Playdead's INSIDE

Playdead's INSIDE [Games] App Description & Overview

Apple Design Award Winner.

What the press said:

“MASTERPIECE! Inside is a 2D puzzle platformer that builds upon what made Limbo great, and in fact builds something greater.”
10/10 – IGN

“Inside expands on the concepts and scope of its predecessor in wildly creative ways, and it's so immaculately designed and constructed from top to bottom that it almost feels suitable for display in an art museum. This is one hell of a follow-up.”
5/5 – Giant Bomb

“Gorgeous art and animations, devious puzzle design and a pitch-black sense of humor. A perfectly paced series of escalating "holy shit" moments.”

Winner of more than 100 awards, including:

Artistic Achievement (BAFTA)
Game Design (BAFTA)
Narrative (BAFTA)
Original Property (BAFTA)
Best Independent Game (Game Critics Awards 2016)
Best Independent Game (The Game Awards 2016)
Best Art Direction (The Game Awards 2016)
Spite Award (D.I.C.E. Awards 2016)
Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction (D.I.C.E. Awards 2016)
Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction (D.I.C.E. Awards 2016)
Best Audio (Game Developers Choice Awards)
Best Visual Art (Game Developers Choice Awards)

You can now play Playdead’s award-winning indie adventure game on your iOS device. INSIDE is a dark, narrative-driven platformer combining intense action with challenging puzzles. It has been critically acclaimed for its moody art-style, ambient soundtrack and unsettling atmosphere.

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Playdead's INSIDE Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Play the beginning for free - In-app purchase the full game

Playdead's INSIDE Comments & Reviews

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- Refund

Honestly want my refund, it keeps backing out and I couldn't even play the freaking game

- Controls

It’s a very good game! But the controls are absolutely terrible. Doesn’t give you a rundown on how to use them either.

- Gooooooooood

Vary goood game but I wish there is a second own cuz wen you bet the game you just don’t want to play it

- Loved it

I’ve played Limbo and Inside. I like inside a lot better. I wish it was longer or that there was a part 2 or something. I’ve played both of them more than once and it’s just a good the second time. Like I said I wish they were longer though. Love the feel of the’s eerie and animation is intriguing. I liked that there was more color in the one unlike in limbo. But I like limbo too. Anyways....please make an Inside part 2! :)

- Help

It’s very challenging but I like it. I still can’t get past the dog part can someone help me

- Good game!

Great game but it’s a dark game with meanings to it. I feel like there’s a lot to do with kidnapping and human traffic and experience. At the end it was a death after all.

- cant save place

This game is fantastic on every level, EXCEPT that there is no way to save your place. Close the app and start totally from scratch. This is a pretty big oversight.

- I don’t play games...

But this one was so perfect. Everything. Can’t say enough good things. Get. It.

- Worth my time and money

Thank you to the creators, I was really blown away. Awesome game!

- Crash-Problem-bug

It’s crash after first Inside red logo Pls fix

- Help

I recently purchased the game. I enjoy the game but it freezes up a lot. Fix please

- Excellent

Very creative and interesting game

- Good game

Its good but I’m stuck at the part when you in the farm or factory

- Must play

The best game I’ve ever played, the music, the theme, the game itself AWESOME!!! I wanted more to it.

- Don’t buy

The game is to short for the money it cost beat it in 2 days

- Amazing game

I love the way you have to use your brain to solve this puzzling game, it has a very good storyline and I think even though it cost money, it’s worth every single penny. I have not tried limbo yet but I will after I finish this.

- It’s super perfect 1% bad

It’s really good but for some reason the guy in front of the truck froze were I was at I couldn’t move because the dog would eat me

- Fantastic!

This game is EVERYTHING I hoped it would be. Simply Amazing. Please make more & tell me how I can INVEST. thank you

- Inside

There needs to be more to the game make a second and carry it threw

- Beautiful game!!

Awesome. None of the environments makes sense buts it’s a Great game and they fixed the control issues from the last game.

- A true work of art, but with an unsatisfactory ending.

I loved this game. It sucked me into the world, the atmosphere was so well done that I felt like I was walking through a classic dystopian novel, and the amount of detail and thought in each scene was astonishing and impressive. It was every single dystopia I’ve ever read, and it easily hooked me onto this story. I played this game for hours on end, and it was difficult to force myself to put it down. So you can imagine my disappointment at the final stretch of the game. I barely made it through the ending, I had to force myself to just get it done with, it was painful. The only reason I managed to complete it was with a mantra of ‘you’ve gone this far, it cant be much longer’. I found myself constantly checking the progress bar to see how much I had left, and running past ‘levels’ as quickly as I could. Don’t get me wrong, the finally to this fits it so well, and it shows that not all stories have happy endings. The ending is well-crafted, and clearly meant to be slightly disappointing and leave room for speculation, but it just ruined the experience for me. I put so much of my time into the story, I was 110% invested and glued to my screen for it, we were leading up to the climax, the adrenaline was pumping as I sped through the ending, and than it just sort of ended. Fizzling out slowly as the end credits appeared on the screen. All I was left with was an immense feeling of disappointment and 0 satisfaction. I would recommend this game in a heartbeat, but unless you’re like me and you absolutely have to finish the game, I’d recommend it right up until your main controlling character changes into something far from human, and then just watch someone else play the game or read a synopsis. I don’t want to spoil anything for this masterpiece of a story, so I can’t go into exact details of when I’m talking about, but it’ll be obvious when it’s happened. All in all, I give it a strong four stars. You made a work of art here, but the brave artistic decision of the end knocks it down hard for me.

- Price

I’m really not sure I want to spend like 7 dollars on something I’m not sure I’ll even like first off it’s just way to pricy second I’m not really sure that people

- Amazing

I have no words for this. It’s incredible! I actually made a video and posted it on my YouTube Channel. Out of respect to the game and the developers, I only recorded a small portion of the game. But it’s by far the best Mobile Game. Thank you guys for creating this game, if you would like to check out the video. my YouTube Channel is call “ LIFE as a Rick “ I know the name is weird, I’m going to change it later.

- Need more

Plz add more a extension of some sort a season 2 or something anything I need more

- Love It

All I have to say is this is money very well spent.

- Great game

This was really fun and satisfying, only problem was the controls

- <3

I love this game

- Amazing Game, Disappointing Ending

I throughly enjoyed playing Inside. The detail in the artwork is stunning, and the puzzles can be challenging and really get your mind thinking. My biggest issue is the ending (I wont be spoiling anything). I completed the game’s normal ending in about 3-4 hours, though it still felt too short. The ending of Inside is confusing, and I honestly can’t tell whether or not the way it ended was good or not. I would’ve liked to have known more about the actual story going on in the dystopian world around the character, but you don’t get to know anything except for what’s actually happening at the moment around you. Also without spoilers, I feel the Secret Ending was also lacking in giving the player satisfaction. I was completely immersed while playing, and the game was definitely worth the the price. I was just really disappointed and left with more questions then answers with how they decided to finish off their amazing game. Even for an open-ending, I feel there should’ve been more.

- Best game

this game is best!!! highly recommended !!! but there is one thing which i dont like , you have to pay yo unlock all the levels ... what can i do if i cant pay for the game ? and what if im just free gamer ?! otherwise its best game which ive played on my Cell phone !! thanks Creators for such a good game !!! but let us get free full version ! that might be amazing !!!

- Yessir

I love this game. Really tests your wits and is a great challenge. I highly advise this game💯

- I need help

Its a pretty good game but when i bought the full version of the game it keeps crashing and now i cant play anymore and i feel like i wasted my money can the creator of the game please help me

- Okay

Honestly it’s a really good game and it’s super fun but at one part where you are in the water and you have to run from a dog is horribly hard I spent 4 hours trying to run away but unfortunately i couldn’t so I deleted the game but that was because I got mad 😓 but that was my fault for deleting the game but it’s super fun just make it easier please for us idiots

- 😘😘


- Good job

This game was an experience. For a mobile game which I usually never play because they all just never kept me interested. This game did the opposite! Very good job ! Applause to your team!

- I don’t want to buy it

It’s a good game overall just the part that I played the free part but if it didn’t cost money I think it would have more people play it because I never spent money on a game for my phone because I feel like it’s going to be trash but I guess I’ll buy it

- I really like it

I really like this game the only grief I had is that it ended I wish it would’ve been longer and honestly I’m kinda interested in the story like what’s going on how did everything lead to this I loved every puzzle the challenges are amazing

- Best indie game on iPhone

I don’t understand these complaints about the touch screen, it worked fantastic for me. I’m always very reluctant to pay for any game but for $7 this was a no brainer. After the free trial part I knew I needed it. A lot of fun, except I’m so confused and saddened by the ending. Can someone explain to me if the boy was being controlled by the blob or what?!

