June's Journey: Hidden Objects

June's Journey: Hidden Objects [Games] App Description & Overview

Solve mind teasing mysteries in the glamorous 1920s!

Dive into June Parker's captivating quest to unveil a scandalous, hidden family secret. Escape to an era of opulence and romance as you search for hidden clues through hundreds of stunning mind-teasing puzzles!


* KEEN-EYED DETECTIVES WANTED – Engage your sense of observation to find all hidden clues

* YOUR 1ST CLASS TICKET TO THRILLS – Mystery! Danger! Romance! Where will each new chapter take you?

* MYSTERY WITH ADDED GLAMOUR – Relax through hundreds of dazzling hidden object scenes and customize your very own luxurious estate island

* 12 MILLION FANS ALREADY LOVE IT – Don't miss out on the latest hit from the makers of the mythical hidden object classic "Pearl's Peril"

* A NEW EPISODE EVERY WEEK – Just like your favorite TV series, look forward to a new mystery in each new chapter, and a new chapter every week!


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June’s Journey is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

You may require an Internet connection to play June’s Journey and access its social features. June’s Journey may also contain advertising.

Terms of Use: https://www.wooga.com/terms-of-service/
Privacy Policy: https://www.wooga.com/privacy-policy/

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June's Journey: Hidden Objects Customer Service, Editor Notes:

SCREENSHOT MODE - Show off your island's beauty with our new screenshot mode! BOUNTIFUL BLOOMS - The fields are in full bloom in June's Journey with our beautiful Botanical Garden set. MINOR BUG FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS - We fixed several bugs and made a few adjustments to create a smoother gameplay experience. We hope you enjoy it!

June's Journey: Hidden Objects Comments & Reviews

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- Seriously unstable

This game is fun if you can play! It crashes all the time, will open select play, then it crashes. What a PIA!

- Lightning bolts

In a good round there should be a greater reward than one (and that is only ocassionally)

- Good game

I like the game. The hidden objects was my draw. Hidden objects in other games is not as simplistic as June’s Journey. The ads are horrendous... the 30 seconds is really 60 seconds. The same ad over and over is a turn off. I like the competitions. Good way for getting those compasses... which are hard to come by. Need more diamonds those. Also, would like the bolts to keep adding up as opposed to stopping at 125. Need those for the competition.

- Loved it but Lost it!

No technical support. Just one day the game required an update and once updated it would not open. No way to keep my months of play and pay put towards it. Anyone out there wondering what happened to JuneFoundMyLuv and head of group “Livin’ the Lake Life”.... that’s your answer. SO DISSATISFIED!

- Cornovirus zone out

A friend got me hooked....not the news, find some hidden things...decorate an island. Total distraction from reality. Admittedly reality has not improved playing the game but I go back to fight it a bit refreshed.

- This game gets you hooked and then you have to buy stuff!!!

And you can not leave a review

- Stopped working a couple of days ago

I have been playing this game on my ipad for about 5 months. On Wednesday evening of this week it just stopped working. I get the Wooga screen, then the picture and then it boots me out! Looks like a few of us are having problems. I hope that they can fix this.

- Need to make expansion easier or faster

I do love the game - except land expansion takes so long that I have no where to build and therefore cannot earn the flowers required to move on to the next scene. Can you either make the requirement for expansion less stringent - or give away more compasses? Thanks!

- Thanks

After writing my complaint, the game was updated and the problem was resolved

- No stars

I have played this game on my iPhone for a while now. Then I started playing it on my old Samsung tablet using the same Facebook account for about 3 months. Now you change everything and wipeout my iPhone game. Thanks for nothing!!! Don’t play this game. It’s not worth your time, and they just want your money!

- Permanent Energy is deceptive

They let you purchase permanent energy, but it is not really permanent energy.

- Ads On Steroids

Apparently I'm at the highest level (778) because now I have to wait for (four) days to play the next level. Thus, don't hurry your game. I have watched hundreds of hours of their ads. Lily's Garden. . .absolutely detest that game - and I've never played it. They run that ad over and over, ad nauseum. These people don't do ad teasers, they do ad torture. I wouldn't play that game if they paid me. If you love ads and like to pay money to have to wait four days to play the next level (against one other person) then this game is for you! Plus, they keep taking my bad reviews down. Then ask me to contact them. . .and there is no way via the links they send.


5/28/20 updated and game will not load. Please fix immediately.

- Used to be my favorite

Update: Now it won’t even connect to the internet and it’s just THIS game. So very Frustrating.....about to NEVER play this again & I play Daily ... up to like level 355 or so. Keeps Crashing. What’s up with that ? Starts to play an ad and then goes blank. Can someone look into this and FIX IT ? App support is no help either

- Favorite game, update stalled it

June’s Journey is by far my favorite game out there. The May 27th update has interfered with me being able to open the ap. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s fixed in time to finish the challenge, there’s only one day left. Please please help oh developer gurus. 😉

- Jelly Kelly

I love love love to play this fun game!!!

- Unable to Download Game to iPAD after recent Update

After the recent update today I continually received an error that the game could not connect to the server. So I deleted game to redownload it. However now I receive a message that I’m not able to download the game. Such a shame as I really enjoyed this game. Won’t be trying to download it anymore. Didn’t lose just me but also family members who played with me as well.


Unfair!!!! All I get is “paint” when I play the scenes. Then when I get the blue prize box it’s mostly paint and finally when I get the pink prize box I still get paint. THATS UNFAIR. Me and my family and friends are about to quit this game. Yes it nice and fun BUT so unfair. So many materials needed but all we get MOST of the time is “PAINT”

- Disappointed

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years now and the reason I started playing was for the Hidden Object chapters. I’m sick of waiting 7 days for a new chapter to play. Instead of the other mini games within this game why don’t you focus on creating more chapters at once. The lounge is boring. Jack flying all over isn’t fun either. The Detectives Wanted section isn’t necessary unless I have Chapters to play. I have spent a lot of money on this game but I’ve stopped. I love the look and story lines but I want a Hidden Object game. That’s it. I wish you would focus your time on that. Thank you, Stephanie

- OMG 🤯 This game is addicting


- So stingy with rewards you get nowhere

This could be the #1 game but they are so stingy with rewards across everything (especially compasses need to expand), it’s not fun. They deliberately set it up so the closer you are to a reward and advancement, the more they prevent it happening. It’s very deliberate and kind of sleezey. There is no rhyme or reason, just the fact that I guess they think it’s funny. Anyway I loved the game but it’s not set up fairly and I can’t spend another hour getting one final dumbbell compass I should have gotten 60 minutes ago. Perfect example of how not to treat players fairly.


