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ONLY Useful If You Are Going To The PATH Of TOTALITY!! Solar Eclipse Timer is your smart phone guide for a total solar eclipse. It's like having your own personal astronomer help you on Eclipse Day! It is simple to use and has many unique features! Just get into the path of totality for the solar eclipse, and then with just 2 taps on your device, the app is ready to "talk" you through the eclipse. (NOTE: It's NOT useful in an area with only a partial eclipse. It's for people getting to the path of totality)

I have observed 3 previous total solar eclipses overseas and I am doing public out reach for the 2017 US total solar eclipse. Being based on my personal experience with eclipse observing and photography, I know exactly what is helpful when observing a total solar eclipse.

Created for first-time eclipse observers as well as veteran eclipse chasers, it is released in time to prepare everyone for the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people and Solar Eclipse Timer is an inexpensive tool to ensure that you don't miss a second of this wonderful event!

GPS location functions automatically find your location, then the app calculates your contact times and max eclipse. With one tap it loads the 4 eclipse contact times into the timers. This function does not require an internet connection, the formula is located in the app itself!

These are all the unique features in this app:
Voice countdowns guide you precisely to the contact times. Announcements are made at the proper times to tell you to observe for interesting things during the partial phases, such as the temperature drop, lighting changes, animal behavior and shadow bands. The app also tells you when it is safe to take your solar glasses off and then when you must put them back on. To practice your plan for photography, the app has a demo session that plays a totality movie synchronized with the timers. The app includes a unique calculator that lists the times you use to take a sequence of partial phase images that creates a beautiful sequence of the phases just like the professional photographers! Although not a mapping program, included are internet hyperlinks to interactive maps of the eclipse path to help guide you to totality.
The app includes an extensive help file detailing the use of all of its unique features as well as eclipse day checklists and educational information about the partial phase phenomena.

Download the app, get yourself into the path of totality, tap a few buttons and sit back and let Solar Eclipse Timer "talk" you through this spectacular celestial event! It's an experience you will never forget!

No App Ads. No In-App Purchases. You Get It All!

Automatic "Wake From Screen Lock" Notifications For Eclipse Events
Automatic GPS Geo-location
Automatic Contact Time Calculation
Automatic Totality Duration Countdown Timer
Automatic Contact Time Loading Into The Timers
Automatic Conversion To Your Local Time Zone (from UTC)
Partial Phase Phenomena Observation Reminders
Precise Countdowns To The Contact Times
Max Eclipse Alert
Horizon Observation Reminder
Announcements For Solar Glasses Off And Solar Glasses On
Compressed Eclipse Demo Program For Device Testing
Totality Photography Practice Demo Program With Totality Video
Partial Phase Image Sequence Calculator
Path Of Totality Hyperlinks
Eclipse Data File Saving Ability
Extensive Help File


We are NOT liable for misuse of the app causing inaccurate timing or the lack of eye safety precautions during the observation of a solar eclipse.

The "glasses off" and "glasses on" statements are a guide based on the calculated contact times. The timing can be affected by your phone's clock and the shape of the shadow. You are responsible the timing. Glasses should be ON if it's bright!

Solar Eclipse Timer App Description & Overview

The applications Solar Eclipse Timer was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-02-13 and was developed by Gordon Telepun. The file size is 92.11 MB. The current version is 1.10 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Added stop button to main timer screen to stop pending notifications

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Solar Eclipse Timer Reviews

TMNT since '87

Didn't work properly  TMNT since '87  1 star

Both my roommate and I drove from Arizona to Daniel Wyoming to see the eclipse. Only thing that this app did was tell us we were in totality area, the timer stopped working for us . In fact 20 minutes after the conclusion of the eclipse the count down continued. App was a total waste of money


Thanks so much, this worked wonderfully  Kevinmp  5 star

This worked wonderfully for me. It made a great difference to the enjoyment of the short 2:09 period of totallity to know exactly how much time I had left and to be reminded of things to look out for. Learned about this App on Smarter Every Day. Thanks to Gordon for the great App and to Destin for publicising it.


