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What is rotogo app? A Rotom has made residence in your smartphone! RotoGO is an Unofficial Pokémon Index (Pokédex) app inspired by the popular video game franchise Pokémon. Based on the Pokédex used by the player character in the latest series handheld video games, RotoGO is a real world Pokédex similar to the ones used in the anime series and graphic novels. A valuable supplement for any Pokémon player, competitive or casual!


* Detailed analysis of all Pokémon and their alternate forms and transformations, including pre-forms and evolution methods, base stats, egg groups, locations, typings, abilities and hidden abilities!
*Offline! No internet required! Access a wide variety of Pokémon information anywhere on the GO!
* 3D Models of every Pokémon and alternate, male/female, and shiny forms.
* Detailed descriptions for every move each Pokémon can learn in the latest series games.
* Rotom gives you tips! Try giving him a little poke and see what he says.
* Switch between multiple Pokédex entries with a tap.
* As a trainer you have a trainer bag with access to a variety of items for your adventures and Pokémon!
* Filter through your bag and find exactly what item you need for your adventure.
*Search through your Movedex to get descriptions of every learnable move and their effects in battle.
*See what effects natures have on your Pokémon and get recommendations for Pokémon that would best benefit from that nature.
*Add your favorite Pokémon to your favorites list and place them in Battle Boxes in the PC page
*See information for every ability available!

*RotoGO is too huge for a synopsis! Trainers, jump right in and explore!

RotoGO is coded and designed by a single developer. This app utilizes fan community data and resources. It will be receiving updates that provide additional features and information in the near future. Leave a feature request if theres anything specific you may want as an addition!


Pokémon is the intelectual property of Nintendo Co., Ltd., Creatures Inc, and GAME FREAK Inc. This app is intended to act a companion app for Pokémon players, and is in no way intended to infringe on said copyrighted material.


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RotoGO Customer Service, Editor Notes:

RotoGO Version 2.0331 March 2022

NEW - [x] All in app purchases are now half off or less BUG FIXES - [x] Fixed restoring purchases issue for users who downloaded the app before the 2.0 update - [x] UI/UX fixes/enhancements - [x] Fixed crashes when scrolling through Pokémon moves.

RotoGO Comments & Reviews 2023

- BEST PokéDex app out there! 4.5

RotoGo is by far the best PokéDex app out there. It is intuitive, well designed, and intricate. It’s also surprisingly charming too! It’s amazing! I love it! And the customizable in app purchases are great for making it feel unique to me. RotoGo is more than worth the 5 bucks. This is a must buy for anyone looking for a PokéDex on the market. I see the passion and love in this app. However there are some things that I feel are missing from the app or should be added. I think that primal forms should be shared in a slot with mega evolutions. I also think that forms of Pokémon that change design (I.e. Vivillon’s patterns, Unown’s shapes, design differences for Furfrou, Burmy, the Floette line, the Deerling line, cap and cosplay Pikachu, etc.) should be added. Also maybe identify the dex entries by game. As well as the separation of Mythical, Legend, and Major Legend Pokémon. These are just some ideas I feel would be nice additions to the app. It’s just 4 things that don’t hinder my experience, but with them I don’t feel like I would need to access sites like Bulbapedia and I could exclusively focus on RotoGo. Best wishes to the creator of this app. Keep up the phenomenal work! 👍

- Best all-around Pokédex app

This is easily the best app on the AppStore and is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition with even more room to improve. The dev says USUM data is coming really soon and additional features are being implemented to bring even more functionality! UI is gorgeous. Easy to navigate and access all information. Super fast and fluid. Can’t wait to see how far the dev can take this app. I usually don’t download paid apps but I have zero regrets about this purchase. Update: This developer keeps coming out with fresh updates seemingly faster than any other Pokedex app out there, further raising the bar for the competition. He is responsive and definitely listens to his users. I wish every developer could be this consistently on top of things!

