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The best Add-Ons, Maps, Skins, Seeds for Minecraft PE.

• A lots of Add-Ons, Maps, Mini Games & Seeds.
• Hundreds awesome MCPE Skins.
• New items update daily.

Main feature:
• Easy to install Add-Ons with one tap.
• All Add-Ons fully tested, and repackaged as needed.
• Search trending Add-Ons.
• Bookmarks: your favorite Add-Ons.
• Download stats: the number of downloads for Addon.
• Rating: you can rate for the Addon/Seed.
• Push notifications: to your phone when new Addons added.

# Disclaimer: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft. We are not associated or affiliated with Mojang AB.

MCPE Planet - Addons, Maps, Skins for Minecraft PE App Description & Overview

The applications MCPE Planet - Addons, Maps, Skins for Minecraft PE was published in the category Shopping on 2017-03-01 and was developed by Tuan Phan. The file size is 44.80 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

# Added new contents:
• Minecraft Skins.
• Minecraft Seeds.

# Added new features:
• Search Addons by name.
• Filter Addons by file type.
• Bookmarks: save your favorite Addons.
• Rating: now you can rate for the Addons/Seeds.
• Download stats: number of downloads for Addons.
• Push notifications: when new Addons added.

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MCPE Planet - Addons, Maps, Skins for Minecraft PE Reviews

Pro Gamer 2002

The best app ever  Pro Gamer 2002  5 star

I love this app


Awesome!!  Ike7654987  5 star

I love it!!!!💩💩💩💩


Please updates faithful  camstevensnl  1 star

I tried to download my favorite texture pack (the faithful texture pack) but it just doesn’t work it will download but it won’t let me go into settings again to take the texture pack off instead it will continuously kick me off Minecraft it also won’t let me play on any of my Minecraft worlds without kicking me off se what is going on here let me make it clear YOU NEED TO UPDATE THE FAITHFUL TEXTURE PACK SO IT DOSENT CRASH WHENEVER I TRY TO PLAY WITH IT ON.


Just amazing  Ggdgjhsxvnjg  5 star

This app is the best I love this app I use it and my neighbor uses it all the time thank you for making this if this wasn’t made I would have no cool apps but some maps I can’t change to creative so please fix that but other than that I give this app far more than 5 stars



It's so good for Minecraft it works on a iPod 6 generation and more


Nice app  Yes70  5 star

Nice app


Really Really Great!!!  SoapYouth2006  5 star

Let’s you have mods although some of them have to be payed for but who cares!???

Forest Flower 6

Amazing  Forest Flower 6  5 star

So one day one of my friends was playing Minecraft PE and I looked over and there were DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I immediately started freaking out. I was so confused. He showed me MCPE Planet and I downloaded it and it is so much FUN! My favorite part is the maps. When I watch people playing maps on YouTube I always wanted to try them out for myself too. And now I can! 5 stars. 10 out of 10. Would recommend. 😋


A great game  AddiAvocado  5 star

I love this app. It does not cost me a penny for maps, addons, or challenges. For quite a few years, I have been looking for an app that will allow me to do that kind of thing without having to pay for it.Thank you so much this game is great!!!!


ADDON IDEA!!!  Ragnar_6400  5 star

MAKE THE ALIEN TRIPOD ADDON! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see the movie “The War Of Worlds” THX

Poke me j1

Awesome I love it  Poke me j1  5 star

Can u do a other one


It's great for me! Everything works well. 👍🏻👍🏻😋😋  -_DerpyTEF_-  4 star

This game is so great, especially the skins and addons... So I sheared it with my friends! 😄

Amazing A.E

Annoying but good  Amazing A.E  3 star

It is fun to use but, always asking me to rate so I did


DA BEST  MJFrithy  5 star

It's so good :)


Awesome  MooseCraftWithAva  5 star

There is just to much to talk about some words about is THE BEST APP I GOT YET thanks so much for making a app for iPad and iPhone -MooseCraftWithAva


Five stars of course  thefutureshock  5 star

Awesome Happy Lit

Kawaii Paradise

Horrible  Kawaii Paradise  1 star

I cant download anything but skins and it makes you pay. I AM SO NOT PAYING MCCP add ons is way better. Don’t waste money, get MCCP Addons

bbros bbros

Good mod  bbros bbros  5 star

It's personality love the mod it's self


Review  ⭐️ly  4 star

It's Annoying how it keeps saying rate me



Just get the app do not look at the reviews anymore!


