Old Man's Journey

Old Man's Journey [Games] App Description & Overview

A soul-searching adventure about life’s precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans.

Over 17 International Awards, including:
- Apple Design Award (USA)
- Emotional Game Award (France)
- Innovation Award (Brazil)
- Best Art Award (Japan)

- A powerful and emotional narrative told only through imagery
- Gorgeously whimsical landscapes with hand-drawn art and animations
- Handcrafted, pressure-free puzzles
- Unique landscape-shaping mechanic
- A compact game experience perfect for a wanderlust-evoking escape
- Original and emotionally compelling soundtrack by SCNTFC

"A gorgeous experience." - TouchArcade (10/10)
"An absolute joy to look at and play" - The Guardian
"A whimsical poem" - Polygon (8/10)

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Old Man's Journey Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We fixed a hang up that occurred during startup on some newer iPads.

Old Man's Journey Comments & Reviews

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- Old Man’s Journey

A beautiful game with a simple story at its heart. Stunning. Old Man’s Journey is amazing and I’ve spent loads of time trying to complete the game. The puzzles are difficulty which is what you expect in story games. Everything about this is amazing!

- Old man journey

I’m not much of a gamer because I’m not into the violence portrayed in most of the game these days but this one was different - at times I thought the program had a flaw - but it was me it got me to think outside the box and I finished it yeah - thank you

- Better than 5 stars

I wish I could rate this game more stars. Such a beautiful story told in such a touching artistic way without being heavy handed at all. Definitely takes you on a journey. Want to thank the team behind this beautiful piece. The gameplay is intuitive, with great animation and a soothing soundtrack :)

- Amazing craftmanship

The art style, animation and sound design are incredibly well done. It’s been one very pleasing experience. But the game kind of stutter on my iPhone 11. It’s a little bummer.

- A masterpiece

An old man reminiscing about his life and relationships with some of the most breathtaking and memorable music and art you will find in a game (not just a mobile game). This is a the perfect game for that daily commute or a long flight.

- Really boring

Basically the same simple puzzle throughout the whole game; just moving mountains up and down. I wish I could get my money back.

- Breathtakingly Gorgeous

I cannot express how much I love this game and everything about it. Less of a game and more of a interactive storybook that makes you think and is filled with non stop artwork with the most beautiful colour palettes and design. The music is calm and so suited to the vibes this boutique game gives off. Pure fuel for the imagination 😍 thank you thank you thank you for making this game I wish there was a sequel!

- Beautiful Game

So good having an engaging game that is not violent, is beautifully paced and thoughtful. Favourite game would love to see more like this.

- Such a beautiful game

So evocative. Joyful and sad.

- Beautiful game

This game is a charming and heart warming game. The art and design in the levels is truly stunning. This game is worth the price.

- Beautiful, but...

Beautiful graphics. Would be nice if the villages were not so incidental. If it were more interactive, that would improve the game.

- Lovely

Wonderful narrative. If you like to savour your puzzles slowly without constant “ bings and dings “ this game is quite relaxing. Yoga for the mind.

- Beautiful

Just had my heart broken by a mobile game 💔 but it was so beautiful.

- Avoid this game

Repetitive music and a gameplay that is unclear and at times feels unresponsive. I deleted it after a week.

- Nice art but the game is ridiculously easy and boring

Nice art but the game is ridiculously easy and boring. If it was 99 cents id say it was worth that for the 30 mins of nice art and music but at this price it’s way too expensive for what you get.

- Beautiful but..

I love these kinds of games. The art was beautiful, the music had a nice atmosphere but not particularly any stand out tracks. The letdown was the repetitive gameplay and the ho hum storyline. I didn’t feel sorry for him I felt more sorry for his family. I kinda found that I wanted the journey to be over sooner, there were a lot of hills. Still the art does make it stand out amongst its competition, but you might want to have a more engaging storyline next time.

- Exceptional.

I believe the pricing is fair and the experience was all-round breathtaking. I was immersed into this heart full story without words. 💕

- Tugs at your heart strings.

Beautiful story about love, loss and redemption. This story unfolds in a series of vignettes scattered throughout the game. There is no pressure, no time limits - just beautiful, whimsical landscapes to travel through until you reach journey’s end. The animation is smooth and the soundtrack matches the whimsy perfectly. Don’t rush, take your time and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Lovely, gentle game.

- Worth every cent

A masterpiece in beauty, the sublime, and sweetness, this game will delight the senses and inspire the mind. This game is not for the impatient or the violence-lover.