I started playing this game and can’t get enough of it! I now have 3 friends, my Mother, my Father, my Sister and her boyfriend playing it. We were able to get on the same team for challenges and we have a group text string going where every day we all text and say “coffee up!” (You’ll understand after you get this game and become as addicted as we are.) Super fun!

- I love this game!

I want to buy it but I don’t see an option for it. There are no ads either, so I’m confused how it can be free.

- Fun game, but kind of frustrating

I have loved playing this game up until now. I generally don’t mind paying a bit for diamonds, or coins if I want them, and have paid for them several times while playing this game. Unfortunately, this has brought me to a stand still in the game. My island is full because I can’t get enough compasses to build my island. If I put anything in storage I lose the flowers? That is frustrating because sometimes I earn the same item 3-4 times in star boxes and I can’t find enough room to put them on the island, but I also can’t advance in the game because I lose the flowers even if I store them or sell them. This takes all the fun out of building the island because it’s just a bunch of stuff slammed together so I can keep playing. I think I should get to keep flowers once I earn them.

- Frustration in June’s Journey

Fun game but no direction. You’re on you’re on to try to figure out what to do next. I got to a point, nothing I tapped worked & yes, I had plenty of power or whatever you want to call it. Getting frustrated & ready to move on to something else.

- I got ripped off

I recently downloaded the app and have been loving it. Today, I was offered “PERMANENT ENERGY” for 788 diamonds so I spent 50 bucks on an in app purchase AS THE APP SUGGESTED, but only received a minimal amount of energy!. ?! This is most frustrating to have swindled so terribly! If the developer is reading this, I should hope they’d immediately refund my 50 dollars or fix the HUGE GLITCH IN THIS GAME! Until then,,,, I advise to NEVER purchase anything in this game as it is possibly a huge scam! So now, the developer has reached out offering to help but absolutely refuses to call or tell how to proceed in getting back the 50 dollars they stole from me!!! I’ll say again...... my name is Susan ozbun. My phone number is 321-271-5788. The app suggested I pay 50 dollars to get permanent life. I got minutes worth of life. This is theft and unethical. They may say “oh so sorry. We will fix this” but this is a complete lie!! They have my bank account. My email address and even my phone number. Until they make it right, I say.... If you get this game...... NEVER EVER MAKE AN IN APP PURCHASE!!! If they reimburse me, then, I’ll update this very true and annoying review. please beware!!!

- Frustrated

I love this game but not today as it won’t open up either saying I’m not connected to the internet or reload! Well I am connected as I checked and I have no idea what is wrong now......☹️☹️☹️ I have to say that I’m impressed that my complaint was addressed and given an incentive so I give this game 5 stars as it’s been for me the most fun out of any game I have played. Probably my only concern is that my island is almost full and wondering if there will be expansions so I and all the other players can continue to play.... Highly recommend this game!!

- Great Game with Minor Problems

It is absorbing and captivating game with great graphics. I know that a lot of players have mentioned long waiting periods of time, if you don’t want to spend any real money. Yes, it certainly would be much nicer to be able to progress, and especially to expand the land at more rapid pace. However, my major problem is not even that - it’s overcrowded with objects island. I think that the major improvement to the game would have been the ability to store items without loosing flowers. I understand why reselling items gives you only half the price you paid for it originally. However it does not make ANY sense at all that stored items withdraw flowers. Why? It’s still your item, you still own it - why do we have to display all ugly and tasteless items we had to purchase in order to progress quicker? Don’t get me wrong - most items and buildings are well designed and tasteful. I also understand that it’s not possible to satisfy everyone’s taste - pretty sure that the same item would be viewed as cute by some, and as ugly by others. The point is - there is not enough space on the island for everything! Personally I enjoy designing the island. It is quite frustrating that every time, when I design any corner of the island to my satisfaction, I have to jam another item in there because I run out of space. Please, please consider changing the rule about storing items! It will help the game to be much more enjoyable without compromising its challenge.

- **Please let us store buildings!!**

Wooga! PLEASE change the app to let us store our buildings!! I don’t have enough space for them all and to decorate! I can’t move things around easily because of all the buildings I have and my land is almost full. I like to buy the seasonal sets and just don’t have room. 😢

- Love the game,hate the wait

I’ve been playing for about a month now and really enjoy the game. My problem is in order to expand your area you need compasses and they seem to be very rare. I’m currently waiting to expand so I can decorate, get more flowers and play the game. My island is getting very crowded

- So addictive, BUT

I love this game, but I can’t figure out how to join group!!

- Can’t get the app to stay open!

I love this game and would give it 5 stars if someone would fix it. For the past 4 days it has been hard or impossible to play. The app closes every time I watch an ad and then when I reopen I have to rewatch the ad, sometimes 5-6 times. Currently my experience is that I collect coins, go to the coffee shop to drink coffee then try to buy coffee for others when the app suddenly closes again and when I get back on it I have to start over collecting coins, drinking coffee etc like I had never just done all that. Please fix whatever is wrong. Thanks. *** All fixed! Thanks!

- Locked out again

The further I get into this app the more problems. I hope the developers can fix it. I have been enjoying playing. I am on the verge of deleting it due to an ad locking the game up. I don’t know why the developers feel the need to push other game ads during this game.

- Beautiful and addicting game

I love this game, but it sometimes gets frozen with ads or errors. Also, game is very expensive for all the waiting time to play. I can spend $20-30 and still be waiting to play or need to pay more shortly after. Overall, it’s one of my favorite games even though it’s pricey

- Island Expansion

I love playing the game and don’t mind occasionally having to “purchase” gems for extra energy or to complete a building. I do mind going through and playing enough levels to get an expansion only to realize that I need 25 compasses to open the expansion! Also since I can’t expand, I can’t decorate anymore because I have nowhere to put anything else! Part of the fun of the game is arranging and rearranging it but it is frustrating when I can’t seem to move on to the next part!

- June journey

It’s not easy to earn energy to continue playing. The game will be more enjoyable if allowed to continue to play without running out of energy.

- Gipped Out of my 10 cost

I was rocking along when it ask to see a ad to get my 10 cost instead of the regular 15. Your program hung up at the beginning of the ad and when I finally got back the 10 was gone. I got screwed! I have found that these ads get frozen and we can’t get our place back. It is a problem with your game and Pearls too. Sadly yours Jennye Hundley I have been playing your game for quite sometime now and like a few of your other subscribers I am disappointed. This last time I have been playing for 5 or 6 days and I was informed I had to redecorate and I redecorated for days so I was practicing forced to pay $14.99 to continue playing. I am VERY disappointed with your game.