- Awesome game

This game was one of the best mobile games I have ever played. The controls were weird for mobile but then I thought maybe my ps4 controller would work for the controls and they did. So I recommend if you have a Bluetooth controller then use it.

- Everything is perfect

The best game ever, this game is insane .

- Controls are trash... try free before purchase

If you enjoy repeating the same action over and over, this game is for you. The controls prevent you from accomplishing much at all. If it had a split control screen and simple button for jump would totally transform this game.

- Money back

This game for 6.99 is not worth it way to short y so much money for so Lil game play I don’t get it

- How do u get past the man who chases you?

Plz respond

- Very dark graphics, disappointing endings, but worthwhile

Very dark graphics, disappointing endings, but worthwhile. I played Limbo on various platforms and DL this game based on that. The endings are pretty anticlimactic. The game graphics are very very dark. You basically need to play it in a dark room at the least. Some of the ways you can die, particularly being depicted as a little boy, are quite disturbing and a bit excessive. Other than that, it’s rewarding and much like Limbo in the same way that Limbo appeals to so many.

- Inside

In one word, amazing! Great work, producers. A real masterpiece. Outside, next?

- Good but the price is horrible.

I would give this all 5 stars because it is a very amazing game. Very little nightmares is worth the money because that story is also a lot longer then this. This isn’t worth the money. I just played the first free part over and over because it is good but not worth the money. You guys did a great job making this just lower the price.

- Opinion on Inside

This games was the best and the best horror game a play but I feel like it was to short I finished it in 2 hours and I feel like it should have been more longer cuz you know I payed 7$ lol but at the end off the day the game was amazing and wish there could be more.

- Play dead Inside


- Crap

This game is garbage I’m at the part where the chickens have to shoot through that machine and they won’t go into the dump machine

- It’s fin

So I hate the game

- Unable to play whole game.

After playing the free trial I was hooked and decided to sign up for Apple Arcade however, the game is still telling me to choose if I want to play the free trial or buy the full game! Apple Arcade started there are no in app purchases yet I can’t even play this game unless I buy the game from within.

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- Really beautiful game

I only played the demo but it was really fun and a little scary. Some levels I didn’t know what to do for a while so I kept dying. But I would love to play the whole game

- Medium

You have to buy a membership to play the game and I can’t get past the wall part

- Meh!

It’s pretty much a weak copy of Limbo despite the fact that Limbo was more exciting. I don’t like it it’s not that challenging and not that complex as Limbo was.

- sad

Who ever designed this must been divorced 4 times

- Amazing

The best game I played on iphone.

- Great Game

I don’t have the full game but Just from playing it for free gives me the creeps but it’s also amazing the design and everything, It’s scary for me but for you guys I don’t think it is for you :D

- A masterpiece

Like 2D Portal for your phone. Twisting story and unusual (but intuitive) controls. Can’t wait to play through again.

- WOW😍😍😍

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the style of this game is perfect for what I like. It leaves you in suspense and isn’t afraid to get dark. Challenging but fun. It has one of those story lines that is understandable but not said upfront. One of the best games ever played!!! Also all the one star reviews about it not being compatible hurt the ratings and lower the amount of users. Sorry to those that can’t play it but that’s how it is.

- I’m concerned about the background sound. No sound.

Is it just me or there is no background sound..

- Amazing game

This game is awesome I like how it lets you get a look at what the game is like before you buy it but it definitely was worth the buy :D

- Why pay

I sound like a Karen but like I don’t wanna pay can I just enjoy the game without having to spend money

- Awesome

I sure hope you guys come out with a sequel to this or at least something like it this was loads of fun and made me jump out of my chair a few times playing.


Probably the best atmospheric platformer out there

- Can't replay?

Great game, 5 stars as to not hurt three rating but when I went to replay it for alt ending it starts off art the last sequence!?!

- Awesome


- I bought the game. WORST PURCHASE EVER

The demo was great, the full game was just the same. A couple more enemies, a new ability at some point. The protagonist will change at the end in the most disgusting way possible. Overall not worth the price. Should’ve been a $3.99 perhaps longer... it was very short. I finished it in one night :/ Don’t buy it. Im from Canada and i spent $14

- Bad game


- Great Intro but Buy Game not Working,

I really love the game and I really want to buy the full version of the app but I am having issues. When I press the Buy Game button it does nothing. It does not say ‘No Connection’ or ‘Not Compatable’ and my phone is a IPhone 7. I really want to know how to fix this or if you guys can,? I really can’t wait to play the game and hope you guys can help.

- Ok

I made it through a level hit pause now I have to replay the level.

- Love it

Graphics are 10/10, game play is 10/10, wish there was a part 2 ha

- Performance on iPad is unplayable

Game ran fine when I bought it a year ago, but performance has been broken by successive updates. Unplayable. Save your money on a game that the devs actually support.

- Never been so satisfied

This game is difficult at first with the controls but I found that if you use one hand to move around and the other to jump it’s absolutely incredible and easy to navigate. I literally had my heart racing at times. These guys are genius. I can’t explain how great this is. Worth the $10. I’d pay that for part 2 in a heartbeat. You guys earned it.

- No sound

I’m not able to hear anything, no setting to adjust this either

- Too short for that price

I bought the game 10$ because very good game I loved it. But very short for such a price.

- “No in app purchases”

They say that there’s no in app purchases for Apple Arcade, then when you fire this game up it says “buy full game”

- 🍑

Great fun game, especially during quarantine. A little pricey though, if the game was cheaper I would definitely give it that perfect five star ratting

- Fun game

Really fun game I really hope there are more parts soon I want to play more

- Beautiful and frustration

I love a gorgeous atmospheric game as much as the next person but I found this game very frustrating. No matter what I tried I got killed over and over and over again and after watching a child get mauled by a dog or shot to death for the 15th time you start losing interest. I would absolutely recommend this to people who love being stressed and screaming a lot.

- 🚶🏼‍♂️

10 is too much for this, too short and the part where you can play for free is like 1 minute long. Lame.

- Outstanding..

First of all, the graphics of this game are absolutely breathtaking. Secondly, the way everything is set up so you have to learn the controls, and there are no faces on people, etc. Is simply genius! Thirdly... I don’t have really anything else to say it just takes my breathe away. Literally scared the breath right out of me!! I love this game so much, absolutely everything is so right

- Stop complaining about this game this is one of the greatest game I ever played

Idk why people is still complaining the main reason why iPhone 6 owners can’t play cause the graphics and the quality of this game is really good and an 5 year old phone can’t handle these sooo stop complaining and go buy ur self a better phone and rate this game 5 star cause there is Demo version which is only for iOS

- Awesome

The game is fun to play and everything about it is perfect.

- Awesome!!

I love this app. I played the demo and bought the full game. It’s by far one of my favourite games! Very entertaining and easy to use!

- Waist of money, don’t!!!!

To easy,,, short game for $$10.00

- WoW

Trop cool parfois compliqué mais très bon jeu !!

- Why is this not top 10?

I see lots of bad reviews because of incompatibility. For me, it works great on my iPad mini 5, and it’s unlike anything else I’ve played on iOS. I rarely review apps, but this one is worth it.

- You have to pay to play

The game seems alright but you have to pay to play and it’s too much money for some stupid game. It’s 10$!!!! That’s way to much money for some stupid game

- Very short game

Good graphics and gameplay but too short for the amount of money. $10 but doesn’t even take 10 hrs to finish.

- Piece of Art

I was absolutely captivated. Amazing game. Dark and beautiful. Was worth the 10$.

- Beautiful

Immersive sound and stunning graphics. Big plus on the fact that you can pair your ps4 controler to play this game. I recommend playing it on a iPad for a even better experience :) magnificent !!

- Masterpiece

I’m surprised I stayed back from this one for so long, I think it was the price point and not really knowing what kind of game this was. This is the true definition of a brilliant video game. The graphics, music, tone and colour of this game are dead on. Mixed with intuitive puzzles and environments that just make you want to keep playing this thing until it’s done. Really good with headphones and playing in the dark for the best experience . Although sometimes (just once in a while) the controls are mind numbingly horrible , making some things harder than it has to be. This game is a masterpiece.

- You have to come to the world that is Inside

This grips you from minute one and it does not disappoint. It’s a game that is a required play. Glad I fell into this one.

