Words With Friends 2 Word Game

Words With Friends 2 Word Game [Games] App Description & Overview

Just another title from Zynga’s Games With Friends™; a fun way to connect with family and friends.

ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR MOBILE WORD GAMES is better and smarter than ever with all new game modes built for the word player in all of us. Beautifully and intelligently redesigned, Words With Friends 2 is teeming with more ways to challenge your friends and your brain than ever before. Expand your vocabulary and show off your spelling skills as you search for the highest scoring word.

Words With Friends 2 is the ultimate in word puzzle games!

Want to boost your word game? Play games against fictional characters in Solo Challenge events, updated with new games, themes and opponents twice a month. Got a competitive streak? Jump in for fast-paced team games to test your rapid word building skills in the Lightning Round.

Sometimes staying in touch is as simple as playing the perfect word. Download and play Words With Friends 2 today! May the Best Friend Win.™

► The word games showdown starts here. Challenge your Facebook friends and family members who love word puzzle games to play, or use Smart Match to find your perfect word puzzle opponent. Search for the highest scoring words on the board and fill in the crossword style puzzle!

► Test and improve your spelling, vocabulary and word skills against themed WordMaster characters in Solo Challenge events. Stay sharp, because as you move up the ladder, the WordMasters will get tougher to beat. Find the highest scoring words and fill them in crossword style to beat the WordMasters!

► Collaborative meets competitive gameplay in this new, fast team mode. Play on a team of up to 5 players, and face off in a match to score the most points first and win. Search the board quickly.

► Our biggest update to the Dictionary ever includes 50,000 new words, inspired by our players and pop culture.

Play Words With Friends 2 without third party ads between moves if you previously purchased either Words With Friends Pro or no third-party ads in the original Words With Friends on any mobile device. Be sure to login with Facebook or the email account you used to make the previous purchase to continue to play without third party ads between moves.

Already an accomplished Wordie? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on game news, contests, polls and other fun stuff.


Play one of the most fun, social word puzzles on mobile! Download Words With Friends 2 today!

Additional Information:
The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.

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Words With Friends 2 Word Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

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Words With Friends 2 Word Game Comments & Reviews

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- Fun and contact during isotimes

WWF has been a great way to keep entertained and in communication with friends and relations near and far

- Til Tok ad

I’m not sure who’s responsible for this but the Tik Tok ad takes us straight to the App Store even if we don’t touch the screen. Please look into this. Otherwise I enjoy the game. Thanks.

- Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Great game but I’d still like to be able to see the normal tiles at my end instead of the fancy tile of the person I’m playing with, my eyesight is poor as it is, it’s impossible to make out what the tile letters are, there should be an option to see it in classic view

- Fun

A fun way to keep the brain active and connect during covid-19

- Ruined by intrusive advertisements throughout game

After a few years hiatus, i re-downloaded the WWF app. I have always enjoyed it, but FFS, please sack your advertising team! The constant advertisements pausing the game is almost unbearable. But what is even worse is you have no control over whether the advertisement plays sound or not. Despite my phone being on silent, often the ads will play incredibly loud / abrupt sound. So infuriating when I’ve got a baby sleeping in my arms!!!! Aside from the horrendous barrage of advertisements, I actually do like the app itself, but I’m going to look for another similar “scrabble” style game in the meantime.

- Solo Challenge

Challenge stalled, nothing works, and the issue is ‘in app’. . .

- Always crashes & frustrating ads

Fun to play with friends but it crashes every single time I use it and the ads are ANNOYING AF. Would give 4 stars for game if not for the constant waiting, crashing, restarting. TThen it’s just ads, ads, ads.

- When aren’t words words?!

If it’s in the dictionary, then a word is a word. And so you’d expect that a word that is recognised in the dictionary should be playable in Words with friends, surely. So why with this app, which essentially Scrabble, words that are words in a dictionary, e.g grex aren’t recognised? But I can use words in the app that aren’t recognised as words?!

- Monthly event.

Where is the monthly event? Absolutely love this app & I also love the rewards.

- Slow

It is very slow to load now.

- Great game

This game is addictive!

- Why would you do that?

Great game. (No sarcasm) However, I’m puzzled as to who’s fantastic idea it was to move the PLAY button with the new update. If that wasn’t enough, to further demonstrate their genius, placing the RECALL button where the PLAY button was once situated... Sheer brilliance. I’m sure it’s comedic gold in the Devs office. (Super saturated in vitriolic sarcasm). Have a few of these bad boys, 🖕🖕🖕 and may you be forced to consume an enormous hessian sack of phalluses.

