Words With Friends 2 Word Game

Words With Friends 2 Word Game [Games] App Description & Overview

ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR MOBILE WORD GAMES is better and smarter than ever with all new game modes built for the word player in all of us. Beautifully and intelligently redesigned, Words With Friends 2 is teeming with more ways to challenge your friends and your brain than ever before. Expand your vocabulary and show off your spelling skills as you search for the highest scoring word.

Words With Friends 2 is the ultimate in word puzzle games!

Want to boost your word game? Play games against fictional characters in Solo Challenge events, updated with new games, themes and opponents twice a month. Got a competitive streak? Jump in for fast-paced team games to test your rapid word building skills in the Lightning Round.

Sometimes staying in touch is as simple as playing the perfect word. Download and play Words With Friends 2 today! May the Best Friend Win.™

► The word games showdown starts here. Challenge your Facebook friends and family members who love word puzzle games to play, or use Smart Match to find your perfect word puzzle opponent. Search for the highest scoring words on the board and fill in the crossword style puzzle!

► Test and improve your spelling, vocabulary and word skills against themed WordMaster characters in Solo Challenge events. Stay sharp, because as you move up the ladder, the WordMasters will get tougher to beat. Find the highest scoring words and fill them in crossword style to beat the WordMasters!

► Collaborative meets competitive gameplay in this new, fast team mode. Play on a team of up to 5 players, and face off in a match to score the most points first and win. Search the board quickly.

► Our biggest update to the Dictionary ever includes 50,000 new words, inspired by our players and pop culture.

Play Words With Friends 2 without third party ads between moves if you previously purchased either Words With Friends Pro or no third-party ads in the original Words With Friends on any mobile device. Be sure to login with Facebook or the email account you used to make the previous purchase to continue to play without third party ads between moves.

Already an accomplished Wordie? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on game news, contests, polls and other fun stuff.


Play one of the most fun, social word puzzles on mobile! Download Words With Friends 2 today!

Additional Information:
The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.

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Words With Friends 2 Word Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Words With Friends is a great way to connect with friends and family or just relax into a solitary word puzzling challenge. UPDATED ACHIEVEMENTS - They just got better. More levels to earn, new worlds to explore and beautifully themed tile styles to unlock. Did your level inexplicably go up? Well that's because we introduced more Achievements many of which you probably completed resulting in a higher level. Go you! Check your progress map to claim your just rewards!

Words With Friends 2 Word Game Comments & Reviews

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- Too many ads

Need an option to remove ads.

- Terrible

Every update you do is making it worse. Now after every move not only is there add after add but a pop up with “next game” stop with all the nonsense it’s a terrible interface model with too much noise.

- Fun but frustrating

I have been playing this game on and off (mostly on) since 2012. I like the many features they’ve developed over the years, and I enjoy having a chance to do solo challenges while I wait for other people to play me back. I accept challenges from friends and strangers alike. One area where I start to get frustrated though is with the chat. It seems a huge portion of the random people that try to start a game with me always want to start asking me questions about myself, and if I mute the chat so that I can Play The Game, they quit playing. It gets to be rather annoying. Also, I’ve noticed it seems like after I get a good streak going in the Solo Challenges against the Word Masters in one week, the next week it becomes almost impossible to beat. The letter choices become terrible and the “Word Masters” play ridiculous words. And it stays like this for weeks. It feels like I’m being shoved in the direction of buying coins to use the Power-Ups, otherwise I can’t beat the Word Masters, and have to wait for eight long hours for a chance to rematch. And if you lose again, you have to wait another eight hours. Too long in my opinion, when you have to beat ten of them in a week. When coins are easier to get, either by watching ads or whatever, it isn’t so bad. But with that feature taken away and the only way to get enough to move forward is to buy them, I’m out. Also, my Practice Mode game has been glitched out and unable to be played or closed out for OVER TWO HUNDRED DAYS. For 239 days as I’m writing this.

- For you

This is so boring but I did it so I get rubux

- Nice try

The prompt to connect with Facebook (I don’t have one) fix the chat feature while you’re at it. If there’s a typo, you have to delete the whole thing instead of autocorrect.

- Ruined fun game w ridiculous long frequent ads


- Hello! I hate this GAME!

Bad game

- Often frustrated

Solo games - often have only vowels. No chance to win that way. Solo opponents use words that when looked up are “archaic” and sometimes foreign. Use a current English dictionary! Don’t like my daily prize in the store now. Too much going on! Weekly events, daily events... if I redeem my boxes, too much time getting everything. I liked it better when it was just the game. Playing since 2010, but only because I’m OCD and can’t stop! But I want to.


It’s a bad app because it just is it’s trash and don’t download it

- Too many ads

Spend more time with ad interruptions than playing. Deleted same day ☹️

- Garbage game. Money grab


- Great Game Overall

Great game overall Very challenging and keeps you mentally sharp. Love the tap the word to obtain the definition. Disappointed in the computer glitches. You beat the Practice and it shows as a loss. You beat the Solo Challenge and it may or may not add to your tally. You play the computer and 50% of the time it comes up with word that “Currently there are no definitions to at this time.” Really?!!! Also no way to look up known people to play. Only limited to suggested players. Needs a good overhaul. Needs a way to hone in on competitors in Settings. If my average word is 25+ I may or may not want to play someone at a average word of 15.

- Irritating

I’ve used words with friends since it first came out and loved it. But, now all the pop-ups drive me crazy. I would love to block the screens that shows me nonsense rewards that doesn’t enhance the game. I do like the solo games.

- Love the game, hate latest update

Since the last update, the game closes itself randomly and frequently.

- How does one delete a “friend”?

Played with a player “matched” by the game. Do not want this person on my list. How can I delete him? Thank you.

- Was good but now ads are noisy even with sound off

This was working pretty well but now there are a bunch of ads that play awful sounds loudly even when you have the sound off on your phone, and you can’t do anything to stop it except exit the app. It’s also usually faster to restart the game than to wait through all the ads with timers to bypass them. I had paid for the app to stop ads way back but then they updated it to subscription to stop ads and it’s ridiculously expensive. I’d tolerate it except now you can’t stop the noise even with the phone muted, it’s horrible and embarrassing if you try to play somewhere quiet.

- Words with friends 2

Frustration is what I feel when playing this game. Every time I open the app and play one game the game freezes and blacks out.

- Not as fun anymore

Word masters need to stop using words that we can’t use. Put word master thing back to 2 weeks, it’s very hard to do in a week, especially when they use words I can’t. Stop adding 500 points to the weekly challenge thing every week. My total has gone up 2000 points in a month. It’s getting ridiculous, there’s only so many hours in a day. Also, stop recommending games against people from the past, that are blocked. I’ve been playing for about 8 years, I’m ready to quit. I liked the original boring version. The more you add to the game, the less I like it. Would rate it a zero , at this point. But system won’t let me.

- Love it

Love it

- Too many in-game pop ups. Borderline unusable.

I’m not talking about the ad you have to watch after every word you play. I’m talking about the constant, inescapable pop ups for the “achievements” you earn while playing. Essentially every time you play a word, you unlock or earn some achievement that the game tells you about with an animation and a pop up message. This makes the play experience very tedious. Every time you play a word you have to: watch an ad, click the ‘x’ to leave the ad (once it appears), watch an achievement animation until it’s finished, click “Great!” to close the message window that pops up, and, if you’re lucky, scroll through several banner ads to choose the next active match to play a word in. I say ‘if you’re lucky’ because I’ve had to sit and click through 4 rounds of “achievements” after playing a single word. There’s no way to turn off or dial down any of this. Ridiculous.

- Almost unusable

Used to love this app. Now it is so cluttered with prizes, rewards, and adds that you can barely go 30 seconds without some sort of distracting pop-up appearing on your screen. Really disappointing

- Ads with no mute!

I love this game and would play more often if those stupid ads with the cartoon guy went away. They force play audio with no option to mute and it drives me crazy. DO BETTER, WORDS WITH FRIENDS!

- Blank Ads

Please fix your ads that give a black screen. I have to close the game and restart it after every play I make. Very annoying. Thanks.

- Words 2

It is a fun game to play with friends.

- Annoyed

Ads override game and phone settings.

- Ads, ads, ads

I used to enjoy this game so much. Now the ads ruin it. Beware, you cannot control the volume of some of the ads. Even when your volume is off, the ad can be heard.

- Aggravated

Getting aggravated with 'support' Contact them and am told to delete backups. That's not going to change something that's programmed into the game. 🙄 Told to send screenshots. Can't upload them to the app. When I do there is no way to send/submit. The app freezes on image. Now most recent update has ads, which are annoying to begin with, causing app to stall on black screen & never finish. Not getting coins. I'm just fed up

- Too many obstacles

1,000 adds per turn and 269 pop ops (game points and achievements) I don’t care about. Loved the original version of this game where I can just play without having to exit 3 times a turn. Also, why can’t I find the notify option in my settings? Game itself is still fun, have patience.

- Sluggish beyond belief

The old words was sluggish. This one is also sluggish. Time to dump all the solo player challenge nonsense and those ridiculous rankings etc and get back to basics. I play scrabble and don’t have the time nor patience for non scrabble related nonsense. This app is full of garbage. Update March 25th 2020 The app has now become so sluggish that it’s unusable on my iPad. I’ve had to uninstall it. Starting the app would take at least 5 minutes. It’s become sluggish on my iPhone also. Just uninstall the thing. It’s clear Zinga isn’t going to do anything bar make the app worse.

