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From the team who brought Words With Friends to hundreds of millions of players around the globe, Boggle With Friends blends the fun and nostalgia of the classic Boggle game with new, puzzling twists. Pick up your dice and play Boggle With Friends today!

As players spell and match their way through the game, they can chat and challenge with family and friends in their quest to find words and earn bragging rights. For the first time ever in a Boggle mobile game, players can compete in head-to-head live tournaments and lightning fast single round tournaments to show off their puzzle skills and earn rewards and advantages along the way.

Game Features
The Most Social Word Search Game: Challenge your friends and family to play, find words and earn bragging rights!

Fun Daily Challenges: Complete new challenges every day to win sweet rewards!

Leaderboard Rankings: Climb the leaderboard to see who is the sharpest speller and reigns supreme!

Live Tournaments: Compete in a variety of head-to-head live tournaments and lightning rounds.

Solo Progression: Train with a coach online or offline to flex your word smarts and stack up more win!

Smart Match: Find other players that match your skill level through Smart Match!

Daily Prizes: Spin the prize wheel every day to win cool prizes and power ups!

Available Anytime, Anywhere: Play this classic game everywhere, even offline!

iMessage: Easily create and play games against your friends and family on iMessage!

Play in 7 Languages: Practice your language skills and play with opponents in English, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Italian and Turkish. More languages coming soon!

Download Boggle With Friends for a nostalgic, social word search experience you can’t put down!

Additional Information
The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 USD.
BOGGLE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2017 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

Boggle With Friends: Word Game App Description & Overview

The applications Boggle With Friends: Word Game was published in the category Games on 2017-03-15 and was developed by Zynga Inc.. The file size is 136.84 MB. The current version is 10.53 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for playing Boggle With Friends!
We are always trying to improve the game and regularly release updates to bring you the latest and greatest. Get the newest features and bug fixes by updating to the latest version. If you enjoy the game, please consider taking a few minutes to review us in the App Store.

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Boggle With Friends: Word Game Reviews

mayport girl

Thank you  mayport girl  5 star

I play everyday and look forward to it ...


Game has Bug after updating iPhone to 11.1.2  Wendikat  4 star

Game stops when attempting to use the helps at the bottom of the screen. Also tokens will not regenerate! What should I do?


Fun but whoever pays more, wins  Laura5670  1 star

Like others have said, whoever buys the most power ups wins. And you have no idea they are using them until you've wasted your time and tickets. Someone who has added a 60 second freeze (or two) is now playing a different game than you are. Their game is now 3-4 minutes long while you're still playing a 2 min round. Naturally the 3-4 minute player finds more words and wins. I'd like the option of tournaments with no power ups. Your company would still make money from the folks with money to burn on power ups, and the rest of us scmucks can just sit through the ads while playing on a genuinely level field. Thanks


Helps you learn more  BabyLiya123  5 star

It’s helps you learn more and you pay attention more often as you play and you can challenge yourself so I like it pretty much

Puffins Without Fear

I miss Word Scramble  Puffins Without Fear  3 star

The tiles are too big and are painful on my eyes. Also, there is no separation between the games completed and “Your Turn”. You have to scroll all the way to the right to get to the next move. I miss the old Word Scramble. Much easier to play.


Game for everyone  Ebster23  5 star

I have always loved the giggle game and this app makes it so easy and fun. Love the tournaments, ways to earn tokens, and freedom for player to player games. Great game and system.


Bold letters  Kayrenda10  3 star

I prefer word streak's blue background and its bold lettering. It is not real easy to see the light colors of my and the opponents's word list. I would rather play word streak but it is malfunctioning with giving me only 5 tokens at a time instead of 15.

Gator bait II

Boogie  Gator bait II  3 star

It is an ok game. Boring after awhile. It is all about the money. Ads are a pain. It is a time killer.


Love it  Smard913  5 star

Love the word of the day, the variety of words and playing the Coach!


Unable to play the daily challenge  Aitriad  1 star

I used to play this game obsessively — particularly for the daily challenges. This all came to a halt a few months ago when my leaderboard screen was stuck with just two players listed and it has never become unstuck. I’ve deleted the game from my phone, restarted the phone and reinstalled but once I’m logged back in, I experience the same issue. Surely, I can’t be the only person this is happening to. Please help Zynga!

