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The age of colorful live wallpapers is coming!

Only works on iPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus.

Customize various types of live wallpapers for your iPhone, including spectacular sceneries, romantic love, cute pets, abstractism and so on. Make your phone screen present a different colorful world.

HD quality
Image fidelity
Easy to use
Update weekly

Come and join us to enjoy the perfect experience that the innovative design brings you.
Bring some color into your life!

iLiveThemes App Description & Overview

The applications iLiveThemes was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-02-01 and was developed by ya ling Yan. The file size is 5.35 MB. The current version is 1.8 and works well on 9.1 and high ios versions.


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iLiveThemes Reviews


DON’T GET THIS APP  capnhoek  1 star

$1.99 just gets you the app and then you have to pay additionally for the wallpapers. Utter BS that this is not disclosed anywhere. DO NOT GET THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO SPEND $7.00 FOR ALL OF THE CONTENT. Nice scam kids!


Issues with wallpaper  bambola123  1 star

So I followed the steps you provided to set up my wall paper I purchased, and nothing is happening.

adam falu

False advertising  adam falu  1 star

Purchases this app thinking I had live wall coverings, to only find out that I had to pay another five dollars to use anything. I want my money back. I don’t you want to read it with the star only given up thumbs down


Live pictures  bbbeachbbbum  3 star

The app works great but it seems like when you get through about five pictures there is nothing else it doesn’t load and I have a 6S plus and like I said the first five or six work and then the other ones don’t show up.

Oliverso P

1,90 doesn’t get you anything  Oliverso P  1 star

This is a pure scam Apple should not allow developers like this one to put any app available. I want my money back


Ripoff  bullshitsky  1 star

Plain and simple. Does not work. Fake.


Garbage!  truthisfinallyhere  1 star

Not live wallpapers. It’s a glitchy app that saves a photo to your photos for $1.99 that you could have found on google for free. It’s a scam..


NOT Live Photo’s  indy/j  1 star

I have an iPhone 7+ and the photos don’t “save” as live, just still photos. Waste of money


Not live  papi561947  1 star

Bad app buy live wallpaper and doesn’t even movv

Hog daddio

I’m mad.  Hog daddio  1 star

Honestly the only reason I downloaded this was to get that girl dancing on my wallpaper and I can’t find her. If your gonna have a ad with girls dancing they better be there!!! I want my dancing babes!!!!!!


Not even worth the one star!!!  NotWorthShit  1 star

Got this app because it's a cool idea. Payed for the app then found out i have to pay for the wallpapers anyway!!!!! Gees guys!!!! Money grab much??? Payed for one to see how it went and all it did was save a photo to my damn phone and didn't work as a live wallpaper anyway!!! I feel ripped off and want my damn money back!!!


Rip Off  BMan™️  1 star

Paid all the extra money once in the App. $7.99 all up. Only to find they don’t work on my iPhone 8.

Wilhelmus Schulte

Refund  Wilhelmus Schulte  1 star

I want a refund, this does not work!


Not happy  sweet905  1 star

Dose not work iPhone X and dose not work


Rip off  Nonumini  1 star

Need my money back. App purchased for $2.99. But you cannot do anything with wallpaper unless you buy again. This is double payment. Going to complain Apple.


As Hagar said, RipOff!  mrderek001  1 star

What did I pay for? The privilege of having it on my iPhone X? Because that’s all it is. You can’t use any or the ‘live wallpapers’ unless you pay an additional $0.99¢ each or $4.99 for all the wallpapers, after you’ve already paid to download the app on you phone and also as Hagar said, they don’t move like they show you in the preview. I want a refund! This is the biggest ripoff! Apple you should be ashamed!


RIP off  Eddie937  1 star

Don’t bother. You buy the app then you have to buy the wallpapers. Not impressed


Scam app  czxzfujvcg  1 star

Buy the app and then try to use pics and they want more money???? Total scam👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻


F**k this  gayshdhebbeusbwvsywjbdud  1 star

Paid money to get more micro transactions. Rip off and scam


Waste  Kalysia2013  1 star

Don’t buy, you have to purchase then re-purchase the screen and only like 6 of them even work. Absolute rip off


Not good not live wallpapers  Redneckrun  1 star

I downloaded this and it is not live it is still pics on lock and home screens. DO NOT recommend if your wanting live wallpapers!!!!


Not happy at all  Bilicic79  1 star

Paid 1.99 $ to have this app and to be able to use there wallpapers I have to pay for EACH and EVERY wallpaper!! This is false advertisement for your product and I feel like I have been taken !! I will not be using this developer ever again. Had to select a star for this review but really I wouldn’t have them any


I want my money back  moscosso  1 star

I bought the app just to find out I had to pay again for every single thing you do after buying it I can’t find any wallpaper to use and there’s no way to communicate with them


No good  Peltaz  1 star

Hi i bought your application of 1.99 and I was charged twice, one of 2.15 with taxes and another of 6.48 dollars that did not say your application


Won’t move  Ratface88  1 star

The wallpaper won’t move... I just paid $2 for the app and another $2 for the live wall paper.... it doesn’t work.. it’s just a picture. I want my money back, it’s false advertising


Rip Off  HMS1975  1 star

First of all the app is 1.99 to download and then u have to pay to download each live wallpaper, which is not actually live as advertised but live only when u touch and hold the screen like any Live Photo. I would really appreciate a refund of my $1.99 due to false advertisement

Fearless Stunters SD

Doesn’t work  Fearless Stunters SD  1 star

I downloaded this and wasted my money doesn’t work at all I want a refund


Disappointed  TOMJW007  1 star

I bought the app for $2 and have to spend $5 to get anything


Junk Don’t Fall For the Scam  Jboner89  1 star

This is a total scam Oh okay is money for what to look at the content F**k I can do that on Facebook. Come to find out they want MORE money to actually save them. Take you money and run on this one. I will be calling support to see about a refund totally fell takin.

the guys who fingers phones

When accidents lead to downloading crappy apps  the guys who fingers phones  1 star

Get this and laugh at my pain for a little..I was scrolling on Facebook and went to change my laundry and must have somewhere along the line downloaded this app since I had my phone in my hand. Realized I spent $1.99 on this crap and decided to check it out. And was like wow what the heck kind of crappy app did I can’t make your own live wallpapers, you can’t search, there’s only skulls and half naked women dancing (which I don’t mind) but I would like to request a refund. This app is clearly not supposed to be on the top 25 paid apps.


Dead not live!  klangapeixoto  1 star

Doesn’t work like it shows. You need to press the screen to animate it. Waste of money!


scammed  Zaritzki  1 star

scammed.. u pay for the app but nothing to use except u pay more


Crap  Julesmw1  1 star

Don’t buy this it’s crap only 5 photos and they are not animated Apple take this down

Ken Seymour

Hoax  Ken Seymour  1 star

It doesn’t work ,a scam

Jimmy fast fingers

Complete scam  Jimmy fast fingers  1 star

Absolute disgrace that an app like this can get through without detection. Pay 2.99 for nothing!!

Iosif Lucaci

Don't buy  Iosif Lucaci  1 star

Very sneaky, you pay for the app but you also have to pay to download wallpapers. Not worth the hassle

Shane 007

Feel scammed  Shane 007  1 star

Purchased for €2.29 but nothing is accessible unless you pay a further €5.49 within the App. Will be looking for a refund from Apple

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