- What’s with the Auto *** on swear word???

Why the auto correct on swear words in the chat?? We should be allowed to type and express ourselves how we want. Absolutely Bull Shit

- Great game - to many ads and expensive to remove

Great game and is addictive, however there are ads after every shot and costs $14.99 a month to remove, that’s nearly $180 a year, not worth it. Time to find another game

- Words with Friends

Top site. Plenty of activity to challenge the mind for as long as you like.

- Fabulous Game

Very stimulating, challenging game. Would love the option to opt out of all the daily rewards and challenges. They slow the program down and they are very annoying. Not interested in scoring at all. Love the choice of colour tiles.

- Great game

Been playing this game for around 5 years. Enjoy the challenge of trying to beat friends and family. Hate playing against cheats who come up with ridiculous (but legal) words throughout a whole game.

- Meanings

Need to know why some friends I play with doesn’t view the meanings of the words we play. And why it glitches When we chat, I sometimes receive my reply I write instead of theirs Once I delete all messages they appear to come back

- Words with friends

Some of the words used are not acceptable in dictionaries I think you need to consider words used

- Algorithm bugs in points

Scores for words font add up properly and randomly change (even to lesser totals) after a game ends. It’s like a kinder surprise as to who will win and what scores you’ll get sometimes.

- So many useless notifications

I would give this 4 stars (too many ads for 5). But this has too many notifications that are not needed. I don’t care about events, just m friends I’m playing against.

- Ads too much

Been playing for years and enjoy the game and can put up with most of the ads but it seems crazy that you have ads which play sound even when phone is on silent. Then today there’s an ad (for some home Reno game) that takes 4 clicks to get past! Seems excessive. On a side note, the word wheel game is fun but not optimized for iPhone X screens. The bottom letter is right where you swipe up to close the app then can’t get back to the main words game once it’s over as the back button sits under an ad.

- too loud forced advertising

I understand the need to finance this app with advertising , however why do they have to have a sound track that is at full volume ? this is very annoying!

- Frustrating

I’ve been playing words with friends for a while now. My husband joined several years ago and fortunately for him ... to NO cost ... his games are add free. There is no way I’ll pay $14 a month to be add free .... so I’ve been putting up with it. As late ... I’m so very over the massive amount of adds. And the recent suffering while playing the Daily Word Play .... of after EVERY move ... I get a black screen with a white whirly circle that lasts around 20 seconds. It is just so frustrating, that if it doesn’t stop ... I’m totally ditching this game. Please ... sort these annoying issues out.

- D

Too many Ads and are very annoying shouldn’t have to pay for no ads

- Dictionary is terrible / childish badges / endlessly boring tile options

UPDATE In addition to my issues with the dictionary, I’d like to comment on the levels, badges and tile options. These are distractions that are so unnecessary and developed to the interest levels of children. You can’t imagine how uninspiring the notification to join the “funky chicken” something or other really is. I will be turning off notifications now. There are some seriously good players using this app. How about treating us as the adults we are. ORIGINAL REVIEW This is a fun game and generally a nice community of players BUT the dictionary is terrible and this issue has been going on for far too long. Some examples, 1. There are a large number of words that the game accepts but can’t provide a definition, I’m most cases neither can any if the standard accepted dictionaries around the world. 2. It accepts some foreign language words that are not in normal usage in the English language. Your guess is as good as mine as to which ones are acceptable and which aren’t. 3. It accepts some names, not at. Once again without any clear explanation why. It’s time for developers to identify for users the dictionaries supporting this app and to stop the use of words that are not in those dictionaries.


Why do you keep f...king around with the function of this game? I’m seriously tempted to delete but the game itself is great BUT you keep screwing it up. Now the functioning is back to what it was a few years ago. Why do we get taken to the friends screen after completing our games ..... NO REASON AT ALL TO DO THIS. You can go to friends screen whenever you want. To get to the Solo games you now have to select events first ... it used to be on the right hand side of the screen ..... WHY CHANGE IT? These are all added steps that are useless, unnecessary & pointless ... the don’t make the game any better.

- Not happy with new update

I love this game and have been playing for years but what’s with the new unannounced update??? Playing on iPad - the board/letters are now much smaller and the play/recall/swap buttons have been moved around so I keep hitting recall and having to start all over again with putting my word in as I meant to press play (muscle memory I guess as to where the play button used to be)!! NOT HAPPY!!!

