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This app allows you to search and listen to millions of songs online and offline!

Offline Music provides users Relax Sounds and 30+ genres Free music including classical, country, electronic, popular etc.

Search for any song, artist, track, album, mixtape...
Enjoy music while using other apps or with your screen off.
Discover new music every day in genres, channels and user playlists!
Add songs to your playlist and enjoy listening to the songs anytime, anywhere!

## Features:
- Seamless listening to millions of songs for free.
- Add songs to playlists very quickly, you could create your own favorite folder.
- Background playback control & track info - use it with headphones and speakers!
- Music is displayed and can be controlled on the lock screen.
- Full featured in app media player: repeat one/all, shuffle...
- Create & Manage Playlists - Easy to Add/Remove any song, Unlimited Playlist...

Offline Music Player Mp3 Cloud App Description & Overview

The applications Offline Music Player Mp3 Cloud was published in the category Music on 2017-01-14 and was developed by CONG WANG. The file size is 11.36 MB. The current version is 3.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Add a selection to select music country.
- Add Hottest and Latest selection.
- Bug fixes & performance improvements.

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Offline Music Player Mp3 Cloud Reviews


Nice  fgggftggh  5 star



Very good  Ista2323  5 star

Its one of the good apps I downloaded


Wrong advertise  mermicornkitty  3 star

There are two thing wrong 1 you can’t get every song that you want 2 it’s not offline


Uhh! Fake! So annoying!  사용평가  5 star

This app is completely rubbish! When I try to download a song, I keep seeing covers of the song by other people or the nightcore version. Please, just show up the songs by the original singer, OK? And you can’t even listen to the songs you downloaded offline! Every time I try to listen to my downloaded music offline like in my car when I’m going somewhere, it says ‘Load Error’! It’s so annoying! I’m telling you, if you’re looking for a music app which you can listen to offline, install 4shared. Because this app is just FAKE!

ET 23

ET  ET 23  5 star

Works great! Super fast with a great variety of music!

Vt fucutctfccyc

Hi  Vt fucutctfccyc  5 star



Dope  ManChase  5 star


sisy bug

The best songs  sisy bug  5 star



It's great  Gfadsvds  5 star

It's so great


Good job  Hitem8  5 star



good  iabskdhisnfodbdjabdj  5 star


your mammmaa

It’s good (ish)  your mammmaa  3 star

I only started using a few minutes ago and I can’t even download the third song without rating this app and I haven’t even started using it but oh well


Awesome  jcarre305  4 star

I think that the way you start off the app is very surprising but I knew it was going to happen anyways.But ant wait to se the app, thank you!!!


Seems ok  JayBlade59  3 star

Forced me to review which is pretty scummy but seems ok just holding it doesn’t stop working after a couple of months like other music apps


3/5  sienndkxmjeksmdjosmw  3 star

Good app but there has been better music apps like this one reason I do not like this app is because it is very hard to find and much more but it is good because you can listen to music without Internet.


Great!  Blackpinkeu_revolition  5 star

You can get all music for free is you give it five stars 😂


Lol  Dujdjdjmdkekdkjdkdkkdk  5 star

I have to


Hello  nakilirah  5 star

It is awesome


lol  sharna890665  5 star

only rating so i can get music but it’s g so far


Do u think u will get free music app in iPhone ?? NO WAY  Sixo1335  3 star

NO WAY . This app is trash starting from the beginning .5star rating to get free music?(u still need internet) . Based on that, this type of app should not even exist . Rating system and the comment section should not be misused or abused since it is the only place for us to check about people’s opinions .I am guessing apple is not making enough so they let these app in (full of ads and misleading title and tricky 5stars(u can give any star actually)) just to stay alive in the market I guess. At least it is still better than using imusic since it is free. they provide a playlist for your fav songs and the most important thing is that it NEEDS INTERNET(NOT OFFLINE). I am gonna be using this even though their tricky 5stars task. As for a daily YouTube music user , this might decrease my data usage


Cool  slxshYT  5 star



Game  Petimetietito  5 star

Beautiful programs because i dont listen music on offline


Review  woody2705  4 star

So far I have enjoyed this app , all the music you need where ever you go , don’t like the advertisements , but so far I have enjoyed the app


Good app but why  robaniggabootynowthatniggagay  5 star

Why do I have to do 5 stars to get all music, Thats kinda like very low but either way still good


I like it!  IAmAFilipinoBoi  5 star

Its alright, its good.


This app isnt as bad as what i thought it would be  heyoweirde  5 star

It was great actually


Amazing  peepthemeep3118logang  5 star

Amazing app so good i am mind blow right now I love this all so hood


Incredible app  Yo.favv_kiyah  5 star

This app is so amazing like I can listen to anything I want when my iTunes act crazy


5 stars  Jojo😘😘😓  5 star

It was amazing

mis nalgassss

trash  mis nalgassss  1 star

this app is the worst app in the world. you need wifi for this app.later it would crash me out after one song. never ever ever get this app😡😡

We're the ringtones???

Good yoke  We're the ringtones???  5 star

Good x


Review  emily260105  3 star

It’s fine just to listen to music while playing games but there are a lot of pop up adds

myname billybobjoe

Amazing  myname billybobjoe  5 star

So far it’s amazing can’t stop listening to music definitely the best offline music app

mario is sexy no joke

Music player  mario is sexy no joke  5 star

Really nice sexy music on there

Puppie lover😂😂😂😂😂

5 stars  Puppie lover😂😂😂😂😂  5 star

Great app🥰🥰


Good app  happygirlxoxo  5 star

Good 😊I enjoy it because it doesn’t require WiFi 😊❤️


Mossy  blackvkid  4 star


Dirk fiddlehead

Good  Dirk fiddlehead  5 star

Yeah the apps pretty good


good  swim4lifeex  5 star



Doesn’t play the full song  Fluffy12840  1 star

You only get to hear 25 seconds of each song ? Emmm wtf?

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