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Toca Life World: Build stories [Education] App Description & Overview

Create your own world and play out any story you like with Toca Life World. You’ll get all the fun of your other favorite Toca Life apps such as City, Vacation, Office, Hospital and more, all together in one place.

Want to give grandma a wild hairstyle? Bring a sloth to the Skate Park? Or just hang out with friends? If you thought it was fun to dive into a Toca Life app and do whatever you want then you were right. Anything is possible and the choices are all yours.

Go even further by creating stories with your favorite characters in any location you want. Want to take a pet to School? Go for it. Take the doctor to the Salon and dye her hair green? Rock on. In Toca Life World you’re the boss and you create stories the way you want.


You can visit Bop City, a vibrant city area with 8 different locations for you to explore, like the hairdresser, the shopping mall and food court, or even an apartment. It’s a great place to start building your own World!

Are you already playing with apps in the Toca Life series? Great! When you download Toca Life World, we’ll help you bring all of that stuff into the mega-app. Then you can start mixing and matching locations and characters however you want.

If you want more locations, that’s cool. Toca Life World has a shop where more than 50 locations, 300 characters, and 125 pets are available for purchase. With different prices from small to big, you can decide to add a little or a lot. We’ll always be updating with more locations, characters and crazy things to do.

Guess what? You don’t need to make purchases in the shop to get new items to add to your world. Check back every week to get exclusive surprise gifts!

About Us:

At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Do you dream of directing your own movie? You’re in luck! We just heard there’s a new MOVIE STUDIO opening in Vox Valley. Use the green screen and props to set your scene, whether it’s a day in the park or a space adventure, it’s up to you! The holiday season is here! Check out the new FESTIVE FURNITURE PACK for Home Designer. It’s filled with furniture and decorations to give your home that cozy winter feeling. Movie Studio and Festive Furniture Pack are coming soon to the in-app shop!

Toca Life World: Build stories Comments & Reviews

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- I love it! But sometimes it glitches, and I lose EVERYTHING!

I play this so often, I love this! Especially the new update where you can design your own house. Wish you could make more houses at a time. I think maybe you should also make more places, furniture, and items in the world available and free. What if you can play with your friends!? But... the problem I’ve had on my i pad and my phone is that sometimes for no reason it glitches out of the game and I have to start ALL OVER!! I am left with NOTHING at all. All the gifts I get from the conveyor belt thingy disappear. Poof, gone. I thought “Oh it’s just once, it won’t happen again,” so I continue on and then it happened again, like, about five times! I’m not saying it is the games fault, my i pad is kinda old, but my phone is still pretty new! I have no idea if anyone is having the same problem. All I am saying is that maybe you can make sure that if that happens, I don’t lose EVERYTHING, maybe keep all the gifts from the conveyor thing. Same thing when you press reset. I know when people press reset, they don’t expect to lose the gifts and EVERYTHING too. Now, if you are reading this review, I DON’T hate this game. Like I said, I love this game. I am just being honest. It just might be something else, maybe it’s not the game’s problem. But if you could fix my issue that would be super cool! Thank you for reading this! I overall give this game a four star review!

- Great game but unfortunately.....

If your looking for a game to play because your bored or looking for a fun game for your kids, this is it! Both of my siblings play and it keeps them quiet most of the time (which gives you parents an opportunity to take a break from the kids) When I first got this game, I was looking for a game that my siblings were freaking out about because they were at chilies and played a Toca game they fell in love with. I downloaded this for them, played it with them once and immediately saw why they liked it so much! You can run your own town and do things like get your hair done, go to the store, visit the aquarium, be a vet, cop, spy, vet-spy-cop, and more! I must recommend this game, I’ve had it since who knows how long and mg siblings and I love it. This has always been so much fun, but lately... when we try to create a new character or redo an old one, it crashes and everything we’ve done since we started up the game will be deleted. I know you have a lot of games, and your probably really busy, but if you have the time could you please fix this? When we delete characters, it’s fine but when we try to edit, it works for half a second then crashes. Other than this, this game is honestly so much fun that I’m a teen and still play. The game sometimes messes up and if I unpack things from the home store for my new house, then when i close the box, it all disappears until I reopen the box. Thanks!

- LOVE THIS APP! Just a couple things....

I absolutely LOVE Toca Boca I have been playing it for years!! However I have noticed sometimes that their have been weird glitches where all my customized characters won’t have the clothes I put them in and sometimes my stuff goes missing. And I am very precise and a perfectionist so there is a place for every object in my world etc. I haven’t had a problem with it in a while but I wasn’t sure if my world was the only one or if this has happened with others. Also this isn’t a problem or anything but since new things are added to Toca Boca World very so often could you consider maybe making more houses for Toca Boca character and families? A big neighborhood if you will. I know you already made a neighborhood but it’s more of apartments or could you maybe consider making a large family mansion or estate of sorts? Or could you maybe make it able to create houses like you can create characters??? This would make it SOOOOO much easier to make characters and places for them to live!! And I’m not saying that we should be able to make Andy kind of building we want but maybe just houses!!!This is weird but I have certain houses for certain families and it is hard to find houses for some of them so I think either making even more/bigger houses or being able to CREATE your own house would make it even more fun!!!!Just some feed back! I absolutely ADORE this app!!!

- Wow

Good game! I just suggest a few things! First, a medieval castle! Take flight with dragons! You can ride them! There’s knight horses with Armor and knights, and all that kind of things! Second, Hollywood! You can make cool movies! Third, a zoo! There could be lions, wolves, and more! You should be able to ride those creatures! Fourth, know that character mover where you can take all those people to different places? There should be one, For animals! Fifth, All the Disney world theme parks! You can go to Animal Kingdom and see Pandora, or take flight on a BANSHEE! Go to Magic kingdom, and at night, you can see the goodnight kiss! Or, stay at Disney hotels! Last, a Greek Mythology world! See the gods, or ride a hydra! Please add these fun and probably popular suggestions! Sorry, have a few more, If it goes in the trash, it should STAY in the trash! I threw away my DOG on accident! 🥺 Then, if you put the trash outside in the garbage bin, you can direct a garbage person at OK Junk! Another one, a petting zoo! You can pet and ride horses, goats, sheep, and animals like that! You can call other characters, or play apps and things like that on a device! You can go to Universal! Get a wand from the Wizarding World! Go to Jurassic Park and scream at the terrifying dinosaurs! Character creator? HOW ABOUT A ANIMAL CREATOR! Make a dog with wings, or make a horse with deer antlers, wings, and dog legs! (Lol) Last, add some other suggestions of others! 😺 (btw, sorry for long review)

- Please fix this bug that has been going on for ages.

Toca life is an amazing game, but there’s just one thing that bothers me and the majority of Toca Life players. It’s this bug that’ll reset everything and you’ll loose all your progress and will lag the game out. Please fix it. From what I’ve seen it’s been going on ever since it has been created, and I will admit I haven played when it was created, but I have been playing since the beginning of 2020 and the glitch has been going on. All I’m asking is for you guys to fix it because I’ve been spending hours and HOURS collecting stuff just for it to reset or crash a second later. Please fix it. Also, the glitch is sooo bad when you try to bring other items from other worlds, it’ll just lag the game when you try to load a place (sorry if I didn’t explain it good, just read the other reviews for a better understanding). But yea, I’ve been in the Toca community for the longest (ever since I went to the phone stores and played Toca games on the phones displayed phones which when I was about 4/5), and I’m just asking for you guys to fix it. Most of Toca Life community won’t care because they’re from tiktok which had a spark in early August. So please fix it. Overall conclusion it is a good game but fix this major bug. Love ya guys, and I doubt y’all see this but most of the reviews are about this bug. Bye.

- Awesome, but a few suggestions...

I’ve played these games for some time now and I think they’re great! I have almost every playset y’all have ever made. I do have some suggestions for you guys. Someone said a college would be cool, and I totally second that! Also I think the school is a bit outdated. I think it needs a big update, or either make a different school. I think that a boarding school would be an amazing addition to Toca World! It should be a big building with multiple floors. The first floor could be the cafeteria and common room. It should have a cafeteria with a lot of different food options from different cultures since boarding schools have a lot of students from different countries. and beside the cafeteria a living room with couches and chairs and TVs. There should be some board games and movies and books and stuff. And on the second floor could be classrooms. Like a science lab and 2 regular classes and a research library. And the 3rd floor could be dorms. Maybe girls dorms on the 3rd and boys dorms on the 4th. The 3rd floor should have at least 3 dorms each with bunk beds. And then a big bathroom they all share to get ready. And the fourth floor would be the same but aimed more towards boys. And last the 5th floor would be multiple things. There could be a really cool teachers lounge. And maybe some extrariccular activities for the students too. I think this a good idea so plz read this!!!!


Ok so I’ve been playing toca boca for about 5 years now and I totally love it I have another iTunes account and lost all the apps I bought I’m really mad about that but I don’t think there is any way to fix that anyway. I love this app so much and I watched the make your character trailer and I was like OK!! It’s about time to rebuy everything or figure out a way to get my account back and I’m really exited but I have a couple of suggestions that i think would make the game AMAZINGLY BETTER!!. I first think that it would be awesome if we could join someone else’s game because me and my cousin LOVE this game but can never play it together so if there is any way y’all could have this in mind it WOULD BE PERFECT because I remember i stoped playing because i ran out of ideas to play and BY MYSELF. I also think that there should be a sort of bus/car/train that takes you everywhere you want because I saw this in a couple of other reviews and I think it’s a really nice idea bc I mean there is about three hundred and fifty something characters available and plus the ones that we’ll be able to make so it’ll be way easier to just have a car that can take a certain amount of persons also it would give it a cute touch to have to actually pay for things and not just pretend you pay it also get a check if you work I’m just being extra right now but THE GAME IS AMAZING ALREADY!!❤️❤️


This game is super fun! I’ve never had any problems just some very small problems like things disappearing from where I put them but other then that Toca world is super cool especially with the new design home update! Just wanted also to ask when the full design house version is coming to America, I heard it was on August 2nd but I’m not sure, So I want to know about that, without further explanation, great game, super cute.. ✨✨ also some suggestions.. 1) that you could create custom clothing and use other existing outfits as templates❤️ 2) I know there’s a theater in bop city already but what if you added a cinema, you could import the story’s you have made into the big screen, or you guys could make mini 5 min stories that would be cute💖 3) This really doesn’t have to happen I know you need money, but have some locations free, like the very small ones if needed /example: horse stable\ and if you could make the HUS shop free I would love that 4) this is surely a lot to ask but custom creations, And I mean like custom BUILDINGS for example have your self custom your own shop And I mean like BUILD it yourself and then use the decorating tool that is new but for budgeting or anything like that you could add like 3 creations free then pay, like 7 dollars for more (and that you could delete creations) well just that.. I know it’s a lot to ask but if any of these could happen that would be SUPER COOL💞💛❤️✊

- AMAZING but wha??? I didn’t know it was crazy hair day!

Here’s my prob. This game is the best game ever Made in history of games, but my prob is with the character creator. I was moving my character out of her apartment to the farm house then I saw this weird building with a cute face on it. I went to the store to see how I bought that and why was it there and what was it.... it was a CHARACTER CREATOR!! Omg I was so excited. I have a few probs with this addition so hang on. WHY DOOOOOO UUUU HAVVVVVEEEE TOOOO PAAYYYYYY!? I get you’re trying to make money, but you already pay for buildings in the store and this should be free because it’s your character. I know there’s a free version but still we want to be creative! Not have to pay to be. Secondly, what the HECK, when I make a character outfit and all, then put a diff outfit outside of the floople thing then leave the game, when I come back the outfit originally put on them has turned into the outfit outside of the floople! When I go to take it off it just regenerates the outfit back on for a while! Now I just have five of the same outfit! (Don’t get me wrong that cane be useful but still annoying!) the. The last issue happened today, all (or most of) the characters hair were different! Even the weird mister things had hair! All of these problems developed AFTER floople friends, thank you for reading and have a lovely day 💕 and I still love Toca boca with all my heart 😽

- Wonderful!

Hello there Toca Boca! I love your games especially Toca life world!! It’s a wonderful app to play no ads really cheap! Save for kids! I’ve played your games for many years and I’ve always loved them! But I’ve always had one thing I wanted to see happen. Me and my friend love to play all sorts of games together. And she has always loved this game as well! We’ve always wanted to play together especially since the events that are happening around the world are stopping us from getting together I would absolutely LOVE if y’all could add a multiplayer option! I’m not sure if it would even be possible but I’m sure you could figure it out! Like somehow have a setting that you would click on and it would bring you to your contacts and you could select 3 friends from there and if they had the app you could send them a invite to be your friend in the game And once you had added them on a friend list thingy you could invite them to join your world or they could invite you! I know some apps that have a multiplayer thing but it only works if your in the same house on the same wi-Fi. I don’t know if you could make it where you were at your own house and your friends were at there own. But if you could I would absolutely love that!! It’s just a idea but I wish to some day play with my pals! Thank you Toca Boca for our wonderful game Toca life world🤍


I LOVE Toca world and I just have a few suggestions:) I think it would be so cool if we could sync devices together. For example, if I wanted to, I could play Toca world with my friends while we are not together. She could play on her device and I could play on mine. I think this would be so fun and amazing! I also think the toca packs are a little expensive. I think it would be so much better and more affordable to have fun jobs in the game that you can do: cooking, hairstylist, interior designer, fashion designer, artist, etc. Then you could earn some type of coins or points from doing your job. You could spend those coins on toca world packs so you don’t have to spend real money$$. My last suggestion is that you can create more than just 3 people for free. And I do like how the game comes with already made people. (You can still dress them up and do their hair.) I just think it would be nice if there were like 10 or 20 people you could customize for free in addition to the characters the game already comes with. Those are my only suggestions. So far, I have had no glitches or problems with the app. It is my favorite game and I probably spend way more time on it then I should. Please please please just consider at least one of these options. I think it would make a lot more people want to play. 💛💛💛

- Amazing game!

Hello! I love this app and I think it’s really fun!! But I think it would be even better if there was a zoo world with zebras, giraffes, goats? 😹, wolves, ocelots, bobcats, anything there would be in a zoo. Also a petting zoo? Also it would be cool if there was a circus! (No clowns or I’m deleting 😹😹😹😹 I hate them) with elephants bears?? I don’t know what there is in many circuses soo yep... there could be games, cotton candy machines, etc. One more thing I purchased the everything in the in-app shop... and if I want the crumpet junk yard I have to buy it... my mom won’t let me so she said I could make money by feeding my neighbors cats... and I like cats but... liquid cat food ugh.... so I think it would be nice to let people that paid for everything don’t have to pay for anything else! Thank you. Wait I lied one more thing now 😹😹 oki so yesterday when I logged on I decided to make a new character I only made one because I knew about the hair glitch my sister had just made a character and it happened to her. So it didn’t happen to me so I went ahead and made a few more... and the disaster struck... everything was a person.... okay that didn’t happen but everyone’s hair was different... and nothing was there... I did restore the purchases and then I got the app back and thankfully 😅 that worked...thanks for listening. Have a great day! (Sorry about the long review)

- I’m having a couple issues

Hi toca! I’m having big issues with the app currently and I was wondering why my game was restarting whenever I exited a building. Today my world has restarted for no reason 7 times. My game will completely crash and all of my progress was ruined. I was pretty sad because I had worked on my world for as long as toca world had come out. I have had absolutely no problems with toca world and it is still my favorite app on my phone. I love the game and I reallllllyyyyy want it fixed. I would give the game four stars because I simply don’t know what happened with this glitch. Toca developers I hope you read this!! I really hope you guys can fix the problem! I’m worried to go on the game again knowing that more items will probably disappear, but I would recommend toca world. Toca developers please help me fix this!!! My friends have told me it happens to them and I really need help because I work really really hard, just for my progress to be destroyed. I don’t know if it’s just my phone, but it hasn’t happened to any other of my toca games (I have them all btw) but if it’s just the game then pleaseeeee toca find a way to fix thisssssss!! I love y’all and I hope if someone’s reading this they’ll still get the game because the quality and work and effort put into this game is purely amazing 😊😊 Again I hope this is fixed toca developers! I love you sooo much! Bye!!

- It’s fun but

I love this game very much but I have a few words to say about it 1. There is a glitch that makes the furniture from before I decorated my house come back and it gets very annoying because it takes awhile to solve. 2. So sometimes there will be a new games pass but I can’t access it because it won’t show in the store and trying to find it in the App Store dose not do me any good. 3. There was a time where I reset the game because I was making new stories with new characters and I usually use some of the stuff from the post office but all of it was gone I tried to close the tab but it did nothing but I got over it and stoped caring it has not happened more then once but it still may happen again. Thank you for reading this again I love this game but it will be more fun if these glitches are fixed I do have a recommendation for the game a pink soft aesthetic kawaii Japanese anime house it would have kawaii animal hoodies (the ones that still show the hair and would match the outfit) and cute anime looking characters with super cute anime hair and the ramen cups in the apartment on the second floor to the right. It would also have lots of kawaii foods and drinks from Japan and there would be a radio that played hatsune miku I know it would take a long time so I think it should sell for 2.99 dollars this would be a dream come true if this happened thank you for reading

- Good game, but glitches sometimes

Toca is a good game but it glitches a lot. I was playing and then my screen turned white. Little did I know that it just deleted all my progress. Though it only happened once to me, I know many other people with the same problem. It happened 5 times already to one of my friends and she just got the game 2 months ago. I designed the Misty Cottage and then now it is gone. I would really appreciate it if the creators could try to fix this problem. I do recommenced this game but it would help a lot if this problem was fixed. Now, I have a few suggestions. Maybe the creators can put more places that you don’t have to pay for. When I first got the game it only came with the town, Floople friends, and the house area. My other suggestion is maybe the creators can put more food ingredients in the only food store. The one that you do not have to pay for. Thanks for making this game. Hope you can fix these problems.😁 Fix the problem. Okay. I am writing this now like a week after what I wrote at the top. I was playing Toca a few days ago when suddenly it glitched me out and deleted all my progress. I redid everything and then like 30 minutes later, it glitched me out again. After I re did it all it deleted it again! After that it wouldn’t glitch me out again. I hope it doesn’t in the future too. Fix this problem because I do not want to redo everything! 😑😊 Thanks.

