Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice

Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice download

Roll dice to play YAHTZEE® With Buddies! It is the fun, classic board game with a new look. Play dice with friends in this multiplayer game.

Challenge your friends to play this family game for hours of endless fun! The #1 dice game is reimagined in YAHTZEE® With Buddies! Puzzle game fan? Poker dice fan? Strategy fan? Then you will love this new two player dice game! Don’t have a clue what YAHTZEE® is? Download it now and you will soon find out!

Classic & Fun Board Game on the Go
Play the #1 dice game officially licensed by Hasbro, anywhere.
Social game meets dice challenge: Roll dice against other players in epic 2 player game play.
Play dice with family and friends: You can chat and send stickers while you play! Join a YAHTZEE® family to get help from your friends!

===YAHTZEE® With Buddies Features===

Game Bonuses:
• Complete Yahtzee games to win in-game scratchers for a chance to win bonus dice rolls.
• Activate a bonus dice roll to get an extra dice spin right when you need it.

Defeat the Dice Masters:
• Dice Masters play back instantly in Yahtzee's reinvented solo adventure - take down the Dice Masters and earn amazing custom dice along the way!
• Conquer dozens of new levels with brand new boosts and obstacles like ice blocks, flying multipliers and more!
• Join the Race for the ultimate head to head competition and earn great new rewards!

Take part in tournaments:
• Yahtzee tournaments are a new, thrilling challenge! Yahtzee Solitaire, Yahtzee Bingo, and Yahtzee Stars are completely new ways to play these classic games!
• Play through different leagues to win exciting prizes.

Social Games with Friends
• Play with friends and family. Create your own family in game to get and give help.
• Multiplayer games with random opponents. Play dice games with players around the world.
• Chat and challenge your friends with the new social buddies system!

Personalize your dice rolling experience:

Yatzy, yacht, yachty, yatzee, crag, balut, farkle, kismet, yamb, or generala, there’s only one authentic Yahtzee! Roll the dice to find out why millions have played this classic family game for over 50 years!

Download the app, roll the dice, and prepare to shout “YAHTZEE!”

HASBRO and YAHTZEE names and logos are trademarks of Hasbro. © 2019 Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI 02861-1059 USA. All Rights Reserved. TM & ® denote U.S. Trademarks.

Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice App Description & Overview

The applications Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice was published in the category Games on 2017-11-01 and was developed by Scopely. This application file size is 443.29 MB. Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice current version is 6.11.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Celebrate the season with Yahtzee Harvest! Introducing the latest tournament game mode with all new boosts and bonuses. Earn enough crops to fill your basket to win great rewards!

Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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M kufahl   5 star

Like. Very addictive

Yahtzee. It is fun! I’m a long time Ruzzle player, even have my own team in Gold. This is a nice break.

Sonic_official   2 star

Fun but multiple issues. Firstly, ADD A REPORT FEATURE. And privacy/messaging settings. I have had multiple guys hit on me through messaging. It’s extremely uncomfortable, especially because some are decades older than me. One even tried to get me to travel with him after only a few messages back and forth. Blocking only protects me. I want these players off the servers so they don’t try it with anyone else. Protect your users. Add a free continue to the Gift Grab. It’s so annoying to get an X in the first few rounds of the game, and it’s not worth paying free rolls to keep going if you just started. The ads are excessive. I used to be able to play without them, only seeing non-obstructive ads in the banner or when requesting free rolls. You have a shop. Suddenly I have to pay to get rid of ads when I played for months without them? If you want to keep them for new members, go ahead, but when they pop up every other turn/every game, it makes me want to quit. Finally, this is a larger ask, but consider changing or omitting the dice characters. Most of them just look creepy/ugly and they don’t fit with the rest of the game. Collecting them adds nothing to the game. It’s not exciting and the rewards aren’t worth it. Frankly, they aren’t necessary. But if you’re that dedicated to keeping them around, I think simpler redesigns are in order. Other than that, the core gameplay is super fun. I love the alternate game styles and tournaments, like Bingo and Solitaire. They break up the monotony of playing one turn of normal games over and over. It would be really fun if you could play different game modes with buddies. Plus, if you could customize normal games with obstacles (ice, multipliers, etc) like when you play the seasonal Dice Masters, playing against other players would be a ton more fun. Playing a single turn of normal Yahtzee over and over gets stale. Also, the rewards for winning a game could be better. You could spend days on a single game for just a little XP and a scratcher that barely gets you anything. Some dice rolls for winning games would be perfect, and it gives players more incentive to try and win (via spending/buying dice rolls to get that perfect score). I mainly play for the tournaments now because those rewards are actually worth it. Keep up the good work!

mcmolle   5 star

Molly. I love this game

JoyClub60   1 star

Don’t spend any money here.. Fun with individuals but once the robots/tournaments and rewards come into play, they will rip you off any way they can. Find another app to play this game. These people cheat and lie about it. Don’t trust them.

