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Have you always wanted to be a Star?
With FaceStar you can now turn into a movie star or a music hero.
All you need is a selfie!
Take a photo, choose you favorite character and become the protagonist of your favorite scenes.
We constanly add new clips so you can always enjoy new content.
This is no gimmick! Surprise your friends with FaceStar: become the leading character of epic action scenes.

FaceStar App App Description & Overview

The applications FaceStar App was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-02-23 and was developed by Visionborne. The file size is 33.12 MB. The current version is 7 and works well on 10.3 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixing

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FaceStar App Reviews


Waste of money  Jeremyxiong  1 star

I want a refund. This app is stupid... u still have to purchase the video if you make it.. also u cant do multiple faces.. just yourself only..

LIL rob 323

Garbage  LIL rob 323  1 star

Garbage do not download, waste of money!!!!!!


Doesn’t input photos  juiceyjyice  1 star

This app does not work at all! What a let down and waste of money!


Terrible  Bishop1982  1 star

Worst paid app I’ve ever had.. the face swap tech is soo bad!! Terrible terrible waist of money.


Misleading  actualdude  1 star

No audio and you can only edit yourself into the small library of clips that are in the app.

Kobo boy

Please read below (racist)  Kobo boy  1 star

Unfortunately this app only works for light skin people or white people. People with darker skin is more difficult to blend into these stars. If we can have more African American stars in your app you’ll be amaze how much money you guys would make.


This app is trash  Nanorito  1 star

This app doesn’t work- waste of money. First video won’t even finish downloading so cant even judge the quality. Refund my $3 so I can buy a beer instead you Garbage app.


Stealing Data - READ THE SMALL PRINT  English1985  1 star

I didn’t even get to use this app. After making the purchase, the terms and conditions page popped up which made for some interesting reading. No, I’m not going to give permission to access my emails, location when I’m not using the app and use of the app for legal action against me! READ THE SMALL PRINT!!! Judging from the replies from the developer they are based in some hell hole country and are trying to scam the rest of the world.


Terrible  Daboxer610  1 star

I took a selfie and it came out to be someone else 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️I need a refund.

Ninja Guy Phil

Not legit  Ninja Guy Phil  1 star

When I tried putting my face on several of the videos it doesn’t look nearly authentic as it did in the advertisement. I actually spent three dollars for this. Would’ve been a better investment spending it on a latte...

Taxi Ranks

So many bugs  Taxi Ranks  2 star

Funny app but so buggy it’s untrue


Waste of money  vikassharma79  1 star

Don’t buy this is a awful application


Top Gun?  tjv82c  3 star

App works well, but where is Top Gun? I will change to 5 stars once I can find that clip as that was the reason I bought this app.


Rip Off  dubbington  1 star

Ads aren’t even close to the actual product. Faces look horrible in the app, nowhere near as smooth as the ads look. Worst thing is, after you pay the $5 for the app, you then have to pay to be able save down any of the clips. I want my money back.

Jackie 1276

Don’t bother  Jackie 1276  1 star

So weird and hard t use


Waste of money  Austperth  2 star

This app would be fine if it was free, but for $5 it’s a total rip off! Dont waste you money.

William Chewing Gum

Awesome  William Chewing Gum  3 star

Have fun


Mr S  Figjamsteven  5 star

Cool app


So cool and fantastic  hieuphamhuy7777  4 star

I love the software that is so fun and so nice.

Thomas H Lawrence

Awesome  Thomas H Lawrence  4 star

That's awesome app 👍👍👍

Honest Policy

WASTE OF MONEY  Honest Policy  1 star

Do NOT waste your money on this app!


it is pretty pretty good  wj99999  5 star

it is a great idea and is implemented as good as it could be. the results aren’t out of this world, in terms of realism, but it is usually very funny to project yourself onto these videos in this manner.


No sound  estos_nueces  1 star

I payed for this app anticipating all videos I could make only to be disappointed that it has no sound. Very upset. And the lack of more "black actors" takes away from people like us trying to find a face that would fit


It’s really funny but there’s room for improvement  ZippPpiz  3 star

I enjoy this app but my face doesn’t always get cut out the way I want it. No matter how I move it. There’s room for improvement there. Also there isn’t a white template for the photos you take out of the camera roll which makes it impossible to use them. Improve those two things and we’re good 👌🏼


🤷🏾‍♂️  000006578  1 star

For sure not what it seems. Wouldn’t recommend downloading.


Complete waste of money!!!  gary.hauman  1 star

Probably the worst app I’ve ever downloaded and I actually paid for this one! I could’ve had more fun watching the 3 bucks being flushed down the toilet.


Review  jsjdjnfkfkd  1 star

Why can’t I see the movie before you try to make me buy it


Not working  Jam545666  1 star

Can’t get it to work keeps crashing. Not made a video yet. Refund please.


This app is a joke . I can’t believe I paid for it please give me my money back  Moshiko770  1 star

Joke app


Doesn’t work  Drotelli  1 star

Terrible app experience so far.

Darren Daz

Would not recommend  Darren Daz  1 star

Had the app on my phone for two hours, made one video & app froze, tried everything but nothing worked so deleted it thinking I could re-install it but would of had to pay for it again, tried contacting support before writing review but support link doesn’t seem to work either, a waste of money:(


FaceStar is crap  bukakkemurphy  1 star

Can’t use photos from your camera roll they never work I got one to work this app is really bad


💩  Instagran/tommydirocie  1 star

Crap, an adds machine is all it's

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