Call Recorder App.

Call Recorder App. [Business] App Description & Overview

Recording incoming and outgoing calls was never so easy! Record any calls in few taps and access conversations anywhere, anytime!

Call Recorder offers everything you need to record your calls and manage recordings:
– Easy record incoming calls
– Record outgoing calls in few taps
– Access recordings as soon as conversation is over
– Highly intuitive interface
– Share recordings with other devices
– Export recordings to other apps
– Rename recording for easy identification
– Great customer service
– Unlimited number of recordings
– Full iOS 13 and iPhone XR / XS / XS Max / 11 / 11 Pro support

Call Recorder uses your carrier's conference call feature to record conversations. If you cannot merge calls, please contact your carrier to find out if conference calling is available on your account.

The app will start recording a conversation only after playing a beep sound.

You can try free trial with all features available.

Please note that Call Recorder cannot record new calls without active subscription, but allows listening to previously recorded conversations.

• You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within Call Recorder.
• Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost depends on the selected plan
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase
• Any unused portion of the free trial will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription

Call Recorder also offers a Lifetime subscription with unlimited access to the Call Recorder forever.

By using Call Recorder, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

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Call Recorder App. Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for choosing Call Recorder! We are doing our best trying to make your life better. Here is what we've added in the new version: – App Number feature – an additional number for calls via the Internet with automatic recording (available for subscribers with USA and Canada phone numbers) – Minor bug fixes and performance improvements Please don't forget to review our app on the App Store!

Call Recorder App. Comments & Reviews

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- Suggestion...

I’m just wondering if the developers could add a feature where all incoming calls can be answered within the app itself instead of having to exit the call, go into the app, press record, and go back to the call to start recording. If it is possible to make and add this feature, it would save a lot of wasted time going through these extra steps. Other than that, I love this concept of being able to record calls on my smartphone with this app!

- Not convenient, efficient, or well-thought-out.

I am a professional that needs to monitor and record phone conversations. What I need: A fast efficient convenient call recording app What the paid version of this app does: • does not allow you to record calls automatically when someone calls you which makes you miss part of the conversation or requires you to not receive the call and must call the person back one set up •You have to open the app, look up their name with access to your contacts or know the phone number to enter in the dial pad,Call the app phone number, call the person, press the merge button to record a call • App will not record the sound of you dialing someone and clips the beginning of the conversation due to the emerge of call features. • due to the merge feature, you are basically making a three-way call so your minutes are doubled on your phone plan if that’s an issue •Once recorded, there is not a clear option to email a copy to yourself. You must save the recording as a file, open the file, and then forward the file in an email to yourself. • calls are listed buy newest first and cannot be filed or organized. To the developer: I am a verified purchaser of this app and user. Please do not contact me to change my review just to increase the rating unless you actually want professional feedback on how to change the app.

- Way too complicated & A complete rip off

If you’re looking for a discreet, user friendly, affordable app for recording you calls, THIS IS NOT IT!This app is the worst. It is not intuitive and requires to many steps. I was trying to record a very important conversation that was lost due to the calls not merging properly. Nothing about the recording process is smooth. It is not discreet either. There is a loud beep that happens once the calls are merged. On two occasions while recording the app caused a blaring tone that me and the other person on the line could hear. It did not stop until I hung up. With RecMyCalls being such a malfunctioning, hard to use and no frills app, imagine my surprise when I realized there was a WEEKLY fee of $8.50. That’s $34 A MONTH! That’s a complete rip off and not at all worth it. I have to start paying closer attention the “after trial” costs.

- Not easy to cancel “trial period”

I tried this app. In order to even try it, though, you have to give them payment information. According to the description, there is a 7-day “free trial period,” and if you don’t want to be charged you just have to cancel. I tried recording a call. Well, I tried *making* a call and couldn’t even get that to work. I have now been trying to cancel the subscription, per their own instructions. I thought I had, but I just got an email today saying that I would be charged in a couple of days if I don’t cancel before then. I have sent multiple emails to their “help” desk, and received absolutely no reply. I’m deeply concerned that I am going to be subscribed to an app that doesn’t work and for which I do NOT want to pay. Highly recommend against this company.

- No contact information or help

I had no intention of getting this app, I was trying to get some information on recording and the next thing I know it’s got a screen saying thank you get started. I do not want this app I do not know how to get rid of this app I do not want to pay for this app I do not know how to cancel this app I would hope that somebody would contact me and figure out what needs to be done if this in activated. It placed an icon on my phone. I deleted that off and I have no idea what’s going on but this is not a good thing that you can’t even touch your phone without all the sudden signing up for something. I want to send but because I didn’t pick a star rating it won’t send. I am forced to have to pick at least one star in order to send my complaint.

- Good at first

This App generally recorded without issue when calling personal cell numbers. But calling businesses or 800 numbers audio drops out once trying to merge calls. When the merge call button is pushed, audio on the original call that is trying to be recorded - goes mute. The call takes several attempts to merge and in the process the audio is lost. The person who answered the call cannot hear you and you cant hear them and they hang up. This has happened consistently for weeks when calling any business or when there are prompts, options, or being tranferred to another extension.

- Call procedures

I’m still getting used to picking the correct choices in the correct order for incoming calls and outgoing calls. For some reason I can barely hear the other person on the phone while Call Recorder is recording. And I don’t believe they can hear me. Are my Settings wrong? I’ll research it. All in all I like your app.


