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Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

What is fabulous: daily habit tracker app? Welcome to the world of Fabulous. Unlock the power of habits and routines. Prioritize your mental health, build healthy habits and improve your life one step at a time. Fabulous started as a habit tracker, but it evolved into a self-improvement, coaching, and mental health platform. Our goal is to make healthy routines an inseparable part of your life.

How does Fabulous work?
1 - Add structure to your life - Improve your life with a healthy morning routine that provides a system for your everyday life.
2 - Create healthy habits - Use a daily planner to remember important tasks. Your habits sculpt the person you will become — choose them wisely.
3 - Focus on deep work - Learn how to tune out all the noise and concentrate on the task.
4 - Join a community - Live challenges will introduce you to other Fabulous members worldwide embarking on the same journey as you. Find motivation by connecting with hundreds of members all across the globe.
5 - Learn how to be grateful - Keep your gratitude journal and listen to positive daily affirmations.

Fabulous is an all-in-one routine & self-care app for everyday life:
– Listen to the daily coaching series.
– Write your to-do list.
– Journal your thoughts.
– Do short workouts and breathing exercises.
– Listen to daily affirmations and meditation sessions.
– Keep your gratitude journal.
– Monitor your mental wellbeing.
– Use the goal-tracker to monitor progress.

Upgrade your planner for exciting additional features that will take the habit tracking to a new level. Achieve your health and productivity goals today with science-proven features:
– Coaching series grouped by topics: anxiety, self-love, productivity, or depression.
– Unlimited habits for your morning and evening routines.
– New Premium Journeys for better mental health, self-care, and fitness.
– Personal one-on-one coaching for better motivation and focus.

Top 4 reasons to try the Fabulous app:
1 - Need the motivation to build an indestructible morning routine?
2 - Have an irregular sleep cycle and want to learn how to get a good sleep?
3 - Want to increase your energy level, so you focus the entire day?
4 - Want to improve your mental health through mindfulness so you can cope with anxiety?

Scientifically proven, morning routines are essential to a successful life. No excuses! Start changing your life today and save money using behavioral science. Install Fabulous to get personalized daily habits and achieve your goals.

Pricing in different countries may vary, and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. You can always see the exact price in the app. The subscription will automatically renew unless turned off in your iTunes Account Settings at least 24 hours before the current period ends. When you feel the Premium plan is not what you need, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

If you have any questions, visit our website at www.thefabulous.co and click "Contact Us" at the bottom.

Build and track your habits, set goals, learn how to meditate, and build healthy routines. Your journey to self-improvement and better mental health starts today!

This day will come and go. That much is certain.
Making it count? Well, that's up to you!

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Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker Version 1.42.508 June 2022

Dear Fabulous Traveller, This update brings a new and long-awaited feature. Now you can not just listen to your favorite coachings, but watch them too. Major updates: - High-quality video content. - Better navigation between different features. - Brand new recommended section. - Minor performance improvements..

Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker Version 1.42.029 April 2022

Dear Fabulous Traveller, This update brings a new and long-awaited feature. Now you can not just listen to your favorite coachings, but watch them too. Major updates: - High-quality video content. - Better navigation between different features. - Brand new recommended section. - Minor performance improvements..

Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker Version 1.41.120 December 2021

Welcome to a new and Fabulous world. When you open your Fabulous app, you'll see that your home screen has been completely reimagined. We’ve created a visual experience where the most important features for your personal growth journey are front and centre each morning -- wake up to daily coaching, start a 7-day challenge, or get in a quick 5-minute guided meditation session all from your home screen. **PREVIOUS** Open Fabulous. Feel Good. Users asked for even more audio coaching. Fabulous delivered. Series Coaching meets you where you are emotionally. Topics range from Anxiety Coaching to Grief Coaching to Procrastination Coaching and more. Each set of 7 always loops you back onto your Fabulous path of evolution..

Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker Comments & Reviews 2022

- Game Changer

I am a 24 year old nurse with mental health issues and I have a couple of bad habits I’ve been trying to eradicate for months. I’ve tried dozens of apps from habit streaks to accountability apps to online counseling. I installed this app with the intent to explore it and nothing else. But this app is so cleverly designed, it is hard not to love. There are attractive features in this app that will help you build positive habits. Yet, I believe the real hook is the story about you that develops, which happens when you successfully complete your goals. This app does an excellent job of not just making you think, but making you do, which is what I think is the epitome of mental health. It doesn’t just strive to improve your mental health, it strives to improve your overall function. The app engages you in multiple ways, which sets it apart from the traditional templates of regular one-on-one convos with people who only roundabout with Pinterest-like “inspirational sayings.” I’m genuinely more motivated, more functional, and have made more changes in my life the past two weeks since I’ve downloaded this app than I have in the last three years. Fabulous mysteriously makes it fun to remind you to be yourself and be healthy and happy at the same time, and keeping those streaks up can be pretty satisfying too. However you use this app, whether it’s for a day or for a year - strive to commit to it, and you will reach your happiness.

- Inspirational

I truly do love this app. I have been using it for about a week now, and it has been more helpful than any other app I have tried. I am a young mother to two young boys, I work full time, and go to school full time. I have struggled for years now to learn how to take better care of myself due to my priorities are always making sure my children are taken care of while my health and wellness, both mentally and physically, took the back seat. For the first time in my life, I am actually creating healthy routines for myself. In the morning, I meditate, drink a glass of water, take my vitamins, and stretch. In the evenings I tidy up, read for 30 minutes and write down what went well today. And I’m still only using the free version! I think that is the best thing of all. Due to a strict budget, I cannot afford the premium version of Fabulous at the moment. However, I can still access a lot of the features that are essential to me bettering myself through this process. This also allows me to make sure that this app is everything I need it to be before I make the hefty $50 yearly subscription (I know $50 is not a lot by any means, I just can’t afford that right now🤷🏼‍♀️) and that’s okay! Because I can still thankfully do everything I need to do starting out. I sincerely appreciate the developers of this app, and I hope to stay with Fabulous for many years to come!☺️

- This app is worth it

I had previously come across this app in the past, downloaded it to see what the hype was and instantly deleted. Recently I came across this user who had recommended using fabulous to get back on track, and creating good, healthy habits. I’ve always been a routined person, but would fall off and struggle to keep track or stay on track. I would beat myself up and feel disappointed that I had to start over. After taking some needed time off for myself (especially during the pandemic) I am and have been working on myself to heal by getting back into creating healthy and happy routine for a better life. Just recently downloading this app (again) I wanted to put this to the test. Only after about a week of using this app, I will say that this app is by far one of the best apps I’ve ever used. It’s so gentle but so rewarding and honest about life and being “O.K.” With falling off track, making mistakes, counting the small wins, feeing appreciative, but the biggest one is making me believe in myself more by becoming the best version of myself. Mental health is so important and this app makes you feel like the darks do happen, but you can always come out on top. So if I had to say what is an app that works and I’m willing to spend the money...well, you’ve come to the right place.

- This is a life changer

As a sophomore in high school who is currently taking ap classes and college courses while still trying to be mentally and physically healthy, this is it. When I was a freshmen I LONGED for a way to engage myself in my studies and my mental/physical health. I had to find an equilibrium. I had no motivation or reason to try at anything. I was looking for help everywhere: talked to my parents, friends, counselors, and a crisis hotline. I couldn’t find a solution so I pushed myself to do a lot of good habits, but in the end, it only deprived me of my motivation and will. I was overwhelming myself as I wanted to find a solution to my ailment. An ailment that ruins many lives. Lives ruined by procrastination. Now as I was looking for help online, I came across fabulous. The app seemed to good to be true and I gave it a shot for my own well being. Needless to say, I am grateful for this. As of now I have completed the courses: “An Unexpected Journey” and “Staying on the Road.” I’m currently doing “A Fabulous Night.” I know it sounds cliche of me to say this but it has changed my life for the better. I now feel happier, motivated, focused, confident, and passionate about my studies and life. Whether you’re 16, a middle aged person, or in your late years of life, it truly never is too late to help yourself and nourish as an individual. 10/10

- Not based on Myers Briggs

I saw a Facebook ad saying this app worked to develop habits based on the Myers Briggs personality test. I was intrigued and downloaded the app. In the 30+ days I used it, Myers Briggs never came up. The app was just . . . random and weird. There was even a session where the app developer acknowledged that his beta testers gave him that feedback and the app developer just ignored their feedback. Kind of a “you be you”pep talk. The habits the app picked for me to develop I already had. Like drinking water in the morning. There wasn’t an option to tell the app I already drink water and move on. The app kept inviting me to join certain challenges but the app said there was only one day left in the challenge so I waited. The app invited me again to the same challenge and it was still one day left in the challenge! I think maybe the challenge was only a one day thing? But that was confusing. I got a 7-day trial to start but when I canceled, I immediately got an email offering a 30-day trial. So try that if you want to try to app longer. It was a little annoying that the app kept telling me to invite others (when I’d only been on the app for a few days) and they would get a 30-day trial but I only got a 7-day trial. It was easy to cancel the 30-day trial before I got charged. I just logged into my account from a web browser and that was all the website was, my account with the option to cancel clearly there on the website. So that was good.

- Skeptically positive

I actually got this app a couple months ago when I needed so positive affirmations or medications to just kind of get through the day... as I started slinking a little further into a pretty dark depression I didn’t use it I actually deleted it for a bit and frustrated that I couldn’t get into to app. I thought this little story’s were annoying... then a few weeks back I had gotten so bad I wasn’t eating or taking care of my self at all I started searching for routine apps to just try and get myself taking care of myself to feel better... As I was searching I saw this app pop up and I remembered it did have routines as well. I re downloaded it and I can actually say for the last few weeks of using it. I’m starting to like the story’s and the guidance because I WAS READY... had I reviewed this app a couple months ago it wouldn’t have been positive because that’s not where I was... but I can now say thank you! Because this app is really helping me build better habits and stay on task and I check back on it often and now listen to the story’s because I know it’s going to get me to that next level of taking care of myself. As a Mom/Wife/ and in Management... Who has time for that? Right. Thanks again for a program that’s actually working for me.

- Awesome App!!!!

I can’t say enough about this app. I’ve been in therapy for years for some losses etc. I’ve currently been enrolled in a DBT course,8 weeks to get through 4modules. You can’t reach knowledge or gain enough practice to be great at this in one course. This app you have here is the perfect in between classes to work with as extra coping mechanisms.. it brings in soooo much helpful information for personal care and development. It’s very easy to use. For me, it is not overwhelming, you can do as much or as little as you want during the 3 parts of your days. It has given me more practice in becoming one mindful where everybody should learn. This mindfulness can be done in 5 minutes or less or longer. It’s giving your mind a break. Instead of racing around thoughts, you learn to focus and remain calm. The meditations here are very easy to sit back and listen. I’ve even been so relaxed I fell asleep which is very hard for me to do. It has done wonders in just these few days to work with your app. I love the challenges! I also like the way you can choose what you want for your daily routine. If what you offer isn’t enough you provide a way for us to add our own routines in, if it’s not working on the list. Thank you so much for offering this FABULOUS app.

- Glitching out

If this app was working right, it would be a five star app. But it is not and has not been for about two weeks. It’s been glitching, not allowing me to access today’s list of goals and routines to check off. My daily coaching option that’s on my routines no longer brings anything up to play for the day and instead just has a list of activities you could bring up. I bought the lifetime subscription and I’m kicking myself for it now that nothing is working on it. I’ve been using this app on and off for five years among varying devices without glitching issues and now all the sudden now that I’m on day 34 or so on my current journey, it’s just decided it no longer needs to work. Another annoying thing is that if you forget to mark the things off as you’re doing them and decide to mark it off later, it doesn’t seem to count it the same as though you didn’t actually do anything but are just checking it off. I find this incredibly annoying. Not everyone has time to stare at their phone after every activity on their list and check it off. I’m a busy person. Some of us want to check it off later, that doesn’t mean we didn’t do it when we are supposed to. Good lord. Also, I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall this app several times just to get it to work. I shouldn’t have to do that. There’s plenty of space on my phone and everything else works fine. Why is this app so glitchy?!