- Rated

I really enjoy playing the game words with friends it’s challenging and great fun👍 Fred.

- Lefties

I really enjoy playing Words With Friends 2. I do however wish there was a left handed option so the shuffle button could be changed to the left hand side. I wrote the above probably a few years ago. Please make a left handed option. Please, especially now that the shuffle has moved all the way over to the far right.

- Issues

The ads are annoying, especially when they freeze and you have to close the app. Currently I am trying to click on a game in process to take my turn and the screen is blank. I keep closing the app and re opening but nothing changes. I’ve tried several games in progress all with same result.

- Words with friends

Game is lagging can be up to 3 minutes for word to show up. Have deleted and reinstalled nothing works.☹️

- Constant annoying ads

Need to get rid of the ads!!! It’s super annoying and time wasting.

- Boxes

Don’t understand how the boxes work very annoying

- Annoying ads

Game is great but brought down by the incessant ads and everyday rewards...no one cares! The ads also sometimes automatically play sound even when the phone is on silent.

- Been playing for years

Love words with friends - addicted

- Ruined

Ruined by ads and manufactured delays. I’m deleting.

- Love it

Playing this game since 2011. Great game

- Aussie girl

So damn addictive. Great for keeping up my word power and spelling.

- My “go to” game

Words with friends 2 is my “go to” game. I have made real friends (even visited) and it’s a way to staying in touch with long time friends. I don’t agonise over my turn, but just enjoy the moment of finding a place to put my tiles. I sometimes play lightning round and try hard to be the highest scorer each game!

- Lorraine

Please stop starting new games with strangers that I don’t know. I only play with my friends. Way too many long adverts. Other than these 2 things, I love the game Thank you

- Words with friends

It’s better than Upwords because you can try words when it’s not your turn. The coloured tiles are annoying because with 2 colours, mine and my friend, you cannot see the words or new words as clearly as when they are 1 colour. I keep getting players waiting to play without me asking them to. The only way I can get rid of them is by playing and then resigning.

- Don’t want

I don’t want to play with randoms!

- Asterisks!!! ****** 😡

Why did you censor messages between players? Putting in ***** instead of the letters? We’re not children, this isn’t a dictatorship, what happened to free speech?......🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

- Hours of fun

Stay in touch with friends and enjoy hours of fun and sometimes frustration. Great game.

- Friends

If you’re a “wordy” person like me, you’ll love this game. It’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family interstate and overseas.

- Beryl

I do not like the new version at all. It is too different. This new one used to show if word was okay with red or green symbol. Why has that stopped. My sister died 2 years ago. I want her removed but I asked and am ignored, Judy Holman was her name

- Love the game but not the”improvements”

I have been playing for several years. All the “extras” really annoy me. If I want to play some random person I can initiate that without having someone thrust in my face. I liked the game more in the format from a few years back.

- Communication platform

The game is great. The incentives varied and useful. But just hate the ‘jumping’ changes to players’ communications platform. It is infuriating. We’re complaining about it between us and if a competitor sets up with a smooth arrangement, I’d vote with my feet!

- Fun but annoying

Why do my Rewards include giving my opponents (say) 20 moves?

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- Too cluttered

Too many interruptions, with all the extra clutter, that is now part of WWF. Awards, coins and the list goes on and on of extra “stuff” that doesn’t mean a hoot! Get rid of the clutter, interrupting pop ups and keep it simple.

- Dishonest creeps

Do you lie all the time in your personal lives, too?

- So many ads!

Just let me pay something for this game already! The adds are so annoying and even when I have it muted sometimes it’ll still play noise.

- No support

I left a request for help with an issue 3 days ago and was told someone would respond within 24 hours. That didn't happen have sent a picture of issue and two more messages and still no response. Worse customer service of any game I play

- Favorite game

Favorite game of all times. I think it’s bullshat that all these games have gone to trying to make us play to pay

- Don’t like latest update

For iPad, I don’t like the latest update because: 1. The Play button was moved from the bottom right corner to the center and the shuffle was moved to the bottom right corner. When I go to where I have habitually gone to play a word, I wind up clearing my word from the board. 2. The game board is smaller. Put it back, or give me an option to use the old board style please.

