Flip Master

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Master the trampoline with Frontflips, Backflips, Gainers, Layouts, Jumps and Bounces on your backyard, gym or circus trampolines and train to be the Master of Trampoline!

With a custom physics engine and animated Ragdoll Physics, Flip Master is the most dynamic and entertaining Trampoline experience ever created! Defy the laws of physics and prove yourself worthy!

Download Flip Master NOW and get:


Pick your location! A Backyard, Gym, a Competitive trampoline, Crazy Circus and Trampoline Park with multiple trampolines!


Unlock dangerous and spectacular skills! Backflips, Frontflips, Gainers and 10 more tricks at the palm of your hand!


Power-up Frenzy! A huge amount of power-ups to choose from! Select the medicine ball or the Foam Cube and get the jumping party started! Even More - go to a gold rush with the Coin Rain power-up and much more!


Choose, upgrade and customize your characters. Jump as an athlete and reach amazing heights! Every character has their own unique physics!


Record your best moves and funniest falls! Show the World who dominates the Trampoline!

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This game does not require internet connection, and can be played offline.

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Flip Master Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Character improvements! Superhero, Ninja & T-Rex have been levelled up! Dave received new Boxing outfit set! iOs 14 compatibility updates

Flip Master Comments & Reviews

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- Flip master glitches

This game has its up and downs. It’s a very fun game to play! The Continuous progress throughout the game keeps the game entertaining! This used to be my thought. I soon realized the game has several problems. Delayed flips, flips not working, randomly dying in the air, and the trampoline doing crazy things. It’s hard to get through one round without glitching out. Also, after you get about seven flips you start getting power ups and coins. The power ups only last 1 minute and 30 seconds. You pay 300 coins to get 50-75 coins in return The trampoline will cave in so far that if you land in it you can’t see your body until you come up. Or the trampoline will shoot way up and usually you will die in the air. A lot of the times the the flip that you earned will not work. You will only do front flips or backflips. Usually when that happens your flips are delayed so 9 out of 10 times you will start flipping (not being able to stop) when you are about to hit the trampoline. So you die. These are things I’ve noticed and think should be fixed.

- About to delete

I used to love this game, then when I spent hours gaining coins, slowly upgrading characters, and patiently waiting for spins I run into this: the flipping buttons will “freeze”. You get an amazing jump, hold down one of your flips and all of a sudden you’re stuck in mid-air doing NOTHING. Possibly flipping 10x slower than usual. It happens a lot, so much. Then, if you land it and don’t mess up from it, you get 0 points! Like really? And stadium stairs? Really. I’d call myself amateur at this game and I can barely get to the top without these annoying default trampolines pushing my body places I don't want to go, causing me to lose control and always die. How do you expect me to get to the third trampoline when it takes me 1 whole minute to bounce perfectly in the MIDDLE of the first trampoline? All other maps work fine, then you get to stadium and it’s like you’re using a 3 year olds backyard trampoline. Those maps should be fun and accessible, instead they’re nearly impossible and wired to set you up for failure. I still play flip master, but find myself isolating in the competition, trampoline park, and mountaintop maps, just because it seems as though those are the only destinations that feel normal, and you can actually get high scores and lots of counts with streaks, because you know, you’re not constantly fighting an invisible wind that’s pushing you places for no reason.

- LOVE IT! +changes for future updates

Ok, so over all this game is INCREDIBLE! I am addicted to this game and I have only had it for 2 days! I love the different characters, I love many other things to! But, I also have a few suggestions. 1, I think it should be a bit easier to get coins. I find myself watching adds over and OVER again so I can get enough coins to train my characters or spin again. That sounds wired if you haven’t played the game but it you have, you'll totally get me. 2, THE ADDS! After almost every turn you have to watch an add. Somethings I get very frustrated with the game because I can’t just smoothly play, I have to pas rough terrain. (adds) 3, If I could, I would make the cheat after you have completed all the challenges a spin. When you get a spin it is usually something AWESOME! So, since the challenges are hard to beat that would be a GREAT reward. Anyways, I know that sounds like A LOT of criticism but over all if I could rate this app more than 5 stars I would! (I hope someone read this whole review! 😅😬)I LOVE THIS GAME! 😘😍💖⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Honest Review (and suggestions)

First of all I’d like to say that this game is overly addictive, but in a good way. I constantly find myself playing this game over the others I have on my phone. My suggestion is to make a settings option where you can alter the order of the special tricks and flips menu that is on the right hand side of the screen in game. I think this would improve the game because some people (like me) have a few favorite flip combos they like to pull off, and they can’t perform those while scrolling through the menu trying to find the right flip. People can group their tricks into their favorites, or however else they want. I simply think it would be more convenient as a player to have that type of control over what I’m doing in the game. Also, the power ups seem a little short to cost 400 coins. I’d like to see improvements on that aspect as well. Hopefully someone read this whole review and if I could I would give this game lots more than 5 stars. Developers, you did great on this one :)

- Flip Master

Hey! So I love flip master, I’ve probably only played it for like a few months but I already have a lot of the skins. It’s so addictive! I love it so much, and I only have a few small suggestions. #1: this one is really important. You guys should have a preview of the clothes before you can buy them. I saved up to about 5,000 coins and decided to buy the sports top for my girl character. With the shorts on, it looks hideous, because it makes her torso look ridiculously long. I just wasted about 1,000 coins on a top that doesn’t even look that cute. I wish I had a preview because then I wouldn’t have wasted my coins. #2: next, gold bars should be easier to receive, and it should be easier to buy more of them. For like a lot of real money you can get only 6 gold bars at the most. This one isn’t super important but it would be good if they were easier to get. #3: last, I think that with the spins, you shouldn’t get only power ups. I don’t know about everyone else, but I have to wait a day just to get a bad prize like medicine balls. It’s just a suggestion, but it would make a difference. But that’s pretty much it. I love the game and I play it the most on my phone. Please take my suggestions into consideration, and y’all keep up the good work!! P.S if anyone is looking to get flip master, I totally think you should no doubt about it! Great time passer!

- So fun! But could be cooler :)

I love this game so much, I do trampoline and tumbling, and it is cool that there is a game for that sport:) Because usually when people think gymnastics they think bars, vault, and stuff like that. But this game is based on my sport which is really nice ;) And again I love this game, but I think it would be even more cool and fun if you added some of these features. Maybe there could be a competition mode where there are a bunch of people watching, and you have to stay alive for such an amount of time. and there could be an easy mode, an medium mode, and a hard mode. The easy one would be a short amount of time, and the hard mode would be a longer amount of time. If you were to add that competition feature then maybe you could buy ( with the coins, and not real money) cool costumes. If you were to add the costume feature then I think there should be several ones to choose from, so you can customize you character and make them your own :) I think if you added some of these things it would make the app a lot more fun :)

- Great game

Honestly I just saw an ad while playing a game, and I finally decided to download it. I didn’t think it would be that great but I easily got addicted. There is a few things I would change, like how everything is so expensive. Also there really should be more female characters because there is only one. But seriously I love this game. I like how you can name your own characters. It’s a great time killer to. I stayed up literally all night playing this game. That’s not good because I need sleep because I’m in 5th grade. Good thing we are on Christmas break, otherwise this game would have had me extremely tired in school. Keep making updates to make the game better. Also I know this game is not flip diving, but you should totally add a water trampoline, that’s on like a pool or near a pool and you can swim to get back on the trampoline if you fall into the water. Anyways this game is amazing and super addicting.

- Something funny happened

I give it a 5 star rating because it was a fun game when I had the chance to play. 3 minutes after allowing the game to send me notifications my screen began to flash like a strobe light. I exited the game, powered off my phone, and gave it a moment to sit. I powered my phone back on and all was working fine. I began to play the game again, and not a minute into playing my phones screen began to flash again. Not thinking it was game related I downloaded a system cleaner and cleared my phone. It didn’t seem to help so I deleted the game. It was the last app I had used and was playing when this incident began. Since I deleted the app, I haven’t had another issue with my phone. I’m not mad, just a little bummed that I can’t play. Y’all have some bugs to work out, or maybe my phone just didn’t like the game... who knows.

- Great Game, few issues though..

i love this game so much!! it really kills sometime if you're bored, but... there are a lot of ads. If you can wait without getting mad, then this game is good for you. If you rage very quickly, then...whelp...you could buy the no ads option but there are people out there who rather spend money on vbucks for fortnite than no ads in this game (me). but another issue is that it lags sometimes and then crashes. BUT, this is only an issue for some people, about a few months ago i broke my iPad air 2, now i have to use my very old iPad mini ORIGINAL, which if you do not know is one of the first iPads around. So if you are like me with and with an older version of an iPad or iPhone than this may not be the game. But the most important thing is that THIS GAME IS A TIME KILLER!!! i would recommend this game if you have the right things. Also, if you are ok with lagging on the iPad or iPhone than this wont be an issue at all, its a great game.