- I love it but it’s missing some cool stuff

I would like to say that this app is so high quality and organized i love it and the graphics of the UI and Pokémon is perfect i love everything about the app it’s amazing. However there are a few cool things that should be added to make it better. You know how in the app you have to choose wich game version the pokedex is. Thats kind of annoying i want to know about ALL the Pokémon at once and maybe there should be a ALL section in the games so that you can veiw all Pokémon and all regions. And even in the battle box section i dont like that there are separate sections with only certain Pokémon that you can add. Same with the Pokémon moves i wish you could just add some moves they cant learn just for fun like a pikachu that could learn hydro pump would be cool. It makes no sense but would still be nice to have the option.

- Flawless app. Hopeful for 8th gen update

I’ve used this app for nearly a year and a half and have loved every second. The maker(s) did such an incredible job that I see no reason whatsoever to buy another Pokédex app!! The music and feel of the RotoGO really makes you feel like your Pokémon adventure breaks the 4th wall and jumps from screen to screen as you check your phone for info on the Clefairy you’re attempting to snag on your 3DS. PLEASE all I ask is some info on the status of updating for Gen 8 - I’m sure you guys will have to not only upload new Pokés’ but ALSO add new items, moves and Dynamax/Gigantimax! As stated, I’m extremely hopeful because I observe what I’ve seen in Gen8 and I can only imagine how high of a quality the RotoGO’s informatics will be on it. So excited!!

- This app is fantastic!

I’ve always wanted a pokedex app. This app is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It has everything I could want! If it could be improved in any way I can only think of two things: 1) add more pc boxes. 2) when building a team in a pc box, have a setting for what game the Pokémon team your building is from. For example, if I’m building a team for Pokémon platinum, I need to see the moves Infernape can learn in platinum only. Considering the moves they learn changes from game to game, It’s a little more difficult to plan ahead when I see moves from ultra sun and moon. Those are the only 2 things that could make this app even better! Keep adding more Pokémon to the dex and keep up the fantastic work!!!

- Great app that just needs some key features and fixes to make it perfect

This app is overall just really cute and fun to use, super easy to understand and is full of great info. My only issue so far is that when I'm trying to look up shiny forms, the images take so long to load that it would've been faster to google it instead. I'd love to see this app include some features in the future like the ability to sort Pokémon into different lists. I haven't been able to find any sites or apps that let me make different lists so I can track what Pokémon I want to breed, what shiny forms I want, etc and it would make this app really unique if that was added in! I'd also love to see info about where you can find various items!

- The ABSOLUTE Greatest Pokedex App

I've downloaded nearly every single Pokedex app on the market and have had many differing opinions about each. This app however, completely blows the rest out of the water. It delivers everything you would need in a Pokedex, and way more. -A wealth of information easily accessible. -Great search functions, and everything is very well organized. -Aesthetically pleasing in every way. You can even purchase other themes for the app, and I would say they are all well worth it. (I hope to see more themes available in the future.) -It's a fun app to explore. Your time is well spent here. As an avid player of Pokémon, or just a casual fan, this app is perfect for you. Anything and everything you need it to is available right from the first time you download it. Just amazing, very happy with this product. Some things I would enjoy seeing added to the app would include: -More themes available for purchase. More evil teams, maybe some legendary themes, or special NPC themes. -Custom team builder for VGC Teams. Not really needed, but would definitely be fun. -Regional map data for Pokémon locations.

- The. Best. Pokédex. App. With 1 caveat

This app is outstanding. The information is great if you’re looking for Pokédex information all in one place, but it’s really the slick, stylish presentation that really sets this app apart and makes it a joy to use. Recently I noticed that it came down from the store for a while so I’m happy to see it restored. It’s worth noting that the app hasn’t been updated with 8th gen information and the developer’s website is down so as of now it appears unlikely we’ll see that update. With that said, the info available is still plenty useful and I can certainly understand why one might abandon unnecessary projects in the midst of a pandemic. I hope the dev is well.

