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Nice to have you here.
We prepared a few tests.
Collect all coins.
Die to succeed.

— the professor

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Never before has a mobile platformer felt so juicy – perfect controls for super precise speed runs in over 150 levels.
Prepare to chop, impale and crush your character in pursuit of the last coin of every level – Because when you die, it’s far from over.

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+ iPad Pro 11"

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- To die or not to die

I was almost late for work this morning! It’s a fun game! Easy to pick up and play. I pre-ordered it (never done that before) I’m only about a 1/4 of the way through but I’ve been playing nonstop since I woke up and SAW (heh!) that it had downloaded. I wonder if there will be other death traps later on in the game. It would be nice to have numbers on the levels after you beat them so you can see which one is which when going back for the time bonus. Speaking of the time bonus it really adds a whole new aspect to the game. Even though you might get it on your first try I feel like I could play through the whole game first and then go back for all the bonus stars and still enjoy it. The music is good (electronic). It varies from scene to scene so it’s not always the same. And the “researcher’s” voice! Umm, I was playing with the sound off for the longest time and then when I turned it on I just about fell over. The menu is over (swipe) to the right and you can customize what kind of experience you have, which is nice. I don’t often write reviews but I’m pretty happy with this little game. It’s a great little life...errr time waster!

- Pretty Good Game So Far

I’ve only been playing this game for about 5 minutes, but it’s really kept me interested during this time. Good music (I usually find game music annoying), easy controls, fun in general. Ok...I’ve had the weekend and some of last week to see what I like and dislike about the game. The controls are still pretty great, and while I thought the lack of jumping would be sort of annoying, it adds more difficulty to some situations that would be easy on their own, which I like. I like that it takes only a second to reload the level after you swipe down, which makes it less frustrating when you die (which you will a lot on some levels). All around, I simply love this game for it’s simplicity and that it’s a game you can pick up for a couple minutes and then set down. What I don’t like: It should really have level numbers on the little icons if you want to go back to a specific one to get the fourth “time coin”. On that topic, the timer to give you that coin is very short (make it a bit longer). Oh, also make more levels because I’m gonna finish the game soon. I love the game, great work!

- Beautiful Game. One Suggestion

Ok so lets get this straight this one of my favorite mobile games ever. It is just a masterpiece of beauty and mechanics. The concept is simple and the bright colors of the levels are sure to bring joy to any and everyone who plays. The controls are great and the puzzles are challenging and fun. My one suggestion is to add a scrolling mechanism so on the larger levels you don't have to restart five times to find the objectives. Thank You for making this game it is amazing and i hope to see more work from you in the future.

- Creative, but sickening.

Let me start this review by commending the team on a well thought out platform puzzler. With intuitive level design, See/Saw offers fun but not complicated gameplay and is great to work on sporadically through the day. If only I could finish the game: See/Saw is giving me severe motion sickness. I’m not sure why this is happening, but I can only manage to play two or three levels without experiencing a rash of vertigo. It’s both saddening and sickening, because I want to continue but physically can not stand this game. This has never happened to me in years of mobile gaming, and I am truly saddened. I am by no means upset at spending money on quality gameplay, but head this warning before you make your purchase.

- Death Be Not Proud

I kind of wish this guy would work on cancer or something. There’s some serious thinking going into the gameplay, but it’s not a straight line. More like lateral-bounce-off-a-saw-but-avoid-the-spikes creativity. As much as I love that brain coming up with ideas like this game, I’m wondering what kind of world we’d have if it applied itself to other pursuits. Then again, people who work on that stuff play these games, so maybe they’re all learning to think like him. Which means, once again, he’s being very clever.

- No complaints, on the contrary...

I’m having a lot of fun with this game so far. As a matter of fact I cannot think of a Philipp Stollenmayer game that I have not had hours upon hours of fun with, there is always something unique about them. And this game doesn’t seem to be any different! -I’m anxious to get back to the game now, but I really felt I should take a minute to say Thank you Philipp, for all your mobile games, please keep it up!!