- Please hear me out

So, I know you creators of this game hear a lot of reviews and stuff but listen to mine for the true stuff. I always loved theses types of games: fun, easy, good quality, addictive, some what simulator. However there are quarks and flaws... 1. The upgrades for the characters are way too expensive. It’s to a point where I want to give up. But I do understand why, you want the game to actually be PLAYED instead of upgrading everyone and then deleting the game. Trust me I know. But I would lower it just a little. 2. Make the characters genders and color adjustable. With everything going on in the world now, I would definitely consider this. 3. Make the trampolines more fun. This one is less important, but it would be nice to add. That’s really it. Thank you for reading if you did, and take my slight cretics into consideration. Aside from the cretics, the game is amazing and I really truly enjoy playing it! If you can, write back. 👌🏼😁👌🏼


I love this game so much I have already had it for 5 days and I already have unlocked almost everything on here all I need now is 3 more characters and 4 more locations and when I spin I always get coins so then I can use those coins to roll the spinning wheel!But I do have 2 problems this app has many adds but I can skip through those but I am tired of seeing them and then when I get on the app sometimes it’s starts to glitch then I freezes for awhile when I try to turn my songs on while I play the app and it also get glitchy after I get done with a phone call or someone is texting me!But other wise I LOVE THIS GAME ITS SUPER ADDICTIVE I CANT PUT IT DOWN I LIKE TO PLAY THE GAME AFTER EVERY LESS THAN FIVE MINS OF PLAYING IT AND I NEED TO TAKE A BREAK BIT I JUST CANT CAUSE I WANT TO PLAY AND EARN COINS TO DO THE WHEEL TO GET PRIZES AND I GET TO SEE THE PRIZES ABD HAVE FUN WITH THEM I ALSO GAVE THIS APP 5 STARS

- Amazing game 😉😉😉🤪😍😍

If you read the review before me then you know what I’m going to talk and if you didn’t I’ll explain it do you do you hat its ups and downs and most of those ups and downs were dying in mid air and also the trampoline doing weird things and not being able to do the tricks. Firstly I did not like the way you had to change your tricks when it said you had to or suggested it I think it is your own way of playing the game and you can decide if you want to change your tricks or not. Secondly I did love the fact that there was a machine that you can get a new tricks in new places and new people from I think it’s a great concept and even when you have to get coins to do it it encourages you to play the game even more and you also get a daily spin. Definitely my number one favorite game

- I love the game but...............

To be honest I love this game and play it for hours but every time I wanna do something cool in the game I remember that I can’t land on my stomach. For example if you have the wall the wall pit location then you will understand that it’s hard to do stuff when you can’t land on your stomach. I hope the creator sees this because you need to make this more realistic, I see people on you tube land on their stomach perfectly fine and I don’t understand why you can’t in this game if it is trying to be realistic. Please read this and update the game to have this feature, I just have hard time at the wall pit when you can only land only on your feet and back. But other than that I love this game and recommend anybody that sees this to get it.

- Flip Master

It’s a really addictive game, very fun, and easy to play, but I would have to rate this 3 stars. This is why: So I really wanted the dog character because it was really difficult to win when you use your coins for a spin. So, I bought it. It was pretty pricey but it included 6 gold bars, the dog character, and the mountaintop trampoline. So I was like “why not” and proceeded to buy it for I think it was 7.99. So I bought it. I then restored my purchase to make sure I got everything and didn’t get ripped off. But then, I realized that I was missing the 6 gold bars that I was promised! I even restored my purchases multiple times and still no 6 gold bars! By the way 6 gold bars equal 6 spins on the prize ball. They really ripped me off with this purchase, so if you like getting ripped off of your money, this is the game for you. I was very disappointed with my purchase and I don’t think that I will use this much money again for this game. 😤😓

- Good game except...

I absolutely love flip master. But there are a lot of things that I think need to be changed. First of all, the balloon should not be every hour. It should be every 30 minutes. Second of all, for the spin, it costs 300 coins and so I make about 1000 coins so I can have the coins for three spins and I was hoping for a location in one of those spins and I got three power-ups that were absolutely useless. I think the power-ups have no point of being in the spin. I think that if people want the power-ups than they can pay like 5 or 10 coins. If you want a character or move then you should pay 50 coins. And if you want a location, than you should pay at least 100 coins. 300 coins is absolutely insane and you don’t even know if your going to get a stupid power-up or a pointless character. Please fix these things so I can get back to enjoying the game.

- Really great game

This game is really great. I enjoy it and it’s fun to kill time or just to play when you want to actually get better at it and set a higher score. One thing that would be cool to add in though is game modes that allow you to flip however you want for how long you want just to practice, and it doesn’t matter if you land on your head or your stomach. and another mode where you try to get as many flips done in a set amount of time. I also really like that there aren’t a lot of ads, they only appear after so many times you play and then they can be skipped after a short amount of time watching them. Please consider these things to add on, otherwise keep up the good work and keep being awesome

- 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Ok, don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOOOOVE video games but not the ones that MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL. I mean, the game sorta makes sense a little, just it is hard to control the guy. And I get flung onto a car 🚙 every five sec. AND, the graphics are actually REALLY GOOD, except for THE MAIN POINT: the charter. Everything about the character is pretty good I guess, UNTIL THE FAAACE! 🤪🤪😒 I mean, if u look closely his face is just stupid! Like when you go to characters and see him, he is this big buff looking dude with a nice face, and then once ur jumping on the trampoline, and see how dumb he looks it is just weird. And by the way, I know u guys like to make us, kids watch boring adds, and I am fine with that if it makes me revive or something or win points in my video game, but I won’t watch one for nothing. Well, turns out that there is an “add break” . Um.... 😶 whaaaaat the heck?! And u don’t even get anything for it! AND u don’t HAVE A FRICKIN CHOICE!!! 😱! It just says add break out of the blue, and then ur watching some stupid add. Stuuuupid! A letter for the creator of this thing. U are DEFINITELY not a baby 👶 Sitter or an retired preschool teacher lol 😆 so just wanted to dat. Fix this game. I don’t even know why I put four stars on this. I meant to put two stars. Peace out Bye

- Great Game...

I didn’t have a high expectation of this game and thought it would be a quick download, open up, and uninstall. However, this game becomes VERY addicting and passes time quickly when bored. I have enjoyed playing the game and training to become better at the flips. I was somewhat uncomfortable with the fact that the game records the screen; however, I like that the developers enabled an option in the settings to disable this feature. This is a solid game and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it and would recommend anyone testing it out. When you do, however, it is easy to become addicted to it! Sometimes the most simple games are the most enjoyable.

- Pretty good

I love this game a lot! But I have some recommendations. When I get a hit, a box pops up called “save me” and offers a video. Most of the time if I watch the ad, it doesn’t even let me continue. Idk if this is a glitch but please fix this because it bothers me to no end when I’m right about to be my high score. Also, most of the times when I spin I get cool things. But I got a power up of a safety net. Yet, it was just covering the very end of the mat. I could still get a hit and it offered no benefits. It got me mad because I paid 300 for that and i could’ve used that for training. Next thing is: the excessive amount of ads and how it’s so hard to earn money. Point stated. Lastly, how expensive everything is! I just want to train my character! Like, chill out with these expensive $500 training just to get to level 4.

- Amazing. But I have some ideas...

Hello! I love this game and I being a gymnast I can actually do some of these flips. But the twisting leaves much to be desired. When you press the twist button it does only one full twist in a flip. Also you cannot do half twists. I think it would be great if there was a twist button on the left side of the screen. If you tap this button the character would do a half twist. If you hold this button the guy keeps twisting slowly but if you swipe up from the button it twists faster and the faster you swipe up the faster you twist. I really hope someone reads this as I think this would improve the game a lot. Also it would be cool to have a foam pit to send crazy stuff and not die and the spawn back on the trampoline. Just an idea. Thanks!

- i like it but

it needs more characters that are NOT THE SAME COLOR. also, the spin chances are all just coins and power-ups. i've been playing this game for a while now and i still don't have all of the tricks. coins are ok, it's just that we get PLENTY of them when we're flipping if we focus on them. i can never get all the places and i'm not spending real money for a place that can simply be in a spin. so please make the chances for a trick and a place better cause it's a mobile game it should not be so hard to earn a simple trick. speaking of tricks, can you please add more of them cause i had this game on my ipad back when tricks were easy to get and i had all of the tricks and it got boring after a while so some exotic tricks would be nice. thank you!

- *Great App*

This is a great app, there is a lot of maps and tricks that you can use!! You can’t go wrong with a great game like this!! Sometimes you get bored but very seldom does that happen. But, there is one problem; there’s not enough maps. I mean there’s like ten and for someone like me who plays this game a lot I think there should be a bit more maps. There may be some downs but so little compared to all the ups that there are; like how there’s no reason to buy stuff on this game, because if you do the daily challenges you will soon get a lot of the stuff (that you might have bought). Pls take this in to consideration when you are deciding to get this game or not!!!

- One of the Most Amazing Games

I'm not a big time gamer...well, maybe I should stop kidding myself. I have been getting more into app games lately. Homework Thought: At what point does one actually qualify as a gamer? Anyway, if I wasn't one before, this game has certainly made me at least close to one. It is absolutely awesome. They have nailed the realism so much that I feel as though I am suspended midair with the jumper as they rise, twirl, and fall back to the trampoline with every neat springy bouncy sounding thud. I do wish they would be even on how they judge belly landings though because I've been disqualified by a "HIT" at times when I believe I could have continued. But any way you cut it, the game is GREAT STUFF!