This lame app not only charge you $7.99 per week but you actually have to dial a third-party number in order to make the connection to your original number. Not only that, but a loud beep is heard on both ends of the phone once the recording starts. Very annoying and makes the call receiver nervous and questionable. Unable to record three way calling, as you already have to call/merge third party number before you can begin recording. I have never seen such a lame service charge $7.99 per week. There are free apps that do the same for a lot less or free. Stay away from this app, unless you are a masochist and love to throw your money away.

- Recording quality is bad and lost a recording.

I’ve used other recording apps in the past with great success. I downloaded this app quickly in a pinch to record something to be used in court. The first issue is that it calls the person using a out of state number which draws suspicion. Then when they answer and it starts recording it makes a very loud beep which everyone hears. Then once playing the recording back I literally cannot hear myself it’s so quiet, but the other party sounds good. The second 16 minute conversation I tried recording is completely blank. It’s nothing but static. This app was a complete waste of time and money.

- Horrible - Stay clear of this one!

Like many on here, I did my 7 day free trial. I did let it laps, and agree I should have been charged heading into my second week. However, I had canceled the membership, yet had been continuously being charged. I have a stop payment now on my card, now weekly receive emails, letting me know this same app is trying to charge my card, and is not successful. Now, I cannot even download a single app on this iphone, because of this stupid app, and my billing disputes. THIS APP/COMPANY IS HORRIBLE, AND EVERYONE SHOULD STAY CLEAR. I thought Apple supposedly did a better job on screening apps, but apparently not.

- Has been impossible to cancel!

I downloaded to use the trial version which I ended up not using. I tried to CANCEL before the trial was up and it did not work. I was charged $8.73/ week! I tried again and the option through the app said "cancel" but then the screen just leads to prompts relating to reporting a technical issue. I contacted PayPal and iTunes to try and stop payment, which was successful for that current charge but EACH week I am again getting charged $8.73. There is no number to call. Also, I read other reviews that complained about the same thing. This is EXTREMELY frustrating!!!

- This App is a Scam

This app is a ripoff, after you start a “free trial” you can cancel it but I was charged anyways. Initially they charged the wrong card and they sent me an email stating that they wanted me to update my information. I told them I wouldn’t as I canceled my subscription, and never was able to even use the app. Then somehow they just now found my new credit card and charged me there. This app is a scam. This app is dishonest. And the call recorder is impractical, and can not be started while in a call. And you cannot access your contacts through this app. Worst app I’ve ever downloaded by far.

- Gets the job done

I’m having issues with my landlord, I needed to record our conversation because he hasn’t been doing what he says he will and then goes back and says I never told him. I was surprised when the iPhone voice recorder didn’t work on calls. I tried another app as well but this was the golden ticket! Thanks!

- Horrible

Yeah the app works great navigating through but when it comes to actually getting your recordings it takes forever to save a 5 minute conversation and it may or may not actually record anything when you finally go to listen to it. I had this happen 3 different times. All you hear is ringing and then air sounds. It doesn’t work with Bluetooth which by search you find that out. But it may also not even work with WiFi calling. That’s something that’s definitely not mentioned. Beyond annoyed with this application.

- Can’t cancel subscription

So I was doing the free trial and then cancelled my subscription, at least I thought so. But I got charged for the app... and I tried calling Apple, iTunes and all to manage my subscriptions but they told me I had to contact whoever I got the app from... I can’t find a phone number to call so now I’m stuff with a recurring payment for an app I had deleted and closed the account for a while back already. I’ll have to report them as an unauthorized charge on my account and block them. Do not get this app, there are plenty more out there.


I am an avid Apple user. In fact, this is my first complaint in over 10 years using Apple. This app uses a bait and switch technique to trick you into signing up for trial period. Being that I use many Apple products, I do have repeated charges on my bank account. Until I made my way through to my App Store subscription history on a whim...that’s where I saw I was being charged $7.99 A WEEK from April 2018 to January 2018! A hefty price to pay for an app only used once because the app is garbage. Do not download. Save yourself the stress.

- I want my money back !!!

I probably downloaded this app a while ago and deleted cause it didn’t work then forgot . My toddler just recently started talking he was picking my calls I got excited and decided to quickly download any record app to record him it said free trial only to charge even at that it didn’t work after Charging me 8dollars and some change not only did it not work it wanted me to purchase another app free trial which I did confusing I deleted both same hour i could not use it and I don’t want to pls refund thanks .

- Thieves!!!!

As I’ve stated twice before, I cancelled this subscription through my settings per the instructions provided by the developer. They are still trying to bill me. I switched my method of payment to an empty bank account so they can’t steal more of my money. I can’t update my phone without adding money to that bank account but as soon as I do I’ll get charged again. UPDATE: I just found out that the security of my iPhone has been compromised by this app, I’m reporting it to Apple in the hopes that they’ll remove it permanently.

- Cumbersome

Once upon a time I designed a call recording app but never developed so this was of interest to me. I installed it and it just feels cumbersome not easy to use you have to call a different number for what I don’t know to get the call recorded. I’m sure it’s because Apple won’t let you add plug-ins to add functionality to the Phone app. I also received a call but did not see where I could start my recording. I also went into the preferences to see if I can record all incoming and out going calls and did not see that either.

- Deleting app 20 minutes after I downloaded

I tried to make a call and it didn’t work. I tried again choosing my contact and following the directions but it didn’t connect or allow me to “merge.” So I tried again and it didn’t connect so I tried to add the contact again in the same call and something recorded but not the call. Too much hassle. There’s a 7 day free trial so I’m deleting the app now. Please don’t charge me. If there’s anything I need to do to ensure I am not charged, let me know. Thanks and sorry it didn’t work out.