- Still Too Many Bugs

This latest version has WAY too many bugs. Practice games constantly freeze up and can’t be deleted without deleting the app & reinstalling it. Screen goes black after some games and I have to force close the app & reopen it to get it working again. And WAY too many LONG commercials. My original version on my old iPad worked great; this new version is terrible!

- Fun game

It’s nice and relaxing.


I only gave a 1 star rating because I have been locked out of the game. I have been playing this game for years and now when I try to play I get a “not available to you anymore. Why? I even paid the fee for no ads. Thank you Sandra Hooper(sand!!)

- Scammers!

Getting tired of them!

- Grade A dookie

So you pigs wanna delete my review on here too? F*** you! 🖕🏼Do it again I will take legal action. YOU CANNOT LEGALLY REMOVE A REVIEW ESPECIALLY IF THERES NOT EVEN ANY PROFANITY IN IT. 😡 Fix your incompetence before you remove a negative review then you won’t have any problems. SO AS I WAS SAYING BEFORE YOU ILLEGALLY REMOVED MY REVIEW, do not take my coins if you’re just gonna give me the same letters back when I request a swap. Also fix your gross bug of deleting past plays because you and words classic BOTH deleted my win. So this is now twice I have called out your mistakes and you have not fixed it. Do better for crying out loud 😒

- Button location change

Aww come on……… The play buttons were moved on the last update. Please move them back.

- Does not have Apple login

Needs Apple login

- It’s a pretty fun game.

I play it a lot.

- Scramble Fun

I’m enjoying this game! Glad that an option was given to chat or not chat, because many were turning this into a dating site. My only issue is that I don’t see contact information to address problems like having a practice mode game that failed and it’s not removed from my games after over 145 days!

- Latest update stinks

The most recent update stinks. The board is smaller and harder to read (very difficult to see the point values!) Anytime there are updates when the familiar buttons are rearranged, there is a learning curve and it takes awhile to adjust...but the new improved tool bar just isn’t worth the trade off of loss of playing space. Please put it back the way it was for those of us with aging eyes. I play on an iPad mini. Can’t imagine how much smaller it is for those playing on their phones, but at least the screen zooms in when playing on a phone (which doesn’t happen on an iPad).

- Friends around the world

Playing words with friends is an every day game for me. So many people I enjoy playing with. Only converse with one in England but obviously all those I play with are enjoying the game .... cause we just keep going!

- Too many silly awards

Loved this game and still play with relatives. Though we’ve been slowly stopping because the game bogs down with awards for EVERY move with trophies and other non essential extraneous noise. My daughter says it takes 10-15 seconds just to move between games on her iPhone 6. I just want to play a word game with family. They tell me to find another game.

- Strangers

Really dont like strangers requesting to play. Cant get rid of them. I plan with several friends and dont need these goofy named players.

- Recent changes

I’ve been playing this app for years. Lately it has become awful. The ads are getting longer, more frequent and you can’t close them. I literally have to shut my phone off to get rid of them. Also, when you type a message and need to make a correction, the screen jumps all over the place. Friends that I play with are experiencing the same issues. We have found other friend compatible games and play less on this app. Sadly we like this app because it keeps our minds sharp. It’s just not fun any more. It’s frustrating.

- Feeling Frustrated

I have played this game on and off for the last month or so. When I went to play this morning, this message popped up, “This app is no longer shared with you”. I have tried to trouble shoot myself but nothing is working. I don’t want to delete the app because I will lose the progress and people I have played against. Any suggestions? I normally would rate the game with five stars but this glitch is making me rank it a one for now. I also sent a help ticket in but nothing has come back yet.

- Confusing and stuffed with ads

First Review Could have been fun but with so many ads and being “forced “ into other games... this is a frenetic mess. Second Review I just got your reply to the above review. Kind of appalling. Your suggestion to pay $120 a year for ad-free play for a word game is crazy. Who can afford that?!

- Changes to layout are awful

So what genius thought that it would improve the game to make the board smaller in landscape and to rearrange the buttons? Have you never heard of muscle memory? I instinctively tap a button to the right to recall letters but end up with swap. And what is with your dictionary? Such stupid definitions! So disappointed!

- Concerning

I like to play this game but the Trump ads are out of control. They do not exit out for too long and I’m deleting the game. Also not a fan of the random men trying to chat. That try to scam you into things. Luckily I caught on fast but other women may not.

- Always fun

A fun way to catch up with friends and be challenged at the same time!

- Too many ads

Fun game but almost an ad after every move. Very frustrating.

