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Gomez is a 2D creature living in a 2D world. Or is he? When the existence of a mysterious 3rd dimension is revealed to him, Gomez is sent out on a journey that will take him to the very end of time and space. Use your ability to navigate 3D structures from 4 distinct classic 2D perspectives. Explore a serene and beautiful open-ended world full of secrets, puzzles and hidden treasures. Unearth the mysteries of the past and discover the truth about reality and perception. Change your perspective and look at the world in a different way.

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FEZ Pocket Edition Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Correct letterboxing in 11-inch iPad Pro - Fixed inconsistent jumping while moving when using a controller

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- Just One Problem

Some times when I press the jump button I don’t jump Update: this used to be a 5 star but that jump button REALLY MATTERS AND I CANT PLAY THE GAME WITHOUT IT.

- Cool game! But it keeps restarting.

Just played the first lvl to get the spinning world not sure what to call it and it shuts down and or just restarts.

- Good game but parts hard with touch controls

This is a good game but the touch controls are just not up to some places that require precision and speed.

- No sound; crashes after Gomez gets his fez

Was anticipating playing this ever since I downloaded the soundtrack. However, the sound effects and music are missing, though the audio settings are at the defaults, and the game always crashes at the same point: the beginning of the real journey.

- Game crashes often

Please fix the game, it crashes often and it’s really annoying

- Jump!!!!!

This game looks amazing. Sure do wish I could play it but the jump button works like 80% of the time. Which makes jumping between platforms (the majority of this game) pretty impossible. The button registers it was pressed as the button icon scales up but it just doesn’t reliably work.

- It keeps crashing...

After about 3 minutes of game play the game will crash.

- Buttons too small, jump doesn’t work

The buttons are too small for my huge fingers, and half the time the jump doesn’t work for me. Besides that, great game.

- Devs please read this!

Your game is very awesome and cute A great way to pass the time but there’s one thing I think would be helpful in the next bug fix/update PLEASE add an option to change button size! I am playing on an iPod 6 so my buttons are super small and hard to hit And if you are done with that maybe add a joystick option instead of a d pad Thanks for reading! 😁

- Please Update for New iPad Pro!!!

Please update for the screen size of the 11in iPad Pro!

- Great game.... with a huge bug.

This version of the game introduced me to Fez, and I’m currently going through my second playthrough on my new iPhone XR. I originally played it on my previous phone, the iPhone 6, which was a very flawed, yet suitable machine. When playing Fez on that phone, however, I encountered no bugs or glitches whatsoever, but on my new phone, a giant bug stares me in the face every time I play: I can’t see the map. Now I’ve heard that this glitch is triggered by going back to the village right after the floating cube thing introduces the map feature to you once you leave the village for the first time. This actually happened when I first tried playing this on my new phone, so I made a new game and didn’t go back to the village when the floating cube told me about the map. I played for a while and then stopped after an thirty minutes or so. The next day, I was feeling sick, so I stayed home. After waking up from a nap, I booted Fez up again on my phone, but lo and behold, there wasn’t a map on my screen. This is something that’s needed, or else I’ll just get lost and not realize what path I should focus on and what rooms and areas have secrets in them. Please fix this bug, it’s gonna drive me crazy if it isn’t, and I really want to beat this game again. Fez is the greatest indie game ever made, and I just hope others can experience it in the way it was meant to be played, and without a game-shattering bug staring them in the face.

- This game is perfect but...

Please fix the world map glitch where the map icon will not appear on the interface. It makes the game much less enjoyable, especially late in the game. This really needs to be fixed.

- Great game, map glitch

This game is great, very challenging and fun. I would give it five starts if they fixed the glitch with the map (it doesn’t always appear and sometimes I have to restart the app a few times to get it to show up). The map is a pretty critical feature in this game.


In one part, where you have to rotate the screen at the tower, I can’t seem to find the platforms where you get to the chest.

- Very annoying glitch!

Every time I get to the purple level and collect one of the cubes, my game crashes and I have to start all over again

- Too many bugs

Would love to leave 5 stars for a fantastically designed and imaginative game. In all other aspects this is a well executed game. However,I’m experiencing catastrophic app failures on iPhone 8+ after about 15 minutes of game play. At one point my phone was even locked up and had to be hard reset. I did give this game more than enough chances but it was nonetheless, for me, an apparent waste of $5.00.


This is possibly the best mobile game ever conceived. I think that it is pure perfection. The controls are tight, the concept is revolutionary. I just wish it wasn’t as good as it is because now there’s no possible way to make a sequel as amazing as the game we have now. Mario has competition.

- Fantastic game

I bought this game when it came out on the Xbox 360 years ago. I played it and LOVED it! Then to my surprise it came to iOS! I jumped on it looking forward to playing it trough again. The puzzle quality and depth is amazing. My only complaint is the virtual controls made Red room “time attack” slightly harder than it needed to be. Literally took me half an hour just to clear it. Haha. BUT that doesn’t take away from this amazing game. Highly recommend. The only reason this game isn’t 5 stars is when it came out it was not optimized for the iPhone X screen and a bunch of people disliked it. But it supports the screen now so disregard all of em.


Please I can’t enjoy this game anymore when I die 7-10 times in a row because my jump button is literally unresponsive.

- Love the game but one issue....

Love Fez, love everything about it and it plays amazingly on the iPhone XS Max. just two issues which the first should be very simple to fix. the map disappearing, You know it’s supposed to be at the top right in the middle of the other 2 icons. Yeah makes it very hard to determine if the area is completed when the map icon is not there. Also an issue where if you go right or left and jump at the same time it doesn’t register and you fall to your death. These should be easy fixes. I will rewrite my review and give the full five stars when this gets resolved.