- Love the game - but I think I am at a stall point?

I have been playing this game for quite awhile and I love it. But the last week or so I have started to stall. I have all the upgradable housing, and it cost so much to open the next scene that I can’t keep up. I have had to spend all of my Gems to speed up buildings because it takes so long for the higher flowered items to build. So I either have to buy a bunch of cheaper decorations that I don’t want because I have more than I want now or spend many days replaying the same scenes. (I have spent real money in the game - not a tone, but a bit and even with that, I am stalled. Part of this is because of the stay at home orders, I have had more time to play - with that in mind, I hope the developers will be adding more upgradable buildings (these really help with not getting board waiting to build up coin to buy decorations and then waiting for them to build- which can take 4-5 days to do that- all while having to replay the same scenes over and over) especially since the garden items that are possible with 5-star boxes seem to be feast or famine - my husband has received 4 frog fountains and 3 light posts from boxes, while I have only been able to get 2 frogs and 1 light (and I play way more and am about double his level) I know it’s random chance, but it does get frustrating at times.

- Wow

Love this game only one complaint I need more islands I have so many compasses from the challenges but no land left to advance and I hate selling or storing my neat stuff cause then I lose points please give us more land so we can play the game don,t mind spending money if I have a place to put all the neat stuff Thank You

- Review update

I gave a three star review for this game (which I love) because I was having a problem. I have since realized the problem was in me understanding how the game worked. So sorry about that! I do truly love this game and wish there were more like it. It’s the only game I play consistently! Please keep developing it and keep it growing. I’m worried that at some point there will be no more land to build on and then what?

- Great at the beginning, but

I’ve reached level 104, when I started it was great “decorating” and designing the island but as time went on the game’s design forces you into just sticking stuff anywhere on the island with no design. The island space is too hard to open to keep up with the progress in the game....losing interest and patience with the design of the game. Sad, very sad. *******FOLLOW- UP******* Additionally, have you guys bothered reading the reviews.....the common thread is that the further you go in the game the worse the problems become in regards to island expansion, scoring, and storage. These are your most loyal customers telling you their on the verge of walking away....get a clue!

- Great Game

Love this game. The freemium setup doesn’t make it harder to play without paying, should you not be able to. Only improvement I’d like to see is being able to rotate objects on your map.

- More sales & bonus scenes please

Love JJ! Was hoping during quarantine there would be more sales on diamonds and coins and many many bonus scenes and cases available. Would love to be able to complete the bonuses more than once!

- Slow, tedious and repetitive .

This game has a good premise, but not much more. It moves at a snails pace and tries to get you to make purchases to prevent what amounts to player’s “time outs” when you have to wait 15 - 30 minunes before you have enough “energy” to continue. Not worth your effort u less you want to be put to sleep.

- Grotesque homescape ads!!!

They host a lot of ads from games where people are tortured, drowned, burned. These are homescape game ads. There is no button to report these ads. I have written many, many times to remove these ads. One response actually said they thought they were humorous. I don’t understand how these ads would be allowed and why I can’t report them when they play. I am have written to the help section so many times they now ignore me. Sick.

- Love game to many adds!!!

Love this game been playing it for over a year. The reason for the three stars you have to watch adds to do anything or it takes hours to move on. I am just tired of all the adds I just want to play the game I love!!!

- Five stars for fun..BUT

Yes,five stars for fun...minus two BIG stars for cost of playing. This is the most expensive, dollars out of pocket, real money invested game I have ever played. LOVE the game..hate the cost! I might be able to understand heavier costs if there were no ads...but ads are also in abundance. AND the further into the game you play, the higher prices go. Finally had to give it up... its addictive to play, impossible to keep game going without real money going out. A LOT of real money. Don’t believe anybody who tells you this game can be played without $$ investment,

- Review: I think, some times, there needs to be jewel rewards, too.


- Not fair

Made it to over 51,000 pts. Then suddenly got cut in half to 25,000. I quit! Not a fair game!

- Slow progress can make it boring

Wish the game did not have the ridiculous wait times to get the awards you purchase with earned game coins. Also, I don’t want to go back and play scenes that I have already completed in order to continue winning awards. Actually having a limited playing time is really stupid. Each time I leave the game, I have less interest in returning.

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- David

Have been playing this game for some time now and it’s getting difficult to play some scenes as it take to much energy. One scene on fifth star I started out with over 250 bars of power and it used all of it to finish last star. Last two stars always consumes more energy than the rest even if you have perfect scores on every scene and the more you have the more it consumes.I leave the game for days and only open it to collect coins. Some things cost to much and take to long to open.

- Frustrated by lack of progression

I’ve really enjoyed this game for a period of time, but am now getting continually frustrated by lack of progressing to new levels. Keeps saying 1 more star needed - I get ‘perfect’ on many of the games and still no progressing. You’ve lost me now - no more giving you a chance, I’m done. Pity!

- Okay game

While the scenes are pretty to look at and the concept is good the game itself is poorly executed. And half the items you have to find I've never heard of ! What the heck is a titmouse ? And why change the name of an object ? For example you called a birdcage a birdcage in one scene but in another scene the birdcage is now called a cage. And it's candelabra not candelabrum!! Be consistent when naming them ! And also I think we should get more energy for earning a perfect score on finishing a scene. Edit : please keep the naming of the objects we have to find consistent. I just found another one on Julian's Terrace. A gecko is a lizard. It's the same thing. In a previous scene you call a lizard a lizard and now it's a gecko. It's so damn confusing. I'm tempted to give this game one star.

- Yeah

Yeah it's a game, it gets you in

- Review

Certainly keeps the brain active

- June’s journey

I love the strategy

- Great Game

This is an interesting Game but there is a lot of things you have to pay for. I was thinking for example with the coins you get. Perhaps we could get more bars of energy that way. Like I said interesting game. But would like more energy bars.

- Fantastic Game!

Absolutely addicted! Love the graphics, story and everything about this game and the bonus challenges! Keep up the great work developers.

- Good game

I love this game. But takes so long to get any energy. It drives me nuts. Other games give you free energy when you do well or achieve a level. But only one extra energy every now and then doesn’t entice someone to want to keep playing

- Noni

Hi! Just have to say this was a great game, but my what has happened it freezes or won't load, when it does load after a few attempts you can't continue as it shuts down have tried the turn off on but no that does not help, even deleted and reloaded {Lost everything} and surprise same thing happening! Not Happy Jan 😡😡😡😡

- Good

Yay can play without $$$

- Enough of the Lily’s Garden Ads already

If you have to show ads at least show some variety, ok we got the Lilly’s Garden game, enough already, stop showing the same stupid ad over and over and over !! Are you guys that unimaginative,geez it just annoying, makes you want to stop playing the game!

