2 For 2

2 For 2 [Games] App Description & Overview

WARNING! You will absolutely get addicted to this puzzle game.

Connect the numbers, and DON’T run out of moves!

Make lines by connecting as many same numbered dots as you can. The longer the line, the more points you get and the longer you’ll survive.

As you connect the same numbers, they add up in multiples of 2.

Ready, set, connect!

- Subscribe for Premium Membership to unlock all SKINS; get DOUBLE COINS; 25 COIN PREMIUM DAILY BONUS; ONE FREE RETRY PER DAY; PREMIUM STATUS for the duration of the subscription; and remove ads.
- Premium membership: a weekly track (for 7.99$/week) after 3-day free trial."
- Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
- Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
- Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
- Subscription may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.
- By downloading this App, you agree to Crazy Labs' Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at https://crazylabs.com/privacy-policy/ and at https://www.crazylabs.com/terms-of-use/.
- Please consider that this App may include third-party services for limited legally permissible purposes.
- Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication.

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Bug fixes for smoother playing

2 For 2 Comments & Reviews

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- Challenging and fun

I would have given it 5 stars, but one time after a game update there was a new button and I didn’t realize it and I ended up starting my game over. I was a bit upset because I had several months of playing wrapped up in that game. I did start over and I played for a long time until I was able to combine to 1M and a score of over 18 million. Overall it’s challenging and fun.

- Too many ads

I love this game but I can’t stand how many adds there are. This game used to have the perfect amount of adds. When you wanted to skip the 2 hour word bonus and when you hit a new high number in a game now it just feels like they throw an add at you whenever they feel like it 😡

- Too many ads

This game is fun but the amount of ads is bordering ridiculous.

- Ads

Used to love this game but literally every three moves there’s an ad now. Too much! Can’t even play.

- Point?

I don’t see the point! Where are the rules for this game? I would like to develop some strategy, but I don’t know what’s going on!

- Surprisingly relaxing!!❤️

This game is so fun!! The sound effects are so awesome! The different skins are so cool! I especially like the neon one! It makes me so calm! I love this game so much!!!💖

- Addictive!!!

I’ve had this game for about 2 months and was addicted on day one! I’ve been playing the same game the entire time and my score is over 18 million!!!! It’s challenging and requires a high level of strategic thinking. The game runs flawlessly and is a lot of fun.

- Ads are too much

I know you guys need to make money but this is crazy annoying. Interrupting the middle of the game is too much

- Adds😡

I love ❤️ this game or at least I would if there was less ADDS. I got three adds within 15 minutes at most of downloading it. If you hate ads then DON’T get this app.

- ...

Ok. Really? A lot of bad stuff about this game. 1- The developers only respond to reviews that are 5 stars only. 2- ADS!!! 3- expensive memberships

- Price

When I first loaded this app it was free. Now that I would like to play it again it says it’s $7.99 per week after a 3 day trail. That’s a little steep to play a game on your phone. Why is the price so high????? Willing to pay a one time fee, but seriously $7.99 a week????? WTH????

- I love it but

Soo many adds!!! Other wise I love it I learned so many math problems like 16 times 3 =32 and 8 times 3=16

- Used to be great

After a couple recent updates, the free version has become unplayable. The ads pop up randomly and they’ll freeze to the point they won’t end even after a full minute. Do not recommend as there might be free versions of a game this simple out there that might have ads, but don’t freeze and lock it up.

- Garbage

Just like everyone is saying, this WAS a great game... now it’s complete garbage because you’re interrupted by obnoxious ads every 3-5 moves..... game has been ruined. I’ve just deleted it because there’s no way to enjoy it unless you pay $96/yr. and that’s not gonna happen

- High score

Love the game but how do I share my high score? I google search high score and the high score comes up as 1,000,008. I have a much much higher score but can’t share it. Any help?

- Sharon

Way too many ads!

- App freezes

Generally a great app. Been one game for months. BUT...recently the ads continuously freeze the game. Makes it hard to play. Please fix it.

- Too many ads

Great game but way too many ads

- Used to Love it

Ever since the update you get an ad every minute. So you end watching ads more than playing it and it’s the same stupid ad.

- Ads suddenly started appearing constantly

At first I loved this game because the ads came only when you achieved milestones, and now they are popping up randomly and often. Will likely delete, which is too bad because it's a great little game with soothing music. Please fix.

- Waaaay too many ads

Fun game but you can barely play it for all the ads.

- The first review I’ve ever written.

That’s how obnoxious the ads are. 20-50 ads per game and many won’t allow you to skip.

- ADs every 10 moves? Really??

I have been playing this game for a long, did an update recently and now the game is just useless. I get an Ad every 10 moves or so. This was my goto game, guess I’ll find a new one! Please change the Ad rate!!

- Too many adds

Have always loved this game, but this last update is add overkill. Add when hitting a milestone, sure I get it. But adds every minute or so is getting super annoying.

- Fun game, BUT...

When I first started playing this game, I loved it, but I thought the ads were too much. But over time, I got used to it. BUT recently, you are forced to watch an ad for no extra coins. The developers have taken ads to the ridiculous level. They have taken the fun out of this otherwise fun game. I love trying to beat me high score, which I don’t don’t very often, as I have a decent high score. I’m going to stop playing it for a while. When I attempt it again, if it forces ads just for breathing, I’m going to delete this app. Which is sad, it really is a fun game!!! After writing this review, I checked other most recent reviews. I see that I am not alone on my criticism of tons of ads! Well, I waited a bit and tried it again and still there are ads just for breathing. I waited an even longer time and the problem is still there. So, though I love this app, I’m deleting it. The developers have ruined a fun game by increasing the amount of ads to an insane level. But lots of people are saying this. Either they’re not understanding all of these reviews written in English or they just don’t care!!! So, bye-bye to one of my favorite apps. It was nice knowing you, but not lately!


This is the best game EVER!!!! This is so fun. It offers you a premium addition, but you really don’t need it. The game is still super fun without it. My best is like 9000 something and I just got it today! That’s how addicting this game is! It’s also a great game to play in the car.

- Too many ads.

I used to love this game, the game is great. I recently RE-installed it and am disappointed with the number of ads. It’s annoying, I’m going to uninstall it

- Used to love this game

I’ve been playing this game. It was fun and challenging, but easy to put down and come back to. However, the ridiculous amount of ads that have been recently added has taken all the fun out of the game. It’s so bad I deleted the game.