- amazing

the game is so fun and suspense full, but the seconded part should be free 👍🏽👍🏽

- ❤️

Some ppl r saying this app isn’t compatible for any devices but I have an iPhone X and it works fine just that the controls are really hard to manage but overall it’s good

- Awesome

Played this on my iPad Pro and I’ve got to say that the game developers and extremely creative. The graphics are beautiful and the challenges in the game are really cool. I didn’t play the full version yet but I’d say that it would be worth the price.

- Good game

Loved the game. Didn’t collect all the “secrets” on the way so I didn’t unlock the “secret ending”, but the main ending kinda sucks and leaves us with no info and kinda like a cliffhanger. Amazing game all in all. The visuals are fantastic and the detail is terrific. Maybe not worth 11$ but still worth something.

- Why?

I know that I can just buy the full game but like why isn’t it free this game would be so much more popular if you make it free so yeah


I have play on my xbox and this game is a piece of art


Best adventure game out there. I literally couldn’t stop playing. I stayed up all night once playing it

- Great game

Love it I just wish the full game wasn’t 9.99

- The free part seems pretty good....

I must say the free part of the game seems pretty good, but not going to spend $10+ on the rest for a 2-3 year old app. When / if you ever drop the price to 0.99cents, let me know.

- Amazing game but....

So I downloaded this game about a couple months ago and I loved it so much, the graphics were outstanding and the story so far was so intresting..BUT WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE REST COST MONEYYYYYY!!? I was so heartbroken noticing that I couldn’t finish the story!! So if your reading this pleaaaase make a version that doesn’t cost money🥺 thanks!

- Incredible....but

Absolutely love everything about this game, the gameplay, the graphics, music really draw you in. It does however shut down at the point where everyone is peering through a window into a room, each time I reload it shuts me out. Any help guys?

- Beautifully terrifying!

Creepy, atmospheric and very addictive.

- Truely Amazing but...

This game is, to put is simply, stunning. The style is beautiful and the storyline is so in depth. Although this game is so good I don’t like the fact that you have to pay for the full version, 10 dollars is a bit too much for an iOS game. I understand the reasoning behind this but I think that the free version should have been at least a little bit longer. Apart from this I love the game, amazing job developers.😁😁😁

- Best game I have played on my phone.

This game is amazing. The eye for detail is crazy. Very well made. Can’t wait for the next one.

- Wonderful graphics

I love all the detailing in this game, and I love the independence it gives you, your left to figure it all out which makes the game addicting totally considering buying the game after playing the trial too many times

- Amazing game

This game is stunning and so much fun to play I love it and recommend it to all

- Pretty good

Actually a good game, such good graphics and creation, but the only thing I didn’t like was the ending. It could’ve been better.

- Awesome

I dident think limbo could be topped but they did it inside is a masterpiece but their has to be more limbo ended and left us wanting a number limbo 2. Inside has now done the same stunning game but plz give us what we want bring out a limbo2 and a inside2

- Bleh


- Locked from family sharing.

$7 USD. Purposefully locked to one device, because they intentionally made the full game an “in-app purchase”, which can’t be family shared. Very disappointed considering I’ve always supported this studio across multiple platforms.

- Awesome

Best game I’ve ever played on a mobile

- Playdead’s INSIDE

Just an unbelievable game.

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️


- Great....Just Great

This is a fantastic game that has beautiful graphics and lovely sound effects Absolutely Stunning

- Best Game

This is my favourite horror puzzle game! Good job Playdead!

- Can’t wait!

It’s downloading right now! I can’t wait! I’ve seen this game before and I really wanted to play it. Hope it’s fun!

- Let us play the full game without purchasing it

When I got this game I thought it was the whole game but apparently it was only a demo and I have to pay for the whole thing for descent price even though I don’t have a payment method or a credit card so please update the game to allow us to play this game, the whole thing we can be happy without even paying for something that great.

- Doesn’t work

The app keeps on kicking me out which is extremely annoying

- Litte dark but is a horror game alRight

Nice Work bit dark and Litte bit mess but I hope You make Somethink good

- Scary

It is the ugliest game ever I mean who will play this pulling a pig’s tall off not cool dude you had to torture a poor pig what the hell I bet the creator of this game is a stupid guy who pulls poor animals tall’s off

- Spectacular

This game is a piece of art. From the gameplay, to the the visuals to the story. Everything about this is just wonderful. It’s suspenseful, high tension and quite difficult. If you love games like Abe’s odyssey you will adore this experience. Plugin your headphone and get ready for a wild ride.

- This game is epic

At first I thought it was just another game but when I played it. O MY GOD it was so action packed and fun with puzzles and all. It is so fun and I thing everyone should play it

- Wow

Love it, love it, enough said. Did I mention I love it?

- Won't let me buy the full game

Start of the game is good, but won't let me purchase the full game for some reason? Put the full game on the app store instead of it being an in app purchase

- Full version

Really enjoyed the free version. Wanted to purchase the full game but no matter how good my internet connection is, the game says it can’t connect to the internet.

- Best game I have ever played

This is the first game that has not asked me yet to review them , and still this is my first written review for any game I have played. That’s how much I liked this game. Amazing graphics, easy controls , simple puzzles , great story, beautiful music. Overall extremely satisfied with my purchased ,I would recommend this too everyone . I hope you guys make more type of these games or maybe an Inside 2! Appreciate your hard work!

- Horrible jump

You can't jump far enough

- No work

Did not work on ma iPad

- Best Puzzle Platform Game

This is absolutely the best puzzle platform game I have ever played. Simple operations, beautiful design and rich interactions with the game elements make the game outstanding out of hundreds of puzzle platform games. Strongly recommend!

- Not compatible

It’s annoying cuz it’s not compatible with my device and it looks really fun.

- lOok WhaT YoU'Ve dONe To thE GAmE 🅱️🅱️🤡🤕👹

I used to love this game but now it crashes every time I start it up 1/4 /10 👺👺👺👹👹👺👺👹🤡🤡👹🤡 \ / 👃🏿 / 🙃\ I have no means of offending the developers on this review & I'm very sorry. Is there a fix for this?

- Personally, one of my favourite games.

This game has everything. Mystery, perfect puzzles, action, realistic animation, completion story, great graphics, unique art style, interesting gameplay, satisfying conclusion and much more. Just an overall perfect experience. It’s the perfect game for me. It proves how much the developers have learned since Limbo, and how much effort they put into this game. I absolutely love this game. I recommend buying the full version to experience the entire game, and to also support these talented developers to do more like this. 10/10 would Defiantly recommend to anyone who likes mysterious puzzle/parkour games like Limbo.

- No

I can’t buy it why??

- Best game I’ve ever seen on iOS

Inside has changed my opinion on mobile gaming forever. I would love to see more like this!

- Doesn’t work on my Device

What the it doesn’t work on my iPad

- Brilliant game

Not only is it different it’s also visually spectacular. It’s weird but makes you think as you play. No regrets playing this at all. Well done to the developers.

- Played on Xbox but still the best

I haven’t played on IPad but it is truly amazing. The graphics are perfect, the storyline is dark yet intriguing and shocking twists as well. The perfect game for anyone.

- Oh my goodness

I’ve never come across a game so incredible and detailed. The developers have thought about everything single little inch of grass to every little movement of the little boy. This game is much better than LIMBO, I found, as the boy was easier to control, the puzzles were still hard, but less frustrating and the storyline was more obvious and you really felt connected to the character. Every step you take is another twist in your stomach as each threat poses a new challenge. The secret ending and the orbs are also little extras that add to the game’s mystery and wonder. This game is amazing and I really hope the developers make another game like it.

- It doesn’t work!

It says it is compatible with my device because I have an I phone. But for some reason it doesn’t work? It’s annoying if you could please fix this problem. Thanks.

- Phenomenal iOS Game!

What a phenomenal game. I had so much fun playing this game and it was even better with control support!!

- Inside

I love this app so much, in fact, it's my fav app I can't wish we didn't have to pay for the full thing. I haven't yet but I really want to continue playing it I just don't have the $ to pay for it

- First review ever

Literally the most immersive/addictive app/game I have ever spent money on. In a word, beautiful. From the sound to the light to the quirks and intricacies .. it’s simply beautiful. It’s clear the creators cared greatly about the experience and the feeling that would resonate with anyone wise enough to spend money on the full product.

- Inside

Great game on iOS. The puzzles were great. Unfortunately the end didn’t match the game. It completely ruined the whole game. What was the point of it all. At least it should have turned back into the boy. Not happy for the price for an ending like that.