- We Love Toca Boca! But Please Fix The Major Glitches!

My daughter and I, love playing Toca Life World! It’s a very addicting fun game, we play it nonstop. But I feel there could more things added to make the game even more better. Need more custom design houses we love designing our houses. We need bigger houses like a Mansion. Ability to be able to create more than 30 people..more custom hair colors, create our own clothes, ability to wear our own jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets. Add more newborn babies and add more toddlers. Add a baby/ Toddler shop with clothes, accessories, and items just for the babies toddlers. Add baby strollers, portable baby high chairs or add high chairs in the custom design. More toddler clothes. Upgrade add more new places to explore, and should add outer space where we can go to space in a rocket ship. Also add a royal place where there’s a castle, princesses, princes, kings or queens so on. More secrets, and Ability to make people sick for the people who uses Apple devices. Please read this and reconsider trying out these ideas that would be very awesome!!!! Everyone would love all these new upgrades!! I know my daughter and I love getting new upgrades and love playing Toca Life. Three stars because the glitches and you need to listen to us everyone is telling you to fix the glitches the major glitches still there no matter what. Please fix the glitches items people disappears. I worked so hard to put items where I want them to be...

- Hey Guys some bad news okay HORRIBLE NEWS

Hey guys it’s me again I just want you my smallest house in home designer I can’t even go in the gosh dang house I am now getting really mad no furious about I’ve tried to be nice 👍 about it but nooo apparently y’all are to lazy to fix the dang game I am so furious if you don’t fix the glitches in this game I’m deleting it do you hear all I want to do is go in the gosh dang house oh and don’t even think I’m done ✅ because no after that Halloween 👻 thing you had I can’t go in the theater 🎭 and during the Halloween 🎃 thing my house was PURPLE and furniture was added randomly EVERY WHERE fix it or this app is getting deleted and hears MORE fix the entire app so I can at least play the game not let it go to the home screen a million times before it’s works I would give this game a better review and a better rating but I just can’t right me back and one more thing make sure you answer back to some people because I bet their just as mad as I am it’s just straight up RUDE that you guys don’t answer back to people especially the ones that give you good reviews and ratings because they must be feeling like their reviews weren’t good enough to to you dang people and I want to here from the manager yep the creator of the horrible terrible worst game ever to see if he actually acknowledges the fact that I just want to play the d**m game please FIX IT

- Great game but very glitchy. But still great!

So, I love this game. It is really fun and enjoyable. Whenever a new update comes out I get so excited! I love the new update where you can customize the walls and the floors of your house! But I have two problems with the game. First off, it is very glitchy. Every now and then, as I am playing, the game randomly glitches me out. I loose everything I have! All the gifts from previous weeks disappear. Just like that! Like the spa masks. I loved those but it glitched me out and now they are gone. Plus, sometimes I spend a long time trying to decorate my houses. Then, just randomly, it glitches me out! It is frustrating. So then I have to go back and redecorate all three houses and redecorate all of the locations. It has happened 5 times! Just recently I customized all my walls and floors and decorated the rooms. But right as I try to click on something, it flashed white and took me back to my home page! When I go back in, EVERYTHING I had done was gone. My second problem is that you have to pay for a lot to enjoy the full experience. I would love it if there were at least a few more locations that were free besides the town and the floople place. The only things I have bought are the houses. And yes! It is enjoyable but when I can’t really go many other places, I start to loose interest. But otherwise, I LOVE this game. The videos are fun and I like to vote. Thanks for making this game😆

- I love this game but....

I love playing this game bc I love designing and I love that you can make your own characters but there is one thing that I don’t like which is that you have to pay to get more houses resorts just places in general and I think they should make them free this is just in my opinion not other peoples and I’m not saying that everything should be free but just the buildings like the family homes daycare etc because you only get one home to begin with this is just a suggestion and I think you could get a lot more people to play if you did sorry if I sound like I’m trying to get anyone to I really don’t care if you don’t or anything. In general I think the people who made this game did a great job it’s a great game!I just submitted this before and I thought about adding some things so ya I think I have some things that you could use for the app like moving chairs and furniture around houses and having more slots for when you want to design a character if you pick up something it could do something like if you picked up a toy it could move or the player could make it move and one more thing when you want your character to pick up a controller it has it in one hand I love making videos and it kinda makes it not realistic when they hold it like that so maybe they could hold it with two hands anyway I LOVE love love this game!!❤️❤️


I love toca boca it’s honestly so fun! Maybe in avatar editor u could add eye colors and makeup! Also for like the newborn baby’s could u add clothes for them? In home designer could you make a house with a second floor? Building customization make your own building like in home designer but it’s a building and it free for those who can’t buy packs but only 3 building slots for free they can buy more since you guys have to make money somehow lol. Maybe clothes creator also shoes separate from clothes🤩 And could u make more wallets? And could we make a baby like the newborn one in character creator. LASTLY if we could play online with friends and there character could go in your world and they can play in yours WITH YOU like if you have packs and they don’t they can join ur world but when they leave the app they will go back to there world and they can leave the world anytime this would work like you could make a server name it and put a password , you can choose to make a server and then you would go on a tab that says worlds and it will have the world names and you can click join it will ask for the pass so like ur friend or sibling will tell you it and you join and make it so when the person makes the server the pass and stuff is somewhere if they forget!! just a few ideas!!

- Glitch

I love this game, it’s a lot of fun, but there’s a problem with it. I have had toca world for about a year and a half to maybe 2 years and I have not had any problems with it until about 2 months ago, 2 months ago I was furnishing a house with some of the stuff from hus (the store with like the pillows and stuff, I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called) and I finished furnishing it but then I left the house and when I went back every single one of the things I had added was gone, I tried it again and put all the things in the same spots again but it happened again, I tried like 3 more times but each time the same thing happened. I was frustrated at that point so I gave up and went to do something else, but then a few days later I went to furnish a different house and the same thing happened, finally like a week later it stopped but an hour ago I was furnishing a house from the new update where you can like make your own house and this time every time that I would leave the house after furnishing it, my game would crash and when I would go back in all the stuff was gone. I tried putting like three things in at a time and leaving to save it and repeating but every time I would do that all the things that I still had to furnish it would disappear from the entire game and I would have to restart it. I recommend this game because it’s a lot of fun but I hate that glitch.


First off I’m using dictation to write this review telling you that just in case anything looks weird dictation is silly punctuation but anyway for all the people claim at their weekly gifts and such were gone because their world reset first of all if you reset your world using the button gifts don’t reset I reset my world all the time by the way I don’t want to complicate storylines so I lovely crumpets you should be able to bring horses places over in the stable areas where the horse trailer connects to because that kind of has a problem and let means I can’t do stuff I want to just to be clear about that last sentence I can’t bring horses places other than those the horse trailer connects to and I really wish you could put the pets on leashes or something or just move them individually separate and I liked other peoples suggestions of a pet creator as well as a human one maybe you have to buy it with the full creator but that’s fine anyway I love this game it’s amazing this game I just keep coming back to everyone new Toca life came out I bought it and in fact Toca life world came out on my birthday I believe because my birthday is November 22 I remember looking at playing on my Toca World game I mean a Toca World a different Toca life game and seeing that it would come out yes reviews incredibly long bye

- So fun and I love it but some thoughts

I really love the game and it is so fun that you can make videos with the little blue record button in the top right corner buuuuuuuut I was hoping that you could lower the prices on the packs because I really want to buy more of the packs and I was also hoping that you could add in a Mall for the game with 6 floors and on the first floor there could be makeover and clothes stores and on the second floor there could be a food court the third floor there could be like two super markets the fourth floor could have a giant family fun center and the fifth floor could have a swimming pool with a lemonade stand and there could swim toys and on the on the sixth floor there could be a place to throw parties and there could be a a sky view and a balcony around the whole floor and there would be no roof!😱Also can there be more then just night and day can there be a time when it rains and on every holiday there could be like on Christmas there could be snow everywhere on saint Patrick’s day there could be green everywhere and on Halloween 👻 there could be scary decorations everywhere on everything and could there be a Hollywood spot where there would be fashion shows and there would be big fancy homes that are all white I really hope that one of my ideas are put in there pls put my ideas to thought.

- I used to like this game but my stuff would crash a go way

I love this game but when I would get of it all of my stuff a progress would be gone I bye a lot of stuff on here but it sad that I have to go finding all of my stuff again in the game and it never loads fast any more or sometime the my pets and people would never come back for a wile in the game and all my stuff will go to the storage unit in the game for no reason when I’m playing the game like if I’m on a different store in the game and I go to my house all my stuff would be gone so I would have to go to the storage unit in the game I used to play it thought now I love it but it’s just getting annoying with al the glitches big the game and not loading any thing and it sometimes won’t let me go on the game because of the start button will not be there for a while and if I threw any thing away in the trash cans in the game the stuff will never go back to its spot in the stores and I don’t really like how there only to house you can build because in my opinion I think that not really enough house for people that play this game and after all of the new updates it wasn’t as fun as I thot is would bd like the food dish at the storage unit it left good crumbs abc what if we wanted to use that storage unit in the game it just not that fun that much any more because of that

- Awesome!!! 😆😆😆😆

This game is so awesome! I got it today and I have bought the school and the mountain cabin already. I love how you can write and erase on the whiteboard. I like the prices; they are very reasonable and I used my own money. It also is not just for little kids if anyone thinks so, cause I’m a middle schooler. It’s so fun!!! I immediately said after 3 minutes of playing it “this game is awesome! It’s so much better than all the others!” (I had Toca city before) One thing I don’t get though, is why did Toca Life: City cost 4 dollars and Toca Life: World is free? I know you have to pay to get the other cities in World, but Bop City is free in World whereas in City that’s the only thing you get and it cost money? And my sister has this game too and all of her characters are glitching. The babies are wearing adult clothes and one adult was naked and a kid was naked wearing baby clothes?!?! I don’t even know how that’s possible... and the rest we’re wearing no? yes! shirts! She exited the app and came back but it did not work. It is still there now. Also I have two suggestions. I would love it if there were more colors other than blue for the whiteboard at the school, and I wish you could put things in the backpacks. Please consider these. Well nevertheless you will NOT be disappointed with this app!!! Thank you!!! ❤️ 😁😄😆

- Please Read

Hi, I absolutely love this app. I have all the locations and I’m waiting to purchase the next one when it comes out. I like to create storylines and I have one that I was playing with. I recently updated the app and when I got on it it had been completely reset. All of my weekly gifts are gone. I know this is just I game but I’m still kinda sad about it. I have been playing with one storyline for awhile and everything I had don with it was gone. I know I didn’t reset the locations. I have been super careful not to. I was wondering if it had anything to do with the update. Other than that I have some location suggestions. More houses would be nice. Like one with two stories and several rooms. The school is pretty outdated so maybe you could make another school with more classrooms and lockers. A shopping mall would be amazing. It could have several stories, a food court, clothing stores, toy stores, and anything else you could think of to go in it. A frozen yogurt place where you could pick between different types of frozen yogurt and add toppings would be cool. I have been playing all of the Toca Life games since they came out. I hope you think about some of my suggestions, especially the shopping mall. Anyways the games is amazing and I was so happy when it came out.

- I LOVE TOCA BOCA!! But... I have a problem

To start things off I have been playing Toca Boca for 5 years!! Yes, that’s how much I love it. A few months ago I reset my world on purpose because I wanted a fresh start. I took things from all of the buildings to make my apartment and character look how I wanted them to. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is it took me a few days to complete my world, but I eventually did. Now last Wednesday I was so happy that Toca Mall came out so the first thing I did was download it. I went and built it and the first thing I did was go into the mall just to look around. Then I went back to my apartment to get my character and MY WHOLE APARTMENT WAS RESET!! As soon as I saw this I immediately went to other buildings and they were rest too! When I went into the post office all of my gifts were gone. I normally put my gifts on those moving shelves and at every different holiday I would take them and decorate my apartment. I was so mad that this happened! In addition to all that my characters for character creator were in the white top blue bottoms outfit. I waited a few days and my world is still reset. Toca Boca please figure out a way to get my characters, world, and my gifts all back to how they were. I really appreciate if you see this and consider it. Thank you Toca Boca 🥰

- AMAZING GAME!!! But a few suggestions though!

OMG HI!!! I’m your biggest fan!! I have a few suggestions though! Not that I’m saying the game needs to be better bc it’s amazing! First. Bug fix. Please do a bug fix update! Whenever I go somewhere it gets me out of the game and it’s kinda annoying bc I can't play it bc it doesn’t let me go to a location. Second. Wedding chapel. I LOVE fashion and weddings so it would be cool to make a bridal shop, a wedding chapel, and groom shop! Third. Greek mythology. I love Greek mythology and it would be cool to make the mountain with all the gods. Fourth. Red carpet. I love fashion right? So it would be astonishing and amazing for there to be a red carpet with gowns and maybe met gala gowns! Fifth. Community Center. The community cemetery would be great. It can have a public pool (you already did that with the outdoor pool) a community garden, and I’m sure you can come up with much more! Sixth. Wallpapers and flooring. In the house designer it would be cool to choose a wallpaper and flooring too. (Btw LOVE the vacation villa pack!) Seventh. Renaissance. It would be so lovely to do a renaissance fair in toca boca with gowns, nights, Turkey legs, and more! Thank you for your time and sorry there is a lot of ideas. Thank you so much for reviewing. I hope you have a very great day and I hope you will select my ideas!!!

- Read if your parents won’t buy stuff for you!! ❤️❤️

Ok so I LOVE this game because I love to make characters of my own. Also I like making the worlds. But when I went to make my first character, it only had THREE SPOTS to make THREE characters! On the App Store it said you could make over 40 but that’s not true. Then it said make more characters learn more and it took me to the store and it said I had to pay 6 DOLLARS!! For a KIDS GAME that I downloaded. Then in the game it gave me an add for the bohemian house and I had a daughter in the game so I pressed learn more cause I need more space for my kids. When I went there it said you have to pay. I was SOOOOO sad.😢 While I was there I saw that you had to pay to make WORLDS the WHOLE point of the game. I can only make ONE house and I can only hang out in Bopp City. If you’re mom will buy you the houses and worlds then this is a good app but if you’re like me don’t waste your time. And also if you’re 5 then... DONT GET THE APP! OK SWEETHEART! Ok thank you for reading till the end. Bye from your local 10 year old ranter, me. Edit: I was looking in the App Store and I found Toca again, I saw the Mid Autumn Festival and got REALLY excited 😊 I went into the app and tried to find it, but then I found out that YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! I was SOOOO mad 😡 and a little sad 😔 So PLEASE make this non payed because I really would like to go to the festival. Thank You, Human in the world

- Great to play........but a few things

The overall game is great. The only thing I don’t like about is that you have to pay to get stuff which isn’t fair to the people like me who love the game but don’t want to pay all that money. I also wish that your progress would be saved when you leave because i put it there to keep it there and when i log on i want the same stuff to be there. I also don’t like when i get rid of stuff on purpose but when i leave and come back it’s there again and if i put something else in that spot but i come back and it’s covering up the stuff i put there. It’s a great game to role play but it is not fun when you are stuck with the usual grocery store, clothing store, food court, etc. i want to be able to for example take my kid to school and go to work but i can’t and we are talking a lot of money to buy all of that. What would be better is instead of buying the building with real money, why don’t you put all the buildings in the game including a job so people can earn money so they can afford the items in the building. I know there are people who play this game that get bored easily and when they are stuck with the same things to do, they are gonna get rid of and you are going to get more reports like mine. That would make the game more enjoyable. So please for the sake of your company and the people’s enjoyment please take this feedback

- I have a few ideas :))

I personally LOVE Toca Boca! But I have a few ideas that I would want to be added to the game. First, I’m not sure what your future plans are with the furniture, but I think something that would make the experience of furnishing better, is giving the furniture multiple color swatches. I had fun decorating my house but I wish I had more color options. Second, I think making something like Hollywood would be really fun! I actually saw this on another review but I liked the idea a lot so I figured I’d share it too. Third, there should be a cabin in the mountains! Not only is it a cabin, but it is an off the grid cabin. If you don’t know what “off the grid” means, it basically means that nothing in your house requires paying taxes for it. For example, a sink run on a water source on YOUR property. Or, no light fixtures that require electricity. You get the idea. I have one more idea.. an underwater submarine! I guess it could be in the vacation world 🤷🏼‍♀️ not sure where else. The submarine area would have a dock, and of course, the submarine. There could be rooms with bunk beds and large windows looking out at the ocean! If not a submarine, than definitely a fancy yacht! These were all my ideas! Please try to take them into consideration 🙏🏼 (Sry for making my review so long)

- Won’t let me get my buildings back after the Character Creator update.

My sister has purchased almost all of the Toca Life games on her iPad, and I have purchased the rest on my iPhone. After the new update now not only are my buildings not there, but when I try to add them back, it attempts to open up the app (to check if I have it) and kicks me out with a pop-up saying it is no longer shared with me (via family sharing), and I need to buy it in order to use it. I have tried going to buy the app again from the pop-up link and it (sometimes) has given me an option to buy it again. I don’t know if this is something you can fix or if it has to do with the App Store itself. Thank you for your time. Edit: I was able to add back some of the locations since the latest update, but the problem still persists with the large majority of the others. I appreciate the time you have put into fixing this issue. Thank you again. Edit 2: I have recently received a developer response via email that requested I try some things to fix my issue, all of which being things I have already tried, and all of which have failed, including watching the video tutorial. I feel that you have not taken time to truly read my review and have simply sent an automated response. This is easily forgivable, although I would like an actual fix for my issues. Many thanks.