- I like it but it needs a little work

The game is nice runs smoothly. I like the concept but it is so finely tuned to be able to do some of the time trials. I know they’re supposed to be hard but there are a few that are way harder than they need to be for the two-button control scheme. I also have a bit of a problem with how the game is somewhat luck based in some levels (especially with the saws) where you can’t control your body as well and get stuck and it kinda gets annoying when you try it for a while and it keeps happening. But other than that I like the game.

- Die, with care. (read before you buy)

I’m about 1/4 way through this game and its just wonderful. I like the cutscenes but I just want to continue the game. I would make cutscenes in the middle of your playtime. I enjoy it. I heard a lot of people getting sick from the tilting. If you think that you could get sick, then in settings, you can turn off tilt. READ BEFORE YOU BUY This game is too good for you to buy, but the bugs are; glitches here and there and here and there, shutdowns. I have the latest version of iOS 12 and also an iPhone 6s Plus. iPad pro the controls get destroyed. iPad Pro 10’ to be exact. INFO This game is basically a platformer meant to be killed. You'll understand everything when you start. The controls are sick. 3 simple buttons. If Phillip responds or fixes this, I promise to buy every single game you have. Thanks.

- Short, quick levels

After maybe 30 minutes of game play, I am very satisfied with this game. The levels are short and sweet and they get progressively difficult (but not too much). I don’t like paying for games prior to playing them, but i took a chance because I’m a fan of many games by this design team. I was not disappointed and I think you will like the simplistic nature of this game.

- Great game

Ummm... how can i start this? So I thought this game was free and just did the touch id verification w/o paying attention to it. So that means I “accidentaly” bought this. First I wanted a refund, but I was like lemme not judge a book by it’s cover and I actually don’t regret “accidentaly” buying this game. Concept is awesome, no ads (obviously), no in-app purchases (afaik), and great time waster. I don’t consider my money wasted. Even though I hate paying for apps/games.

- Excellent concept and impressive delivery

Loved it. Honestly I get tired of most puzzle-based games after a while because they typically fail to remain fun once i get stuck on certain mechanics or logical issues. But seriously I never got bored of this game. Cleared like 250 levels so far and I am still loving the simplistic yet enjoyable play style and clever level design.

- Every App Is A Masterpiece

Philipp hits another home run with this memorable classic. I’ve stuck with this developer for a while now and every time he releases a new game, I’m eager to see what he has in store. These controls are perfectly crafted for platform such as this. That “19 years of research” really paid off. It’s beautiful, addicting, and there is never a dull moment.

- What if death was ok?

This game is so creative. It starts simple, but it spirals into this beautiful blend of problem solving timing, and DEATH. There isn’t a story, but what little interactions you have on what is going on are an entertaining break from all of that DEATH. This game is like DEATH. DEATH is not necessarily a bad thing, in some ways it can be good. That is this game. Great job kamibox!

- Great Game

I’ve seen this game before when playing some of the developer’s other creations, d decided to try it out today. This is a great, addicting game that I would recommend to play. The three dollar price tag is well justified from the stability and overall gameplay of the app.

- Highly addicting

Great gameplay, simple controls and no BS ads or micro transactions. Need I say more? 9/10. Also don’t play this if you get frustrated with increasingly difficult levels to the point where you’re playing one level 77 times to beat it.

- Great game

This is a very fun game and a great one to play in the bus/car for like 5 mins. It’s also a fun game to play for hours at a time. I think that this developer in general is very creative and I would 100% recommend any other game from this developer, especially Sometimes You Die.

- Need a Sound Board of the Scientist

The game is amazing and very entertaining. Challenging without being unnecessarily difficult. The highlight for me is the ‘voice’ of the Scientist(?). I look forward to seeing him each time I finish a section. Keep up the great work!

- Worth it!

Not sure of the current price but I preordered it same day it came out and so far the game is unique and amazing! Definitely a game for people who like to speed run and even if that’s not your thing you can causally play with and equal amount of fun!

- It’s simple genius

I really get Portal vibes when playing this. From the humor (while not as good as GladOS, but who is?) to the simple premise, to how the simple premise is used to do really fun and creative stuff without getting bogged down. 100% Recommended. Breath of fresh air from the IAP games.