- So far, so great!

I just got this app this morning so I’m basing my rating on user friendliness/ set up/ and its ability to hold my attention. The app kept me going, probably one of the easiest apps I’ve set up, definitely one of the fastest. Some apps can be work in just filling out the info but, this app was smooth & explained things clearly. I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes. I need something motivating in my life right now and I’m hoping this does the trick. I had always been a very disciplined, driven, fun, outspoken, and in great shape but, the last 18 mos~things have become very difficult for me. I had several big surgeries which left me in lots of pain but this pain is nothing compared to the pain in my heart... after loosing 3 loving people in our family. As my dad use to say... “Life happens kiddo”, but it seems I let it go on w/o me. I’m really hoping to find my fire again and hoping it’s as easy as finding this app~ something tells me... it’s not. All life’s greatest things~take work and I’m now desperate & willing~ just need reminders to keep going and I hope this app is a piece of the puzzle which makes the difficult times bearable. So, I plan on updating this review a few times, as I embark on my journey to become the once driven person I was~ so until then...

- Best app on my phone

The old me wouldn’t believe that an app could change her life so much, but in truth, this app has made a huge impact on my daily life. Before Fabulous, I would wake up 10 minutes before I had to leave in the morning. I never ate breakfast, I didn’t make my bed or clean my room, I almost never had enough time to wash my face, and to be quite honest, I didn’t always remember brush my teeth. And it wasn’t just in the mornings that I struggled. During the day, I would hardly ever exercise outside of activities I needed to do, and overall I wasn’t making time for myself. Now, because of Fabulous, I have routines that I follow each morning, noon, and night that I customized to fit my interests and time schedule. I always remember to brush my teeth btw, along with many other things I used to struggle to do, and I’ve become more aware of my feelings, and my goals. I even feel that I have become more ambitious. I’m honestly super glad I got this app, and not only that, but I also highly recommend paying for the subscription. Through that, I got access to meditational practices, the ability to customize my routine, start new interests, and build many new habits besides the first sets. I just want to say, thank you so much for creating this app!

- Fabulous is .. well .. ok I won’t say it but it is!!

I have found myself off track & wandering through life after a few years of retirement and then a great deal of personal loss. 2018 resolutions were filled with hopes of finding something to restore some normalcy to my life; that reading a good book in front of the fire on a rainy day kind of normalcy. I had already made the commitments to weight & fitness long before resolution season & they were going fairly well. I just happened across the Fabulous app when I was in the App Store looking for a To Do list app. It has truly been the answer to what I’ve been looking for, although I had no way of knowing for what I was searching. Fabulous is taking me back to the basics, and teaching me how to instill habits again, something I had unknowingly given up. Having this structure is giving me something to lean on as I begin to learn how to be myself again, after so much sadness and misery. Thank you Fabulous developers for creating such an innovative program to help those of us that have derailed. One thing, I did sign up for their upgraded program, Sphere, and it was just too much for me to take in. Maybe later but for now I will let Fabulous take care of my needs!! I am Fabulous after all!!

- My Saving Grace

One of my biggest issues is feeling lost even tho my business gives me a sense of purpose I’m all alone in the basement and have no schedule. I always thought my life would be different. Now I know it’s up to me to execute the life I one day will have but not to worry about it or dwell on my past but literally just live day to day improving myself and loving myself and laughing and being grateful and giving each step of the way. That’s how you live. Fabulous is helping me get some structure because I sort of just get lost sometimes not knowing when or how to accomplish things. Like do I really have to go to bank everyday? Lol no the adderal was doing much more harm than I thought and cutting out the toxic ppl feels so good. My phone can be a curse but it’s been directing and guiding me lately, I’m so out of touch w the world cuz I’ve kept myself so isolated all these years. Like Kanye, Taylor Swift they ha d issues to snd I’m not the only one lol I can’t believe I thought I was a bar person. I’m such a good person and I’m just feeling really happy anc hopeful . And it’s only day two . ❤️my friends Richard was my saving grace and I’ll always love him for that even tho I’m changing for me. So I can be the boss I was meant to be lol Alexandra Pendola

- Life Saver

I’ve never been the type of person to steer towards the “self-help” or “self-improvement” section. In the last year, however, I began a journey of self discovery. It wasn’t on purpose. It just sort of happened. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. Some things need to change entirely. Some things I didn’t even realize that I was doing. This app is so well researched and written. The content is amazing. Especially for someone like me who is usually a total skeptic. I decided to give it a shot, and I am actually seeing results. I have always been a cynic, pessimist, and grew more and more neurotic as I got older. That pattern kept growing until I would have bouts of depression that I literally could not get out of. Spirals of self destruction, and I couldn’t stop the thoughts. Well, let me tell you - the thoughts will creep up. But I check myself. It’s starting to come more naturally now. My brain is like “hey, where do you think you’re going?”, and it stops all that negative stuff in it’s tracks. I’ve never been able to do that before. It’s absolutely stunning. I can’t thank the creators enough. I wholeheartedly believe that I’ve gotten a second chance at life. Not just existing anymore. And I finally believe that I deserve it.

- Great app

During the 7 day trial I found myself making better habits to help myself out during the day especially my morning routine. I work a night shift and have to balance out my day accordingly but this app really helped me with that with the alerts for something that used to escapes my mind early in the morning, which is to drink water it became a great habit I developed even when I’m off of work I still wake up and drink water which keeps me on the same schedule. With all the options for: the morning, afternoon, and evening routines, it’s getting a little used to but none the less I’m gaining better habits to help me throughout my day. I can say I appreciate this app and look forward to gaining my life back with healthier decisions. The only bad thing I can say about the app is when you mark that you did an activity that you did not complete, the app won’t allow you to undo that you completed it, so for someone like me who is openly honest about what I do, it will get a little frustrating to know you didn’t complete that goal for that day but everything else on this app is great and to me life saving. Thank you ^_^ for helping people change their lives in gaming better habits in just a few days.


Tried this app last year and didn’t find it all that motivating. No worries…everyone has their preferences. Forgot to cancel before my free 30 day trial was up. No worries…that’s on me. But I made sure to go in and cancel right away so I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. Imagine my surprise when I started getting ‘payment failed’ emails after the one year anniversary of the expiration of my free trial. Like, enough emails to be considered harassment. So finally, I responded to one of them and reminded them that they did not have an active credit card on file because I was no longer an active account holder. I received an automatic response saying how much they value me as a customer and they’ll try to get back to me as soon as they can, but they’re super busy. No worries - they can never get back to me as far as I’m concerned - the whole point of my email was that I was trying to get them to STOP contacting me. SOOO…imagine my surprise when I checked my credit card statement today and found that a week after my email that they were too busy to respond to, they MIRACULOUSLY found my credit card information and charged my account for another year!!! NOT fabulous. SNEAKY and UNETHICAL!! Oh, and if you’re wondering if they ever responded to my email…they did not. Too busy looking for my unauthorized credit card information, I imagine. So, unless you want a lifelong relationship with this company, I cannot advise signing up.

- Beautiful UI, bad UX

So the path of slow and steady incremental changes makes a ton of sense. The kinds of tasks it seems like the app orients on, also seem well founded and useful. However, the way you interact with the app itself to achieve those ends is so confusing and unintuitive to me. There’s no one place to look at what I’ve achieved or how I’m doing, or which goals I might choose. Even after using it for a few days, I’m still unsure of where to find any succinct information or even which buttons I should be pressing. In addition, the way it offers me the option to make goals and follow up with those goals just doesn’t match the natural way I make decisions or the flow of my day. For example, I’d see the notification to drink water with bleary eyes immediately after waking up, but before my brain can comprehend. Then it disappears into the fog of slowly waking. This morning, I finally did get myself to immediately open the app and log that I drank water, then it promptly opened a loud animated cut scene which was pretty annoying for me, but even more annoying for the person asleep next to me. I hastily closed the whole thing. I’d really like to utilize the set of slow and consistent reminders that seem to be at the heart of this app, but what does it matter if I can’t actually figure out how to use it? Frankly, every time I open this app I eventually just angrily close it, and am left feeling frustrated. I’d never pay for it.

- The Jump Start I NEEDED

I used to live my ~dream~ life and I had my set of habits that worked. I was always in a great space and nothing could have brought me down. Then I moved away for college. The freshman 15 happened and I just went up from there, I started sleeping later and waking up later, and I lost focus of the habits that made me happy. Since then I’ve been trying to get the motivation or the will to do the things I love and I always feel the need to start it all at once which is difficult and unrealistic. Bit this app has made that more of a reality. I might get a later start to my day since I’m still just trying but the practices and talks on this app, the realization that motivation isn’t real you just have to do, and the checklist all give me the push necessary to bettering me and my daily life. Honestly, can’t really find the words to describe it but try the free trial and see if it works for you. Personally, I used it once and didn’t really understand it, forgot to cancel my trial and here we are. Best accident to happen yet. But you have to want it and be willing to really make some changes or it’s not going to work. Fabulous is just a tool, it’s up to you whether or not you use it.

- Overall a great app

I have recommended this app to multiple people as it has been a great way for me to track my progress and receive consistent accountability. I love how customizable the routines are, and while there is guidance from the app, you’re ultimately in control of your experience. As far as feedback goes, I’ve grown to strongly dislike the background music. I understand the healing and relaxation properties that music can have, but I find these specific tunes very annoying compared to meditative sounds I prefer. I have muted the sounds during the routines and also went to settings to turn them off. Unfortunately it comes back on no matter what I do. I also believe that celebrating overall progress would be nice. In addition to longest streaks, acknowledging consistent attempts will encourage people even more I believe. For instance, I have never completed an entire week of my routines, but there was one week I tried everyday, and there were only two days I couldn’t fully complete. I like to celebrate small wins, and that to me was one. Other than that I love what the Fabulous team is doing with the app. All I ask is that you either offer different selections of background music and/or allow a muting option that actually works please.

- Brought me back to myself.. and then some

After going through a very dark period, and as someone who has struggled with depression my entire life, I can honestly say Fabulous helped bring me back to life, back to myself. I have spent decades learning self care and reparenting myself, but in the very dark times, it can still be challenging to come out the other end. In this particular instance, I truly needed my hand held and guidance back to my light. Fabulous gave me this gift and so much more. When in a state of depression, something as simple as remembering to drink water or eat a good breakfast or move my body can feel like a mountain to climb. Fabulous’ gentle daily reminders, along with lovely inspiring encouragement, made all of these small goals attainable again. If you’ve struggled with depression, you know the impact such small feats can have. I have been using the app for over a month now and after completing the first journey am feeling so much more energized and vibrant - I feel like my true self again. It has truly laid the foundation for me to continue living my life healthily and happily. In a word, Fabulous has become my greatest companion or ally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Fine app, way too much clutter.

My annual subscription for this app is about to expire and even though I kept up with it for the better part of the year, I’m not going to renew. This app utilizes some great techniques for motivation and accountability but it ultimately dogs itself down with too much content. It is constantly putting more and more information in your face about things to read and new challenges to accomplish and so on. It’s not abnormal to open the app in the morning to begin my morning routine and be confronted by two or three messages that I have to swipe away or close out of or decline just in order to use the app. Every time you finish a routine, which it encourages you to have three routines in a day (morning, afternoon, evening), it loads a motivational picture that you then must click out of to use the app again, and you have to wait a few seconds for it to even be close-able. I don’t need three motivational messages a day. So all in all, this app could benefit from simplifying its UI and content a bit. Being encouraged occasionally with small messages or goals or streaks along the way would be helpful, or at least the ability to customize or opt out of most of these features. Maybe I’ll check back in a few years.