- Dull

Boring, annoyingly repetitive; ultimately a huge disappointment, given the hype of the positive reviews l read before purchasing.

- Visually great, but a little on the expensive side

Visually this game is great, and the story suits the animation. My only complaint is the game is a little on the simple side, meaning you can finish it within an hour, so paying anything more than about $1 just seems to be a little on the expensive side.

- Basically unplayable

The descriptions sounded lovely. Paid, downloaded and got nowhere. Crashes frequently and even when it doesn’t crash it doesn’t make sense as a game. Interactive story, maybe but it only seemed to have one way to develop, so really not all that interactive. Deleted ageyet 10 minutes of frustration.

- As original and beautiful as they get

A truly poignant, authentic, heartfelt game. There are so many beautiful moments to pause and reflect - and the game’s music and animation is just incredible. If you’re going to play it make sure you wear some decent headphones.

- Refund

How do I apply for a refund exactly.

- Dumb

Dumb game....what can I say

- Masterpiece

The simple game mechanics serve the purpose of drawing you into the story rather than try to make you think too much. The attention to detail in the drawings, animations and the soundtrack show that this is a real labor of love. This is an experience that you will enjoy loosing yourself into.

- Frustrating

I agree with others that it is more of an interactive story. Not really challenging. The frustration comes from attempting to run it on an iPhone 7 with nothing else running and 83 gig of spare space. What is wrong? The more I play it the more it quits and I have even rebooted the phone several times. Last time I take any notice of 'amazing' reviews.

- It's interactive art, not a game

The puzzles aren't the last challenging and I completed the journey within 90 minutes. The art is beautiful though. So if you're after a game that challenged you, find something else. If you're after lovely art and sentimental story line, with a little audience interaction, this could be for you.

- Very short but beautiful and emotional game

The game's art is beautiful. The story is meaningful and emotional. However it's puzzle is not at all challenging. The game is short and can be finish within 30- 90 minutes. This game is more like a interactive story telling art then a puzzle game.

- Amazingly beautiful and challenging game

One of my favourite games to date. I love puzzle/adventure, and the beautiful, artful design this game has puts this high on my list. One bug I noticed when I got stuck and couldn't move on the hot air balloon level, but restarting fixed it. Well worth the money!

- Lovely short game but not worth the money

I downloaded this about an hour and a half ago. Music, story and visuals are lovely but what you get for your money is not that great. The whole game, if you can call it a game, is just moving hills etc to proceed to the next memory. Expected a lot more for the price. Completed in just over an hour. If the price was better would have given more stars. I didn't get any bugs as per other reviews.

- Beautiful

Super cute story with beautiful graphics and music

- Nice looking, but crashes and game-play got a bit tedious

I enjoyed the game to start - lovely graphics and whimsical story. Unfortunately several crashes / level replays, and then I just sort of lost interest in the challenges. I'm sure some will love it, but I ended up deleting it before the end. (iPad Pro 9.7")

- Disappointed

Just spent 2 hours downloading, click to open with "hope" of a good game, and bingo ..... no loading. Well some loading... old man walks three steps across screen and game crashes. Tried again without any luck. Deleted and another install without success. Have all the latest apple updates, so I don't know what happened, but whatever did occur, I really would like it fixed. Hope when I can open game that I write a much better review. Sorry.

- Beautifully done but short

Great music and the artwork is brilliant.

- A beautiful game

I found this wonderful to look at, nicely broken into 'chapters', puzzling enough to keep interesting with plenty of variation in the moving paths. My old man had to backtrack quite a few times. ☺️ Even the title credits were appealing. As for value I pay this much often for a book and it lasted the same sort of time as I need to read a book. Well done everyone who worked on it.

- One of the best games I've ever played

I absolutely loved this game!!! Hit me in my soft spot, the backing tracks were perfect, the game play was smooth and extremely satisfying.

- Lovely

Not particularly difficult or long game, but the production values are superb and it manages to reveal a moving story without words. Sequel please!

- Glorious

The artwork is lovely. There are some images that serve as major story points, and they surpass the main story art in detail and colour. There’s a kind of luminosity to these that is unusually beautiful. This has a real story, poignant, sad, and ultimately redeeming. The gameplay is pretty unusual—you move the ground to make a path for the character to walk. Something I really appreciate is the no-stress gameplay. Nothing is timed, you can't “die”—just take your time to work it out. This is really a stunning piece of interactive art and well worth the price of admission.

