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Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage [Finance] App Description & Overview

Google Pay is a safe, simple, and helpful way to manage your money, giving you a clearer picture of your spending and savings:
- Pay at your favorite stores and online
- Send and receive money from friends, family or split expenses with a group
- Connect with your favorite businesses and discover new ones
- Save money & earn rewards for everyday purchases
- Understand your spending & get a clearer view of your finances


Send & receive money
+ Transfer money easily to friends & family safely
+ Create a group to send and receive money for things like trips, dinner, bills, rent, and more. Google Pay will even help you do the math on who owes what.
+ Money transfers are instant and free with your Google Pay balance. There are no fees if you use ACH to withdraw funds

Your shared payments stay private
+ When you send a payment with Google Pay, it stays between you and your friends. Only the people involved in the transaction see it.

Connect with your favorite businesses and discover new ones
+ See businesses where you’ve used Google Pay when you open the app. Get quick access to your transactions, loyalty cards, and activate offers.

Discover nearby restaurants and order a meal
+ No need to switch between different delivery apps. Explore places to eat, see menus, and order a meal for pickup or delivery with just a few taps.

Fuel your next adventure
+ Find nearby gas stations, see prices, and pay for fuel right from the app. Google Pay will help you enroll in rewards programs and automatically apply rewards at the pump so you’ll always get the best deal.

Shop online
+ Use Google Pay to checkout quickly and securely when you shop on websites and apps.


Manage your money
+ See the total balance from all of your accounts in one payment app, so you’ll always know exactly what’s coming in and what’s going out.
+ Get reminders about upcoming bill payments.

Stay on top of your spending
+ Get weekly summaries, track trends over time, and see what you’ve spent at every business.

All your transactions, all together
+ With your permission, you can see activity from accounts you've linked. Import receipts from Gmail and Google Photos and then simply search for any of them.


Earn rewards you can use right away
+ Get cashback for things like paying and referring friends. Any money you receive will go straight to your balance so you can use it instantly.

Double down on cashback
+ Activate offers and get cashback for redeeming them – whether you use Google Pay or your plastic card. Better yet: get twice the rewards when you redeem with a cashback credit card.

Loyalty made easy
+ No more sign-up forms or punch cards. Easily enroll in loyalty and rewards programs from the app, then let Google Pay apply points and perks automatically.


Authentication for every payment
+ You'll need to use your fingerprint, pattern, PIN, or face to verify your identity each time you open the app or make a payment — only you can pay or send money

Keeping your private information safe
+ Try out a more personalized experience to see the most relevant offers from stores and get recommendations for ways to save. Turn it on or off at any time.
+ Manage and control personalization and other privacy settings like location preferences and contact syncing from settings


Features available in India: Make UPI transfers or do mobile recharges, bills and payments to businesses with your bank account with Google Pay. To find out more about Google Pay in India, please visit

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Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using Google Pay! We've listened to your feedback and we've made several changes to improve your experience, help you find people in Google Pay or let you know when it takes longer for your money to arrive. As always, we are here to help! Do leave us feedback, to help improve Google Pay further.

Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage Comments & Reviews

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- Great New App

Google Pay needed a revamp, and this is it. Now, just get NFC to NFC tap payments working between phones, and a few other things that would help keep Coronavirus spread down, and we will be set! Having the ability to add my current checking account info in, and not just CC info and etc would also be helpful, but I’m sure that’s a security thing. Overall, best app for requesting payments. People see the Google name, they trust it, and don’t even need an account necessarily to pay someone, unlike with Apple Pay and some other things like that. So that’s also a plus!


Google pay was the first and only money transfer app I’ve ever used and I LOVED it. It was a simple interface and a super quick and easy to send money to my mom (not very tech savvy) and friends when we’d spot each other money every now and then. The new update interface is really convoluted and confusing to use and all my contacts have to download a new app and add each other again (and jump through hoops to do it). After I sent my mom money to pay her bills, we were surprised with a brand new 1.5% debit transfer fee that SHE would have to pay to get her money instantly. Instead, we had to give google access to our bank accounts and wait 1-3 business days to get the money without the fee. Needless to say, we both are deleting the app. Google is a already billion dollar corporation that monopolizes a big chunk of the tech industry and hardly needs money to cover debit transfer fees. I hope Google reads these reviews of people saying the same things and will see what a big mistake they’ve made.

- Classic Bait and Switch Google

Oh Google. You don’t surprise me. After years of free instant deposits to debit cards, we are being charged fees now for something that doesn’t cost them anything. Yet another worthless payment app that can’t figure out how to monetize free transfers. Also, this newer google pay is much more invasive in terms of data collection around your money spent. Yet some how, they still can’t figure out how to monetize that and want to get every last penny out of the product, so let’s adds fees. Why not? Oh auto deposits? What’s that? Yet another great feature kicked to the side to hold your money in their accounts for trading. Ease of sending money? Not anymore! Let’s make this a convoluted confusing process now! Old Google Pay == Great Utility, Great Form and Function New Google Pay == Gross exploitation of a great product, money grabby, and all around disgusting towards consumers. So now we get to the crux of it, let’s pay for reviews/pay for people not leaving negative reviews, by giving them $1-5 for signing up under the new app. Yeah.... not falling for it. I’ll take the money, but won’t be using this payment system anymore. Will just go back to Apple Pay. More an more of my family and friends are moving towards iPhone anyway exactly because of these new practices at google. What happened to “don’t be evil” google? Turning into exactly what they vowed against in the beginning.

