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ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR MOBILE WORD GAMES is better and smarter than ever before! Unscramble letters, train your brain and indulge in a plethora of word games and puzzles in Words With Friends 2! Connect with loved ones, expand your vocabulary, and show off your spelling bee skills as you search for the highest scoring word in this beloved classic free word game. May the Best Friend Win.™


► The word games showdown starts here. Challenge your friends and family members to play, or use Smart Match to find your perfect opponent. Unscramble and search for the highest scoring words on the board and fill in the crossword style puzzle!


► Play your best words to complete daily, weekend, and weekly goals to earn keys and unlock exclusive collectible rewards with Rewards Pass! With a new theme every 6 weeks, there is always something new and exciting to collect! Climb the rewards track and collect them all!


► The brain train is moving at full speed! Check out Quick Play, the new home for competitive minigames such as Duels! Tap on over to the Events tab to learn more.


► Play against themed WordMaster characters to test and improve your spelling, vocabulary and word skills in this word puzzle ladder. Stay sharp, because as you move up, the WordMasters will get tougher to beat.


► Collaborative meets competitive gameplay in this new, multiplayer fast team mode. Play on a team of 5 players, and face off in a match to play your best words and be the fastest to score the most points!


► Do you love crossword puzzles? Do anagrams get your brain wheels turning? Unscramble and challenge your brain by playing solo in this easy-to-play, limited time text twist mini-game.


► Show off your word game persona and play words with flair through Stickers, Tile Styles and Profile Frames! You can now also equip Widgets to stay updated with your ongoing matches and favorite events!


Play Words With Friends 2 without third party ads between moves if you previously purchased either Words With Friends Pro or no third-party ads in the original Words With Friends on any mobile device. Be sure to login with Facebook or the email account you used to make the previous purchase to continue to play without third party ads between moves.

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Play one of the most fun, social word puzzles on mobile! Download Words With Friends 2 today!

The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.

Words With Friends also offers subscriptions to provide you with an ads free experience for uninterrupted game play. A 30 Day purchase will be applied to your iTunes account at the end of the free trial or on confirmation. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription. For more information, see our Terms of Service: https://www.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service and Privacy Policy: https://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy

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Get your umbrellas out because it'll be raining down rewards in the NEW Showers & Flowers Rewards Pass starting soon! Collect all of the goodies and grow your collection! Play your best words and become a word puzzle master with this latest build and may the best friend win!

Words With Friends 2 Word Game Comments & Reviews

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- I have been playing words with friends years!

I believe I started playing in 2010 so I have been playing for a decade. If I am wrong it would be only by a year. First 8 years I played everyday multiple times a day. It was nothing for me to have 40 games going at a time. I love playing WWF but I wish that some of the power ups were able to be chosen not just won or given. There are TWO I so rarely use that I have +99 in both. I do find the swap feature and play very helpful when my letter pile is so bad I can’t make any word. It would be great if we could chose to move over some of the hindsight and the letter placement option piles. Even if it were to cost 20 of these to get 5 of the swap and play power ups. I also find some of the added features for play kinda annoying but I understand that they are needed to keep things going and interest high. My interest lies with the original game features and playing the word master. Given all the new features I still play and will continue to do so. I do not play the volume I used to but that is because I am heavily involved in designing mandalas and similar designs for people to color. I keep my games going so that I can keep my, one of the early to original players position. I will always play this game however my points and positions are really reduced this game provides mental stimulation and vocabulary growth. Thanks for keeping it going all these years and into the future.

- Words With Friends 2 game

Great game to play with friends and all that if you’re a word game player type of person and all that... and I love playing the game with my friends and all that...but one game I am having a message popping up saying “Oops! Something went wrong!” And then it takes me back to the main menu where all my other friends are that I play against and everything is normal on the games I play with them...but it’s just one friend that I have been playing with and we’ve been playing against each other on a game on words with friends and all that and I messaged them on Facebook messenger if they’ve been getting the same message as I am getting and they said yes to the something went wrong message and then I asked them if they got the same message on any of their other friends games... and they said “no...just our game” and all that and I would appreciate it if someone could please help me and tell me how to get rid of the “Oops! Something went wrong!” Message on my iPhone and iPad for the words with friends 2 app and all that please. Has anyone else ever encountered with the same problem as I am having here and asking for help on here?

- This is a great game but....

So I only gave this 3 stars because the app has a few problems. Otherwise it’s a pretty good game! I love that you can play games with tons of different people and that there are the solo challenges! But there are a few problems that get in the way. 1) There are ads after EVERY SINGLE TURN YOU TAKE. There is only one exception of this: the solo challenges. 2) sometimes I don’t even get my games when it’s my turn! I’ve had to lose countless games because it never came up that it was my turn! That i found was very annoying, and the only way that I’ve figured out how to find those games is if you log out and then log back in again. And every time you log out, even if it’s just for a second, you get all of these new player notifications, like it didn’t even realize you had been gone for a second. 3) sometimes, it says it’s my turn and then I can’t even play. It won’t let me click on games sometimes, I’ve tried reloading my app several times, and it never worked! And finally 4) the time limit on games. I think personally this is pretty annoying, you have like 10-12 days or something to play your turn, or you lose! I’m not trying to spend every day on this app! I’ve got other things to do, and sometimes I won’t come on the app for a week or more! But overall I do like the concept, but if those few things could get fixed, then I definitely would highly recommend this game. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

- I love this game but...

I have been playing this game for a few years now but I did take a break because of the overwhelming amount of men trying to pick you up. I play Everyday and sometimes for a couple of hours at a time. I enjoy most of the features and hope it just keeps getting better. I really wanted to give it four stars some things are nerve wracking with this game. The first is that when I go to watch a 30 second video to accumulate coins half the time it doesn’t work and keeps saying that it’s loading for a whole day. Please fix that. I also wish these videos gave at least 5 coins at a time but that’s not a big deal and is just my opinion. The other thing is that I continue to get game requests from men with a fake profiles. As stated in so many other reviews if you don’t chat and go to hangouts or other dating like websites they stop playing. Then that game will take up a game spot for 10+ days unless I resign which then messes up my stats. There has to be a way to work around this. Overall I love this game it’s my favorite of all time. I hope that it keeps improving and look forward to any new features. P.S I played a player a few days ago that had rainbow tiles. I asked her several times how she had the option for that style but she completely ignored me. I’m wondering is that something you would have to buy cause I would LOVE that.

- Poorly developed Scrabble

I love Scrabble. But the design and execution of this app is just sad. First, it says ‘Words with Friends’, meaning the primary purpose is to play with people you know. But unless they are dedicated to the game, you could wait hours or even days for the other person to take their turn. If you really want to play, but you’re tired of waiting for a friend to check in, you could hit up a complete stranger. I’ve done this a few times only to be quizzed on my personal life, political and religious beliefs, and my love life. Apparently, this game attracts very lonely people who would rather chat than play, and who also think a game app is an appropriate place to find a companion. So again, I gave up on that avenue of play. What’s left? Solo Challenges! A chance to play against the computer at the rate of one game every 8 hours. Lame! And the computer does not stick to English, or a preferred language, or any language at all for that matter. It makes up words! I just played an entire game again “Long Nose Neil” and not a single word he played was a valid English word! Several were not real words and even the computer had no definition for them; others were in other languages (Hebrew, French, and Spanish). And as if that wasn’t annoying enough, it’s not even a real game. You have “5 moves(words)” in which to out-score the computer. I gave it 2 stars for being mildly entertaining, but it’s a far cry from what real Scrabble lovers would expect.

- Update freezes

Update: Zynga seems bent on getting rid of all their adult users. The app gets progressively, aggressively stupider with every update. It’s more geared toward two-year-olds all the time. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but sometimes I suspect that they built that freeze (mentioned below) in on purpose to get you to always update in hopes the new version will fix it, because with every update a new annoying popup feature for children comes along, or you’re now charged for things that used to be free. I normally avoid updates because of things like this, but that freeze has got me trying each new one that comes along. They’re building in new bugs all the time seems. First it was not being able to use voice to text in chat more than once. Then it was not being able to use the cursor in the chat box. It’s like a new bug every time. One would think that a $7 billion company could do better on quality control. And every new feature feels like they’re dumbing the app down to appeal to children because children are easier to bilk money out of. I’m an advanced player who’s been playing this app a lot since 2011. It feels like they’re trying to push people like me out with all of this baby stuff. ———- App now freezes after every play. What’s up zynga? Been playing this game almost a decade now and never had a problem with the app. This makes 2 updates progressively worse than the last.

- Bad design and each update brings new problems.

I received a developer response saying to contact them directly. As stated in this review, I had already contacted directly. They either did not feel they have a problem, or they did not care to share with tech people that this seems to be a glitch within the game. They said to do all the things they usually say. As stated below, they were all already done. Won’t waste more time getting in touch with them, when they do not believe there is ever anything wrong. Once again, Word Wheel does not work. The screen goes solid dark blue, just like right before the profile slides put from the right side. The profile, inventory, achievements etc., when selected, slide out from the right side, overlaying a full dark blue screen. The Word Wheel game just turns into a completely dark blue screen, with no functionality. Have to close the app and reopen it, because it does not even have a way to x it out. Just dead blue screen. Have done two updates and nothing changes. ________________ This time it’s Word Wheel does not work. Try to play and get blank blue screen. I DO have the latest update. I DID delete and reinstall. I DID sign out and in again. I DID contact customer service and they said they refreshed from their end. Two cycles of Word Wheel games and they still will not play. and I do not want another refresh, because that invariably causes something else. Isn’t anyone else having this problem? Please fix.

- Ads

Look, I know you all want us to purchase the ad free version. Sorry, but I don’t play enough to make that happen. So I use the ad version and there is a big problem with this. I often play while waiting in a waiting room or while watching TV with other people. I have my phone on silent. But , some of your ad refuse to be silent! All of a sudden there is a blast of noise from an ad that refuses to shut up! I go into a high anxiety panic trying to silence this ad that I didn’t even want to see! Also, suddenly all the ads are 30 seconds long and you can’t get past them. It gets where we see the same ad over and over and it is frustrating. There are a couple of games that I have seen the ads for about 1,000,000,000 times. I have begun to absolutely hate them. I will never download those games just because I have seen the ads far too much. Okay, done with the rant about the ads. The game itself is good. The badges are a nice touch and they make you want to get more points. The other little games in the game such as collecting things to get a new box is also fun. The dictionary is good and helpful. But, the dictionary often has words that it says it cannot define. Also, some foreign words are accepted but some aren’t. The game itself has done well with no glitches. I have enjoyed it a lot.

- Good App, But Uneven Support Outside of English

This is my favorite Scrabble-type mobile game and is popular with everyone I know for providing a quality experience. One feature I particularly liked was the ability to see the definition and a link to a dictionary entry for most words played when the game is set to English. This feature is something that sets the app apart from playing the traditional board game, and when combined with other gameplay improvements, it definitely makes the app better than the tediousness that sometimes is experienced when playing Scrabble by hand. What keeps this from being 5 stars for me is that not all words when the game is set to English have an associated definition or dictionary entry (will say something like “definition unavailable”), which makes it confusing how the developers chose what words make the cut for being playable. It also takes away from the learning aspect the app provides in being able to expand your vocabulary when an unusual word with no definition is played (e.g. Qi). I play equally in two languages, and the dictionary feature is absent altogether in the second language I play in (Portuguese). I would imagine it probably is only present in English, and would be glad to see it improved and expanded to other languages in the future.