- Crashing

The game keeps crashing after 1 or 2 minutes of play. Seems like it’d be a great game if I could play it.


THANKS, I love the game !!!! PLEASE

- Extremely fun, riddles with bugs

First of all, let me make something clear: this game is amazing. I’ve had fun playing it from start to finish, and the start to finish again to get the last collectibles. However, the iOS port is RIDDLED with weird bugs. The jump button is extremely unresponsive, there is a ladder in the rising lava puzzle that is almost impossible to climb, certain moving objects get stuck in one spot (like floating terrain) but their hit boxes continue to move, the map button has a 1 in 10 chance of appearing every time you load the game, etc, etc. If blitworks could make a last bug fix to the game, that would be great. Maybe then I’ll consider that fifth star you guys value so much.

- Wobbly controls

It’s a good old game but poorly imported into tablet/phone.

- Game crashes at almost the beginning

I just discovered this port of Fez, and was excited to replay it on my phone. However, right after you get the ability to rotate, the game crashes. Happened 3 times already....

- Great port with some slight control foibles

Almost everything about this port works flawlessly, and it’s really nice to finally have Fez on the go. I did have some issues with the touch controls, notably where the directional buttons actually seem to be more like an invisible control stick with buttons overlaid, since I ended up in a lot of situations where I’m pressing up or down and because it was not perfectly up or down on the buttons it ended up actually registering as pressing gently to the side. I feel like the controls would probably work better if they were actually limited to 8 directions instead of a full stick range.

- Superb game

I love fez, as does my 3 yr old son. One of the best of the decade (at least). I would love to play it on my Apple TV (hint, hint). Tactile controls would make fez even better. Thank you

- Need to fix jump button.

Like many other reviewers here I’m having the same issue. I’m about 20 minutes into the game and I’m loving it, but all the sudden I’m having an issue with the jump button, sometimes it just doesn’t register when your running, this results in many deaths and is also unfortunately VERY annoying and frustrating. Also, sometimes there’s just no map button, which is also crucial. Otherwise, great game, it just needs some fixing.

- Can’t figure out

I enjoy this game but cannot figure out how to input or translate codes to solve the puzzles on the iPad. I checked online and most people reference inputting game controller buttons. Is there a way to do right shift left shift etc so I can open doors and solve puzzles? I’ve gotten most things open just by going around]d the fez universe.

- Overall good

I’ve always wanted to do a run through of this game, it’s an awesome concept mixed in with an appealing art style. However sometimes when I press the jump button it doesn’t jump and I fall to a earlier progression point and do it again just to fall back down. But overall I love it, and I know Phil fish quit due to criticism, but all creators get negative feedback, but it’s your job to either take it with a smiling face and say “ok I understand what you mean” and go through with it, or ignore the haters (I know they are tough to avoid, I’m being bullied at school) but some of us love this game a lot and are sad to hear that you quit. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (p.s) I’m sorry I wrote a bible of a review)

- Great game, a few annoying glitches

I’ve been following Fez for a while, since it was originally shown in a video around the internets 5 or so years ago. Really excited it’s come to iOS, and it’s a really immersive game! I love the storyline, graphics, and gameplay, it’s all great! I haven’t played it on iOS with a physical controller, though, so it’s still subject to those annoying times when your fingers drift off the virtual controls. Luckily, though, Fez is very forgiving — you just return to where you were before you died! There are a few things it would be good to see improved: - sometimes the map button just doesn’t appear. There’s no rhyme or reason to why. Force quitting the game and relaunching usually fixes it. - the iCloud save slot does allow porting saved games across devices, but it is woefully inconsistent. Many times it doesn’t actually sync to other devices. The best way to fix this is to copy your iCloud save slot to another slot, and then copy that back to the iCloud slot. That seems to make the slot be saved to the cloud. - it would be really nice if we could see a history of dialog somewhere. I got to a special room, and accidentally tapped through a line of someone saying something. Did I miss anything important? I don’t know! :( But overall, really great port of the game to iOS! Love trying to solve all the mysteries of the pixelverse!


This is a very good game, but as others have said, there is a problem with running and jumping. With all the fixes the company has made to the game, why can’t they fix this?

- Ok - PC better

Hi - need help. I am stuck at the crying waterfall and for some reason can’t lower the water using tetromino. I know I have the code right cause it worked for the moon door. I am so frustrated - can someone help?

- Controls are tough on iPhone XS Max

The movement and action buttons are too close to the edge and it's uncomfortable to try and hold and move thumbs. If they were scooted in half an inch or so (where they would be if the phone still had bezels) the problem would be alleviated

- MAP Still Dissappears

Help, the map continues to disappear even after several restarts. This is very frustrating. This appears to be happening to many others. When are we getting a fix? I will change my review when we do. It is unplayable until then... the map is a must. Fix map!

- Great game. Poor controls.

I really, really enjoy this game. Except for trying to jump from place to place. In the iOS version, my character often just falls off of a platform and dies, when I'm attempting to jump. This gets very frustrating. I'm considering just deleting the app, despite my enjoyment of it, otherwise. If they fixed that aspect, I'd give it 5 stars.

- Don’t be negative. Change your Perspective

Game was the most fun I’ve had on mobile since 2013 Minecraft PE. It’s a kind of game with story and it’s still fun. It’s not some sort of useless mindless game where you just tap the screen and hope to get a ball in a hoop. The game also makes you feel you need to think a little about how to open a secret door. 4.5/5 Would Recommend. Enjoy newbies!

- If you have it then

So cool!!!!!!!