- Best Pokédex App Ever

This is one of my favorite apps on my phone. I use it for everything related to Pokémon. I love how many features there are, such as fronts and backs of models, the shiny versions of each, and even the cries! I’m so glad they have the cries, especially of the mega Pokémon. There is something I would like to see in the stats, though. There was another Pokédex app I’ve used, and it let you choose what level, and then showed the min and max stats respectively for that level in specific. I would like to not be limited to just 50 and 100. TLDR; amazing Pokédex app that can be used for pretty much anything Pokemon, from shiny hunting to viewing type weaknesses and more. Thanks!

- RotoGO get yourself this app!

Well done! Great app, has everything I need and runs smoothly. Plus, it’s got a very in-theme interface that makes me feel like it’s a pokedex IRL. I could honestly see this as an official app or part of the game. I can’t wait for Gen VIII aka Sword/Shield to be added. Even without the new stuff, I’m able to find a lot of what I need without having to search the web, so I’m really looking forward to it being updated! I use it on my iPad pro and have no problems (actually the worst part, ironically, is the warning on start-up telling me it runs better on an iPhone). Keep up the good work, RotoGo!

- Needs a few things

Overall this is a great app and I enjoy it. It works well, it’s the only app I was able to use that didn’t literally crash every time I tried to search a Pokémon. PRO: - Stable - Doesn’t crash (so far) - has a beautiful HUD - has great and accurate information CONS: - it does not have the Galar Pokédex, which is what I needed. Fairly disappointed about this. - you cannot tab directly into egg groups but you can click the Pokémon and see its egg group - you cannot click a Pokémon and see their list of abilities but you can see which Pokémon have the ability you search Suggestions: - PLEASE add the option to see a Pokémon’s abilities and see which are normal and which are HA. I shouldn’t have to constantly go to bulbepedia to see what their HA is. - make it so you can tab directly into egg groups (Home Screen list) - add recommended moves, nature, abilities for the Pokémon alongside the recommended, optimal stats It’s worth the money to get something clean and nice. But it still needs some things to round it out.

- Literally Perfect, Genuinely Impressed

Am I mashing *five stars* merely minutes after purchasing this app? Sure am. Cut to me gleefully deleting all the other Dex apps I’ve accumulated previously after submitting this review; I stan RotoGO now <3 RotoGO is up-to-date, packed with information, user-friendly, pleasant to look at, and WELL worth the $5 to purchase. The IAPs are purely cosmetic, so the user isn’t locked out of anything as far as the actual Dex is concerned. I have to highlight the feature that impresses me most—the “Locations” tab. RotoGO lists every Pokémon available to catch, as well as the conditions necessary to do so, *by area* for each game in the franchise, and even separates between versions. May not matter to everyone, but it’s a big deal to me. TL;DR: RotoGO offers a concise, comprehensive, and all-around pleasant experience; this Dex alone provides the information that I’d typically look for across 3+ websites. It’s more than worth the price!


I honestly think this app is fantastic, just that...well it hasn’t gotten any updates (that I know) for the past year or so if find that really sad cuz I would’ve loved to see this game with a Pokémon sword and shield update, but that most probably not happen since the models for sword and shield are from console and might not look good on mobile, but in the end I’ll still be waiting for a update even if it’s just a bug patch I’ll be waiting. -from one Pokémon fan to another Lad. Oops I just read that there actually working on a bad! lol

- Fun App and very up to date but a little tedious.

I love the layout and overall Pokedex-like design but it feels cluttered and slow to get through at times. You should include minimizing buttons for tabs on pokemon we add to our team so we can collaspe the tabs like Item, Moves, Natures Basic Info, etc. Just so we have the option to declutter and filter the pokemons info to see what we want. Also some of the Pokemon seem unable to use moves they can learn Via HM and stuff. Not being able to add TM, HM, and Tutor moves really limits the move pool we can have for each pokemon. In the moves list, we should be able to filter/sort moves by their power, alphabetic order, numeric order, PP cost, accuracy, ans even priority instead if just their types. Also we should be able to apply multiple filters at once I think adding regional maps, And we DEFINENTLY should be able to add pokemon straight to the pokedex to our battle teams. Its kind of annoying having to favorite a pokemon just to build a team with it in there.