- App quality has gone down

I’ve been a member for over a year. Over the past 6 months the app has repeatedly frozen up, routines open without the habits loading with them, the habits being checked off on the watch but not reflecting in the mobile app, and the app completely crashing. I really like the content but the app is starting to heavily detract from the experience. At some point the pain of switching is less than the pain of staying. I’m a Dev so I get that this kind of app isn’t easy to build, but the foundations have to be solid. You guys desperately need a feature freeze so the entire dev and design team can focus on fixing what is already there. Cleaning up the design, removing buttons that don’t need to be there, removing concepts that make no sense etc. (I have yet to understand the differences between sphere, premium, journeys and challenges). Simple things are painful, like how do I leave/end a challenge, how to I delete a routine? You mean we need to start another challenge just to end the current one? Why am I even given the option to join a challenge when the first journey isn’t done? For all the talk about fabulous being like an instrument, and the need to learn new words to use it, fabulous is pretty bad at teaching those new concepts. Throwing up another letter isn’t a solution. UI elements need to be removed, concepts need to be simplified.

- Terrible company and customer service.

This company is in the business of stealing people’s money. Not only is their app ridiculously expensive, they don’t offer refunds for accidental auto renewal, or if you did not like the app. EVERY other company I have ever had experience with will offer refunds if you are not happy with their service, if it did not meet your expectations, and especially if you were accidentally paying for an app for an entire year beyond when you ever even opened the app. It is clear to me that they cannot afford to be in this business if they are going to rob their customers of their money when they aren’t happy with the service. Again, I have experience with many many apps and services and everytime I have asked for a refund I get it, no. questions. asked. The fact that this company has the audacity to tell me they are keeping my money when I don’t even have the app still downloaded on my phone is mind blowing to me. Get out of this business, you aren’t helping people, you are robbing me. My auto renewal was on Dec 30th and I emailed them days later. they are keeping my money for the entire 2020 year. I could understand if they maybe kept one month but refunded me the rest but to keep this ENTIRE year of my money when I’ve been very clear with them I am not using this app is just ridiculous. Do not support this company, they clearly do not care about their customers whatsoever.

- A path to a better me

This is actually my second time attempting my "journey". I started once last year, but due to a lot of mental and environmental issues, I had to delete the app just to relieve some of my stress. Recently, though, I've wanted to improve myself and my life, and have been working on my own to pick up a few new projects to focus on (learning a new language, learning an instrument, etc.). I remembered how great Fabulous was at helping me keep up a solid routine, and so decided to download it again. Now that I'm past the "drink water" challenge once again, I'm really happy to spend a little on a subscription so I can fill up my "rituals" with all the things I wanna do! The only reason I can't give it five stars is because I feel there are many places it could improve, such as the ability to add custom "habits", and the option to skip the "drink water" and "eat breakfast" challenges if you've already been doing that for however long (like me, hehe). I also find it a little bit of an oxymoron that the app continuously tells you to get away from tech, yet says to make sure you use it as often as you possibly can, as well as follow all of their social, but I suppose that's just a part of running an app, haha.

- Great app to create and inspire new healthy habits!

I stumbled across this app and thought I’d give it a shot. One of the things I suffer from is lack of accountability, I’ll procrastinate and avoid things of I can, choosing to lay around and be lazy if no one is telling me otherwise. This app reminds me throughout the day to practice new healthy habits that I chose to create a happier and more active me! The support from the positive community here and the inspiring little messages that come with goal completion give you that extra push to continue on the path you set up. I’ve only been doing it for a week and albeit a slow start, I am beginning to really see some new habits form and I love it! Be the healthier, happier you that you know you can and want to be. It’s as simple as saying “I want to change” and you don’t have to do it alone. Having served 10 years in the military I recognize the importance of support in trying to develop yourself into your goals. Except instead of a DI yelling in your face to push through, you have a supportive community that provides the same support, but in a calm and motivating manner. Different tactics, similar results! So happy I found this app!

- Just let the app guide you.

This app has brought me out of the COVID-19 quarantine feeling of helplessness and confusion. I am so happy that I did the trial and didn’t let my tendency to control things take over. My advice on how to do the trial: just let the app guide you. Content is slowly dripped to you. You don’t know what is next. Just accept that and trust your new coach, which is an app full of a ton of science-based content. The first thing you are told to do is start a morning routine of drinking a glass of water when you first wake up. If you already do this, then just check it off and be patient. If you must, start one of the challenges so you have something new to do, but try to start small. For the first few days of the trial I felt like the app was asking me to just totally trust it, even though it hadn’t given me a good enough reason. I also felt that 7 days was not long enough. But by day 5 I was feeling really good. I had set an alert on my phone to cancel if I didn’t want to start a paid subscription, but I decided that this is worth it. I am now on day 8 and really feeling good about my morning, afternoon, and evening routines! I love this app!

- You get what you put in

This app is a great tool to help disorganized individuals get organized. Personally, I often find myself forgetting to do simple things because I am too caught up in thought. This app snaps me out of that so that I can remember other things I need to do. Furthermore, it has an incredible amount of great advice regarding a variety of subjects. This advice will make you both more efficient and effective in whatever you are setting out to accomplish. I greatly respect the way this app was designed. Having said that, this app won’t cure you of laziness. You need to find a way to be intrinsically motivated to maintain habits. When you have cultivated that motivation, this app will serve as a way to hone that motivation. I don’t use it for work, as that is not something I need to be reminded of. However, I often forget to tidy up or make my bed. Even more, I forget to celebrate every little victory I have throughout the day, and to end the day with gratitude. These small tweaks in habit lead to enormous changes in wellbeing. For anyone who needs help (or even advice) with keeping their life organized, healthy, and productive, I highly recommend this app.

- Wonderful (a few tweaks would make even better)

Love this app. I would suggest three things: 1) Shorter letters and communications. You’re writing books and no one has time for that. I would value the insights, but I lose interest due to the length. 2) Enable the timers to always function whether the phone is locked or in other apps. It seems to work sometimes when unlocked and in other apps, but you can’t expect users who want the timer to always have their phone unlocked and the app open. The notification features can remind between habits. Because the app doesn’t do this, I can get off track. 3) Go easy on the asking for commitments. Feels like a cult. I think you already have the “accept challenge” which is an action to begin a journey and it’s what I view as a commitment. I think signing a certificate virtually on another site that doesn’t look linked to Fabulous or Duke is overkill and I don’t understand what you’re doing with that data. Thanks for creating this! This app has become a coach and companion for me. Though I have suggestions, know it’s wonderful what you’ve done.

- Disappointed, easy fix

This app seemed promising but turned out to be really unfortunate. I started with the 7 day free trial and after setting my intentions, I was given my first new habit. To drink water every morning. This is something I already do every day so I was eager to just move on to my next step. Unfortunately the app makes you complete the habit you’re on for 3 DAYS before giving you another. And you cannot preview what the next habit will be. So I stopped opening the app because it had nothing to tell me. I then realized that if the next habit was also something I already do, I would be forced out of the trial period and charged the yearly fee before I even got my third habit. I quickly cancelled the subscription. This issue would be sooo easily fixed if when given a “habit” to begin you had the option to say “I already do this” so it could move on to something else. I searched everywhere in the app for an option to skip the task but if it exists I couldn’t find it. Developers, please add a skip option and this app would be so much more worthwhile. It’s almost like the app assumes you must not have any good habits when you begin. Either that or they are hoping customers will accidentally slip by that 7 day mark trying to make progress without realizing they’ve been charged $40.

- Good but frustrating

I have a lot of personal goals that just seemed impossible, this app was great for me a person with add who rd DS to push up hill than and force things rather than stop and do the things that lead to self care and happiness. For me it’s recipe to self love. Make sure you read at least one page, meditate for a few minutes. I like the animations and the calming music that helps me to slow down and be in the moment. But sometimes I fall off the wagon and though the intentions are good, im forced to fill out a form that takes too long and ultimately discourages me from getting back into my routine. Sometimes the Home Screen is so cluttered with junk I’ll never read. I Or I ignore. Perhaps the ui hasn’t quite been mastered to make me care of the flow needs adjusted? I need a way out sometimes. I also suggested to my partner to give it a shot, I really sold it to him because he’s doing self care work. The initial onboarding sent him into an eye roll and I’m certain he will never open it again. Which is sad because I feel like he could e joy it. I’m a designer and I get wanting to be the be all comprehensive app. But it feels like it’s gotten a little unwieldy. You need to give people some space and not force them to do it your way.

- Great Habit App - But does not have a way to pause if you end up in hospital

This is a very great app; but learns towards ableism because it doesn’t allow actual life to occur. I ended up in the hospital for a freak accident of internal bleeding, had emergency surgery, and was bedfast. I had an entire schedule that I had spent months working towards in this app before the surgery. This app has no way to press pause. Instead it sends messages implying that everyone “falls of the bandwagon” - umm, that’s not what’s happening here: thank you. It comes across as condescending and becomes a reminder of what you can’t do and all of the life you are missing out on because you are trying to recover. It’s completely demoralizing. This app absolutely needs a way to hit pause and take a step back when life (car wrecks, deaths, etc.) gets in the way of the less important ‘five minute walks, workout ritual, make sure you’re tidying your space, yoga rituals, and the like. Nobody cares about that crap when you’re in bed fighting for your life. The creators of the app did not think that through - life happens. Pauses are healthy too; the alternative is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder rooted in Ableism. This app needs a pause button. When life is flowers and roses: this app is peachy!

- If you only read the one star reviews like me

This program is a good idea but it needs some improvement. Overall I suggest giving it a try. I think it’s gonna take at least seven days to figure out so be careful you don’t get charged Here are some examples. It is difficult to navigate and to indicate what items have been completed. An example would be checking off water I have consumed which I reset twice and I still don’t know how i did that. So instead of drinking water for three days and moving onto the next activity I drink water for six days. I could not find any place to click that I had previously completed some of that. I couldn’t find anything to indicate the task was completed and I couldn’t move onto the next task until that task was completed. Now I realize that there are two options in one box. If you click on one you’re going to move on, if you click on the other you have to go back to go and start over. On the next task I could indicate that I’ve already completed it or completed it for that day. Also there’s no roadmap for overall how you’re going to do things and what the suggested path is. And there is some kind of Dr. Seuss type rhyming stories that pop up at times that are very annoying. I found the X for that!! That’s a description of some of the app quirks you’re going to face.

- Good concept, confusing UI

This app totally works — building habits a little at a time is precisely what my last therapist told me works very well for my ADD and anxiety. Doing one thing for a few days, then adding another little thing, and so on, had been working great for me for a little over a week now. I’ve seen people say that the app is inflexible in its goals, but most of the time you can work around the specifics and do something else in the same vein. I can’t drink a full glass of water first in the morning because of my acid reflux, but I can remember that it’s a goal of mine and drink 4-5 extra sips. I don’t exercise first thing in the morning, but instead I did 8 mins of yoga. This is great therapy for those of us who can’t get access to behavioral therapy right now. I feel more refreshed when I go about my business in the morning because I have more habits to keep me moving. I feel rewarded just for drinking water. In principle, this app is amazing. The only issue is that there are so many buttons and screens that it gets wildly confusing sometimes as to what I’m trying to do and how I got here. I end up just force closing sometimes and starting over.

- Super helpful! But annoying if you don’t pay

I absolutely love using this to help motivate and prepare me for the day! This app has helped motivate me to get healthy and fit by helping me make smarter choices (it reminds me to drink water and get more fruit and vegetables) as well as encourages me talk to myself kindly, even when things are tough. Every morning, afternoon, and evening, they have videos with either a story or an act you can do to help love yourself and feel okay with where you are in respects to where you want to be. There are also worldwide groups that you can join to make public promises to yourself (this might sound wired but publicly vouching to be kinder to yourself or promising to get something done does encourage you to do it). My only issue with it is that you have to pay (quite a large amount) if you want to get the full experience. I haven’t done this, so I can only add four reminders per morning, afternoon, and night. I also can’t unlock every video, infographic, or story, which can be very frustrating because it means that I don’t have as many resources available as I would like to. Overall though, very affective and fun for me!

- App is nice

I really like the visuals like seeing the calendar at a month glance and seeing the progress that I’ve made. But it’s not a convenient thing at this point if I add one thing to my morning routine that I’ve already been doing so well at and I miss one thing I don’t get my mark on top of that I can’t go back further and make sure it’s properly tracking. So I have been on track my calendar doesn’t show it and that makes me sad and I also know that I need to cancel my membership for this application going forward it’s two limiting and it’s not helpful when I feel defeated. I enjoy the app I love the instant positive feedback. I appreciate the pace and reading about why were setting up the structure for personal success. However I am bummed that you can’t go back and rewatch the animated journey and there doesn’t seem to be away two go back and edit your meals or habits from the night previous. When I turn my phone off for the night I’m not gonna pick it back up to click that I did a meditation so I would like to be able to toggle between days and to rewatch cartoon journey , One for encouragement and two I was excited to share with others what a great app but there was not a way for me to do so.