- Old mans journey

Game is very short, good graphics and thoughtful story but over priced for size of game.

- Waste of money

Spent $8 to play 30 minutes of moving hills around. Not happy with this game.

- Doesn't work

No good I downloaded on iPad 9.3.5 and it won't open. I want my money back.

- Disappointed

Not really a game. More of a long, boring story about a white guy who does whatever he wants in life and hurts people around him

- beautiful

thank you

- Meh

It was OK. Great visuals and a good pace and not too difficult puzzles but certainly no ground breaker. Lacked a little in terms of story delivery and the direction of the story was a little diluted at times.

- One of my favourites

This game is now one of my favourites. I like how it used no words and slowly introduced the back story through flashbacks. How ever I think it could be longer. I did pay $7.99 for it. Maybe a sequel built in to it. So if you have payed for it you get the sequel. But still 5/5 the only fault is the length

- Nice but too short

This game was visually appealing. Sweet and sensitive. Quiet but nice enough to pass the time. Not enough time though... I paid $7.99 and played it on the saturday afternoon and early evening, went to bed and then played and finished it on the sunday morning. A few hours worth is not enough for $7.99 in my opinion.

- Amazing

Absolutely loved this game, wish it was longer though.

- Simple & beautiful.

Absolutely loved the game- not a long game by any means but full of beautiful sound and visuals, really magical. Loved it and worth the money. Wish there were more games like this.

- My sort of game

This game reminds me of the opening few minutes of the movie Up. It attempts to communicate a complex emotional journey in, what is in the end, a fairly simple sequence of images. In between, you get to traverse a visually engaging landscape, find a small number of whimsical interactive elements that contribute nothing to the progress of the story but are fun nonetheless, and solve some simple puzzles mostly about spatial relationships. No heart pounding action or mind bending puzzles here. Just something that is quietly enjoyable. And that is a good thing. Well done.

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- What a sweet experience!

The sensitivity, artistry and emotion of this game is surprising and delightful. As the story unfolds, it’s easy to forget is a puzzle. The puzzle itself is not terribly challenging, but it is very engaging, very calming, very beautiful.

- Not a puzzle game

This kept coming up in my recommendations and some of the reviews are glowing. It’s an editor’s choice; but it’s boring. It is NOT a puzzle game, occasionally you have to move the path, but that becomes a total snooze. The graphics are beautiful and the story is ok. I wish I didn’t pay full price, because I keep feeling like I’m missing something.

- Sweet story, gameplay too simple

I wish it had employed more varied gameplay and story-driving elements. the imagery was beautiful.

- Good game but kind of a waste of money

I really liked the game but it seems like the price is kind of high

- Nice but not worth it

Takes about 30 minutes to complete, soothing and good graphics and music. Story line is predictable but still satisfying but not worth $4.99 for one time play, after you complete the journey just like the old man it’s over. Would be better at .99 cents.

- Awesome game but a tad short

It’s such a relaxing game and it’s art is amazing and it’s story is sad but with meaning I would buy it again but it was just a tad short like I was expecting it to be a little longer

- A 100% Ripoff

If you’re stuck....like I am....there is no way to continue the game. No rules, hints, or instructions of any kind. A total waste of $4.99

- Glitch/bug

Hello! I love the game but I came across a bit of a bug in the game, the bug didn’t let the old man move even when I pressed my screen in possible areas the old man should’ve been able to move to and I could also move the same hill old man was on and the level it happened in was at the level when the old man gets out of the balloon.. so I closed and reopened the app and old man was moving again but it really bothered me since it took awhile to get pass some of the waterfalls. But either way I still enjoy the game!

- Beautiful and fun, but short.

Subject sums it up.

- Visually beautiful, exceedingly boring “gameplay”.

If you like walking simulators then you’ll probably enjoy this, but if you’re looking for actual puzzles then avoid this. Slow pace, predictable story line. Does clicking here do something or does it change where the character is walking to? Move some lines, make the character plod somewhere is the extent of the puzzles. Great artwork, tho.

- Beautiful game

This is really a beautiful game and great buy. Lovely story and reminds me of the love I have for my family.

- 👎🏻👎🏻

All he do is just walking around most boring game ever 👎🏻

- When does it start?!

Slowest game ever! No puzzles to solve! False advertisement for sure! Not even sure how this made the top game list and to charge 5 bucks for it! Sheesh. Wont be buying any other games, any time soon!

- Touching and unconventional

Not your usual game. Slow. Beautiful. Geared for an older crowd. Loved it.

