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Poly Bridge, the hit indie bridge-building physics title with dozens of hours of gameplay.

"A must play for anyone interested in puzzle games." - TheGamingReview

* 105 Campaign Levels
* Sandbox
* 22 Achievements
* Hydraulic Pistons
* Moving Drawbridges
* Swings, Jumps, and Classic Bridges

Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles! Play the fully featured campaign with 100+ levels of challenging physics puzzles or make your own puzzles and bridge designs in the Sandbox.

Success begins by getting cars to their destinations by any means; build suspensions, ramps and jumps, double-deckers, moving drawbridges, and much more. Complete every level under budget and with a sturdy, unbreaking bridge, to become a Poly Bridge Master Engineer... and unlock the secret world.

Poly Bridge App Description & Overview

The applications Poly Bridge was published in the category Games on 2017-06-13 and was developed by Dry Cactus. This application file size is 162.38 MB. Poly Bridge current version is 1.2.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

* iPhone X improvements
* Bug and crash fixes

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Poly Bridge Comments & Reviews

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scallythebest   1 star

Thought it would be better. I got this game inspired by the YouTuber blitz and it looked really fun on his perspective but I’m starting to think that this game was a waste of money. There’s a lot of things that is way to hard like the hydraulics and building ramps. I would personally prefer other games that includes engineering. Please make it more fun Thank you

Spider Crawler   3 star

Mixed feelings.... I love physics puzzlers, so I had high hopes for this game. I’ve played World of Goo, and this has some engineering challenges in common. While not as pretty to look at as World of Goo, Poly Bridge is still very well-presented. The tutorial, which lays out the basics of bridge design, is excellent. But for some reason, I’m struggling even with the early levels, often without knowing where I’m going wrong. Painstakingly putting together a large, elaborate structure (within a tight budget constraint) only to see it collapse in an instant is exasperating. I haven’t made much headway, but already I’m finding Poly Bridge to be more frustrating than satisfying. I can only assume that you need a real talent for engineering to enjoy this game to the fullest. I feel like I’m missing something, despite doing so well in World of Goo... but maybe I’m just a terrible bridge designer.

Cizza wow   5 star

Educational. Teaches how physics work

J. Striker   5 star

Really Enjoy. Poly Bridge is a fun bridge building game, with a campaign & sandbox way better then those other bridge games this one is worth the cost.

trolled.   5 star

Amazing. So good definitely worth the money🤑

happy emoji happy emoji emoji   5 star

Complaint. I want to do the tutorial for hydolics but I can’t get past the select and drag aero if it’s I bug I hope you will fix it if it’s not please tell me because I am frustrated

etertehffhhgtgg   5 star

Hi. Hi it’s awesomely awesome!

DemonicZombie   3 star

Pretty good but can’t see. It’s a great game but I can’t see where my finger is placing the bridge. Would help ALOT if there was a zoomed in circle abouve where I’m placing like in a few other game. Would move up to a five for me.

각화동절편   5 star

Good. 졸잼 ㅋㅋㅋ

endeakidz   5 star

Wow!. Beautiful game! Worth every cent. However, game has a few small stuck point on iPhone XS Max which requires a restart of the game to continue

milo ice cream   5 star

Best game ever. I love this game sooooooo much it is the best game everrrrrr !!!!!! 😜😝😛😋🤪🙂🙃😇😉😌

mickgardner   3 star

$😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠☹️🙁😔🙂😉😄. It’s ok but it’s annoyingly frustrating when you get it wrong 😡😠😣👺😾

Edward Miechel   1 star

Doesn’t Work 😢. I love this game- have it on the PC- and was very excited when I saw it on here but every time I try to open it it shuts down! Really disappointing

RobloxVSMincraft   4 star

Auto Triangulate Draws Squares. Its a Great game but the worst thing is when the auto triangulate draws squares but other than that I love the game -RobloxVsMinecraft

Rabbinatrix   5 star

The greatest game. It’s the best game!!!!!!!!!!

rabieh227   5 star

BEST GAME. This is one of my personal fav games other than minecraft and ROBLox this is a good game just like pc version it’s fun and addicting to play you NEED to get this app!