- Perfect

This is the game I’ve been looking for! It’s simple, fun, quick, and challenging (but not overly difficult). The levels and mechanics are clever and creative. Absolutely worth the few dollars to own it! Here’s to hoping the developer continues to add levels, cheers!

- The best time-consuming game ever(besides Fortnite)

I love this game! I haven’t stopped playing it since I downloaded it! I just have one request: put in a jump button and make the jump pads go a little higher. But it’s still a great game!!!👾

- Great game but

I love it but please do something about level 95. Theres no reasonable way to do it, and the only way out there that I've found is this ridiculous timing thing that works only 10% of the time.

- Great Game!

I just started playing this game about 10 minutes ago so I am not very far in the game. I really like it, it’s very simple and smooth; it is very easy to get the hang of and $2.99 is an excellent price for a game this great!!!

- I doubted this game first but.....

This game is AMAZING. But I beat the game in 3 hours and I’ve never wrote a review before but I have to on this game. If the creator still updates this game, add a level generator like candy crush, but besides this game is worth every cent!

- To die for

This game is so unique and insanely fun. And that’s me saying it, I’m usually a very picky person but this game I can pick up and play for hours. This game is so fun and cool if I were you I would buy it and play it forever.

- 10/10 game

this game is really good but I am stuck on level 71?????? I have done levels after but can’t find a way to solve this one and it’s showing the rage side of this super fun game

- Broken level

In one of the red brown levels the last one in the last one the timer is broken you don’t have enough time to complete it it might be possible but you can get really close it the timer runs out so you can’t get all stars on all levels and you please add a bit more Time on that level because I tried a lot of time and I can not get the star

- It’s great!

Seriously! I HAD to write a review, and I don’t write a review that often, but it had to be done in this case. It’s very fantastic, fun, and to die, or not to die. The developers are small, but make great games.

- Solid physics based platformer!

I’m usually not a big mobile video gamer, but this game is great. I love some of the developers past games as well, especially “Zip Zap”, check it out.

- Simple. Fun.

This is a great game, straight forward and easy controls. The difficulty is perfect with the timer adding an amazing layer of difficulty. One of my all time favorite mobile games.

- Great game. Would recommend.

Now I’m usually a stickler for good games. I only like the best. When games say “addictive” it usually means they are bad. But this one is truly what an addicting game should be. Play it!

- My favorite game!

This is super fun! I really like the tilting mechanic, and they keep adding new tools every few levels to keep it interesting. Developers, please make a see/saw 2!

- Convenient

The game is really good the levels are nice and short so if you have a little time you could beat a level

- Amazing game, but...

This is an awesome game but sometimes it doesn’t let me tap even when I’m not in the game so I have delete the tab and go back into it again😱🤬👺👺👺

- Loved it for the most part

Game was fun. Just got to a point to where it was impossible. I liked the challenge but it’s not longer fun if you can’t possibly beat the levels

- Great game

Despite being a little short, you will thoroughly enjoy every second of this little physics gem

- Great Game!

This is a awesome game! I only played for a few minutes but it is still amazing I recommend you play this game. it’s definitely worth 2 dollars.

- Surprisingly fun and addicting

The concept of this game is genius. With the tiny cutscenes and the scientist to the little comic relief the game has. Everything in this game is amazing. It is definitely worth the three dollars.

- Great game but...

Super fun and a great game to cure your boredom BUT whenever your on a hard level that you can’t do and you keep losing over and over it makes you want to break your phone I’ve deleted the game twice out of anger and lost all my progress

- Best puzzle action ever

I think this game is perfect, as long as we keep getting new stuff, maybe some different game modes? Whatever, it’s worth the money honey

- Great!

I was so excited for this game and pre-ordered it and when it came out I hopped right on. Love it and can’t put it down. I went through the right door ;)

- Meow

This is a VERRRRRRY frustrating and annoying game but it is surprisingly fun and when you complete a level it does feel very achieving.