- Pls make it more interesting

Have funOk so this game needs more features I mean this game is very addicting but I NEED MORE!!!!😱😱 My first wish is for them to come out with crazy stunts barely anyone can actually do In real life I mean like backhand spring into a triple back Ben tuck I mean that would be fannnomnaallllll I know I may be going over the top but I mean hey we are probably all thinking yes that’s exactly what they should NOT do 😂. Another thing is they need to add more things you can buy other than clothes and that daily spin I mean come on you can do much better you know🤔🤔🤔😏 so other than Thaaaat everything is perfect I can’t wait till they make this game any better🤪🤪🤪🤪

- Amazing but a couple bad things

I love this game. It has good graphics, good physics on the characters, and stuff like that. However a couple things in this game really bother me. One is the power ups, they don’t last long and don’t do much and they just make you mad because you wasted them and didn’t get anything done with the. You also have to spend a lot of coins on them for basically getting nothing. Another thing is the spin thing, I don’t like how it’s super expensive and sometimes only gets you a power up. Right now for me a spin is 300 coins. That’s a lot just for the things you can get with it. Overall I like the game a lot but I think those two things could be fixed easily.


*This is a legitimate review! This game is a PERFECT mix of easy and hard! I was in the back of the car when I went on a vacation and I played this game for 4 hours straight! I am not exaggerating! I just can’t get tired of it! I love the different tricks! They do need more though!! My high score is 6811! Every time I play it I really want to beat my record! That is what makes it soooooo addictive! So if I should summarize it in 3 words it would be: ADDICTING! FUN! EASY! Those are all good words for me! So it’s a great game! I highly recommend anyone to get this game! If it’s to pass the time or play with friends it is AWESOME!!! WooHoo! I’m going to play it AGAIN! Bye guys! 😊

- Should add more Twisting

I love this game!! Super fun! The only thing I think would make it better would be if they could add more twisting capabilities. Right now, twisting is just one twist for each backflip, and if you do two, it’s a double twisting double backflip and etc, but you can’t add more twisting for just one backflip. They should add this and allow the character to be able to do a double full or even a quad full (a double twisting single backflip or a quadruple twisting backflip). Also, just like upgrading your tuck makes you rotate faster, they can add the ability to upgrade spinning abilities to allow you to spin faster and get more spins in one backflip. I think this would make the game a lot better

- I LOVE it but there is two things...

Now by the title you can tell I absolutely love this app so much, I will literally spend HOURS on end playing it. I love it from the settings to the moves to the flips to the characters to the power ups to the spins to the absolute everything. But after a lot of playing you start to get coins slower... and slower...and slower... until the creators are basically force feeding you to buy coins with REAL money not just coins you get from flips (lol).Also, there are too many ads... but that is just annoying...not a bug or anything lolol. So if you are considering getting this game then I would say yes but keep these things in mind. (If you read all of this ur a god)

- needs some work

so we’ll start on what I like about this game. the graphics are good and I like the variety of flips and places. it’s an addicting game and it passes by time. i actually do enjoy playing this. however, there are some cons about it. i feel like there’s a lot of ads but that’s not a huge issue. what i dislike about this game the most is how hard you have to work to get what you want. the spins are expensive and once you spin you get a power up that last for 30 seconds or like 25 coins! you should be able to buy the things with COINS! another thing is there is one girl character, which just doesn’t seem fair because you can only buy different hairs, and all the rest of the characters are boys. so overall the game has a pretty close amount of pros to cons, and those are the reasons why. thank you for reading my review!

- Cool

I like this game it’s fun to get all these twists, flips, and layouts and stuff like that but this game has WAYWAYWWWAAYYY to mAny ads, for example, after 3 or 4 round there’s an ad break. Also, that voice is annoying as hell. If you die or hit yourself it says,”that’s okay. Not gonna hurt.” DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT IT DOES NOT HURT TO BREAK YOUR FRICKIN BACK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? This game also has a lot bugs. If you’re in an “ad break❗️” if you try to X out of the ad, it will either X out, go to the game for a sec, then go back to the ad or it will constantly go to the App Store for those stupid ads. My friend is turning to a cringe crazed zombie because of all the cringy ads. Please fix this. Otherwise, this game is awesome, please add more tricks.

- Okay🤔👍❤️

Overall, I love this app but it has some down sides. One thing I don’t like about this app is that there are too many adds and some of them are VERY inappropriate. Another thing I don’t like about this game is that when you try to buy a new trampoline, it gives you something else and it wastes your money. But, this game is really fun because you can unlock different stunts and flips and it is very entertaining. Some of the trampolines are good. The trampolines that I would recommend is the competition trampoline, the trampoline park, and the backyard double. Overall I like this app and give it a five star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️👍🏼👌😍😁❤️🧡💛💚💙

- I love this game!💖😁🤸🏼‍♀️

It is so addicting! I love this game so much! It is so great because you don’t actually have to pay for money it’s just hard work! You need to earn it! And easy! I love the daily spin but... One thing I am confused about is I want the dinosaur skin! But I can't seem to get it! Like I know it's vip but also below the character it says AVAILABLE AT SPIN!!!!! Other then that i totes love this game! It would be fun though if you could record your performance and have other players rate it and have actual trampoline competitions!!! But I do seriously love this game! Seriously you should get it! Totally Worth it!💖😁🤸🏼‍♀️🏔💛💙💛🦖🦖🦖🦖

- Games Great! Needs Some Work...😔

Ok so I’ve have this game since it has came out. But I dislike how much things cost, mostly characters and outfits. Also whenever you wanna win something cool on the spins you usually just get a boring power up. I also have came up with a idea that a new player should pick with character they want, boy or girl, and choose how they want them to look. My girl character looks the same as the default one since the cloths is a little to over priced. Thank you P.S i believe this game needs to be updated and fixed when it glitches.

- Great Game!!❤️

if your looking for a fun game this is the one!!! the stunts however to not need to be tried! if you don’t flip correctly the head/neck of your person will bend in a little way. other than than the “coins” on the game are kinda cool. you can use the “coins” the get power ups and other fun things. i like it most because every hour there’s a “hourly ballon” which means if you jump high enough and pop it you get a certain amount of coins. the “daily spin” usually gives you power ups, coins, or new locations. this game is very fun and fun for minors or adults!! Enjoy!

- Really great game for a flipping sim.

I loved this game but I would not quite give it a five star! Why you ask because this game is like manny other games and the advertisements show you. Oh you have a chance to get a ninja but it's a very rare spin!!!?!! Other than that. This game is one of the best games I've ever played I could spend hours on this game and not quit. My favorite thing to do on a trampoline is flip. But the good news is this game inspired me to learn how to flip in general. But once I learned how to do a backflip specifically. I started getting creative with my tucks. So over all this is a AMAZING GAME!!! and I hope you have TERRIFIC!!! experience with the game just like I did!!!?!!

- Upgrades

This game is so fun and addicting!!! If I could I would add a wheel, gems, and challenges. Challenges could be any thing. As easy as get 200 points, to as hard as do 5 flips. And of course, a daily challenge. Each challenge you do you get to spin the "wheel". On the wheel there should be coins and gems. You could get a certain amount of coins and gems wherever it lands on. You get gems by completing the daily challenge or ever 200 points you get 1. Say you got 1,200 points. You would get 6 gems. Gems are harder to get than coins are. I hope you read this message. Add this please.


soooo let me start off by saying how amazing and extremely addictive this game is. i have only had it for a few months, but i unlocked all the people, places, and trucks within a month or 2. also, all of my people are at least at level 5 in every training level and one is on 10 across the board. so basically, i’ve made progress. lots of it. and i just got a new phone and don’t want to lose that lots of progress. is there a way to transfer the data from phone to phone? (i used iexplorer for minecraft and the rest were online) if not, would you PLEASEEEEE make that a thing i really don’t want to start over... ALSO: (a few more suggestions) - more female characters - a cat character (because i am the definition of a cat lady lol) - more tricks - more places - less wifi related things cuz i don’t have data - maybe a leaderboard so that you can compare high scores and such with friends ok thx that’s it - Crazy cat ladyyyyy

- Very Awsome... but there is a bug

So I was just playing... I was keep on tapping the superhero button.. it kept on saying “ CHANGE YOU FLIPS” or whatever like that I did not see it.... and I swear the thing got mad at me and the trampoline started going graze and it slung my charter threw the roof says “ Hit” but when it says hit I can hear this baby crying in the back ground.... I got very scared kept on playing right...YOUR WRONG I go a hit and then I hear a a gunshot and then it says hit.... please who ever created this game... please respond... see it’s a great game I had it when i was in 3rd and know I’m in 6th... please... I got so scared.