- Your adds making my screen freeze

Very annoying your adds making screen freeze all the time👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

- Rad Loulou

I have been playing this game for over a year and love it. I love all aspects of this game and find it a great way to unwind after a hard day at work. I would just like to know when a new island will open up for me. My current and third island is all but full and I have no where to put more items. All areas on my current island are unlocked and just about full. I cant progress unless I achieve more flowers which I can’t do cause there is no where to put anything. Help?

- Scam

It is a great game, but the entire purpose of it is for you to spend money to get anywhere. They make in incredibly difficult to progress, and the scores become lower and lower even with better and faster gameplay.

- Disappointed

Was really enjoying the game as well as the storyline. But will be deleting the app soon as I have to keep playing the same scene for days waiting to get enough money to buy things to open up the next scene. Sorry I don’t have that much patience or that desperate. Disappointed

- June’s journey

What a great game , it’s a great way to relax just before going to sleep , or to just wind down after a big day

- Fun

Loads of fun and challenge

- Most Boring Game Ever

I love hidden object adventures but this games is totally boring. Have to wait for power ups and can’t just play it. I’d rather buy a Game at $10.99 and have the ability to play it wherever whenever without waiting for the power ups.

- Game becomes repetitive and then very slow.

The game is 95% looking for objects in pictures, if you don’t,t have a large screen you will have problems, also you may have difficulty in finding certain types of birds and plants, if you don,t know what a Titmouse bird or Lavender plant looks like also the bonus timer is very short.Once you get to chapter 6 the game becomes very slow as the cost of moving up to the next scene becomes very high, you will have to grind completed scenes to earn coins and building material, the game also poorly rewards you even when your getting perfect scores and buildings take too long to complete. 1)Developer should reduce the cost of moving up to next scene. 2)Reduce time to complete buildings. 3)Increase rewards for perfect scores and 5 star completion. 4)100 chapters are way to long.

- Very Disappointed!!

I was enjoying this game a lot,was in a fun team with chatty ladies. Then my IPad had a glitch and i lost the game. Reinstalled it and found it had gone right back to the start so i lost 87 levels . Be aware that if you are not on Facebook and you have a problem, you will lose all your good work...! NOT HAPPY.!

- Help.

I have been playing this for awhile and I love it. I am around 160 in the game and today it says “ connect to the WiFi, I am connected to the WiFi? If I have lost this game I am going to be very angry. Maryanne

- Game is crashing and not playable

Game is crashing on level 26... and not able to progress further in the game.

- Hate this game

If I could I would give you zero stars this game has so many problems and it keeps glitching

- June’s Journey

Great adventure and a step back in time🎼

- Misleading advertising

Though I have enjoyed the game I have become disenchanted by an experience with an in app purchase. To advance to the next level I bought “unlimited” bars of energy. Sadly unlimited turned out to be 3 bars of energy. And the price charged was exorbitant given what it actually turned out to be. I complained and was advised that it was ok because the size of the energy bar expands slightly to give you an ongoing increased energy bar. However it was not explained or advertised in this way and has left me feeling like I’ve been ripped off. The developers have provided no refund, no compensation and nothing other than a “thanks for the feedback” in response. Otherwise an enjoyable slow burn game.

- Thanks

Thanks Wooga team for your gift of gems and best wishes for Mother’s Day. Sadly I can’t see my own mother or my children and grandchildren because of covid-19 but I can still play June’s Journey.

- Love the game but not happy

The game won’t load, it keeps dropping out since you’ve done that debug update 4 days ago, I’ve tried everything, it’s a hit an miss and when your playing it drops out for know reason at all, I don’t want to lose where I’m up to in the game by deleting it then redownloading it again. Not happy June.

- Love the game

This is my first time playing a game on my iPad.l just love it.

- My opinion

I don’t like it

- Love it

Enjoy the challenge

- My Daily Addiction

There is so much to love about this game - the hidden object scenes are only the beginning. Follow June through her series of adventures around the world, with captivating landscapes and thoughtful storylines. It’s clearly apparent that a lot of love has gone into this game - the app developers are to be highly commended! For those who like a splash of colour, decorating your island is a great added feature. There’s special themed monthly collections to earn and enjoy, with in game competitions to earn extra rewards. Visit other player’s islands for inspiration or simply enjoy creating your own paradise. My husband teases me because I HAVE to play every day, while my kids delight in finding different ‘treasures’ on my island. It’s my zen time of day. If you’re looking for an entertaining and sophisticated game, this is for you.

- Good memory training

Love this game. It’s so good for my memory.

- Waste of time and resources

Started to enjoy this game but I purchased a package where I should get 2x life bars and nope nothing. Also signed in with FB for the 2x free life bars and only received one. I believe this game is going to require spending lots of money for a small return. And don’t bother saying you can progress for free, that would seriously take forever. Cool concept of a game but I’m not going to waste any more time or money

- Great investigation game

I really love this game. I have been looking for a few hidden objects game and by far this is the best I’ve seen. I really enjoy the storyline and building your own property concept of the game. It just keeps me more interested in playing the game atleast twice a day. I also love the surprise contests and challenges that just improves the playing experience as you don’t have to wait longer to collect coins or energy. I wish you could come up with more ways to earn coins :) The challenge I have is the no. of rounds I have to play to get the star. Completing the star round is very inconsistent, the first 2 stars can finish in 4-5 rounds, but even when I get perfect in the following 3,4,5th star I have to play more than 5-6 rounds to complete one star. I don’t understand why should there be inconsistency. Also it would be good to have different ways to get energy it takes ages to get back the energy especially when completing the stars takes so many. The other challenge is some of the construction materials aren’t easily available even if you play continuously. Overall I love the game, its visuals and its beautiful elements. But if you could think on improving the above challenges, it would be great.

- Advertising selection would better

Would be better if you could filter out ads you hate like you can on Facebook The Fishdom ads upset me. Turn ph audio to low and close case over screen. Cannot stand Lilly’s garden ad. Same thing - low volume with phone cover over screen. Way to go making me despise games I’d never heard of.