- Why do this?

I used the old app to send money to my dad every month, to help him out with bills. The old app was super easy to use and the money was deposited instantly into his bank account, without him having to do anything. This was ideal, as he is older and not tech savvy. Now, we will have to find an alternative, as the new app is way too busy-looking and confusing to use. Instead of the money going into his bank account, it will sit within Google Pay until he goes in and figures out how to transfer it - for a fee or after waiting several days. Why do this?? People just want a fast way to send money directly and not jump through hoops to get it done. This app no longer does that and I no longer have a reason to use it. It seems many others feel this way as well. Anything to try to make a buck, right?

- Download the new Google pay

Now , this payment app will be #1! Google pay was my favorite to start with until in the last few months it just stopped working completely , but then I noticed this gem in the App Store - I’m not sure if it’s just updated or a whole new app but you need it in your life ! It’s got everything! Referalls and ive already gotten my $5 for the first payment I ever made - it gives rewards , cash back , etc - it’s basically like any other awesome Google app but for payments !

- I expect more from Google

I invited a friend to use this app and was embarrassed after it changed over night. No warning about that the or explanation and do complete that we couldn’t walk into it or choose if we want to use it the new way. You guys are not the only game in town you shouldn’t take your customers for granted. I feel like this was the worse roll out that you’ve ever done and that it hurts your brand to bully your base in anyway. Everyone is watching you mess this up and apps are swooping in to provide this service in a clear, direct, inclusive way for the disgruntled voices. The group of 4 star reviews are skewed because they clicked through to the rant and didn’t realize they hit the wrong star number. We are summarily floored! I hope you’re listening. I want to say good things about this app again.

- Confusing App. This is not an update

I found the original Google Pay App very straightforward and helpful. I loved that it was simple for sending money directly to friends, much better than using PayPal, which holds the money in a balance like a middle institution. With Google Pay I send money to anyone via a phone number or email, they don’t need to set up a special account just use a debit card to receive it. And it was quick! I’m glad we can still use that app because this new one is completely different and a major step back in every way!! Maybe I don’t know how to use it, so please correct me if I’m missing something. Why can’t I send money to a phone number or email anymore? I do not like the extra step of first sending an App invite to someone, and that seems to be the only option now!! Why can’t I switch between my two Google Accounts anymore? It only allows one login and it says my other account cannot be used (which is a Google Voice number!). That eliminates one of the best features of using Google Pay, to transfer funds between my own accounts. Please keep the original App active! This one is totally different and unusable.

- Can’t Register Phone Number

I live in Puerto Rico (PR) we are part of USA and I'm using the Google Pay (Google Pay (old logo)) many times, when try to send money the app ask me to install this new GPay (new logo) as a early access because I can't send money. Downloaded and installed, then... I can't register because my phone number is from PR not USA. “We are part of USA” But what the heck!, people that live here in PR using Google Pay are fine without problem using Google Pay (as repeat old logo app) and by the way in the "United States: Supported payment methods" the list of banks YOU HAVE Banco Popular of Puerto Rico and im using another local in PR bank on my list of payments methods. You MUST INCLUDE Puerto Rico's area codes; 787 and 939 for the process of register correctly my account as well thousands of residents in PR and those who live as well in USA using phone numbers from PR. So you're giving a bad step for this early app for people of Puerto Rico and you strongly discriminate us. By the way too, Google recognizes us part of the USA on many services using our area codes... I have to use for emergency PayPal's service instead. Shame on you Google.

- If it isn’t broken don’t fix it !!!!!

LOVED THE OLD GOOGLE PAY. It was perfect for what me and my family and friends needed. In paying and receiving money. It did it fast and with out charging us. It was Exactly what we needed it was perfect until it wouldn’t let me send money to pay someone It wouldn’t let me and sent me to this app and told me to download. I loved google pay so I trusted this would be great. But no. ! I sent a person money and it charged. The other google pay didn’t ! And the person wasn’t able to get the full amount with out taking money out of what I sent to him ! None of us will be using this app. Again. Will be removing my info and deleting. Really wish y’all would have left things alone. If I could give it a lower rating I would !

- Horrible

The original app was so much better at being able to request money This needs app doesn’t give the option that I’ve been able to find yet. The whole layout isn’t appealing. Why did we have to update to something worse ?

- Horrible Update

1) The ratings for the old gpay and the new gpay need to be separated. The 4.7 stars is based on the old app, not the new one. 2) I used the old app to transfer funds between 2 debit cards/ bank accounts. I was able to switch between my main google account and a secondary google account I created specifically for gpay. With this update I can’t send a “friend” invite to my mobile number because google views it as the same account. I use the same mobile number on both accounts. Now, I can’t use the main feature that the old app was easily able to do. 3) My credit union is not a listed bank 4) This app states bugs were fixed , what exactly was fixed? 5) As many have stated there was no notification that we would no longer be able to use the old app. I never write reviews, but this “enhancement” was so bad that I had to write something. We should have had the option to be grandfathered into the old app and notified that starting in 2021 if you don’t upgrade now, you will automatically be instructed to install the latest version. So simple.