- Amazing game, but the controls are awful

I love this game, but the controls are so small and close to each other I end up pressing the wrong button 95% of the time. It’s really bad

- Bootiful ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Misspelled on Purpose)

It was great for you to add this mobile version to everybody! ( with at least 5 bucks in there wallet) and I love it!

- Glitches controls

The game is really pretty and seems like it has a solid story, but all the controls for maps don’t work making navigating the game almost impossible. When I say the controls for the maps not working I mean anything but the running and jumping don’t work well. Waste of money until controls get reworked.

- Love FEZ, but there are issues.

FEZ is literally the best game ever, but I want to point out some bugs and such so that they might get patched faster. 1. Observatory telescope doesn’t show the stars when you interact with the eyepiece; It only shows black. 2. Every now and then the Map button disappears. However, closing the app and reopening it is a fix. That’s it!

- Crashes and loses all progress

Game is crashing after first level and losing all progress (iPhone 7, latest iOS) - this is frustrating for a paid game

- Good game but fix map bug

Currently the game is great and played a good chunk but then the map.button disappeared and it sounds like a common bug on threads online. Please fix cause otherwise I'm very confused where I am and if I missed anything.

- Junk

Editors choice and it doesn’t even support the iPhone X. Junk.

- Timeless

Comforting, mysterious, jovial and haunting. Fez is a true Hero’s Journey. I have cleared this game to maximum completion on every platform it has been released on and every single time, it feels new. While this release may amplify the imprecision of the controls, it’s hardly a the most important piece of the full experience. If you have yet to play Fez, just understand: the deeper you go, the more the nature of the game and the challenge changes. The music, the art, the puzzles and the world all take you somewhere no other game will. It’s the game I play to feel good.

- Great game

The games good but Gomez (the main character) likes doors when your antsy so wait and he doesn’t always jump when pressing jump and you can fly won’t tell you how though And short game but a simple fix is a level/world editor and community levels

- Jump button?

The jump button only works half the time? Where is the refund button at?

- Please make the jump button bigger

I love this game but pleeeeeease make the controls bigger on screen.

- Great amazing game but...

Alright so this is one of the greatest games I have ever played. No joke. I really love but recently, there’s some kind of extremely annoying glitch that makes it so about 50% of the time you can’t jump with moving. I’m currently exploring the music room area and it’s making it almost impossible. Please look into this and try to fix it.

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- Challenging Puzzler

Needs to be optimized to Full Screen for iPad Pro. Gameplay is sort of a complex mix of Braid and Monument.

- It glitches

It keeps glitching and crashing for some reason.. I’ve tried it on my phone and iPad and it won’t stop glitching it crashes and won’t let me do anything

- Ok

I like the game it’s pretty cool just it’s so hard when you make it To a higher level even 4 is hard

- Fun but it keeps crashing.

On an iPhone Xs

- 5 Stars, but only for App Store visibility.

Hi, I’m actually here to report an issue with your touch controls. Between the 45° axis of fully downwards to sideways, the jump button does nothing. When touching the top half of the left or right buttons the jump button works, but when touching the bottom halves the jump button doesn’t work. When pointing fully downwards you drop off the ledge, but when aiming diagonally jumping doesn not work. I think it’s frustrating because normally you just have to pay attention to whether or not you are pressing the button or not, but now you have to press only the top. Whether this is on oversight or a bug (or even a feature) I would like an option to have it removed, or just have this removed. If this was an action game and this provided functionality in some way maybe I’d understand but this is a puzzle game and I want to relax so I can solve the puzzles. I’ll update my phone and if it doesn’t fix my problem I will see if I can get a refund somehow.

- Charming

A console quality game with plenty of polish.

- Amazing Game!!!

I don’t play many video games, as I don’t have a console or pc, and this game was my first experience with a great story-based game (as opposed to an online game). I was not disappointed. The graphics are very unique and awesome, and the game mechanics and music are amazing. I would recommend playing this with headphones! Thank you. Definitely worth six dollars.

- The Worst Version of One of the Best Games Ever Made

Fez Pocket Edition is beyond a shadow of a doubt the absolute worst way to experience what is undeniably one of the most brilliant games of the last decade. The incredible art style and music shine through on the smaller screen of an iOS device, however, the poorly implemented touch controls and lack of support for wide aspect ratio on iPhone X and above is irritating to say the least. If you own literally any console or a PC/Mac (hell it’s even on the PS Vita), do yourselves a favour and play it on that. This version really cheats you of the proper experience.

- Phil Fish Is a Goof

Hey Phil Fish, you’re a goof. Enjoy my $5, goof. By the way you made a really great game, so great that it didn’t even stop me from buying it from a complete goof. That’s saying something.

- Game fantastic but jumping is a little off

I love playing indie games and these game in particular is one of the most unique and incredible games I’ve ever played so after I played a few hours I noticed time and time again that the jumping isn’t as responsive as I thought it feels a second delayed idk if it’s my phone or the game has a bug that you might wanna check in plz fix it if you can thx if you get these message

- This game is awesome

This game is awesome except it likes to crash on my iPhone 6s it does this a lot and it doesnt save where I was in the level so I have to start over. A little annoying but still a good game

- Its a great game visually and the mechanics are so cool but the jump button needs to be improved.

When I press jump it shows that the button is being pressed on the screen but Gomez just walks right off the platform, which makes the game much more tedious than its worth. I wonder if there’s anything that could be done to improve the responsiveness of the jump button or if I’m the only one experiencing this sort of issue.