- Worth the money

This is a great game especially for a puzzle game, normally puzzle games are bad on mobile in my opinion. Also fun! Somehow Kamibox has made a puzzle game that’s fun

- Really fun

I know 1 guy said that it was lame but don’t listen to them also you can turn off the tilt if you don’t like it

- Simple and challenging

Great game, simple and challenging. The timer is super fast, makes you think about the your moves to beat it, which I love in games. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- I literally bought this game in error

Can’t stop playing though

- Elegant, fun, a little bit gross

I like this game, it reminds me of the N++ game but with controls that are better suited to the platform. The gentle/violent humor is a nice/nasty touch. Great fun and well worth the buy.

- Simply amazing!

The game is extremely easy to get a hang of while at the same time difficult!

- Best game ever.

I’ve been playing this game for like 2 hours and it’s very fun. It’s totally worth the money if you want this game. I highly suggest this app.

- 5 stars.

I was playing this game all morning until I got a call from work

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- Finally it's on iOS

The way of ninja (or simply N) is still alive in our hearts. Controls are nicely done, these auto jumping thingies... The team behind see/saw, you rock guys. Period.

- Fun, entertaining game.

I’ve enjoyed this game so far, I do like the challenge of beating the times for each level. I also thought the way you invite the player to rate the app was clever, therefore here I am. Definitely worth the download while the apps on sale at the moment.

- Simple and smart

I recently got this game and yes it’s a smart design for such simplicity. I’d recommend it to every one so just buy it. do it nowwwww.

- I am evaluating the experiment

It’s fun ! Although it is a bit hard From - :)

- Brilliant yet simple

Simple controls and fun gameplay

- Smart, funny, minimal.

Just how I like my deaths, over, and over, and over...

- Addictive and challenging

I admire this game for it's simple functionality and challenging gameplay. Perfect cure for bordem.

- Great game

I had a blast playing it

- Great game

Just get it it’s actually quite fun

- Very fun

Very fun game with a nice art style and smooth music

- Fantastic👌😉

Love the art style, very simplistic. Really really fun to play.

- Great game

This is a great fun interactive game very fun love it and recommend it

- Great game

I like this game, very original

- So Good

I love this game it is a cross between humour and gore and makes a great game!!!! Good JOB!!!

- Good

Fun. Enjoy and offline.

- Love it

Best game I ever playef

- Nice

Awesome game

- Critic

Awesome game!

- Id good

Eet da best

- Mhm

W. O. W. 👌 Very noice

- Cool


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- Like always

Like every game from Phillip Stolenmeyer, this is a masterpiece

- Best paid game out there

This game is amazing. Worth it.

- Another Excellent Game By Philip Stollenmayer

Simply Stunning! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Good challenge but should add gore and screams as he runs jumps or dies

Add screams and sound effects to make your game funny

- Great game!

Very good game haven't enjoyed an app like this in a while! Great job!

- Fun

...enough said...

- So worth it!!

My 4$ was used very nicely! Awesome game!!!! :D

- Awesome


- Phillipp stollenmayer make more pls me love ur ideas


- Amazing


- Ok

It’s fun until you have to start glitching the game to pass a level

- 🤟🤟

Really cool game

- Graphically simple, but hilarious!

Smooth and accurate motion and animation! Well, done! :o

- Fun

Very fun and dumb but very fun i enjoyed i played so hard i beat the game in one day

- Good puzzle game

Enough said

- Great

Worth the money and no adds for bacon,the game

- You should lower the price on it.

It’s great but the price is too high for a puzzle game like this.

- So addictive

It's so fun and addicting

- Amazing

Love the game fun

- Great game!

Needs more gruesome sound effects and a bit of red blood splatter. Maybe a bit of screaming when he dies 😂

- Amazing!

Very mind boggling and well designed

- Cool but kinda expensive

Cool idea but each level is extremely repetitive. Feel like its slightly over priced...

- Great game

First game I ever purchased and I’m glad I did!

- Awesome!

Funny dialogues, simplistic yet quite unique!

- Unique

Pretty unique

- It’s been a long time since I rated another game

The simple design, the smooth animation and the endless fun. This kinda game is always addictive but see/saw takes a step further. It gives the death of the character a meaning every time. So die carefully, and keep up the good work folks!

- Great game

3 things to say for this game. First of all, no ads feel SO NICE, second, the graphics are simple and the animation is very smooth, and third, the game controls just beautifully. (This is the first game that I’m actually giving a rating [it’s that good])

- Fantastic For Time Wasting No Wifi!