- Love it but lots of adds

I absolutely love this game. I am pretty much addicted. I get games and love them for the first week or so but then I get board and delete them. But this one will never get deleted on my phone. It is so well made and so fun. I recommend to anyone who likes games. But there are so many adds. Really unbelievable how they can fit so many adds into one games. Adds don’t really bother me but they bother some people. But if you are on the edge of getting it please get it. It is the best game I have ever played. I just love it so much! 💞❤️❤️😊


Hey love the game, some diversity would be nice though. I'd love to see the option to choose between a "dude" or "dudette" that represents me or whom ever is playing at that time . A brown version of your characters is what I'm suggesting. White characters are always the default. Showing diversity shows that you guys put in the extra effort to further push the idea that no we don't all look the same but we do share a lot in common. I can't participate in this game until that is updated. I will spread the word because a lot of my friends love your game, but feel very similar to what I feel. Keep up the good work, but sadly no more Flip Master for me ☹️

- Glitches A LOT

This is a very fun game, When it works! When you try to flip, sometimes your character will either flip SUPER slow or not flip at all, which causes you to land on your head and die. It’s super annoying and I always get so angry since I would be about to beat my high score, but then the flip would go slow and I would land on my head. Super annoying. And after all the glitches that THEY DONT FIX, they have the audacity to make us wait 24 hours to spin the wheel again, and make us wait 2+ hours to finish training out characters? I would be fine with all the waiting stuff if the glitches weren’t there. Overall fun game but glitches too much.

- It’s a good game but…

This is a really fun game but number 1 it makes you start off as a male character and I don’t really like that why can’t you choose the gender of your character and it’s really hard to get the female character sometimes if your not willing to pay or you have to spin the wheel over and over until you get that female character number 2 THERE IS ONLY ONE GIRL … 1 girl seriously?!!! The creators of the game could at least have added more girls ! And last number 3 no different races there is only one race and that’s white people I would greatly appreciate some form of black people / African American it’s really sad that this game only has one girl but it’s not just that they have no African American characters please fix this it is deeply needed and I know I’m not the only one who thinks this …

- Just a few fixes

This game is awesome I have to admit im addicted to it but there are a few things they need to fix. I think they need to have a free plag button because i always just want to play for fun and not loose. It also once glitched for me i was at a high score and i wanted to pause for a sec and when I hit play it glitched and I couldn’t move... a few things to ask but I’m not asking too much from you... oh, and can you also add possibly a bit more girl characters, athletes?? Just a suggestion...oh sorry and possibly a multiplayer?? Thank you that is all this game is awesome!! I hope you read this.

- Very good game, just some suggestions

I really liked the game. I thought that I would just download the game, and then not play it ever. But it is actually really fun. But I have a few suggestions. Maybe you could not make everything available at the daily spin. You can't get new tricks, characters, trampolines, or money without getting it at the daily spin or buying it with real money. I only have three tricks and I've been playing constantly and I got it 2 weeks ago. Just please take my suggestion Into consideration. Thanks!😊

- Really amazing game

I love this game. It is one of my top 5 favorite games right now. I just would like a few changes. I would love to have a game mode where you can free flip and it doesn't matter where you land. That would make the game sooo much better. I would also like if there was a game mode where your timed and you have to try and flip as much as possible in that timeframe. But other than those changes I don't think there is anything else at the moment that could make this game even cooler. Great job!!!!

- Good Game but way to many adds!

Hey I just want to say this game is a amazing game and I want to get the other game Flip Diver because of this game but this game would be so much better if there were not as much adds, also I think the developers should make more characters so it is not the same character every single time, and one more thing, you should come up with a lot more places were the trampolines are because it at some point gets old just using the same old trampoline. Other then that highly addictive and recommend. The developers hit a home run on this game!

- Great

It’s really fun, I got incredibly addicted to this app. The only problem is that there is only one female character, which is kind of sexist... I’m not saying it was intended to be sexist, but you start out with a male and you have to buy or win the only female character... Again, I’m not saying it was intended, I think it’s just a minor error!! I think that there should be a starter male and female, then add more characters of both genders. Also, idk if it’s just me but some of the stuff seems overpriced... but this game is fun so it’s kinda worth it, and otherwise this game is super addicting and I’d recommend installing it! :)

- Great game, big problem though.

I’ve been playing this game for about four months, training my character and getting decently far in the game in general, when i got bored of it and uninstalled. I later decided to reinstall it too find that my whole save was deleted. I understand that this happens with other mobile games sometimes, but most games I’ve decided to reinstall still have all my save data and info in it. Still deserves a five star though, even for the bugs.

- Great Game!

More characters , locations, tricks, and longer power ups because I already have all of them since I spent money. Also, I wish you could communicate, compete against, and trade items with other players inside the game which would add more social fun to the overall experience. Last, I think you should be able to sort your tricks into groups since it is hard to scroll down during a flipping session. Overall, I love the game and think it has a lot of room to improve.

- Amazing game but...........

This is overall one of the best game I have. It’s supper fun, entertaining, and even if your in a bad mood you can still play it and intend of landing all the cool tricks you can just make it fall to its death or injury if this was in real life. One great thing is that you can still get great prizes with like giving the developers you credit or debit card. Like different flips, avatars, and trampolines. The only complaint I have is some time the game gets these bugs were the buttons that you press to do different kinds of tricks bugs out and doesn’t let you do them

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- It’s amazing but needs some work

I think this is an amazing game with it also fun to play when alone but when I got the female character I checked to see if there where any other female characters and there wasn’t I was actually mind blown that out of that whole game there was only one female character so what I am asking is that you can create more female characters other wise this is an amazing game love it and love you created but remember the female characters.

- Flip master

This game is good because there's a lot of different varieties of flips and the people I love how you get your own daily spin arm that's a good thing I love how you can train them as well on this game is good because there's a lot of flips involved in it probably encourages people to go do you flips like on trampolines and arm and even and even there is a lot of cool flips I love how I am big Dave is a little bit fat but he can still do heaps of weight so that encourages like big kids or bigger people that they can do flips just be just because they are fat like they don't have to think that they think they could think all yeah I can do a flip because big Dave can then I can I am I'm just as big as him and I love how that just encourages people likeI love how they're not all flips where are you in the daily prizes I love how it's like super heroes or like it's own like talks like just jumping in the air will spinning in but I love that it's just it's just amazing it's like this game is like probably the best game I have ever played like it's really really really fun then I just had a really good varieties of things to playing name is so fun thank you for this also if you want to hear a bad arm right this game takes up a lot of battery space so if you could you could make that like so it's only out ovary only like saviour's battery is mine was 100 and at 61 and I do not appreciate that

- Please Fix Immediately!!

So, this game is very very good, but one thing is troubling me and annoying me a lot. The bugs. Well, I don't actually know if it's a bug or a stuff up with your creating. I have downloaded the app before with a lot of other apps and my camera roll almost full and I have been able to play it, but I later needed storage so I deleted it. After a few months I have wanted it again, but this time when I've downloaded it, I press on it and it immediately takes me out of the game. No matter what I do. I have deleted almost all my apps, all of my photos and videos, cleared my cookies and data, turned my phone on and off, and a lot of other things and nothing has worked. I know it is not my phone either, because I have been able to play the game before, and now I can not. Please PLEASE fix this because I really do like your game, and it would be a five star if it weren't for this. Please fix this ASAP as I really want to play your game. Thank you

- UGH!!!

I got this game because my brother hade it and I thought it was very fun and cool, but I was wrong. I got this game a month ago and so far this game is hopeless!, this game is so boring when you get use to it, all you do on it is just jump on a trampoline wile doing tricks to earn money to get skins and stuff. Seriously! What is the point of playing this game! And what’s the point of earning money on this game! You only get like 10 coins because there is like only 3 coins to get! Plus I think this game is rigged! Because every time you land on your belly you die! Seriously! In real life you don’t get severely hurt by just landing on the trampoline on your belly! And what’s the point of buying new skins wen they cost so much money! This game needs to be upgraded! Or this game can be the lowest rated game in the world!

- Good game, lots of ads

This is one of the best games on my device. It is fun, addictive and awesome 👌🏻. However, as fun as this game is, be alert that there are so many ads. Every two or so game it will have an "ad break." Super annoying when I just want to play a good game. But other than that, I would highly recommend this game to anyone.

- Amazing game get this games it’s so fun

I’m loving this games it’s so fun and not much adds it’s really good graphics and it’s like real life it’s the best get it you will love it and thay make flip skater and flip diver get it it’s fun and the ones that create it please put this map in please a map that you flip off fancies onto a tramp and you can go back onto a tramp thanks

- Good and bad

This app is good fun but is really teaching kids a bad lessons. This app teaches young kids that this is ok and teaching them bad things and tricks to do. Even though when you receive the app it says do not try this at home a lot of kids would not even scim over it, they would just play the game. Also a lot kids just like the game because they make them fall on purpose so they get to see the injury happen to their character. As this game is fun I do not recommend this for children Under the age of 13 if the parent allows. Thank you

- Good, but uses a lot of battery

I have a new phone, I've had this for a month and no apps seem to take my battery as fast as this one. My battery went down by 20% in less than 10 Minutes. Otherwise the game is fabulous and I enjoy it quite a lot

- Flip Master

One thing I absolutely love about Flip Master is how it has hardly any adds. I play this game nearly every day and there is never ending fun. I definitely recommend this game if you like trampolining tumbling etc. overall this is my most favourite game ever with no complaints.