- Amazing app (highly recommend)

This app is absolutely amazing. It may have a confusing set up at first but it really helps you once you’ve figured out how it works. There’s routines for throughout the day which help you get up and start moving and have a plan for your day. This app also has “circles” designated to certain things that you may be struggling with. It allows you to chat with others from all around the world and share your experiences and help each other. I think this feature is really great because you get to see others progress in their life and you also get to help them with it, and share your progress. There are also journeys that you set up to help you with everyday problems. For example, social media detox, self-love, de-clutter, gratitude, being able to let go, journaling, etc. This app gives you a chance to reflect and change yourself for the better. It’s really inspiring all the positivity this app and the people using it radiates. Overall, this app is phenomenal and I would definitely recommend it if you struggle with being productive, self-love, etc.

- Evidence-Based Behavioral Change

I downloaded the Fabulous app not long after I finished reading Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.” Habit is the key to making lasting changes in behavior, and the Fabulous app is built on that simple fact. Step-by-step it introduces habits into every area of a daily routine, each one reinforcing the next, building success one habit at a time. The app’s genius is the series of “journeys” it leads you through tackling common problem areas like sleep habits, exercise habits, and food habits. Whole Day 1 was as simple as putting a glass of water next to my bed before sleep, just a few months later I was hopping on my exercise bike every morning! All along the way, the app was sequencing a set of “letters,” each containing information, encouragement, and insight into the science of behavioral change, timed to arrive right when I needed them. If you’re already thinking about New Year’s resolutions, but worry that this year’s will just be another false start, the Fabulous app is for you! #highlyrecommend

- Beware beware scammm scammmmm

Idk who they paid to get such great reviews but it is a straight up scam I can’t wait till this expires off my phone so I don’t have to cringe seeing that I paid almost $50 for a year membership that I had no idea I was buying and never wanted with NO support to complain too - constant ads to upgrade that are disguised as part of whatever this thing is trying to do “better your life “ - im afraid to even look at it or it might resubscribe me !! I deleted it from my phone a long time ago and unsubscribed it after the first $40 charge and then when I switched phones it somehow resubscribed me !!! I hate this app so much it’s like an evil evil possessed money sucking virus It says u shouldn’t be worried about how much it costs since it is going to change your life then they trick u into pushing different buttons without prices on them so u have to really pay attention to all their sneaky scam ways - maybe they have changed since a year ago when I first got duped but I doubt it - typical snake oil sales pitch taking advantage of people who are trying to improve themselves in the first place . Really disappointed with these types of apps they could do good but instead they choose to target people when they are vulnerable . More of the greed based capitalist marketing schemes we have all come to know and loathe.

- Must have for SAHM and online student

This app has helped me pin down a routine not only for myself but also with a routine for my two homeschool children. I have a lot to wrap my head around while getting my degree and a certification but with fabulous it has helped me be the mom I want to be for my kids while being a successful student. I thought I needed a tutor but I really just needed some fabulous help. If you’re looking for a helping hand to start you off slow and gradually help you lessen your stress. The first day where you drink water JUST DO IT OKAY DON’T FIGHT IT JUST DO IT it’s a tiny routine you build on not a mountainside to devour in one day it’s going to take time. I took away one star because although I feel this application is great tool to use I do feel that it isn’t as affordable as it could be. Helping people get on a routine and lessen stress in their life should be something everyone should be able to get. Maybe there could be an option to donate for others a subscription? Lastly every time I complete a routine it takes you through this sharing process with a quote and a picture and another picture and after a few days it’s obnoxious.

- It changed way too much and I’m unhappy 😡

When I first started to use this app I thought it was very good and fun idea to power through your day but after maybe 15 days of using the app I felt less of that joy and then after may be a month and a half of using the app I deleted it because it kept sending me unneeded notifications then recently I re-downloaded it to give it another go it took away the options to find a meditation I would like to do an exercise I would like to do and everything like that this would not be a bad review if you did not do that the update took away one of his best features ever had this new explore inspiration page it’s quite boring all it is is little pictures and most of them I don’t even like but the ones I do like I like and then I get so many of them just kidding I get like zero Of them I don’t get any of the ones that I end up liking I keep liking yoga ones they’re not popping up fabulous developers if you take the time to read this I would love because this app is just in non usable without that feature but other than that I like the cool graphics the design and the set up but I do not like that I cannot add habits very early in my Journey so for those reasons I have to give you a two star review.

- Hate the illustrations

I’m sorry, I don’t want to see a purple haired woman on a magic carpet when I eat breakfast. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the concept art was presented. It entirely doesn’t go with any of the app at all. If a dev happens to see this, a small part of why wellness apps like headspace are so widely popular is because they have a minimal, unique (but still fun!) look and feel that draws people in. Those visuals have a purpose too, they’re meant to calm the user and communicate a story. Purple haired girl does none of this. Weird letter reading VO does none of this. It’s distracting and strange. The entire UX is a mess as well. There’s so many menus, choices, letters, buttons etc if this app is all about simplicity and not overwhelming the user with information to process. It’s unfortunately clear that whoever art directed this was non-existent or inexperienced. UX designers are not app developers. If you expect folks to pay $50 a year, these details really matter. The app seems great other than that, but I just wish it had a simpler, more calming look and feel. (Because it’s meant to be a simple and calming app???) I couldn’t ever recommend it to anyone because it feels so cheap.

- Not intuitive

I tried to set up this app for the free trial (7 days) but it made me start with only one habit that happened to already be something I do every day. And then because I don’t always look at my phone every morning and didn’t check off a day even when I did it, it set me back to day 1. So the one week trial was useless to see if I could build new habits. When I cancelled before getting charged, they sent me an email offering me a 30 day trial since 7 days might not be enough—this seemed like a great option until I tried to use it and because I already had an account it said “you’ve already subscribed”. So they sent me a useless 30 day trial unless I want to create a second account and start over from day 1, again. Besides those issues, i found the animations to be rather annoying and pointless. Maybe it works better over the long term, but it really feels oriented towards teens and young adults and I wouldn’t recommend it. The interface is also not intuitive and you have to go through like 5 steps to check off each habit, which feels like it wastes a bunch of my time when I could be actually getting on with my day. I will be searching for a streamlined alternative.

- Despite physical and emotional health issues, I’m actually productive!

I’m dealing with an as-yet-undiagnosed health issue. I suffer from a range of issues that have prevented me from doing much of anything - constant fatigue, vertigo, pain, migraines, and more. I also suffer from depression and anxiety. Along with getting a new therapist, I downloaded this app. It’s changed my life. I’m still not well physically, but I’m able to organize my thoughts and my day to a point where I can actually take better care of myself and take advantage of rare moments of energy to get things done. This Fabulous app is like having a personal assistant, cheerleader, life coach, and friend all rolled into one on your phone. It starts off small and easy which is perfect for someone who gets overwhelmed easily like me. Instead of feeling like my daily rituals are just more chores I have, it’s more like a way I show I love and care for myself. I look forward to those moments throughout the day to take care of me. I couldn’t be happier with this app. I’d give it more than 5 stars if that were possible.

- Hot mess express: 10/10 would recommend!

I am not a person of habits or routine. Usually, sleep through a few alarms, wake up frantic and fly out the door with food in my mouth, brush my teeth in the car on the way to work and am lucky to be on time. Since I started this journey with this app it helps me start small on things I can accomplish to build a more positive view on something of a routine. Being me, first I loaded a morning routine of way too many items. “If I’m going to do this I should go big!” Nope, not recommended by me or the app. (I’m not the best listener either). I am now 3 months in to the journey and really see the value. They have great articles, good challenges and don’t beat you up if you skip an afternoon session or a weekend on vacation (which is kinda silly to skip because it’s really just a matter of checking of a list of healthy things). If you are a hot mess express like me, I think you will enjoy this very much! If you are winning at the game of adulting, this will have some next level challenges and goals for you. Try it out!

- It’s really pushy

This app would be absolutely amazing if it would give you the option to minimize distractions/suggestions after paying for it. I love that it gets me in the flow, but I’m pursuing minimalism in my digital life for some brain space and this app just WILL NOT HAVE IT. It won’t give you the option of turning off alarms for your routines (I dislike notifications on my phone for things I already remembered... you become numb to what all of them are telling you) without keeping a huge banner in your way asking you to set an alarm for your routine. It doesn’t allow you to turn off the feature where other users “ask you questions”... (why does another human care about my random, unscientific opinion on whether coffee is healthy?) and pass around infographics. The “coaching” feature pops up in your daily list whether you’d like it to or not. If you try to turn off notifications it will keep pushing you to turn them back on. Pushy.. that’s the word overall. I recognize that overall it’s to keep folks engaged with the app and it’s great that all that is an option... but it’s really too much to not have any control over it.

- It’s pricey but it works!

I ended up downloading the free trial, and then forgetting to cancel so I ended up being charged full price, figuring I didn’t want to go through and email to get a refund I decided, well might as well make the best of it since I paid for it! And boy am I glad I did and kept the app! I know the price can seem a bit steep at first (40$ per year or 250$ for a lifetime membership BUT when you break it down that comes out to about 3$ a month for their annual membership which isn’t all too bad), but if you take this app seriously and work hard at what it tells you to do, it actually helps at changing your daily habits and it makes it fun and exciting! There are letters you get when you start a new journey and coaching you get daily. I love the live challenges because you get to do it with the community and see people’s progress in the feed. If community challenges and a sense of accomplishment when checking of tasks helps you grow and change your habits then this app is for you, and it’s worth every penny!

- Fabulous is a mediocre app cloaked in hype

I’m still in my seven-day trial, so it’s possible I may change my opinion, but Fabulous seems more hyped than useful. What it has is a perfectly ordinary habit reminder function, some constructed plans for adding habits (“journeys”), and some videos for various things, like diet, exercise and meditation. Putting together a package like this is a good idea, but the core habit reminder function is weak. You have morning, afternoon and evening blocks, each intended to be a single time block with activities carried out always in the same order. The app times them for you. You have some flexibility, but not as much as with a typical habit tracker. I had trouble with the Watch app, and the different parts of the iPhone app are not all that well integrated. The big problem for me is that the app is transparently bent on conditioning you to respond as it wants you to, asking for trust and agreement, offering praise and reward. The use of music and pictures makes it a little more sophisticated than a used car salesman or someone selling insurance door-to-door, but the principles are old as dirt. Now you might say it’s for a good cause, but the psychological aspects are too unsubtle and the app too inflexible for me.