- Bloated

This game is bloated with an excessive amount of “features”. It takes a full minute to launch and I get frequent black screens forcing me to relaunch. The ads take a full 15 seconds before you can play your next opponent. The text feature stopped working. Some of the cool sounds have recently disappeared. I guess as this game gets more popular, they can continue to fill it with more and more “stuff” that gets in the way of actually playing. There’s too many times you need to press things before you actually get to play.

- Trolled by creepers

There are a quite a few people posing as women who will start a game, engage you in a chat and ask you to join them on another chat network. It feels like an organized scam so watch out for that. Also they’ve added so many badges and game options that they’ve taken the simple charm out of the game. If you have young children I would NOT let them play here.

- Next game suggestions

Quit suggesting next game with people I don’t know!!!! Aaaarrrggghh!

- Frustration = 0 points

This game and the entire app platform is frustrating! Between all of the options and other junk crammed on the screen, there's barely room to actually play the game. Let alone the rolling commercials between each completed turn! (This, by the way, started causing the game to crash on my iPad, and now it won't even open all the way before it crashes.) I can't get the :((dame tho load any longer. Fun game to play with a great premise of being able to play across the.net, but way too much going on to be stable! Just frustrating!

- Fix the game!

The game no longer subtracts points from opponent’s remaining tiles to add to your score when you go out first. Fix it! 😡

- Too Many Ads!

It’s crazy there’s an ad after every move! Makes you not want to play.

- An Orwellian gaming experience.

A stunningly horrible interface, annoying advertising, and invasive microtransactions rolled into one.

- Very Glitchy

Just downloaded this tonight to play with my mom. When I play a word, it pops up near instantly on her board. When she plays a word we are waiting as long as 15 minutes before it appears on my end. I will close and open the app to try to get her word to load. Still doesn’t help. In addition, the app keeps freezing up on both my phone and her iPad. I have to keep walking her through closing her app and reopening it.

- Jamie

The latest update changed the Next Game button to Next Games and now you have a pop up at the bottom of the screen with the next two games showing. It pops up automatically and it is VERY annoying. I don’t like it.

- Coins

Every time I get to 1500 in coins it stops. I’ve been earning coins and the numbers do not reflect or indicate a change. Disappointed 🤦🏾‍♀️😭😢

- Annoying

Let’s take a fun simple game, add video ads after every turn and sprinkle tons of annoying pop ups to force people to pay $10 A month to avoid them. I get you need to make money, but this is ridiculous.

- Frustrated

This is one of my favorite games but today it keeps going dark after each send

- Crashes all the time!!

Crashes at startup. Barely a few seconds after opening the app, app crashes. Uninstalled and installed again to no avail. Not sure what’s going on. So frustrating. Makes the game unplayable 😢

- Good, but too many shut downs

I enjoy playing this game with my friends but it hangs up a lot even with great internet and also the screen turns black, sometimes after the ad or before the ad and I wait several minutes and finally give up and reboot. That keeps me running for a few more games. Your vocabulary is way better than Puzzly Words and Word battle. Not sure whose dictionary these use, but hundreds of words I spell on WWF are invalid. PenN

- Too many ads

Entirely too many ads. It’s ridiculous!!

- 30 second ads are ridiculous

I have been playing this game for many years! It is a fun classic...however 30 second ads between plays is ridiculous. And the fact that you can’t close the as is extremely frustrating as well! It literally makes me close out the game almost every time!

- Too Many Ads!

This is the only game I play on my phone but like anything else in the world, greed has ruined the enjoyment for people. The ads on this app are becoming more frequent as the years pass. I’m done with it. Playing a solo challenge is ridiculous. There’s an ad after every single move. Really? Don’t you think that’s rather much developers? It’s a great game and one of the best platforms available but it’s time I move on. Not going to waste my life looking at ads. Life is to short! Get outside and put the phones away people. 🕺🏼

- Needs some improvements

I downloaded this game hoping ALL of my friends could play together. Turns out the only online multiplayer options are 1 on 1 which is disappointing cause my friends love to play Scrabble together, but we’re long distance so online apps are the only way. Disappointed.

- Fun

Great family fun

- Please fix

Can you PLEASE fix the problem with your stupid ads freezing the game. I get tired of having to restart my iPad to get the game back.

- Froze my phone

This app froze my phone on my birthday all night! Couldn’t even force a turn off or do anything within the screen. Had to let phone die and then reboot. Very ticked off!

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- Too many effing ads

Like every review on here says, too many effing ads. I played this for years but having to continually WAIT for dumb popups and ads to close is awful. Good game ruined by poor management.

- Slow, Slow, S-l-o-w

Slowest App I own. I hate the stupid levels and little packages. I have no idea what the little packages are all about. Not worth the time to download this app.

- Words 2

Love the game. Don’t like the games that come up from another source than my friends. It’s a bother to keep resigning with them. Can this be eliminated. Thanks Notification numbers don’t coincide with the right amount of games. It will indicate to create a game but actually there will be games already waiting.. is confusing. Still love the game April 12, what’s with the flashing ads on the playing area. Not sure if this is a Canadian or American app, but a cigarette ad is flashing very often. Not cool March 27, 2020. What’s up with the game when an ad is finished it freezes and stalls the game? March 27 Sorry I finally found the X, it is very faded. I love this game!!!!!!

- Fix it!

I am back on WWF2 after a hiatus of several months... at first, I wondered why I hadn’t played in a while... but then, I remembered. Those ads that pop up right after you’ve played a word keep freezing the screen for a few seconds, making it impossible to do anything! And the game itself bugs once in awhile for no apparent reason when I am trying to place tiles on the board! I am quickly losing my patience! So please fix it, or I’m gone, and so are the in-app purchases that I make, which developers love to include to make more cash off our backs!

- Ads

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to tolerate these advertisements. They’re not even personalized. Advertisements are acceptable on free games but 30 second ads after every play is a bit overkill. I’ll probably be deleting this game shortly. Change this!

- Best game!

This is the best word game I ever played. The most thing I like is the solo challenges and the events. This is better then words with friends.

- Why all the extra garbage??

Inventory?? Achievements?? Progress map??? I just want to play scrabble, I don't need all this other crap to complicate and bloat the app

- So many ads

I can’t stand all the ads after pretty much every play...

- Preplay option would be cool

Love this game! Duels is especially fun 🙂 Suggestion: sometimes I setup a word play for the next round but forget with all the games I have going on! Lol 😂 It would be cool to have a “preplay” option.. setup the next move kind of thing. Keep up the excellent work 👏

- Ads

I like the actual game but there’s ads in between every turn

- The ads are incredibly annoying.

They pop up when you least expect them, and can’t be minimized. It makes the game barely playable.

- Extremely Annoying ads

Glitchy- screen went black in middle of game. Cannot fix it.

- Crazy pop ups

This game has become a shell of its former self. Insane amount of pop ups every two seconds.

- Tik tok

Am I the only person here because of ti tok

- Programming by retards


- Back to the original, please.

This app used to be great, but now you spend more time waiting for mystery boxes and rewards crap to glitter and chime, than actually playing the game. This is unfortunate. I used to love it, because I enjoyed being challenged by other (real, aka not computer) people. But I ended up deleting it because it the bling was just such an annoying waste of time.

- Too many errors

There are SO many fake non-existant words that are accepted by the game, and no way in game to report them. Please add a reporting feature. Example: in a solo game, the computer played “Jehad.” Jihad is a word, “jEHad” is not. Please- the mistakes are driving English teachers mental!!!

- Nope

Nothing but Ads and Crashes. [deleted]

- Ads overwhelm

When I first started playing I could do lots of moves, minimal or short ads. Now that I’ve been playing a little while it seems after every move there’s a 30sec long ad, navigating out restarts ads again and it’s just too much. Can hardly play anymore.

- Disappointed

I played 5 “Practice” rounds which were enjoyable, and I won them all. The problem being when it shows my stats it shows I lost them all!

- New format

What the heck is wrong with this new format? The way you access the daily chalkebg s is stupid, also takes so long to open, then another long wait to collect There are so many glitches it is so frustrating, takes a long time to load, it freezes and the screen goes dark and freezes so often, please fix or I will no longer be playing, don’t need this frustration

- Extremely annoying pop ups

I just want to play with my friends. I don’t care about challenges, mystery boxes or any of that stuff. It’s fine if people like it but for the rest of us please include an option to disable all these annoying notifications.

- To much junk

The app is junk.

- Really, Words? 30 second ads for inane stupid games?

So Words 2 is generally respectful of its users, and as soon as it drops its current predilection for long adverts I’ll update this review. But why would you think that anyone will buy the candy crush soda game (with its inane pictures of gummy bears) if you only force us to watch its adverts for 30 seconds? 5 seconds is my limit, folks. Keep this up and I delete you. Even during coronavirus isolation!

- Too much pop ups

$13.99 a month to remove ads? You’re crazy.

- Too many ads and interruptions

Ridiculous amount of ads and interruptions. Will not play anymore.

- Terrible game because of ads

As the title says you will spend more time looking at ads for junk than actually playing this game. Skip over this junk and move onto the next game

- Keeps crashing...

After every move since the last release!

- Has become bloated, slow and childish

Wish it would let me play a simple game without the constant bombardment of rewards and bonuses and campaigns and such, plus the interface looks like it’s designed for 5 year olds. Original version was great. RH

- Frustrated

Loved this game when it was kept simple Too many things running on this app now Keeps crashing!

- Frustrated with ads that font load right and cannot be closed

I love this game however when the continuous ads do not load right you cannot go back to the game. I have been trying for 10 minutes to close the Eye Buy Direct ad with no - sand thing yesterday. I give up. Can’t even get back to my games to resign.

- Too busy

Maybe I’m just a cranky old lady, but I find the UI really crowded and unintuitive. I’m also not a fan of this leveling up system- since when do we need to gamify a game? It interrupts the flow and is very distracting.

