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Words With Friends 2

THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR MOBILE WORD GAME is better and more clever than ever, and built for the word player in all of us. Beautifully and intelligently redesigned, Words With Friends 2 is teeming with more ways to challenge your friends and your brain than ever before.

Start a match with friends, family, or a new opponent to spell words, expand your vocabulary and sharpen your wit. Earn unique themed badges for completing fun weekly challenges and scoring big against your friends. Words With Friends 2 backs up your gameplay by pulling in all your past games, friends and progress from previous versions. There’s nothing to lose, and more fun to gain!

Sometimes staying in touch is as simple as playing the perfect word. Download and play the NEW Words With Friends 2 today! May the Best Friend Win.™

It all starts here. Challenge your Facebook friends and family members to a game or use Smart Match to find your perfect word puzzle opponent.

Play offline and sharpen your word skills in practice mode to become the ultimate word master.

Play smarter and faster with helpful boosts and powerups like Hindsight, Word Radar, and Tile Swap+.

Play the weekly challenge and earn fun, themed badges that are different every week. Build the ultimate collection and display them proudly in your badge case.

Choose your language and start a game in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese or British English.

Play Words With Friends 2 without third party ads between moves if you previously purchased either Words With Friends Pro or no third-party ads in the original Words With Friends on any mobile device. Be sure to login with Facebook or the email account you used to make the previous purchase to continue to play without third party ads between moves.

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Thank you for playing Words With Friends 2!

Additional Information:
The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 USD.

Words With Friends 2-Word Game App Description & Overview

The applications Words With Friends 2-Word Game was published in the category Games on 2017-11-07 and was developed by Zynga Inc.. The file size is 180.79 MB. The current version is 10.58.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

The world’s most popular mobile word game is better and more clever than ever with all new game modes built for the word player in all of us. Beautifully and intelligently redesigned, Words With Friends 2 is teeming with more ways to challenge your friends and your brain than ever before. Try the NEW Solo Challenge events, Lightning Round, and more! Play today!

May the Best Friend Win.

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Words With Friends 2-Word Game Reviews

guyg ghh

No iPhone X support  guyg ghh  1 star

Game needs to be updated for iPhone X very badly. Even the PlayStation app is updated for it


Going down hill  ppastime  1 star

Every improvement makes it worse!,!!!!

Virtual Diana

Forced to Upgrade  Virtual Diana  1 star

And forced to see ads again. In the earlier version I paid for the ad-free version. I was forced to use this new version, but it did not recognize my no-ads purchase! Deleting now!!!

Absolute comfort

No definition  Absolute comfort  4 star

How is it possible to play against the computer in the challenges and the computer uses words that it has no definitions for?????????????? Last time I checked for it to be a word it has to have a definition. But this seems to be the normal when you play against the computer that when you check the word it spelled it says there is no definition for the word at this time. Not sure but that sounds like cheating.


Minus 1 if I could  Cooljames5555  1 star

If it were possible to rate a minus 1 for ads that bombard me constantly I would. Please just charge me $15 for the app and call it even. For the advertisers that run their ads on this app, please know that I will NEVER buy your stuff and if I happen to own the stuff when you run the ad, I will be burning it in my backyard as a result of your bad ad. Is the point made yet?


Practice games keep disappearing  Timily052602  3 star

I really like the new colors and the way to look up word definitions. I do not like that my practice games keep disappearing. I like to have three going but inevitably after I win one and start another, one of the first two disappears. It’s really annoying.


Keeps crashing  Unkchz  4 star

Good game but it’s very slow and keeps crashing. Older versions were better. Deleted and reinstalled the app. Works much better now.


Final Fantasy Ads Cause Game to Freeze  NicNak  4 star

Generally, this is a great game. However, the Final Fantasy ads regularly cause the game to freeze, and the only way around it is to delete the app and redownload. I’m losing my patience with having to do this several times per day. Please fix!!!


IPad unfriendly  lha726  3 star

I loaded this version after the original kept kicking me out. I use this primarily on my iPad...while it says it is an iPad version, there is not nearly the bells and whistles I see on the iPhone version. Please update so this is more iPad user friendly.


Play daily  Shellthesea  4 star

I like the game and all the updates. Although they need to redo the dictionary since some words need definitions, and others should be taken off because they aren't words. Other than that I really enjoy the way the game is and the fun solo tournaments.


Ads have ruined the game  jadefire6  1 star

Fair enough they force you to watch ads in order to use the free version but I think it’s ridiculous that even on silent I can’t stop the random ads from blaring sound at me. And not to mention the ads that don’t load properly and you’re forced to wait until it resolves itself or restart the game.


Get rid of the Ads.  Karla-84  1 star

Use to play this all the time years ago. Came back to it recently and so disappointed about the ads. I’d be happy to pay to get rid of the ads. It’s not an option for this app.


