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A Rotom has made residence in your smartphone! RotoGO is an Unofficial Pokémon Index (Pokédex) app inspired by the popular video game franchise Pokémon. Based on the Pokédex used by the player character in the latest series handheld video games, RotoGO is a real world Pokédex similar to the ones used in the anime series and graphic novels. A valuable supplement for any Pokémon player, competitive or casual!


* Switch between 7 languages : English, Spanish, Korean, French, German, Italian, Japanese
* Detailed analysis of all 807 Pokémon and their alternate forms and transformations, including preforms and evolution methods, base stats, egg groups, regions origins, typings, abilities and hidden abilities!
*Completely offline! No internet required! Access a wide variety of Pokémon information anywhere on the GO!
* 3D Models of every Pokémon and alternate, male/female, and shiny forms.
* Detailed descriptions for every move each Pokémon can learn in the latest series games.
* Rotom gives you tips! Try giving him a little poke and see what he says. He can also read Pokédex entries out loud for you!
* Switch between multiple Pokédex entries with a tap.
*Filter your Pokédex results by region, type, and egg groups. You can also search by name, legendary, Ultra Beast, and species ID, in addition to the filter results.
* As a trainer you have a trainer bag with access to a variety of items for your adventures and Pokémon!
* Filter through your bag and find exactly what item you need for your adventure.
*Search through your Movedex to get descriptions of every learnable move and their effects in battle.
*See what effects natures have on your Pokémon and get recommendations for Pokémon that would best benefit from that nature.
*Add your favorite Pokémon to your favorites list and place them in Battle Boxes in the PC page
*See information for every ability available!

*RotoGO is too huge for a synopsis! Trainers, jump right in and explore!

RotoGO is coded and designed by a single developer. This app utilizes fan community data and resources. It will be receiving updates that provide additional features and information in the near future. Leave a feature request if theres anything specific you may want as an addition!


Pokémon is the intelectual property of Nintendo Co., Ltd., Creatures Inc, and GAME FREAK Inc. This app is intended to act a companion app for Pokémon players, and is in no way intended to infringe on said copyrighted material.


RotoGO App Description & Overview

The applications RotoGO was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-02-23 and was developed by Abraham Obudulu. The file size is 829.74 MB. The current version is 1.5.12 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using RotoGO! There will be more features and quality of life improvements in the near future!

- Added help buttons to the Team Builder so Rotom can give a brief description of what you're looking at
- Audio is now silenced when listening to music and resumes when music is paused/stopped
- Fixed bug where music stops after making a phone call
- Improved recommended nature algorithm
- Fixed occasional crashes when searching through recommended natures
- Fixed bug where searching for alternate forms wouldn't show certain forms
- Miscellaneous crash and smaller bug fixes

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RotoGO Reviews

Carlos W Perez

Great for any Pokémon fan  Carlos W Perez  5 star

Easily navigable with a very friendly theme. And for a single developer to do all this. Just wow…


Keep it up RotoGO!  DarK5taR_707  5 star

Dope Pokémon reference guide. Now I can look up all moves learned by leveling up in any game. Plus so much more in game things to look up. What a great time to be alive!


PERFECTION!  CPRox123  5 star

This app is the flipping paradigm of the best Pokédex app! Worth its cost of $4.99!


AlfldddddsgFzfd  alfdsfsdss  5 star

Good stuff

Dan Leonelli

Amazing  Dan Leonelli  5 star

This is the best Pokédex out there: up to date and the perfect amount of content.


Awesome game  Padmebuffy23  5 star

Awesome game I love it


PC problem  ZTYR TOONS  4 star

This app is really really good it can do so much but I do have some recommendation for the PC i want to hold more than 6 Pokémon and if possible I would like if the PC could be like the one from sun and moon but that fills like asking too much


Casual player  nfrjf  5 star

Worth the price


Wow  CujoTheRedNose  5 star

The most extensive third party app ever created in any category ever!!!! If Gamefreak offered their endorsement and assistance of this app, that would only make it better but either way... the makers of this clearly know what they’re doing. This is awesome!!!! Well worth the money!!!


Looks awesome!  &_Steph_§  5 star

So far, I really like this app! You and everyone who has helped with it so far has done amazing! The only thing I wish it had (and what was originally my reason for getting the app) is I wanted to use the 3D models as a reference to draw from or sculpt from. As they currently are, they’re too small for that. If that is something that could possibly be added, that would be amazing, but regardless of that you’ve done an amazing job and I look forward to the team editor.

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