- Top 5 Game

I’ve only been playing for a couple of months but JJ is proving to be one of the top 5 games available in my opinion, and the best hidden object game that I’ve played. I really enjoy the added feature of building and decorating your own island and don’t mind spending a little money here and there to improve or extend my gaming. It’s worth it as far as I’m concerned because it’s quite clear that a lot of hard work has gone into the design and production of the game itself. My only gripes, if I have any, is the imbalance of the space to build on your island compared to the building requirements to progress to the next level. More thought is needed there. Especially for those of us who would like to play at least once a day. And the pretty limited number of items to build and decorate with. (Better value for money for the real purchases would be nice too 😉) Speaking of playing each day, the daily bonus seems to have been removed completely (just as I was reaching 30 days too ☹️) so now there’s no reward, or reason for some, to log in each day now. Again, I think that should be reviewed. All in all though, a terrific game, with a surprisingly good story and a great construction feature. 5/5

- One serious player here!

Hi there, I just want to let you know that I haven’t been playing a game from app store for this long! I am in level 107 so yeah, been playing it for a while. I love how every mission is different and how the scenery in each image is changing. Is someone manually drawing this? The graphics side in this is so beautiful. Keep the good work.

- Excellent relaxing game....

I love the new islands.....have been playing for ages. The only game I’ve stuck at. Well done.

- Great game

Love your game

- Won't load again

Only been playing a couple of weeks and this is the second time it hangs at 9% while trying to load it.. very frustrating! While I'm here I'd also like to complain about so many of the ad's that u watch to drop the energy use from 15 down to 10. So many of them drop out at the end of them without working and taking u back to my island, or they hang and then drop me totally out of your app. Then have to reload the app again.. Please fix these issues. I'm enjoying playing so these problems are very annoying.

- Takes too long to progress, limited space

I’ve recently tried this game and enjoy it. However I find the space allocated to decorate items is very limited and progress is a bit clunky. It’s very convoluted with several things going at once with rewards etc. I’m easily tiring of it unfortunately

- Keeps Freezing

I went to support on the Wooga page. No help evident. Very sad. Since writing this review, the app is now working. Now very happy.

- Great game

Great game I just don’t like the amount of time you spend waiting to play. The prices are a bit ridiculous if you wanted to go the real money route. Graphics are great. It confuses me that you can get a perfect score and it not even complete a full star.. but again that comes down to them wanting to spend real money. If you have patients and like me won’t spend money on a game it’s good as it limits your screen time binging and ensures you only spend 20-30min playing at a time

- After last update Jack won’t fly his plane for me !! Very disappointed 😢😢


- Can’t put it down

We have the whole family playing. Good lockdown fun,

- Great entertaining game

I am loving JJ. I really enjoy looking for the items and love decorating the beautiful house and gardens ❤️❤️❤️

- Crappy time limits

It won’t let me contact support so I’m writing on here The time limits for challenges are ridiculous u can spend all your money and diamonds for something your really want to earn but the time runs out so fast that u miss it by a small amount, it makes the game frustrating especially when the goal is so high for such a low amount of time

- I tried it, I’m done

Only been playing for about a week and I’m over it. I like the mystery side of it, couldn’t care less about the build your own island side. It’s irritating that it uses so much energy to play one round in the mystery side and takes so long to build back up. The first 2-3 stars you can get through pretty quickly but then the last 2 can take up to 8 tries to complete. Not worth the time or effort to continue.

- Deceptive!

I thought this was free to play or you that you had the choice of not purchasing extra stuff to continue to play. Not so! They suck you in then in order to continue you must purchase . Very disappointed!

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- Miss Take

Fantastic game, especially good for those of us wanting a new challenge while staying socially at a distance. I’m glad I downloaded this app, although the time I spend trying to solve it may be considered a Miss Take by some.

- App Search Optimization.

Raise downloads by 10 times! Aso services,daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype:+8618903532913 . Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now!

- Keeps crashing

Just started the game a week ago. Worked fine then the ads would crash, now I can barely open it up. Do not spend money on this game.

- Love, love, love this game

Awesome story lines, quick response to issues, fun and challenging!

- Chapters

I finished chapter 1. Game won ‘t allow me to get to chapter two! So, good bye. Don’t play!

- Great game but buggy

I’ve been play for a few weeks and I like the game a lot but when you watch the ad to play with better energy, the ads crash a lot so you can’t get to use that option and since this afternoon, the whole game keeps crashing that I can’t play at all.

- Spectacular

Love it more each day!

- Fun, BUT!

This game is fun, but, without warning it runs out of scenes to play, no answer as to when we’re going to get more, scenes. At least in Pearls Peril, we were given a great ending, but this one, nothing!!!!! Many fans have asked, but none have been told!!!! A very disappointing game!!!!

- Annoying

I have tried to play this game many times!!!! It keeps crashing!!! Glad I did not spend any money, it may have crashed along with the game. I have deleted the game for the last time!

- june's journey

l like june's journey because it has so much levels in the game

- Étoiles gagnées dans une scène non ajoutées au total de mes étoiles

J’ai remarqué lorsque je gagne de l’énergie dans une scène, ce que j’ai gagné n’est pas cumulé dans ma banque d’énergie automatiquement, ce n’est pas honnête! J’ai fermé l’application pour voir si ce n’était pas un bug, mais non, car je ne vois toujours pas mes gains accumulés! C’est du vol! vous ne cumuler pas l’énergie gagnée et si on ne vérifie pas on ne s’en rend pas compte. Est-ce une tactique pour nous faire acheter de l’énergie? Très déçue d’avoir découvert cela.

- Problèmes techniques

Le jeu est vraiment agréable mais la nouvelle version crash tout le temps (quand on regarde les pubs pour obtenir des bonus)

- Great game

I'm at level 180 and never paid a penny yet, but I will later, to get diamonds. I wish we had the option to move the free gifts/ bushes and also option to upgrade Jack's airport, keep up the great work at this game!

- Loads to 54% then crashes

Tried various times then deleted

- More stuff needed

Great game but the prizes should be better. You get 9 energy when playing the scenes but it costs either 15 energy or 10 if you watch a video. That prize should be either 10 or 15 or more energy. There should also be more chances at getting compasses. I found that when my orchard island is full I am not able to play any scenes for almost a week because it requires lots of compasses to obtain a little chunk of land and also waiting for more flowers in order to advance. Would be nice to obtain flowers when playing scenes.

- Great, but ...

I loved the game at first (5 star) and have been playing for almost 2 years, but at the higher levels the game becomes stagnant (3 star). Progress is difficult. The compasses need to come more often at the higher levels. Also it would be nice to have more buildings (ex. Different types of houses). There hasn’t been a new building in months. It would also be nice to be able to rotate objects to the left or right. The game also needs a way to visit “friends” second islands I have now finished (level 750). Is there a “Chapter 3 coming or not?