- Great app but.....

I found that having the ability to record incoming calls such as audio from a WebEx meeting was great however, when I had the audio transcribed into text, I found that a lot of the resulting text was not correct.

- The recording cuts off before the call is over....

I do Numerology readings over the phone that take up to 2 hours or more and the last two I’ve done where I’ve used this recorder have cut out around 2 hours, both before the call was complete. Now I have a client who is missing a portion of their reading (a key reference too) and I now need to schedule another call to cover what has been left out. This is a waste of both of our time.

- Very Happy

This is a wonderful way to turn the tables on those who record you “for quality and customer service issues.” I live with a stress disorder every day. I sometimes have difficulty in getting thoughts out especially. I have a medical provider whose receptionists constantly interrupts. The receptionists immediately interrupt if they have any inkling of what I am about to say, which is usually wrong, and it makes my stuttering worse. At one point it was necessary to tersely tell one of the receptionists to, “stop talking NOW.” I will now have documentation to present to the practice manager.

- Not good for my iPhone 8 Plus

Not got to use it and I was asked for my billing info right off. . Next thing I know a long distance number kept flashing and then my cell phone screen froze .. I had to let my cell battery die and then pray it rebooted after charging it back up. 😑 want to take this off my cell and not be charged the 7.99 weekly and 9.99 monthly that I was asked to sign up for prior to killing my screen. Have not had this on my cell more than 12 hours. Help

- Please add automatic start up with the app

Hi I actually enjoy your app however can you add the feature where the app picks up automatically instead of having to leave out of the app and do extra steps.... this would be so much more convenient... sometimes I can’t stop a conversation that has already started just to press other buttons

- App is a disease

You’ll never get rid of it. I canceled during my trial but got charged anyway. I switched credit cards on the AppStore to an empty bank account so I wouldn’t get charged again. Now I can’t update anything on my phone until I put a new credit card on, but if I add a valid card they’ll just charge me again. I went through my settings to delete this app but it’s still in the cloud and it’s still trying to charge me. It’s a disease you’ll never get rid of.

- Canceled during trial but they kept charging

I was just reviewing some past credit card charges I noticed that even after I canceled this app, they kept charging me for six months! After spending about an hour connected with Apple support, they would only agree to refund two of the six months. Based on reading other similar reviews, I wonder if this might be intentional. By the way, the app didn’t work at all. At least not for me.

- Problems

I have been billed on three occasions even though the app was uninstalled, plus an automatic renewal happens each week. I’ve been billed three times and they just take my money without knowing it. What a very nice way to take money from hardworking people. Please give me an entire refund and don’t you ever bill us again. Funny thing, it asked me to renew subscription as soon as I opened the app showing that I never agreed towards anything give me my money back

- Useless App

I purchased this app and was unable to use it. The sound quality was so bad that I can barely here the recording. To many step to just record incoming and outgoing. I want my refund back. Also, you must subscribe with them in order for this app to work. The catch is the subscription is a monthly charge and it hard to cancel the subscriptions. There is no contact information from. I tried to cancel thru Apple which I hope will work.

- Do not download!! It’s not Free

Do not make the mistake and download this app it will just take up space on your phone. This app tells you you can buy six months or one year and pay a monthly fee. They do have the option of trying it for free for seven days if you give your credit card information which they will automatically enroll you in one of their points. I can imagine their business is just doing so well from this deceptive app!

- Easy

Easy to use stores all recording just wish you didn’t have to pay like if you wanted a minute recording it’s free but anything above they let you purchase

- Solutions to Previous Review

It would be extremely helpful to know which concerns you were able to address and make adjustments or solve going forward. While I appreciate a personal conversation, the end result of sharing this information will help all that want to leverage your app and technology. Thank you!


I downloaded this app. Opened it once to check it out. The first info it had was that it’s $7.99 a week. I closed the app and deleted it. I NEVER agreed to anything or clicked on anything. It also downloaded on my daughter’s phone. Well they started changing me $7.99 twice every week. By the time I balance my credit card statement, I had been billed 8 times for $7.99. Again, I only opened the app and deleted it right away. Total rip-off.

- Scam

Do not download app. The app charges you up to 3 times a week either $3.99 or $7.99. I came across these charges by accident when I was hit with an end of the month charge. I do not know why and how they would be making so many charges to my account. DO NOT DOWNLOAD SCAM APP!!

- Why am I being charged when I have not even set up the account ??

I have not even set up this app and I am being charged 7.99 for a week for a very long time my children who keep an account of my card have brought this to my attention you don’t even have my phone number on records than how can you start charging???? Please look into this urgently and stop charging plus refund my money back to me

- Don’t install this app!!

Worst app ever!! I tried the one week trial and wasn’t able to even make it work so I cancelled the subscription but was still getting monthly payments posted on my bank account. I have used the help service to get a hold of someone for assistance and I haven’t been getting a response. I have been forced to remove my iTunes payment information to avoid payments being posted for an app I don’t use 😖😖

- Don’t be fooled by 7 day trial

I signed up for the 7 day free trial (as others have mentioned in their reviews) and thought I had cancelled. Several months later I noticed I was paying a weekly fee for the service. Be sure you cancel the subscription completely if desired, it could save you $80. On your iPhone: Settings >> iTunes and App Store >> select your email at the top >> view Apple ID >> subscriptions >> call recorder

- How to record incoming call

I have the trial version but am unclear how to record an incoming call. Do I have to put the incoming call on hold, then merge with the recording call? That doesn’t work for me! The incoming call needs to be recording from the beginning and the subject party is not going to be put on hold, they’ll just hang up. Ideally, I should see the incoming call, hit record, and answer so I get the entire conversation without and ‘hold or merge.’ Help!