LilOne1129   5 star

Awesome. Love it! Very addicting! 😃👍

Janie Beth   5 star

Fun!. Lots of fun. Just wish you didn’t have to wait so long for players to respond

quickthrow   5 star

Yahtzee. Great game!

ashc757   5 star

Ashleighc757. Awesome

cutie2018   5 star

The game. Amazing

lt rocky   5 star

Let rocky. More fun than most games. Very addictive.

austinrcole1   2 star

Rigged.... It has taken a while to be sure, and while this game is great fun to play, it is definitely set up to cost you money. Or way too much time earning free rolls, that will be spent quickly trying to win... and the more free rolls you have earned, the more you will have to use them just to score an average score. It’s rigged.

Tay & E   5 star

Addictive Fun!. Love it

ignatz ratskiwatski   5 star

Ignatz Ratskiwatski. Love it

AbigailJS   1 star

Forces your moves. The game will not let you save the dice you want it jiggles the dice it wants you to save and you can’t save anything it’s not jiggling and it won’t let you go on until you save everything.

Elsaawaka   1 star

What happened to my daily play?!. Y’all are getting too money hungry with this game. I spend some every once in a while not just to play but to support a game I enjoy, but the card draw was the only thing that got me to open the app every day and you took it away! Boo

Curt5678   5 star

Yahtzee’s. Great game

starindy   2 star

Crashes on iPad🤮. This game constantly crashes on my iPad Air. It shouldn't be in the Apple app library if it is only Android.

CBaby1744   5 star

Great Game. Would like to earn more dice to continue games. Feast should not have to wait. When end start within 24 hours.

Adiel-F   5 star

Addicted. Honestly I am addicted to this game. There are lots of adds but it’s all worth it. You get to play with other people and be part of a group. You don’t have to pay to win and anything you pay for you can get with ease. There are many events to play that you can replay again every hour or so. There’s just so many goals you can set your mind to it’s great.

Neversleeps1   5 star

My muse. My number one game!! Play a lot- great way to relax🥰

A V. I.P person   5 star

Love. Love playing!

Drupack   5 star

Love it!. So much like the original Yahtzee!!!!! Love it!

Peasmom123456   2 star

Fun Game Poor Rewards. The game is fun but the big rewards and purchases I made have not been accredited to my account.

LorryBurgr   5 star

Love this game. Warning though! It is addictive!

Welen01   3 star

Need improvement. There are to many ads in between rolls

badb42069   5 star

Yahtzee. Awesome way to pass time!!!

jovigirl 1990   5 star

Fuzzy raptor enjoys this game!. Very relaxing and fun!

Roller123456789   3 star

Random shut downs. App shuts down while watching ad for free roll. I’ve rebooted my device and even reloaded the app without improving the performance. Argh.

Miss Mel Belle   5 star

Good brain work!. I love Yahtzee with Buddies! I have a family. And I communicate with friends. It’s good clean fun.

Advertorial    5 star

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silk1951   4 star

love the challenges. like bonus

QuincyGibbs   1 star

Freezing. Darn game keeps freezing after 5 rolls on most hands. A couple of the ads caused me to reboot my phone 6 times one night. The darn freezing has cost me at least 100 rolls to stay in Survivor. Reinstalled the game 3 times with the same crappy results.

Self Tape Newbee   3 star

Love game but crashes. I really like this game for variety and familiar feel to off line version however the game crashes several times each session. Not only when watching videos to get a ‘free’ turn which is about 80% of the time but also randomly while playing. Fix that issue for 5 stars.

hklo9741   5 star

Lots of fun. I enjoy all the playing options, great game

Jesss1331   5 star

Fun but LOTS of ads... Very addictive and entertaining but way too many ads. I was led to believe that if you purchased something from the Yahtzee store that you’d be freed from having to watch 52,000 ads during an hour of play, but that didn’t happen for me unfortunately. Either way, I deal with the ads because I absolutely love the game!