- Apple Pencil with iOS14 Update

I always play Words with Friends 2 with my Apple Pencil on my iPad. I use it to scroll through the game and move tiles. However, With the new update to iOS 14, the app will not allow me to use the pencil to grab tiles once I open a game. Instead, now the pencil just scribbles all over the game board and there is no option to turn this off. I don’t need to scribble on a scrabble game board, it’s not a coloring page. It is pointless. So far, all other apps I’ve opened work fine with the pencil. Please fix to still allow the pencil to also be used to play the game by scrolling and grabbing tiles, not just as a drawing tool. Other issues I have is if you use a Word Radar and then leave that board, when you return the game closes the “radar” and then makes you “buy” another radar. They didn’t use to do this and it seems petty. Also, I like that that they allow you to change the game tile within each individual game. However, in one of my games it keeps reverting to this one game tile that I hate. Even though I have changed both my universal default tile and the individual game tile, every time I open the individual game it reverts back to this other tile that I can’t stand. It is annoying. I love WWF but constant little glitches happen enough to where I felt I needed to say something here.

- Fun game, but full of scammers

There has to be some way to vet out these scammers who begin unsolicited conversations with women. They are relentless and annoying, and they have the same script. I don’t believe most of them are native English speakers based on their canned conversations and poor game-playing. After I accepted several challenges (I hoped they were due to being ‘smart matched’ with someone), 3 different men all started similar conversations with me ‘hello dear’ or using my name in another one. Then in 2 of them it led almost immediately to ‘where are you from’ and in one straight to ‘so, are you married?’ In one where I didn’t answer his repeated ‘hellos’, he finally said ‘so you don’t chat?’ I answered that and told him hello, but I was leery of chatting due to being asked those questions. He said he understood. Then next question was ‘so, where are you from?’ That’s when I looked up words with friends trolls, and found that this is a thing where ppl have actually been scammed. I don’t know what the answer is except to never say yes to a game or maybe just never open conversations with people I don’t know, but in the past I was able to say ‘good game’ or ‘nice word’ without worrying someone was going to try to solicit money from me. I love the game itself, so this stinks.

- Progressively worse

This game used to be fun. Scrabble is fun. Just by itself. But apparently the geniuses behind WWF2 thought they could make it even better. So they destroyed it. The game is now so crowded with awards and levels and challenges and a ton of crap that it makes playing the game a tedious disaster. There is so much extraneous garbage that it takes 10-20 seconds to load the board every time I switch to the game. I’m not talking about opening it from closed. I’m talking about switching from my email or messaging to the game that is already in progress. Now it even bogs down when I play a word. The whole screen will freeze up for 10-15 seconds before eventually moving on. The game locks up for 15 seconds if my opponent sends me a chat message while I’m playing! And when the game is over and you try to start a new game, you can’t tell if it’s working because there is no response to touching the new game button. So you hit it a couple times and the stupid thing eventually opens four or five new games. It’s frustrating and ridiculous. There should be a way to opt out of all those absurd “gaming” levels and challenges and crap. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It wasn’t and now you’ve broken it. So this time it’s up to you to go make it right. Oh and there should be some way to provide feedback to the developer beyond writing a review.

- Words with Friends

I love to play this game to relax; however, this game frustrate me instead. The achievement system is not reliable. I finished level 20 and should have to 21. In my profile still shows me as level 20. I am now working to earn level 22. It’s very frustrating when one works hard to achieve a level and your system takes away. In different device it’s shows correct level 21, but in this device I am using it shows level 20. I delete the app and reloaded the app and is still showing my image with a 20. Also, there are too many words that are allowed which aren’t really words. When I look for definition there is none. This game allows foreign language words when I am playing in English. I understand that there are some foreign words that have been adopted and integrated into English language and are acceptable to use, but the words I see are definable not in common use. I wish the developers would take the time to read the reviews. I read a few and they all have the same issues in common. Please read the reviews! You ask for a rating, but you don’t read the reviews. This a great game to play, but you need to fix all the glitches. We are all telling you the problems. Listen to us .

- “Oops something went wrong”

I’ve had this message a couple of times, usually when trying to start a practice game. There is no way get rid of this open game, that you cannot play, that counts as one of your open practice games AND there is no way to contact the developer, outside of writing a review for the game itself, to help get rid of it. The last time this happened, they were responsive and got rid of the game for me. This time, however, not so much. I have had a practice game open, that I cannot play, for 189 days. I play the game every day. And other reviewers are indeed correct - the number of trollers has increased 10 fold over the past year or so. Now before I ever accept a game, I look up their profile to see when they became a member. If they’re new, I decline the game. I got tired of them holding up games for 10 days because I chose not to chat with them. A few are decent and will resign the game right away, but most are not. They will wait until the game resigns itself. I have put my settings so as NOT to be the daily match person, but they still find me. I sure with the developers could do something about this! And, I wish they’d close this practice game that’s been open for 189 days for me!

- Great Game with Cool Things!

This game is so fun because you can play a Scrabble-like game with friends and family. You can friend people, and when you start a game, you don’t like, have to stay on it forever. What I mean is, the other person might be taking a while and you get bored of just sitting and waiting. So, you can go out of the game and do something else while you are waiting. You can even start a different game with another person! So you can be playing TWO or more games at once! Also, while you are in a game, you can chat with your opponent. That can be helpful sometimes. You can also block, mute, or report someone while in chat. Another thing that you can do in a game is search up words in the dictionary that they have. This game also has many fun challenges and other extra things. You’ll figure it out if you get this fun game!So far I have even learned two new words: fete and hoons. This game really can teach you new words and things. I really encourage people to get this fun and awesome Scrabble-like game, and now you can play Scrabble virtually with faraway friends and family!

- Delays and catfish

I play this game often and I enjoy it, but I have been noticing that when I play the lightning rounds with groups, I get an overwhelming amount of men sending me 1:1 games. I know for certain that some of them are Nigerian catfish masquerading as U.S. servicemen and surgeons who are working for the UN and on assignment overseas. I am extremely resourceful when it comes to investigating and can say without any uncertainty that the men are catfish. If anyone from WWF ops wants to discuss, I would be happy to reveal my sources. Also, when I play QuickPlay, my game lags - majorly. My board will still be loading and the opponent has 50 points before I can even look at my letters. Then, in between words, the board will load and load and by the time it finally does, the game is over and I have lost. Other times, it will say it’s searching for an opponent and I will close out of the game to restart and try again and a game is in progress and I’m about to lose, which wastes a turn. There are a lot of glitches and the catfishing needs to be addressed. For the time being, I have changed my photo to one of my dog to deter weirdos from sending me games. I have still received quite a few and I’m thinking I may need to be a bit of a catfish myself and change my photo to a sumo wrestler and my name to “Butch” or something of the like to play unscathed.

- Honestly not the best

It has a lot of problems. There are weird challenges that you HAVE to participate in no matter what. Once, I decided to start a practice game and it glitched out so now I have no way of accessing it which means I can’t resign to fix the problem and I can’t make a new practice game either. Another time, I decided to play a game with a random person and for some reason, they added them to my friends list. But I didn’t search for their user name. I used the create game and pressed smart match. This would theoretically be in my game list, and I would have one match with them, and never see them again. There is no way to fix this that I know of. That’s another thing. It is very difficult to navigate the app, and you often can’t remember how to get to a certain place. Things can be glitchy at times, and in general, the app is missing a lot of thing that should be accessible through settings in the app. I’m sorry if this review was hard to read, I wrote it in five minutes and there is probably tons of mistakes. tl;dr Don’t get the app unless you really really need too. It really needs to be worked on. I don’t use the app any more, and don’t want to any time soon. Save your self time, confusion, and possibly anger, by not downloading it.

- Step in the WRONG direction

This new version is so ugly. With the previous version I started getting dropped games even after I would make my move. Then read online that the fix was to delete and reinstall the app. Upon looking at for it in the App Store, now it's called Words With Friends 2? First of all, what a stupid name to change it to. But I reinstalled it and now I see my dropped games, but the look, colors, the size of everything is so obnoxious. Whoever redesigned the UI needs to go back to middle school. Actually, that's what it looks like; it looks like an obnoxious elementary crappy textbook with stuff all bright and obnoxiously big. Anyway, wish the developers gave an option to view stuff zoomed out or in a classic mode; where I used to be able to see like 7 games on the screen, now I see like two or maybe three and then have to scroll. Unnecessary. And totally ugly UI. And also, stuff like giving me a super light blue (almost white) background and then putting white text on top of that??? Who thought that would be a good design choice idea, that's terrible layout and design; I could barely read it. But finally when I did read it, it was to say that my app is ad-free. Ad-free or not it looks like crap and it's a step in the WRONG direction. Make things simple-looking and easy to read, not obnoxious and bloated. This update offers ZERO improvement to the enjoyment of the game.

- The programmers don’t know the English language

It is frustrating enough playing this game because of the way they force their little rewards on you and you have to wait for those to process before you can continue playing. But worse than ever, is that I don’t think that these people are using any valid English dictionary to determine what is a word and what is not. I have an English writing degree and I can tell you that there of been multiple times when a word should have been acceptable and was not. These are words that were acceptable in the game of Scrabble, and I suggest the programmers start using Scrabble’s Dictionary or some other valid dictionary I have a feeling this is the result of programmers who have English as a second language. Very frustrating and I am considering quitting for this reason. Since I wrote the preceding words, the developer contacted me and told me that they use the Oxford English Dictionary and that they except 160,000 words. If they indeed used the Oxford English Dictionary, they would know that it has over 600,000 words in it. And they should also know that people who play word games are generally people who have a larger vocabulary than people who think there are only 160,000 words. Their response proved my point.

- Words 2

I’m sick of being tricked into playing your AIs when I tap next game. It should be our choice not yours!!!!! Also I’ve noticed that words that I know are words get rejected. I would like to submit screenshots when this happens so you can fix the dictionary. Thank you. Also, why are the same ads repeated over and over again? Plus I’ve noticed small strip ad at bottom of game. What’s up with that? And why can’t I get rid of a Bot challenge? If we are unaware that the next button will start a bot challenge that I didn’t want. Then there’s no way to get rid of it. This is SO Irritating!!! Please fix this game! I get so sick of hitting pass over and over again so many time before the game will give up and start a rematch. IT’S Ridiculous! And irritating! And we can’t even resign from an AI game. We are forced to play with it. OH, AND STOP THE MATHES!!!!! I AM SICK OF OF GETTING YOUR BOTS PLAYERS I DONT HAVE IT CHECK MARKED! Fix it. We’re not able to add pictures, So we can’t show you what’s happening. Your game is also matching us with real players now. I ended up with one that started asking me personal questions. Aka, where are you from, what do you do for a living. You better fix this or I will uninstall it!!!! I’m trying too resign from a word challenge name of Bot, Joan of Ark. When I tap rep resign it put it back in my game. I give up! I’m so sick of your game forcing players I don’t know and bots on me!

- Fun game but way too many technical glitches!

For the most part this is a fun game to play with your friends to pass he time, take a break, waiting at the doctors office but the adds are horrific; waiting 30-60 on between each move while playing an add is ridiculous; some just stop so you have to get out of the app and back in. If you did opt in the one ONLY time the no adds was offered with original app for 1.99 you are SOL. It should have offered with the real ease of WW2. WW2, although in Beta mode needs to stay there for a while as it still freezes when the host is talking (which by the way they do way toooooo much) and at times you have missed the question all together... so guess what? You’re done. I just do it for fun... not 2.20! People make comments on iG and FB all the time which go unanswered. Example.... 7 Feb 2019 “down for maintenance.” It has yet to be posted on IG but on FB ppl wanna an approximate time for the outage. Common courtesy you give your users an estimated time; even if you over estimate. I gave 3 stars because I don’t have a lot of problems other ppl have. And the weekly goals are INSANE. I just think you can do a better job communicating with your users. The only communication I’ve seen is for positive feedback. Thanks

- I love this game, but......