- Love it love it love it

It’s beautiful, it’s inspiring, it’s not that expensive, it helps a lot!!!! I’m on week two or so. I paid for the full thing after my one free week was up because it had already started to help me. I got this app to help me focus on things and get things done and feel better about myself. So far so good. With the pandemic, I thought I’d have time/energy to get so much done. It’s been the opposite for me, so having this app has been amazing. I’m hoping to make some good habits, have more self confidence, be a good wife and mom, and I think this app is going to help me, it already has. Love it to pieces. I’m 28 and have a three year old and a seven month old and I’m able to get the things done that the Fabulous app tells me to do😁 So far the only thing that I wish was different is I wish the reminders/alarms worked. I have my morning routine set for 7:00a but it doesn’t alert me unless I actually open the app. I know, super lazy of me.... that’s why I need this app 😂 anyway thanks so much for making Fabulous, I love it to pieces. ❤️


Hi, I’m an Therapist who specializes in eating disorders so to me Health means good healthy habits rather then a number on the scale or calories on your tracker. So I had been dreaming of an app that focused on all the other things outside of calories, food and weight. I’m only a week in and have really enjoyed this app. I truly enjoy the baby steps it’s helping me set up like a morning routine and an afternoon reminder to breathe. ( I have to practice what I preach right?) Yes the human in me does get frustrated at the small steps (this is taking too long when can I get to the part when I’m at the gym 4x a week and ENJOY IT?!!... answer... ha NEVER!.... not my thing) I really love that this app looks at exercise and movement differently and the encouraging Letters and Science behind some of the habits. I am in the premium Version and week and a half in so I’ll update as I use the tools more. I rated 4 stars only because of user friendliness, it’s not too complicated but there are some where it’s taking me a minute to figure out (and still figuring out)

- They make it impossible to cancel

The app is not like the advertisement. I thought this would be something where I could manage my routines like in the work from home ad since I’m home all day from being out of work because of covid-19. All it is are reminders to do things that I already do AND YOU CANT CHOOSE THEM. You’re stuck with their “journey” for habits. I literally already drink water in the morning and make a breakfast. Absolutely worthless and not worth the $40 charge that they SNEAK in. That being said, I accidentally signed up for the free trial and have been jumping through hoops to try and get it canceled before the $40 charge for the subscription. I haven’t been able to find a phone number and am stuck trying to email wherever I can. The first (and only) response I have received was a generic text expander that is sent to everybody that didn’t even answer my question (I don’t know how to ask it more specifically). I’m scared that my bank account will become overdrawn AND I’ll lose money that is supposed to go to food for my family, it’s tough times because of covid-19. If I don’t get a decent response soon I will have no choice but to cancel my card. I can’t believe how BAD their customer service is, much less the app. Jesus Christ.

- Horrible Customer Service, App Difficult to Follow

I signed up for a free trial looking for an app to help me develop, maintain and track healthy habits. I used it for a couple days but ultimately, it was just too difficult to navigate and had a lot going on. I am a millennial so I’m fairly competent with technology but I was truly just lost in this app so I quit using it and forgot about it. It was renewed without any reminders of notifications for the annual fee. I immediately cancelled it and attempted to contact customer service through the app to request a refund. I was shortly notified via email that I had to request a refund through a link they sent me. There were many options and I picked the one that said I forgot to cancel my free trial and I was notified that because Apple tells me when the free trial will end and the subscription will renew when signing up for the free trial, they do not refund for that. It was truly an honest mistake. Anyways, just to check, I attempted to see if a refund was able to be received for any of the reasons listed and they do not reimburse for their subscriptions no matter the case. I was just taken aback because that type of monetary greed just didn’t seem to vibe with what they attempt to promote in the app.

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- Game changer

I want to give the app five stars but the Premium thing is an issue. Whether you can use the app for free is not mentioned anywhere, yet I am on the ‘Standard Fabulous Free Plan’ simply by ignoring the prompt at setup to join Premium. Is Premium just for added extras, or is it necessary to continue after your first week? Very confusing and misleading; it detracts credibility from an app geared towards transparency and unconditional positive regard. Aside from the payment thing, I absolutely love this app. I’m awful at making habits but this keeps you on track in the most positive way possible. All the extra goodies (coaching, exercises etc) have been super effective. The sounds and overall aesthetic of the app is a huge bonus, I feel completely immersed when I open it.

- Motivating and Fabulous and Fun!

Loving Fabulous so far! Within just the first week of use it’s motivated me to drink water upon waking and have a nice healthy energy-lifting breakfast for an efficient day ahead. I love how it gives you the option to take things slow if you (like me) struggle with organisation and routine and staying focused. It doesn’t throw a bunch of tasks at you in one big clump. It gives you the option of adding daily tasks when your feeling more confident in doing so and, once you’ve finished your first task of drinking water upon waking for 3 consistent days, you can then start doing weekly challenges which are used to help you complete actions that you normally struggle with (such as exercising, meditation and creativity). I’ve noticed that it has also improved my sleep because I’m not spending time lying awake anxious about what I’m going to be doing the next day. It’s improved the symptoms of my ADD as organisation, staying focused and procrastination has always been a HUGE problem for me. These problems have always caused lots of anxiety, thus this is also great for anyone dealing with anxiety or depression. This app makes routine fun and gets you motivated! It’s worth every penny and deserves all the hype! Thanks to the team that invented this app! You are quite literally a life-saver.

- You don’t *have* to sign up for the 7-day trial

Lots of reviews here from people complaining about being charged a subs fee or not cancelling in time. If you’re just checking out the app to see whether it’s for you, DON’T press that big, bright button when you get to the 7-day trial splash screen. Instead, look for the discreet cross at top left of the splash screen and tap on that. This will cancel the splash page and allow you to continue the set-up process as a free user. Once beyond that, all the paid options are clearly indicated and optional. It’s disingenuous of the app makers to design a set-up process that funnels users into signing up for the trial, making it look like this is the *only* option. Continuing with the completely free version (no subscription and no trial) should be a clearly indicated alternative for newcomers. If the app is good enough and its locked features appealing enough, users will want to try the subscription option anyway. As it is, the subtle trickery leaves a bad taste. And that’s a pity given the care and imagination that appears to have gone into the app’s features. Another criticism: on first opening this app plays strident music. That is, before you’ve had a chance to change any internal settings. That’s just bad form. Especially for an app focused on wellbeing. Surely the makers are aware that random, unwanted music is not conducive to calmness of mind and general wellbeing?

- truly is fabulous

I think this app is gonna save lives. The amount of support you can get from one little post in the ‘circles’, or if you simply state « hey guys... i need some support/encouragement ».... there are many strangers out there who may be going through something similar to what you’re going through, and those strangers are there to bring you up with them as they pursue their journey to better themselves. and that’s the main thing that i think would be super beneficial to not only younger kids who may be struggling, but also teens growing up, and even adults in their busy lives. that together, you can personally work on yourself, while someone else is there to not only work on themselves but to help you too! and it also goes the other way - if you feel you have knowledge that you have learned from going through, for example, depression, you can reply to other’s posts and spread your wisdom. what may have helped you could possibly help someone else! overall, it’s a beautiful app, an incredibly effective way (by using routines) to help better myself and others, and i think i would 100% recommend it to anyone that may need a bit more good in their life. thank you so much <3

- Feeling great after just a week of small changes

Beautiful app with such immersive graphics and artworks that takes you on a mythical and inspiring journey to building a life of rituals and habits that will have you feel great and being more of how you want to be. In a week, after starting hopelessly depressed and defeated in inaction in my life, I now know at least that these growing habits are something I have control over and make me feel good too. I’ve found myself building on this kernel of integrity in other areas of life, smashing my to-do list and being proactive in general. This app was designed with heart and beautiful attention to detail, you can tell it was made by people who love what they do first and foremost. I am hopeful about my future again - just a bit - and I can see how this could grow and I could regain my sense of confidence and control and self.

- Optimistic but skeptical

Sign up process was a little confusing, too many emails, and switching between the browser, the app and my emails was a lot. The app itself is quite a good experience, the visuals are nice and navigation is pretty intuitive, with easy to find FAQs. The habit building structure is a guidance and encouragement based system, which is great for people like me who need a little extra motivation. Being able to add an event like moving house to the app that would interrupt some habits, and a bit of support for it would be great to see. There is one "bedtime story", The Bronze Ring, purported to have the message that "it pays to be kind" that describes some gruesome and frankly not very kind acts committed by the "hero" without warning, which quite upset me when I listened to it. I won't be listening to that one again. Hoping to work down my anxiety and build some structure in my life with this app, let's see how we go.

- An app that really needs to take a chill pill!

An okay idea for an app. For 3+ days, it kept bothering me multiple times about drinking water every morning. (I already do that, by the way! Didn’t think to ask?) At one point, it wanted me to put water by my bed, but when I told it no (because I don’t enjoy bumping it and spilling water everywhere in the middle of the night), it seemed worried that I wouldn’t drink water in the morning. Chill out, Fabulous app! I’m gonna be okay! And there’s just so much going on in the app screen at the same time… some affirmation video with poem, with different pop-up-type boxes around and tick boxes. Do I tick them? Oh wait… they don’t respond. Didn’t I already tick that? Does it want me to tick it again, or is that for tomorrow? Chill out, Fabulous app! You’re stressing ME out! So, yeah… I had to delete it. Nice try, though. I did want this to be good, because I think the underlying science is solid. I hope they can work out the interface bit.

- Feed back on app after 6 days of use

I have found this app to be of great value and am challenged by the app to ensure I achieve my daily goals as set for me. They are simple ones, and I feel already changes occurring with my thinking and behaviours. The app is a none judgemental way of changing behaviours, and already I am finding I am willing to accept instructions and achieve them. I do not feel like I am being nagged at or spoken down too, as is a common trait of humans who want to see me change, but after a while, I am not listening. With the app, a bond is already established. To some reading this you may feel I have flipped my lid, however already 64% of workers surveyed trust AI over their manager. Perhaps AI is already smarter than we are giving it credit for. I am not surprised; AI is already replacing middle manager roles.

- Feels more fulfilling than social media

This app is beautiful, sound effects, graphics, storyline, regular interactions and messages for us on our journey, it’s more exciting and fulfilling than social media. After using Fabulous to actively work on my own health and goals, I don’t feel a need to check in on what everyone else is doing. The scientific research proves itself in this app, offering the regular hit of dopamine that social media creates, without all the tension and anxiety. I’m loving this app. Will retain it for as long as I’m able, even after the habits are established, it’s such a beautiful companion to my day, with morning and nightly 2min meditative coaching read to me, it keeps me focused on the here and now which is vital to health in our modern world.

- Just What I Needed 🌱💜

I don’t usually bother to review apps, but I’ve only been using fabulous a few days and I can already see it making a ‘fabulous’ difference in my life! Overall I’m simply thrilled with the app. However, there are a few features I’d love to see added. One of these is an easier way to make a repeating action throughout the day; something to regularly remind you to drink water or take a moment to breathe, or another action. It’s technically already possible to do this, but only through making a long list of alarms. I’d just love to see a simpler and more visually appealing way to do this. Maybe also make it so these repeated actions move down through the list of of rituals throughout the day, so they’re always in the order you should next complete them. As well as this, it would be wonderful to have a way to personalise the app just a little, particularly more in visual terms. Maybe be able to upload your own pictures as a backgrounds, or a night mode for the whole app. In all, these are mainly minor tweaks, the app is already so gorgeous and easy to use, I’ll be sure to recommend it to everyone I know! Thank you endlessly!

- Totally loving Fabulous

Didn’t think this type of thing would help me set and achieve my wellness goals but it’s actually bringing together everything I’ve been working towards in terms of self care starting with a great morning routine. I love the fact Fabulous brings together meditation, journaling, exercise, self reflection, motivation and uses fun gamification techniques. I don’t have time to switch between journaling and meditation apps that chug data so this app works for me! I already have a routine but need reward, positivity and motivation not to stray from the path and Fabulous makes me feel like I’m part of a big poetic mythic adventure creating my best life and adding in more good habits. Also the voices are not annoying unlike many guided meditations. Love the graphics too.

- It is Fabulous!

This app has truly helped me break the habit of going for the shortcut (or should I say curse) trying for the all or nothing, failing, giving up, beating myself up spiral down. It helped me realise or remember that “the journey of a thousand steps starts with one” (apologies to Lao Tzu! Life is a journey, self improvement is a journey, not a destination, there are ups and downs and it is all ok. You have to lay foundations, you have to do the ground work, you can’t build a magnificent building or life without them. I am still very early on my fabulous journey but so far it has lived up to its name. If I did have a critique it would be small, the computer generated voices in the guided meditations or running prompts are terrible and demotivating, but I can look past that to the strong foundations it is helping me lay down. Thank you.