- Great Game

This really is a great experience, the graphics, the audio are all 5 stars. Even the length of the game is spot on, not too short, not too long, there were only 2 parts where I had to look it up on the net to figure out what to do, apart from that it was challenging but not insanely so. Can’t wait for the next instalment of this game!

- Lack of autonomy

This game is, in the basic sense, beautiful. Intuitive controls and game dynamics with fluid animation and great puzzles... The game is quite “dark”, which is to be deduced by the description, but I found that it started to go a little bit too dark near the end- with some gory, but yet unavoidable, deaths that were subsequently brought about by your character. Did not enjoy the lack of autonomy within that section and found that it went too far beyond the other content in the game on regards to the forms of the realistic violence. Apart from that- a dark yet good game!

- Master piece

One of the best game I ever played. Seriously, I’d like to get a brainwashing, forget about this game, to play again and get the same feeling that I got.


Really enjoyed this game! Have played it though several times. The puzzle aspect is enjoyable and the storyline is well written!

- Honestly my favourite

I love it. played it through the end several times. can’t stop playing it, it’s amazing. i need another game to come out, one exactly like this one. it’s perfect

Payoneer 💰

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- Interesting 🤔 + Fun

It’s so fun I can’t control myself to play it.

- MAKE INSIDE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make another one !!! Type of game that I don’t want it to end yet!

- Awesome

I Swear this game is so so much fun the detail and everything it’s so much fun it’s like maze runner movie but in mobile game so fire game.

- I want my money back

This game continues to glitch and I paid for the full app. I have an iPhone XR I deleted the app and reinstalled it for it to not work. I’m highly disappointed.

- Worth the buy

I played the demo and instantly got hooked, purchased it and finished it within that day. This games was very neatly crafted and thought out. Loved the graphics and suspenseful vibes it gave. The puzzles were challenging and different every scene. It was different than any other game I’ve played on the AppStore. Not a fan of the ending but overall, 5/5!

- Loved it until the end..

Great game! Beautiful scenery! Took a while to gets used to the controls and grabbing stuff but once I did it was smooth sailing..... until the end. I don’t want to spoil it but at the end the controls were just annoying and the character wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do so I spent like 5 extra minutes on a repeating the same action because the character wouldn’t move or throw things correctly. I got extremely annoyed. Also the very ending...???? What was the story? What was the purpose?? Great game but I got lost with where the storyline was trying to go at the end. I also ran into a puzzle that had no answer but was just there to fool people? Or maybe it did have an answer and I couldn’t solve it but it wasn’t part of the main storyline so I just kept moving past it.

- Most bizarre and unique game I ever played.

Experience —————————— The game is very unique, there is really nothing that the game is telling you.This is more of a story mode game, so you’ll have to figure out the story behind what is going on. Some parts of the game is dark some press the name is light and some parts are even sad. The animation is amazing it almost looks as if the main character is real. —————————— Pricing —————————— The game is 7 dollars. It’s a little expensive, and when I bought it I expected a little more. You can also play a section of the game for free and it will save your progress in case you want to buy the full game without restarting. —————————— Overall —————————— Overall it’s a great and unique game, it is a little expensive but it is very fun, and interesting. It took me 3 1/2 hours to complete the entire game. How long did it take you?

- First time playing

It was a good experience, but it felt like a short game. The normal ending didn't make sense to me and I felt short handed after going through all the puzzles and build up to just end up ... with the sun shining ... If part two is created I might take it for a spin if it's a longer game and an explanation of the secrecy within the labs. Why? Who? What?

- another gem from playdead

If you liked Limbo, this is a must.

- Great

I love this game so much! Please make a 2nd Inside! Maybe a girl?

- A haunting puzzle story

It pulls you in with the smooth gesture controls and cinematic pace, and then it terrifies you with a bizarre and inexplicable story. I found it to be entirely captivating.

- Data

They are stealing your information

- Great game !!

it is a very perfect game , but why it ends like that :( , i hope to see a part 2 soon

- Best game I’ve ever played!!!

This is the best game I’ve ever played SO FAR!!! Wow, a round of applause to the creators and everyone involved in the creation of this MASTERPIECE. Wow, if this doesn’t give me nightmares I don’t know what will. Absolutely breathtaking and and eerie atmosphere. The water, the fish.... just 🤯. I was surprised the whole time and thrilled. I even passed whole game ✌️twice. Can’t wait for another game like this!

- Fire


- Great game

Just thought the whole time a genius has designed this game. Felt like watching a movie i can control throughout. The only downside and the upside at the same time is its a little short. I ended up finishing the whole game in 3 days. But was glad i had come to on ending at the same time. Totally satisfying even though the game was a little short

- So fun

Is was such a weird adventure but it was great please make another one

- Absolutely addictive

Yes at times it’s a little difficult to control but it’s one hell of a game absolutely addictive and keeps you on the edge of the seat all the time, worth every penny. Took me 6 hours with lunch breaks and stuff to pass it but I couldn’t put my phone down.

- Wow!!

I had no intentions on buying this game. I was so into it and was disappointed when it told me to buy to continue. When I did though!!! I was very pleased. I totally recommend!!!

- Meh

Cool game and great story. Not worth paying 7 dollars for.

- Shut up and download now!

This is definitely one of my favorite games! I love the story! It doesn't matter how much cost it for part II. I will buy.

- Family sharing

I was showing my brother this game while playing the demo. He bought it for me on his account since we have family sharing. When I open up the game on my phone it doesn’t allow me to the full game. This is very annoying because he doesn’t play the game and he bought it mainly so I could enjoy it . Now i feel cheated out of the 6.99 because I’m never going to play it since it’s on his phone. Could y’all please fix this

- Awesome

Wish it was longer🥺


I absolutely love this game!! It is so intriguing and you never know what is going to happen next! I love how unique INSIDE is and I would 100% recommend this game! Although, you do have to pay money to continue playing it. In my opinion, that is the only flaw of this game.

- Blew my mind!

Absolutely the best game I’ve ever played on an iPhone. The controls are instinctive, the design and animations are stunning, and the feeling you get while playing this is unlike any other. Vast, epic, startling, and quite profound. Buy the full version right away.

- Consulta

POR QUE HAY ACTUALIZACIONES CONTINUAS ?? Hay nuevos desafíos en el juego en cada actualización?? Ya terminé todo el juego y no veo ninguna mejora

- Meh

Took me two days to get to the end. That was it? Come on, extend the game, please!

- New update

Can’t play begging! What’s kind of update?!

- Great game....just not on iDevices

Read a similar review recently, so let me summarize... TL;DR- Great soundtrack. Immersive gameplay. Amazing ambience. Storyline will keep your attention...but Jesus-F*%#ing-Christ are the controls crappy to wield on an Apple device!?😩

- Amazing games, you may hate controls

I gave the game a 4 stars only because controls are not very easy on the phone with certain parts of the game It’s not terrible but for some it may be frustrating. The game itself definitely a worthy of 5 stars. I played this game and Limbo on its console brothers and they are indeed amazing games. I recommend playing the game with headphones. I’m using my wireless head set and the sound design ambient sounds are fantastic. The game is about 2 hours long and worth every penny for the price. The ending is one of my favorites. Not the end credits but how the end part of the game unfolds. It has a story of some sorts but you kind make it your own along the way until the end. I know there is a secret ending if you find them orbs that are hidden. I have played this game many times over and over and even in 1 sitting before. Can’t wait for future installments like this weather sequels or new ip

- This game!

I loved this game! I wish it was longer! I have never felt so much anxiety playing a game before it has me Searching for something similar! lol I’d say it’s worth the buyX yes the controls can get a little frustrating but I absolutely loved this game

- Best mobile game I’ve ever played

Let me preface this by saying I am an AVID mobile gamer. From start to finish this was hands down the best mobile game I’ve ever played. It was so cinematic and the controls were so smooth. The puzzles were fun throughout the whole game. I legit cried when I beat it at the end.


Let me preface by stating I don’t usually play games like this, nor do I find interest in them. I find myself getting frustrated with many of the puzzle games out there. And a lot of the ‘horror’ games are just jump-scare FPS games. This is neither, and it’s not technically categorized as a horror game, so. It’s rare to find such a terrific puzzle/adventure/sci-fi game executed so well. I love the overall setting of the game, with the creepy low lighting, damp underground old abandon factory look; it all ties together nicely. I downloaded the free trial version of the game 3 days ago and immediately purchased the full game after playing through the first few chapters. I didn’t care what it cost tbh, I was intent on playing it through to the end. From beginning to end, the game offers excitement and curiosity. The graphics have a simplistic vibe, yet an intense amount of detail. And the sound effects, OH THE SOUND EFFECTS... eerily realistic. Don’t worry, I’m not blowing smoke up your you know what. I was not paid to write this review. I didn’t know what to expect from this game, but I will say that at least four separate times throughout the game I found myself genuinely surprised at the turn the game had taken. I’d love to play an Inside 2, 3 and 4. They’re THAT good. And while I’m late to the Inside party, this game is 100% worth the download and 1000% worth the $6.99 for the full version. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

- A masterpiece, that’s it.