- Annoying

Too many ads, did my head in - had to delete

- Thanks for a few good years.

I enjoyed playing with several “friends” a long time but words with friends4 suddenly disappeared and my friends disappeared with it. The replacement words2 is like starting all over again and I’m not doing that. It’s been fun, but goodbye.

- Super amazing

This game is amazingly fun to play with friends and even yourself couldn’t think of a better game to play with my grandparents

- Keeps crashing

Have been playing without issue for years. All of the sudden, since last update, the game crashes after almost every move.

- Getting there...

Please fix notifications. I make a move on my phone, iPad still shows a notification.

- Can’t take the ads anymore.

I’ve been playing this game for almost a decade. The ads are out of control and I’ve sent a request for my info to be deleted. I’m usually playing and listening to Spotify and the ads with volume will disrupt the music. I have to hard close WWF, open Spotify, hit play, reload WWF over and over. Even on mute these loud ads will play. If there is ever an option to buy the game without ads FOR A DECENT PRICE I’ll return. Until then I’m done with this ad delivery system disguised as a game.

- It’s gone down hill IMHO.

I’ve been playing WWF’s for about 6-7 years now? I eventually purchased the ad free version and it was worth the $14 because I play a lot. I used to have thousands of coins and the bonus points were a nice feature but I find the bonus features are getting harder to achieve and in the solo rounds they’ve cut buck on the amount of time you have to achieve that challenge. They want you to watch videos for extra coins. More ads! I’m revising my last review as I was pretty frustrated that day. I’m still finding it is glitchy and I now have an error code coming up all the time right now that I cannot fix. They seem to be making some changes to the app so maybe that’s what’s causing all of the headaches. I do enjoy this game though and am trying to remain patient, hoping it will improve again.

- Forever crashes

What a pain!

- Words Ne marche pas juste une fois et il saute.

Experience. Mauvaise pour deux jours annuler et reeintaller. Svp pouvez vous remédier. Merci Andrée

- Buggy and crashes

Crashes constantly and freezes on many of the paid ads that fail to load. So many new features in this version that made it confusing. I switched back to the old version.

- It’s ok

I play this regularly, but I am not a fan of the latest updates. I hate how the daily bonus has been moved to the store screen, and I constantly have a notification on my achievements that will not go away. My game seems to crash more often as well. I find myself playing less often than before and get more frustrated with the crashes and issues.

- Inconsistent

I love the regular words game and play it often, However the mini games are so inconsistent that are just no fun at all. I have made it through them all no problem, or on this one (where the time limit to complete is cut in half) I have lost against the first opponent FOUR time’s and cannot possibly complete. Frustrating.

- Love this app and it just keeps getting better.

I have had the paid version for years and it has proven to be excellent value for the money. I play it at least once every day. However this most recent solo challenge has frozen. I can’t make any move to complete the third level and I can’t open a new level while this one is open. Message is “Oops..something went wrong. I can’t find any access to support.

- Bombarded with bots and ads

I used to love this game but not anymore. Now as soon as I’ve finished current games with actual people, Zynga has created bots (that look like real people except they aren’t) that invite me to play. I guess it’s to generate more revenue for the ads they keep bombarding us with. I’m ready to delete a game I once loved.

- Practice game

Love the game especially the solo games. I sometimes play a practice game but I have one that is over 200 days old and says oops at the bottom. I cannot play it nor can I delete this old game. When you give me a challenge and press to play the old “practice “ game pops up. Can’t play anything you offer as a challenge. How can I get rid of this game???

- Takes foreverrrr to load.

Gets worse by the day. Over three minutes to load before you can play. Several ads will not close, others lock up pad. Sucks

- Awesome game for a free app

Lots of fun challenges! I love the daily login incentive, you get a free coin a day, and every so many days you get a special prize. Love the fact i can control my chat options as well.

- Words 2

Love the game but scammers are annoying when it comes to chat. Tired of being begged for money. When a game is playing and screen comes up for quick access to next player pops up is in the way. Please remove ;)

- Challengers

Can we please have ‘ returning challenger’ when already played that person instead of ‘new challenger’ ? Only have new when they are ?


I love the app but way to many ads👺👺. It’s like a chicken fluttering in your face after every move. Sooooo annoying. Why can’t it just be like the old app? Simple but fun.

- Players who are real creeps

I am female and rejoined Friends in 2020 after my iPad crashed. Lost all my ad free status despite same username etc. The ads drive me crazy. HOWEVER of the seven males I have played a game with, ALL want to chat, then ask or DEMAND personal information - address, phone, age, photos etc. Really creepy. When I politely told three of them 'I don't chat unless it's about the game' they shut the game down. I cant be alone. I never had that with male players when I originally signing up with Words.

- Frustrating

I only want to play the game. I don’t want all the awards and challenges . Should be optional.

- Can’t read my messages

I play a game , and I get a message from my opponent, when I open to read, I can’t see or read the messages , I am on new version so that’s shouldn’t be the problem. I am using an iPhone 7 Plus , please look into the issue TY .

- Fun but way too many ads

Great to play and great for interacting with people however, an annoying amount of adverts are played for a long amount of time after almost any action you do on the app. Would be nice to have fewer ads. Just trying to play the game but have to wait for ads to go away every 2 minutes

- Literally spend more time watching ads

This was a good game. I recently started playing after being absent for a couple of years. I was shocked to find that I had to watch a 30 second ad after every single move. This game is completely ruined and unplayable for me, not interested at all. It is a waste of time and a waste of battery

- Mine keeps closing🤔nothing else does


- Too many bells and whistles

Far to many distractions from the game. Terrible adds and can’t find where to upgrade to add free.

- Great Game, Malignant Ads

Ads in free version is fine but really makes you question a company when deceptive ads are part of their product. E.g. timer ads that don’t have timers, X’s that take you to App Store, etc.

- Frustrating

Congrats on making it a complete waste of time opposed to a partial waste. Used to be able to skip ads after 5 seconds but now the option fades out at 1 second (just to rub it in) Well done tossers! App deleted.

- Enough with the ads!

I have been playing WWF2 for about seven years now and have enjoyed the experience - until now! The already-irritating ads between moves have increased with players being forced to sit and wait for them to play out as the “timer” function is a joke: six seconds stretches to nearer 16 seconds! Please do something about this if you want to retain me and thousands of other players who are thinking of quitting

- good game, but...

each update makes things worse. sounds don’t work for notifications. turning off solo challenges doesn’t get rid of them. the game now allows wrongly spelled words & words for which the in game dictionary has no definition

- So disappointed

The app is appallingly slow. Such a pity. I used to enjoy Words with Friends but recently it has been an ordeal.

- Ads which won’t be Silenced

I really enjoy this game - it’s well-made and challenging. But the never-ending ads are infuriating (and $14+ per month to turn them off is ridiculous). Moreover, my phone is always on silent when I play this game, but some of the ads get around this and still play full volume! How does this work?!

- Good but enable chat

Good game, however chat should be enabled. The amount of Zambian princes that have tried to ask me for my bank account is insane! Would block all chat is possible.

- Excessive ads make a terrible experience

Two ten second ads every single play. Wow.

- Worst UI experience ever

I just want to play scrabble. The constant slow, clunky, boring and irrelevant pop ups are just insufferable. Horrendous experience

- Blank screen

Play a few games and when changing for next player, the screen goes blank and doesn’t recover. Have to leave game and go to another site. Frustrating. I give up.

- Slow

Was enjoying playing for a long time, but it now takes ages to do anything, very frustrating

- Inconsistency

Shegetz , which is a derogatory term against gentiles, is allowed but Yid is not. Hypocritical

- Seems to be slowing diwn

It’s a great app but it has been very slow as of late. I have an iPhone 6 and now there are so many add ons to be loaded at startup that it takes a few minutes to load ready to pkay. It’s also unstable now too and shuts down occasionly as soon as the app opens and I think it was because I clicked on something but it was wanting me to click on something else e.g. my daily reward. Have a lot if people wanting to chat and then try to get you to reveal your WatsApp details or email address. Be careful people.

- So many ads

Good game, very addictive but can’t handle the ads

- Words

This game is annoying I have played it for years , now I pay for coins to change letters and CONSTANTLY get the same ones back - NOT happy

- Worse and worser!

I’ve been playing this game for years and watched it become progressively more bogged down with ridiculous quests and other useless junk. The game now takes ages to load, quickly consumes battery power and is just less enjoyable than it used to be. I should start looking for a better alternative.

- What’s with the adds?

I love WWF and I don’t even particularly have an issue with the existence of adds, but this version requiring adds between every word even in single player games is ridiculous. But perhaps the thing that gets me the most is the loudness of said adds. I keep my phone on silent but still if I get an add I have to turn my sounds down to nothing because of how insanely loud the adds are. If I forget before playing they give me a heart attack and then as soon as I go to make a call later I can’t work out why I can’t hear anyone. Surely there could be a mute option. I am considering not using the app because it is just too ouch effort dealing with the frequency and sound of the adds 😞

- Ugh clickbait

This is so clickbait i kept seeing it on ads and it looked decently fun so i downloaded it and it is so differently from the ad. On the ad it was a speed word search and on the app it is a middle age person styled game like i wasted so much time downloading and trying this trash!!

- Can’t open on my iPhone

I’m having trouble opening this on my phone, is there a problem?

- Ads

Good game but the ads turn me away everytime, and pop ups.. just let me play! 3 star based on this

- Words with friends2

For heavens sake GIVE US A PAID VERSION so we can avoid those constant, annoying ads, otherwise I’m deleting. I’ve had enough. Ads after every turn it’s ridiculous 🤬 You can have your 2 versions, one free and one paid for

- Painfully slow on an iPhone 6

This used to be fast, but now with all the added LiveOps into the game, it has slowed it right down.