- Amazing game

I love this game so much. I particularly love how you can upgrade your player and can go on different maps. Although i don’t like how you can’t do stuff to your stomach like, Cody’s, zacks ect. But overall it’s a great game to play when you are bored

- Hard to control /Too many ads

The person that you’re bouncing is hard to control. You could make it a bit easier. I don’t exactly like the game, it’s not good.I think there are too many ads like seriously how many ads do you need them one-day. But if there is something that you need that for just do one ad. They’re just so annoying or just take away ads is completely. That would be the better idea.👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼!!!!

- Money

Great game to play expecially when your bored. The reason i gave it a 4 star was because i think that the clothes in the store for your charecters are way to expensive, like 2000 for a shirt?! 800 for pants?! I honestly think you should drop it down to maximum 100 dollars per peace. Thank you for reading ☺️ Emily

- Totally addicted

i even got my 50 y/o dad to have a go at this, and he hates video games lol. anyway lots of variety and realistic goals. i like the training and daily spin etc, but it’s also simplistic and there’s a lot of freedom in what you can do on the trampoline. cool cool good game

- This is the best iOS trampoline/flipping game

This game is amazing it offers a variety of characters and maps and tricks. Ideas for maps and ideas in general MAPS - jumping pillow/Blob -super tramp = x2 height -trampoline to pool -a BASE jump type thing (jump out of helicopter/plane and fall for a distance and do flips -air track/spring floor (makes you run and makes you jump and you do the flip and try and land to score points) - trampoline to foam pit (sandbox mode allows infinite amount of upgrades for cool flips and create your own flips) Thanks if u add these From Ethan

- It’s good and bad

When I was little I used to play this a lot then one day when I wanted to play all my skins were gone and all of my stuff was gone I do recommend getting this game but it might happen to u maybe and I just didn’t play anymore Miniclip if your reading this can I have all my stuff back please 😊😊😊😊

- Flip Master

I like the game but even if u hit your head you should still keep playing because others wise you could die every time so how you loose if you get off the trampoline or bend your back in half anyway it is a pretty good game

- Flippin' Awesome

Fantastic game, great physics, realistic jumping, nice commentary, imaginative settings and silky smooth gameplay. I love it :) But.. it does drain the battery a bit, I've switched off the video record in settings, hopefully that will make a bit of difference

- Awesome

The game is awesome but please add an online system where you can like start jumping with someone and compete for points And make a facebook log in button cause i use 3 phones and i play this game on the 3 of them.

- Mad game

The best game I've downloaded this year. The physics and everything about it is awesome. Could you guys add in a practice section where if we fall or hit our back we get back up. Just for practice

- Scoot it or loose it

This game is the best game in the word🌎but the add breaks are annoying the hell out of me and not trying to be rude but the free spins are so expensive and if I try watching an add for 50 coins it won't let me but when there is add breaks there is always the same add of the game "Choices" and the add won't change but anyway your game is AWESOME 👏🍬🍬🍬🍫🍫🍦🍫🍦🍬🍿🎂🍩🍪🍭🍮🍧🍡🍿🍰🍫🍬🍬🍦🍰🍰🎂🍮🍮🍮🍩🍩

- This game is awesome!

I think the tricks are extreme and there is a required skill to the game. The maps are creative and accurately represent real-life trampolines. This game is something I can do anywhere because it is easy to access and fun to play.

- Good 🥇

I think this game is great!! The only thing that would bring a star down is that the upgrades are so expensive and the things to help you get more coins, are expensive too and you don't know what they're for. 🙃

- Flip master

It is so much fun you can play it without wifi or internet you can change characters and have daily spins to win cool moves so if you ask for my opinion I say yes plz buy it😀😀

- Doesn’t make sense

In Flip Master, when you buy a spin for $300 there’s a chance you will be power ups which do nothing and do not earn that $300 back. This is so silly and you have to spin to get new locations or new tricks which only come up once in a blue moon so this was very disappointing :/

- Flip master

I think your game is sooooooo fun I think there should be more trampolines because if you have all the trampolines you can't keep having fun because you get sick of your trampolines

- Fun

Hi I’m Hannah you’re game is fun I like it but there’s this only one annoying problem... THE FRICKIN BALLOONS DONT GIVE U MUCH COINS. I know ur thinking why can’t u just double up??? Well that’s because the videos don’t frickin work so pls make an update ❤️ Love from an awesome amazing 8 yr old child in Australia 😘🇦🇺

- Love It

So many possibilities! I love all of the tricks- and it hasn't taken long for me to get the hang of the game! Thank you to the Flip Master creators for making this game- you really do deserve having your game ranked number 1 worldwide!

- Awesome pls add more costumes

This is an awesome game but can you please add more costumes for each character. The dudette only has one ponytail hairstyle and one pair of pants. Please add another ponytail or at least some other clothes. Otherwise awesome 😎 game! Thanks

- Really addictive

Guys I suggest you get this game because I think you'll just have so much fun and the night I downloaded it I played one hour straight so really recommend it.

- Flip master

Flip master is excellent the only two problems are you can’t get coins very eaisily and once you pick it up you can’t put it down

- Best game ever

This is one of the best games I have ever played until you try to bye clothes they are way too expensive the limit needs to be more affordable like $100 dollars as the max

- Free play pls!!

Absolutely love this game but I’ll change my rating to 5 when we get a free play update. I could just sit there for hours ragdolling around without dying if I fall on my head or something. Just like the tutorial but without a time limit if that makes sense.

- Flip Master

This game is AWESOME to its limits it seems to lag out a lot from my character just disappearing and it saying I got hit even though I land on my feet this game is definitely a good game but it just needs a bit of tweaking

- Keep it up

The physics and tricks in this game are out standing and hope that you keep this up with other games that you may make

- Please add

Can you add something when you loose it shows you what bones you broke or fractured or if you can show a close up replay of there bones braking thanks

- Great game but too many adds

This game is great to play when passing time especially for children. But after each fail thee are many interruptions. Overall GREAT game but like I said too many adds.

- Hard to control

This game is good but I’m really bad at gaming and I can’t move it very well and it’s hard to get coins cause u can’t control where u are going

- Really entertaining but...

I found this app really enjoyable and entertaining but there are way too many ads! every time you finish a round it goes straight to ad break

- Nice game

This game is very addictive and is a lot of fun because you can customise each characters name, skills and clothes plus you get a free daily spin each day you play

- Can’t land on stomach

I love this game, but as a competitive trampoline gymnast, it’s really annoying how you can’t land on your stomach. Many skills like Back Cody’s, three quarter backs etc require landing on your stomach. It is one of the simplest and easiest skills and I have trouble finding a reason for this restriction

- Love this game

This game is great when you want to play something in your spare time it does use a lot of battery but other Thant that totally recommend it ❤️

- Unplayable

The game is literally unplayable now 90% of games end in a glitch by the character forming into a little deformed ball then flying off the screen instantly killing you I can never get past even 500 points cause of it glitch needs to be fixed ASAP used to love the game played daily unlocked everything you can (without paying money)

- Flip Master -Flipping fantastic!

It's honestly amazing. The commentator is scarily reactive and I swear this game uses some sort of AI for him which is probably why this game drains your battery so much. Thats the only problem

- Good but...

It’s so annoying when you do a flip it would say 1.5 or 3.5 or something like that when you land on your feat and it says that you landed on your back but you landed on your feat I can you please fix that Other than that it’s GREAT! (Thank you)🙂

- Great Game - too many ads!

This is a great, fun game to play but the ad breaks every 4 or 5 turns are driving me crazy. I would happily pay $5 for a premium version with no ad breaks. You can still have ads but when the player selects it like to increase a record score or to get some free coins. Also it drains battery like crazy! Fix these issues & get 5stars.

- Ads

I would really appreciate it if you stop putting the same annoying ad every 10 minutes with a 30 second timing. So please stop it because I’m about to report this app for it. Thank You

- Nice

This game is really nice and helps with my flipping. If only it had more maps and more characters to unlock because now it is just getting a bit boring, still a great game

- Good but not as good

Flip master is a great game to keep trying they’re sport but some kids can’t not have what they want and that makes them feel sad 😔 but everything else is fine.😆👍🏽😝😫😒😹😕😅😂🙁👑👧😔😀😁😂😃😆🤣😄😅☺️🙂😇🙃😉😌😘🥰😍😗😙😙😚😋😛😛😝😜🤪🤪🤨🧐🤓😎

- This is such a great game

This is one of my favourite games it's just so much fun there's lots of different locations you can go to and lots of characters to play with 👍

- Flip master

It’s a good app I really like it how you can control the person and that there is many different places to flip.

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- Need new and insane tricks

It’s a really cool game but you guys should try doing tricks that you can do backflips or front flips so you can do front flips when you want and back flips. You should also but like double fulls and triple. It would make the game realllyyyyy good

- Stole my money

You guys stole my money when I tryed to do a four dollar in app purchase:( other that awesome game. GIVE BACK MY MONEY

- Awesome


- Flip masters here i come

This game is so fun I recommend it

- There is to much adds

It a good game but the amount of ads on it I get a ad ever time I die plz fix

- Awesome game

It so fun

- Good game

It’s a cool game

- Please add left hand support

Alright but please add a way to move the buttons to the left side

- 🔴 Good game just short

Really good game. I love playing this, money is pretty easy to earn so no need to buy some, love designing my charters and naming them and I also like to compete with my friends. Just one problem, before there were very few ad which really made me happy. It was like 1 ad every 5 games but now with the new update it’s like an ad every 1-2 games. Sucks, I thought finally a free game with few ads but I was wrong. Although it is worth the gameplay.