- The game is my fav but not enough

I used to have a little iPad and all of the games were free so I got them all and played with them all of the time but when I sold my little iPad and got a phone I thought That everything would still be free but NOPE I got Toca world because I thought it would have every game in it for free because I was already buying the “toca world” but NOPE!! I was so sad that almost EVERYTHING you had to buy like cmon!!! I have asked my parents many times to buy a part of this game for me but every time they say no! 😞 And when the houses came out I thought you guys were finally catching on that some of us can’t buy anything but nope you make us BUY the bohemian house which I was super excited for👿 I hope you guys realize that we would play a lot more if more things were FREE I love this game so much but I need more options I need more places that the people can go for free! I wish you guys built the game for fun and so the people can have fun because of what an awesome game it is but appparently just like any other game you do it for money 👿🙀😡 PLEASE add more free things to the game I remember playing in the stables and the farm but I can’t go back to those memories on this game 😧 please make more things free!!! Not clothes not more hair options I need more places for them!! I am begging you plz make MORE games FREE

- a long review, but i’d say it’s worth the read.

okay, let me start off with a positive note. this game is really enjoyable and awesome! i love how you can truly escape to your own little world with your very own characters and stories. honestly, this is probably one of my favorite apps. and for those who are reading this who don’t know, there are many purchases you can make in this app. but you start out with one whole world, which is completely free! one can get bored with just one world, though, so there are many more you can buy. the prices are mostly cheap for a lot of stuff! it is so convenient that you can get SO many things to make your character for a low price and still get new things every month. but that’s not the only reason i’m writing this review. the bug i’ve been struggling with is every time i close out the app, or go to a different place in the game, the whole thing resets itself. i know this isn’t normal because i’ve been a fan of Toca Life games for many years. this is really frustrating especially if the game crashes or when i’m making a movie. (yes, you can do that too) but other than that, this is a fantastic game, and i definitely recommend downloading it if you have some extra money in your account. thanks for reading! :)

- I like it but...

I think this is great, especially how it connects with all the other Toca life apps. I haven’t seen that many glitches. At one point all the food that was in a container came out of the container, and whatever was holding it was still there but nothing was in it. Also, there’s a slight problem with throwing stuff away. When you leave or turn your phone off all of it goes back. Sometimes that can be annoying, because if you throw away an empty box, all the stuff in the box goes back. And then you have to put ALL of it back. Like UGH. But this app is still awesome. I like all of the little cool details in the app. For example, ATMs, and how ketchup can dye hair (lol😂). I also LOVE all the Easter eggs! The first one I found was cat-superhero-robot one. ⭕️❇️❇️🔹, right? Then I started looking for other ones. I consider my self a rica boca commons hunter. And also the fact that you’re not constantly advertising the other stuff to buy is Great. Over all amazing! Thank you Ok there are also some weird glitches. I was putting school supplies in the theatre, and when I came back it was all gone. Then I found out that all my personalized characters had plain clothes on instead of what I had designed them with. I’ve had to keep redoing it and all of it just keeps going back to the school. Please fix this it’s weird.

- Great app 🥳

Hi! So I have been playing this game for almost a year now, and it has been amazing. I love all the variety of the worlds and characters, and I like that all of the prices are super affordable and reasonable. I do have a few suggestions though, first to have a medieval castle, second a carnival, Disney world or land(complete with Disney springs, rides, and resorts), Star Wars world, Universal, Hogwarts castle, a huge resort similar to a Disney resort, a space world, fantasy castle, fantasy world, a cursed school with a lava river running through it and a haunted forest, a crumpet world, more secrets or even a location filled with secrets, candy land, a party place with sleepover stuff, a pet creator like the character creator, Hollywood, and finally a location creator where you can put accessories and every piece of furniture ever made, create your own secrets and crumpets, and place your own patterns and colors on the furniture, and you can submit your worlds and if there is one the developers like they can make it into a real location. Also could you work on bug fixes more as well, because my app has been glitching really badly. I think that this app is definitely worth getting. Sorry for the long review but I hope you can use some of my ideas and keep up the good work! 👍 Bye!

- I LOVE THIS GAME! but here are some ideas that could improve!

Hi there! I love Toca life world so much! But here are some ideas that you guys could add to improve it! 1, there should definitely be more than 3 characters you should be able to make, for example: a mom, a dad, a brother, and a sister. But I can’t do that since you can only make more then 3 if you buy the pass. 2, there should be something where you can make a family account, and here’s why. For example, If I had a world in Toca life world and my brother wanted to get it to but we didn’t have family sharing, we could have a family account where it could say, “restore purchase from family account?” And then my brother could get the world without family sharing. 3, you can make an account and you can add friends! Personally, I think this would be a really cool update since if you could add friends and go to their worlds and your characters can be together, and to add friends you can put your devices together and it will say “want to be friends with this person?” And it could show their avatar and you could see when their online and which one of their worlds their in. Personally I think these would be really cool updates! Thank you for reading this, now have a nice day!

- LOVE IT but....

I love Love this game but...(1)Sometimes I put clothes from the mall or from other stores or other food or things from different places in a place like a house and I play then I take ,y characters somewhere else and when I click back on the house all my things are gone that do not belong in that place.(2)love the new update but I think for the star thing in the costume u should have to buy the pack with the house to get some things because not everybody is allowed to buy from the game so u should make some of that free also for house u should make the free house be able to be build more than one time bc maybe someone cant buy things and only has the free apartment house.(3) can u please make custom able clothes please but if u can’t it’s fine.(4)Please make some new buildings that are free for the people who can’t buy things or just can’t afford because I feel like it will be a lot more fun like a free vet or free restaurant buildings people will enjoy it much more when they just downloaded the game.(5)U should totally do these because I think it will give u a lot of more players if there’s more free things also I LOVE UR GAME I already did a few purchases but my parents said I can’t buy any more so I’m upset I can’t buy the new update and that I can’t decorate my house better. -unknown user

- Love but have some suggestions.

I love this app and play it all the time, but I have some suggestions that would make the game even more enjoyable. I think that you should make a way to play multiplayer, like where you can play with your friends together on different devices. My friends and I often play Minecraft and what we like about that is that we can play from separate devices but on the same world. If there was a way you could make Toca Life multiplayer that would be so cool and I bet that even more people will get the game. Another thing that might be cool is to add something like the character creator but for clothes. It would be really cool to design your own clothes like you can design characters. I also have some ideas for new locations. You could make a mansion with multiple floors and lots of fancy things in it. I think that would be really cool. Another location could be an underwater place where it is all underwater. There could be castle for mermaids under the water. Also it would be cool if you made an alien place that is sort of like outer space. You could make different planets. That would be really awesome. I hope that you might consider these suggestions because they might make the game even better than it already is.

- This is a great app :)

So I have been playing this app for a very long time and I love it and I wanted to share some ideas with you so here they are 1st a mansion with lots of levels 2nd so I have a lot of gems like those diamonds but I can never fit all of them in one box and it makes me go crazy I was wondering if you could get some kind of glass display that you can fit all your diamond on and you could but the display anywhere in your house 3rd I really want you to add like a mystical land where you can ride drangons and breed them and have them as your pet 4th um I know you probably won’t do this but um my family is kinda poor and I never can get the cool places and after time I get board playing this app because I already explored the places that are free I was hoping you could make it all free...and you could put levels for example level 1 start out with a house level 2 you get the day care opened like that I understand that you want to make money but maybe there’s another’s way like maybe you can do where you have to pay house bills ever 2 month’s somthing like that if you could do theses things it would brighten up my day I’m only 10 I hope you read this and I’m super sorry for the long review but pleaseeeee do thi😫🥺👋🏻❤️❤️bye!

- Great game

Ok I love this game I just have a few suggestions 1. I think u should add a cemetery and funeral home so people can pass idk if that’s appropriate but my bff wants it so ya 2. I think u should add a zoo for fun and amusement 3. I also think u should add a tv station to make tv shows and movies 4. I also think u should make it to the point where more things r free 5. I also think u should make a place where u can make ur own clothes cuz not to be rude but some of them r not good 6. I think u should also add a Furniture place like hus but with beds and couches and lamps and more 7. I think u should make a pet creator like character creator 8. I think u should make a thing where u can make ur own building and business so ur people can work at a place and not the store or the theater 9. I think u should make it so u can pick up ur trash can and see what’s inside cuz one time I threw away my kitty 🥺 and I think u should be able to throw out ur trash so u can rolplay better u know 10. I think u should make it so u can go out side and play in ur front yard or back yard so the kids in ur game can play. That’s all for now I hope u add some of these things I will be sure to play ur game every day if and when this happens k peace out ✌🏻 , nice girl

- Please fix this glitch!

This game is awesome. You really don’t have to buy the in app purchases to have fun in the game. I had this game when I was little, but deleted it because I didn’t have enough storage. When I re-download it it recently, I was disappointed that the video wasn’t working. My microphone would record for the first five seconds or so, and then go mute. I tried recording several videos and they all came out the same. Honestly it’s not that big of a deal but I loved making videos when I had it in the past, so please fix this glitch. But other than that I would give this a five star rating, so please consider downloading. I bought the hospital pack for only $3.99, which is super cheap for all the things in it. Again, you don’t have to buy anything to have a fun time in the game, but for only four dollars, I would seriously recommend. I love the new update where you can build custom houses, super fun! I know this review is super long, but I just want you to know that you are missing out if you don’t download this. I know I’m saying this is five star and blah blah blah blah blah, but I’m saying that honestly. If The company fixed the video glitch, I would be 100% satisfied. Again it’s not that big of a deal, but I would really like for it to be fixed. Please consider an update! 😁😁

- Great but here are some things to think about...

My sister and I love this game!!!! One thing is troubleshooting. Im not sure if this is just me, but if i put clothes or decor in my apartment, as soon as i return to it, everything has suddenly disappear and i have to go scouting for it all. I have a couple suggestions, one is pretty high tech... I was wondering if you guys could maybe add something where it’s like an airdrop button so you could play with friends, so you can see each other in game. This would be very helpful to me, as probably also to others. Another suggestion is adding a little neighborhood of haunted houses yet smaller than the mansion in the haunted world. Also try maybe adding a haunted hayride and a haunted school. Maybe you could add a feature where we not only see the cars in the road, BUT CAN DRIVE ONE!!!! Along with this maybe add a car wash!!! And maybe a drive thru restaurant! I would loveee to see a dry cleaners where inside you could have the ability to create your own clothing and you could include that as apart of the floople landmark. I love to cook in toca, so maybe you can include a recipe book that you can actually look through. Along with that, you could add journals that you can actually draw/write in. Thank you for all of your time and consideration, sorry for such a long review.

- Pretty Good, But...

I have been playing Toca Boca games for about 8 years now, and I know I may be a little old for the game, if your doing the math, but I still enjoy doing role-plays with the characters. Overall the game is pretty good, but I have encountered a few errors. Once I got on the app and all the hair styles of the characters were different. Some people were bald, some boys had long hair, it was weird. I tried resetting the world multiple times but it didn’t work, then I restarted the iPad I was on and it still didn’t work. The next day I got on, and everything was normal. I also once played out a whole scene, then left the building I was in and went to the school. When I touch the school it was normal, but then it kicked me out of the app. When I got back on, everything was in the place it was in about 5 minutes before. So I tried again, but it did the same thing. Then I reset the game, did the same thing, and reset the iPad, but it still did the same thing. Other than that though, the game has mainly had little glitches. I hope this review was helpful, and if your considering getting this app, then you should. Just be warned that you should have at least two other Toca Life apps before getting this app, because those load onto this app. Thanks for reading!

- This game is great! Some ideas...

I love this game got the full Pom Pom peaks, Busy plaza and more!!!! It keeps glitching whenever I get a free gift or update...😫 Could you work on the glitches more instead of the worlds??? Cuz if you do I will be soooo happy!!!! Love this game, And the dentist. I really think miga world etc copies you!!!! That’s my suggestion but otherwise 10 star review for me!!!!! Also whenever I play, it kicks me out and restarts... Could you work on that plz???? Also plz make Toca life stories by Isabelle, marina, kristy, Ella, and rita.(Rita and kristy are my character creators) Isabelle is from the lunchroom in the Toca life school, Ella is from the robo cafe with the yellow pigtails, and Marina is from the haunted house on the second floor in the bedroom. If you add those characters in the stories so everybody knows their names... I WILL BE SOOO HAPPY AND LOVE THIS GAME FOR MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!! Isabelle has a husband Percy(The one in VVU At the cute dorm) 2 children ( Jake is from Pom Pom peaks at the bottom of the snow in the ski lodge)And Julia is from the Toca vacation one with blond hair. Ella is the oldest, Isabelle is the second, Rita is the 3rd marina is the 4th and kristy is last. Isabelle and Percy and their kids live in the Winter cabin Elizabeth out. Ps: Plz make this game friend free so I can play with my friends. Otherwise still 😻

- Thank you for letting me play

I play this game a lot it’s really fun it’s really cool you get to make your own world make your own city but I don’t know how to make my own city so that’s why I gave it minus 2 make it make sense but yeah I really do love the game so I give it like a three star but somebody also I have some ideas for the game what about a pet maker what are you get to make your own pets and maybe some more outfits and some more stores to go to and whenever you leave like a store or something everything resets hopefully you can add these into the game not demanding them but I would really want them thank you trying to make the game better wait can I just be a developer because I would make the game amazing if I was in a developer you best know but yeah I really like the game it’s really fun you get to do a lot but can you please add some more stores I beg you and I’m kind of forcing you on this one but please add some more stores because I’m tired of just the movie theater the grocery store post office the faster ball and whatever else we have can you just please like add some malls and stuff so I could actually go shopping for my characters because role-plays aren’t fun unless you go places sell thank you please love ya

- Love this game!! But large animal travel?

I was really excited when I saw this game come out in the App Store!! I is really fun and I love that you can take the people anywhere you want! but I have a few suggestions. I think you should be able to take the horses/cows and other big animals (that you can’t carry in your hand) out of the areas they come in. Maybe you could have the person sit on the animal instead of them carrying them in the dock. Having ridden horses for almost my whole life, I would love to be able to take my horses in the toca game out of just the stable areas. For example ... maybe I want to take my horse to the beach in the vacation area or to the park in the pet area. I really just want to be able to take my horse wherever I go on the game 😂😂. Another suggestion is to make the cows and bulls in the game rideable like the horses. The other day I wanted to take the bull in the farm area into the horse arena and have a bull riding contest for a rodeo. But then I realized that the bull couldn’t leave his barn and I couldn’t ride him!! Also maybe you could be able to put saddles and bridles on the cows and bulls. But anyway, these are just some suggestions to make toca life world more fun and to give it more freedom! (Sorry this was so long)

- Love it!

I absolutely Love Toca Boca I have been playing it since Toca town came out and I have all of the Toca life apps and Toca world Addons! Last year I even went to Toca boca inc in San Francisco! ( by the way it was awesome!) But lately since I got Toca mall I have been noticing that when I move things out of the place they were originally in, such as if I were to move a item from the Hus shop to the school it would soon vanish and I would find it back in its original spot aka in the Hus shop, this has also happened when I made a character at Floopl Friends create a character the clothes I put on the Toca character would soon turn into the base clothes ( a white shirt and blue pants ) when before the Toca character had a dress on from Toca mall. But besides this glitch I LOVE Toca wrold! Also here are some suggestions for the Toca Boca team to make; gym, create or allowing players to make there own house or building and have Toca boca characters to be able to live in it, design your own clothes so they could pair pants with a certain type of pair of pants, mansion, cruise ship, streets such as the ones we see the Toca characters in Toca stories walk on, the houses of the Toca characters from Toca stories. So in conclusion I love Toca wrold and recommend it to everyone!!!!!!

- Attention developers

This s the best game I have asked in the past for all those cool games you’ve made along with fans but they all came true I have a suggestion that will help I think you could make like and ocean and than there is a secret on a boat in he ocean where you have to pull levers or something like in the hospital one and then on on boat you will see a floor open and you fall into a submarine with cool creatures and you can go to nice animals in the ocean maybe even go out of the submarine and collect rocks or shells or fish, you could also add in air planes and such. Hat I’m trying to say is mix under water along with spy vehicles and more mysteries because I have found all of em and I love the mysteries they make the game so fun along with the sloths there is like always a sloth in the app! I love that idea. I hope you can make this happen I know a lot of work might be put into it but trust me that choice will be worth it because I am not the only one out there who wants this. If you like this idea. Please reply to my review saying what you like about thanks I’m a real big fan! You are going so much keep growing and never stop growing this wonderful game around the world. By the way I’m 11 been a fan since I was 7. Thanks! 🙃

- Some problems

I think this game is overall a good game but i have some problems. I don’t know if these problems are because of the game or my device (which i don’t think it would be because my device is fairly new but it could be idk). when i open the app of i’m not connected to the internet it takes a like a minute for the play button to pop up so i can start the game. When i go into some of my houses sometimes it duplicates everything and when i try to delete the stuff it lets me up until i go to click the door so i can go to another place, then i kicks me off of the game and when i go back on everything i just did is gone. also when i place things in my house and leave to go to another place i’ll come back to the house and some of the stuff disappeared and i have to go back and find it where it originally was. These problems happen up until the point where i have to demolish the house and make it again then it’s fine for a while then it all happens again. Just today i went to open the app and as soon as i clicked a building it kicked me off of the game so i tried again and it just keeps doing it. so idk of its my device or the game but if it’s the game it needs to be fixed i would give the game 5 starts if this wasn’t a problem because this is just very annoying to me.

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- Glitches with an in app purchases

Okay this game is amazing don’t get me wrong but with the in app purchases I purchased something and now I can’t go into it it was a house and paid for that for the house and my first ever house now I can’t go into it which makes me mad really annoys me also if you have like a really old iPad something that purchases won’t work we tried it on my sisters old iPad it’s really old and none of her in app purchases went in they paid for it but it wasn’t there so we had to get her a new iPad anyways it was time for her to get a new iPad but all the in app purchases finall loaded in. But still not sure of that was the games fault or it was just a really old iPad glitch but there are so many features that are amazing I help my friend set up her game and it was so fun and she loved it and otherwise I think the game is absolutely amazing definitely recommend it I really like how it gives you what you need I feel like which is like a whole island full of stuff it comes with like the supermarket and all that stuff and it will not force you to get in at purchases you maybe need like to have a look at them but there will be like a star and there’s something new I love this game I cannot say how much I love this game but yeah. Right now I’m a bit mad bc I have spent $30 and now I can’t get in to the app

- Great job Toca Boca!!!