- Emotionally Impactful

At first I was hesitant to try this out as the gameplay didn’t really seem to be my cup of tea. What I found upon completing this game, was not just a game at all: this was an experience. It resonates so well emotionally and digs at your core. It tells a compelling story without dialogue and just the most relaxing, mood-setting music. You may find yourself a little teary-eyed as I did by the end. A masterful work of art.

- Boring

All you do is try to walk through a landscape. That’s it. This is sold as a game - and it is not. Want my money back.

- One of its kind.

Interesting game mechanics and puzzles. Superb artwork and animation - it's not easy to tell a story without words.

- I want to buy, but...

I’m struggling to figure out how to get the paid version. Sounds simple, but it’s not. Yikes! I got it! Now I’m on my way to the boat. I like this game. I’m an older woman with wonderful memories.

- Gorgeous... but...

Gorgeously rendered, but stopped playing when I couldn’t figure out how to move sheep out of the way. I can walk though a group of 4 sheep, and have. I have no idea how the game developers thought this would be an entertaining (remember, your job is to entertain) puzzle.

- Gentle, beautiful, satisfying

Lovely, psychologically satisfying story unfolds in this gentle game where the puzzles are mildly challenging, but the rewards for solving them are aesthetically pleasing. I loved it.

- Gorgeous, calming gameplay

Very unlike games like candy crush or other obnoxious noisy games. The animation is like watercolor and very gorgeous. The soundtrack is also very calming and the gameplay is like logic. There were also times during the gameplay where I felt like crying because it was so beautifully told. A very mature and beautiful game. Looking for more from the developer.

- Yonatan Azrad

אני מאוד נהנתי מהמישחק וגם הוא מלמד סבלנות

- Awesome

Awesome game

- Great story

This game is different than most. The style of art is incredible, and to be able to interact with most of the artwork is great.

- Touching

This is a beautiful, heart string pulling Indie game. It is full of beautiful graphics and content which has been given much thought. The developer has created a interactive design and a man whose life appeared to start, as all of ours do yet, as real life goes we never get to choose how things work out. My best advice is that you must be a person who has patience, depth in your heart and the ability to empathize when playing this game.

- Really sweet and fun game

I enjoyed this game. Good story art music and puzzles.

- An old man on an old mans journey

This was not only moving, but cathartic for me. Thank you for a wonderful game

- 🙂

A game with a message, so refreshing. I’d like more please.

- Interesting

The Old Man Journey is I a lot like all of ours. Build on good memories, regrets and redemption. But, also a never-ending love for those people 👫 that were a part of our life.

- My daddy merchant marine

Come to my mind memory’s from my daddy and his awesome work... from heaven to my dad.

- that is to short!

not fun and short this is this oh scrw you!游戏开发商。!

- Really...

I just fished this game and was seriously disappointed. I bought the game because the graphics were amazing however once I started playing it I found myself very bored. There's no real point to the game. You just take a walk. When I finished it I was very surprised that it was over, you could beat this in an hour tops if you wanted to. I recommend not purchasing this.

- Updated review below - fantastic support

Last week, I gave this two stars because the game was stuck on the splash animation on my iPad Pro (I was still able to play on iPhone). Within a few days I heard from Felix who shortly after sent me an updated version via TestFlight, and it works perfectly. Great customer support!

- Don’t be fooled

It looks like a great relaxing game. It’s not it’s incredibly boring. All you get to do it move the land. Nothing fun. Completely a waste of money.

- Great game, wish it was longer

It’s a great game. Kept me busy and active, just wish there was more after the story to continue playing, maybe harder missions.

- A sweet movie

This game is more like going to a sweet and sad movie than your typical puzzle game, but it’s a pleasure to play and experience.

- Good story

Short and compelling story that doesnt need words to explain.

- Old Man’s Journey

Pretty graphics, but terrible game. A rip-off @ $4.99.

- Waste of time and money

30 minutes start to finish. Move hills to keep walking. Waste of money.

- Great game to slow down with

In this fast paced world of hyper video games filled with violence and/or silly themes, this game was a pleasure to play. The pace was an unexpected surprise and welcomed. I enjoyed the hand drawn art which just made the game all the more pleasurable, know that so much care and heart went into the creation of it. I recommend it if you’re looking for a break from the norm.

- A Breakthrough in Gaming

This is perhaps the most charming, meaningful little game I’ve ever played. It is like a fable that reveals an important moral to the player; almost a meditation. Those who want death, destruction and gratuitous violence will not like this game. Those who want something different and truly beautiful and useful, will.