- A legendary indie game, now on mobile

Since 2014, I myself was hoping to for a FEZ port onto iOS, finally getting my wish years later, even though I’ve gotten the Xbox 360 edition early this year. The port is even amazing on iPhone, which surprised me; no zoom ins because the devs were worried about the screen being too small and hard to see, dialogues not shortened and enlarged, and the GUI surprisingly fits pretty well, better, FAR better than expected for an iOS ports. I have to say, bringing back old memories of this indie masterpiece with Disasterpiece onto here was genius. This was the most spectacular ports of a video game I’ve ever experienced on iOS. Not to mention this is the FULL game too, with all those hidden Easter eggs and more! This is a full on port, no removed content just because it’s mobile; you guys really pushed yourselves into shoving all that content right into a small or large mobile device. BUT There are a couple things to note that I should suggest. For one, I feel that the jumping mechanism seems a little late, slightly delayed. You would have to hold the jump button before moving left/right, and this is a crucial thing to fix, as in the Xbox version, pressing jump while moving is no problem. Another thing is MFi controller support; the game seems great enough to be paired with a Steelseries, in fact the controls can be easily ported onto one. While the game is connected to a MFi, I would suggest having the GUI automatically hidden, just like the Xbox version where if you’re moving, most of the stuff like, (spoiler?) the cubes or keys collected would be automatically hidden, but in this case, it’s the onscreen controls. I feel that it would give it the old FEZ relaxing tradition like on the other platforms you’ve made the game for in the past. Other than that, this was a very unexpected port to mobile, and can’t wait to take Gomez wherever I go. Update: The game does support MFi, but one suggestion is to attempt to port this to 32-bit devices as the game may run on most of the latest 32-bit iOS devices such as iPad 4th Generation, iPhone 5 etc.

- Where’s the map?

Looks quite fun, but the world map has disappeared seemingly forever due to a glitch and there is no word on the net of any fix. Game is still playable but not at all the same without the world map. Would not have spent the $7 otherwise.

- Map disappeared

Love everything about it except that my map disappeared at 46% completion and it’s pretty hard to play without it :/ Other than that it’s a wonderful game, and hopefully this gets fixed soon!

- Where is my map?

I opened the game and my map was suddenly gone. I don’t know what happened but I’m 56% through the game and I’m sure I’m going to need the map later on in the game

- Amazed

I’m amazed by the stunning visuals and all the detail. Kinda reminds me of The Neverhood. BUT, there are bugs! halfway through the game, my map icon is disappeared, and I can not bring up the map anymore. Although it was fixed after I copied my save slot to another slot.

- Amazing

Just got it today and I’m already 25% complete! I’m addicted! I wanted a game that has real adventure, problem solving, and of coarse some hidden secrets, and this is exactly that game. Definitely recommend.

- Fez Glitches and Unresponsive controls

The controls are unresponsive, when running if down button is pressed it will cancel out jumps. Some weird cube glitch where if Fez fall while capturing a cube animation is happening the cube while stay where the animation happened and he won’t be able to pick up new ones, not until restarting the game. In an addition, there’s other mild issues ... Fez is unable to look through the big telescope, the screen just goes black. Also after capturing the anti-cube for the throne rooms, the secret icon will stay next to both rooms. Anyways other then those glitches the game is incredibly superb.

- My map icon is gone!

I'm 90% through the game and just lost the map icon. I can no longer see the map that highlights completed areas in gold which is crucial to completing the game. Clicking app support goes to a webpage for buying merchandise, so I don't even know how to report this bug. Also, if I receive a call while playing the game, the audio cuts out and won't come back until I force close and restart the app. Hopefully the developer will see this review and reach out to me, or fix this issue in the next update. One this is working again, I'll update my review.

- Fantastic! (For the most part)

Telescope and tuning fork puzzles DEFINITELY need fixing, But is otherwise an amazing port of a fantastic game! =D

- A classic

this game was so meticulously crafted by 2 guys, it had a documentary made about it. The creator Phil Fish took (I think) five years to make this game from the ground up. A truly inspirational game. Puts the efforts of AAA titles into perspective. If you wanna play true indie games, this is a staple. Way before it’s time. It has to be remembered while playing that The 2D/3D gimmick wasn’t tried well before this game. Groundbreaking for its time. Also a development that’s not short of controversy. Worth looking into on multiple levels of analysis. Enjoy.

- Gomez!

Fez is one of the best games I have ever played! Cannot wait to get those 3D glasses. This game is art. Shout out to Phil!

- OMG 😮

I play this on the ps4 it’s so fun I haven’t played this game since I was probably 5 or 5

- Perfect for the iPhone

This game is deep and rewarding for thoughtful gameplay. Please optimize for the iPhone X! It would look even more beautiful if the game used the full screen.

- Charming, Finely crafted

This experience successfully takes a handful of great ideas and puts it together with mesmerizing audio and popping retro visuals and stands out as a modern classic for its fantastic design all the way through. One could argue that it plays better without a touch screen, and that is fair, but I actually feel as though the controls on this version accommodate the game quite well. Well worth a try if you want to hang with a chill thoughtful puzzle platform game.

- I wanted to play so bad

I wanted to play that game and its on ios heckle yeah!

- Can't play without an active internet connection

I had previously played Fez on PS4 and was able to play offline but on ios13 -(iPhone) - this happens on iPhone and IpadOS (iPad Pro) the small red square(cube) rotates endlessly without opening the game. Please allow access to the game without an internet connection.

- Love it!

I love this game, but the jump button sometimes doesn’t work when you’re pressing it with the run button. This is very annoying at times. Please fix this!

- Amazing

Currently about 12 cube shards in and I’m absolutely adoring this game the jump takes a little getting used to but I think it it’s fine.

- Wish the game was more suited to the iPhone X screen

Quite a drastic crop, but I still love Fez.

- Fix the jump...

button and stop the map from disappearing. Will give it five stars when these two faults are fixed.