Rawlmm   5 star

Love this game. Just like the pc Not a fake one I don’t play many games besides Minecraft but this game after watching jacksepticeye play this on pc I was like I want this game but I don’t have a pc than it came out on the phone I was like oh it’s fake but I looked at some videos and it’s real So 5 stars from me

LogixVM   5 star

Fun!. Great fun! Spending too much time on this.

bjbeau   5 star

Happy wheels 2.0. Kill some drivers in this new game called poly bridge. No wonder why it costs money

toeriegjetgnrc   5 star

Amazing. I'm faker now

BL1B8L0B   4 star

Polly Bridge. Fun, inspiring, creative, and can always improve

shandogg12346   5 star

Love this game. It’s just like the game on the computer. I’m just thinking you guys should add boost pads into the game

BrightBeggar   2 star

Can't find the staging organiser. The staging organiser ( the thing at the bottom centre of each level where multiple movements of each set of hydraulics is required) seems to have disappeared after the last update :-(

rkeniger   5 star

Who knew that structural engineering could be such fun?. This game is superb, difficult and very addictive. The tutorial at the beginning in no way prepares you for the very rapid increase in difficulty, you really have to think pretty hard and outside of the box to solve some of the puzzles, even in the first section. I love the budget constraint you have to work within; tweaking your design to make it more and more efficient is very satisfying, and the way the app shows you how you've done vs all other users at the end of the level is great. Big tip: the level names are massive clues, the only ones you'll get. My only niggle is that there is no "give me a hint" button, but that's the sign that this is a great puzzler. Awesome game, well worth the money, you'll get many hours of fun out of it.

Annoyed1000000   5 star

MUST BUY GAME!. Anyone who is worried about getting this game should get it immediately. I was worried about spending $8 on it as well but since I bought it I haven't stopped playing it. It is a must buy game!

Kai67813   5 star

Omg best game😊. This game is a really good one you will get addicted to it

chocolateoak   5 star

Fun & addictive. Loving this so far. Can't stop playing

Mrsgaylard   5 star

Just what it says on the box. Super fun with a lot of interesting variations. I don't know if you read this devs, but please save the bridge designs for all the levels so I don't have to start from scratch every time i go back. Also please make clearing everything an undoable action.

Cheesleigh   2 star

Tricky to use. The game isn't very tactile - it's difficult to control where the materials go. Also the tutorial doesn't prepare you for the bridges u face quite early in the game. It needs work. I wouldn't spend on it yet

Stevstevsteven   5 star

Verey good. It just like the one on pc

snootent   1 star

Very Unstable. Crashed multiple times during the tutorial to the point that I lost interest in continuing to play.

aardbark31744   5 star

Best ever. This game is awesome and you might be like what dose a 10 year old know well I worked hard for 5 dollars and when I got it I felt like this game should be 10 dollars. BEST GAME PURCHASE EVER!!!!!!!!! 10 out of 10

Ray_Ming   4 star

Please add iPad Pro 2018 support.. Great game, playing it with Apple Pencil feels amazing.

The Three Mousketeers   5 star

Enjoyable. I’m enjoying the game very much. There are plenty of levels and building different designs is super fun~

aliezo45   5 star

Jersey. This game is awesome

Epb7304   5 star

Great! Just like the steam game!. If you played the steam game it is “almost” exactly like that, the only difference is that you cannot share levels, that should be the only thing that should be added

ADT105   4 star

If you like bridges, you’ll love this!. The the game’s phone adaptation is really well done. The controles might be a little hard at first but once you get through that, the game’s learning curve and level designs are on point. There are plenty of well made puzzle put in the game for pros and novices. The game’s sand box Is also enjoyable. You can test so many Bridge designs there. This game is perfect for puzzle lovers and bridge builders.

Ro7ob   5 star

Amazing psychics and gameplay. This game is very realistic to bridge building and very stress relieving, I would recommend playing this game if you are into building and being creative and just want to calm your self.