Great game, honestly, it's a great game. I love it and definitely think it was worth the upgraded ad free version. However, I have to caution people against ANY of the in-game purchases. My husband and I both have it. Guess what. He can buy power-ups for SUBSTANTIALLY fewer coins than I can buy them for. He can play the Solo games early for SUBSTANTIALLY fewer coins than I can. And when I ask support WHY? All they can say is that they occasionally try to see what works best. Well, there's no "occasionally" about it. His coins have ALWAYS bought more than my coins will buy. So...though this is a terrific game, be aware that they pick and choose which players get more "bang for their buck" as far as coins are concerned. I feel somewhat manipulated, and will NEVER actually purchase any coins. I will slowly accumulate them in the game, and purchase power-ups slower than my husband because the folks who run the games can pick and choose those who have more "buying" power. Though it's a great game, the inequality they manufacture is kinda frustrating. I do need to add, their tech support has always been helpful. That's an important part of these online games, and they do well with that.

- Scammers

I love the App but I found there are men trying to pick up women and more likely scam them for money. But last week I had a new type of scammer. It was a lady who said she just moved and wanted to make new friends. I decided to chat with her and she asked if we could chat on Google Hangouts. I am not connected to that form of social media so I told her I was on Instagram. It just got weirder and weirder. She said she knew Ellen and if I would like to appear on her show. I asked a few more questions to see where she was going with this and she actually had pictures of her with Ellen. She said she could raise 5000 for my transportation. I said I wasn’t traveling now because of the virus. The next day she asked for my SS number, Address, Email, and phone number. She was persistent and her flow of conversation would change calling me Miss and friend etc. I told her I don’t give out my SS number and blocked her on Instagram and WWF. I would have never thought this type of scam would happen on WWF so just a word of warning. I told her and the men who have appeared that I am 75 years old so that would turn some of them off! I now hope that my age would give me some wisdom.

- Fun game but...

Fun game but... improvements can be made. The game is engaging and does connect you with friends and family but there are things that bother me. Coins, etc awarded are lacking. If I spend my time on this game (on the daily word, for example, which takes a while), I should be given more than just a few meager coins. Even the word search puzzles reward you 10 coins for 12 games. Why not at least 12? Ads are constant and overwhelming. They interrupt the flow of games and waste time. There are way too many. Time is wasted in other ways. The wait in between forming words in Duals, for example, is tedious and at times costs me the game as my opponent wins while the game is stalled. Ridiculous! Time is also depleted when we are told every little coin we have won, whether it be one or two or 10. Less updates with more info would save time, battery power and interrupt us less often. Perhaps a reward section could be used so we could check. Battery power is drained too quickly when using the app and all the ads and slowdowns already mentioned contribute to that. I hope to keep playing but wish for improvements. I do enjoy the games here but the annoyances can greatly detract from them.

- Women Beware!!

Love this game been playing 9 years. In the past year there have been a buttload of foreign men starting games with me then ask to know me “more better” how’s my husband & kids? Where am I playing from? What do I do for a living? How old am I? Etc. I accept game & will answer not trying to be rude to anyone but answer in short half truths hoping they get the hint I don’t want to talk to them & I’m a single lesbian not looking for a man. Obvious by the way they talk they are not from USA but say they are or if called out they say born not in USA but currently live in USA but are working overseas and their wife usually died in car accident or cancer or they are divorced and always have at least 1 kid. I am honest with them I’m lesbian & not looking for a relationship of any kind but then they ask if I have hangouts so I made up an account with email just for that app. Once on hangouts some have said how much they love me & looking for a mom for their kid or ask for money, iTunes or google play cards or ask for my phone provider account so they can “pay with their own money” to get a phone. All I can say is WOW this is ridiculous! I report them on WWF as soon as they ask if I have hangouts.

- Complaint/Review

I loved WWF2 prior to the most recent changes. It appears the personal part of it is being removed. I enjoyed competing against my friends I’ve been playing with and now the competition level isn’t there....what fun is it with numbers against people you don’t even know. The sport for me is gone. Also, I cannot find people I played with before without searching and searching. It is becoming as if, making it better is making it worse. Also, to play a game pretty much daily throughout the day/night and get a few tokens that don’t even allow you to have a free turn is ridiculously cheap to me and not worthy of the effort put forth. Make it worth while. I’ve been playing Scrabble for a short period of time and the rewards make it a lot of fun and makes you want to play more for those rewards. Also, for people to start a game with you just to “chat” and when you don’t or not the way they want you have to have them drag your numbers down and hold that game hostage until it expires almost two weeks later is a bit long and ahold be addressed to allow the person that declines not be punished by “losing” that game.

- Wordy review

I really like this game. 5+ stars for sure and more like 10 stars. The continual improvements are great and positive and have never have gone into the negative. The new game wwf's.2 has got a lot of visual improvements and I like the "new" sounds. Personally I don't like how the game repeats by showing me what the other games are or new things etc. My suggestion for that would be to put all that on the settings page. Then a person can go there to discover what's new or how many badges they have etc. rather than all that interfacing when one first starts the app. but that's just a suggestion coming from me. Other players may be totally fine with the way it is which is still pretty awesome. I couldn't at this point ever give this app/game a negative review. It's just too well designed and plays well. Thank you for the many hours of pleasure and like another reviewer said, this game really helps to learn words. I have sent in a few word suggestions that didn't get added. Not sure why but I thought I'd bring that to the developers attention. Once again, thank you very much for an outstanding app.

- Only fix what is broken

Likes: I really enjoy the game and concept. I like that there are more rewards earned, but find them to be traded at a premium - I realize you want to make a profit, but you could definitely humor frequent players with a better value. Issues: My issues are with the screen design; namely the letter tray at the base of the screen often causes the screen of my iPad to go up with the swiping motion made from moving tiles to the board from the base of the screen. Despite trying not to, it happens repeatedly. The tray is nice at the bottom, but doesn’t work well with Apple’s swiping feature. Secondly, depending on whether you press on the face of the friend or on the line where the game information is recorded, determines whether you start a new game or continue play in the current game. This game option/feature is not ideally executed. I am indifferent to the visual effects of the new game design. Most people aren’t fired up about change, so gamers are skeptical when developers attempt to fix and improve on something not broken. It is generally considered a fail if after adjusting to the updated game or new version, players prefer the prior one. Moral of the story: only fix what is broken. 😊

- Beware the Scammers in Chat

Like another reviewer stated, the chat feature is annoying with random people wanting to engage in chat. They ask lots of personal questions. My experiences have revealed that most of the men who initiate chat are scammers. One in particular uses multiple profile names, but the same profile picture. Another one I had the misfortune of trusting, became very hostile and agitated when I finally figured out he was a scammer. He actually said he loved me and wanted me to be the mother of his son. And yet another one wanted me to travel to the UK to meet him. Some red flags to look for is, they have a new account, have only been playing WWF for a short period. They create new aliases and new accounts. They always want to know what you do for a living and they almost always claim to be a widower. Often times too, they have very high scores/standings because they cheat. (There are apps people use to cheat). So I no longer chat with these guys whose profiles seem suspicious to me. But as for the game .... I love playing Words and I have discovered new friends and reconnected with old friends playing Words.

- Ads trap you, getting worse.

First off, I really enjoy the game. I’ve even been thinking about buying some coins so I can get more power ups, but the price is just a bit too much for pretend coins in a silly game. I’d probably be willing to pay about 1/5 what they charge for coins, and I’d be a repeat customer too, but it’s not quite worth it for what they’re charging currently. As for there being ads, don’t mind them, and I don’t think there are too many (it’s just 1 ad per turn, and it’s the cost of playing for free, right?). But increasingly they’ve been placing ads that have no discernible way to exit (the X is invisible or something), so when you try to get out, it magically redirects you to the App Store or some website you didn’t want to go to. I’m not talking about exiting early. I’m talking about after the ad has played, I want to be able to exit back to the game. Now they’ve got an ad that shifts the screen sideways and has no way to exit. Again, I have no problem with there being ads, and I’ve even bought things from ads on this app, but I’ll never buy something from an ad that traps me then redirects me to somewhere I don’t want to go. They should require advertisers to have a clearly visible way of exiting the ad at the end. It’s frustrating. If this is fixed my rating would go to 4 or 5 stars.

- Words With Friends 2

An outgrowth of Scrabble, this game is developing through time. Updates keep changing it, sometimes for the better, sometimes I wish they would have left a feature the way it was. Whereas Scrabble didn’t allow a dictionary on the premises and I never learned a new word, Words has its own dictionary. When you or your friend enter a word it’s meaning is given along with an oral pronunciation. This gives you an opportunity to learn vocabulary. The dictionary is in a development process, so sometimes an entry hasn’t reached its ultimate perfection. All improvements take time. A feature that I would have liked to keep was the return of letters to their original placement. If I was developing a word and it needed more tweaking to make it fit I could touch return and it came back to the bottom just as it was. An update lost that feature. Now the word comes back scrambled so that I have to take time to redo it. Much care is put into the development and execution of this game. I recommend it for anyone who wants to keep on learning in an enjoyable way.

- A good game gone bad

Words with Friends is a fun game. I’ve had various versions of it since it first came out. It has a fun easy interface to use and is very intuitive. I have a lot of friends that I play with and often have at least half a dozen games going at once. The stats and rankings and records of games is cool too. My biggest complaint and the reason I rate it low is all the gewgaws, side games and challenges. I find them very annoying and distracting. They pop up after every move, telling you you’ve earned coins and challenges and seeds. It’s a pain to even open the app sometimes because you’re hit with them right away. Plus, I can’t prove it but it seems like, if you’re on a streak you start getting really bad letters. I’ve taken multiple screenshots where I’ve had nothing but sets of 2 or 3 vowels. It feels like the are pushing you to use one of the various power ups because that only started happening to me when I got the latest version of the game. Like I said I’ve been playing this game since 2010. If there were a way to turn off all the challenges and events and mystery box crap this app would get a much higher rating from me. As it is now, I only remain because I like to play and its very popular with my friends. It’s like facebook that way.

- Why so buggy???

This game used to be relaxing and fun to take my mind off things for awhile and then they kept tinkering and tinkering and tinkering with it - adding “levels” and “lightning play” all of which would be great if not so infuriatingly buggy. I would go on with the dozens of ways that bugs make it unplayable but these are already on dozens of forums and Facebook. As someone in IT who develops apps (yup it’s true) I can’t understand how these developers ignore the bugs. The one which finally prompted me to write this review instead of deleting the app for a week or so which is what I normally do is the levels bug that they claim is not a bug. This is one in which myself and some other very good players I know are stuck at lower levels than some very, frankly, stupid friends. You know the ones, the ones who always leave open triple word scores, never take advantage of high point letters to make high scores, whose idea of a good word is something like “broom”. How they suddenly woke up one day and got to level 20 and up while we who are killing it all the time are at levels 10-12 is mind numbing. My 75 year old grandma got to level 20 and said she has no idea what that means. Grrrrr. Anyway, done ranting. I’ll give two stars since i obviously still play for now.

- Uninstalling...