- I’m stuck, and I’m annoyed

This game is artistically beautiful, but man is it glitchy. I’m playing on my iPad Pro, and on almost every screen I have to battle with the moving the landscape. A lot of the time the landscape will just bounce (but not move)- that will happen over and over no matter how I try to make the hills move up or down. Then all of a sudden I’ll be able to slide the landscape to where I want it. I’m currently stuck on a waterfall puzzle (just after the hot air balloon), and I’ve tried to move every inch of the landscape, but nothing moves to a position that will allow him to move from the ledge he’s on. I’m talking EVERY. SINGLE. INCH. There is no way for me to proceed. It’s not fun, it’s frustrating.

- Graphics...incredible....but the game is over in two seconds

This game is beautiful. It is wonderful to play...why did I beat the whole game in three hours.....I paid $4.99 to play a game for three hours. I can play the levels again....yes.....but come on...

- Wonderful Game; Sweet Story

This was the first time I cried playing a game. Such a wonderful story. The graphics and music lulled me into a zen like state. I didn’t realize how invested in the story I had become until near the end. I highly recommend this sweet, beautiful little game.

- Relaxing

Love the graphics and the story. Relaxing!

- old man Logan

The purpose of the old man journey around the country side was kind of confusing and very null. Asking myself question like why he’s taking this journey or what destination he’s taking. But right after the ending (no spoiler) I became more understanding of his journey. Sad ending

- Old Man’s Journey

Definitely 100% worth the price. I am currently about to cry! This game was beautifully made. The music really brings out the emotions of the game and the design is purely flawless. I will definitely be replaying this game and showing it to my friends and family. I definitely recommend purchasing and playing this game!! Some people say it’s boring, but I love it. It just depends on your preference.

- Beautiful but boring.

The game is described as a puzzle, but the most puzzling thing is why anyone likes it. Its art is gorgeous, and there are supposed to be things to solve, but you'll wander around aimlessly for some time before you're fortunate enough to find one. Think of it as something to do when life is unbearably interesting.

- Like A Hemingway Novel

It is touching.

- One time game

I loved the game and story but once you finish the story there’s nothing else to do

- Nice but too short

The game is beautiful but for he price I would hope to get more than 3 hours of game play before finishing.

- Overpriced beautiful disappointment

I wish I read the reviews ahead of purchasing to have saved the money. I’ve played all the popular puzzle games and this was by far the most boring. I stuck with it hoping it improved in difficulty and there was more exchange with other characters. The visual design and animation was pleasing, hence the two stars. I can’t imagine the time it took to create, but it fell short of the gaming mark IMO.

- Cool game

It’s a really neat looking game with a cool aspect of how you move parts around. Only thing is that I wish it had more levels.

- Beautiful, but boring

Beautifully rendered, but a one trick pony. The only puzzle aspect is moving the background elements to move the character.

- Beautiful

Taking this game in on a train ride. What a fantastic experience. Absolutely worth the money.

- This game sucks..

I got this game seeing the good reviews and attention the game was getting. I can totally see why this game would be well received. The graphics and art are amazing, but the game itself is hella boring. The gameplay is repetitive, the puzzles are easy, and the story sucks. I played 20 Minutes and was really bored. I want a refund.

- Bullshiiit

Nobody never and I say never buy this game I want to get my money back

- ????

Tried this game for about 30 minutes and due to lack of action scrapped it. Give me my money back......

- Beautiful game

Love the art and the concept. Wish it was a little longer and more to the story scenes.

- Old Man gets old fast

Nice to look at, but slow and exceedingly repetitive. Avoid -- VERY expensive for what it is.

- Artwork beautiful! Compelling storyline!

This is not exciting and fast paced, if this is what you are looking for, choose another game . It is beautiful and dreamlike and very relaxing. The little hidden surprises throughout the game are delightful. Puzzle aspect is fun and not at all frustrating. Storyline was awesome, just too short, i didn't want it to end. That final sigh he give standing at the doorway of the final destination said so much. Please make another with this kind of gameplay!

- Awful

This game was probably one of the dumbest games I've ever bought, you literally just move mountains it's boring and a waste of money, if it was free then maybe I would get it again but it's 6.99! That's insane for a game where you do literally nothing. I would highly no recommend buying this game it sucks

- This game is simply beautiful.

The elements of this game are so unique and it should be appraised for the wonderful scenery in this game. I award you.