Let’s start off by saying that I have been here since the first toca boca hair salon! That was my favourite game from the second it came out, and you’ve only gotten better! Some people complain about the costs, but I have every location in toca world and I haven’t regretted it for one second! When it came out it was super easy to set up because I already had the apps and it took literally less than 5 minutes to add them all! The only problem is that I have a younger sister, meaning that we have to buy in app purchases individually, therefore doubling the costs. It’s not a huge problem, but we would really love it if you could make some more apps instead of in app purchases. Another thing, when you throw items in the bin, they just return to their original location. I understand that this is so that if you throw something out by accident, you can get it back, but this gets pretty annoying when you do want to throw something out and it just comes back. Could you please make the items you throw out go to the junkyard or storage place or something because that way you can still get them back, and they don’t just reappear. Other than that, no issues or bugs, and we love finding the secrets and creating characters, not to mention the new home designer feature! Thanks so much for making this app, in my opinion it’s the best one on the App Store so far, keep up the great work! :)

- amazing!!! some ideas

hiii so this app is amazing i could play it for hours and never get bored but i do have some ideas that i think could be really cool. 1 weddings it would be really cool to be able to get married and have place to get married at and maybe u could pick a theme like the colours and where it’s at like over a cliff or at the beach places like that. 2 funerals so with this one i was thinking like a church with a place to have a funeral and there should be a secret button there that can turn them in a ghost and they can take that ghost character anywhere but if u take the actual character out of the coffin it should take the ghost away idk if that made any sense lol 3 fast food drive through ok so my idea for this one is there is a car park the u can choose a car to go in and go past the fast food windows and when u go past u get a random dinner like food like chips or a burger. 4 a car work shop so this can be like a garage or something but u can take ur car in and fix them with tools and stuff. 5 And lastly i think it would be cool to change the seasons like if u change it to winter snow will be everywhere autumn everything will be orange leaves everywhere spring flowers and summer it’s the same (but in the snowy place) i also think it should maybe have a time option that has the time in the corner of the screen and the day moves into night on its own. :) i hope this made sense.

- So much fun! But a few glitches...

So to start of I’m not going to be hating in any way shape or form, I’ve been playing toca life games since toca life city came out a few years ago. Something that I haven’t seen in any reviews is that I was playing as usual and decided to get the clothes I wanted my characters to wear I would just kind of get the clothes from the character design area, so I made new characters with the outfits that I wanted then I got some other clothes to swap the out fits with, when I put the characters in the different clothes the outfits I want disappeared, I restarted the game and the same thing kept happening so I also restarted my iPad. it’s still happening and I don’t know what to do. Also I had gotten some things from hus (for my house like lamps) so I put them in my house and for some reason every time I put something down everything else from hus would move up, I restarted my game because I had this happen before and doing that had fixed it, i kept making my house as usual and I got some more things from hus the same thing kept happening, is there something I’m doing wrong or???

- Some issues

Hi Toca, Thank you for your app. You make really great apps. There was one thing that can kind of annoying. It is that I don’t really like how much some of your in app purchases are. $7.99 seems kind of over-the-top if you know what I mean. I hope your prices drop and they are only high because Floople is new. Also, could you please (this is a complete preference) make it so that the girl who works at Crumpet Junkyard can be clean when she gets in the shower? This is because I don’t like to think of her being dirty all the time ☹️ I mean, I understand that she can get dirty when she comes to work (at Crumpet Junkyard), but she shouldn’t be dirty all the time, y’know? I don’t care if she gets dirty by sponge 🧽 or shower 🚿 , but she should be clean sometimes! One last little bug 🐜 is that sometimes my app stops and I can’t move the screen. It only happens occasionally so if it takes a while to fix this glitch, I can wait. I hope you read this review and although I do have some complaints there is a lot of great stuff in your apps! Personally, I reckon this is your best app yet probably because you have new places. Anyway I have to say thank you once again for your app. Very good 😉

- One of the coolest games on the App Store

I can’t believe this app is free! I know this game isn’t designed for my demographic, but I’m a 19 year old girl and I LOVE it. The attention to detail is just immaculate, the animation is beautiful, it’s so fun and unique and I find playing this game really relaxing. You can explore for this detailed little world for hours. There isn’t really even an objective to the game itself but it’s somehow a lot more fun to play than a lot of the other free games on the App Store? It’s something I think I’ll enjoy playing when I need some time to just clear my mind when I’m feeling a bit stressed or before bed. Highly recommend for kids, it’s really great for them, especially very young toddlers to visualise how things work and what certain objects do, all in relation to each other from a wider perspective which is great because young kids can really only take in what is right in front of them. It’s simple but so effective. The effort that has been put into this app is mind blowing. Amazing work! I’ve always loved the Toca games especially when I was a bit younger but I really think it can be appreciated by all ages. Keep it up guys ✨

- Amazing! But I had some ideas.

Last time I said I wanted a character creator and we got it, so I was thinking an outfit creator where you could choose different colours for outfits that already exist and maybe you could mix and match them. For the free version you could just have some outfits and change the colours but with the paid version you could have all the outfits, change colours and mix and match them. I had an idea where you could make a button called “Create your own village, where you could press it and it brings you to another world where you can add any of the houses and you can change the colours. They are completely empty, then you can select the furniture you want for that house (you can add furniture whenever you want) so you can decorate your own house. You can also add other houses and decorate them so you have your own village. I was also thinking that you could add a pet creator. Also could you please join worlds where the request goes through a parent and they can say yes if it’s someone they know or no if someone random. Anyway love the game! <3

- An idea struck me

It was amazing and I love toca and I just bought the bundle toca life and it was amazing so ya but is it just my phone or did you make toca city free in this app but anyways to my point now an idea just struck me while playing this amazingly amazing app is that I thought maybe you could possibly do an online one where you can invite your friends with permission from your parents and then like you have doorbells and the player has to let you in and also you can speak oh and if you’re wondering what if strangers joined well first off you would have to have parental permission and it would be impossible to fool and secondly it’s linked by email so that you would have to know the person privately oh and also one last idea if you don’t want a necessary person to play with you you can have this checklist for your parents to either ask you or just choose themselves which contacts on your device that have permission to either invite you or just join you and you can visit your friends world but it’s just an idea but I do dearly hope you’d consider it thanks

- Amazing Game!

I am more than double the age limit and I love this game! It is basically a virtual dollhouse. You can now create your own characters and move them around the world and interact with them. Of course if you want everything which I have, it is very expensive, but I have been saving up for a while and when you have everything, even if you don’t it is such a great game. It doesn’t need wifi so when you are out and about you can still play it. I have no complaints about this game, except there is one glitch that happens to people with the new character creator. It is very easy fixable and for me it only happened once and lasted about 3 minutes. I am a programmer, and I find that the way they made and programmed this game is really great for children to stay occupied and gain great imagination skills moving around the characters and making stories. I have been following and playing these toca life games for years now and collecting all the apps and I am glad to say that it has been something great I spent my money on. I definitely give this game 5 stars! 😁😁😁

- Toca world

TocaBoca can you please add in character creator an option to create an pet like an cat or an dolphin or what ever and they could have like one or two accessories and maybe even make your own crumpet. Also with the tomato sauce STOP MAKING IT MAKE PEOPLE HAIR RED it's really annoying and your not able to change the hair to its original colour. Toca world idea, how about making an magical world with lot's of secrets and magical creatures called Magical Dream or Magical Oasis, you could make this idea better though because your always great at it. Magical creatures Eg:Unicorns,alien animals,cats with wings,Dolphins with horns also an underwater place with corals and diamonds and magical flowers and glowing lights and an magical forest,magical houses or apartments also please bring back Friday and Monday presents! 😻😸😻 Also there been a glitch with one of my characters from chilly buns, whenever I put new clothes on her they suddenly disappear forever! It's sad that her original clothes disappeared too now she is just wearing a plain T-shirt and jeans 😿 could you please fix this! From sassy kitties 😻😸

- Dear toca life

Dear toca life I have all of your games there so fun!!!! But I have an amazing idea 💡 I think that you should make another game were there is a kingdom with princesses 👸 and some prince 🤴 it would be sooooo cool they can even have kings and queens and a great secret would be that there is a trapdoor and more stuff! I hope you like my idea and use it because then it would make my day and your rates higher so byeeeeeee!!!!!!! Please use my idea thank you 😊 Hey this is another thing a certain terrible glitch is appearing in my game, everyone’s hair styles have gone hay wire! It’s crazy, so I reset the game and there even worse, I reset again and only one character has the same hair do as before. I need you to fix this immediately please, I decided to stop playing for a while but then everything was back to normal with the hair, Then I noticed people bold! and boys with girl hair and the monsters have different coloured hair! I am shocked I can’t even play the game normally please please please fix this and contact me when you get this letter thank you. 👍

- Need help

Hi Toca Life, Your game So great it inspired kid make story and be creative! This resume me and My Family love this game But when You are Toca life team did a New Update or my work reset and I had a story plan and and I decorated the whole town out what I think it look nice as and that took me like three days, and it all lost, I wounding in next update you won’t need make that happen it okay if need to let update work but I be so happy if could Fix that, And I Got new IPad, I put on my Apple ID but how can you get Games you paid for on new device? It Aswer These it be much thank for! And I have some ideas for new Toca life games, maybe you should do a new update for airport so can go a lot new county like Japan,China,austrila ect! I think you should do jungle theme place with a lot of Animals! And you should make new type stores, like a Shopping center, A big giant toy store then Mimi one in Toca life city, and you should make a Art store, as My friends and I think that be great idea! If could think any of these ideas, and help me with my question these be great!

- Dear Toca life creators (2 problems here)

Toca life is one of the best games out there. It has lots of locations and items in this game. The I only thing that I stops me from giving this game five stars is not having a lot of free things. I would want more free things, because my parents won’t allow me using money for games as much. I would really love this game if there were more free locations! Especially the school. (plus some other useful locations) I would also want free locations because there isn’t much to do with only the first free things. Please reply to this and think about having a bit more free things, (like I said) Thank you! 😊 Some days later... Dear Toca life creators, yesterday suddenly the people I made switched hair designs. Today, everything changed back to the way I started the game. (Except the 3 people I made in the character creator thingy) Can you fix this? It is really important to me that I have my progress from my recent times I played in this game. Thanks!

- Great Game!

This is one of my favourite games to play! Sometimes I wish everything wasn’t so expensive, but you can do a lot with just the free locations and any Toca apps you add on. The Floople update is amazing and I love creating characters with the character creator, even though some of the things in there cost money. I think the Toca Life Mix is pretty cool because it gives you insight into each of the characters personalities. Also, Thankyou for fixing the hairstyle bug! I have just one suggestion. If there was one day where you could make everything free so people can get everything, that would be great. Before you say no, just think about it: the people that are playing now will have everything, but then other people will join after the free day is over and you will make a profit. Plus, keep in mind all your other apps. They cost money too, so that will make up for all the money you didn’t get. Please consider this and try to tell me what you think!

- Some Major glitches

Hi Toca Boca, I have been experiencing some major glitches in my game. This is definitely not my devise because it is less then year old. The first glitch that has happened is in the character creator. Sometimes when I make some characters and exit out of the the place where you make your characters my newest Character or characters are no where to be seen. A second issue I have had is when I am re-decorating some of the locations, the items I have put in the location are back where they originally where. This happens randomly and is really annoying. The third and final glitch I am experiencing is when I am playing in any location at a random time, it glitches out of the game and suddenly all my changes are gone. I love your games ( even if I am way over the age limit) and your new location (the mall), and hope you could fix these glitches as soon as possible. Kind regards, your loyal fan 🙂

- Great

After the new update I’ve been having troubles with Toca life mix, every time I go onto it it glitches out of the app. I was wondering if you know what’s going on? I really like the app but you have to buy pretty much everything other than the original city itself. I think there should be just a few of the others free, almost like a preview of that place. But putting that aside it’s really fun and I recommend it to anyone. ☺️ Love the Christmas update! But for people who can’t spend money in apps it would be nice to have a tree, hopefully further in December we get one from the post office! I would also love if there was at least one more free house just to change things up a bit! Another thing is it would be great if there were more apartments in the city apartment. Since it’s such a large building it would make more sense of you could access more apartments as well. Just some thoughts... love the game.

- I love the app but here are some suggestions. 🥰

So I have been reading the responses from other users and I completely agree with most of the suggestions. I have been playing Toca Boca for as long as I can remember and after a while if you have tried all the story lines it just gets, well, a little boring. 🥱. I absolutely love the updates and they come really quickly, but they are quite expensive 💰❗️. I really, really like the idea (sorry I cant remember who suggested it😬💡) about having a house maker!!!!! 🏘⚒. From a business point of view it would be very appealing to users. If this amazing idea was going to go ahead it would be awesome if it was rather cheap. 🤗. Back to the expensiveness of the updates. I was going to buy the Mall but $4.99 is a little outrageous! Yes, I know it comes with 3 floors and tons of people but still money is money. Thank you so much for creating this game and I will keep on telling people about it. 🙏👍

- Great but needs free things

Look I know you need to make money off your game some how but if you could watch an add to get game money to buy thing with that can do the same and yes if you put all the Toca life game in one free game and all you have to do is watch some adds is a bit bad for biz so ya but like add more free thing or say you can pay the 1.49 or you can watch 10 adds it will make you more and quicker to because people won’t have to thing do I need to spend money ON A FREE GAME so it is some thing to think about. I know I know your brand is good because your games don’t have adds but this is different because there getting something in return the building or person or district unlike the game were after five seconds they show you an add this is like they can pay the money or they can watch some add the can make the same amount so you’re not miss out on the fat stakes of money you people are making the end

- It’s me the strange girl saying it deletes my progress

Hi toca Boca, You would probably remember me as the kid saying the games deleting my progress, I just wanted to say I fixed it 😃😃 I think the problem was that I didn’t update it? I’m not really sure but that’s besides the point. The point is that I’m a HUGEEEEEE fan of your games when I cam home from school (when that evil virus wasn’t around) I would play your games even now after home school work I would play your games! And I have a idea for your game toca life world. Ok so have you ever played this game and think “ it sure is lonely if only I could play with some one on here...” well that’s we’re my idea is coming! My idea is that there should be a thing we’re you can invite friends in your world and play with them!!!! I hop you love this idea, it would be amazing and my dream if this was a feature!! Anyway I hope you have a good day or night or afternoon ba bye 👋😊

- Wonderful game!!

Hi I got this game a few weeks ago and it’s already one of the best games on my device, I love this game it’s so much fun and it’s a really chill game, but sometimes I feel everything is just so lifeless, I feel like if they sometimes moved around and interact with each other it would be a filled with more life and fun, including pets, they could walk around the house and sit and stand, and also maybe we could be able to go into the yard, that would be really nice and Because but that’s up to y’all! Also I feel like maybe you can maybe allow yourself people to use 1 more island for free? Because it can give people who don’t have the money to have a chance to use it, but that’s all up to you guys! and yeah! Over all this game is really relaxing and nice, I play it everyday and it’s been thrilling, if you read this, thanks! I hope you could take one of these ideas and make it reality!

- One of the greatest games ever!

This has got to be one of the best games to ever be created. But there’s just a bug that stopped me from giving it five stars. When the character creator came out I got it straight away. It was working great that morning at home but when I went to school and opened it up to show my friends, all of my other worlds and purchases were gone! 😫 When I went onto the character creator, it was suddenly the free version, not the paid version! I asked loads of people in my class who play Toca life: World, and they said it happened to them too. When I got home and connected to the internet all my stuff was back. Except the fact that it reset the whole game! This morning the same thing happened again. Please PLEASE fix this bug! It would make the game even better! Other than that it’s one of the greatest game ever to exist on the App Store. 😄😁

- There’s a bug in the game

I love this game it’s is the best but my character creator has a huge problem! I got the full version of the character creator and at first it was all good then like a month or 2 l it stopped working, I go to make a character/edit one but I tap on the character and it will make a crackling noise then the screen will go black then take me to home screen I try and try again but it won’t work the same thing happens every time I try every thing rebooting the app, shutting down my iPad then turning it back on, deleting the app and reinstalling it nothing seems to work and it’s not just me my bother has the same problem on his iPad and i have the same problem on my iPod and some of my friend at school say they have that problem too and it’s really really annoying because I spent 8 dollars on this and it dose not work so could you please please PLEASE fix this !!!

- AMAZING game love it 😍

I love the games that you guys produce. What would make the Toca life: World is that if you could make the bags close because it would be amazing is you could open and close the bags, Also If you could make some more clothing choices that would be great if our little characters are fashionista’s, perhaps another apartment but different to the original one. Please and thank you otherwise it’s a great game and I do recommend the game to anyone who wants to express their imagination!. I have just done the new creator campus update it’s amazing that we can have different facial expressions and new outfits! My game crashed a couple of weeks ago and I lost everything! I lost all of the like gifts we get when there are new locations or updates and I really liked all of the gifts that I had in my apartment. If you could fix that I would be ever so grateful! Thanks it’s an amazing game!


