Baby Heartbeat Monitor: Fetal Heart Beat Doppler

Baby Heartbeat Monitor is an app that allows mothers and fathers all over the world to hear and record their baby’s heartbeat in the comforts of their own home and share the joy with their loved ones. Simply remove the cover from your device and attach the microphone to the lower abdomen area to get the best results. All of your recordings are stored safely in the app and you can revisit and share them anytime you want.

Baby Heartbeat Monitor also brings you an extensive guide to walk you through your pregnancy week by week with information about the baby’s growth, changes going on inside the baby‘s body as well as the changes happening to you – all with wonderful graphics and an intuitive design.

Baby Heartbeat Monitor is not a substitute for care from a medical professional and all measured values are approximate. Listening to your baby during pregnancy is important in tracking progress and well-being of your little one. To get accurate results and hear you baby's every sound, buy a fetal doppler to use along with the app and be there with your baby every step of the way.

Baby Heartbeat Monitor: Fetal Heart Beat Doppler App Description & Overview

The applications Baby Heartbeat Monitor: Fetal Heart Beat Doppler was published in the category Lifestyle on 2017-03-16 and was developed by Master App Solutions. The file size is 76.48 MB. The current version is 1.0.7 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

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Baby Heartbeat Monitor: Fetal Heart Beat Doppler Reviews

christie knotts

Do not purchase  christie knotts  1 star

This is a bogus app and isn't worth the time or money.. when I pulled it away from my stomach it picked a heart rate up and wasn't even against anything.. while it was against my belly it said it couldn't pick up a heart rate.. waste of money!! When I asked for a refund i got an email sent to me in another language...


Not worth it.  JupiterElf  1 star

I could not get it to work. Numbers show no matter where I place the microphone. I can have it in the air and it still shows numbers. I also constantly get "?? BPM" ever few seconds if I've moved it or not. If u listened to the recording later I don't hear anything like a heart. Definitely not worth getting fake numbers.

Sioma W.

Do not buy doesn't work waste of money  Sioma W.  1 star

Total waste of money doesn't work


Fraudulent  dksquires01  1 star

Waste of money. Would like a refund. Will not HEAR heart rate at all. It did give BPM but BUT DID NOT RECORD HEARTBEAT SOUND :( Don't purchase. WASTE OF MONEY


Fake app  cvfresh1  1 star

Just waisted my money for nothing ,I want my money back because this is fake .


Heartbeats in my hand  K.Burd  2 star

It's pulling a heartbeat when I'm just holding it in my hand?!


Doesn't work  CindyVC0923  1 star

I want my money back!

Cavity cait

Fraudulent app!  Cavity cait  1 star

I want my $5.99 back. Clearly it is not what it claims to be. You can get the same "infant heart rate" holding your phone in the air. It's completely fake and just puts up random numbers similar to average fetal heart rates.


Would give zero  rbakes08  1 star

The 5 star reviews are obviously fake. I held the app in the air and got the same "heart rate" as my arm, my head, my belly. It's fake as hell. Don't give them money.


Rate O fat zero!!!  Gracepineda  1 star

Does not work at all waste of money


Don't waste your money  Dcferguson09  1 star

Just bought this app and went to use and it immediately said bpm at 120ish at my last dr apt my babies heart rate was 164 bpm. I took it off my belly and it was still picking up a heart beat? No mater where you put it on a bed table it picks up a heart beat around 120 bpm. Total fraud wish there was a return for this! 😡


Scamming app  Galandiego  1 star

Its fake.!!! Scamming app

monicas iphone0101

Don't waste your money  monicas iphone0101  1 star

It has a lot of static it did not work at all pretty upset at the app, I held it up to the air a few times and it was reading the beats per minute. Wish I could get a refund...

Amanda Eileen

Fake  Amanda Eileen  1 star

So fake!


Refund me  Oksan4eto  1 star

Want my money back Deleted right away


Its a fake piece of app  Helen&ozzie  1 star

Dont get fool out if your money, i want a refund for this fake thing that doesn't work

Dear kukula

Noooooooooo  Dear kukula  1 star

Oh no. It's a fake app, and so expensive! I feel so stupid. It will make you think your baby is dead 😡


To all my pregnant sisters out there looking...  JoshHully1980  5 star

The thing I especially love is the sharing ability! I have a sister in Germany and I can share my first pregnancy with her! I’ve been sending her several recordings. Now she gets recordings. It’s been a great tool for bonding with my baby and even with my sister oversea's!


A good app to have for pregnant mommies  James.May-Hurricane  5 star

After becoming familiar with the different sounds the app emits I found my baby’s heartbeat much easier and much faster! It does work and its good! I really like the app. It helps me focus more on the sounds and really understand what I’m hearing! The app works and I love it! I am constantly recording and saving as memories as well as sharing with my family!


Great surprise !  Gradyfhyrr14  5 star

I had a name day and my husband surprised me a lot because he bought a baby heartbeat monitoring app for us. I thought these things didn't work properly. You can't imagine how surprised I was when I was listening to my baby heart beating the first time. It was just amazing! It was such a fantastic moment! You have to try it!

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