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Master the trampoline with Frontflips, Backflips, Gainers, Layouts, Jumps and Bounces on your backyard, gym or circus trampolines and train to be the Master of Trampoline!

With a custom physics engine and animated Ragdoll Physics, Flip Master is the most dynamic and entertaining Trampoline experience ever created! Defy the laws of physics and prove yourself worthy!

Download Flip Master NOW and get:


Pick your location! A Backyard, Gym, a Competitive trampoline, Crazy Circus and Trampoline Park with multiple trampolines!


Unlock dangerous and spectacular skills! Backflips, Frontflips, Gainers and 10 more tricks at the palm of your hand!


Power-up Frenzy! A huge amount of power-ups to choose from! Select the medicine ball or the Foam Cube and get the jumping party started! Even More - go to a gold rush with the Coin Rain power-up and much more!


Choose, upgrade and customize your characters. Jump as an athlete and reach amazing heights! Every character has their own unique physics!


Record your best moves and funniest falls! Show the World who dominates the Trampoline!


This game does not require internet connection and can be played offline.

Flip Master App Description & Overview

The applications Flip Master was published in the category Games on 2017-08-29 and was developed by Miniclip.com. The file size is 216.40 MB. The current version is 1.7.14 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Become a VIP Member and unlock amazing content and get awesome daily rewards!!
- Bug fixes and general improvements

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Flip Master Reviews

Trick die

Just an idea  Trick die  4 star

Make a mode that does not give you any coins but lets you be immortal.

Cupcake rainbow heart

To be Honest.....  Cupcake rainbow heart  5 star

I LOVE this game because there is some much to do with the powerup’s, the tricks and the other stuff, BUT......... tbh I really like making them fail a whole lot. Lite making jump really high and then making them try to land the splits lol


Awesome  skylight_gamer😛  5 star

I am in love with the game flip master. This game is Awesome and fun. It keeps you distracted when you really need to. I would totally recommend this game to people. And i think that everyone should get this game. I love it and i think you would love it too. I am a hard person to empress but this game blew my mind on how it was so addicting.


It’s ok  tsggvbhjdf  3 star

Y’all should make it to where if you stick a landing on the mat you get points


Stop that bug  scarthestat🌈⚡️✨  5 star

It keeped on freezing so I deleted the game then got it again and I trued it then five minutes later it exited me out of the game and I did not even press anything so if u could stop the bug for everyone that would be amazing!! Thank you!


Bugs  DestinyDestroyer  5 star

This one will be short. I just have a few things to say. You guys/miniclip are making a really good game. It is just very glitchy when your character gets really good in upgrades. Please next update fix the bugs. Thank you. Keep making a great game!


A problem  smolpotato129  3 star

It’s a fun and nice game but it’s glitchy when your offline and when you first start it says “ovoid Landing on your head and stomach” but I can land on my stomach I don’t know if this is just happening to me or other people but I think it’s something you need to get fixed now I his might look like a really small review but that’s it so byeeeee


Buggy  bugmandude  5 star

Needs more


One thing needs to be fixed  Geckodancer9  5 star

Big Dave can not do the relaxed properly. When I do it for him all he does is start to glitch. It would be nice is if in a future update they fix it :/ but otherwise I am absolutely obsessed with this game and one little mistake will not ruin it for me so I would give it 4 and a half but it let me so I’m only giving it a 4


Best flipper ever  FinesseGawd85👍  5 star

This game is super SUPER addictive!! I literally play it EVERYDAY since I downloaded it! It’s really easy to play and incredibly fun!!! If you haven’t played it..... PLAY IT!!!!


Good game, lots of ads  dancing_gal04  4 star

This is one of the best games on my device. It is fun, addictive and awesome 👌🏻. However, as fun as this game is, be alert that there are so many ads. Every two or so game it will have an "ad break." Super annoying when I just want to play a good game. But other than that, I would highly recommend this game to anyone.