So i LOOOOVE this game. I love the gifts and the toca stories is AMAZING 😉!!! Its nice 2 see some of my fave characters talking. The only prob I have with this game is the GILTCHES. I know you're a really busy company, and you're doing great, but strange things happen 2 my game sometimes. Like in the apartements, there's a space-themed one with a white pot that has a pink handle. I ALWAYS keep it on the stove, but once I went in and there was a gold pan on the stove that I've never seen in any toca (have been playing for years). Another time, a red balloon floated over my toca apartments, and directly after i tried 2 get into the apartments, and it glitched and wouldn't let me in! I still can't get in. This is one of my favvvvee games in the world and i love it SO SO SO SO MUCH. Could u fix it plz? Also i would DEFS recoomend it if u want 2 get it. Its totally worth it. My thing is all fixed buuuuut.... I ALWAYS GET RESTART GLITCHES WHYYYYYY

- Second review

For some reason I didn’t get Halloween gifts. I’m not sure why but it made me heartbroken. There is also a glitch where you put items in a room and once you leave the location bam! Half of it’s gone. This usually happens with the stuff from hus. It has been happening to me for awhile. There is also I glitch where you put a suitcase in that chest thing in the pool villa. It only happens with suitcases though. About a year ago (close to the time I got the stables) I would reset my world and then people would have the wrong hairstyle. I have no idea why though. There is one more glitch which has happened to a lot of people not just me. It where you take something out of a box and it bounces up. It acts like the box is full and you are trying to put something in. Please fix all of these but is still a great game.

- I love this! Just some suggestions 💗

Hey Toca, I have been playing Toca Boca for six years now, and when the first toca life app, Toca Life Town came out , I fell head over heels with the Toca Life Series. I have all of the locations and it is great for roleplaying! I also love how all of the characters are different races and are all unique. I also love the variety of locations throughout the town. I also want to give some suggestions : Could you please make the Characters be able to carry the cots in the Hospital? I would like to move the cots from the hospital to houses and apartments. Could you perhaps make a movie cinema and a zoo? That would be amazing! And also could you please make the wheelchairs able to carry because I have a few characters who use a wheelchair but are limited to certain places. Anyway, they are just suggestions. Love from Christine ✨💗

- lemme keep my stuff fgs

the game itself is quite fun and addicting although i must point out that once you are away from your house for a certain amount of time or have swipe out of the game and gone back in, it appears that all the stuff i have added to my house isn’t there anymore, even things such as food and stuff i’ve bought from the store. i’m not sure if i’m doing something wrong and i’m supposed to actually pay for them with the money but it does not state in the game anywhere that we have to pay with the given cash to allow us to keep the items we have decided to “purchase”. i have even tried to pay for the items but the money doesn’t go anywhere or do anything so i just figured that i could carelessly take it back to my home, only just to be frustrated and quite annoyed with the fact all my stuff is gone and must i say it is hard to get those items in the perfect place and something don’t stack or are too small to pick up easily. please someone explain to me how i can keep my furniture, food, etc. because i can let you know for a fact i am not the only person struggling with this situation as others i have suggested the game to have come to me asking how to stop their stuff from disappearing and i’d like to know the answer myself. it can be quite frustrating to players so adding a bit where it states how to buy furniture and get money to pay for these items. thank you☺️

- Suggestions

Ok, so i really love this game, its really fun but i have a problem. I know that some people would just think im being annoying and a party pooper but i don't want to buy tones of packs to get the best experience. I just use what is free in the game. I do really like the update with the house’s and its cool how you can decorate it but i don't really like how if you want to get a different house but still keep the old one then you have to buy a pack. Also with the Halloween update it looks really fun but i cant really see anything different when you don't buy anything, it seems that the Halloween update it only available if you’ve bought the packs. I know you’re probably not going to do this but it would be amazing if you could make like mabe even one pack free. Its ok if not, it would just really make me happy if you did.

- Omg you guys are amazing

Ok so I love this. Best app ever,literally I started crying when I found out that this existed. I also paid over fifty dollars in the store to get all the locations, but now I’ve heard that you can create you own character!!!! AWESOME since it hasn’t fully become open to the public yet I thought, so you think that just maybe, you could make it free? Because I know a lot of people who love the app but can’t afford anything and I think this free character thing will be a huge breath of relief. If I could, I would buy every location there is but now I’ve spent so much that I can’t get any more, and it’s not just about me. Everyone would want a chance to create there own character and not have to pay for it. So all I’m trying to say is, do you think the create you own character thing could be free?

- Love your games! Keep up the good work!

Dear Toca Boca developers, I absolutely love all of games! And have been playing them for ages! Just a quick suggestion, I love all your games but I think $5.99 is a bit over the top. A totally understand though. Toca Boca is very unique and creative with so many details and secrets. Except I think you should lower your prices a bit so that people who are new to the Toca Boca fam have a chance to get some of the games without paying every single time. Also in the game sometimes the is a glitch and my screen freezes in one position. And I can only play the game in the position it glitched, and I always have to restart the game. It would be greatly appreciated if you could fix this. Thank you for reading my feedback! (P.S could you please make more crumpets?😋)


Hi Toca, this app is (as we all know) AMAZING!! I was looking for an app like this for 3 years STRAIGHT and this is it, i wanted a game were you could make stories, and move stuff, (honestly i dont know why) but this app IS AWESOME!!! 😎I am not allowed to spend money, but i got 50 bucks for my birthday and spent it all on toca, to the people who have ideas for this game, just saying, it is actually pretty hard to add that amount of things in one go, and not even one go, anywayyy TOCA BOCA RUUULLLEESS one more comment, i LOVE 💕 that you added the toca episodes, I watch then every weekend with my sister. Love the work, thanks 🙏 P.S Ik this was a long time ago but (not wanting to be rude) You had to add that CREEPY CLOWN, REALLY? My little sister got FREAKED OUT and I was a bit scared to (I know its kinda babyish but it was a little freaked out okay?) Thanks again, bye 👋

- Toca World is the BEST but it needs just a few more things!

I love Toca world and I play it all the time but sometimes I wish there was more, I would love if you could add these things: prams for the new borns, leads for the animals, more animals, more secrets and and area where you could add mystery and rare animals and or dragons like the light fury and night fury! I would really appreciate if you could add these things to improve your amazing game and I’m sure all the people who play toca out there would absolutely love if you could make these improvements! I also suggest that you guys should create more games and worlds like a how to train your dragon one with all the characters and dragons! Thank you soooo much for listing to what I have to say and I really hope to see what you guys come up with in the future!

- Problems:

Hi 👋Toca Boca nice game, here are just some problems I found that you could help with please🤨😒: when I tried to get a new place it would say oops sorry that didn’t go through please try again and this is very annoying because then I have to go to the App Store and get the app and it takes up to much storage so if you could please reply and give me a solution that would be great🥰👍one thing I also did notice was that when you went to the App Store not every place on toca Life Had it’s own app which is really annoying 😩😡because I wanted to get the mall and other things but I mean other than that it’s great, it’s fun 🤪😍😁☺️and really creative 😍😍😍i love the crumpets and clothes thank you so much for the brilliant games 😘One thing I also loved ❤️was the little movies they are so cute 😀and so thoughtful so thank you all

- TocaLover❤️

If you are thinking of buying this app for your child or for yourself, go right ahead! Even though it’s a bit pricey, it is still WORTH the money. You can explore and roleplay with cute characters however you want (such as: Dressing up, Moving them to different places, Eating and drinking food. etc) It’s very entertaining and no matter how old you are it’s still great fun! When I first played was when I was 9 yo, I wanted to roleplay but none of my friends wanted to so I decided to get this game for myself. It was great fun and I enjoyed it very much, whenever I go home from school I would start playing. Huge thank you for Toca Boca for making these amazing games! Can’t wait for new and fun apps : ) App Ideas: Daycare: I know you might have one in Toca Office but it would cute if you had a bigger one with a lot of kids and babies :). Zoo: Have a lot of varieties of animals (unexpected animals such as dragons etc). Cars and shopping carts: Of what I’ve read on Reviews... there are a lot of people who want shopping carts and cars. It would be such a huge step if you added cars and shopping carts. Thank you very much for reading my honest opinion and ideas about Toca Boca, enjoy your time playing Toca Boca games :).

- Very addicting but needs fixing

Toca world is a great game and is so much fun. I love the characters and decorating your house. But the fact that I don’t have 49 worlds plus Over 60 to buy. I only have 3 places. I could be wrong in how I am ready it but that is quite annoying. Also I can only build 1 house or buy another. That is frustrating. There are just so many thing you need to buy in the game like a hospital, vacation, school and so many more that I can’t buy because I don’t have the money as I am only a child. And after you get stuff from stores like clothes from the clothes store after a update there are no new clothes or anything. Please considers these. But over all a great fun and addicting game. My iPad also came up saying harvest season where there is no difference

- So Fun!!

This game is so fun! I play it like everyday and I’m 11 years old. I love how you put all the games together, because I’ve been playing Toca Boca games since I was little. I was wondering if you could maybe make some things cheaper or free because I know that a lot of people aren’t allowed or can’t afford some games or addons. Also I have some suggestions for you. Add more hairstyles: I really want this and I know lots of people do too. Could you please add some newer hairstyles in the hairdresser, or add another hair dresser or another place. That brings me to the next suggestion. A beauty clinic: I think you should add a beauty clinic. It’s similar to hot springs, but you can get you hair done, do your makeup etc. Horses: Can you please make it so that the horses can go anywhere? They can have there own bar when selecting characters. Genders: Please add gender sort in the character selection Animals: Few things about animals, first more pets like fantasy animals, secondly, maybe a pet bar, thirdly, could you add a zoo? Houses: I really want more houses with more beds for bigger families and also please add more characters even though you always do! Thanks, I hope you read this and consider!

- World Saving Bug

Overall, Toca Boca World is an amazing game, one of the best games to have fun with. It was such a good idea to create the world app where you could find all of your previous Toca Life apps merged! One problem my sister and I have identified is that when we had chosen a house and arranged items and clothing (clothing we had taken from other characters), the game would occasionally crash. Once my sister and I opened the game again and returned to our said house, random groups of items or all of the items had disappeared!? Stranger yet, when my sister and I returned to the place where we had originally gotten the items, the items wouldn’t be there either!? Like they weren’t even in the game anymore!? Please find a way to fix this bug.

- Please do this

This app is great but it would be even more fun and exciting if you guys could make more baby things like a movable crib(baby bed) and even more that would make it very fun because we can’t do much with the babies especially the babies that are in the hospital(new born baby). Maybe you can make like a furniture store like ikea but tokea. You also need some more houses with a lot more storage like cupboards and a room for a baby. There needs to be like a laundry and other utilities. You could even try a two story house. It would also be amazing if you could turn the characters like you could double click on them and they could face the right,left the back, and like now the front. It would be cool because they would be able to make them hug. There needs to be more pregnancy clothes and more kid clothes. It also would be cool if you guys could make the newborn babies more realistic like be able to change them and as I said before more furniture like a movable change table, it also would be cool if you could make more newborns 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜 🤱🏼🤰🏼👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👗👚👙🥼🧥👖🧢👟🧤🕶🥽🌂📺📞📷 Please do this lily


Toca life is amazing I could never have a complaint about it but there are a few things that really annoy me. 𝙾𝚗𝚎 of them are that you have to pay if you want a cool house or anything cool really which is not fair for people who can’t buy stuff. So I think you should change some of that also when you first start the game there are bearly any places to go. There should be some more places which kind of connects to my other bit where everything is for money. So my only complaint is the money you guys should really consider more free stuff for those people who are not allowed to buy stuff if you do this I will write back to you saying thanks with a 5 star review anyways thank you for the lovely time on this app and do please consider my idea. Thank you

- Love it but a some problems

1.When I go to buy new worlds it cost me money for like a the hospital it is $6 and mum says it to expensive so please make the worlds a bit cheaper like $2 that would be a great pleasure 2.we have to pay just to get the extension bit of the creator people I think that we should get that extension bit 3. I think that the build a house should be more you should be able to build more than one house and have more furniture please do this soon 4. I have a glitch I go to look at the worlds and the store is not loading pleAse fix this 5.when I have the activity house when I go to the paint area on the 1 floor when I want to make a copy of it it comes out Blank please fix this

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this game! But I have a few changes to make

Hey Toca Life! I ❤️❤️❤️ ur game SO much, but there’s a couple of things I want to change. I read one of ur reviews and they were talking about the fact that sometimes when u go back into the game, u lose the clothes that ur character was wearing, and it goes into a plain T-shirt and jeans. I have that too! Could u plz fix that? Also, for the character creator, could u make a pet character created as well, so u could change whether it’s a cat or a dog, or change the colour, or expression on its face? That would be great. Also, for the free houses thing that u made recently, could u add a cot as one of the beds u can chose? If u could do that I would be extremely grateful and this game would be even more fun! (If that’s even possible) From, Graciepanda

- Add more pls!!!!!! I have some ideas too!

Dear Toca developers, I really like Toca World even though I’m way too old for it. I think you really need to add more Home Design houses. And much bigger ones too! I had an idea that you could make them with more than one storey, or an apartment block. It would be really cool if you added a mansion too. Another thing that I think you should add is more places to the Creator’s District, bc right now it is really plain. Btw, the loading screens are awesome, but could you add a few more? A few issues: When I change the character’s clothes, what they were wearing before disappeares. A way to solve this would be to have a “save clothes” button, and then in the floople building, have a wardrobe where you collect your old clothes. This is an issue because the game gets super glitchy and crashes every 30 mins, then crashes more and more frequently until i leave it. The glitches are horrible, and slow the game to a point where it freezes, and really interrupts gameplay. Overall, i still highly suggest the game, cos its super fun. I hope you read my review Toca developers ❤️, A Toca World User.


okay i love this game so much, it’s so good! xx but recently there’s been so many bugs, like if i set up my room and everything and come back to it the next day it restarts everything. and it’s been doing so much. i know it’s not on my device bc everything else is normal. i could just be playing and it suddenly goes to the homepage and restarts. pls fix this, i’ve tried going along with it and restarting but it doesn’t work and continues to start again. once fixed, i will continue to play but until then i can’t deal with the frustration, i was also considering purchasing some of apps because it’s so fun but i don’t want to waste my money on a game that will continue to do this, please fix asap, but otherwise continue the good work x

- Great app but...

My 4 year old sister and I love playing this game, it is so great and we have all of the apps. Everyone in my family has it on their devices so she can play wherever we go, but as I am still 16, I obviously live with my parents and we have family sharing, where if one person buys an app, it is free for everyone else as it has already been paid for. But we cannot figure out how to share the latest in app purchases so we all have to buy them separately and they are quite expensive. Is there a solution to this? We have tried restoring purchases and everything else we can think of and we do not have the money just to keep buying the add on 5+ times every time a new one comes out. A solution would be greatly appreciated

- Grate!

It’s an amazing game. but maybe make some of the stuff free would be great. and can you please add more stuff to the snow place and also I downloaded an app but it wouldn’t let me download it on that. so some changes might be better but that’s what I think. this game is great and you can do tons role-plays on there can you make the designer shop free plzzzzzzzzz well that’s my review all and you shouldn’t make an Dessert app! up we’re we go and see tons of new things. And another idea Were we go to the Forest and then there’s this cave so you go through it and then you see all these unicorns and Pegasus well just my idea but I think that would be great anyways Oh and please add more secret I loveeee them that’s all for me bye

- Once again 👏

Toca Boca has done it once again! You’ve managed to create a game that is spectacular and addictive in every way! Though I have some structural feedback. I kind of wish that the characters could have different emotions, like when they eat something? And also maybe you can add some more food please, (😂) so then we can make a variety of meals (not saying what we already have is bad) or even an actual cafe! But I still think that the market idea is actually pretty neat! So I give this game a 5 star rating, and even though there are in-app purchases, Toca Boca has to make a living somehow 🤷‍♀️😊 great job, and I can’t wait for more features to be added to this VERY addictive app! ❤️

- Update?

I know you’ve updated and all but because it’s near Christmas can you try make the place snowy and festive all around the world and then after make it decorated for New Year’s Eve and then decorate it for Easter and than decorate it for the Fourth of July and then decorate it for halloween at those different times of the year. One more idea. Can you PLEASE add a new spot called tickle toe avenue. It can have an apartment, a cafe with the kitchen, seating area and a children’s playground, a circus, another apartment and a hotel with five rooms. One more idea, can their be a switch on settings for app so Teenagers can have all the characters look pregnant in whatever clothes we want if we take a photo of them and then press a button to change it over. And please add more Babies thank you

- Great but a few issues

Hey Toca, I love this game it’s amazing but there are a few things that are very annoying. For example I finished my house and I went into the Toca market with the pets and toys and stuff and then when I went back into my house lots of my clothes, toys and other things had disappeared. It keeps happening and it’s really annoying cause I want to use my stuff but I can’t if it disappears. Secondly is that the game kicked me out and when I went back in it took away a lot of my toys, clothes, food and stuff like that. It’s annoying cause when I try to get some toys or clothes it now gets rid of MORE of my stuff. Please can you fix those bugs it’s really annoying. Apart from that it’s a great game and I totally recommend it.

- Amazing! But missing something

I think this game is amazing! And a great idea! I’ve had this games for quite a while and am so happy that there is one with all the games combined! But as you know, there are lots of different hair styles and if you go to the bop city hairdresser there are only 20 types of hair, I think that if you have a game all the hairs of those characters go into the hair salon machine, I would love this! Any who this game is still amazing on its own and I love the idea that you don’t have to buy the full game but can get the just one location! If you complain or don’t like the game I recommend you getting Toca life: town, I love how you made it for free! Thankyou for this amazing game! I really appreciate this.

- Pleaseeeeeeee add free things

Dear toca Boca please please add free things Because not everyone has money so please do something like you press say the hospital and it comes up with the price and next to it it says or watch this many adds please please do it please it will be great but if you don't make money the do this instead so everyday when you play the game it gives you money but not money so you can go in the App Store no it is toca Boca world money only so you still make money somehow but I know you can make it work and also my iPad only lets me play certain games so when I play toca world it only comes up with old thing not the new things so please update alot so I can get new things please and thanks

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- Hair glitch

The hair is glitching it’s like different hair on some of the people that is not there hair but I love this app but if you guys could fix that glitch thank you.

- Love it

Make a then toca camping


I love this game and here’s a few ideas for new places, etc... -toy store -electronic store -public pool -arcade -spa -university -new houses -cinema -please for character add a teen size -fire station -self-serve buffet restaurant -movie studio -water slide park -library -animal shelter -haunted house

- Cheaper stuff or more for free

I think they should make cheaper worlds so more people could buy them or have more worlds for free otherwise the game is awesome!🎉

- Update Glitch

The “no yes” shirt is on everyone and some people are naked.