- Ads

Seems some men are only using words as a pick up joint. I have played many games, if you don’t respond to their pickup lines they resign from the games. These people need to be deleted all together. It’s really annoying

- Used to be so good

Not any more in regards to the solo challenges. The “machine” endlessly cheats with obscure so called “valid” words for which there are no definitions yet. Some common words (which are real) the system won’t accept. If I could rate zero stars I would. P. S. I paid for the Ad free version of this game and have to put up with this???

- Sick of scammers

I have played this game for years and loved it. But I am totally over the scammers who play. I would get approx 4-5 a week. Sometimes 4-5 a day!!! It’s making me sick of this game. What upsets me the most is that there is no way of reporting these people. Although, there is a function to report abuse IT NEVER WORKS!!! Zynga you should be responsible for this!! It’s impossible to totally clean up the game but it is possible to make it safer for everyone.

- WWF2

Can’t figure out how to make a new account with this app. It only has log in options for people with ore existing accounts

- Lame ads all the time and freezes

Kinda annoying to watch ads all the time, Not really worth playing anymore. I won’t be spending any money on this game

- Changes

I’ve played this game with great enjoyment for years. Then you changed the set up. I’m lost as to how to do things I did automatically, eg, how to receive prize boxes for achievements, and when I answer a message from a friend, I find I can’t then go straight into our game, but have to come out of it, and go back in again. Very annoying. I don’t mind changes, but they need to benefit the player. The old saying....If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

- So many problems

I used to enjoy this game, but the more I play (and the more updates they make) the more and more buggy this game gets. I’ve had nothing but problems with this game and now it’s gotten so bad that it’s completely unplayable. Customer support is absolutely no help whatsoever. No choice but to delete it. No point in keeping an unplayable game installed.

- Buggy

Constantly turning off, won’t open some pages, have to keep closing and deleting it

- Disappointing

I really enjoy playing Words with Friends 2 but find it disappointing that you don’t receive all your ‘Achievement’ Awards as you reach them. Mine seem to ‘drop off’ and several just disappear making it almost impossible to reach the next level of skill.

- Get rid of the scammers

Love the game but sick of the creepy men , who really are not the men in the photos , they are stolen identities, surely you can pick them out, they all start at the same time, all have lost their wife to cancer , have one child. I lead them on to get points , they read from a board and cheat. Some people are silly and believe in them, I am 84 but they don’t fool me.

- Storage hog

After playing many games over time, with many friends, this app occupied 25 GB of storage on iPad, crippling the device to a grinding halt. The worse storage management of any app I have ever seen.

- Ads play sound even in silent mode

It is extremely distracting and I can't play on the train or at night because it makes sounds and I can't turn it off. Game play is laggy sometimes. The game is fun though.

- Monitising gone nuts and now with sounds

I have liked this game for some time having reached level 15 and watched the free game slowly get more annoying with ads but we may have reached my cutoff. Of course app developers need to be able to make a buck and even the ridiculously long ads between games were tolerable but now we have moved to casino game ads that have slot machine sounds even when the iphone is switched to silent. The game is silent and not anti social as I play. Well I am on a screen ignoring others in the room, so still anti social. But now in an element of wisdom ads can bypass sound settings that I have selected for the environment that I am in to create slot machine sounds right there in front of the people in the meeting, the cinema or at the dinner table. Who eats at the dinner table any more but you get my point.

- New version not so good

Really HATE THIS VERSION. Tired of having the clear the friends list pop up after you finish playing the games. Just so annoying. Also the solo challenge......WHY if I win a game am I being asked to rematch....because if you do & you do t win then the game turns up in your list of game ps to play until the solo challenge has completed........VERY IRRITATING.....JUST COMPKETELY POINTLESS......HAVE PLAYED THIS GAME FOR 7 years but am seriously considering leaving I hate this version so much.

- So slow to load now

This program used to be so much better. Now it is very slow to start up each time.

- What’s happening???

It seems the Ap has updated and now I can’t claim my rewards? I think it needs re doing!!!

- When someone starts first

You should let the second player the chance to exhaust all their letters, it’s not fair that the first player wins by default when the second player could have won by using the letters they had left. The game often freezes, unable to move tiles, need to turn off and turn back on.

- Pop Up Ads

I’ve started to get Pop Up adverts interrupting my game play. If that keeps up I’m going to cancel this app.

- I’m so tired of upgrades that cause problems

On my phone, can’t claim my rewards, loads of notifications in Achievements and Progress that won’t go away after I’ve looked. So many silly little quirks instead of running smoothly.

Payoneer 💰

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- Great fun with bugs

The game overall is great, but the frequent ads are very annoying. The ads also often stall the game forcing me to restart it. I was looking into removing the ads, but paying $9.99 is too much imho.

- WWF2 has lost its charm of simplicity

First, LOVE the game. Adding Duels is amazing. But why clunky bells & whistles - from collecting rewards to selecting our next game? It seems every time I log back on, there’s another addition that makes this more complicated than it needs to be. Please know: simpler is better.

- Words 2

Good game for learning better vocabulary. Fun to learn new words.

- Why is my pp smol

So I play this game and my po gets smol

- Again you are cheating

You need to respond to me NOW!!!!! lindadecker702@gmail. com

- Keeps getting worse

Please stop adding events and add-ins when your network clearly cant support it. Play the flash event and I sit and watch my opponent play turn after turn while my board continues to try and load. Quit over complicating a game that doesn’t need to be messed with. You are taking the fun out of this game. The daily rewards are worthless. I’ve been playing for 10 years and I don’t know how much longer I can keep going.

- Words with friends

How do I eliminate a player so I can add more? Why are the games limited? I enjoy playing this game and want to add more friends!

- New Feature

The next player - please give a feature/option to turn this OFF - toggling through players is horrible.

- Recent changes

When one click won’t work any longer to get to the next game it equals one star. Please fix.

- Too busy!

Too many side quests, app is laggy and busy. I loved the old WWF so much more.

- Could be better

This game is great fun to play with friends and new people but....it still has problems. There are so many active ads, this game goes black. I can hear the audio playing but you can’t get rid of it. The only thing that does get rid of it is to delete the game and reinstall it or turn off the device you’re using and power back up and continue. This is ridiculous on every level. Word of advice, if this keeps happening, I’m gone. Surely there must be another game without these problems.

- Repeatedly seeing who played the 2 oldest moves in games?

Not helpful. I usually play one came each player at a session until I change tasks. The old next game was fine but I used it only evenings I was playing a longer time.

- Oops something went wrong memo

What’s up with this memo? We’ve been locked out of our games. I’ve tried logging in to my account to no avail.

- Just Meh

Great for when you are bored. However: >Too many ads >CPUs play words that exist/allowed only be the game and don’t really exist >To much random annoying junk like awards and books and extras, no use for it >Too frequent z,x,v,q,j,f,


This game is so good and fun/thrilling literally my whole family on my moms side is hooked on Words With Friends. I love the game my self and have been playing for years! 😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍

- Doing too much

Words with friends/scrabble is a great game. Zynga ruins it by adding so many other bells and whistles. Stop trying to add a million reasons for me to be on the app. I don’t want a “match of the day” nor do I want ways to cheat in the game. I want plain vanilla scrabble with my friends. The popups are incredibly annoying and you really don’t need to gamify the interface of a game. Go back to basics. You had it right when you came out with the game, I remember loving it about 8 years ago. Now the app feels like trash and I don’t like using it. Too bad I’m stuck in doors and need to connect with my friends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Please test the ads, Zynga!

I would give this app five stars except that I sometimes have to delete the app from my iPad and then reinstall it because they have posted an ad that will not close. That is really irritating. It's fun when I can play the game without those problems.

- More ads please.

I think the game is fun but at this time I still really don’t know. It seems there’s an ad anytime you push a button and there so much going on it feels like you might have a seizure at anytime. More ads please.

- Satisfaction declining

My love of this game I’ve been playing since 2011 is rapidly dwindling and I’m considering deleting the app. The rewards keep getting less exciting and worthwhile and the solo challenges are nearly impossible now to win. You can now only have a week to beat all levels while only being able to take a turn every 8 hours. Combine that with the crappy 1- or 2-point letters the computer gives you and it’s next to impossible to win and score 200 points in all 10 games. You guys are taking the fun out of it!

- No internet connection

Installed game. Will not open. Get message no internet connection. Every other game requiring an internet connection on my iPad works fine. Uninstalled and tried installing again three or four times. Nothing helps.

- Enable group tournaments among friends

During the Coronavirus, it would be great to allow lightening rounds to be created by a user for their group of friends.

