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Roll dice & play New YAHTZEE® With Buddies! The family board game classic connects friends for a fun, multiplayer puzzle game of dice. Call it yatzee or even yatzy, but there’s only one Yahtzee! Give it a roll and find out why millions have played this classic family game for over 50 years!

Download the #1 dice game, reimagined in the brand New YAHTZEE® With Buddies! The impossible-to-resist social dice game has a brand new look and style, more ways to play and more prizes to win. Featuring amazing, authentic graphics with different outcomes every time, YAHTZEE® offers hours of addictive fun. Play with family and friends anytime anywhere!

Play the addictive, #1 dice game officially licensed by Hasbro at home or on the go
Roll dice with board game rules that are fast and easy to learn
Challenge Facebook friends to a friendly, multiplayer game of dice. Or, shake things up and play against Dice with Buddies™ players! You can even chat while you play!
Play in daily tournaments and defeat a new Dice Master daily to score Bonus Rolls, Custom Dice, prizes and rewards!
Roll dice with flair! Personalize your Yahtzee experience by winning Custom Dice and vanity frames!

Play dice games with friends and prove you’re the best dice roller
Multiplayer matches where anything can happen!
Play in daily dice tournaments for a new challenge with winners crowned in intense multiplayer matchups!
Roll dice in epic battles that pit you against skilled Masters! Heat up the competition and challenge a new opponent to a dice game matchup!
Play dice and test your game skills. Score prizes, amazing Bonus Rolls and Custom Dice to create a personalized experience!

Download New YAHTZEE® With Buddies and experience the world’s best dice game and family board game classic come to life! Play multiplayer games with friends, challenge daily Dice Masters or Dice with Buddies™ players to keep the action rolling!

Pick up your shaker, roll dice and prepare to shout “YAHTZEE”!

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© 2018 Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI 02861-1059 USA. All Rights Reserved. TM & ® denote U.S. Trademarks.

New Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice App Description & Overview

The applications New Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice was published in the category Games on 2017-11-01 and was developed by Scopely. The file size is 382.85 MB. The current version is 6.0.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Introducing Families! Join a Yahtzee family where you can chat and play together, plus earn FREE rewards! Group chat in your family room and show off your colors with the Family emblem. Best of all, send and receive FREE rewards with your family!

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New Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice Reviews


Deleted the game  Tiki-Grant  1 star

What is the point if you always lose the challenges? After playing 30 plus challenge games and winning only once, why bother? Their side will get Whatever they need to win while avoiding giving you what you need. Random chance would at least be fair but this is ridiculous.

lights now

Yahtze  lights now  4 star

It’s fun ,interesting, and easy to follow . I want to play alone though or with the inside opponent.


Not what it’s cracked up to be  kj12046  2 star

Yes, it’s Like regular Yahtzee but it’s difficult to get dice to play the tournaments. You’ll never get dice playing the gift grab. I’ve played it every day and never made it past the 5th level. Also, their scratch offs never result in dice. They claim you can get 200 of them, but I’ve seriously scratched off probably 1000 of them and I’ve probably gotten free dice about 20 times—then it’s only one or two (you need 2 to play the tournaments). You get points with these but have no idea what they’re used for. They’ve got a long way to go to perfect this app.


Updates isn't working right  Bardo99  2 star

The updates isn't working. When I tap on Tournaments it just comes up with the blue screen with TOURNAMENTS on it! Being that you nickel and dime people for any little progress. It at least can run if anything! Beyond frustrated!!


Favorite app  Ericvpx  5 star

It’s practically my favorite app. So I was like no


Too Many Game Related Ads  Kennellroxco  1 star

We get it, you want our money...but I shouldn't have to dismiss a game related ad every time I log into the app, especially when I've paid to remove other ads. Simplicity is key here and you've weighed down what could be a beautiful app with unnecessary ads.


Battery Killer  hea222745  3 star

If I open it just for a moment, it takes ten percent each time I play. Not good for on the go but okay when a charger is readily available.