- Sanity

Words With Friends has always been a fun thing; but, during the pandemic, it has been more than therapeutic...it has been an essential service!

- Fine Job


- Ads for coins doesn’t work

The game itself is great. But watching ads for coins doesn’t work, so I just don’t bother watching the ads anymore.

- Use to be fun

This game use to be fun, but now there are so many ads it's annoying. I tried playing a game with the practice mode and it's my turn but has been stuck for 3 days and won't let me play my turn. Plus I should be able to play with Nail Painter Patrick but when I click play, nothing happens. It's been the alloted amount of time so what's the issue? I'm deleting the app.

- How do they choose the words they allow?

Some obscure word from ancient Scots is ok, but hoosier is not? Really?

- The Ads are ridiculous

This game is fun if you like Scrabble but thete is an advertisement after EVERY move sometimes 30 seconds or longer. It can be exhausting! They need to rachet down the greediness a little.

- Words with friends 2

I cannot find it to download it. It keeps disappearing from my IPad. Then the App Store keeps disappearing. What is happening? I just want to download it to play with two of my children! HELP!

- Far too many adds, otherwise very good.

Far too many adds, otherwise very good.

- Invigorating

This game really has my senses going!

- Fun

Great game to play with family and friends. I wish you could skip all the ads after 5 seconds though

- Love Words with friend BUT

I hate all the pop up junk at the end of every game. That stuff is useless and annoying.

- Love

Love it love it!

- I’ve never seen an app try so hard to be 100 games in 1.

Scrabble. This is a Scrabble game. But books, awards, goodies, toffees, and all this other nonsensical twaddle pervades this Scrabble-type app. If this was just a Scrabble app, I’d be more likely to click on the occasional ad so you guys get the revenue but, as it stands, there’s too close to a schizophrenic cacophony going on in this app that’s just supposed to be a Scrabble game. (Have I made the point that this app is supposed to be a Scrabble game first-and-foremost and the rest is all noise??)

- Love words with friends

I love you his game ♥️but it has to many advertisements!!

- Fun, but flawed.

I imagine that that developing a game like this is the culmination of lots of hard work by very talented people, so I apologize for chiming in with criticism. But I recently downloaded this one again after a couple years away, and I was disappointed to see what a cluttered, barely useable mess the user interface has become. It used to be so clean and easy to navigate, and now it’s become a slog of time consuming achievement boards, side games, and who knows what else you have to click through just to get to the small handful of games you have going. It’s frustrating. At it’s core this is a really fun, engaging game, but it seems to have been buried under an avalanche of pop-up screens and other clutter. I miss the old days.

- Word

Been playing quit a few years. This week has been frustrating as it will not let me do all my challenges. Two day in a row I have not been able to do the solo play! What’s going on???

- Unhappy with update

In latest update player board is now shrunken. Hard to see. Bring back the old board. More style to it and easier to see.

- Fun game and great app support

Thank you for listening and providing advice.

- I love this game

But the chat feature brings in all the scammers. I have tried and tried to play.

- They lost all my games with people I have been play with for years

I have been playing this game for about 9 years. I have at least 8 players that I not only played with for all this time, but I have also communicated with them,some of which were shut ins even before this current pandemic with it’s accompanying isolation. When I did an update with a synch to Facebook, all my information and all my friends were gone. Even after I unsynched to Facebook, the information was out there, but unavailable to me. I put at least two searches out to Zenga to retrieve my friends, some of which were still nudging me to play my turn. All I got were robo answers. No humans, no resolution. All catch 22 solutions. There are people out there who know what I do for a living (nursing in ICU) and might worry that I got sick or even died. I’m 67, and not immortal. So that possibility is possible. They want my money well enough , but after that the heck with me.

- Practice games

I win all the practice games, and the completed games show that I lost in almost all cases.

- Update changes

I like this game but...I am finding a recent update to be awkward. After playing a game, the next game pops up at the bottom. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal, although when I want that to happen I will push the button when I am ready...the bigger issue is that the next game area does NOT include the practice games. Plus, it’s like this game is trying to force you to play games with other users. I’d rather not, honestly. Again, if I wanted to do that, I would. Please stop forcing the issue. And please include practice games in the next game area like you used to.

- Complete scam

This “game” is a ripoff. Dishonest.

- Tam

There’s way too many ads going on..I honestly don’t see the point in putting an ad every 10 seconds. This is a serious problem 😑

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- Reggie Rubble

Unable to use some English dictionary words ?