- If you LOVE ads download this game.

This use to be a fun game. Now every time you make a good move AN AD POPS UP IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR GAME! it’s annoying and why I’ve chosen to delete the app. It didn’t use to be like this.

- Cool game

My mom and I Love to play this game

- Insane adds

Super greedy developers. Nothing about this game is worth the cost and the adds are all over the place and interrupt the middle of game play all the time. I get adds for free games, but come on, this game throws them in every few seconds at times. Sheer stupidity.

- Game is great, but So. Many. Ads!!

The game is addictive and a good challenge, but you are stopped every 20 moves or so for an ad. It is incredibly frustrating!

- What happened???

One of my all time favorite games, and now I hate even opening anymore! The game would still be great (and deserving of a 5 star review), but for the fact that the latest update now forced ads on you every minute or two, sometimes less. The company behind 2 For 2 seems to have forgotten this is a rhythm game, because just as I’m getting going BAM a 15 second ad, or 25 second ad, or the dreaded 30 second ad. Sure, I could sign up for their ad free membership, but at 7.99 A WEEK(!!!) are you kidding me? I keep opening it hoping they’ve come to their senses and released a new update, correcting this terrible direction, but so far no joy.

- Great fun..... but

This has been one of my favorite games for years. One of the things I love is the ability to stop, and come back later, much much later and pick up where you left off. Game play is simple and addictive and is easy enough for a little kid to pick up, but challenging if you want to shoot for a million + score. This should be an easy 5 star, but the last update forces you to watch an add every 3 to 5 turns. This completely destroyed the flow of the game and forces you to go into airplane mode to play. Before, you got an add if you wanted to rescue a failed game, use an undue or just get some extra coins. Then to make it worse, they set up a weekly pay to play with no adds which is ridiculous. A $5.99 or maybe a $7.99 one time charge would be worth it but net 7.99 a week. Nothing in this game is worth $32 a month. It’s a shame the developers had to get greedy and ruin what was a great, fun game.

- I used to love it now....

This was always my go to game. I play it every day. It used to have an occasional ad. Now it’s nothing but ads. I refuse to pay to remove ads. Hope it will change!

- Ads with limited game play, not game w/ads

Play is so frequently interrupted by ads (ads which take over the audio of any other app you’re listening to, and overrides phones mute settings), that there are long periods where you spend an equal if not greater time in ads than playing the game. THIS IS AN ADVERTISING PLATFORM, NOT A GAME APP.

- Fun but too many adds

You only make it 5 moves before you have to watch a 30 second add.

- Yeet

Why I love this game? It’s because it’s so addictive and it just helps me with my anxieties and it also helps me calm my mind. Me: playing this game My mom: comes in and asks me to take out the trash Me again: keeps playing this game and says: Sorry maybe I shouldn’t cUZ I TryINg To TraiN My SelF My mom: ... Would you just do it? Me: takes phone with me while going to take the trash out Me: there took out the trash happy? My mom: Anyway what makes you think you should just stare at it what game are you even playing? Me: 2 for 2, isn’t it obvious? My mom: what’s that?

- Ads

This game was fun before ads started popping up every 10 seconds.

- Come on? Really?

You can’t wait to give me an ad until I have finished the game I was playing? I understand ads in between games, but right in the middle of one made me instantly uninstall.



- Too many ads

The free version is unusable with the horrible, excessive and mis-click ads....paid the no ad version and STILL had an ad (but fewer). Would not buy again

- Ridiculous Amount of Ads

I used to love playing this game, but it is absolutely ruined because of the amount and frequency of ads and pop ups. It is free and has always had them, but now the frequency has increased and you can’t even get through 4 moves before another 30 second ad pops up! It is frustrating and ridiculous. At least it has gotten me to curb my addiction to this game since the ads take up most of the time I have to play it!

- Like the game

Enjoy the game but too many interruptions during the play

- Unusable

So many adds that the app is unusable. Uninstalled.

- Too much ads after recent update.

The game used to be great even with occasional ads pop-ups. But after the most recent update, the ads frequency is ridiculous. Ads would come up after every few moves. The game play itself deserves a 5-star rating. I’m just annoyed as hell with the ads pop-ups.

- 🐷s

Zırt pırt reklam bu ne

- Ads Galore

I’ve timed it...I spend more time watching ads in this app than playing the game. No wonder I keep getting frustrated and deleting it. Love the game. I get that they want to make money with ads and entice people to pay for premium but they’ve crossed the line of what is reasonable.

- Far too many ads!

You can’t make it but a few moves before an ad pops up. Can’t even get through a single game watches the same ads 10 plus times.

- Ads

I used to love this game. But now all you get are ads, ads and more ads. It’s ridiculous you score and you have to watch ads. I guess I will find a new game. Enjoy the ads

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- Fun

I think this game is fun but I think there are to many ads I also think the missions are not the best

- Makes You Think

Highly addictive game of strategy and simple math.

- Adds

The adds drive me insane!! They pop up in the middle of my game and make me want to stop playing!!

- Holy ads

I love the gameplay but Jesus H, every 5 moves I have to wait through an ad and I forget what I was going to do next! Can’t really get in the grove or grow to love it because I’m so irritated by the constant interruptions.

- Ads

I would love this game and recommend it to friends IF there weren’t so many ads. Ads every 5-6 moves is too many. I understand this is how you make your money but get real. I won’t even pay for it because of this tactic.

- Too many ads

Used to love this game until they decided to include ads every 5 secs.

- Changed too include adds

At one time I would have rated this game 5 stars. After loading tonight I realized every 5 moves played an add. Very bad move by the dev, if it isn’t changed I will be deleting.

- Too many ads

I really enjoy this game, however after a recent update the game runs so many ads. I would buy the game if I could but $7.99 a week is ridiculous.

- Bugs bugs

Last 2 versions are super buggy. You cannot play more that 1 min before the grid messes up with overlapping numbers.

- An agreement

I agree with a lot of others complaining about bugs and adds, but other than that, it’s very enjoyable! I really like how you have to examine the board before you make your move. Good job creating such game 👏 !! Highly recommend!!!