Big daddy montana   5 star

Keep coming back.. Fun

Frogwylde   5 star

Yahoo Yahtzee. Totally addictive!

luckymargie   5 star

Great Game. Just wish wasn’t so many adds. Shouldn’t have to pay money to get rid of adds.

Papadukes60   5 star

Yahtzee. One heck of a great game!

lbblanny   5 star

Love rolling dice.. That’s what’s up.

diffity   5 star

So addictive. Great way to pass the time

Kamwat   5 star

Love this game. There’s no need to search for players, they find you easily. Once you play one game chances are you’ll keep playing!

Laurierae1   5 star

Love Yahtzee. Love this game! Wish there were more ways to win bonus dice rolls. The short ads in parts of your game are annoying tho & you don’t get anything. (Bonus rolls, etc.)

BiddysMama   5 star

Great game!!. I love that I don’t have to annoy my family to play a game. I can find players online that also love the game!

CanadianWinter   1 star

Crashes!. Game crashes ALL the time. Can’t get through a game without multiple crashes. Computer AI is very poor also. Relies on fixing rolls to ensure you can rarely win at higher difficulty.

Forfun824   5 star

Addictive. Love it!

Megadominus   3 star

Comments and suggestions. Hi, The game is really fun and I enjoy playing. The things that bogs me a bit are the ads, off course but also that we can’t skip some of your transit animations. I like it better when we just can go to the next game as quickly as possible. Little suggestion, it would be really great if we could see our average winning with every players we play with. Thank you!

Hoinco   5 star

Yahtzee. Love it!

Phtwobs   5 star

Yahtzee. Gunther to play

cvg42   5 star

Crystel42. Love this game

RobErtCanada   5 star

Great game.... It is one of those games that makes you want to play more and more. Highly recommended.

maeswest   3 star

yathzee. not good wifi

TiggyTugs   1 star

TiggyTugs. It takes a lot of playing and resources to accumulate the rewards to win one special dice. And it’s extremely frustrating after doing so, the game gives you the identical dice over and over. This glitch has been there since this feature started and it still has not been fixed!

yeet yo tacos   5 star

It’s good. I like to play with my mom and it’s quite good

Crazy Banana Pirates!   1 star

Started to get phishing pop ups. Had an alert that my account was compromised that was actually a phishing scam

Cheyannemb   5 star

Great game. Awesome game

kristina59   5 star

YAHTZEE. J’adore ce jeu

PurpleFan9691   5 star

Yahtzee is Aweseome!!. Spend hours using your mind!!

nancybee78   5 star

Seriously addictive!. I absolutely love playing this game! What’s even better is the element of joining a “family” team to play together and win great rewards!

Saskerr   1 star

Constantly crashing. Game is constantly crashing

Advertorial    5 star

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Spanki-   5 star

Great game. Love this game, very interactive and many different ways to earn rewards.

Drawing Kiwi   5 star

I luv this!!. This game is great although it can be laggy at times I believe it is one of my top 10 100%

bcjrydd   4 star

Bbvgv. Hgghh

Huntsman1   2 star

Gambling gateway. I like Yahtzee, and this app has some great ways to play, but it’s really pushing gambling, with lots of ways to spend for a hope of rewards. It has a “high rollers” section and even links to another app that is gambling real money. I won’t let my kids play this app.

Plobty3424   3 star

Pretty good. Good but the high rollers is fixed

Tankatom   3 star

Reduce the ads. Way to many ads it’s very frustrating

Corina Anne   3 star

Awesome n addicting. Love a Yahtzee game anytime!!but I think Feast goes to long and you guys don’t give out enough FREE dice.... maybe you could make the rewards a bit better to instead of stupid tournament tickets what about some dice...

taniatgresele   5 star

So fun. It is so fun I play this game more than the other apps on my phone

GalaxyGal1127   4 star

Awesome game but.... I really don’t like how many advertisements you have added. I understand you’re trying to make money, but maybe don’t put an advertisement every 2nd go. I also don’t wanna pay money to get rid of advertisements. It’s a waste of money. Please. Make less advertisements appear.

Mitch/58   5 star

Great game. Very addictive

jojosmuma   5 star

Survey. 😍 the game.

starstella84   5 star

Best Game. So addictive!! Love playing everyday

tupperware maddog   5 star

Maddog. My favourite game!