Mama Sands

Enjoy the game but oh those ads  Mama Sands  3 star

The game play is fast and interesting but the ads are so annoying. Particularly the recent addition of the link to the Wish site. I’d love some more opponent options.

A Mom in Love

Fun but glitchy  A Mom in Love  2 star

I’ve reviewed in the past. Giving it one more star because I’m addicted enough to the game to keep playing, though it would be nice to see a tournament introduced where zero cheats are allowed. The glitches though...make them stop already. A few times now, at the end of a round, my points completely disappear and I’m given a score of zero, resulting in a loss for that match or last place in the daily tournament challenge. And currently, my “daily match” (of which you get many throughout the day if you keep playing them) won’t let me play. Keeps saying the server is down but everything else is working just fine. I won’t be able to see anymore daily matches until that glitch is fixed. Big thumbs down.


Update from Word Streak  Lozfu  3 star

I have a heap of games that I play with other people consistently on word streak and when told to update to boggle because word streak is retiring I loose all of them? A bit sad I think.


Keeps promoting for reviews / Needs work  Kernel96  1 star

Keeps crashing, isn't optimised for larger iPhone screens and the token based game play is very annoying compared to Words With Friends. Also keeps promoting for reviews despite saying No.


Prefer landscape layout  Adammelthomas  3 star

The change/update to boggle is good except I hate playing in portrait layout... most, if not all, iPad covers have a stand to sit the iPad upright in landscape layout so portrait is a pain in the bum!


Cyngladel  Jongla  2 star

Have played this game for months and it had a few glitches which appeared to be fixed but NOW 1. I have a player that challenged me and when I go into play it takes all my tokens away and I can’t resign! No button for this on this player! 2. If someone challenges me and I DON’T want to play that person I have to resign so lose my winning streak!! 3. The refill tokens are glitching on 5 and not 15 as in the past and it says to resume paused game... WHAT paused game??? I don’t have one on the go... 4. The daily spin for tickets a few days ago gave me “nil tickets” !!! What the??? That’s not the way to keep me coming back... seriously thinking of deleting this game.. Oh yes.. and the ads!! No thanks..


I like Boggle  Sjb01  3 star

I like playing boggle and this one is ok, I could live without the ads that break through even when I have the sound switched off.


Addictive!  HmmmmNo  5 star



Addictive  Candymoocow  5 star

Always loved this game! Very addictive


Review  Anzac254  4 star

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge.- James


Score summary annoying  Gottapoint  4 star

Is it necessary to have to click-count up every round? Just show the score! Soooo annoying.

Grande caramel iced

Too many ads  Grande caramel iced  3 star

They need a pay version. They ads are so frequent and long that I forget I’m playing.


Too many ads  Tippyobrien  1 star

Need side free version


Really Enjoy This Game But..  RareDiamondGem  2 star

It generates such a bad collection of letters, that you have to use all the power options just ti play decent games. I’m finding myself buying lots of power medals in order to get decent play. Sad. Play words with friends instead :/


Fun game  Bratkiss  4 star

This game is fun but I think it starts to repeat if you play a lot of games. I like the daily match option. Love the game of day riddles!

Zen dreams

Fun/addicting  Zen dreams  4 star

I have a lot of fun, playing and learning new words.


Disturbed by players using PowerUps during tournaments  Zinsmeis  4 star

I see that many players according to the reviews really dislike the idea of using PowerUps during tournament play. It would be really nice to have a tournament where PowerUps are not allowed. At the very least could inform all players of what PowerUps have been used against them. I find it really discouraging to be beaten by players who use them because I really don’t know if I have been beaten fairly. A tournament with a level playing field would be really nice.

Magical Reviewer

Hassle  Magical Reviewer  1 star

I put my email to get my password and it gives it to me and I write it down then I go back and type it in and it doesn’t work and I tried that multiple times!!


Scramble board is far better  Karandf  3 star

Too cluttered looking - lacks simplicity to focus on the game. Color scheme is busy and distracting. Sad.

Real Dacoco

Fun game  Real Dacoco  5 star

I wish there was a way to have a no boost category for players but a great game

Boggle With Friends: Word Game Comments

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