- June's Journey

I haven't played this game in years so I thought I would play again still crashes all the time no fix yet ? It would be a great game very sad!!!!

- How to get past level 7

I love this game but I do have a question, How do you get past level 7? I have finished and have collected all the stars days ago but I am unable to get past level 7, it keeps opening on the same level every time I play. Thanks for your help!

- Can’t play enough

It very fun and interesting. Passes the time but you can only play for like 20 minutes because u don’t have enough energy bars to continue unless of course you pay like 30bucks a day which is ludicrous

- Wooga money maker

All it seems to be geared for is to make us spend our hard earned money. Instead of concentrating on getting new chapters out so you can progress through the game they come up with chintzy ways for you to waste your energy so you have to buy more to continue. Get back to the Journey!

- Best game ever!!

I have played many games on my iPad, I’m a senior citizen, and this this my all-time favourite. I have tried many others and deleted many, but June’s Journey is my fav because of - 1. The storyline; 2. The lush graphics; 3. The challenging scenes; but most of all; 4. It doesn’t cost me a fortune to play. I can play it and enjoy it very much but don’t have to spend a lot of money....well I enjoy watching the video clips instead. So a 5/5 stars for me!! And thank you very much, developers ❤️

- Mise à jour du 8 avril 2020

L’app se ferme sans raison depuis la dernière mise à jour.

- Récompenses

Il m’est désormais impossible d’obtenir les récompenses, n’ayant plus de possibilité d’avoir des boîtes roses puisque j’ai terminé le niveau 50 et qu’il n’y a plus rien après ! 😡

- J’adore ce jeu

A quand le 3e volume?

- Loving it

Awesome game so far

- Flowers

I love the game, play it every day. The only thing I would change would be to make the gift flowers moveable. Everything else is great!

- Can’t get past level 16

I made it to level 16, however it keeps telling me I have to decorate in order to unlock the level, I have used up most of the coins, and my screen is covered with unfinished projects, how can I get past this and play the level?

- June’s journey

Was pretty excited and immensely enjoying this game with everything that’s going on in our world but it didn’t take long before this game started asking for money if u wanted to go further. Advertising as a free game. BS . It is not

- Unexpected

This game is a lot of fun and has extras I wasn’t expecting.

- I love the app...

but, watching ad’s means WATCHING AD’s, not playing, not going to App Store, all ad’s should have a countdown, and a X at the end, too many do not!! Thank you.

- Fun game

Fun game, I like to challenge myself to see if I can get a better time, no annoying commercial

- Now What

Have finished scene 750 but now what? No new chapter being released? Have been playing for a very long time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Good storylines kept my interest. Too bad I’ve reached the end. Would recommend game to others.

- Obsessed and so frustrated

My family and I have played for a couple of years now but I recently completed volume 2 level 50. I have +5000 flowers 3750 stars & 300 jewels and am building on 3 islands but there is nothing after level 50. Typically there is a timeframe for next level to open but nothing. I see there are other levels by searching online but have no clue how to get new levels. HEEELLLLLPPPP!!!!

- Deleted

It’s fun but you don’t automatically get energy like some games give you. From what I can see you either buy it or it’s a prize of some kind.

- Troublesome

Been playing this for a long time - got to about level 700 then the whole game started to decline - first no land to build on, then playing same scenes over and over and over until land finally was offered, now no new chapters offered, no new scenes offered. If you are going to go into the APP business it would be good of you to keep pace with the players. Have spent real money at times in past but now I just go through the motion of playing the same scenes and hoping for something new. Last time this happened the developers gave a deadline number on when new chapter would arrive. Have contacted them but get no direct answer just same old gibberish. If just starting you are going to enjoy but if you are at highest level - have a long long snooze because nothing is happening

- What money

I do not have an opinion about the game but what is. The thing about money Sincerely unknown

- Fun but blocks you at a certain level

Fun game but seems to stop you from going further after a few scenes, perhaps some brief instructions would be good?

- I want to pay for the app

I would have given this app a 5 if I could just pay one time instead of constantly being begged to pay for everything. This is honestly a good game but I can only play for 30 mins before I run out of free plays.

- June’s journey game

Love playing June’s journey great game can we have June’s journey 2 thank you great awsome game

- Disappointed

I would have given the game at least a 4 but it keeps crashing in the middle of the game while it has already deducted my coins. Very frustrating!! Going to uninstall if this continues.

- Love this game

I am on 59 and it well not let me play when I go in to play a new game in tells me to decorate. I don’t get it.

- Ads seem a little better

The ads that you can’t close seem to have improved. An option to pay to remove ads altogether would be great.

- June’s journey

Je n’aime pas ce jeu mais j’ai été obligée de le télécharger pour me débarrasser de sa vidéo publicitaire.

- Disappointed

Made it to level 61 now game crashes frequently losing coins and forcing reboot to get back on track

- Jeu pourri

Publicité gèle tout le temps dans environnement APPLE

- Fun

Really enjoyable game! Great graphics. Love the storyline and solving the mysteries. Love the seasonal themes. One negative, I noticed that the items build time changes. Example: In the “store” it’ll say 9 hours build but after placement on the island it will jump to 24 hours. Am I missing something?

- Lovely game

This game is really lovely, not just because of the challenges to pass levels, but also decorating the island is really fun. I just wish June will get a change of wardrobe depending on the scene she is in.

- It lures you in

You may think that you can play free the whole time. But you’ll play, run out of lighting bolts and have to wait till the next day. You’ll also be lured in with the daily gift, after 30 days there is no more gift. They want you to buy time so you can solve the puzzles. If you like waiting to play a game, then sure this is your game but you literally have to wait a day to be able to play if you run out of lighting bolts then wait again. Soooo I’ve waiting. I just want to play the game.

- Very good but...

Love the game, but this week a lot of crashes.

- Super good!!

This game is so fun if you love mystery and like finding hidden objects. You get to even create your own “island” and you get rewards for building which unlocks further levels.

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- Keeps crashing

I don’t have FB so simply play the game on my phone but for the last three days it keeps on crashing either as it’s loading or mid game 😩 up until then, was really enjoyable! Update: so after much annoyance I tried the trusted technique of switching my phone off & on again and... no more crashing so I feet user error - review changed to 5 stars with apologies to the legendary makers of this game!

- June’s Journey

I am enjoying very much finding the objects in the various locations. The graphics are great - other games too often rely on making locations abnormally dark which to me is a lazy way to make it harder to find objects. I am pleased that, so far, June’s Journey do NOT use this unnecessary tactic. Another unique aspect with this game - objects do NOT keep changing the way they look when you repeat the search - I like that very much. I mobility problems (arthritic hands) and eye trouble and I have been very upset at having to give up playing similar games because I always run out of time and end up losing all the points/rewards/advantages gained in early searches. This game, so far, does not penalise you/me for being slow - I will be a very happy lady if I can continue travelling along - even if it is in the slow lane - of June’s Journey!!