Best game  Reils6754  5 star

Upgraded recently, love it. The only downside is the annoying ads between every game. I would pay to upgrade to get rid of them.

G' ma

Original words with friends  G' ma  1 star

The adverts ignore the use of the x and launch into presentation then stall. Please fix. The hew section " see who won" is a pain as it doesn't tell you anything but starts a new game. A new game isn't YOUR choice so fix it asap. Now once again a game is frozen..Jane Burnett's B1022 or b1002. A statement of ..oooops something's wrong has been like that for 2 days. Surely you can fix it, you claim to fame ?? Now it's those ridiculous coins! I can't start playing unless I get them then when I want to use them am told I don't gave any !? If you keep adding these " features" please make sure they work !


Rewards  rmslcs  2 star

I can't believe I went through all of the challenges in the solo challenge only to reach the last level and only receive something like 8 or 10 coins. That's ridiculous, for going that far you'd at least expect to win 50 coins. Very disappointing rewards. Don't think I'll even play that again.

Me 3811

Tried it  Me 3811  1 star

Didn’t like it , preferred the old version


It’s fun but...  kso090607  3 star

I love this game, but what’s with all the ads.? And I’m experiencing A LOT of freezes with ads as well..?!? Very annoying.. the only way to get rid of it is to start my phone again, or I’m uninstalling the app and downloading it again.. please fix ASAP..!!

Lol _M

Words 2 - doesn’t say when there are no moves !  Lol _M  3 star

I’ve got both wwf1 and wwf2 I’ve noticed that words2 doesn’t let you know that no moves can be made. And the older version does. That’s not an improvement in my eyes 👎🏼


Too many ads  Kata1230  1 star

Having ads between every game play is frankly quite frustrating and annoying. What’s even more frustrating is that there is not an option to pay and remove the ads (e.g $2.99 like many other successful apps). It really detracts away and deters you from playing the game so the developer really needs to look introducing an ad-free option.


The money grab is...  choosenoneaus  1 star

I understand you have to get paid for your work but not to even have a paid version to remove the ads is just criminal. This app should be removed from the app store till such feature is enabled.


Word definitions  DP1776  2 star

I HATE it when a definition says “valid WWFs word” but there’s no definition. To me, that’s not even a word then. It’s ridiculous. Also, when you play the automated games, they use these “words” all the time and get high points on a word that isn’t even a valid word. Get with the program, if it’s not in the dictionary then don’t allow it to be a “word”.

Thirty two chins

Ads are way too much now  Thirty two chins  1 star

First of all, there's no way to pay to eliminate ads. Now the worst part is that ads are starting to just open the App Store by themselves. I understand the need to have ads but I don't understand why we can't just pay for the game to eliminate them. I also don't understand why on earth it's considered good practice to have the ads open your App Store and prompt you for a download.


Horrible Ad Glitch  KingAw3s0me  1 star

There is a horrible ad that redirects me from the app straight to the Deal Dash page on the App Store...without me even tapping on anything! It is unbelievably annoying and I’m pretty sure that it violates some sort of rule. This needs to end or I will quit playing.


Top Notch Game  HopingForUninterruptedCleanFun  3 star

I love all of the updates, especially the addition of a bigger vocabulary list. Lately, though, as advertisements begin, a black screen with non responding arrows sets up and I can go no further. More than once a day, I end up having to swipe out and open up the app again to continue playing. After several months of this, I am just wandering if this is going to be the norm or is it being corrected?


Awful, Spammy Ads  Austin2028  1 star

Awful, spammy ads after every play. I understand they need to make money, but the ads play LOUD sound even when the phone is on mute. That makes this game impossible to play in meetings or on calls, which is the only real point to having a game like this. It feels like it was developed by subpar spam artists in the early 2000s. I almost expect an ad promising me $1 million from Bill Gates if I share the ad along.


Killing my Battery  CamL26  1 star

This app is killing my battery life please fix this! I will have to go back to the old version.


Ads  Pamster41  2 star

I love the game- hate the ads. There are ads AFTER EVERY PERSON I PLAY.. and playing the solo one- it is after every work, for Pete’s sake!!!!! In addition, they are loud and sometimes the skip button is so small, I click the ad, and I am further interrupted by being sent to the download center for said ad. I think I’m going to ditch this game once I finish my open games. Too aggravating. Offer an ad free option, and I will be back in- and with a 5 star rating.


Make it an option  Pinkiee77  3 star

I need/want a way to delete old players (friends). If they “haven't played in over two weeks,” that means that they havent played in awhile. I have over 500 “friends” and only 20 of them play.

S Atlanta

Don’t load. Keep the old version  S Atlanta  1 star

Notifications are broken and it doesn’t always carry the game from iPhone to iPad. Sometimes the game is just lost

Lorraine R.