- Nice Graphics

I like this kind of game but the message on this one sucks. Be irresponsible, abandon your wife and family, live a life of self indulgence and you will be forgiven in the end. Nice graphics though and innovative game play.

- Exceptional

Simple but the imagination, art and story-telling is incredibly enjoyable. Great game!

- Gorgeous

A wonderful, low-key play experience.

- Excellent - Elegant Entertainment

I am not a big fan of playing games on iPhone, just 'not my thing'. However upon reviews of this game, its premise and artistry I felt compelled to give it a try. Was totally enthralled from the start - a truly beautiful concept and my only disappointment was when I reached the end of the Old Man's journey... as it truly left me wanting more. Well worth the purchase price to have this truly elegant game on your iPhone...

- Beautiful

This is a very pretty and relaxing game.

- Crash

I just bought the app on an iPod touch 5 but when I went into it the app crashed! I hope a future update will fix this because I was looking forward to playing it.

- Sad it ended

A touching and rich game. Unique, peaceful, entertaining and at times emotional. Those of us who have gone through life and have regrets will relate well to the old man. Loved this game. First time I actually sat through the end credits of any game... I just wanted to continue being a part of the final scene. I would even sit and just stare at many of the dream scenes - they were just so beautiful. Will definitely buy your next masterpiece. Ps: thank you for giving us a true and pure game with no in app purchases required. And by the way, this game played perfectly with no bugs or glitches on my iPad pro.

- Good things in Small packages!

Worked perfectly for me. Beautiful graphics and a delightful story. Adding the vehicles and the obstacles to surpass kept it interesting for the short time spent on it. Short and Sweet but a few dollars too much for time spent playing.

- Meditative

The music was lovely, the story touching and the imagery very sweet. Very enjoyable.

- Good game but too short

The game is good with a heartfelt story, but in m opinion it isn't long enough for it's price.

- Absolutely Unique

This was the most entertaining few hours I've spent on an app. The play was straightforward and interesting. The plot was enticing and the ending was happy/sad. Well done!

- Nice looking

The graphics are very nice, and make the game enjoyable, but I was disappointed that each level was all the same type of puzzle, and in the end the story was pretty generic. It only took a couple of hours to complete.

- This game is dope

Best game on mobile

- Paid for nothing

I've never been so disappointed with an app as I have been with this one. I was very much looking forward to playing it but the game would kick me out before it even moved off the loading screen.

- Incredibly beautiful

What a wonderful game. Very touching and great soundtrack.

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- Incredibly beautiful

Really beautiful game, amazing illustrations, soundtrack and story!

- What a belter

Took me away instantly the slow pace, peaceful music and great scenes were fantastic, more like a story than a game, i hope theres going to be a second tale? Top work guys.

- Beautiful

Just a lovely example of craftsmanship and imagination. Exactly what indie games do at their best. The best £5 you’ll spend this year.

- Very pretty. Not much happens

This is pitched as a puzzle game. It’s not. It’s a platform game...and that’s it. No puzzles, just pretty landscapes. And for £4.99 you don’t get many of them. Try any of the Rusty Lake series instead. Far more challenging and the majority of them are free #justsaying

- Very beautiful, very dull

I was really looking forward to this game, which is way I paid money for it - which, as a tightwad, I seldom do with apps - but I just couldn’t finish it. I just feel like I’m missing something. The game is beautiful, stylish elegant, like a Kardashian sister, but like a Kardashian sister, it has no real wit and very little to say. It gets boring quite fast. It truly is beautiful. The landscapes and character design are stunning, but the NPCs are not really there for any reason. You can’t interact with them and they don’t contribute to the story. Every now and then, the figure will drift off into a memory of his wife; a still image which, again is stunning, but in no way interactive. I don’t know why the game failed to move me, but it did. I don’t know anything about the guy I’m playing or what happened to his family. Don’t know where he’s off to. It all adds up to a rather hollow experience. . But it really is beautiful. It would make a fine picture book.

- Beautiful

If your looking for a beautifully illustrated and immersive story this game is for you.

- Dull

Incredibly dull, looks great but so boring and repetitive

- Beautiful, entertaining, melancholic.

beautiful graphics, illustrations and level of detail, as well of the color palette. A joy to play from start to the end.

- An atmospheric gem

Charming music and visuals make for an atmospheric and reflective experience. It’s more of a puzzler mixed with the memories and the story of a travelling old man. The premise of the game where land is moved to allow the man to travel can become repetitive at times and can seem limiting, however the execution is such that you feel more part of the journey rather than part of a game. Some more involving and differing gameplay would perfect an otherwise heartwarming and enjoyable experience.