- Super glitchy, double charges you

This is a really bad app. The technology is quite poor and even if you follow the convoluted instructions to record conversations, sometimes conversations just don’t record. Plus using it for more than one call opens you up to getting scammed. It’s payment system is super unclear and I’ve already lost over $20 to it. Unsubscribed and deleting the app. I want a refund.

- Doesn’t Work

Just installed, tried making a call and it beeps in the middle of the call alerting the other party something strange is going on. Unable to listen to the recording, keep getting error 409.

- No!

The app is “free” but will charge you as soon as possible. Even if you click “do not authorize” to the app’s prompting to renew, it will go ahead and charge your account anyways. It is way too basic of an app for something that charges you $8.50 a month... giving you no notifications as to when you’ve been automatically renewed. This is what’s wrong with the app world... cheap tricks at grabbing your money for a free app. Save yourselves!

- Horrible app do not download

Felt like I got scammed, for starters the app never worked like ever. Submitted a request still didn’t work. Subscription is incredibly troublesome to cancel after annoying auto-renewal which is put in place just for people to download realize the app is horrible then delete the app and forget about it until you are charged. Don’t download not even work the headache.


Literally got charged $8.53 even though I deactivated the account in the app and deleted the app itself it still showed I was “subscribed” on the App Store. Super annoying and obviously a trick they are using to get money out of people that cannot afford it. You can find a better app, I’M SURE. If you do choose to download and want to cancel before the 7 day trial ends: -Go to your phone settings -tap your Apple ID -tap view Apple ID -tap subscriptions -CANCEL THE DANG THING OR THEY WILL CHARGE YOU $8.53 after 7 days even if you “deactivate” your account within the app and delete it. Overall the app worked fine for the assignment I had to get it for but I would NEVER get it again.

- Works poorly and they scam you for money

Throughout recorded calls there are intermittent beeps that are very conspicuous to the person being recorded - it also reduces the quality of the speaker. It’s also nearly impossible to cancel the subscription using the app - you have to do it manually throughout your Apple account or you get charged $8 every week! Horrible app and company - go elsewhere!

- Don’t use this up- they will overcharge you

They offered my a 3 days trial and in the end of the second day I decided wouldn’t like to continue. So I deactivated the app to cancel the subscription in order not to pay the weekly payment. Unfortunately I discovered at the day after that I was charged although I deactivated the account and although I can’t use the app at all. At this moment I paid for the app and can’t use it. I wrote to the developer but I was told that a refund should be made in apple support or apple store. When I tried at the apple store/support there was no possibility to receive the money back. This is not the way to treat customers.

- Loud beep at beginning of the call

A loud beep is heard at the beginning of the call and I don’t like that. It forces me to call the recorder line first before I make my call to avoid anyone hearing the beep. Other than that, I like this product!

- Canceling subscription

I followed the support page given by the developer. It didn’t work for me. I had to sign on to iTunes on my laptop go to account settings and cancel the subscription there. It took me awhile to find it but I was able to cancel the trial.

- Not a bad app but...

I uninstalled it from my iPhone after 2 days prior the 3rd of free trial. I was still charged... apparently you have to unregister from the app as well. What a steal, unprofessional, and unethical approach. I’m disputing this now, cause I want my money back, and I will get it back.... this is not an app for everyone and the developers shouldn’t tie people’s hand in such a hidden way. Address this problem guys. Thank you

- It’s a trap! Don’t buy it!

Once you try the free trial you can’t figure out how to stop it! The instructions on how to stop it are very vague. I was charged several times trying to figure out how to cancel it. Don’t do it!

- Subscription issue

Same as a couple on here , They told someone else you have to cancel through itunes? They are the company setting up so you automatically get charged if not canceled and tell people it’s itunes that does that? It’s your app not itunes. Still can’t get it off subscription , luckily i lost my card so it’s turned off. Advise nobody even tries this app.

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- Life saver with some bugs

Great app, saved me much angst trying to record research phone call interviews. They’ve kept the interface very easy to use. Would be helpful to be able to label the calls in the app interface rather than after download. (Easy to download straight to Google Drive). But: - insanely loud beep at the start of approximately half the calls, not real nice. - calls drop when merging maybe 1/4 of the time using. Frustrating, but not the end of the universe. - asking to rate the app when I’m trying to make a scheduled call and the app freezing until I respond is not helpful in the slightest.

- Works well but tokens would be good instead of subscriptions

The app works as expected but I’m not a fan of the subscription model, tokens work for users who don’t need to record calls regularly but subscription works better for heavy users

- Amazing app

Love the app. Very simple and works well. But I just want it for free because I won’t be using it ALL the time. Just here and there so no point me paying monthly for it. Shattered that you need to pay to use but it’s fair enough though. Still worth 5 stars :)

- Not enough time

Not enough time to answer the phone by another person??

- Please refund my subscription

Disappointed to find I have been charged $114 AUD for an annual subscription when I did NOT select this option. I was under the assumption I was on a free trial for 3 days. I have cancelled the subscription and have requested a refund through iTunes. It would be worth looking at your UI. This is the first time this has happened to me as a customer on the App Store.