- Love it, but a couple bugs

I love the app a lot. It makes you feel like it’s an authentic Pokémon Company App. Every detail is so awesome from the touch sound effect to the Pokémon models. I would love to see if there was a chance that we could get some diversity in the music such as some of the songs from the actual games. Or at least a volume regulator so that we play songs in background. There is some bugs with the app such as opening the move sets for certain Pokémon. Not sure if I’m the only having this issue though. Other than that, this is one of my most favorite apps right now

- Amazing but missing one thing

The one and only picture I wish is a true national Pokédex. I use showdown and Fan games a lot and in those instances it really isn’t helpful to try to remember which Pokedex go to which generation and game. I would suggest adding a Pokémon home feature to the game selection menu it would just list out every Pokémon ever along with its most current Pokédex entry/moveset etc. The lack of this week my text away from the rest of the app because it’s so good. Everything else goes above and beyond. Everything you could want Except this one thing

- Excellent Pokédex!

A great interface is something I demand from apps like this. I’m glad to say the developer delivered in this front, BAR NONE! Just about every reviewer can help you determine what all this app has and I can confirm it’s only gotten better since their initial reviews. For $5, I can have a quick reference guide for Pokémon, on the spot! That alone is worth the money, but the speed and efficiency offered from this app is a godsend. Unless you absolutely need EV calculators or the extremely fine details about the games, you will adore everything in this app!

- No complaints!

The app costs $4.99 however it has a unaffiliation notice on startup that states “100% of this app’s info and functionality is completely free”. The author shouldn’t be charging for the app, who’s info and functionality is proprietary to The Pokémon Company. Hope this doesn’t get removed from the App store like the older Pokédex apps. Anyhoo, the app is great, it has everything you could ask for and I find myself referencing it a lot. The controls are very smooth, the information is very dense, and the visuals are very appealing. If you expand the search bar and click on “National”, it will show a full list of all Pokemon up to the last Pokemon of the game you selected, instead of only showing the game’s regional Pokemon. There’s also a lovey “Who’s that Pokemon?” minigame available just like the TV Show. All-in-all, well worth the money.

- Great App But Needs Settings

This is an incredible app. The UI, seamless navigation, information availability, accessibility and overall content presentation is worth every penny charged. Anything and everything you could ever need for Pokemon as far as information is available within the app which validates the representation of Rotom Dex that the developer was going for. Despite all these amazing things, i find myself using the app less and less and that’s because it overheats the phone. The above compliments are achieved by pushing the app and usage of your phone and as such, within minutes of having the app open, you’ll begin to feel the phone overheat. This is a problem. Overheated phones can damage battery, longevity and overall usage of a device. It would be helpful if, despite how amazing the app is visually, the developer added setting options to disable some of the stuff going on in the app to try and alleviate this issue.

- Amazing Poxedex

I will admit, I was tremendously concerned that seeing as this is a “third party” kind of app, it was going to be this cheesy kind of thing. I also saw in app purchases which was also concerning. However, I was dead wrong. This app is absolutely phenomenal, it shows stats for level 50 and level 100, in depth details and descriptions, natures, items, and all sorts of other thing. Definitely get this app, it is amazing. I am very much looking forward to the Generation 8 update!

- Best application after update

I used to have a favorite Pokémon application that allowed the creation of teams but it went unsupported by its developer (as it’s been over a year now). This application is the best one on the market now, and while it was good before the update - there are no other applications on the App Store that can beat it. It’s a definite recommendation for all your Pokémon needs. Seriously, just download it. No ads, no requirement to buy cosmetic themes, nothing. If you like enough, please support the developer though!

- So good

Bro this is so good I feel like I’m back in Alola. The models are cool sadly ya can’t do the attack animations but that doesn’t really matter when everything else is so cool. The whole thing is interconnected really well so you can go from looking at piplip then go into its evolutions and then move to the empoleon page then check out its moves and go to the move page then see what other people learn those moves it’s fantastic. It’s got items and abilities too it’s so danm good

- Looks awesome!