- This game is great!

The game is really fun, it very rarely lags and there are few ads, the only thing I don’t like is that you can’t connect diagonally, I think the game would be just that bit better if you could do that.

- Bug

Bug avec iOS 13.3.1

- Glitch

The game glitch beyond playability

- Decent

Decent game but with all the ads it’s hard to enjoy without airplane mode. Pop ups (like quests completions) can appear while in the middle of making a chain meaning a random chain is made because of a random pop up which can screw you late game. Chests which you tap for coins also don’t always give coins

- Too many ads

This game used to be great! You saw ads at certain thresholds and to “pay” for more undo moves, which was totally understandable. With the latest version, ads are popping up at all times during game play, and I’ve accidentally opened quite a few. I liked this game for passing time, it was quite addictive, but I’ll be deleting it since you can’t actually play it any more. Shame!


J’ai danlode le jeu pi j’ai jouer 30 segonde pi il c’est mi à buger les pastilles embarquais les une sur les autre! Ont dirais un jeu qui a été fais avec un Buject de 20$

- 👍🏻🔥Thumbs on fire‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

This is the best game I have ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Too many ads

Relaxing and addicting game but will delete since there are too many ads. They pop up in the middle of playing every 30 seconds or so. I understand the need to make money off the ads but you’re not going to make any at all if people delete the game from the sheer amount of ads.

- Game

The game is peaceful and amazing while running without connection, therefore no ads pop up

- Loving this game!

it’s pretty good but i think maybe different styles or colours because it gets boring but i still like it.

- Too many ads

The game itself is a lot of fun but, with an ad popping up every 10-15 seconds, it’s not worth it.

- Ads during gameplay

Any game that has ads mid game, gets instantly deleted in my books

- excellent strategy game

although there are many ads, this is easily my favourite game. there’s so much you can evolve and think about, strategy-wise. i really enjoy this game

- Ads make game unplayable

Frequency of ads in game make it unplayable. Core loop is fun, but monetization scheme is scummy, even for a free to play game.

- Incredible scam

Interesting playing but you watch a scam half time of the game. After one hour i earase the app.

- Omg the ads

So many ads I’m uninstalling it to find a similar one without all the ads every few moves... it would be one thing seeing an ad every time you fail the round but it’s ridiculous to get them while playing the game.

- Commercials.

The commercialS over ride how good the game is. They are way to long and happen in the middle of tour game. This is why I leave the game and don’t stay long in this site.

- Far too many ads

The game is fun, but the frequency of the ads is ridiculous and distracting. Delete.

- Way too many ads

It seems like every 2-3 moves a 30 second long ad comes up. Didn’t even get through one game before I got fed up and deleted it.

- More advertisement than game

I downloaded this and started playing. When I could play it was fun, but the adds every 20 seconds of game play was unbearable. Deleted it right away.

- Fun but wayyyy too many ads

Ads pop up AS you’re in the middle of playing a game. Multiple times!

- Shows ads every 5 moves

Hard to enjoy and try the game. There are too many ads.

- To many

To to many ads in the middle of a round to many ads don’t get this game it’s a waste of stupid time

- So freaking amazing

This game is great, simple and fun!

- Prenant

Simple, mais le défi de toujours faire mieux m’a rapidement gagnée!

- I love this game

Get this game

- Absolutely LOVE this game

I never thought I would like this game but turns out I LOVE IT!!!! It keeps me calm, it distracts me when my mind is going 10000 thoughts an hour, and I do a happy dance every time I beat my high score. Never loved a game as much as I love this one

- Too many ads

Don’t get me wrong, this game is great, but I downloaded it so that I could play the game, not watch ads every 2-3 minutes. This is ridiculous. Needs to be fixed. 100% ruins the fun of this game.

- Too many ads

Good way to pass time but there are way too many ads.


Don’t down load it unless you literally have no responsibilities in you life. The ads need an option to mute the sound.

- Way more strategic than I first thought

This is fun app. Wastes tons of time. Couldn’t be happier. Way too many ads though

- 2 for 2


- Awesome

I love this game so much it’s awesome so addictive

- Addictive

Careful here- so addictive!!

- Addictive

Great game!

- Very good.ilove it

Lovely game

- Too many ads

Way too many ads

- Fix the freezes then it would be a good game

Great game but when you reach a certain level it freezes. Frustrating!



- Awesome

This game helps me go to sleep at night! I’ve always struggle falling asleep and this allows me to not think about anything else!

- I love it it takes a few tries to get it right but I really enjoy it


- Too many ads!

Have had this game for a while. Playing it tonight it’s become unplayable. Ads every 2 minutes are very distracting to game play. Maybe an ad to start and finish. Around the edges of the game. Not mid game!!!!

- Too many ads.

Great game ruined by a really excessive number of ads.

- Ads

usually love the game but ever since the most recent update I’ve been getting ads every minute or so. It’s interrupting so much it’s not really worth playing anymore

- Too many ads

Fair enough for a free game you need to put some ads in but there is way too many in this game.

- Fun game

It’s a good game. But it wants you to pay a monthly fee to get rid of ads but it only removes the banner ads not the commercials.

- Needs to slow back down on the ads.

I’m living this game and there aren’t too many ads compared to most other games but I have definitely seen an increase just recently. Cut back just a little, please. Otherwise thank you for a really great game.

- Fun game in aeroplane mode.

When we have no internet I can play for qite a while.

- Fun game

Best game I have played for a while however the ads absolutely kill it. Not sure how much longer I will be playing.

- Heaps of fun

Be careful it’s addictive. 😬

- Fun game

It’s fun to learn the logic and strategy behind the moves. I paid for no ads which is okay, but no way I’m wasting money on a subscription.

- great but...

the game is great but there are so. many ads

- Loving this game

When l started this game l knew it would be addictive, and it keeps you thinking

- Fun but these ads...

It’s fun but dude, give these ads a rest. Even the give up has an ad following it.

- Great game!

I absolutely loved this game, highly recommend!!!

- too many adds

this app is very good, i like playing the game it helps with anxiety but there is just so many ads!!! i dislike it very much everytime i play it i have to turn my wifi off or 4g

- Good game

Love this game until now, as it keeps freezing & lagging, please fix this as I want to be able to keep playing this game. Thanks

- Paid for ads but still getting ads?