- Used to be the best; nothing special now.

Google Pay (the old version)has always been my absolute favorite money-transfer app. I have recommended it to everyone I know. This “update” has removed all of the advantages it had over its competitors. Previously it would transfer money directly from someone else’s bank account to mine (or vice versa) within minutes, for free. Now it holds money in a Google Pay account requiring an extra step from me. Furthermore, the money will be transferred either for a fee or in five days. All of the things that made it better than PayPal or Venmo are now erased! I see no reason to continue using it. Google Pay, you have lost an ardent fan and supporter.

- It’s fast and good with few downsides

It work fast. It’s reliable but sometimes payment gets stuck and you will have pay twice to shop and stuck payment gets cleared after few days. It happened with me but luckily shop owner was from locality and known person so he adjusted that amount afterwards otherwise those money could have gone. Rewards: Till about 150 you will get rewards usually for payments but after that almost 90% of time you will get “better luck next time”.

- This is the WORST update

I absolutely loved google pay. It was INSTANT transfer. Free. It made paying other people so so easy without having to deal with a transfer fee. Used it for the last 3 years. This was great for paying for rent in my situation. I got the notification to get the new app and not only did I lose all my contacts that I had from the previous app, it now doesn’t seem to do instant transfer. I went to send money this morning using it and it said it’ll be SENT in 1-5 business days. Seriously??? I didn’t even get a warning of it taking that long and there’s no way to cancel it. Very unhappy. I guess I’ll go back to using Venmo or Apple Cash again and deal with the fee.

- Awful

Not only are the animations super jittery, the UI is convoluted and confusing. As soon as I enter the app I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. Add friends? Sure. Why can’t I just use the same contacts I used in the previous app? Why do I have to “invite” people? Why does everyone apparently have to sign up for this new app in order to use Google Pay at all? Why is it now harder to do the things Google Pay is supposed to make it so easy to do: send and receive money, and transfer that money to my bank account? I immediately switched back to the old app, and if I’m going to be forced to use this one I’ll instead be using an alternative like Apple Pay. Be better, Google.

- No carryover

I discovered that I am using the old google pay app and that there is a new app when trying to transfer money. Google seemingly disabled the old app overnight. When transitioning to the new app none of my old accounts transferred. Now a quick chore of sending money to a colleague has evolved into verifying identity, looking up account info, and re-entering debit cards. Very frustrating roll out of this app. No announcement email, overnight shut off of the old app, and a requirement to re-enter all your financial information. Disappointed Google handled things this way. Not planning to go through the setup again and will just transfer to PayPal.

- Used to be Great

Why did you change only what was great about your app Google? My boyfriend and I use this app to give each other money for bills, food, normal every day stuff but now we have to pay a fee every time for instant transfer? The fee you tried to get us to pay was almost $8 on the rent transfer. Rent is due tomorrow and now I’m worried that my account will overdraft because it could be 1-5 business days. Thanks but no thanks this app completely got rid of what was good about the original app I’ll be deleting this as soon as I receive that money. Very irritated to see this blatant attempt to milk more money out of regular working people. Good bye!!

- Awful upgrade

The old Google Pay was user-friendly even for those who are not tech-savvy. The app was connected to my debit card with no charges or fees. I used Google Pay with my family over apps like Venmo or Cash App for a very long time. However, the new Google Pay does not live up to the previous standards. The money sits there rather than being immediately transferred (like Venmo). It’s confusing for users, even tech-savvy ones. And, I spent close to an hour (at least) messing around with the new app and could never get it to work for me. When the old Google Pay quits operating, I will no longer be a Google Pay user.

- Some improvements but missing features

Overall the new app seems to be working well. I’m not having issues with crashes like I was before which is obviously an improvement. But I do miss the passbook from the old app. Instead of having them all in one place I have to search individually for each business loyalty card. Would really appreciate that being added back in. Also the overnight switch with no announcement or warning was very frustrating.

- Garbage

This new app is garbage. The old app let you send money, immediately, to another person via an attached debit card and receive also. I still have yet to find where you can add your debit card which I assume should have already been stored from your login and the previous app. Additionally, why would you have to add money to Google Pay before sending it to someone which, by the way, good luck with that. The entire platform is tedious and frankly - stupid. I used to be able to send money at a drop of a hat. Now I need to find a different app altogether to accommodate an ease of use and accessibility. Fix it, Googlers.

