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** Welcome Word Streak players! Word Streak is now Boggle With Friends!**

Bring the fun of family game night with you on the go with the Boggle With Friends game. This new take on the classic board game from Hasbro is loaded with fun new modes, daily challenges, and puzzling twists! Challenge your friends, family, or new opponents to spell out the most words before the clock runs out in two minutes!

Want to boost your word search game? Train on your own in solo play against the Coach to test your word skills in a three-round match of wits. Got a competitive streak? Compete in live head-to-head tournaments and lightning fast single round tournaments to show off your puzzle solving skills and earn rewards along the way.

Join the fun and download Boggle With Friends today!

It all starts here! Challenge an opponent to three rounds of fun to see who can find the most words, score the most points and emerge victorious.

Brand new challenges are updated daily, as well as weekly. Play to win sweet rewards!

Test and improve your word smarts in solo mode! Challenge yourself against the Coach in three rounds which get harder as you move up.

Go head-to-head with friends, family and new opponents in live tournaments and advance through lightning rounds with lots of bonus tiles!

Win a daily bonus with prizes and power-ups! Play each day to get better rewards.

Play anytime, anywhere, even offline 24/7.

Choose your language and start a game in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, and English.

Download Boggle With Friends for a word search experience you can’t put down!

Additional Information
The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 USD.

BOGGLE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

Boggle With Friends: Word Game App Description & Overview

The applications Boggle With Friends: Word Game was published in the category Games on 2017-03-15 and was developed by Zynga Inc.. The file size is 156.09 MB. The current version is 10.81 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for playing Boggle With Friends!
We are always trying to improve the game and regularly release updates to bring you the latest and greatest. Get the newest features and bug fixes by updating to the latest version. If you enjoy the game, please consider taking a few minutes to review us in the App Store

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Boggle With Friends: Word Game Reviews


Ugh  Floin760  2 star

Design of tiles are too distracting with the extra lines and shading. Keep it simple like the original tiles


Hate the look and feel  Psychologistinpractice!  1 star

Sluggish during games. The Scramble version was much better. Getting ready to dump this app!!!


Technical problems have ruined the game.  Rocknlx  3 star

Up until recently this was my go-to game. However, I am now experiencing one problem after another which their technical support team is not resolving. I have been playing this game for years and they keep acting like I am doing something wrong. I am about to bail out.


So slow!  Tss3mom  2 star

I like to play this game when I’m killing time but it just takes so long to load up. I can play 5 rounds of WOF in less time it takes me to play a game of 3 rounds of this. I really will they’d speed this up at least when you’re not playing other players


Mine is broken.  ConnectTx  2 star

I have a pop up telling me about emojis and when I hit close it pops itself up again. So, I can’t play! I’ll redownload and hope that solves the bug.

Dave SD

Last review deleted. Censorship  Dave SD  1 star

Buggy always Can’t opt out of random requests Whenever an alert with sound interrupts a game we lose sound and it doesn’t come back Back button has a pregnant 10 second pause Is this so we push for another game. I jsut want to back out but that wouldn’t help Zynga n their “trap you in use our ecosystem” so u pay more money to be remotely competitive The bonus box goes green suggesting a new bonus. You click n it’s says “next bonus in xxx hours”. Well then F off n only go green when we actually have a bonus available you morons. The level of idiotically bugginess in this app beggars belief!


Way too many ads  Hopefulindzt  3 star

I liked Word Streak much better, but was forced to “upgrade” to Boggle”. Not an upgrade in my opinion. Please let us pay a small fee to opt out of the ads.


No music?!  Gummball8  1 star

Ridic that the app kills my music when I launch it.


Boggled by Boggle Ads  Symphony2  3 star

I just want to place Boggle without the “cheats” and without the ads for over games that appear incessantly after every round.


Think more about your “improvements”  AletaB  1 star

So it is an improvement to Word Streak to make a tiny little board that does not even utilize one quarter of an iPad mini screen?? Who the hell designed this?? When I wrote to them about this issue they said “the reason we ask people to update to Boggle is because we will no longer be doing updates to Word Streak” LOL, yeah, I got that part all on my own! Totally missed the point of how you ruined the game!


Annoying ads  Toutou28  1 star

Ads are annoying. Often the “X” doesn’t work and you have to close the app and start again, with another barrage of ads. 😓

Wise Clock Counter

Poor cousin of the old boggle  Wise Clock Counter  2 star

The boards repeat. The in app purchases suck. I just want to play good old boggle


Warning: very addictive!  Cateyes2159  5 star

I love it, and even my young children are hooked on finding words. It's the best version!