It is a great game with an amazing story behind. Even though it made me feel sad for the story, I really enjoy it playing it. It is my first time playing a mobile game. It is not my cup of tea, but I can say it has a wonderful background. I just love it.

- Note to everyone

It’s an awesome game to be honest but it cost money for the full version which is a let down and the controls are a bit off, everytime you try to run you have to remove and put your thumb back on the screen but other then those two I like it so far

- Yes!!

This game was the best app I’ve played on my phone. Makes you think but it also gets your heart pumping. The ONLY downside to this game is it’s very short for $7.99. Other than the price and the length, it was great!!

- Great game but too short

I payed $7 for a game that I best in about 3 hours of play.. I feel way overcharged. Loved the concept and the game itself was really fun, but I can’t believe I beat it on the same day I bought it..

- Great but

The demo is awesome but having to buy it for the full game is stupid people might want to play the full game but don’t have the money for it so make it free

- Very nice

احلى لعبه بالنسبه لي 👌🏽

- Great game. Don’t listen to the haters.

I’m not a gamer. Just a normal guy who like a good distraction from time to time. This is well worth to money. Nothing else to buy. Not gonna nickel and dime you to get more levels. Pay once and play the whole game. Try it. You’ll love it.

- Worth it

This game is sick. Played it in a day. It seemed little expensive but worth it. I hope they make the second one cause when it ends, kinda makes me wonder if there will be some more adventures.

- Absolutely Incredible

I played from beginning and it took me months (usually playing for a little while each night). The beginning was difficult while getting used to the controls, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be breeding through. This is a long game, it should take a while to finish and I enjoyed each minute! The ending is spectacular as well :)

- Too short

Very beautiful, but too short game.

- best game purchase

I seen an ad for this game on Instragram and decided to try it out. Thought it was one of those puzzle games and it turned out to be so much more. The first five minutes of me playing the free version, I purchased it. The eeriness of it, the suspense, truly a one of a kind. Unlimited lives also helps. The end of the game was a little lackluster, but it could be a part 2 which I hope there is.

- The best game of 2030!

I would buy this over and over again! Finally a game that suits my style. Please more like this more and more. Great job guys! Seriously such a good game! Take care

- Is this scary?

When I first downloaded this game I checked to see if it was a horror game but it didn’t show me if it was so I thought that it was not scary so my nephew started playing the letters were red so I started being worried if it was scary then when he noticed there was fog he ran to me and said it’s scary so I deleted it please tell me if it’s a horror game so I can download it again and tell him it’s not scary🤗

- Amazing and weird and fantastic!!

What an unexpected journey. Subtlety and artistry throughout. Immersive and engaging. I found myself laughing at some of the scenarios, and like other reviewers, I marveled at the joy of dying and seeing the myriad ways the creators expressed it. Sad it’s over...


So I was playing this game doing my chores got me Eight whole dollars what happens nothing I purchase and nothing happens it will never give me full game and I have hit the restore purchase so many times that it is just 392 pushes down wasted life and it is not working WOULD NOT RECOMMEND

- 3/5

Though the game is unique and beautifully designed I am giving it three stars for one reason alone. This game is way too overpriced for how brief it is. I finished this game in less than a day and with how much I paid that is incredibly disappointing. That being said, I could hardly put it down. The story; though vague, was intriguing as hell.

- Amazing Game! but

i would absolutely love to play more of this game, and attempted to buy the full version because i love it so much. but it won’t let me purchase the game. i tried searching what’s happening with the game or my phone and nothing is helping, maybe it’s a bug or something but when if i end up figuring out how to purchase the full version, i’ll update my review, good job game dev!!

- Amazing game

Haven’t played any mobile games for many years, give myself a chance to try this one, truly amazing game from every perspective!

- This could be a thing

That if you didn’t have the money to pay for the full version you wouldn’t have safe points

- Rating: INSIDE

I think this game was awesome. Graphics were decent, overall adventures kept you engaged and on your toes. I gave it a 4 because I wanted an ending that closed the storyline or at least gave an understanding of what happened and what the boy was running from. Perhaps there’s sequel ? Or maybe a fuller version somewhere. Thanks guys ! I had fun !

- Scam??

Isn’t it supposed to cost $9.99??? I was charged for $38.06???

- Fun

I’m not a gamer and not really into games. Once in a while I get one but never play it much. This game however has captivated me and is worth every penny. Really plays well on iPad Pro. Well done!

- Brilliant!!!

This game is simply awesome!! Very intuitive controls. The design is AMAZING and the sounds are great. I tried the free version and downloaded the paid version without thinking for a second. Would recommend to anyone who likes platform games. Best game I’ve played in a really long time. I can be a bit scary in some parts, but the beauty of it leaves you in awe. Thank you to the creators of this game, I really had a blast.

- God this game is good

I’ve played through it twice, some parts multiple times. The stories and theories are intoxicating and I can’t stop watching videos and finding new things to the story I didn’t know before. The endless holes in the story leave a lot of the game up to imagination which is genius for the creators. As you navigate the game and see Erie and unsettling landscapes and scenarios you can just imagine what happened to this world. I can’t stop playing it. These folks need to keep making games like this.

- This game is awesome

I didn’t like the end the graphics are the best I sent a pic to my friend and he didn’t think it was mobile

- My Favourite Mobile Game Yet

This game is so good, that I’ve played it twice. The movements are fantastic. The world is incredible and creative. The music is absolutely perfect and well produced. No glitches ever experienced. Please play this game. And do so with great speakers or headphones on. Enjoy :) To the creators: please make more games. I can’t wait for the next one.

- Cool game until crashes.

Played for a while and was loving it. Then it crashed. And crashed again. And now won’t go past the title screen. Just crashes. And crashing isn’t fun.


I HATE YOU that pore pig 😭😭😭 I’m suing you right now

- Amazing

This game was so fun to play and the background/story of the game is incredible and exiting because you will never know what happens next. Buying the full version was the best decision I’ve ever made!! Hopefully they come out with a new game that is similar because this was super fun to play👍🏼

- hi hi

it was such a nice game, but i wish it was free for the whole game :)

- Compatibility

To everyone who says the game is not compatible with their device, please read the text at the top of the download page that says “requires iOS 13 or later”

- I love it

It’s a good game but I wanted it to have more levels cause it was fairly quick I did them all in the demo

- amazing game

I bought the editor’s choice every year but this is definitely one of my favourite. The story is great! It’s like experience a real story and I love hoe the camera move and the depth of the scene give the space more reality than LIMBO.

- Great

I bought the game $9.99 awesome game! I finished it pretty quick. Wondering if creators are going to make more levels? Need more

- Masterpiece

This is one of the best game I got to play in a long time. From the artwork to the gameplay, the multi-layered scenario without any word at all, simply beautiful.

- Amazing

This game is so amazing! There’s really no instructions as such, you have to figure things out on your own. The graphics are stunning and the storyline even though there’s no talking is just great! Also, if you actually scroll down under Information there is a section called “Compatibility” and it will let you know if it’s compatible for your device. All these 1 & 2 star ratings are shameful, just because people can’t be bothered to read.

- Amazing!!!

Pretty interesting but you have to pay for the full game

- App crash

Not working iphone 7 ios 13.3.1

- Won’t let me purchase

Tried the demo and loved it but when I came to finishing the demo I clicked the buy button in the menu and it just sat there for 15 min trying to process and I have very good wifi.

- Compatibility?

iPod Touch PLZ

- Awesome

So if you aren't sure if this is for you it is! Cinematic excellence! I am 45 and I have never played a game this intense and awesome! The graffiti are sublime! The game play is amazing! This is not a game for those looking to bomb through levels. This will push you mentally until you want to smash your phone and just then you figure it out! From crazy dogs chasing you to zombies and Hi tech machines all out to kill you it's amazing! This is a must for only $10! Get it before it goes up in price. Sooooo damn good it's crazy! I have played for like 4 hours and I'm not even half way done!