So I paid for the no ads and I’m still getting the ads in between games, seriously?

- Glitches

I love it I just shush it’d stop glitching and me loosing progress, but I honestly love it

- Great game

Such a fun game. I love puzzle games and this is one of my favourites

- Very addictive

Thanks for a great game, can't stop playing!

- Hhhhhh

Literally addicted to this game but needs a “are you sure” button when you press new game because I’ve had to restart so many times 🙄

- Great game

It make you think

- Good but ...

Like this game but don’t like that I paid for this and still get ads.. Either they are being sneaky or the license has somehow failed to register .. and should be fixed..

- Addicted

I love this game, it is my pass time when I want something to do, the adds ain’t that bad, highly addicted open at own risk,

- Funny

Item received


This game is the best game ever I love it!👌Yes it’s the best game but there are so many ads!!!!😤

- I love it!

Hahah I’ve beaten my mum though she is catching up I’m still in command!

- Brilliant addictive game

Try it just once

- Great game, very annoying ads.

Will have to remove this from my device soon as I love playing it but hate the ads and will do my head in soon.

- Good fun,

Very addictive

- This is a great app🦆!¡!

I love this app, and there are soooooo many reasons why... 1. The music is so relaxing, calming and enjoyable 2. The game itself, it’s such a great game and it is a game that I’ll play basically every single day 3. The adds.. well for me there isn’t that much adds like some people so that’s good for me ^-^ Thanks for making this awesome app!!! ~Tricky~ 🦆🦆🦆❤️

- Jbgamer89


- Too much ads

The game itself is great fun. But way too much ads, and it’s so annoying. Almost deleted it straight away.

- 🙂

Seemed to be easy at first. Nice one.

- Addictive fun

I love numbers and strategy so this was a must!

- Challenging

I found this game fun and I challenge myself each time to beat my score, very addictive as well. Cheers

- Good game


- 2 for 2

Great game, but don’t want the adds for other games, it drives you nuts. How can I get rid of them?

- Good game. Shame that only banner ads are removable

The game itself is great. No complaints there. It's just a shame that paying to remove ads only removes the banner ads. There still exist "watch video to get extra stars"-type ads after paying to remove. Admittedly these are optional...

- Great game but...

Hi, great addictive game. It would be better if there was a paid option to remove ads. ? I’d be happy to pay a reasonable fee as I’m sure others would too! Please consider. Cheers!

- Flaky since update

I was loving this game but since the recent update it’s been bombing me out of very advanced games which is incredibly frustrating.

- Warning malicious ads

The game itself is not so bad. It is entertaining and a good time waste. However the ads are terrible and takeover the game. The ads don’t respect mute switch and employer dark UX patterns making them hard to close. With the last update to the app it now randomly redirects you to Safari and loads malicious websites that are totally dangerous. Do not load this game and do not click on any of the ads.

- Adds

Adds adds adds then the game drops out before the game starts. Start again them more adds all over again. This can happen a couple of times before you can play 🤬

- Fun, fun and more fun

Great app that provides hours of fun and challenges

- Love

Love this game 😍

- Great game but unattractive

The colour is quite off but the game seems ok.

- Too many ads

Love the game, but there are way too many ads!

- Addictive to the max

Took me a few mins to understand and now..... keep a charger in my pocket!!!

- So addictive

In love with this game! It recently started freezing and lagging so pleaseeeee fix that bc it's the only thing wrong. Love love love this game ** the lagging and freezing thing started again! Please fix this I'm so addicted to this game 😩

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- Terrible since ads interrupt play

In an effort to make another dollar, the developers now have the ads interrupt the game 2-3 times per play. Now considered a crap app and deleting from my devices.

- Too many ads

I thought I was supposed to be playing a game. What it is instead is an app for ads with a little gameplay in between. And the nerve to ask for a premium membership before I even begin to start playing... not wasting another minute with this game.

- Too much advertise

Very good and addicting game but the advertise is too much.. kinda annoying

- Why ⭐️⭐️‘ s???

Because you ruined what has the potential to be one of the best games to play with an obscene amount of bloody ads! Seriouly, it’s really quite offensive! I love this game, enough that I would buy it.... not enough to pay $7.99 a fracking WEEK to get rid of the ads! You guys have done lost your bloody minds! You’ve gone mad! I wouldn’t pay $7.99 a month for ANY game, much-less $7.99 a WEEK!!!!

- Horrible!

Just played one game and it took me over 30 minutes because I could only play a few moves in between ads. Ridiculous. Move the add to play in between games, not in the middle of games. Deleting this app for now.

- Unplayable because of the ads

The game itself is great, but intrusive video ads pop up LITERALLY every minute and it’s too annoying and distracting. Don’t bother downloading.

- Ads interrupting play

Years of playing this favorite game and suddenly ads are appearing in the middle of play, rather than at intervals in between that make sense. I don’t mind ads during play and accept that as part of the deal but now it’s many more and more frequent interruption. Boo!

- Fun but ads...

I’ve really enjoyed this game, pick it up for a few minutes at a time. Until suddenly there are ads every couple of moves. That’s no fun, not sure how much longer I’ll keep it going with ads all the time.

- Game I used to love spoiled by too many ads

I used to absolutely love this game. It was low impact and relaxing, requiring you to think strategically without being overly complicated. There were ads right from the start, but they only played at the beginning and end of a game, and if you wanted to earn more stars towards using the game tools. But now, the game gets interrupted EVERY 5 MOVES by ads. Loud, obnoxious, full screen ads for other games that you can’t bypass. It completely RUINS gameplay by interrupting both the rhythm that you need to build up to in order to advance and the relaxing ambiance of playing at all. Within exactly 2 minutes of playing, I was so thoroughly frustrated that I am deleting the app. It’s no longer worth anything to me, which is a shame, because it was so enjoyable. If there is a tactic that is more transparently designed to try and make people buy the ad-free version for $8 a month, I’ve never seen one. DON’T FALL FOR IT. Make it blow back in the faces of whoever came up with this ruinous, intrusive and completely AWFUL idea and delete the app instead. You’ll be glad you did and make them sorry for valuing a cash grab tactic over player loyalty.

- Amazing

This game helps me with my anxiety. Also it’s so calming and I love the little challenges.