- Good game

Brilliant scrabble game but I am so sick of trying to be scammed Are you married Kids Etc etc Not falling for it scammers Have now deleted this app - sad as I enjoyed it

- Amazing

This app is really good! It tests your brain and you can play with other people. It’s really addictive! One thing is that there is a add after every word you make/submit. I recommend this app. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

- Mostly good games.

The only down side is you can start a game really well and then the chat starts and if you don’t answer they end the game..so annoying!!!And two of these scammers put 9 letter words.How is that possible?Now I only play females.

- The best.

Better than scrabble.

- Compulsive Game

An enjoyable game to play against friends whilst at rest or even whilst watching tv.

- Why is it not timed

Please add time limit to play the game. Ppl take days to add one word. It's difficult to find players who are online.

- Good game but adverts getting ridiculous.

30 second advert every other word. I have found it quicker to close the app and re-open it to continue playing. Good game and good way to connect with friends and family. Why change the play buttons to different places. Very annoying when you are used to them in a certain place and then they are moved for no reason. The times I have placed a word on the board and then pressed the the wrong button for all the tiles to go back to the rack.

- Review

It would be great if either party could cancel a game, if you are playing with someone who for what ever reason stops playing you can find yourself maxed out but no one to play with and the adverts are annoyingly but apart from that it’s great fun Jeremy

- Addictive

Too many advertisements!!!!

- Overloaded with adverts and pop-ups

Unable to play this version as every second there’s either adverts or notifications or achievements or something else that pops up which cannot be switched off nor stopped... deleted...

- What have you done!!!

You have recently updated this game with some layout changes, WHY? It was fine, the layout worked well....now you have moved all the buttons around, ok I can get used to that after a while, BUT why have you made the board layout smaller, this is ridiculously annoying as I am constantly putting tiles in the wrong space, there was no need whatsoever to do that....will probably change to another word game as this is is too frustrating now. And just to add every other players thoughts into the mix, what the hell are you doing with your ads....you have lost the plot with your greed and not to mention loss of thousands of loyal players.

- Garbage app

Full of ads, flashing boxes, coins, diamonds, notifications. The worst type of app.

- Ads ads ads

Do you want to see 2 ads after every single turn? Do you want mandatory unskipable “tips” and “tutorials” and “rewards”? Then boy is this the game for you. This used to be fun, now you need to wait 30-40 mins to get through all the notifications and achievements and tips and rewards and all that bs just to spend 3 secs in a turn, after which you can sit through them again.

- Words 2

Good colour differentiation for players Good quick exclamation if wrong word tried Quick, bright and fun even though all my family beat me!

- Good game with some peculiarities

I enjoy the game and play just with friends I know. The dictionary is a little odd at times in the words it does and doesn’t allow. The adverts are intrusive but you get used to that. A weird thing has happened recently in chat. Letters are being asterisked out in the oddest way - type the word ridiculous and the u is asterisked out, type bloody, as in bloody nose, and it appears as b****y. Then type techie and the hi is asterisked out! What is going on?

- Help

Great game but ruined now as you can’t get any bonus coins as it always says unable to load, please try later. Totally makes it impossible to complete the challenges.

- amazing

Whenever I play this game I never with any one else accept my sister and since we can’t see each other It has kept us busy. I think everyone should get this game because it is awsome. Defiantly get this game

- Awesome

Love playing this every day with my friends and I enjoy the solo challenges too. Especially liking the new Word Wheel event that has appeared recently!

- Recent updates ruined game

Your recent updates have ruined the game. Smaller board, moving the buttons around and next game pop up on iPhone. Please put it back as it was. Don’t fix what’s not broken.

- Illegal words

I’ve been playing since 2012 Yesterday I noticed that some words I used to be able to play, notably ZA and DE are no longer allowed, but my husband can still play them! These little glitches in the game are always really frustrating but generally get sorted out eventually 🤞🏻

- Too many adverts

Good game but lost patience due to the constant adverts


The updates have ruined this game , now the board is way too small, the play button is now in middle and keep pressing recall button pass and swap have now been added to bottom of screen which was not needed when they were already in drop down menu at side, now yet another update has been done so instead of being able to choose which player you want to play boxes are coming with one person showing so if you want to play a different person you have to come off and press to go back and then choose which player to wish to play. Why can’t the game be left as it was. This game is totally ruined

- So many ads

So many adds and no tutorial on how the layout works and what to press to start a game. I’m getting a different game now lol

- Bizarre cross platform inconsistency

S0 I pick up this game on my phone and there are these great new power ups. But not on my iPad. Playing it on pc means losing all your uk players. And you can no longer choose between us or uk English. All of these frustrations tarnish an otherwise engaging and feature packed word game. Up date: I get nothing of a word wheel event. But it’s never anywhere to be found

- Screen changes

Is it really necessary to keep moving things around,too many pop ups.