- Gomez could never do hurdles

Absolutely beautiful, but the game cannot be rated accordingly until the jumping is fixed, and the ever-important map button stops disappearing.

- Great

Great game but yeah.. jump needs fixing

- Heart Infeztation

It’s Fez exactly as it was on console/pc (this really need to be clearly mentioned in the description if you want people to buy it again). Will update to 5 stars once jump is fixed. The only difficulty to the game is getting jump to work consistently when pressed with run. Absolutely infuriating at the moment and is making everything 5 times harder to do. Note that it’s not breaking the game, just making it sometimes extremely frustrating on some of the more jumpy sections. While the jump doesn’t work even when clearly pressed, would still be good to have bigger buttons as well.

- Perfectly Adapted For Mobile

What a great game. I loved it when it first came out on Xbox, and I always wished I could get it on my phone to play. It has been perfectly adapted for mobile play and well worth 7.99.

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- Issue with running and jumping

This game is VERY beautiful and such a great addition to the iOS game library. Gameplay is intuitive and fun, especially with the swiping to rotate the world. My only complaint is that there seems to be a bug with the jump button. I have on many, many occasions fallen to my death because the jump button just didn’t work when I was running. I can see that the button itself changes size to indicate that it’s being pressed, but the jump action does not occur. It’s a pretty annoying quirk to an otherwise great game. I am running it on an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.3.1. Please fix!

- Great game, bad bug

This game is phenomenal. One of my favorites... however, in this port, there’s a horrible bug where sometimes the map icon just won’t show up, no matter what you do. Please fix :(

- Telescope doesn’t work :C

This port is great! I’ve played through the PS3 version and the only issues I have with this version are that I often don’t hit jump when I intend to and the telescope level shows a black screen. More than happy to give 5 stars when the telescope works!

- Amazing port

This game is fantastic. I never finished it when I purchased it on the PC years ago. It’s an excellent mobile game.

- Fez is amazing

It nothing like any game I’ve ever seen

- One of the best of all time. And that says a lot

First off let me say, you judge and artist by their work, not who they are. That said, let me say that this game is absolutely incredible. Game design at its finest. The puzzles, story, music, mechanics, atmosphere, gameplay...near perfect. This game is art. Worth way more than five stars. Not playing this game is doing a disservice to yourself!

- Perfect game... BUT

This game was everything I wanted in an iOS adventure. I would say this game was perfect, but the jump button didn’t work in really critical times in the game which made the experience frustrating. Other than that, this game is one of the best that I have ever played on an iPhone! I’ve played through it twice with 209.4% completion.

- Jump Button

I like the game so far, but it’s nearly impossible to run and jump at the same time on my iPad Pro.

- Fantastic, but...

Overall, amazing game! I’ve never seen such fun puzzles and beautiful graphics. There are a couple issues though. 1. The map button will periodically go missing 2. It will often crash 3. The jump button will sometimes not register 4. There was one part in the green sewer place where there was a QR code, and the answer was a combination of RT and LT. Without a controller, I didn’t know what do do 5. Nothing showed up in the Observatory As I said, beautiful game. Just fix these few things and it will be perfect!

- Please Fix the Sound!

Fez is an amazing game, with amazing graphics, simple but challenging gameplay, and a unique manner of play I’ve never seen before, and it is an absolutely amazing game. That said, I haven’t gotten to play it much, as I listen to music while I play, and for whatever reason, it crashes the app. If this were fixed, I’d give this game a five star without question!

- Great game but major problem

This game was great for the first 15.6% of the game but now won’t let me load my save. Every time I attempt to load my save the game crashes. Great game but would love to play it again.

- Great.. if you don’t vomit

Need I say more

- Constant crashes

please fix game crashes constantly.

- Fun game. Impossible to play

Crashes CONSTANTLY. To the point where I am literally unable to pass the second level.

- Love the game, but OMG fix the waterfall code!

It is a major bug!

- a few bugs !!!!

i love this game so it gets five stars. however, whenever i load the game, it either has mono sound, or the map icon is missing, or both. it’s very rare that i can open the app and have neither of these issues occur.

- Poor port

Several puzzles are actually impossible to solve because of poor porting. It’s a shame, because this game is almost amazing.

- Fez Rocks

Was excited to see this game make its way to iOS after all these years. Definitely worth $5 for the level of detail that went into making it.

- It’s great and worth it

fez is a good and addictive game. the physics and controls are easy the music and the game are beautiful. its a good price too. one issue i’ve had is the map randomly disappeared so i had to reboot the game. that’s pretty much it if you want more info just look at other reviews.

- Terrible controls

If you don’t mind falling and redoing the same things over and over because the developers couldn’t be bothered to make the jump button work without a lag then this is a decent game.

- It needs help

It’s a great game and I’m glad it’s finally an app now but the jump button occasionally doesn’t work the map button randomly disappears and the zooming system on the map is completely dysfunctional

- Great game, just 2 minor problems.

1.) The jump button sometimes doesn’t register as being pressed. 2.) The city area can’t make up it’s mind what time of day, or what weather it is. (This could be intentional, but I don’t know.)

- Great port, wobbly controls.

I love this game. I wish it were even longer, with more areas and more puzzles. Maybe double the length? Triple? I dunno. It’s a great game, with a great concept. But I do have one complaint: the controls are a little off. The up and down arrows for some reason always make me drift left in addition to what other direction I’m trying to go. This makes it difficult for jumping straight upwards. Jumping down is a pain too. I have to tap the down arrow multiple times just so it registers that I want to go down. The jump button is a little glitchy too. It’s responsiveness varies.