- Getting bullied into buying premium

The game by itself gets 5 stars, however since the “premium version “ has been offered it has been more ads than actual game play. I understand the ads are there so you get paid but ads every 2 minutes or any time you do any thing is ridiculous.

- Too many ads interrupting constantly. Ad

Latest version has long ads, interrupting every (ad)couple of minutes. (Ad) Horrible (ad)update, look (Ad)for something else. Waste (ad)of time.

- No option to buy the game — avoid!!!!

They charge 7.99 a WEEK for you to play this game adfree, which is outrageous. If they let you buy the game ad-free for, say, $1.99, it would be a good deal. It is insulting to think we should pay the amount of a monthly Netflix prescription PER WEEK to get rid of ads. This company has contempt for you—AVOID!

- New update stinks

The recent update makes the game unplayable with ads. Not only do you get a ton of ads, theyre at random times, so you accidentally click them because you’re in the middle of playing the game. Also, the music from the ads shuts off my music/podcasts and I have to go into the app to turn it back on. Love the gameplay and have for a while, but can’t play it with this update

- WOW!!! Updated & still too many ads!

Update came out a day ago and still ads every minute!!! Developers didn’t listen and apparently don’t care.

- Ads

Too many ads as of Jan 2020. What happened?

- Omg, ads kick in every 30 seconds!

This is a great game, but the ads are taking over the screen every 30 seconds. Can’t even get into a rhythm. Developers deserve to get paid, and you did a great job, but game is unplayable in its current form.

- Great game - too many adds

Love this game! Problem is if you get on a good roll the adds make your games super long. Without the adds this would be a 5. Nice game to pass the time in a line or to sit and binge.

- Way too many ads

I used to really enjoy this game. Now the ads come about every 8 moves. So annoying. Will likely find a new game to play.

- Excellent

Excellent game

- Good

It’s an awesome game

- Great game!

I love this game it’s sooo fun and you have to really think! I definitely recommend 2 for 2!if you are looking for a game that you have to use your brain but it’s also very fun then download 2 for 2!! I’m obsessed with this game! Great game!

- Ads ads ads ads ads

Really? Every few seconds? Delete

- Fun Fun Fun

Very addictive!!!


Wow, I couldn’t even pause the game without getting hit by an ad for another crappy game like this. It’s clearly just a low effort cash grab filled to the brim with ads. Deleted after 10 minutes out of frustration.

- Annoying Ads

The excessive amount of ads severely detract from the fun of the game. By the 10th ad, I shut it down. Before this update I loved loved loved this game. Now it is a source of utter frustration. YouTube video ads aren’t even as annoying now. Who set the parameters for when the ads show up? They should trying playing it for 5 minutes. Please please fix this.....

- Had to uninstall

Love this game but I just had to uninstall it I had enough with the ads. I understand that a free game make its money from ads but enough is enough. Every other minute an ad pops up and they are loud and repetitive. I will not play this again until this is rectified!!

- Fun but too many ads

Love the game but seems like the ads keep increasing. Some ads just freeze the whole game. Not fun anymore.

- Ad increase

The sudden and dramatic increase in ads means I won’t be playing this anymore.

- Way Too Many Ads Lately

When I first downloaded this game, I would have given it 4 stars, maybe even 5 if I was in a really good mood. I can’t say that anymore. Just re-opened the game for the first time in a few weeks. Ads are now triggered much more frequently (roughly every 10-20 moves), to the point that the game has become almost unplayable. I understand that expecting the free version of an app to also be free of ads is unreasonable, and I can accept the necessity of occasional advertising. Occasional. But for your part, inundating your patrons with ads, to the point that we are all but forced to pay you in order to enjoy a decent gaming experience, is a lot more unreasonable. I’ll check back in a couple weeks. Hopefully you’ll have come to your senses and reduced the ad frequency back down to an acceptable level.

- What Happened?

What was a relaxing, fun game is now cluttered with pop- up ads every 30 seconds. It’s no longer relaxing or fun all for greed. They are trying to get you to purchase a weekly membership to remove the ads with “added benefits” all at the low price of $7.99 a WEEK! Yep, all for the low price of $415.48 a year. Don’t know about everyone else, but I’d rather spend my $415 on something that’s more fun than a game on my phone. Unless they release an updated version correcting this money grubbing version. I will be deleting this game.

- Been playing for years

Been playing this game for years now there is an ad like every ten moves so annoying and cannot believe they ruined a great app

- What happened to this app in 2020??

Used to be a fun and relaxing game... now every 10-20 seconds there is an add that lasts about 10-20 seconds. This is ridiculous. I’ve always loved this game but I found myself deleting the app today because I couldn’t handle the ads. I tried again and again the past month but it’s the same every time with constant ads.

- Too many ads

Was fun but now there’s ads while you’re playing

- Omg my mom is addicted I am so happy that she found a new favorite app.


- Great game until...

Most recently the game has been deeply drenched in ads which makes playing a frustrating experience. This used to be one of my favs :(

- Loved it for a long time, now unplayable.

Love this game, play it all the time. I see reviews from 1 and 2 years ago about the excessive ads, but I didn’t have that problem until very recently. Now I get 30-second ads every couple of minutes, right in the middle of a game. Thought about buying to remove ads until I looked at the price - $7.99 A WEEK. Not a chance. You’d make more money if you charged $5 one time and were done with it. Otherwise it will just get deleted and I’ll have to find something else. Which is sadness. Cause I love this game.

- 2 for me!

Great Game. Yes, I am addicted.

- Very addicting but now very buggy

i am back after a hiatus, you make this impossible to play and deleted it within 5 minutes. there are so many ads and i almost thought it would be good to buy premiums. really almost $8 per week! you are out of your mind!

- Used to be great

I was super addicted to this game and didn’t mind the occasional ad that you had to deal with, now however, I’m getting ads so often I can’t even play the game and paying 7.99/WEEK (yes you read that right it’s per week!) for a game is a total rip-off that I’m not going to be doing. Whatever update they did was awful. Don’t bother downloading, it’s not worth it. I’d find a similar game and download it instead- which is what I plan on doing now.

- Gets stuck when you skip the ad

This is a nice game but there is a bug with the code where the game is stuck when you skip an ad. If that is fixed, I will rate it 5 but that is really annoying bug as you have to restart the app to continue the game.