- This is app is great

So I just got this app because I saw it on Instagram and is so far so amazing like I would 100% recommend but… these are some of the thing I would absolutely love if you put in so instead of making a lot of it premium make like the morning routine thing not premium I struggle a lot with stress and organisation and I would really love if you didn’t make lots of it premium because I really want to strive as a person and become better but I can’t unfortunately do that without there being restrictions. But other than that I really love this app and I hope you consider my changes because it would really mean a lot to me and I want to be a better person :) P.S - please answer my review ;)

- No support

I purchased the early subscription of this app. I really loved the concept the art and everything else. However in the first week it presented malfunctions in the badge notifications. And the most interesting thing is that in one of the letters was advocated the importance of the ‘notification philosophy’ that the software uses, only when necessary to not compromise the user’s experience. I messaged the support, but there was no answer. I waited one week, tried to fix it myself by deleting and reinstalling the app but the stuck badge app was still there. In the process of reinstalling, I lost the progress that I’ve made in the app. They don’t have a simple account login or information recovery... so every time you restore for some issue, you lose your progress on the tasks. I tried to message the support team again, this time not only to recover my progress but also to solve the stuck red badge. After a week there was no answer! I’m not willing to pay a year subscription of more than 70 $Aud for an app which has no support. Specially if you advocate for more conscious notifications but can’t care less for issues regarding your app. And you talk about motivation but if I lose my progress, how can I be motivated to start over? Why don’t you have a simple account login and store information on my iCloud or something? Disappointing.

- Charged twice, can’t cancel or even speak to anyone!

I clicked on an add on Instagram for this app and decided to try it out and do a free trial which took me to adding my paypal details before creating an account. After this it went back to the homepage and continuously loaded for more than 10+ minutes so I wasn’t able to finish setting up the account. I tried again and realised I was getting a $1 hold on my acc but the page wouldn’t load!! Concerned, I sent the fabulous app a message on Instagram who referred me to their website where I sent another enquiry to complain and ask for answers but NOTHING! It’s been a month now and I have been charged TWICE! and can’t even access my account. This is ridiculous, there is no way to get in contact with anyone about this, no phone number or email address. C’mon! I’ve just been charged $80 for absolutely nothing, with no idea what to do.

- I love this app but….

I love this app it is one of the only “self help” “self improvement” apps that I have consistently used for at least 2 weeks now HOWEVER it is ridiculously expensive and there is only a very limited free version that is hard to find (they push everyone to subscribe) so if you don’t have any kind of disposable income this app is not for you. It looks free but it’s not. I bought it because I can afford to but if I was having to tighten my budget it would unfortunately be one of the first things I cut. It has made a massive improvement in my life so far but it is very expensive for what it is :) still love it though

- One of the best apps I’ve ever used

Sure, some apps get you music and others let you read emails and even some have fun games. But this app helps you get better and life, and that’s insane. It works, and I’m saying that as someone who considers disciple and consistency as my weaknesses. It took me a month of dropping in and out of it, mostly because of aforementioned poor consistency, but the streaks of using it get longer and the misses get shorter and it’s slowing changing my life. I’m no longer missing meds or using my phone before bed, and I’m cooking a healthy dinner every weeknight - it’s only been a month! Once I’m killing my current routines I’m going to add exercise and stretching. Do yourself a favour and get this app!

- Free version could be improved

I understand having limited access to premade tasks and goals while you are only using a free version, but I’m finding it a bit frustrating because you have limited how many tasks I can create without paying, defeats the purpose of the app in my opinion, most people can’t afford (or refuse) to pay $70 for an app which they could do a similar, but slightly less easy, thing in reminders or calendar. I also think the options for notification sounds and music are very limited and the ones on the app I found quite annoying, so I will just keep it muted when using it. The most frustrating thing was that with the timed tasks, the timer stopped working when you turned your phone off! I don’t leave my phone on while I am studying or writing ib my journal as I find it quite distracting so I think it would be better if this function would work without needing to keep your phone on (also uses a lot of power) If these things were improved I think I would definitely use this app regularly and recommend it to others, but at the moment I don’t think is a useful app for me to use

- Limited functionality with Free Version

Thanks Thomasina for the review! I didn’t know the free version existed as it was offering “a free trial” which then you may potentially won’t be able to cancel and I decided not to proceed at first. But as Per Thomasina review there are easy options to just get a free app which is really hard to see visually when you are signing up, which is a shame. I’m still learning the up and it’s so hard as at every 2nd or 3rd step premium upgrade offers pop up and you are very limited with what you can view on the free app as you can’t even excess the coaching. If people want to pay for the premium I’m sure the experience is very different like others have mentioned and very positive but Not sure if the free app helps.

- Horrible design for those with ADHD

I had this app previously and found it really useful for helping me stick with healthy habits, as I struggled with as someone with ADHD. This is the reason I decided to get it again. Unfortunately, changes that have been made since, which I’m pretty sure are purely around increasing engagement, include blocking the route to access your habits with a bunch of distracting tiles. I have used these features in the past and some are really good, however my primary purpose for accessing the app is to have a quick checklist of the habits I’m trying to maintain. Sometimes, I get so distracted I forgot why I even opened the app and then forget to check what habits I was meant to be doing, rendering the app useless in these situations. Ironically, this design probably is increasing engagement if you are only looking at metrics such as time spent in the app. Also ironically, I’m pretty sure habit forming apps are extremely popular with people with ADHD given issues with memory, organisation etc. in fact I just googled “adhd and habit forming apps” and you had the second ad space. For the love of god, please remove the distractions so people can use the app for its intended purpose.

- Scammers!

How does this app have 4.5 stars when there are clearly so many bad reviews. I never even activated my subscription yet still got charged $63AUD. $63 is an absurd amount of money to charge unannounced for just an app. And to make it even worse, I payed the $1 trial thing through PayPal with my own card, yet they charged a family members card I have attached to my PayPal, so now they have been stung with a $63 charge they never even signed up to. Fabulous have no contact information to call and ask for the situation to be rectified, I managed to find an email but based on the fact they just charge people with minimal warning and by the sounds of reviews still charging after cancelling, I can’t imagine I’ll get a reply. This app is from thieving scammers and needs to be shut down immediately!!! Extremely unhappy with this illegal atrocity of an app.


Fabulous is the best app I downloaded, I 110% recommend this to anyone. You can do so much things on this app, and you don’t even need to pay for a subscription, you can just press the cross button at the top of the subscription and you get so much freedom. In the past 4 days of me using fabulous, I have done a so much better routine than I have in over the past 2 years. I have also been drinking more water than usual, and now I always start my day with drinking water. I am always alert and energised in the morning, and I don’t have and I don’t even think about stress anymore. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, GO DOWNLOAD FABULOUS.

- Amazing and helpful but would add stuff

After 2 weeks of trying out this game, I felt many changes to my life. I would always wake up tired and I would stay that way throughout the day but now this app helped me be more motivated and energised in life and even setting habits into you that work a charm. I love this app and what it has done for me. I would request that there should be more stuff for the free subscription e.g in the ambiance music. There’s only 2 out of like 10 that are free and I find that a bit annoying but it doesn’t really matter if you don’t change it. Would recommend to anyone. Keep it up devs

- Be FABULOUS - download this app *RIGHT NOW*

It’s rare I write a review for an App, let alone TWO reviews for the same App - and let alone in such a short space of time (less than a month apart). From the psychology and evidence/research-backed exercises (and easy/layman’s explainations of why they are so important), to the super simple execution of such, the personalised letters of support and easy, set-and-forget reminders that (5 weeks in) literally have me moving, singing, smiling, laughing and dancing (use the app for a month and you’ll find out why ;) ) - this app is one I use repeatedly on a daily basis to embrace my own excellence, be the best and most fabulous version of me I can be. Besides the pay wall for the premium version (which I haven’t used and can’t comment on - the free version has ALWAYS met my needs thusfar) and possible health kit integration (Especially for activity/health tracking and mental health (very important)) - which will hopefully he updated in a future release very soon (hi developers: hint hint 😬), This app is top notch. Highly, highly recommended 😍

- Dear FABULOUS team 🍀

Okie, this is for you, FABULOUS team. You probably won’t read this, but I hope you do. You guys have made the BEST app on my iPhone!! I mean-the routines, the kindness and oh such substantial journeys! I was looking for an app to help with my mental health, and I couldn’t find any. But then when I saw this on ‘app of the day’, I stopped to take a look. But I’m so glad I did, because then I never would’ve found this splendid place to feel...calm🧘‍♀️ If you are looking to download this, then I suggest you do right away! DOWNLOAD THIS APP AND YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!! It really helped me a lot, and I’m sure it helped lots of others out there. Stay sweet!! 😊😌🙃

- Peach

Marketing this to people who are not well is fantastic- But making them fill out a profile, watch a video about how much better their life is going to be- and then telling them they can only have it if they pay right now (NO WHERE IS IT STATED THAT THIS IS A PAID APP), is monstrous. Lock them out and throw a feast, right? I wasted so much time- I can’t afford this, I’m NOT the only one, and forcing people to suffer another disappointment by PURPOSEFULLY withholding the fact that you are expensive is not only disrespectful, but it is frankly dangerously irresponsible for a company that poses to hold mental health and wellness for all people as paramount. I feel far far worse now after trying to seek help by following your Instagram advertisement than I did before- and trust me- that’s saying a lot. Probably don’t be liars by withholding, if you can possibly help it. You hurt folks and that’s not alright.

- This is going to save my life

Like many over the last year, I’ve found something close to rock bottom. This app was a suggested ad in my Pinterest searches. I’ve been using it for just under a week, and I’m so grateful. This app can cater to everybody including all gender identities. If you’re working a full time job and juggling lots of responsibilities, or living with debilitating depression or chronic illness and spend your days in bed. This app will help you to improve your life through very small, achievable goals, that actually make a difference. Better yet, they are catered to what matters to you based on small quizzes. If you have the $5 per month, you can’t afford to lose by using this app. I do wish that when you ‘like’ a discover post, it would save somewhere. Also, some of the things you press on don’t have clear ways to exit them like a cross, some of the natural navigation could still be improved. This is an app to change your life.

- Good but Expensive

I really enjoy using this app. It has some really good features and a good philosophy backing it up. It’s slow to progress but the challenges start small. I have been more consistent with this than similar apps, and there is more all in one place. Eg, Yoga/stretching and meditation exercises built in. I do, however, think the pricing model needs a change up. I’ll be subscribing for 1 year - but would prefer a lifetime pass. At $400 it’s too much of an investment - and I don’t feel like it is a good deal - when apps sometimes disappear off the face of the planet with a couple years. 1 year sub is more affordable, better cost vs risk - than other popular apps, but I would love to see the price lowered as adoption increases and the business is more viable - just because I think better, more affordable access to these kinds of tools would be a good thing for humanity in general. Not everyone can afford these things and it breaks my heart. Wishful thinking I am sure - but I had to bring it up!

- Encouraging and rewarding

I am only a new user but so far I have found this app encouraging and rewarding. The app compliments you when you do the simplest of tasks and these days - that is exactly what I need. I like the graphics, sounds, daily inspirational stories, mini challenges which are completely customisable. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I find the home page a little busy and confusing. I would also like to see a “to-do” list incorporated so when I feel good - I could make a note of things that I wish to focus on in days/weeks to come.

- My review on the fabulous app

I absolutely love this app, it really motivates me to be more productive and it inspires me to be better human! I recently just got the premium version of fabulous and I’m really enjoying absolutely everything. I understand everything so far, so I don’t feel the need to make a video. I also love the facts, quotes and little fairytale themed inspirations that I have been provided with. I also love how organized the app layout is and how everything has a beautiful visual with everything. I love all the love and thought that has been put into this app.

- Enjoying it

I like how this app is keeping me on track with small steps, and making me feel oh well accomplished many things in my day. As a perfectionist high-achiever this is something I struggle with, I never feel I’ve done enough or got around to doing the important tasks. This also makes me terrible at relaxing or taking time to work on myself because wi feel guilty. Fabulous is really helping me with these issues and I’m feeling a lot better for it. I’ve even succeeded in exercising consecutively after months of telling myself to do that!

- Fabulously designed

Love this app. I’m not much into online and app related stuff but this app was shared with me by a friend and Its so useful to me, the daily reminders really help and love that you can choose different challenges and focuses. It’s been really well designed and really makes a difference in my life. My mind is clearer and much more focused just from simple daily tasks and it feels like your not ‘doing it on your own’ recommend this app to anyone who wants to make changes to their habits or just needs a friendly little reminder along the way.