I love this game, but the digital controls are so terrible that I can't recommend it at all. It was great on PS Vita though.

- crash

Run it on iPhone 8, crash happened after 3 minutes

- Awesome!

I’d knock it a star for not being iPhone X ready, but it’s just too darn good!

- Truly a Spetacle

This game is visually stunning, fun to play, any worth every last penny of the $4.99 I had to pay. This game is way more than it appears, and is one of if not the best games out there. This should be rated higher!

- Controls are Off

I want to love this game but the controls are weird. There is a delay when you press the jump button. So directional jumps are impossible. It makes the game unplayable in my opinion. I’d like a refund. Update. I just deducted another star. No one has reached out to apologize or reassure that this JUMP issue is being resolved. I’d FORMALLY like a refund for my money. These controls have to be one of the worst I have ever experienced. Absolute garbage. Don’t waste your money.

- Great port of a fantastic game

Top-notch effort bringing a classic to iOS. A couple nits: I never see anything peeking through the telescope in the observatory, and navigating the world map is a bit difficult when pinch-to-zoom doesn’t always work, I can’t pan the map (i.e. two fingers) and map nodes disappear randomly. /badnews Super job. I love having this game on my phone.

- Great game

Great game. I am enjoying it very much, but the jump toggle does always work on my iPad for some reason making it more frustrating than it should be...

- Crashes way too much

Currently on iPhone X 256gb and I feel like this game should run flawlessly. However the game does not even fit my full screen which isn't that big of an issue. But I cannot even play it because it crashes before I can even get passed the first part. Please fix this

- Bug: no map

My map icon has disappeared from the menu. Love the game and would rate higher if fixed.

- Jump button issue

I would rate this game five stars but, when I am going towards an edge and press the jump button it can sometimes be unresponsive. Which can cause extreme frustration. Otherwise this is a great game!

- Fun, but missing a lot

Having played Fez at a friend’s before, I was pretty excited to get my hands on this version. Unfortunately, this version (on my iPhone X) doesn’t have the vibrations or first-person mode that is needed to complete the game. The map icon hasn’t appeared yet, either, which is a big part of the game. It’s a fun play, but I’m disappointed I won’t get the full experience.

- Beautiful game but needs UI fix

Conceptually the game is very nice, but it is clear that this was designed with a PlayStation controller in mind. The on screen buttons are often non responsive, which creates a lot of frustration, as you intend to jump but the on screen buttons don’t always work.

- Unbridled happiness now on iOS! Needs improvements though

A must play for everyone, but devs please add options to modify the control scheme, things like size and transparency of buttons would help a lot. The buttons are a good size for useability but make it very difficult to see the level. Also wishlist would be zooming of course!

- Crash every time!

Does Not work on iPhone7. 22% in and crashes every time I play.

- Amazing port

This is the best port I've ever played. The three dimensional mechanic feels so much more organic on a touchscreen than a controller. What was formerly a difficult-to-manipulate map system now feels super intuitive. My only complaint is that the virtual controls should be customizable as I would prefer greater spacing between the buttons. Beyond this being an excellent port, it's one of the best platformers ever made and continues to challenge years after I completed the Xbox 360 version. With deeply hidden secrets, this is a game I'm excited to be revisiting.

- 5 stars but one issue...

I love Fez and overall this is a great port. I'm giving it 5 stars but there is one issue. The observatory room is glitched so nothing shows up when I look through the telescope. But the app icon is really cute and it makes me happy everytime I see it on my homescreen :D

- Been waiting a while for this

It’s a great game, always wondered if they’d port to iOS and very happy they did, just please do something about the controls.

- No world map

I can't access the world map; the icon isn't showing up on my screen! Even when I restart the game it doesn't work. Could use a bug fix.

- Amazing for mobile

This is one of the best mobile game ports I have ever witnessed. Fez works so well on iPhone. I played this game 3 years ago on PC and I am having a blast playing it again wherever I am. Great game.

- READ (Best game ever)

Ever looking for a fun Bit game? This is the best paid one you could possibly get, a little expensive but it is totally WORTH IT, fun mechanism as you go around this fun retro arcade world looking for bits of a cube finding deeper secrets here and there. The puzzle aspect is hard at some parts but definetly for someone who wants to waste some time mindlessly trying to figure out the code, I promise on my heart you will love this game if youve played the Super Mario series or Legend of zelda

- Plz Fix!! (crashing)

everytime i try to play i get to the part when the main character gets his fez and then u start controlling the angles it crashes. idk if its my phone but i have the iphone 6 so... but plz try to fix this. thank you 😊😊

- a gem

Fez is a beautiful and weird little adventure. The game has a quiet intimacy that is really enjoyable to play on an iPhone. The developer has been great at fixing glitches, the button for the world map is back! Thanks! The next few in dire need of improvements are: 1. The touch area in the world map is waaay off on my iPhone X, same thing in my items (tapping on a treasure map, I have to overcompensate and touch far right of a map to view the map I wanted 2. And as other reviewers have pointed out, using the move + jump buttons at the same time is quite unreliable (please fix!)

- Ehh

Not really what I expected it is ok because I like the way the characters move and jump and the controls are good. But I expected more from a game that is $5...

- Wow

I played this game on the PC and this is a really good port. The only gripe I have is that I can’t locate the world map even though I unlocked it. 9/10 wow

- ok but please optimize for iPhone X screen

- A Masterpiece

I have this game on pc and couldnt wait until it reached the mobile market. This game is absolutely genius! Music, gameplay,everything! Colorful, puzzles are brilliant, the open world 3D aspect, As soon as i saw this game available i bought it no questions. Honestly one of the best games i ever played.