The amount of notifications this app produces is maddening. I don’t need 3-4 notifications a day about some in-game event. I’ve turned off all the notification settings in the game and it’s still happening. I’ve had to go into the global settings/notifications and only left ‘badge app icon’ turned on. This app would turn the screen on for my phone multiple times a day to show me a useless banner notification. I don’t care about your Eggstravaganza event and wouldn’t play it out of spite alone at this point. Not to mention the infuriatingly long tutorial based ad for final fantasy that happens EVERY time you complete a move. This is the only ad I’ve ever gotten. It’s faster to force quite the app and relaunch than work your way through the ad. The notifications even after all of my efforts to restrict them to something manageable are just too much. I’m finishing my current games and uninstalling. Edit: I received a developer response. Pity they couldn’t be bothered to read the third sentence of my review where I already went and turned off all the in game notifications. The problem is those settings didn’t stop the notifications I wanted to have stopped. Sending me a link to an FAQ to do something I already did isn’t helpful.

- New update is lame

I have been a WWF fanatic for several years. I loved the game. When the WWF2 app came out, I downloaded it and hated everything about it. The it looks like the Scrabble app (which I have never liked). The coins option is stupid, there is nothing worthwhile to purchase with them. I deleted it within a day or two, but the old app kept trying to force the new app on me! I opened my game this week only to find that it has been changed into WWF2. I hate it. It pushes playing one on one with the game, it’s play back is ridiculous, not even slightly a challenge. It forced the one on one on me so many times, I played it in the hopes that it will stop forcing it on me. The new graphics are confusing, too much garbage on the screen. I just want to play scrabble with my friends. I don’t need flashy garbage. I can’t find my games half the time. When I won a game, I chose the option to play them again at the end of the game. I started the new challenge, and it tried to force me to start another one again with the same person. Not sure how much longer I will be playing this app anymore. You’ve ruined it. No longer about challenging your mind and your friends and now is all about flashy graphics, stupid ads, and worthless coins that buy you nothing of value. Epic failure on Zynga. Give us back the OG WWF!!!!


This game used to be fun. This game used to be just about playing with friends, and maybe I’d get the occasional request from a stranger, and that would be okay also. The ads and game rewards have always been annoying and that hasn’t gotten any better, but that has taken a back seat to the dating site that this game has seemed to become overnight. It’s seriously ruining the whole experience for me. At first I would accept the chat only to be grilled about everything from my marital status to my religion. I appreciate the mute button but it’s not enough. There has to be some way to set some sort of privacy settings so these men can’t bother women who don’t want to be bothered to begin with. It’s become really creepy. Can we maybe accept them as friends first before ruining our stats and innundating our games with lonely men looking to hook up, who then abandon the game when you ignore them? If it weren’t for the real friends I play with and the good games I have with other women, I frankly would ditch this all together. This game gives me the creeps every time I sign in. These pathetic men have sucked the fun right out of the game, and so have you, for allowing this to continue, despite all the complaints. Shame on WFF for ruining a perfectly good game.

- Addictive and educational.

Besides the fact that there’s an ad for every word you play and you have to pay $9.99 for every 30 days of no ads, this game is addictive and I’m really learning....like a LOT. So much so, its not even about winning for me. I accept matches with people who have been playing 10x as long as me, who I know will beat me, just to watch them and see how they play and learn from them AND learn new words. I’m obsessed with the lightning round as well. This game is amazing. I played the old version a few years ago and obviously it didn’t impact me because I never re-downloaded it. This new version is quite a renovation. I love it! There are some glitches. Like sometimes the ’x’ that allows you to exit out of the ad doesn’t show up and I have to close and re-open the app. A lot of the ads have fake a ’x’, too. If you don’t catch it, it tricks you into clicking the ad and opens a new window. Thats annoying and deceptive. I really wish there was a one-time fee to remove ads. I really don’t want to pay $9.99 for a 30 day ad-free ”bundle.” Sounds like a subscription to me but it’s advertised as a ”bundle.” Every rose has its thorn. :D

- Great game! Horrible ads!!!!!!!

The game is great. But there should be an option to pay for ad free. The old version had this. We loved that version and resisted moving to the new game for that very reason. Had I not been forced to upgrade to a newer phone that will not run the old version, I would still be very happy with that one. However, since being forced to use the newer version, I have found it to be an enjoyable improvement. I love the sounds and some of the options like hindsight, but they are not worth the insufferable, loud apps that auto play after the game sometimes. I don’t even mind the ads that promote other possible games I might like. But the video ads are the worst thing. I can’t mute my phone quickly enough, and the is no mute option. It is annoying enough that I will just quit playing at all during the hours that those ads show up. Plus, some of them have a “skip” option that just doesn’t work. I guess if you make the skip button small enough it gets folks to accidentally click through to whatever that is it keeps taking me to and they somehow profit from errant clicks even though I immediately dismiss that other page and go right back to the game. A good move would be to offer the “pay to play ad free” option, or at the very least eliminate the video ads.

- Fun, but problems

Quick play games have a couple of issues. Today I finished 1 game and started the next. But my first screen in the next game was the last screen of the previous game. And I could not clear it. First Swap attempt lead to Loading Board, but came back with same screen after several seconds. And nothing o tried made any difference. I watched as opponent’s score racked up and showed a shutout. I even turned off the iPhone screen, reopened it, entered my frozen screen, with no response to inputs. When opponent won everything reset as normal. This experience followed a game where my opponent didn’t even get on the board until my score was over 100. Reason unknown to me, obviously. Another issue I have benefited from a couple times: Somehow game loses track of available number of coins to play the game, and you can keep on playing until you feel like the earned stars lead is sufficient to win the series. i.e. coins to play never goes to zero. When you exit play, coin management returns to normal, in my experiences. A limit of 3 games in a row could be a solution to this bug, if you don’t find root cause.

- I have a suggestion!🌟🌟💫

If this suggestion is bad, please don’t give me hate. Anyway, I had a dream a few nights ago, where on Words With Friends, you could create a game, and there would be a chance of you getting a board with a special spot on the board to put a letter on. On that spot you can only put an N. Now, you can put other letters on it, but it wouldn’t count for the bonus. Right under that special N spot is a regular spot, and then under that spot is another spacial N spot. To get the full bonus, you put another N on the second N spot. Now, this seems hard. What would the special bonus be? Is it worth it? The special bonus is: each N spot counts for 1 quadruple word score. You only get the score if there is an N in that spot. If an N is on both spots, your word is x8. And that’s not all, once you play the word you will get free 5 Swap+’s. I will let Words With Friends choose where they want to put these spots, if this is a good idea. P.S. Sorry if my review name is 5 stars for Word Cookies, I used it for another review and it won’t let me change it.

- Words with Friends

I love to play, but I have some complaints. You have made the weekly challenge too difficult and it’s not worth it. It was nice when it was 7000 or so, but raising it to over 13,000 is over the top. After achieving this goal several times, the rewards are pathetic compared to other events. I no longer care about getting there. When are you going to finish this new dictionary that you have been updating? for years??? You allow words that I can’t find in any other dictionary and ignore words that are real. Why Is Texas allowed but no other state. Why is some obscure town or river in some faraway country ok, but not all rivers in the U.S. or other modern countries. Everybody calls raccoons, coons, except you, as an example of my frustration. Why are French words and other foreign words acceptable, but most Spanish words are not accepted? You started awarding me magnifying glasses a few months ago with no icon to use them. Magically they appeared on my games 2 days ago. I have 99+ that I could have been using. I love the word challenge and the monthly challenge. Also I like the flash challenges.

- Game is screwed up on my ipad

Every time I go to play on my ipad, the game is not formatted correctly. I go to hit the drop down for rewards and it drops and goes right back up, so I can’t click anything in it. So I uninstall, then reinstall and it works. Next time I go to play, in the same day, it’s not formatted correctly again! I have to uninstall/reinstall like EVERY TIME I PLAY! My iPad is current and up to date. I am connected to wifi. I try to send them a note to explain, even have screen shots of the weirdness, but in the messaging part in the help section, it WONT LET ME ATTACH MY PICS! Then they make all these suggestions which I have done already, and ask me to send pics, and I literally just told them it won’t let me. I do, in fact, know how to attach pics, and when I say it won’t let me, it won’t let me! I’m not an idiot! (Well, maybe I am, because I keep playing and it’s so friggin frustrating!). Works fine on my iphone, but not iPad. ALSO, I never get the “pop-up” events on my iPad. They are only available on iphone. Same with the new purple coins where if you click it, it suggests where to play and highlights the letters to use to make the word. Those NEVER SHOW UP ON MY IPAD, but are there and available to use on my iphone. WHAT THE FRICK IS GOING ON? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TO WWF2

- New version limits extras

While there are some good things about the new version of the game, I’ve noticed after a couple weeks of using it that it’s much harder to get coins, which can then be used to use additional features like hindsight, etc. In the old version of the game the daily bonus was 15 coins, which allowed for at least one “extra” feature to be purchased. The new daily gift is usually only 2 coins—not even enough to buy one hindsight. So since this new version has been released I’ve noticed I have way fewer opportunities to use the extra features like hindsight, which I miss. While I do play this game pretty much daily, I often don’t play enough in a week to complete the challenge, which provides 100 coin bonus. Also, the new solo challenge is fun, but once you complete the challenge you can no longer play until the next solo challenge is released, which I hope is changed. Why not let the player rematch with the computer challengers even after they’ve beaten them once? But in general the game is really fun and I’m glad the developers are working to improve it all the time.

- Sad

I have to login and logout all the time in order to get messages between people that I play with on the game. It tends to freeze a lot. It’s not a very smooth game or well-developed app. It’s getting really annoying to have to login logout login just to get messages because someone is playing on a different device a kindle to be exact. Stop with the fancy upgrades and make it more simple basic I love playing this game and keeping in contact with friends but you can’t message them if they’re on a different device it’s really annoying and I do agree that they won’t respond of this. Come on developers you’re smart people right figure this out dumb down the game make it simple get your graphics better get the color of the game better so you can actually see what you’re doing. How come every time I have to login I have to go through and delete the games I’ve already deleted that’s annoying once I deleted them they should stay off the game it’s annoying fix it I know you told me in the past it’s all on your servers will get it figured out so I don’t have to keep going through a whole process just to play one game. Now I can’t login it won’t connect to the server one thing after the other this for real I just want to play words with friends with my friends

- Love playing it, but not looking at it

I do very much enjoy the game. Not only is it a fun way to learn, keep your mind active and challenge yourself, it also helps you stay in touch with friends and family. I may go a week or two not communicating with others if left to initiate conversations on my own. But, I definitely don’t skip taking my turn every day and sending off a quick message using the in game chat feature. Thank you for providing that option. Personal preference, but I do not like the new version, WWF2. The colors, graphics, etc., feel more like a kids game than a game for intelligent adults. I don’t give a rip about some strangers high score or what the popular words are. Put these somewhere else if you must have them. I prefer that space to be used for in game stats like words played and definitions. These two areas should take up the entire column. If you feel you must keep other stats then make them relevant to me. Show high scores for my friends so I can congratulate them, or track the highest scoring word for the current game rather than saving it until the end.

- I lost my account and what’s up with theses scammers??

What’s going on with WWF? I lost all my games and my account too. I had to start over and I’ve been playing some people for years and years. Luckily i was able to find a few and I now have a whole new list of people to play. NOW...here’s my problem every day I’m getting 3 sometimes 4 players that are the”scammers”. They all have the same story. Work for Exxon Mobil, are widowers or divorced wit a child that’s in boarding school and are quite insistent that i download “hangouts”. I’ve said no and they still try. I’ve been taking screenshots of them seeing as there are quite a few. I even played their game and tried to scam the scammer. Today i decided not to let them go on so i said “Let me guess, you work in the oil field, you’re a widower, you have a child and would like to get to know me better on hangouts. Ive actually seen your pic on a forum all about you scammers” And just like that he disappeared. But guess what? I have another trying now. They’re relentless.