- This is America....Not India

Don’t Understand Google!!! The Apple App Store is in a hundred or more different Countries around the world. Why would Google be so inexperienced in making a app that isn’t applicable to the specific users in those countries. It can’t be the expense of making several hundred different apps for every country that all basically dose the same thing or objective. Is Google being Blind to the needs of there individuals using there App’s? I would of thought Google would have to translate the App to at least 100 plus Languages. This is like Apple when they announce a New iPhone & release it in America Just to find out within a few Hours it doesn’t really Work... Oh No... We need to send out a New Update on a Brand New Product because we’re Not as Smart as the General Public Thinks. REALLY LAST ANALOGY On the Final Episode Of a Cooking Contest Show. The Judge asked the Chef “Did you Salt the Dish”? & Next “Did you Taste it Before Sending it to Us”? Answer to Both.....”NO”

- Complete Garbage

The user experience is terrible. Not intuitive at all. I used to request payments through the old application all the time. It was easy. Now you need to jump through all sorts of convoluted menus and screens. The “Request Again” button is completely missing. If you don’t share a ton of personal information like contacts, transaction history, location, etc the application is worthless. It’s like willingly installing spyware on your phone. Looks like I will be using something else moving forward. I shouldn’t be surprised as the entire Google ecosystem has moved in this direction.

- Like using an ax to slice your toast

Google has replaced a simple app that easily did a useful job — moving money among friends — with an invasive program that insists on knowing as much about your spending as possible, and would also like to make all your contacts install it too. Did you want to use your PC to send money? You could before, and now you can’t. Did you want to keep your contacts from the previous Google Pay? That’s not an option. Did you want to keep using the old Google Pay? You’re out of luck. Did you want to send people money who might not have Google Pay? It appears they will need the new app to receive the funds. Have you been sending money to people for whom you have email addresses but not phone numbers? You will now need those numbers. If there’s an advantage to the new GPay over the old, I haven’t found it yet.

- Worse than original app

Honestly, I loved the old Google Pay because it was kept simple. No instant fees for transfer (which is precisely why I disliked Venmo) and it was kept easy to use. This new app is garbage in comparison. I don’t know why we need a chatting system to send or receive money from people we know, and I absolutely despise the transfer fee to get the money instantly, when that used to be a free service. And I don’t always have 5 business days (almost a week!) to receive money without the fee. Drop the instant transfer fee.

- New app, lost support for my bank and debit card

I’ve been using google pay for years now. The new app completely dropped support for my bank. The ONLY way to add a bank is through Plaid now. I use Revolut which is not on Plaid for some reason. You used to be able to manually add an account with account numbers, that feature is for some reason completely gone. They also do not support revolut’s debit cards because they’re labeled as “prepaid” ... a real shame. Apple Pay, Venmo, and Cash App all support my bank, but I always preferred Google until now... extremely disappointed is an understatement.

- Old one worked better

I used the old version for a few years. It was so much easier to work. This is how my ex sends monthly child support. The old app I would see every payment that was sent and nothing else. With the new one it shows my bank account information cause you have to link it in order to receive your payment. I have a bank app that keep track of all that why do I need google pay to. Payment was always deposit the next day. It’s been 5 days since my ex sent child support and it’s still saying processing. The older app is way better.

- Slow, buggy and incomplete.

App is extremely slow and buggy. I had to try 4 times to enter my bank information to transfer my money out because google apparently shutdown the old site, forcing users to use the new app, despite the fact that it’s clearly not ready. It’s also lousy with ads which I guess is where google is trying to make their money now. At this point, I’ll probably just switch to Venmo, since they at least have a website I can use in addition to their app.

- Wont connect bank account

I am a VERY tech savvy person and this is the LEAST user friendly app I have ever used. I was forced to download the new app and now can’t connect my bank account through the Plaid platform. It says my credentials are incorrect and they are most definitely not incorrect. There should be a way to manually add an account with account and routing number. Now I have money sitting in my Google Pay account and no way to transfer it to my bank without paying a transaction fee via debit card. I am extremely disappointed in Google for releasing such a crappy app.

- Counterintuitive and frustrating

The “update” to google pay made you download a new app instead of revamping the new one for no apparent reason. The old app functioned well, was easy to use, and had an intuitive user interface. The new app is set up in a way that makes no sense and any desirable feature has to be searched for in obscure corners of the app. There is no clear “charge or pay” area, and the new app has so far failed to serve the function I used the old one for. I will definitely be recommending Venmo to everyone, as it is clearly the superior choice.

- Terrible

How did they take something that was functioning, and make it impossible to use? I literally can’t figure out how to pay someone I paid before. The old app wasn’t very pretty, but it functioned very well. This app looks nice, but I can’t figure out how to pay anybody! When I put the email of the person in that I wanna pay, it tells me how much I’ve paid them before! So what? I want to pay them again, where is the button for that? And I can’t find any videos on the web on how to pay somebody with this new app. Frustrating and maddening.

- Way to ruin a good thing.

This update is major a downgrade... seriously. I genuinely despise the layout, confusing settings and the fact that the app is so invasive I don’t feel comfortable with sharing ALL my bank account information with Google especially when I can’t even control how or where the money goes because the interface is so difficult to navigate. The developers have truly disappointed me and my fellow users. I used to rely heavily on Google Pay, but after this update I will be uninstalling and never using it again.