Very good but a little to easy and pls make it possible to do a vortex and a gainer thanks

- Game updates

Add more cool things to daily spin for example jumping out of a plane onto the trampoline or jumping off of a tower and add more places like the city update in Flip Masters #Awesomeness don’t forget to check out the Flip Master‘s YouTube channel on YouTube click the link above on the left of the screen you can subscribe and get 15+ coins which I think is awesome and I will check their YouTube channel out #HaveFunAwesomeness #PleaseReadMe

- Great!

Super fun. Super addictive

- Ads

For this game u don’t need ads I always play it on the bus hen I come back from school and on a bus it doesn’t have wifi so u don’t need wifi unless your watching a video for coins or something

- Awesome

This game is amazing, I love playing it! If you turn your device on airplane mode the you don’t get adds! I wish they would add more space for moves on the right side so you don’t have to scroll up and down to use other moves 😊, other than that, it an amazing game! I highly recommend this game!

- It is awesome but..

You should add more tricks and characters.

- Good but there should be a vip to get certain characters.

Good and addicting but you shouldn’t have to be a vip to get stuff

- Flip masters

Way to much ads it’s very annoying

- Exploit

If you start taping both sides of the screen the guy will exponentially gain speed left or right and I like to smash him in the car

- Annoying ads

The game is fun but some of the ads you can’t close so you have to close and open the app which get’s super annoying.

- Flip master

Best game ever I love it but way too much adds and it stole my money

- Ahhh

Awesome game 😝 lot of fun to play. It sucks if you are left handed though cause it does not have the opposite side feature in the settings so when i would like to change my trick i cross me fingers and it makes it harder to play. GOT TO BE CARFUL when you are trying to change your Avatar outfit if you tap a item it will not ask to confirm (if your using coins) when you look at a piece of clothing for your Avatar you have to be 110 percent that you want to buy it before you buy it because you cant see how it looks so you won’t know if it looks good or bad

- Flip master review

This game is SOO cool! I recommend it, because it’s really fun and it doesn’t require wifi and if ads are annoying u take internet off so no ads! You can upgrade characters and earn coins and get flips and get new maps it’s really fun and I play all the time with my family and friends and we all love playing this game together!!!! It’s free but you can buy stuff with real money but you don’t HAVE to which is one of the reasons why I love this game because most games are free and after u download it says pay now but flip master doesn’t do that it really gets me happy and for example you’re on a plane or a car with no service play flip master for fun!

- Airplane mode.

Thank me later!

- Scammers

You guys scammed me for the in app purchase I want a refund SCAMMERS

- spin

It would make the app better if you could earn clothes in the spin and also if you got an hourly spin

- Glitching a lot

Glitching a lot

- Cool

I like it when I hurt myself

- Bad

This game is garbage it won’t even let me play do not biy

- 👍👍

I just love this game. The graphics are great for the type of game it is. I would HIGHLY recommend playing, especially with WiFi turned off. They should totally make a diving version. (Like into a pool)


Don't buy this game it garbage it ALWAYS laggs of right as you win a power up and then when you go back on it said it ends IT IS GARBAGE

- Good

It’s really good idk what else to say :|

- A really good game

Its amazing download it now

- Not hard at all

So fun I watched the video and it looked hard but when I played it was easy ( not saying make it harder you know what I mean)

- Characters

This game is fantastic you can definitely have fun for hours but I have a few problems with this game. First of all the dudette should be available from the beginning because most of us like to represent ourselves with our avatar. Second of all there’s only one girl character the rest are guys or animals. You should have more female characters like a female superhero, or an old dudette. This is 2019 and representation is key. You should not have to buy female characters. One female character should be included when you first download the app. My third problem with this game is lack of diversity. There is not one character of colour in this game. Once again representation is key especially in 2019. So you should be able to change what your characters look like without making in app purchases or trying your luck with the wheel. And even then there’s no chance to change the colour of your characters skin. In conclusion, developers; girls play games, people of different skin colours play games. We do not want to have to spin or pay money. These things are basic.


When I got the game it was fun for like the first round but it got extremely boring after that I would not recommend this game to anyone I was disappointed!😑😬🍅

- So much adds

Every time after a level there is an add

- This game is super boring

I was decent at the game, but there’s no real challenge or end or even a reward for playing a long time or being really good at the game. Okay quality, pretty easy and lastly very boring. But what isn’t boring is being a flip master on your sluts 🍆🍑

- Was great but something happened

It was amazing, working perfectly. Today I had completed all my daily challenges and got many of those ball things to open and got mountainside and mountaintop or sum then I got out of the game for something and when I come back it takes me back to where I had started that day.. now I lost all the stuff I got today😤😤 I tried restarting the app and everything but it’s not working! Give my stuff back!‼️😤 I’ll change my star rating once I get everything back...

- Yeet

This is an awesome game

- So many addS

Good game but to many games pls add a free no adds thing like Minecraft

- Love it


- Amazing

It like cliff diving

- Fun

What are you call my change clothes and it’s fun


This game is lit the physics are kinda realistic but it’s super hilarious when u slam the guy into a wall😂😂

- Amazing

This is a good game for people that like bouncing around. it is a good game for flipping. More to it than just bouncing and flipping. Love it, amazing job guys!

- Good game but...

I deleted the game then I came back to it thinking that all my progress would still be there but no everything is gone. WHY CAN’t you link it to ICLOUD!!!!

- So good

Great game very fun please add more moves I’m getting bored but amazing game

- Cool

Very good

- Keep it up

Really nice try adding updates that ppl will be allot addicted to it 👌🙂

- I love

I love the game!🤑

Libertex 📈

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- Very fun game!

With tons of tricks to combine and the feature to train your jumper, the game manages to present a challenge while still keeping it fun and avoiding the repetition that so many other mobile (console as well) games are guilty of. One thing I don't like is that you can pay to spin with coins but every time you choose that route the spin becomes more expensive. It's time consuming enough to gather coins as it. I would suggest keeping the price to spin at one fixed amount. Other than that, it's 5 stars for me.

- Amazing

I love this game! It’s so much fun I play it all the time! I saw one review that said there are too many ads but I don’t have ads for some reason but I used to. 1 thing that needs improvement is the trampoline because sometimes when I’m jumping on the trampoline I just get stuck in the trampoline and die. But that doesn’t happen a lot. Also I think that when you buy a power up you should be able to use it for later. Great game though would recommend

- Discrimination

Only the male character is used as a basic character where as the female one is used as an incentive that you have to purchase with coins from within the game. This should not be a thing, why should I have to purchase the female and not the male as well or why is the female character not a basic default character as well? This is outrageous and is discriminatory. I would really like a response from the developer of this game as to why it is like this. (Edit)- I do play the game and have done so quite extensively and I still feel that even though it is easy to acquire the female character it should be a basic option at the beginning of the game and should not be something you have to work towards.

- Daily Challenges

This game is great. Except for the challenges. Multiple times I have completed the challenge and not gotten a reward for it. The challenge was to “tuck 35 times during a one gameplay” and I did, multiple times. And it never recognized that I did. Also, the challenges are very almost impossible, when I first got the game, one of the challenges was to get 1,000 points in one gameplay. Which, after you just download the game, is impossible. I suggest you fix the bug so we can get rewards for the daily challenges and also make the challenges more possible.

- Addicting

I've had this game two days now and I'm fascinated by it. I would like to see colors for the clothes like the screenshots show, and maybe some retooling of the sidebar with the tricks since scrolling isn't so feasible but I love it all the same. I didn't have any issues with the wheel; I had all tricks and locations unlocked day 1. I even have loads of training done and the most expensive top for the Dudette. Much more satisfying than Flip Diving, but I'd like to save my game data somewhere.


Such a fun game! I love it and if you are thinking of downloading it YOU SHOULD the flips and tricks are satisfying and they keep you on you’re toes. I love the game, getting. Better everyday but I also think that they should make purchases like you can purchase a character with you’re coins and not always having to spin. I recommend that in future updates! Beside that the game is great install it today and you can’t believe where your imagination of flips is going to take you!

- Really Awesome!!

I love this game so much! I love having the challenge of what I should do next, and to see if I can land. This app even tells me when I need to switch my tricks up to make it more interesting! Whenever I get bored, all I have to do is click on this app, and I’m not bored anymore!! This game is amazing, but I would have to say the one flaw is the prices. I find it very hard to choose between training, and spinning the wheel. And it’s really hard to get a lot of money for some reason. But other than that, I 10/10 recommend!