- Competition time

I love this game been playing it for over a year, but disappointed I didn't get notification yesterday of the team competition so missed out and felt that I'd let my team down.

- Problems fixed - happy again!

Thanks for fixing the problem so I can get back to my very favourite game! All good wishes to everyone at Wooga x

- Please reduce the adverts!!

I have been playing JJ for quite a while and am totally addicted. But the adverts are driving me crazy. If I see one more Lily’s Garden advert I will scream. I can see it 10 times within a session and it makes me feel like stopping playing. It’s slightly more acceptable to see different ads but to play the same again and again is horrible. Please, please alter your algorithm, reduce or give an option to buy out for a certain time period. I would have given it a 5* but for this problem.

- Can’t put the game down

Perfection love it finally a game yo can play and really enjoy good story lines just brilliant don’t change it apart from winning more compasses and diamonds especially on the last game before you travel should give u a prize to pick from that would be great love it love it love it

- Good game, but

This is a great game. Excellent graphics and clever presentation of the hidden objects. It does however have a knack of getting you to spend time on it that you don’t have, so had to delete it. I also found the whole decorating the island thing a bit annoying.

- Addictive and absorbing

Love this. It’s well designed and good fun. Like doing a good jigsaw

- Fantastic

The most amazing game ever. I’ve never seen such a fun game that constantly motivates you to do more with magnificent prizes. This game made my lockdown in the Uk a fun one. Thank you to the amazing team who made this great game.

- Unhappy

I was.enjoying playing this game, but now I can’t play it properly, I am finding that the game crashes to a black screen whenever I try to watch a bonus advert, I tried updating both my computer and the game itself, to no avail. It still crashes nineteen times out of twenty. What a shame.

- June’s Journey

Love playing this game,very addictive,would definitely recommend

- Intrusive ads

This app allows ads to throw you out of the game. Complaints and queries receive a standard response and no action. I am on the point of uninstalling if they don’t sort it out.

- Repetitive and stupid pointless story game

You have replay each scene at least 6 times before the next scene opens. Each time you reply the scene at least 80% of the objects are repeated so really brain dead stuff if you have a half decent memory. Plus there is some stupid pointless background game you have to play by building some estate, planting gardens, buying dogs and umbrellas in order to gather flowers to open the next scenes (absolutely zero to do with trying to find hidden objects). One of the worst games I’ve played

- Too much waiting

Started off great but as I am progressing through the game you have to wait days for decorations to complete so if you don’t build way in advance you can’t progress levels. I mean 1, 2 and 3 days come on that is way too long to get flowers to go to next level. Also opening up areas is way to much as well. I don’t think the developers really want to keep you playing, already looking for better hidden object games. Could make it better by reducing time it takes to progress!

- Addictive

Good rewards

- Hi

I love this game but now that we have to wait days before we can move on it’s putting me off the game

- Love this game but it stopped working so I re-loaded it and lost all my content

I really enjoyed this game. The decorations are really nice and the spying games are fun to play. Unfortunately the game stopped working and i lost all my content. Not really keen to start from scratch after all my hard work

- Not enough rewards

I barely get 15mins a night on this game as energy runs out far too quick & with 5 perfects I got little reward so the jury is out on wether I’m enjoying this game or not because I’m not getting quality time playing it to rate it! Once a day playing is disappointing & frustrating

- Relaxing and addictive

Have only been playing this game for a short time, but hooked already. Nice that the “hidden” objects don’t move about like in other find the objects games, which I think is a nice exercise for my rotten memory!

- 50/50

I really enjoy the story and the hidden object game itself. However, it takes far too long to collect coins to purchase items, and it takes even longer to collect enough prestige to progress through the levels. I’m stuck at the moment. I haven’t enough of either resource to carry on playing.

- Love it...but frustrating at times

This game is really helping me during quarantine. I love the story running throughout the game and I especially enjoy decorating the island and moving things around to create my dream house. The artistic scenes are stunning and the whole app is just beautifully designed. I find it very frustrating however having to wait so long to earn energy. Having to wait two minutes to earn 1 energy means I have to wait half an hour before I can play one more time, or watch a bunch of ads to make the energy stretch a bit further. Maybe the idea is to get me to spend actual money on buying energy which I can’t do. It would be great if more energy could be earned in other ways rather than hoping I’ll get a bit more in rewards. That’s the only thing that might make me fall out of love with this game but otherwise I love it.

- June’s very slow journey

It’s great to start but get up to about the mid-30s level-wise and you’ll be waiting 1-2 days to play the next level as your ‘builds’ mature... unless, of course, you spend £5-£100 to speed it along. What’s grating is that the company ALREADY makes loads of money forcing you to constantly watch ads for OTHER games that lure you in then bilk you. Noticed that my leaderboard friends drop off one by one the higher I get, as they arrive at the same conclusion.

- Disappointed

After playing this game for a very long time and enjoying it immensely. Over the last few days the whole game takes ages to open then just closes down. Annoying doesn’t cover it.

- Jay gatsby

Love the game, BUT AGAIN, the screen is freezing and I have to restart several times. Please sort it out ! Today, I can’t access the game, WHY ! I have re started several times but the screen goes blank and returns to the logo. Please help. April 2020.The same has happened again, so frustrating during this lockdown period. Please sort this problem out. P.S. I have just missed the chance to win 15 diamonds ! 28th April. I’m losing the will to play this game now. I haven’t had a compass for so long,AND I’m needing to earn even more flowers to progress. I’m NOT going to pay money for a game !! Which, I’m sure is why I am struggling. I also notice that some of my “ friends “ have left the game, shame, it’s been fun. 4th May, Now the ads are freezing !! Especially the 10% discount ad. You are not being fair. I’m so glad I’m not paying to play this game. I have seen several’ friends’ stop playing recently ( and it’s clear that some of them have spent money to progress ) I notice that you never show my reviews !! Interesting! 7th May, During these awful times of lockdown, I thought you would make this game more enjoyable. NO, my game keeps freezing and sending me to the home page. Re starting makes no difference. I’m hardly playing now,because it’s wasting my time.

- Best app!

I love the story, clues, earning money for the island. It’s well worth spending time on this game or just for relaxing like I am. No awful ads (would stop me playing) would spend a few quid on a lightning bar if there was the option.