- Won’t open

iPhone 8 Plus. Game grasses every time it opens

- Beautiful and engaging.

It’s not easy to classify this . Is it a game, a tale, a lesson or in fact all these things and more ? The enchanting story book graphics and simple gameplay take the player through a memorable few hours. It’s an antidote to violent games and it will utterly delight anyone with a heart.

- What a disappointment

It takes just over an hour to play and for the price that is absolutely appalling. The "game" itself is nothing more than adjusting the layers of landscape so the old man can travel. That's it. No adventure, no puzzles, nothing to solve. Save your money!

- Most annoying game ever!

It often does not work.

- Love it!

This is the only game I’ve ever bought and I think it is 100% worth it. It really makes you think but also immerses you into it. My only criticism would be that there wasn’t enough levels/ scenes!

- A tale of regret

I only wish I had a family I could abandon somewhere, for the purpose of a long reflective yomp through the French countryside in the future.

- Beautiful but dissappointing

I enjoyed this game, it looked good was gentle and calming.....however, it was far too short. I was just getting into it when it abruptly ended. I expect more for £4.99 and wish I could get my money back. Not worth the price.

- Short and Unchallenging

Short and unchallenging with constant waiting for nothing.

- Very nice game, but pretty short

The concept of the hill movement is very innovative and good in the eye. The graphics are very good and the general mood of the game is very relaxing and well constructed. Still, the game is pretty short, you can finish it in around an hour. Maybe some more difficult puzzle could be useful to make longer the play experience

- Wonderful little game

A lovely little game, Beautiful artwork and a heartwarming story.

- Beautiful but short

A great game to spend time relaxing with a nice storyline. The look and feel of the game is beautiful if not a little short. Look forward to his second journey.

- John

Too easy

- Not worth the price

While I can appreciate the artistic side of it, the gameplay itself is repetitive and boring. There are quite a few much better puzzle adventure games out there for half the price.

- A thoughtful gentle game

In essence a puzzle platform game, but to leave it at this would be to do this game a major disservice. This game is unhurried, gentle, calm, easy, beautiful, thoughtful, and a gem. If you want to relax into your games this is for you.

- Excellent

This game is absolutely stunning, and a beautiful story. Thumbs up all the way the creativity behind this game is outstanding.

- Beautiful

What a lovely game. I love the emotive story and music and the landscapes as you move through it. Not particularly challenging but it doesn’t matter. Just a lovely charming game. Smashing.

- Lovely but...

Beautiful, really beautiful graphics and great music, I like the idea and the themes of lost love etc but...the actual gameplay is a bit dull. I was expecting a variety of different puzzles so was a bit disappointed to discover that all you do, essentially, is move the old man through the screens by changing the slopes of the hill. There are slight variations on this but it’s not really what I was hoping for.

- Beautiful but ....

Beautiful but fundamentally dull - basically you adjust the sight line of hills so that a little old man can go from slope to slope and place to place. His journey is a reminiscence of moments and places where he once was happy before his life-partner died. Not really a puzzle, or even a game, much more like watching your neighbour’s photos of a depressing holiday spot which you long ago decided never to visit. It might be improved with a witty narrative by Alan Bennett; when he’s feeling full of vim, but if they can’t get Alan B then your life would probably be greater enhanced by embarking upon an in depth analysis of the Brexit negotiations. At least with Brexit you’d get a frisson of danger.

- Beautiful

Such a beautiful & heartwarming game, I may have shed a tear or two...

- Old man

Very difficult & a waste of money but at least I bought it on sale

- What is the point

What is the point of this game , don’t seem to able to interact or move the old guy

- Great idea and story, just too short (2hrs to finish)

I really enjoyed it but thought it’s not worth it given the length.

- Inspired & Peaceful

So refreshing from all the stress and violence which seems inescapable these days. Congratulations! Fantastic graphics and animation, wonderful music which is just right, nostalgic and calm, without being annoying, sweet storyline and a tad challenging here and there. Beautiful, tasteful, one of the loveliest games out there. Thank you!

- Artistically beautiful and poignant game

I loved playing this. It’s a game of logic with a narrative behind it supported by incredibly lovely immersive landscapes. What a visually beautiful and creative place to play. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this for the incentive of seeing the old man’s memories as he progressed on his journey. There is intelligence and sensitivity behind this game that outstrips just about any other I’ve come across.