Coops2a   1 star

Ruined by excessive ads. The bombardment of ads killed my enjoyment of this game. Be warned - the volume of ads is low when you first play. Once you are hooked the ads increase.

D" Fly   5 star

Great. Always gives you something to do

Snapecoook   5 star

Recommend highly!!. Great game with the new changes!!!

shell!will!   5 star

Much better. Great app

Major Brewer   5 star

Great game. Playing is fun

vfjfdg   5 star

I love this game. Hi

Shanshuprophecy   5 star

If you love dice games ... Have been playing this for years The developers work really hard to keep bringing new ideas & games to keep things interesting Although there are in-app purchases, you don’t get beaten over the head with ads or notices & there are opportunities to earn for free This is the only game I have stayed with long term — great mix of quick dice -driven games & social aspects of you want it without it taking over your life with check-in points etc

Peteski1   4 star

Very good game.. Challenging and well made.

PaddyDog6   5 star

Yahtsee. Great game I am addicted

some bloke in Oz   5 star

Great fun. Love the challenge of playing multiple other players

aussiedevil79   3 star

Chat. Having trouble with chats. I can’t chat to anyone

Queen Slander. It's a good relaxing game! 4 stars!!!!

craigwm2508   2 star

Confusing. The rewards and extra games are somewhat confusing. Not enough free dice.

How can you get it so wrong   1 star

Far too many ads. Love this game, but the number of ads is just ridiculous. If I see an ad for Tic Toc again I will scream. Just bombarded.

Rattct   5 star

Rattct. So much fun to play

BurntOutStudent   3 star

Great game too many ads. I’d rate it higher if there weren’t so many ads

jessdudley   5 star

Jegs1986. Great love this game

emryi   5 star

Yahtzee. I play this game literally until I fall asleep every night. I love this game so much!!

amakslts   3 star

Yahtzee. To many ads even after I paid for no ads

Natasha216   5 star

Yahtzee. So much fun and challenging!!

56&78   5 star

Tse. Love it

Hot stuff50   5 star

Yahtzee. I’m having fun

RBranny   4 star

Great. Love playing this game. So many different game styles.

Shanorin   5 star

Love. I love this game it’s so relaxing

Kevin DH. RN   5 star

Game. Great game. Fun relaxing

kytezj   1 star

Game not working. Game hasn’t worked in two days and support is not working

Scrubz[TGB]   2 star

Great game brought down by ads. At first I could not have said anything negative about this game. Content and updates galore! But then came the ATROCIOUS adds! That said it does add an extra game mode... find the “x” button! Get rid of the ads.

Deekitty   5 star

Love the variety. Lots of fun ways to play. Keeps it interesting

RishMc   5 star

Great game!. I love this game

Radar37   5 star

Always have fun. Thoroughly enjoy Yathzee!! So many way to unwind and just have fun and forget the world.

nomosauce82   3 star

Stop crashing!😡. Hey I give this app a 3 out of 5 because it keeps crashing and on survivor, I don’t even get a chance to play because of this issue and I keep coming in last. Could you please fix this issue?

Docs nick   5 star

Fun!. Love the game, but all the options are confusing

MickeyMouse1928   5 star

Fun. Very fun!

inimeggmn   5 star

Good game. Passes time

kbkby   3 star

Gift grab is a joke. It has to be a scam I spent like 50 dice and continued to hit x the very next one complete rip off

owellane   5 star

Like it. Like it a lot

Jrsr1123   5 star

Love it. Love it

yesgt   5 star

Fun game. Thanks

Evelyn Aguilar-Cruz   5 star

Yahtzee review. Great friendships & teamates and opponents made. Don’t like that some some teammates and opponents get 20+ videos per dice, scratchers and coins for about a year and I don’t get over 4 per I have been playing consistently for years, have BOUGHT a lot of dice it’s not right.

Daisiesmv33   5 star

Love it.... I just downloaded this game 2 days ago and it the best!! I’ll keep this app for a long time...

pamhilde   5 star

Fun times!. Such a fun game. Wish they would give more dice away!

goshia   5 star

Detrot. We should be able to select the league we want to be part of, if we choose to down grade it should be okay. I have stopped playing the tournaments as they are stupid and you loose 8 10 games, so it’s a waste of my time.

L945   5 star

Yahtzee’s game review. Soo fun can’t keep my eyes off the screen🤣👍🤣

r3liddleangelz   5 star

Yahtzee. Need shorter time between tournaments ...addicted!