Emma  Popkil29  5 star



Pretty good  justinwhi  5 star

It’s a pretty good game, but can u make it where it has new Addons every day? And can u please get the aquatic Addon? I’ve tried to get it on other games but it doesn’t work. Thanks for reading.


Amazing  web1721  5 star



LOVE IT  Awesooooommmeee!  5 star

I love it when everyday in 2018 there is a new one😀😃😃

Creat like a boss

Awesome  Creat like a boss  5 star


Jonny l 20

Stupid  Jonny l 20  1 star

It kept asking me to rate it so I did.............. a bad one 😂😂

9 year old girl💁🏻

Please read  9 year old girl💁🏻  5 star

This app is amazing if you know how to use it. You have to check it daily for more mods. Although I would like it all to be free that isn't the case. You get about thirty five mods and maps to start with. You mustn't misjudge the app because there are many adds, there are. I'm thankful to the creator for giving my Minecraft world a pop or two. It's very fun but, I'd like it to be easier to use. My sister can't use it, her iPad crashes like crazy whenever we install it. A few bugs could be fixed but over all, it's amazing. 💕🦄✌️

Miguel Sandoval 08 🐍😱👾

Great  Miguel Sandoval 08 🐍😱👾  5 star

It's great I've never found an app that gives me free maps and Addons


Great  DemonCodes  5 star

1 touch adding easy download skins and more it's the best for iOS

mcpe destroyer

Wow  mcpe destroyer  5 star

I’m not trying to be rude but they are NOT mods they are ADDONS not mods but addons are still very great also I think some are not free because you didn’t get them earlier This is all.


It works amazing  sqysy  5 star

It does replace other things though


MCPE addons  Kittyqueen🐱🐱🐱  4 star

It's a great app but it dose not let me get them


K  Assassin425  5 star

It’s horrible

Molly 123

It's so good  Molly 123  5 star

Its amazing

cookie minster

To good to be true 🦄  cookie minster  5 star

The best app ever 🍖😎


❤️  Megbvgvftcfvbnjbgjiuytrewasdxf  5 star

I love this app this is better than all of the add on But the furniture add on won't work it will place the forge but I don't know how to get all the stuff

Noah slemon

Wow  Noah slemon  5 star


Daithi Locha

AMAZING  Daithi Locha  5 star

This app is great


Great  Deathmaster34  5 star

It's amazing


U Should Add This Of U Want Me To Share The App  WolfKingSam  5 star

Pls Make An Obsidian addon behaviour pack and t pack it would be cool if u acctually used obsidian to make it but pls make an obsidian mod

Desi/ popcorn

MCPE PLANET  Desi/ popcorn  5 star

Best game ever!!


Cool  Am_Tazer2  5 star

It gives stuff for free


Best  22lightbluegirl  5 star

I reallifesoap like iT but van there please be a dragen riding add on and make The furniture one Free


Awesome  NallaMars  5 star

Best app ever


Shiv  Nnnnaaaabbbeeellllll  5 star

Best game ever


Best app ever  Jess😂😂  5 star

Thanks for making I have so much fun in the new worlds 🌎


Love it  rudeshield  5 star

It's nice

Skye Moondance

Ok I rated  Skye Moondance  5 star

I love this app a lot. I agree, a The Flash addon would be a-ma-zing. But all the addons so far is perfect and I had no problems. Keep up the amazing work cuz I love it


Love ot  Richard#CR7  5 star

I love mincraft and this so much!!!!!


Love  Hugzucogucouzczou  5 star

I need more Addons

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