- Create

Pls make two floured houses and make a MALL

- Clothes Glitch

There's a glitch in clothes in the game that makes a character's outfits disappear and it just leaves them wearing a white T-shirt. Also, any clothes that you pile up for your character to wear later just disappears, never to be seen again.

- Glitch

When i take stuff out from somewhere like the mall or the home store and move it to like a house or a different location, it’ll disappear when i leave and come back to it, please fix this it’s super annoying!!

- Restarted again!

I’m starting to HATE this game because it restarted itself without me pressing the button. I requested things to be fixed before and I got my gifts but now they are gone again! The Toca people should have fixed my world after I told them for the 5th time this month! I want everything to go back the way it was or else I’m done!


So I love this game but I just really want other things like the hospital and vacation so maybe if u can make some stuff free I think way more ppl would download it and play it more

- Best Game Ever

Out of all the games I have on my device, this is so far the BEST. I highly recommended it, and it is appropriate for all ages. I think it is a fun and creative game, though I do have a recommendation to make it even better. If this game were to have multiplayer it would make it all the more fun. In my vision it is not worldwide so people can’t randomly join with you, but instead it picks up close devises so you can only play with someone near you instead of worldwide, but then again anyway would work. Please take this into consideration, thanks! I would like to update this and I hate to say but, I can’t play this anymore. Every time I go to edit a character in the character creator place, it glitches me out. Big bummer. :( Please fix this and respond to me... I also have another suggestion. It would be much appreciated if the horses in the riding place to lets say the farm or something. Please and thanks!

- Some ideas

Hi so here’s what I got -big big family house🏡 -big mall with washrooms🏙 -Empty store to create your own thing🌄 - more free stuff👍

- Can you add an update

You should give us about 4 worlds to start play on and have to buy the rest other wise unit is kind of boreing

- Good

Can you make a way to make people


I used to love this game but I literally am getting so mad and I am starting to HATE it now beacuse, if I look through the characters for too long, the app crashes and resets. If I try to go to the dentist, (which I wasted money on) the app crashes and resets. When I try to buy something, it makes us PAY MONEY, it doesn’t give us the thing. Many people have these problems but they don’t careeeeee.


I freaking love this game. The App Store says it’s made for children ages 6-8 BUT I’m 12 and my sister is 18 but me and my sister LOVE this game. We play it ALL THE TIME.

- I’m Confused

I’ve seen many YouTubers being able to build their own rooms in this game. Do you have to buy a pack to do this? Is this a coming soon thing? But then how did some youtubers do it? Many questions, no answers ( please respond ) BTW love this game amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Bugs

Please fix bugs I can’t play every time I try to Buy the mall it says it needs to be updated so I go in to the App Store and it doesn’t say that it needs to be update so that I go back in to the app and it still says it needs to be update. but I love this game so much ❤️ I still right this game five stars out of five because it’s so much fun but can you still fix it?

- What are the gems for

It is a great game I am just wondering what the gems are for and why they are here

- no

everytime i’m playing this it glitches me out of the game and when i go back in all of my data is deleted. it’s annoying because i’ve worked hard on all of it and deletes everything even tho i spent money.

- Yuck money?

Why in the world do they eat MONEY!!! Literally it’s kinda gross but other than that I LOVE this game!!!

- REALLY good 😌

Ummm....So it would be nice if you added some free stuff I would love that and maybe make a free pool plz ✅✅🤗

- House glitching

The game is great but when i want to go in my house it kick me out of the game every time

- Just a suggestion!

Hi! I am just wondering if you can add something in the home designer where you can make it snow in all the home designers because I want to make it snow because it is almost winter ❄️

- Christmas update

Hi I was wondering if you were going to be doing a Christmas update

- 😡Add more free house 😡

😡 Toca life world add more free housesPlease it’s getting annoying with the only one tiny house and apartment just add more please I already quit it for two years then I came back😡

- Ideas for you

-toca online option, for example you can play with your other friends if they are online in there world or yours. -zoo -arcade -another fast food place (something like a Starbucks) -a completely empty house that is bacicly all white

- Please help!

I baught the 67,99 pack for 40% off so it was 30 dollars but i didnt get half my stuff i tried everything! Please help me!im crying right now

- Question about Christmas

Are you going to have a Christmas house??

- Hi

Hi its Ève , i thik we dont need to pay to play this game

- Friends

I love the game but its just not fun all alone in the world. I would play LOTS more if I could play with friends! Also the worlds/packs are kinda Expensive, I get it that the developers need to make money but more people would buy the packs if they were cheaper! But AMAZING game overall! I just really want a "play with a friend" feature!

- I love💖💖

I love the game. But I can’t get the stuff because I don’t have a SIM card maybe can you fix that please 🥺💖❤️

- Garbage

It won’t let me enter my home

- Horrible

Whenever I did something and I left the game it disappeared whenever you like make something and then you go off of the Game it disappears and you have to redo everything your house your pets your characters everything

- Free

I really think that they should make all the ones that cost money should be free because they cost allot and it’s in u s money

- Pls fix this

When I try to get the new house and update it it dos not work

- Glitch?

When I play the game and go on any place it kicks me off the game I don’t know if it’s a glitch or something else.

- Store Problem

I have the family thing on my iPad so I have to ask my parent to purchase a building. I’ve done that before but it didn’t go through. Now when I try to purchase the building it doesn’t let me get it and says ‘Requesting permission to buy’ and I really want the Wildlife and University and it doesn’t let me get it, please fix this!

- Toca boca world glitch 🙁

Please fix the glitch in toca boca world I was on the world and it kit me off and I went back on and the the hole world was reset and I did not touch the botton fix it 😠

- Love it!! I have done ideas!

Live it tooo much. Like Your art. Plz fix the bugs in no time. Please add: Arcade Jobs Teens,kids, etc. University More clothing Mall Add maps And more that people suggest!!


So I have been waiting now for over 2 months for the second house to come out, and it’s still not here. If you are wondering, I live in Canada and I am very upset at the moment. ALSO when you do come out with the second house in Canada MAKE IT FREE! We have waited to long for this and it would be quite the pain if it wasn’t free to play. THANK YOU 😡😡😡

- I love it

I have been playing for almost a year now and that game is awesome but I was wondering if you get new thing to create a house because I’m stuck with the basics


I love this app! I’ve been playing it since I was very young, and I love all the new updates you’ve been adding! But can you PLEASE add more furniture and items in the home creator!

- Floople houses

Hi I love Toca apps every one and the new floople friends is so cool but I think you should make a thing where you can design your own house please listen even if you don’t I will still love the games. And a super fun idea is that you make really poofy dresses like queen dresses and a castle but there is this glitch where I will be playing and it will kick me off and then it restarts my world and it is really frustrating

- Great game!/Character creator suggestion

This is an Amazing game! Please add earrings in the character creator😁

- Loved It!

I love it, especially the Build option. It would be nicer if some more things were free, or cheaper. But what is free is very entertaining! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I’m 11 and love this game me and my friend always play this at our sleepovers!❤️ If you don’t have this game you should get it! I spent a lot of money on this game and don’t regret it!

- Objects gone glitch

I love this game but one time it kicked me out the game and all the stuff I put in the different locations is gone and sometimes it takes my characters clothes and when I try to put objects in a box some of the objects disappear but I have found that if you package a object it won’t disappear. 🙂 but a glitch won’t stop me from loving this game. Great job Toca boca!!

- Awesome App

I love Toca life, i’m 13 and i know this is a sort of kids game but it’s really fun to role play with when you’re bored. Totally recommend! 💖

- 💜

I have some suggestions on what to make next: Summer camp Water park Mall Fire station Mansion Please make at least one And I really recommend this game because it is awesome

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- I have four suggestions and a problem...

I absolutely ADORE Toca Life games, and this one is by far my favorite. I just have one problem and a few suggestions. My issue is what I’ve been referring to as an “out-of-bounds” glitch. Whenever I take something from the area it belongs (say, noodles from the grocery store or pillows from HUS) and place it in my home, I’ll take a small break, and when I come back, it’s gone. I haven’t noticed it happening with clothes or characters, and I don’t know if others are having this issue, but it’s just really annoying. Like I mentioned before, I have a few ideas that would really liven up the game. Firstly, when creating a house, you should be able to move windows and change the color of the furniture, walls, and floors. Secondly, I think there should be a local multiplayer setting so that you can name your characters and play with people connected to the same internet as you. Thirdly, going along with my previous thought, we should be able to name characters in general. And lastly, there should be a recipe book for all of the little recipes that pop up whenever you enter a location or when you make it yourself. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this game, and I hope you consider these ideas.

- Good game but

I find toca life world a great game. I have been playing toca games for quite a long time now and my favorite was toca life. So I was over joyed when I found out that there would be an app connecting all of the other apps. Now they can add new locations like every few months or most of the time more often. When before there would be a new app less often. But this did come with its down sides as all good things do. I saw an increase in bugs and glitches. That still go on today. Like a glitch I personally hate the most, in the home designer the app often shuts down after me being in home designer for a few minutes. And the Ice Skating Village house not working, as in if I click on it my app shuts down. But I will give praise for Toca Boca for designing really creative locations and involving inclusivity in their app. From having character with prosthetic limbs and to have other characters with hearing aids. And not favoring a skin tone over another. Toca Boca life world is a really great app. It’s just easy to get frustrated from the app shutting down. I would recommend this app to parents of younger kids who want to teach their kids about inclusivity and just to have fun. I mean I’m 12 and I still play this app.

- Love this game

I love this game because I get to take my own stories and play them I’ve been playing this game since it first came out I started off with the city. My character would go to the store and then home I now have all of the games and pay for them the day they come out and it’s great but the schools/ colleges are to crowded I wish you could make more classrooms and more lockers so for example like the hotel their are elevators and a basement like the hospital I would just like another floor or more classrooms and I hope you can/will do that Also I would love if you could make a zoo. I know you just made a bunch of locations for the vox valley but I think 1 location idea for that would be something for the college kids to do like go to bar or a party spot and then maybe a sport stadium for big games or just somewhere else for the college kids to go and hangout or chill without school in the way. more random ideas for the game anywhere would be a mansion, concert or studio area a gymnastics center a construction center, or a couple more restaurants, a wedding area and store. Thank you for reading Sincerely, Your favorite fan❤️

- Awesome game ! Would recommend it for anyone ! PLEASE READ!!!!

So first off , I think this is a great game , but I just wished that the other places like the Haunted house and the Amusement park was transferred on the App Store. Like the actual App Store not the toca life world Store. I also wanted to share some of my ideas for new worlds , first of all I really want to have a college that has dorms and a food court in the school ( the school should have multiple classrooms) maybe have all the dorms plain so you can decorate it yourself you can call it toca life college , next a water park with a hotel nearby and lots of water slides indoors and outdoors it would really be fun you could call it toca life water park , Also maybe make a high school that has lots of classrooms and a PE area and locker rooms and have an upstairs , also maybe make a liabray near the colllege with lots of books and such , also make a cruise ship that has a pool and lots of rooms for people to stay in . I suggest that you should be able to change the weather so then it would be funnnn! Again please transfer those games to the actual App Store because some people cannot make in app purchases!!Thanks for always making the game interesting ! Please read this , pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!

- I love this game but something happened

Ok so I love this game. I wish I can give this a 5 star but I’m not. -sorry. The reason for this is because today a weird thing happened. So today I just got on around 7:00pm and my cousin was playing this game too. Nothing was wrong with hers but mine was weird. I went on the game and everything was normal until I made a character with the new place. Once I made one and almost all my characters had totally different hair. I tried resetting all my apps, I tried turning off my iPad and the last thing I tried was reset the world. But nothing worked. How I found out something is wrong is because I went to hus and the guy with the noodle cap that’s in the front of the shop had long girl hair. And the pillow at the pillow section had hair. So I checked all my characters and almost all of them had different hair I did not change. I don’t know why this happened but can you please fix this bug? Also I went to the App Store to see if it was just acting weird because it needed an update but nope. It didn’t. Please fix this and also I don’t know why my cousins works but not mines. And the hair changed for almost all my characters. Please please please try to fix this. If you can’t fix it then it’s ok. Thank you for reading this. ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

- Great App! Recommend!

This is a really good app to start with. But most people say that stuff disappears. But I don’t have that problem. They recommend for 6 to 8 yo’s but I’m 12 and I love this app. Stuff is way too expensive though. And my dad will not ever let me buy anything anywhere. So this is overall a great game. You don’t need WiFi to use it either! That’s one of the stars. The second is for good graphics and movements. The third star is for the free gifts you get every week. The fourth star is for just the over creativity and imagination you can create using this app! It’s absolutely stunning! You guys just can’t get the fifth because everything that is there has to paid for besides the default locations you get at the beginning of the game. I don’t want this review to be long so I’ve got to sum this up pretty quick. People who are like me who have parental supervision to get ANY APP have to ASK their parents to get ANYTHING that REQUIRES MONEY. So in that case I cannot buy anything that Toca life offers unless my dad says so. Which he doesn’t... So I have to ask him. But overall you guys get four stars! Great score! Totally recommend!🤩😊😁. And just remember you are perfect just the way you are. Don’t change anything about yourself. I love you guys! 🤩🤩🤩😆.

- Love...ed it

I loved Toca World and would constantly be playing it (even as a middle schooler) but I just got on one day after taking a break from playing and discovered something very weird and inappropriate that no five year should be seeing! I got on today only to discover that at least half of the adults are just standing there... NAKED! Also a majority of the kids are all wearing the “No? Yes!” Shirts and I can’t figure out why all of this is happening! That means that I have to find all of the clothes that I chose for my characters again and I don’t even know if they are still there! Also another problem that happened awhile ago that really makes this game kinda boring when it comes to the hospital, I can no longer make my characters actually sick anymore!! It really makes the hospital just meh when everyone is smiling whether they are supposed to be dying or not! Used to I could make them actually shaking with sickness! Please take it back to where it was before! Other than that I love this game! I love how you can take different people through the world and how this has really expanded my imagination throughout this game compared to the other toca life apps. I love how in different parts of the game there still are secrets you have to figure out! Please fix this bug so I can give this game the five stars it deserves!


So if you are looking for a good game that’s is free I suggest this game. Toca World is the best game you can play, it’s so cheep and you start with 9 places. Also you can buy places for cheap that are normally around 1 to 2 dollars. And let me tell you, there all totally worth the price! There is so many fun and AMAZING places, my personal favorite is either the seafood restaurant or the jungle treehouse. Something I do find really annoying is that there is a rip-off version of this game called miga world. It’s a complete ripoff of toca and everything is about 3 to 5 dollars witch is a bit more money than toca world. Also the places are not at all worth the price. If toca world wasn’t a game I’d probably play miga world but, I would get bored very easily because my parents don’t let me spend a lot on games and if you think about miga world is kind of expensive, and toca world is cheap and very affordable so I’m not as bored when I play because I’ve got and couple locations. Also even if your parents don’t let you spend any money on games at all, it’s still fun because it’s gives you 9 locations for free. Thank you for listening to my suggestions and I hope you get toca world and enjoy every second of it!

- Great but needs some work

So i have been playing this game since March and i love this game but there is some glitches that have happend to me and to begin today i made some characters for a roleplay on tiktok and only 2 of them loaded to the game and then I decorated the roleplay house and the then only way for me to get them into the game is to change their hair, outfit etc. And once i got them changed i loaded it back into the main house and only 1 loaded and keep in mind i had 4 characters and the 2nd daughter loaded and then the 1st daughter witch I onto the bed had disappeared and i changed the 1st daughter to come back and then she came back but the 2nd daughter disappeared 2nd daughter disappeared. I had her in the kitchen but the dad was not loaded so I changed his hair to blonde and he was still not on the main game and the mom was always loaded in and I’m thinking of resetting the game and then re decorate the house. Please fix this i really want to start the roleplay but I can’t until i have all the characters in the game. Please fix this sorry if I sound really rude i really wanna start but thank you if you read this i have done everything for it to go back to Normal and noting works and thank you.

- This game rocks!😄

OK people I love this game I’m 10 years old wow that’s a lot well I give this game as zillion stars I mean come on people that’s all right you need to get this game I love it but… You need to add stuff I really like The stable I have it and you know the unicorn with the wings I put the squirrel on the yellow Lillypad the frog on the green and the crow on the red and I got a unicorn it’s awesome except I hate the color purple and that’s the color of the unicorn and I think it would be really cool if I could pick the color of my unicorn I will pick green I mean why does the unicorn have to be purple? And also you should be able to customize your horses and your dogs and your cats because my favorite dog is a golden retriever but you don’t have one so I’m using the German Shepherd I love the German Shepherd also do you need to make prices cheaper and games free me and my friend play together like $44 for the whole entire thing geez it should be like five dollars you get so much money if you do I’m sorry that’s probably too cheap but please make some improvements oh and also make it an online game so that I can chat and buddy just like animal jam play wild please I could pick one thing it would be a unicorn and online sincerely Ava

- Suggestions

Hello so I was thinking of some pretty awesome suggestions that I hope you guys can make later on! Ok first one, it would be totally cool if y’all had a building creator, where you can make all sorts of buildings small large and more. Second it would be cool to have a whole neighborhood based on crumpets, it maybe could be called crumpet play. Third, you guys should definitely make a neighborhood on sloths it would be awesome! It could be called sloth island! Fourth, you guys should at more creators campus like the first one a building creator and maybe an animal creator where you can make all sorts of animals. Maybe even a creature creator! Fifth, in Toca life world you should make a ghost building next to the haunted mansion, it could maybe have animal ghosts human ghosts even creature ghosts! (Fixtures) can you guys maybe do like if you throw something in the trash can it stay In the trash because I throw something away and it just comes back over and over. (cool things) can you guys maybe do a thing that you make packages with Toca plushies and clothing and maybe blankets? I am sorry it is realllllyyyy long I just have a lot of suggestions and it’s okay if they do not happen into the game i understand it takes a long time.