Jodie n robinson   5 star

Yahtzee with buddies. My sister is wanting to play with me but she can’t see my score so what is wrong

PFTJR   5 star

Dice with Buddies. Awesome game

TimCapanna   4 star

Good game but has its flaws. I like the game a lot. Been playing for a while now. The biggest gripe I have is that you can get the same dice more than 2 times, which shouldn’t be allowed. You play the game to win cool dice and instead are left with the feeling that it’s rigged more times than not. An example is when they had the Game of Thrones limited edition dice. Played all the games to gain the tokens and I got the same exact set of dice 4 times. Made it all seem not worth it at all. Besides that the game is fun. Just don’t get your hopes up.

Jfchevrier1979   4 star

Its good!. ... but if u wanna get somewhere, you got to play LOTS. Love tournaments, love family feast. The rest? Meh.. Too much visual flafla. Many screens. Ads aren’t that bad considering the quality. Could bring that down the quality in exchange for less ads. Will keep playing. Thanks!

Can't take this nickname   2 star

Painful process. This app really assumes you have no idea how to play. Even when I “skipped” the tutorial it still insisted on showing me what dice to choose.

Jennnnnnni1233   5 star

A🎲🎲🎲. Stress relieving, TONS of different challenges & events, Holiday themes, Amazing graphics, family’s that have 50 players & you compost against other players. What more can you ask for!

Visis   4 star

Great games and tournaments. At first I just wanted to play traditional Yahtzee, but then I really started enjoying the tournaments and collecting dice is addictive. Only complaint is that it crashes a lot and need reloading.

thankyiu   1 star

CHEATING. Stop the cheating dice dolls. Boo 👎🏻👎🏻

CJD032375   5 star

So much fun!!!!. With all the tournaments, family feasts, regular games and all the activities, this game never gets old and is always entertaining!

Mr Blair59   5 star

MrBlair. Love this game 5*****

simijah   3 star

Yahtzee. Love this game would give it 5 stars but it’s flawed computer games are rigged scratches only give XPs let’s not talk about the tournaments impossible as I add to the issues the game crashes all the time now still playing cause it’s a good game when it works

1944gramma   5 star

Senior. Keeps mind going

Red Koala 50   5 star

Buddies. I lost my buddy from the old Yahtzee and can’t get him back so I’m deleting both games!!!!😡🤬😡

Dyonisos101   5 star

Bon divertissement. La meilleure version de YAHTZEE en ligne.

Kandy1964   1 star

Yahtzee. Worst update ever. Keeps booting me out while trying to play 🥵

Nadanna   5 star

Awesomeness!!! Fav game!!. Best game!!!

iOiler   1 star

Adds. It was fun but too much adds

ksozzy   5 star

Love. It

Ddjep   4 star

Awesome game. Great game. Easy to play

ShrtySqueekr   4 star

App crashes. I love this game, highly addictive. But now I find that I can barely get logged into the game with out it crashing. It’s very frustrating 😡

Babana abanan   5 star

Awesome. Great game

RachelMB45   5 star

Jeu très prenant. Encourageant et surtout pas trop de publicité qui ralentissent, comme d’autres jeux.

mactheknofe   5 star

Yatzee Yahoo!!!!. Great game

jew1100   5 star

Great game. Fun to play

~Ankh~   3 star

TOO MANY ADS!!. Used to be just ads after a game. Now it’s an ad after 2 or 3 turns. Frustrating & annoying especially since video ads uses more data. Wish there was a way to get rid of them.

Patz78   5 star

Yahtzee. It’s awesome

Shadow_dancer_8913   5 star

So much fun. This is so much fun to play

Soooo Much Fun,Fun!   5 star

Loving it!. I love the game and also the little challenges.Also making friends and having fun playing together 😍😍

dirty30mama   5 star

love this game. fun entertaining and addictive

trebcxim   5 star

Love it!. This game is so addicting and love the competitiveness and all the different games it has to play. There is no time when I can say oh I have to wait to play anymore!!!!

Dessyaja   5 star

Love that game. How many times I have to explain

woogy22   1 star

Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your time on this, every second roll is adds and they are constantly unless you buy

scrooge58   5 star

Lots of fun. Challenging and rewarding and no language barrier. Can play with anyone worldwide

colski65   5 star

Love the game. Simply love the game

tpskids   4 star

Addictive. Especially the special games

Jan2359   5 star

Great game to play for young and old. Good game for young and old and it’s free

Spinnerbait01   5 star

Great fun. Quick and easy to play. Great extras and the opportunity to play with friends.