- Bug

Through the door you enter on the windmill level (without the key) is a level that won’t let me progress. As soon as I climb the ladder to the center of the platform, the game crashes. Please fix this. I love Fez and have loved it since Xbox 360 days!

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- Out of this world

Imagination. Charm. Creativity. Fez will have you grinning ear to ear, and your mind doing somersaults every now and then, too. Bugs and flaws with the port have all been ironed out at time of writing -- a joy on my iPhone X as of July 2019 -- so what you have here is a platform adventure of immense and fairly perfect excellence. Oh, and the music is sublime.

- Love this game

I have this game on the PS3 and PS4 and thought there is no need to get this on iOS but how wrong I was the iPad and iPhone are perfect for this game. The level design is perfect the puzzles are rewarding and the soundtrack is hard to beat too. Every time I play I find something new to love about the game. It’s a must by and must play for me.

- Good but...

Could’ve been great! It’s a great idea but it has a flawed jump mechanic that is very frustrating! Graphics are nice. Gets more frustrating as it goes on jumping precisely is needed a lot but the controls aren’t up to it leading to falling back down or just dieing constantly!

- I want to love it...

Fez is a beautiful concept, looks stunning in a retro way and could well be the finest platform puzzler of all time. However the controls are incredibly unresponsive to the point of sheer frustration. Please fix it!

- Wonderful

A beautiful game world filled to the brim with hidden puzzles and easter eggs. The base game mechanics add depth to the challenges and puzzles. There is a very vague narrative but you are given complete freedom to explore. It does have a few issues which are mostly easy to ignore: 1) People have said it crashed spontaneously. I’ve only noticed this once after playing for a few days on an iPad mini 3. 2) Jumping is bugged, occasionally preventing you from jumping whilst running. Jumping in general is also quite unwieldy and takes some getting used to. 3) It lacks replayability. It’s taken me just under 20 hrs to complete what I believe to be the final ending (with some help from walkthroughs etc), but there is now no point in playing anymore as I have done all the puzzles. This being said, it is still a brilliant game and well worth the money.

- Good but...

I genuinely adore this game, and have for years since I first played it. Unfortunately I have found that the jump button in this version frequently does not work in the game and does not respond to being pressed. This has had an extremely negative affect on my playing experience, and hope that this will be fixed as I won’t be playing again until it is.

- Controls are disappointing

Great game. Loved it on PC. Very clumsy controls on mobile though. Please add proper support for iPhone X and rethink intuitive controls.

- Ok

K it’s good

- Won't open!

I LOVE this game. I have it on pc, and 360 and i was so excited to notice it had ported to iphone. I thought my toilet trips for the next month are going to be a blast but.....shame it wont open at all :/ I cant give it 1 star because i love the game. I'm on iphone 6+ running iOS8.4

- Great game. Terrible port.

I played this game a bit on A friends xbox but not enough. Thought this would solve that and I could do the whole game! Unfortunately the bugs make some parts of the game extremely hard and frustrating. For example, the map view navigation just does not work. I can’t scroll around the map like I need to to work out where I’m going. Sometimes the map isn’t even available which I see is a bug hitting many others. Climbing and jumping is really awkward with the controls. This really needed more thought and more testing. Real shame. Was getting right into it but have now had to give up. Feel like I deserve my £5 back. The game is unfinishable with these bugs.

- It’s good

It’s a pretty good game. But the map isn’t appearing.

- Don’t buy on iPhone X

I started playing this on an iPhone 7+. It was amazing. I just got an iPhone X and it’s not optimised so the virtual controls obscure the character/bomb/whatever Don’t buy until it’s optimised. Shame :(

- Great game as always but prone to crashes

I don’t usually leave reviews for games but feel I should for Fez. I love this game and have owned it on my Xbox 360 since it came out. This game plays well despite the controls being a little hard to handle, but this doesn’t really impact on the experience though. However, I have now reached a certain point after a couple of hours of play where the game crashes within 5 minutes of playing. This forces me to restart and experience the same crash again after I begin playing. Without these crashes fixed, I’m not going to be able to continue to play Fez and this fills me with sadness! Wouldn't hesitate to rate 5 stars without the crashes.

- Great game but glitchy port

So great to have such a fun, complex, large game to play. Would be an easy 5 stars but for the glitches: the world map button sporadically disappears; using a particular door need the windmill causes a crash; the code to enter the water levels room doesn't seem to work. These aren't minor glitches as they prevent completing the game.

- Fun game shame about the controls

Really clever and technically brilliant game. It’s just a shame that the controls are very poor. Presses don’t register properly and makes playing it frustrating. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone unless the controls have been fixed.


The visuals. The Disasterpeace soundtrack. I still can’t believe I can just have FEZ in my pocket!

- Controls and iPhone X

I was a fan of this game on the pc, but the controls n this version are very clumsy and it is not optimized for iPhone X, thus does not look as nice as it could.

- Beautiful gaming

This game is just beautiful. The soundtrack, the characters, the puzzles, the worlds, the mindsets and perspectives you are immersed in, just wonderful. I’m not a regular gamer, by any stretch, but can’t recommend this enough. Visually, and sonically works great on the iPhone. I think it’s fair to say the controls could work better, which can mean some challenges call for that extra bit of patience. Don’t let this put you off this game though, still well worth it. I only mention it in an attempt to provide feedback to the developers (fix that jump button!). A great great game, finally on the iPhone!

- Almost perfect

It’s a faithful port of the original game. Well worth the 5 quid....almost. However it randomly closes on my iPhone 8. It didn’t do it at all for a while, but now does it quite frequent. It’s just done it three times in a row, each tome as I collected the same cube piece. If this is fixed it’s an easy 5 star review, but it’s a pretty major issue at the moment.