- I thought I liked this game but....

I was in the middle of my highest scoring game ever when the game just stopped, won’t let me do anything! I’ve played games like this before and once it starts doing this, it continues on a regular basis and I don’t care if it is free, I won’t put up with this crap again! This game won’t last long for me,too bad I really liked it. Took a break from this game for a while and came back to it only to find you have added MORE ADS!!! My reward for doing good with this game is MORE Freaking ADS!!! So gone!

- Why am I getting ads during the game now?

I didn’t mind the adds when I got to certain points but now the ads just start whenever they want right in the middle of moves. If that doesn’t change this games getting deleted and I’ve had it so long and play it daily. Your last update was a lie. It was just to add these extra ads.

- new update is horrible

Search “2 plus 2”. Same game, but diff developer, not near as many ads. I have played this game a year or so, was a super game until I did update today. With the new update the 30 second ads pop up about every 15-30 seconds. I spend more time watching ads than I get to play. I would gladly pay a small one price, but to get rid of ads the cost is $7.99 a week! $23.96 a month! I could make a small payment for that. This app had 5 stars from me until today but I am now editing to 1 star and wish I didn’t have to give that much. I have now deleted app until it is fixed.

- Version 2.0.3 is HORRIBLE!!

The latest version is HORRIBLE! I’ll be in the middle of playing a game, make one move and an ad will just randomly pop up. This will happen for 3 or 4 moves in a row until I get fed up and stop playing.

- Beware!!,

Awesome game until getting overwhelmed by ads. Thinking this is a dangerous game instead and filling my phone with ad ware!!!


One of my favorite games until after every other move there are ADS!!!!!


This game was so much fun up until now. The amount of ads is ridiculous! And I’m not paying $8 A WEEK for them to be removed 1 week at a time. This is the worst update to a game I’ve ever experienced.

- Fix the ad glitch

Really enjoy the game. But there’s a glitch in several of the ads. Have to exit the game and re-start. Also, 7.99 a week for the premium version is insane.... I would gladly pay a small amount for an ad free version. But a weekly subscription that high, no thanks.

- Interesting

Fun game to play while killing time. Just takes looking and understanding how the numbers fall. Very enjoyable. After you play it for a while the ads start to lock up the game. You match a half a dozen numbers and get an ad. Then after watching said ad it won’t close and you can’t close it. Then you have to close the game and reopen it.

- Really fun

It’s a fun game

- Do not install.

Unless you want to pay $15 a month for a simple puzzle game. The free versions had no less than 5 30sec clips of other games they want you to buy. I do not understand how anyone would rate this as good.

- Yes

Super Fun Happy Time

- To much ads

The game is fun, but all the ads ruin it. I got at least 15 ads popping up per minute I’m playing. When it gives you the option to revive I always press the “x” button, then I get an ad all the time. Plus on the challenges when you have certain amount of moves to complete it, I use like 4 of the moves and there is 7 left (for example) and then I need to revive. And with that, there is still lots of moves I can do. Same thing with the limited time challenges. I had a minute left, but I couldn’t make any moves so I revived to get +30 seconds, thinking it would add to the minute I had left. But no. Instead you only give me the 30 seconds when it says you get PLUS 30 seconds. It makes no sense at all. But then when u revive on the limited moves challenge, you actually get the +5 added to the left over moves. Here is an example, you have 10 moves left but u run out of moves to do on the board, so you revive to get +5 moves, then you have 15 moves. But with the time limit one once you have no moves left on the board and you have 1 min left (for example) then you revive to get +30 you end up with only 30 seconds!!! This is why I say do not get this game if you are going to do the challenges. And if you are avoid the time limit ones. If you hate ads I suggest stay away from this game

- 2 For 2

I didn’t think I would like this game as much as I do! It’s so addictive! I love it!

- Addictive, but ads even when paid

The unpaid version doesn’t have too many ads, but once I started playing the challenges (which I wish there were more of), I wanted the ads gone, so I decided to pay for the app. Unfortunately paying for the app only removes ads in the challenges and between games, not anywhere else! Very deceiving. Overall worth playing, but not buying unless they change that.

- To the Game makers

I love this game,Thank you GOD!!!!!

- Love it

I love this app really it’s a good game

- Fun game

Its good! Needs global high scores

- 2x2

Too much publicity

- Don’t buy this app if you don’t want to be addicted

Really addictive


Beautiful. More than just a game, it’s a life style.

- At least try it once but to really understand this game, have have to try it twice, or more, enjoy

I like how you can control the outcome of your game by being able to see how your current move can set up your next move and then the out come of your entire game. A fun and challenging game, I like it!

- Too many ads

Seemed fun but there were way too many ads

- Love it.very addicting

Very cool, very easy to use game. Highly addicting

- fun and easy

my son love this game. me too.

- 2 for 2

Great game but too many ads!

- Love hate

Love the game HATE the ads!! It’s making me want to delete the game!!

- Awesome!

The app is really fun, frustrating at times but not in a bad way. Totally recommend it’s a perfect time killer! 😋

- Fun Fun Fun

Easy to play with lots of strategy needed as numbers get bigger.

- Ok

Too many ads

- Drains your battery

This game has the potential to be good, if it didn’t drain your phone rapidly. Playing for 5 minutes and your phone is dead. Has way to many adds in it as well. Don’t waste your time with this one.

- I’m just trying out the games for you.

I love it 😍 this game makes me think of the best way of playing games and math it makes me smarter please make a great game with friends and update it 🤯🤯please please join the game please join the super super games like this ROBLOX please.

- I’m addicted!

Okay like wow! I’m addicted to this game! Ugh!!! I love it sooo much !!! Except the ads...

- Never ending fun, really. !!


- Can’t stop

Time just passes. I don’t have enough time! But I just can’t stop. Slide the #s. Depends on the direction. Up and around to the right or to the left?

- Great game except for ads even in paid version!

Awesome game. But why did I pay to get rid of ads when they still advertise incessantly?

- Just deleted it

I like the game, I’m okay with the annoying pubs all the time But honestly the fact that the pubs are stopping my music every times got such on my nerves than it’s now deleted!

- 2 For 2

It’s a thinking game. Fun and challenging. I love it!