- So mad about this new app

I use Google Pay regularly to pay friends and family. A payment attempt to my mom today failed and the popup said to try the new Google Pay app. First, how ridiculous I have to download an entirely new app. Then, I can’t pay her on the new app because not only does she have to also download the new app, but somehow my bank is not listed now when I try to set up my account. I set up my bank just fine in the current app. Guess we will be moving to a different payment platform. This is beyond ridiculous.

- Not User Friendly App

When adding a payment know that “ADD TO TRACK SPENDING” translates to adding checking account which could take several days for funds to be available and “ADD TO MAKE PAYMENTS” translates to adding a debit card which make funds available more instantaneously. It took me one customer service chat where I was ignored and a call where I was hanged up on to piece this together on my own. Verbiage is key. Google Customer Service does not live up to its hype. Both agents who assisted me did not meet my needs and phone agent was very unfamiliar w the new app. Do better google.

- Ruined app

The new app is garbage. I’m never had any trouble with the old one, transactions were quick and simple. With the new app I can’t just enter a number and send money, it requires a solicitation text. Not only that, but the new app is full of adds and direct links to “sale” items. If I want to shop, I know how and where to do it. I don’t need the app I use to send money also trying to sell me stuff. So much for having a quick and handy method to send money, congratulations google, you ran a once useful app directly into the dirt.

- Bloated and unintuitive

The old Google Pay app is 68.1 megabytes; this one is 211 megabytes for very little additional functionality, although there is plenty more on the roadmap. Beyond that, the navigation in this one is terrible, nothing sane about what features you can access from which page and via which button, with the exception of the usual profile/account/security settings common to all Google and other Material Design apps.

- Terrible

I use this app literally for everything from sending money to my kids for lunches to sending and receiving within the whole family! Then went to send my son money for a movie and couldn’t till we got the new update! Then came the all the other crap! The fees the simplicity everything we loved about google pay is gone! We will no longer be using this! Thanks for ruining a good thing for so many customers a lot of elderly people use this app the new one is confusing as hell! You all messed up! SMH

- If it isn’t broke don’t fix It

I am not a Robot I live in the Bronx! Have teenage kids and take It from me when I say this is the worst update ever! It was nothing wrong with the old google pay I don’t know what this is. I have kids that I transfer money to and I’m trying to last minute and I can’t send my daughter money because I can’t add her on my People list, I’ve tried to send her an invite and have her add to my list but nothing! Google you need to fix this and just go back to the old pay!!!!! ????? From a very angry person

- Dumping It - unable to simply send money

After many years of evangelizing google pay and helping friends and family get set up, I am done. New app shows history, but I cannot find a way to do simple transaction with people I have done so with for years. It makes you search and invite them. This sends a link to get the app whether you have it or not. I can’t see how to simply send money to a person. Crapware. After going through this with several contacts I gave up and switched to Venmo.

- Poor navigation

I tried downloading this app because I had the older version, which worked great, but I do t like this version at all because instead of just updating the original app they just made a new one completely. Instead of being able to quickly send or request money to someone I have to try to find the spot to do that, when the old app had it right on the home page. I cannot navigate this new app period. The old version was way better.

- Slowest and unreliable payments App

App is very slow almost whenever you use it, irrespective of good or bad network. Their cash back offers and promotions are a scam. If your payment fails, your transaction remains in processing status for for close to 3 days and the money will be gone from your account and receiver wouldn’t have received it and god knows where the money is until the money is put back in your account after 3 days (or depends on their slow system). Other payments App are much better.

- Google pay charging

I’ve had this app for awhile and with the new update i’m very disappointed. They are now charging to do transfers! Atleast cashapp gives you an option to get it into your account days later with no fee. Google was the only one who made it easier to transfer and got your full amount. Very disappointed and the update isn’t that great. It gives you “cash back” but not really.

- Very Disappointed

Am I supposed to be able to use this as a tap to pay app? Because if it is I can’t find where/how I’m supposed to do it. Also, why does it have to go through a third party to verify your cards? Plaid somehow couldn’t find my debit card even it found my credit cards, checking, and savings accounts. It also wouldn’t work with Citi even though it’s listed as one of the banks that would. This is terrible. This app needs to go back to beta.

- No request payment option

I use the old Google Pay for my business and love it. I just downloaded and linked my c.c. and checking account information to the new Google Pay app. I can’t seem to find an option to request payment in the new Google Pay app. The older version of Google Pay made it extremely easy to request payments from clients. If I can find the request payment option or Google adds one, I’ll change my rating and review.

- Hate it

Why can’t apps just stick to what they’re meant for? I don’t need the google pay app to track my bank account and my spending. I don’t need it to share my credit worthiness with other companies. I don’t need it to find me new coupons or deals. I just need it to let me transfer money to friends and family. There was nothing wrong with the old app and these new changes are unnecessary and invasive. I loved google pay before. Now I’ll never use it again.

- Rename the app to ‘Google Invite’

I’ve jumped through all of these ridiculous hurdles to make a simple payment: my identity has been verified by connecting my bank account. I have money in my Google Pay account, and my recipient has downloaded and installed the app. When I try to pay this person, the app takes me to the message app trying to invite them to download the Google Pay app, again. I want to PAY the recipient, NOT invite them to be payed. 1 star.