Great App  TechSamurai  5 star

This app was very helpful, thanks for creating such a useful app for the eclipse!


No voice prompts  dordal  3 star

This app is written by a small developer, so I'll give it a bit of a pass, but it has a lot of bugs. The biggest is that it doesn't speak to you (e.g. 'Ten seconds to totality'); even though it says it does. Hopefully Gordon can make some improvements before the next eclipse.


Great little app  Dnruc  5 star

Used for the 2017 Great American Eclipse. Set up was simple, and the voice command was very helpful as it gave countdowns to each stages of the eclipse (although I kept checking the time in anticipation). Looking forward to using this again in 2024!


So now what?  Aeroriddle  1 star

I just don't see this as being a daily use app. It won't tell me anything at all now about the next eclipse. Lame.


Worked great in NE  SMcQuitty  5 star

Worked perfectly for us. Even recalculated after we got to our site a few times. It was right on the money and everyone loved having a "guide"!


Needs better UX design, but got the job done  Chinchillax  4 star

The app is rather clunkily designed and is difficult to navigate. However, it did work fantastically for checking my GPS location and giving me the exact time that totality would start. I highly recommend this app for those visiting Solar Eclipse paths of totality!


Great app!  adventure.wagon  5 star

Saw this app on smartereveryday! I like how you can program practice times so you know how to use the app ahead of time. The count downs were great! I likes the audio coming out telling me what I should get ready to observe. In such a crazy time for a life time experience, the audio cues really help remind me what's going on. I really hope this app works in 2024. I'd gladly pay again to have this available in 7 years.


100% spot on!!  Rexvrubin  5 star

I'm so glad I got the app and watched all the video's.. it made the eclips viewing 100% better. viewing time was 2:37... and for my location I couldn't have asked for more!!


Very cool app  Bosch55  5 star

Not as cool as seeing a total eclipse but this is a great app.


Worked perfectly!  Wpryan01  5 star

This app's geolocation tool enabled my group to know each stage down to the SECOND. The voice notifications gave us ample time to prepare for each phase.


Must have For Totality  soontiraratn  5 star

Worked perfectly and will be using for all future Totalities. UI could be better but still an A+ app. #TotalityorBust!

user of apz

Perfect  user of apz  5 star

I was in the path of totality, and this app gave us all the major indicators verbally and flawlessly, down to the second. I hope this guy gets rich off of this app. It was the perfect thing for the occasion, no joke. Well worth the $2, and believe me, i hate buying apps.


Countdown timer — just what I was looking for!  WoodyGA  5 star

The countdown timer is a vital feature for me. The demo mode works great to test before the big day of the eclipse. Highly recommended! UPDATE: Used this app the day of the eclipse and it worked PERFECTLY! My group of friends where thrilled to have the alerts during the phases of the eclipse to know what observations to make. My only nit to pick is that the interface could use some polish. For those who had difficulty with the app, a gentle reminder to read the manual: There's extensive built-in help. Yes, you have to be in the path of totality, or there's nothing to count down.


Works on count down but...  Kcarrol2  3 star

Worked like a charm during the countdown period towards totality. However, I did not get any warning at the end if totality to put glasses back on, no talking at all like the countdown.


Extremely useful app for the 2017 eclipse  Sling_shot  5 star

This app did exactly what it was designed to do: give you an audio prompt for the sequence of events at your location in the path of totality. The timings were perfect, the information was clear, and the demo features showed you what to expect. Thank you for such a well designed app!


The timing was a bit off  J_Tricky  3 star

I was in the path of totality and the GPS was accurate but the timing of the point of contacts and the time to totality was about 5 minutes off. Other than that, it seems very informative


Fantastic  Banjo409  5 star

Used this app yesterday (8/21/17), and it worked perfectly. Made a great experience even greater.


Worked perfectly!  dan6470  5 star

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