- Keep crashing

It would be a good game, but it keeps crashing, so I can’t really enjoy it.

- Instant buy

This game was an instant purchase. As soon as I saw it on the App Store I bought it. Had this game on the PlayStation and it’s a truly unique platformer. This version is a great port and while I've only played it on my iPhone I expect the experience to be even better in iPad. If you like games like Zelda and Mario then this game should be on your Christmas list!

- Keeps Crashing

Great game play. I’ve seen this game on other platforms and thought I’d give it a go on my phone. Spent some time collecting the blocks and I have now found that there’s a bug that crashes the app each time I collect one block. I can progress no further. Feels like a wasted £5. Hopefully if this bug gets fixed. It will be a 5 star rating!!

- Not iPhone X optimised

For a featured app this makes me sad

- Brilliant

And especially playable with MFI controller.

- Excellent port of a great game...but controls are off

This was pretty much an instabuy for me. FEZ is one of those indie games that has so much charm and character, that it is difficult not to enjoy it on some level. It is basically a 2D exploration platformer. The main twist is that you can rotate the world in 3D. The game also has its own language, secrets and puzzles within puzzles. A true explorer would spend a great deal of time deciphering everything there is, but just going through the game is still a joy. 2 problems though....one is the hit & miss contols. Climbing up and down is a bit clumsy and picking up or manipulating objects is frustrating. It still needs a bit more work to get it spot-on, and this can be frustrating as some of the areas demand precision. Second are the sporadic crashes. There’s no rhyme or reason for them. Sometimes it seems that the game crashes and when you reload your level, it has generated black holes (I know that as you progress, these black holes will appear, but it seems there’s a problem in the port as to when they are supposed to appear) Most of the time, this is just an inconvenience, but I’ve now reached a point on the windmill level when I’m pointing 2 ladders outwards to collect the cube bits at the top...and it crashes all the time here. I can’t get past this bit! Overall, however, an excellent port of a fantastic game! But the bugs and crashes really need sorting out!

- Almost perfect

The first time I played Fez on desktop I thought this game NEEDS to be on mobile. And here it is. It seems to be a very solid implementation. I’m playing with a controller and it’s everything we could have hoped for. Everything is super smooth on an iPhone 6S Plus. UPDATE: The grumbles below can be ignored. I’m not sure how this has happened because there hasn’t been an update, but the screen now rotates correctly when using the Gamevice, and the Gamecenter login doesn’t pop up every time the game starts. Hurrah! :-) This game is an absolute joy to play on mobile with a controller. Rest of previous review: Two grumbles, hopefully fixable: The default screen rotation is upside down if you’re using a Gamevice controller. Bit of a pain. You can manually rotate the screen of course, but this feels sloppy. Also, it nags you to sign on to Gamecenter every time you launch. Stop that. If I’m not already signed in then I don’t want to sign in. I’m giving 5 stars because I’m sure the minor issues will be fixed soon. Thanks for bringing this game to mobile at last!

- No iPhone X support

I didn’t not know this as I wouldn’t of bought the game! I want a refund.

- Essential

For anyone who grew up with the 8 or 16 bit era adventure games this is a must buy. A true modern classic that that harks back to those great 90s gaming memories but that’s not afraid to bring its own originality to the table. Truly incredible, so many head scratching secrets.

- Gorgeous but frustrating controls

Love the original and this port looks stunning. The only issue is the virtual gamepad controls. They are unresponsive and too tightly bunched. Just trying to do a diagonal jump is a total nightmare and fairly integral to the game. This should be something that can be fixed with an update to get those 5-star reviews tumbling in for such an amazing game.

- Clunky controls but still charming game

Less of a pocket edition and more of a direct port. Was super excited to see this released for iOS but controls are clunky. Wish a bit more work would have gone into turning this into a mobile experience. Luckily the game is still as charming as ever. If anything though this makes me want to replay it on my desktop rather than completing it on iOS.

- Fez

Right. Downloaded this game cos I have it on console. Fantastic. But! After a couple of hours, I reached a point where, every time I went through a particular door, the app closed. 3 times in a row it happened. Hence the 4 stars. Fix this please so I can carry on playing!

- Yeah! Fez!

Downloading now...hey Polytron - any chance of the original Xbox 360 version becoming backwards compatible on the XboxOne?!

- Launch spam

Every time the app launches you have to sit through 30 seconds of developer logo spam, and then, since I won’t use game centre, the app is not respectful, it forces the Game Center login screen on every launch. It’s just not considerate to user’s time for a pick and play game to force these credits on every launch, and other games are considerate enough to have an option to disable Game Center or programmed correctly so that if a user is not signed in, to not bother the user constantly.

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FEZ Pocket Edition 1.0.4 Screenshots & Images

FEZ Pocket Edition iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

FEZ Pocket Edition iphone images
FEZ Pocket Edition iphone images
FEZ Pocket Edition iphone images
FEZ Pocket Edition iphone images
FEZ Pocket Edition iphone images
FEZ Pocket Edition ipad images
FEZ Pocket Edition ipad images
FEZ Pocket Edition ipad images
FEZ Pocket Edition ipad images
FEZ Pocket Edition ipad images
FEZ Pocket Edition Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
FEZ Pocket Edition Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

FEZ Pocket Edition (Version 1.0.4) Install & Download

The applications FEZ Pocket Edition was published in the category Games on 2017-12-13 and was developed by Polytron Inc. [Developer ID: 1209489067]. This application file size is 166.71 MB. FEZ Pocket Edition - Games posted on 2019-09-13 current version is 1.0.4 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

FEZ Pocket Edition Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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