- The game is okay but...

The game is fun to play and keeps me busy but a few things need to be changed. I think that you should give people two minutes to play back in a game. Some people take longer that 2 days to play back and it gets aggravating because if you are playing a game like Scrabble which is similar to Words With Friends you should play as if you are playing it with an actual board right next to you. So if you were playing the game in real life you wouldn’t take longer than 2 days to play. Another thing that needs to change about the game is the fact that you can’t unfriend somebody because sometimes i start games with people i don’t know and think that i’m about to play a good game but if i play with someone i expect them to play back and forth with me, not come back five days later with a 55 point word and also some people always stay number one in the standings without giving anyone else a chance to be #1, not even for a day. By the way, i am specifically talking about: Owensbigrob44 and Annie🎶 Overall, the game is fun and keeps be busy and also teaches me some new words. Great game, but some things need to change.

- Excessive Ads

Every SINGLE play you do you get an ad right after without fail. I have an iPhone 8 and often times the ad will freeze my game forcing me to force close or mess up the screen, forcing me to force close as well. I don’t have this issue with any other app on my phone, even with games way bigger. I get they want to make money and it’s free, but the ads are SO annoying. You are bombarded with apps constantly and honestly I never do this, but I’d be willing to pay a $1 just to remove them. Aside from that it’s easy to use and easy to play without making in app purchases. Get rid of the excessive ads or allow us a way to remove them altogether and it’s a 5 Star game. As of right now though I’m debating on just deleting it because the ads are frustrating and often mess up what could be a quick game. This might as well be called Ads with Friends 2 because you’re going to spend 95% of the time watching them, failing at closing them, or having to reload the game. The in app transactions offer an unfair advantage to people with $$ and the AI clearly always have better letters than you to encourage spending, I can ignore all of that if you just take out your ridiculous amount of ads. Somebody must be in crippling debt in that company or something.

- Disappointed

I love this game, but I don’t like the changes that happened in the past few weeks. First of all, I can’t watch any ads at all to earn extra coins. I used to be able to watch 10 ads per day to earn 30 coins. Not any more. When playing solo challenge, I used to be able to watch an ad a few times to advance to the next challenger. Not any more. When playing Duels, it used to cost me 10 coins to refill 3 plays, now it costs 20. And at least 30% of the time the game is so laggy, it keeps saying “loading my board”! By the time I get to take my turn, my opponent is way ahead of me or I lose my coin altogether. My last complaint is the daily word play. There is NO WAY anyone can hit 249 points in 3 plays—I can get to 200 at best. Before, I could watch an ad to earn 3 more turns, but now when I tap on “watch ad” it says I’m sorry, you have played all the boards available for the day. How can 3 boards be the max??? I’m really frustrated!!! Now today, the Duel games are completely gone. They’re so fun when they work. Totally bummed.... Update: they fixed the quick play duels and I can play them again! YAY!

- Avoid At ALL Costs

For those of you who have ever had the unpleasant experience of dealing with customer service at Spirit Airlines, I promise you, if you ever deal with these ‘people’ it’ll be just as bad. The app is unreliable. This on its own merit is stunning in the year 2020, with an app that’s been around for so long and a company who trades publicly. Once any sort of issue comes about, you are forced to deal with this online encyclopedia to fix your own problem. You then *might* get to speak with someone / something (I have no idea if it’s a real person) after endless tries to resolve your issues. Finally, the service from the end result is atrocious. Zero care. Zero haste. Zero desire to show you matter as a customer. To Zynga, we are nothing more than pawns in their pitiful ability to monetize the game through relentless ads to stay relevant and profitable. It’s such a joke. Show some value. Improve your functionality. Offer real customer service. You’ve been around longer than most of these games and you operate like it’s still 2012. It’s embarrassing. Go spend your time with a game that’s modernized, truth worthy, and has someone there to help if/when you get in a bind. And, let’s be real. You ripped off Scrabble. I’ll be heading to their app.

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- Great game ruined by garishly offensive ads

The brain-exercise and social aspects of this game border on inestimable! Congratulations! HOWEVER, sadly, whilst people who play WWF obviously have a common interest in words, it is evident that they have a level of intelligence that deserves better than any of the full-screen ads or, in fact, any ads at all. There are few advertised products that would interest your clientele (who just want to play the game!), all of whom do not want to spend their time and that of the battery of their devices waiting until they can click it off. To add recent insult to injury, after playing a move, I regularly experience a black screen with no ad, just a centre timer icon that uses up more than 20 seconds before my irritated tapping on the screen brings it all back to game life. Several attempts at deleting and re-downloading the app have not eradicated the problem. I am unsure of the revenue that these god-awful ads raise, but I am sure that every one of your clientele would prefer to pay initially for the app, even with perhaps an annual feeI for continuing “club membership”. I, for one, am looking at changing to another Scrabble app with no ads, for which I am happy to pay. Please note that the rating is for the app only.

- Excellent game... 1 issue though

Everything about this game is great! Except the ads. I’ve seen complaints about them in the reviews many times, there are plenty of us happy to pay a once off fee to get rid of the ads. I have also seen the response from the developers to this as wanting to keep the game free for everyone. Very charitable... Obviously you would make more money regularly from ongoing ad revenue than people paying a couple of bucks as a once off fee, and I can understand that is good business, even if I don't like it as a user. What I have a big problem with is that there appears to be some ad in your line up that is nothing but a black screen. And it doesn’t go away! It doesn’t time out and take me back to the game, I’ve let it sit there for several minutes several times and ultimately I have to switch my entire phone off and back on again to get back into the game. It drives me crazy and is a negative user experience. I’ve run the update this week and sadly it didn’t fix it at all. If you insist on keeping the ads in place despite repeated requests a from long time users let us pay to remove them can you at least make sure they don’t bring the game to a screaming halt. Thanks

- still problematic

I’ve been playing WWF for years, and the app still has problems it’s always had. If I play all the games (keep hitting Next Game til there is no more Next Game) then minimise the app, only to find a number on the app icon indicating there’s a game or two to play. Surely this bug can be fixed? Other problems aren’t so much bugs as obvious options WWF could include. Why can’t I play a game using one of the various dictionaries one can download to an iPhone? I can play using some bogus US ‘games dictionary’ that has plenty of non-words, and plenty of words that are valid (to use in the game) but have no listed meaning. I can choose British English - which is a different set of valid words, but has no listed meanings. But I can’t choose from various dictionaries that a freely available to other iphone apps. Why are the various awards and badges not something I can opt not to see. I do not take part in any way, I don’t take any notice, yet increasingly, with each iteration of the app, I have to click on the occasional screen to accept some badge and choose “great” or “thanks” or whatever, just to make the next move. One last suggestion, for now: a choice of skins would be great. The colour scheme this game has is as garish (though not as unreadable) as the official Scrabble™ app - could we please have some choice around the colours of tiles etc? thanks

- Changes

I’ve played this game with great enjoyment for years. Then you changed the set up. I’m lost as to how to do things I did automatically, eg, how to receive prize boxes for achievements, and when I answer a message from a friend, I find I can’t then go straight into our game, but have to come out of it, and go back in again. Very annoying. I don’t mind changes, but they need to benefit the player. The old saying....If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. My latest beef is why have you made it that when I place a tile, the game ‘zooms’ in on that spot...I want to be able to see the entire board, just in case I change my mind as to where I want to play. I repeat my previous phrase...if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Please listen to players, or you will loose them! Unfortunately I’m having further trouble...don’t if it’s my IPad, the signal I’m receiving or the game. When I try to play a letter the key board comes up and blocks half the game. I’m having issues with moving from one game to the next. I know I sound like a ‘serial’ complainant, but honestly, I love the game, have played it since 2013 but at this time, can’t play it at all.

- Song2

I really like playing the game with friends. It keeps us in touch with the option to send a message or contact with strangers without pressure. Also like that I have time to get back to the game when there are busy periods when I’m not able to play. And even then I can be prompted or prompt them as the case may be or check previous games & start again as many games with whom I please. Maybe one of the best things is knowing whether a word is possible with the green or red highlight. A long review but was easy to write. My thanks. I actually wrote this review some time ago. And it was all good. Now I have just read another review with which concur on every level. Basically the ads drive me crazy as there’s no quick x to exit it & it uses up precious battery & my time. It is spoiling my experience & I may opt out if this continues. I too wouldn’t mind purchasing the option to be ad-free depending on cost. And there’s no way I will support the ad presented after such an annoyance. I hope I get a reply to my review that gives me hope for this to change. Thx

- Words with Friends

I am a 64 y/o retired Air Force Officer who has a bit of time to spare. Some dear friends suggested this game to me a few months ago and I have playing it nearly everyday since. When you are stuck just try any mixture of letters as there are so many words that we have never heard of, then often you are able to at least get a word even if low scoring. It is very entertaining and a lot of fun as well as demanding a lot of brain power at times. Which is good for our brain surely. At least try it and I'm sure, like me, you will soon enjoy the giving of your time and skills it requires. You get to meet many people if you like to do that, as you can have as many games open at the same time as you like. You can also send messages to your opponents through the app. You can play with your current friends/contacts or the app will find new players for you and with similar skill levels if you wish. Good luck and happy Word Hunting. Enjo 😉👍🏻

- Great game ...

... but a feature I’d really be keen on is the ability to limit the time to think about words to play that players get, and if they fail to play a word within the alotted time they forfeit their move. Players should be able to agree before the game on the time that their allowed to think, e.g. 5 minutes after seeing what the other player has played. This feature would really give an advantage to players with large vocabularies over those who simply have lots of time to try words. Another feature worth introducing is a limit on the number of words you’re allowed to submit, e.g. on any given move you can try to submit only three words and after the third unsuccessful submission you also forfeit your move. This, of course, would require switching off any support that tells you whether a wordis playable or not. And again, this would have to be agreed upon by both players before starting a game.

- Beware of scammers

My only issue with this app is the vast amount of individuals that think it’s okay to use this platform to attempt to scam you. On average of twice every night I will be contacted by people who try to gain a foothold into my personal life by asking stupid questions in the message inbox. In good faith I will always respond if someone writes a message, just tonight when an individual asked me what I did for a living, I responded ‘law enforcement’ lol they quickly blocked me. There should be an easier way to report them. My advice to these scammers is ‘get a real job’ and my advice to other players is ..... they can’t actually spell and you can read their accents in the way they write.

- Political advertising should be off limits / Terrible Dictionary

POLITICAL ADVERTISING I will be boycotting Words With Friends2 if you continue to run ads for racist right wing politicians. UPDATE In addition to my issues with the dictionary, I’d like to comment on the levels, badges and tile options. These are distractions that are so unnecessary and developed to the interest levels of children. You can’t imagine how uninspiring the notification to join the “funky chicken” something or other really is. I will be turning off notifications now. There are some seriously good players using this app. How about treating us as the adults we are. ORIGINAL REVIEW This is a fun game and generally a nice community of players BUT the dictionary is terrible and this issue has been going on for far too long. Some examples, 1. There are a large number of words that the game accepts but can’t provide a definition, I’m most cases neither can any if the standard accepted dictionaries around the world. 2. It accepts some foreign language words that are not in normal usage in the English language. Your guess is as good as mine as to which ones are acceptable and which aren’t. 3. It accepts some names, not at. Once again without any clear explanation why. It’s time for developers to identify for users the dictionaries supporting this app and to stop the use of words that are not in those dictionaries.