- Toca Life Review and Glitch?

Ok so I’ve been playing Toca Boca for a year and it’s been so fun to be honest even since I’m a teen but I still like screen recording some skits for my friends and laugh! Though I’m pleased with the game I recently had trouble with a “glitch”. I went on the game like any other day and I was making one of my characters have a ponytail instead of the long hair. But, I was astonished when I clicked out of the hair salon location into the apartment location and the hairstyle didn’t save! I was wondering if I accidentally “did it wrong” so I went back and made her hairstyle change to a bun instead. Same thing Happened!! I was so not having it and I tried giving her different styles and also I dyed their hair. The color of the hair changed but yet it was still that same default ponytail. So I restart the game, losing all my progress and still no saved hairstyle! This is driving me nuts and I don’t know if anyone has had this problem before but it’s very annoying! I try to just update but it’s already up-to- date. Toca Boca if you could help me answer my problem that would be great! This problem does not affect my review even since I’ve been through glitches! Thank you!

- AWESOME! I have some suggestions though

This game is amazing! I really love how much stuff this game has i also love that the team sometimes responds to reviews it really shows that you guys read them and that you care i have one suggestion though i thought it would be cool if you could give characters things like back braces and glasses and hearing aids or even like casts for their arms. As a teen with hearing aids i think it would really really cool if i had the option to give some of my characters theses things maybe you guys could add like store or something that sells these so then you can take your characters there and give them hearing aids and braces. I love the new update where you can make your own people it’s really awesome. Keep up the wonderful work and thank you for all of the amazing apps you guys make. 😁 i have one more idea for a new place could you guys add like a really fancy neighborhood like a gated community it could have a park and huge homes because a lot of the homes are small and only have one or two bedrooms which makes it hard to have a large family or for each of the kids to have a room maybe the houses could have like five or six bedrooms and huge kitchen living room area


I love this app and I have a few suggestions. It’s super cool to be able to go to all the places in one app and use your favorite character. I also love that you added items to the game like the tank and cage in the pet shop so that you can get a pet and bring it to your house. People keep saying it’s too expensive in their reviews and I do agree that if your like me and have all of the games, it adds up pretty fast. However I know that these games took a lot of time and creativity to make and you still have to pay your team and make a profit. Also, apps that are free are usually packed with adds to gain the money that way instead. I’d rather pay for the games than watch an add every two minutes. Also I have a few ideas for other Toca games. Maybe you can make a cruise ship with multiple cabins, a buffet, a restaurant, a pool, people like staff and a captain, and ports the people can get off at and explore. Also you could make a bus stop or cars that your character can go on and move between cities. Also you could make it so the the airport from Toca Life: Vacation can take you to the other places. Overall I love this app and I hope you take my suggestions into consideration.

- The newest build your own house update

You know, I absolutely LOVE this game. I’m a teenager too. I’ve been playing Toca boca for as long as I can remember. I’ve collected all the games, especially the toca life series. When they came out with the world, I was over the moon excited. Over time I have bought every in app purchase in the game. I love it so much. And I got particularly excited to see that the newest update which is the “build your own house” was here. I personally love decorating houses. It’s what I want to be when I get older. So I had a blast decorating the houses for my little characters. But I once I finished, I went around the world collecting things for my house. Once I did that it looked cuter that ever, but then the game would completely glitch as soon as I tried to leave the house. It would kick me out of the game and I would have to start again, putting everything in the house that i got around the world. Then it would kick me out again. Even if I’m not doing anything and try to leave the house it will kick me out. I absolutely love this game. So I will find something else to do in the mean time.. but if you could, could you please fix this bug Toca? Thank you soooo much!

- This is an amazing game! I have a few suggestions

This game is amazing It’s really cool! I love it it is so fun how you are able to create your own stories and act it out. I do have a few suggestions that I think would make the game a little bit more fun. 1stI think it would be really really cool if you could make your own home. So like I want to have 5 kids in the game none of the houses are big enough to be able to have 5 kids and a kitchen and your room and a bathroom. So it makes it really hard to role play. Another suggestion would be that you could change the height for your characters. I know that they have kids, teens and adults as different heights but it would be cool if u could change them to what ever height you wanted. I think it would be really cool if you added a crib to the home decorator as well. This game is so cool and so amazing it gives the kids or anyone who’s playing it ability to plan. I know this sounds weird but me and my best friend are 14 years old and we love playing this game because we love planning our lives out. We know it’s not going to go that exact way but we have so much fun deciding what we want to do for college and just planning out fun things we can do together. This game makes it come to life.

- Mostly amazing!!

My child has been playing Toca Boca for a while now and I think that all the games are just wonderful! especially the Toca Life games. My child has enjoyed these the most and i also think they are rather interesting as well. We’ve also bought and played many of the other games from Toca Boca and I recommend all of them! Ever since Toca World came out she’s been having so much fun playing it! We ending up getting all of the toca life apps to join them together so she can play with them all. She’s recently been asking for some purchases in the game and I was a little confused at first because I thought all of the features were in the Apps. I feel that since i’ve spent so much money on the Toca Boca games, when you buy a certain amount of the life packs, maybe some of them could be for free. Also halloween is coming up and on the app shore it said there would be an upstate with the halloween packs, but when we got on to the game we realized we had to purchase them. Overall it’s N amazing game and my child and I have enjoyed playing with it because honestly it’s so much fun! But i just wish some of the options were for free or maybe some more once you buy all of the games from the app store.

- Suggestions

Hi I really love this game and I have all of the games and they are really addictive but I have some things that I think that you should add. I think that you should add more little babies to the game because you only have four and if I want to have triplets then they all can’t be the same color, and they shouldn’t all be in the hospital. Plus I think that there should be a place that you can design hints like clothes and people and I think you should make a really rich city where there are really big houses that a bigger family could live in , and the big houses could have two or three rooms. Another thing you need to add is a castle area for if I want my family to be royal and be the king or queen. I also think you should add a better moving people around system because in the favorites column I see that all the characters are there and when I want to move just a character that I use a lot to another place I have to make it the last character I move or else it will move it to the back of the list thing and I have to scroll to find it. Anyway really want you to take these suggestions in to consideration thank you so much for creating this game.


I love Toca games so much! I have so much fun playing them and I can’t wait to see what new stuff you guys come up with! I love the parts of the game that are fantastical and open up my imagination. I have run into a couple snags... I purchased some of the buildings in the snowy place, (I forgot what it’s called) the character creator and a few other things. A couple of months later, I open up Toca world and they are gone. I tried restoring purchases, I tried deleting it and getting it again, nothing worked. So I decided to buy them again, half hoping it wouldn’t charge me. It did charge me. This was upsetting but I guess not that big of a deal since it’s only a couple dollars. Another problem I ran into is the OK junkyard.(this is another thing a purchased, only to find it gone after a few months). When I re-purchased it, my dad had to approve it. He accidentally hit decline so I hit ‘buy’ again and it said waiting for approval forever but never sent a notification to my dad. Once again, I restored my purchases and redownloaded the app. It’s still doing the same thing. This might not be something you can fix, but if you know what I can do please tell me!!!

- Ah-MAZING... Right?

I have had Toca Boca since the beginning of time. Since then, it has grown so much! Of course, there are a few glitches here and there, but all games do right? A couple of them are when you put some clothes in a suitcase, and you close the case, the clothes stay folded so you aren’t able to wear them. Another one is when I get the Prizes (You Know, Sometimes you get a free gift once a week in the “post office”?) They tend to disappear the next day. Thankfully, I got mine a MONTH later. Also, just as a suggestion, maybe don’t make literally every single place money. I honestly think this hame would get all five stars and everyone would definitely love it even more. But, then again, how else are you suppose to make money? 😂 I think it would be nice to maybe not make EVERYTHING money. Just a suggestion! Overall, I think this game is a winner! It has awesome quality,cute characters, and fun things to do. Just one thing I have noticed, in some recent updates, you are able to put things on your bed. Which is AWESOME, I love it so much, but some older places aren’t able to do that. Which is fine I guess, but it would be kinda nice to do it EVERYWHERE. ya know? Go Toca Boca!!!

- OMG great game but ideas and problems

so if you’re looking for a game that lets you express your own creativity then you found this game. This game is actually one of the best games ever. I really love how all the characters are different some of them have glasses some of them have don’t some of them have ear piercings and some of them don’t you can really express yourself. You can have wheelchairs which is also a great thing because some kids actually may feel sad that their character can’t have a wheelchair even though they are actually living with technical difficulties. So one of the problems is on my sisters iPad every time she makes a character only two of them go through and it’s really struggling and also sometimes when you put things in a suitcase it like make you take all the things out and then you’ll have to open it so yeah please fix this. Ok so I some ideas I love the Christmas furniture pack. Specially how there’s a baby crib. But my suggestion is to make the baby part of the mall a bit bigger and ad some strollers and cribs because that would be awesome. And also add a few more houses because they really love them. Anyways that’s all of my review.

- Idea I think u will love

Hi so I’ve had some ideas yeah I know this might sound depressing but what if you added a heaven to here so how you get there is complicated but it’ll be worth it so first you ither make a graveyard or you go to the hospital which ever you choose then for ither you will kneed family members bring all four of them over to the grave ( make it stand out a little ) and then a angel will appear and will ask the player whould you like to see my new home? You get to say yes or no if no nothing happens if yes there is this beautiful cutscene and then heaven right there god will be a white figure that cannot be moved he will sit on a throne with a mini earth next to him and around him are angels that you can talk to ( it’s not the same as the earth) and when your done go talk to the first angel you met and ask to back to earth. If your doing it at the hospital then make the black curly haired ppl go to the stone grave if you will make a graveyard then make it white straight haired people I got this idea for all the kids that have lost an important family member also for the heaven make all the angels have different diologe so you /player can ask questions respond if you like the idea 😁

- The game is awesome ideas

Greetings! So I wanted to tell you some ideas for the game maybe you should make a movie Theater so you can watch like movies! You should also make like maybe. Not just character creating do animal creating! You should also make a library with a front desk and laptops to play on for the kids! But I was thinking you should also make a mall with all different kinds of stores. Like clothing stores, toy stores, pet stores, food stores, furniture store. Make it all in one piece! Maybe you could make a park to! With a store right next to it like a park store we’re you can buy balls or frisbees. You should also make an arcade store! With games and make a Worker to give them tokens. What else? Maybe you should make an animal hotel! Where you take the animals to there rooms and feed them just like the human hotel but with a pool outside and dog treats! All animal food should be there and maybe even a spa. You just drop if any pet so they can stay in the room! You should also make a acting area like where people go to practice acting in movies them they come out on the movie Theater! With all these amazing ideas I think you should make them all! What do you think?

- It’s a good game but there’s something wrong about it

The first time I clicked on this app I loved it but there’s one problem of it my world keeps on resetting it happened to be 15 times already and I’m getting really frustrated so please I already told my parents about it they are very confused I was confused to and yesterday I took out my whole entire apartment and Toca life but then when I clicked out of it it was gone the next day I was superman I was super sad I just got really sad because it happened this is a glitch it’s not I’m not the only one who’s world keeps on resetting it’s everyone else I heard all of the reviews they’re complaining about them and I think this should be removed from the game because it’s a very big problem so please respond to all of our messages because I’m not the only one that’s experiencing these things it’s everyone else so please please please please respond to this message and help us get this fire I don’t know if it’s a virus or anything just please change this in this game will be smart and I’ll be better because Mission not be allowed in a game especially this great game everyone loves it because it’s not gonna get more good reviews if this glitch keeps on happening so please fix this

- Good but needs some things!

Hello! My friends and I all have all the Toca life stuff! We love the games but it needs some improvements, like everything costs money!?! What’s with that? I understand y’all need money and stuff that’s why you made this app, but maybe the smaller things don’t cost money? Another thing is if you don’t go into a place , for example the treehouse, I bought It when it came out and now I went into it and it reset me! My characters that I put their left, and the stuff I put there was gone! I talked to my friends and they said they experienced similar problems. Please fix this! Also I have some recommendations! I loooove this app but most of the houses are small and cramped, also not a lot of the houses are together, I know there are like “Toca life neighborhood” but those are apartments :( the only big house is the haunted mansion, and it’s too creepy to live in :) so maybe you could add a really big house like a mansion!!!, also maybe add a famous thing like a celebrity house and Hollywood! Call it tocawood! Idk 😂 maybe you could also a giant shopping center! So you could by clothes and stuff, like a mall! “Toca mall!” I know we have like tiny shops but a mall would be better! Thanks -Toca lover❤️

- It’s amazing but

Ok it’s a good game but when I was building there were so many spots to choose but I thought oh I can build more than just something I thought it was a house and a few building but it was only houses until I saw more stuff were coming and please make the new Toca games free for starters and maybe add some more clothing and baby’s I understand it’s endless maybe u can add cars garages to ride to the store like just pick it up to drive like the barn where u like have the horses and the car that teleports I want that also for the people and also make some more room for the suitcases in the room and make a baby store for toys baby’s cloths and diapers and make sure to add some details and some more food and make carts for baby’s to sit in while the parents shop like shopping carts and baby’s can sit in them and there should also be strollers and Make sure you also add some more furniture, also make some baby’s food and make the toilet paper run out make some wipes a small desk and a laptop a standing lamp maybe some fairy lights that people that play can add to there houses over all this game is the best thanks for reading but also I hope you take my suggestions

- Ideas and a problem

So, here’s some(or 1-4)idea(s) for U in toca life. What about a ballet place?( idk if it’s in Toca life aftershcool but still would be cool. Here’s another one, a design your own house! You can “buy”a bathtub, a fridge, a bed, and more! A Toca life Zoo! People can ride the the animals, have lunch, the animals can climb OUT OF THEIR CAGES,and look at the animals in their cages! Then, what about a Toca life Photo Shoot! You can choose from hundreds of backrounds, and sets, speaking of sets, a movie theater! I know that there is one in Bop City but... seems kind of, well, not like the other new apps, like this one and neighborhood. Then one last thing I wanted to add, you know how in the toca life you make TV’s? So, what if you made them make certain noises for certain scenes! Now we come to my problem... about Floople. So when i make a new person and it comes out the elevator, one of its loose objects (meaning for my problem hats) disappears when I added it to the person! So I go back and check on it, and it’s there! But it doesn’t say that it’s there! And so I go out the elevator, and it’s there! And then it happens ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! Thanks, Toca Boca! ( I didn’t think that ending was good 👎😅😂)

- Ideas for toca boca! That should be read!

First of all, they should make cars. So we can actually travel THROUGH each city. And, there should be a free gas station in each city. And there should be shopping carts. Then we can pack up the stuff in our cars. It would be more fun! I also think there should be a zoo! There could be al sorts of animals! And at the zoo, an adoption centre! That way, Everyone one can have their favourite animal as their pet! And we should be able to actually really customize our houses, like change the colour of the walls, floor, bed, (etc),and there should be jobs, where we can work at. And if we go somewhere to shop, we should be able to pay ACTUALL, and REAL money 💴 to put in the cash register. And we could get money from jobs, or ATMs! There should also be a ship port! And we could sail away on ships! And actually move the ship around the ocean! And same with planes too. They should actually fly in the sky! That’s all my ideas 💡, for now! I’ll think of some more! And please respond back and actually maybe make these things happen! It would be sooo fun! Thank you for reading! 😊🙏🏼 I appreciate it! (Btw, sry for the long review 😅)

- Toca world is great!

I love toca life world! It is an amazing idea. Merging all the games together makes it fun because you can have one family go shopping go on vacation go camping and have your kids go to school all in one game. It is also fun because you can customize all your characters. But when you go to the hair salon there are a couple hair styles on some charecters (high pigtails,side braid, and hair on the side, bob that aren’t in the hair salon also a high bun would be cool. It would be amazing to have all the hair styles in the hair salon. Also a suggestion for the next toca game is toca amusement park where there is one house and the amusement park where you can go on rides play games and get prizes and eat fun foods like funnel cake and slushys. I hope you take my suggestion in to consideration if you do this game would be more fun. Also you should add dog leashes to the game so your person doesn’t have to carry around the dog everywhere the dog will just follow. I saw another review where a person thought of toca life reality were you can customize your character and go through the stages of life and I love that idea. Hopefully you will take my ideas into consideration 🙏 thank you !

- Hi, I have a game suggestion!

Toca life world is literally one of if not THE best game I have ever had! I’m not just saying that, I really mean it! Also there is a problem, not with the game, but with my reviews to where after I write one I can’t see it. I just thought it might be something important to know but anyway, I was just thinking that what if there was a game that toca boca could make that had no in app purchases, because the game itself cost money. What if you could make your own 3D avatar and then have clothes for it. Then after the avatar is created, then people could move it around town. And people could get a house or apartment without having to be online! Basically a role play idea! I have been looking for role play games and all there is is just, like, breakup love story games for seventeen and up! Literally all that I find is just love story games and I want to find one role play that isn’t a love story!If this game was created I would buy it ASAP!!! But obviously there is a huge chance that this won’t be an actual game! I just hope the company Toca Boca makes a role play game kind of like that possibly! (Ps this game is amazing so that is my go to role play game)

- What’s going on, Toca???

Okay, so I usually LOVE this game. My sister and I play it all the time. But a few things are going wrong. First, my sister can’t buy the marine park/underwater set. Like, they’re not even in the store. I got the set just fine, but it won’t appear in the shop for her. She tried shutting down her device and turning it back on and she tried updating it but nothing worked. Second, most of the characters in my game are glitching. They’ll be wearing a white T-shirt and jeans and their normal clothes are in the storage place. I thought I could just put their clothes back on them, but when I went back into the game the next day, they had glitched again. You can see why that would be annoying, since they basically can’t change their clothes, unless you want that outfit to appear in the storage area. Also, my sister’s game often glitches out while she’s in the middle of playing it and will sometimes reset what she was doing. That’ll definitely be annoying once the Creator’s Campus comes out (if she can even buy it 🙄). Maybe you guys should take some time to focus more on fixing the bugs than on making new content. I like the new stuff and all, but I want to be able to enjoy it without my characters clothes disappearing, and my sisters would probably appreciate being able to buy the sets at all.