😅😹😹🐈   5 star

Pb. Awesome

DragonMistif4   4 star

Great game, with a few issues.. One of the main issues I’m running into is that split joints as certain sides don’t function properly as in they’re not doing what they are supposed to do. It’s a fun game but that issue is drawing me away from the game which I don’t want to happen. It is true that poly bridge is a bit of a battery killer but that doesn’t bug me much.

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkk   5 star

Good game. I like this game so much because you get to make bridges in it stress relieving but I think the end levels might be hard it actually gets harder as you go but I still like it

SchifferDios   5 star

Awesome game!. Makes me think :D

spencezula   5 star

Bridge simulator building game. Great bridge building game! Starts easy gets challenging

Let's go PS3 players great app   2 star

Save your money.. A few years ago, I used to watch youtubers play polybridge and they all loved it. I dont feel the same way anymore. Polybridge just isn’t fun on IOS and I feel like I just wasted $5 on a game that I only picked up for a few minutes. I request my money back.

yexxxxz   5 star

Great game. Love the game so far!

Homoglobinopathy   3 star

Great but needs some help. I love this game so much. It’s the perfect challenge puzzle game with realistic physics. The challenge of making your bridges work and stay under budget always has me thinking of ways I can do more with less. However my one and only complaint with the game is how heavy it runs the battery down. Just playing for 5-8 minutes knocks off 10% or more of my battery power. It’s been the top consumer of energy on my phone since downloading. It also causes my phone to get very hot as the demand on the phones performance is increased. If there’s an update that could improve the functionality of this games performance impact on my phone I’d give it 6 stars if I could. Until then due to the high impact on battery life my review will remain a 3.

Ben Busstop   5 star

Dry Cactus above and beyond!. I’m always happily surprised when companies go above and beyond to help out a customer! After a few issues with the game, and a quick couple emails to Dry Cactus I was up and playing the game again right where I wanted to be! Not only is the game fun, and enjoyable but the dry Cactus team kept the game alive for me. 10/10 will support them in the future.

kilowatt365   5 star

Awesome. Yup awesome

Duke Leary   4 star

Rotate Selection?. Great game, but why is there no way to rotate a selection like you can on the PC version? The only option is to mirror, either horizontal or vertically. For levels such as 2-13, where one draw-bridge must start in the open position, it makes no sense that you can’t mirror the bridge on the left and then indicate that the piston should start the level in a certain position...

gigitybigity   4 star

Great Game. I would give the game five stars if it didn’t destroy my battery life. It really destroys it.

Commander Vince   5 star

Fortnite. Play Fortnite

ㅓ러열   5 star

개꿀잼. 아주재밌음

TrainCrazy26   5 star

Awesome game (and update ideas. This game is awesome! I play it all the time and my skills at building bridges has gotten A LOT better. However, I had a very good idea for an update. I was wondering if you could add a mode called maybe ‘Speed Build’. The idea is that there is a train coming, and you have to build a sturdy, yet under budget bridge within a time limit. I would love this game even more if you added it!

amelialikethepilot   5 star

Best brige game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. One of my favorite things is the music 🎵 AMAZING!!!!! And so the game goal L i love 💗 the briges!

CrumyCookie_855   5 star

Great at architecture Building. I think this game is 100% Fort with creativity and a large chance for kids to build their creativity along with their structural designing

a box telling you   2 star

3-4 is impossible to complete, or at least a huge difficulty spike. So its been about a week when this level stumped me. Non of the guides online don’t seem to work, so… yeah this level is bad.

I am John Galt   5 star

Fun but challenging. I bought this for my 4 year but was a little much. Now I’m hooked. As an engineer I really dig this game.

death miester 2009   5 star

I love this app so much. It’s the best app I’ve ever played

Santa Peter   5 star

Electronic tinker toys. A game with a great deal of playability. I am Not an engineer, nor did I go far beyond elementary geometry. This game gives my brain a workout and is a much needed change of pace from my usual choices. And you get to build cool bridges

AlmostNotDumb   1 star

Doesn’t work. I can’t complete the tutorial. It says, “tap and drag the selected area.” Which I do but nothing happens and no further instructions provided. It won’t let me skip it so I’m stuck at the tutorial and I paid $5 for this garbage. Don’t waste your money!

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