So far, I really like this app! You and everyone who has helped with it so far has done amazing! The only thing I wish it had (and what was originally my reason for getting the app) is I wanted to use the 3D models as a reference to draw from or sculpt from. As they currently are, they’re too small for that. If that is something that could possibly be added, that would be amazing, but regardless of that you’ve done an amazing job and I look forward to the team editor.

- Absolutely worth it

I had one of the previous versions and I had stopped using it simply because with the new games that had come out I was looking for newer information that hadn’t been updated at the time. Now, not only is there updated information, but you can even select what game you’re playing to get the correct info. Not to mention all the features beyond just the Pokédex. Well worth the five bucks!

- Beautiful

Absolutely love this app. There are other ones similar in the App Store but the UI of this app is beautiful. I do wish violet and scarlet were in here so I could use it while I play but it looks like the website for the dev is unavailable, so unsure if it’s really supported and being built on. I still think it’s well worth the money :) It’s also one solo developer and this is breathtaking work for one person to handle so 10/10 for the dev!

- Add Area/Locations and Gen 8

The only thing this app lacks is the area/location of where to find/how to obtain each pokemon in each version of the game and also the details for Gen 8, but other than that, this is the smoothest and most detailed and creative pokedex app I have ever used in my life, it really gives you a feeling of nostalgia every time you open it up and makes you feel a real pokemon trainer! the developers should be getting endorsed by Nintendo for this app, it’s that great!

- Great Pokedex! Buy it now!

This is absolutely the best looking Pokedex out there! The whole feel of the app feels like something that would actually exist in the world of Pokemon. Two things that I think would be great to add? Enlarging the picture of the Pokemon so we could see it bigger and then maybe audio narration for the text. Then it would be like the actual RotomDex! The voice wouldn't even need to match the show exactly but any spoken audio would be cool to have as an option to purchase!

- Best Dex on the App Store!

Hands down the number one dex here on the App Store. Beautiful, streamlined, informative! In my opinion, it’s a great buy for people who are looking for move information for team creation and/or battles. It’s helped me tremendously when it comes to planning what builds I want to put on a specific Pokémon. I would *love* for it to be updated to reflect the new Pokémon/new regional forms for Sword and Shield so I have my fingers crossed that is coming in the near future! Such a beautiful job developer/s.

- Easily best iOS Pokedex- Needs Sword/Shield

I use this exclusively for type management, team building, item lookup, skill lookup, etc. BUT... this app does not include the Pokemon Sword/Shield additions, so I'm forced to put in substitute Pokemon of the same types and try my best to match skills/natures/abilities. If Sword/Shield support was added, I would actually have no reason to search the web for anything. This app has literally everything else to such a degree that it outshines nearly every other website including Bulbapedia. PLEASE, UPDATE FOR SWORD AND SHIELD! So close to perfection!

- Awesome! One problem that I personally have though

This is great! Easily worth the money spent. One thing that I’m having trouble with is adding moves to Pokémon. For some reason I can only add moves to some Pokémon and for others no moves even come up to select. This could be user error, but I feel like I’ve done all I can. If anyone has tips or advice I’d love to hear it! Once again, great app. It’s super useful.

- Incredible!

I have had this Pokédex app for a couple years now and the new update is absolutely amazing! Awesome UI, amazing features and just so much to explore and learn. Really makes it easy to understand typing, moves and just info about Pokémon, along with seeing shiny sprites too! Again would highly recommend if you’re looking for a Pokédex app that has a ton of awesome features included!

- 1.0 was better

Updated graphics and updated dex is great but its a little cumbersome to navigate. There’s no longer a national Dex so you’ll have to pick the game you want first then find your Pokémon. This doesn’t work for games like USUM or BDSP because you can get every Pokémon in this game but now you can’t see their stats or moves for the game because it’s limited to the regional Dex. Otherwise this still is the best Dex out there going to use it but sparingly

- Best Pokédex app

RotoGO is by far the best option for a Pokédex in app form, it’s both realistic to an actual Pokédex ui and features with the description for the Pokémon from each game being in its database and also having a rotom in the app as an assistant too, it’s also really useful for if you’re dealing with a tricky evolution method or team building, in fact I think that the games should switch over to this type of system to be much more effective.