- I love playing but cannot report abuse

I absolutely love the game great for your mind. Meet new friends around the world. I have been playing for about 4 to 6 years. BUT BE AWARE they allow scammers that try to scam women. Just one scammer alone uses number of different identities. Always these guys are new to word and widow with at least one child, works away from home They ask for itune card, money or for u to accept a parcel. They ask to talk on hangout or Whatsapp. I have tried to report to Word these guys so they could block them. I have led them on to see if they r scammers. I have been unable to report to Word, so they could monitor new people. The only line to do so is abuse p. That I found is deleted. So womem be careful. Don't fall for these guys charms. One told me yesterday on hangout so many of u do and u give so much money. WORD FOR FRIENDS turn on your abuse line and block when u r informed

- New App is horrible and too noisy

I have been a wwf player for a long time, bought the ad free version, bought the data packs etc...i.e. Your target customer....and your new WWF2 stinks. It's too noisy, too many pop ups, too many prizes in the way of the game, it's hard to want to play and too easy now with all the cheats. Way to go to ruin the game. I played the old version as long as I could but have been force to upgrade, and playing the new one for a few months to give it a chance....but it is just a far inferior version to the original. I am not alone either....all my regular opponents hate it too. In fact there is now less chance of me wanting to spend more on the app as I am barely on it. Make the noise optional in settings, I simply don't care about coins or buying cheats and don't want to see these and they are turning me away from the game and from spending real cash on better game play, not cheats. Nor do I want to play against BOT's....they aren't the same as a real player who challenges you.

- Great Game for kids over the age of 8!

This game is really good, the only thing I’m having trouble with the moment, is practice mode. It keeps on saying you’ve reached the maximum number of games, finish to play more. I press on my game but it keeps saying “Oops, something went wrong!” I am a 9 year old and I think this game is good for the brain because it helps with your reading and knowledge. I also don’t like the fact the anonymous people are wondering if you want to play with them (STRANGER DANGER alert!) So why can’t Zynga make an update that only with people that are your friends you can only play with. When I was about 5, I downloaded the first Words with Friends and I played with people I didn’t know. They were sending me weird messages that gave me a suspicious feeling. Also, is there ever gonna be a Words With Friends 3?

- Good game ruined by misguided theories of engagement

Dear Zynga, a word game is not Candy Crush. Intentionally cluttered busy screens & schizophrenic rewards & challenges pitching themselves into your face run contrary to your (impersonal) cut and paste responses below stating your primary interest as "streamlining" the players experience. Users (including myself) supporting you by paying for ad-free service only to have that disappear in the update is just cold. Read your audience, stop trying to do everything at once in one app, remember why users got behind WWF in the first place (the clue is in the title), put down the generic strategy book on user engagement, gamifying every aspect of the experience and making it as noisy as possible, stop responding to complaints with insincere cookie cutter responses or wait for a smarter developer to respect and steal your audience. Or you know, keep your slot machine spinning, pull in that ad revenue and make all the money in the meantime. Do not recommend this game. Cue generic response in 3, 2, 1...

- Great game but recently

I’ve been playing this game for a long time as well as buying the full version for no ads between games, but recently I’ve noticed that the ads for coins option in the shop has been playing ads that don’t register for coins, but register as played so you get to the ad limit without receiving any coins at all. I have contacted Zynga several times regarding this all with the same response: give me extra coins for inconvenience, tell me to check the app is updated (most people on Apple have automatic updates) and to also restart the app. These do not work. While I understand that you can’t control the ads that appear you can control the format of the ads so that they all perform in the same way. It would be great to have this resolved.

- Hate The Ads

Love Words With Friends and have played through many updates. Bringing in ads has definitely been a backward step for me. Cheeky strategies such as changing location of the close x each ad is just awful and frankly rude. Most ads have a poker machine feel that makes me cringe. The videos are hideous and repetitive and I shut the app between every go to turn them off. That is a LOT of closing and re-opening in every session of play. Just delays play and annoys me. All recent changes have been Downgrades to my mind. If the developers need to court advertising to make dollars, where is the option to buy an ad free app? Is the plan to make us hate it so much that an ad free version will be snapped up?? Yes, I still play. Essential product is too good not to. But first developer to give an ad free version and I will be convincing my Friends to swap with me!!

- Unfortunately Getting Worse

For a game that was already somewhat annoying to use from a UX perspective, it’s progressively getting worse. Having to scroll past ads for other games to actually play the game is kind of admitting that you’ve given up trying to make it better in favour of your newer titles. The latest changes only add to the confusion of what was once a great game that, after losing some popularity, didn’t pay homage to the players who just wanted to play “words with friends”, and instead tried to lead them down the path of a game that seemingly has no idea where it’s going or the ability to convey this to the end user. As an app developer myself I know the feeling of receiving a bad review, so I hope this is received in the way it was intended, as honest feedback from a real user hoping to stem the flow of questionable decision making from a roadmap perspective.

- Too many extras

I have played this game for several years now but I am now on the verge of deleting it. It has become so overloaded with so many extras, that it’s annoying to play. I love playing WWF with my friends, not with the system or total strangers. I am not a child and I am not interested in badges, goals, rewards, stickers or achievements or winning coins for “cheats”. I’m sure there are some folk out there that love these extras, but I’m not one of them. If the reviews are anything to go by, I’m not alone in my opinion. I would request that the developers please include the option in settings, that would allow one to disable any or all the extras and just leave us with the bare bones version that allows one to play without all the embellishments. Thank you.

- I loved this game BUT now am even more fed up than the last time I commented

If I wasn't playing with a lifelong friend overseas I'd ditch this once-wonderful game completely. Why can't some of these unsolicited "improvements" be made optional, like it no longer asking if I really want to send a word and so doesn't allow me time to really think about what I mean to send. Other hassles it's never fixed is still allowing words that it has no definition for, including a lot of ludicrous slang, using suspect spellings of others and not allowing perfectly good words for no imaginable reason. And more... I'm not interested in constantly finding a new person to play with or clever (not) new challenges, I just want to wind down and play a relaxing game with a friend I've known for ages, not get wound up/over-excited by seeing who on the planet I can beat. I'm just saying there needs to be a place for our kind of player, too.

- Bring back truly random matches

Since WWF2 changed how you find random opponents, it has turned into an effort to avoid awkward exchanges with people who ultimately want your phone number. Women I know find this format particularly limiting as you can’t ask for a random opponent without that person thinking you “chose” them and therefore are attracted to them or something (there’s no way to know if the person asked for a random match or whether they picked you on purpose based on your photo). I just don’t use that feature anymore, and only play with people I know. It’s a shame because I used to love the lucky dip of finding someone new to play without them thinking they can hit on you. It’s made the app sleazier, I’m afraid.

- Awful

I got a new phone recently and have discovered I can no longer download WWF, which I had paid a premium for to have no ads. I have been forced to download WWF2, which is essentially unplayable due to the constant ads which take up the whole screen with a tiny little cross that is almost impossible to hit without opening a web page about the product being advertised. I have been unable to login and get my old details back such as my stats, which I am not too bothered about but some people might be. Such a shame, I absolutely loved playing WWF and it has been ruined for me now. I’ll have to see if my friends will move to the Scrabble app with me!

- What has gone wrong??

I've been playing WWF for 7 years - love it, but recently words are being accepted that are not valid words, and the description of the accepted word is 'not a valid WWF word' or something to that effect. One example is JE in the USA version. I try to use it and can't but many of my opponents are using it and getting away with it. There are many other words that are not accepted but some players can still use them - what is going on? Hard enough to play against opponents who use seriously obscure words and are probably using a cheat app, without also having to deal with this issue. Can it be fixed?

- Where is the love?!

Let’s take a step back and look at this so called rewards system Zynga have implemented. First they decimated the daily reward and now give us two coins a day. They removed the coins for winning a match. Then they increased the price of the power ups by nearly 1000%. On top of that they continue to increase the weekly challenge to impossible levels for the average player. They originally gave us a decent reward system and then took it away under the guise of a fancy new Words 2, to which we basically cajoled into shifting to. The reward system from the previous iteration vanished without any warning. I suggest you ease up the cost of the power ups. Similar to what they used to be. Increase the daily rewards: having to press ‘Great’ to accept 2 coins is quite simply demeaning. And bring back a decent reward for winning a game, perhaps even implement a streak system. Oh, and one last thing. Would somebody in charge of the dictionaries please google ‘DAN definition’. It’s acceptable as UK English and US English. I have literally been trying for years to have this word allowed. There seems to be no clear support for additional real actual words anywhere. You let TURNT and QUO et al. through. Neither of which should be allowed. Seriously though. Please make DAN an acceptable word.

- Love to play but...

The ads are ridiculous. Targeted to morons. Scammers who have fake profiles. I’ve been playing 9 years or more so it’s easy to spot them but feel sorry for vulnerable players who get taken in by the “...but you’re SO beautiful...” lines. The goals & rewards disappeared this week. “Just tweaking” your goals, it’s said for days...shows me anywhere between 2-22 hours, and they’ll be ready. Regardless of when I check back it’s still 2-22 hours. The game itself is great, when you get to play with someone who’s into playing a good game. But if those blokes start talking about their heartache and your marital status - ditch ‘Em quick. Fix the “goals” bug and you’ll get four stars from me. Fix the super-long, super-lame & super frequent ads and you’d get five.

- Ads... bet you haven’t heard this before

I would happily pay $15 once and have ads removed permanently. I also feel most people would agree to this considering the current system. There are way too many ads shoved into this game and expecting people to pay $15 A MONTH is mental. I really do enjoy your game and I’m fine supporting it just like make it reasonable no monthly payments just a one time thing. If nothing happens about this people are gonna start realising they can play other games like scrabble or word chums and get rid of ads right away with one payment. Take this into consideration. If your worried about your money I doubt it would go down it would either stay even or you may even earn more because $15 ONCE is actually affordable.

- Going backwards here!

I have played wwf for years, and have loved it. I dislike the new version. It is the slowest app on my ipad to load, keeps changing goals, targets, rewards. Hello ! I want to play words with friends! I am not a team player, competitive , or need to have my back slapped every time I play a word. I just want a reasonably responsive app to allow me to enjoy a good words game. I have tolerated all these annoyances because I have a few regular good friends whom I met on this app. But, I now am being hit with huge annoying ads that take forever to disappear. I am almost over it, and hope to take my friends with me! I paid for an ad free version years ago, only to have them reappear now. I would pay again, but how? Sad to go, but going nonetheless.

- Unfair start to challenges.

I’ve noticed lately that you have been late starting challenges, & not adding points accrued from when a new challenge starts, up until you come in late with new challenge. So unfair! In addition, I have complained about a few things that needed your attention, including questions about changing over to Words2, but even though I received an entirety number, you never got back to me. So, even though I have given you 5 stars, it is my hope that you will improve things in the near future! I’m not a fan of those coins etc, either. I don’t use them & they’re so annoying!

- Ads

While I do understand that ads are necessary for a free game and you can pay to have them removed , could you please use ads that can be exited out of. In the last week I have had the same ad after every turn ( which is fine ) but once the ad is finished it has no exit button to return to the game, I end up having to completely close the app and restart the game after every turn I make. I love this game and I have many opponents who I really enjoy challenging but these stupid non exiting ads are going to make me not want to play it anymore. P.S. believe me if I could afford to pay the fee to remove the ads I would but my family life expenses do not allow.

- Good app generally but....

Like other reviewers have been playing for years (since 2011 and my first iPhone). Don’t like the badges and wish I could switch off that function and just “play the game”. Used to it happening across the board but seasonal signals (like snow flakes) just remind me that people in the northern hemisphere never think that those in the souther hemisphere are experiencing high summer....and generally rarely encounter snow even in our winter. Last point: while US colloquialisms are accepted those from other English speaking countries generally aren’t. Understandable given where App was developed, but still irritating when your high scoring word is not recognised and rejected. But I’m still playing the game!