- Progress issue

I played for so long but still didn’t finish the game then I had to go do something so I exited the app and when I went back on it didn’t save any of my progress and it repeated the whole game. Please fix this


It’s graphics are great and I love the game play wow dis is an mobile app bro

- nnd

this game is amazing!!! you should make a part 2 of this game

- Amazing

This is a great game. I loved it. I’m thinking about buying the other levels.. but really it was different. I like it. It has a unique aspect to it. Thank you developers!

- Not a Experience

This is an amazing game that everyone needs to experience! Definitely needs to be played with a controller, I used my PS4 controller and it worked flawlessly. 2 things: people need to stop leaving bad reviews because they don’t read the compatibility list first....and I wish the game was longer.

- Great game

This game should get a price or something. It is the most bizarre game I’ve ever played. The graphics are amazing, the story and characters are also really good. First game I am happy to pay for if they release something similar in the future. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Make it compatible with older devices

Please make this game compatible with at least an iPod touch 6g because some people might like to play this game and can’t afford to buy a newer device

- IOS 13

Do you have an upcoming update for IOS 13?

- Inside

The game is great and the controls are a little bizarre but you catch on. The game does tend to freeze and the app must be reset to move foward, but 30 seconds in after the reset it would freeze again. pretty frustrating.

- Ope

For the person who said it dosent work on iPods yes it does I have one and I got it and it works

- Literally Art

I just wish I could play this for the first time and have the experience again and again - I need more!!!!

- Review

Fantastic game, not long enough for $10

- iPod Touch

The game seems fun, but I’m on iPod Touch but it would not work. It says I’m not able to play on my iPod Touch.

- This game is so good, but...

I hate bad endings..😢

- Bla

great game but the ending was not good

- D.ross

The game is excellent but too short

- Best game ever!

This has to be one of the most intense and addicting game I’ve ever played in my life, the puzzles are great and challenging. Highly recommend!

- too short

It’s a really good game ,but it was too short. somehow didn’t worth 11$.

- Great game

I absolutely loved this game! It’s just, I wish there was more story towards the ending cause I am super confused lmao. I hope you come out with more games too!!!💕

- Bon jeu

Très bon jeu les images son très beau et les effets de lumière et les ombres son vraiment très bien fait........ mais j’ai passé à travers du jeux en 2 jour a peine pour 10$ j’aurais aimer en avoir plus ....... mais c un bon jeux.....😋😋

- INSIDE Review

The demo was pretty good, I was a little confused on some of the levels but other than that, great graphics and amazing gameplay. I’m impressed that this is a mobile game, keep up the good work.👍🏾

- Love it

The world building is grand. The simplicity of the controls is appreciated but also ingenious. I was spooked out, intrigued and moved all at the same time as I ventured through this game. Truly hand held gaming at its best!

- Good

The demo was great

- Hard to put down

Absolutely love the game! Couldn’t put it down. First app I’ve bought in a very long time

- I love the game

It works on my iPad I got the full game it’s kinda hard

- Was good, now just crashes

I paid for the full version and have enjoyed playing this game for a couple weeks. Now it crashes every time I open it. Terrible.

Libertex 📈

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- Decent

The game only offers 1 and a half hours of gameplay for £4.99 I’m not sure it’s worth it, but it is still an amazing game.

- Loved Limbo and LOVE this!

My sister and I are diehard Limbo fans so when I saw this I was ecstatic. The game does not disappoint! If Limbo was sad and haunting, Inside is that and more. Expect to be incredibly disturbed by this - it’s brilliant!

- Soooo good but...

THIS👏🏾 GAME👏🏾IS👏🏾BOMB. I was immediately hooked because of the graphics and the freedom of the game. The controls are good aswel. Two things to improve though; pls add a help menu to the game as some bits are quite difficult and I had to search it up on YouTube cos I couldn’t do it. And also PLS MAKE IT FREE. I need the rest of the game but I can’t spend money. :(

- Amazing and outstanding

Limbo is one of the best if you like dark theme games , now the plot on this one is even greater with much more chilling scary graphics and full of suspense , surprises and thrill, worth every penny. Masterpiece

- Exceptional, nothing better

Quite possibly the best game I’ve ever played on a phone, really got into it, the look of it is amazing, play is progressive and intuitive, and the ending..... just perfect.

- Fantastic but no sound...

The game is pretty amazing. I enjoy the complex simplicity of it. But I don’t have any sound is it suppose to be like that. I can’t even access a settings menu. Maybe it’s just me???? Any solution would be appreciated.

- UNIQUE!!!!

This game is insane. It’s hard to find adventure games and good ones usually are not free. No regrets for spending money for this one. TOP

- good

make more games limbo and inside is amazing

- Trash dead


- i love this with my whole heart

ive replayed this so many times. its beautiful and flawless. i love every element of interaction and every scene

- Free is bad

I played the free game for a day and it was really bad. You can’t get inside, when you get chased by 3 dogs they outrun you and there is no way of actually getting past

- Incredible

It takes something special for me to pay for a game. I downloaded the free level and instantly found myself purchasing the full version. I completed it in a day as I couldn’t put it down. It’s infinitely better using headphones making it a far creepier experience. The creativity, story and graphics make this one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. The puzzles are so creative. Some very dark moments in this game and clever twists really make it worth the money.

- Compatible??

Is this app compatible with iPad 6th generation I was hoping to play it after seeing all the great reviews

- Brilliant game

I’m not about to sit here and chat wass because I don’t see the point of that. This is by far the best game I have ever played, everything about the game is stunning, eccentric and so invigorating towards the end of the game. I can’t help but think how much I want there to another game like this, even if we had to pay a bit more it would still be worth every penny no cappin.

- Superb game. Feels like an old school adventure game brought bang up to date.

This is a superb adventure game, great puzzles, fantastic ambience and a great story. Definitely worth paying for the full game. Probably the best game I’ve played on an iPhone ever.

- Why did you ruin it to pay

Man this game was fantastic then devs ruined it to pay full game and I played before the paid full game and I’m in the middle now I have to pay. I just wasted my time!

- Awesome game

Really good game! Entertaining, addictive, and leaves you wishing there is more to continue playing, animations are pretty realistic too, the only think missing would be sound, there is no sound at all in this game.

- Overrated but not terrible

This game was marketed as an intense, atmospheric puzzle game on social media and, whilst it is true the artstyle does help to establish the game’s themes, I found the gameplay underwhelming. The interaction mostly consisted of holding the right side of my screen with an occasional swiping up motion; the gameplay seemed over-reliant on the player’s trial and error as there were many aspects that were simply unpredictable or could not be completed without pervious experience of the area. Overall, I do not currently recommend you download this game as the free section is very limited and does not give an impression worth paying for.

- Far too short

This game is very overpriced considering how long it takes to complete, I was very disappointed. I did however like the game

- Crash crash crash

Not sure why, but this game just crashes constantly now. The rating is for this annoyance, rather than the game, which is genius. But unplayable now as it won’t load properly and crashes all the time.

- Worth the money

I have played Limbo before so it wast not a question if I should buy this one or not. Brilliant game !!!!!!!! Shame I finished it in such a short period of time - I would have loved to play it for a lloooot longer. Hopefully there is going to be a similar game pop up soon. Well done for the creators.

- Beautiful

Worth it, 100% worth it. A brilliant yet sinister puzzle/platformer which is definitely worth £6.99 no denying it

- just Brilliant

this game is awesome awesome I tell you awesome

- Freaking amazing

This game was just amazing. The vagueness of the storyline made the game more captivating. You just want to keep going to see if you will get a big revelation to what is going on. I downloaded it two days ago and could put it down till I finished it.

- Too expensive

Good game not worth £6.99 though! Finished it in a about 4 sittings maybe 40 minutes sittings. Was expecting it to be a longer game for that price. I’d say it’s worth £2 max!

- 100% worth the money!

When looking for a fun game to play to pass time in lockdown. I came across INSIDE. I originally played the free prologue and was immediately hooked! I simply had to buy the full game, and that’s exactly what I did. So once it had downloaded I sat down and played through the whole game non stop. It’s a brilliant puzzle plat former game and what really put the cherry on the cake was the fantastic art style to go with it! Throughout the few hours it took to complete I had so much fun despite not having a single clue what was actually going on and why i was being chased by an evil mermaid! The puzzles were perfect. Some relatively simple and some decently difficult but never too far one way or the other. The controls where also very good and felt smooth and responsive. Later in the game when you get people to follow you the kind of boosting thing really amazed me. I would have never before really expected these amazing mechanics from a mobile game. And now on the the ending! Honestly I did not know what in gods name was going on and to be honest I didn’t really want to. I was very much content rolling around as this massive testicle looking thing made of people, and smashing down walls as the workers cower behind cover! In conclusion this game is a timeless masterpiece in my opinion. I think the story revolves around an evil organisation running a slavery operation and you play as the one who went rouge. Your task as the player is to progress through the compound and escape from INSIDE...