- Great game to take your mind off things

This game is excellent, I play it every once in awhile for the last couple years, absolutely fantastic! Good job making the game! Sorry I’m too poor to purchase the add free version but it gives me a chance to put the phone down and realize how much time has passed when each add comes on. Still love it and will keep playing for as long as I can see. Keep up the great work, developers! :)

- Yabba Dabba do

Love the game, hate the Ads.

- Ashley Madison???

This game has ads laced into it that you can’t see which bring you to both sketchy sites and prompts you to download the Ashley Madison app. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN or anyone really. Deleted soon after downloading.

- No bugs, eh?

The bugs are back, never really left. Periodically, the game will just keep switching either to the App Store or Safari ads. Force-quitting the game, Safari, and the App Store sometimes temporarily fixes the issue and allows game play again, but not always and usually only after several attempts. Otherwise I love the game, but don’t say no bugs when there are!

- J’adore

Je suis addict!

- Good game, too many ads!

During the game there are constant, really long ads to the point where I just close the game and play something else. Don’t think I’ll stick with it, the ads are too intrusive and frustrating.

- oof

I love this game. But the update? It sucks man, really sucks. The colours are ugly and I just don’t like the whole new thing going on. Hella gross man. (Would’ve put 5 stars but i can’t with the update so 1)

- Love it

CAN stop playing

- Too...many...twos!!!

This game is way too addictive! I can’t stop playing!

- Gamebraker

I keep losing and losing 😭 and I win 💯plus

- 1k

I love it cause I don’t know how but I reach 1k and omg I’m obsessed

- Amazing Game

Very entertaining game for those who can’t stop thinking! #workaholic #ocd #cantstop

- I’m hooked

Really great game. Worth your time

- Yep, this is good.

Brain power required to play, will power required to stop. Great power ups and solid strategies.

- Addictive

Love this game. Very addicting! Sadly I ruined my high-score by accidentally hitting new game. Once you restart you don’t want to continue.

- 2 for 2

This app is very fun. It’s really fun to play on long car rides.

- Love it

Would have given 5 stars except for al the in app purchases. Didn’t think it would be addictive but it is. The more you play, the more you figure out the moves to help you get a higher score. Really enjoy it.

- Great Fun

I like this game. Keeps me thinking.

- 2 for 2

So addicting


This game is so addictive! I play against my friend to try to bet them and it keeps me busy for hours! You need this game!

- What’s the high score??

I would love to know what is the highest score up to date but I can’t find iton internet. I manage to did 1,684,036 pts but unable to get my 128k by close. Amazing game for offline gaming

Libertex 📈

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- Adverts affect game play. Don’t bother

Another game spoilt by compulsory ads. Such a shame! Update: deleted game

- Fun for those in isolation!

Playing this has kept me from going stir crazy. Isolated due to illness. Great game

- Ruined by incessant ads

Loved playing this game, now ruined by ads interrupting every few moves. Deleted.

- Too many adverts

An advert pops up every 20 seconds

- Too many adverts.

I love this game and play daily but recently it has been unplayable with the amount of adverts that pop up. Will uninstalling if this carries on.

- Eh

It’s cool I like the game

- Ruined game with Ads

I’ve had this game for ages and used to enjoy playing it but played today and Ads pop up after about six moves!! Very frustrating as I don’t want to become a premium member!! Stopped playing game now!

- Very addictive but too many adverts

Fascinating exercise but too many long adverts for other games, some of which I think I have.

- Too many ads

It used to be a good game but the ad frequency is now ridiculous. I have just about stopped playing.

- Great game

The game itself it amazing you can do some mental maths while having a good time while playing the great game

- Great game stupid ads

Ads every bloody time you even hit a milestone!

- Ads are out of control

Previously the ads popped up when you reached specific number milestones. Now they pop up so frequently it has made the game unplayable! The money you want for a subscription is utterly laughable. For such a limited game, you’ve got some real delusions of grandeur!! I would have paid the 99p but out of principle for you being so inept I now refuse.

- Amazing 2 for 2

This game has every feature you’re gonna expect.Joining dots to get the most highest numbers 32,64,124,214 and 512.And the lovely,amazing features like neon,sleep time and so much more+the permanent mode it has the nicest options. So go ahead and be prepared to be addicted and amazed😁😎

- Absolutely useless

Wanted to give 0 stars. Impossible to get into now they’ve added adverts every few moves. Great idea but now poorly implemented. Save your time and don’t go near 2for2.

- Play play play!


- Ads

Can’t even play 1 game without an ad. Ruins the game tbf

- Addictive

Very addictive but does run the battery down really quickly. Since the last update have found that the in game adverts are freezing the game more and more and 'blanking' the screen making me having to exit the game for period of up to 1/2 hour before being able to continue with the game

- Highly

Highly addictive game love the game

- Too many ads

Ads come up every few moves. They want £7.49 per WEEK to remove them.

- Too many adds

Too many adds, doesn’t let you play it for long before being interrupted... why is everything hidden behind a paywall these days?

- Worst game I’ve ever played for Ads.

Title says it all. 50% of your time will be spent on adds or loading screens.

- 2 for 2

This game was infinitely better a few years ago - before it became plagued by the repeated appearance of games to purchase.

- Ads every 10 seconds

Ads make this game completely unplayable. The same, non skipable ad, every 5 moves. Good game ruined.

- It’s fun, but the ads make it unplayable

Quite an addictive game and I understand advertising, but the quantity is way too high. I was gonna pay to stop them, but the monthly cost is extortion!!

- Game freezes!

Most annoying when game freezes. Otherwise addictive game. Please sort this bug out!

- Love this game!

Great game to play on the go.

- Great but unplayable game

Great game and could be super addictive but adds kicking in after every couple of moves makes it unplayable

- Bad

Boring and way too many ads

- Annoying Adverts

The game is great but the adverts pop up every 60 seconds. It’s so annoying!

- Adverts

Agree with the other reviews that it’s a great game but the adverts are beyond a joke. Completely understand people need to make money but after every other move just makes the game frustrating to play and have had to uninstall.

- Challenging fun

I love the game and the challenge it presents. However, I would say that I’ve been having a small issue with the missions. The option to watch an add in order to skip a mission doesn’t appear to be working. Other than that, great game.