- Fail

I went through a questionnaire process in my desktop browser that took several minutes and low and behold I then had to pay to see my ‘plan’. I was interested to see the plan so I paid the $1.50. This took me through a convoluted process to download an app on my phone and log in using the account I had created, and the first thing that happened was the questionnaire started again! I then deleted the app and cancelled the app and noticed that a $60 payment had been added to my subscription that would have begun charging me after 2 weeks. I have no idea what this was for as I only agreed to pay $1.50. Not only is your business model dodgy you can’t even mine an app that works properly. I spent $1.50 to waste 10 mins of my life.

- Overwhelming and confusing app to use

I'm not one of those frustrated users wanting to leave a bad review beacue of a tiny broken feature. I've been using the paid version of the app for 2 years thinking it's a MVP and hoping it gets better. But, I was wrong. It seems the development team do not believe in user experience as there are so many features, mainly difficult to use. The simplest rule of thumb in UX is to have one primary action per screen with one secondary and in edge cases you can introduce the third action but in a very subtle way. And, in this app you can see a very busy UI with a handful of actions all seemed to be in primary style which makes the entire look and feel overwhelming and very difficult to communicate with. I hope you'll invest a fraction of the money you're earning in user experience and do some user testing to understand your users and their needs! To be perfectly honest, I can get most of the usable features you're offering free of charge elsewhere. Lastly, I wanted to remind you why you built this app in the first place: to calm our mind and thoughts but I get the opposite from this app.

- Fun and easy enough to use.

I have been trying to use this for just under two weeks now and I can feel the difference. It’s only the start. I’m just trying to get back in to some better habits. The reason I did four rather than five stars is mostly because if you want to add more details and challenges you have to pay a sum of money that I cant exactly afford right now. Plus it’s quite a big amount for what I read it comes with. I’m using it without paying because I just can’t pay the price. It still works tho. I really like the whole idea of the app tho.

- Great idea, but I’m still learning to navigate it

I love the idea of the app and the science behind it. I’m only just starting, but so far I’m finding a bit difficult to navigate around the different journeys. I thought they would all be on my home page like a dashboard. Even though I have done the “make a list” goal twice, it says that journey hasn’t started yet. Also, by evening alarm to notify me to unplugged didn’t work. I changed the time to 9:33pm to see if it would go off a few minutes later but it didn’t. Lovely visuals and music and positive reinforcement. I’ll keep learning how to use the app ☺️

- Fabulous Indeed!

I like this app because it guides you in building meaningful routines/habits that will guide you in being the best version of yourself. A healthy, refined mind and goal seeker person. It targets your whole being. I enjoy reading and listening a lot the coaching series because it gives me new perspective in life and reminds me to get back to your purpose and goal. I highly recommend this to those who are seeking ways to improve their self but can’t stay committed or consistent with their steps to a better you. Give it a try.

- Meditation Music Doesn’t Simply Switch Off

I thought I signed up for the 7 day trial, and then realised I had paid $62 for this app! It was not obvious nor clear that the trial would result in an automated payment. Anyway, so I enjoy the meditation aspect of it (that is why I gave this two stars). However, when you want to finish meditation music EACH time, you have to tap out of it, then tap that you don’t want to invite friends to try the app, then tap anywhere....again! And no one feels like doing that to simply turn off meditation music! And if you try to avoid this process, it will snooze and start playing music later without warning- that you can’t switch off. First world problems, right? Well when you’ve accidentally paid $62 for an app, the one aspect you enjoy is too clunky to turn off. I’ve stopped using the app...and it has made me more aware of marketing techniques to get you to accidentally sign up. I can see a lot of other people have also experienced this....which is unfortunate that type of app, on a moral ground, would be this way inclined.

- Feeling Fab!

I have enjoyed using it so far although I have set a reminder for myself before the 7 day trial to decide if I think it is worth the price asked. It is quite an expensive app for what it is. The letters are extremely long winded. I feel these could be a lot shorter as a lot of the message is not retained with the focus being on the success of achieving the goal and hitting that ✔️. I would consider lowering the price, reducing the length of the letters and also reducing the amount of things that seem to appear quite regularly. These things can be a little overwhelming for a person, like myself, who has very limited self care.

- Excellent app

I’d really recommend to use the app if you’re looking for a smart and simple way to start changing your routine. It sets simple goals, that you have to do over three days in a row before you unlock the next goal. This is very useful as it helps you focus on one element of wellbeing at once. It covers all the key areas I’ve been looking to improve on over the last few years: fitness, mental health, sleep, diet, self esteem, and more. So it’s comprehensive. It’s all backed by research which are summarized in well-written articles. So you even learn about the science behind all these topics.


I’m not the first person to write this app will steal your money! For an app that’s meant to make you feel better about yourself, it may end up making you feel the exact opposite. I had cancelled my subscription, and was still charged a large amount a month later anyway. I had to block them in PayPal from deducting monthly payments. If you look into the app, you’ll also see if you have an iPhone there’s no one you can speak to about requesting a refund - the refer you to Apple. If you speak to Apple, they tell you the app is not allowed to do this, as they do not work directly with them, the charge comes from the app developer. So Apple tells you to dispute the charge through PayPal. It’s a circus, certainly not Fabulous.

- I’m liking it, but

I like the app, and would like to subscribe but I can’t do a yearly payment in one go. We are in the midst of a pandemic, and with no work, or income, and being isolated (when something like this could help you) I’d love to take up the offer of the temporarily reduced rate, but can’t. It would be great if you could change the accent too, but that may be an option in the upgraded version. You can do some without a subscription, which is good. I’d recommend this app. Anything to help get through this tough time.

- So helpful!

This app is really good when you want to try and create habits at an actual sustainable rate in terms of the pace your going to make a habit stick for a long time. It’s worth the investment $$ wise to me, I’m not amazing at sticking to things or I usually binge an app to try something new but then get put off but this app has nicely fitted into my everyday life now and is helping me create better habits at a pace I can actually see myself do and continue. It’s like an actually practical and helpful additional tool to the book “Atomic Habits!”

- Wonderful app, so much available for free!

I’m really enjoying this app. It’s been really helpful in setting a routine and creating habits successfully! My only complaint is the language surrounding the free trial. Instead of agreeing to the free trial and subsequent subscription to the premium content, I was able to exit out of all of those requests and use the app for free thanks to the advice on another review. The way the free trial of the premium version is advertised makes it seem like it’s the only way to use the app. The free version has a lot of great content and I’m really enjoying it!

- Great Habit App!

Looking to be more efficient and effective with your time? .. great simple app for someone who is always looking to make improvements. Just like it would be a great simple improvement to have the current time listed on the Apple Watch focus mode in the top right hand corner of the app. So that you can quickly keep track of where you’re at in your day without having to close Apple Watch fabulous app to see the time. I mentioned it months ago to the developers but must be difficult to put the time on a watch. Tick tock! :P

- Beautiful app that achieves what others haven’t

I’ve tried soooo many habit building and general life improvement apps and I can say that this platform has been the only one to keep me engaged. It’s simply beautiful, from the visuals to the stunningly calming and inspiring voice of the coach - I look forward to ticking off my daily goals. I don’t always do them all but that’s ok too - with Fabulous, I don’t feel harassed. I feel supported. Congratulations and thank you to the devs for a rare blend of perfection! ❤️

- I think this is what I’ve been looking for

This app seems truly amazing! It draws together many of the latest strategies and techniques for behaviour change and mental health improvement. It is really interactive, providing support every step of the way. I love the graphics, story and overall feel. The intensive support is the most significant aspect for me - the constant presence needed in behaviour change and mental health management that I can’t find from the current system or professionals.

- Wow and not wow

Found this and did the 7 day free trial. Amazing loved it. I didn’t go through with the purchase though and the subscription ended. Went back to free version. Days later it charged my account the yearly fee. I see others have this problem. Loved the app and use it. Great for self help and care but this is daylight robbery. It’s not fabulous for doing this. Don’t try the 7 day free trial you will be robbed. Do it for the free version, it is a great app but something is not right about these continues same reviews. Please Fabulous if you’re reading this, IT IS NOT OKAY TO STEAL PEOPLE’S MONEY. Especially during this pandemic. Not the way to get customers, it makes you get none at all.

- Takes the hassle out of planning

Fabulous gives me that little bit of structure I need to make good habits... I find it hard to remember all the stuff I want to do sometimes and with fabulous you can stop thinking and start doing. I don’t love the ‘fabulous moments’ and it would be god if you can disable these as I find checking off the items and seeing the streak motivating enough. A great app, and if you’re looking to make a step change this will help you do it.

- App doesn’t work and I can’t get any support

Downloaded the app and it worked well for the trial so I signed up to a yearly subscription. After another couple of weeks though it stopped working! A white screen with the logo would appear when I tried to open the app and then it would just close - I paid money and could access the app! Tried updating my phone but that didn’t work. Made sure the app was updated, still nothing. Tried reporting an issue on Apple or clicking though to developer website but link failed. Even commented on their Instagram to try and get a response - nothing!! My money is completely wasted and I am so frustrated. Don’t bother!

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- Really interesting but...

I wish there was more free content, every time I find a cool app I have to pay a lot for a membership.

- Can’t wait to have the best year ever because of Fabulous

I’m so excited to be able to use Fabulous for iPhone. This app is so beautiful and really encourages you to change your habits.

- A ploy to data mine - or worse!

If you realize that you've been had and THEN research these reviews, you need to understand that you MUST go to your account in the App store (click your picture to open your profile then click "subscriptions", then "fabulous" then scroll to the bottom of the page and unsubscribe). Hopefully you'll do that before the sixth day of your "free trial" and before they trick you into "committing" unwittingly to something other than your goals. Maybe a class action for fraud will show them? I get it that these apps exist to buy and sell our data. I can't believe I fell for it though - it asked for a goal commitment by touching the screen. It dawned on me once my brain fart was over that it was also acquiring my fingerprint 😳 (required a sustained three second hold while it read/recorded my print). It's NOT worth it people. Learn from my stupidity! THIS is more important than the hundred bucks they're going to steal from your credit card. I dare the developers to explain themselves by responding.

- Review

I bought this app almost a year ago. I fell for it. It took long to set up and I thought this app was an all in one solution to track my daily routines and things to do. It was complicated to set up and I added alot of the habits. The trial wasn’t helpful. I continued past the trial period and decided to give this a chance because of its cosmetic attributes and sounds. I knew this app had a lot of weaknesses and some promising strengths. But to launch this app with so many complications for the price I regretted downloading. I re down loaded it and got charged again at a discount I like the new price .the old subscription should of been stopped and a prorated credit back to me. What I would like to see is daily habits being entered into your routine more than once and the option of setting the alarm more than once ie. eating a healthy meal and the habit of drinking water. Every habit should have this techinal attribute. Another suggestion when the app is first launched the setup tutorial must be more clear. Another suggestion is the ability to set each habit to daily or weekly and ability adjust duration of each habit ...if these habits have these abilities already this app is not user friendly yet or it’s not easily visually apparent. I will continue with this though. In summary this app was launched with the developers not fully thinking everything thoroughly.

- Fraud

Just don’t even risk it, this company is terrible. Appalling customer support. This app has caused me more stress than I started with. Update: Still haven’t gotten my stolen money back, and I don’t believe there is any real staff for customer support. They are now ignoring me. The app is fine, helpful; but I tried the trial, canceled my subscription, and was still charged. I don’t have what they have taken my money for, I still have the “standard free plan” and I have contacted the company and got a generic response that tells me my email was not even read. They still have my money and now have not replied to me after showing them the proof of what they have done.

- Rip off

The app itself works fine but my big complaint is there is only a 7 day trial but you get charged in four days. Don’t think you can try it for a few days and cancel because they will charge you early!! The customer support blames Apple and Apple says contact fabulous. Smh!! Buyer beware!!

- Life changing!

The app is for making healthy habits, it starts off with one simple task to do once a day, you can add more at your own pace. Even though there ARE in app purchases, It’s still an amazing app even if you don’t pay. It really changed how I want to live my life!

- It’s great!

I love it, a great tool, but for the past few days the story stopped and that was the most motivating and fun part for me. It would say come back tomorrow for more of the story but I haven’t gotten anymore for about a week.