- Adds

I paid $9.99 for Words with Friends & you should be able play the game.add free The changes you are making to the game with this next game popup at the bottom of the screen is horrible I paid for an add free bundle pack. The new popoup next game is horrible, functions as an add snd is disrupting my play. I feel like you stole my money by doing this.. add regardless of the fact that I paid not to have them.. disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Fun but needs night mode, faster progression

I love me some Scrabble and I love it even more when I can play it with anyone at any time with no rushing! WwF2 definitely improves on the original. Now we get a new solo challenge, speed rounds, leveling up, crosswords-like puzzles, a built-in dictionary, unlockable tile colors, and power-ups: word hints, playable areas, and one-time letter switching during a turn. You can buy these power ups with coins which you earn by completing certain tasks, checking the store each day, or getting impatient enough that you spend real money like I did once. LIKES: The new features are fun and I dig the game’s personality with the characters of solo mode and the artsy level map. I also like earning new tile colors more than I probably should. The word switch power-up is very handy in a pinch. Most of all I love the dictionary option to expand my vocabulary. DISLIKES: Oh my gosh but it takes forever to level up. You can win loads of games but if you don’t clear the many conditions set out for you you won’t get anywhere. And even when you do complete their conditions it rarely gets you much closer to the next level. Everything feels like a slow D-R-I-P of progress that starts to feel like dripping on my head. Speaking of slow, obtaining new tile colors takes forever as you can only get a small percentage of one at a time after certain achievements. Literally 1-5% out of 100. I get that you guys want us to stick around but man! The solo challenge starts harder than it should IMO (no I’m not dumb) and I don’t like the 1 week time limit combined with 7 hr waits between levels. (Unless you can afford to pay the 20 coins.) Watching a short ad after each move is annoying, and the ads themselves are often repetitive, weird, and annoying. Please lay off a little. No night mode. Why is there no night mode?! I don’t need pure white light in my face before bed. Can someone please get on this? You could do some cool neon things with the tiles too. Many dictionary entries don’t have definitions available yet, and some words that are or aren’t permitted make no sense to me. OVERALL: Quite an addicting, educational distraction at times but also tedious, annoying, and lacking other times. I’ll probably keep playing though.

- Keeps crashing on me!

Idk if this game recently updated, but it keeps crashing on me now. Please fix it so I can go back to playing.

- Too many ads

I understand that is a free version and there will be ads but the frequency and duration of these ads and pop ups is excessive. I will be deleting this app.

- Great game

Good game overall lots of fun!!!

- More Ads than gameplay

If you enjoy seeing the same Ad of a dude in a hole with water drowning him you'll love this game. It’s literally an ad after every move even when you’re playing the bots... If you’re really bored get this game. Otherwise don’t bother because of how frustrating it is.

- Honda add crashes app

Hope they fix this soon. Annoying that every time this specific add comes up I have to quit and relaunch the app. Honda dream garage? Not!

- Fun

I’ve been playing for a very long time and I really enjoy this game. I wish you would stop with all of the animations though. It is very annoying. Can I opt out of that???

- Words with Friends 2

I really love the game. But started having a problem with it today. Married Gras challenge will not go to next level. Help. The game has stopped giving rewards in achievement level for about a week. Have tried turning phone off and then on and did not help. Can this be fixed? Still getting error message and will not allow using keys to help find words. Going on third week. Extremely frustrating. Are your techs not capable of fixing this. Still will not allow me to use Cheat Master or Cheat words. Goes to error in both. Getting very frustrated. Game is almost not worth playing anymore. Game has gone through at least 2 refresh cycles. Also, would it not be more fair if both players were workingtime with the same sets of letters. I still cannot use cheat master or any other aids to help in this game. This is there 3rd time I have brought this to your attention. I was hoping you would solve the issue. Apparently your techs are too busy to address the situation. Still it able to access cheat master or cheat words. Do your tech not have enough time to address the situation?


This game is very cool but can you PLZ remove the ads because everytime people submit a Word it shows a ads

- Way to many ads and clicks

I paid for this app back in the day so I didn’t have to deal with all the ads. This new version is absolutely frustrating. Ads that take you out of the game to App Store after every play if you don’t click the X exactly. Their new book adventure clicks is absolutely terrible. I wish they would consider user experience. I loved playing this when you could pay for no ads but have to say the moment things get back to normal I will stop using

- Wouldn’t recommend

The game is okay but it has to many ads you can’t play without one coming up ever round

- Words With Friends

I love words with friends, but I don’t know why you thought you needed to upgrade from 4 to 2.I am having a problem with words 2. In some games the game blacks out and I cannot get it back unless I delete the app and download the games again which is very frustrating. It seems to happen when I score higher than some opponents. There is a weird sound and the screen goes black. Also, I am not interested in the rewards, levels, badges,etc. Do I have to participate? And, can you do something about some of the ads freezing up? I love the game and would not want to give it up. Sister Bea

- So many ads

So many ads!! An ad after literally every move you make. And some are up to 30 seconds long. Takes away the fun in playing and makes my friends and I want to delete the app.

- so many ads!!! way too many!!!

i would gladly pay for the app. $9.99 seemed a bit high but ITS ONLY FOR 30 DAYS at at times. N O P E i also could live w out all that extra bonus ... what ever it is crap. just wanted to play scrabble. which i guess can’t happen.

- The ads! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

The ads are a deal breaker. As is 9.99/month to be ad free. No thanks.

- Extremely slow

I’m getting extremetly frustrated at the slow loading of each play, shuffling of tiles and the long ads in between moves. I’ve tried force closing, uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. I’m also getting a lot of games that are out of sync and there isn’t any way to dismiss the game. Each time it happens the game freezes and I can’t do anything except close the app and start over. Also I can’t use my wireless keyboard to respond in chat , as there is a gray box that covers the space that you type in to respond. The small ad at the bottom of the page seems to be in the way. Not sure its worth the aggravation any more. Please fix soon otherwise I’m uninstalling.

- Rewards

It doesn’t let me collect rewards and there is no easy way to contact them through the app.

- WAY too many ads!!

The ads are either 30 seconds to a minute long (I can’t remember). Either way it’s WAY TOO LONG and WAY too often!!! I can’t even play the game!!! I’m done!! 🙄

- Words with friends

Fix the chat room!! If you mess typing it’s hard to back space or delete something.

- Ridiculously Aggressive Advertising

The amount of ads is just ludicrous. There is no reason for the amount if ads you need to watch.

- Gift boxes

I really like this game but why is it so difficult to get to the gift boxes so a person can see what they got plus why can you stack letters and they don’t even make a word that I have ever heard of I try to do that and it doesn’t work for me being generous with two stars

- Honestly not the best

It has a lot of problems. There are weird challenges that you HAVE to participate in no matter what. Once, I decided to start a practice game and it glitched out so now I have no way of accessing it which means I can’t resign to fix the problem and I can’t make a new practice game either. Another time, I decided to play a game with a random person and for some reason, they added them to my friends list. But I didn’t search for their user name. I used the create game and pressed smart match. This would theoretically be in my game list, and I would have one match with them, and never see them again. There is no way to fix this that I know of. That’s another thing. It is very difficult to navigate the app, and you often can’t remember how to get to a certain place. Things can be glitchy at times, and in general, the app is missing a lot of thing that should be accessible through settings in the app. I’m sorry if this review was hard to read, I wrote it in five minutes and there is probably tons of mistakes. tl;dr Don’t get the app unless you really really need too. It really needs to be worked on. I don’t use the app any more, and don’t want to any time soon. Save your self time, confusion, and possibly anger, by not downloading it.

- So cluttered

I haven’t played in a few years and redownloaded it to play with my friends during quarantine. What a mess! So many useless awards and events and announcements, and animations that take ages to play. From what I can see, you can’t opt out. I see a review from two years ago complaining about the same thing, and the developer replying that they want to streamline the app, but apparently that never happened. Did I mention the constant ads? I’m deleting this as soon as quarantine is over.

- Hdhdhhd


- Wow... just wow

I know there are specific modes that have you play with bots, but when I’m playing normal matches and keep getting paired up with bots covered as real people. Just wow. It’s very rare I play with someone that’s not a bot.

- How do I claim my rewards?

I used to get a pop-up box asking if I wanted to claim my rewards. Something has changed. I know have several of those gift boxes, but can’t find any way to claim them. How do I do this?

- Too many bells and whistles

I just want to play a word game. I don’t need all these rewards and stuff. I’ve had the game for five minutes and I’m deleting it because it’s just so annoying.

- What happened to this app?

The ads, the random clunky animations come up so much. It takes like 30 seconds to okay a word. And you can’t even exit out. What a piece of trash. I rmr playing it just a few years ago and it wasn’t this crap.


Can't believe how many men use this as a dating app! Stop it!

- Words With Friends 2

This has to be one of the worst apps! Letters stick, game freezes. It is very frustrating using this app. Angry Birds 100% better. Fix the app.

- Fix Chat and Daily Bonus

The daily bonus does not allow me too claim it. It keeps saying that I have to Close the app down and restart. I did that and Also updated the app and it is still doesn’t work. Please fix. Also fix the chat room!

- Why can we not have control who on our friends list to play

Would be really nice to be able to remove friends from your list that you no longer play

- Hacked!

Downloaded this app to try as an alternative to the soon-to-be obsolete Scrabble app, created a new profile, and within seconds, got a message from Facebook that my account was temporarily locked because of an attempted login from some Russian IP address. Scary! Changed password and deleted!

- 2 advertisements per play now? Brutal.

Double the ads lately??? Takes too long to play now. Used to like this game. Now they got greedy with ads

- Deb


- Mgbb

Love the game but coins have stopped accumulating. I’m frozen at 1500. Last 20 or so coins have never been credited. No longer able to “watch video” for bonus coins

- Great game

I know you can pay to have no ads, but I don't mind a few but these last two day there are ads flashing up in the top left hand corner right over the game board!! April 2019. Love this game but hate to say I may have to stop. The ads flashing top left of the board are really bothering my eyes. I would think they get enough money from ads etc to not have that. Still love this game and I don’t mind ads in between the games, after all I get to play for free. I love the solo challenges but the last two challenges I have found that I am dealt 6 vowels, often a four and two of same ones, especially if I have a good word at the beginning. I just got 6 vowels for 4 of the 5 goes while the “opponent” gets the J,Z,Q,P etc. I expect this to happen now and then, but not every time. Game before last with a word that is a word but no definition, so googled it, no word but an anagram which isn’t allowed. Still getting around 6 vowels each go when playing the solo challenge, while the challenger wins with words with no definition and also a name of a place which I thought was not allowed. I love the game but not the cheats they allow. I can also see I need to look up monetary units from other countries Solo challenge still continuing with fix. I continually get 6 vowels. If I do get some good letters and start winning the last two turns it’s all vowels I wondered why and realised it’s probably so you’ll pay to swap letters or pay to continue. February 2020. Finally decided to ditch the Solo Challenge as the “player” continues to use foreign words and words that “are allowed but no definition “ meanwhile I go through the game with like 3xi and 2xo with a blank and one s. Resigned the game as the “player” had x,z,k etc get over 35 a word. It’s a fix.