Iron Addict 41

Love it 🙃  Iron Addict 41  5 star

Just need more daily challenges not just five days a week they are fun to try beat 😁


Review  elijja  5 star

Love this game but it has some serious bugs at the moment. Worst one is it won’t start a rematch unless you go out of it and go find it and hit rematch again. Very slow to start as well at the moment. Also I keep winning “tickets” but there is nothing to say what they are or how you use them.


fun game  grokka  3 star

It’s a great little game, boggles my mind how high some players can score I would score an ad and bug free version 5 stars, but for now 1 star has been removed for the excessive ads, especially because the video ads often freeze up the game. Half a star off because the audio sometimes gets quite laggy and sometimes stops working until the game it hard-closed, and half a star off for being nagged to leave a review immediately after every update. To be clear, I am not against the developer monitizing through a reasonable amount of advertising, but if you are going to have ads, at least give them good video and audio quality and a way to link to further information.

Mama Sands

Enjoyable game but tired of all the ads!  Mama Sands  3 star

Do something about the frequency of the ads. It really ruins the gameplay experience. It’s so much worse now they are all in landscape and between every game move. I don’t watch them and won’t even if they weren’t sideways.


Brrrr  timerrin  4 star

Great game but constantly freezes mid-game. Latest iPad Pro 12.9. Had an iPad Air which when froze up even worse. Different iPad now same problem!

Dardy josh harty

Boggle  Dardy josh harty  4 star

Great game, very addictive. New updates are good. Adds are a little too long and sneaky to find the cancel.

Clay Andrew Ryan

Great Time Passer  Clay Andrew Ryan  4 star

Easy to learn and fun to play. Good for passing time waiting for a train or appointment.

Ivy Sweety

Fun but...  Ivy Sweety  3 star

I enjoy playing this however it is quite frustrating to constantly be closing and reopening the app in order to make it work properly! Sometimes it even stops working in the middle of a game. Fix the bugs please!


No “back” button  Megafffff  2 star

The back button to go to last screen doesn’t work. Have to exit out of app and restart it.

The 4th N

Really fun  The 4th N  5 star

Fun game, addicting. I like the daily challenges and wish there were more options to simply play, rather than having to challenge an opponent or enter a “tournament.” In the tournaments, the wait time seems to have gotten longer lately and it can be frustrating. I’d rather just do a solo word search to see what I can find.

World Traveller 55

Fun but occasionally frustrating  World Traveller 55  3 star

I love the game but it’s frozen up on me and not given me credit for my score a few times. Once I had a killer score and it gave the score to my opponent instead.

Sprite three

Boggle  Sprite three  3 star

I enjoy the game and feel it’s good for my brain to have the stimulation of finding words quickly. However, often I have to play games that are almost identical. I would to find each game to be unique and worthy of the use of tokens


Miss some features  donnamcd40  4 star

I like the new version of the game. I’ve been playing WordStreak forever. The pace of play and suggested opponents is usually appropriate to my ability. I do miss the riddles and seasonal words of the weekly challenge in the older version. They add some interest besides the double letters and 20 points per word, etc. Can you bring them back?


Buggish  MicheMura  2 star

This boggle version seems to have more bugs than the word streak version. I’m apparently only competing with myself on the daily challenge; all of my prior competitors have just disappeared. The navigation buttons need to expand the tapping area to be more than the tiny little arrow (like perhaps including the word as well). I’m also not in love with how the weekly challenge works but I can overlook that. The live tournaments seem to delay the start for me sometimes — specifically — all the competitors have joined, the timer has finished and other competitors’ time playing appears to have started, while I’m still sitting on the join screen like an idiot for up to 10 or 15 seconds. Pls fix. Thanks.


Disappointed $$ to play!  DeberK  1 star

Why do l need to buy tokens to play with my same friends that l play with for FREE in Words with Friends. Ripoff!


broken  Ayoyesem  1 star

pop up of boggle combos keeps popping up. fix


Too many ads  Z066  2 star

Ads are ridiculous. Constantly bombarded with them every time you finish a round. Constant updates that make the game worse than the original. Since i switched to boggle its like somebody farted in my mouth and charged me for it.


Boggling mind games  Skela17  4 star

Fun game


Power ups  Goldyhorn.  4 star

Good game but we need it to be fair- cannot be fair if the opponent chooses more power ups than you!!


Boggle  Sirpapous  5 star

Fantastic 🤓


Addictive  Firezara  5 star

Great game. Lots of tournaments and options. Wish there was 'purist' tournament without all the boosts and power ups.. very addictive


Great game but please fix bug  pookie6871  4 star

I farking love this game! However, every time I try to use the vision power up in the daily challenge, it kicks me out. When I go back in, my game is gone and my tokens aren't refunded.


Fantastic game  Goldenshepherd  5 star

Simple and fun 👍

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