- Didn’t work

Signed up, followed instructions, call didn’t record.

- Being charged unfairly

I downloaded this app, and use the free subscription, and now i have been charged $115 for it. I deleted this app straight away bcoz i was unable to merge the calls to record! This is ridiculous! I have unsubscribed to this have been charged the full rate of a yearly subscription.

- Extremely useful,

I am very impressed with this app. Easy to use, good quality sound. SkyblueSusan

- opt out of contract.

how do I opt out of this app as I do not want more fees taken from my bank account.

- Simplicity

To record you have to keep hitting add then it pauses, should just record automatically when you dial or ring a number without pressing more buttons

- Anything that ask for trial I instantly delete

Got as far as installing this app. Instantly deleted it once start asking for payments and trial. Not a big fan! There are other apps around that will do just like this without the subscription.

- When you cancel your subscription take a screen shot

When I realised I hadn’t cancelled my subscription and this app was taking money from my account I tried to cancel it but have just discovered they have continued to withdraw money. Very unimpressed

- Not a free app

When you advertise free app or word it in a way to make sound it’s free then you need to pay to use after downloading that’s not good sorry

- No Good

Difficult to use and it makes music and beeps on the line that is audible to the person on the other end of the call.

- I want to Refund

Mistaken to press I need to refund As soon as possible

- Will not record

Has worked but for some reason the merged calls show up. When the recorded screen is refreshed there are no new calls. I have emailed support but heard nothing. Paid for the year and seems a wast of money.

- Membership cancelation

Hi I canceled my membership few days after I signed up but the app still charging me even tho I deactivated my account i just noticed it tonight.

- Not good

I’m bailing out because a three day trial is not enough time to evaluate the app.... If it were one or two weeks then I might have had time to play with it and then decide whether it was worthwhile to keep....

- Doesn’t even work!

I subscribed to the free trial (the app doesn’t give you any other option). I then tried the app and it doesn’t even work!? Don’t bother with this app!!

- Cancellation

When i bought this app, that day i remove my ID and app. But today, i got email from apple for payment of this app. I do not want to buy this app. How can i do?

- Ripping off curious customers

It was 7 day free trial. I did unsubscribe within 1 hour and after 7 days they still charged me. The developer is ripping off the curious customers.

- Beware - Scam

Automatically signs you up for subscription during setup. Had to organise refund through Apple which were very helpful.

- Fraud

This app is a fraud. After downloading it they will charge you $10 month, this information is not disclosed before downloading the app.

- Fraudulent practices

This App/Company debited my account for exorbitant amounts of money on a weekly basis without my consent. There is no contact info for this company. I would advise definitely not to use this app or this company

- It’s a trap do not download

It’s a trap if you want to pay $100 for an app download it otherwise once you download it asks you to pay $99

- Waste of time!!

The service numbers in Australia don’t even work. Total waste of time. Don’t even bother! This app doesn’t work.

- Didn’t Record

Followed instructions repeatedly and app didn’t connect nor record

- Waste time

It’s very hard to use in Australia, but the cancellation looks like easy.

- good

good one lick it

- Do not download

It sneakily subscribes you and is difficult to unsubscribe. Overpriced and not worth it. I reckon the 5 star ratings are made up by the developers

- Such a rip off

Need to record every call manually, biggest rip off. I want my $70 back

- Sneaky

Comes up as free app but when you try to open, then tells you the price to run. Very false.


This is not a free app, it scams you to upgrade without being able to use the recorder.

- Free trial

I subscribed for this service, they advertised the service for 3days free trial and start charging after trial had finished. When I checked my statement my credit card has been charged straight away after clicking and accepting the trial offer. I need a refund. Regards

- Won’t let me unsubscribe

This app seems like a big scam and it won’t let you unsubscribe

- App doesn’t work!

Service number is non-existant, what a waste of money!

- Terrible

Doesn't work at all

- Careful scam

This app will only take ur money as subscription. Lucky i stopped the DL half way

- I give up

I use this app. Usually poor quality Today I use it and get 12 minutes of hold Music and not the interview. What a waste of my time and money.

- Very expensive


- Terrible app

Not stable nor consistent

- Worst app ever

This is the worst app , to much expensive..

- Scam

Not even working at all on my iPhone XR No good

- All bs

Doesn’t work!

- Paid App


- Mr

This application dose not work and it look it is a rip of

- Very bad


- Mr

Really bad app

- Hass

Very bad

- Unsatisfied


Payoneer 💰

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- Good but room to improve

Is there a way to better record incoming calls?

- Not free..!

You have to pay $5.24 + taxes to have this app 😳 what a waste!

- Do not ever downi was charged $7.33 without asking

These guys are real sneaky businessmen. All they want is your money. And they don’t inform you that they’re charging you money. Its when one day I sat down to review my app purchases to kill time, I noticed that they sneakily charged me $7.33 subscription. Please stay away.

- Bad service

Bad service

- U can’t be serious!

weekly 10$, for what? are we out of our minds? 40$ per month to record phone calls ? what a ripoff!

- Waste

I tried to record a call I really needed. The app closed when I made a call. Doesn’t work. Just cancel the free trial. I better not see a charge on my card. It’s only been day 2 is this app

- Fake app

It’s always show preparing recording. Never record anything.

- Charges Fees Without Knowledge

This is a terrible app. I thought that this app was free and it was charging me $30+ within one month!!! This is very unethical business!

- Scam!!! Rips you off

Scam!!! downloaded this app, it make zero mention of any charge but 7 days later they charge me $11 for renewal. It doesnt even work very well. It sucks.