- Really fun

I really like this game because it gives you something to do when you’re bored you can compete with other people again scores and it doesn’t have a lot of ads just sometimes it’s really fun because you can make the guy do different moves on the trampoline. Only thing I would change on this game is that it should be able to go on the next location for the trampoline every time you complete the first level

- Addictive

Very fun game, almost all about timing. I'm very picky about phone games and I just downloaded this one almost an hour ago and I'm still playing. very little to no pay to win the only thing that really costs actual money is other characters which just changes your look, you can level up your guy by just playing and no waiting to play like a lot of "free" phone games. Recommended if you like simple games, with an arcade type of vibe.

- Almost perfect

I think this is a really great game, but you can still make it better. Number one: I was playing on my dads iPad because I lost my iPad and I was really good. When I found my iPad I was mad I had to start over Number 2: I think that there is so much adds, I feel like I never play Number 3: if you couldn't play for one day, and you haven't had a chance to open the daily chest you should be able to get both chest. I hope you can make some adjustments 😭☹️🙁😑🙂😄😆

- Great game (suggestions)

Hi! I love this game so so much. There are barely no glitches, if any at all and you don’t need to wait to get lives or anything! I recommend this game to everyone. Suggestions: It would be great if there was more than one free spin everyday, or after we get the free spin, the price of the spin forgetting another one should go back down to its original price. Also, there should be a leaderboard so everyone can see how high they are getting their point amounts. ADD MORE CHARACTERS AND TRICKS PLEASEE :)

- Great game, but needs updates....

Flip master is an awesome game where u can do incredible feats while in the air! Right now it has multiple locations like mountaintop and competition! You can also choose your character! But, the game could use more customizations. Some examples: a weather option, so u could make it rainy, or stormy (note: this would only work on outside areas.). A couple more maps, like maybe a tramp on a moving airplane (I know it’s absurd, but it’d be fun), or maybe a one on top of an elephant or a shark tank? I LUV THE GAME, BUT REALLY, IT WOULD BE A LOT MORE FUN IF U COULD DO IT ON TOP OF A BLOODTHIRSTY SHARK! (Right)

- Don’t play 8 ball pool!!

I repeat. Don’t play 8 ball pool. The creators never took a physics class. The 8 ball and cue ball seems to defy the laws of physics, because both seem to have a magnetic affinity for the pocket. The amount of time I lost a game due to this is absurdly astounding. Also beware of when the game “glitches”, aka the in game algorithms already predetermine where the ball will end up (again defying the laws of physics). Final conclusion, don’t waste any money on anything the game offers and also the game is rigged.

- Flip master

Flip master is definitely one of the most addictive games I have played, in a good way. It makes me feel happy and I love getting new locations and characters. Everyday I wait for the daily spin and the hourly balloons. The amount of ads it has is good, you do get ads but, you can always skip them and they don’t give to many ads. Flip master is a great game, sometimes it glitches but I understand, Motion volt you did a great job on this game!

- Lots of issues 🤷‍♀️

I have had this game for months and nothing has changed like I hoped for. First of all,I think you should be able to spin the wheel, whatever it is ,more than once a day. And second, I think you should be able to upgrade your person without having to spend your coins, like what the crap. And third, I think you should not have to spend coins on anything, that way you can just enjoy the game and not have to worry about getting more coins .

- Manipulative.

In the games tutorial on your first play right after your first bad landing the game leads you to the title screen and tells you to tap on the gold bars tab after selecting the announcer says “Hey get the gold bars!” I of course know not to buy a 20$ per month item for a mobile game just to get some fancy cosmetics for my character. But I worry for young children who are lured into the “free game!” Scandal that so many mobile game companies use to market their app just to slap a pay to win scenario in your face. Other than the game being a cash grab the game mechanics are fine but it’s sorta a copy paste mechanic that they use throughout the levels, probably why the cosmetic scandals are present.

- Best Toilet Game!

I saw this in an ad and it was the first ad that had a good game. So addicting and satisfying to play and not too many ads. An ad appears ever like 10th time you play and it’s short. That’s perfect! And you get coins and level up so easy! It’s super fun to play on the toilet, and in public, or whenever I need to pass time. It’s not something I’d spend time playing on for hours, but it is definitely a very fun time passer game! Probably the best game I have found. 11/10

- Needs more.....

Well it needs more characters and clothes for them, and my cousin loves to play on my phone and she said that she would like more girl characters because there is only one. Well I think that the characters should have more clothing for the characters because I don’t really like what they already have. My cousin also said that the girl should have skinny jeans and she should have cool hoodies or jackets without zippers. And I also want more stages.

- Too Many Ads...

1)This game is highly addictive I will give you that, but there are too many ads! I can barely enjoy the game because I am getting ads for other games daring my fingers to download more games. 2) I don't appreciate the lack of genders. There's only 1 girl. I think that that this game needs a severe update. It's unfair to the women that play to start with a male character. I believe that there should be a way that you can customize your character! Those are my complaints, like I said highly addictive! An ok game! Just get to work on that update, please?

- Flip master

Your game is awesome. I have a ton of fun playing this game, I am a gymnast my self and I also have a trampoline and your game actually helped me do two back tucks up in the air. It's amazing on how much air the characters get on the trampolines. If you can could you possibly make another game. Something really cool, maybe the character running onto the trampoline and doing flips onto another trampoline. If you could that would be awesome. Thanks for making Flip Master, it's so cool.👍🏼🔥

- Ways to help the game

This game is honestly amazing but I feel theirs some things that could help. One thing is to add the option to toggle the flips that you want to use because it gets very annoying having to scroll through these flips. Another suggestion is adding more flips. Like when you do a full it make you go in a flip how about adding a trick that allows you to continuously spin like do double and triple fulls and stuff like that.

- Good Game

It’s an amazing game over all but, there ARE TO MUCH RED REWARD in the machine. I have gotten red the last eight times I got the three-hundred coins needed hoping to get either the blue or torques but I instead get a power up that has no meaning nor use for my game play style. I’m not saying it won’t help others but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with this problem. As I said, overall it’s an amazing game only correction needed is giving out to many power ups. If that means adding characters or adding on the map then so be it.

- Great Game just one thing

The game itself is excellent. It's a great game that you could play outside of your house without using any data. A great game to play inside as well. The thing is for their recent update they added much more advertisements where you have to play a short game on it. They pop up out of nowhere and are very annoying. I think that if I got this game to play I shouldn't have it play more in advertisements.

- Annoying game

For the first few days I had this game it was really fun and I enjoyed playing different characters and maps, but after a little while I realized that you can’t choose between doing a backwards or forwards version of the flip you want to do. This gets very annoying because if you land near the edge and want to flip away sometimes it flips the other direction and throws you off the tramp. Also the fact you can’t land on your stomach is retarded. I like to jump in my trampoline and have been for years and there are plenty of tricks that involve landing on your stomach so please fix that.

- Luv it!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

I have been playing this game for about three weeks now and I can't stop playing, this game is so incredibly addictive and fun to play. I saw my brother playing this game and was like "I need it" I started playing an was hooked on it. The only problem is a lot of adds and it texts you like nonstop witch is really annoying😖😖overall it is a very fun game and highly recommended. Thank you for reading my review!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Tip: put your phone on airplane mode so you don't get all of the adds 😏😏😏

- Fun, keeps you awake

This is a pretty fun and challenging game, you can spend a lot of time trying to get better at it while collecting coins for training your character. One suggestion though, would be more fun if there would be more things to customize your character, like more clothing, more hair styles, and character fixtures, also more jumping movements, im pretty sure it'll come with time. Other than that it's a must to have!!

- Good but gets boring fast

This is a fun time waster but gets very repetitive quickly. The ads are a little much too. The power ups cost 300 or so coins and when i tested them they only got me about 150 coins extra before they ran out. Not worth it. Also transferring trampolines should give a big bonus. Instead you get 20 points and risk crashing. No thanks. This is a decent game but much too simple for now. Asking us to pay 8 bucks a week for vip is absurd. I would pay 8 bucks once, to unlock everything but that's about it.

- Needs more detail

Hey Miniclip!! I think that the game is okay, but it needs detail. Like the background needs detail, and so does the flipping itself. The game is pretty good, but it needs detail. Please update to higher levels of detail. I'm not trying to insult you Miniclip, but it is kind of a bad game. The game is giving people viruses, and some people just hate the game in general. Miniclip, the game needs detail, and get rid of whatever is giving people viruses. Thank you!!


When I got this I had flip diver it was fun but this is better because..... you have so many places and it is fun cause when you get hit you get triggered and try harder it helps me get my stress out but since you start with a flip start with a pike to so you don’t have to keep doing the same thing over and over again tell you earn some money to spin but other than that it is an awesome game!

- Trap-ads, Grindplay, and Microskeets oh my!!

Pretty sure I just made up new words to express the utter flagrancy in which miniclip is approaching their approach to game development these days. I have to say I’m impressed at the level that which miniclip holds their fans in contempt and the concept of purchased progress is pushed on the consu...er.. sorry, player in this game. I find it insulting. The high reset and repeatability rate of the game lends to higher “AD Breaks” (every five or so turns) as they’re called make it a haven for fat fingers to click on a video accidentally. You can always watch more videos for a /10th value of the lowest value perk available lol. Or you can pay 7.99 and get a push..

- Unexpectedly addictive!

