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Enjoy over 175 healthy, beautiful vegan recipes with Deliciously Vegan by Anett Velsberg. Anett has collaborated with Martha Stewart Living, Taste, Glamour Magazine, and more. Deliciously Vegan gives you easy-to-follow recipes complemented by beautiful photography. Over 175+ recipes with exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else. And we're constantly adding new recipes!

Easily add recipes to your Favorites List and add ingredients from recipes to your custom Shopping List, which you can easily manage with the touch of your finger. Use our filters to customize the app to fit your lifestyle - gluten-free, nut-free, low fat, sugar-free and more! Browse tons of categories: Mains, Desserts, Bowls, Breakfast, Soups, Drinks, and more!

◆ Exclusive recipes with helpful tips to make you a smarter cook
◆ Search for recipes by ingredient or recipe title
◆ Easily favorite your fave recipes and keep them in your Favorites tab for easy access
◆ Filter recipes to fit your lifestyle: gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free, low fat, quick, and more!
◆ Browse tons of categories that are constantly updating: Mains, Desserts, Bowls, Breakfast, Soups, Drinks, and more. We offer you free recipes to start, and then you can buy individual categories, or buy all and get a special discount! You'll then also have access to all new future recipes for free
◆ Beautiful design and high-resolution photography makes everything easy to navigate

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The applications Deliciously Vegan - Recipes by Anett Velsberg was published in the category Food & Drink on 2017-04-06 and was developed by eleventynine llc. The file size is 76.96 MB. The current version is 1.4 and works well on 9.1 and high ios versions.

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Easy recipes, nEasy recipes, no “special shopping trip” ingredients, my family is happy!  Violeta025  5 star

I have made several recipes already and all have been hits with my family! The easy vegan pizza, butternut macaroni and cheese, green goddess pasta and double chocolate muffins. I will be putting most of these recipes to use. Next is the baked vegan villa doughnuts.


A must for vegans  diwuegcui  5 star

When I saw Anett was making an app I was sooooo excited because I knew it would be amazing and sure enough it really was! Best recipes ever!!! Love you Anett!!! If you're vegan this is a must have. So many ideas I think over 200 recipes now and evergrowing. To the people complaining about the price are you serious? You are so rude. Anett worked hard for this app and you're complaining bc it's not free? Are you kidding me its not like you go to work for free.

Gladys 54 Ogletree

Favorite instagram and now favorite app!  Gladys 54 Ogletree  5 star

Everything I’ve made has tasted great, excellent photos, nutritious food, easy to make.

Betty Helmer 98

FANTASTIC FLAVORS  Betty Helmer 98  5 star

After seeing Anett’s recipes on Instagram I was eager to get my hands on this. At first I was hesitant because of the price but then I realized this is much less than some of the 20 recipe ebooks I’ve bought lol. Everything has been relatively simple to prepare and very delicious. It is indeed DELICIOUSLY VEGAN! Can’t recommend enough - wish I could buy copies for my friends and family.

Whisted 1984

Great app so many recipes  Whisted 1984  5 star

When I first bought this it had maybe 100 recipes now I think it’s more than doubled. Every time I log in there’s new pretty things to make. Thanks for all the hard work Anett. And thanks for making ingredients accessible from nearby grocery stores.


My doctor recommended I go vegan  Amelia553  5 star

I started a vegan diet for health reasons and this app has been superb! I love making a big portion of curries on Sundays and eating it throughout the week. Would love more “meal prepping” recipes.


Thanks for not making a crappy ebook  Ahvaegei6l&#()  5 star

Too often I order ebooks off Instagram…only to be severely disappointed by the 32 half assed recipes quickly put together to make a buck. NOT THE CASE HERE! I’m slowly making these recipes but most I’ve tried, over 90% have been some of the best recipes I’ve made. Excited to try more.

Roked 1994

Anett is my favorite food blogger  Roked 1994  5 star

Anett has been my favorite instagram this year so I couldn’t be more thrilled she has an app. I am mostly vegan while my husband is a meat-eater, however I’ve been making a ton of dinners from this app and he hasn’t complained but even complimented! Try the easy potato dahl so yum!

Lilly Stephenson

Not a vegan but love this cookbook :)  Lilly Stephenson  5 star

I am not fully vegan but I absolutely love Anett’s recipes. She’s helped me change my eating habits and making vegetables the main focus of my meals, not meat. The photography is to die for and the instructions are incredibly easy to follow and include all steps, making notes if something is confusing.


Love this app  lokiala  5 star

I am really enjoying this app. The recipes I've tried have been great - i love the lemon tart and the cinnamon buns, had been missing these traditional desserts so much. You are one talented woman Anett. I love the layout - so easy to navigate and no confusion which often happens to me with technology.

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