- Best Pokédex App Bar None

I’ve downloaded nearly every Poke Dex app out there, and RotoGo is the best bar none. It has an awesome slick design complete with a talking Rotom and background music (don’t worry, you can toggle it off). This app is also an attackdex and itemdex as well as listing every ability and nature. The Pokédex is very thorough, has every generation’s learnset, stats, evolution methods, and egg groups. The only thing I can really see this missing is each Pokémon’s location in all of their available games. Still, I really, really enjoy this app and it’s really worth the price (but I feel for the price it should include all the themes instead of them being an additional $1.99 each...or at least including more than one free theme with the base purchase). Keep up the great work!

- Great app for all your pokemon needs

This app has everything you will need from pokedexs, item descriptions, and type advantages with single or dual types. You can look for descriptions of natures, moves, abilities and even look up what pokemon will be on a given route/location. It has all the games from red and blue to legends arceus. I can’t wait for an update to add scarlet/violet to aid me in my journey!

- Amazing Pokédex

This is an amazing app. I’m more than happy to give the cost of a coffee to a single talented dev who made the literally perfect app for my purposes. I found a ton of issues with Bulbapedias app and this doesn’t have any I’ve come across. I use it for everything Pokémon as I have general questions and check type matchups and Pokémon types constantly since I never remember

- 4.5 stars

This app is great. I get a ton of information from it, and it’s just cool to mess around with. If there was one thing I would change, it’s that the items section tells you the definitions straight from the games. Some of these are confusing, so I would like if the developer just told us what they do. That would be a lot of work though, so I get if it’s a little unrealistic. Overall, good and useful app.

- The best one yet!

This is one of the best Pokédex apps out there. The quality of this app is outstanding! This has everything you need and more. This app is worth more than the price. The value that RotoGO offers is too good to pass. I hope this app continues to get developed and updated for future Pokémon game releases. If you need a good quality Pokédex get this one. It’s worth every penny.

- An amazing app all Pokémon fans need!

This app is so useful I can easily see every Pokémon in numerical order, or change it to every Pokémon in one game. It helps me so much when trying to complete my Pokédex, figuring out type matchups or figuring out Pokémon evolutions. One thing that would be a great addition is the new gen 9 paldean Pokémon. Without them the Pokédex feels somewhat incomplete and outdated. Other then that, it’s a great app that includes data from all games!

- Clunky

Most interaction with the app requires between 3-5 clicks/taps/touches in order for the app to actually recognize input. Scrolling is slow and most UI interactions are incredibly delayed. $5.50 after tax plus $6-$20 in app purchases that do not optimize or increase app performance, only aesthetic. I regret the purchase however the proper Pokédex app Dexter (R.I.P.) is gone and all other apps fall short. This isn’t a bad app but sadly it mostly looks great while functioning at passable level.

- Best Pokédex

This app is amazing and wonderfully designed!!! It is so handy to have while I’m working on my living dex. The only suggestion I have is once in a while it crashes, (not a lot) and it would be cool to have a list of locations the Pokémon are catchable in and the games in which they can be caught. But I HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone completing the Pokédex or just like reading the entries and viewing the in game models. Wonderful job!!!!

- Great but one small problem

This app is so great and useful. You can really tell a lot of effort was put into making it. Also I think the themes and rotom costumes were genius and more need to be made. My one small complaint is that when I view certain forms for Pokémon such as darmanatan and aegislash my app would crash. Very minor and not a huge deal just thought I’d get it out there

- The app is wonderful

I’ve been using this app for a long while now and its by far the best ones I’ve seen, only downside very slow updates but when it’s only done by one person it’s to be expected overall great app and i look forward to future updates. Keep up the great work! 😁

- Seriously the best Pokédex app out there

The only criticism is to not make the themes so expensive after buying a $5 app, but it’s still worth it because the theme’s aren’t really necessary and I’m probably gonna end up buying them sooner or later. Anyway, great app and has about everything that you would expect from a Pokédex and more! 10/10 would recommend

- Perfect

I’ve downloaded plenty of Pokédex’s over the years of me playing Pokémon but this ones got something I like. It’s extremely helpful when the info on Pokémon from super effective to just effective or even types and some hidden info on items the games don’t tell you. Once the 8th gen is released this thing will be even better, keep up the good work.