- Not better

I absolutely hate this new app. It won’t let me add certain bank cards into it. It is not easy to navigate like the old one. It doesn’t give you the option to just add a debit card or account number. I have used google pay for quite some time but now being forced to use this (the old one will not work now) I will be finding an alternative app. Very dissatisfied with the new app and the forcing you to use it without so much as a notice.

- Way to shoot yourself in the foot google

This “upgrade” has made google pay more difficult to use, we are forced to give our data or else other users can’t find you, there’s now transfer fees, and they’re just trying to earn money off of us now by giving us “rewards”. Classic google move here. Give the people something they like then change it on them and know people will stay because they rely on the service.

- The Worst!

The previous Google Pay was perfectly fine. I loved that it was convenient, fast and user-friendly. I would use it to transfer funds between my two accounts with different banks. It was easy to find people, send money, and switch between my two logins. But not anymore!! This new update is so horrible that I’m actually taking the time to write a review. It shouldn’t be as hard as you guys have now made it out to be.

- Why my bank of BMO don’t show on a list?

I would give them a one star because,the new app would've not allow me to send the money or less if I have a link to my bank account of BMO on it, I like the older version it lot easier for me to transfer money to my dad before and fourth with no problem in a older version,now I don’t like the new version why it not listed for the BMO Harris bank users like me please fix this this is very frustrating ???

- Old Google pay was simpler, better, and had a cleaner logo

Seriously, get this app if you want the most confusing, convoluted way to pay someone. I think the entire purpose of the new Google Pay app is to prevent you from spending money by making it literally impossible. The old app was simple. The new one saves none of your old information. It’s not a simple task to figure out how to pay a friend and I just gave up and used PayPal.

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- Add feature

Add feature in which we use two different number accounts at same time

- Bull!

So y’all make us download a new app so that y’all can charge us! I call bull! 1.5% y’all can keep this dumba$$ app! Also it’s not user friendly! This was a waste of a download! Do not download if you don’t have too. Stick with CashApp! At least it is user friendly, get your money through bank in two days (the wait for them is up to 5 days through your bank) and if you are interested you can get a card associated with your account! Or use Zelle!

- Money grab

1) As if google needed to make *more* money. The ease and convenience of the instant no fee transfer was ideal and put it at the very top of any money app. 2) Because the app is phone number based vs email I can no longer toggle between my google accounts -which I used both heavily because I have two bank accounts. So my activity in my other google accounts/bank is No longer? Gone forever? Highly disappointed.

- Garbage

Completely unusable. The previous app would link to your bank account and allow you to easily send money to a gmail account. This app asked for my social security number? It’s trying to make me put money into the app from my bank and even then it’s impossible to find anyone to send money to. My roommates all have the app but when I tried to send them money it just sent them an invite link instead. Pure trash.

- Worst App i have ever seen.

After using it for more than 6 months. It cleared all my payment history in the app and logged off me from the app. When i logged back in it never showed my payment history or transaction history everything is new again. The history matters to me and guys don’t use this app. Please try to encourage our indian apps like Phone pay and Paytm please. I am quieting from this app and deleting this worst app from my phone.

- App is super choppy sometimes??

I hope they are able to improve the native iOS experience. It seems super choppy for all animations and switching between tabs. But nothing bad, just a little annoying. Huge revamp from the previous app and I’m a big fan.

- Lol a downgrade?

Is this a downgrade? The old app was so easy to use, but this new google pay is so hard to use and after a week of trying to figure out how to send money and requesting I still don’t know why is it so complicated. Im trying out Apple Pay now and its so simple compare to this worthless app. Hey google why do you complicates things? What is wrong with being simple? Old google pay was a winner, new google pay is moving people to Apple Pay. Lol

- The old GPay was free now you charge 1.5%??

The old google pay would allow you to transfer and receive money for free. The new google pay will charge you 1.5% to transfer money from google pay to your bank account. Similar to Venmo and other P2P platforms. My bank has Zelle and it’s free. I was an avid user of google pay. Now that I will be charged 1.5% to transfer money I’ll stick to Zelle.

- Crap Crap Crap!!!!

Crap Crap Crap!!!!! I can’t stress how stupid this app is. First off, I can’t even use it from iMessages. This is ridiculous. Second, I have to now set up a stupid passcode and screen lock just to use the dumb thing. Third, now other people I want to send money too also need to have the google pay app. What kind of crap job did google do! Shame on you google, shame on you. The old app was great, you should have left well enough alone.

- Why ruin a perfectly fine app

Whoever designed this app needs to be fired immediately. Actually, the entire team at google responsible for google pay should be replaced for letting this garbage app make it to the public. So many pointless features and took 45 minutes to figure out how to pay someone. I feel like I’m going crazy trying to use this app. And I am not some old lady that doesn’t know how to use her iPhone,l.

- Confusing

Used the old app just fine. Now have to “invite” People I’ve paid for years to be able to pay them. I can add a bank (Capital One) but for my sister the same bank doesn’t even show up when she searches for it. So there sits my portion on the rent in her balance and she can’t transfer it to the same bank I withdrew it from because that bank is not available. How does that even make sense???

