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The age of colorful live wallpapers is coming!

Only works on iPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus.

Customize various types of live wallpapers for your iPhone, including spectacular sceneries, romantic love, cute pets, abstractism and so on. Make your phone screen present a different colorful world.

HD quality
Image fidelity
Easy to use
Update weekly

Come and join us to enjoy the perfect experience that the innovative design brings you.
Bring some color into your life!

iLiveThemes App Description & Overview

The applications iLiveThemes was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-02-01 and was developed by ya ling Yan. The file size is 5.35 MB. The current version is 1.8 and works well on 9.1 and high ios versions.


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iLiveThemes Reviews


Don’t Buy, it’s a scam  tappenasses  1 star

It doesn’t work, I wasted $7 on this crappy app, can I take back the 1 star cuz it doesn’t deserve 1. Thanks for life lesson, I will read more reviews next time I buy an App.

Trigga Trey!

Waste of money  Trigga Trey!  1 star

You have to tap and hold to get it to animate. Plus you have to buy the wallpapers. Don't bother!

Ben Mn

You will pay. Then pay for each background.  Ben Mn  1 star



Deceiving  Lj2520  1 star

Paid for app expecting to choose a frame. They charge again if you choose a screen. Useless!

Poop Skyzer

Scam.  Poop Skyzer  1 star

The app is $1.99 then you have to pay for each wallpaper.


Deceptive and FRAUD-DO NOT BUY  Rich62363  1 star

I thought by paying $1.99 I would get at least 1 live wallpaper, but now I have to pay for each wallpaper! False advertisement and Apple should not allow this app to be sold! Add another reviewer started if 1000 people pay essentially $2.00 each for just the app that is useless unless you pay more, that's $2000 this fraudulent company is getting from us. So my recommendation to everyone thinking of getting this app...DO NOT BUY IT!


SCAM ALERT!  CarelessSix  1 star

Fraudulent advertising. Read other reviews!

chris executive

Not seeing any live action  chris executive  2 star

Followed other notes from your site nothing working


Apple should remove this garbage for the App Store  lRobier  1 star

You are basically buying a store to buy more wall papers as almost none of the ones featured in the advertising are included.


Scam  Bob1019187  1 star

Doesn work its compliet scam you downlowd it for 1.99 and than he will ask you again to pay additional fees after that its still doesnt work


Not worth a cent  VoodooPriest  1 star

Do not be con by the marketing of this app. It’s a money grab that misleads the buyer into thinking they are getting great value, instead the app takes money from you every step of the way, makes promises of discounts and then overcharges your account. Lastly, this app does not deliver on quality. Do not download unless you like to waste your money or like rewarding con artists.


Rip off  Tenderiser  1 star

Rio off... you buy it and the keep on asking for more money to access content ... do not buy it. Note for developer.... you are dishonest

bik long dong

Would give less that a star if possible  bik long dong  1 star

Doesn’t work, app saves the pics you pay for as stills doesn’t work as advertised. It’s basically a scam


RIP OFF  7arky  1 star

Absolute rip off. You pay for it then you have to pay again for ANY wallpaper!

Big fella!

Rip off!  Big fella!  1 star

Buy the app then you have to buy the the wallpaper once in the app! What a joke!

Annie Oakely

Scam - does not work on IphoneX  Annie Oakely  1 star

Purchased this based on the advertisement stating “live wall papers”. Then found out only about 5 very basic images for wallpapers are for the base price. I then Paid $7.99 for the rest of them. Only to then find out when setting these up as wallpapers, these are just still images when used as a wallpaper. I have an iPhoneX and they are just still images when setting them as wallpapers. Just a waste of money. I haven’t used any of them since purchasing the app. I should have looked into this further before purchasing the app. I’ve tried to contact apple to report this, however they advise to contact the developer. $10.99 for some still images is a rip-off. I want a refund.


BS  Lewy1983  1 star

Payed for app and have to pay more for the Live Photo’s Scam !!!!


DO NOT INSTALL! What a rip off!!!  vyhdkhdg  1 star

You pay for the app then you have to pay for EACH Live Photo you want. It says it’s saved to your photos but NOTHING is there! Totally ripped off!!!!!!!


RipOff  Hazard85  1 star

They don’t continue moving once saved, sort it out Apple, over charged.... advertised as $1.99 and charged $7.99.... Simple cash grab, the least you guys can do is fix the problems we’re reporting with the money we have spent for the product we haven’t received.

Ciao 1234

Toni  Ciao 1234  3 star

It said 4.99 and took 7.99 rip off

JESSIE Billiot

Not worth it  JESSIE Billiot  1 star

Only goes live if you hold screen

Very PO'd iPhone owner

Buyer Beware! Rip Off!  Very PO'd iPhone owner  1 star

Do yourself a favor and read the reviews before you purchase! There is a reason the vast majority of the ratings are only one star!


It worked  Becky069  3 star

At first I thought it didn’t work but I did follow the instructions and nothing but then I realized I had put my finger on lol I just wasn’t thinking


This is a rip-off  cbr6985312  1 star

There is nothing in the Description of this app that says the wall papers are sold separately by this app and getting the wallpapers this is the huge rip off ever seen and if you read this don’t buy this app


I paid for the app but It doesn’t work for me.  Jeffie1966  1 star

Purchased the app thinking I would have live wallpaper. I have an iPhone X. I save the wall paper to photos. The go into settings, wallpaper, choose the wallpaper and select live. Still just a still photo. Very disappointed.


Won’t give me what I paid for  hectorbz  1 star

Paid for pics and it won’t let me save pic to my camera roll what a rip off paying for something you can’t use!!!


scam  BULLSH T  1 star

this apps is a scam i bout it and turns our you gotta buy the live wallpaper within the app REALLYYY!!! wouldnt even give it a 1 start but i have to inorder to submit


Don’t buy!  Twonskii  1 star

After I downloaded the app I selected a screen to try out. First problem you have to hold the screen to cause the picture to animate. Then I tried to select another picture to try and was prompted to purchase it. Apparently it’s $1.99 per picture. I thought you bought the app and could use all the pictures at your discretion. Also most of pictures are lame. Don’t buy. It’s a rip-off!

Mr Chorizzo

Need Update  Mr Chorizzo  2 star

Please update to new versions of iphones!!!


Nichel and Dime us.  Nicck1223  1 star

Once you pay for the app you also need to pay for each of the live themes or pay a lot more to unlock all of them. It doesn’t mention it at all in the descriptions. I deleted it off my phone and called Apple to get it refunded. I should have looked at the reviews before buying.


Dead not live!  klangapeixoto  1 star

Doesn’t work like it shows. You need to press the screen to animate it. Waste of money!


scammed  Zaritzki  1 star

scammed.. u pay for the app but nothing to use except u pay more


Crap  Julesmw1  1 star

Don’t buy this it’s crap only 5 photos and they are not animated Apple take this down

Ken Seymour

Hoax  Ken Seymour  1 star

It doesn’t work ,a scam

Jimmy fast fingers

Complete scam  Jimmy fast fingers  1 star

Absolute disgrace that an app like this can get through without detection. Pay 2.99 for nothing!!

Iosif Lucaci

Don't buy  Iosif Lucaci  1 star

Very sneaky, you pay for the app but you also have to pay to download wallpapers. Not worth the hassle

Shane 007

Feel scammed  Shane 007  1 star

Purchased for €2.29 but nothing is accessible unless you pay a further €5.49 within the App. Will be looking for a refund from Apple

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