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Hutch is an interactive experience where anyone can be their own interior designer. Let Hutch help you express your creativity, discover your interior style, or escape from the stress of your busy day. With our signature 3D technology, putting your decorating skills to the test has never been easier - or more fun. Check back daily for new challenges!

Hutch - Your virtual decorator App Description & Overview

The applications Hutch - Your virtual decorator was published in the category Games on 2017-01-13 and was developed by Hutch Interiors Inc.. The file size is 44.71 MB. The current version is 3.7.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Beta?  Mchother  3 star

Hi-! Can I beta test your upgrades? I’m really desperate to map my new place and the begin decorating and buying...


Not very useful anymore  mementosomniare  1 star

Just feels like a silly home decorating game without the home clearing tool. Not very useful for visualizing your own space.


Potential is there, but many glitches  kattisuter  3 star

I suppose for a free app you can’t expect too much, but there are many glitches in the app, as well as incredibly slow loading times. It almost makes it not worth using the app. Disappointing because it’s such a great idea and could be really fun to use.


Hutch  Hodji-Frehley  4 star

I really love this app EXCEPT for the fact that it takes FOREVER for furnishing choices to load! As much as I love this app, I will quit working in it because I can’t spend so much time waiting for it to load. This makes me really sad. It glitches once in awhile with an item disappearing or being on the floor instead of on the end table, for example. 4 stars because I love it although I may not use it much because of the loading time. Please, fix this and I will be a fan forever!


Is this a game? A useful tool for my home design?  Boinzy  1 star

I downloaded this under the premise I could use it to help design rooms in my home. When I opened the app I was offered a chance to design a room in a Balinese house. And... that’s all I could do with it. Contrary to the app description. No other options I tapped seemed to give me an opportunity to solve my own design challenges.


Can’t use actual pictures  Snap23  1 star

Unfortunately features as advertised not available so not a helpful app


Can’t design using real home photos  AppReviews8x9x  2 star

I purposely downloaded this app due to reviews online which said I could use a real photo of my home to design. But this doesn’t seem true, I can’t find the option to upload or edit a real room and can only design from their stock image room.


Didn’t like the changes, but I still love the app  Bigstoopid  4 star

I still love this app, but I miss the old feature of being able to choose from multiple rooms to design. That’s what I loved most about this app. Other design apps require you to have so many “points” or “fake money” to design a room. Hutch didn’t have that. Above all, I do love seeing all of the different products out there.


Horrible...  Beille  1 star

The interface had no title for Sign up like Name, email etc. I was literally staring at 4 empty lines. If I am unable to simply sign up then that’s a deal breaker for me. Reviews don’t mean much when you can’t sign up to start your app going!..


Doesn’t work on iPad  SilentEnotY  1 star

It should have disclosed that










teddy bear toes

LOVE (sans crashes)  teddy bear toes  4 star

This app literally saves my life on the morning commute in and out of Manhattan... but right in the middle of a design the app crashes. Super frustrating. Help!

Emma tugg

idk how to feel  Emma tugg  3 star

i love the options it just keeps crashing my phone :/


Wish it didn't crash!!!  deegoodie0828  3 star

I'm obsessed with this app but it is soooo frustrating how often it crashes! Would also be great if you could move things around instead of the placement being picked out for you. I hope they fix it because this is the perfect app to use when planning to redecorate or move into a new place and could be 5 stars w/o the crashing!!!


Fabulous app for real estate professionals  Playerforlife  5 star

Love it, took my listing photos to the next level.

Tae Dumplings

NO MORE GLITCHES  Tae Dumplings  1 star

I'm upset because I thought this was going to be a great game. I love to design interior, but my games keeps blacking out and closing the app. I have to start new every single time. I don't know what's wrong but I hope it gets fixed... NO MORE GLITCHES


Shuts Down Often  XCreations  1 star

I love the idea of this app. It helps gives me a visual when putting a room together and making my ideas come to life. I would give it 5 stars but this app blacks out too much. I'll start on a room and halfway into it right when I'm selecting the lamps the app closes and I have to start completely over. It would be good if what you selected was in a previous used tab to make it easier to go back and reuse.


Love/Hate  BrooklynLove15  1 star

It seems fun but every time I finish my design it shuts down the game 😡


The most fun you'll ever have  Sedwar3  5 star

I love this app. If you are looking to redecorate, you couldn't do it more easily. You don't even have to be a creative person because they give you ideas for decorating. You will not find a better interior decorating app out there.


Love/hate  mrsfancher  1 star

This app seems super fun, but it keeps shutting down when I'm almost finished with a design. Very frustrating, please fix!


urgh  AnalemSmada  3 star

i love the app but everytime im about to finish a design the app shuts down or lags really bad!! :/

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