I downloaded this on a lark. I can't believe how much time I've spent playing it. I love that you can get good tricks to do. And just the right amount of ads. Not too many to play, but enough to understand I'm playing for free. Lol. My only wish? I wish we could do multiple tricks in 1 jump and get combo points for it. For example, hit the trampoline and then do a layout and a full flip and a lazy before landing again. That should be X3 combo points. Right now, it's not.

- I love it!!

The game is amazing and I truly love it so much!! Even though it's pretty stupid I still just find it so addictive and fun!!! I would change one thing though...someone else already said this but if I could change one teensy tiny little thing it would be keep the spin wheel spinning cost all one cost. That makes sense right?? But one tiny mistake shouldn't be a problem for me So it's a five star game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Great

I love this game whenever I’m on my phone you usually find me playing this game. I think it does need some improvements. One is when you have so many flips you can do you have to scroll to use all of them. This is very difficult while playing. You also can’t move around when using a flip on the bar. I also think the spins should never increase the amount you must pay I think it should be around 200 and no change.

- Great game but...

Ok so this game is actually super fun and I have like 40 games but this game is the only one I have but the only thing I don’t like about it is that you die very very easily and also that the locations are cool but there’s only a couple of them and I want more new locations. I love this game so don’t ever change the concept of it but for future updates can you guys please just make new locations?? Thank you for taking your time to read this!!have a good day bye

- Great but one problem

I love this game and it helps me pass time. But I have one question and a suggestion to fix it 1. I have been doing stuff to get coins to get new characters but I never get them from the spin and I don't know what color has them because red gives power ups blue is tricks and green is maps . Could u just maybe make another color for characters so it could be easier to get them because I don't want to pay to get stuff.

- Fantastic game

This is a great game that I enjoy for hours to either pass time or just enjoyment. One thing I'd like to see is an option to select which tricks you'd like on screen and what order you'd like them. Once there's a number of tricks, you have to scroll to use them. If I could reorder my favorite 4 next to each other, there wouldn't be much issue. Overall, fantastic and addictive game.

- One thing...

It’s a great game, with the concept of doing skills and you only grind a little, buy the coins are too hard to get, and the hourly balloon only gives little coins, the more you get into the game the less you get. Spinning cost me 200+ and the balloon gives me 20-40 it used to give me 100 but now it’s less. But besides that it’s a great game and I would recommend it to people who like peaceful and idle games.

- Amazing

It is a really fun game to just do or if you want to kill time or you just want to get better at it. I think that it should add more characters and more power ups that could like turn it into a different mode or for example it could be rainy outside or it could be snowing. But overall I think it is a great game for kids or adults if they wanted to. And I think that you guys will like it too!

- Developer please read this

I love this game. And for some reason I feel like there should be an event where Spider-Man homecoming is a character and you have the ability to buy him or unlock him (like everyone else). And he should have special moves, moves that you can’t unlock unless you buy/unlock him. The movie Spider-Man homecoming is so good and almost every game is doing an event on it. This app should be one of them.

- Good But It Could Be Better

I like it but I hate how you need to buy if you want a 360 spin and also can you do another app but instead can it be like cheer kinda like do toe touches in the air and have bases a back spot and a front spot and a flyer and in the air you could do cool tricks like 360 , toe touch , cradel , like a lot of things and if you do that I promise I'll give it 5 stars ⭐️I'm giving it 3 bc 1 I hate how you have to buy the tricks and clothes and 2nd I want you to have to touches in the hair and have cheerleading stuff in it and "compete" in competitions

- Great at first, but...

I loved this game at first. I loved that you could get new trampolines, "train" your character to have a higher skill level, and get new types of tricks/flips. However, it's getting 3 stars (and will soon be deleted) because I stopped getting these upgrades. I've had this game for 3 weeks. For the last 1.5 weeks, every time I spent 300 coins to spin the wheel, I only ever got a power up. I haven't gotten a new trampoline or new trick in a long time. It's super frustrating, and makes the game become boring

- Definitely recommend this game

At first the game didn’t seem very fun but as I kept on playing it it got super SUPER addicting! Now it’s one of my favorite games I have and I don’t say that very often. One thing I hate about it though is it gets super glitchy for no reason and it kinda pisses me off😑. But other than that I definitely recommend this game if your looking for fun addicting and an amazing game!

- Clearly Rigged

This is a fairly fun game. Not much else to comment on, what you see is what you get as far as gameplay goes. But unfortunately the spin/ lottery element of the game is rigged. You will notice that on your first spin you unlock the gym. Then the pike tuck. And then the flip that comes afterwards. I noticed this so I deleted and reinstalled. As you may have guessed again I got the gym, then pike tuck. And to be sure this was no coincidence I tried again. The "spin" is not random and gives you what the game wants to give you in that order.

- Something funny

So I only have 2% and no charger so sorry for spelling or grammar mistakes This is a great game and when I was playing something funny happened... I swiped up from the bottom of my screen continuously in a fast motion and the character glitched and the limbs were bent on a strange way and then the character flew away into the distance and it was hilarious!! I think this only works for the backyard trampoline 🤷🏽‍♀️

- Add a trick?

This game is suuuper fun coming from someone who does parkour/trampoline. I only wish you guys would add a trick called a Cody. You land on your stomach and then do a backflip (backflip from your stomach). You can also frontflip from your stomach. Basically I'm asking for stomach tricks. In the game you can kinda do kabooms which is where you land on your back and a split second later your legs hit sending you into a backflip. Overall good game.

- Five stars all around

This game is awesome I play every day myself but you guys should really get it to a bunch of tricks a bunch of clips and get a bunch of outfits there might be only four people but you can do a lot with those for you can also change the clothes and train them and then go around different places you really should get this game you're in sane if you don't no offense

- What happened

I loved flip diving, the old game you guys made. When I saw a new one came out, I was VERY excited. Now I'm not so excited. The game itself is fine, but I'm getting so angry with the rigged wheel. I have wasted THOUSANDS of in-game coins to get new spins or locations but I'm getting the same dumb power-ups. This didn't happen in flip diving!! This is such a downgrade. I've had this game for like 5 days and have had the same spins. I'm so annoyed that I'm only getting the same dumb power-ups over and over. I want to get new spins! Please fix this! I'm tired of wasting my hard earned in game coins!

- I would give it 5 stars but..

I don’t like it every time I play the game 10 times it says Ad Break then I loose my coins. So I really recommend that you put no ad breaks just but those ads in the watch a video thing. The app is really, really fun outside of that. But it’s frustrating 🤬 every time I have to have an ad break every 10 plays. And I think it’s kind of racist that the people you can get are all white. I’m white in all but, I’m not racist.

- Good fun game, but there’s bugs

It’s a fun game overall; I found myself playing it on my spare time a lot. The mechanics and graphics are pretty good. However there are a few bugs that only occur when you’re offline. Also, I want to address the stuff position that the character lands in once they fail and landing...it kind of bothers me that it doesn’t have rag doll mechanics once they fail :(

- Will u help!?

Love this game! I accidentally deleted the game! It won’t give me my process back when I hit restore purchases but I think that’s because I never bought anything. I just worked really hard and got it really high. Is there’s way to get my process back? Usually when games do this I give them a 1 star rating but I still love this game and I will be happy to change the rating to a 5 if you at least respond! Thanks!

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Lego creations by master builders that showcase why Lego is not just a children’s toy: part 3


Lego creations by master builders that showcase why Lego is not just a children’s toy: part 3 #socool ⁦@LEGO_Group⁩

Claudia Ng

Lego creations by master builders that showcase why Lego is not just a children’s toy: part 3

Montrose Daily Press

"While technically more an omelet than pancake, when it comes to Chinese chives, I do what Nancy says," Ari LeVaux wrote.

Lexi Rayne 🔞

12. Charlie is daddy Flip is sir Adam is master Woah, where am I? I blacked out for a minute. What was the question?

Brent Crawford 🏢

GitHub to replace master with main starting in October: What developers need to know


@BasedSpinach You should learn. Women love the grill master. Host parties, flip meats effortlessly, always with a beer in one hand. Never use a timer or thermometer. Technology has no place around food

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33 Deceptively Easy Recipes Every Beginner Cook Should Master

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I did try to video feeding the bird, and did capture her nicely, but upside down and no way to edit out the bad things, flip so here's the pathway down and some rowan berries until I can master it :-) (might have to get another phone - it's running out of storage space)

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@LaraPatriot @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump Joe Biden has flip flopped on so many issues I think truly if you ask him right now he has no idea what he believes in unless his puppet master has their fist jammed up his ass telling him to say and think.

Flip Master 2.1.1 Screenshots & Images

Flip Master iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Flip Master iphone images
Flip Master iphone images
Flip Master iphone images
Flip Master iphone images
Flip Master iphone images
Flip Master ipad images
Flip Master ipad images
Flip Master ipad images
Flip Master ipad images
Flip Master ipad images
Flip Master Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Flip Master Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Flip Master (Version 2.1.1) Install & Download

The applications Flip Master was published in the category Games on 2017-08-29 and was developed by MotionVolt Games Oy [Developer ID: 1045516044]. This application file size is 214.2 MB. Flip Master - Games posted on 2020-09-18 current version is 2.1.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.miniclip.flipmaster

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