- Used to be great, but so slow

I loved playing this game but it’s now so very slow to load, and swap between games that it’s almost unusable. It’s sometimes as much as 2 minutes. Life is too short.

- App keeps crashing

Great game but every so often the app screen goes blank & I have to delete it & then set it up again

- It’s not broken, why change it ?

Why on earth have you changed the layout, at the bottom of the screen, where play, pass shuffle and swap are located?? 🤬 Totally confusing now, and the board and letters are smaller too. Really not a fan now 😕

- No help

I’ve been playing this game since 2011 but recently lost the facility to earn coins by watching videos. All my Words 2 friends have this facility which puts me at a distinct disadvantage as I cannot swap tiles without buying bundles. I have complained about it but all I get back is ‘We are working on it’. Are they working on it or is this a way of putting me in a position where I will buy coins? Hugely disappointed in the company behind this game. I’m thinking of deleting it.

- Words with friend



Great game .... hate the long ads you have to watch before you can continue!

- Relaxing? A way to connect?

You make the game more irritating with every release. Some of us only want to play the basic game without all the annoying pop ups. Why don’t you just give people that option? As for connecting, it would help if you fix the fault correcting any chat spelling mistakes, it’s been faulty for over 6 months now. You’re absolutely useless. Totally ruined a once enjoyable game. Take a leaf out of the WELDER game and let people have a choice. WELDER is a much better game, albeit no chat. Another new release, more pointless nonsense and still not fixed the issue with amending chat which has not worked properly for well over 6 months. Come on guys, get it sorted. Release after release they add more annoying popups and still can’t fix the fault with chat. The most clueless bunch of developers imaginable. Any other decent game gives you the choice to play the game you paid for with all the extra nonsense optional. Not this bunch of irritants.

- Great game

What a great game. It definitely sharpens your brain and stops you from getting bored. It certainly kills time and is most enjoyable.

- Hooked!

I love playing this game, but I wish they’d stop changing the format! Messaging is nice too...just exchanging a few friendly comments....but it’s a nightmare to have to actively search for replies instead of having text come up automatically beside games as it used to. I would have rated it five full stars if they’d just stop messing with it! 😡🤣😂

- Dumbing down!

The facility to provide players with possible words and the letters that could be used to achieve those words is a real disappointment. I understand that the best solution is not provided however one is not sure if you are competing against your friend or a gizmo provided by WWF. I was so annoyed with this feature I have been looking and trying other scrabble games and encouraging my friends to leave WWF and adopt a game with more rigour. Steve.

- Beware of scammers

Game concept great but beware of chat. Only been playing a day before a guy started a chat, I was very wary due to nature of questions and who he pretended to be and then wanted to chat elsewhere. Blocked so I can continue playing. On searching the internet it appears a number of people have been targeted by Nigerian scammers who have used this game to find potential victims.

- Too complex

I preferred the older, simpler version of wwf. Now it just has too much going on!

- Therapy

Love this game, keeps my mind alert, I don’t mind if I win or lose, it’s very therapeutic for me!

- Unhappy

Stop the app pop ups ... is 2 many ... and the app keep cutting out going into black screen ...

- Very slow to load

I love playing this but it’s sooo slow at loading

- Words 2

My words have gone black what has happened and how do I get it back

- Adverts!

To many loooong adverts. Takes tooo long to play games and my battery dies! Hate them

- Great game

I love the way you can have several games on the go with various players

- Non-stop ad assault

The ads are non-stop, long and annoying AF. And they want £10 per MONTH to opt out. I get they need to make money but this is way beyond greedy. Ruins the experience. And on top of it, they lay on incessant gamification, so they can sell you more. It’s a wonder of turning attention into money but I HATE Zynga for it. Will find a word game to switch to and avoid all Zynga games.