Lacks final confirmation  Lorraine R.  1 star

An earlier version of WWF allowed you to “confirm” if you wanted to play a word you had just set up, e.g. “Do you want to play ‘biscuit’?” This version doesn’t ask, therefore leaving it vulnerable to play a word you were not yet satisfied with.


A game worth playing  a.isahmuhammad  5 star

A game worth playing


Words don’t make sense  Nialllee  1 star

Half the words I put in and it says not a word whoever made this really can’t spell Janet is not a word and half the words that u do spell out don’t make sense think a young child designed this


Great game but too many ads  Galwaygirl09  2 star

Love the game but there are far too many ads so I’m only rating it 2 stars. There’s no option to pay to remove the ads which I’d happily do.


Advertising and blocked play  SensibleExpectations  1 star

Well structured game but I don’t appreciate being blocked from playing by being made to wait one minute for an advertisement to pass. That is nonsense. When you get that sorted I’ll reinstall the game.

Quad red dead

Ads unworkable.  Quad red dead  1 star

Used to play this with my elderly parents but the ads make it unplayable and confusing for them. I would buy a premium ad free version in a second but I’m uninstalling this crap.


Ads  aaroncyo  1 star

Enjoyed the app but deleted it due to the amount of ads..

James Dowling

Adware for an app  James Dowling  1 star

New adware is now downloaded and installed on your phone by you. Words with Ads it should be called. Spam experience. Game is good but for the amount of ads it’s just a total waste of time.


Stupid rules, if you could even call them rules.  J_Triangler  1 star

This game needs a complete overhaul of its rules (or maybe just its dictionary). It allows words it can’t define. It allows some proper nouns (but not all). It allows some acronyms (but not all). The whole thing makes for a very frustrating experience if you want to play properly. The best strategy seems to be to throw letters randomly at the bored and hope it has some obscure meaning. Stick to Scrabble if you want to play properly.


No Ads-Free version? DELETED  cabavyras  1 star

As title says. Got rid of it within 2 minutes after figuring out I cannot remove ads.


5 Star but for one thing  lauracallan07  2 star

Make an ad free version available to purchase and I will give this a 5 Star rating. Not only are the ads far too numerous and many completely obnoxious or even inappropriate for some viewers, but there is not an ad free version even available for those of us who love the game and would be happy to pay a couple of euro to download an ad free version. For this reason I rate it only a 2/5 because I also contacted app support and they were very short with me and offered no explanation as to why there is no ad free version and no sympathy to me for the fact that some of the ads are offensive to certain people and can not be stopped if you do not like a certain ad. Make this right and you will get the highest rating from me and I will recommend the ad free version to others. :)


Why don’t you update this app to be compatible with iPhone X  gartcork  5 star

Edited to reflect app being updated to support iPhone X Why don’t you update this app to be compatible with iPhone X? Good app....loads of updates One of the most popular apps available, please support all platforms.

Lekker jy

Annoying ads  Lekker jy  1 star

New to the game, absolutely love it but showing an ad after every word played is highly irritating. I might end up deleting the solely on the basis of the constant shoving of these ads down my throat.


No iMessage app???  Frikkie5000  1 star

Where’s the iMessage integration? That was the best way to play this game with my wife and now I’m forced to upgrade to the seemingly better version but it actually lacks. A whole lot of irritating interruptions and unwanted suggestions, as well as unnecessary ads.


Restoring Purchases?  cat•im  2 star

I had this game earlier on and paid for the removal of ads, downloaded it again and now I don’t even know how to restore purchases help please :(

Sixty-six year old granny

Linda H  Sixty-six year old granny  4 star

Very annoying and disturbing to others when you turn your sound off yet it comes on loudly with the ads. Too many slang words allowed in the UK CLASSIC version and why no definitions there yet? Otherwise we are addicted to playing. It’s a great game!


Too much advert!  Kenoj  3 star

The frequency of advert is so irritating and annoying!


Adverts ruin the fun  rhudwulf101  3 star

Great game.... that is if you are looking forward to an ad every time you play a word. The game is fun enough to score above average, because of its interaction with others, but the advertisement does get irritating.... fast


Ads ads ads  UsedFire  2 star

If you like ads, this is the game for you. There is an ad after every move you make. Willing to pay to get rid of the ads but can’t find that option


Annoying ads  ANEeSDadabhay  1 star

Nice app but the ads make the experience incredibly and there is no way to remove them or get a premium version.


Words  rene.kess  3 star

The dictionary is not always correct. Often there are words in the wwf helper but the word is not accepted when using it in the game

Helen Ferrie

Love the game  Helen Ferrie  5 star

Love playing - the only thing is the adverts are very annoying - and also when you query a word and it says not available - that does seem odd! Otherwise this is one of the best games to play with friends!

Words With Friends 2-Word Game Comments

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