- Lots of bugs

Can’t even start a new game with random player. AND I PAID FOR THIS APP!

- Screen blacking out

This happens almost daily for me and for longer periods of time therefore can’t play 😞. Why is the game doing this?

- Rewards / upgrade

Why can I not retrieve my rewards and why don’t they appear as they used to. I feel that the rewards have been cut back for no reason ... they are not redeemable except within the game Seriously annoying New upgrade sucks ... no improvement of any kind, more anannoyance

- Fishdom

Why does this game promote another game by way of ads that are misleading and their gameplay is in no way how it is shown in the video?

- Update

Since the update on the 19th of Feb The Store / Power UPS, Premiums, Coins Will not load.....it just keeps saying ‘loading’. I would give this a 5* and I will once this problem Is addressed. This problem has been addressed but now I cannot find where to claim the rewards.....grrr sometimes updates! Don’t fix what is not broken! I just rebooted my device and now things seem to be working properly. I will move from a three star rating to a five

- Overwhelming amount of ads

Waaaay too many pop ups every single chance they can sneak one in. It really takes away from the game.

- Not so good!

This game used to be great but now it won’t load in the landscape format on my ipad. I have to reinstall the app everytime I use it.

- Tooooooooo many ads

I would give this 5 stars but an add after every single move is to the point of 2 stars. And never ending long ads, too. I would buy the game if it was an option the adds are so obnoxious.

- Garish, cluttered, unclear, over priced

Their price for getting rid of ads is way too rich for my blood. The game has the aesthetic of a casino. They cluttered with features I do not care about. I just want to play “Scrabble” with my wife, that’s it. All the extra stuff is an annoying, confusing distraction. I don’t want “coins” or be made to feel that I’d have a much better time if only I would buy some coins.

- Please fix the glitches

Please fix the glitches on this game like the view the achievement when I go into the achievements there is number beside it doesn’t disappear when I view the achievement when done looking at it.

- Newest upgrade

Latest upgrade is AWFUL. None of the people I play with like it either. Difficult to find things that used to be right there on the screen, now have to search. If someone leaves you a message there’s no icon in the “chat “ box anymore. Change the game back to the way it was

- Scammers joining by the second

Use to be fun to play with the ability to chat with others. Not now 90 percent of the time you are playing a bot or scammer I play other word games and have never had these problems Is wanting real people a thing of the past

- Trouble

Love Words but game keeps crsshing, perhaps should remove the blue icicle page

- Do you want to dumb down?

Then this game is for you. Exactly what ‘dictionary’ are you using?

- Solo

What is the point of playing the solo challenge. I play to learn new words but keep getting words acceptable in words but have no meaning. Why have these “words” acceptable.

- Horrible game

I used to love this game. Now all they give you is 5-6 vowels every turn. Just so you get mad and buy coins so you can swap letters. If you do get lucky to swap they give you back all vowels again. If you play the computer they play words no one has ever heard of and you get all vowels. To bad this game turned into a cheating loser game. Really sad. I guess that’s why nobody is playing this game anymore.

- Ads

There’s way to many ads

- Fix it

Was fun game once but now takes for ever to open. You changed the layout. Why. Something works leave it alone. Ads are bad enough but if I have to wait forever for it to open I’m gone

- Jomurphy3

I do not care for the update that is being tested. Take me back to the old layout please

- Worst upgrade

Your new upgrade is confusing and not very user friendly. Can we have a choice of the format?

- Words 2

Considering the number of bad reviews, isn’t it obvious that what you’ve been doing the last few months isn’t working. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

- Slowing Down

Seems to be slower in response to a move.. Very slow to open... Hate the new format

- The powerful hold of words with friends 2

Lol gonna lose my job because of words with friends. There’ll be a documentary about me. 30 year old woman loses everything to words with friends. “ I just couldn’t stop, soon I lost my job, my house, my family... nothing mattered but words with friends” “At one point I stopped fulfilling basic humans needs... I completely stopped sleeping, eating and drinking because it was taking away precious words with friends time. I was eventually hospitalized for dehydration”.

- Words with friends

Love crosswords, the only things is that when I miss a puzzle it says play for 10 coins, 30 coins are always taken away from me. So what is it 10 or 30 please fix

- Not working on iso11. Not sure how to retrieve password to use on another devise.

Not working on iso11. Not sure how to retrieve password to use on another devise.

- What dictionary do you use??

It is unbelievable the amount of nonsense words the computer uses in Solo games that say it is a Valid Words with Friends word but gives no definitions or explanation of where it comes from. Yet if I try to play a commonly used English word I am told it is not a word. It makes it really hard to want to keep playing when the computer clearly cheats

- Stop turning on style tiles!

The style tiles kept turning on by itself. It’s really annoying! It’ll be fine for a day and then I randomly open the app and it’s turned on again. It’s really frustrating as these tiles are really ugly and distracting when playing.

- Too many ads

Words with friends used to be one of my favourite games. I’d spend so much time on it. But now, after every move is an ad!! I can’t play like I used to, because there’s too much ads!! I can handle a few now and again, but after EVERY move?! That’s bull.

- Slow response

Love the game, but it is the slowest loading app I have. Is it because I have the free version? The board takes forever to load and then attempting to grab tiles off the bottom often results in grabbing the bottom swipe up function. The it freezes up completely. Fun game, crap software.

- Crashes on some ads

Yes the ads are annoying esp when you are forced to watch them for 30 seconds before the close button comes up, but more annoying is that the app often crashes on certain ads. I can’t tell you which ad, because the screen just goes black and WWF does not come back up. The only way to get it back is to delete the app and reinstall. Happens on a daily basis. I am using ipad.

- Update

Latest update keeps shutting down my game?

- Update glitch

Can’t get the rewards or inventory advances since the update.

- Ads Ads ads ads

I love the game, but every single space is filled with flashing ads. After every single move you have to put up with at least 10 seconds of... surprise!... more ads. Stop it. The ads don’t make me want to click on them at all.

- Rematch not working still!

Please fix this! Such an enjoyable game but then I noticed the people I played with. Joy

- Stupid contests and rewards

Please get rid of this crap we do not want it!

- Slooowwwwwwww notifications

Can’t skip the incredibly slow notifications that pop up while playing. Can’t get rid of red achievement notifications at times. Rewards are now scattered around. It’s like every update is made with the intention of making it so people play less.

- Lots of Fun

I play this game daily; I have probably 10 friends that I play with. I like the weekly challenges. It keeps my mind working and that’s a good thing. However, I am extremely annoyed that I no longer get the standings stats. They keep saying they’re working on the problem, but it’s been over a month now. They keep telling me to restart the game which I do, but it makes no difference. PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM!

- Hate new version

Why have you doubled the points needed to get the award? And why is solo challenge only one week now. There’s no way you can complete all the games in 1 week when you have to wait 8 hours to play again. Bring it back the way it was!

- Words 2 with friends

Love playing scrabble type game BUT you make it so childish with little prizes...... dose not improve the game.....and replay at the end of game can not move on stupid...

- Lightning round

What happened to the lightning round?! It’s the only reason I play!

- Spend more tome watching ads than playing

Sucks that you have to watch an ad every 30 seconds

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- Relaxing? A way to connect?

You make the game more irritating with every release. Some of us only want to play the basic game without all the annoying pop ups. Why don’t you just give people that option? As for connecting, it would help if you fix the fault correcting any chat spelling mistakes, it’s been faulty for over 6 months now. You’re absolutely useless. Totally ruined a once enjoyable game. Take a leaf out of the WELDER game and let people have a choice. WELDER is a much better game, albeit no chat.

- What have you done to my game

I have been playing word for more than 4 year and paid to prevent adverts. After a reboot I find you have changed the game beyond all recognition. To The extent it is impossible to play. Stupid sounds, stars, silly figures, points added. What on Earth is all this trash. So my friends and I no longer play sensible pleasant easy games. After 3 attempts I have deleted the app and we no longer play together. How stupid are you game makers!!! I want my cash back please. Or please I would rather have my simple game back!

- Annoying adv - awful

It is a pretty awful app, annoying constant pop up of imaginary bonuses, loud, overdone, over advertised. Just an example of how a simple and great game can be turned into the worse app nightmare. Do not waste your time

- How the mighty fall

What was once a very enjoyable and usable game is now slow and verging on unusable due to the addition of unecfessary bells and whistles that you seemingly can’t turn off...I don’t want rewards and challenges I just want to play the game with my friends so please give us the option to turn this rubbish off

- Too many ads!

Ridiculous amount of ads, after every move you have to watch a 15-30 second ad which takes more time than the game itself!!

- Only one downside

I love this game! Happy to spend hours playing my friends and other random players from around the world... HOWEVER the amount of men who start a game, a hello on the messages then ask to ‘get to know you better’ is outrageous!! I cannot count the amount of people I’ve had to block and some even report due to unwanted attention. It’s a huge disappointment. I have found several players from around the world who play without getting gross... it’s just a massive disappointment there are so many there who just use it as a way to talk to women.

- Overall great, BUT...