Awesome its a really good game

- Good

Great game . Now I’m gonna go for all the stars .

- Perfect Controls

Ideal control scheme for the touch screen. Tons of challenge, and time attack adds a lot of value!


I’m only on level 29, and I really really really really really enjoy this game. Lots of humor, the controls are great, levels are challenging, and just a whole lotta fun. Highly recommended.

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- Simply Deadly, Fun

Love the simplicity of the game and everything works as it should. I even like seeing what the reasearcher has to say. Lol. I took the right door ;)

- I found the game I need .

This game is so nice I work as a security and I sit on my desk for 8 hours doing nothing but know with this game time fly’s .

- Great

I love all of the games made my this developer, and this is no exception. I have a bug to report though. If you restart right as you die the game crashes.

- Omg I love it

I just started and it’s already the best game i have had in years! I was almost late for school😂 well I guess time flies.

- This is addictive!!!

This game is so fun and so satisfying when you get all of the circles in a level super fast and it’s funny!

- Another winner by kamibox

I still have my bonobox, the kids love it! we ❤️ your games Philipp, please keep up the amazing work!

- Its cool

I really like this game and the funny stuff that happens and the story is good and funny it’s worth it if you were considering getting it

- Worth Every Penny

This game is just great, lots of levels to keep you busy and really fun game mechanics!! Don’t hesitate. Just get it, it’s worth it!

- Amazing game!

I love this game so much and i’ve only just started!!! I recommend this game if you like a challenge!!!

- Fast and fun

A simple game with simple controls that can provide hours of fun

- Worth the money

Very well made game. I really enjoy it. Now I’ll be trying to get my friends to get it 🦖

- Good to spend some time on this game

What else can I say? It is easy to enjoy, and play.

- Great Game

My only complaint is that the saws are a bit janky when you’re going for the speed star.

- False Marketing

When I bought this game, I was under the impression that when you play you would have to die in creative ways to get the objective. That is not true. In most levels when you die, it is over. I wasted my money. It would work if it was free.

- Lovely Platformer

I’m a veteran platformer and I approve this game. I also hate ads. So, for the price, the game is definitely worth it.

- Simple, addictive, fun

I rarely buy games on the AppStore and have never reviewed a title before, but this is such a simple yet fun game!

- Brilliantly Executed

Another wonderful game from a great developer. Saw the preorder sale, but waited for full price to support. Well worth it!

- Fun game

Nice bite-sized levels that you can kill a few minutes here and there.

- Another Hit

Never played a Phillip Stollenmayer game I haven’t enjoyed, and this one follows the same pattern.

- No Surprise

Phillip is one of the best developers of iOS games. This one is super fun, like all the rest. Very good simple, controls. I also enjoy the quirky plot.

- unique

very different and unique game dynamic i’ve never seen before. also seems to challenge you more than other games, keeps you hooked. most importantly, not ads. 5 star and a quality game

- Amazing but a bit of lag?

This game is amazing but for some reason I’m experiencing some lag and I don’t know why.

- Simple, fun, and challenging.

These guys hit the nail on the head again. Simple and elegant game design. Well done.

- Stop reading the reviews and play this game right now.

It’s great.

- super cool ragdollized game!!

this game is cool very woth buying!!. its like not any other game dying here is sometimes the sulotion but in the other games u die GAME OVER. so yeah THIS GAME IS COOL!!!!!!!

- I’l love the scientist

I love how he talked gibberish and how he has arms I think he is the only one

- Fun to play. Well written. Clever.

Fun to play. Well written. Clever. And amazing to realize it was made by one dude.

- Great game

Fun and easy to pick up love it!!! The price is totally worth it!!!!

- Great game

It’s a very good game just needs a jump button

- Good game

Very Fun. I like the guy that you talk to between levels. He’s very mysterious.

- Such a great game!

The game has many levels and the physics are great!

- Dude it’s addicting

It’s fun to u really like ragdolles so it’s my type of game

- Fun

I want to do what the title says, and also it is a fun and challenging game.

- Nothing to complain about.

Good game. Not much to it which is nice sometimes. I like it.

- Amazing and Original

Funny too.