- Good but...

This app is really good but, there’s little things that bother me a lot. Per example, I accidentally checked a habit as done that I didn’t do, and then I wanted to uncheck it, because I didn’t do it. Instead of the app letting me uncheck it, I get a pop up saying I can’t uncheck it. Are you serious?! You’re going to implement a pop up saying I can’t uncheck a habit I didn’t do, but you’re not gonna actually let me uncheck it?! That’s beyond dumb! Also this might be just me, but I can’t find a button anywhere to create a routine. Look, I love this app far too much to stop using it but you need to fix these kind of issues, they do add up to real nuisances! (My actual review for this app is 3/5 stars, but I put it at one star because only 1 star reviews are the only one to get responses from what I’ve seen. I’ll bump it up to a 3 star if I get a response, and if the unchecking issue gets fixed it’s a five from me!)

- Fabulous

This app is so amazing! I can tell it’s going to help me so much and I love the design of it!

- Potential to do more harm than good if you have an anxiety disorder

This resorts to an eerily fear-based approach for something aimed at general self-improvement, and with such critical technical limitations. If you don’t log into the app for a couple days it sends an acutely manipulative notification to get you to open it. This is paired with a technical limitation that neither allows you to check off tasks you completed in days prior, nor to uncheck something you tapped accidentally but didn’t complete. Maybe it’s still a step up for people who are already glued to their phones from the moment they wake up, or are facing dangerous vices. However, studies actually show that reward-based approaches still tend to be better for learning than punishment-based ones. Manipulative notifications paired with the limits for checking off tasks suggests poor design at best, or worse that its intention is actually to build an addiction to the app itself ($ubscription), as opposed to commitment to real-life self-improvement. I liked it for the first couple days, but don’t want emotional punishment for not being addicted to my phone.

- Charged me for a yearly membership without asking

I signed up for a 7day free trial of this app. At the end of 7th day I opened the app and hoped to find a button to cancel the trial but saw they had already charged me for a yearly membership! I’m not able to find anywhere in the app a place to cancel the subscription.


I paid for a full year last June and it’s never worked. I’ve tried contacting them and gotten no answer. Must be a scam.

- Scam?

I found this app on Pinterest. After a couple of screens it asks for your email and then fingerprint. Immediately deleted.

- Vraiment. Utile !! 🥰

J’adore ! C’est une app pour enlever les mauvaises habitudes et je trouve la méthode qu’ils utilise est une très bonne méthode ! 🥰 ma vie va mieux !, ma santé , TOUT ! Merci 😊 une très bonne app je recommande !

- Don’t bother with the free trial

Would NOT recommend!! business model runs on tricking ppl into free trials. Would rate 0 stars if I could, signed up for a free trial ( did not find it useful) tried to cancel the day it was ending and they already charged me. Now I am stuck with the subscription for an app I don’t want. Total scam

- Happy and structured

I have an acquired traumatic brain injury. My attention span is very limited most of the time. I love the thought out pacing, research and motivation for tracking and tackling difficult habits. For me the basic morning, afternoon and evening routines have been the hardest, but with this app I’m actually starting to feel better and organized. Thanks!

- Excited!

This is an amazing App! I'm so excited to begin this journey of Living with Intention!

- Wrongfully charged, being ignored, BAD customer service

DO NOT download this app. Not only did I cancel the 7 day free trial well before the 7 days was up, but after they offered me “free 30 days” (assumably because I canceled the week trial), and I accepted - because hey, why not, maybe a longer window will get me in right mindset) — I ultimately cancelled the free 30 day trial from within the app (because the feee 30 days doesn’t SHOW in your Apple subscriptions) again, well before...like within the first two weeks... Long story short, I deleted the app from my phone, because I CANCELLED, and now 30 days later this company is thieving $50+ dollars from my bank account, unauthorized. I contacted them by email, was told to submit a reimbursement request, the heard NOTHING. I have emailed this company at least 5 times now, finally threatening to file file a consumer complaint...and my guess is that I STILL will not hear from them. Steer clear of this app/company. Do NOT give them your credit card info. ZERO STARS.

- Will steal your money

I signed up for a week free trial via apple App Store. I cancelled it when I discovered that I would be automatically charged at the end of the period (normal). They sent me an email offering to extend my trial to one month. I accepted then made sure there was no active subscription on my iPhone. There wasn’t. 30 days later I was charged $55 DOLLARS CAD. Apparently I “signed up” via their website so I HAD TO cancel through the app. Of course this wasn’t made clear until AFTER I WAS CHARGED. Went to “contact us” page (lie as they have no way of allowing contact on that page). Was sent to a page that explained how I had to cancel in multiple places to actually cancel a subscription for an app that is advertised as FREE on Instagram. Also was explained that my purchase was NON-REFUNDABLE. Advertises wellness. Actually adds stress and HARDSHIP

- Cancelled halfway through the trial, still got charged four days later

I signed up for the 7 day free trial, hated it, cancelled three days into the trial (which was extremely difficult to do by the way) and they still charged me fifty dollars today, four days later. Now I’m having trouble even figuring out how to contact them since I deleted my account when I cancelled. Horrible design. Horrible “service”.

- Slightly confusing in the beginning

Really wonderful idea, I think the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because it was slightly confusing to follow along in the beginning and it kind of pushed me away. It felt like too much to learn and figure out, not quite as simple as I would have hoped initially. Since then I have figured it out and it is a really awesome app! I recommend.

- It’s a scam they double charged me after canceling

I have disabled the trial and I have screenshots I have tried to contact them but nothing And out of the blue a month later, yesterday, they started processing my credit card and charged two month on a disabled subscription I will be reporting to the credit card company for fraud! This is illegal! And there is no way to get the hold of these peeps!

- Terrible. Avoid at all costs!!

Horrible customer service (over a month to reply), and wrongfully charged me a full premium membership without my consent. I signed up for a trial membership (which wouldn’t even work on my account), and cancelled it well before the trial ended. I also created a login on their website when prompted to, which also doesn’t work. Because I am unable to log on to their website without answering all the questions again AND having the app I don’t want, I believe they charged me through this way. Total scam app, don’t bother downloading. Unless the you want to feel some ‘fabulous’ anger.

- It’s a scam

It didn’t suit my lifestyle - I wasn’t consistently using the app and chose to cancel my subscription about 3 days into the trial. I received an email titled “Before you go..” offering me an extension to a 30 day trial, which suggests the company knows I cancelled. At the end of 7 days, after cancelling, I was charged for an annual subscription. Now I’ve sent two emails and haven’t heard from them in over a week. Seems like they’re collecting money with zero customer service. (Other apps you register for subscriptions through the App Store and can cancel right from your phone settings - that was not the case with “Fabulous”).

- Premium billing is deliberately misleading

This app has seriously scammed vibes. Honestly it doesn’t offer anything you can’t do in your own with a calendar/checklist. Don’t waste your money

- Did not agree to the free trial

The app seemed cool and all but I completely forgot about it. I don’t even remember agreeing to the free trial. Haven’t even used it really and don’t really want to, but now I owe $50 through my apple account which I don’t know how to pay and honestly don’t want to. I just wish there was notification by email or something else before suddenly being charged so much money.

- Love it :)

I’m about two weeks in and I really enjoy it so far and I can see a difference. At first some of the tasks seem silly or pointless but it’s worth it in the end. I made the mistake of getting inpatient and taking on more tasks then I was able to fulfill and then got frustrated when I was unable to meet all those goals. Top Tip: Just take it one day at a time and don’t try to take on more. Only complaint is i wish the app format was a bit more user friendly:)

- Not for me...

This app gave me anxiety. Way too many buttons and options. Plus they use the clicking sounds like you are in a casino, or playing some sort of game. (This is what app developers use to make you addicted and engaged btw) I find it really counter intuitive. It also feels very hippie spiritual clique. Sorry, just wasn’t a fan even after one day.

- Highly recommend for building good habits 👍🏼👍🏼

With so many apps offering a similar service it can be a challenge to find the right fit. I’m on week two with The Fabulous app and so far I’ve had great success with it and have enjoyed using it. It’s very encouraging and can be easily customized to suit your goals.

- J’adore!!

Toutes les fonctions sont génial, cela m’aide beaucoup pour m’établir une bonne routine! ❤️❤️

- Super!

Tout simplement, par petit pas, on crée des petits changements qui deviennent des routines, qui deviennent un mode de vie. Surprenant!

- Love it! But..

The yearly subscription seems over priced.

- Helpful

Although I'm only a couple days in I'm already on the way to drinking water everyday. It's been useful :)

- « Free trial »

This app charged me a full month on the first day of my one week free trial. And then I can’t even get a refund!

- A bit hard to navigate but very useful

I love the idea of this app and am slowly getting the hang of using it. Definitely helped with new habits that support my health.

- amazing!

this app is so cute and motivational. lots of these reviews are saying that it “forces” you to pay, which is completely untrue. there is an ‘x’ in the top left corner of the screen where it asks you if you’d like the free trial, which leads to you paying for the app. most people would understand, once the 7-day free trial is over, you pay. and when you put your fingerprint or apple id password in, that is you signing up for the free trial. i would 100% recommend this app! don’t make the mistake of purchasing, unless you want to. fabulous is my new favourite! 🤍

- Motivant

Super application pour changer les choses et rester motivée merci

- Great

Love it

- Pretty good

Good app — kind of tedious at times. I don’t like how long it takes for pop-ups to go away after completing a full day routine. Other than that, great app. I used to use a manual journal however it took a long time to write out my daily to-do for a routine, whereas this is quicker to use for a daily reminder.

- Tried cancelling 1 day after trial.

Tried to cancel 1 day after trial. They simply refused and blamed Apple. I spoke with Apple and they couldn’t do anything for me as it’s the developers decision. What a waste of $60. Absolute joke. Don’t wast your time on this app.

- The journey page is blank white

This app is beautiful and it’s working wonderfully but there’s a bug that the journey page is just blank white.

- Expensive

One of those apps that’s pointless unless you pay the subscription. Disappointed.

- Almost magic

Amazing app, helping me to get back on my feet after struggling with anti-social depression

- Fabulous

This app has really helped me find a way to motivate myself to do better. The options it’s gives you for habits is easy and fun. Still in the early stages but so far I love it

- Literally a scam - do not try

I signed up for a one week trial and after 3 days decided it wasn’t for me and cancelled the trial and deleted the app off my phone. Today I checked my credit card statement and I was charged over $50 for a subscription I CANCELLED!!! Absolutely disgraceful - I almost never write reviews on here but I am too angry not to write one today! Do not waste your time or energy on this scam.

- Eyup11

Fabulous app thanks for your efforts to make simple and so helpful app

- Scammed for “Free” 30 Day Premium. *Beware*

I was offered free 30 days for the “premium” account on July 4th. That evening I ended the recurring billing after the 30 days so that I wouldn’t get billed the $39.99. Aug 4th I got notification from PayPal that I got charged $39.99 from Fabulous even though I cancelled it well before the Free trail was over. I tried contacting Fabulous, which they don’t make easy by the way, and still have not heard from them. FYI there is no customer service number you can contact otherwise I would have called them. The app itself isn’t bad but the standard to premium was not really distinguishable. Pretty upset by the way this company handles customer issues as I pretty well was robbed $39.99. Until this is dealt with properly, my review will remain 1 star and I will be contacting my bank to report this as fraud.

- Best app for reach your goals

This app has been really helpful for me. It motivate me every morning and trough the day. Thanks so much ♥️

- Love it!

I’m only a week in but am hooked! It’s so much easier to stay on track with reminders and encouragement :) Now to get set the habits !

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Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker 1.42.5 Screenshots & Images

Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker iphone images
Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker iphone images
Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker iphone images
Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker iphone images
Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker iphone images
Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker iphone images
Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker Health & Fitness application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker (Version 1.42.5) Install & Download

The applications Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-11-21 and was developed by Fabulous [Developer ID: 1203637302]. This application file size is 218.43 MB. Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker - Health & Fitness app posted on 2022-06-08 current version is 1.42.5 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.thefabulous.app