- took my money

i got this app for a day, ONE DAY. then i deleted it from my phone and thought i cancelled my subscription. the app charged me over $100 and when i emailed them asking for a refund since i used the app for less than a day... they never emailed me back and i never got my refund. $100 isnt cheap. basically got scammed, they never responded.

- Complete ripoff

Complete ripoff. The app doesn’t work and they charge you 9.99/week!

- Fake company!!! DONT DOWNTOWN!!!

I am surprised how professional firmana ( Apple ) APPLE RELIABILITY IS OVER !!!

- Sam

It looks free but it asks for money as soon as you open it the first time, filled my iPhone with junk! Not recommended.

- Can’t email

Can’t share via email. Too many steps to record. Should be more automated. Why do I have to merge w/number in Manitoba when I work in BC? Where would I find another more local/ regional number to merge with? I might dump this app. Wu

- Rubbish

Rubbish to pay 5.24 per month and it calls to be a free app

- Gratuit 👎🏻

On fait une recherche pour application qui peux servir a parfois et apres avoir tout lu tu a des frais attrape non merci!!!

- What waste

What a scam.The don’t tell you that it cost money when you download the app it’s a waste of time.

- Fraud

Charged me twice even when I had the subscription cancelled before it renewed.

- Garbage

This app steals your money!! Don’t download

- Rip off

Do not buy this app

- Charge you without any notice

DO NOT download

- Dan

They are liars and theives , be careful don’t dowload this app. Cause you will be charged via ur Paypal even for a trial time 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

- Fraud

This fraud, it doesn’t record when needed

- Ridicoulously expensive

Far from a free app, 10$ per week in canada! Simply redicoulous for an app that does something that other apps do for free.

- Fraud

Downloaded without knowing the monthly fee. Now they keep sending me bill even after I canceled the subscription. Do not download it.

- Very bad software

I tried three times following the steps of outgoing call. It seemed like it recorded the whole conversation but only found out that nothing was recorded on the file

- It cost very too much

I’d paid only 4.99 for this app, but I think that paying for a monthly license is a bit exaggerated.

- Dropped a call and didn’t save recording

I’ve successfully gone through app registration with confirmation code I received by text. As per instructions I’ve managed to start the recording on my first outbound call and for the first 4 minutes everything was going great, but the CALL GOT DROPPED and I suspect it was because of the app. When I tried to redial using this app, it asked me to go through registration process with confirmation code AGAIN. And the RECORDING from first 4 mins of the call was NEVER SAVED, even though the call was merged with recording phone line as per instructions!

- Monthly fee of 9,99$ !

So unnecessary!

- Purchase

I want to try and I press $7 and I get charge 77.99 I don’t want this. How can I cancel? Please

- Beeps like crazy

Because of the “beep” any thing with “press 1” and stuff are canceled. And you can’t reach anyone.

- C’est complètement abusé!!

10$ par semaine...faut vraiment être malade pour payer ça...😂😂

- Super easy to use!

I am able to record call and then share the file from my phone within seconds via What’s app or any number of other platforms. Really happy with the quality!

- How do you refuse to pay?

When you open the app, there is a small introduction and then says it’ll charge you 88$ a year?? Man, let’s just use our built-in phone screen recorders. You can refuse the offer, there’s no option for it.

- Waste of money

Not made for stealth, you have to put the other person on hold and it has a beep tone on both ends of the line.

- Pay?

I’m out

- Poor piece of software

The developer never got paid for his work on this and the developer says the app is full of bugs and is poorly written

- Those idiots still charging me! $$$$

Those idiots still charging me! $$$$ after canceling subscription

- Need help to cancel it

Hi , I downloaded you app a while ago and finally tried it and unfortunately it doesn’t fit my needs so I tried to cancel it. But it doesn’t let me ... please do not charge my credit card , I have time left in the try out but I don’t want it . Is this a scam ? I do not authorize a payment!

- Number not assigned in Canada

The number we have to call in Canada is not assigned. So it is not working.

- Strait & Simple


- Waste of money

They show unlimited recording 3.99$ but charged 15$ and after this much amount Really use less

- It works

So far so good.

- Not free

When you download or read description, it was written “for free”. And even when you open, put “agree” with all condition - only then, in last step of setting on your cell, it will be “ 92$/year or 12$/month”

- Paid App👎👎


- Liars

This app is not free! 12.99$ / month

- Why not just one time purchase fee?

$9.99 a week?

- Read the Fine Print

This app is not free. I used it once, forgot I still had it on my phone till I noticed I was getting charged by these guys on my visa. Be aware before downloading. This app is a rip off. I was charged four times in September, once a week, $11.19 CAD each. This is just ridiculous. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

- Waste of time

Useless. Recorded beeps and nothing else.

- No working

I have tried this apps and is not working. Refund me please.

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- Works easily

Great program. Occasionally I get a high pitch beep at the beginning of the call connecting though which is quite annoying.

- Unsubscribe

Please I don’t want this App anymore stop charging my card, I have tried to unsubscribe I couldn’t get it. I don’t think it’s proper to develop a App without the option for people stop using it. Moreover, I have not enjoyed a bit from this App it didn’t record anything and I have also been overcharged many times. Please don’t charge my card again please.

- No Provision for Cancelling Subscription

I after the download, I chose the one week free trial. However, when I tried to proceed, I kept getting the message “An error occured. Please try later.” Now I wish to cancel my subscription so that I am not charged at the end ofthe one week trial. Unfortunately the app has no provision to cancel subscription. Dear Developers, What should I do for cancelling subscription?