- Very clever

Simple graphics. But amazingly creative idea, and a very good game! Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Good game

Fun easy puzzle game for most people to enjoy

- I love this game

Omg I Love this game so much I missed the school bus for it and I have never done that😁😁😁😁😁

- Great game

I absolutely love this game, it is really smooth and it is so much fun

- Really good

Fun physics and clever level design

- Good game

You should try it

- Please download this game

This is actually a pretty good game, not gonna lie. It’s pretty 👌. I’m tellin ya, download this game.

- Absolutely Awesome!

Love your games and this is one of your best!

- Game

This game is super fun but a lot of levels are hard

- Well... this is great

I pre ordered this game and I don’t regret it man. It’s a very nice and cool game.

- Great game

Very good game just a great game that takes skill

- Awesome!

Very interesting and fun game. Easy to learn how to play.

- Love it!!!

It’s so creative and funny!! 10/10 <3

- Very fun!

Simple, nicely designed, and a very fun game.

- Hey Phillip 👋🏻

I love your games my dad is obsessed with bacon

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St. Hilary's Primary

Look at this wonderful see-saw made by two P1 children. What fantastic engineers. Tried, tested and it worked well 👍⭐#activelearners #stem #fun

J Carey

We cannot afford to sit here and pencil in a fucking ballot every 4 years just so we can see-saw back and forth eternally while the planet just erodes.

Howard D.D. Kamtudis

Where is the rice and the granny? Where is the lad that was napping? They have passed like screams on the see-saw, like gnats in the big tent; The days have gone down in the South behind the dells into the past. How did it come to this?

Steve Meredith

@This_Charming_G I bought 'Alone and Palely Loitering' recently and it's great, but so heavy that reading it at night-time makes my bed look like a broken see-saw. :D

♦️ Cactus_Viking LLC ♦️

@CentristAllWay @WashTimes Just the RINOS. We already know who the far lefties and progressives are. It will be good for generations of future GOP officials to know who sits on political see-saw & has no loyalty to conservative values.

alex holland

see-saw, specifically if you’re not gonna fix it in the update, why would you keep it in? it doesn’t fucking work. character consistently clips into the terrain, and you just fall for no reason.

Springwood Primary

Wonderful engineers in #springNursery today building their own see-saw! #springscience

The Flamer Of Tar Valon

@Garyon18 I see-saw with watermelon 🍉 sugar, but Kirk what is he even banging on about? The video with the fish’s song is good. And the one with all the half-naked bodies ok the beach 🏖 of course!! Ooof 😅 😋

Hit Music Network 60

#NowPlaying: Ride My See-Saw by The Moody Blues #listen at Buy this song here: Buy song

Paul Claireaux

@fowlerdrew Oh, well yes of course. Forgive me Stuart but your wording can be challenging at times. Indeed, I imagine short bonds/cash is where investors will pile in, once this see-saw game between equities and medium/long term bonds finally ends with correlated price falls. 1/2

You can just be yourself

The old see-saw decision... To watch Netflix or find something to read..?! 🤔

Joanne O'Kelly ‘Wee Mad Purple Lassie’

@alan_crichton @CameronMcNeish See-Saw 🤨

Melvin Westgate

Beautifully said @ChefKoj I’ve seen enormous tenacity in past months from so many fab venues but they can only do so much. Sadly the industry anticipated this see-saw they now face. But they like I hoped the gov would step in and step up. I’m waiting @RishiSunak help them please


@MatthewHudgins7 @JoeAver84365886 @NASA The teetering of the light is ridiculous too. See-saw, yeehaw, whooptity doo!

Carmen DiProspero

See-Saw - Emerald Green (ED)

see/saw 1.07 Screenshots & Images

see/saw iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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see/saw iphone images
see/saw iphone images
see/saw iphone images
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see/saw ipad images
see/saw ipad images
see/saw ipad images
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see/saw (Version 1.07) Install & Download

The applications see/saw was published in the category Games on 2018-11-15 and was developed by Philipp Stollenmayer [Developer ID: 580506869]. This application file size is 21.35 MB. see/saw - Games posted on 2018-11-18 current version is 1.07 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.kamibox.soap

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