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Have you always wanted to be a Star?
With FaceStar you can now turn into a movie star or a music hero.
All you need is a selfie!
Take a photo, choose you favorite character and become the protagonist of your favorite scenes.
We constanly add new clips so you can always enjoy new content.
This is no gimmick! Surprise your friends with FaceStar: become the leading character of epic action scenes.

FaceStar App App Description & Overview

The applications FaceStar App was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-02-23 and was developed by Visionborne. The file size is 33.25 MB. The current version is 7.8 and works well on 10.3 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixing

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Hilarious  Passenger5757  5 star

Took several tries to get my face to look like me but once I did it was hilarious. Worth the 3 bucks

Brother Hampton

😢  Brother Hampton  2 star

The sound keeps on going out on the app


Bad  IndioCPR  1 star

Esta súper mala esta app🤦🏽‍♂️ perdí mi dinero🤦🏽‍♂️


Wasted of money  mmmorga  1 star

This app only gives you 52 movie scenes and u can’t uf one of the vídeos From your gallery, plus you can’t download ur videos that you make in the app because you have to pay for them in iTunes too


Would like to add multiple faces  JW1234509876  3 star



Great up but where is T2?  Djhuzz  4 star

I downloaded this app because I saw an ad for terminator 2, I got into the app and it’s not an available option. Can you put T2 back on?


Don’t spend money on this s...t  the.dushanche  1 star

Simply, no one recognize my face !!! Not interestingly at all.

the truth 123456

Pure D trash it does a piss poor job of putting your face in nothing like the videos it shows  the truth 123456  1 star

Piss poor


This app not good  Dmoney11207  1 star

Most def don’t do what the demo shows I also used good lighting

Moo Sknuckle

Waste of money  Moo Sknuckle  1 star

Huge waste of money. Tried using it gave all permissions asked for and it says it can’t access the camera and can’t do anything with the app. I want my money back


couldnt even dl the video  Dheedhee  1 star

😑 bye bye 5bux


Not worth it at all  Meetjack  2 star

Definitely a waste of $4.50, probably worth about $1.00 for the quality. Good for a laugh but that’s about it!


Waste of money  reviewster69  1 star

Don’t bother with this app. Every time you try and run it, it says their servers are busy. FAIL!

Taxi Ranks

So many bugs  Taxi Ranks  2 star

Funny app but so buggy it’s untrue


Waste of money  vikassharma79  1 star

Don’t buy this is a awful application


Top Gun?  tjv82c  3 star

App works well, but where is Top Gun? I will change to 5 stars once I can find that clip as that was the reason I bought this app.


Rip Off  dubbington  1 star

Ads aren’t even close to the actual product. Faces look horrible in the app, nowhere near as smooth as the ads look. Worst thing is, after you pay the $5 for the app, you then have to pay to be able save down any of the clips. I want my money back.

Jackie 1276

Don’t bother  Jackie 1276  1 star

So weird and hard t use


Waste of money  Austperth  2 star

This app would be fine if it was free, but for $5 it’s a total rip off! Dont waste you money.

William Chewing Gum

Awesome  William Chewing Gum  3 star

Have fun


Outright scam  fixtheproblemdoush  1 star

I demand my money back. You should be locked up for scamming innocent civilians like this. I’m not letting this go away. I’m getting a refund.


I want a refund  Asalmon27  1 star

I want. Refund


Total Garbage  GWalter75  1 star

Save your money. I have seen teenagers do better stuff. Face is all disproportionate, and skin tones are weird. Glitchy too! Don’t DO IT! Your 2.99 will be better spent at Taco Bell!


So bad  killab22  1 star

This is terrible I tried for an hour to make it not blurry! No matter what it was just sad I want my money back!!!!!!


Refund?  Martee777  1 star

No clue how this works or if it works. It keeps asking me to buy the app when I just paid to download it.


No sound  iimkpc  1 star

Despite having the volume up AND clicking on the sound button


Pointless  anggggrrrrrrryyyyy123355  1 star



Save your money  gizmo6791  5 star

This App should be free. Crashes every time...


Not what’s advertised.  Tank0707  1 star

No matter how you take the picture and try to fit your face as close as possible you will still look retarded. I don’t care what you say about adjusting it, it doesn’t work. GARBAGE!!!!! And for the developers response, go [email protected]$k youreself!


Save your money  PeterB247  1 star

It would be better spent on three White Castle sliders, even considering the digestive issues the next day.

Darren Daz

Would not recommend  Darren Daz  1 star

Had the app on my phone for two hours, made one video & app froze, tried everything but nothing worked so deleted it thinking I could re-install it but would of had to pay for it again, tried contacting support before writing review but support link doesn’t seem to work either, a waste of money:(


FaceStar is crap  bukakkemurphy  1 star

Can’t use photos from your camera roll they never work I got one to work this app is really bad


💩  Instagran/tommydirocie  1 star

Crap, an adds machine is all it's

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