Addicted  ndjsgrvhdosns  5 star

No joke I saw this as an Ad on another app of mine and thought how much I loved Yahtzee as a kid ! Well I'm so hooked that I'm embarrassed to admit how many screen hours my phone told me I've put in on the game in the last 4 days 😳😳 it's 6 am and I haven't slept yet. I'm a junkie lol! Help. Yahtzee anonymous hotline ? Anyway totally recommend. Oh one thing, you play against other people so you have to wait on them and their turn. Kinda like WWF. I have 4-5 games that the player plays 1 time a day. Drives me crazy but luckily you can start a lot of games. I have like 10 going and only 3-4 play multiple times a day. They also have random tourneys and special events. Solitaire Yahtzee, a wacky one and double points one ! Even a Christmas theme. I told you I'm addicted. I love it 🥰


Love Yahtzee Buddies  sjol2019  5 star

Fun to play when you have the extra time!


Messaging  jdvwg  4 star

Why did you take away the ability to delete conversations??? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!


Joyceshemolly  joyceshemolly  5 star

Love this game but love winning more

Smiley 062212

Emoji  Smiley 062212  4 star

What happened to emojis in the messages??? They won’t work. Otherwise a great game


❤️  Darelleighismad  5 star

it’s real neat

drew 1982

Too many ads  drew 1982  1 star

Too many ads

Nancy Says Boo

Fun..but...  Nancy Says Boo  2 star

The bots ALWAYS win. Always. The different types of game dare fun (eg yahtzee solitaire and bingo) but you can’t win against the bots. Not randomised dice throwing.


Yahtzee or Vegas  DisapointedDownunder  2 star

They have changed a great game into a memory hungry battery draining Vegas style set up. The developers try to make you think you have won but it is a rort. If it wasn’t for the a handful of people I play with, I’d probably have ditched it. Looks like the commercial people and the casino owners have seized power


Adds  hanisastew1988  5 star

Have u got an add free version as the adds frustrate me


Best  Fyhuknnk  5 star



Fun  RmWthaVeeew  5 star

This game is awesome! So many things to do! If you’re playing with your family and friends, it’s a great way to pass some time. You could play others around the world. You could play the competitions and spend real money on dice and other such things. But you don’t have to. You can win dice to keep playing the competitions, but like I said you don’t have to. I’ve won over 1000 dice on the scratchies and when I do, I play the competitions but don’t feel I have to to enjoy the game. Unless there’s real monetary reward at the end of Yahtzee with Buddies or any other game on our mobiles, don’t spend your money. There’s no rush to beat the game. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


App keeps crashing  hully06  1 star

This game was fun, until it just keeps crashing. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Reset my phone. I have tried pretty much everything and it just keeps crashing.


Fun  PungoDonna  5 star

This is addicting


Just Want My $  Dutchindo  1 star

It is almost impossible to get to the next level w/o spending more money. I play a lot, w/o spending too much money, and can never advance. Ripoff!

alexis 💁🏻

Fix it  alexis 💁🏻  1 star

Always crashes, doesn’t give your rewards all the time and ends the game after it crashes


Fun  Zboystatus  5 star



Yahtzee  kdubfly  5 star

Best game ever!


Fun game  Kissy99999  5 star

Love this game and all the different ones they have to play!!


Game cheats  sweetie391  3 star

I love playing the game but, when you play against the game 9 out of 10 times the game wins by cheating. You’ll be playing and know that you have the game beat but on its last roll it winds up with extra points and beats you. Makes you just want to play with your friends and not do the extra things.


Cheating  fjdhfjfh  1 star

Every one I play with no matter how much I go on practice mode they cheat


ANNOYING  BriPelky  1 star

now let me be straight! I’m not a poor sport at all! But this game is ridiculous oh literally can’t win any of the “challenges” with out paying actual real money to buy extra moves and restarts. But the people you play against get 3,4,5 Yahtzee’s every game because why? They are computer animated and made to make you spend your real money on a fake game. It’s not even fun to play because you can almost never win!

KC blitzer

Please stop changing the chat feature!  KC blitzer  1 star

The new chat is terrible! You can’t use emojis and you can’t delete conversations! Bring those 2 features back PLEASE!!!!!

Tea and books

Review  Tea and books  3 star

A lot of the features from the old game are missing. Especially the option to start a new game with the opponent you just finished playing. Also turns remaining are not featured.

Flubber 76

Good until update came with ads....  Flubber 76  2 star

Was enjoying it until it updated and ads appeared randomly and way too often. Ended up deleting it then ☹️

New Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice Comments

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