- No no no

There are several things I don’t like. - you need to be precise where you tap to open the store otherwise you open your own profile. The two are not clearly defined separate but are located in the top bar. - the big blue plus sign to add a game is too big and gets in the way when scrolling - the new sounds are annoying random notes. I didn’t mind the droplet sounds in previous version but omg the new sounds are horrible. I turned off sounds immediately but feel denied that satisfying sound (which hasn’t changed) when the word strength is high. - the old board had shadow contrast that created 3D depth to the board. It is pale now and lacks that depth. I don’t like it. It looks dull and kind of cheap. And while I’m here, a comment in WWF challenges. The weekly challenge is unfair. If you play all the time it becomes unattainable. Other players earn the same badge but are required to earn a whole lot less points to get it. The only way to reduce your own requirements is to park your game for weeks until the requirement drops to a reasonable level again. That is defeating. Why can’t you vary it? Make some badges hard and some easy but the same for everyone. That way there are bragging rights for those who achieve by working hard for the hard badges.

- Great game once you learn a bit

I now play this regularly. Found it hard to understand early on, and there’s no simple guide to how to make it work... it would have been much easier if there had been. A friend finally clued me in, which was helpful. Worst things are the ads, and the developer wants quite outrageous $$ to turn them off... and then only for a very limited time period! Presumably they earn more from running ads than by players paying... It also freezes quite often on my iPad, but I’ve figured out a way to get over that without having to restart my device.

- It's pretty good but...

I prefer the layout of the old version but the new version is also very good...I also like the additional challenges included in the game (lightning round and snowman challenge) but one change you could add to the new version is: - I accidentally pressed 'rematch' twice after a game had ended and two games popped up.. I didn't really want the two games.. 😓 so changing that would be nice.. I don't know whether or not it was an error that occurred and it's not something that happens all the time...but I don't want to try it again with someone else.. 😅 But overall, the new version is pretty good 😄👍

- Cheats

Computers opponents are able to literally make up words that Do NOT exist, if you try and use the same words it says Unacceptable Word, so it is only good to play against another Human. However you need to play the challenges to gain coins and badges etc. Power Ups are very expensive and not worth the price. Too many adds and the asking price is utterly ridiculous and should jot cost $14/month to play when the game allows cheating which encourages you to spend money. If the computer opponents were actually using real words it would be a much better game. Also words that do exist both in English UK and English US are not always allowed to be played so there is far too many discrepancies to put any money towards this app, the makers have certainly found a way to make alot of money while ripping their consumers out of hard earned money and time.

- Words With Friends 2

I have played Words for a long time but it’s been ruined by all the American men that use it like a dating site. They don’t want to play the game they just want to grill you for personal information. Young people play this game not just adults and it leaves them open to exploitation not to mention the elderly who are constantly grilled for personal information. It’s nice being able to comment on a game but it’s not nice having to chat after every play in order not to offend the other player. It also ruins the scores because if you don’t respond and chat they just resign!

- Recent update and other things

Chat: rather than mute, I would rather see a return to the old style where chat only applied to each game itself. I have several friends who play multiple games with me. If one makes a comment about a move etc. then it means that you have to go through your games to find the move they are talking about. Maybe a numbering system when multiple games are played. Then it might be clearer. other things: I don’t want to participate in the coloured tiles, so maybe for those like me, having a choice of coins or swaps etc. instead in rewards, would be welcomed. I also think that the coin rewards are too measly. It would not cost you anything to provide more. Why not have levels of play. However, if you already do have levels based on average scores, then I feel there is an error there. I have the same average as many of my opponents despite winning hundreds more games. My average never seems to improve. My word score is high (mostly over 30] and I have improved over the years but my average stays the same, as it does with my friends too.

- Ruining the game

Two issues are ruining this game for me. 1. The algorithm throws up multiple vowels more often than could be attributed to chance. I expect this is intended to force me to purchase letter swaps. Other players are also reporting this as a problem. Game developers note- I would rather lose than buy swaps. 2. There are an increasing number of people who cheat. Playing random people who frequently play 7 letter novel words which score highly right in the middle of a normal game. Can't words detect such players and ban them? Cheats note- I will stop playing with you immediately. 3. Funny thing is that the vowel problem has all but disappeared since I wrote this review. Coincidence? Stand by. I'm keeping statistics. 4. Once the number of coins you have falls below a level where you can buy swaps you then have an excess of vowels. Coincidence? I think not.

- Game keeps freezing

After the new update of words my game keeps freezing if I chat my games freeze I need to turn phone off to get to play my games . I’m not happy if this keeps happening I will delete words after playing it so many years . It not just me my other words friends it happening to them too 😡now while I’m playing commercials come up and some get stuck and block my game , I’m not enjoying playing words if this keeps happening every time I need to shut my phone off to re boot it and it’s always happens on the same commercial , this needs to be fixed and it’s not only on my game a few of my friends are also having the same problem , how can you enjoy the game if I need to shut phone off every time I want to play a game , ???

- Good game but hate having to fend off random other players...

Have played this game for years. But some aggressive aspects of the app really annoy me. Such as having to actively deselect random other players to play and needing to scroll past and deselect rewards and challenges to get to my games that I want to play! The latest was where somehow a random ‘Chris the camper’ was in a game with me when I don’t recall choosing that! I’ve paid for premium now make it easy to play the people I want to play and allow us to choose these other options as an option rather than having to deselect. It really pees me off :(

- Long time user

I have been playing WWF for a very long time and really enjoy the game i have the bought version so do not have the pop up adds. There is one thing that really annoys me though, this never used to happen before an update some time ago. I am wondering if anybody else finds this annoying. Nearly every time i try to place a tile, dragging it into place closes the game. Swiping up from the bottom shows you all apps you have open. So annoying it puts me off the game a bit. Could you reposition the letters in the rack somewhere else on the page please.

- What’s with the adds?

I love WWF and I don’t even particularly have an issue with the existence of adds, but this version requiring adds between every word even in single player games is ridiculous. But perhaps the thing that gets me the most is the loudness of said adds. I keep my phone on silent but still if I get an add I have to turn my sounds down to nothing because of how insanely loud the adds are. If I forget before playing they give me a heart attack and then as soon as I go to make a call later I can’t work out why I can’t hear anyone. Surely there could be a mute option. I am considering not using the app because it is just too ouch effort dealing with the frequency and sound of the adds 😞

- Good concept but lots of negatives

I’ve been playing this game for years but it is filled with unfair aspects. If you play with friends, it’s fine, apart from the intrusive and noisy ads that are almost impossible to stop without shutting the app down. The solo games are a joke. So-called “easy” levels are difficult to win in later updates. Every time I swap a letter (or letters) I receive the same ones back, especially with vowels, even when there are plenty of tiles available. Don’t bother with solo games. They’re rigged! As well, The rewards are insulting. They used to be great but now they are terrible - three coins a day with equally pathetic rewards for challenges. With all the terrible advertising, it would be better to award players with incentives and rewards that reflect the intelligence needed to play this game. It’s not Candy Crush!!!

- An irritating but addictive game

My biggest complaint is that allowable words can be almost anything you want to make up yet everyday words are disallowed. I have lost count of the number of “words” I have checked and got the message “..... is an allowable word in WWF but sorry we don’t have a definition for it just yet”. Can a word be a word if it doesn’t have a definition? The new version uses even more battery life than the old one did, which was a high user. To try to reduce usage I tried to switch off all notifications but that didn’t help as the notifications are still happening. I like being able to swap without missing a turn but it costs too many “coins”. I miss not being able to look back over all the moves in a game. I think that should be restored and some of the other gimmicks removed.

- Words with ads

Words with friends is a great version of scrabble with enough letters to give players a chance to make plenty of words each game. Players can earn free power ups, like letter swapping without losing a turn. There are optional hints to make it more enjoyable along with pretty tile styles and a chat box if you are that way inclined. What I don’t like is that there is no one off payment for the ap. It’s expensive compared to most Aps and paying only lasts a month, before you have to renew. I play the free version and each time I play a turn an ad has to be watched for about ten seconds. Sometimes the same ad over and over.

- Once was good, now it’s dreadful

Used this for years, but tempted to delete altogether now because recent updates have made it much much slower to run, because of the stupid “rewards” for every single thing you do. If I was really in need of a prize for making a two letter word, do you think I should be in charge of an iPad at all? Can’t disable the ludicrous graphics buzzing with those things. They interrupt your game, take far too long to disappear and let you go to the next game, often cause white-screen crashes, and now appear to be a monumental battery power drain. A shame it went from a decent word game to this mess. Presumably the developers think they have to justify their job by adding more and more bloatware features, when instead they should have left it alone and done something else.

- Monitising gone nuts and now with sounds

I have liked this game for some time having reached level 15 and watched the free game slowly get more annoying with ads but we may have reached my cutoff. Of course app developers need to be able to make a buck and even the ridiculously long ads between games were tolerable but now we have moved to casino game ads that have slot machine sounds even when the iphone is switched to silent. The game is silent and not anti social as I play. Well I am on a screen ignoring others in the room, so still anti social. But now in an element of wisdom ads can bypass sound settings that I have selected for the environment that I am in to create slot machine sounds right there in front of the people in the meeting, the cinema or at the dinner table. Who eats at the dinner table any more but you get my point.

- Please fix

Can be a very glitchy game I have enjoyed the game in past but now it frustrates me I started a solo game and had four with 3 lots of 2 stars and 1 lot of 3 stars and I jumped out and when I jumped back in the same event was still on but I start it over again it has a habit of not allowing you play certain tiles aswell and when it does allow you to play them they don’t alway land where you put them and can’t just chat with support through the app but besides all this I found it to be a very enjoyable game so my rating is based on the fact I do enjoy the game

- Adds

Please can you get rid of the adds, they are driving me nuts. Between the adds and the screen going black after every word, I starting to hate this game, I use to really like playing this app but now I I’m stopping and starting all day, I tell my friends not to upgrade, because they won’t enjoy it any more. I know you won’t do anything, because I’ve read other reviews and everyone has the same complaint. If I could pay to have no adds in the first word with friends ,I don’t know why you can’t do the same in this version.

- If you are going to show ads make sure they don’t affect gameplay

I love this app, however, the ads freeze the app and you can’t close them on a regular basis, this is becoming a constant and consistent problem. I understand the need for advertisers to provide revenue for your company, however spending a bit of the money in testing and removing bugs from the ads would mean a much better experience for the end user. It’s very disappointing. I continually have to turn my device off and on to reset the game, meaning in the end I can’t be bothered playing and move on to another game app without issues.

- Scammers Paradise

This game is a scammers paradise where gullible men and women are easily befriended and groomed before being scammed for huge sums of money by criminals preying on innocent players. Unfortunately innocent players have no way of knowing the credibility of the scammers they play with! WWF’s need to make it much harder for romance scammers to register to play! I think WWF’s must be doing something because there seem to be fewer romance scammers than there were! Ladies be warned there are lots of dishonest romance scammers on here just waiting to take your heart and your money!!! If he sounds too good to be true, then he’s definitely a romance scammer!!!! Just block him and find another friend to play with!

- Letter Selection

I love WWF2, it has a cool arrangement of bonus points on the board and I got into it to have games with my special lady Stateside. (She hates being beaten; alright I admit it, I do too.) One thing I would like to see happen is for the letter replacements to at least seem more in the control of the players. Instead of automatic replacement, perhaps a pool of letters face down from the players could be displayed and players select from their touch screens. It may not be actual random choices, but hey, it'll beat always getting 3 or 4 U's in one hit! I find it rarely happens in that other game that looks similar, you know the one? Lol.