- Player

To many pop up advertising post it’s so annoying as it happens when your trying to play

- The best game in the world

It is the best game ever and it helps you with doubles.you don’t even waste battery.👍🏻👍🏻

- Just too many adverts

I get the need to generate revenue but this is the worst game I’ve seen for adverts. They pop up at literally every perceived opportunity. It’s an addictive game but no where near worth the monthly cost. A small premium to stop the ads is where you should be pitching this. One to delete once the ads gets the better of your frustration

- New to the game and enjoying it but ...

This morning I paid I thought to remove the Ads but they are still coming through. Great game but so unhappy about this turn of events.

- Loved this game recent changes

This was my favourite game, I paid for advert removal. Now it has limited its undo’s. It’s got an advert for games on every last undo despite my paying for no adverts. It frequently freezes on undo. And I’d love to buy a package to enhance the game but it’s unbelievably expensive for not a lot in return. The £7.49 a week package is outrageous.

- Clever and highly addictive.

But expensive to subscribe.

- Groovybaby

I downloaded this game a few days ago and think it’s really great. I’ve even got my 7 year old grandson playing it and it is helping him with his numbers.

- Could be better

Maxed out on my score, I always wondered why there were so many on such a similar score. I got to No 3 then suddenly my score no longer increased the got relegated to No 8. Updated the app and my score reset to zero. Good game for passing time, very addictive but ultimately disappointed

- Lost high scoring game

Great downloaded the update and lost my current high scoring game 1 067 112 the high score is there but the game is gone. Fixed bugs but created a worse problem 🙄

- Glitches really disheartening

I loved this game and had been playing it for ages and had a score of nearly 11 million. A glitch meant that my score was set back to 0, although my board was kept. I did not hit new game. The game also freezes all the time. Really disappointed and disheartened to lose my score, how do I get it back.

- What’s wrong with the game??

I used to love the game, but every time I open it now, it’s just a white screen with my coins at the top and what I can spend them on just u underneath! I just want to play the game!!

- Great game

Such a simple game but a great time waster.

- Thinking game

Numbers and strategy all needed for a good score - love it

- Love this game

I play 2for2 everyday, love it because it’s so relaxing but also needs skill to get higher numbers. My only problem is that you have to wait 4 hours to refresh the undo button. Could you make this less time so that I can play more often. Thanks

- Simple to play

Simple to play but difficult to master, keeps you on your toes otherwise the board fills up and you are out of moves quite addictive

- Time passes where have all the hours gone.

I enjoy the game and have for a while. I once paid for the adverts to disappear But they came back what happen !! Are they time restricted?

- Good game

Great app for relaxing

- Great game

Loving this game and the more I play it the more I work out how to get better scores

- Live it

This app is really good as it helps to keep your mind going

- It's a fun game but

Too many ads and no option to pay to get rid of them.

- Aaaaaaaadicted

Actually helping me with my lack of love for numbers too!

- Addictive

This game is lagging, freezing and shutting off. Please fix it. It's my favorite game. So addictive!!!

- Nice game but...

Nice game but has become very glitchy: stops & starts constantly. Will try reinstalling, but if it doesn't improve, will delete it.

- Awesome game addictive

I started off thinking you had to connect many but soon realized a few more strategies and now I play for hours on just one game it's great

- OK

Game is good - auto sound ruins the joy

- Not bad


- Great fun to play

Really enjoying this game

- Great game

Very addictive but too many ads i would have given 5 stars but with so many ads this is the score I give

- 2 for 2

Love it

- Awesome


- Fun

I'm usually a word gamer but saw an ad for this and am glad I did. It's a little bit addictive. Great way to kill time.

- 2 for 2 fan

Addictive...you may end up wondering where the hours have gone

- Fun!

Great fun game but OMG those ads! So annoying, but I've learned to just zone out when they come on...hate em.

- George

Developing strategy is great fun ...

- Great

Great game

- Fun but lots of ads

Very addictive and lots of fun. A good challenge to get your mind going. Only downside is how many ads. They get very annoying.

- Loads of fun!

All be it a little addictive.

- Great app to multitask with


- Very addictive

Love it

- When watching videos I can not close the ad after it is finished

Good game that I love playing and when getting a good score I like to use the revive which worked for a little bit but now the ads won't let me close them to continue playing which means I watched an ad for nothing

- Solid game


- Excellent

It's enjoyable got to 45k score with 2k chips after few try.. it's good to keep my mind busy

- Very satisfying

Simple but satisfying. Easy to play and a lot of fun

- Very fun to play

I really enjoy using this application whenever I feel the need to play around with numerals & stuff so yeah I'd happily give it 4-out-of-5-stars for sure!

- Great fun game

Really enjoyable

- Fun

A simple game but fun. Reminds me of Threes.

- Great game

I love it so addicted

- Loads of fun


- All time favourite game

This is so very additive, from someone who doesn't normally get into phone games. Sudoku was my go to. Now it's 2for2. Love it !!

- Numbertastic!

I love this app. Keeps me entertained for hours!

- Review

This is one very addictive and fun game

- CHallenging & Addictive

Love this challenging game.

- Adds!

Love the game would be willing to pay to get rid of the adds!!

- Addictive

I was advised that 2 for 2 was addictive... it is!

- Addiction plus

Love challenging myself

- Great game

Very enjoyable game, still trying to work out best approach. Very addictive!

- Addictive

Love this game. Trying to beat my previous high score is very addictive!

I’ve literally been listening to @Jessiereyez album on repeat for 2 days straight. Praying she can still come to Portland in June🙏🏽🤞🏽

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2 For 2 2.0.6 Screenshots & Images

2 For 2 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

2 For 2 iphone images
2 For 2 iphone images
2 For 2 iphone images
2 For 2 iphone images
2 For 2 iphone images
2 For 2 ipad images
2 For 2 ipad images
2 For 2 ipad images
2 For 2 ipad images
2 For 2 ipad images
2 For 2 Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
2 For 2 Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

2 For 2 (Version 2.0.6) Install & Download

The applications 2 For 2 was published in the category Games on 2017-07-12 and was developed by Crazy Labs [Developer ID: 721307559]. This application file size is 232 MB. 2 For 2 - Games posted on 2020-02-11 current version is 2.0.6 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

2 For 2 Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity

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