- Inside 👏🏻

Inside is a very good game but ending a bit disappointing but money well spent

- Really good but very short game

Addicted from the start this very strange game is intoxicating then after a few days playing for a bit each night it’s done. Not sure if I knew it was so short I’d have spent the money I did. If you’ve got money to burn go for it but on the understanding you’ll not be getting the best value for money.

- Beautiful

I put off playing this for too long. Exquisite and moving. Played it through in one night and resorted to using a walkthrough to find the hidden orbs, but worth it. Totally unexpected and wonderful weirdness throughout. Great puzzles too.

- RIP off

Good graphics but easily completed in a day , waste of money for the content . Would want a refund ideally , compete scam for the cost compared to other games

- Amazing!

I absolutely loved this game. I saw it advertised on facebook and just by a still image I was intrigued. I had a quick look in App Store and saw that you could play the first bit for free so I gave it a bash. I bought the full game after playing it for about 20 seconds! Haha. I’m not a massive gamer, in fact far from it, but I do like getting the odd game here and there just to mess around on when I might be sat in a waiting room or on bus etc. This is the first game I’ve bought on my phone. I can’t begin to describe how much I loved playing it. The graphics, the puzzles themselves, the sound effects, the story line, Just everything! It’s the best game I’ve ever played on my phone and if you are thinking to yourself “is it worth £6.99 for a little game on my phone” then I can assure you the answer is yes. It’s easily the best 6.99 I’ve spent and most fun I’ve had for that cheap! Hah. Can’t wait for PLAYDEADS next game to come out and im goin to play LIMBO aswell. But yeah, Defo recommend this game! Play the free beginning bit and you’ll see how good it is.

- Worth every penny BUT

Very good game, details, physics, sounds and lighting are exceptional. However, paying £6.99 for a game that only lasts for 90 mins, then having nothing else to do other then play the exact same story without alternate decisions/endings is disappointing. I feel for the price being paid, it is well deserved, but the game is just lacking an umph; finishing touches. Hopefully updates are released in the future and maybe we could play as different characters or from a different perspective. Even if we could play the story in REVERSE, this would be such an amazing feature. 2/5.

- Too easy to complete

Great graphics great story line got to the end credits within a couple of hours tho how ever I may have completed the game but there’s still in game achievements for me to go get

- Superb

One of the best iOS games I have played. Was hooked from the start. Graphics amazing, story is in grossing and worth the 6.99 spent on it.

- Beautiful but maddening

The art, animation, story telling, gameplay are all stunning. But be warned the controls (or lack of) on ios are maddening, I doubt I’ll be able to complete it

- Ridiculously good

Best £7 spent on an iPad game by far

- Awesome...Must get!!!

Having never paid more than 3 or 4 pounds for a game before i was initially reluctant to fork out the full price for this game.....all I can say is SPEND THE MONEY!! Amazing graphics, haunting atmosphere and the story is weird but extremely addictive! Please tell me there will be a part 2 ?!?

- Better than some console games

From purchasing to completing I didn’t stop playing. Every time I got 5 mins from work I would pick this up and play. Gloriously dark and depressing it’s a truly haunting experience but nevertheless addictive. It’s the little attention to details: the footprint sounds on wood to metal, everything is crafted with love and perfection. A must play.

- I want more!

Please please please make a sequel!

- you need to make another game

this is the best game ever on my phone and it’s really interesting and you don’t lose motivation while playing the game because there are always new challenges around every corner and as well make another games like inside 2 or another add on to it because it’s really good

- Inside

Really good game 10/10. Real shame the beginning of the game is free to play, but you have to pay £6.99 for the full version. The free version needs to be longer, but apart from that really good game, love the art style, and graphics are second to none. Great job PlayDead

- Surely an error

Hi great game...but unfortunately I think there’s an error..I maybe wrong but I can’t find any other way around it....whilst in the mine level when you need to gather all the ‘zombie looking people’ there’s 3 up a height which you break free from standing on the block that lifts you up...after then you need the help from them to pull wood planks off...unfortunately I didn’t realise this until after I took them to join up with the rest of the zombie’ there’s no way I can get any further in the game!

- I was amazed now not please read developers

I loved the game and at the end I needed to pay it ruined the whole game I was sad so please take a way the payment some of us want to play with out money

- Excellent

This game is a class above any other in the app store. It genuinely makes you scared at some points and is very chilling. Worth every penny, please make more

- Don’t like it

I just don’t like it

- Captivating, beautiful, haunting & simply brilliant

I’m not an avid gamer by any means - I heard god things and downloaded the free trial, and have to say I was hooked immediately, purchasing the full version. Gameplay is smooth, graphics stunning and the puzzles throughout ingenious. Round of applause to the developers.

- Stunning!

Weird but lovely game, I even shared it with my 12 year old who loved it too. Gameplay and artwork is magical, can’t wait for another.... pleeeeeeeeeasse!

- Mental

Brilliant game and loved every second. I do feel a bit sore, once completed I felt that the little chap would set free all the others maybe a retake may be good

- Amazing

I was sceptical about the price, more than double most games, but wow! This game is amazing. Very tense moments. Be prepared to die lots, but that is also cool as the deaths are so unique and horrifying. Won’t be letting my 9 year old play. Only 4 stars though as ending was..... disappointing.

- Update

This need to be updated with better controls, like an on screen joy stick or something

- Support iPhone6

Please update support for iPhone6 I want to play this game

- Why

Bro I want to play this I was a huge fan of limbo I’m even playing it again today but the incompatibility screen comes up when it says its compatible in the settings please fix.

- Amazing and unique

Like no other game I’ve played, totally hooked. Awesome visuals and super engaging. Finished it in a day and couldn’t put it down. Some super hard puzzles particularly using touch screen. Best game I’ve played on iPhone, hands down.



- Inside

This game is AMAZING I love the game and the story to it is brilliant. And really makes you think how to solve each puzzle. I personally believe that it is worth playing the game!! Thank you Playdead for creating this fantastic game. 😉

- Exciting but in the end, simple enough

Unfortunately for a game where the only two controls is ‘move forever in the same direction’, and ‘interact with environment’, it proves to be a quick game to beat. Puzzles cleverly designed, absolutely, which prove fun and momentarily challenging, but soon with only two controls to choose from, you more or less pick it up very quickly and with some smart thinking allows you to solves the puzzles with speed. Therefore the price isn’t justified. Clocked in two days.

- Free game should go for longer

Free game should go for longer

- Cool

It is so awesome and amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍😍

- Amazing

This game is truely a work of art and very creative. The best game I’ve ever played on a phone. Worth $11

- OMG!

Guys it’s the best game in the world for ios , graphics physics & stories awesome dude ! Only I hoping it was free 😅😩. This game is so sweet for Pc Xbox Ps Tell me please if it's available? Regards

- Blurry graphics / great game

I was wondering, why does it have blurry graphics for me? Is it like that for everyone else? I have a iPhone 7+ and I tried reopening it, otherwise from that, this is a great game! I like the storyline and everything, I have been wondering, do you have enough time to make the story longer? If not I’m fine with that too, keep going Playdread! 🙂

- Pretty gutted

Tried to buy the full version took 18 bucks from my account not 11 and says I didn’t buy the full version. Pretty gutted

- Loved it

Absolutely brilliant game.

- Trash

Doesn’t work on my device waste of time trying to get it to work

- Seriously impressed

Seriously best game I have ever played, brilliant gameplay and a story that dragged me in and wanted to help that boy survives!! Stunning masterpiece

- The most atmospheric game on Apple TV

The level of detail in this game is fascinating. The atmosphere is compelling and the puzzles are unique challenges with just the right difficulty.

- A Masterpiece

I will never forget how this game ended.

- Dark - Adults Only

Thought best to delete the trial because I have a 4 year old son who loves the iPad and plays Monument Valley and The Room series by himself. I like the graphics and feel and gave it a 4 after only 10 minutes but would not like my boy to stumble across Inside where a kid gets shot, savaged to death by a dog or forcibly drowned by a man in a dark stream during the course of play. Not really a criticism of the game, but best not to have on a device that is shared with young children. I might d/l it at a later date.

- Really cool

This game is challenging at times but it’s very fun to play, there are range of tasks and challenges to go through, I highly recommend playing it.