- Don't purchase the free trial

Free trial will become a purchase because they do everything for us not to cancel the trial so we end up paying for a month. At least . Please don't fall for the free trial like I did. You will not be able to get a hold of customer service to help you either. I just ended up going to iTunes and getting help from them to show me how to unsubscribe . PLEASE DONT FALL FOR THIS FRAUDULENT APP.

- Billing is misleading

After free trial I ended up in paid mode which cost $7.99/ WEEK (not month). I have no idea how this came all about given that the description talks about monthly charges. Given this rip off, I cannot recommend this app although it seems to work ok (I only used it once though).

- Terrible business model

App worked great when I used it. Tried to cancel subscription, but it’s not your standard app. Got stuck paying for 2 months after I was done using and thought I canceled. You have to work through Apple hoops of unsubscribing via iTunes and App Store subscriptions. I even emailed support on how to cancel and got no response. Not very customer oriented.

- Loudly during call

Takes a while to merge the incoming phone call and recording app so I end up missing what the person said on the first minute. Every time I record an incoming phone call both lines can hear a loud sound that gets obvious that the phone call is being recorded. There’s no point in using this app if it won’t be discreet!

- Worse Call Recording Application Ever

I have never used a ridiculous application like this one in my life. Worst call recording application I have ever used because the creators of this ridiculous application refused to fix the problems that would better provide the services the customers paid for out of our heard earning money!

- Great App !!!!

At first I was scared to even use an app that person said that they could do this and this was the easiest call and record I’ve ever had.

- SCAM!!!!

This app didn’t ask me for my payment information and sure didn’t tell me I was going to be charged to my account for use! I cancelled my subscription through the app and I still got charged $7.99 every week! The description of the app doesn’t even show a charge to be made to your account! Don’t download this app it’s a scam!!!

- Trouble cancelling and usage

This is a major issue using this app. You have to go through major hoops in order to use the app and make recordings semi-effective, but what’s more alarming is the inability to cancel after you give them your credit card number and attempt to cancel. Please help !! They are charging me every month.


A few days ago I downloaded this app (didn’t use it at all, only downloaded) and I found it charge me $7.99 from my PayPal account without my authorization. First, I didn’t see any payment request; second, there is “subscription renewal” and I even didn’t touch it and authorize it. It’s a SCAMMER and I reported it to both PayPal and Store. Shame on you !!!!

- A money trap! Beware!

If you download this app, you’ll automatically be subscribed at $7.99 a WEEK!! That’s $32 a month! When you try to unsubscribe in order to prevent them from charging your card after the 3-day trial (which is in actuality 2 days!), you’ll be given an impossible runaround. To this day, I’m still trying to resolve this. Total bull!!!

- New customer

I just downloaded this app. So far I went through ‘how to operate the call records’ Instructions were simple but I haven’t yet Tried to record. I gave 2 stars for the simple instructions. Catch me later on, maybe this app earned 5 stars with me. Peace, will from The BX.

- Suggestion

Seems really good so far but I only just downloaded the app. It wld be nice if there were a not taking feature that cld be added to the recordings.

- Hamidi

The best app but little expensive for charging cuz it was saying first $6.66 for 3 months but whenever I used it it cost me $21 I have no idea why ?

- Charged me after I clicked to discontinue

Now I have to go waste my time recovering money that shouldn’t have been taken from me. In addition the “manage account” option renders a jibberish page that doesn’t work. For an app this simple I can’t help but think all this is intentional, and clearly is unethical.

- I feel scammed

I been using the app to record a phone stalker I get my bill I have 40 dollars in international calls to Italy. I do my research it’s this app! Nowhere did I see or read the number to call to merge and record number is an international Italy number and that you get charged an international call rate every time you use the app!!!!!!

- Easy to use

I would recommend

- Easy to use

Excellent guided instructions- very straight forward and easy to use.

- It’s easy to use

But it still doesn’t appear to work when the calls are international. And it’s difficult to email sometimes.

- Subscribed, but won’t record

Unfortunately this app has a significant bug where you’ll be subscribed at $9.99 per month, but will be unable to record calls. Tried to make it work for 4 months. Now I have to give up. Loved it the 1 time it worked when I first downloaded it.

- Disappointed

Do not even try to download this app. This app charged me, even though I deactivated my device. I tried unsubscribe in settings. And specifically in this app you can’t unsubscribe, except you just change your payment method to none. So disappointed, don’t waste your time with it.

- Only complaint

The loud stupid beeeeep sound it makes after I merge the call. Other than that this app is not rocket science. It does what it does. Get rid of the beeeeeeep

- Recording calls

I love using this app it has helped when I needed stuff for court

- They charge you even when you cancel

I cancelled this app subscription right after activating it. I have never actually used this app. Furthermore i deleted it from my phone. Nonetheless they keep charging me for an app I do t even have. Apple should look into the business practices of this company.

- Good app, but.....

While the app itself is great, I no longer need it. I’ve tried numerous times to cancel. I even changed my card to get them to stop charging me, and they began charging me when I no longer need or want the app. So it’s gets negative reviews from me until someone helps me get them to stop charging me.

- Deceiving Price Subscription

Did not realize that the subscription free trial is only for three days and then after that they charge you 7.99 per week automatically. I didn’t see it anywhere when I downloaded the app and subscribe to it that this was the cost. Very deceiving. I canceled immediately.