The duhhhffghiygbjky

WHY DID I LOSE MY STUFF!  The duhhhffghiygbjky  1 star

So I’ve had vip for a long time, and I decided that I shouldn’t spend more than $100 on it. But when I canceled vip, I LOST ALL OF MY VIP STUFF, you’d think after spending that much money you’d be able to keep your stuff but nope.


Game review  Fosscat  3 star

I think this game is awesome and I think it should be up for 56 place off best rate and good downloads because it's that good lol I hope it's updated soon lol


Please do not show me adds  deL04  5 star



Update!!!  boboiithebuikder  5 star

Love the game but bring in more locations and charictars


FORCED ADS!  Cbcahc  1 star



Stingy game  egon4166  1 star

This is the worst game I have ever played. You start with no coins and there is little to no instructions. Don’t waste your time.

ever last 😜😜😜

Excellent  ever last 😜😜😜  5 star

Love the beautiful characters and love the daily spin ,its a very good game for everyone .


Too many ads  64redMustang  2 star

Enjoyable game but adverts every 2nd or 3rd jump are very annoying. Launch a special ability then spend most of the timer watching ads.

David Reardon

I used to like it?  David Reardon  5 star

I like it still but it gets boring.P.S still waiting for a ground flipper well you should do something like that for FREE!!.thx Billy

Masqued Dreamer

Great game until update  Masqued Dreamer  2 star

Was a great game despite the constant ads every few games, but at least you could close out the ads. Now since I've updated it the game is glitchy, freezes up my phone, and the ads are intrusive. You try to mute or close and it pops up in a web browser. Very annoying. Wish I didn't update it.


Why it's fun  Zacbennett06  4 star

Really fun game when no wifi


Good but gets boring fast  Gravityisweak  3 star

This is a fun time waster but gets very repetitive quickly. The ads are a little much too. The power ups cost 300 or so coins and when i tested them they only got me about 150 coins extra before they ran out. Not worth it. Also transferring trampolines should give a big bonus. Instead you get 20 points and risk crashing. No thanks. This is a decent game but much too simple for now. Asking us to pay 8 bucks a week for vip is absurd. I would pay 8 bucks once, to unlock everything but that's about it.

App reviewer02

hi  App reviewer02  4 star

love the game ; lots of ad breaks


Flip Master is AWESOME!💖  Hello111111111111111111111111  5 star

I love this game so much! It is so much fun! I play it every day. It is very addictive!❤️

MeAn Uh

Needs improvement  MeAn Uh  4 star

I’m not trying to hate on you guys but on the spins I don’t get new flips and I only have the three main characters in flip diving and it needs to be easier on the spin because i never get the ninja old dude T. rex and the others so please just make it easier

All I need is Episode and food

Love it  All I need is Episode and food  5 star

My favorite game on my iPad, I get hooked all the time. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😊😊😊


Ads!!!!!  Dienatag  1 star

This game was okay until I updated it and now every 5th game I have to watch an ad. This is a great tactic for any app designer to get people to uninstall.


I am Upset  E_I_S  2 star

I am very upset at flip master for making the most popular characters vip and I’m not sure if you can get them on spin for free if you don’t have vip please flip master let me know.🙁


FlipMaster  Typical..Alainaa  5 star

I love this game it is so addictive 🤗

Kiara Kisten

new idea  Kiara Kisten  5 star

This game is awesome! my new idea for your next game is trapeze master. You can design your own character and unlock new tricks! you can also choose where you can play! please take this idea into consideration

PN Lategan

Awe  PN Lategan  5 star

This game is awesome and a 5 star game


Awesome  EH🤘🏻  5 star

Flit game ,love it😋


Flip master  Dazzavazza  4 star

It's an awesome game but it could use an update


Add  PIETZILA  4 star

1the abelety to equip your character wit things like pareshoet and a helmet 2 a ingery chart sothat you can see how much damage the body has taken

Ria M Rav

Flip master  Ria M Rav  4 star

Lit game but levels and more places to unlock would be better


This is great  BIGPapaRooster1  5 star

I can do awesome tricks!!


Cool game  Lebeks  5 star

Thanks for making the game.

stay Juicey

Flip master  stay Juicey  5 star

Best game ever call the next one master diver

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