- Original words with friends

The adverts ignore the use of the x and launch into presentation then stall. Please fix. The hew section " see who won" is a pain as it doesn't tell you anything but starts a new game. A new game isn't YOUR choice so fix it asap. Now once again a game is frozen..Jane Burnett's B1022 or b1002. A statement of ..oooops something's wrong has been like that for 2 days. Surely you can fix it, you claim to fame ?? Now it's those ridiculous coins! I can't start playing unless I get them then when I want to use them am told I don't gave any !? If you keep adding these " features" please make sure they work ! What kind of a rort are you doing with this game.?I collect my ( reward) coins and despite the game showing I have 7, I cannot use them but am told I have to BUY some??? Please fix problems..not make more ! Anyone awake there ??? Now have 11 coins and not allowed to use them !! I am HMKLR8 and still unable to use my 13 coins as am told don't have enough ! Why keep adding these additions if they don't work? Are you asleep or just don't care ? Yet another update BUT still the problem of the coins not fixed. Are your designers all asleep ?

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- Words with Friends 2

This used to be my favourite game but the continuous interruptions with pop ups about game stats, rewards, and challenges has become very annoying. I would like to be able to turn this off or tap when I want to see it. Currently I have no choice.

- Entertaining

Good word challenge with with friends and new opponents. Allows some words that are not dictionary recognized, is the only issue I have.

- Ads

The ads are the most annoying ads on any platform ever

- Don't bother to spend money on this

Dont pay money for this game. Zynga is not listening to the multitude of complaints about the stupid REWARDS that keep popping up. We just want to play the game without the constant annoying interruptions. Now, months later, Zynga still forces annoying notices and rewards down our throats. Don't they have the common sense to produce a version without any rewards? I AM WINDING MY GAMES DOWN AND DELETING THIS RIDICULOUS APP.

- New upgrade

Love the game, but loathe the new upgrade.

- Not a five!

Love the game hate the ads!

- Starting to hate it

I used to love this game even with the 10 second ads being in between every move. But now the ads have become 30 seconds between every move...that sucks and is about to make me find a different game to kill time. 30 seconds doesn’t make me more interested in the product in the ad...it makes me annoyed and less likely to buy or download it.

- Missing elements

Where are radar, hindsight...?

- Sad

It should be called Ads as that is all there is!

- Garbage ads

Ads are tolerable. But what is not tolerable are the stupid ads/surveys that you can’t close and need to force close app to get back to the game. Garbage

- Unhelpful

Recently I informed them that on one day after watching all the videos to earn coins I did not get the coins - just a pop up saying there was a problem. They ignored my request to check my activity on the day involved an terminated the conversation.

- I used to love this game

Except now after EVERY move you have to watch a 10-15 second commercial. No thanks.

- Updates

I really like the game although I definitely don’t like the words that are playable that are not really words in the English language. I also don’t like that lately after a word is played the screen goes black and will not come back unless you close out and start all over again. Leave the game alone and stop making so many changes all the time.

- Word find

This is terrible the new version it blacks out,freeze screen and to find cheat master has changed as well. I love this game but your new version stinks why do you have to keep changing everything all the time ??

- Functions stop working and are never fixed.

something went wrong but, never fixed

- Solo challenge disappeared

Solo challenge has disappeared about a month ago (in French). It’s just not there anymore. Got in touch with tech support, but nothing has changed. Very annoying.

- Long time player

I’ve been playing Words for years and I have always enjoyed it. What I don’t like are all the little add ons you force upon us. I don’t care about all the treasures and AI games you have, I just want to play the game. Also, the price of coins has gone up. Not happy with that.

- Expand your world

I have to say That i really do love this. Besides being mind tingling, it forces you to use your brain to create words and expand your thinking. It also introduces you to new people and expands your group of connections around the world. I made a new acquaintance!😀

- Great game!

Challenging. Fun. Skills improve as you play. Low cost.


I started with the free version and when the advertising became annoying, I paid $14.99 to get rid of that. Now Words with Friends has added so many annoying game delaying prizes and boxed parent looking things forcing you to have to sit through a new game delay and earn silly Gimmick things. I JUST WANT TO PLAY SCRABBLE with my friends. The Gimmick garbage is just as intrusive and game delaying as the ads were. Either get rid of that or give me my money back? When I asked them for this they told that they would not allow me to switch off the silly gimmicks. Please, let me just play scrabble, it worked so well when I first paid for the ad free version!?!?!

- Good


- Best game!

This is the best word game I ever played. The most thing I like is the solo challenges and the events. This is better then words with friends.

- Why so many long ads

This game is great, but the ads are a completely intrusive

- Ads

All this game is is ads

- Sad

13.99 a month to play with no ads / no thx

- Adverts

I have been playing this game for absolutely years, but I’m getting to the point where I may have to delete it due to the 30 second advert after EVERY game, it is so annoying and time wasting. Sometimes I just want to hop on and play a few games while I have a few mins but I can’t do that anymore. I understand they have to advertise, but 30 seconds after each game?? And the same ones over and over again. Please reduce it ASAP

- Not liking this version

I wish there was a way to bypass all the extra crap that is forced on us. I just want to take my turn with my friends and move on. It’s a waste of time to sit and wait for all the start up palaver at the start of the day, and to be getting notifications to play all the robot challenges... can never win the advanced bots anyways because that’s the way the game is designed.

- Problems with getting videos!

It’s been really frustrating for some days when trying to access points from watching the videos! Constantly getting messages that the videos are having trouble loading! This wasn’t a problem before but has been dreadful lately! Maybe days, I can’t access the videos despite logging in and out of the app constantly! Grrrr! Now I’m REALLY p——d! Can’t even pick my own name as it’s already taken!!! Unbelievable! Obviously don’t really want our feedback!

- Way to many ads

There are way to many ads in this game. It’s so annoying, can the ads be limited ? If not I’ll delete the app. Thank you

- Words

I am getting very fed up with the “ freezing “ happening with this app. Every time I use this app. Freezing occurs despite having refreshed the app. several times. Also, whilst playing the Lightning Round I get cut off before the game has finished and a new game starts. Please fix the above. I know it is not just happening to me as friends are complaining too. Thank you!

- Frustrated with ads that fo not load right and cannot be closed

I love this game however when the continuous ads do not load right you cannot go back to the game. I have been trying for 10 minutes to close the Eye Buy Direct ad with no - sand thing yesterday. I give up. Can’t even get back to my games to resign. It’s happening again!!! The only way to refresh the app is to delete it snd reload. Really frustrated with all the pop up ads that won’t close and the loud obnoxious noise. I’m going to look for an alternative scrabble game. This is just too frustrating. You’ve ruined a great app with the terrible ads.

- No word strength indicator?

Taking away the word strength meter and replacing it with a bar at the bottom that leaves you guessing is a really bad change.

- Dr.Abdel Toukan

A great game to play and enjoy , make friends and enrich your English vocabulary.

- They got greedy and now I’m done

Loved this game despite ads, clutter re so many random goings on, etc. Updated and now they charge for “best/strength of word” feature where it used to be a part of the game. That was my fav part of playing as it pushed me to do better. Now it’s just an overwhelming ball of clutter. Greedy. If they want to charge they should add something and charge for it from the start. Taking something away that used to be included left a bad taste.

- Abrar M

Become very slow, always hanging

- Lenteur

Très lent pour accéder, trop de propositions qui n’apportent rien et beaucoup trop de mots acceptés même s’ils ne sont pas français.

- Words With Friends 2

I really enjoy this game and used to buy AD FREE when it would be offered but, it hasn’t been of late at least for 2 months , now, Can’t even get into my games.

- Challenging and Therapeutic

WWF has been a great help to me under very stressful circumstances such as hospital waiting rooms and pandemic lockdown. It requires thought and planning. There is a connection to actual friends and to ones made solely through the game. A terrific activity!

- Ad Driven Model

The original Words With Friends game has become an eyesore filled with advertisements everywhere. Make a move - watch an ad. Play a game, watch an ad. Your eyes go whacky and your mind goes numb. If you don’t want the ads you can pay the small price of $13.99 a month (yes, about $170 a year to play the game without going insane.) It’s all about revenue. Zynga wants to make every last bit of profit off of you. Psychologists in years to come, will be diagnosing brain disorders from these games. Neurosis, psychosis and visual impairment. Is it really worth it? The idea of playing a game with someone around the globe is wonderful. The game play sans advertisements is worth 5 stars. But the over abundance of advertising takes away 3 of those. Note: Future announced changes may reduce this 2 star rating to a 1.

- Words:

It’s a great game and has helped me survive surgeries and illness. But it’s frustrating when a word is denied that I know is a real word!! Overall, that is a small thing. Thank you for this game!

- Rate us

Terrible how you can make sure the solo challenge s never competed. You also make sure we never get free swaps.

- Friends All Over the World

This is a great game and I play with people all over the world. Only problem is it’s full of annoying glitches.

- It’s time this game stopped bring so buggy

Seriously- this game has been around for years - you can make it less ‘buggy.’ Home screen opens between 2 sections, lightning round cuts off halfway through a game and puts me back to home, chats that are days old still show up as a count on the player’s tile, I keep getting offered a game with some random player I played - YEARS ago- I’ve closed that window about a 100 times now - but it keeps coming back. You can do better than this, Zynga team.

- If you’re going to put bonus Games inside the main game

Then kindly make sure they actually work! pain the you know what! 1.Bugs loading main board after every play. Leave game and it struggles to return 2.Bugs in so called bonus games

- So annoying

I paid for this dumb app. It has endless ads and delays and bothersome “rewards” that are worthless. It’s buggy and crashes constantly. Truly awful

- Too many ads!!

Too many ads, and the rewards system is lame. Who wants stickers, I don’t!! And stop making me say ‘Great!’ every time I get points or claim goals!! So annoying.

- Too many pop up ads

Can’t get rid of some I have to force my devise to tuen off annoying ads Now I have pop up people who want to play me I decline (one sent me 5 in a matter of minutes ) And now she popped up in my ratings I didn’t invite her How did she get there Don’t like the was this is run Don’t want prizes or other crap Just want to play scrabble again Real scrabble I

- Gotten worse

Words with friends has become worse to play. Now they have intrusive ads constantly, even popping up in gameplay now aggressively. They have also opted to remove the “x” to close the ad and you have to sit through the entire ad every single time now. The solo gameplay is so bad it isn’t even worth playing. Each time you finish a word another ad. They have put so many ads on this app that we are certainly using quite a burning through a bit of our data to play which I see as theft now because they are taking our data for their use. It’s kinds scummy way of pushing on the player. This is why I will not purchase the full version anymore. Been there done that.Poor ideas from sub standard developers yet again.

- Not as fun as before

It has a lot of glitches in the solo challenge . I don’t like the new rewards system either, I liked the weekly points better. I hope they fix all these new glitches as it takes a lot from the game.

- Solo challenge stuck

Solid chalk and is stuck. Keeps spinning saying it processing. Pisses me off. Fix it. I’ve deleted game. Reset phone. Restarted phone. Nothing works. Tried on just words with friends. Still is doing same thing

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Words With Friends 2 Word Game 16.12.1 Screenshots & Images

Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images

Words With Friends 2 Word Game (Version 16.12.1) Install & Download

The applications Words With Friends 2 Word Game was published in the category Games on 2017-11-07 and was developed by Zynga Inc. [Developer ID: 295913422]. This application file size is 197.54 MB. Words With Friends 2 Word Game - Games app posted on 2021-04-20 current version is 16.12.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.zynga.WordsWithFriends3

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