I’ve always enjoyed this game, right from the original WwF that it began with. I’ve been playing around 10yrs. I enjoy the concept, and it’s fun having challenges, some of which test my ability others of which, sadly don’t - but all in a good game. HOWEVER.. what is now considerably marring this experience is the fact that men are trying to use this as a dating app, and hitting on women. You can tell they are not really here to play the game as their is little or no effort in their words. They will start with a ‘Hi’ & ask where you are playing from and it will quickly slide to asking about marital status & kids “are you married with kids”, and “do you live alone”. I simply tell them I do not discuss my private or personal life online, it’s not relevant to the game. These men often pose to work on oil rigs, marine engineering or the US Military and clearly ‘borrow’ pictures for their own profile pics. I’ve even had one try to scam me into buying a ‘google play card’ or he would refuse to play. I didn’t and let him time out! I appreciate this may be hard for the developers to change, but I think perhaps a temporary suspension of the chat facility would be a help. It’s a shame for those of us that just want to pass a ‘well done, great word’ comment or similar but not to be hit on. LADIES, BEWARE, don’t use your own profile pic and stay alert to scams. Google Nigerian Scammers to read more.

- Get rid of the junk

Just wish I could play the game without being hindered about all the junk around it. All I want to do is play the words with friends game itself. I have zero interest in all the other rubbish.


Best day of my life

- Love it (without the Nigerian Men.)

The game is wonderful!.... were it not for the Nigerian men hitting on you. I’m only 14 and they keep trying to virtually groom me, and every time I block them, they make a new account! But the game is good. I would give it 5 stars if the men were taken care of.

- Boring

This game is really boring in my opinion

- Adds

Me and my boyfriend counted 28 adds whilst on the phone to each other during one game!

- Slow, intrusive game rewards/mechanics/ads.

With each passing update the application has become increasingly slow and unstable, making it virtually impossible to play a simple turn. Compounding the inherent slowness of the app; I’m always met with an intrusive notification informing of me a mystery gift box that I don’t care or wish to open. Ads are displayed after each turn, only making this application even more unbearable to use. They have the community and fundamental game down perfectly, the extra fluff is ruining my experience two-fold.

- Annoyed

Latest play next flash up boxes are really annoying. Please get rid of it as I am capable of making my own choices with these stupid prompts!!

- Not your everyday words!

Been playing for a few days now, passing time with friends. And when my friends aren’t playing I challenge the computer, but have noticed that a lot of the words thrown out are not in any dictionary known to the oxford bunch!

- Good BUT...

TOO MANY ADS! One after EVERY word play. SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!

- This Brilliant game

This game is fabulous I have great fun playing it and it makes you use your vocabulary a lot and that will strengthen your knowledge. I play this from England and I buy a lot of things on the game so that’s it more fun, the leaderboard makes it fun as well

- G

It’s a great game to play

- This is not a word game, Scrabble is a word game

Acronyms are not words, adding S to make some nouns plural is misuse of English, when I play solo against the word engine, over 60% of the words are acceptable but don’t have a definition. Rubbish! Rubbish

- Too many adverts

Too many adverts not applicable to me

- Oliver

Good game but don’t play the computer it cheats all the time but great to play with friends

- Way too many adverts

Great game but way too many adverts, 2 popping up after every play is infuriating and having to pay £9.99 for the ad free version is insanely expensive!

- Frustrating

Actually really slow and particularly when ads are loading

- Terrible UX

You have to watch ads for at least 20-30 seconds anytime anyone does anything in the app, seriously bad UX that puts me off playing. Surely there’s a more effective less disruptive way to play ads, but clearly they’ve found that it leads to more people paying for it so are sticking with it 🙄

- Good game awful reliability

The game is great. I’m genuinely addicted to it pretty much my only pleasure being 9 months pregnant and self isolating. The only thing that’s REEEEEALLY annoying is that after some adverts (which is annoying in itself- but understandable really) it crashes. It crashes about once every week and I have to delete the app and download it again. They really need to fix that urgently! Hence the low star rating.

- Update now just a money grab

I play this game for the solo challenges mostly, as well as a couple of friends games. The solo challenges used to be 14 days long. The opponents didn’t play to win, they just played to stop you winning. This was fine with 14 days, because invariably you have a few games with bad letters and poor tile placement options, so it allowed for replays. Now they’ve made it 1 week and taken away the free replays, and more than even the games feel like they are purposefully stifling any ability to score the 200 (or 210 final). For the first time in hundreds of weeks I’ve now gone 2 weeks without reaching the final opponent. You just run out of time. The only way to get there is pay for swap+ or pay for replays. For someone who enjoyed the game for this feature it’s now ruined the whole experience. Money grabbing, purely and shamelessly.

- Adverts 🤬

Great game apart from the annoying adverts every 30 seconds

- Lose the ads

I really enjoy playing this game but the immense amount of ads after every move is making it harder and harder to enjoy. And the developers want 9.99 A MONTH!! to go ad free! I don’t think so, I’ll find another game that isn’t a rip off

- Freezing

I enjoy the game apart from the ads but I do have probs with having to unfreeze the game as mostly it freezes and sometimes goes blank and also goes into black square and I have to log off and log it back on again - can anybody explain why it does that? It’s annoying now and I have lost out cos it freezes sometimes so thinking of just leaving altogether shame cos I do enjoy the game

- So I’m not sure now

So I’m not sure right now I did all the stuff now I need to wait 15-17 days so I hope it works fingers crossed

- Way too many ads and rubbish pop ups

Ads and pop ups after EVERY time you go and some take minutes to go away. Nobody cares about winning stupid stars as points

- Loss of coins

Hi great game, but recent update means that if you are playing in silent mode, the sound comes on the adverts. Disappointed! 😔

- the words

good game i guess but too many pop ups and too many ads which take twice the time of the ad to actually exit also the game said “fish” and “russia” aren’t words but “em” and “na” are ?? pls fix

- Too many Ads

That’s it ... too many intrusive ads. Best way to play this is to force-close the app after every move. This is much quicker than waiting for the blank screen, swirling circles and pointless ads to load and play thru before you can make your next move.

- Too many ads

There an obscene amount of ads with too long times to skip. Some even force you to interact with them in order to get them to go away. I have paid to remove ads on other games, but if you pay here you only get ad free gaming for 1 month which is insane. Do better!

- Made up words & too many ads

The amount of ads make the game difficult/unenjoyable to play, and the English language version accepts so many made up words (beamy; za; comer; kue) to name a few!



- Good but getting annoying

It’s a good basic game of scrabble, easy to dip in and out for a quick game update, but the ads are starting to get longer and longer and it’s taking longer to access the rewards which is extremely irritating. I’m not going to pay to remove ads WwF, I’ll delete the app in frustration first!

- Okay

Good nice addicting

- Ads

Love the game but there are ads after every turn you take. I understand that you need to make money but this is simply ridiculous. Please change this to an add every few turns.

- Why

This game is trash

- Too many ads

Deleting as way too many ads!!! Shame

- Dreadful

I used to play this game years ago when the premium version had no irritating ads. I switched to Scrabble when it came on line which was much better and also had no adds. Sadly Scrabble's been taken over and turned into an advertising platform, with a kiddy style interface, so I returned to Words with Friends hoping to find it better. It's not! The adverts you are forced to watch between each move drive you mad. The interface is awkward and kiddy style. The game part while you can get to it is okay hence the one star, but if all you want is a serious letter game, you will be very disappointed. I keep getting unwanted games started between me and people I don't know also. Such a shame that Scrabble has been thrown out of the store in the name of commercialisation.

- Good game, unbearable ads

Enjoyed it, but on my iPhone I have to wait 10-15 secs for adverts to complete (before I can cancel them) after almost EVERY move. Life’s too short I’m afraid. Deleted the app

- The ads!

Jesus! The ads! 2 in between each game is ridiculous. The app isn’t worth what it’s being sold for, otherwise I’d pay, so it’s goodbye from me.

- Great app but...

I love this app it’s amazing but there was just one thing. When I was playing there was these Nigerian mem who were using Stock Photos asa scamming app which was unusual. Apart from that I love the game it’s super fun and I play it everyday.

- Awful

Hate the pop ups. Used to be good.

- Slow, too many ads

No option to get rid of ads except for 30 days only. If there was an option to get rid of ads permanently I’d probably pay for this app. Game play seems slow and game crashes with ads playing

- Too many ads!

I love this game, but the adverts are driving me bonkers to the point I’m going to delete it. You can pay to remove the ads at £9.99 for 30 days that’s an absolute joke! I appreciate you need to generate revenue, but please cut down on the ads!

- Great!

This game is taking me on the edge of my chair! I can’t believe how fun this game is! Playing with my friends is always a great experience! I can also learn brand new types of words and their meanings! I recommend this game to grammar lovers and anyone else!

- Glitching like mad

What is wrong with this game? Glitches and always glitching what is going on? Then the adds that won’t play we are constantly having to restart, my sister had to delete as it is getting so bad you can’t even get the game to run.

- New layout

Love the game, But new format, hate it.

- Updated App

I don’t like the updated app of this game. It sent as easy to navigate and takes longe to load, bring back the old app.

- Great game...BUT

This is a fantastic game and I’ve been playing for a few years now, but lately, I’ve been inundated with “fake / robot” profiles challenging me to a game. At first you don’t know, but then you pick up on it. Not sure if it’s to drive usage numbers up artificially to increase advertising revenue, but as awesome as the game is...this activity is making me reconsider continuing. Please, App creators...fix this/ stop it from happening. You have a super product, just drop the fake profiles/ app generated profiles.

- Recent changes make the game less enjoyable

I love playing this game but recently all the things like collecting pages and other achievements are appearing and they don’t appeal to me. Please make an option to turn off achievements and have just the “classic version” with no achievements or garbage to unlock.

