

Very good  Lawhen 🙂  5 star

Soooooo cuteeeeeeee I love it


I love ARIMOJI, but  oofshae  4 star

We NEED new thank u next ARIMOJIs! If we had more this would be totally 5 stars

michelle leger

I WANNA USE THEM ON SNAPCHAT!  michelle leger  5 star

Love me some arianna emojis but would love it even more if I could use them on Snapchat. Please make my small dreams come true 😘

i hate jackpot magic

Love this (make Ariana grade air pods :O) best idea right Ariana  i hate jackpot magic  5 star

This is the best app ever I hope one day ari sees this and will send every body who has this app free ari pods (I wish)


Some Ideas For Improvement  Nati.A  4 star

I completely LOVE this app! but for $1.99 i think that there should be some improvements. one that i thought of is this, : with arimoji you should be able to make your own arimoji (that looks like you) and get to interact with other people and ari! just an idea, maybe we’ll see this update soon? xx


Great App  iosuser1297😌  5 star

This app has Ariana Grande stickers, GIFs, and a link to her BKSTG. The variety of emojis is amazing. She keeps the app updated and adds more Arimojis. There is a keyboard you can use in the messages app. I highly recommend this to Ariana fans and I love this app.

tell a review baby

❤️  tell a review baby  5 star

I love this!! I have been a fan of Ariana grande for so long, they have cute emojis of her! I use them all the freaking time 😁

ariana grande puglove fan

Amazing!!❤️👏  ariana grande puglove fan  5 star

I got the app yesterday and it is super I recommend it to everyone!! 💖👍

ariana grande fan💜

amazing!! 💜  ariana grande fan💜  5 star

theres so many different options!!! i love ariana grande so much and this app was just amazing for me! i highly recommend this app! i wish there were more!! this app is worth the payment it is the best!


plcnetlvst on instagram  squishyfries  5 star

honestly, i’m just getting this app near 2019, but the stickers are literally the cutest so whatever


Please god  allilarkham1  5 star

Give us a Thank U, Next update ASAP 🙏🏻


I LOVE IT😍  milly_the_unicorn  5 star

This app is so worth it. There are no glitches or anything. And it also looks so cute when you use it in your messages. Keep it up because I love it!


Best app everrrrrr  solocherry55  5 star

Best frickin app ever I recommend I have been a fan of ariana forever and I have had this app for a while now and I love it sm

keisha roy

amazing!! ☁️  keisha roy  5 star

this app literally has the cutest icons to use for messaging!! i’m so in love with it and really happy you can download the images! i always use it when texting people! would recommend if you love ariana grande!!


Amazing  Arianators💕👌  5 star

So so so so so so cute!!!! I die every time oml. The Arimojis are adorable and so cute and hq.

benji mazzone

ARIMOJI  benji mazzone  5 star

Best thing ever


I ADORE THIS  twilightgrandes  5 star

This app is honestly the best if you are a fan of Ariana! There are sooooo many emojis! I cannot recommend enough 💛

Rainbow Cookieees

Needs More  Rainbow Cookieees  4 star

Love this App use these emojis , would like these to be bigger and not teeny tiny also add more emojis maybe make this app more like other avatar apps like Biemoji etc


Best app ever  The_Ariana_Lover  5 star

I love it nothing negative to say!!!

Had eel

My fav 💕💕  Had eel  5 star

I love Ariana so FKNG much and these emojis is blessing, I use them almost everyday😭😍🙈


Awesome!!!  Hubertso20  4 star

Of course we love these Ariana emojis and there is an arimoji for literally anything except laughing which is what I mostly use and I want to see more expressions and more often updates to get more arimojis!

Turn girl

an intellectual 😍  Turn girl  5 star

i use them with my friends and we love them soooo much, they make us laugh and honestly toulouse in a crown is the cutest thing to ever live on this earth. it was worth it y’all!

Yolo potter

ARIMOJI  Yolo potter  5 star

This is such a cool app I use it all the time. This app is perfect for any Arianna fan 😊


Doesn’t work  jean9856  1 star

I have the iPhone X and it doesn’t work on my keyboard.

Cheza Taylor

best app ever💧☁️☔️  Cheza Taylor  5 star

I love this app bc all of the emojis are my moods and I’m a HUGE ariana fan!! So what’s better than Ariana Grande emojis?!?!✨

kahlen sweetener

ARIMOJI  kahlen sweetener  5 star

honestly overall i absolutely love the app!! definitely worth the $1.99 ! it’s really fun to use when you’re texting your friends and your family and it’s also really fun to use the gifs and arimojis!! i absolutely love ariana and the app and can’t wait for future arimojis to come!!! 💓

Avryal 😈

I could use these EVERYDAY  Avryal 😈  5 star

I love this app (not just because ariana) but I love the cartoons and how many of them relate to everyday things and also her life as well. I did have a few design ideas I thought would be cool like •H2GKMO •her is the brown (yeezy?) sweater with the brown boots •a light bulb or her holding a light for tlic •her giaw paint •the new merch! •Toulouse with a rainbow over his eye like ntltc •her and Nicki! •her and pete •maybe her ring 🙈💍 •her sitting on stairs like the raindrops snippet •have some fans make a few of them! also I did see a comment in here about the trending ones, I do agree that it shouldn’t be there ? But again I like to see what people are using so yeah! that’s all my suggestions and I hope you take them because I would use ALL of them


Great and clever game  •åriånå4łifė•  5 star

I really recommend this game it’s so cool bc u can use the cute pics of ari as wallpapers and as emojis!!! Like if u got it!

Appstoreuser (:

Arimoji  Appstoreuser (:  5 star

Love this app ! The money worth it :) But I wish I could use it for Snapchat,Instagram and Facebook but it’s cool and I love it!!!

ig analyzer fan

ARIMOJI  ig analyzer fan  5 star

I wish you could use it on snap or insta but other than that it’s the best I love it x


Love  MaebhRyan  4 star

I love it so much but I wish it could be used on Snapchat or Instagram or WhatsApp so that o can get my full money’s worth out of it. Thank you!


sooo cute  ciana0606  5 star

im writing this on the keyboard rn like so cute but wish you could have it as like an actual emoji <3

Ari ☁︎

Love it so much  Ari ☁︎  5 star

I love it so much they are all so cute and I love the animated and real gifs I love Ari sm ❤️

mark o sullivan

Arimoji review  mark o sullivan  5 star



In love  Moonlghtqueenviainsta  5 star

I absolutely adore this app and ariana


So cute but....  Saoirsekn  4 star

I love them sooo much but I could use them for stickers on Snapchat and insta stories


THIS SAVED 2017  ariolaisqueen23  5 star

this app saved 2017 . weaves have been snatched . we are all shooketh . ariola truly has blessed us all . THEY ARE SO CUTE . ARI BETTER ADD CHRISTMAS AND HALLOWEEN ARIMOJIS.

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