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Roll dice to play YAHTZEE® With Buddies! It is the fun, classic board game with a new look. Play dice with friends in this multiplayer game.

Challenge your friends to play this family game for hours of endless fun! The #1 dice game is reimagined in YAHTZEE® With Buddies! Puzzle game fan? Poker dice fan? Strategy fan? Then you will love this new two player dice game! Don’t have a clue what YAHTZEE® is? Download it now and you will soon find out!

Classic & Fun Board Game on the Go
Play the #1 dice game officially licensed by Hasbro, anywhere.
Social game meets dice challenge: Roll dice against other players in epic 2 player game play.
Play dice with family and friends: You can chat and send stickers while you play! Join a YAHTZEE® family to get help from your friends!

===YAHTZEE® With Buddies Features===

Dice Master Showdown:
• Beat the Dice Masters for great prizes!

Dice Game Bonuses:
• Complete Dice games to win in-game scratchers for a chance to win bonus dice rolls.
• Activate a bonus dice roll to get an extra dice spin right when you need it.

Take part in tournaments:
• Dice tournaments are a new, thrilling challenge! Dice Solitaire, Dice Bingo, and Dice Stars are completely new ways to play these classic games! Play through different leagues to win exciting prizes.

Social Games with Friends
• Play with friends and family. Create your own family in game to get and give help.
• Multiplayer games with random opponents. Play dice games with players around the world.
• Chat and challenge your friends with the new social buddies system!

Personalize your dice rolling experience:

Yatzy, yacht, yachty, yatzee, crag, balut, farkle, kismet, yamb, or generala, there’s only one authentic Yahtzee! Roll the dice to find out why millions have played this classic family game for over 50 years!

Download the app, roll the dice, and prepare to shout “YAHTZEE!”

HASBRO and YAHTZEE names and logos are trademarks of Hasbro. © 2019 Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI 02861-1059 USA. All Rights Reserved. TM & ® denote U.S. Trademarks.

Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice App Description & Overview

The applications Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice was published in the category Games on 2017-11-01 and was developed by Scopely. The file size is 393.95 MB. The current version is 6.3.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Introducing Victory Rush! Test your skills in our new Victory Rush event! Can you get a perfect win streak through all your favorite game modes? The further you get, the better your rewards!

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Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice Reviews


Fun game  RozieSue  5 star

Fun game


Sound  Tim01010100  1 star

I have my phone muted, with that being said why does the ads play their sounds. I should not have to disable the sound from the add if my phone is set to vibrate, I know this use to make a difference in the ads but after an update it now plays the sounds. Fix please.

Bonnie in Navasota

Free dice  Bonnie in Navasota  5 star

More opportunities to win free dice in the scratch offs that we win.


Fun times  roger581  5 star

I play all the time


Yahtz O’fun  Tgrpwz  5 star

Great app to have for traveling and rainy days when you are stuck inside.


Ads  crazypanda1965!  2 star

Not working!! Button doesn’t come on. 3 days now

playful hedgehog

Yahtzee with buddies  playful hedgehog  5 star

Love game. Lots of fun.


Not Fun Anymore  SusieQ1961  2 star

This used to be fun but the rewards don’t download correctly, the game freezes and they clearly just want you to spend money in app. I’d originally bought the no-ad version maybe 5+ years ago. That was fun. It’s too distracting with all the extra stuff they’ve added. I deleted it for awhile, I’ll probably delete it AGAIN!


Fun  Tanner13qb  5 star



My go to!  11ava30  5 star

My favorite game!!


Review  Manda3008  3 star

Love the game, but too many adds!!!


Great games but way too many ads  Stillsong  4 star

I love playing on this app with real people. I only gave it four stars though because there are way to many ads. Most go for thirty seconds. A single turn turn goes for a few seconds and then there is an ad for 15 seconds or more often 30 seconds so it’s very tedious.


Lost dice  mjhgchj  4 star

Love the game and have played for years now through this ap. My only hate is rewards going missing.


I am not  nAbU1996  1 star

I can’t win Against the dice masters it is impossible to win I’m about to delete this game because I’m not happy with this game with the dice masters are not easy to win agains. I wish u guys make this game more easily and more fun. I am very piss off at this game. That is why I am giving a one star rating. This game is to hard to pass it. And I am not buying dices because you can become a vip went u do that. Sooo I hope u guys fix this game up for everyone on this game. I am one of them who not happy with this game.


Cannot scratch dice master rewards please fix, otherwise love game.  Koo1183  4 star

Cannot scratch dice master rewards ad above, otherwise love game.


DandyDuckling  dandyduckling  5 star

Fun game :)


Ahhhhhhh  KKKKhello  4 star

The whole thing is just tickets which cost money to get. I cannot play a game unless I wait 12 hours. The buddy idea I don’t like bc u have to wait until they actually do something before u can then have your turn. I just want to play a game against the computer without having to pay. The actual game though has a great idea and I love it. Pls please please stop all the tickets thing though.


So addictive!!  Buffster8  5 star

Love playing it. I don’t play many games but I can’t stop playing this one!! So good!!


Draining my battery terribly  K81979  1 star

Love game but it’s draining my battery so deleting! So disappointed

anoyed error no energy

waste of time  anoyed error no energy  1 star

Too many adds, game is rigged, almost impossible to win unless you purchase extra dice. computer generated opposition almost always manages to get what is needed to win on the last roll.


Yahtzee Bingo  Mar18ley  5 star

I can not get enough of Yahtzee Bingo


Yahtzee with Buddies  Bjfsrk  3 star

Very fun game, but hard to get free dice to play for a 4th roll.

CVS Is A #1

Best Game Ever  CVS Is A #1  5 star

Fantastic game that I’ve been addicted to for some time! Love it!


NealJaguar  NealJaguar  5 star

Great game


Love it  emherbert  5 star

Very enjoyable game. I have always had special connection with Yahtzee and loved to play!


Great game to play with people of all ages!  CwGreatness  4 star



Like it  owellane  5 star

Like it a lot

OKC Becky

Yahtzee  OKC Becky  5 star

Pretty addictive!



I’ve been playing this game for a long time & im so sick of it already. When you play the “showdowns” against computers, their score doesn’t even add up right! I was about to beat one and I was ahead by 30 points. Tell me how the computer played 8 points and ended up getting a totally of 38 points just so I wouldn’t win.. fix this immediately. I know I’m not the first one to point this out.


Seriously?  LouLou1042  1 star

Call me crazy but I feel like it shouldn’t take me 18 times and 3 days to beat 1 dice master...and no I’m not exaggerating...all of these games are predetermined if you ask me...smh. You should be ashamed of yourselves...

Wall Street man

Newest version too buggy — edit: working better  Wall Street man  4 star

This game hasn’t updated, but bugs seem to be fixed. Strange, but enjoying the game again! I’ve been enjoying this game for quite some time. I would like the new tournament if it weren’t for the lack of proper testing before launch. Issues encountered: 1. At times, the point tallies are incorrect. This is especially aggravating when extra die have been invested. 2. No credit for winning a game when the game score is exactly the same as the prize score. 3. Win game, but no credit at all! Should have won tournament, but received no tally increase or game win. 4. Game freezes.

Tea and books

Review  Tea and books  3 star

A lot of the features from the old game are missing. Especially the option to start a new game with the opponent you just finished playing. Also turns remaining are not featured.

Flubber 76

Good until update came with ads....  Flubber 76  2 star

Was enjoying it until it updated and ads appeared randomly and way too often. Ended up deleting it then ☹️

Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice Comments

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