- Too short.

Lovely visual game, but it’s too short for its price. Managed to finish within few hours on a long flight.

- Relaxing

A heartwarming tale of a journey through memories.

- Pam JI

I downloaded this game a little while ago & have absolutely enjoyed playing through to the end. The graphics are stunning as is the story. The challenge for each chapter can differ in difficulty. My granddaughter & I have each played the game and thoroughly enjoyed trying to outdo the other. Well worth playing, cannot wait for the next game to be out there.

- Great

It is very repetitive but it is for 4+ can’t wait to see how my niece and nephew get on. Beautiful art

- Clever Adventure Game

I really enjoyed this game. Simple yet good fun with a heartwarming look, beautiful music and tells a great story. The puzzles were quite fun, if quite easy to solve. But had great fun playing through.

- Beautiful story and graphics

The graphics and background music are beautiful. The story of the old man was easy to follow too with the nice pictures. Just have to straighten and clear the path for the old man to cross. I played it through within an hour which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. It could do with mini puzzles to solve or tiled puzzles for the pictures at the end. I bought it on Christmas sale so it’s fair enough, as I wouldn’t pay full price for such a short game.

- Lovely game

Lovely gentle game. Thoughtful story and beautiful visuals.

- 👍

Excellent game. Really enjoyed it

- Old man

Absolutely rubbish, paid for it and I can honestly say I’ve been playing other games for 5 years and they are still far better than this rubbish, I expected to be on it for years but completed it in less than a week, more like 2 days or even a few hours. Don’t buy it as it’s a waste of money, I’ll never buy a game again as the free games are much better.

- So many feels!

A really fun game with a lot of emotional impact! I enjoyed it tremendously.

- Visual orgasm

Amazing art!

- Meditative Game

This game is simply incredible. It’s easy going, stunning and tranquil with a melodic and heavenly soundtrack. A nice calming experience before I sleep. Really well done!

- The only game that’s ever played my heart strings

I can honestly say I cried a little playing this game. I really rate the producers and other helpers for this. Totally engrossed with everything in this game, even the little kitty!!

- Boring

I must be 4yr old but I am 62. I cannot grasp this utterly boring thing. Music drives you insane. Purchased, deleted in 15mins. Keep your money to make something worthwhile

- Make more!

Really lovely game, so beautiful and peaceful to play. Would have loved more chapters!

- Lovely little game

Nice gameplay but glad I didn’t pay full price as it’s very quick to finish. Still a beautiful story.

- Misery and regret

Graphics well designed. Interesting journey with surprises. I wouldn’t have let him in! Three stars only for the story.

@lanbunji: hhhh adult era lwj is my favorite bc seeing the result of his journey from a stick-in-the-mud youth to an internally dissonan…

@lanbunji: hhhh adult era lwj is my favorite bc seeing the result of his journey from a stick-in-the-mud youth to an internally dissonan…

@lanbunji: hhhh adult era lwj is my favorite bc seeing the result of his journey from a stick-in-the-mud youth to an internally dissonan…

@lanbunji: hhhh adult era lwj is my favorite bc seeing the result of his journey from a stick-in-the-mud youth to an internally dissonan…

@lanbunji: hhhh adult era lwj is my favorite bc seeing the result of his journey from a stick-in-the-mud youth to an internally dissonan…

@lanbunji: hhhh adult era lwj is my favorite bc seeing the result of his journey from a stick-in-the-mud youth to an internally dissonan…

@lanbunji: hhhh adult era lwj is my favorite bc seeing the result of his journey from a stick-in-the-mud youth to an internally dissonan…

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Old Man's Journey 1.14 Screenshots & Images

Old Man's Journey iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Old Man's Journey iphone images
Old Man's Journey iphone images
Old Man's Journey iphone images
Old Man's Journey iphone images
Old Man's Journey iphone images
Old Man's Journey iphone images
Old Man's Journey iphone images
Old Man's Journey ipad images
Old Man's Journey ipad images
Old Man's Journey ipad images
Old Man's Journey ipad images
Old Man's Journey ipad images
Old Man's Journey ipad images
Old Man's Journey ipad images
Old Man's Journey Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Old Man's Journey Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Old Man's Journey (Version 1.14) Install & Download

The applications Old Man's Journey was published in the category Games on 2017-05-18 and was developed by Broken Rules [Developer ID: 394127428]. This application file size is 1.61 GB. Old Man's Journey - Games posted on 2019-05-05 current version is 1.14 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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