Selkinblue   2 star

Crashes constantly. Love this game as a pass time but crashes every 2nd game otherwise would be 5stars

Luddy Duck   4 star

Rewrite of my review. Thanks, I’m rewriting my review, as things have changed, I’ve had more time to play & work out its character. It’s a great game & I’ve met some really nice people all over the world! The only thing I don’t like is gift grab, it annoys me. Keep up the good work! Cheers

bjd1962   5 star

A safe addiction. It always offers up new challenges!! Just really enjoy it!!

Don't know ye   5 star

Was 4 stars now 5. The developers have listened to the people and given us many more opportunities to win dice etc! Much better than it was even six months ago

Mizz Al   4 star

Yahtzee. Apart from those annoying ads after every roll of the dice live this game it’s awesome and addictive

LindlesB   1 star

Not Happy Jan!!!. Another day and I have had to reload the game twice since yesterday. Not good enough. Keeps freezing on different levels. Not playing anymore new challenges, deleting when I’ve completed the existing games. So frustrating. And now the game isn’t loading. You really need to fix these bugs. I play approx. 39 people and enjoy the competitions but now am thinking of sending a message to each saying thanks for the games but I’m deleting Yahtzee. Really need to fix the bugs. Game freezes, coins do not update correctly, no-one seems to be listening. Having fun playing. Question: yesterday when I finished playing I had over 4,500 coins saved. Today I started to play there are less than 1,000 coins. Not the first time this has happened. Is this a bug that needs fixing? I’d really like my coins back.

kezarose   4 star

Yahtzee. Love the games but it needs less ads

govener81   3 star

Yahtzee. Good game but the ads suck big time

Turtle22767   4 star

Great...but. Great but I’m sick of dice world being rigged on most levels so you have to use extra dice (money for you)to pass most levels I play the percentages of probability for chances of passing that work on all other sections of the game except this part (average considerably lower in this section)

egdlee   4 star

4/5. I love this game and have been playing for so long, but lately the app lags so much and randomly closes. Not sure if it’s just my phone but none of my other games or apps do this. It’s a shame because I’ve missed out on a few survivor mini games because it just shuts down- after it happens a few times I just don’t bother trying to reopen the app

SeanoontheGC   1 star

Not actually with friends. I wanted to play my friends live, I was sitting next to my friend but we were both playing a computer sim with our accounts attached. Lying Rubbish

not my knickname   2 star

Buggy. Super buggy. Game quits often and then may freeze when game is restarted. Even more annoying now with the timed survivor game. Such a shame. I love yahtzee

Fi2330   5 star

Fantastic. Love, love, love it!

Debsue62   5 star

Best game ever!!!. Little bit addictive............... Who am I kidding it’s totally addictive!!!!

Cozmoweirdo   1 star

Where is the last piece of dice. Only 7 pieces of dice in late set adventure dice factor !

Miiikaykay3   5 star

So much fun!!!. Love playing every game and all the extras!!!

BMDono   5 star

Yay. I love it

Nanakay52   4 star

Entertaining Yahtzee. Great entertaining game that you can play against and with family and friends, and make new buddies online. Can be very strategic but also involves a bit of luck.

Thegeespot   1 star

The worst!!. Lags and drops out continually. Advertising every 30 secs or out the yin yang! FRUSTRATING FORMAT! DONT BOTHER DOWNLOADING!

Kimbo~PerthWA   5 star

Yahtzee! Love it!. So fun! Reminds me of being a kid! :)

Aunty bok bok   4 star

Aunty Bok bok. Great game however no way to move past when particular error message occurs. Been seeing same error message for 4 months

********msm********   5 star

xxxmxxx. Great game

Simo0322   5 star

Relaxing. Unwind my day with a great game of Yahtzee!!

AnnabellaD   5 star

Nice. Great game if you love Yahtzee, only not enough free dice with the amount of scratchie opportunity but I still like to play

Djencsl   5 star

Love it. After some confusing looking around I have finally grasp the new format and love it, I played till level 60 in the old format but got bored with it. So I am loving this change.

AwesomeBabe87   5 star

Awesome!!!. Love it! Love all the tournaments, different die choices n versing friends

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