- No refund policy

Accidentally authorized a payment after I got my new phone and a few months ago I've already purchased this app on my old phone. unfortunately there is no way to get a full refund on the App Store and now I have two of the same apps. Please refund me that $7 for an app that I'm not using

- Really???!

1. You have to wait 17 sec to wait for the loud BEEEPPP recording sound then merge calls. I thought only I could hear it. Nope. The person I was recording said “uh, are you recording me?” Thanks a lot app! 2. After 2 min the recording continues but your voice can no longer be heard. You have to start all over.

- Good app

You have to merge calls manually. If there was a way to get rid of that... it would be a peach of an app. It’s easy to use.

- I hope this works

Thank God the people still have some power please help us Lord

- DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!! BAD APP!!!!!!

This company does not respond nor refunds your money back even after i send multiple emails to cancel my account and i attempted to use the app and it didn't work. I saw at the end of the month my credit card was still charged. I will update this post if and when i am refunded.

- It sort of works

It works to a certain extent because when you share the call through email or anywhere else you can’t hear the call all the way out

- Free trial does not exist. I was charged days before the free trial ended!

I agreed to a free trial period of 7 days, and to be charged 7.99 after that if I did not cancel. Well, after just FOUR DAYS, I was charged. I have no idea why they thought this was acceptable! I deactivated my account and called Apple support. I was given a refund immediately.

- A simple solution

This is a good product that works as advertised


They charged me 7.99 even though I canceled about an hour after putting it on my phone AND uninstalled at the same time, it has a fake unsubscribe button on the app when you really have to go through the ITunes Store to unsubscribe. I would like a refund, I didn’t even use it!

- Unlawful charging

It’s Advertised as free app but , when I tried to use it. I get a message that it’s going to cost me 7.99 to use. I closed the app and deleted it immediately. But I recently noticed several withdrawals from my account totaling to a little over $50 bucks. Don’t download this app

- Horrible!

I don’t understand why it has to have the loud beep, I live in a state where only one person has to consent to record a conversation so I don’t want the person that I am calling to know I am calling. As soon as I merge the call the extremely loud beep comes on. Everyone hears it! Waste of time...

- Very Good!!

So far I have been very happy with the app. I have been using it for a year an it is fantastic. Ariel

- Too many buttons to press

Takes way too many button presses to operate and is very cumbersome to use. Once a recording is made, the title can not be changed. Not useful enough for me @ 7.99 per week.

- Don’t get this

I have tried to use this several times now it has never worked once. Getting chargebacks with apple support now. Do not get this app it does not work and they will not stop charging you. I’m requesting it be taken off of apple store.

- Please cancel my subscription ASAP!

The app doesn’t work at all and I tried to cancel the subscription before getting charged, to no avail. Now I’m getting charged all the time for an app that has never been used. Please refund my money and cancel this mess. I don’t want Jr!

- Don’t even try to download

They are charging me 8.99 three times a month and I don’t even have it in my phone. I downloaded it once and removed and these guys are ripping me off. I don’t check my bank balance everyday but this is ridiculous.

- Waste of my money

I had to do too much before it even allowed me to start recording the call! It moves so slow and it just wasn’t worth the memory! Also after I unsubscribed and uninstalled the app I was still charged another $4.99 for it!

- Absolute JUNK

Not even worth 1 star. Was given the “free” trial. Ad stated to delete the APP and this would end subscription within 24 hours. Easy, right? All other APPS I have received notice via email about current charges. 9 weeks later I find out I am being charged 7.99+ per WEEK! NOT 1 email! For an APP I tried 1 time, was poor quality, clunky to operate — and now Apple states no refund. Shame on this scam APP & shame on Apple for supporting it. Shame on me for not being more proactive. Steer clear.

- Can’t cancel

Absolutely frustrating, they keep charging my account. The app is canceled through settings. I go there and it’s if you wish to resubscribe, that means it’s canceled. No other way to contact this people. They do not reply to the emails. CANCEL my membership and REFUND my money. I

- Horrible

If I could of written a review with no stars I would have. I’ve been trying to cancel a subscription for about a year. I just keep disputing the charges with my credit card. I’m beginning to think I need to take legal action. DO NOT use this app. Total scammers!!!!!!!

- Junk app

When you download this, it start to billing you automatically from your credit card, also it keep taking your money if you don't unsubscription. So you need to delete this app if you download this and do the unsubsciption

- Takes $ before it’s even been 7 days for the trial.

The app would not record any conversation, took $ out of my account before the 7 day trial was over I only had it since Wednesday and deleted the app. I’m going to dispute the transaction with PayPal as we speak.

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Just tried @rev’s call recorder app and it is an absolute gamechanger. No longer do I have to call somebody, put it on speaker, set my voice recorder next to the phone then deal with the tinny mp3. So to Rev, I say thank you on this Friday.


@nanistechlogic tell me the best call recorder app for lg g8x


@TechFactsRafee tell me the best call recorder app for lg g8x

Call Recorder App. 4.0 Screenshots & Images

Call Recorder App. iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Call Recorder App. iphone images
Call Recorder App. iphone images
Call Recorder App. iphone images
Call Recorder App. iphone images
Call Recorder App. iphone images
Call Recorder App. iphone images

Call Recorder App. (Version 4.0) Install & Download

The applications Call Recorder App. was published in the category Business on 2017-02-24 and was developed by BPMobile [Developer ID: 1085442365]. This application file size is 107.27 MB. Call Recorder App. - Business app posted on 2020-10-28 current version is 4.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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