- fun but so annoying!!!!

when i first learned about the game i was thrilled!!! i played for awhile experiencing some glitches but continued to i decided to buy one of the many places you can buy....but twice today i have had to deal with the most annoying thing that i think could ever happen!!!! there has been this glitch where it gets rid of some of the items and places them where they are originally place in the game. that is annoying on its own because you have to go back and find those items and place them back where you want them in the world. But today while i was playing on this new place i bought for $2.99 i noticed some of my things where missing so i found them in the world and when i TRIED to click on the new place i bought and my game CRASHED!!!! i didn’t think anything of it, hoping my things would be the same but ohhhhhhh was i wrong!!!!! my whole game RESET!!!!!!! i have had to go back through the whole world and find every single thing and put it back in the place that i bought. but then, somethings went missing. i thought, “maybe it’s just a one time thing” but noooooooo!!!! it did it again after i went through and found all the items i had originally!!!! this NEEEEEEDS to be fixed or i’m not playing the game. it’s so disappointing!!!!😡

- Please read!!!!!!!

First, I really really like Toca Life world, but sometimes it gets kind of boring. I do not like that all the additional things you can purchase are $2 and $3 per item. I know that is how you make money, but it would be great if you could lower the costs a little bit. I love all the different options for clothing and pets. Something that I think would make the game even better is if you could come out with a mansion in home designer( like 10 rooms).I really like how you can get surprise packages at the post office (please keep on doing that)! Another suggestion is ....... Christmas decorations. I think it would be really cool if you could put In a full size Christmas tree in Home designer. The biggest Christmas tree I could find in the app was really small. One thing about that game that is kind of strange is the fact that they can eat raw chicken and money. I know this game is supposed to be for small children and there should not be to many limitations to game play, but it would be cool if the game was a little more realistic. Again I really really like Toca Boca!!!!!!!!!!! I have played many other games similar to Toca and Toca was the best by far.I would highly recommend this game!

- LOVE IT!!! But I have a few requests!

I love this game! I don’t feel it’s too expensive since the game is free and you basically start out with free Toca city!!! That would normally cost $3.99. But, I think we should have more slime! Or even better, be able to make it ourselves with the glue in many packs and the laundry detergent in toca vacation and neighborhood! I love the feature of slime because I myself love slime! So I think having more slime or being able to make it yourself would be a really great addition! Also there should be food coloring or foam balls to go in the slime! In addition, I think a convenience store would be awesome! Being able to buy medicine, stationary, books, packaged snacks, slime supplies, makeup, or maybe even toys would be cool! I know we already have the grocery mart that came with toca city, but, it doesn’t sell medicine or any other things that I listed other than toys and packaged snacks! So it would kinda be like a CVS or maybe even a gas station! Thanks for reading, hope you consider my ideas! Btw just now my game completely reset and deleted all of my prizes from Friday’s and December! If this is a bug please fix it it is very upsetting.

- Great However,

This app is awesome! It has endless things you can do with the app. I first started playing the game at chilies, then I went home and downloaded the basics! I continued to play as more updates and things came out! I really think other children would find this app fun! Even toddlers. It’s super easy to work! I think this app would also be great to use on vacation! Like, if you don’t wanna pack all your barbies and clothing up to go to vacation! Instead, you can hold the stuff in a device! That’s what makes this app so good. Especially since children put things in their mouth which could make them choke. But this app prevents it all! However, there’s a few glitches. When I put a clock on my wall in the Home Designer it exits me out of the app and Refreshes my data from five minutes before. And, the clothing glitch. Sometimes the clothes show up on the character as a white tee, and blue jeans! Anyway! Download the app if you haven’t yet. If you see this review the app is kid friendly, and ALMOST glitch proof. No google login needed either! And yes some things do cost money but even without paying for anything it is fun! That’s all, bye bye.

- Suggestion(s)? Plz read around last part

To be clear, this game is really good and the creators did a very good job. But there are those who can’t buy the other buildings and stuff. My first suggestion is maybe instead of paying to get the other buildings, you can think of a way to let players earn them. Like maybe mini games and you earn points to unlock certain buildings and stuff (You can pay or earn points to unlock new buildings). I’m sorry if writing a review about paying for some parts of the game is very annoying but not only me, other people as well who can’t buy other parts of the game can get a chance to play, create, and enjoy the game more. 2.Make the bop city apartment have multiple floors because it’s an apartment after all. I really like toca boca world and always wanted to play all the worlds and join them together. I was really happy when toca world was created but there’s not much to do with only bop city and character creator. Please take my suggestion into consideration.🙂And keep up the good work.👍🏻Also these pass two weeks we’ve been getting a lot of gifts at once which makes me really excited 😆.

- Great Game + Suggestions🙃

This game is amazing! I am on it all of the time! I think it would be great if there was a Laundromat in the game. It would be so convenient considering that there are already laundry baskets in the game. I would also love this to be in the game because not all apartments/ houses have washers in them. Maybe there could even be dishwashers to put plates, bowls, etc. in. I think cars would also be SO FUN. It would be great to be able to have your own car. It would be very nice if you were able to put earrings on the characters because all of them are so cute. I think that it would be SO COOL if there could be two-story houses. Maybe if you were to press a little up arrow or step on the top stair, you would go up to the second story of the house. Considering that there is not any medication in the hospital, I think it would be cool if there was a little pharmacy or even a pharmacy section inside of the hospital. That way you could give the patients medication/ prescriptions. It would also be great if there was a plain white dress for weddings and other fancy occasions. Again, this game is AMAZING. (Sorry for the long review🙂)

- Love the game! but....

So I have had this game for a while and I love it I have bought everything on it, but it would be great if you would add like normal houses. the apartments are great but there is no room for all my people. I can’t have very many so could you add a house with 2 floors floor 1 kitchen, dining room, living and family room, and bathroom floor 2 with bedrooms at least 3 would be nice or 4 so I can have more people and It would be cool if you added house creator like character creator only you can like make a house and it would like appear in house creator campus that would look like a neighborhood and you can edit it that would be cool too. one more thing I have recently been experiencing a glitch where I will go clothes shopping or grocery shopping and when I get home and put it away and then leave when I come back EVERYTHING! is gone it resets it. all and it’s really frustrating cause I can’t play with it when my stuff disappears so please fix and also please take the house idea into consideration cause it would be nice to have a new house to play in. and thanks for making an amazing game!! That’s all I had to say. bye.

- I have a few suggestions...

Honestly, Toca World is one of my most FAVORITE GAMES EVER!! But I think a few of my ideas would be nice... I read one of the reviews saying something about a boarding school, and I totally LOVE that idea! I read another one saying she wanted an animal creator, and a texting calling thing on phones, and I really want that! But one of my suggestions is, I have a big family that I want to make, but none of your houses are large enough... so I’m wondering if on your next update you can make a bigger apartment with 6 rooms, big enough to fit at least 6 people... I also think a bigger elementary school would be nice, because legitimate, the only class in the school we have now only has science class ;-;. I also think we should add a Toca Library, with actual READABLE books! Maybe, if the character holds it, you can click the book he/she is holding and you can actually read it! I also think it could maybe be a joinable game, so your friends can join your toca server! And finally, chat. If you add the server thing that’s mentioned above, make sure to please add a chat. I’d like that. Thanks for listening to my review!

- Something I would add

So I love this game, but I would like a new thing to buy in Toca life world, and that is: Old weekly gifts. I just got this app a few months ago, and there is a lot of things I want, but you can’t get them anymore. I want to be able to buy them, maybe around 3 - 5 USD. Thank you! Edit: I would also like, when you choose a character, there will be two new sections: Crumpets, and Pets. It would be really useful because I would love to take my pets and crumpets elsewhere without needing someone to hold them. I would also like crumpets to be able to hold things. Like something small, like the snail in the watering can in the crumpet junkyard. It would be super useful for me, and I bet everyone else. I assume you wouldn’t put in the crumpets you haven’t discovered yet, like the secret ones (the rich crumpet in crumpet junkyard, robo crumpet in office building, secret crumpets like nari’s crumpet in the storage area in bop city, etc.) I will add more to this review when I have more ideas. Edit: another thing I would love is to mute the background music like on the map, and mute the SFX, it would be a small feature but make a big difference

- This is SOOOOO fun!!!

So I’ve been looking at this app for awhile as a kid, then I found it again and before we bought anything: SUCH A BIG AMOUNT OF FUN!!!!! So I have the character creator and there is so much hair! I make my favorite characters on there! I do wish you could choose your shoes and wear earrings, but it’s still awesome. Then the locations are incredibly packed with a lot of fun things, almost every place has a gem you can find, or there’s a Crumpet too!!! My favorite place is the new Mall and my favorite clothes is the secret mermaid tail :) I’ve always LOVED mermaids, so I was so excited to use that. I also use Croquet a lot, he’s too adorable 😃 So I do have some suggestions: I feel like making custom pets, clothes or Crumpets would be super fun, it sounds like a lot of complicated coding though... But it’s just a suggestion! :) Also DRAGONS!!! And maybe Disneyworld 🙂 Other than that: I play with my younger sister a lot and I kinda make stories with the characters I made based off of video games or novels. I usually (when I get bored) find something new! Like a costume or something else! Totally recommended for your kids, they’ll get a kick out of it.

- I love it 😻

I love this game and play it on my aunt’s iPad. I love it . I am 8 years old and I want to say it is a great game . It is so weird and funny 😁. Hello me again I am nine now and I still love this game. I am gonna download it on my own phone 📱 and I wanna say it is a great game. I did not pay for any places or more people to make and I am having a great game. You should get it and if you have not updated it update it!😄 I love the new house l. I am gonna save up my money 💵 for more furniture for the house. I do have a suggestion. I think you should put some food in the refrigerator when you first put into the house. My people had to do so much shopping. 😫 But it was also kinda fun. It is still a weird and funny game that I love.🥰 Bye 👋. Hi again 👋. This is still a great game but I just play g and the most thing happened. It kicked me out and that has never happened. 😢 I went back and every thing reset. The house I made went to the original and my people I created went back to the place where you create them. But any ways I got three more houses 🥳 and more people to make. Please make of this super cool games. Bye. You guys are great!😍🥰

- In love some ideas:) THERES A PROBLEM

I love the game I just started playing the game but I fell in love right away when I found it and pretty much I have a couple request because I was wondering what if it would be also cool if we could let other people join us or or we join other people you know and I kinda have a problem every time I leave the game my stuff like the toys for the kids always disappear and I have to go back to the store to go get them again which is weird can you fix that please?! And it would be great if we could put stuff in backpacks!!! :). I’m a loyal customer and if you guys every time I play and you delete like all my stuff I’m going to delete the game because I get so mad and frustrated because how am I supposed to buy stuff and then in the next day it’s going to be gone please fix your problem because every time I join everything’s gone my clothes my everything I have to restart my whole room again my whole house everything fix this immediately please!!!! You know it world be great if you added names you know like if WE could name are characters think about it!!!

- Nice game!🤩 Some ideas!!♥️

My names Adalyn! I’ve been playing Toca Boca apps for quite some years now! When Toca World was released I was so excited! It’s been a wonderful year playing Toca World!! I’ve just recently turned 11, and had some ideas for updates! Now I’ll stop wasting your time and just get right into it! So the first thing I thought of was a college, you already have a school, & for the college I was thinking you could add dorms! The building would be similar to the hospital or the beach hotels! You could add computers and a food station! Next I thought of an adoption center! Where you can adopt children from all different ages, baby’s to children! Next I was thinking a theme park where you could ride rides, and there’s even a circus! Next I thought of a magic place! Me and my mom play the Sims4 and there’s a pack where you can do witch stuff and create potions kind of like Harry Potter and you can be a spell caster! And you could also add fairies and rideable dragons! And lastly on character creator you could create pets♥️ that’s all I have and I know you guys are a pretty busy community! But I hope you maybe get to see my ideas!!

- Things about toca world

I love toca world I mean a lot I play it when ever I can but her are some suggestions that would be nice if you can see them 1. I love that there is new stuff but if you say something is going to come out do it like 3 days before because last time I had to wait a month because I was so excited and can you come out with updates quicker because I have everything thing and sometimes there is nothing to do 2. It kicks me out some times and when I get back in it resets my world can I have non of my stuff and it gliches sometimes 3. I wish there are more houses that you can build and I also wish you can make the some house again 4. I wish there was more options for the kids and I wish there are strollers and you can put the kids in them 5. I wish you can change the baby’s outfit and make them 6. Here is some place ideas a zoo, a consert place, back yards and pools in yards , a place where rich people live and a place we’re you can go for Halloween to trick or treating 7. I wish there can be a trampoline park and leash’s for pets but over all toca life world is a great game and I recommend it.

- I have a problem oh and FYI the end can be helpful

So I absolutely love Toca Life: World, but the free version of the character creator is awful, and I can’t afford to pay for the better version because those $5 could be used on something better. I was just trying to create a world and I cleaned out every room in the neighborhood! Then I went to the character creator expecting to have about 20 character slots and I only had 3! Then I thought “Okay this is fine I can just make 3 characters and have the other 5 just be Toca’s characters, but then I went to find a hairstyle and realized they were the same ones from the hairstyle shop in the city! So I picked one out and went to the outfits, my character was space themed so I was looking for a space themed type outfit and didn’t see anything! Anyway I know this is long I just wanted to let you know that I’m having some problems with the free version of character creator. So I was wondering if y’all at To a Boca could update it? Thank you! P.S. I have read some reviews where people are saying they lost everything they bought, that has happened to me to, but apparently if you don’t have WiFi then you can only play the free version of Toca:World, but when you connect to WiFi again it should work!

- Good, but could be better.

I play this game a lot, and it is very fun. I do not know if this is a glitch on my end, or if it is an issue with the game, but when I make my Floople characters, only three show up in the character bar. This has happened to me the last few times I have played the game. I would also like to recommend better houses if you want a bigger family. Sometimes, I have to use the hotel in the Vacation area just to have enough rooms for my family. A size of characters in between kid and baby would be nice as well. Me and my 2 sisters love to play together, but it is hard because we can not share the same screen, and we cant be in different houses at the same time. A similar app to Toca World called My PlayHome, there is an online feature where me and my sisters can play together. That would be a great addition for this already great game. I really like the Vacation area and the Apartments. I wish there would be more restaurants and food combinations. On the good side, I love how you can customize the characters, and create your own house. It is also so much fun to roleplay with the characters. I love the spinning of the world, it is a such a fun animation. Thank you for reading, please consider adding the things I recommended.

- Awesome!!!! But...few dislikes

I have been playing these games for years, especially the toca boca life ones. I just have one dislike. I don’t like that you ha e to pay to add new things or for the individual games. Me and my little brother play these games every single days for hours. But we only have the free version and the vacation on, which we bought. We want to add on to them, but our mom does not want us buying more games. My wish is that you wouldn’t charge money for these games, that are allowing kids to have fun and use their imagination with no limits, and create their own story. But other than that, I love it all!!!! 💕💕. I hope that someday I my little brother will be able to use all of them together, playing with the school, office, town, neighborhood, vacation, the cabins, and restaurants, all together, using his limitless imagination. Thank you thank you thank you for these toca boca life apps. They are truly amazing!!!!🤩🤩 please let me know, I know you guys have to make money, but it would just make so many kids happy, and give the countless possibilities, their imagination will grow and grow. Please respond when you can.

- I’m thinking of never playing again

I’ve had Toca World since the day it came out and it’s no surprise to me that whenever you guys update the app, EVERY SINGLE aspect of my game restarts. Yep. Restarts. That means everything I’ve collected through every holiday, to every Friday, is gone forever. Every character that I make is gone forever. And every house that I design is gone forever. I played this game a ton and I’ve made it a world. I literally put so much story line into it and when it restarts, it takes a miracle for me to ever be inspired to try again. I’m thinking of giving up on you guys forever. I’ve wasted money and time and my whole Toca World is ruined because of the demolishing updates. I can’t take it anymore and I will probably never play again. Please fix this once and for all. This ridiculous “glitch” has existed since the moment Toca World came out and despite the countless reviews people have written about it, you all seem to ignore us and not acknowledge this flaw. There is absolutely no reason it should happen without warning. Nobody wants to restart everything for no reason and I am heart broken. This game is for all ages and the older ones notice this kind of stuff. This game isn’t just for little kids who don’t care about making houses and families with customized rooms and houses. It’s no fair and I want it fixed please!!


Hi, I love this game so much even though most people say it’s for younger kids I disagree I’m actually a 8th grader and I really enjoy playing. I have a game suggestion maybe you could make a TOCA ZOO that would be so much fun like there could be lots of different types of animals like lions and LIONESSES, like most games just put all male lions (the ones with the manes) on games which kind of annoys me and there could be several different types of animals like elephants, wolfs, zebras, rhinoceroses, gorillas, giraffes, tigers, kolas, sloths (I know that’s a toca favorite so you could put that in there), exotic birds, leopards, eagles, alligators, and a fish aquarium. Make sure like in a lion pride there is only one or two males and twice the females it will be more realistic if they have the same amount of family members that they would in real life and they need the appropriate amount of kids like don’t just give them kid unless there like elephants. There could be some hidden secrets because that’s always fun to find something. Anyways if you read the whole thing thank you some much toca keep up the good work I can’t wait for your next release! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!

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Toca Life World: Build stories 1.28 Screenshots & Images

Toca Life World: Build stories iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Life World: Build stories iphone images
Toca Life World: Build stories iphone images
Toca Life World: Build stories iphone images
Toca Life World: Build stories iphone images
Toca Life World: Build stories iphone images
Toca Life World: Build stories iphone images

Toca Life World: Build stories (Version 1.28) Install & Download

The applications Toca Life World: Build stories was published in the category Education on 2018-11-21 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 777.3 MB. Toca Life World: Build stories - Education app posted on 2020-12-08 current version is 1.28 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocalifeworld

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