- Advertisement Assault

Difficult to enjoy the game when before and after every move, you are violated by another irrelevant, scam-ladened mobile game advertisement. More often than not, after the advert finishes, the screen is darkened until the app is restarted. I get that you are trying to make money, but seriously. Have some moral conviction and provide a service that doesn’t force its users to face virtual ad harassment.

- Awful update. Buttons all erong

Why have you changed the layout of the buttons at the bottom?! There was no need to change them, I keep pressing the wrong button! Change it back!

- Hounded by adverts

The game itself is great but having to watch a 30 seconds advert after every move is a little too much so I am deleting this app . I have played this for a few years now and I would be happy to pay a one-off fee to remove the adverts but when you break it down, it works out at £9.99 per month, no thanks. The adverts are repetitive and the annoying childish kind. Shame as I did enjoy playing over 300 games but I can’t deal with the adverts any longer. Plus, it’s getting worse with every update.

- Dismal update

Please, explain why you have ruined a perfectly good game? Reverse the update, it’s dreadful. Can’t enlarge the screen, buttons moved, I find it unusable.

- Great game

I love word games and this is one of my favourites, it’s a shame my friends can’t play me though because they can’t fine me I have to pretend to be a man to play and have used a profile pic of my son. I’m 62 and don’t want to be drilled by lecherous males

- Too many Ads.

Too many ads. Reduce it. It makes the game not so fun please!

- No option to sign up

I just download the app and there isn’t any option to sign up, just login with email or Facebook but I can’t login in if I haven’t signed up.

- Amazing app

Words with friends is super fun and educative plus you get to meet amazing people from all over the world! What are you still waiting for? Download and enjoy!

- Ads pop up should be reduced

I enjoy the game But the ads are too much , it discourages some times

- Slot

Very good

- Subscription

I can’t subscribe. I really hate the ads but I like the game

- Wwf complaint

It’s so bad and slow after updating, it doesn’t even work no more.

- Option to save probable moves

Great game. I’d love to see an option to save a potential move. I sometimes have great words I’d like to play but I tend to forget especially when my opponent doesn’t play quickly. I’d typically screenshot that potential move but an option to save it in game would be fantastic

- Message

Nice game.but I always get notifications of messages,but I don't see it when I open it

- Can’t see a reply with a friend

I don’t know why I don’t see a reply with a friend when playing, I only got a notification that I got a new message but I can’t see anything please try to fix this

- Superb

Kinda good

- My App keeps freezing

I don’t know why my App keeps freezing , closing and opening itself, it’s really annoying. Please do something about it. Overall i love the App.

- App is hanging

Since the last update the app has been malfunctioning and shutting down randomly. Please fix this ASAP

- Unresponsive

This app keeps crashing. It’s not loading at all and it’s frustrating

- Frustrating ADS

What’s this game turning into? Your ads are becoming too much and quite frustrating. What rubbish is that. Do something about it and I will ad one more star. You don’t even deserve the one I gave. Nonsense!

- Would've been 5stars but your greedy ads...

Yall really trying to frustrate players off your app with those 30 second video ads you've had playing back to back after each move since yesterday.

- Not working

Ever since I downloaded it, have been trying to launch but it keeps on loading without progress

- D1 Driving school says the best game ever 👍👍

The best game

- Account blocked

Why is that my account has been block and I have not played for 3 days ??

- I’m addicted!

Probably one of my favorite games at the moment!

- Great game

Such a great game for great minds. Keeps my brain engaged

- Interesting

I love this game with Passion and it really helps my life and brought me where I am today...

- Great app

Great app

- Great game

Great game to play, really social and interactive as well with the chat features. 👍👍👌✅💯

- Upset

I am so upset that I tried updating this app and it has refused to download ever since. I even went as far as deleting the app and reinstalling, still no luck. I am quite freaked out because I haven’t played my games in 2 days and all my friends would think that I am not serious and never play with me again. It’s not easy finding frequent players and keeping them glued. Overall, fantastic app. Quite addictive!

- A game worth playing

A game worth playing

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Words With Friends 2 Word Game 14.53.1 Screenshots & Images

Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game ipad images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game ipad images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game ipad images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game ipad images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game ipad images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game ipad images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Words With Friends 2 Word Game Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Words With Friends 2 Word Game (Version 14.53.1) Install & Download

The applications Words With Friends 2 Word Game was published in the category Games on 2017-11-07 and was developed by Zynga Inc. [Developer ID: 295913422]. This application file size is 266.89 MB. Words With Friends 2 Word Game - Games posted on 2020-05-18 current version is 14.53.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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