- Adorable and helpful!

Rotom is so cute, doesn’t get in the way or annoy you and is just a fun little function. The interface is easy to use and they have a function where you can look at items or towns in the game you’re playing, I would totally recommend this thing!!

- Incredible but glitchy app

Love this app, but glitches a lot. Very laggy. I play on my iPad mini, and I know you said not recommended to play on iPad but I still do. It will crash after a while, and the animation is laggy. Please fix! Otherwise ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I need a developer response. I am getting tired of having to scroll alllllll the way down to my place.

- I love this app

This app is incredible. It looks great, and has managed to pack a ton of information in conveniently in a great UI/UX. I only gave it 4 stars because the Pokémon models take an eternity to load. I’d also like to see the national dex as a separate thing rather than imbedded within the different games. Despite those minor flaws, I think this app is definitely worth the $5.

- This is what a Pokedex would look like in the real world

This app is extremely well-polished. It's snappy, it's whimsical, it's colorful and incredibly informative. I can't emphasize enough how impressive this app is. You won't find anything better out there. I don't want to use any other Pokedex app ever again.

- Amazing, worth the money!

Seriously this app is amazing! The themes are amazing and the guy is making constant updates to improve! I hope he does an update for Sword and Shield, but in do time! Definitely worth the $4. It lets you put items on the Pokémon and chose what Dex’s you want to use as well as moves and shinies! I love to make custom teams on here! Very well done app!

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- So worth it

This is easily one of the best Pokedex apps that I’ve found, if not the best. The design is perfect and easy to navigate, the information is presented perfectly, it’s just everything you could want in a Pokedex and more! I realise that most people won’t want to spend money on a Pokedex app, and normally I’d have been one of those people but I assure you, if you give it the chance you will not be disappointed!

- Best Pokédex app, would love to see more added

If your not penny pinching, this is easily the best Pokédex app around. Easy to use, loads of information that I have so far found no errors. The typing can be slow but it might be my phone (5s) but it’s hardly what I’d call a con. Would love to see and would be happy to pay for expansions for each region with in-depth item and Pokémon location and conditions; night time, sos with X Pokémon, etc.

- Incredible Pokédex app is back

Just what the iOS AppStore needs, this app is beautifully designed and there isn’t another Pokédex app that comes even close to this one. The aesthetics are wonderful!

- This makes Pokemon research so much easier

I’ve got one problem though I wish it show to find the Pokémon from the game

- Very useful

Good app and easy to navigate. Would love if it would show the locations of Pokémon or let you pick which game you’re playing so that you can see Pokémon locations the same as you would on a regular RotomDex. Otherwise very good and very detailed 😊

- Worth it!

RotoGo saves me the hassle of visiting in a browser... and it has a Rotom! (zzt!) Unfortunately It crashes when I try to view details about any of the G-Max moves and the move Aura Wheel. Can you please fix this, I'd like to know more about them.

- Great but

I would love a way to filter out all the catched Pokemon so I can focus om the ones that are still missing!

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RotoGO 2.03 Screenshots & Images

RotoGO iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

RotoGO iphone images
RotoGO iphone images
RotoGO iphone images
RotoGO iphone images

RotoGO (Version 2.03) Install & Download

The applications RotoGO was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-02-23 and was developed by Abraham Obudulu [Developer ID: 1207514660]. This application file size is 370.46 MB. RotoGO - Entertainment app posted on 2022-03-31 current version is 2.03 and works well on IOS 15.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.obuduluabraham.RotoGO