- Go back to the old App

I loved using the old Google Pay. I could send money to people with just their phone number. They would get a txt message and could just enter their debit card numbers to receive payment. Now, someone has to create an account which is inconvenient for those that I want to send money to that don’t want to go through the trouble of having an account themselves with Google.

- Why...

I was trying to quick pay a friend when I was directed to download the new app... I did and even invited my friend. The app kept freezing when I tried to enter my information and had way to many steps just to send a few bucks. I ended up using Zelle which I think will be my go to since I can no longer use the old app... such a bummer because I always recommended people to use google pay

- Old app was way better

This new app is extremely difficult to manage. One of my favorite things with the old app is that you could instantly transfer money without a portion being taken out. Now if you need an instant transfer it takes out 1.5%, I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but if I’m sending a high amount like for rent, then it’s taking a significant portion out! Overall, not at all thrilled.

- So much for improved

I’m not notified of a change from old version. New version transferred my card and transaction history but did not transfer my Contacts!!!! Now I have to invite friends all over again just to send and receive money? It’s not easy it’s not improved at all. What was wrong with the old version? I used it yesterday but today it won’t work until I download this? Garbage

- Works but is a Terrible Experience

The UI is best described as “janky”. This app feels like much more of a beta than I’d expect given the lengthy version history. It does work, it’s just not smooth. All of that said, “Works on iPad” is an overstatement. Yes it works on iPad, but it runs in the tiny iPhone sized window, and doesn’t support landscape orientation, so enjoy craning your neck when you use it with a physical keyboard.

- Runs Slow

I’ve tried using this app but I’ve noticed the app runs really slow and the graphics appear to be glitchy. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled but get the same problem. Hopefully it will get better with more updates. I love the design and refreshed look.

- IPhone 6 is not supported anymore

When trying to add my bank account it shows an error message stating that iphone6 and iphone6s are no longer supported for security reasons. I have tried to contact the support as well, but no success in getting proper response to my problem. Sad, such good app now failed

- Entirely user unfriendly and completely unusable

I can’t figure out how to do anything I used to do with the new layout and I’ve never once not innately knew how to use an app when I’ve installed it. Because I’m not able to find my existing contacts via their emails this app is now completely unusable for me and I’m just going to close my account and uninstall it. Guess I’ll move over to Venmo instead.

- Worst experience ever

This app requires Touch ID to sign in. I can’t do Touch ID, my fingerprints are too faint. I got absolutely NO help from Google. After two weeks of frustration and brick walls, I finally got my husband to sign into my account from his phone and retrieve our money. And the final kick in the pants, we were charged a fee. I have forbidden all my family from friends from ever using this app to send me money again.

- Now charging a transfer fee

I really don’t understand what they ruined a good thing. My wife and I used the old version to give money back and forth because they were one of the very few apps that didn’t charge to transfer. So now every time I have to give my wife money for a bill I’m going to have to go to the bank and do it that way. Seriously ruined the greatest perk of the app.

- Hate this new update

I don’t like this new version of google pay ?‍♂️ when I used the old app the money I get from people Used to be deposited right away in my checking account without being charged now they are charging to transfer the money into the card instantly! This is bs ?? The old app is way better than this new version. ? I won’t use this app anymore ??

- The new app is garbage!

If you can skirt the draconian rules, don’t update to the new app. It’s horrible! Very confusing interface and the primary functions are hidden. Never mind that you can’t easily figure out where and how your money has been moved. I regret updating and will avoid using this app in future. If I could rate fewer than one star, I would, I really hate it that much. Epic fail, Google Pay.

- Payment Information Display Issue

Payment information is not getting displayed after the payment. The keeps on circulation but no information gets displayed after the recent update. Kindly look into this issue.

- New google pay is trash.

There are now fees to transfer money sent to you from the app to your bank account, and in my experience the app is full of bugs that render it unusable. Not to mention that my card information needs updated 2 days after adding it, and when the CORRECT information is entered it’s somehow incorrect? Google pay WAS great, avoid this new app.

- New app very complicated

I’ve been using google pay for years along with other payment platforms and am have problems just trying some cash which took me 2 seconds on the old app..please do something about it.

- Why did they change

The only reason I used Google Pay was because of the instant and free transfer into my bank account through my debit card. Now they are making you jump through more hoops to get a free transfer and if you want an instant transfer you now have to pay. I used to rave about Google Pay to my friends, but will not anymore.

- Used to work. Now it doesn’t allow GSuite accounts

The UX team screwed up big time. Title says it all. It doesn’t support GSuite accounts while the old app used to. So I’m no longer able to use it after all this time. Not sure why they would do that. I’m not signing up for another gmail account just to use this one thing. Are you trying to pad your aquisition numbers?

- What is this trash!?

What is this trash Google!? The old app was great. I could send money to anybody and it was fast and free. Now there's this whole verification process. You want extra information from me. You charge to transfer money to an account. I can't find anybody. What is this trash? I want the old app back. It was perfect and I was very happy with it. This just fills me with sadness. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

- Very fast and very easy

Such a relief for people who can’t manage cash .. the transaction was without delay .. keeps track of the account used

- Awesome user experience

Simple to use, like the simplicity in transferring money while the two phones are next to each other.