- Good until latest update

Did have some issues but customer service resolved

- My Kinda Game

Love a mystery game. And creating your own island is fun. Not come to grips fully with the design part but small steps.

- brilliant game

the help information is beyond fabulous and the game is very engrossing. but the energy is hard to get and this makes some of the the scenes hard to complete. this has the knock on effect of making the collection of compasses slow to collect for expansion. then decorating becomes difficult due to lack of available space and therefore blossom collection. this then brings us back to being unable to progress in the game and waiting around for the energy to renew. it would be fab if energy could be bought with coins or blossoms. i also think that waiting such a long time for some purchases to complete is frustrating

- Good then down hill

Was good game day 6 even when you get perfect score it gives you 10% towards a star . There are 5 sections with 5 stars on each level and on level 4 this is getting more than tedious . So with a perfect score I would need to get one star to play that for that star 10 times if less than perfect it could be 20 times if that’s the same on each star that could be 100 times just on one location 1000 on each level ! It’s just like paint dry when you get to higher levels not worth it deleting it !

- Crashed on level 6

Awful. Lost all data. Waste of time

- Bug fixes please!

Please can you fix the issues with the game shutting itself down all the time. Freezing and stealing my lives all the time! I would have given a much higher review score if these issues were fixed. *update (30.04.20) Bugs seem to have fixed and game working well again. Great game....so addictive!

- June’s journey

I’ve been playing this for around 7 months now and I love it, I’m addictive, well done who created this

- June

The only game I have played for more than 3months I have been playing this now for years. The only game that is not demanding money all the time I have a ceiling of what I will pay once that is reached I delegate them.

- Troubled

I love this game, been playing for ages but it’s now kicked me out. Followed all instructions about what to do and nothing works, every time I reinstall it I get a new I’d. My whole game, coins etc....just gone. I’m trying to get a response from the team but so far no response. Really disappointed as it’s a great game 😢😢

- Good game

My coffee lounge as gone what do I do I’ve deleted app 3 times still nothing could not find ur reply my lounge were we meet our friends as gone please help

- WhiteWitch

Fabulous game. I’m addicted!!

- Nice game!

I really enjoy the game. However, the waiting time on decorations or upgrades is too long and many times you are unable to play maybe even for days . Also , it will be good to be able to rotate the buildings or the decorations.

- Great game!

Brilliant game, don’t get interrupted by annoying adverts all the time. Really fun to play! Would definitely recommend!

- Have an issue? Don’t expect an answer

I don’t normally contact the makers of games, but I felt as though I had to with this. Money spent, lots of glitches in the last week. No response from them

- Finding the items

Can be quite confusing when they use different words for an item, example Bat.. in one scene you are looking for the animal, but in another scene it is a baseball bat. There are quite a few items like this in most scenes where they don’t stick to it.

- Dr jay

Too many history reading. Too many unnecessary informations and very very less hidden item. Not good at all

- Love it!

Been playing this game for over a year now and I really love everything about it, graphics, challenges, rewards, all of it - please keep it going!

- Love this game

Love playing this game, over the last two years I’ve bought a few more devices & each time I start a “new game”, so I’m at 3 different levels!! Lol. this game is The Best Hidden Object Game around:-) It has; weekly updates, join a team & play competitions together, Great Storytelling, lovely decorations to make your estate unique & the Wooga Support Team are Brilliant & really helpful. Keep Doing What You’re Doing Guys, LOVE playing (& Escaping from these worrying times) June Rules! Xx

- Love it!

Volume 3! So pleased 😁 Cats_R_Life x

- Entertaining

Enjoy looking for objects and building my empire ( didn’t think I would like the Island part but soon got into it) Shame you can only play for a short time before the energy ends then you either have to wait a couple of hours or pay for more which I won’t be doing :) overall worth downloading.

- Feedback

Love it, completely hooked. Would love for you to add an extra island or two!! Thanks

- June’s journey

Brilliant game keeps your brain 🧠😢working very addictive 👍love it 😍😍❤️.

- Total Scam

Be careful, I clicked on an add-on to see the price of 3 energy bars as it only stated 10% off & it added 300 energy straight onto my energy bar, I still have no idea how much this costs? Contacted customer support numerous times only to be told they cannot remove the energy bars and have still not stated the cost. This cannot be legal that they do not state the price, who would purchase anything without knowing the price..

- Review

Love this game, but get frustrated waiting for the flowers to decorate. Could do without them and get on the journey!

- Brilliant

Having previously played Pearl's Peril and the short sequel to that I was happy to find this game last year. As other's have said you can advance perfectly well without needing to buy anything. It's fun with lots of extra games and the addition of the cafe is interesting too. The only quibble is the lack of space to decorate. If I recall correctly you could buy storage with coins to store items without losing flowers in Pearl's Peril. The reason I'm writing this review just now is to thank Wooga for their generosity in giving so many extra games which allow you to win extra coins, diamonds or compasses at a time when we're all housebound. I can't speak highly enough of a company that's supporting their fan base rather than taking the opportunity to make money off them. Well done.

- It’s my guilty pleasure!

I love this game, I’m hooked.

- Upgrade

Why this update ,after upgrading the game I can view videos now it’s messed up

- Offline

Make it offline please

- Nice

Very interesting and addictive, but can we get an offline version too?

- Slow

Nice game but the servers are always slow and not connecting

- Addictive game❤️

This game is very addictive I love it

- Amazing

Best game ever!!!😍🌸

June’s Journey – Hidden Objects APK MOD v2.7.4 (Energía/Dinero infinito) vía @MundoperfectNet

June's Journey - Hidden Objects

June’s Journey – Hidden Objects

@LeilaGermano June’s Journey (jogo de hidden objects)

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June's Journey: Hidden Objects 2.7.4 Screenshots & Images

June's Journey: Hidden Objects iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

June's Journey: Hidden Objects iphone images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects iphone images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects iphone images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects iphone images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects iphone images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects iphone images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects iphone images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects iphone images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects iphone images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects ipad images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects ipad images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects ipad images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects ipad images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects ipad images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects ipad images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects ipad images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects ipad images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects ipad images
June's Journey: Hidden Objects Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
June's Journey: Hidden Objects Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

June's Journey: Hidden Objects (Version 2.7.4) Install & Download

The applications June's Journey: Hidden Objects was published in the category Games on 2017-10-04 and was developed by wooga [Developer ID: 461402737]. This application file size is 296.47 MB. June's Journey: Hidden Objects - Games posted on 2020-05-28 current version is 2.7.4 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

June's Journey: Hidden Objects Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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