- great game and looks

But both ending are depressing,

- This game is amazinggg

This game is my favourite game everrr! All the reviews saying it doesn’t work with their iPad/ iPhone, I have an iPad Air and it works fine. The first time I played it it glitched a bit. I would lose the app and it would go back a little. This game had so much suspense and I loved the problem solving I had to do. You really have to try every possibility. If I got stuck I just watched a walk through on YouTube. I would really recommend getting this game and buying the full version. I really hope they make more games like this and maybe with more movements or something instead of just going straight. Other then that this game is the greatest game I have ever played or heard of.

- Boring af

Very boring.

- Yeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Best game ever

- does not work.

It says that it is compatible with this device, but it shows a kid with a tape and a phone. I dont know why it does not work though, people say its a good game so i gave it a shot. But it says that it is not compatible. Again, most people say its good so I wanted to really play the game.

- Isn't compatible

The game is extraordinary and amazing on my Xbox but please make it compatible on iPhone 5 Also please make the buy full game 5.99 please!!

- Doesn’t work with my device

This is a good game but it says it works with my devices but it doesn’t. This is frustrating.

- Fantastic

I was a bit sceptical at first, not sure whether to buy the full version. It seemed a bit pricey. But it was well worth, less than it would cost to go to the movies, but heaps of fun and for much longer. I genuinely recommend this!

- I wish it was all for free

I love the challenges in this game and it is the best adventure game out there. Where is the boy? I am asking this question because why is he in such a gruesome world? I would have given it a five star but i wish it was all for free so thrilled could play all of it. It is the best adventure game because it gets tense and challenging. If you haven’t played the game and your looking for i good adventure game I would recommend this game to you.

- 👦🏼👍👏🏻😮🤩BEST GAME EVER!!!!!

I have completed this game and I have rated 5 🌟 Please make more! I play on iOS, love 💖 ur games! TI9, thnx for reading 📖 bye 👋😃😁😆🥰

- Absolutely brilliant!

Now, I must admit....I don’t please easily when it comes to games or pay for them for that matter, but after the free trial, I was hooked! Absolutely love everything about this game, it’s dark, scary, and challenging, even made me say quite a few swear words, lol. Have just downloaded Limbo now after playing inside 3 times in a row! Went back and found all the secrets 😊Only complaint, it wasn’t long enough 😩😩 Great job peoples, whats next??!! ♥️

- Works well on AppleTV

Playing this on my AppleTV with a controller and I’m so immersed in it. I can the pickup my iPhoneX and continue. Excellent game play and the images are just stunning.

- Please add a dlc

I really loved this game but I finished the game to quickly so I was wondering if you could add a dlc matey about how that creepy water girls story of how she got there and what happened. I loved the game thanks.

- Check Device Compatibility Before Download

All you iPhone users....... This game only works on iPhone 6S. It is not compatible with ANY other model. I downloaded it and did not check. I was looking forward to playing it because it does look quite good. Not sure why the developers only made it available for the iPhone 6S. They’ve basically closed off everyone. Which makes no sense, or dollars now. Please make this game available for iPhone 6’s and phones or devices that are popular. Maybe fire the person that made that decision not to.

- Full game

I loved this game and I was eager to see more, until it asked if I wanted to buy the full game. Now since me or my parents don’t have any money, I can’t enjoy the rest of the like I wanted to. Thanks, you just ruined what a good game would’ve been.

- Best Game Ever

I wholeheartedly believe INSIDE is the best gave I have ever played. The stunning graphics and mesmerisingly dark storyline is breathtaking and never fails to leave me stunned. If you’re wondering whether or not to buy it, DO IT!!!


I am not sure what the game is like because I CAN’T play it😡🤬 They are lying about it available on iOS devices! So if you want it on iPad don’t get it!

- amazing

The use of audio and visual effects I adore this game the small mini games within the adventure is well planned and effective The storyline expressed through adventure slowly unravels the dark world you have entered. Definitely recommend this game :)

- Great game

Did the trial version, straight away bought the full version, hooked me straight away. Definitely don’t mind spending money on awesome games. I have nothing negative to say about it. Well done devs, keep games like this coming. Just need to go back and find the secrets now, was too keen to see what was next.

- App does not work on my device

It said it should work with my device, it is an iOS but when I opened the app, it said that the game was not compatible with my device. Was really excited to start playing this game.

- Does not work

Game crashes on loading, waste of time.

- Controlling issues and payment

This game is NOT free, so download with the complete knowledge that you will actually be paying for the game. Since the game requires swiping motion it is very easy for the sensor on your device to not pick up on your finger motions. Perhaps a fine tuning of the calibration system from the developers could fix that.

- An Incredible Experience

It’s hard to explain the extent to which this game grips the player. It’s best played in the dark of night, alone with headphones. The terms nadir and zenith are interchangeably relevant to Inside, the atmosphere created by Playdead is a stark demonstration of human society at its nadir, while the experience as a whole represents a zenith in touch screen gaming. I await Playdead’s next release with much anticipation. Thank you.

- Best of the best

One of the greatest games on iOS, hands down.

- Great....but...

It’s so atmospheric- it really is a great game....but. Did you even play test the controls on Apple TV with the stupid box and the sprinkler? I mean, c’mon? Are you just supposed to luck out? Otherwise 5 stars. Fix it

- Expensive for the amount of play time

Expensive for the amount of play time

- Good ish

I really liked this game but it didn’t work on my device because it said the device is not compatible. And I was really wanting to play the game

- Game save

Just started playing this game enjoying it at the moment. How do you save your progress in the game.

- Disappointed

I thought this game was suitable for my device but sadly it wasn’t I was upset since I have been watching ppl play it on YouTube and I learn how to get though there game but then I opened the game and the game wasn’t suitable for my device sadly 😭

- Disappointment 😔

You said it was free so I thought it was the whole game then when I first played it it said play it free and I was disappointment I found this click bait for me and some people you should of said that before people bought your app if its free it is free so next time when you make a new game (if you want) don’t do that click bait it makes people really upset thank you

- It’s good but...

It’s an amazing game and I love it but if u want to complete it u have to pay 😭

- Poufhhhhh!!!!!!

Mind blowning

- Best game

This is the best mobile game I’ve ever played in my entire life. We need more from the developers

- Wow wow wow

What an awesome game! You guys did great. Please season two please

- Compatibility issues

Your team put down the list of devices that it’s compatible with, instead of letting people download a whopping 1.3GB and get the stupid “Inside is not compatible with your device” message. This is very unprofessional. You shouldn’t even get a star

- Compatibility

After I used 1.3gb to download it then it didn’t work.i hate this 😡😡

Just completed ‘Playdead’s INSIDE’ one of the most creative platform, Puzzle games I’ve ever seen. No story, no c…

@RubennGyurii go play playdead’s inside. it’s one of the best games ever made imo and it’s the peak example on how…

playdead’s inside indiriyurm beğenirsem yazcam buraya

ser aqui vou jogar playdead’s INSIDE dnv?..

Pengen beli full gamenya playdead’s inside. Tapi bulan ini limit jajanku udah melewati batas. Huhuhu

Playdead's INSIDEってゲームめちゃくちゃ気になったからインストしてみたけどホラゲ無理だからプレイできるかはわからない…

@blipblopwax: Just a reminder that SØS Gunver Ryberg's Bandcamp page for Inside says to contact her (and maybe @Playdead and @martinstig…

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Playdead's INSIDE 1.1.0 Screenshots & Images

Playdead's INSIDE iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Playdead's INSIDE iphone images
Playdead's INSIDE iphone images
Playdead's INSIDE iphone images
Playdead's INSIDE iphone images
Playdead's INSIDE iphone images
Playdead's INSIDE iphone images
Playdead's INSIDE iphone images
Playdead's INSIDE iphone images
Playdead's INSIDE iphone images
Playdead's INSIDE iphone images
Playdead's INSIDE ipad images
Playdead's INSIDE ipad images
Playdead's INSIDE ipad images
Playdead's INSIDE ipad images
Playdead's INSIDE ipad images
Playdead's INSIDE ipad images
Playdead's INSIDE ipad images
Playdead's INSIDE ipad images
Playdead's INSIDE ipad images
Playdead's INSIDE ipad images
Playdead's INSIDE Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Playdead's INSIDE Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Playdead's INSIDE (Version 1.1.0) Install & Download

The applications Playdead's INSIDE was published in the category Games on 2017-12-14 and was developed by Playdead [Developer ID: 481629893]. This application file size is 1.24 GB. Playdead's INSIDE - Games posted on 2020-06-25 current version is 1.1.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions.

Playdead's INSIDE Advisories: Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Frequent/Intense Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity

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