- I like alot could add more features

Let us add it to apple wallet Send out cash cards like paypal n cash app let us Use it in stores on apple devices nfc Matter of fact put cash app out of business and give PayPal n apple pay a run for their money also allow direct deposit

- Bad app

The other google pay app was a lot easier to use and had no issues the only reason that they came out with a new app is that when you transfer money back to your bank account it charges you a 1.5% fee. The other app never did this it’s just a way the company wanted to make more money. Really disappointed in this decision.

- Bad.

This new app is the most confusing thing I’ve ever attempted to use , I don’t know why they switched from the old app to this but I can’t even search up someone to make a transaction with, it says no results when they are on the app and are making transactions with other people. I try and resend money to them but they took away that option.

- Best App to pay bills

Fastest service for paying phone or electricity bill, even we get monthly notifications so that in case we forget GPay reminds us.

- Worst app ever (use Venmo instead)

The old Google Pat worked well, but this new app just doesn’t let me verify my identity and now the money that has been transferred is in the virtual Google pocket and doesn’t let me to transfer it to my bank account. And what about Google Pay Help? No phone numbers, no solution. Use Venmo instead, it is easier and not complicated than this.

- Why would you do this?

The original app was minimalistic, seem-less and worked perfectly. Now there’s an unnecessary social aspect to it, you can’t pay as easily as before and the worst thing is now transferring money to your bank’s debit card costs a fee when it used to be free. Google pay is ruined. They updated the old app to be usable again

- can no longer send money without giving google all your data

before you could type in a phone number or email and send money directly to that address. well now you must require google full access to your contacts, or else you can't use the app. makes it much easier to switch over to Venmo.

- They now charge a fee!

I used to love using google pay to send money to my friends and family because it was instant and didn’t charge a fee. Now they charge money to send to their bank accounts and it takes days. I’m deleting the app and going to zelle or cash app because they don’t charge a fee and it’s instant. Like google doesn’t make enough money....

- I hate this version

The previous app was much simpler and straight forward. Now I feel like Google is trying to become my bank, but through annoying commercial retailers and businesses. The old app was much more straight forward, and I liked it WAY better then Venmo. This makes me want to delete the app and go back to Venmo. Do better. Just deleted.

- Gotta pay a fee

I really hate that you have a transfer fee now. I liked the original one where you didn’t have to pay to transfer it to your bank account. I’m probably not gonna use it now and try to find another option that I don’t have to pay for

- Issue while registration

I have all my india bank account numbers linked to my USA mobile number. Now the problem is I can not even register with google pay because it doesn’t gives any option

- Just doesn’t seem to work

Installed. Test transaction to friend passed. But transaction to another person (small amount) failed with an error that bank limit hit. Checked with bank, no limit got hit. No way to know what is going wrong. Tried calling the support number but after hearing music for 8 minutes the call drops. Happened twice.

- Kotak bank account is not added

I have reset my phone and downloaded google pay in last time bank account of kotak Mahindra is working fine but in new account its stop working and showing me message your cellular account is unavailable but i haven’t changes number and account. I am facing trouble to send money to my account please let me know about issue

- Google Garbage

The new version doesn’t work. After years of reliable service and sending money with Google Pay it simply doesn’t work and every time I send money says “ooops something went wrong” the née version worked great last month, I’ve changed nothing and now this month it decided to completely stop working.

- A step back

Not nearly as user friendly as the old version, and now they are charging a percentage of the transactions to instantly send to bank account. The reason I started using Google pay originally was to get away from the apps that were doing this such as Cash App. Will definitely be looking for an alternative.

- Zero star

I wish I can give 0 star. The old app was easy to use and can do instant deposit for free. This new one you have to add $10 minimum to google account in order to pay someone. And you have to invite them for them to use it. The old one they don’t need it. I used this to help my parents pay their rent with instant free deposit. This is garbage!

- More expensive then cash app and Venmo to deposit

The only reason everybody was using google pay was because it was free to instant deposit now it cost more than cash app and Venmo I guess it’s time to go back to them man that’s a bummer probably going to lose a lot more people I enjoyed the old google pay better it was simple and easy and free !! Oh well ?✌️

- Missing Multiple Google Accounts

The old Google pay App allowed me to link both of my Google accounts to the same app & transfer money between those accounts. Thus allowing me to transfer money between my bank accounts instantly. Please add in the ability to have multiple accounts & I will re-rate the app. Thanks

- Ruined the best money app!

Absolutely ruined google pay with this new app. Used to send money for rent to my parents and now instead of them getting the money right to their bank. Google has to now keep the money in app and charge a fee for my parents to move it to their bank. Will be switching to cash app with google pay now ruined.

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Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage 118.0 Screenshots & Images

Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage iphone images
Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage iphone images
Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage iphone images
Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage iphone images
Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage iphone images
Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage iphone images
Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage iphone images
Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage iphone images
Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage iphone images
Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage iphone images

Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage (Version 118.0) Install & Download

The applications Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage was published in the category Finance on 2017-09-18 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 226.41 MB. Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage - Finance app posted on 2020-12-03 current version is 118.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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