- Destroyed by ads

Great game, totally wrecked by the bombardment of ads! Would no longer recommend it. Has also become stingy with rewards pushing players towards paying for coins. Dissappointing

- Too many ads

The increasing number of ads are making me stop playing this game.

- Words with friends

I enjoy playing with my friends BUT I HATE THE CONTINUAL INTERRUPTIONS. I couldn’t care less what level I’m on or all those stupid boxes that cross my screen seemingly every second game. I would dearly love to play JUST WORDS.

- Too many advertisements

The game is great, however overshadowed and ruined by frequent forced ads. So many ads! Ads that last over 30seconds, consecutive ads, ads, ads, ads!!! Game is ruined and not worth it for all the ads.

- Brain training made fun

Great game! Addictive! But please make word wheel a constant alternative. Love!!

- Ruined by overkill

A good game ruined by attempts to get you to engage and respond to it reinforcing self-promoting propaganda. So many stupid useless bonuses that interrupt play. Appalling colour tiles that make it impossible to look at a board without being confused. Claiming bonuses takes three taps on boxes that force you to be appreciative. And inconsistent dictionaries. Eg, against the same player but in different games sometimes it lets me play YI, JA or JE and sometimes it doesn’t. Get it together!

- Dictionary is terrible

This is a fun game and generally a nice community of players BUT the dictionary is terrible and this issue has been going on for far too long. Some examples, 1. There are a large number of words that the game accepts but can’t provide a definition, I’m most cases neither can any if the standard accepted dictionaries around the world. 2. It accepts some foreign language words that are not in normal usage in the English language. Your guess is as good as mine as to which ones are acceptable and which aren’t. 3. It accepts some names, not at. Once again without any clear explanation why. It’s time for developers to identify for users the dictionaries supporting this app and to stop the use of words that are not in those dictionaries.

- I love this game but hate the app

Why do you need to mess with a brilliant game? Enough rubbish! Enough pop-ups. The “tile styles” that now have to be switched off every time you open the app are so annoying I am considering looking for a new Scrabble game. You need to consider your audience: we like words not pictures. Everything you add detracts from game play.

- Been playing this since 2011... but

Seriously, I don’t care abut this award stuff, stop making me view them. I paid for the app. Leave it be. And, so very over having a play made without a small check, or the option to opt in.

- Design

Very poor app layout. You should try condensing the design down and simplify the buttons and logo. Font is very childish. Needs serious design update. Can’t even find where to start a new game.

- Less animations please

Great game. Why do you waste our time with more and more animations. It’s like you are pretending to load from CD rom. What’s up with that?

- Unacceptable words

Whilst this is generally a good app, when playing against the app itself, it regularly makes up words with no definition and allows some foreign words and proper nouns but not others. Makes no sense!

- Stelzer

As per “ locolass”. Great game terrible app with ads that chew up the battery. I have had enough. My rating is for the app

- Words with Friends 2

Do not like the new Leaderboard!!

- Words with friends 2

I would like to know why my profile image has been changed ??? Rae

- Dadr

Great game. But just about to abandon it for good because it pushes you into games with unknown individuals and into unexplained rewards systems. In short, it’s not to be trusted.

- Freezes

The game freezes so I uninstalled and now I can’t install again?

- Too many pop-up interruptions

I got the paid version years ago but even without ads, there are a million in-game notifications that pop-up and you can’t skip them. Ridiculous - I just want to play the game, not be blasted with which word of the day I got the letters for!!

- Waning interest in WWF

I’m not sure if it is the app or my phone but it seems the length of time to transition between screens has increased over the last few updates. It is infuriating. I love the variety of word games that I can play within the app once I overcome the startup. Are you able to fix this?

- Share limited data

To get free coins you have to watch an ad. Recently this has been disabled and it says you have to go to settings and enable ‘share limited data’ to access watching a video ad and get your free coins. I’m unable to find this in settings. Where is this or is this an error? I love the game

- Togram

Great game. Like the way you can communicate with them and with the organisers. Unfortunately the communication has gone and so has the facility for looking at the badges won.

- Great game ruined by scammers

This is a great game but be aware of the scammers, they all give you the hard luck story: widow or widower, with kids, or looking for love, they want your mobile phone number so they can communicate personally with you, I tell them I’m 80yrs old & they still want me 😂. I only play along till I can then tell them to f... off.

- Great game, but

Updated Jan2020 Even more ridiculously slow. Latest version no better. And waiting for all the challenge rubbish. Who cares!? Waiting for a real fix… STILL waiting

- ❗️Lightning round not there ❗️

❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ There’s something wrong. Lightning round has disappeared from my list! Please bring it back. It was my favourite 🥰

- what a mess!

Take us back to the time when we just played Words with friends without all the rubbishy add-ons and ridiculous incentives and so-called gifts that do nothing more than interrupt the game we so used to enjoy. As well as all that the whole game goes off the screen if your finger goes anywhere near the bottom of the screen or if you don’t add the letter you choose in a circular movement instead of straight to the spot.

- Pathetic

Solo games get stuck for days on end. This has been going on for months and despite following all the suggestions it never goes away. Come on guys, this is hopeless! Makes me think they don’t care, or it’s deliberate.

- Game

Rewards seem to be minimal now No watch a video to earn power ups I’ve stopped playing as much as I used to because it’s not fun anymore

- I’m done

Thanks for the past Words with Friends. It was fun while it lasted. Alas past games cannot be deleted and the latest update requires access to information I’m not prepared to give. GOOD BYE

- Make it faster

I can imagine that users of this game might have rather faster than slower average brain activity. Therefore I would like to advise you to make all this unnecessary pop-up announchment disappear quicker.

- Flakey

Often the advertisements are too long, repeated and stop the app altogether forcing the user to close and restart the app. It is very frustrating. More recently the app just closes for no apparent reason.

- Bug

Love this game. I play with my friends and family, however it has stopped working. My games would not show up so I deleted the app and tried to download it again and it won’t. It just spins and stays on thinking mode

- Screen goes black at times

Screen sometimes goes black and I have to restart iPad or iPhone to get it to play again

- Waste of time

The crappiest game ever. Tried to have a game with my wife right next to me and it wouldn’t even work. Waste of time

- Glitchy

I used to love playing this game but for the last year or so it is so glitchy! It is constantly freezing, I’m always having to exit to make it work again, then it will only work properly for the next move and back to glitchy again. It even affects my other apps if any are open while i’m playing. So awful.

- Messages jump up and down when trying to edit

Driving me nuts! I regularly chat to friends whilst I’m playing WWF and the message window keeps jumping up and down on the screen particularly if I try to go back and edit a message.

- Do not play this game they use bots

I have been playing this game for over two years and just have discovered that words with friends 2 the company are using computer bots to play against you I thought I was playing real people but discovered 4 so far and I am only playing 6 people. I have contacted them but nothing has been done about it. This is not words with friends anymore more words with a bot is more like it. Very insulted

- Made up !?

Have been playing this for years with friends. Recently, however, the solo challenges are causing me to have word rage. The number of times the challenge competitor flings together a random group of words that has no definition is really annoying. Sometimes there are words that are real words, but a lot of the time they just don’t. Don’t make cheating part of the game please. I am also finding my game often refuses to load which is also annoying.

- So buggy

This was a good app but over the past month it regularly freezes and the game won’t load. I have to restore the app each time. Now it just won’t install.

- Problem with black screen

I really like this game however it’s becoming frustrating when you have a turn, the ad appears then the screen goes black. I have to delete the app and reinstate it every time... it’s really putting me off the game.

- Adds drove me away

I can’t handle the adds EVERYTIME’ you make a move ..... drove me nuts. Not happy, totally put me off.

- App constantly drops out

Have been playing this for years but lately it is driving me mad by constantly dropping out between one game and another about ready to give up on the whole thing. Anyone have any suggestions on fixing this

- No longer working

Was amazing but have recently purchased an iPhone 11 and it’s not working on this device


Utterly and completely agree w locolass. Can’t stand being told twice a day with every game that I’ve met goals decided on by someone else...you clearly don’t know what a goal is. I actually close the app and reopen it rather than hit the button you give as the only option to continue. So much clutter. I only keep going with this app because the scrabble bit is easy. Everything else is just horrible.

- Cerize

Great game, however now that I have collected all of the tile styles, there is nothing interesting to collect.

- Too many ads

I never write reviews but had to delete this as there's an ad that pops up between every move and isn't quick, upgrade to no ads is a ridiculous amount per month! Life is too short

@iFortknox It’s a word game. A Scrabble game really

@borcsa_vass There are two options. Words with friends classic or Words with friends 2 word game. I vote classic.

⁦@lilmatohbahdt⁩ u game?

@rahrah98765: @thedavidcrosby I’m pretty sure you are talking about Words With Friends. I love that game & use 2 play often. Not so much…

@thedavidcrosby I’m pretty sure you are talking about Words With Friends. I love that game & use 2 play often. Not…

This might be super lame, but I’m staying connected with some of my grandparents and older friends (@slcdems peeps)…


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Words With Friends 2 Word Game 14.21.1 Screenshots & Images

Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game iphone images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game ipad images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game ipad images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game ipad images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game ipad images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game ipad images
Words With Friends 2 Word Game Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Words With Friends 2 Word Game Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Words With Friends 2 Word Game (Version 14.21.1) Install & Download

The applications Words With Friends 2 Word Game was published in the category Games on 2017-11-07 and was developed by Zynga Inc. [Developer ID: 295913422]. This application file size is 268.82 MB. Words With Friends 2 Word Game - Games posted on 2020-03-27 current version is 14.21.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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